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Application of Game Theory in Various Aspects of Human Life

Words: 3271 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 20007231

The absence of a dominant strategy allows for the existence of a point where each player takes up a strategy that maximizes his or her outcome given the other player's options. This is what is known as the Nash equilibrium. At this point, the players take up their own individual choices and cannot improve their outcome given that the prevailing circumstances. Satisfaction of the Nash equilibrium follows from rational choices by players and the expectation that opponent players will follow the same route. [15: Rasmusen, & Eric. (2001). Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, 3rd ed. . Oxford: Blackwell.]

Considering the internet service example given above, the interactions with the game can be altered by inclusion of a clause where the consumer can opt-out of the service contract. This clause safeguards the interest for the consumer to receive a high quality service as the producer is given an…… [Read More]

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Disease of Interest Life Is

Words: 1835 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 17519285

Most people suffering from Schizophrenia are depressed and lose interest in mostly anything which they previously enjoyed. Some people suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia may also become more active and develop an obsession for a certain activity.

One of the greatest people diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia had been Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash Jr. His biography had been adapted to the plot of the movie "A Beautiful Mind." The movie presents the life of a person suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia as he struggles to fight the disease.

Works cited:

1. Kenyon, C.A.P."Evidence for Biological Basis of Schizophrenia." Retrieved April 8, 2009, from flyfishingdevon Web site: http://www.flyfishingdevon.co.uk/salmon/year3/PSY337atypical_classic_antipsychotic_drugs/PSY335SchizophreniaDrugTreatments.htm

2. Weiner, Irving B. "Psychodiagnosis in schizophrenia." Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997.

3. (2007), "How Schizophrenia Affects the Life of the Patient," Retrieved April 8, 2009, 2009, from Articles base Web site: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/how-schizophrenia-affects-the-life-of-the-patient-136075.html

4. (2008), "How to Overcome Paranoid Schizophrenia," Retrieved April 8, 2009, from…… [Read More]

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Representation of Talent Looking at

Words: 1512 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19049754

Critics and audiences are fascinated by how an actor interprets a formidable historical figure, bringing her or him to life on the big screen. Television actors have more leeway but the roles that earn actors awards tend to be quirky and unusual, such as Hugh Laurie in House, Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, and America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.

Will Ferrell and Jack Black may be correct about comedians not earning accolades on the big screen. However, comedians that step beyond their boundaries, who can stretch the meaning of comedy as well as their acting skills, may land award-nominated parts. While starring in a film about a man with no arms and legs who sues a major corporation would be surefire way to get noticed, less melodramatic parts may also propel a former comic into Oscar stardom. Quirky and dark comedies are the prime contenders for films that are both…… [Read More]

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Portrayal of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Words: 2764 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 42519660

Thus, though Melvin is not a picture of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is clear that James L. Brooks, the movie's producer, has intended to describe him as a sufferer of this disorder.

Reflection of the Positive, Negative, and Correct Portrayal Regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Mental Health Profession

In general as Good as it Gets, is an uplifting movie about how even those with mental disorders and those who are down on their luck, like Carol, can find happiness. Although he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Melvin is characterized as remotely successful. He is a popular author of several novels, as is exemplified by the fact that, on the way out of his publisher's office, he is met by an adoring fan, even though he treats her with contempt. In addition, Melvin is not only a popular novelist, but the movie suggests that he is also quite well off…… [Read More]

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Know the Answers Before You Ask

Words: 2770 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52092073

law should be used as a tool for shaping a shared moral climate? Why or why not? Should moral values be written into the law and enforced? Can you think of any examples where a change in the law seemed to improve the moral climate of society?

In general, I would say that the government should stay away from enforcing a moral climate in the sense that there has to be the question asked whether someone is harmed or not. However, "harm" is a very loaded term when it comes to some topics and this includes some things that are entirely legal. For example, adultery is assailed as a wrong thing to do. It can obviously break up relationships/marriages and any kids in the mix can be greatly impacted. However, while such tawdry details may (or may not) matter when a divorce or child custody hearing is done, it is…… [Read More]

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Schizophrenia Causation How Genetics Brain

Words: 1841 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9733023

Much of advice to parents of schizophrenics tended to be judgmental, before the environmental and genetic factors of the illness were known: Theories blaming schizophrenogenic or emotionally withdrawn mothers are now almost totally discredited. What current research attempts to suggest is that "family and environmental stressors -- encompassing very subtle interactions common to many families -- work only in tandem with biological determinants to produce psychosis [and schizophrenia]" (McFarlane 2007). In giving advice to families how to reduce their offspring's stress and tendency to exhibit the disorder, therapists tread a delicate line between advice and blame. Uncontrollable biological genetic and environmental factors and controllable genetic and nurturing factors all seem to play an unclear role in causing the disease to manifest in an individual.

Works Cited

Cocoran, Cheryl, Kristin Cadenhead, & Sophia Vinogradov. (2004). "Schizophrenia

Prevention - Risk Reduction Approaches." Schizophrenia.com. Retrieved 24 Jan 2008. http://www.schizophrenia.com/prev1.htm

Information for Parents: How…… [Read More]

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Schizophrenia The Key Schizophrenia Perhaps

Words: 2581 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 66810874

Empirical studies, MRI scans, and other medical interventions can be used to test some of these theories. However, the exact causes of schizophrenia are likely to remain unknown until the connections between social and biological factors can be isolated. For this reason, schizophrenia is often seen as the key to understanding human nature, the human brain, and the link between nature and nurture in psychological functioning.

II. Treatments

Directly related to its causes, the treatment of schizophrenia is a mixture of chemical and therapeutic treatment. Grohol (2006) lists psychotherapy, medications, and self-help as treatments for the afflicted schizophrenic. He contends that the method for causing a schizophrenic to be able to function in society is a lifelong, regimented, treatment of support, therapy, and medications. The medications are needed to control the psychotic episodes that are most likely the result of improper brain functioning, while therapy, support, and self-help are needed…… [Read More]

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Blade Runner A Marriage of Noir and

Words: 1675 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29661105

Blade Runner: A Marriage of Noir and Sci-Fi

Blade Runner is a 1982 film noir/science fiction film set in 2019 that depicts a world that is threatened by human advancements in technology. In the film, robotic humanoids become self-aware and decide that it is within their right to live past their predetermined expiration dates and set out to find a way to live among humans and defy scientists, whom arbitrarily decided and programmed these humanoids' lifespans, and society, which does not readily accept humanoids despite having created them. In Blade Runner, a group of these humanoids, called replicants in the film, escape their off-world and flee to Los Angeles with the hope of finding a way to defy their preprogrammed self-destruction. However, because it is illegal for replicants to be on Earth, it is up to former blade runner, Rick Deckard, to stop the replicants before they create any disturbances…… [Read More]

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Heard a Fly Buzz When

Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13072727

The fly is a gruesome image because flies gather around decaying corpses. However, while this image is startling, it is still shocking that the poet is not more in shock of dying, of being dead, or witnessing just a fly upon her death.

The poem consists of four stanzas, which include slant rhymes on the second and fourth lines. The lines alternate between six and eight syllables. Dashes in the poem force the reader to slow down and take time to read each phrase. The tone of the poem is lyrical but the message of it is somber. Dickinson uses a simile in the poem In the line, "The Stillness in the Room / Was like the Stillness in the Air" (2-3). This image is important because it reveals the poet's notion that there is nothing special that awaits us after death. The still air is a stark contrast to…… [Read More]

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Museum as a Medium

Words: 2787 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1271186

Museums as a Medium

Museums can be characterized as a place which is basically a store and an exhibit of cultural, historical, scientific or artistic objects which people can often visit to enjoy and take pleasure in. This trend of the establishment of the museums came about way back in the Renaissance when people started taking pleasure in such unique talents and expressed themselves through various mediums like writing, drawing, painting, and much more. Not only this, the museums also included historical artifacts such as jewelry that had some kind of historical significance of power and wealth or museums with the latest inventions and innovations. Museums can also be as plain and simple as a chocolate museum to demonstrate the making processes of chocolate like that of the chocolate museum by Lindt & Sprungli in Germany.

Museums and their various mediums

Modern museums are also being designed to depict the…… [Read More]

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Participant's Experience A Qualitative Research Reflecting How

Words: 2610 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86671785

Participant's Experience: A Qualitative Research Reflecting How to Prevent Eating Disorders in Order to Support Current Patients

This article aims to present a qualitative research of one woman's experience of anorexia, a kind of eating disorder, using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). The details of the women's personal experience of anorexia supposed to be unique, but the general outline is as common as on other patients. The delay of correct medical and mental treatment seems to miss the best time for complete recovery. Supports from society are indispensable assistance, especially from her family. Anorexia is a common illness which highly happened around female, and it is always hidden by patients toward their family, doctors. Anticipating the psychological therapy and consult can help to minimize trauma and maximize recovery. Talking and intervention in early stage of anorexia may assist the way of the woman lower potential to such a serious situation.

Introduction…… [Read More]

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Descendants Is a Film That Attempts to

Words: 2178 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64012004

Descendants is a film that attempts to operate on several layers at once. While it may be said to be allegorical in one sense (taking place on what is popularly presumed to be an island "paradise," where falls are experienced and redemptions are sought), the film by Alexander Payne may also be said to be a simple story about a father and husband who learns (on his wife's deathbed) that he is actually a cuckold. What follows is a two-hour experiment in tolerance, as both the viewer and the characters in the narrative become aware of exactly where their threshold of pain stands. That threshold is then pushed to its limits, as Payne drives home one twist of the screw after another. In a way, the film is about the weakness of man -- Matt King's inability to love his wife, to be there for his children; Brian Speer's inability…… [Read More]

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We Robots a Review of Sherry Turkle's Book Alone Together

Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62043696

Robots" a Review of Sherry Turkle's book "Alone Together"

Sherry Turkle's book "Alone Together" relates to the contemporary society and to how it has come to be shaped by its relationship with technology. The online environment, as she describes it, is a confusing place where people take on identities that they feel are characteristic to them. Even with this, this gradually makes it difficult for them to be able to comprehend human emotions and they come to replace these respective feelings with ideas they believe to be perfect for their state of mind and the circumstances they are in at the moment when they communicate with each-other.

Jonah Lehrer's essay "We Robots" provides insight on Turkle's book "Alone Together" and to how the writer changed her opinion with regard to the digital age in a fifteen-year period. Lehrer makes it possible for readers to understand matters from Turkle's perspective by…… [Read More]

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Portrait of a Lady and

Words: 4268 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38711559

Suddenly I receive a Titian to hang on my wall -- a Greek bas-relief to stick over my chimney-piece." (James in: Phelan-Cox, 2004)

Through the analogies of Ralph, the reader is able to view the manner in which "male pleasure in spectatorship with interconnected with Western aesthetics generally." (Phelan-Cox, 2004) it is the argument of Laura Mulvey that the film of Hollywood is structured around "the voyeurism and scopopophilia of the male gaze by denying the existence of other viewing positions." (Phelan-Cox, 2004) James veritably denied other ways to view through his description of the scene "by consciously omitting Isabel's own perception of herself in that setting or any objective description of the scene that might include observations about Ralph." (Phelan-Cox, 2004)

VII. Portrait and the Implications

The title of this story is even misleading as noted by Phelan-Cox the word 'portrait' "implies that the novel is to be a…… [Read More]

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Existential Analysis of a Man

Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32877302

This is a journey that requires the utmost steadfastness and the ability of face the truth. In existentialist terms, the world and all experience is essentially absurd and the more one questions the meaning of existence, the more the irrationality and absurdity of existence is revealed. However, this reality must be faced with acceptance and equanimity.

In the case of the protagonist of this short story, he is embedded in ordinary, everyday existence and refuses to acknowledge the absurdity of existence. Ziegler, like most people, is comfortable to hide behind a wall of logic and scientific rationality; the life of non-authentic existence. However, this illusion is destroyed by the alchemist's pellet that that undermines the illusion that the world is rational or structured in an orderly way.

What the author of this story is attempting to say is that the reality of existence must be faced in the existential journey…… [Read More]

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Carpe Diem Represents a State

Words: 2247 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43584829

After learning that her sister had returned and was embraced with such a celebration, she felt anger and resentment. She could not understand why her sister was getting so much glory when it was the oldest sister that had done everything that her parents wanted her to do and had never received such a celebration. She was very upset with her sister.

The oldest daughter approached her parents and told them how she felt. They in return replied, "We have always had you near. You have brought joy to us everyday. Your sister was gone. We did not know where she was, and we are very happy to have her with us again. We have her here and we have to celebrate her arrival so that she may not be compelled to once again leave."


The eighteenth century was a time of repression for women. Women were not allowed…… [Read More]

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Slaver Is a Horrible Thing

Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54517290

This person proved to be an honest and God-loving individual who is actually concerned about my well-being and the well-being of other slaves. He brought me a pair of glasses and a book called "Uncle's Tom Cabin" yesterday. I could never understand why many white people in the South can't abandon slavery in spite of the fact that they know that it's wrong, but I am satisfied knowing that they treat their slaves well. I could not stop reading the book ever since I laid eyes on it. I have been awake for almost two days now and I am infuriated with the institution of slavery in general, even with the fact that I did not experience the suffering it provoked from a first-hand perspective.

Some friends of my master visited today and had a fiery conversation as a result of Abraham Lincoln's reelection. My abolitionist friend seemed to agree…… [Read More]

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School for Wives Is a Famous Comedy

Words: 1320 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30366306

School for Wives is a famous comedy theatrical play of seventeenth century written in French with the name "L'ecole des femmes" by famous French play writer Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. Jean is known by his stage name Moliere and he is considered amongst one of the biggest comedy play writers of West. Moliere was born in a rich and prosperous family of Paris in January 1622 and after a short struggle, eventually become the official writer of the King's court. He wrote several theatrical comedy plays which were sometimes criticized by the church as according to the critics, the plays contain immorality and controversies. The main topics and subjects of Moliere's plays were the middle class, intelligent females, the miser and such other topics which were considered vulgar, bold and highly modernized (Moliere 2012).

The School for Wives was staged in December 1662 at Palais Royal theatre for the King's family. The…… [Read More]

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Conversation Pamela a Virtue Rewarded Written Samuel

Words: 1980 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10727862


Pamela a Virtue Rewarded written Samuel Richardson

Text conversion

Text Message from Pamela

Hi mum and Dad, we travelled well and reached our destination safely. We are grateful to God for bringing us to our new home safely. My Husband has gone through a great deal in making our new home. He is hesitant at changing the design of the house. He argues that the house looks its best the way it is. Am not so sure as to whether we should change the decor and design or leave it as it is. Anyhow, we hope to come to a consensus soon.

Good news though, my husband proposes that we have the work start on refurbishing the house. Last evening he shared with me his desired designs that he already has figured out. How I wish that the new house would sever between the sounds from the noisy hornbill…… [Read More]

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Sheff- Beautiful Boy Sheff David

Words: 777 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29303590

This is an example of the overlapping story lines that makes this book so powerful -- unlike a simple chronicle, Sheff shows the reader that life continues, that adults grieve, and that imperfection and doubt follow us throughout our cycle on hear. Sheff writes, "When I am alone, I weep in a way that I have not wept since I was a young boy" (Ibid).

The idea that love is never enough when dealing with an addict is another major theme; when Nic is sober, he is hopeful if tenuous, when he relapses, he steals for his next "high." But the power of Nic, whether in the room or not, juxtaposes with the addictions we all face in life; "We do not talk about Nic. it's not that we're not thinking about him. His addiction and his twin, the specter of his death, permeate the air we breathe" (Fong). Yet,…… [Read More]

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Creative Powers it Is a

Words: 2842 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65825873

Full creativity allows the production of greater wealth, for a stronger and more evolved society.

Further in defense of the moral systems or perceived lack thereof in terms of newly created wealth, D'Souza asserts that most wealth currently created is the result of personal effort, rather than means such as inheritance. The wealth can then indeed be seen as the reward for effort, rather than wealth as a result of luck in its pure sense. Morality's role should then not be concerned so much with justifying the accumulated wealth, but rather with using it wisely for the benefit of humanity, creativity, freedom and evolution.

Another characteristic of freedom, as seen above, is the recognition of new and revolutionary ideas, and implementing those when they are superior to the old. In terms of economy this is as true as in terms of morals. Those in power for example refuse to accept…… [Read More]

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Poetic Critical Analysis Victor Hugo's A L'ombre

Words: 1985 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48849492

Poetic Critical Analysis

Victor Hugo's "A l'ombre d'un enfant"

It is not until the end of the poem that the reader comprehends that Hugo or the narrator or the reader as narrator, converses with a heavenly orphan. This poem is beautifully heart breaking and tragic. The turn of phrase is masterful. This is truly what critics refer to as "poetic." Let the analysis commence from the poem's beginning since the poem's end has already been mentioned.

The first word of the poem is "Oh!" This is an exclamation. It is reminiscent of Biblical verses, hymns, and epic poetry. Hence Hugo invokes the quality of the epic poem immediately. Then he begins, just as epic poems do, in medias res, Latin for "in the middle of things." Epic poems never begin at the beginning of the epic; epic poetry is an exercise in non-linear storytelling. The narratives of epic poems begin…… [Read More]

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Creativity Product of a Process

Words: 1264 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 42634547

In fact, much of art history itself views the scope of creative achievement based on the final products of the art as well, "The problem of process is one of the most difficult and risky issues that may face art historians. The scholar's normal inclination is to look at the conclusions of the creative process: at results, at completed acts, at works of art rather than the artists' work," (Seymour & Buonarroti: 89). Thus, creativity is portrayed as a product of both nature and the artist him or herself.

Yet, this product of nature is magnified to even higher possibilities through the process of the hard work involved in creating the creative product. Despite his natural talent, Michelangelo himself understood the important of putting in the necessary effort, pain, and sweat to create true masterpieces. He acknowledged the hard work he had to commit to his craft in order to…… [Read More]

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Window on a Snowy Day

Words: 544 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96461514

I don't think the children mind that the playground is covered. The snow is their toy of choice at this moment in time. They are making snow angels and throwing snow at each other. I see a small child trying to make a snowman, but since the snow is too soft, she can't do it. Other than her obvious frustration, the children look so happy and are having a wonderful time playing in the snow.

Some of the adults on the other hand, don't look as happy about the snow as the children do. I can see some people frantically digging their cars out from under the snow. The snow is about 5 inches deep most cars will have a hard time treading the wet snow.

The snow is showing no signs of relenting, as it seems to be coming down more and more. I open up the window and…… [Read More]

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Relief Fragment of a Winged Genius From

Words: 2009 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44643830

Relief Fragment of a Winged Genius (from the Palace of Assurnasirpall II at Nimrud)



H.90 x W.41 in Background Information on the Culture

The Assyrian kings ruled in Mesopotamia from the ninth through the seventh century B.C. They always created an image of themselves as the most powerful, divine and sovereign monarchs. In order to show their power they decorated their palaces with huge sculptures which portrayed their power, authority and wealth.

Subject Matter

According to the artistic convention, the figure placed on the wall of the museum is a winged "genius" or a protective being. The above sculpture sheet was taken from the leftovers of an imperial place at Nimrud, which was the capital of Assyrian empire and is currently located in Iraq.

The walls of the palace were built under the guidance of Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 B.C.) and were decorated with different stuff. This included stone…… [Read More]

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Nonfiction Is a Particularly Fertile

Words: 1721 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10733171

Symbols and images should be identified from true events in order to strengthen the themes and premises of the story. Furthermore, a central theme should be identified from the events in order to help the reader understand the points that the author is trying to make.

In reading nonfiction, the reader requires imagination in order to connect the events and themes of the story to his or her own life for the purpose of personal enjoyment and growth. The reader should be able to identify the various themes and symbols that the author has chosen to include in the story, and to interpret these in order to understand the central points of the author's writing. The symbols in the works discussed for example relate directly to the ideas of separation, deceit and growth. The reader gains the most from stories that they are able to clearly interpret and understand. In…… [Read More]

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Storytelling Sometimes Fiction Can Be a Mirror

Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76842601


Sometimes fiction can be a mirror image of real life, a reflection that the reader can immediately relate to; while sometimes it can be wildly fantastic and bizarre. But since the basis of fiction is something that is not anchored in reality, the author's limitless imagination is the fuel which powers the engine of fiction. But within the human mind can come stories that are representations of real life, with real-life situations, emotions, motivations, actions, and outcomes. One such story is James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues, which is a gritty tale of real-life social problems and one man's attempt to redeem himself. On the other hand, fiction can also be something that is out of this world, without the limitations and constrictions of real-life. Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron is a perfect example of such a story as it takes place in a dystopian future where society has become a monstrous…… [Read More]

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Butoh Dance Butoh Is a

Words: 2187 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6963925

Their primary aim was to destabilize existing orders and this is what they accomplished with arts forms such as butoh. "Liminal entities are neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, custom, convention, and ceremonial" (Turner 1969, 94).

Hijikata, the man responsible for creating Butoh, also upheld Artaudian views on life and humanity. Keeping in view the traditional Japanese thinking of a connection between nature and man, Hijikata incorporated it in butoh movements. However he focused more on nature's darker side believing that, "the dirty is beautiful and the beautiful is dirty, and [life] cycles between them forever" (Kurihara 1997, 38). Hijikata, just like Artaud, forced the viewers to pay closer attention to the side of life that they had usually ignored. He believed that it is due to a break between man and the darker side of life that we suffered…… [Read More]

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Xeriscaping A Great Way to

Words: 2555 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61918806

In this regard, Norton points out that, "Once xeriscaping becomes an element of the community's identity, and citizens encourage a change in the tastes of their neighbors, a trend toward less water use and more native habitat might build on itself, providing increasing returns on a small investment. Investments such as this could pay increasing returns in lowering per capita demand for scarce resources and buffer the economy against shortages and rising prices" (2002: 265). Likewise, Vogel reports that because the technique can help to save water in all types of climates, xeriscaping has become increasingly popular in many regions of the United States.

In reality, xeriscaping is not a mysterious or difficult process, but it does require taking several principles into account that can help reduce water usage. First and foremost, the area to be xeriscaped must be regarded as an interrelated network of soil, plants and water. Despite…… [Read More]

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Metaphysics the Human Mind Has

Words: 1795 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74571572

Metaphysics presumes some kind of perfection somewhere, but there is no reason to presume this. Further, it presumes free will in the capacity to strive for the ideal. But Nietzsche writes, "Becoming is robbed of its innocence when any particular condition of things is traced to a will, to intentions and to responsible actions" (p. 31). People exist from fate. There is no ideal happiness or morality. There is nothing outside the whole by which a judgment could be formed or administered. There is no tracing existence to a first cause. In other words, the moral rationale by which metaphysics creates an eternal, immutable world need not be valid.

In sum, this essay has briefly analyzed Plato's theory of forms and Aristotle's prime mover. It has argued that such metaphysical notions are based as much on moral and theological concerns as on logic. Furthermore, they operate acceptably only by subordinating…… [Read More]

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Miller Death of a Salesman

Words: 868 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83616497

Death of a Salesman is the story of Willy Loman and his obsession with personal attractiveness, financial success and popularity as the most important traits in life, and the ones most likely to lead to his vision of what success is. As it becomes more and more clear to him that he is not a big success, that he is no longer handsome, and that he is not particularly popular, he cannot face this reality, and begins revisiting his past so strongly that the incidents he remembers seem real to him. The play is an example of ordinary people overwhelmed by circumstances. It can fairly be called a tragedy. The main character has a tragic flaw -- his obsession with superficial traits and his insistence that it is these superficial qualities that are important. This flaw leads to his downfall. He has methodically taught his sons to value superficial values…… [Read More]

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Role of Islam as a Unifying Force

Words: 4109 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4354718

role of Islam as a unifying force

Perhaps more than any other religion in the world, Islam has put to work its less obvious sense in order to unify the peoples sharing the same belief. Through its art, its common language and its judicial system that has the Koran teachings at its base, Islam was a unifying force among the Arabic peoples of the Arabic Peninsula, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

There is a short discussion I would like to address here and that is to identify the differences between culture and civilization. This will help us see how religion LO is included in this set of concepts. From my point-of-view, religion LO can be considered an element of civilization through its cultural component. If we exclude Marxist ideology that argue that civilization is but a certain level that culture has attained and make no distinction between the two,…… [Read More]

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Chemistry and Biology on Christian Mind

Words: 2557 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17147771

Chemistry and Biology on Christian Mind

The Effects Chemistry and Biology on Christian Mind

Science and Christianity share a very conflicting relationship. There are different faces of this relationship and we can determine this relationship by using different models. One of such models suggests that science and Christianity are in conflict with each other. Though both of these areas ask you the same question but the answers which they seek are entirely different. An evident example of this phenomenon is the stuff which is being published by atheist scientists who ask rhetorical questions in their readings which force the people to select either science or religion. [footnoteRef:2] [2: Richard James, Test of FAITH Science and Christianity Unpacked Youth Leader's Guide, (Kingston: Oxygen,) http://www.testoffaith.com/youth/Test_of_FAITH_youth_leaders_guide.pdf (accessed March 19, 2013), 6-8.]

The other model suggests that science and Christianity complement each other. In other words, this model suggests that science and Christianity seek…… [Read More]

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Logo I Created a Fictional Company Named

Words: 3530 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88715784

logo I created a fictional company named: Plus Square (+2). This company a producer biodegradable disposable dishware, innovating advance product create inside materials seeds plants (trees, vegetables, flowers, ) order reforest generate oxygen nature? reintegration a short-term environment.

Plus to the Square

The modern day community faces countless challenges, including the growing threat of global warming, the forces of globalization which generate social, cultural, technological or other challenges, but also the continuous changes which impact the communities. Economic agents are faced with the pressures of better serving customers' needs and wants, operating under the legislations of several countries and international regulators, overcoming the fiercer competition, stimulating the performances of the staff members, operating in a more environmentally responsible manner and so on.

In terms of environmental responsibility, economic agents are generally asked to reduce the levels of pollution they generate and release within the society. But the demands of the…… [Read More]

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Changing A Look at the

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He is one of the few artists that were recognized for his work while he was still living.

One of Michelangelo's most exquisite pieces is Pieta. In this sculpture, we can see how Michelangelo was moving away from the traditional form of sculpting. Creighton Gilbert notes that how Mary and Jesus are depicted in the statue is not typical of Michelangelo's day. Mary is seated with the dead Jesus in her lap and this image "first emerged as an abbreviation of the scene of Christ mourned" (160). Harold Keller maintains that the piece is filled with contrasts, horizontally and vertically. We also have the opposites of the clothed and the naked. The position of Jesus' body is different from most pietas of the day in that it is horizontal, producing a "step-like composition based on the sharp right able between the corpse and the upper body of the Madonna towering…… [Read More]

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Richard Hughes A High Wind in Jamaica

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Richard Hughes: A High Wind in Jamaica

This story, the first novel by Richard Hughes, takes place in the 19th Century, and mixes the diverse subjects of humor, irony, satire, pirates, sexuality and children into a very interesting tale, with many sidebar stories tucked into the main theme.

The first part of the story has an eerily familiar ring and meteorological link with the December, 2004 tsunami-related disaster in Asia. In A High Wind, first there is an earthquake, then hurricane-force winds, followed by torrential rains (although no tidal wave) devastate the island and the British children who lived there are sent to England. However, on the way they are attacked by pirates and unwittingly kidnapped by those pirates. From there, the novel has a definite Lord of the Flies tone to it: the English children actually take over control of much of the activities on board, which is as…… [Read More]

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Robert Frost as a Poet

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He is now content and grateful for his decision, remarking, "and that has made all the difference" (Frost 20). The body of the poem, therefore, allows readers insight into the narrators mind as he or she makes this decision, as he or she realizes that this moment will never again return. Readers are made to feel that they are actually with the narrator as he or she makes his decision by the rhyme scheme of the poem, which is abaab for most lines, and periodic assonance, sound techniques that quickly carry the reader from verse to verse. Finally, at the end of the poem, both the reader and the narrator understand the symbolism in the poem, that the fork in the road is a symbol for a major life decision and the road less traveled by is the less popular and most original decision, the one that will make "all…… [Read More]

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Joyce Dubliners IT's a Women's World Women

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Dubliners: It's a Women's World

Women are predators, men are the sorry prey, suggests the short story "The Boarding House." Such is James Joyce's overall attitude in his collection of short stories entitled Dubliners. The story that "The Boarding House" is paired with, in a kind of a parallel of the theme of sexual rapaciousness, entitled "Two Gallants," might seem to suggest the opposite, that men such as Lenehan and Corley can be equally pointed in pursuing their sexual desires as Mrs. Mooney and her daughter Polly are upon the hapless border at Mrs. Mooney's establishment. However, the jesting and careless nature of the two young men makes the calculated designs of Lenehan and Corley pale by comparison with the meaty Mrs. Mooney's urge to get her daughter a good husband. The two young men engage in a jest for a night, while the victim of "The Boarding House"…… [Read More]

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Dark Spirituality as a Symbol of Female

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Dark Spirituality as a Symbol of Female Frustration:

Voodoo Gothic and the Mill on the Floss

George Eliot's The Mill On the Floss is arguably one of the most widely read novels of the Victorian period. Although many differ as to just why this is the case, one thing is clear -- what was once a rather straightforward tragic tale, tinged with the time's popular romantic/gothic influence, has become a bastion of feminist criticism. Although many readers, especially those contemporary to the work's publication, expressed strong disappointment with the fate of Maggie -- especially at the end of the novel, the advent of feminist criticism brought many readers to begin to strongly identify with the fate, and the message, George Eliot was trying to convey. (Jacobus 62) Maggie Tulliver's representation of the tragedy of intellectual womanhood mired in the doom of repressive Victorian society -- is particularly satisfying. For these…… [Read More]

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Significance of Symbolism in a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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Symbolism in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"

In "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," James Joyce utilizes symbolism to help readers understand Stephen's character development. From a confused young boy to a confident man, Stephen transforms and certain symbols allow us to see this transition to occur. Joyce also uses symbolism to help readers comprehend the setting I which Stephen lives, which influences many of his choices. Symbols allow us to identify with the character and grasp his world.

The kiss early in the novel symbolizes Stephen's youth. When his schoolmates ask him if he kisses his mother goodnight, he realizes something different between them. Stephen desires to be esteemed in the schoolyard primarily because of experiences like this. The question troubles him and he can feel "his whole body hot and confused" (Joyce 14) because he does not know how to answer…… [Read More]

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Lord' Is a General Phrase

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The Day of the Lord in the context that is most fitting to this season was referred to by Isaiah as the day in which the Messiah was to come to a suffering people. The advent of the Messiah was an event much discussed and much looked forward to among the ancients. God had promised a Messiah and the day that He would come was prophesized and eventually fulfilled in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, according to the New Testament writers. Peter believed that the prophets foretold Christ's mission. In 2 Peter, he made a particularly beautiful reference to the nature of Christ, who shines as the sun coming up over the edge of the earth, bringing the light of His love and knowledge. "We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in…… [Read More]

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Sikhism Is Sikhism a Religion

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Thus, it is a primary duty by Sikhs to keep their hair in best condition and long, as a symbol of faith of God's will and importance of humility and acceptance; 2) Khanga, or wooden comb, is used, because it can be easily worn easily in the hair at all time. Besides its practicality, the comb stands for cleanliness. As the comb eliminates the tangles, so too do the Sikhs comb their lives to eliminate impure thoughts by repeating God's name, NAAM in the mind; 3) Karra, which means a link or bondage, is signified by wearing a steel bracelet o the right wrist as if it were a wedding ring or connection between a pair of people. This symbolizes the Guru's ring to Sikh and the never-ending bond with the Guru and among each other who belong to the Khalsa brotherhood. Similarly, the circle represents personal restraint and continually…… [Read More]

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Heroism Compare Oedipus as a

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The tragic hero always elicits sympathy from the audience. According to Struck (2002): "Finally, Oedipus' downfall elicits a great sense of pity from the audience. First, by blinding himself, as opposed to committing suicide, Oedipus achieves a kind of surrogate death that intensifies his suffering. He comments on the darkness - not just the literal inability to see, but also religious and intellectual darkness - that he faces after becoming blind. In effect, Oedipus is dead, for he receives none of the benefits of the living; at the same time, he is not dead by definition, and so his suffering cannot end. Oedipus receives the worst of both worlds between life and death, and he elicits greater pity from the audience."

While Oedipus is the classic tragic hero, when we look at a character like Achilles, it is clear that there are other types of heroes that Oedipus does not…… [Read More]

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Princess for a Day American Weddings Are

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Princess for a Day

American weddings are big business. Since 1990, the average amount spent on weddings has doubled to nearly $28,000. According to Daniel Lagani, vice president and publisher of the Conde Nast Bridal Group, "The wedding industry is not only vital but is in fact thriving" (CNNMoney.com, 2006). Increasingly, couples of marrying for the first time later than couples of a generation ago. They tend to have more education and with it, more earning power. More and more couples are paying for their own weddings, rather than relying on their parents, and they do so to maintain control over every detail. Income, as well as social class, drive modern wedding planning decisions.

There are a number of bridal magazines on the market. Each is hundreds of pages thick and contains mostly advertising for dresses, jewelry, bridal registries, honeymoon destinations and other wedding-related items. In addition to print magazines,…… [Read More]

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Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist

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The spot light and people's recognition are not enough for the artist. It is consolation he is looking for and never finds it. The misunderstanding of his very art is the cause of his exhaustion. Like Kafka, the Hunger Artist is trapped in a vicious circle, unable to see the light of understanding in the world's eyes. What was always the cause of misery for an artist? Being misunderstood in his art was the worst that could happen. No one could bring consolation in his life and he acknowledged it as a condemnation of his state not able to give up his art and bound to it to the very end.

The story is written two years before Kafka's death and it is also one of the few he did not want to be destroyed after his death. It may be considered a reflection on his condition as an artist,…… [Read More]

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Greek Mythology in a Kingdom

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Twenty days had passed when Atonos decided to test the architect's desire to succeed, and willingness to sacrifice what he loved most for the temple. Atonos concluded he had to send an evil messenger to talk to Karos and convince him of the necessity of human sacrifice in the case of the temple. The messenger was disguised as a mortal passing by. One morning before leaving for the site, Karos saw a man lying on the ground outside their cave, and dragged him inside. Karos made a fire, and asked his wife to make some food for the stranger who appeared to be in bad health. They started talking, and soon Karos found himself opening up and complaining about his misfortune to the stranger. The messenger talked in a calm voice which was reassuring to Karos who believed he could confide in the man he had just met. Karos told…… [Read More]

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Impression Selecting Arranging Details a -Creates a

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impression, selecting arranging details a -creates a context. -- Be aware audience perspective relation audience. Decide insider writing outsiders, outsider writing insiders, outsider writing outsiders.

A place of lasting impression

Paris is surely one of the 'cheesiest' travel destinations and bona fide travelers are likely to consider that it is pointless to visit the city because of the numerous tourists swarming its streets and practically ruining the traditions that the location is known for. However, once you start to ignore tourists and stereotypes you are likely to discover that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The city is remarkable for its cultural values during the day and for its impressive nightlife once the sun sets. I did not think that a city could be so impressive for me before I visited Paris, but France's capital certainly triggered unique feelings and made me want to come…… [Read More]

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Victimology a Brief Overview of

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According to incarcerated serial rapist Brad Morrison, certain deterrents can prevent predatory attacks "like, if they had a dog, then forget it. Even a small one makes to much noise. If I saw a pair of construction boots, for example, out on the porch or on the landing, I walked right on by" (Cooper, King, & McHoes, 175). The authors argue that by taking these simple measures, the chances that a predator will find you vulnerable and an easy target are reduced.

Victims of rape and sexual assault are not the only prey that predators target. Children are also prone to being considered weak and defenseless in the eyes of criminals. Child molesters and sexual predators often seek out children who are either playing outside alone or are in a situation that allows quick access to an unmonitored child (Cooper, King, & McHoes, 76). The real life child kidnapping and…… [Read More]

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Hinduism the Notion of Dharma Is a

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The notion of Dharma is a primary concept in Hinduism. Dharma, or the Dharmic conduct, can be understood as a code of conduct of a person's life, guided by the morals, principles and discipline of spirituality. Hinduism describes it as the natural laws of the universe, which if observed properly, provide followers happiness and keeps them away from suffering. Its purpose is to present to the people a way of conducting their lives to enjoy the worldly joys and happiness, while also attaining a union with the soul spiritually. In lay man terms, Dharma can be seen as playing a role in a play. If the character performs his/her duties according to the script, then the play goes well, but if he/she doesn't, then the play is a failure. Similarly, if everything in the universe follows its Dharma, then the universe operates smoothly. If not, then everything in the…… [Read More]

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Glass Menagerie Is a Play

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Escape for Tom means the suppression and denial of these emotions in himself, and it means doing great harm to his mother and sister." (www.sparknotes.com/lit/menagerie/themes.html)

This play seems to revolve around the character of Laura, even though she is the one with the less lines and the one that appears to be the most weak. She is also the most powerfull symbol in the play. "The physically and emotionally crippled Laura is the only character in the play who never does anything to hurt anyone else. Despite the weight of her own problems, she displays a pure compassion (...) that stands in stark contrast to the selfishness and grudging sacrifices that characterize the Wingfield household. Laura also has the fewest lines in the play, which contributes to her aura of selflessness. Yet she is the axis around which the plot turns, and the most prominent symbols -- blue roses, the…… [Read More]

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Large Movie Distributor and a

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Clinique and Sony invested in the Web Sitcom "Sufei's Diary" because they were trying to reach out to their target audience in non-traditional ways. Clinique has a small market share and this is a way to improve the market share by targeting an older, more upscale demographic because Sufei comes from a wealthy family. The Clinque products are actually used in the storyline (called product placement) and due to the popularity of the series, they can get into the minds of potential customers. Additionally, there are a number of other advantages, where the Sony followed this premise by having their products such as televisions and digital cameras used in the show. This is a way for a brand with a lot of competition to differentiate itself. Sony was also the producer of the video series, so they could also have name recognition at the beginning and ending of each…… [Read More]

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Mason Allende Thomas King's 'Stories' A Comparison of

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Thomas King's 'stories': A Comparison of Shiloh and an Act of Vengeance

Our first analysis starts with the novel "Shiloh," written by Bobbie Ann Mason. The main binding story in Shiloh would certainly be the gender inequality featured right from the start -- Norma Jean is presented as being a reserved woman who highly depends on her husband, as such was the case during the 60's and 70's. The truth is otherwise; Norma Jean is working hard to become a strong woman, taking adult education courses at the community college and working at Rexall Drugstore to help out with the finances. This clearly shows us a stereotype from the era, the softspoken and uneducated woman of the 1960's. This gender inequality binds Norma Jean in a way that the perception of an outsider will always define who she is. No one will ever see her for the hardworking, independent…… [Read More]

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Play a Novel and a Film Three Worthy Fictional Presentations

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American frontier in a comparative analysis using two books (Luis Alberto Urrea, In Search of Snow, 1994; Sam Shepard, True West, 1981) and a film, No Country for Old Men, Directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, 2007. These books will be presented in a comparative analysis with the film. The analyses used in this paper will focus on values, setting, conflicts and the way of life presented in each.

How factual are entertainment portrayals of the American frontier?

How much of what has been written about the American frontier is myth, and how much is factual? According to history professor Richard W. Slatta scholars have "debunked three of the West's central myths," including rugged individualism, frontier violence, and American exceptionalism (Slatta, 2010). Writers and film-makers have gone about creating a western frontier "the way they want it rather than the way it was" (Slatta, 84).

No Country for Old Men…… [Read More]

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Ann Petry's the Street A Novel in

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Ann Petry's "The Street": A novel in the American naturalistic tradition

Ann Petry's "The Street" is a story about Lutie Johnson, an intelligent, strong, and beautiful black woman who does her best to raise an eight-year-old son as a single parent, advance in her job, and work her way out of the Harlem streets. Petry uses Lutie Johnson as a medium to explore the limitations of the American capitalist system; the role of race and gender in perpetuating violence, poverty and failure; and the societal restrictions that restrict and oppress the female gender, especially black women. To quote Shannon Cate:

Ann Petry challenges the ideology of American capitalism, asking how a poor, Black woman can possibly attain the social and economic fulfillment promised by a bourgeois value system. The text depicts the struggle of a Black heroine who uncritically accepts America's sacrificial work ethic, radical individualism and cult of womanhood…… [Read More]

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Is There a Secret to Justice

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The human race has been face-to-face with inequality and injustice since the beginning of time. First there was the inequality of religion, than there was the inequality of gender, the inequality of social status and most recently the inequality of color. All of these inequalities have been eliminated one by one with the belief in freedom. Looking over all of the events that eliminated inequality such as the French revolution and Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech a question comes to the mind. A question asking whether there is a "secret" to justice and if there is one what is it?

If there is a secret to justice, perhaps poets will be the first to tell. Maya Angelou, one of America's foremost poets, talks about the spiritual secrets of African-Americans in her essay "Graduation." At the close of the autobiographical essay, Angelou states, "If we were a…… [Read More]

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

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Toulmin Model and Sherlock Holmes

The Toulmin Model of argumentation asserts that a good argument consists of six parts which intend to develop a practical argument. The first element is the "claim," or the conclusion that the argument must establish. The next part is the "data," or the facts and evidence collected and used to confirm the argument. In order to support the data, general, hypothetical, or logical statements are used, these are called "warrants." A good argument should limit itself to what can be proven and so it requires "qualifiers" which restrict the argument to a point where it can be supported by facts. In order to support the warrants made during the argument, sometimes "backing statements" are used to add credence to the statements made during the argument. These backing statements may not directly support the claim, but should always support the supporting warrants. Finally, since there are…… [Read More]

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Direct Selling a Lot of Companies Are

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Direct Selling

A lot of companies are resorting to marketing one-to-one or concentrating on a narrow niche. For this reason, the respective corporations find it preferable to make use of direct communication with their clients who are typically a small targeted group that are considered after much thought. Direct communication helps the companies in obtaining a quick feedback from the clients that quickens the pace of their decision making. Over the years, the paradigm of direct communication has come a long way because of the dramatic evolutions in technologies and because of the introduction of new marketing media, particularly the usage of Internet.

Direct mailing and electronic catalogs, facilitated by Internet technologies have allowed for the implementation of models related to direct marketing (Jonker, Piersma, & Potharst, 2006; Liao & Chen, 2004; 2011). Researchers in the past have made use of direct communication as a model of complete business or…… [Read More]

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Thomas More's Utopia Holds a

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The literary methods that More employs are analogous to those utilized by Galileo Galilei just over a half century later.

Galileo also approached a delicate subject with regard to the Church in a hypothetical and fictitious manner. He had uncovered valid and relatively conclusive evidence that the earth revolved around the sun. Yet, this discovery was a direct contradiction of preexisting clerical interpretations of the scriptures. Even though Galileo was eventually arrested by the Spanish Inquisition for his Dialogue and found guilty of "vehement suspicion of heresy," this was less a consequence of the concepts he presented, than a result of his theoretical mechanism's failure. The full force of Galileo's argument was bestowed upon his best developed character, while the position of the Church was backed by a weak and simple-minded literary creation. More, however, does not make this same mistake. The fact that he gives the proponent of European…… [Read More]

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Cultural Norms Hll a Subsidiary of Lever

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Cultural Norms

HLL, a subsidiary of Lever, is a cosmetics company that operates in India. The company markets a number of products in the Indian market, including a "fairness cream," which purports to lighten the skin of the user. The Indian market is widely segmented. There are a number of wealth strata, ethnicities, religions, languages, castes and for this product there are also a number of skin tones. Each of these different demographics is a different segment of the market. In particular, there is competition within the fairness cream business at a number of different price points, with some companies catering to the mass market on a cost leadership basis and other firms selling a high end product aimed strictly at the middle and upper classes.

The potential market size in India is tremendous. India is currently the fifth-largest economy in the world, and it has a real GDP growth…… [Read More]

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William Wordsworth and a Vindication

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The same is true of politics, where there are few women political leaders, and the United States has never seen a woman president or vice-president. It is interesting to note that Wollstonecraft hopes women will "grow more and more masculine" in order to compete with men, and yet, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been criticized for that very attribute, pointing to how little real difference there is between today and Wollstonecraft's time.

To continue that theme, Wordsworth's poem "The World is Too Much With Us" also carries themes and images that mirror events in today's society. Wordsworth's short poem decries the lack of respect for the natural world and the greed and power that seemed to permeate society at the time, and led to the activities of the French Revolution and other rebellions against tyranny and inequality. He writes, "Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers / Little we…… [Read More]