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Rosenthal & Wilson the Blight

Words: 1939 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47934414

The research by Rosenthal & Wilson is particularly valuable in this respect because it suggests that negative experiences are not directly responsible for poor school performance, but rather that the continued psychological distress resulting from negative experiences is responsible for school discontinuation among students. Thus one can blame the failure of the schooling system not on the surrounding environment, but on the students lack of resilience. This might at first seem to be a sort of conservative ploy, aimed at blaming the victim of social disaster for failing to rise above it rather than considering ways to prevent such disasters. However, if one can escape the negative implications of "blame" and "causation," it is possible to see some potential in this theory of causation. If the cause of school failure and discontinuation is the psychological distress of the student who has survived violence, then it is possible that by ameliorating…… [Read More]

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Thompson C And Sheckley B

Words: 1262 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8951572

In tern the nursing student had a greater appreciation for a patient's quality of life over quantity of life. For this reviewer the situation becomes on of "shared governance" in the educational environment - a situation that needs to be strengthened is all aspect of healthcare wellness.

Critique #2. As states in the first sentence of Critique #1, when a research investigator uses the words difference, effect, and/or relationship the reading audience is being put on notice that the intended research investigation is experimental and scientific in design. As such the independent (treatment), dependent (measurement), or a combination thereof, variables are being assessed and evaluated in line with a proposed research question and stated null hypothesis. The authors' of the article being reviewed did not alert the reader as to the specific research design of the study and by not doing so the reader is left in the dark as…… [Read More]

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Math Anxiety How to Combat

Words: 1548 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71337126

As always, understanding is always the building block of finding a lasting solution to a problem, and this anxiety has not always been at the forefront of teachers' minds, but raising awareness could also help in beginning to solve the problem.

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Curtain-Phillips,…… [Read More]

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Disabilities Students With Reading Disabilities

Words: 2217 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80262789

This is particularly true for students with learning disabilities. Secondary students' reading performance reaches a plateau during their high school years, and it is clear that the performance gap between their abilities and what they are expected to do widens (Mock, 2003). Adolescents who lack basic literacy skills need intensive, focused, sustained instruction to help them catch up with their peers.


Reading disabilities are life long; however, the effects may be mitigated to support learning, living, and earning, particularly when identified early and dealt with effectively. Language acquisition with phonemic awareness correlates to learning to read, plus it is an accurate predictor of reading success. Furthermore, it is important to identify reading disabilities early so that effective intervention strategies are employed. High school students are in a transitional phase and without the necessary scaffolding support and tools to enhance self-efficacy, young adults will have challenges to becoming self-sustaining. Hence,…… [Read More]

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Amy Wasserman Each New Generation Has New

Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50932907

Amy Wasserman

Each new generation has new challenge and issues to face, and the current generation of young people is no different. Today's parents were once young, and in the 1960's for instance, the younger generation had many conflicts with their parents. But now the young of the past are the old of the present and they have taken up the role of the old of their time and criticize the young of today. But instead of hippies and "rock and roll," today's generation of young people are criticized for being too familiar with, and too involved with the internet and their electronic devises. But, as Amy Wasserman points out in her article "What's the Matter With Kids Today," this criticism is unfounded and not appropriate.

Computers, iPods, and other electronic devices are criticized as the cause of ignorance and a lack of communication skills, but they are really just…… [Read More]

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Limits to Behavioral Freedom for

Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97188345

This is only one of the implications that individuals are facing when it comes to these kinds of limits. Some people choose to ignore the limits that are placed on them if they feel that those limits are too restrictive. Others do not even recognize the limits that are placed on them and feel as though the limit-placer has no right to do so in the first place. Despite these things, however, it usually does not end well from an organizational standpoint for people who continue to 'break the rules.' Being fired is one of the implications of ignoring limits, and getting into trouble with the law can also be an implication of this. Usually people either leave of their own accord or are brought into line before any of this takes place, but that's not always the case.

For the people who ignore limits there are other problems, as…… [Read More]

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Learning Ethical Issues in Observational

Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 53612894

It is fairly clear that there was learning going on when the children observed aggressive behavior, but leaping immediately to the conclusion that what was learned was aggression, and not the specific behaviors exhibited by the adult models and repeated by the children, seems at least a little presumptive. If it can be assumed that the children in the experiment had never witnessed the specific behaviors of the models prior to the experiment (which would have been necessary to establish for the experiment itself to be valid), then the behavior might have been simply frightening to them, and acting out the behaviors might have been a method of familiarizing themselves with the behavior so as to understand it and make it less frightening. Though the end result would be the same desensitization to aggression, the possibility of this mechanism is important.

This possibility, and the construction and results of the…… [Read More]

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Educational Philosophy

Words: 2084 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57532045

Philosophy of Education

The objective of this study is to articulate a personal philosophy of education noting specifics in belief in the areas of worldview foundations. The philosophic foundations will include metaphysical beliefs and epistemological beliefs. Relevant issues are inclusive of discipline, diversity, curriculum development, professional development and learning communities.

Education as growth involves the direction of the activities of young learners and is determinant in the young learner's future. It is reported that "Since the young at a given time will at some later date compose the society of that period, the latter's nature will largely turn upon the direction children's activities were given at an earlier period. This cumulative movement of action toward a later result is what is meant by growth." (Dewey, 2003, p. 1) It is reported that the "primary condition of growth is immaturity. This may seen to be mere truism -- saying that a…… [Read More]

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Managing Risk Assessment Litigation

Words: 2810 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76840415

Managing Risk Assessment and Litigation in UK Physical Education Departments

This is a research proposal for a British university that aims to examine the rise of the litigation culture in the UK, as well as how schools' physical education (PE) departments are geared towards coping with it, particularly in light of professional training of physical education teachers for this purpose by management. Risk assessment training is a management-based programme; therefore, the emphasis lies on how the PE manager/head of department manages the process of risk assessment.

Risk assessment has reached a new level of importance in the Information Age. The growth of sophisticated networked information systems and distributed computing has created a potentially dangerous environment for private and public organizations. "Critical data -- such as from trade secrets, proprietary information, troop movements, sensitive medical records and financial transactions -- flows through these systems" (Hamilton, 1999, p. 69). Consequently, organizations are…… [Read More]

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Ghana Blunch and Verner Determinants of Literacy

Words: 6824 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30089731


Blunch and Verner (Determinants of Literacy)

How does a country make progress? The answers seem to be obvious on paper - if difficult to effect in the world itself. Those of us who are citizens of the First World tend to believe that we understand what is required for a nation to "develop." But Blunch and Verner, in their study of literacy and numeracy skills in Ghana, demonstrate how complicated the idea of "development" is and how culturally specific.

That development should take different courses in different parts of the world should, in fact, not be a surprise to us at all. One of the problems of modernization projects has always been that there is a certain essential arrogance to nearly all of them because there is embedded in them the idea that every "backward" country could improve itself (i.e. become like the nation that is sponsoring the modernization…… [Read More]

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Essential Activity of Christian Ministry

Words: 1323 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57320138


There are a number of ways in which to define education, but one of the best methods for doing so came from John Dewey in the early 20th century. Dewey stated that education, in its most general concept is the means through which the goals, aspirations and habits of one generation is passed on to the next generation (Dewey, 1916). He also believed that students attended school in order to experience real and guided events that allowed them to interact with others socially, learning how to contribute to society through those actions and interactions.

Discipleship, on the other hand, can often be perceived as a following of a person or individual and the spreading of that individual's theology or beliefs by those who become disciples. Regarding disciples of Christ, one could say that a disciple of Christ would be the individual who not only believed in and followed Christ's…… [Read More]

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Human Development

Words: 823 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48680821


Marian Diamond addressed the nature vs. nurture issue so long debated by researchers and scientists by actually observing the effects of living in different environments on young rats. The beginnings of her research with Donald Head occurred in the 1960's, a time when the brain was not viewed as plastic. When presenting the results of their early research demonstrating a small but significant thicker cerebral cortex in rats raised in enriched environments vs. rats raised in impoverished environments she was actually told, "Young lady, that brain cannot change" (Diamond and Hobson, 1998-page 8). Nonetheless, Diamond believed the neurological basis that the environment provided for brain enrichment is the spreading of dendritic spines in the neuron as a result of environmental stimulation (Diamond and Hobson, 1998-page 25). In fact, research from her lab along with other researchers found that even honey bees' brains responded to environmental stimulation. Based on the…… [Read More]

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

Words: 6352 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: Array

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Paradigms in the 21st Century

This is not your grandfathers' economy or his educational paradigm however; today's curriculum still appears as such and therein lays a very significant and challenging problem that presents to today's educators and leaders. According to Sir Ken Robinson, "We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. Schools are still pretty much organized on factory lines -- ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches." (Brain Pickings, 2012) Make no mistake in the opinion of Robinson who believes that divergent thinking most emphatically is not "…the same thing as creativity" because according to Robinson in his work proposing a new educational paradigm. Indeed this is also spoken of in the work of Zeng-tian and Yu-Le in their work "Some Thoughts on Emergent Curriculum"…… [Read More]

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10-Year-Old Boy Alec The Child Has Had

Words: 2646 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 86185381

10-year-old boy, Alec. The child has had pervasive relocations in his life, beginning at age 2 and endured a challenging separation between his parents. Since the separation he first experienced 50% split parenting, living with his mother one week then his father and stepmother the next, until such time as he was school age. He then began to live full time with his mother during the school week and visit his father and stepmother every other weekend, until age 7 when his mother relocated to an area which is a seven hour drive from his father at this point the mother also remarried. From that point to the present he has stayed with his mother and stepfather the majority of the time and traveled to visit his father and stepmother on the Christmas holiday, spring break and through the summer, which usually works out to be about 2 months. Prior…… [Read More]

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Mental Retardation With Autism

Words: 4103 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76295287

Incidence, Diagnoses, Characteristics and Safety Considerations Involved in the Provision of Physical Education Activities to Students with Mental Retardation with Autism

An Examination of the Incidence, Diagnoses, Characteristics and Safety Considerations Involved in the Provision of Physical Education Activities to Students with Mental Retardation With and Without Autism

To excuse students from physical education is the safe way out, but it does not meet their needs since it becomes costly to them in the long run. The inference here is not to say that physical educators advocate placing children in a program of physical education which will aggravate an injury, cause frustration, or to make him do things which are beyond their ability. -- Nancy Allison Close, Donald K. Matthews, 1973

This paper provides an overview of what physical education (PE) teachers should consider when developing activities and lesson plans for students with the cognitive and physical constraints associated with…… [Read More]

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Educational Philosophy

Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88237488

Educational Philosophy

Although not old in years and experience, my educational philosophy is fortunately commensurate with the institution I am presently working for as a teacher. This institution is committed to one of the oldest and most respected academic traditions in existence, that of the Jesuit Catholic tradition of rigorous, questioning inquiry in education. It also stresses a strong community service tradition, along with the Catholic faith tradition. It combines justice education with academic excellence. It stresses that students must take pride in their African-American identity, and show pride and respect for themselves and their community by applying themselves to their studies with intellectual engagement as well as with a sense of duty.

This stress upon the great works of the religious tradition may seem to connect the school to the academic tradition and philosophy of perennialism. This educational philosophy advocates the use of original, translated but not abridged, great…… [Read More]

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Learning as a Way of

Words: 1800 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8130328

Judgment, however, should be suspended long enough to try to determine why someone does something a certain way. If this can be determined, it is another lesson worth having. This is true of the student that is just learning about business, and true of the established businessperson.

Unlike that student learner, the businessperson that has already been working in the world for a while will be much harder to teach. Once someone has gotten used to doing something a particular way, it becomes more difficult to change that person's behavior. However, those that lead others in business, such as human resource personnel, can take many of the suggestions in Vaill's book and use them to show others in their company how they can change only small things and still be more self-directed learners.

As they become more self-directed, their desire for knowledge will rise and they will begin to try…… [Read More]

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Internet Changing the Way We Think

Words: 2304 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54335326

Commenting on Edge, Banaji noted that instead of changing the way she thinks, "…what the internet has surely done is to change what I think about, what I know, and what I do" (n.p). Others with dissenting views include Bavelier and Green. While analyzing two books highlighting the effect browsing has on the human brain, the two authors point out that some of the studies carried out so far are not in a way conclusive as in seeking to point out the changes occurring in the brain, the positions they take are not reliable (38). Indeed, the authors in this case note that conclusions in such studies are largely determined by the values of the author. Hence while one author could consider such changes positive, another one could still regard the same as being negative. With than in mind, the authors conclude that "history suggests that technology does not change…… [Read More]

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Supervising Paraprofessionals Paraeducators Play an

Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 86905724

Teaching Exceptional Children 41(5),

pp. 34-43.

Article #2: Early Childhood Education -- Teachers and their Assistants

The author points out that the use of paraprofessionals in early childhood special education is increasing because of the steadily increasing numbers of children need services and the lack of sufficient qualified teachers. Some teachers experience difficulty, for a variety of reasons, developing positive working relationships with the paraprofessionals in their classrooms. The nature of the work requires a spirit of true collaboration.

Some of the issues with paraprofessionals cited in the literature include lack of formal education in child development, reluctance to discuss uncomfortable topics with families, views on parenting and early childhood education that differ from their programs best practices, difficulty dealing with stress and time management, and unprofessional behaviors and work ethics. Teachers may see the problems clearly but be unsure what to do about them. Research shows that many teachers…… [Read More]

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Educational Theory Meaning of Authentic

Words: 936 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92827016

Instead, it is rigid and reinforced with bureaucracy and red tape, thus making it a poor system for education and children.

Educating the whole child." Educating the whole child is an idea that took root in the early 20th century and is making a comeback in education. The educational model is conducted throughout the child's education - from kindergarten through high school, and recognizes the child is a complete being, with spirit, mind, and body, and each item must be addressed in the educational model. The model attempts to educate the "whole" child - heart, head, and hands, by offering education in a variety of areas, from academics to art and practical, hands-on activities. The children are encouraged to play as well as study, to help develop fully rounded personalities and ideas. Teachers also use storytelling, fairy tales, and other folk art as models for teaching and involving the children…… [Read More]

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Student Retention Has Long Been

Words: 5392 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13282475

The next three categories deal with the lack of information: 4) lack of information about the career decision-making process, itself; 5) lack of information about one's own capabilities, personal traits or interests; 6) lack of information about occupations and what work is involved and the type of work available; and 7) lack of information about ways of obtaining career information. The final three categories deal with the inconsistent information that students receive that make decision-making difficult: 8) inconsistent information due to unreliable sources;

9) inconsistent information due to internal conflicts, such personal identity and 10) insistent information due to external conflicts with significant others.

Once students have had a an opportunity to learn more about their personal traits in relationship to careers and the type of positions available, they want to actually have an opportunity to learn more right from the source. However, even at community schools, only two percent…… [Read More]

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Kirkpatrick and Jakupec Kirkpatrick &

Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 5435595

The reality of flexible learning is that the structure of the educational experience is not there, and people can feel as though they are losing out when that is the case. They do lose out in some ways, because learning the traditional way is far different from online learning. Both have their inherent advantages and disadvantages, and the reality is probably much more convoluted and difficult to accept than the idea. This is unfortunate, because flexible learning options have a lot to offer to the right people - those who are seriously dedicated to their education but who are truly unable to attend classes in a standard environment. For many people, however, traditional learning still works better for them if they are able to attend. Even the traditional way of learning has become more flexible than it used to be, and that means that learners who need a little extra…… [Read More]

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Distance and Net-Based Learning Describe

Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 77758816

In addition, the structure and presentation of required, basic course material are more goal-oriented and motivating to meet the needs of students.

While critics initially charged that Net-based learning was vastly inferior to traditional classroom settings, some now wonder if traditional education will survive as the transformational possibilities of Net-based learning, teaching and developing course content are fully realized. The answer is a resounding 'yes'. The reason is that net-based learning can be designed to include some elements of socialization, but not all. Physically attending college is a great experience. Colleges shape students' lives and teach values, ethics and cultures that are unique to schools. Often, one can tell which school a person has attended just by listening to the person's communication style. Going to an online school is different. Students can have a great learning experience in an online school, but students may not get a chance to fully…… [Read More]

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Formality Is Inclusion the Answer

Words: 5147 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8483867

(Heal and Rusch, 1995)

In a separate study entitled: "Improving graduation and employment outcomes of students with disabilities" Predictive factors and student perspectives" Benz, Lindstrom, and Yovanoff (2000) report findings from two studies that examined secondary and transition practices. The first of the two studies made an examination of students factors as well as program factors that served to predict the graduation of participants with a standard high school diploma and placement in employment and continuing education while the second of these studies conducted an examination of the perceptions of participants of the characteristics of the program and staff that they felt were most important in assisting them in achieving their education and transition goals. Benz, Lindstrom, and Yovanoff report that "career-related work experience and completion of student-identified transition goals were highly associated with improved graduation and employment outcomes. Individualization of services around student goals and personalized attention from staff…… [Read More]

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Judge Gregory Judge a Muckleshoot

Words: 1691 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79558405

An important goal of a satellite course setting is to attract back into the academic environment and learning processes adults who are high school drop outs and who do not have a GED. Like other colleges around the country, the non-GED student would have an opportunity to attend at least a semester of courses before having to attain his or her GED. The core course work in math or algebra, and English writing and reading, in which initial placement is based on testing scores used to determine only the level of individual student need and placement. These are two core course requirements that could simultaneously prepare the adult student to successfully complete GED requirements by the second semester of college. This opportunity to work from a satellite setting, over a computer at home, would be a strong motivation for high school drop outs to consider the benefits of returning to…… [Read More]

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Organization or Agency where Community Service Performed

Words: 2726 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 18558324

When not engaged in these volunteer and "policy" roles, I was directly at work with people in need of counseling or jobs or housing (Yates & Youniss, 2006).

I was struck by how much of my experience was shaped by professional staffs who were often trapped into behaving as functionaries and, above all, how uncritical the experience was for all of us (Yates & Youniss, 2006). To be sure, there were problems to be solved; usually those of budgets and personnel. Only occasionally would we debate our mission and its priorities. More often, our concerns had to do with money and public relations. I recalled endless attention to operational matters, often tedious, never resolved, and always recurring. Seldom, however, did we address the meaning of what we were doing; it was enough, apparently, to be doing good things. I was, in short, a good volunteer.

Looking back, I realized how…… [Read More]

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Race Schools Queens New York Is

Words: 2539 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 68375028

If students are misbehaving, they are not engaged in their lessons. Behavior management is, unfortunately, a priority focus at Springfield Gardens, to the detriment of instruction. This is the point that the three interviewees continued to stress. None of them blamed the teachers for failing to engage students; the fault, as they see it, lies squarely with the students whose families apparently do not place a high value on education. The students, as Gordon, Benton and Johnson see it, are products of the culture in which their parents live.

The three frequently compared and contrasted the students of today with students of generations past. Students in "the good old days" did not misbehave the way students do "these days." That point was made clear, particularly in interviews with Benton and Gordon. Benton recalled a childhood outside the United States where school, he implied, was much more rigorous. It would appear…… [Read More]

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Standardized Testing Students With ADHD

Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 99928411

Standardized Testing -- Students with ADHD

The first study in an article in the Journal of Learning Disabilities by Frazier, et al. (2007) looks at the published literature (studies) since 1990 in order to produce a meta-analysis that will show the "…magnitude of achievement problems" that confront individuals with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). In other words, the purpose was to find out exactly what problems ADHD sufferers encounter when trying to achieve knowledge. In order to ascertain the difficulties -- and to help ADHD students become more academically competent -- that present roadblocks for those individuals, the first study looks at existing literature and uses "…quantitative, meta-analytic procedures" as a research design in order to thoroughly interpret the results in previous work (Frazier). The first research section examined 72 studies (the ones that fulfilled all appropriate criteria); 54 studies involved children; 7 involved adolescents; 4 looked at college students…… [Read More]

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Does Using Auditory Computer Files Assist College Level ESL Learners

Words: 1609 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78530032

Auditory Computer Files Assist College Level ESL Learners

The objective of this study is to examine whether auditory computer files assist college level ESL learners.

Linda Dwyer writes that text-to-speech readers are not generally available "outside of the disability community and may be prohibitively expensive when obtainable." (Dwyer, nd, p.1) In addition, Dwyer reports that ESL instructors are often not aware of the research or the resources that are available. Dwyer states that reading pens that are able to read line-by-line and other assistive devices that can copy and article and then paste it to the computer for text-to-speech support are useful to students who are ESL students. According to Dwyer, "ESL instructors in higher educational settings have worked primarily with high achieving international students. As such, these instructors have occupied a niche treated as short-term remedial support rather than an academic sub-field within the academy. Many positions in both…… [Read More]

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Striking Aspects of the Current Election Season

Words: 1319 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83248657

striking aspects of the current election season is the extent to which both parties claim to be the defenders of the American middle class. This is a fairly consistent theme in most American political campaigns. Neither party wants to be seen as the party of the elites, but nor does either party wish to be seen as the party of the poor. Even though America as a whole is suffering in terms of a lack of jobs, a lack of affordable healthcare, and other issues directly pertaining to a worsening economy and the great divide between the haves and the have-nots, Americans still like to see themselves as middle class.

I wonder if this is because Americans as a whole associate success with being morally worthy, and being poor with being unworthy. While there is some sense that having rich parents can give people a greater material advantage in life…… [Read More]

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Self-Directed Learning Assumptions Andragogy Self-Directed Learning Assumptions

Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83986017

Self-Directed Learning Assumptions, Andragogy

Self-Directed Learning Assumptions Andragogy

Self-Directed Learning

What do you think about self-directed learning in what and how we learn?

Self-directed learning is extremely beneficial in situations in which the learning styles of the individuals present differ from one another and would benefit from a more direct approach. For instance, self-directed learning allows individuals to frame their learning experience in a manner that is most compatible with his or her own personal learning style/process. Self-directed learning can be utilized in many educational settings and with many different instructional methodologies. A key to self-directed learning is also the fact that it is not time dependent, which is essential for learners to work at their own base and better retain the knowledge at hand.

Can or should all learning be self-directed? Why or why not?

All learning can technically be construed as being self-directed. Without some kind of initiative…… [Read More]

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Balancing Play Encouragement in Balancing

Words: 902 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 41033700

For instance, if I notice that two children enjoy playing house, I will encourage them to test their math skills by counting the apples that they will serve for lunch or the dishes in their sink. In addition, I will encourage them to expand their play to include new skills, such as note writing (language) and matching (math).

In addition to encouraging this more learning-focus type of play, I will also need to teach students to get used to the system of testing and assessment, as this is how they will be assessed throughout the rest of their school careers. Thus, I plan to encourage a positive attitude toward this type of assessment in my classroom. I will do this through using methods similar to those I will use to encourage learning-based play. Although the fact that "children are active learners who contribute to their own development and learning as…… [Read More]

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Social Media the Exponential Growth

Words: 6953 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97941307

Another common assumption is that the development of virtual social interactions based on the ideal self, is not reflective of how real people will interact with you in the real world and therefore could potentially give the individual a false sense of confidence, regarding their ability to appropriately interact in the real world. Yet, many would also argue that confidence is the most attractive social attribute, almost regardless of other appearance factors. Lastly, many assume that the development of social skills online, where it is relatively easy, will create a whole body of social isolates that do not interact in the real world because it is too difficult in comparison. So, as you can see the debate regarding social skills development and SMS is still highly fractured and remains to have a clear direction for either research or reality.

Like any other aspect of human functioning there are both positives…… [Read More]

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Informational Interview

Words: 1852 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18867091

Mission of a High School Counselor

Most of us have memories of a high school counselor -- and for most of us those memories are good ones. Especially in a large school -- as so many are these days -- the counselor may serve as an important, indeed vital, safety net for students who do not see a clear path through this challenging period of life. School counselors help students adjust to the pressures of school and the many stresses of family life, validating the experiences of students while also helping them to adjust to the requirements of growing up and the expectations of the adults in their lives, from parents to teachers to employers. In an era in which many students have few responsible adults to turn to help them engage in the demanding, confusing, and sometimes dangerous process of growing up, school counselors are more important than ever.…… [Read More]

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Grammar Learning Fun Lesson Plan

Words: 2372 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93662453

Discuss what main idea means and what details mean.

10. Tell students to be thinking of a song that they would like to use for tomorrow's assignment. Tell them that they must bring the tape and the lyrics of the song with them. They need to pick a song that has at least 20 nouns in it and it must be appropriate for school. They will be formatively assessed on this assignment. They'll have 10 minutes to work on it during class tomorrow.

(For each formative assessment mentioned in Day 3's procedures, see the assessment section of this lesson for the criteria.)

Day 4:

1. Give students about 10 minutes to get their songs ready. (If time is an issue, students may play just a portion of their songs, however, make sure to play enough of the song so as to be able to answer the questions.)Have them write the…… [Read More]

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Self-Assessment Assessment of Final Course Project Final

Words: 613 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97805512


Assessment of final course project:

Final self-reflective assessment for students on the process of learning

The assessment instrument I will use is a combination of a checklist and a short essay section which will enable the learner to assess his or her effort and competencies over the course of the semester. The assessment will involve a Likert scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being 'not much at all' to five being 'very much.' Questions will include self-reflective assessments such as: "I put forth a great deal of effort in this class" and "I devoted enough time to research all of my assignments adequately." To encourage accurate reflection, there will also be questions about hours spent studying every week and the number of times the student missed class.

As well as a scored questionnaire, students will also have the opportunity to write a short essay on the topic "what…… [Read More]

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Perceptions of Success by Non-Traditional Students Non-Traditional

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Perceptions of Success by Non-Traditional Students

Non-Traditional Students' Perceptions of Academic Support Needs

Perceptions of the Adequacy of College Services by Non-Traditional Students

This purpose of this paper is to review two studies relevant to the topic of the perceptions of non-traditional students about their programmatic and service needs as matriculated students in institutions of higher education. The first section reviews an article by Luzius and Webb (2002) on the satisfaction levels of non-traditional students with regard to library services at their institution. Luzius and Webb (2002) distributed a questionnaire to students on a public university that was designed to gauge satisfaction with library hours and resources. Luzius and Webb (2002) identified several potential improvements for library services. The second section reviews a comparative study of traditional and nontraditional students' identities and needs by Senter and Senter (1998). Using extant data, Senter and Senter (1998) compared the perceived needs of…… [Read More]

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Park J & Choi H J

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Statistical Test

The researchers used descriptive statistics (mean mode, etc.), chi square, and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA).


Individual characteristics were developed from the survey answers. Data is then divided into various groups where age, sex and characteristics are all compared. Certain characteristics are statistically proven to relate to certain groups of learners making the study somewhat useful.


The study demonstrated that online dropouts had significant difference in perceptions of learner satisfaction and relevance from persistent learners." In other words, learners are less likely to drop out when they are satisfied with the courses, and when the courses are relevant to their own lives."


This study is probably too narrow in scope to make any definite relationships between learning characteristics and dropouts.


Park, J., & Choi, H.J. (2009). Factors influencing adult learners' decision to drop out or persist in online learning. Journal of Educational Technology &…… [Read More]

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Conflict Resolution in Schools Risk

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(Povenmire 2008, pp. 17-43)

The second factor affecting the success of the process of conflict resolution is race. Race is recognized via skin tone, facial characteristics and accent etc. Race can make the process of conflict resolution more complicated and thus it may affect the success negatively. Sometimes, race may be the sole reason behind the conflict and in that case, extreme care must be exercised in order to avoid the extension of the conflict. (Povenmire 2008, pp. 17-43)

In addition to that, culture is also important in a person's life. It may affect the success negatively if the cultural values of either of the parties are not kept in mind. The conflict will be exacerbated if any party feels that their culture is being insulted. (Povenmire 2008, pp. 17-43)

Moreover, power also plays an important role in the success of the conflict resolution. Power differences are the root cause…… [Read More]

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School Situation

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Circles Model for an Inner City School

"I am shocked by the lack of urgency we are showing for the deplorable situation in our inner-city schools and their neighborhoods…students trapped, going to school in a community devoid of hope or opportunity, should challenge our moral sensibilities" (Brown, 2011, Jersey Journal).

Inner city schools (including those in Trenton, NJ) tend to be plagued by similar and familiar problems. According to a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Urban Affairs (Glickman, et al., 2008), inner city communities continue to suffer from "disinvestment" (lack of funding sources), "outmigration" (whites moving to suburbs), and "abandoned property" and a sense of gloom that is reflected in schools. Also, the inner city is known for low income citizens, "predominantly minority," and their plight is often reflected in schools (Glickman, 557). And the poor conditions in inner cities -- including those neighborhoods in Trenton, New Jersey --…… [Read More]