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Education NAEYC Accreditation What Is

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The idea of developmentally appropriate practices was made popular by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) when the published their Position Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Programs in 1987. NAEYC developed this position statement in order to support its early childhood program accreditation system, which recognizes and sanctions programs that offer appropriate early childhood practices. Because of this system, early childhood educators can have a clear idea of suitable early childhood practices. This way they might not use inappropriate developmental and academic expectations to prepare children for public school kindergarten programs (Houser and Osborne, n.d.).

Having regulations such as the CA State licensing Regulations, Title 22, helps to make sure that all of the fundamental elements of DAP and NAYEC are in place and are supporting the early childhood programs philosophies. These regulations are needed in order to make sure that quality…… [Read More]

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Education - Teaching Methods Teaching

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Yet, that is arguably why the characters act as they do (McWilliams 197). McWilliams further notes that human incompetence is comedy (197). Since the characters are not real people but Twain's creations, students should feel free to laugh at the ignorance and misfortunes of Huck and Jim in the same way that they are free to laugh when someone deliberately falls down in an attempt at comedy.

Comedy may not be immediately obvious in Twain's portrayal of Pap Finn. Yet he is one of Twain's strongest examples of satire and irony. Carter argues that Pap Finn establishes himself as an example of all that is wrong with the Southern social system; in becoming that example, readers can look to him to see what needs to change in order for people to become better and society to improve (137). In younger classrooms, this may at first be difficult to grasp. However,…… [Read More]

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How to Help Adults Learn Using Technology

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validity and legitimacy; the sources add to the value of the information presented, which is the strategy that many scholarly articles follow.

Knowles, et al., Definitions

On page 7 of the article the authors use references provided by Knowles (1980), Knowles, Holton, and Swanson (2005), Tough (1979), Mezirow (1991), and MacKeracher (2004). First of all it is interesting that the range of dates provided by these references jumps 25 years from 1980 to 2005. I have chosen these references which help provide the "primary principles of adult education" because: a) adult education is the primary topic being researched and analyzed; b) the bullet points direct the reader to the important concepts of why and how adults learn; and c) Knowles' work is cited over a period of 25 years, so Knowles follows and investigates the digital revolution from when it first began to take shape in 1980, to nine years…… [Read More]

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Clinical Education the Objective of This Study

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Clinical Education

The objective of this study is to conduct a critical analysis of issues in clinical education. Toward this end, this study will conduct a review of literature in this area of inquiry.

The work of Strohschein, Hagler and May (2002) entitled 'Assessing the Need for Changes in Clinical Education Practice' reports a study that identifies areas of need within clinical education and well as describing "…various models and tools that are proposed and utilized in clinical education, as well as the exploration of the extent to which these models and tools might meet the identified needs of the clinical education process in physical therapy." (p.1) Physical therapists are reported as working in a health care climate "of increasing complexity and rapid change, of fiscal restraint and demands for accountability, of scrutiny from both internal and external sources. In such a climate, the ability to respond appropriately to these…… [Read More]

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Non Credit Programs on Workforce Education

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Several community colleges have in recent times shown preference for non-credit post-secondary students as opposed to credit students. This trait is particularly common in the areas of staff tutoring and contractor training. Several of these non-credit courses are quite popular for their flexibility in meeting the demands of the prospective workforce students as well as the demands of their employers. Important questions have been raised about traditional colleges due to the growth of this sector; these questions include the efficiency of colleges in utilizing resources and how well access is being provided for their (colleges) students. Answering the questions raised above will likely challenge state policies and practices at colleges, although analysing the effects of this program may be a herculean task due to the absence of data on activities as basic as admissions and acceptance in community college non-credit workforce education. With increasing states and college investments of resources…… [Read More]

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Motivating the Adult Learner

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Motivating the Adult Learner

Being educated through conventional mode of educational process involving the classroom and teacher motivated approaches, adult learners are perceived as unreceptive learners. Society is characterized by more of adults in comparison to the youths and with more number of matured adults the society as a whole is visualized as more educated and exhibits variety of culture and racial milieu. In order to maintain the current status of American Society amidst revolutionary changes in the knowledge bases, necessities for new capabilities and economic integration is felt highly essential to educate the human resource. The development of supporting technology facilitating provision of education at home and worksites attracted more number of adults to the formal education and pursuit of education through out the life has become their coveted goal.


forecast about the transformation of American Workforce during the 90s was made by Loden and Rosener. At the…… [Read More]

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Understanding the Impact of Diversity in Adult Arts Education

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Learning Objectives for Adult Education

Managing and Exploiting the Impact of Classroom Diversity in Adult Arts Education

As the American population becomes increasingly diverse, so goes classroom diversity (Cooper, 2012). By the end of the current decade, a White majority will no longer exist among the 18 and under age group. This rapid progression towards a plurality has already impacted primary schools, but the trend toward increasing diversity is beginning to affect adult education classrooms as well. If educators simply ignore this trend, not only will the academic success of students be harmed, but also the professional skills of educators. The solution, according to Brookfield (1995), is not the adoption of an innocent or naive attitude towards the diverse needs and abilities of racially and ethnically diverse students, but to engage in a process of critical self-reflection. Such a process would help educators uncover their own hidden motives and intentions,…… [Read More]

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Transformational Learning Theory in the Context of Adult Learning

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Transformational Learning

More than twenty-five years ago, Jack Mezirow initiated a profound movement in the field of adult education, that of transformative learning theory. Since this time, the concept of transformative learning has been a topic of much research and theory building in the field of adult education as described in more detail in this research paper. Although Mezirow is considered to be the major developer of transformative learning theory, other perspectives about transformative learning have emerged and are still emering, indicating that Mezirow's work was just a beginning.

Today there are four major models of transformative learning: the cognitive-rational approach of Mezirow, Freire's social transformation, the concept of development by Daloz and spirituality dimensions advocated by Dirkx and Healey. And, critics such as Boyd, and Clark and Wilson have criticized Mezirow's theory as too rationally driven. Even so, Merizow's theory still serves as a widely-used foundation to explain or…… [Read More]

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Transformative Learning in Adults

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Transformative Learning in Adults

Adult learners desire more than just knowledge and resist academic teachings strategies such as notes memorization and examinations. They desire something more than just what is offered in the classrooms- the learning goes beyond content knowledge acquisition, or learning equations, learning historical facts and data. It is a desirable process for adults to learn to think for themselves, through true emancipation from sometimes mindless or unquestioning acceptance of what we have come to know through our life experience, especially those things that our culture, religions, and personalities may predispose us towards, without our active engagement and questioning of how we know what we know.

In this paper therefore we are going to review articles relating to transformative learning in adults so that we can have a grasp of the issue. Transformative learning is the kind of learning we do as we make meaning of our lives.…… [Read More]

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Teaching Disadvantaged Adults There Are

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As a result they are often excluded from the mainstream and from being productive members of society.

I feel that it is not only ethically and morally important to help these individuals but that it also makes economic and social sense to assist those who are disadvantaged to receive a better education and advance their potential in life.

I also believe that we should be careful to consider the fact that adult education is an area that requires a very different approach and involves different modes of understanding, as well as the use of appropriate techniques, when dealing with the various categories of disadvantaged adult. For example, in terms of those adults who are disadvantaged with regard to education backlogs, one has to realize that they often face a number of unique and specific problems; such as the fact that many will have families, children and work commitments, which make…… [Read More]

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African-American Adult Males in GED Programs

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GED Programs

Education is an essential component of having a successful and prosperous life. However, in many cases students drop out of high school and never receive the diplomas that they need to better their lives. Fortunately there are programs that will provide these individuals with GED's which are equivalent to high school diplomas. The need to acquire a GED is of particular importance to the African-American male. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the research pertaining to the success of this population in such programs. We will also review which programs are the most successful and what element of the programs work the best. We will conclude by discussion the funding that is available for such programs.

What do we know about this population's performance in such programs?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 830,000 individual took the GED in 2000. There were 719,000…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education


Malcolm Knowles' theory of adult education, termed Andragogy undergirds my personal philosophy of nursing education. The term Andragogy is used to highlight the unique needs of adult learning from traditional learning, which is usually aimed at children, as evidenced by the term pedagogy, the "leading of children." Knowles idea's recognizes that our fundamental ideas regarding education are influenced by its application to children. This situation makes many principles of education inapplicable or unsuited to the education of adults.

Knowles theory of adult education can be expressed in six principles. 1) Adults need to know why they are learning something; 2) Experience provides the basis for learning activities; 3) Adults should develop a sense of ownership over their education through involvement in the planning of their coursework and evaluation; 4) Adults seek knowledge which bears directly on their professional lives; 5) Adult learning is problem-centered…… [Read More]

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Meeting the Compliance and Computer Needs of the Adult Learner

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Computer Adult Learner

An employee is terminated after 23 years of service. Suddenly thrust into the work arena without the skills to make a smooth transition. In order to make a transition into the computerized workforce it will be necessary to get educational skills up to speed. (The employee has never had the need to learn the basics such as the use of a mouse, word, excel, power point or even basic e-mail.)

The employee now finds that in order to obtain a job it is necessary to get the skills that will get the job. This task will be completed through the use of Educational Interactive Technology. The employee will be able to learn from home how to use the basic software packages. Or even through an employment agency or with a new company there may be the possibility to take interactive classes in order to get the skills…… [Read More]

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African-American Adult Learning Theories

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Metacognition and Effective Study Strategies Among African-American College and University Students, Bernadette Nwafor discusses the fact that many African-American students have trouble with basic concentration and retention skills and how the implementation of various study techniques could enhance student concentration. Nwarfor purports that those students that try to understand what they are reading through "meaningfulness, collaboration and establishment of relationships between new ideas and old experiences" are more likely to do better on tests than those who learn by merely reading through text or memorization It is her perception that African-American students learn better when they can relate to the material in question. In this article she studies the three kinds of memory (sensory, short-term and long-term memory) as she shows that if a person associates something familiar with new material they are able to retain it better in their long-term memory. She cites for her example a study by…… [Read More]

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Graduate Certificate Nursing Education Learning of Anorexia

Words: 3674 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90582302

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education

Learning of Anorexia Nervosa & Handling Its Patients

Final Learning Report


Drafting a learning contract and adhering to it along with constant support from my supervisor, was an effective activity which constituted of four weeks. every objective had a milestone plan and necessary measures which were required to be taken for achieving them. Self-expectation after reaching these goals was also documented in order to have a clear picture of my proficiency level in the developing knowledge of Anorexia Nervosa after this activity. The primary objective was to have clear understanding of Anorexia Nervosa, its causes, symptoms and possible treatments. Furthermore, second main objective was to deal with patients having this disorder and their families. These two major goals encompassed the rest. Through reading of the concerned topic were performed and were brought into practical application. Furthermore, efforts were made to…… [Read More]

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Teaching Theory Adult Teaching Theory

Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12282376

This is the essence of Knowles' self-directed learning.


The last sentence of Stephen Brookfield's Chapter on "Adult Learning: An Overview" states "To understand adult learning we need to know it's connections of learning in childhood and adolescence and to the formation during these periods of interpretive filters, cognitive frames and cultural values."

Brookfield's assertion is somewhat at odds with Knowles concept of the difference between child and adult learning, although it is developmental in nature. One possible way of reconciling the difference between Brookfield and Knowles is to propose a stage theory of learning that shows progression from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, incorporating different theorist's ideas about the relationship between learner and teacher at different developmental, emotional, and experiential stages.

Stage 1: Childhood. Child is eager to learn but not certain of how to go about it. Learns to please self 'in the moment' of experience, but without…… [Read More]

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Competency-Based Education

Words: 2440 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87939211

Competency-Based Education

Chambers, D. etal. (1996, I June). "Another look at competency-based education in dietetics." Journal of the American Dietetic Association 96 (6): 614.

While this article is focused on the usefulness of competency-based education specifically within the field of dietetics, it is helpful for those in other fields as well because it presents an excellent argument about why competency-based education is such a powerful tool. While other training (and evaluation) methods have tended to focus on specific skill sets, competency-based education is extremely helpful in teaching the integrated skills needed for higher-level positions, including helping to inculcate the kinds of critical-thinking skills that are important for management positions.

Foley, G. (1995) Understanding Adult Education and Training. Allen & Unwin: Sydney.

This is one of the most important works on adult education and training within a specifically Australian context (although a number of international examples are included). The first book…… [Read More]

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Professional Development Through Continuing Education

Words: 876 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3711524

Perhaps more than any force beside diligence, knowledge will impact one's success, translating into the capacity to make good decisions, to evade costly errors and to behave in a manner that is essentially ethical. This is why, according to Merriam's (2001) report, transformational educational strategies have emerged as among the preferred means of helping continuing learners through the process of professional educational engagement. Merriam remarks on the transition in conventional thinking which would move the discussion on professional education toward these transformational strategies.

Today, professional development education has attained a unique place in the discourse over learning philosophies and approaches. With respect to our consideration of transformative learning strategies, this is relevant because the needs of adult learners fall into their own distinct instructional and cognitive categories. One reason at the base of this distinction is the diversity of motives which inclines adults to seek education. Accordingly, Bash (2003) reported…… [Read More]

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Non-Traditional Student Success in Post-Secondary Education the

Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36811428

Non-Traditional Student Success in Post-Secondary Education

The student population category referred to as non-traditional cuts a wide-swath. Depending on the criteria used for inclusion in this category, non-traditional students may be: Working or non-working adults, active military or veterans, enrolled part-time, returning from an absence from higher education or enrolling after having delayed entrance immediately after high-school, commuting, parents, or supporting other family members or dependents. (Perna, 2010; Wang & Pilarzyk, 2010). Historically, institutions of higher education were not intended for, or designed to accommodate, non-traditional students. Yet the growth rate of non-traditional students enrolled in post-secondary education has surpassed that of traditional students, and this trend seems unlikely to slow or reverse in the foreseeable future (Allen, 1993).

A study of students who began their post-secondary study during the academic year 2003-2004 reported that 15% had not completed their program of study by 2009 although they were still enrolled…… [Read More]

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

Words: 1705 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61193720

Personal Philosophy of Education

Education is the process of establishing a solid, long-term foundation for the future of society through the development, training and teaching of the children by guiding them into professional young adults. Education is literally creating and forming this country. Many people look at the teaching profession as a low paying, non-thankful job.

The visibility of a teacher's success is not only watching the children cite the ABC's or seeing their faces light up when they discover that 2 + 2 = 4.

The success of a teacher is also obvious on graduation night, and those graduates entering into the work place, landing that first high paying job, and succeeding at it. The results of the teaching profession is also transparent when inventions are created, such as the Internet, computers, advanced communications etc... In this essay, I will discuss my philosophy on teaching and which teaching methods…… [Read More]

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Higher Education Distance Learning in

Words: 1588 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80743410


Online distance learning is completely different environment from that of a traditional classroom. There are different rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Class discussion often takes place via a bulletin board and more often than not also serves as a way of taking attendance. Students should expect to spend between two and three hours per credit hours per course studying every week. This is a completely different learning style that involves no face-to-face contact and often takes away from human aspect of learning. Distance learning is not for everyone, but for those who have the self-discipline to be successful it can open an entire set of new opportunities to get an education. Those who partake in this type of learning often find that they like the freedom that it gives them to get an education without having to be tied down to a traditional learning environment.

References…… [Read More]

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Higher Education Models Higher Education

Words: 1589 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2843521

It is therefore a very new field, and could cause not only anxiety, but also a number of mistakes before the best way of integration is found.

In order to improve this situation, I believe that both management and employees can work together. There are many professional companies that can assist management in ironing out projected difficulties. It companies can for example identify problems that the University may not be aware of, and mitigate these before they occur.

Another possibility for improvement is regional and even countrywide integration via the online environment. Certain departments from other universities can for example be recruited to complement the local department, for the benefit of both. In terms of the financial aspect, care should be taken to govern integration in such a way that competition will remain on a level to provide learners with the best possible education.

I believe that the future for…… [Read More]

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College Education Encompasses Several Years

Words: 1463 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46082225

The act gives the Department of Education the right to withhold funding if it believes a school, district, or even a state is not complying and is making no effort to comply." (New York Times, Teachers Dig Deeper to Fill Gap in Supplies, 2002).

Control issues

Because the American Constitution does not contain any legislations on education, the U.S. government can not exercise its controlling role over the educational system. However, given the fact that the U.S. As a country financially supports the educational process and most of its institutions, the government can influence the decisions made by universities and colleges. In other words, "the federal government uses the threat of decreased funding to enforce laws pertaining to education." (the U.S. Department of Education, the Federal Role in Education, 2006)

Competitiveness issues

Even if America has produced many valuable science and literary men, the sad fact remains that the overall…… [Read More]

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Nurse Management Education in Today's

Words: 1599 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87653085

Perceptual and attitudinal changes are needed to motivate readiness to learn. Self-directed education is key to adult learning and especially to continuing education in the health professions (McClaran et. al, 1999, p. 184). Studies show that nurses will identify their specific needs for training and education and seek them out. They are also able to learn from previous experiences and build upon them to expand their proficiency of management skills. They seek personal mastery, vision, and team learning in order to grow as individuals and team members. These adult learners, as Knowles expressed, are motivated to learn and seek out the information they need. With education to understand the realities of healthcare management and a chance to develop management skills, nurses have both expanded opportunities and responsibilities that can impact the world of healthcare and provide safer and more satisfactory patient care.


Goddard NL. Financial management. (1987).

In Vestal…… [Read More]

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Teaching Considerations The Adult Learning Environment

Words: 731 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68768725

Teaching in an Adult Learning En Vironment

This study will set out thoughts on teaching class in an adult learning environment. Included will be influential variables including classrooms, teachers, and students. The adult learning environment involves a great diversity of individuals from various backgrounds, racial groups and ethnicity as well as being differentiated by their life experience in terms of career background and academic achievement background. The adult learning environment is likely to have individuals whose first language is other than English and these individuals are in various stages of mastering the English language. In addition, the learning environment will be characterized by individuals whose ages are in a wide range from individuals in their early twenties to individuals who are senior citizens as more baby-boomers will stay in the workforce far past retirement age. Added to this the adult learning environment will be inclusive of individuals who are technology…… [Read More]

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Maslow Adult Educator of All

Words: 1104 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 91831061

The third level up the pyramid is the need for affection, belonging and love. This is the need state area were people are who want to alleviate feelings of loneliness, isolation or alienation (Hoffman, 1988). This level is also critically important for the development of trust in the workplace and within workplace teams and the sense of identity that comes from being part of a group (Harris, Kleiner, 1993). Fourth there is the need for esteem and while it often connotes the esteem from others as a layer of the model, it encompasses self-esteem as well. This is the level where the critical aspects of self-worth, self-confidence and self-discipline come into how a person approaches their life and their goals (Bazigos, Burke, 1997). The top layer of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Model is self-actualization. This is the level of where people are who have found their innate strengths and…… [Read More]

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Learning Strategies for Adult Learners

Words: 1086 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 21080369

Learning Strategies for Adult Learners

Adults do not learn in the same ways children learn. Traditional pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning are not always applicable to adults in learning environments. Teaching adults requires the implementation of special accommodations, an understanding of the ways in which adults learn, and some measure of flexibility and understanding for the efforts that adults make to continue in higher education. Adult learners are typically people with other pressing concerns, including work-related duties, family matters and financial obligations. In short, the adult learner has much more responsibility than simply sitting in a classroom and learning material. It is important for instructors, then, to recognize the unique ways in which adults learn, but also to provide the support, guidance and feedback to ensure each adult learner is successful in their chosen educational pursuits.

Learning is a group effort and knowledge is the collection of all learning.…… [Read More]

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Nursing & Education Theory This

Words: 5668 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 34391212

" (Jarvis, nd) Jarvis states that it is precisely "this movement along a maturity gradient that Mezirow regards as a form of emancipatory learning..." (Jarvis, nd) Jarvis states that according to Mezirow "emancipation is from libidinal, institutional or environmental forces which limit our options and rational control over our lives but have been taken for granted as beyond human control." (Jarvis, nd) Mezirow suggests that there are various levels of reflection which exist over the course of the individual's life and states that seven of these which occur during adult learning are those as follows:


Affective reflectivity;

Discriminant reflectivity;

Judgmental reflectivity;

Conceptual reflectivity;

Psychic reflectivity; and Theoretical reflectivity. (Jarvis, nd)


Newman writes in the work entitled: "Health as Expanding Consciousness" that intuition plays a key role in her life and for example, in the books that she chooses to read, the people she meets, and the…… [Read More]

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Theory and Methods of Educating Adults

Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83051562

Learner autobiography [REFLECT] Like most children, when I was very young I did not experience learning as a punitive exercise. Learning was fun and natural. While I was learning how to read I enjoyed how the teacher would read aloud to us; I remember learning about the multiplication tables using various piles of colored M&Ms. Unfortunately, around middle school there is often a period of resistance to learning, as students try to establish their own identities and view directions from the teacher in a negative light because they do not want an adult telling them what to do. Students are also aware enough that they are being 'taught' something but often question the applicability of that learning to what they consider real life.

[IDENTIFY] In college, I became more intellectually curious although I was still not 100% certain about what I needed to know for my future career. Still, I…… [Read More]

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Is Distance Learning in Higher Education Successful

Words: 1154 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18426115

Distance Learning

Introductory remarks and objectives of proposed research

Education is -- if we have any recollection of our classical language training -- supposed to be a drawing out rather than a putting in, which would seem to make it at least as an appropriate activity for adults as for children. Adults have their far greater basis of experience than do children and so are in many ways much more easily educated (Ravitch 2000).

Education is, after all, not simply the acquisition of facts but their synthesis as well, the creative and unique ways of putting together information about the world that those with experience in the world can achieve. Education may well be -- as it is often humorously argued -- wasted on the young, not because of any inherent fault of their own but because their range of experience is so narrow that it is difficult for them…… [Read More]

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How to Effectively Market and Manage Quality Australian International Education

Words: 5052 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 89337200


'How to Effectively Market and Manage Quality Australian International


A primary focus for the nearly half a million international students choosing to study in Australia each year seems to be on obtaining a higher education; oftentimes it is because they believe it is an investment in their own future. For the vast majority of these international students the hope is that their education will lead to improved employment opportunities and a higher quality lifestyle, either in Australia, another country, or after they return to their homeland. Interestingly enough, almost half of the surveyed higher education graduates and two thirds of VET graduates were living in Australia, with most either already having been granted permanent residency or hoping to obtain permanent residency status.

Graduates who were working in Australia had a slightly higher level of unemployment than those who returned home, although most were working or undertaking further study.…… [Read More]

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Basics of Nursing Education

Words: 2989 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63290247

nursing program to a BSN program

Over the years, promotion of nurses' higher education has been a focus of national reports. One of several reasons for this is growing evidence tying improved performance with continued education. Another factor is that nurses taking Master's programs often focus on education; this ensures a good supply of nurse educators as well as clinical nurse specialists and midwives (Scott & Brinson, 2011).

Factors influencing the need for a BSN program.


Researchers and policymakers continue to point out that education is a key determinant of nurses' performance in our medical facilities. Bachelor's degree programs provide more content than diploma programs do. They also tend to be more thorough. It has been noted that those institutions that have more baccalaureate degree registered nurses reported less fatalities. This inverse relationship shows that education level is a key determinant of performance and competency (Johnston, 2009).

Disasters, Violence…… [Read More]

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University Comparison Two Universities The Educations System

Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 28978856

University Comparison

Two Universities:

The educations system in the United States is said to be, many times, unique. This education system seems to stress practically over everything else, and this is something good, but many times, other ideas may benefit from consideration by education authorities in America. This paper will thus focus upon two universities in order to see their similarities and differences, namely University of Ghana and Georgia State University, and see which, if either is better suited or a better institution in which individuals can learn.

The very first difference, from the simple names of the universities shows that one of them is a state university in the United States, and the other is a national university of a country in Africa. This, however, does not mean that there are not similarities. For example, both universities have beautifully built websites, that give a detailed history of the particular…… [Read More]

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Aboriginal Education in Canada a Plea for Integration

Words: 4096 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59541556

Aboriginal Education in Canada: A Plea for Integration

This paper explores interactions among formal learning, informal learning, and life conditions and opportunities experienced by Aboriginal people in Canada. Aboriginal is the most popular term used to refer to Canada's original people (Kirkness, 1999). Aboriginal, Indian, and First Nations are all terms used to describe Canadian natives.

A great deal of attention has been given in recent years to what is commonly described as an education gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians (Wotherspoon and Butler, 1999). According to 1996 census data, approximately one-third (35%) of Canadians aged fifteen and over, compared to more than half (54%) of the comparable Aboriginal population, never graduated high school, while 16% of the national adult population, and only 4.5% of the Aboriginal population, have college degrees (Statistics Canada, 1998). Aboriginal dropout rates are reported to be double those for the general population, and Aboriginal school…… [Read More]

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Spencer Education for the New

Words: 1339 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7065914

Granted it is argued that not all new employment opportunities are managerial in nature, but even if the 20% figure frequently quoted regarding the percentage of managerial occupations open today, competent lower-level employees who can deal with problems and the public in a creative fashion and perform the secondary and tertiary activities in a manner to make customers want to return cannot be undervalued. Reduced job security also makes it a moral and social imperative for government educational paradigms to focus on making an investment in people, not viewing people work products. Even if not all workers entering the workforce can be classified as "knowledgeable workers," all workers have to have some knowledge to do their job and to learn new knowledge at their job every day. The knowledge of learning from experience can be fostered in quality adult education programs that are not merely technical in nature. Basic skills…… [Read More]

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Organization Diversity HR Organization Education Programs Organization

Words: 3491 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71438348

Organization Diversity (HR)

Organization education programs

Organization Education Programs (OEPs) are employee benefit projects offered by numerous employers. OEPs are expected to assist employees manage personal or work related issues that may unfavorably affect their work performance, well-being or health. These programs usually incorporate temporary counseling, career growth and development and referral courses for employees.

Numerous organizations are confronted with the issue of employer retention. It is costly to replace an employer who is lured by other companies. New replacements must be hired, identified and oriented before being trained. It is estimated that it could cost a company two times the salary of an employee who has vacated. Employee turnover can have an unsettling impact on a conglomeration, and it might likewise intensely sway the overall productivity of the conglomeration (Petrie, 2013). This comes to be significantly more basic in organizations which are services oriented like firefighters and law enforcement,…… [Read More]

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Distanced-Based Education

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Pre-Course Program for Entry-Level Online Adult Students

Distance education is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing segments of college and graduate level education. Many educational institutions with long histories of traditional classroom-based learning opportunities are expanding their programs to include distance-based learning via the Internet. In fact, many colleges and universities have invested heavily in their distance education programs. Courses for distance learners are offered in an array of formats that are designed to make learning opportunities accessible to students at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Limited information is available concerning the ability of traditional adult learners to adapt to the online learning environment to successfully complete an online learning degree program. (Baker, et al., 1994)

Today, educational elitism is a serious problem for many distance and non-traditional students. Most traditional learners look down on the non-traditional learner and distance-based educational programs as a whole. Many times these degrees…… [Read More]

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Training to Education Lifelong Learning

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All in all, adult education is a good thing but it might take a while for the old ways to catch up with the new. One thing is certain - once the forward step is made, it is almost impossible to go back.

2. What views about the impact of capitalism on adult education activities are represented in the readings?

In "From Training to Education," Kai-Ming explains how adult education became an integral part of manpower planning. In a socialist world, adult education was "not meant to be a second route for individuals' upgrading and upward mobility" (Kai-Ming). An individual's interest did not extend beyond the state's interest and there was "no room for personal mobility beyond the state plans" (Kai-Ming). The influence of the market has caused changes in the system and the way it used to work. Around 1980, the state began to allow private enterprises to become…… [Read More]

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Foster Care and Education Educational

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(2006). Children and Youth Services Review, Vol. 28, 1459-1481.

The study in this research piece evaluated the adult education, employment and financial successes (or failures) of 659 adults (20 to 33 years of age) who had gone through intermediate and long-term foster care stays in their youth. These kinds of studies are important for present and future agencies because a fuller understanding of shortcomings -- and strengths -- in policy and judgment can lead to better care and more productive lives for alumni of foster care. When visited and surveyed, many of the 659 individuals (alumni) had completed high school not in formal education but via a GED; hence one-third of the 659 had incomes at or below the poverty level and "more than one in five" had been homeless following foster care (Pecora, et al., 2006, p. 1459). The Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study investigated the lives of alumni…… [Read More]

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Business Education Training

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Mentoring Process in a Business Setting

In most professions, the first years in a new position are fraught with uncertainties and problems. The need for supporting teachers and people in other professions was cited as far back as the Conant Report (1963). During the next twenty years, many attempts were make to put effective mentoring programming in place throughout the business world. This study will address the level of mentoring which exists in different professions, specifically, education, medicine, and law.

As early as 1962, induction programs that provided assistance to beginning teachers were being described (Shaplin, 1962). Mentoring in a business setting is described as being very desirable and conducive to interaction among the protege' and the established workers (Young & Adams, 2000). Medicine has long had a system of mentoring in place which is called residency. Whether nor not the condition of this process is optimal depends upon to…… [Read More]

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Community Resources and Education When

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U.I.L.D.) program aimed to increase community involvement in children's lives as a way of increasing education. Watching the video describing B.U.I.L.D.'s programs, it was interesting to see that some of the community activists did not even seem concerned about education, specifically. For example, Rev. Charles Thomas began by talking about the conditions in a local park, how it has been abandoned by the city, and how people cannot expect teachers to bring their students to these dangerous parks to play. He was followed by a woman explaining that children fight because they have not been given the opportunity to play together (Annenberg Media, 1999). It was a profound statement, because it is so easy to dismiss children playing. After all, play is seen as having very little real value, just being a form of recreation. What adults tend to forget is that in play children model adult behaviors. It is…… [Read More]

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Discharge Education After HF

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Discharge Education to Promote Self-Efficacy in Heart Failure

An Education Intervention For Patients With Heart Failure

Management of congestive heart failure (CHF) continues to be a financial burden on the economy of the United States of America (USA); responsible for multiple hospital admissions and readmissions of patients with HF within thirty days post discharge. The disease has been associated with personal, physical, and economic challenges. As the population increases, the number of individuals affected with this condition is also increasing. According to the American Heart Association (2009), an estimated 400,000 to 500.000 new cases occur annually, with additional annual cost of more than $33 billion dollars added to the U.S. economy.

Discharge education, which attempts to reduce readmission rate, has become a valuable metric in the provision of health care. For effective management of heart failure symptoms, patient education is a necessity (Gruszczynski, 2010). Sara Paul (2008) discussed the importance…… [Read More]

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Against Prisoner Education

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college program for inmates was established in 1953, the number of educational institutions in the United States that have developed correctional education programs has increased dramatically (Williams, 1989). As recent as 1997, 55% of prison jurisdictions had a secondary education program while 25% had a basic adult education program (OSI, 1997). While supporters of inmate education believe the programs are beneficial, there is much evidence that the programs have yet to yield outstanding results. The programs are, in reality, costly, unstable, and show a soft stance on crime that the United States needs to reevaluate.

Inmate education is a costly program, resulting in less funding for public higher education. The 1997 Open Society Institute Report Education as Crime Prevention: Providing Education to Prisoners states, "New York State estimates that it costs $2,500 per year, per individual to provide higher education in a correctional facility" (OSI, 1997). At that high rate,…… [Read More]

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Sociology of Education the Purpose

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For instance, "some speakers may engage in overlap, speaking while someone else is taking a turn-at-talk. For some linguistic groups, this discourse behavior can be interpreted as a signal of engagement and involvement; however, other speakers may view it as an interruption and imposition on their speaking rights. Teachers can use the Record-View-Transcribe-Analyze technique to study cross-cultural interactions in their classrooms, helping students identify different communication strategies and their potential for miscommunication." (Demo, 2001)

According to the work "Vernacular Dialects in U.S. Schools," "Children from different backgrounds come to school speaking a wide variety of dialects." (Christian, 1997) the problem according to Christian (1997) is in the fact that, "One central issue in this controversy is whether mastery and use of a standard dialect should be required in schools. Some people consider such a requirement to be discriminatory, because it places an extra burden on certain students. Others argue that…… [Read More]

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Women in Education Educational Opportunities

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The disparity in income of male vs. female heads of household is striking. Analysis of census data revealed that, in 1949, approximately thirty percent of households headed by white males were living in poverty, compared to just under thirteen percent a decade later. For women, more than half lived in poverty in 1949; by 1959, that figure declined to thirty-eight percent. The prosperity of the 1950s was not universally enjoyed. Female heads of household at the end of the decade were not better off than their male counterparts had been ten years earlier.

Financing for decent, inexpensive homes was readily available to servicemen returning from World War II. Coontz (1992) argued that this boom in home ownership led to "increasingly pervasive and sophisticated marketing [that] contributed to socially constructed perceptions of "need" and to unprecedented levels of consumer debt (Edwards, 2001). It was new consumer values that helped propel mothers…… [Read More]

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Pros and Cons of Mandatory Continuing Nursing Education

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Mandatory Continuing Nursing Education

There is a rapid expansion of techniques and knowledge in the field of health. Researchers James Morrison, James Kelly and Carl Lindsay have approximated that the half-life of knowledge gotten in school of medicine is about 5 years. Thus, in just 5 years 50% of what a physician learns in a medical school will be irrelevant. With such a huge increase in knowledge base, it is important that clinical professionals, such as nurses, dentists and physicians constantly update or enhance their skills. For nursing practitioners, constantly improving education is important for proper and effective nursing care. The quantity of knowledge / information required to care for patients who are critically ill can't be simply gained through experience in the ward or at the patient's bedside. The current stress on competency in healthcare means that experience alone is no longer enough. The current environment requires a constant…… [Read More]

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Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship From a

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education and the teacher-learner relationship from a Christian-informed philosophical perspective. It begins with an explanation of the author's personal worldview, and then explores the various philosophical schools of education. Combining the two, the author explains how they have helped shape the author's approach to education. Rather than relying on a single educational philosophy, the author intends to combine multiple philosophies in the classroom environment.

Describing the purpose of education is an interesting prospect because education is a cultural construct, and, as a result, what constitutes an education is dependent upon the surrounding culture. In a broad sense, an education is the instruction and learning that a person receives, in both formal and informal environments, which is aimed at preparing that person to live as an adult within the surrounding culture. When one views education as a means of adapting the individual to adult life in his or her own culture,…… [Read More]

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Education and How My Education Has Transformed

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education, and how my education has transformed my life by improving my self-confidence, upgrading my skills, and expanding my opportunities for personal and career success. This reflection and evaluation paper analyzes critically the value of my education at the University of Phoenix. I will discuss where I was before commencing the program, where I was during the program, and where I expect to be after graduation. In addition to discussing the peculiarities associated with receiving an online degree, I will outline my short-term and long-term goals as they relate to my course of study.

Before I began my studies at the University of Phoenix, I received most of my life skills, professional training, and character building through the American military. The military helped me to discover my talents and preferences with regards to a career, and brought out both my strengths and weaknesses. My professional career was steeped in military…… [Read More]

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Education Good Not a Commodity

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Higher Education Should Be Free

Should higher education in the United States be free? An examination of available evidence suggests that it should be. I hope to go through a number of the most persuasive argumens as to why higher education in the United States should be regarded as a public good (like clean air or working highways) rather than as a market commodity (like iPhones or Furbies). The United States is definitely out of step with the rest of the world, which does not attempt to make higher education financially inaccessible to qualified applicants. The current situation with the cost of higher education in America is untenable, as students complete their studies with crippling amounts of debt. The level of student debt has additional unexpected effects on the economic and social life of the nation, as I hope to demonstrate. Moreover recent attempts to provide free higher education, done…… [Read More]

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Adult Learning Ranking of Relevance

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As such, I then find myself truly understanding the concept as opposed to forgetting or misunderstanding the information if I don't have a relationship or something to hook the concept onto. The other factor that is especially relevant to me is that I truly need to feel like I have some control over the learning which is why I enjoy taking online courses which allow me to choose when to study and how to study. Lastly, I am much harder on myself as an adult learner than I was as an adolescent. When I was younger, I did not bother to even look at a teacher's painstaking commentary in my essays whereas now I cannot wait to obtain feedback and I feel an immense amount of passion toward pleasing the instructor, putting forth my best effort, and obtaining the best grade possible.

2. According to the Whole-Part-Whole learning theory, learners…… [Read More]

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Adult Literacy Workshop Needs Assessment

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Thus, this needs assessment is required in order to determine the best ways to use resources in order to obtain maximum results for students. In order to conduct the assessment, then, data must be collected and analyzed. First, to address the problem of ESL students and their desired interactions with speakers of their own languages, researchers must determine whether or not interaction with a speaker of one's native language is beneficial when one is learning proficiency in another language. Methods of collecting this data include perusing already existing studies regarding the correlation between these two variables as well as conducting further studies based on the performance of a group that had access to a speaker of one's native language and one that did not. Furthermore, the students' expressed need regarding access to technological equipment and personalized training with that equipment can be assessed by gathering data that examines the best…… [Read More]

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Education Curricula for Higher Education

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The Draft Model refers to a revised model of the current Educational Administration, Masters in Education (EDEA MEd) in Higher Education curriculum. I am proposing modifications to the EDEA MEd curriculum. Currently, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers five different pathways or programs in Educational Administration. Three of these five pathways are PhD programs, and two are Masters tracks. The PhD programs include Educational Foundations and Educational Policy Studies, Educational Administration in Higher Education, and Educational Administration in K-12. The Masters programs include MEd in Educational Administration of Higher Education, and MEd in Educational Administration of K-12.
The Masters programs are geared towards students and professionals interested in middle management positions and include coursework in “leadership, policy and finance, legal issues, organizational theory, curriculum, students, and research,” (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2017). To accommodate adult students and professionals, courses are offered at night. Although the curriculum is generally…… [Read More]

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Education the Three Main Types of Assessments

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The three main types of assessments for the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance Level 3 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualification specifically gauge whether or not a pedagogue understands the three primary components of his or her profession: that of the responsibilities of the teacher, that of the responsibilities towards the learners, and that of the responsibilities of proper classroom management. Although these areas are far from mutually exclusive in scope and focus, the fact that they are listed as distinct from one another alludes to the individual importance each assessment is given within the realm of education. Foremost of these assessments involves the primary role of the educator, and details both the legal requirements and common practices inherent in the professional status of this occupation. Candidates must demonstrate mastery of these mandates, as well as of those which directly affect their particular didactic focus, be…… [Read More]

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Adult Learners and About Adult

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2. How does this particular author support his/her claims?

The author uses several means to argue and support her claims. First of all, she bases most of her assertions of learning theories as the starting base of her descriptions and assumptions. For example, the learner-driven curriculum is drawn from the constructivist theory, a theory of learning. Building upon the basic premises of constructivism, she is able to create the claims on which her own framework for defining a curriculum is built.

On the other hand, she is also keen to structure her conception around the two fundamental elements in a learning process: the subject of the learning process and the participants in the learning process. Basing her assumptions on these elements means that she needs to look very closely at these elements and draw the initial claims.

3. Based on your analysis and experience, how valid and applicable are the…… [Read More]

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Education Teaching the Teachers Teaching

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Although further education courses can be at traditional universities, they are generally taught through colleges that are exclusively venues for further education courses. These institutions are sometimes called "community colleges" after the American institutions that are similar. (Although American community colleges offer both post-secondary education as well as further or continuing education classes.) Other institutions that offer further education courses may offer a variety of work-based learning classes while campuses that offer adult and community learning coursework also frequently offer further education coursework.

As is appropriate -- and indeed perhaps necessary -- for further education programs designed to ameliorate the skills of a profession as important as teaching (as well as other professions such as social work, medicine, or law), there is an agency tasked with ensuring that teacher further education aligns with national goals for the profession's standards. The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (the LSIS was formerly titled…… [Read More]

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Education Good Thinking Is Neither

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This was very useful to me later in life, when I was trying to learn how to solve mathematical word problems. Many students who had just learned to manipulate numbers on the page had no idea what pluses and minus signs had to do with adding or subtracting apples from oranges. Only by actively imagining yourself in a store, and going through the physical processes of purchasing and figuring out change do mathematical concepts become real to a young child.

This hands-on approach has also been useful for me in the study of science. I always enjoyed labs because they allowed me to put the abstract equations on the chalkboard into practice. It can be hard to understand what a chemical equation means unless you see what the chemical process resembles in the real world. Even something simple, like the fact that molecules in a solid are farther apart than…… [Read More]

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Education Behavioral Issue -- Tourette's

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Issues of resistance are also high on the list of concerns about the school system, with the popular view being that race and economic class are the primary motivators and influencers of the way students resist teacher authority, assignments, and classroom/school activities. Definant behavior is increasing in some demographic areas, and seems to peak in secondary school. Often, disaffected or disadvantaged students are more defiant, sometimes due to that being the only psychological way they feel any control in their lives. Definance in the form of student conflicts exists, just as it would in the adult world, with the difference being that students do not yet have developed frontal-coretex areas, and therefore lose control more often. Understanding the link between psychological issues and definance often gives educators a better way to deal with individual problems (McFarland, 2001).

This leads quite succinctly to the idea that a number of at-risk youth…… [Read More]

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Education in the Promotion of National Economies

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education in the promotion of national economies. Investing in higher education is a critical investment that any country should undertake in anticipation of greater national return. A body of research suggests that education is an important tool in the promotion of both local national regional as well as international economies; it is a tool for eradication of poverty and related issues. Therefore, challenges need to be taken into consideration and these include inequality in admission into institutions of higher learning as well as inequality in higher education based on social and demographic groups. The themes selected here in touch on the significance of education and more so higher education and focusing on developed and less developed countries. Some studies have revealed that graduates actually contribute to economy and society in developing countries, but much more research is needed on this topic. There is a need to open up this area…… [Read More]

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Adults on Secured Online Environments

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Next, the researcher will conduct a query of the computer awareness of education administrators, teachers, parents, and students in the New Orleans school district, then evaluation of documented data will provide a research base of the required elements needed to consider while developing a framework that can be used as a guide by educational leaders and parents for the protection of children at school and at home. Research areas will include law enforcement agencies, various information systems security sites that provide security solutions that can be implemented in schools and in the home, other avenues of research will include interviews with a multitude of technical personnel proficient in hardware, software and network technology utilized for computer security.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this dissertation is to provide recommendations from experienced practitioners of detailed, hands on instruction or guides that even the computer illiterate parent or senior caregiver can use to…… [Read More]

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Adult Learning Styles and Curriculum Development

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curriculum is one of the hardest tasks that educators are faced with. This is because it must be made in a manner that is accommodative of all students.

Due to the swift change of events and ways of living in our contemporary society, it becomes mandatory for adults to be taught using a variety of methods and styles. Such a change would be mandatory so as to ensure that the increasing and complex need of the adult learners is well taken care of. Generally adults learn through the process of participation. This automatically invokes learning techniques and styles that rely on the visual, tactile and auditory responses. It is worthwhile to explore all the aspects of styles and approaches that can be adopted by the educators in ensuring the smooth formulation of a broad based adult learner's curriculum.

In the process of achieving a unified curriculum to cover all the…… [Read More]