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Data Mining

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12592660

algorithms that can mine mounds of data that have been collected from people and digital devices have led to the adoption of data mining by most businesses as a means of understanding their customers better than before. Data mining takes place in retailing and sales, banking, education, manufacturing and production, health care, insurance, broadcasting, marketing, customer services, and a number of other areas. The analytical information gathered by data-mining applications has given some businesses a competitive advantage, an ability to make informed decisions, and better ways to predict the behavior of customers.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

Determine the benefits of data mining to the businesses when employing:

Predictive analytics to understand the behavior of customers Associations discovery in products sold to customers

The collected data can help the manager determine which products best interest the customers and which may interest them in the…… [Read More]

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Ted Bundy

Words: 2826 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70222762

Ted Bundy: All-American Serial Killer

When women began disappearing in and around Seattle, Washington in 1974, nobody suspected Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy would be behind their disappearances. Bundy was, after all, a student at the University of Washington, a political volunteer, and a suicide hotline operator. Again, no one would suspect him of being involved in the disappearances and murders of various women around Salt Lake City, Utah when he attended law school at the University of Utah, however, when he was arrested in August 1975, it was discovered that Bundy had been involved in the disappearances of at least 24 women in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado. After he was extradited to Colorado, he escaped custody on two, occasions, on June 7, 1977 and December 30, 1977, which gave him the opportunity to make his way to Florida and kill at least six more women before he was finally apprehended…… [Read More]

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Forensic Accountant Must Possess Accounting

Words: 1557 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13793429

Assets in the investment portfolio were overvalued. Financial transactions were structured to report smaller amounts of debt and create the appearance of greater cash flow. Financial results were represented in a false and misleading manner.

Forensic accountants also played an important role in the Enron case by doing audits and investigating accounting practices to gather evidence of how the fraud was performed. They played vital roles in the court room in presenting the evidence against cross examination and scrutiny. The forensic accountants were highly valued for their objectivity in the way evidence was presented.

Accounting, auditing, investigation, business, and understanding human behavior enabled forensic accountants to gather evidence for prosecution of fraud in court cases involving fraudulent accounting practices. These are vital skills forensic accountants are required to maintain. Forensic accountants must maintain competency, due care, objectivity, integrity, confidentiality, and proper conduct at all times, whether working with a client…… [Read More]

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Teaching Style of Lecturing

Words: 1518 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85046647

Teaching Style of Lecturing

From the ancient Grecian sophists delivering rhetorical oratories to adoring throngs, to the staid scientists presenting analytical treatises to graduate students, vocalizing an organized lecture to a group of students has long been among the hallmarks of traditional educational delivery. The process of arranging complex subject matter within the relatively accessible framework of lecturing affords educators a number of distinct benefits, including the standardization of student exposure to learning material, the ability to customize lessons in accordance with the collective needs of a class, and the opportunity to inject creativity into dense and demanding instruction. Despite the historical reliance on lecturing to impart knowledge and skills to a wide audience, however, the modernization of educational communication which has occurred in conjunction with the digital age has exposed many of disadvantages inherent to the typical teacher-delivered lecture. The availability of online lecture series delivered directly from experts…… [Read More]

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International Political Economics The Impacts

Words: 4412 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78276516

Despite offering particular benefits to post-conflict nations, increased levels of help following civil war also comes with negative upshots that entails a rise in fraud and jeopardizing one of the basic objectives of peacekeeping.

Corruption affects the peacebuilding process, institutions and people in a given nation. For instance in Herzegovina and Bosnia, corruption affected the operation of Bosnian judicial institutions (Kahler, 2013). Moreover, the strategy adapted to address fraud in Bosnia that entailed reforming judicial system, dismissal regimes and discipline were not tactical enough but responsive in temperament. The international society claimed that the reforms should be domestically led and owned where resulting rules should echo the accessible cultural and legal paradigms.

United Nations Peacekeeping and Corruption

According to Gold (2005), the United Nations is not a compassionate, but an inefficient world body. Gold asserts that the United Nations has instigated the rise and spread of global chaos. For instance,…… [Read More]

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Decision Support System Executive Presentation Paper for

Words: 2856 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50589443

Decision Support System

Executive Presentation Paper for Decision Support System (DSS)

Communication remains a crucial element for the success of any organization, relationship or industry. The factor that makes it so crucial is the aspect of decision making in the practice. Communication and decision-making are simply inseparable. It is impossible to make a conclusive and quality design that concerns and affects more than one person. This is especially so for the business and corporate organizations in the world those operate in the lines of consultations and collective decision-making. A conclusive and active model and methodology of making a decision in such organization is the use of effective decision-making system. A decision-making system should facilitate proper and intensive analysis of the information available to make a decision for the future.

Executive summery

The decision support systems are a class of the computerized systems of information that support the business and organizational…… [Read More]

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Descartes' Contributions to Philosophy Have

Words: 2711 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88674246

1) and a boy who woke up one day to realise the world was not the world anymore, but something paper-ish. Flowers looked like flowers but were not, Milly, his friend, resembled Milly but was not the Milly of yesterday. Through his example, Bouwsma thought to illustrate that illusions may create similar perceptions to reality but ultimately the former can be depicted, as Tom, the boy, balked the phantasy that was deceiving him. And Tom managed to separate what he was experiencing because "he knew the difference between flowers and paper, and that when presented with one or the other, he can tell the difference." (Bouwsma, p. 2)

How can we know if what we are experiencing is dream or reality? Whether or not all man's experiences are products of man's own dreams can be illustrated in matters of what man knows to be real and what man knows to…… [Read More]

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Business Intelligence Unlike Its Military Counterpart Business

Words: 2038 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9073743

Business Intelligence

Unlike its Military counterpart, Business Intelligence is not an oxymoron. There are many examples of successful implementations of Business Intelligence despite the challenges. This paper explores the purposes for and the complexities of data processing systems that are designed to provide tools for top managers in their task of wading through swamps of unrelated information as they hone in on supports for taking critical business decisions.

A possible confusion of terms comes out of the comparison between Business Intelligence (BI) and Competitive Intelligence (CI). Although it sounds like something that should be conducted at night by operatives in trench coats and hats, CI is an ethical and legal business practice. It is defined as the routine collection and analysis of information about competitors, market trends, new patents and technologies, and changing customer expectations. Although there is substantial overlap, the essential difference between the two activities is that BI…… [Read More]

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Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart Foundation of the

Words: 5383 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45363162

Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart

Foundation of the Study

This study examines the legislative and judicial climate that enables corporations like Wal-Mart to engage in practices that violate workers' rights. The popular consensus is that Wal-Mart, the largest retail store in the United States, displays an inordinate disregard for the human dignity and morale of its employees and, despite continual litigation, continues to blatantly violate the legal rights of its employees. Wal-Mart faces charges of violating The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (2011) by asking management to adjust time sheets so that overtime will not need to be paid, and so that all employees will work under the hourly limit required by the union in order to obtain membership. Employees were insured, without their knowledge, against their death by Wal-Mart. The company was named beneficiary; following death of an employee, the entire benefit amount was retained by the corporation. Not a…… [Read More]

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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Case Study Analysis Hoover

Words: 2440 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 70150339

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Case Study Analysis

Hoover Dam

The objective of this study is to conduct research and provide a case study of a human-made system and to report on that system. This work will cover technical and operational details and relate these case study specifics to the course content.

It was reported in April 2006 that the United Kingdom had established the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and that this agency had set out its strategy on how it would address historic nuclear installations in terms of the cleanup and decommissioning of those sites, which includes 20 civil nuclear sites. (Nuclear Engineering, 2006) The strategy was reported to state key principles that included the "accelerated decommissioning wherever feasible and a schedule to create a strong competitive market that aims to achieve value-for-money for the taxpayer." (Nuclear Engineering, 2006) The publication makes identification of increases that are significant in nature of…… [Read More]

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Robert Frost Speaker Persona Poems Comparing Poems Stopping

Words: 1833 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88835705

Robert Frost speaker/persona poems. Comparing poems "Stopping Woods a Snowy Evening," "The Road Not Taken," "Acquainted Night." Argue prove position.


1300-1600-word analytical essay arguing to prove the author Robert Frost did use the same speaker/persona in his poems. Comparing poems "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," "The Road Not Taken," and "Acquainted with the Night." Argue to prove my position. Using reasonable evidence found mainly in the poems to make points credible. Underline the thesis in the introduction and the topic sentences in the body paragraphs. When possible use short summaries or paraphrases instead of quotes. Please follow MLA document style for manuscript, in-text citation and works cited.

Robert Frost's lyric poetry depends upon a first-person voice which maintains a consistency of tone even as the lyrics strain to push the concrete details of the verse into a kind of symbolically universal significance. Frost is, of course, well-known…… [Read More]

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Data Mining the Amount of Knowledge Available

Words: 877 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89403504

Data Mining

The amount of knowledge available in today's world is massive. The information technology specialist who's responsible to his or her organization for maximizing the capacity for practical usage of this knowledge, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a total grasp of the problem. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of implementing data warehousing and mining systems inside an organization. In order to do this, it is necessary to contrast the positive benefits of data mining and contrast those ideas with the negative connotations associated with the similar processes.

Data mining, according to Thearling (2009) is "the automated extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases. " Additionally, data mining is a proactive and aggressive tactic that can serve the overall business strategy when properly aligned. Statistical analysis is inherent within any type of data mining technique and is expressed in these terms. The…… [Read More]

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Skill Building the Course Work Has Immensely

Words: 2752 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30334374

Skill Building

The course work has immensely improved my reading, writing, and thinking skills. Prior to reading the course materials, there were established beliefs on certain issues and interest in me. For example, the issue of racism and health care was a matter that had always caught my attention, because of my Hispanic heritage. Racism was a topic of concern and interest, but I was never a victim of any form of racism. Therefore, from the beginning, I was not in a position to fathom the ordeal and experiences minorities go through because of racism. It is through reading, writing and analytical thinking of articles that I appreciated this social dynamic. It has always been difficult for me to explain and imagine that I could be a victim of racism.

After this course, I am able to use my reading skills that have improved and increased my reading speed and…… [Read More]

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Epidemiology Definition and Description of Epidemiology the

Words: 1995 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32640654


Definition and Description of Epidemiology

The word epidemiology was derived from the Greek words where "epi" means upon, "demos" means people, and "logos" means study.

Epidemiology can be defined in detail as the study of distribution and determinants of health-related states or events in specified populations, and the application of this study to the prevention and control of health problems. (Last, 2001)

Here, in the definition the distribution refers to analysis of persons, classes of people, places that are being affected by the specific disease and determinants refers to factors that influence population health; these factors may be chemical, physical, biological, social, economic, cultural, behavioral or genetic. Health-related states refers to causes of death, diseases and behaviors such as use of tobacco, use of health services and reactions to preventive treatments. Specified population refers to those groups who indicate identifiable characteristics and application to prevention and control is aim…… [Read More]

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Warren Buffett's Perspective What Is the Intrinsic

Words: 1473 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 18580611

Warren Buffett's perspective, what is the intrinsic value? Why is it accorded such importance? How is it estimated? What are the alternatives to intrinsic value? Why does Buffett reject them?

Intrinsic value is concisely summed up by Warren Buffett as "the present value of future expected performance" (Bruner, Eades, & Schill, 2009). This intrinsic value can summarize how well a company is run, its cash flow and places a premium on management competency. Intrinsic value is thought to be important in value investing as it allows Buffett to identify stocks or businesses which are undervalued. This is important because value investors use a variety of analytical techniques in order to estimate the intrinsic value of securities in hopes of finding investments where the true value of the investment exceeds its current market value (Intrinsic Value, 2012).

Buffett readily admits that intrinsic value is highly subjective (Bruner et al., 2009). Buffett's…… [Read More]

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Cause of Armed Conflict in the Aftermath

Words: 1209 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89719048

Cause of Armed Conflict

In the aftermath of 911 and as an effect of the 'War on Terror', religion can be clearly seen as major cause of armed conflict. Such views, however, have fallen on fertile ground, following the massive debates about Samuel P. Huntington's clash of civilizations thesis, and the increased analytical attention to the interface between religion and conflict throughout most of the 1990s. Although few analysts will argue that religion is a more prominent factor in conflict now than before, the alteration of awareness is in itself a significant change. This reflects, as Oliver McTernan points out, the "opinion of a number of academics that have recognized in the midst of social, historical, political, cultural and economic factors the salience of religion also" (McTernan 2003: 87-88).

Religion may feed conflict when its normative system is considered to legitimize the use of violence. As Elise Boulding has pointed…… [Read More]

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Record Medical Administration Service for File Rationale

Words: 773 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32324816


Medical Administration Service for File

Rationale in Support of Selection of Heart Transplant Recipient

Because time was of the essence in formulating this decision, this memorandum for the record sets forth the decision-making process and that was used to select the most appropriate candidate for a heart transplantation procedure. It was my responsibility as lead surgeon to select the most appropriate heart transplant recipient from a pool of three candidates, each of whom had suffered from several health-related issues that adversely affected their suitability for the transplant procedure. Therefore, in order to formulate as subjective an analysis as possible in a timely fashion, a utilitarian ethical analytical approach was used to identify the candidate that held the most promise of using the gift of additional life from the heart donor to its maximum advantage. The utilitarian ethical analysis showed that of the three potential heart transplant candidates, the 12-year-old…… [Read More]

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Erikson Leading in Times of Change Erikson

Words: 2734 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 23204931

Erikson Leading in Times of Change

Erikson: Leading In Times Of Change

The Leadership Style of Carl-Henric Svanberg

The leadership style of Carl-Henric Svanberg can be explained in terms of the context of the leadership situation. Svanberg's appointment as CEO of Erikson was an unprecedented move in the history of the company because he was the first CEO to be brought in from outside the industry. This created some discomfort to people within the organization. But most external to the company also felt optimistic about his taking control of the affairs of the company. The company itself was passing through a historic crisis in the form of declining profitability and a shrinking market. Network operators had ceased expanding their infrastructure which was a big blow to the growth Erikson had been experiencing for almost a decade. Svanberg was sensitive to the unique position he and the company were in and…… [Read More]

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Poor Leadership Effective Leadership Is Hardly a

Words: 3529 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72306331

Poor Leadership

Effective leadership is hardly a matter of chance or luck. It constitutes some sound competencies and traits which every leader must either possess naturally or acquire during his career. Leaders are expected to have major essential competencies in five areas namely, Analytical, Positional, Personal, Communication and Organizational. Not every leader may possess all these but they are widely desired based on literature review and hence a leader lacking any of these might face serious problems. When we look at the real world, we notice that some of the best leaders of the world possessed these competencies. Napoleon is believed to have said that a good leader is the one who can inspire others to share his vision. This would fall under the communication competency and it appears that truly great leaders did not need to read books to learn leadership; they naturally possessed the traits needed to become…… [Read More]

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Strengths and Weaknesses in the Workplace

Words: 412 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13301360


I feel as though I have a lot of strengths, especially for the workplace. I was raised with a strong work ethic, first and foremost. I'm not afraid to work hard if it is needed. But I am also intelligent, articulate, and passionate. Get me involved in something I love and I can conquer the world. My analytical sense is very strong, so I can solve problems and work through solutions. I have decent interpersonal skills, too, which combined with the other skills I think gives me strong leadership potential. In terms of weaknesses, I like to think that I don't have too many. I don't have a lot of experience, and doubtless that will hold me back, but gaining experience is part of the process of improving. I am not the sort who can work with just anybody. Personally, I think this is fine, if I have trouble…… [Read More]

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National Basketball Association Marketing in

Words: 3129 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 48879689

The analytics that each of the league's teams marketing departments use also pinpoint the most and least interesting aspects or content (both digitally written and video-based) delivered across the website and microsites. The league marketing teams have also experimented with more interactive experiences with passive spectators, focused experiencers and absorbed identifiers through the use of social media. This also validates the findings of Napoli with regard to the egalitarianism of content in marketing and its role in creating active audiences who become absorbed identifiers over time (Napoli, 2010). The role of social media in any experiential marketing strategy must be predicated on audience participation that is so convincing that it inspires AIDA to be attained in a marketing strategy (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Further, the role of social media can create the strongest of fall links between those evaluating an experientially-driven brand and those that choose to become an active audience…… [Read More]

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Employers Like About Interdisciplinary Studies

Words: 1407 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44742463

This characteristic is the ability to not only empathize with others, but also take action on the lessons learned and completely redefine one's views of a problem or situation. An example of this is a recent project completed with an Indian subsidiary of the company I work for. The Indian subsidiary is heavily rewarded for beating deadlines and using the Six Sigma quality management model. Inherent in my role within the company is to participate in group projects and also contribute to their overall success by often supporting other team members and their needs as well. This characteristic of group participation is defined as the ability to communicate and collaborate to attain a shared and often challenging goal or objective (Merdin, 105-107). The final characteristic I have a strength with is ethical sensitivity. This is defined as the ability to use insight and judgment in completing projects and making decisions…… [Read More]

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Unlike Many Other Corporations Skype Has Embraced

Words: 1235 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6339547

Unlike many other corporations, Skype has embraced Nadler-Tushman's Congruence Model. In this case, Skype's looks at the various factors that influence the success of different changing processes. By doing so, Skype has been able to understand the different dynamics that an organization experiences when changes occur. Through this model, Skype has come up with various strategies to ensure that its interaction with other subsystems can detect or scan other changes in the external environment. There is a payment strategy that has enabled Skype shape its payment methods and enhance its capability developments. This has made it convenient for its users to use it more than other softwares, which have higher payments.

On the other hand, Skype has collaborated with other partners as a convenient strategy because it helps them in realizing revenue opportunities and improves customer's experiences. There is also a marketing strategy, which to Skype is a service strategy,…… [Read More]

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Business Development and Sales Benchmarking

Words: 1080 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72501480

This is also important in trying to determine whether the studio will be able to sustain the initial costs until revenues will balance them) to external data such as market share, the total size of the market, the size of the competitors, external forces impacting the market, etc.

Some of this data can be drawn from theoretical research, with much of the data being public and available for anybody. Business directories, including Google's, will be a good place to start the research for the competitors, while the research on the market can include direct contact with professional organizations, which might be specialized on the matter and may have more information on the way the market is organized. Direct contact with one or more of the potential future competitors can also be a good approach to start developing a network with some of the entities involved in the industry.

The sales…… [Read More]

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Ethical Decision-Making in a Sales Organization

Words: 800 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 11806801

Ethical Decision Making in Sales Organizations

The study of marketing, sales and company ethics has a very diverse foundation of empirical and analytical research ranging from gender- and trait-based analysis to the defining of models that seek to capture the dynamics that create ethical paradoxes and drive decision-making in organizations. In the research completed and presented in the article A Framework For Personal Selling and Sales Management Ethical Decision Making (Ferrell, Johnston, Ferrell, 2007) the authors carefully analyze trait-based and situational ethics theories and previous research. The first sections of this well-written and researched article illustrate that trait theories alone cannot explain the spectrum of ethics within sales and marketing departments and their decision-making processes, or provide insights into corporate cultural mindsets with regard to ethics. What the authors do however in this initial section of the article is frame up the foundation of their model, A Framework For Selling…… [Read More]

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Anomie A Sense of Alienation

Words: 2332 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7932852

The popular media's negative coverage of the insanity defense in contested cases when a defendant claims not to have the rational capacity to commit a crime or has a diminished capacity to conceptualize a criminal intent has caused the public to dismiss forensic psychiatry as providing rationalizations or excuses for bad behavior, rather than possessing a real scientific method. The use of the insanity defense is clearly subject to sociological and societal factors, such as the statistically greater willingness to believe a man who kills his child is competent vs. A woman. However, the authors contend that this ignores the many cases where the defense and the prosecution both agree that the criminal in question was not competent and was operating upon a different schema of 'reality' that affected his or her ability to judge circumstances in the same fashion as a sane person. (It might be argued, in the…… [Read More]

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John 13 1-17 Synthetic Observations

Words: 988 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82279226

However, in general the author relies on strong nouns and verbs to tell the story.

B. Composition

1. Verb choices are particularly strong and vibrant: the author uses words like "prompted," "wrapped," and "poured," which makes for a compelling and dramatic narrative and corresponds with the suspenseful atmosphere.

2. The author uses many complex sentences consisting of both dependent and independent clauses, but the author uses varied sentence structure to create rhythm.

3. The author uses subtle repetition: "not just my feet but my hands and my head as well," (John 13: 9).

4. The author uses parallelism also to create rhythm. For example, "he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist," (John 13:4).

5. Foreshadowing is one of the hallmarks of this passage. For example, "Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and…… [Read More]

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Function of This Study Is

Words: 3518 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84974468

In other words, when the total number of people characterized by each variable (or stratum) oscillates within the population, to the researcher would choose the size of each sample for each stratum according to the research requirements. Such a choice is prejudiced by the probability of obtaining an adequate number of sampling units from each stratum within the final sample. As a rule, disproportionate stratified samples are used either to compare two or more particular strata or to analyze one stratum intensively (Creswell, 1994). Therefore, when researchers use a disproportionate stratified sample, we have to weight the estimates of the population's parameters by the number of units belonging to each stratum. In this sample, weighting strategies were not performed in the original data.

Once researchers have defined the population of interest, they draw a sample that adequately represents that population. The actual procedure involves selecting a sample from a sampling…… [Read More]

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Buddhism The Concept of Life

Words: 6173 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72283153

It is through the process of death and rebirth that the knowledge is gained which will finally liberate the individual being from the central cause of all suffering itself - the cycle of death and birth. Essentially, it is only through knowledge that this can be achieved in most Buddhist schools of thought.

The rationale behind the importance of reincarnation as a process that is required to escape the centrality of suffering is discussed by Keown as follows. "... The Buddha was pointing out that human nature cannot provide a foundation for permanent happiness.... Suffering is thus engrained in the very fabric of our being.... until the condition is recognized there can be no hope of a cure.

Keown 47)

2.4. The development of the types of Buddhism

The early more conservative and doctrinaire form of Buddhism was known as Theravada Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism literally translated means Old (Thera) Way…… [Read More]

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Recruiting and Retention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees

Words: 3169 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2125832

Recruiting and Retention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees

An in-depth analysis of the temporary office employee industry as it pertains to recruiting and retention of those employees.

This paper presents a detailed proposal for the recruiting and retention of temporary office workers. The writer is employed as a full time on site recruiter of temporary office workers at one of Wall Street's top financial firms. The majority of the temporary help the writer recruits are administrative assistants and other entry level finance positions. The positions range from a couple of days to several months in time. The writer is charged with recruiting and retaining temporary workers who have the necessary skill sets and experience to perform the jobs. The writer analyzes the industry, the company history regarding temporary employees and future trends to propose methods for the purpose of recruiting and retention of those workers.



Introduction…… [Read More]

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Caring Federal Leaders Diss Proposal

Words: 1726 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60674064

Specific Leadership Objectives

Specific leadership objectives of the project include (1) development of a government-wide proposal for bereavement procedures and benefits for federal employees and their families, to be submitted to OPM (spell this out) for approval, and (2) development of a proposed implementation manual. The bereavement procedures and benefits proposal and proposed implementation manual shall aim to foster greater caring, by leaders of federal government branches and other federal agencies, about the welfare of those they lead and their families, during times of loss and bereavement in particular.

Procedures and Methods

Procedures and methods to be used for this project will include (1) the reviewing of the history and content of military and federal government bereavement legislation; (2) the collection of anecdotal evidence of positive or less positive effects, on federal government employees and other employees, of bereavement policies and procedures within their workplaces, or the lack thereof, and…… [Read More]

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Ming Dynasty the Three Centuries That Comprise

Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55104493

Ming Dynasty

The three centuries that comprise the Ming Dynasty are not easy to describe in the course of twenty pages of text. However, the author of this chapter does a stellar job of conveying the essence of the Ming Dynasty via an engaging yet scholarly writing style. The chapter is well-organized, its ideas presented in clear, logical, and chronological format. However, the presentation of the material is not dry but rather includes rich commentary and even opinion that is solidly based on source evidence. For example, the author reflects on the personality and character of some of the Ming emperors and eunuch dictators, using strong adjectives that reflect the views of their contemporaries. In addition to providing rich and colorful commentary, the author also outlines the succession of Ming Emperors with convenient, logical subheadings within the chapter. Thus, the author presents a wealth of material by weaving the personal…… [Read More]

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Eclac the Economic Commission for

Words: 2786 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95321535

5% unemployment figure, 7.6% inflation ratio, and $4.5 trillion in debt, Guatemala is forced to rely on external factors to survive.

National exports are coffee, sugar, bananas, fruits and vegetables, cardamom, meat, apparel, petroleum, electricity and the 9/11 events in the United States have severely impacted tourist trade.


Venezuela is a federal republic with over 24 million citizens, 67% of which live in poverty and 14% are unemployed.

The GDP is made up primarily of services with petroleum, bauxite and aluminum, steel, chemicals, and agricultural products composing the primary exports. Tourism is impacted negatively by the events of terrorism and the typical 587,000 visitors each year has dwindled considerably.

The Argument

ECLAC's annual calendar reflects multiple meetings, lectures, educational workshops, conferences, seminars, and training sessions. Nowhere is there found a work initiative, a concerted on-site initiative or focused fund raiser, or any effort of measurable practicality.

According to the…… [Read More]

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Zappo's Security Breach Zappos' Security

Words: 1563 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84245919

Today only a General Manager of a distribution center can gain access to the databases where customer records are kept and only by role access privileges can they even see them, which were a requirement of customers who were outraged by the breach (Shine, 2012).

Providing Greater Security for Customers: Two Alternatives

The most effective security strategy Amazon can take in light of the breach of their confidential data from internally is defining more rigorous role-based authentication to the data level. This would alleviate the threat of anyone in the warehouse hacking into the data sets, and would even require multiple access privileges to even see customer data (McDonald, 2011). The technologies behind these authentication techniques would also audit and report any and all potential hacking attempts including those that are unsuccessful. As second approach to minimizing threats is to completely redefine the underlying security architecture, forcing authentication through standardized…… [Read More]

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Opportunities to Maximize Resources in

Words: 1522 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89921136

Use this sample to fine-tune your questions, decide how to analyze the data, and change your questions to make your analysis easier" (p. 6). The posters described above helped to raise awareness throughout the hospital concerning the availability of the custom survey instrument on the hospital's intranet which had previously received few responses.


In reality, the problems described above were well-known throughout the hospital and steps were underway to resolve some of these problems, but at a snail's pace. These problems are also endemic to many larger organizations that have well entrenched bureaucracies.


Providing world-class healthcare in the 21st century is a challenging enterprise, but patients deserve the best care that hospitals can provide. Because resources are by definition scarce, it is therefore important for organizations of all types and sizes to maximize their resources in order to achieve a competitive advantage over those that do not. For…… [Read More]

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CRM Using Data Warehousing at

Words: 2523 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 75165048

It is important to realize that the level of technology investment at present is sufficient for the current project; this proposal does not necessarily advocate any additional spending on pure technology.

What this analysis pinpoints as a major area of concern is the slow and very gradual transformation of FAC when it needs to move much faster towards its customer goals. The lack of speed and urgency in the shift can be partially attributed to the lack of cohesion and consistency of overall IT strategies to support the next generation of CRM business strategies. At present the IT systems and platforms are sufficient yet they will need to change over time to stay current. Figure 1 illustrates how the ETL structure exists today at FAC, highlighting the role of the data warehouse. FAC will need to streamline this architecture if they are going to continually improve.

Figure 1: Topology of…… [Read More]

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Simulated Nature View on Cognitive

Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 49022707

Research Method

The research adopted pre-test, quasi-experimental, within subject's model that demanded testing before and after introduction of photomurals. The research is based in Sonoma County Male Adult Detention Facility (MADF) in California.

12 officers participated in the pre and post-tests. 8 males and 4 females constituted this population. The subjects' ages ranged between 25 and 50 years with mean age falling at 33.4 years. The experienced years of the subjects varied from 10 to 152 months (mean experience 51.25 months).

Staff members were invited to help in the collection of data through training on the use of polar monitors, their application, and data recording techniques. In the process of data collection, subjects were required to rest quietly during briefing with monitors for about ten minutes. They attended their booking areas with monitors on. They recorded time and nature of unusual activities, scenes or situations during their shifts. Six weeks…… [Read More]

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Processing That Information in an

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One does this by using logical statements, if then, if a then b, etc. As a way to negate other hypotheses. Thus, the basis of critical thinking is a negative methodology in which one continually disproves alternative views, eliminating them one by one, resulting in a final truth that holds up to more contradictions.

In utilizing critical theory, the status quo is critiqued and attacked. Actions are criticized because of the result they will bring. The transformation is brought about by making societal participants more aware of the language and the world in which they live. By rallying members of society around a common, clear and 'true' point, societal injustice and exploitation may be diminished. There are many approaches to the way in which humans analyze their place in society and nature, and in order to develop their own theories of self-actualization. For the purpose of this essay, however, we…… [Read More]

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Groups Make Decisions Decision Making by an

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Groups Make Decisions?

Decision making by an individual is a straightforward process due to the unilateral source thereof. But when it comes to group decision making, the matter has several complications particular when there are disparate opinions and several issues that needed addressed. Group decision making even becomes more challenging when there is a minority that is forming dissenting opinions. The paper by De Dreu and West is focused on this especially in determining if minority dissent and individual creativity hinders or contributes to group decision making. To prove or disprove this hypothesis, two studies were made where the first "involved self-managed postal service teams responsible for the distribution of parcels in a particular geographic region while the second involved semiautonomous product and management teams in a variety of organizations (De Dreu & West, 2001, p. 1193)." The results of the two studies proved that minority dissent is a positive…… [Read More]

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European Convention Human Rights African Charter Human

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European Convention Human Rights African Charter Human Peoples' Rights. Critically review analyse similarities differences instruments. *Assessment criteria: Students adopt analytical approach questions a descriptive .

Human rights have become one of the most important issues under discussion at the moment, largely due to the constant fighting that is taking place especially in African countries doubled by the ongoing abuses in terms of human rights, not only in Africa but also throughout the world.

From this point-of-view, there was a clear necessity of transforming the need to have basic human rights comprised in a legally binding document into a transnational document. Such documents are now created at the level of regions and even continents. The present paper analyses two important legal documents for this area, the European Charter for Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights. There are essential documents for Europe and Africa as they tried…… [Read More]

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American Pragmatism in the 20th

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Neo-liberal policy theories are best understood when delineating Williamson's (1990) "Washington's Consensus" that first introduced and pioneered the concept.

Williamson sought to transfer control of the economy from the public to the private sector believing that this would improve the economic health of the nation and make for a more efficient government. His 10 points included the recommendations that: tax reform would encourage innovation and efficiency; that by governments running large deficits they were, potentially, ruining themselves; that public spending should be redirected to more humane systems such as pro-growth and pro-poor services; that there should b trade liberalization policies as well as encouraging opportunities for investment in foreign projects; privatization of state enterprises; fianncialiaziton of capital; deregulation of restrictions that hamper competition; and privation of state enterprises.

Whilst on first blush, neoliberalism seems to cohere precisely with pragmatism in that it encourages private competition and seeks to transfer power…… [Read More]

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Abbott Laboratories This Company Report

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pag). Some business will continue as usual, of course: Abbott's nutrition division, based in Columbus, Ohio and employing approximately 2,000 people, announced that the nutrition unit will "fall under the umbrella of a new medical products company that will retain the Abbott name in a split announced Wednesday" (Rouan n.pag). In addition, the announcement has apparently met with international investor approval: "At the news, Abbott's shares went up 7.3% in premarket trading on Wednesday" (M2 Pharma n.pag).

The split is expected to occur in 2012 and will result in the currently-unnamed pharmaceutical company and the diversified medical products company, retaining the name "Abbott" (Abbott Laboratories n.pag).

(a). Pharmaceutical Company:

The pharmaceutical company is projected to have annual sales of approximately $18 Billion, a portfolio including Abbott's high-profile drugs such as Humira and Lupron, and a pipeline of "promising new specialty medicines and formulations" (Abbott Laboratories n.pag). According to Abbott's press…… [Read More]

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Management - Data Warehousing and

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At times, though, data mining and data warehousing can become more trouble than they are actually worth, and that can lead to all types of problems for a company (Thearling, 2009).

In order to make sure that data mining and warehousing do not become too much trouble for a company to handle, it is vital that the company is clear on the data it wishes to collect. There is no reason to collect every single scrap of data from every person who uses the company's website or searches the internet for the product or service that the company offers. Basic demographic information that relates to the company's product or service, or that relates to the creation of a target market segment, is all very important (Greenfield, 2005a. There are many other data markers that are outliers, however, and that will not have any effect on whether a person would use…… [Read More]

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Recruitment and Selection Methods

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Topic Recruitment and selection


Recruitment and selection methodology for a Business Systems Analyst position

Many companies today use their corporate website to recruit administrative and executive staff. This technique has the advantage of self-selecting prospective candidates who have a specific interest in the company, rather than general job-searchers. However, retail companies like McDonald's tend to attract consumers to their website, rather than prospective applicants. This is why these companies may sometimes have difficulty using their corporate websites to recruit candidates. On one hand, using a general job search board will increase the volume of candidates, and perhaps attract candidates who are good at their jobs and have outstanding qualifications, but might not specifically be interested in the restaurant industry. On the other hand, it can attract such a wide candidate base, it is difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Specificity in requirements is essential, to…… [Read More]

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Sell Better Human Resources Practices

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"("Vision and Values," Who we are: About Pfizer, 2006) Notice how people, and a focus on attracting quality people to the company to create a sense of common teamwork and leadership forms the core of this healthcare company's stated focus. The company realizes it cannot develop or sell its product without a human face.

Its mission statement and purpose is also short and clear: "We will become the world's most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and the communities where we work and live," and "we dedicate ourselves to humanity's quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through innovation in pharmaceutical, consumer, and animal health products." ("Mission Statement," Who we are: About Pfizer, 2006) Again, people form the fore of its philosophy.

A recent letter by the CEO, Jeffrey Kindler, stressed the company's commitment to people and to patient care, above all other values, showing that this view…… [Read More]

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Information Technology to Transform a

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And this money is required to be raised from the market as the company does not generate this amount of revenue either from profits or from internal accruals. (DeHayes, 2003)

5. What should Tim do now?

After taking into account all the known and understood pros and cons, there are some points on which Tim has to take action. These are (i) the manner in which to raise capital needed either through fresh issue of shares or depend on Venture Capital -- VC funding. In case his project is a runaway success, he will definitely get more doses of VC funding, however any failure will ruin him. He has to use a number of channel partners like sales forces, territory wise, and websites to sell the software to various customers. (DeHayes, 2003)

6. Prepare the presentation Tim should make to the board.

A i) Ladies and Gentlemen, I take this…… [Read More]

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Internet and Terrorism by James

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The author stresses that overreacting would not hinder the terrorists, as they would simply seek other means to access the technology and innocents would likely be bared from access. As with so many other documents associated with the CSIS there is a clear sense that the organization and its members seek to offer logical rather than counterproductive solutions to battling terrorism.

There is no traditional literature review within this work. There are only a few quotes, lacking citation a clear opinion piece that offers little in the way of evidence, and an great deal of expert opinion. A traditional review of literature would supplement this work with additional information in favor of the arguments as well as contrary to the arguments, which would likely be as illogical as the options the author counters in the work.

Again there is no traditional methodology section in this work as it is largely…… [Read More]

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National Regional Approach to Innovation Donna

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Baran and Sweezy agreed with Veblen's primary thesis about the "subdued conflict between workmanship and salesmanship," in which workmanship is being pursued in the interests of sales of often superfluous goods rather than those that are socially necessary. Baran and Sweezy went so far as to say that Veblen's view of the matter (published in 1923) "as a description of the situation in the 1950s and 1960s... is 100 per cent on target." (O'Hara, Anthony, 2004)

Under monopoly capitalism, true innovation, according to Veblen, is often separated from sales and profit. The engineers produce innovations that can be used by the whole community and the capitalists often destroy technological progress. Baran and Sweezy stress the sabotage of this industry by businesses wasting capitalism such as planned obsolescence, where engineers design a product, light globes, and other commodities that will break down after a certain length of time or use. Another…… [Read More]

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Amazon com Case Analysis the Intent

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Within four years it is anticipated at will, by capitalizing on their extensive it infrastructure, be able to manage the development of entirely new DRM approaches to profitably selling many forms of digital content from their many sites. Finally, with the extensive it infrastructure the company has today, the natural extension of their business model is into the area of Web Services. This projection of the business model is entirely consistent with the theories of how knowledge can change an organizations' structure as defined by Grant (1996, pgs. 110-121) in addition the creation of competitive advantage through the use of better system and information integration (De Wit & Meyer, 2005, pgs,. 120-140). The concept of distributed order management Web Services, in conjunction with their approach to managing and propagating selling sites globally through their Merchant Services that is being tested today will lead to be one of…… [Read More]

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Marketing PDA Simulation Info Part

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What assumptions did you make when you planed your strategy? Did these assumptions prove to be right, or was there something else you didn't think about that influenced your results? How will taking those factors into account affect your strategy in this upcoming run?

Again, you need to crunch some numbers to determine how successful you were, where the greatest sources of profit are, and what changes make sense. Make sure you proposed changes in strategy are firmly based in this analysis and sound business principles.


Run the PDA Sim again, this time making any changes you proposed in the Module Two SLP. Then, explain

How you did on this round (Better or worse? What was your score?).

Why do you think you did better (or worse)?

What changes in strategy will you make for the final round?

Again, ground your analysis in business principles and support your…… [Read More]

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Miranda Rights Criminal Justice Courts

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Other examples in which the Court of the United States notes the Constitution had been violated because the defendant was not guaranteed aid of counsel or legal advisement include the case of Spano v. New York, 360 U.S. 314, No. 326. This again is a case in which the Petitioner was accused and the interrogation was set up to make the Petitioner admit his criminal actions so that incriminating evidence could be collected and used in the preliminary trials. Once again however, the law enforcement agents involved failed to provide the individual their fair rights as defined by the Miranda Rights and the right to an attorney to counsel the individual before interrogation takes place.

It is important to note also in many of these cases the Supreme Court notes many Petitioners are intimidated by the legal system and "forced" into confessing or admitting their crimes. While this may seem…… [Read More]

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Business the Objective of This

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Various methods of analysis exists which are useful in gaining needed information. One method of analysis is termed a SWOT analysis which examines the business in terms of its 'strengths', 'weaknesses', 'threats', and 'opportunities'. Another analysis that is informing in relation to: (1) Firm strategy, structure, and rivalry, (2) government; (3) factor conditions; (4) related and supported industries; and (5) demand conditions is the method known as Porter's Diamond analysis.


Diamond Model - Porter on Nations (nd) Value-Based Management Online available at

SWOT Analysis (nd) Business & Economics. Online available at

Keener, Brenda (2006) Creating a Competitive Analysis. Suite 101. Online available at… [Read More]

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Environmental Security the Environment and

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The author therefore appears to suggest that the holistic approach poses a risk of costly time delays for approval that might prove too little too late for any true difference to be possible.

Brown (2005) asserts that the political involvement of security in natural resource issues holds the risk of conflict and insecurity. Indeed, competition relates to power and control issues arise where resources are abundant, while competition for resources occur where these are scarce. Brown, like Levy, asserts that there is little question that security and environmental issues are integrated. The risk lies in whether security is specifically integrated in mitigation measures, and the degree to which this is done.

It has been mentioned above that the environment directly affects human survival and well-being. Brown further addresses the interrelation between the environment and security be asserting that they are interdependent: in other words, the environment can cause insecurity, while…… [Read More]

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Epidemiology Teens & Chlamydia Epidemiological

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Recent estimates suggest that while representing 25% of the ever sexually active population, 15 to 24 years of age acquire nearly half of all new STD" (Special focus profiles: Adolescents and young adults, 2007, Surveillance 2006: CDC).

Explained the type of epidemiology used

While most of the data compiled is based upon statistical evidence from clinics and hospitals, in addition to this analytical methodology, research indicates in a descriptive fashion that teenage girls are particularly at risk as well because of physical reasons: "the greater the number of sex partners, the greater the risk of infection. Because the cervix (opening to the uterus) of teenage girls and young women is not fully matured and is probably more susceptible to infection, they are at particularly high risk for infection if sexually active" (Special focus profiles: Adolescents and young adults, 2007, Surveillance 2006: CDC). Men who engage in unprotected intercourse with other…… [Read More]

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Universal Healthcare Be Implemented as

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(Universal Healthcare: The Debate Rages On, 2009)

The solution must be one that is more than just an effort to attempt to imitate the system of Europe but instead must be, as cited in this specific report, one that "...undergoes a radical change - beginning with the medical schools..." (Universal Healthcare: The Debate Rages On, 2009) Indeed, it appears that a fundamental change is the only method of change that will serve effectively at this juncture therefore, it is the recommendation of the present study that fundamental change be the approach in fixing what is wrong with the American health care system as any other change will be cosmetics surgery and will appear to fix the problem however, in reality this attempt would 'mask' the problem, at least momentarily, but in the long-run will only serve to exacerbate an already ailing and failing health care system. This is a moment…… [Read More]

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Social Inequality in Canada Prejudice

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Those individuals that are at the low end of the spectrum when it comes to earning wages would be happy to see more money in their paychecks as well, and many of the women that were in the workforce during that time were able to perform the jobs just as well as the men could but they were generally not allowed the opportunity (Frager & Patrias, 2006). Even for the women that were allowed to 'compete' with the men, they were still paid significantly less than the men were paid for the same kind of work (Frager & Patrias, 2006).

Paying women more money and paying them equally with men helps out the entire economy for a while because the individuals that have more money are more likely to spend it rather than save it for a time when they may need it most (Frager & Patrias, 2006). A raise…… [Read More]

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Childhood Obesity a View That

Words: 1975 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83850199

(Obesity in Young Children: Impact and Intervention. NICHM Research Brief. 2004). The report echoes the views of many other critics that there is a decided need for further research to understand how overweight status can impact on children's mental health.

This has led to calls for many professionals to deal with the problem at a school level -- and particularly with regard to the formalization of physical exercise for children. This is seen to be an area that can make a difference in the fight against obesity. Dalton ( 2004) in a study entitled Our Overweight Children: What Parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do to Control the Fatness Epidemic, states that the responsibly in the fight against this serious problem lies with school and state authorities. He states that,

America faces a fast-growing epidemic of childhood obesity that threatens the long-term physical and psychological health of the nation's children. It…… [Read More]

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Children's Literature to Dispel the

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In comparing a number of literary elements in one story, Smith and Wiese (2006) contend that at times, when attempting to transform an old story into a modern multicultural version, cultural meanings of the original story may be lost. In turn, the literature does not subject the reader to another culture. For instance, in the story about the fisherman, that Smith and Wiese access, the plot remains similar plot, however, significant changes transform the reported intent to make the story multicultural. Changes included the fisherman's daughter's stated name, being changed from one common to her culture to Maha. Instead of God, as written in the original version, the reference notes "Allah." Other changes Smith and Wiese point out include:

& #8230;The admonition to retrieve the fish or "be sorry" instead of the threatened curse, the reference to the golden shoe as a sandal instead of a clog;

the proposed…… [Read More]

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Graduate School I Am Applying

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It is my goal that in the workforce, I will be able to move quickly through the managerial ranks. I have the raw talent, but the MBA program will give me finely-tuned skills that will help propel me. I have already demonstrated during the course of my undergraduate career that I have natural leadership ability. I feel that if I were an ordinary individual with ordinary potential, I would not need an MBA. However, as one of the best and brightest, I must be able to readily demonstrate my talents to potential employers and to my bosses when I start to work. The mere title of MBA is a starting point, reflecting the vast array of skills that I will bring to the table.

I feel that furthering my business education will allow me to develop a broad base that will make me useful in many different situations. Executive level…… [Read More]

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Released by the FBI and

Words: 17274 Length: 65 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 13580051


Human development- behavioral shifts in human being that tae place during the course of an entire lifespan ("Human Behavior").

Risk Analysis- the activity of determining and analyzing the dangerous natural and human caused negative events. This analysis takes into consideration the risks these event pose to businesses individuals and governments. Within the domain of information technology risk analysis reports are utilized to tailor technology-related objectives with a an organization's business objectives. Such reports are either quantitative or qualitative ("What is Risk analysis").

Risk management - includes policies, procedures, and practices needed to identify, analyze, assess, control, and avoid, minimize, or eliminate of intolerable risks. An organization may use risk retention, risk assumption, risk avoidance, risk transfer, or any other strategy to efficiently manage events that might occur in the future ("Risk Management").


The correlation between software development, risk analysis, risk management and human behavior is a complex association.…… [Read More]