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Labels a Method of Silencing

Words: 1907 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52540256

If the impact was the result of government collusion against Hatfill, then many might believe that actual freedom can only be guaranteed by forcing the press to reveal those sources, so that corruption could be eliminated from the government. However, Martin does not even mention arguments like those found above. Instead, she touts the ideals of the free press, without any mention of who the press is meant to serve, the people, and without any look into the history of journalistic freedom in the United States.


I. Introduction: Martin's fails to adequately support her thesis, which is that the courts are using a new method, financial compulsion, to silence and intimidate journalists.

Martin's describes Toni Locy's predicament.

1. Judge Reggie Walton, the judge from the Scooter Libby trial, is presiding over Hatfill's lawsuit.

2. Walton has held Locy in contempt for failing to divulge sources.

3. Hatfill's sued the…… [Read More]

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Rent Control- Price Ceilings Rent

Words: 2634 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41330406

That is, the implementation of this regulation there will be an increase in the rent of uncontrolled apartments.

The second most important argument for the non-implementation of the rent control policy relates to the quality of the lodgings. They have two sub-arguments for claiming that the quality of the housing in a rent controlled area is poorer than the quality of the housing in an uncontrolled area. Firstly, in a rent controlled area owners may not receive sufficient money in order to satisfactorily preserve edifices. This leads to the existence of run-down, below standard housing. Secondly, since the supply is continuously low, owners may not be troubled by occupants parting, thus leading to slight or no motivation at all to preserve the property, letting the building to deteriorate itself and blaming it on the lower rental income.

Moving on to another important negative effect, we can notice that rent control…… [Read More]

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Science and Religion How Exactly

Words: 3060 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43253573

Perhaps the essential myth of all those that exist is that of the cosmogony, or the birth of the universe. This myth has taken incredibly many forms in the course of history, but it should be noticed that all of these forms postulate the existence of a divine will behind the creation of the world, be it a single God as in Christian doctrine or many divinities as in the ancient eastern or western mythologies: "Always related to a "creation," it tells how something came into existence, or how a pattern of behavior, an institution, a manner of working were established; this is why myths constitute the paradigms for all significant human acts. (Eliade, 18) the essence of the cosmogonic myth is the fact that it recreates the origins of the universe, explaining its roots: "Myth narrates a sacred history; it relates an event that took place in primordial Time,…… [Read More]

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Frederick Douglas Theories Differ on

Words: 4038 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51860847

Graff Asserts that literacy played a less significant role in the industrialization of American than was one thought. He argues that training people to read and write was not enough. Literacy alone was not enough to advance the industrialized nation (Cattau).

Douglas did not need to know how to read to perform his job in the shipyard. He only needed to know how to write four letters. He did not need to how to read and write proficiently. The workforce may have needed little bits of knowledge to perform their jobs, but this is different from being able to read and write fluently, which supports Graff's ideas on the importance of reading and writing to the industrial age. It relied more on the availability of a workforce, rather than the need for a literate workforce. The only ones that needed to learn to read and write were the managers and…… [Read More]

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Nations Can Thrive Without Democracy

Words: 1011 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3805903

In addition, he notes that the Chinese and Russians somehow "choose" to be continuing autocracies, and then acknowledges the power of their leaders. Thus, the people are under the thumb of their leaders, and may be "settling" for autocracy because they see democracy as unattainable and out of reach. Take the Russians, for example, who had a real shot at democracy when the Soviet Union fell, and have instead allowed Putin to create another autocracy not unlike much of the Soviet regime before the fall. Indeed, people may choose autocracy, or they may be bullied into it, or they simply may be more comfortable with it, because it is so ingrained in their lives.

Gee does make valid points throughout his essay, including the notation that most large, successful countries fail without democracy. Rome and Greece are two of the dominant democratic cultures that notoriously fell from power and crumbled…… [Read More]

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Mill and the Individual in

Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 55152665

To cultivate genius when it does appear, a society must be free for all, not just the recognized geniuses. or, as Mill more eloquently puts it, "it is necessary to preserve the soil in which they [geniuses] grow. Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom...If from timidity they consent to be forced into one of these moulds [of conformity]...society will be little the better for their genius" (on Liberty, 9). Mill uses the extreme example of genius to illustrate the general principle he has devoted this entire book to; namely, that individual liberty is essential for the progress of a society. In this particular facet of his argument, he uses the archetypal vision of the genius to add a concrete incarnation of what otherwise might be an abstract and abstruse concept. Instead, Mill's view of liberty is rendered strikingly clear by his use of logic and example.…… [Read More]

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Beauty the Nature and Principles

Words: 1215 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90777667

Socrates and Plotinus also have very similar ideas on how Beauty is recognized, which though intimately related to their ideas on the nature of Beauty are somewhat different, also. For both men, Beauty was connected to the eternal. Socrates, being at least somewhat (and perhaps completely) atheistic, does not immediately or necessarily connect the concept of the eternal with the concept of the divine, however, but rather recognizes the inherent Beauty in the only act of immortality that mortals can engage in -- procreation and generation, which leads to "beauty in birth." The physical act of love between a man and a woman is described by Socrates -- through the voice of Diotima -- as an act of supreme beauty, and its effects are equally beautiful, as it causes immortality and hence touches upon the eternal. Beauty is also connected to love because love cannot occur with deformity; the closer…… [Read More]

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Shylock in the Merchant of

Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 54247287

He states, "If you deny me, fie upon your law" (IV.i.101) if they choose not to keep their own law when it does work according to their preferences at the time. Shylock is making a statement here that property - whether or not it is human - is property. His implication is that the law is good for all and, mercy can indeed trump the law as long as that mercy does not infringe upon one's comfort.

This scene is also significant because it demonstrates the extent of Shylock's personality. As we have previously noted, Shylock is a man driven by hatred and anger. In addition, it must be noted that he is also walking into the court as a victim. He understands what it feels like to be ostracized for being different. He understands completely how a man feels when he is shunned for his beliefs. Shylock is a…… [Read More]

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Ecological Ethics Blackstone's Error in

Words: 888 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32935519

His task becomes more difficult, however, when he attempts to prove that the right to an unpolluted environment is equal to other rights such as the right to property and life. His basic political philosophy reflects nothing new since Locke; it is in his application that his argument disintegrates.

Blackstone assumes that human responsibility for environmental changes is a foregone conclusion. Though his assumption here could be debated, for the sake of argument we will assume that he is correct. It does not, however, automatically follow that it is an ethical imperative for mankind to care for and protect the environment in the same manner that society is designed to protect and ensure freedom. In traditional liberal political thinking, an individual's freedom is thought to end where it impinges on someone else's. Blackstone argues that environmental degradation falls into this category, and that one individual's right to a pristine environment…… [Read More]

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Medical Science Is the One

Words: 1328 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 42478659

It is suggested that the benefits of the technique far outweigh any possible objections. Personally, I find myself convinced. It is important to provide women with as many equal opportunity work options as possible. The authors make very good arguments for freezing eggs and using them later in life, when partnerships, finances, and emotions have stabilized.

I believe that the article was well written and clearly addresses all the issues and main points. All the new concepts are thoroughly explained via illustrative examples. The authors also provide a myriad of important statistical and research information to underwrite their claims. Indeed, this alone is enough to convince any reader.

The arguments for egg freezing that I find most compelling is the one relating to workplace equality. Although women have had the right to vote for almost a century now, some social attitudes regarding women and childbirth remain. Women who work while…… [Read More]

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Fallen Stop Sign Vandals Face

Words: 1682 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89519195

But just because they had no intent to hurt anyone does not mean that their actions did not contribute to the hurting of another.

After looking at all of the facts that were presented in both of these cases a reasonable person sitting on any jury would have to conclude that the defendants were guilty of contributing to the deaths of the victims. Their deliberate actions led to both accidents and thus all deaths relating to those accidents. The defendants in both of these cases were all over the age of 18 and should have been aware that their actions could lead to serious harm or even death of another person. Just because they were out having fun and did not intentionally mean to hurt anyone should not excuse them from the fact that their actions did lead to deaths, and for these reasons they should be held accountable and…… [Read More]

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Ethical to Raise Animals for

Words: 2104 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 55572059

Arguments For: In response to those allegations, Bill Mattos, the president of the California Poultry Federation, said that he had invited California Senate representatives to visit poultry farms -- and to see for themselves that allegations of inhumane treatment are not true -- but his offer was declined (Fitzenberger). "To me, it's propaganda disguised as research," Mattos said in response to the report the California state Senate Office of Research produced.

Essayist Bart Gruzalski (Ethics and Animals, p. 253) writes that "the use of animals for food can be justified on utilitarian grounds even if we take into account only the pleasures and pains of the animals involved." Gruzalski quotes pig farmer James Cargile, who buys "several pigs" every year "from a neighboring hog farm"; Cargile raises them "to slaughter for food" but sees no meanness because the pigs "are given lots of room and food, everything a pig…… [Read More]

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Active Euthanasia With Parental Consent

Words: 1184 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 13795643

e. The exceptions made for impairment and age would open a Pandora's Box of legal precedence. The Death with Dignity Act and any other forthcoming active euthanasia laws will likely continue to follow the same line of reasoning, i.e. that it is the unimpaired individual who must shoulder the full responsibility of the decisions he or she is making regarding the end of his or her life. That is in fact the point of the law, that a physician's responsibility as well as the responsibility of anyone who is active in the act of euthanasia is relinquished entirely to the will of the dying individual. In the case of a child this decision cannot be made by a proxy, nor can this decision be made for an individual who is mentally impaired, by his or her guardians or care takers. Though the parents in this case have fundamentally compelling arguments…… [Read More]

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Euthanasia Euthenasia the Topic of

Words: 2018 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35788919

There are many other related reasons for arguing against euthanasia and its acceptance or legalization. One is that it contradicts the medical code of ethics and the Hippocratic Oath, which, "…expressly forbids the giving of deadly medicine to anyone who asks" (Cauthen). The argument that euthenasia is an act of compassion and mercy can also be contradicted. There are many drugs available today that can be used to control pain; "Nearly all pain can be eliminated and - in those rare cases where it can't be eliminated - it can still be reduced significantly if proper treatment is provided" (Reasons for Euthanasia). There is also the contention that is euthanasia was legalized in society it could easily be abused for other purposes. It would be very difficult in some cases to distinguish acts of compassion from murder (Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The Current Debate).

In the final analysis the argument…… [Read More]

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Change Management Using Various Organizational

Words: 4441 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47664924

Software quality management, compliance, and collaboration across the entire organization also need to be integrated at the process and role level with the LMA supply chain. As the LMA supply chain is very unique in that it specifically deals with prototypes often that are under covered under security guidelines and clearances, there needs to be continual focus on change management and task ownership in this area as well. For LMA supply chains is their major source of pricing competitive advantage as the company ahs been responsible for several innovations in this process area (Cheung, Myers, 2008). In conclusion as CEO of LMA the challenge of attaining and strengthening global competitiveness begins with being a transformational leader followed by concentrating on transforming compliance into a competitive advantage, and also striving to create a high level of task ownership, mastery and collaboration within and between the company's teams and outside partners including…… [Read More]

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Geography Political Science A the Main

Words: 2172 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81190973

The conflicts are not cultural, but political and economical, at times ethnical, but not civilization conflicts. Let's consider some of the most recent ones. The war in Georgia last year was not a cultural conflict: the Georgian and Russian histories are often intertwined, both countries are Orthodox and, according to Huntington, they belong to the same civilization. The conflict was political, determined by Russia's will to dominate the Southern Caucasus, and economic, related to the energy routes in the area.

Perhaps the greatest weakness in Huntington's theory comes from his lack of understanding of the fact that the post-Cold War world is, first of all, essentially a globalized framework in which the interdependencies between the countries is greater than at any other point in history. From an economic, but also communicational and cultural perspective, the relations have become globalized, which means that countries and people will work together even if…… [Read More]

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Morality of Capital Punishment Capital

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 15898494

Furthermore, while the Supreme Court has recently been proactive about protecting groups that have historically been especially vulnerable to the death penalty, such as the mentally retarded and the mentally ill, there is no reason to believe that the Court has any interest in outlawing the death penalty. Even the 1970s moratorium on the death penalty spoke to how it was implemented and never questioned the basic constitutional soundness of capital punishment. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that, absent a constitutional amendment banning the death penalty, the Court will ever completely outlaw the death penalty.

The arguments in opposition to the death penalty touch on a variety of moral issues. First, capital punishment costs much more than life imprisonment, and the necessary appeals clog the court system. This means that fewer financial resources are available for other areas of need, and it also reduces the right of others to access…… [Read More]

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Pidgin and Creole

Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42695629

English as Creole: "Still trying not to refer to you lot as 'bloody colonials'" Brandy Ryan evaluates the claim that Middle English is a creole. Ryan presents arguments that Middle English is a creole with Old French, Latin or Scandinavian, and that Middle English is representative of language death. Finally, Ryan argues that Middle English can be seen as a trilingual, which is drawn from Anglo-French, Latin, and Middle English.

Ryan presents the argument that Middle English can be considered a French Creole. Ryan outlines the argument of Bailey and Maroldt (1977). Bailey and Maroldt start with the assumption that Middle English is a creole, and go on to present an argument that Middle English became a creole through mixing with Old French before 1200 and Central French during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Middle English can also be considered a Latin or Scandinavian creole, Ryan notes. Warner argues that…… [Read More]

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Building on the Three Pillars

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41821393

The tone of the argument is generally constructive. While the author implies a clear conflict -- in this situation the basic class warfare argument -- the author proposes constructive resolutions to the issue, such as the passage of new laws governing campaign finance. Because the call to action is aimed at all parties, there is little in the way of disruptive tone, save for disruption to the status quo, which is argued to be a threat.

There is also an element of group and cultural influence in the argument. The author takes care to otherize the threat as being that of "foreign" influence, a clear device used to galvanize those in support of the author's proposals as American. This stretch of the truth -- the vast majority of campaign financing comes from American sources -- is used specifically to invoke America's culture of independence from foreign influence and to galvanize…… [Read More]

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Television and Aggression in Children

Words: 1369 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86162201

S., Canada, and in South Africa. He chooses South Africa because TV was banned there from 1945 to 1974. Homicide rates increased enormously in the U.S. And Canada (93% and 92%, respectively) in those time periods -- but homicide rates declined by 7% in TV-less South Africa. Is that really empirical evidence to support his case? Hardly.

Meantime, Centerwall asserts that because minority households didn't all have TV at a time when Caucasian households did, the white homicide rate increased much quicker than minority homicide rates. Again, it would be very difficult to verify such a strange juxtaposition of assertions. Centerwall injures his case by saying things like "…every violent act" is the result of "forces coming together" (drugs, poverty, crime, booze, stress). But what about sports-related battles, domestic violence, bullying in school? Going way out on a limb, Centerwall insists that if there were no TV then there would…… [Read More]

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Airline Industry Has Become Increasingly

Words: 17068 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 69548589

By the turn of the century, though, these low-costs carriers had become profitable or at least had significantly reduced their losses due in large part to concomitant increases by major carriers that were increasing their prices in response to decreasing yields and higher energy prices (Doganis 2001).

By and large, passenger traffic across the board increased significantly prior to September 11, 2001 and all signs indicated it was continue to increase for the foreseeable future. For example, according to Janda, Flouris and Oum (2005), global air passenger traffic increased from 1.573 trillion revenue-passenger-kilometers (RPK) in 1985 to 3.394 trillion in 2000, representing a 116% increase during this decade-and-a-half period, or an average annual compounded growth of 5.26%. Furthermore, between 1985 and 2000, air freight traffic grew at even faster rate than passenger traffic (Janda et al. 2005). These authors also emphasize airlines are directly affected by the larger economy in…… [Read More]

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National ID a Contrast Analysis

Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81474125

Woellert, however, quickly establishes her credentials as an objective observer by recounting the state of the union and admitting a climate of fear and anxiety. She does not immediately begin disparaging the opposite point-of-view which she intends to contend. She states the case for National ID cards, and then poses the question: Will they work? No, she says, calmly and clearly -- they will not.

Woellert's standpoint is one of practicality and efficiency. While Magnusson displays the kind of religious belief that technocrats place in Silicon Valley's "next big thing," Woellert sounds the alarm of prudential American thinking: "A national ID card would rip at the fabric of our constitutional freedoms. It would cost billions and be technologically imperfect. Most troubling, it would lull the populace into a false sense of security." Her thesis is clear, palpable, and logical. Magnusson offers mere hyperbole.

Woellert's essay also stays focused on her…… [Read More]

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Clark-Kozma Debate the Popularity of

Words: 1083 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91688490

If Clark's argument held true, then would it not be easier to simply hand the students sheets of paper with the material on it and expect them to simply read them and learn. We all know that this works for some students, but not for others. Some students need to hear the message and respond socially to it in order to learn the material. Classroom learning is not only about learning that 2 X 4 is 8, but being able to take that knowledge out of the context in which it was learned and to be able to apply it in a real world situation. This is where the multi-media approach to learning comes into play.

We now know that emotions can have a significant affect on the ability to recall information on a test (Gaigg & Bowler, 2008). This supports the role of the media and the emotions surrounding…… [Read More]

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Gore Vidal -- Drugs in

Words: 1354 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97778036

Wouldn't the government need the same amount of money, or perhaps even more, to regulate the new drug system. I can' only imagine the bureaucracy necessary to manage the legal trade of things like heroin, crack cocaine and meth.

The other prong of Vidal's argument is that "forbidding people the things the like or think they might enjoy only makes them want those things all the more." He claims that this psychological insight is obvious and yet denied by our government. As evidentiary support, he points to prohibition, but his arguments about prohibition don't directly support his thesis. He argues, correctly, that crime increased because of the prohibition of alcohol, and that the law caused a general contempt for the government, but he does not prove that people wanted to drink more because alcohol was prohibited to them.

The analogy between alcohol and drugs also does not hold up to…… [Read More]

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Chinese Parenting Amy Chua's Model

Words: 1495 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46705349

By suggesting that the Chinese methods of parenting are better -- or that at least Chinese mothers produce more skillful and successful children -- Chua is touching upon the popular American concern. Just consider that there are a billion like Chua back in China! Chua again appeals to similar rhetoric when she tries to defend her argument. Trying to convince her readers that rote repetition is a good method of learning, she says that it is actually a "fun" learning technique. Here again Chua knows her readers. It is known that the idea of a practice involving "fun" is very important and popular in America. But here, Chua explains that the Chinese method of forcing children to learn more and rigorously through rote repetition may seem harsh and dull for Western parents, but when it is done properly, it is not only a road to success but also a fun…… [Read More]

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Beowulf as a Hero Lesson

Words: 8817 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 81934961

Your answer should be at least five sentences long.

The Legend of Arthur

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 9 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7A: Honor and Loyalty

1. Consider how Arthur's actions and personality agree with or challenge your definition of honor. Write a few sentences comparing your definition (from Journal 1.6A) with Arthur's actions and personality.

2. Write a brief paragraph explaining the importance or unimportance of loyalty in being honorable.

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 10 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7B: Combining Sentences

Complete the Practice Activity on page 202 of your text. After completing this activity, read over your Essay Assessment or another journal activity you've completed.

* Identify three passages that could be improved by combining two or more sentences with coordinating or subordinating conjunctions. Below the practice activity in your journal, write the original passages and the revised sentences you've created.

* Be sure to…… [Read More]

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Superior Teachers Employ Systematic Instructional

Words: 1784 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 9209684

Holding this paper waiting for more research on systematic instructional planning would have been a better step, this would have probably eliminated the contradictory nature of the research which brought the element of unprofessionalism. It is important for one to include research not supporting their hypothesis but it is more important not to undermine his or her argument.

Potential effects of the fixes

Including more participants in the study would bring a possibility of applying the findings to a larger group in society since increasing the number of participants widens the answers to the questions asked. Including a Likert scale in the survey can also enhance the responses given by the teachers and would reveal some information that was not previously obtained. Standardizing the coding system and making the process thorough would prevent wrong categorization of answers and also give the authors' arguments more strength.

In order to help the…… [Read More]

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English Literature Martin Luther King

Words: 1686 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94070402

It is also more likely to create a constructive rather than a destructive outcome, it is a process of conflict resolution that may aim to arrive at the truth of a given situation rather than simple victory for one side and it is the only technique of struggle that is consistent with the teachings of the major religions (Weber and Burrowes, n.d.).

Nonviolent action is a method by which people who reject passivity and submission, and who see struggle as necessary, can have their conflict without violence. Nonviolent acts are not seen as an attempt to steer clear of or ignore conflict. They are one reaction to the problem of how to act effectively in politics, particularly how to wield powers effectively. It consists of acts of protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention designed to undermine the sources of power of the opponent in order to bring about change…… [Read More]

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Anti-Abortion Any Country That Accepts

Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26449332

Abortions, in addition to being moral and religious wrong, are wrong for the damage that they can cause the woman physically and the emotional scars. Emotionally at the time of the abortion, the feeling may be of relief from the unwanted child but later the feelings can change to depression or guilt. In later life, the abortion can haunt the person especially if she has more children and she has to think about the one she aborted. The feelings are there regarding would my child have had a brother or a sister. Ask any woman who has lost a child during or after childbirth and they will tell you. YOU NEVER FORGET.

A woman considering abortion should take a good long look at the medical complications that can be faced by an abortion. They can affect the health of a woman at the time of the abortion as well as…… [Read More]

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Nursing Theory -- Bonnie Duldt

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51978123

" This is a fallacy because it assumes facts not in evidence and makes a statement that appears to be factual when it is opinion.

7 State one argument made by the author. Each additional execution appears to deter between three and 18 murders. While opponents of capital punishment allege that it is unfairly used against African-Americans, each additional execution deters the murder of 1.5 African-Americans. Further moratoria, commuted sentences, and death row removals appear to increase the incidence of murder

8 Identify the premises and conclusion of the argument. Premise = legal execution has positive effects; conclusion: continued use of capital punishment will save lives.

9 Is the author's argument valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak? Explain how you determined this. Author's arguments are sound and strong, using selective data to prove case, using academics and law enforcement information to appeal to audience.

10 Does the…… [Read More]

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James a Hills' Better Teaching

Words: 1522 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 4321864

The first affect would be for the educator to want to implement the technique within their own classroom setting, which is the intent of the article. The reader then would have to research the issue further to see if this particular method of instruction was successful in other classroom settings and seek to adapt the method to their own classroom and subject matter. Finally the reader would have to present this article and a procedure of implementation to their administration for approval.

The second reaction could be the opposite one. The reader may notice the problems presented above and decide not to implement the procedure as demonstrated. They may also decide to modify it in a way that would allow for them to have success in their own classroom settings.


Anderson, John C., Rungtusanatham Manus, Schroeder Roger G. "A Theory of Quality Management Underlying Deming's Management Model." (1994) Academy…… [Read More]

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Richard Nixon Speech on Vietnam

Words: 1140 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 18708

("Cambodia and Laos," n.d.)

Then, when Nixon begins talking about peace negotiations with the North, is when he is providing a glimpse into a shift in strategy. Where, the U.S. will play China and the Soviet Union against one another. This is important because, American forces were restricted from conducting air strikes in the North. The ability to forge an alliance with China allowed Nixon to begin bombing Hanoi. This is significant because the Christmas bombings of Hanoi (in 1972) were arguably one element that helped pushed the North Vietnamese to sign the Paris Peace Treaty of 1973. ("Linebacker II Bombing Raids," n.d.)

In one aspect, Nixon is correct in that the future of his strategy will bring the North Vietnamese to the bargaining table. However, the North would not give up on their ambitions for a unified Vietnam, as they would wait until Nixon was no longer in power.…… [Read More]

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Health Care Debate Over the

Words: 1442 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17337115

At which point, the overall costs of care will be passed on to the tax payer in the form of higher taxes. This leads to a decrease in the overall quality of care and it will not slow the price increases, as the government seeks to restrict access to these services. Then, when the program becomes broken (such as: what is happening to Social Security) removing or reforming the bureaucracy is nearly impossible. (Messerili, 2010)

A second argument that many critics make about universal health care is: it will stifle innovation. Whenever, the government is running any kind of program, they will place a large number of restrictions and regulations on the industry. When this takes place, you are causing some of the best and brightest minds to seek careers in other fields, as the restrictions from the government are too cumbersome. A good example of this would be: the…… [Read More]

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Existence of God God's Existence

Words: 3906 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81546593

If something happens, then it is a belief that somebody caused that thing to happen the way it did, and it is an effect of some kind of action. If then several actions take place one after the other, then the earlier/older happening caused the later event thus, "the first cause is the cause of all things and itself had no cause since it always existed." (Trigilio, and Brighenti 5). This is true as through the Holy Scriptures, an ordinary person cannot create life, but a Supreme Being is able, and through belief, I know this is God and He exists.

Thirdly, necessity is another factor that according to Aquinas as illustrated in Trigilio, and Brighenti, that reality is the divine fact and anything else's failure to exist has nothing to do with the existing of reality (5). Thus, the source of the causes is the purpose cause that makes…… [Read More]

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babies born from transplanted uteruses ethics

Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58760978

Women without functioning uteruses now have a real chance of making their motherhood dreams come true with a radical new surgical procedure that involves a uterus transplant. Mats Brannstrom, the Swedish doctor who was the first in the world to deliver babies from transplanted uteruses, has successfully delivered about half a dozen babies from transplanted uteruses so far (“First baby from a uterus transplant in the U.S. born in Dallas,” 1). In the United States, the first baby was born from a transplanted uterus in December of 2017, in Dallas. As promising as it is, a uterus transplant birth is a relatively risky medical procedure, though, and one that has raised some questions about the efficacy and ethics of this remarkable intervention. However, as long as full disclosure is made to patients, who make their decisions autonomously and with informed consent, transplanted uterine deliveries should certainly be an option…… [Read More]

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Controlling the Media in Egypt

Words: 4404 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87859540

Media Control in Egypt

The media in Egypt is much more controlled than in many other countries, including the United States. That control began with President Gamal Abdel Nasser, moved through Anwar Sadat, and then on to Hosni Mubarak. During that time, the television and newspapers were strictly controlled, and only what the president wanted people to see was placed in them. There is significant evidence that the control of the media in Egypt was done largely to oppress the people, and to make sure they were only hearing and seeing what the government wanted them to hear and see. Social, political, and economic factors are all significant in the control of the Egyptian media, which many believe should be uncontrolled and independent. That would allow it to provide actual, factual information, instead of only what the government agreed that the people were allowed to know.


The Egyptian media…… [Read More]

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Persuasive Letter

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Statement of Proposition: The audience should gain from this speech a desire to vote for me, for President of the Condominium Association. The audience should not only feel a strong desire to vote for me, but should feel that it is the right thing to do, and be able to articulate a coherent argument in favor of voting for me as President of the Condo Association.

Argument #1. I am the most qualified person among the candidates for the position.

Support #1. I have experience managing a fast food franchise, including both the budget and the people.

Support #2. I have five years working with budgets, most of which were larger than the one for the condo association

Support #3. I have lived in the building for seven years and sat on the board for the association for the past three. This is more experience here than any of…… [Read More]

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Healthcare Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration

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Healthcare Legal

Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration

Please answer the question below:

Give and support two arguments for and two arguments against Euthanasia. (Note: Pages 430 to 433 in Pozgar's textbook will provide some background on the issue).

In modern medical practice the meaning of euthanasia is an action that assists dying in someone who has requested it and countries such as Belgium, where it is a legal practice, require that the person must be older than 18 years, be in unbearable physical or psychological pain that is medically permanent and without hope of recovery, the request must be made by his or her own self-will, and the person must have thought about it and made the request several times (Gulsah, Gursel, & Nazan, 2007). These requirements by themselves imply the kinds of arguments that can be made for the practice.

The obvious argument for euthanasia is to alleviate…… [Read More]

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Understanding Barriers to Effective Online Learning

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Kiefer, K. (2007). Chapter 8: Do students lose more than they gain in online writing classes? In Joe Lockard and Mark Pegrum (Eds.), Brave New Classrooms: Democratic Education and the Internet (pp. 141-151). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Introduce the topic and introduce the author and essay. Then state your thesis.

Writing courses in higher education are increasingly being offered in online environments, right along with many other academic coursework. Opinions about how well this online writing instruction is working vary widely. Kate Kiefer contributed a chapter to the book Brave New Classrooms: Democratic Education and the Internet. As a composition specialist teaching graduate writing theory and undergraduate composition courses, including a course titled Computers and Composition, Kiefer is solidly qualified to provide scholarly commentary on the very field in which she labors. In the early 1980s, Kiefer began a long-standing interest in computers and writing, co-founded and…… [Read More]

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Impact of Trade Unions

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labor unions on compensation and benefits, issues and challenges, and future trends and outlook. This study will also be geared towards developing important insights on how these organizations are formed and how they work. The need for such information is to gain experiences on how the work conducted by union members has provided personal benefits in one way or another. Some of the major issues that will be examined in the study include why unions are formed and why they are necessary in the modern working environment. Discussions on how unions have a made a difference will be provided based on research and findings. As an argumentative research paper, the author will examine whether unions are crucial promoters and protectors of workplace benefits or they are an outdated impediment to progress.

Opening Statement:

Labor unions are organizations of workers that are established to advance the interests of their members in…… [Read More]