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U S Patriot ACT We Deserve

Words: 3590 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 66930462

" (Lindsey, 2004, p.1) it is interesting to note that one of the young protestors stated: "[the world leaders] are sitting over there on Sea Island having their little party only talking about how to fix things, but we are over here actually doing something to make things better" -- Laurel Paget-Seekins (Lindsey, 2004, p. 1) the U.S.A. Patriot Act has been touted to do just this - or to make things better in terms of security of American citizens and it is certain that the provisions of this Act have served to increase levels of security for American citizens but this security has come with a cost attached and for some Americans the cost is too high and too intrusive upon their basic civil rights. One such instance of the complexity created within the security paradigm are the no-fly lists that have been implemented in U.S. airports since September…… [Read More]

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Race Discrimination Justice Discrimination Race Discimination Criminal

Words: 1518 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91802995

Race Discrimination Justice



Race and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

Racial inequality has long been an issue in the American society. Despite making substantial progress in creating a more racially equal society, there are still many issues involving race and discrimination that can be found today. The criminal justice system was designed to treat all individuals equally under the law. However, covert racism and discrimination still plague the system and many minorities are adversely impacted and are not treated equally under the law. While most judges and public officials profess a strong dedication to remaining racially impartial, the evidence suggests otherwise. This literature review will focus on various points that indicate that there is a substantial amount of inequality to found within the criminal justice system in our modern society.


Racial differences in the criminal justice system have been important topics since the…… [Read More]

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Court System in Recent Times No Court

Words: 1589 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30901276

Court System

In recent times, no court case has attracted as much attention as that of George Zimmerman. In this text, I summarize the most significant facts of the said case and explore the key laws that were violated. Further, amongst other things, I will also summarize the outcome of the case and my opinion on the outcome.

The State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman

The Case in Brief: A Summary of Important Facts

Charged with second-degree murder in one of the most publicized court cases in recent times, George Zimmerman was on 13 July declared a free man after the jury deemed it fit to render a not guilty verdict. The charge in this case stemmed from the shooting to death of an individual by the name Trayvon Martin. Pursuant to the said shooting, the state charged that Zimmerman stalked and shot at Martin who was unarmed at the…… [Read More]

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Obamacare Good for the Economy

Words: 3735 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 2661948

Obamacare good for the economy?

The issue must be looked at from three points-of-view, One the development that goes on in the health care and how the policy ahs affected the health care industry and particularly various sections of the society, secondly the economic changes and developments that have come about in the medical care industry, and the burden and changes in the nations economy as a whole and whether all these changes are good, or have a favourable impact. It must be noted that health care is a very contentious subject that is often made the issue in elections and therefore have a political angle too.

Why must there be Obamacare?:

In the American system, there is no concept of social support in the economy that is largely controlled by the capitalist system. However social concerns have become paramount in the changing society. Fundamentally even doctors are divided on…… [Read More]

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Journal Exercise 5 1A Morality Then

Words: 1834 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82388168

Journal Exercise 5.3 B: Responding to Literature
The cherry blossoms dint each other in the whisper of wind as I
throw them up in the air and prance under them, pretending I am
someone else's bride.
He comes, charging like a mule with his lips pursed and his hands clutched
over the bronze medallion he wears as if it were his heart-
his wife-
and I'm caught white handed with the smiles and the
cherry blossoms,
which dint each other in the whisper of wind and his
whispers to the guards.
When he turns his back, I see no more white
but only red,
only the cherries,
only my
With the last line of his poem, Robert Browning not only casts light
on his character of the duke, but he also leaves the reader with a chilled
feeling. More than an effective conclusion, the line…… [Read More]

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Alcohol and Highway Safety Vehicle Crashes Have

Words: 2390 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60247518

Alcohol and Highway Safety

Vehicle crashes have been accounted as the leading cause of death in the 15-20-age group of drivers and most of these crashes are alcohol-related. About 1/5 of all U.S. drivers admit to driving while or after drinking and 4 out of 5 of them are legally impaired. There have been prevention laws and further recommendations to prevent drunk driving but violations and fatalities persist. Suggested legislations to reduce overall drunken driving have also been listed. Super Drunk laws have been enforced in Michigan. But whether these will solve the problem remains to be seen.

Drunk driving is illegal because it increases the risk of accident (Daniels 2012). Drunk driving is known as driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, and driving while impaired, or DWI. At this time, normal brain function is affected and slows down as an effect of alcohol. States have their specific…… [Read More]

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Euthanasia Moral Philosophy Euthanasia Has Been a

Words: 1027 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15819159


Moral Philosophy: Euthanasia

Euthanasia has been a hotly debated topic, off and on, for several decades. Public opinion was enflamed by the case of Dr. Kevorkian, in which the doctor claimed to be helping people claim their right to a dignified death. Euthanasia, also termed assisted suicide, has colored the moral discussions of individuals since the time of early philosophers. In taking a view point, people usually choose a philosophy based on their personal ethic. Either they say that no one has the right to choose the time they die, or they say that it is based on the utility of the decision. Whether that person takes the extreme Kantian view or the utilitarian, they have made a decision that can have consequences for others besides themselves. This essay will outline the philosophies of Kant and the Utilitarians, discuss how they look at euthanasia, and give an opinion as…… [Read More]

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Ancient Greek History Thucydides the

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 23513047

Instead of meaning "apology" in the modern sense, I am sorry, it is more a rhetorical device to allow one to defend one's beliefs and actions. Most of the text is written from Socrates' point-of-view, and while there were a number of accounts written about Socrates' last days, most consider Plato's version to be the most historically accurate- at least for writers of that time period.

In terms of evidence, the work focuses on the Socratic method in which the author, Plato / Socrates, has a dialog of logic and philosophy with the reader. Time after time Socrates uses the point-of-view that he was not corrupting anyone that was not already corrupted, but instead, trying to reconcile the truth of all things. However, by questioning everyone and everything, and never allowing himself to be satisfied with the answers, he seemed to earn a reputation of a busybody, or gossip. But,…… [Read More]

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Social Psychology Cognitive Dissonance This

Words: 1659 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2830279

With the appropriate controls of variables, the research showed that the recidivism rate of those offenders who got deterrent sentences like 30 months and above, recorded a 29% recidivism rate as compared to those who had relatively shorter terms who had 26% recidivism rates. Proposed herein is the consistency in the punishment handed and not the use of deterrent theory to hand down long sentences or even worse death sentences that gives the criminal no room to reform (Valerie Wright, 2010:8).

There are two basic perspectives that people have towards whatever happens to them in life; the internal and external loci. The people with internal locus of control always take responsibility for whatever happen and see it as a product of their actions, on the other hand, people with external locus of control always view things that happen around them as a result of other people's or external forces prompting…… [Read More]

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Alcohol and Other Drugs Opinion

Words: 1331 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49904514

Drugs and Alcohol Issues

Explain your opinion on the legalization of illicit drugs. Do you believe that legalizing drugs will "increase" or "decrease" drug abuse?

I think that some illicit recreational drugs should be legalized simply because they cannot be distinguished from licit recreational drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Both tobacco and marijuana (for example) are leafy crops that can be harvested and smoked to provide various physiological sensations that users enjoy. Alcohol is a drug that does the same and that is also associated with various types of problematic behaviors. Whatever the "right" approach is, it cannot be to permit consumption of one substance like tobacco to be marketed for profit while subjecting consumers of another nearly identical substance like marijuana to criminal penalties. If it is appropriate to license the manufacture and tax the sale of tobacco, it is no less appropriate to do the same for…… [Read More]

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Red Lights Camera Sharpshooting Driving

Words: 1994 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61177263

Livesey, J. (2007). Officials Smile for Red-Light Cameras. Oakland Tribune: ANG Newspapers

The successful use of red-light cameras by the Millbrae Police Department would lead to an expansion of the program. The City's Red Light Photo Enforcement Program said that it generated more than $110,000 in revenue. Sgt John Aronis said that there was a reduction in the volume of red-light runners at Millbrae Avenue and Rollins Road since the installation of these cameras. Some residents, however, had complained about these cameras flashing too brightly. Some others considered it an invasion of privacy. The rest protested the tickets issued for violations.

Peceimer, et al. (2006). Against Red-Light Cameras. Oakland Tribune: ANG Newspapers

Some residents and observers expressed disfavor towards the installation and use of red-light cameras. They said that red-light running was not a problem in Menlo Park where these cameras would be set up. They also said that these…… [Read More]

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Crime on March 9th 2013 Two New

Words: 5716 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8975565


On March 9th, 2013, two New York City police officers shot and killed a sixteen-year-old Kimani Gray, and claimed afterward that he had brandished a handgun at them after being told to show his hands (Goodman, 2013). More remarkable than the New York Police Department's killing of a young black male, however, was the outpouring of community grief and anger that followed the shooting. The following Monday, March 11th, saw what started as a nighttime vigil turn into a mob, parts of which ended up looting a Rite Aid chain store and a local bodega, and by Wednesday night of that week, forty-six people had been arrested, a bricks had been thrown at both a police officer and a police van (Goodman, 2013). The explosion of disorder and discontentment took some in the media and policing community by surprise, but these evens could only be surprising to someone lacking…… [Read More]

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US Government Should Limit the Level of Immigration

Words: 1424 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50031092

Immigration to America

An Introduction and Claim

Over the years, the issue of immigration in America United States has raised complex demographic issues. Elements of population increase and cultural change on the native societies in the United States are evident characteristics of immigration. The social, political, and economic components of immigration cause controversies on issues of employment, settlement patterns, ethnicity, and economic benefits for non-immigrants. The government works on developing social mobility, reducing crime, and controlling voting behavior. This paper intends to outline the negative issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. The United States has fewer immigrants on per capita consideration comparable to half the OECD countries. Policies had developed before 1965 focused on establishing a working formula for limiting naturalization and immigration opportunities for persons without native claim.


The exceptional economic status of America makes it a haven for immigrants (David & Okazaki 887). However, globalization is fast…… [Read More]

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Arguments for Limiting Free Speech

Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21176640

limiting free speech ID: 53711

The arguments most often used for limiting freedom of speech include national security, protecting the public from disrupting influences at home, and protecting the public against such things as pornography.

Of the three most often given reasons for limiting freedom of speech, national security may well be the most used. President after president, regardless of party has used national security as a reason to not answer questions that might be embarrassing personally or would show their administration as behaving in ways that would upset the populace. Although there are many examples of government apply the "national security" label to various situations, perhaps some of the stories that are associated with the Iran-Contra issue best display what government uses limitations on free speech for. In horrific tangle of lies double and triple dealing that resulted in the deaths of many Nicaraguans, the Regan administration sought to…… [Read More]

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Sex Offenders More Stringent Laws

Words: 1227 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86675080

While registry systems are improving to help keep community members aware of their risk from known offenders, much more needs to be done to prevent offenses from happening in the first place. This is a very difficult task, since it involves not only crime prevention but also risk detection and systems cohesion. One way this challenge might be approached is through increased reporting requirements. Too often, alleged abuse in schools or daycare centers goes un-reported and the accused teacher is simply let go from his job. He is then likely to go to another school and be re-hired there, effectively placing a whole new set of students at risk. The Student Protection Act was introduced in the Senate in 2007. If passed, the Act would create mandatory standards for reporting incidents of sexual misconduct, and would develop a nationwide database to house that information. When a school was conducting a…… [Read More]

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Data Analysis of Survey on Barriers to Hospice Utilization

Words: 1883 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 42451655

Hospice Utilization: Survey Findings

Survey Data Analysis

Barriers to Hospice Care Utilization: Survey Findings

Barriers to Hospice Care Utilization: Survey Findings

Hospice care has been shown to improve patient quality of life, reduce depression, prolong life (reviewed by McGorty and Bornstein, 2003), and reduce the costs associated with end of life (EOL) care (Temel et al., 2010). As McGorty and Bornstein (2003) point out, however, hospice care in the United Kingdom is more widely used than in the United States, with 60% of all U.K. cancer deaths occurring in Hospice care compared to only 42% in the U.S. The possible reasons for this disparity include patient-, physician/nurse practitioner (NP)-, and administrative-associated factors that result in hospice underutilization. Of primary concern are the barriers associated with physicians and NPs because they act as gatekeepers to hospice care.

Researchers have shown that only about 24% of physicians surveyed were familiar with hospice…… [Read More]

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Philosophy of Mind When Thinking

Words: 1341 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98518506

However, when looking more closely at the specific philosophy suggested by Socrates, a more specific view appears to suggest itself. Socrates appears to favor the view that true knowledge is only possible once the soul separates itself from the body.

For Socrates, the sense, i.e. touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell only distract what he refers to as the "soul" from truly experiencing the nature of the external world. According to this philosophy, in other words, an external world does exist, but the individual can only truly access it at the end of life, when there are no longer senses to distort the impression of the external world.

According to this philosophy, therefore, there does exist an external world that can be perceived. This perception, however, is only possible once the human "filters" provided by the senses are allowed to die. The senses only die at death, which means that…… [Read More]

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Words: 1844 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69984639



Natural law and Abortion

Abortion has been defined in many ways. It is shown as a legal action in some definitions based on the choice that a woman makes, having rights over her body. Some lobbies define abortion in ways that clearly argue abortion as an illegal and an immoral act as the rights of the fetus are being violated and it is merely known as killing the fetus.

Killing is much easier than running away or leaving. This statement is a reflection of feelings of many women who undergo abortion of their unborn child. But the question is, do these feelings justify killing an unborn fetus? Abortion has been a controversial debate of the prolife and prochoice groups since many years. Stronger arguments are given by the prolife groups, while choice of a mother has been prioritized by the prochoice group. But it does not matter how…… [Read More]

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Abortion Abortion Debate in the United

Words: 764 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98014579

Abortion / Abortion Debate

In the United States, an individual's rights are guaranteed by law and the National Constitution. Laws encompass all aspects of the cultural definition and are likely to change over time as the social, political and religious foundations of the culture change. Abortion is a religious issue as well as a medical, social and legal issue. The debate over abortion is centered, naturally, on the moral issues of taking a human life and the consequences of such acts for the individual and social well being of society.

Autonomy and the rights of the individual play a large role in the argument for pro-choice. It is argued that having an abortion is a personal and moral decision, not to be delegated to the state or to be mandated by law. For the most part, Americans seem to feel that the issue of abortion is one where both the…… [Read More]

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Selling Body Parts of Executed Prisoners Morally Right or Wrong

Words: 1951 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19933585


Selling Body Parts of Executed Prisoners: Morally Right or Wrong?

On the surface, this seems like a very straightforward question, but, as with all such moral and ethical dilemmas, it is not as simple as it has been made to sound. It would seem that question is asking whether a state can sell the organs and other body parts of an executed prisoner either to recoup some of the money it took to house them (or other seemingly legitimate excuse) or because the body belongs to the state once a person is charged with a capital crime. So, it can be argued, at least by some using a seeming alternative form of logic that this practice can be seen as moral or, at the very least, amoral. The reason people would say that it is an easy question to answer, meaning that they believe that it is immoral to…… [Read More]

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Disasters in Recent History Struck

Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98379876

Japan may seem a long way away from a high school in America, but the images shown on the nightly news of people suffering horrendous conditions are real people, like myself. Although the tragedy may have happened on the other side of the world, there is something that I could do, just a small part in the overall effort to aid the thousands of suffering Japanese, my part. And while my part may have been small in the larger scale, the overall effort could not have succeeded without thousands of people doing their small part. I am proud to have been a small part of that effort.

Finally, it took the suffering of people around the world to stir something in me that I did not know that I had. When I saw those terrible images, the death and destruction, I knew I wanted to help but I did not…… [Read More]

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Poetry Has Often Been an

Words: 1628 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55771714

" (lines 20-21) the journalist, the activist... must be the observer and not make the news. Lastly the point-of-view of the unnamed dead, "enemy" whose ears were cut off to use an example of cruelty and to elicit fear, "Some of the ears on the floor/caught this scrap of his voice. Some of the ears on / the floor were pressed to the ground." (lines 31-33) Perhaps the ears were still listening to the messages of their cause, while others were either deaf to it, blocked by the arbitrary falling upon the floor or even listening for the future. When one places an ear to the ground, he or she is listening intently and with every shred of his or her being for coming danger or change, yet the disembodied and now personified ears could not have realistically been listening, they were symbols in a small grocery sack and now…… [Read More]

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Ethical to Raise Animals for

Words: 2104 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 55572059

Arguments For: In response to those allegations, Bill Mattos, the president of the California Poultry Federation, said that he had invited California Senate representatives to visit poultry farms -- and to see for themselves that allegations of inhumane treatment are not true -- but his offer was declined (Fitzenberger). "To me, it's propaganda disguised as research," Mattos said in response to the report the California state Senate Office of Research produced.

Essayist Bart Gruzalski (Ethics and Animals, p. 253) writes that "the use of animals for food can be justified on utilitarian grounds even if we take into account only the pleasures and pains of the animals involved." Gruzalski quotes pig farmer James Cargile, who buys "several pigs" every year "from a neighboring hog farm"; Cargile raises them "to slaughter for food" but sees no meanness because the pigs "are given lots of room and food, everything a pig…… [Read More]

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Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legally Sanctioned

Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27834390

Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legally Sanctioned

Some of the most pervasive problems that exist within American society today are the problems of prejudice, stemming from fear of what is different and seems to be alien. Only by making what is alien seem to wear a more familiar, human face, can such deep-seated hatred be uprooted and destroyed. Prejudice, and the violence that is the result of such hatred, is particularly virulent against those individuals whom identify as homosexual, even if they wish to form stable and legitimate marital unions until death do them part. One of the reasons for this is because homosexuality is still seen as a vice, rather than as a legitimate bond between two loving people. The solution to this problem is to legally sanction same-sex marriages, giving same-sex unions equal legal and moral legitimacy as heterosexual unions.

Conservative opponents of same-sex marriages are quick to…… [Read More]

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Constitutional Law Virginia v Black

Words: 1939 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1993539

The prima facie evidence provision in this statute blurs the line between these two meanings of a burning cross. As interpreted by the jury instruction, the provision chills constitutionally protected political speech because of the possibility that a State will prosecute -- and potentially convict -- somebody engaging only in lawful political speech at the core of what the First Amendment is designed to protect. Id. At 556.

In his dissent, Justice Thomas disagreed with the Court's reasoning. In fact, Thomas accuses the Court of ignoring the realities of cross burning. Justice Thomas points out that "in every culture, certain things acquire meaning well beyond what outsiders can comprehend. That goes for both the sacred and the profane." Id. At 388. Thomas points out that the Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist organization, "which, in its endeavor to intimidate, or even eliminate those it dislikes, uses the most brutal of…… [Read More]

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Exxon's Oil Tanker Valdez Ran

Words: 2180 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29644320

The workforce should be clear about the implementation of technologies for protecting natural resources, through formulating strategies.

Ratification of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 1984 Protocols

Domestic legislation on compensation and liability is needed to implement two IMO protocols related to compensation and liability. The United States should ratify the 1984 Protocols to the 1969 Civil Liability and the 1971 Fund Conventions. Expeditious ratification is essential to ensure international agreement on responsibilities associated with oil spills around the world' (A Report to the President: Executive Summary).

Introduction of Safeguards

It is imperative to establish such environmental safeguards so as to minimize the possibility of oil spillage, by improving transportation, production, storing facilities. 'The infrequency of major oil spills in recent years contributed to the complacency that exacerbated the effect of the Exxon Valdez spill' (CNN: Exxon found guilty).

Legislation on liability and compensation is needed

The Exxon Valdez incident has…… [Read More]

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African Studies Racial Policy The

Words: 2852 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34202767

Of course, a separation of the races meant really the preservation of white superiority at the expense of those formerly enslaved. The law mandated distinct facilities for Whites and Blacks. Everything from schools, to transportation, movie theaters, hotels, and even public restrooms were carefully segregated. Few Black only facilities approached white ones in quality or amount of money expended on their upkeep. Black public schools were notoriously inferior as were hospitals and other essential services. As arguments about the disparities became more apparent toward the mid-Twentieth Century, the South sought to defend its segregationist policies by - in the case of medical schools - expanding and consolidating its physician training facilities so as to avoid providing more facilities for Blacks. A plan was actually floated, not to increase Black enrollment at the South's twenty-six medical colleges, but rather to consolidate all training of Black medical personnel at a single facility.…… [Read More]

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Animal Rights - Animal Experimentation

Words: 881 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 72557858

The Moral Equation:

Observations of animals, whether in the wild, in captivity, or in experimental cages reveal undeniable evidence that they perceive physical pain and discomfort as well as pain as acutely as we do (Tangley 2000). Anecdotal evidence of numerous well documented instances seems to suggest that many animals also experience emotions such as grief from of loss of companionship (Moussaieff-Masson 1995).

Not uncommonly, it is scientists and medical researchers themselves who first notice responses and behaviors in laboratory animals that, in the extreme, challenge their previous assumptions about what "rights" animals have not to be subjected unnecessarily, or for no worthwhile purpose, to excruciating pain (Winter 2002). It is possible, for example, to justify infecting animals with cancer for the purposes of learning how to treat human cancer while opposing recreational hunting, or other reasons for using animals. For example, in parts of China it is possible to…… [Read More]

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Employment Compliance Employment Law for a Limousine

Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29059909

Employment Compliance

Employment law for a limousine service in Austin, Texas with 25 employees would consist of the American with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, Equal Opportunity Law, OSHA, and Unemployment Benefits Law. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals. The Fair Labor Standards Act set minimum wage and overtime requirements. Equal Opportunity Law prohibits discrimination and sets standards for equal opportunity among applicants. OSHA law sets safety standards in the workplace. And, the Unemployment Law requires employers to pay unemployment taxes.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers with 15 or more employees to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees and applicants unless it presents an undue hardship on the employer (Facts about Americans with Disabilities Act, 2008). A disabled person has a mental or physical impairment that limits one or more major life activities, has documentation of the…… [Read More]

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Social Policy

Words: 2015 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 82860108

War on Drugs

Four decades ago, the American government declared a war on drugs. As has been the case with some other American wars, the battle continues with the American government continuously investing money and resources in the stubborn hope of defeating its enemy. The enemy persists with government and violators playing a cop-robber squall, people continuing to harm themselves, the government raising taxes and steepness of penalties, and the jails and social programs filling -- not emptying -- with substance abusers. This despite a plethora of research, interventions, material on the subject, conventions, legal policies, brainstorming, and so forth

The essay suggests that it may be time to consider a wiser, more effective, strategy.

American Policy on Substance Abuse: History & Scope of Issue

Four decades ago, the American government declared a war on drugs. The initiatus came typically enough with Nixon who still fighting one war decided to…… [Read More]

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Civil Disobedience the Trial of Socrates the

Words: 1490 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24942342

Civil Disobedience

The Trial of Socrates

The Athenians suffered a crushing defeat in 404 B.C.E. with the end of the Peloponnesian War. A Spartan occupation force controlled the city, and instituted the rule of the Thirty Tyrants to replace Athenian democracy. While a form of democracy was reinstated it lacked the acceptance of ideas and freedom of speech that had been such an integral part of Athenian society (Rogers).

In Athens at this time it was the practice of private citizens to bring accusations of unlawful behavior to the attention of government officials. In 399 B.C.E. Socrates was charged with impiety by Meletus, a poet. Laws against impiety were wide-ranging so the charges had to be specified. The indictment against him reads "Socrates is guilty of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state and introducing other, new divinities. He is also guilty of corrupting the youth. The penalty…… [Read More]

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Violence in Hockey This Past

Words: 2244 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18565124

Violence in Hockey Today

There is no shortage of opinions regarding whether or not violence in hockey should be curbed. Certainly the NHL, the fans and the players would all like to see incidents such as the Bertuzzi-Moore fiasco eliminated from the game. Some fans would go further, but that approach may not be realistic. All physical, contact sports will be inherently aggressive. That aggression will naturally boil over from time to time. Players need to be able to vent their pent-up aggression in ways that are not detrimental to the well-being of other players, and for the most part fights and hits achieve that end.

The ultraviolent incidents, however, can be addressed by eliminating some of the most violent aspects of hockey. The Canadian cultural trait of disrespect towards referees was noted by Pascall (2000), and he also noted that minor league players take strong behavioural cues from professional…… [Read More]

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Islam and Christianity

Words: 2022 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83060640

belief systems of Christians and Muslim, particularly in how they view angels. Both religions believe angels exist, and that they are an important part of their religious beliefs. They both believe angels can guide and support people here on Earth, and they are messengers of God or Allah. They also believe they can be vengeful and destructive, and angels play an important role in the stories of the Qur'an and the Bible. Angels are only one of the commonalities between these two religions, but they are an important link to two very diverse religions, and they show that many religions have core beliefs that link them together, whether they want to admit it or not.

Comparing Angels in Islam and Christianity

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of Islam and Christianity issues. Specifically it will compare and contrast the faith doctrine of angels…… [Read More]

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proposed immigration bill

Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 28247557


A lot gets lost in the current debates over immigration in the United States. When we regurgitate what we hear on the news or on Facebook, we fail to think deeply or critically about the issues. This nation is a settler nation; of that there is no doubt. European settlers displaced, forcibly removed, betrayed, and in many cases killed indigenous people whose land this was for centuries before.

Those same Europeans cultivated a sense of entitlement to these lands, pushing farther and farther west until they hit yet another ocean. And they did not even stop there. They pressed onwards, eventually taking over the Polynesian kingdom of Hawaii. During the era of Manifest Destiny, Americans also encroached upon and had war with Mexico, and it would appear that many Americans have forgotten that much of our southwestern lands were once Mexican territories too. This is reality. This is history.…… [Read More]

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Property and Life Insurance Are Complex Issues

Words: 1199 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27604515

Property and life insurance are complex issues with details that are relevant to any policy holder and invaluable for all policy holders to look into. There comes a point in time when it is important for a person to buy life, or property insurance. This is particularly so for a single parent who wants to care for her children in the eventuality of her death or for a business owner who wants to insure his property in the event of accident. The terminology and details of both property and life insurance are, however, complex and mathematically abstruse. The following essay takes up some concerns of both and vivifies, as well as teaches certain aspects of life insurance, via examples.

The first section concerns property insurance. The second exercise talks about life insurance.

Property insurance

Example hotel

Co-insurance clause refers to a splitting or spreading of risk among multiple parties in…… [Read More]

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Aristotle's Poetics in the Context

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While the judges can be considered responsible for hamartia, Socrates himself is also accountable for hamartia when considering that he plays an important role in influencing the judges in wanting to put him to death. He actually has a choice, but he is reluctant to adopt an attitude that would induce feelings related to mercy.

Ethos is also a dominant concept across Socrates' discourse, as he apparently believed that by influencing the audience to think about how they perceive goodness he would open people's eyes and influence them in seeing that he was actually innocent. Socrates basically felt that people needed to think about themselves and on how they understand the difference between right and wrong in order to be able to learn more about his personality. He practically believed that by adopting this attitude he would influence the masses in feeling that it would be extremely wrong for them…… [Read More]

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Against Euthanasia

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Against Euthanasia

Death has always been shrouded in mystery, the constant litanies of myth, science, curiosity, magic, fear, and of course, religion. Just as myths have always wound down to the pragmatic, the real, and core accurate factual reporting - summarily losing the romantic, whimsical, and magical elements - so has the inevitability of human death.

Death is the central theme to life, vitality, order of society, and even powers - through the use of fossil fuels - our industry! When one, therefore, examines death objectively, he or she finds that death is a catalytic contract propelling the core beliefs and motivations of a group of people.

This evaluation seeks to isolate one aspect of death - euthanasia and a person's right to choose the time, place, and circumstance of their death without interference from legal, moral, religious, family, or other groups of social or punitive nature - and defend…… [Read More]

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Sula by Toni Morrison

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The main character of the novel, Sula, has always been in search of true love. She tried to seek compassion and love from many different sources, but every time had to face disappointment and failure. She had relationships and contacts with many people but the outcome was always unpleasant.

In her childhood she came close to Nel and eventually they both became best friends. The family background of both girls was different and contrasting yet they shared a strong bond and relationship. They were friends since childhood but the incident where Sula accidently killed Chicken Little (drowned in the river and the girls decided to keep quite) changed their whole lives. They started to get apart after this incident, as the differences in their personalities became visible and evident. Both of the friends took different decisions about their future lives. After ten years when Sula came back to Bottom,…… [Read More]

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Individual Mandate Policy Patient Protection and Affordable

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Individual Mandate


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010:

Individual mandate

Supreme Court's recent upholding of the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was deemed to be an essential component of the enforcement of the Act. The individual mandate, and the ACA overall was designed to address the systemic problems within the American healthcare system related to the high costs of care and the lack of coverage for many Americans. 50 million Americans currently lack health insurance. "Before the legislation is fully phased in, Americans can be charged higher premiums when they are sick, and adults can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition... Illness or medical bills cause 62% of all personal bankruptcies (Tandem & Spiro 2012: 1). Without the individual mandate, the other provisions of the Act would have been unenforceable, even if provisions such as the prohibition of…… [Read More]

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Immigration Reform There Are Many

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5 billion per year. "(Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers)

In most cases, studies show that the central areas of expenditure are related to immigration are education, health care and incarceration resulting from illegal immigration. (Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers) Education is of particular concern. In New York, more than $4.3 billion annually is spent on education for the children of illegal immigrants. The number of K-12 public school students in New York who are illegal aliens is also high at 11.7%. (Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers)

Healthcare and expenditure of taxpayer's funds spent on illegal aliens is also a bone of contention. In the case of New York "...unreimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state's illegal alien population amount to an estimated $690 million a year." (Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers)

The cost of incarceration in the case of…… [Read More]