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Harmony History Shopping & Digital Privacy Harmony

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66924917

Harmony, History, Shopping & Digital Privacy


Growing numbers of people are turning to online access for a number of rather ordinary activities. And increasingly they are learning that in doing so they are becoming involved in a world of business and to some extent deception that is at best built on a rather fragile foundation of trust and market forces. We have known for some time that as users of the virtual universe of opportunities, we are sharing with others information about us and what we want. But the extent to which this information is otherwise being used has been left in the hands of a relatively unguarded concept of openness and honesty. We seem to like the idea of putting ourselves out in the world to see what happens of its own accord, no matter whether we are looking for love, our family's past or good…… [Read More]

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Forensics Digital Evidence Forensics and the

Words: 3398 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 68927364

This phase is described by Carrier as the phase where we "...use the evidence that we found and determine what events occurred in the system" (Carrier, 2005).

2.2. The United States Department of Justice's (USDOJ) digital forensic analysis methodology

The second methodology under review in this paper has been put forward by the United States Department of Justice. This consists of four basic phases: collection, examination, analysis and reporting (Shin, 2011). More specifically, stages of this digital forensic methodology are comprised of the following central aspects. Firstly, there is the obtaining of the data, followed by the forensic request; the preparation and extraction phases; identification and finally analysis and forensic reporting leading to case level analysis (DIGITAL FORENSIC ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY).

The preparation and extraction phase is characterized by the examiner's question as to whether there is sufficient information to proceed and to ensure that there is sufficient data available to…… [Read More]

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Relationship Marketing Digital Marketing Development Rm Theory

Words: 1703 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87224500

Relationship marketing Digital marketing >development RM theory >customer relationship management theory >Nature digital marketing >E-business/E- commerce > RM a result direct marketing 1) markerting

Relationship Marketing and Digital Marketing

Development of Relationship Marketing Theory

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on customer retention and satisfaction, in comparison with other forms of marketing that focus on sales. This type of marketing is characterized by increased interest in the value that customer relationships can provide companies that cultivate long-term relationships with them through specialized communication strategies.

The development of relationship marketing is in accordance with technological developments. The expansion of online social networks provides great potential that can be exploited by companies that develop and implement relationship marketing strategies. The most frequently used strategies in relationship marketing are represented by inbound marketing efforts, public relations, social media, and others.

The need for relationship marketing is determined by markets characterized…… [Read More]

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Analogue and Digital Converter This

Words: 1283 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58965536

This phenomenon is referred to as the filter roll-off generally expressed in Decibels of attenuation per octave of frequency. When a filter is designed there is the intention of making the roll-off as narrow as achievable which gives the filter a chance to get as close as possible to the intended design in terms of performance.

There is a difference that exists between the upper and the lower cutoff frequencies which is referred to as the bandwidth of the filter while the ratio of bandwidths which is obtained by using two distinct attenuation values in order to find the cutoff frequency is referred to as the shape factor. For instance, when the shape factor is said to be 2:1 at 30/3 dB then it means that the bandwidth obtained between frequencies at 30 dB attenuation is double that obtained at 3 dB attenuation. The electrical symbol of a band pass…… [Read More]

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Advancement in the Technology of Digital Photography

Words: 1355 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37422015

Advancement in the Technology of Digital Photography

Digital Photography

The subject of the paper is the advancement of the technology of digital photography. The paper will provide a concise review of the history of this aspect of photography. Film photography came first in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Moving pictures followed after the invention of film photography. Several decades later, the first attempts at digital photography were made by the mid-20th century. Photography in general is the progeny of painting and so digital photography is a part of that same artistic lineage. The advent of digital photography reflects a shift in attitude and goals during the time of invention; not only does the technology from that time, but also the forward thinking of the period continues to infuse and inspire digital photography today, surely continuing into the future.

The beginning of digital photography is the era of…… [Read More]

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Personal Digital Assistants in Healthcare

Words: 3529 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14745011

Personal Digital Assistants in Healthcare

Current Applications and Future Trends in the Use of Personal Digital Assistants in Healthcare

Today, healthcare practitioners enjoy a wide range of digital equipment that can help them provide more efficient healthcare services, including laptop computers, cellular telephones and personal digital assistants, or PDAs. These devices have been used in various ways by clinicians to improve their ability to deliver more timely and accurate diagnoses and treatments, and it is clear that the use of these devices will continue to increase in the future. The purpose of this study is to provide a current snapshot of how personal digital assistants are being used in various healthcare settings, including military and government tertiary facilities and the use of PDAs on the battlefield in times of war, but with a specific focus on how PDAs are being used in nongovernmental healthcare facilities today. To this end, a…… [Read More]

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Infinite Megapixels Digital Photography Presents a Whole

Words: 912 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72459001

Infinite Megapixels

Digital photography presents a whole new world of opportunities for casual and professional photographers alike. Probably the most significant contribution of digital photography is the ability to change pictures at any stage. The act of taking a digital picture itself is akin to first mixing the paints on a palette before actually applying brush to canvas. Taking the picture is only a jumping off point. Digital cameras convert a scene from humanity into countless zeros and ones which best approximate that reality. We as photographers or simple beneficiaries of the digital photograph may then take the zeros and ones and add or subtract countless other zeros and ones.

In other words, we may modify the picture as we choose. We may invert the colors, touch up areas of dullness, covert the photograph into a black and white sketch and even put the photo in an impressionist painting style.…… [Read More]

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Film and Media in the Digital Age

Words: 1449 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21414563


Film & Media in the Digital Age

Remediation & Convergence

The first section of the paper will explain two terms or concepts within the context of film & media in the digital age: remediation and convergence. These two concepts are quite closely related. Remediation can be when two or more forms of media combine as a new form of media or when one (or more) form of media is reappropriated, altered, or remixed to a point where it is reborn within a new form. Remediation can be the collapse of media into intermedia or multimedia forms, and it can also be changing a media form into another media form. An example of remediation can be when a book is changed into a screenplay, which is then produced into a film. Remediation can be when a book turns into a digitized version of itself and instead of holding a book,…… [Read More]

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Kodak's Digital Strategy it Is Very Notable

Words: 1252 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4526858

Kodak's Digital Strategy

It is very notable to mention how Kodak experienced a downfall with the emergence of digital imaging. Kodak's stock fell from about 80 USD to 3 USD within a period of less than ten years. The number of employees also declined. In 1988, the company employed about 140,000 employees but currently it has employees of not more than 20,000. This was as an unavoidable challenge and Kodak used all its efforts it had to overcome the challenge of digital imaging just like any other film company. Eastman Kodak had a vision of selling many cameras at lower prices to draw massive profits to the papers, inks and chemical used in printmaking. This strategy saw its downfall with the digital revolution and the foreign competitors negatively affected Kodak's venerable command in the photography business (Grant 22).


Kodak slowly responded to this emerging digital revolution. From the time…… [Read More]

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Advances in Digital Medical Imaging

Words: 1416 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81044696

Advances in Digital Medical Imaging


In the past few decades advances in healthcare have emerged, as new forms of technological integration are implemented as part of the overall healthcare management system. Healthcare providers, doctors and patients require more technological integration into the system providing real time data analysis and the possibility of enhancing medical knowledge. Sharing that knowledge can lead to what many describe as "digital medicine" where stored clinical data can generate medical knowledge which can be widely distributed, incorporated into decision support systems, and lead to more effective medical practices (Bouler & Morgenstern, 2005). Digital medical image processing within the healthcare area has its origins in the 1970's when computed tomography was introduced as the first digital modality. In the decades that followed, advances in digital medical imaging technology have dramatically affected the planning and design of diagnostic interventional radiology facilities. Soon after the advent of computerized…… [Read More]

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Microsoft Vista Physical vs Digital Products --

Words: 1746 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60013680

Microsoft Vista

Physical vs. Digital Products -- Physical products are those that can be touched, felt, have physical presence, must be produced, warehoused, packaged, shipped and purchased. However, physical products are most certainly not limited to brick and mortar stores. The Internet has opened up an entirely new world for commerce online -- in both physical and virtual worlds with e-Commerce. E-Commerce is the buying and selling of products and services over electronic means, usually the Internet. As Internet usage grows, so does trade conducted electronically, allowing for a number of improvements and innovations that follow suit. Most economists see e-commerce as a market segment that leads to intensive price competition and consumers armed with greater knowledge. In two particular industries, e-commerce has actually changed the way the market works on those industries, causing the brick and mortar versions to fade away. In fact, larger e-commerce firms like, use…… [Read More]

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Silver Base to Digital Photography

Words: 1645 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59810974

Digital photography leaves the mechanical work in the "hands" of the camera and the photographer has only to choose the visual effect, without going through the process of adjusting devices that capture it. This also implies that the image is more accurate to the original, since digital cameras can not be "tricked" as manual cameras could be. By changing the time of exposure, for example, a clever artist could forge the light and contrast of the image, to make it harder or sharper, for the benefit of the result.

As much as it was already the most popular art, photography has become even more accessible with the invention of digital technology. It allows the photographer to make many variations of the same photo without wasting expensive material in the process. Even from the very beginning of photography, when the daguerreotype was the only version available, those that complained insisted on…… [Read More]

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Itunes the Downloadable Digital Content

Words: 2294 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95854603

A iTunes expansion in the digital video space seems to be a no-brainer from a business perspective. The digital music market developed first, aided by peer-sharing sites such as Napster and Kazaa, and it is understandable that much of Apple's current focus through the iTunes store has been on selling digital music tracks and albums. However, the digital video market is growing significantly, and we can expect iTunes to provide even more robust video offerings in the future. According to the iTunes Web site, users already can download thousands of music videos and more than 350 television shows. In a sign that Apple is serious about growing its video services, the company recently launched a movie service that allows users to download feature films for $9.99 a movie. iTunes video services will only grow more as Apple faces growing competition from online music and video providers. As was discussed, Apple…… [Read More]

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Radiography Digital Radiography Is a

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11298504

(Computed Radiography Digital Solutions)

The advantages of the system can be numerous. One of them is better image quality, wherein better trabecular details would be seen; another advantage is that there is absolutely no need for retakes. This would save time and money, as well as avoid additional radiation for the patient. There will also be no loss of films, because there is no danger of these images being misplaced or lost, unlike as in the case of conventional x-rays. It is also possible to obtain multiple images with one single exposure, and the images can be manipulated according to the need of the attending physician/s. In addition, it is also possible to obtain multiple images on one film, and images can also be provided on medium other than film, like for example, on a CD, on paper, or they can even be viewed on a monitor. These are some…… [Read More]

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Executive Information Systems and Digital

Words: 1122 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61827368

5). Although Web portals also provide executives with the ability to aggregate large amounts of data from various sources, there is still the issue of sorting out all of this information in meaningful ways. Indeed, many executives are faced with so much information that it is comparable to trying to sip from a fire hose. In contrast to Web portals, digital dashboards "is a personalized portal that provides consolidated information for an individual user" (Abel, p. 6). Finally, digital dashboards also provide executives with the ability to view the information offline, thereby adding portability to the EIS approach (Abel).

Examples of Executive Information Systems and Digital Dashboards. One of the more popular EISs in use today is SAS, described by one of its vendors as "the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS is the only vendor that…… [Read More]

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New Technology- Digital Signage &

Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 49436150

The design theory and methodology of digital signage encompass the many aspects of advertising design. They are bright, often lit with bold colors, and the screens can scroll, show animations, and quickly change from one scene to another. The displays catch the travelers' eye, keep them entertained, and have been shown to even cut down on the perceived wait times for travelers (Editors). These signs can have voice recognition systems or touch screens to engage the viewer even more, and they can contain information, such as ticket prices, routes, arrival and departure times, and much more, making public transportation travel a little more entertaining and engaging for people like me that use the system all the time (Cluett 106). They are also easy to update, and content design is graphic design at its best, it uses bright graphics and easy-to-read text that will engage just about any viewer. Contrast, daring…… [Read More]

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Value Digital Privacy Information Technology the Value

Words: 1893 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4368660

Value Digital Privacy Information Technology

The Value Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

National security concerns in society and the continual investing in Internet, telephone, text and e-mail monitoring systems by enterprises are reshaping the individual citizen's rights to privacy. For U.S. citizens and employees, this is particularly challenging to accept and is often outright rejected as this nations' culture has been predicated on individual liberties and an assurance of privacy.

The technologies that are being used for national security and surveillance, combined with those used by corporations together have the ability to capture, aggregate, create analytical models and predict behavior over time (Ottensmeyer, Heroux, 1991). Monitoring and the analysis of data from the many technologies used from surveillance can today be used for behavioral modeling and gaining insights into peoples' and organizational behavior to a level never before possible or with as much precision (Riedy, Wen, 2010). As…… [Read More]

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Traditional and Digital Markets the

Words: 462 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85781058

Because of these factors being taken into account, the online market has gone through much more rapid market consolidation over time, as is shown in the analysis of competitors in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Market Shares of e-Commerce book Retailers

In contrast, the value chain for traditional book retailers is far more difficult to replicate from a competitive standpoint and pricing is driven my multi-tier distribution channels. The result is a much more fragmented competitive landscape as is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Market Share Traditional Market


What differentiates the e-commerce value chain and corresponding digital market vs. The traditional market is that accuracy and speed of information use in the former (Shih, Fang, 2005). Comparing the pricing structures of each of these industries illustrates how critical the role of multi-tier distribution is in traditional markets, and how essential the ability to tailor experiences and build trust is…… [Read More]

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Swarovski's Customer in the Digital

Words: 10512 Length: 38 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 31675381

Consequently, marketing efforts become more and more important.

Glyn Atwal and Alistair Williams (2009) for instance argue that the creators of luxury products have to use marketing efforts to identify new customers' needs even before the customers become aware of these needs. In other words, they have to "stay in front of luxury consumers" (Atwal and Williams, 2009, p.338). And in order to do so, the luxury products manufacturers strive to create positive experiences for their customers in order to inspire them and to stimulate their purchase decisions.

Otherwise put, in the context of luxury products, experiential marketing is growingly present and critical and this is due to the complex nature of the luxury sector. Here, the producers seek to transmit the image of high quality, product authenticity, as well as performance. However, aside from these statements, the luxury products must also transmit and sell a customer experience; and this…… [Read More]

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GPS for Buses Digital Signage

Words: 1339 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 33283400

At each bus stop, digital signage will provide information on the bus routes that stop at this location, when the bus will arrive (wait time), and final destination. Buses rarely are exactly on time. Sometimes they are a minute ahead of schedule and people just get to the bus stop and see the bus go by. Other times, especially when the weather is bad, the bus can be late. Buses also get behind schedule during bad weather, or even are taken off the route when, for instance, the snow has not been plowed yet. With the real-time information, bus riders can know when (or if) the bus will arrive. Information would be sent back to the local hub with the bus' location and calculated and either sent out to a sign or a telephone can be picked up and dialed with the real-time information. Passengers can also use their cell…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for Digital Camera

Words: 4433 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 55292708

The approach Sony continues to take is one of concentrating on continual process improvement to become more agile and resilient in the face of environmental factors (Olenick, 2010) while at the same time seeking to comply with national requirements for sustainability and green initiatives including supply chain compliance (Svensson, 2009).

Legal Factors -- Sony has a culture that embraces learning as a virtue, and continually strives to gain insights from the experiences of other Japanese companies and their legal and regulatory lessons learned. The case mentioned earlier of Toshiba Machinery Company and their sales of unauthorized milling machines to the Russians decades ago still is a foundational element of Japanese ethical training for managers (Ohishi, Naoto, 1993). As the United States and other western nations have continually seen the level of compliance and reporting escalate up through government edict, Sony has continually had to increase its focus on contract management…… [Read More]

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Crime Prevention -- Digital Gaming What Role

Words: 1103 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 38330342

Crime Prevention -- Digital Gaming

What role does digital video gaming play in crime, delinquency or other forms of antisocial behavior?

American Psychological Association (2011, August 29). Playing highly competitive video games may lead to aggressive behavior. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 15, 2012, from / releases/2011/08/110829114714.htm.

In a unique twist of methodologies, the American Psychological Association added credibility to an interesting study done by several advanced degree students where were looking at the highly debated contemporary issue: is there a relationship between video games and violence? Past studies suggested that the issue of importance was not the violence but the level of competition. Through two versions of their approach, the researchers looked at how subjects reacted to highly or lesser competitive video games and their tendencies as a result to "retaliate" against another -- by fixing that person a more or less aggressively spiced taste of food in a flavor…… [Read More]

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Swarovski's Customer in the Digital

Words: 5507 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 43047950

Based on the attributes of luxury brand, the luxury brand requires special marketing strategy to achieve brand objectives. The strategy assists in developing global brand reputation as well as forming brand awareness within the global competitive environment. (Moore and Birtwistle 2005).

In the contemporary marketing environment, experiential marketing has become a cornerstone of marketing, and retailing for luxury brand. Experiential marketing is the technique of viewing consumer as an emotional and rational being who aims to achieve pleasurable experiences. (Atwal et al. 2008). Typically, experiential marketing offers customer memorable experiences in order to achieve customer satisfaction and competitive market advantages. The experiential marketing uses different tools to create the memorable experiences for customers. For example, experiential marketing organizes entertainment for customers in order to educate them, allow them to escape the reality, as well as giving them aesthetic objects or places to see. Experiential marketers use different tools to create…… [Read More]

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Nature and Digital Technology

Words: 2024 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87357775


Is digital technology a "natural" consequence or product of human evolution?

Over the last several years, technology has been a major part of most peoples' lives. As, it has transformed how everyone is entertained, works and the way business is conducted. However, depending upon each individual their views as to: if this is a natural consequence or one of human evaluation will vary. The reason why, is because these transformations have occurred so fast that most people are unsure about what they mean or how to understand them. Instead, they will see the changes as something that they are enjoying. When this happens, it means that they will often forget about how the way things were before these shifts. To fully appreciate the changes requires determining if they were from natural consequences or human evolution. Once this occurs, is when we can be able to offer specific insights about…… [Read More]

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Acquiring Digital Data - Choosing

Words: 797 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86676096

A combination of Ethernet and USB data acquisition products would be useful.

A hash is a one way operation that is performed on a block of data to create a unique hash value that represents the contents of the data. No matter when the hash is performed, the same hashing algorithm performed on the same data will always produce the same hash value. If any of the data changes, the hash value will change appropriately. Hashes are not useful for encrypting data because they are not intended to be used to reproduce the original data from the hash value. Hashes are most useful to verify the integrity of the data when used with an asymmetric signing algorithm. ("Creating a Hash with CNG," 2010, para. 1)

In choosing a hash the one chosen for this essay is the HashTab Shell Extension to Windows, HashTab provides OS extensions to calculate file hashes.…… [Read More]

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Paraprofessionals Libraries Coping With 'Digital

Words: 544 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 86717120

The survey also indicated that the vast majority of paraprofessionals had undergraduate degrees and of the tasks and "high-level skills required for professional positions and paraprofessional positions" there was little appreciable difference (Zhu 2012). However, there still remained tasks which library professionals alone could take on such as conducting research for scholarly publications and communication; writing grant proposals; dealing with licensing and copyright issues and developing and preserving collections.

Overall, the findings of the article suggested that "the role of paraprofessionals had been diminishing because more job duties required the broader background and greater expertise of professionals" and job prospects were shrinking (Zhu 2012). Existing paraprofessionals were taking on more tasks, which required them to have higher-level skills and more education, but there were frequent complaints that this did not result in enhanced prospects for promotion or higher salaries. For a young, aspiring professional reading this article, it is likely…… [Read More]

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Protection of Digital Health Information With Increase

Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1234850

Protection of Digital Health Information

With increase health information technology store access patient information, likelihood security breaches risen. In fact, Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ): In United States, a whopping 97% increase number health records breached 2010-2011

Ensuring that patient information is protected at all times is vital for any health care institution. Patient information records contain sensitive information that can be used for malicious purposes like identity theft, credit card fraud, and leaking of information for malicious intent. The advancement and use of technology has made it easier for patient information to be accessed within the health care facility Shoniregun, Dube, & Mtenzi, 2010.

This increases the speed of service delivery to the patient and improves the care given to the patient. Technology has allowed for the use of portable electronic devices by the healthcare practitioners in entering and accessing patient records and information. Portable electronic devices are small…… [Read More]

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Societal Impact of Internet-Based Digital

Words: 1953 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98448452

As a result, contemporary computer systems and networks must be well protected against malicious intrusions and other attempts to gain unauthorized access to computers and network systems (Schneider, 1999).

Legal and Privacy Issues in the Workplace and Copyright Issues

The prevalence of digital technology for social networking has also generated entirely new areas of law and issues of public policy, such as in connection with the privacy of individuals in the workplace (Dershowitz, 2002). Nowadays, Internet use and e-mail communications are so prevalent and so much a part of both commercial enterprise functions and social networking that contemporary employers must routinely establish specific rules and policies for authorized non-work-related uses of their equipment and information systems. Likewise, the privacy rights of employees in connection with their Internet use at work are extremely limited and subject to monitoring to an extent that is prohibited by federal law with respect to other…… [Read More]

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Benchmarking Key Loggers for Gathering Digital Evidence on Personal Computers

Words: 8600 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 80369568

Benchmarking Keyloggers for Gathering Digital Evidence on Personal Computers

Keyloggers refers to the hardware or software programs, which examine keyboard and mouse activity on a computer in a secretive manner so that the owner of the computer is not aware that their actions are monitored. The keyloggers accumulate the recorded keystrokes for later recovery or remotely convey it to the person employing them. Keyloggers aimed to serve as spyware and currently serve the same purpose. However, keyloggers have the potential of serving as a detective tool to gather digital evidence (Actual Spy, 2009). Similar to a phone recording mechanism at a call center, the keylogger secretly monitors and records all keystrokes typed in emails, word files, and activities in a chat room, instant messages, web addresses and web searching. Keyloggers have existed for many years and it is believed that the United States of America (USA) government in the early…… [Read More]

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Internet's Impact on Music & Digital Entertainment in 20 yrs

Words: 2230 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 34712761

Microsoft has not yet taken a stand on DRM issues nor have the defined their strategies for dealing with the intricacies of RIAA and NARAS as it relates to the content purchased. As a result, consumers vary of the RIAA and NARAS are taking a much more cautious approach to adopting the Microsoft digital music store as a result. There is a very good chance however that Microsoft will concentrate on an aggressive strategy to eventually attain DRM-free status of their downloads while also appeasing the legal entities that dominate this industry. Their challenges and the series of efforts they will need to make in order for this entire strategy to be successful will be fascinating to watch evolve over the coming years. Yet these two examples illustrate a fundamental fact about the future of Internet-based distribution of music and digital media, and that is only larger, more vertically oriented…… [Read More]

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CBS Outdoor Displays Digital Ads

Words: 2766 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30664680

External and Internal Environments

External & Internal Environments Business

CBS Outdoor Americas Inc. (NYSE: CBSO) leases ad space in the category known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America (Ross Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor went public in April 2014 and separated from CBS ?Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS), the broadcaster and owner of Showtime, as the final step following its initial public offering (IPO) (Ross Sorkin, 2014). The shares of CBS Outdoor rose 18% since the IPO in March 2014 (Ross Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor offers a range of outdoor advertising options that are designed to target somewhat different markets: Billboards, bus and railroad media, mobile billboards, specialty advertising signs, sports media, street furniture, and walls (Ross Sorkin, 2014). A specialty of CBS Outdoor is an extensive multi-media digital inventory in many of these markets, and highly sophisticated mobile interactive capabilities that extend to all…… [Read More]

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Marketing and Branding a Digital World

Words: 1741 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94192997

Transitioning Media -- Marketing Branding a Digital World Instructions Paper

Marketing refers to the social procedure through which groups and individuals get whatever they want and need via creating and exchanging produce and value with one another (Einav, 2015). Technology has strengthened key milestones in the marketing history ever since its start. The television, radio, printing press, and the internet are examples of major technological innovations that eventually changed the relationships amidst marketers and clients and achieved this on an international scale. However, marketing is not all about technology, but people; technology is simply interesting from a marketing point-of-view when it effectually connects individuals with other individuals. There is a concept that infuses marketing circles today, a concept of mysterious eerie creatures that exist in their own hyper connected, multifaceted cyber world (Ryan, 2014). They are a mystery; communicate in a different language, speak in ways we cannot really comprehend,…… [Read More]

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Traditional and Digital Copyright Evolution

Words: 2264 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33962350

Inability of Analogous Copyright Laws to Work Well in the Classroom and Society of the Digital Age

Traditional copyright protection laws have for sometime now been unable to give complete protection to the rights of those who 'own' various types of media, ranging from books and articles to photographs and music. In the opinion of some, this change has mostly been as a result of the absence of strict laws needed to improve such rights. As a consequence, a key matter of interest emerges from "Overwrought copyright: The inability of Analogous copyright laws to work well in the classroom and society of the Digital Age" One hugely unexamined area that is a central and important question, is the role the doctrine of 'first sale law' will play in the future of digital copyright laws. The requirement that those who hold copyright transfer the control power of many applications of a…… [Read More]

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Altering Digital Photos Art or

Words: 1608 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87065385

' Be critical in assessing the content of a photograph and the legitimacy of its sources. The Internet has become notorious for displaying fake and deceptive images. . .Fake photographs that get on the Internet spread like a virus and are difficult to stop (p. 469).

Peres is right. A good reader is a critical reader. Take note of your sources. If you seek to be an aware and informed citizen, it is important to take note that media we are exposed to daily may not be legitimate -- in this case, referring to digital photographs. I suppose one can keep up on reports of cases where once again a doctored photo has coause legal trouble or psychological problems for, say an impressionable young teenage girl, but not all cases are reported, I'm sure. Being aware of this issue is a first step in attempting to discern what you view…… [Read More]

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financial planning and digital literacy for'students

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99578556

Identify two new pieces of financial information that you learned about this week that will help you make informed financial decisions about your future and eventual retirement.

Personal financial management and financial planning can be daunting. It helps to learn more about the tools people can use to plan their savings and budget for the future. One of the things I learned this week that will help me make informed financial decisions is how to be a responsible borrower. For one, I never considered credit cards as being a form of lending. Essentially, people who forget that credit cards entail borrowing money from a bank can get into a lot of trouble with debt accumulation. Next, taking out loans can be tricky. Student loans tend to have reasonable interest rates, but any amount of interest is still going to add up over time. The less the loan principal, the less…… [Read More]

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Media Injustice Technology and Digital Media

Words: 947 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86298178

Technology and Digital Media: Media Injustice

Media Injustice: Technology and Digital Media

Media Injustice

In his book, Couldry (2012) discusses four different types of media injustices. This text focuses on the first media injustice which occurs when a person is harmed by the media, but lacks effective means of seeking redress for, or publicizing the harm committed against them (Couldry, 2012). This media injustice is selected for a number of reasons. First, it is the most common form of media injustice in the society today. Secondly, thistype of injustice is more important to analyze than the other three as it is often promulgated against the less fortunate in society; the weak, who are often in no position to defend themselves.

There are numerous case studies demonstrating the extent of this particular media injustice in the current society. A perfect example is the Rolling Stone Magazine's 2012 reporting of the rape…… [Read More]

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R R Donnelly & Sons Print vs Digital

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R.R. Donnelly & Sons Print vs. Digital

Final Project -- R.R. Donnelley & Sons: The Digital Division

In 1995, the largest commercial printer in the world, R.R. Donnelley & Sons which was founded in the 1864, was experiencing challenges both internally and externally as digital printing technology began to completely alter the printing industry. Though the printing company had created a division to respond to the massive changes associated with digital technology, headed by VP Barb Schetter, the division had significant difficulties infiltrating and making an overall impact on the traditional Donnelley business model which was fully invested in larger and more costly printing systems and had an informal and formal business structure and culture to support these massive historical investments.

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Assignment Questions

What are the differences between the traditional printing business and the digital printing business? And in particular, what are the implications for Rory…… [Read More]

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Internet and the Great Digital Divide

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digital age is coming and soon everyone will have affordable access to the internet. At least that is the hopeful message of some. In reality, the digital age is still not accessible to many and may not be for years to come. This could be due to several reasons. Some of which may lie in racial disparities, income, and availability of affordable internet service. Regardless of whether or not the digital age has created a divide among those that have access to the internet and those that do not, researchers have formed their own opinions on the issue, with some agreeing and other disagreeing with the term, "digital divide." "

From the article, "The Persisting Racial Digital Divide in Internet Access," racial disparities are examined within the context of home internet access and computer ownership. The author says such a racial shortfall may have a significant influence on black students'…… [Read More]

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Finance F X Digital -- Extreme

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To remind viewers of the many unique action films offered by the channel, handing out bumper stickers at places where F/X watchers are likely to buy products is one possibility. These stickers could read "F/X Digital -- My Other Car is a Stunt Car." This would offer a humorous, ironic message to draw the attention not just of the driver displaying the sticker, but everyone who saw the sticker. Creating idents, or short video promotions showing very ordinary-looking actors portraying viewers of the F/X channel turning on the channel in digital and suddenly becoming part of one of the shows or the films featured on the channel in the upcoming month would underline the message of: "F/X digital -- watch if you dare." This would show how watching in digital creates a new risky, and thrilling dimension to the television-watching experience.

Advertisements regarding the new dimension digital viewing will bring…… [Read More]

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Casey Anthony Digital Forensics Can Be a

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Casey Anthony

Digital forensics can be a useful tool when applied in the correct manner. The recent case of Casey Anthony and her murder trial demonstrated the role that digital forensics may play in the setting of justice. The purpose of this essay is to describe the role that the digital evidence played within the not-guilty verdict of Casey Anthony nearly over two years ago. This essay will address the problems with this approach and also provide recommendations on how to improve on the practice.

Casey Anthony was brought to trial for the murder of her baby daughter Caylee whose body was found in the woods near the Anthony residence. It appeared that Ms. Anthony was a dispassionate parent who sought refuge in the party lifestyle and drugs and alcohol. Prosecutors were very confident that they could convince the jury that she was responsible for the death of her daughter.…… [Read More]

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Sony Cybershot Digital Camera Exhibits

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Movie mode is accessible from the camera's main mode dial. The function of movie mode allows users to take short digital videos.

Other functional modes accessible on the Sony Cybershot dial include snow, beach, landscape, twilight, twilight portrait, soft snap, and high sensitivity modes. Snow, beach, landscape, twilight, twilight portrait, and soft snap are each pre-programmed settings. The settings are programmed into the camera software to simplify picture taking; their primary function is to allow novice camera users or those who want simplicity to take the best possible shot without having to enter into the camera's main menu. On a traditional single lens-reflex (SLR) camera or on manual digital cameras, these functions must be performed manually: such as by adjusting the lens aperture to let in more or less light or by altering shutter speed to adjust the length of exposure. Basic photographic functions like changes to ISO sensitivity are…… [Read More]

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My Reflections on a Worthwhile Digital Media Course

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young people faced (particular adolescents in high school) were pimples, pregnancy, grades and parental over-protection. There were also mean-spirited rumors that were spread, there were cliques and pecking orders, and there was bullying as well. But in the 21st century, with the power of digital technologies, those mean-spirited rumors -- and bullying practices -- have transitioned into video and still photography scenarios that can be sent at the speed of light from one smart phone to thousands of others.

I have been part of the culture that is captivated by texting and keeping up with my friends through digital media. I can't say that I have ever bullied anyone online or been bullied (well, maybe once or twice but it wasn't serious bullying), but I do understand how today's teens can become addicted to texting and no matter where they are -- at the dinner table or in science class…… [Read More]

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Performing Arts in the Age of Digital Reproduction

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Performance Art

While some may believe we are close to achieving the purest art form that technology has to offer, I see it another way. Understanding the differences between live performance and a recorded performance are often difficult due to the relative appreciation of every individual. Consensus in the arts is very hard to come by, but when it does, it is obvious. The digital age has allowed for the consumer of music, movies, Internet video sensations and various other forms of performance art in our times. It is important to analyze both the benefits and the negative impacts this technology has brought while forcing the artistic world to conform to its principles. The purpose of this essay is to examine the effect that technology has had on performance art within the last decade highlighted by the computer medium as a primary source of entertainment.

The most beneficial impact of…… [Read More]

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Marketing Digital Tools and Technology

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In an online setting, Rowley suggests that marketers do not need to "speculate about customer needs" because they can use the Internet to download customer's buying profiles and enhance their customer service and product development strategies based on the information they receive from online reports. Further, the author suggests advertising can be more targeted because it is more easily tracked in an online setting vs. An offline setting. Rowley (2004) goes on to assert that the combination of online and offline services allows for more customization, and enables "mutual dependence" which in turn creates complex and diversified communities inclusive of customers and businesses. Organizations that utilize the Internet wholly, rather than partially, are more likely to become targets for innovation, research and development, which will only advance their goals in the short- and long-term (Rowley, 2004, p. 39).

There are theorists that study certain aspects of marketing, like advertising, but…… [Read More]

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Explanation and Description of the Delta Mu Delta Digital Badge

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Badge Name -- The eponymous Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge recognizes honorable academic performance in business administration.

Type/Category - What type is this badge: attendance, participation, learning, existing skill, achievement, association, etc.

The Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge commends academic prowess, measured by both alpha-numeric grading and also by instructor commendation.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges what?

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges quantifiable academic excellence. There are additional digital badges available to Delta Mu Delta members for the number of blog posts covering critical business issues, philanthropy, and outstanding entrepreneurial performance.

Description - a tweet-length description; work to distinguish the Delta Mu Delta badge from other badges.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge sigil is a key with a triangle and a ship, distinguishing it from other badges.

5) Criteria - The required steps to acquire a Delta…… [Read More]

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Internet Privacy Issues the Digital

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They suggest that the laws necessary to protect informational privacy from unauthorized collection and use simply must catch up to the realities presented by modern digital technology exactly the way the laws now prohibiting unwarranted wiretapping of telephones once lagged behind the obvious implications of failing to incorporate the needs posed by modern technology into appropriate legislation (Levin, 2012).

Competing Interests and Positions

On balance, there are legitimate justifications for imposing limits on the unrestricted collection and commercial use of information generated by ordinary individuals engaging in communications patterns that are now fast becoming as ubiquitous as the telephone. It is reasonable to suggest that when people use their cell phones or communicate via their Internet service provider (ISP) account, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy in digital data pertaining to that use, such as the identity of every call or email recipient. On the other hand, businesses such…… [Read More]

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Ftk Imager the Digital Forensic Toolkit Analysis

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FTK Imager, the Digital Forensic Toolkit

FTK Imager is an imaging and data preview tool used for forensic analysis. Typically, the FTK imager can create disk images for USB and hard drives. The FTK can also create forensic images (perfect copies) of data without altering the original evidence. Moreover, the FTK imager can create MD5 or SHAI hashes of files and be able to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

Objective of this project is to investigate the strategy of using the FTK for forensic investigation.

Use of the FTK

The first step is to install the FTK Imager, which can be accessed from the following website:

After opening the webpage, the current releases of the digital forensic tools appear ad being revealed below:

Then, click FTK Image and Click the FTK Imager, version 3.4.2, and Click download. After completing the installation, the next section discusses the method of…… [Read More]

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Online Dating the Digital Medium Has Changed

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Online Dating

The digital medium has changed numerous aspects of modern life. In the vocational realm, digital communications have revolutionized the way people work; in education, digital media have been responsible for the explosion of remote learning opportunities; and in the social realm, social networking (in particular) has radically changed the way that people make and maintain social connections. On one hand, the prospect of online dating provides new options for people who are too busy to try to meet others in the traditional ways. On the other hand, digital media and online social media have also been the source of infidelity and other forms of duplicitous or deceitful relationships, largely because of their potential to be exploited for those purposes by virtue of the anonymity and remote communications they are capable of supporting. On balance, it is likely that the online medium is not directly responsible for the deterioration…… [Read More]

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Barnes and Noble in the Digital Age

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Barnes and Noble in the Digital Age

Barnes and Noble started out as the run of the mill book shop and has today grown with the changes that have occurred in technology, incorporated these changes of these digital times in their mode of functioning to offer a wider range of services keeping in mind the dynamic nature of customer demands, to become the largest suppliers of all kinds of reading materials either through their physical outlets or their virtual outlets. With more than eight hundred sales outlets all over the fifty states of the United States of America, Barnes and Noble is the largest bookseller in the world. These stores offer a wide variety of music, DVD or video titles and magazines all through the year. The ownership of the company extends to B. Dalton Bookseller, Doubleday, Bookstop and Bookstar stores, which consist of regional shopping mall-based store that concentrate…… [Read More]

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Warp Analysis the Personal Digital

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Figure 1 provides a graphical representation of the effects of consistently high levels of R&D investments spread evenly across all product lines.

Figure 1: Outcome of Initial R&D and Pricing Analysis

For the implications to Total Income based on these decision points, see Table 2. Note that consistently high R&D spending, not price declines, are what is fueling the overall sales growth. At the end of the second iteration, Sales Volume is up 36% and Revenue Volume is up 40%. The lesson learned is that when there is a rapidly expanding market, investments in R&D and more powerful than price in driving sales (Chwelos, Berndt, Cockburn, 2008)

Table 2:

Total Income Based on Second Iteration Assumptions

Throughout the simulation, market data is periodically provided in addition to market lifecycle stage of each of the products in the company. By the third iteration it is apparent that the X5 is maturing…… [Read More]

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Personal Digital Assistant the Sonic

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com and 50 U.S. top distributors) has been properly covered. If there is a discrepancy between expectancies and results, the organization will identify the causes and try to eliminate them.

Still, even if final control is compulsory, the marketing department should periodically check the accomplishment of tasks. Therefore, the plan should prescribe deadlines, budgets, and activities that must be closely obeyed in order to timely detect and remediate potential causes of failure.

A b) for an accurate evaluation of its marketing efforts, Sonic should assess the customers' attitude towards its products before, during and after implementing the plan. Thus, by using questionnaires, the company can find out what changes have occurred as a result of their communication initiatives. Secondly, the success of the marketing efforts could be inferred after calculating several indicators related to the objectives stated in the plan (market shares, sales volume, awareness etc.).

A c) the most…… [Read More]

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New Mammography Technique Called Digital

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D. (

The created a need to research and develop a better method of mammography, which lead to the development of the new digital machine.

What is digital mammography?

Conventional film screen mammography uses low energy x-rays that pass through a compressed breast during a mammography examination. The exiting x-rays are absorbed by film (x-ray film) which is then developed into a mammography image that can be held and looked at by the radiologist. With digital mammography, low energy x-rays pass through the breast exactly like conventional mammograms but are recorded by means of an electronic digital detector instead of the film (Digital Mammography Submitted by: Mark Helvie, M.D. ("

This image can be displayed on television styled monitors almost instantly, which provides the screener the ability to manipulate the image while the patient is still in the exam room. If another image is needed it can be done quickly…… [Read More]

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The Impact of E Service Digital Tech in the Classroom

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airport we have kiosks and call centers and the e-services that we provide allow customers to check in online and to order tickets online. The information that is provided by the websites described here are also related to customer service as well as to employee benefits because employees can also utilize these e-services to access their information online and book flights for themselves and for friends and/or family. Professional development services are also available. Our airport is the same as all top-of-the-line airports around the world. Thus airport e-services generally offer "easy-to-access online services for staff and customers" (e-services, 2015).

Our e-services can also be used for public service announcements, such as outbreaks of diseases in areas where fliers might be flying. Other e-service providers utilize this service as well, such as colleges and places of business that invite travelers or see a lot of thorough fare (Clear Lake E-Services,…… [Read More]

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Keeping Digital Data Secure

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Future of Data Storage in Computer Networks

There are a number of problems facing the future of information technology including the fact that networks are increasingly asked to expand in order to accommodate more and more data. Many experts believe that such increases will mean two things; one that the networks will become increasingly secure, and two because of the security, the data contained on the network will become more difficult to access. This study sought to determine the various processes that are currently being used to secure data on various networks, and to determine if that security will, or will not, ensure that data will become incrementally more difficult to obtain. To this end, this study used the most current literature available to determine if there is a problem with the data being stored in the current manner, or if there is a perception that the data will be…… [Read More]

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Theft The Emergence of the Digital Age

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The emergence of the digital age due to rapid technological advancements has transformed nearly every facet of today's societies. While the developments have contributed to significant benefits in the society, they have also resulted in the development of new means for carrying out illegal activities. An example of such cases is the way technological advancements have transformed employee data theft. Employees no longer steal files from the company but can access a firm's confidential information and secrets through the use of computers and the Internet. The most commonly used tools by employees to take confidential information include smart phones, messenger services, and emails. Therefore, companies need to be adequately prepared to respond quickly to data theft and preserve probable evidence.

Employee Data Theft Scenario:

A large aerospace engineering company has immediately hired me as a consultant to investigate a probable violation of company policy and data theft. There is…… [Read More]

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Access Data Forensics Toolkit v Encase Digital

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Access Data Forensics Toolkit v. EnCase:

Digital or computer forensics is currently one of the rapidly growing and significant industries because of technological advancements. The growth and significance of this industry has been enhanced by the increase in digital crimes, which has contributed to the need for organizations to adopt quick and reliable tools to collect and offer digital evidence. Digital forensic teams need some items in the forensic toolkits regardless of whether these teams are part of the organization or law enforcement agency. One of the most important processes in computer forensics is drive acquisition, which must be a forensically relevant sound image i.e. flat file bit stream image. In addition, the process also requires volatile data in order to enhance the findings of the process. As digital forensics continues to grow and become important, there are various toolkits that have been developed including Forensic Toolkit (FTK) by AccessData…… [Read More]

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America Isn't Ready for Real Digital Protection of Its Infrastructure

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Combating Digital Crime & Digital Terrorism

"Describe the overall impact (e.g. economic, social, etc.) of utilizing technologies in combating digital crime and digital terrorism"

It has become very obvious over the past few years that the United States' technologies that are supposed to combat cyber attacks on corporate, personal, and government computers are enormously ineffective. Some would say that is an understatement. This paper discusses ways to combat cyber crime and cyber terrorism. There is good reason why this subject needs addressing not just in college research papers but by the agencies that are supposed to protect Americans and the U.S. government and its employees (including the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, among others).

Why better digital crime prevention is imperative

In fact one of the most devastating digital attacks on U.S. government computers occurred earlier in June, as hackers linked…… [Read More]

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Music Industry in the Digital Era

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How the Internet has Transformed the Economics and Value of Music
Digital technology has transformed the way people all over the world consume music. The Digital Age has also impacted the way musicians, artists and producers benefit from making music. Prior to digitalization, music had to either be consumed live and in-person or through the purchase of a hard copy (disc, cassette tape, record, etc.). Now that music files can be shared digitally over the Internet or streamed over social media sites, the ability of producers to manage how their content is distributed has been diminished substantially. In other words, the technology of connectivity has impacted the monetization of intellectual property (IP) by making it easier for consumers to obtain IP without necessarily having to pay for it—and labels such as illegal downloading or piracy do not sufficiently act as deterrents. With the arrival of iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and…… [Read More]

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Education Digital Media and Cyber Bullying

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Post Discussion: Technology and Bullying

Students of the Digital Age want to use technology in all aspects of their lives because they are familiar with it and understand it. This can be incorporated into daily educational tasks -- however, there should be some cautionary factors in place. Some cautionary factors can be positive while others can be negative. One way to include digital media would be to open a learning environment that is less rigid than the traditional "brick and mortar school" concept -- that allows students to manage their time on their own, so long as they complete assignments using the various multi-sensory media available to them (Koonce, 2016, p. 249). While this would be a good, positive factor, one negative factor is that there has been almost no data compiled as to how this would work in a real world scenario -- and the need for quality controls…… [Read More]

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Software Copyright - Digital Millennium

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They may not install personal copies of software they purchased for home use on a school computer; or make copies of school-owned software for either home use or to share with parents and students.

In addition, the laws address the use of shareware. Sometimes people think of shareware as "free," but it is not, and schools may not use shareware beyond the date at which the shareware copyright owner demands payment. In addition, although freeware is free in that the school does not have to pay for it, the law states that people may not sell freeware. Schools are not likely to do that, but they also cannot alter the freeware for any kind of commercial purpose, even if their goal was to support educational goals in some way (Education World).

The cumulative effect of these laws require that schools (as well as everyone else) use commercial software only in…… [Read More]