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Technology Has Corrupted Society as

Words: 1054 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98649038

Civil penalties, if pursued by an organization such as the RIAA, can range from a minimum of $750 per song to thousands of dollars per song. Due to the civil lawsuits filed by the RIAA, piracy awareness rose from 35% to 72%. The RIAA has since stopped its broad-based end user litigation program [RIAA 2010].

The Internet has also facilitated the disturbing trend of cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment. Attempts to curb cyber-harassment may prove difficult as "cyber-bullies" may be anonymous and therefore, difficult to identify. In "Cyber-Bullying in Schools: A Research for Gender Differences," Qing Li states that school violence is a serious social problem that is persistent and acute during middle school [LI 2006]. Cyber-bullying, as defined by Tanya Beran and Qing Li in "Cyber Harassment: A New Method for an Old Behavior," is defined as "the repeated and intentional use of various forms of technology such as cell-phones, pagers,…… [Read More]

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Social Media is Bad for Kids

Words: 1988 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27219309

As the world has become more and more digitized, more and more young people are turning to the Internet for information, fun and socialization. Social media now serves as the most popular source or platform for young people when it comes to getting news information, sharing ideas, and communicating with others (Doster; Wood, Bukowski and Lis). They create their profiles, their followings, their list of people to follow. They cultivate a public image of themselves and even develop their own personal brands. They view social media as a virtual world to inhabit and develop while meanwhile neglecting their own personal development in the real world. As Sampasa-Kanyinga and Lewis show, teens who use social networking sites lack proper and appropriate psychological functioning: they cannot communicate well in face-to-face communications; they do not understand real world socialization; they become addicted to their mobile devices; and they feel inferior and lack…… [Read More]

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McDonald Supply Chain Management Issue

Words: 2894 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17806613

Description of the company/industry
McDonalds happens to be a premier global retailer of food services with presence in more than 100 countries (World Branding Forum, 2019). According to World Branding Forum (2019), the Retailer (McDonalds) has an excess of 36,000 locations globally and employs 1.8 million workers. Most of the global McDonalds franchises (approx. 80%) are operated and owned by business people operating independently. McDonalds serves various menu options with outstanding quality ingredients. The restaurant enjoys an upwards of 25 million customers each day. Close to 90% of the 14,000 McDonalds restaurants in the U.S. are operated and owned independently (World Branding Forum, 2019). There are close to 1,200 United Kingdom McDonalds restaurants serving close to 3 million people each day. The McDonalds brand employs approx. 97,000 workers in the UK and has invested more than £40 million on development and training every year (World Branding Forum, 2019).
McDonalds…… [Read More]

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Analyzing the Cloud Computing Industry

Words: 2503 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87874754

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Industry

Industry Definition & NAICS number: 541519
Main industry rivals (main incumbent companies competing in the industry): Main industry rivals are Microsoft, IBM, Salesoforce, SAP, Oracle, Google, ServiceNow, Workday and VMware (Evans, 2017).
Main industry supplier groups:
The main industry supplier groups are Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (Au-Yeung, Chu, Enfante, Logan & Saelee, 2016).
Main industry buyer groups:
Main industry buyers are Military, financial, health, e-commerce, and any company that needs to store or process data, which is virtually every corporation in today’s digital era.
(A) Threat of Entry (Based on Strength of Barriers to Entry)
1. Limit Pricing: Pricing depends on services rendered. If a single website is hosted, pricing can be as little as $1-$3. For larger contracts, such as hosting the Pentagon’s data, pricing can be in the billions of dollars. The field…… [Read More]

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Words: 363 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69164688

Incorporated in 1969, Walmart Inc. is today considered to be the world’s largest retailer. As the company points out on its website, its more than 10,000 stores spread across the world welcome 270 million members as well as customers every week (Walmart, 2018). Currently, the company has more than 2.3 million employees, whom it proudly refers to as associates. In essence, the retailer “operates supercenters, supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, cash and carry stores, discount stores, drugstores, and convenience stores; membership-only warehouse clubs; e-commerce Websites, and mobile commerce and voice-activated commerce applications” (Bloomberg, 2018).
Gross Margin and Earnings per Share
Gross Margin in 2014 and 2015
According to Heisinger (2009), “the gross profit margin ratio indicates the gross margin generated for each dollar in net sales and is calculated as gross margin (which is net sales – cost of goods sold) divided by net sales” (634).
The gross margin for…… [Read More]

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Decline of Retail Documentary

Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 23430827

Part 1
1. This film follows the daily workings of retailers in the dying bricks and mortar retail centers of an urban area. It pays particular attention to the piling inventory and the slowing sales. It shows the emptiness of stores and alludes to the ominous presence of e-commerce and Amazon hanging over the heads of these bricks and mortar retailers.
2. This will be an informative documentary that will include aspects of the talking heads form as well as the journalistic form. Ken Burns’ documentaries are always inspiring for me but I want this one to be contemporary.
3. Yes, I will be doing interviews: a) I will interview bricks and mortar retailers and customers; b) I will find them by going to the urban area and talking to them; c) to make the film visually interesting, I will use shots of these stores while interviewees’ words are…… [Read More]

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The FTC Monopolies and the Market

Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93756128

Capitalism and Competition
It is ironic that the FTC video points to the shopping mall as evidence that its anti-trust laws are working, because the mall is going the way of the dinosaur—i.e., many malls are empty, as Amazon has basically killed the bricks and mortar retailers. With Amazon, the e-commerce giant, seeming to take over everything (or at least retail), it does seem at times like there is not much competition in some respects. What I find to be problematic is that Amazon can actually lose money on its retail end (it makes its money mainly through Amazon Web Services—i.e., by providing Internet to companies). With every transaction, Amazon is losing money—but because it is undercutting its competitors, its competitors are going out of business and Amazon gets their market share. As Amazon spreads into other sectors it does seem like it is becoming a trust—but it is still…… [Read More]

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Internet Terms Essay

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The twenty-first century observed the information and computer revolution; empowering people to have instant communication and permitting them in carrying out activities using computers. The use of the computer is not limited to a single or specific industry and its use would be seen in all the industries or sectors. Presently, we are living in a world wherein nearly everyone has heard about computer technology and over sixty percent of people have information on its usage. We can now find laptops or computers in shops, homes, educational institutions, ticket counters, and so on (Daily Alert, 2013). It is important to have an understanding of some important terms used in the field of computer technology. This essay will provide an understanding of the various terms involving the Internet such as, web browser, URL, Wi-Fi, network, firewalls, email, phishing, malware, and more.


The internet, in simple terms, occasionally called as…… [Read More]

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Organizational Diagnostic Models JAKKS Pacific

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According to Cummings and Worley (2014), the relevance of organizational diagnostic models cannot be overstated when it comes to the identification of the appropriate data required to highlight the deficiencies as well as strengths of a company, and the existing opportunities to improve operations and processes. For this discussion, the following organizational diagnostic models will be highlighted; the 7S model, the congruence model, the Burke-Litwin model, Leavitt’s model, force field analysis, and the Weisbord’s six-box model.

The 7S Model

This model seeks to highlight the organizational design of an entity by focusing of seven primary internal elements. The said elements include; strategy, structure, skills, style, staff, systems, and shared values (Falletta, 2005). In essence, the goal in this case is to determine whether these elements are aligned in a way that permits an entity to effectively pursue its objectives. It is important to note that as per the 7S model,…… [Read More]

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Privacy Risks and Principles

Words: 842 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34605630

Part A
My website of choice in this case will be eBay (https://www.ebay.com/). In essence, eBay is “a ‘virtual marketplace’ allowing eMerchants, located anywhere in the world, who have registered with eBay to trade within this ‘virtual world’” (Bardopoulos, 2015, p. 51). Some of the site’s product categories include, but they are not limited to, health and beauty products, toys and videogames, sporting goods, computers and consumer electronics, clothing, cell phones, books, etc. The site also offers for sale motorcycle and automotive accessories and parts.

The website has in place a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines the various ways through which the website may not only gather, but also make use of and disclose customer data. The contents of the privacy statement include; scope and content, global privacy standards, collection, use and retention, choice, access, disclosure, security, important information, and questions or complaints (eBay, 2018). On the basis of my…… [Read More]

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Walmart's Use of Technology for a Competitive Advantage

Words: 738 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48600917

Wal-Mart's strategy is to be the low cost seller in the market, but how does a company sell at a lower price that the competition all the time? The answer lies in Wal-Mart's supply chain. While many rightfully point out that Wal-Mart's buying power is better anybody else's (Lu, 2014) , because it is the biggest retailer in the world, technology also plays a huge role in how Wal-Mart is able to sell at prices below all the other companies (Fishman, 2003).

Wal-Mart has long recognized that the only way to offer the lowest prices is by sourcing its goods at the lowest price. This does not necessarily mean buying power – Costco, Target, Amazon and others can more or less match Wal-Mart's buying power – but it means getting goods to the store shelves as cheaply as humanly possible. Purchasing is only one part of that, and Wal-Mart has…… [Read More]

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Crimes against Property

Words: 1288 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50256713

The common characteristics of all property crimes

Property crime can encompass aspects of burglary, theft, or motor vehicle theft and this also includes attempted as well as completed crimes. In accordance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2010), property crime comprises of the wrongdoings of motor vehicle theft, larceny-theft, burglary, as well as, arson. In particular, the object of the theft-kind transgressions encompasses the taking of money or property, however with the lack of force or threat of force against the victims. Imperatively, the property crime classification takes into account arson for the reason that the offense consists of the destruction of property. Nonetheless, arson victims may be subjected to force. There are two crime measures in the United States with regard to crimes against property. One is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) by the Bureau of Justice Standards (BJS), which encompasses reported and unreported crime from the perspective…… [Read More]

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Digitalization to Enhance Customer Satisfaction at APM Terminals

Words: 3458 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31788558

While digitalization has been shown to positively influence customer satisfaction in organizations in diverse sectors and industries, there has been little scholarly attention to the port industry. Focusing on APM Terminals, one of the largest container terminal and port management companies in the world, the proposed study seeks to fill this gap in literature. The study will take the mixed methods approach.

In business, the significance of customer satisfaction cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, with increasingly many firms providing similar goods or services, dissatisfied customers can easily look for other alternatives. Accordingly, firms do whatever it takes to retain customers and keep them happy (Kumar, 2016). With tremendous technological advancements over the years, firms are ever more relying on technology as a valuable driver of customer satisfaction. Whether it is processing a customer order or automating luggage handling, firms in diverse sectors and industries have adopted modern technologies in an attempt…… [Read More]

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Walmarts Marketing Strategies

Words: 2207 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17952546

Marketing Strategies

Walmart retail chain is ranked as the number one and top most retail chain not only in the United States, but also in the world (Farfan, 2016). Starting out as a single store, Walmart has developed to turn out to be the biggest company in the world in terms of revenues. The business undertaken by Walmart as a company encompasses restaurants, superstores, retail stores and also warehouse clubs. The company also undertakes e-commerce through its website Walmart.com. In terms of retail products, the merchandises being sold in Walmart's retail stores include baby products, healthcare products, household goods, electronics, books, automotive products, clothing, furnishings and decor, alcohol, grocery, paper products and so much more (Walmart Website, 2016).

Actions to Build and Sustain Relationships

In order for a retailer to become successful, the organization has to undertake the application of concepts of value and building relations so that consumers attain…… [Read More]

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Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage

Words: 3280 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29148455

Business Operations in Your Organization: Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage

Organization Selected

The company I have chosen to examine is Walmart Stores, Inc. Walmart Store Inc. became originally established in the year 1945 and is in the present day undertaking its operations in retail stores in over twenty seven countries. The company is split into three key segments. These are Walmart International, Walmart United States and Sam's Club. The business undertaken by Walmart as a company encompasses restaurants, superstores, retail stores and also warehouse clubs. The company also undertakes e-commerce through its website Walmart.com. In terms of retail products, the merchandises being sold in Walmart's retail stores include baby products, healthcare products, household goods, electronics, books, automotive products, clothing, furnishings and decor, alcohol, grocery, paper products and so much more. Walmart is a United States global retailing corporation that operates chains of massive discount department and warehouse stores (Walmart Website,…… [Read More]

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Strategic Policy and Planning at Dell Computers

Words: 1145 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69072003

Dell, an American multinational computer technology company, was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Established on a build-to-order and direct sales business model, the company rapidly established its position in the rigorously competitive global computer technology industry to become the largest personal computer (PC) and server vendor by 2003. In addition to PCs and servers, the company is involved in the development and retailing of computer-related products such as network switches, software, data storage devices, computer peripherals, as well as consumer electronics; all in which it commands a substantial share of the global market. Despite its robust position in the industry, the company has over the years faced significant competitive pressure, with the future presenting even more aggressive rivalry. This case study provides a strategic analysis of the company. First, a SWOT analysis of the company is provided. Second, attention is paid to the organization's corporate-level and business-level strategies. Third,…… [Read More]

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The Effect of Globalization on Business

Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53583798

Globalization has impacted business in a number of ways. Today, businesses are able to expand their reach and their markets because of globalization. The entire world is now open for business thanks to advancements in communications technology, travel, accommodations, international trade, and international partnerships. Globalization has not helped make the world more united in terms of interaction and dealings, it has also helped open up cultures and societies to new ideas, new consumers, and new exchanges. Businesses are profiting from globalization by marketing their products and services to consumers in new markets that decades earlier were much harder to penetrate. Now, in the wake of globalization, businesses can research the backgrounds and heritages of new markets in different areas of the world, find out how to market themselves to the citizens there, and produce a product or service that will appeal to these consumers. Globalization is in fact changing the…… [Read More]

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The Positioning of Amazon in China

Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40891186

Amazon is described as “an e-commerce and cloud computing company, offering the internet’s largest retail platform,” situating the industry giant between multiple product categories (Interbrand, 2017).
Example Market
The example market chosen for Amazon is China, one of the main areas of potential failure for the company. Cultural factors that impact marketing include language, the ways consumers interact with digital sites/graphical user interface, the types of products being offered, and content.
Message Strategies
The message strategies Amazon uses in the home country are completely different from what is used in China due to differences in socio-linguistics and semantics. Visuals are also radically different, and some Korean online firms understand Chinese aesthetics better than Amazon (Caixa Liu & Jinhwan Hong, 2016)
Localizing Efforts
Amazon has purchased local companies in China like Joyo, to try and start with the localized platforms. However, the rebrand as Amazon was not as successful as was…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain Management at Walmart

Words: 1335 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24305608

Transportation Economics and ERP Implementation
A Brief Summary of the Organization
Wal-Mart is an American public corporation established in 1962. The company runs a chain of warehouse stores and discount stores located across the globe. Today, Wal-Mart is the leading grocery chain internationally. The company offers a wide selection of products in their over 8000 stores worldwide (Sehgal, 2011).
The Role of Transportation Economics in Wal-Mart’s Transportation Decisions
Transportation is one of the most critical economic activities for Wal-Mart. By shifting goods from where they are sourced to locations where the demand is high, transportation is an essential logistic function that links Wal-Mart to its customers and suppliers. This activity supports the company’s economic utilities of time and place. By place, the customers must always find the goods at any given place they demand it. Time utility means that Wal-Mart must ensure that customers can access the goods whenever they…… [Read More]

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PEST Analysis of Russia and Mexico

Words: 3858 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24900020

Amazon Web Services’ Expansion to Russia and Mexico
Executive Summary
While globalization has posed numerous potential opportunities and threats in the international business arena, many of these opportunities and threats are specific to individual countries (Zhuplev, 2016). Therefore, a country risk analysis becomes a crucial element to consider for companies doing business on the international scale. In this view, country risk analysis has been the subject of extensive research in recent times with a focus on a range of opportunity and threat factors such as the economic, political, social and technological environments. The type of institutions involved in these analyses is equally broad ranging from debt-rating agencies, research organizations, political agencies, business entities and international entities like the World Economic Forum. Indeed, comparing countries such as Russia and Mexico as will be done in this study will influence the decision that Amazon Web Services will make regarding the market to…… [Read More]

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HIPPA as it Relates to the World Wide Web Consortium

Words: 1925 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51072598

World Wide Web consortium as it applies to HIPPA
The government of the U.S.A. enacted the HIPAA in 1966. In the Information and Technology sector, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is one of the standards. W3C has to ensure that, software, applications, and other web tools that are meant for use in the healthcare industry adhere to the set HIPAA guidelines. W3C standards have been able to strongly support the individualization of web tools through firm design guidelines and principles and solid web architecture. The HIPAA requires 128-bit encryption therefore; the W3C requires that this be the minimum encryption level. The W3C recommends that healthcare providers integrate security protocols that are effective to their network systems as required by the HIPAA. The W3C is a crucial party in the implementation of HIPAA policies and for healthcare providers to ensure effectively with HIPAA privacy policies
In the modern…… [Read More]

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Managing and Leading

Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83531522

shifting focus?

The success of leaders and managers is contingent on the following three key capabilities: positive intelligence, emotional intelligence, and cultural intelligence (Kaifi, 2013). Management and leadership modification focuses on leaders' capability of motivating subordinates to deliver extraordinary performance. Further, it relies on leaders' efficacy of creating opportunities capable of facilitating personnel transformation of problems into achievements, in difficult periods. Emergency management necessitates robust leadership which may spur enterprise growth, produce change, and thus reshape the firm's business operations as well as long- and short-term stakeholder perceptions regarding the firm (Fragouli & Ibidapo, 2015).

A successful leader can grasp the fact that he/she is best- equipped for decision making because of his/her thorough organizational knowledge. While specialists' narrow focus is necessary, it only supplements and doesn't replace a leader's thorough organizational knowledge. Change management constitutes a well- discussed subject in corporate efficacy and management literature. Among the most difficult…… [Read More]

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Internet Consumption and Student Happiness

Words: 568 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99261580

Experimental Design Worksheet

This study will test the contention of Hall (2016) that Internet use is inversely correlated with happiness. In his study of Internet use, Hall found that the longer individuals spent online per day, the lower their measures of personal satisfaction. This study will attempt to further explore Hall's findings, namely to determine if specific types of Internet use (social media versus research-based use) are more likely to have a negative impact on adolescent's moods. Adolescence is often noted as a particularly fraught time in most individual's personal history and a crucial period of self-definition. Adolescents are also believed to be at higher risk for online bullying, Internet addiction, or simply using the Internet as a frequent form of communication and social connection. The study will also refine Hall's broad definition of happiness/unhappiness by assessing student's self-esteem, locus of control, and levels of depression.

Hall R.H. (2016) Internet…… [Read More]

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Online Dating Scams and Identity Theft

Words: 7046 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42394908

Online Dating Scams and Its Role in Identity Theft


The increased use of the Internet in modern communications has contributed to the emergence of cyberspace, which has become an alternative medium for developing and experiencing new relationships. The cyberspace is currently used for various purposes including communication and for developing creative romantic endeavors with less spatio-temporal restrictions. While online love platforms have proliferated and blossomed in the past few decades, they have become avenues for cyber crime. This paper examines how online dating platforms have developed to become cyber crime sites through which identity fraud is carried out. The analysis begins with an overview of whether online dating is a scam and the role of online dating scams in identity theft. This evaluation is based on the use of social control theory as the theoretical framework that guides the research. The researcher conducts document…… [Read More]

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A Market Propped by Central Banks

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81682246


The premise of Modigliani and Miller, that dividend policy is basically irrelevant in that if a firm is growing then an internal dividend is created and the investor may sell shares to capture this dividend, is based on the idea that in today's market fundamentals matter. They do not. Today's market is driven by central bank policy. Quantitative Easing (QE) has so altered the market and eradicated true price discovery that a simple comparison of charts -- one of a global economy that is collapsing and one of a U.S. stock market at all-time highs -- is enough to persuade any rational person that an examination of central bank balance sheets is warranted. Such an examination would uncover trillions in exposure. The Bank of Japan for instance was a top 10 holder of 90% of the Nikkei in April and has only increased its stake since then (Durden). The…… [Read More]

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Private Cloud RFID and Data Warehousing technology in a Retail Firm Case of Wal Mart

Words: 1736 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 28214834

Data Warehousing and Mobile Computing

Walmart is the largest company in the world with the estimated one million customers every hour and more than 100 million customers every week. A large number of customer and gigantic supply chain make the company start using the RFID system to track moving items and manage the supply chains. However, the RFID produces gigantic datasets, which may be challenging to store in the relational database. To address this problem, Walmart develops the data warehousing to store the data, and the company derives cost benefits and data security benefits by transferring the data into the data warehousing. However, Walmart datasets continue to grow, and at present the data has reached 101 terabytes. A change in the business environment makes Walmart make a decision to transfer their data into the cloud. In the present competitive business environment, retail companies are looking for the strategies to cut…… [Read More]

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the home depot'strategy

Words: 1022 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 67215981

Home Improvement

Retail Operations Analysis

A Comparison and Analysis of Company-Specific Strategies used by Lowes and The Home Depot

The two biggest firms operating in the retail space that targets the home improvement niche are Lowes and the Home Depot. These two firms essentially dominate the industry with Home Depot accounting for nearly sixty percent of total revenues, and Lowe's capturing a bulk of the rest (about 39%), but there are number of smaller firms that also target specific market segments as well as various local markets that all compete for a smaller share of the market. In this industry there is not a great deal of opportunity to create a strategy in which product differentiation can offer a competitive advantage. For example, most stores carry either the same product mixes, or products that could be considered direct substitutes, and most of the consumer preferences will be related to price,…… [Read More]

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Analyzing and Assessing the WACC

Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 95089564


Column Table Displaying Companies and their WACC


Brief Description


Bank of America (BAC)

Bank of America is deemed to be one of the world's largest financial institutions and among the best wealth management companies in the world. According to the company's annual report, its banking as well as nonbanking divisions provide and supply a wide-ranging set of financial product and services through 5 primary business segments. These are categorized as Global Wealth and Investment Management, Consumer and Business Banking, Global Banking, Consumer Real Estate Services and Global Markets (Bank of America Corporation, 2014).

Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM)

Qualcomm Inc. has come to be one of the major players in mobile technology and innovation. The company concentrates in the areas of creating mobile semiconductor chips, 3G, 4G as well as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). In the past of years, Qualcomm Inc. has been a prevailing force in the…… [Read More]

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The Role of Personalization

Words: 3043 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37342741

Personalized Marketing


Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Online retail and offline retailing marketing strategy

Marketing Communication



Personalized marketing is the process of creating pitches and messages for individual consumers and is often considered as the ultimate model of targeted marketing. It is also defined as one-to-one marketing exercise of strategy where the companies make use of analysis of personal data and digital technology to create and to develop individualized messages and offerings of products to existing as well as prospective customers. The personalized messages are created based on personalized data that is collected through a number of methods and use of analytics and digital electronics and digital economics. Personalized marketing helps marketers to create and deploy enhanced and real-time as well as prolonged better customer experience through personalization tactics ("Executive summary of "Recommendations as personalized marketing: insights from customer experiences," 2014).

Personalized marketing also involves the personalization and customization…… [Read More]

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

Words: 1603 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: Array

Postmates' Expansion to Japan: Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

Postmates is an on-demand good delivery platform that has a presence in more than 100 town and areas in the U.S.A. It enables people to get anything from local stores delivered in their doorsteps for a small fee. The model used by Postmates is similar to that of Uber but instead of using taxis, Postmates enables people to get goods from local stores using many other methods. Similarly, the company makes use of the rich human courier network in the delivery of goods. The company makes use of mobile devices and GPS to make sure that they match the demand and supply and within the shortest time possible. This means that most of the things done by the company are virtual with some of the employees working full time or part time. Entering the Japanese market will allow the company…… [Read More]

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Walmart Compared to Target

Words: 1924 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98615105

Wal Mart

Comparison of Financial Performance Results for WalMart

Comparison to Target

Financial Ratios for Walmart

Evaluation of Other Areas of Financial Analysis

Analysis of One year ratio of Walmart and Comparison with Target


Walmart has been in business for more than 50 years and at present has a footfall every week of more than 260 million customers in the 11,500 stores under 65 banners in 28 countries and the e-commerce sites in 11 countries. The net sale of the company in 2014 was $476.29 billion. The company has 2.2 million associated across the world. The group recorded a net sale increase of 1.9% in the fiscal year ended January 30, 2015 and it returned $7.2 billion to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases (Annualreports.com, 2015).

Target -- Walmart's Competitor

Target offers perishables, dry grocery, dairy and frozen items and all food items comparable to traditional supermarkets. The company…… [Read More]

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Study of Management at Walmart

Words: 1913 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53387421

Management: Management at Walmart

Background of Walmart

Mission, Vision and Values of Walmart

Managers at Walmart

Manager's Role in Decision Making and Strategy

Managers Managing Diversity

Managers as Motivators

Background of Walmart

For this study we would dwell into the role of a manager at Walmart -- the largest retailer in the U.S. Walmart has been in business for more than 50 years and at present has a footfall every week of more than 260 million customers in the 11,500 stores under 65 banners in 28 countries and the e-commerce sites in 11 countries. The net sale of the company in 2014 was $476.29 billion. The company has 2.2 million associated across the world. The group recorded a net sale increase of 1.9% in the fiscal year ended January 30, 2015 and it returned $7.2 billion to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases (Corporate.walmart.com).

The company has been credited with…… [Read More]

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How Karmel Games Leveraged Made in America Into Corporate Success

Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88823274

Decision to Outsource or Manufacture in-House

Today, a growing companies of all sizes and types are confronted with the decision concerning whether it is in their best interests to manufacture their products in-house or outsource the various functions of the supply chain. One such company is Karmel Games which is headquartered in La Jolla, California. Founded in 2006 by Geoffrey Moran (current CEO) and Kim Treffinger (current sales director), Karmel Games has introduced a line of educational games and toys under the brand Evolving Toys over the years that are all manufactured by the company in the United States that have won numerous awards from educational organizations for their innovative design that makes learning fun and contributed to its success. To gain some new insights into the rationale behind the company's decision to retain the manufacturing of its line of games and toys in-house, this paper reviews the relevant literature…… [Read More]

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Understanding Customer Loyalty and Distribution Strategies

Words: 1080 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 32822330

Marketing Strategies in Costco's Retail Stores

Retail Store Loyalty

Besides being one of the leading U.S. retail stores, Costco has won the hearts of many customers. As a customer, I have maintained my loyalty to this retailer, thanks to their small, surprise gifts that often remind me to visit the store in a delighted manner. Often, these unexpected gifts reflect the law of reciprocity, meaning the company responds to my positive actions with a positive action (Dahmen, 2004). The gifts range from simple things like a digital card. However, I feel that Costco could improve their customer experience by offering a personalized, compelling and seamless brand experience. While seeking to satisfy consumers' demands, the retailer must focus on the degree of involvement that consumers have with their brands across channels. Therefore, Costco must deliver value to me to continue earning my loyalty. In the wake of e-.commerce boom, Costco needs…… [Read More]

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Evaluation on the Use of Metadata in the Retail Industry

Words: 2375 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 67646553

Cyber Security Relating to the Use of Metadata in the Retail Industry

The Goal of Businesses

Importance of Consumer Meta-data to businesses within the Retail Industry

Instances where the use of Meta Data may be harmful to Consumer

Possible Method those lawmakers should consider regulating to control the use of Meta-data

Goals of lawmakers within the Public Sector

Goals of this industry, and Public Sector goals, as more new cybersecurity Laws are Promulgated

In the present digital environment, both the government and private companies have goals to pursue. While the goal of the retail companies is to increase their revenue and protect their critical assets, the goal of the public sector is to protect both consumers and private companies. However, the public sector may face challenging to balance these goals because increasing number of retail companies are using the big data to collect private data on their customers that may…… [Read More]

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Economic Political and Legal Concerns in Marketing a Product in Czech

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Staffing Approaches

ABC Company

My first strategy will endeavor to address the mean income of the country concerning marketing front load washers and dryers. To penetrate the market, I believe price reduction should ensure inevitably to capture a wider customer base. The gas-powered dryers are the main target for ABC in venturing into the Czech Republic. Currently, front load washers and dryers retail at about $2,000, depending on the manufacturer. The machines of ABC Company will depict high efficiency attributed to wastage of less power. Additionally, the machines would be star rated, observing minimum energy performance standards and ratings. As the CEO, I will ensure that the machines introduced to the Czech Republic market will conform to electrical ratings of the nation based on factors like volts, watts, and amperes.

Economic Concerns

Recently, Czech consumers have remained careful in their choices of purchasing home laundry appliances. The economic crisis has…… [Read More]

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How Motivated Employees Helped Save an American Institution

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Motivational Challenges at Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Today, Harley-Davidson, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "Harley-Davidson" or "the company") is the only major heavy motorcycle manufacturer in the United States and the company enjoys fierce loyalty from an ever-widening consumer base (Company profile, 2016). This legacy is the result of more than a century of intensive research and development as well as innovation in designs that have made Harley-Davidson motorcycles legendary for their high performance and rugged appearance. This legacy, though, almost ended during the 1970s and 1980s when increased competition from Japan and problems with manufacturing nearly bankrupted the company. To its credit, though, the company's leadership succeeded in turning the company around through informed management practices including employee motivation initiatives such as the High Powered Work Organization concept. To determine the facts in this case, this paper reviews the relevant literature to provide an overview of the company and a discussion concerning the…… [Read More]

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Target vs Walmart Financial Analysis

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Target vs. Walmart Financial Analysis

Synopsis of the Companies

Wal-Mart Store Inc. became originally established in the year 1945 and is in the present day undertaking its operations in retail stores in over twenty-seven countries. The company is split into three key segments. These are Walmart International, Walmart United States and Sam's Club. The business undertaken by Walmart as a company encompasses restaurants, superstores, retail stores and also warehouse clubs. The company also undertakes e-commerce through its website Walmart.com. In terms of retail products, the merchandises being sold in Walmart's retail stores include baby products, healthcare products, household goods, electronics, books, automotive products, clothing, furnishings and decor, alcohol, grocery, paper products and so much more. The leadership and control of the company is held by the Walton family, which owns about forty-eight percent of the shares of the company. Walmart was established by Sam Walton and therefore shows why the…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Information Technology and Business

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Categories of risk associated with sourcing of IT/IS services

Performance Risk

Delays at third parties may lead to a decline in end customer performance levels and timely delivery. As a product/service is outsourced, this risk gets heightened severely. Several factors can cause delays such as factors that are not within the outsourcing company's control. For instance, delays at the port/custom, weather, labor disputes, and political crisis. More severe examples are delays caused by terrorist activities and uncertainties and interruptions from outbreaks of deadly and contagious diseases like SARS or Ebola. As variability and lead-time increase, the need for greater stock levels and all other expensive buffers also increases, whereas generally, supply chain confidence reduces.

Operational Risk

Also, the outsourcing alteration phase may not succeed if budgets and schedules are not actualized as a result of lack of resources or adequate planning. It is possible to run an outsourcing using…… [Read More]

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C2C B2C and B2B Business Models Online

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eBay and the Early e-Business Categories

The early e-business categories represented a novel approach to conducting business no matter the method, whether business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), or consumer-to-consumer (C2C) as eBay was. As a C2C e-business, eBay created a platform whereby consumers could cut out the middle man and engaged directly with sellers (which were typically other consumers, as eBay represented itself as a giant yard sale, where everyone was invited to post their goods, but gradually began to include small businesses which viewed the portal as a place where they could market directly to buyers as well) (Steiner, 2014). The ability of eBay to utilize so many models of e-business in its one single set-up showed that e-business could cater to any type of category by reducing the need for the middle man. Amazon would take it a step further and serve as the middle man, connecting buyers to…… [Read More]