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Risk in a Capitalistic Society Risk Is

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In a capitalistic society, risk is often associated with reward. In many instances, it takes risk to garner the large profits and wealth that many entrepreneurs amass over time. It is through this risk that society overall benefits. The vast ecosystem embedded within a capitalistic society requires innovations to better compete in a global environment. Technology, energy, and banking all require new and unique products to cater to a growing international dynamic. Inherently, these activities can be risky. New product launches, for instance, must cater to changing consumer sentiments. The forecast of these changes could have been in error resulting in a monetary loss as oppose to a profit for the company. By taking the risk however society improves by having new and innovative products available when they are demanded. It is therefore my contention that risk, when controlled, is good for society overall. There are however, negative aspects…… [Read More]

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Great Awakening in America the Great Awakenings

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Great Awakening in America

The Great Awakenings refer to several waves of interest in religion in America. These waves have coincided with increases in economic prosperity and materialism that have caused people to view religion with less interest. It began in the 1930s as disunited attempts at religious revival and in the 1940s had matured into "the remarkable Revival of Religion" (Lambert, p. 6). During the 1740 sThe Great Awakenings aimed at inspiring people to perceive religion as a source of emotional energy and not as a set of rituals and practices. The social and economic problems faced by twenty-first century American society necessitate a similar movement that can create a sense of community in a religiously and ethnically diverse society.

During the early decades of the eighteenth century, the British colonies in America were evolving from their beginnings in the sixteenth century. Trade in slaves, sugar, tobacco and manufactured…… [Read More]

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Merrill Lynch Barge Scenario Case Summary --

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Merrill Lynch Barge Scenario

Case Summary -- Enron, a Texas-based energy company, was created in 1985 and had such phenomenal growth it was soon the seventh largest company in the U.S. until its bankruptcy in 2001. Enron was involved in a number of scandals, among which was the Nigerian Barge Case. Essentially, Enron attempted to sell interest in three power-generating barges off the coast of Nigeria, but was unsuccessful. By December of 1999, Merrill Lynch agreed to buy Enron's interest. Enron "loaned" ML 75% of the money, offering ML a guaranteed return of 15% on 7 million dollars ($1.05 million in 6 months). Essentially, the entire deal was a fraud, designed only to make Enron appear more profitable than it was. Most of the Enron promises were verbal, and the situation was never really a "sale," but a short-term leverage loan. Enron's objective, in fact, was to improve the way…… [Read More]

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Wetlands Are the Main Link Between the

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Wetlands are the main link between the land and the water, and as such are vitally important to the ecology. Wetlands have been misunderstood and abused throughout the history of the United States -- and elsewhere in the world -- and that has led to enormous environmental losses. This paper explores all pertinent information with regard to wetlands.

What are Wetlands?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines wetlands as those "…transition zones where the flow of water, the cycling of nutrients," along with the sun's energy, all meet in order to create "…a unique ecosystem characterized by hydrology, soils, and vegetation" (EPA). The four categories of wetlands are swamps, bogs, fens and marshes. The EPA describes marshes as wetlands that are "…dominated by soft-stemmed vegetation"; swamps are quite different, as they are composed of "mostly woody plants."

As for bogs, they are freshwater wetlands that were formed by glacier-made lakes;…… [Read More]

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Innovation at 24-Hour Fitness Innovation Is Important

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Innovation at 24-Hour Fitness

Innovation is important for any business in any industry, yet it is easy to become complacent and to forget about the needs of innovation as long as the money keeps coming in. If a company continues to make sales, pay its employees, and turn a profit for shareholders, investing the time, energy, and resources into effective innovation can be difficult. In a highly competitive industry like that of health and fitness clubs, however, forgetting about innovation can mean losing market share, losing revenue, and eventually closing up shop (Carlson & Wilmot, 2006). The following paragraphs briefly outline some innovative strategies and processes employed at 24-Hour Fitness, a well-known national brand of health and fitness clubs/gyms, clearly demonstrating the impact on the bottom line and on overall organizational success that innovation has (and the damage that avoiding innovation can cause).

One of the major innovations that 24-Hour…… [Read More]

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Pain Management Oregon State Board Treatment Method

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Pain Management

Oregon State Board

Treatment Method for Pain Management

Treatment Method for Pain Management

Treatment Method for Pain Management

Education Requirement by Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN)

The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) is responsible for checking and monitoring the education requirements of the registered nurses. There is a standard pain management requirement for every licensed health care provider in the state of Oregon regarding pain management. It has been made mandatory to complete seven hours of pain management. Out of which one hour should be of course offered by Oregon Pain Management Commission. This course is available online.

Selected Method for Pain Management

The method of pain management selected for discussion here in the paper is Acupuncture. This treatment has been used in various parts of Asia for centuries and has had some popularity in the world recently. While some are skeptical to this treatment, there…… [Read More]

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Personal Strengths Improvement Identification and Improvement of

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Personal Strengths improvement

Identification and Improvement of Strengths from High Performance to Excellence for Life Skills

The analysis of the quote by speaker and author Peter Drucker, "One should waste as little effort as possible on improving areas of low competence. It takes far more energy to improve from incompetence to mediocrity than it takes to improve from first-rate performance to excellence," (Drucker 1999) requires deep personal self-reflection . The influence of self-assessment on improvement and eventual success is not a static single event, but as the article discusses, is a continuous process of feedback and critical internal evaluation. Self-assessment and feedback is applied to understanding the talents for an individual, "A" in a case study written as a semi-impartial observer with critical feedback and analysis. Evaluations of decisions and outcomes help to confirm those talents and direct the improvement toward strengths and eventual success in college courses and eventual…… [Read More]

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Political Parties and Democracy a Central Claim

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Political Parties and Democracy

A central claim of democratic theory is that democracy induces governments to be responsive to the preferences of the people. Political parties serve to organize politics in almost every modern democracy in the world (in both presidential and parliamentary systems). Some observers claim that the parties are what induce democracies to be responsive. In this essay, the author will show this point of democracy being dependent upon the buildup of democratic expression through the buildup and maintenance of organic party organizations in both presidential and parliamentary systems in democracies worldwide. This analysis excludes ethnic parties which infect the systems with instability. Rather, we will see how other institutions can be harnessed to channel these energies in more profitable directions.

Brief Outline of Sources on Best System Mix for Political Stability-

The stability of any presidential system is that the candidates participate in the races in the…… [Read More]

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Knowledge Worker Is Someone Employed More Because

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Knowledge worker is someone employed more because of their specific informational expertise or mastery of a subject or process instead of their ability to perform manual or physical labor. These individuals will tend to advance the information available about their subject because they are able to devote their time and energy to focused analysis, or even redesign and development of a process. They are somewhat like the pure researchers of the past -- they work to solve particular problems, influence organizational decisions, and set priorities and strategies through their own intellectual curiosity. Most experts say that the real differentiation of knowledge working is that it is "non-routine" problem solving based on higher level thinking (Reinhardt,, 2011).

The idea of acquiring and disseminating knowledge is certainly not new, nor is the philosophical paradigm of how humans acquire and process that same knowledge. To understand the modern version of knowledge working,…… [Read More]

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U S National Strategy What Three United States

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U.S. National Strategy

What three United States national interests do you think will be at great risk over the next five years? Describe those interests and identify which instruments of national power can be leveraged to protect or advance those national interests and how those instruments can be used.

As President Obama stated in his addresses to Congress in February 2009, the most important problem that the country faced was the economy, which was in the worst recession since the 1930s. This affected both domestic and foreign policy, since the country would probably have to reduce military spending and its commitments overseas as it did during the Great Depression, so for the Obama administration economic recovery was the primary goal. He did promise that "the weight of this crisis will not determine the destiny of this nation" (Obama Address, 2009, p. 1). He promised that the government would deal with…… [Read More]

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Coca Cola Pricing Strategy Coca-Cola Does Not

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Coca Cola Pricing Strategy

Coca-Cola does not have one price all over the world and the reason behind this pricing strategy can be encapsulated in two main arguments:

Not all countries in the world have a thriving economy

The currency exchange rate can make all the difference

Let us now understand what these arguments mean. If India ever followed the uniform pricing strategy all over the world, it would not only lose a large chunk of customers but also lose out seriously to its competitors in those local markets. Every country, regardless of its size and economy, does have local producers offering a vast or limited variety of refreshment drinks. These drinks are normally priced low since they are every-day drinks and need to be consumed often, sometimes more than once a day. If the local producers ignore the per capita income of the country, they would never be able…… [Read More]

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Climate Change a Review of Recent Developments

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Climate Change

A review of recent developments in climate change science.

Initial Reaction.

This is an eye-opener of an article. The facts presented in the journal Progress in Physical Geography show powerful evidence that the climate is changing faster than earlier believed. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) empirical reports are fascinating to me, and understanding this global threat is important for all citizens. For those who believe conservative talk radio (global warming is being exaggerated they say, and those promoting warnings about carbon releases are just anti-business) -- or otherwise and have doubts about how and why the climate is changing -- this is a good starting point to the real world for those folks. I am frankly amazed at the number of media personalities and even elected public officials that still think climate change is some kind of liberal conspiracy. It is patently absurd to ignore empirical…… [Read More]

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Legal Issues in Hydraulic Fracturing

Words: 708 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27823622

Legal Issues in Hydraulic Fracturing

This study provides a comprehensive elaboration of the legal implications of hydraulic fracturing. Moreover, it reviews the environmental issues associated with the process of hydraulic fracturing. The role of hydraulic fracturing in the United States energy needs is also reviewed. Some of the environmental issues raised concerning the process include ground water contamination, chemical implications as well as air contamination. The legal issues handled include the absence of adequate regulations within the national environmental laws framework that govern hydraulic fracturing (Tiemann, & Vann, 2011).

Legal issues

The current trends in the federal regulatory process, in the country are contained in the underground injection control program. However, the legal framework fails to articulate the requirements for the hydraulic fracturing activities clearly. This exemption at the national level allows for the continued use of a process that has negative implications t the environment. On several accounts, proposed…… [Read More]

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Hurricane Sandy Issues and Arguments

Words: 1321 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85017902

So that is one step we can take. Here is a different one.

Nowadays we regularly file environmental impact statements showing the insinuation for the environment of this or that responsibility (a new strip mine, an undeveloped establishment another airport, a dump yard…you can provide any one of hundreds of examples). We ought to in this similar fashion file statements showing the force of real estate development; the building of structures, dams, and levees; and other main projects -- on the augmented vulnerability to hazards they will compel on others. In this politically charged climate, this will look like to many like another unrequited federal "undertaking," but why should my self-determination extend to building a levee to defend my property that will augment the risk to your property downstream on that same river? Should I not have to check with you? The obligation for Environmental Impact Statements prompted numerous complaints…… [Read More]

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Lucky by Alice Sebold Analysis

Words: 3376 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89361661

During her reorganization phase, her personality and the emotional support from other social units played a vital role. As a person, she was a survivor. She appeared to posses a character which made her endure the pain yet live through the moment. It was her resilience that made her go to public authorities even after she lost her case the first time. Alice always wanted to be somebody whose presence could be felt. This is the reason why she wanted to be Ethel Merman (2009, p.87). She was an actress and a singer whom according to her mother, had no talent but she managed draw the attention of audience solely on herself. Her personality made an exceptional role in letting her cope up with the trauma and also with getting her culprit punished in the later phase.

Another important factor which played a key role in her retaliation was her…… [Read More]

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Words: 1459 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66598281

Treatment of osteoporosis revolves around specific calcium and vitamin D medication programs but first and foremost in importance is the institution of regular, healthy and appropriately strenuous exercise. This helps to strengthen both muscle support for fragile bones and improves ambulatory abilities to the end of helping to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, a lifestyle of activity can have decidedly positive preventative properties as well, serving as one of many imperatives to commit to regular exercise.

So is this also the case with respect to nutrition. Dietary habits are both a significant part of prevention and treatment. With respect to the latter, sources on dealing with osteoporosis indicate that there are specific eating patterns which one can commit to as a way of fighting the conditions effects. Accordingly, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2004) indicates that "since many nutrients are important for bone health, it is…… [Read More]

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Speech Analysis of I Have

Words: 765 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18693186

King's introduction is blunt: "One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir." (King, 1963)

The introduction, however, although not as famous as the speech's conclusion, serves not merely as a crowd-pleaser or an attention getting device to rally the weary souls of the marchers of the movement King lead, but does actually state, quite explicitly, the real, concrete physical goals of the march. King's idealistic conclusion is remembered, but he did not merely call for racial equality, he…… [Read More]

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Treatment Client's Problems and Symptoms

Words: 1066 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92846264

The client will also be required to meet with spouse for a listening session and show the ability to accept the spouse's perspective on the causes of the relational conflicts. This meeting between the two individuals should help to identify the causes for past and present conflicts within the relationship which would help alleviate the friction between the two.

After the meeting has been conducted, as well as the identification of the causes a plan would be written to change the behaviors that the client would need to change in order to improve the relationship between the couple.

One way that the plan can help improve the relationship is be assisting the client in learning to demonstrate the ability to show affection in two ways; both verbally and non-verbally.

Another short-term objective for the client will be to learn and demonstrate communication skills concerning health issues. By doing this the…… [Read More]

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Resource Shortage Water Resource Shortage

Words: 1330 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34715802

One potential solution for farmers would be to switch to a subsurface drip irrigation system that could permanently cut farmers' water use by 25 to 50%. This would alleviate some of the need for conservation and free up more state water reserves for urban locations during times of regional drought. ("University of Arizona studies underground irrigation,"2005, U.S. Water News Online)

Arizona farmers are resistant to drip irrigation, however, and prefer so-called flood or rainwater-propelled irrigation, which is used on about 95% of Arizona crops. "Farmers have a hard time justifying drip irrigation because water is relatively cheap and drip systems can cost from $500 to $2,000 per acre to install." ("University of Arizona studies underground irrigation,"2005, U.S. Water News Online) But not only farmers place cost above conservation. Cost is another prohibition for private residents. Many persons have migrated to Arizona because of the region's cheapness, especially retirees. Converting a…… [Read More]

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Perfect Fit as a Billing Coordinator for

Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91177574

perfect fit as a billing coordinator for GE. The role of a billing coordinator involves multiple tasks including billing support, presentation and communications preparation, close interaction with internal and external customers and documentation and process control. I am possessed of exceptional communication skills and am experienced working with diverse populations. In addition I exude a tremendous level of energy in all that I do and generally work well in a diverse and multifaceted environment. GE offers just such an environment to work in. I believe GE will afford me the opportunity to work in a diverse setting where I am challenged every day to rise above ordinary to the level of extraordinary. For this reason and many others I am anxious to form a long lasting relationships with GE corporation.

There are many reasons I have selected GE for my internship. GE is one of the world's most dynamic environments…… [Read More]

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How Can a Business Organization Be Made Moral

Words: 833 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51708330

Business Organization Be Made Moral?

Ethical and Moral Issues

This work will operate under the assumption of being a staff member under one of Enron's Senior Vice Presidents during 1997, a year characterized by the first major accounting misrepresentation and/or financial manipulation uncovered. The misrepresentation and/or manipulation was the use of "market-to-market" accounting with the objective being the adjustment of the value recorded in company purchases for the purpose of covering up a shortfall in the expected earning of the energy trading division of the colossal amount of $180 billion, quiet a shortfall as compared to the earliest mis-accounting. This makes a further assumption that the senior vice president or the higher-up one is under supervision of had perchance heard something of this transaction and its accompanying facade and then stated quiet clearly in a staff meeting called for the express purpose of addressing the fact that if:

"This sort…… [Read More]

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Spencer's Model of Staff Development

Words: 2917 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57475253


Model of Staff Development

This essay attempts to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Spencer model of staff development as it pertains to my work environment in the retail jewelry business. In other words, by understanding the fundamentals of staff development and the Spencer model and principles, I will attempt to correlate any associated relevance to my department. Staff development in the retail industry entails many areas; however, even though the jewelry business is basically the same sales process as compared to a clothing or shoe retail outlet in many respects, this industry also requires even more focused staff development because of the end product, the level and sophistication of the consumer as well as the extra security and integrity requirements. Jewelry retail is more a 'One-on-One Consultancy' process where sales staffs are appointed to work as one-on-one consumer-focused services. This means that that under training or inexperience…… [Read More]

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Dream Community Unlike the Popular

Words: 1330 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38566663

Older people could receive tax incentives to act as teachers to students in areas of expertise, or simply to help out as coaches or staff. Ideally, private educational institutions would be few, to ensure a lack of a drain of community resources from the public schools, although private schools could supplement student education for students with special needs that could not be met by the public system.


Unless it was required for their daily work-related commute, residents would agree to drive fuel-efficient cars and receive tax credits if they drove hybrid or electric cars.


Community watch groups would supplement the police force. Both police and volunteer organizations would also engage in educational efforts with the school system regarding anti-drug, anti-bullying, and anti-violence campaigns. Fire safety would be ensured by a professionally trained core force, supplemented by a group of volunteers for less vigorous conflagrations.

Waste collection

Collection would…… [Read More]

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Caring Federal Leaders Diss Proposal

Words: 1726 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60674064

Specific Leadership Objectives

Specific leadership objectives of the project include (1) development of a government-wide proposal for bereavement procedures and benefits for federal employees and their families, to be submitted to OPM (spell this out) for approval, and (2) development of a proposed implementation manual. The bereavement procedures and benefits proposal and proposed implementation manual shall aim to foster greater caring, by leaders of federal government branches and other federal agencies, about the welfare of those they lead and their families, during times of loss and bereavement in particular.

Procedures and Methods

Procedures and methods to be used for this project will include (1) the reviewing of the history and content of military and federal government bereavement legislation; (2) the collection of anecdotal evidence of positive or less positive effects, on federal government employees and other employees, of bereavement policies and procedures within their workplaces, or the lack thereof, and…… [Read More]

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Nursing Pus Bodily Fluids and

Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90930668

Nursing means working one on one with individuals who may be bogged down will all manner of physical or mental pain and suffering or who may even be on the brink of death. Because nurses work so closely with the most delicate matters of human existence: pain, suffering, and death, ours is a difficult job.

Nursing is but one of many healthcare professions and involves unique and specific work. For instance, nurses work directly with the patient by touch and voice. Nurses listen to people's complaints and address them immediately; we massage, we empty bed pans, we bandage bruises and poke people with needles and stick tubes down their throats. Not everyone wants to deal so intimately with patients but would rather remain in the lab. Nurses usually have more direct contact with patients than doctors do, for instance. Nurses must possess a full understanding of the profession and what…… [Read More]

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Organization Behavior Economic Business Policy

Words: 2511 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 38238921

Both these techniques have an inverse relationship with each other. If the Government chooses to make its operations more efficient, it will be able to utilize the same level of capacity efficiently and increase the level of production. On the other hand, it can make more investments to increase the capacity so that the current and projected demand can be met effectively (Landskroner 2001).

The best way to manage the demand and capacity is to get the maximum output from the minimum amount of inputs. But if the Government increases the capacity and does not bring efficiency in its operations, a significant portion of its available capacity will go in vein. Similarly, if it wants to control the level of demand in the market, it will have to introduce new alternative products for the consumers so that they switch to those products. However, this step requires a considerable time and…… [Read More]

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Marketing in Order to Market

Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 63512777

Programs is another element of the new four Ps. The company needs to have two programs. The first is that the launch program. The company needs a strategy to bring this product to market, and it needs to have a program that will allow it to gain exposure, build a brand quickly, and get the distribution it needs to compete. The second program needs to follow up the first one quickly, and take the product through the growth stage of the life cycle. This program has to continue to expand on the brand building, and get a strong follow-through on the launch. The key here is that the company needs to convince customers to drink the product regularly, and not just in a hiking context. That means that the company needs to keep the interest level high in the product. This is why the company needs to have the best…… [Read More]

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HR Gms Cgms A Case

Words: 1918 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41921929

In addition to using this new department to create project assignments for otherwise idle personnel, this would become an essential path to preparing CGMS for competition in the long-term future. While the company's eroding schedule of future projects suggests economic downturn, it also underscores the risk of working in the fossil fuel sector. With future environmental and conservation concerns promising to impact mining operations such as those upon which CGMS depends, the company's newly minted R&D department would emphasize projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint created by mining operations as well as investigating alternative fuel sources. Given the company's extensive resources and highly qualified personnel, it may have the opportunity to posture itself as a leader of future energy efficiency efforts. Ultimately, internal training and some measure of ERP-informed recruitment would be necessary to actualize this objective.

Finally, it is evidence that greater accountability is needed, if not to…… [Read More]

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Functions of Management the Four

Words: 1755 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18702193

e., planning, organizing and controlling); b) behavioural approach (focuses on the role of the individual, his needs and desires; every individual is different, hence they should be approached appropriately); c) management science (the efficient, sometimes mathematical approach, solving problems); d) systems approach (designing a precise system made up of the most important management components that precisely fit the specific sports genre); and e) contingency approach (this works on the assumption that "there is no single beat way to manage"; the manager is flexible and is able to adjust where there are variances in the organization) (Watt, 116-117).

In conclusion, the literature clearly shows -- through myriad examples and formats -- that managing in the sports or exercise genre employs the same strategies and disciplines as those used in the business world. Whether in the UK or the U.S., the four components of management remain the same, and indeed the organizing…… [Read More]

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Employee Rights Safety

Words: 1469 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25724171

American business has grown over the past several decades, so have the number of laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation of such business. These laws and regulations are generally of types: 1) to promote market competition and to keep the power of large corporations under control, and 2) to mitigate the adverse effects of business activity on individuals and organizations. These laws and regulations are often beneficial but they come at a cost. These costs are not always obvious but they include the cost of compliance as well as the increased risk of litigation. These costs affect all businesses no matter how large but they hit smaller businesses particularly hard. The purpose of this paper will be to examine the various laws and regulations affecting employee safety in the United States and determine their advantages and disadvantages.

Employment laws, regulations, and policies have become burdensome for American businesses. Whether…… [Read More]

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Coal Production in Philadelphia Similar

Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5375514

However, the use of these resources also has disadvantages including increase in unemployment because of more job losses and inability to match the impact of coal throughout the region.

Reducing Coal Combustion Waste:

The reduction of coal combustion waste and enhancement of the efficiency of coal-fired power plants involves the use of various advanced coal combustion technologies. To reduce this waste in Philadelphia, the most efficient method is the use of Fluidised Bed Combustion, which is a very flexible means of producing electricity. This project would also be effective since its systems enhance the impact of coal-based electricity on the environment while reducing the emission of Sulphur Oxide and Nitric Oxide by approximately 90% ("Improving Efficiencies," n.d.).

The implementation of the process involves burning coal in a reactor consisting of a bed with which the gas is fed to ensure that the fuel remains in a turbulent state. Through this,…… [Read More]

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Multifactor Productivity The Basic Concept Is That

Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37756910

multifactor productivity. The basic concept is that MFP calculates output over all inputs. In the example given, the inputs are labor and capital. The MFP formula is used to measure the change in productivity that results from specific changes in the production process. In addition, the importance of firms studying productivity changes is explained. Firms need to understand the implications of changing different inputs, in order that they may seek the path of profit maximization. Sensitivity analysis to different changes can help with that process. In addition, the MFP concept is useful for firms seeking to maximize other variables besides profit. The same principles behind MFP can be applied broadly in business to ensure that the best decisions are being made and that productivity is being maximized.

The basic principle is that MFP is based on the outputs per a combination of labor and capital (Jaxworks, 2010). This is in…… [Read More]

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Pacific Garbage Patch as IT's Often Referred

Words: 1801 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71453130

Pacific Garbage patch, as it's often referred to, exists between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. Many estimates put its size at over two times larger than the state of Texas (Zhang, Zhang, Feng, and Yang, 2010). Much of this waste is composed of plastic, styrofoam, and other materials containing harmful ingredients that do not break down very quickly. In fact, much of this material ends up in the food chain due to the way it breaks down and is absorbed by organisms in the ocean. This garbage patch has been steadily growing, the product of waste dumping and pollution from the U.S., China, India, and other countries on or near the Pacific Rim. There are currently many scientists trying to both understand the true impact of the patch as well as trying to come up with ways to remedy it and prevent it from growing.


The Great Pacific Garbage…… [Read More]

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Brand Strategy a Soft Drink Manufacturer Creating

Words: 1182 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57890989

BRAND STRATEGY a soft drink manufacturer creating a brand an energy drink. Write a report benefits developing a brand strategy. Focusing communication theory itt a critical analysis branding concepts processes communication strategies successfully brand drink.

Brand Strategy Benefits

The process of globalization has significantly intensified competition in most business fields. This situation determines companies to increase their efforts and investments in creating competitive advantage. Some of them focus on developing high quality products and services, while others prefer to use opportunities determined by cost efficiency. In addition to this, companies understand the necessity of developing a marketing strategy oriented towards reaching the objectives that the company has the resources of reaching.

Some of these companies also focus on developing brand strategy. This is because specialists in the field consider that companies' brands are important tools that can be used in order to improve customer loyalty. Therefore, it is important to…… [Read More]

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Impressions the Louvre the Louvre an Architectural

Words: 1311 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27827933


The Louvre

The Louvre, an architectural masterpiece, has dominated central Paris since the late 12th century. The original structure was gradually dwarfed as the city grew. The dark fortress of the early days was transformed into the modernized dwelling of Francois I and, later, the sumptuous palace of the Sun King, Louis XIV. My online tour of the Louvre allowed me to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room tour of the museum. The web site allows navigation through exhibition rooms and galleries and allows one to contemplate the facades of the museum. The first thing one sees before entering the museum is the garden, a delight during any season of the year. It is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll and it offers a range of activities for visitors.

There are more than ten sections in the museum for different kinds of art from all around the world including…… [Read More]

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Editing Student's Original Correspondence Please Consider This

Words: 458 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37093987


Please consider this respectful appeal of the decision of the Department of Student Progress Committee resulting in my dismissal from the Masters program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. That decision was the result of difficulties that I experienced completing an off-campus practicum at Eger Healthcare Center during the Fall of 2010 which resulted in my receiving a grade of "F" for the course E34.2118.

Originally, I took on my four-day-per-week off-campus practicum at Eger Health Care Center in Staten Island and my second one-day-per-week off-campus practicum site at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center in Manhattan during my last scheduled semester at NYU prior to my anticipated graduation in January 2011. Unfortunately my family experienced unexpected financial difficulties after my husband's untimely loss of his employment in early October of 2010. The resulting financial hardship affected my academic performance tremendously because my husband's job had been…… [Read More]

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Social Work Field Perception of Social Work

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Social Work Field

Perception of Social Work

Social work is a challenging profession that also helps one make a difference in the lives of others (CUW 2011). It aims at improving the overall functioning and well-being of people served. A social worker must have a genuine and special concern for the poor, marginalized, and the vulnerable. Social work is an art and a science at the same time. It fits service to the needs of the person or persons served. Social workers practice their profession almost everywhere. They are found in hospitals, schools, churches, courts, community agencies, child and family service centers, mental health centers and other settings. They function as school social workers, mental health counselors, community planners, administrators, child protective service workers and advocates of various causes (CUW).

Social work is a unique profession, which possesses unique features (CUW 2011). It is founded on liberal arts. It builds…… [Read More]

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Franco Bernabe Newly Appointed CEO

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He kept his calm, and his chain of accountability included bringing in fresh talent that he could "count on in a real battle"; he created a "completely new set of rules, processes, and procedures" plus a new code or practice. Part of the accountability chain was accomplished by reviewing every process, rewriting every manuals and creating new ones -- and because Eni had never sold things, only purchased things, a whole process for selling assets had to be put in place.

His philosophy was he had to make all the important decisions alone. "It can be very dangerous to listen too much to others or depend on them," he said (Hill, 193). And besides the inner compass, which was basically his conscience, he also had a sense of "strategic direction" even while the whole company was collapsing around him. People began to follow him simply because he was "determined"; whether…… [Read More]

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Childhood Obesity Problem and Solutions

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Further, Robinson and Sirard posit that applying a "Litmus Test" helps to identify the specific research questions, study designs, and methods that will most likely contribute to improving individual and overall population health (198). The researchers suggest that a study should only be performed if the researcher(s) knows what the conclusion from each possible result (negative, null, positive) will be, and how the result will incline intervention to address policy, clinical or a public health problem like childhood obesity. If research is conducted as suggested, the authors maintain that studies with a greater possibility of advancing science and directly, not suggestively, improving well being and health, would be the result. Therefore, greater assurance that will be provided that ethical responsibilities of not devaluing the contributions of research participants, and responsibly responding to the need for useful research to the public, particularly if public funds are used for the project,…… [Read More]

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Art in the Classroom to

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As an example, I may state, "I'm painting while moving the brush in an up-and-down motion, at this easel."

In addition, I would incorporate rebus charts that illustrate the steps needed for the art project, for the students to refer to.

There will be no restrictions on how the materials or the tools could be used. If a child prefers to place their paper on the floor, instead of an easel, while painting, this would be allowed.

If a child would prefer to hold the paintbrush in their mouths as opposed to with their fingers, this would be allowed as well. Part of the instruction period would include demonstration of some alternative uses of materials and tools and encouragement of the children to try different things. And, lastly, the tools that are used will be adaptive for the children. Glue sticks will be used when possible, as opposed to the…… [Read More]