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Program Evaluation the Importance of

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This would also allow students to state their goals, and then compare their goals against their final achievements. Also, as part of the program, students are assessed for placement purposes in their English proficiency. After completing their courses annually, students should have to be assessed once again, to see if their English had showed improvement, based upon their first set of scores. This would reduce the impact of bias of professor's grading, and place the emphasis on improvement, rather than overall proficiency, which is a better measure of the program's success.

These quantitative measures would not be enough to fully assess the program. Throughout the program's duration observers trained in ESL education should sit in on various classes, to assess the efficacy and suitability of supplementary educational efforts, as well as the performance of various types of ESL students in mainstream classes. ESL students should be classified into various sub-groupings,…… [Read More]

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Disc Evaluations Leadership Is Both an Art

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DISC Evaluations

Leadership is both an art and a science. As a leader wishing to make a strong impact and achieve the organization's objectives, it is important to understand the individual components of the team. This process requires balance, experience and intuition. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the team is instrumental in maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness and economics of any team organization.

The DISC evaluation, which stands for dominant, influential, steady and conscientious are four qualities that consist of a personality inventory that helps create some general ideas about how these parts of the personality can be used to contribute to a larger team. The purpose of this essay is to develop a plan using these DISC personality categories and incorporate them into a real world example using my mentor's personal situation. The plan will incorporate ideas on how to best identify and employ the difference in attitudes, emotions,…… [Read More]

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Computer Capacity Evaluation Is Helpful for Educational

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computer capacity evaluation is helpful for educational institutions. In addition to having many of the same IT requirements as other businesses, schools benefit from the use of technology in additional ways. Educational institutions use technology as an effective tool for promoting student learning, to enable new roles for students and teachers, to support professionalization of educators and to extend learning beyond the school walls (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.). Given the benefits of technology, the educational institution likewise has requirements for computer performance evaluation and capacity planning. Consequently, schools also stand to benefit from capacity planning that makes sure IT meets the demands placed upon it.

Research has documented the impact of technology in education and helps to underscore the importance of capacity planning and computer performance evaluation. Experts point to studies showing that careful planning is a prerequisite to effectively implementing technology in education and training. Planning and evaluation…… [Read More]

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Healthcare Economic Evaluation When Would

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Cost analysis methods, 2011, U.S. National Library of Medicine). This will give a picture of the efficacy of the drug, its financial costs, its impact upon society, and impact upon the patient. When a drug is new, data must first be accrued on the drug itself before it can be compared with similar treatments.

What type of economic evaluation should be used when comparing outcomes and costs of two diabetes therapies that affect both the severity of the disease and the survival rate? Why?

A cost-benefit analysis should be used. In this instance, the two therapies do not produce equivalent outcomes. This means a cost-minimization analysis that presumes equivalency cannot be used. The study's designers are not only interested in the costs of the treatment, but also the impact upon patient health, so cost-utility and cost-effectiveness analysis is not appropriate. Only a cost-benefit analysis provides non-quantitative information on the benefits…… [Read More]

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Performance Apprasials Unfair Performance Evaluations - Lower

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Performance Apprasials

Unfair performance evaluations - lower productive employees getting good reviews because they are friends with management staff.

Unfair performance evaluations can do a lot of damage to an organization. They lower morale among those employees who are disadvantaged by the favoritism will ultimately develop higher intentions to quit and this can led to increased employee turnover. Effective use of an evaluation program has been shown to be able to reduce stress and an employee's reduce their intentions to quit and turnover rate (Avey, Luthans, & Jensen, 2009). There are many problems associated with traditional performance appraisals which have prompted the development of newer systems. The 360-degree evaluations has emerged and the feedback that an employee gains in this system is far more comprehensive that the traditional model. Not only does the employee receive the same top-down evaluation, but in addition they also receive evaluations from their peers as…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Self-Evaluation What Is Self-assessment Evaluation Self-Assessment

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Leadership and Self-Evaluation

What is Self-Assessment/Evaluation?

Self-Assessment or the process of evaluating oneself refers to the way in which one reviews and analyzes the credibility and value of their own work or personality. Although this field might be referred and categorized under the specialization of psychology, it is important to recognize the importance of this in our daily life and in the various tasks we indulge in on a regular basis. Grading oneself on the basis of different aspects will help one determine where they stand and how smoothly they fit into a criteria.

How does self-evaluation assist leaders?

Self-evaluation, as discussed above can be applied to a variety of fields and has a variety of purposes. For a leader, this process might come in handy in order to recognize their own expertise, qualities and determine exactly what they are best at. An effective and competent leader would be well…… [Read More]

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Education Web Site Evaluation the

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There are numerous interactive activities which may be engaged in on the site. There are however some sections of the site which may not be so engaging for children as they are quite dry. For example some of the historical documents which are presented have no interactivity associated and may only be read as the paper versions.



There are clear menus presented down the side to access different areas of the site. There is also a clear link at the top of every page to a site index in case it is not clear where a source would be in the main menus.



There are separate areas of the site which are aimed at different types of audience. For example there is a section dedicated to students and teachers. This ensures that it is easier to find the information which is likely to be…… [Read More]

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Psychiatric Evaluation Adam First Describe

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It seems sound to recommend that Adam stop taking Concerta, because it might aggravate underlying bipolar symptoms.

Strattera not stimulating, but it can have side effects, like prolonged erections, and it is also a fairly new drug. It should be prescribed with caution. It is still uncertain whether Adam's conduct disorders are due to his unstable home environment, and not due to any biological factors. Prescribing Strattera seems like a normal course of therapeutic action, but should not be regarded as a panacea.


If you were the clinician, counselor, or therapist, what would be the primary issue you would want to address?

To be diagnosed with ADHD, the individual should exhibit the symptoms in two environments, and Adam's behavior seems to primarily assert itself in the home. With support, he seems functional in school, and he is substantially less functional at home than at school or with his peers.…… [Read More]

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Forensic Psychological Evaluation

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Forensic Psychological Evaluation

Confidential Psychological Evaluation


Gender: Male Date of Report: 05/07/2012

Date of Birth: 10/01/1981 Age

Marital Status: Single Occupation: Unemployed

Race: Caucasian Education: GED

Referred by: Dr., B. Wynter


A Psychiatric Evaluation on May 19, 2006 by Barbara Wynter, License psychologist who is

Clinical administrator of Central Treatment Facility ward 1, 2, 3, was requested to further assist in diagnosis.




DR, B. Wynters

MMPI (Spell out the name Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)

Is a depressive component of scale 6. The items connote extraordinary emotional sensitivity or vulnerability that is dysphonic in tone. These items have a "poor little me" flavor, portraying the self as meek and innocuous, emotionally fragile, incapable of being a threat to others, and perhaps as being entitle to special concern and consideration for one's tender sensibilities. There is an implicit theme of resentment…… [Read More]

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Educational Evaluations in Culturally Diverse

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This view is reflected in increasing calls for financial equity among schools, desegregation, mainstreaming, and standardized testing for teachers and students alike; it has been maintained that by providing the same education to all students, schools can equalize social opportunity (Bowman, 1994).

This latter position is typically followed up with the use of a particular curriculum designed to support the approach. In this regard, Bowman suggests that, "Knowledge is thought to exist in the collected wisdom of a canon, and education is the transferral of established wisdom to the learner" (p. 218). Unfortunately, when educators attempt to impose a "one-size-fits-all" curriculum on a diverse study body, there are bound to be problems -- particularly for those students who are already marginalized through language and other socioeconomic constraints.

Furthermore, in many ways, the public schools are unique in that they have been assigned the responsibility of communicating what American society regards…… [Read More]

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Communication Aid Evaluation Request the

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The communication aid would need to be durable so that Darmoth could not accidentally break it (he is not always very gentle with his "toys" and often does not realize his own strength) as well as easily portable so that he could carry it around with him. Perhaps having the tool be connected to a strap that kept it "hands free" when he is moving around would be ideal. It would have to be simple enough for him to learn how to operate, but also have a wide range of functions. The device must be able to translate Darmoth's thoughts into something that others -- even those who are not specifically trained -- can understand. The evaluation of a specialist would be extremely helpful so that the best kind of tool can be identified for Darmoth's needs.

The first step I would take in convincing the administration that an outside…… [Read More]

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Ergonomic Evaluation the Aim of the Following

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Ergonomic Evaluation

The aim of the following study was to conduct an ergonomic evaluation to identify contributing factors in the development of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in Ultrasound Sonographers involved in Obstetric and Gynecological scanning. The methodology involved a cross-sectional study of Sonographers in one hospital. The methodology included the use of the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) to identify the exposure to postural risk, static muscle work and repetition, and the use of an adapted Musculoskeletal Questionnaire to evaluate the frequency and distribution of musculoskeletal problems,. Fourteen participants were assessed in the workplace. The RULA analysis identified that the task element with the highest risk factor within this sample was scanning patients; it was found that the participant spent between 31% and 39% of their working time doing this in a 26-hour week. The results from the questionnaire found that 64% had experiences one or more combined physical problems…… [Read More]

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Policies and Evaluation

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Policy Process: Evaluation, Analysis and Revision

The National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act was designed to address the public health workforce shortage that is seen, especially where nurses are concerned. It is no secret that nurses are leaving the profession in record numbers, and as they do that it is becoming more and more difficult to replace them with others who want to do the same type of work (Buerhaus & Retchin, 2013; Iglehart, 2013). Because of all the nurses retiring, and so many of them experiencing burnout, the gap between the number of needed nurses and those who are available continues to widen (Negron & Cohen, 2013). The issue here is how that Act becomes a policy, so it can provide more help to a public health workforce that is struggling. In order for the Act to become a policy, it must first be evaluated. The Act…… [Read More]

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Outcomes Evaluation

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Study Evaluations

Evaluating the program's progress and results will be an ongoing concern for this study; many of the tools necessary to do so are relatively simple to create and implement. The process for doing so includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The quantitative method will include hard numbers and percentages based on initial testing, ongoing evaluations and a comparative test at the end of the study that will be used to determine results and outcomes. The qualitative method will be based on the perceptions, thoughts, ideals and beliefs of the participants of the study and how they have changed in either negative or positive ways.

Instructional Problem

The instructional problem that this paper will address is "can instructing students in the area(s) of fitness and diet improve the student's capabilities and understanding in regards to how they influence the student's overweight or obesity issues?" Previous research has shown…… [Read More]

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Team Evaluation

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Team evaluation: MGI

Fundamentally, my team worked so effectively because of our common goals and determination to succeed. A critical component of creating our effective team was the drawing-up of a team charter. The charter listed team member strengths, duties, processes, ground rules, and above all a timetable of deliverables. Having a series of deadlines for small projects, rather than focusing on the single, final deadlines of the project forced us to keep in constant contact over email and have a consistent and ongoing dialogue about the preoccupations of the case study.

One of the challenges of being a member of a virtual team is that the distanced format can lack accountability, and people do not get a clear sense of the personalities of other team members. However, in the case of our team, we clearly bonded as a unit. The fact that Nicholas Payne was so prompt in getting…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Self-Evaluation

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Leadership and Self-Evaluation

Leadership & Self-Evaluation

Understanding human behavior is critical to the success of the organization. This involves a study of the human behaviors dominant in an organization. An analysis of the behavior of an organization helps identify the weaknesses as well as the strengths of an organization. The assessment also aids in developing a strong culture that the teams use in their operations. A strong organizational behavior is firstly observed in the individual behaviors of the organization. The employees help shape the behavior of an organization as well as its culture. A strong organizational culture promotes the creation of clear communication lines. The communication lines help bridge the gap between the members of staff, including between the employees and co-workers, between the employees and their subordinates, and between the subordinates and policy makers. Clear communication lines aid in passing various directives down the organizational structure for the smooth…… [Read More]

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Infant Development Evaluations

Words: 320 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48466403

Infant development evaluations are meant to help psychologists develop an assessment of childhood growth and development and to alert them to possible growth problems that might arise. An average is attained when 50, 75, or 95% of children have come to a milestone. An average percentage is then determined based on the performance of these children. Children who do not achieve these milestones within the average time are then evaluated more closely in order to help them cope with their lives and schoolwork more easily. These evaluations are therefore meant to help children who seem to be slower in their development.

Gross motor skills begin to develop by 1 month of age, when an infant can lift its head from a prone position. At three months, the infant can use its arms for support to hold its chest up. At 3-4 months an infant can role over, and by 4-5…… [Read More]

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Quality Evaluation Explain How Each of the

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Quality Evaluation

Explain how each of the five evaluation factors for a secondary source influences its management decision- making value.

The globalizing nature of our economy has foisted certain challenges upon business managers and organizational decision-makers. Particular among them is the need to remain abreast of shifting research, newly advanced findings and cutting-edge market theories. In order to do this, an organization's research department must remain steeped in an array of secondary sources with proper discretion of data quality. The Five Evaluation Functions of Purpose, Scope, Authority, Audience and Format help to avail this discretion.

First and foremost, it is recognized that qualifying the credibility of secondary sources is essential to meaningful decision-making. According to Wang et al. (1995), "use of the term 'data manufacturing' encourages researchers and practitioners alike to seek out cross-disciplinary analogies that can facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the field of product quality to the…… [Read More]

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Program Evaluation of a Proposed

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S. Bureau of the Census regarding the population count during the year 2000, indicated that approximately 18 million Americans continue to live in poverty. The rise in the number of homeless school-aged children during the past decade has become an issue of particular concern for many school administrators, teachers, and counselors who are confronted with the difficult challenge of trying to help these students realize their academic potential while they routinely come to school hungry and tired as a result of sleeping in their parents' car or in an overcrowded homeless shelter. In short, poverty not only makes individuals more vulnerable to a host of economic, educational, physical, psychological, and social problems, it also fosters insidious forms of violence that affect cognitive and emotional factors that undermine a person's sense of dignity and sense of self-worth

The violence of silence.

Not calling attention to the prevalent role of violence throughout…… [Read More]

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Desk Evaluation Projectdesk Software Evaluation

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In addition to all these limitations, ProjectDesk also does not appear to have a process interlink to quotes, proposals or additional flow-on tasks that the project task list would be used for. Most noticeable when one considers collaboration from a global standpoint, ProjectDesk does not appear to be supporting any other languages but English.

Conversely ProjectDesk does have value purely as a collaboration platform where workgroups are primarily interested in tracking their tasks over time. The interface, which is intuitive, makes learning the application very quick and also can lead to higher rates of user adoption in larger groups as it is comparable to other low-end applications. There is also the support of document sharing and automated e-mailing of project document to members of a team. Given the fact this is an entirely Web-based application there is also no hardware investment involved on the part of companies choosing to use…… [Read More]

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Standard Field Sobriety Test Evaluation

Words: 1447 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88460359

One solution to enhance learning might be to require that all officers take the initial course and to then develop online content for 'follow-up' briefings and re-testing of knowledge every six months. This would be more rigorous than the current method of having refresher courses every three years. The frequency of the retraining would reinforce the seriousness of the issue.

While it is true that there is an optional SFST update course to be taken within six months, the course is not mandatory. While an SFST instructor must supervise the SFST practitioner administering the SFSTs' in initial administration, the 35 test cases within six months of the initial training that the officer must complete are not supervised and thus there is no ongoing feedback during the course, limiting its effectiveness. Feedback is an essential component of learning -- in the classroom and in the field.

Level 3: Behavior

While Levels…… [Read More]

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Country Evaluation

Words: 2038 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7685590

Country Evaluation

Pakistan is the South Asian country and was established in 1947. It shares border with India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran and China. It has a coastline spanning of 1,046 km with Arabian Sea. The country has highest peaks in the world that are K2 and Nanga Parbat of Karakorum and Pamir in the northern and western highlands of Pakistan. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi provide the major by air gateways to Pakistan. India and Iran also provides the way to reach Pakistan by train.

There are several favorable characteristics that make Pakistan an ideal country for an international business. However, the country is facing imbalanced economic, societal and political conditions since independence due to which investors gets reluctant to invest in the country. This report reviews the favorable and unfavorable aspects of Pakistan for U.S. investors.

Investors need to consider various factors before making investment for an international business. First…… [Read More]

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Physical Therapy Measurement Evaluation Physical Education Exercise

Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7552858

physical therapy: measurement evaluation physical education exercise science write a short essay question: (a)Provide examples situations an assessment professional area, (b) an assessment conducted.

Needs assessment: Physical therapy

Needs assessments in physical therapy are typically conducted during the first session a patient embarks upon with the therapist. Before meeting with the patient, the physical therapist will review the client's existing records to understand why he or she is in physical therapy, and what the client's goals are for the therapy. The physical therapist must have an idea of how long the course of therapy will be, to plan accordingly in terms of what types of exercises will be required. During the first session, the physical therapist will perform a series of diagnostic evaluations, to target areas of critical weakness and strength. The therapist will also interview the client. This will better clarify patient needs and goals for the therapy. "The…… [Read More]

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Hurricane Katrina Disaster Evaluation Review the Final

Words: 2825 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98161603

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Evaluation

Review the Final Paper instructions in Week 5. Develop a thesis statement and outline, and identify at least five sources you intend to use for the Final Paper.

Develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement will be the point or claim you argue or prove in your paper.

9/11 and Hurricane Katrina Disaster Evaluation

9/11 and Hurricane Katrina Disaster Evaluation

Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks should never be forgotten, nor should the victims that were involved in these tragedies. Katrina, the storm that smashed into the city of New Orleans in August 2005, became to be known as one of the deadliest hurricanes in United States history. There were around 1,836 mortalities from the killer storm. The Sept. 11 campaign was the most dangerous terrorist incident in the history of the United States beside Pearl Harbor in 1941. Up until this day, 24…… [Read More]

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Education - Teaching Methods Evaluation

Words: 905 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 437102

Even though the American Revolution is seen as justified today, it was not seen as such during its time period, and a sophisticated historian never sees historical events as inevitable. Nor is the decision to go to war ever a purely good ethical decision. Students will be able to take a similarly rigorous analytical approach later on to other periods of history, and to contemporary civil controversies.

The use of art will give added aid students who are visual learners, or who have untapped artistic talents that may go unnoticed in the academic classroom to shine. Making a poster a group project encourages collaboration and discussion. Debate and exchange of ideas is another essential element of the civic process the students will later engage in, as future voters. On this section of website, the graphic of the pointing Uncle Sam, although not historical, underlines the importance of political advertising in…… [Read More]

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Educational Software Evaluation Language-Learning Software

Words: 1212 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40632572

Its playback learning system allows the student to hear his/her own voice, which helps in learning. By exposing the student to native speakers, it allows them to hear the accent and cadence of the native language. Updated in 2007, it is able to use most of the current interactive tools. One disappointment: it is not Vista-capable.

French Verb Games 1

This is a flash-card program which is used to memorize French verbs. This could be a tedious task, but is made easier by the games-oriented flash card architecture. It uses flash cards and a series of games to make learning fun. On the downside, it does not have a voice playback feature, nor does it have native speakers who can help the student understand the context and accent for the verbs. It is Vista-enabled, and up-to-date with a 2007 version.

Human Japanese

Of the 10 software programs found, this is…… [Read More]

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Self-Evaluation Application of Course Concepts

Words: 1255 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 48941322

H-creativity is the true goal of the organization, in order to be the most innovative literary agency in a very competitive industry.

S-creativity is an addition to Boden's (1990) theory.

Suwa, Gero, and Purcell, 2000 proposed a third possibility for creativity -- situated creativity. S-creativity occurs when an innovation happens that was unplanned for in the original design. Although these ideas may not be truly unique, their application in the specific situation is unique, giving them value. As an example, if an idea from another industry could be applied to our literary agency that had not been done before, this innovation would be highly valuable, helping set us apart from the competition.


Self-evaluation is an important task for any good leader. During this task, the leader can evaluate where they currently are, what is working for them and what is not. Currently, I have a fairly full plate with…… [Read More]

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Self-Evaluation Upon the Approach of

Words: 579 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34357637

I anticipate that the classroom dynamics which can prove to be so unpredictable will require the preparation gained here.

This belief is underscored by the application level experiences availed by our course studies. The translation of the spectrum of theoretical teaching models into a strategy for curriculum would require me to assess different instructional approaches as they relate to my own personal style. Quite to the point, as I would reflect on this part of my experience in approaching the benchmark assessment for this course, I would come to appreciate the importance of remaining true to one's strengths and skills. During the process of application in such areas as composition, testing of knowledge and the initial phases of lesson plan development, I would come to appreciate the importance of selecting pedagogical strategies which correspond to my particular virtues as an educator.

The demonstration dimension of my course studies would demand…… [Read More]

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Job Evaluation There Are Three Major Job

Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31692401

Job Evaluation

There are three major job evaluation methods. These are the time span of discretion, the decision band method and the problem-solving method. The time span of discretion method requires the inputs of whether it is a single- or multiple-task job, the standards used, and the normal length of time between when a subordinate starts a task and when the supervisor checks his or her performance. The decision band method uses the principle that decision-making is important in all jobs. So the types of decisions are used to analyze each job, then the jobs are graded on that basis and the pay structure is then determined. Finally, there is the problem-solving compensable method, which uses problem-solving as a single universal factor in evaluating all of the jobs in the organization. A fourth method is the benchmark guide chart method, which requires the identification of relevant compensable factors and building…… [Read More]

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Limitations of an Evaluation Are That the

Words: 489 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90242651

limitations of an evaluation are that the evaluation is biased in one way or another. Researchers guard against this by using reliability estimators. Each of the possible four reliability estimators has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, inter-rater reliability is one of the better methods to estimate reliability when measuring an observation. For an evaluation it is better to use the reliability estimator of test-retest. This reliability estimator can be administered to the same test or a similar sample from different occasions. This approach assumes that there is no substantial change in the construct being measured between the two occasions. The amount of time allowed between measures is obviously critical. Measuring the same thing twice so that the correlations between the two observations are compatible depends partly on elapsed time between measurement occasions. The shorter the time gap, the higher the correlation; the longer the time gap, the lower the…… [Read More]

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Restaurant Evaluation

Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73558286

Restaurant Evaluation

Word Count (excluding title): 668

This restaurant evaluation is for Giovanni's Shady Glen Inn. This casual dining restaurant with table service was located at 25689 State Highway 174, Colfax, CA. The establishment was visited on 8pm, Friday November 12th, 2010 with a party of two. Giovanni's was located on a country highway intersection. The inn's parking was located across the highway. The front of the restaurant was unremarkable. There were a few flower boxes in the front filled with dirt and a fern. Walking through the door, however, made you feel like you walked through a time machine into a 1950s Italian lounge. One expected to see Frank Sinatra in his white coat at any moment. The decor was pleasing, warm, and classy.

Reservations were available but not required. We arrived as a walk-in and were greeted promptly with a smile by the hostess, Sophia, our names were…… [Read More]

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Mission Command Training Evaluation of the Effectiveness

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98841540

Mission Command Training


MSA 699 Project Report

For the Degree of Master of Science in Administration

(Concentration in General Administration)

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the MTCP (Mission Command Training Program). Unlike the traditional training centers that focus on training units on the ground, the MTCP uses stimulation programs to carry out training operations. The decision criteria for the research focuses on the benefits to be derived from the implementation and analysis updated literatures. The updated literature from the Department of Army reveals more benefits that the costs incurred in the operation because MTCP has been able to decline the annual costs incurred in its operations.

The study collects data using quantitative technique to validate the data collected through secondary sources. The data are collected from MTCP budget and logistics department and the financial data…… [Read More]

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Individual Evaluation of the Completed Process by

Words: 1838 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59006306

Individual Evaluation of the Completed Process by Answering the Following Questions:

Catchball is a concept called Hoshin Kanri. After the Second World War, Hoshin Kanri was a system to create policy management in Japanese companies. 'Hoshin' is a Japanese word that means pointing the direction and 'Kanri' means control. (Ten Step, 2003) The process is complex in the sense that the management creates the policy or attempts to create a goal. In this case it was to create the 'electronic housemaid'. This requirement often translates to many actions from all participants and thus the peers in the team throw a 'catch-ball' to the staff or various participants who then respond to these questions or propositions and the analysis of the response evinces further questions and so on until all issues are sorted out. This method was used in the project which was a software project to create an artificial intelligence…… [Read More]

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Program Evaluation of the Boeing

Words: 4276 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 30727961

Boeing employs conventional methodology, which involves using multiple layers strategic partners for the Dreamliner project, and this has caused a fundamental delay in the project. To enhance reliability and validity of data analysis, data collected through literature survey are categorized into panel a, panel B, panel C, and panel D. The data collected from these panels are checked whether they are going to deliver the same results, and further analysis reveals that the data provide the similar opinion about the causes of delay of the Dreamliner project. Analysis of the data collected is summarized as follows:

Project Methodology implemented for Dreamliner project

Unlike the traditional supply chain methodology adopted by Boeing Company for the past projects, Boeing employs different project methodology entirely for the Dreamliner. Boeing employs unconventional supply chain methodology for the Dreamliner project, and the issue has caused significant delay in the production and deliveries of Boeing 787.…… [Read More]

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Curriculum Evaluation Ornstein & Hunkins

Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87158756

and, some teachers focus mainly on staff development issues related to changes in curriculum, measures and/or desired outcomes.

Of these various roles, I am most interested in how to change instruction so that it can meet desired standards and measurements. Ultimately, I believe that this is what makes the real difference in being able to achieve outcomes, particularly with the growing need for differentiated teaching strategies to achieve the same results for students with unique learning needs.

As I have mentioned, I am an advocate of summative and formative assessments because I believe they serve two very different, but complimentary purposes. That being said, I also believe there needs to be the right mix of the two. Currently, our school relies too much on summative assessments due to increased standardized test requirements by our district and state. This has affected every role that teachers play in our assessment process. This…… [Read More]

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Competency Evaluation in Sexual Assault

Words: 4861 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24151135

The only medical issues documented in this report are acute findings that potentially relate to the assault or preexisting medical factors that could influence interpretation of findings. Separate medical documentation by examiners and other involved clinicians follows a standard approach -- address acute complaints, gather pertinent historical data, describe findings, and document treatment and follow-up care; and (2) Ensuring the accuracy and objectivity of medical forensic reports by seeking education on proper report writing. (the U.S. Department of Justice, 2004) Photographic evidence of the injuries sustained by the patient may be used to supplement the medical forensic history and to document findings of a physical nature. The U.S. Department of Justice states that following recommendations in the area of photographic documentation: (1) Come to a consensus about the extent of forensic photography necessary. Some jurisdictions routinely take photographs of both detected injuries on patients and normal (apparently uninjured) anatomy, while…… [Read More]

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Tobacco Cessation Evaluation and Pre-Assessment

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I would continue offering information including access to Web sites, books, and multimedia sources. If possible, I will spend extra time with the patient to help them reinforce their decision and offer psychological support.

Other ways to address resistance to change include asking the patient's family members and close friends to participate in their treatment plan. If the patient has children, the children can volunteer information about how they feel about their parent smoking. The children can offer anything from "I don't like the way it smells" to "I'm worry about mommy dying."

Friends who have stopped smoking can be among the greatest sources of psychological and social support during this critical time in the treatment plan. A friend who can be there not just to provide advice but also as a role model is an invaluable asset. Moreover, friends who have stopped will not tempt the patient by smoking…… [Read More]

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SWOT Company Analysis and Evaluation Project

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SWOT Company Analysis & Evaluation Project

Like any and every sector in the competitive world, the Information Technology sector has become highly competitive. There are primarily two reasons behind it. The first reason is the effects of the rapidly increasing globalization. This has triggered a sharp wave of raging competition in the corporate sector and organizations are trying to perfect the art of their marketing, management, human resource, production, supply chain and a lot of other functions all at the same time with a single objective of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. The second reason, which makes the Information Technology sector much more competitive, is the rapid progression and development in this field. Technology gets updated at a rapid rate that calls for excessive research and development. With newer players entering the Information Technology market with much more creative ideas than ever before, the existing firms are forced not only…… [Read More]

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Self-evaluation Self-assessment for Leaders People Are Influenced by

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Self-Evaluation/Self-Assessment for Leaders

People are influenced by leaders. Leaders cannot affect people without understanding why people behave the way they do. Successful and effective leaders are, therefore, learners of human behavior. Good leader not only try to understand the personalities and psychology of their subordinates but they also consistently evaluate and assess themselves in order to be productive (Clawson 2001). Till date, no studies have produced a clear profile of an ideal leader; his authoritative styles, distinctive characteristics or personality traits. This makes it crystal clear that authentic leaders know who they are. They don't imitate or become replicas of others. On the other hand, they "demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with their hearts as well as their heads" (George, Sims, McLean & Mayer 2007). All of us are endowed with the competence to motivate and empower others. However, one must devote himself/herself…… [Read More]

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Samsung Electronics Examination and Evaluation of Business

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Samsung Electronics

Examination and Evaluation of Business Strategies and Frontier Markets: Brazil

The South Korean company Samsung began operations in Brazil in December 1986 when it opened a representation office. Since them Samsung has invested a total of U.S.$300 million, employs almost 1,000 staff members and has a revenue of above U.S.$500 million. Since May 1994, Samsung has started offering services to Brazilian consumers, and from November 1995 it has produced TV sets and VCRs locally with an initial capital investment of U.S.$18 million.

Starting from July 1997, Samsung has sold its SyncMaster monitors in Brazil had a little later in June 1998; it started to manufacture them in its Manaus factory in Amazon. In 3 years, Samsung measured its control in this segment in Brazil with 40% of the sales (according to IDC Brazil), conquering over companies that were present in Brazil a good deal before Samsung (Sonis, et…… [Read More]

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FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

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FDA: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

And Over-the-counter Weight Loss Medications

Obesity is one of the most serious epidemics facing the American public. "Over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and over one-third are obese" (Overweight and obesity statistics, 2012, WIN). To address concerns about obesity, many adults turn to over-the-counter medications like dietary supplements that promise the user easy weight loss. The medications usually claim to increase metabolism and suppress appetite, while some also claim to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and calories. According to a recent study: "an estimated 15.2% of adults (women 20.6%, men 9.7%) had ever used a weight-loss supplement and 8.7% had past year use (women 11.3%, men 6.0%); highest use was among women aged 18 to 34 years (16.7%)" (Blanck et al. 2007). The FDA has tried to prevent the use of weight loss supplements with tainted…… [Read More]

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Future Trends an Evaluation of

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The implications for consumers are significant in that marketing strategies and overall programs more aligned to their specific needs, and for the organization, better and more accurate reporting and compliance while having more aligned marketing strategies. The focus on these three aspects coming together mean more efficient service to customers while enabling organizations to have more relevant products, services, and strategies for new and existing customers.

Supply chain strategies get anchored in network-based data synchronization. It in the context of supply chains has often been as serial-based in its approach to managing processes as the movement of the packages these networks manage. With the rise in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the massive amount of data that is being generated as a result, the need for networks to synchronize data from supply chains and retailers is critical. This data synchronization component that takes in RFID data from retailer's channels on…… [Read More]

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Job Evaluation Office Assistants in

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In fact, her software proficiency is among the best in the office and she has already started to help her coworkers when they run into problems. Her ability to troubleshoot Microsoft software products has come in handy many times.

Lauren is a speedy worker and performs all the basic office duties such as photocopying and filing with aplomb. We have not noticed any misfiled documents since her arrival. She writes well and communicates effectively. We have received no complaints about her replies to e-mails, her office memos, or her typed letters. Her grammar skills are top-notch. However, she sometimes buckles under the pressure of a particularly heavy day on the phones. When the phone lines are ringing constantly sometimes Lauren becomes flustered. Lauren would do well to improve her telephone skills, as occasionally she forgets to take down important messages and sometimes forgets to forward calls to the appropriate department.…… [Read More]

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Calculating Evaluation and Reward Is

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The other challenge, however, is to either maintain an aura of complete openness about bonus structures among employees or an aura of complete secrecy. Anything in the middle is damaging to group productivity.

Secrecy with a few leaks ensures that employees will constantly question why their bonus structure is different from another colleague's. That is why complete secrecy is ideal; however, it may simply not be viable since employees are bound to speak with one another at some point about compensation.

That is shy it may be advisable to open bonus structures up to for all company employees to understand and know. That way, everything is on the table and no employee feels that he or she is secretly being left behind in compensation.

This is a scary concept at first - complete compensation openness - but truly is superior to secrecy with leaks.… [Read More]

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Mobile Wireless Portal Evaluation of the Eweek

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Mobile Wireless Portal

Evaluation of the eWeek Mobile Wireless Portal

The eWeek Mobile Portal combines an impressive amount of news and analysis on mobile devices, mobile operating systems including iPhone, Android and many others, and the integration of these technologies into enterprise strategies. Coverage of how mobile technologies are used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and throughout direct marketing is included in the portal's contents. The benefits of the portal are the timeliness of its news and analysis, the depth of reviews of new mobile devices specifically designed for the enterprise, and the links to more advanced technical information as well. The disadvantages of the portal include its heavy reliance on advertising, which tends to clutter up the page and makes it difficult to navigate. Another disadvantage of the portal is the lack of direct access to the more interesting tests of wireless network performance. That…… [Read More]

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Graphics to Report Evaluation Data Purposefully Explain

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Graphics to Report Evaluation Data") purposefully explain that data derived from various graphic styles can and should "tell a story" and provide a great deal more, including putting "a human fact on a project" (Minter, et al.).

The graphics that the authors present include: bar chart, line graph, pie chart, illustrations including diagrams, maps and drawings, and photographs. The main ideas that are to be taken into consideration when presenting data through graphics: a) keep it "simple"; b) you want to pick a graphic that "communicates the most important message"; and c) never presume that others will read the text that you prepare as an accompaniment to a graphic (Minter).

Before preparing bar charts, the authors suggest taking a very close look at an existing chart to determine what it shows, what conclusions can be drawn from it, and does it contain enough information? The title used above bar charts…… [Read More]

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Program Evaluation in Criminal Justice

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Program Evaluation in Criminal Justice

In looking back at the concepts and ideas learned in this course, there is one in particular that stands out in my mind above all the rest, and that is ethics in research. In viewing the concept of ethics in criminal justice research, it becomes clear that it is with these ethical standards, that all parties in a criminal investigation or proceeding are dealt with in a manner that is both respectful and accurate. Ethics provide the foundation for work and research to be completed in a manner that respects the participants along with the information that is collected from them, ensuring that a case is handled in a manner that is based in honesty and moral practice.

The definition of ethics seems simple enough, but in terms of research it becomes much broader. Attorney and author David B. Resnick defines ethics in its most…… [Read More]

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Planprojects Software Evaluation What Originally

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There is no support for XML integration, no reporting, no functionality for Gannt chart, PERT, or time-based reporting by deadlines, and in general a complete lack of support for gaining an overview of all projects. The listing of all projects by status is a simple HTML generated list that could be easily created by Yahoo's SiteBuilder applications (free from Yahoo) for example. There is also no way to segment out projects by their status or not. All of these limitations could potentially create a high level of security violations as there are no individualized project status definitions apparently in the application. Once someone gains access to even a single project, they can easily get to all projects in the entire system. This application therefore lacks security as well. There are many other limitations from a project management standpoint and collaboration perspective as well including a lack of support for integrating…… [Read More]

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Building Evaluation

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Building Security Evaluation: Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport

Just a couple of decades ago, travelers, visitors and virtually anyone else could walk freely through the nation's airports without being challenged at any point, and security considerations were generally restricted to concerns over possible so-called "skyjackings" to Cuba, but even these were rare. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, though, all of this changed in fundamental ways as airports across the country implemented a wide range of security measures intended to prevent a recurrence of these deadly security breaches. Indeed, today, security at the nation's airports has never been stricter, and despite the time and trouble these initiatives have created for air travelers, most passengers today appear to accept these measures in stride as part of the post-September 11 climate. To determine what security measures have been taken in a specific airport facility, this paper provides an evaluation of…… [Read More]

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Ad Analysis -- Post-Purchase Evaluation

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In the ad, we see a testimonial coming from a working mother. Hence, consumption has already taken place and upon her consumption of the product, the working mother found significant value in it. This can be attested by the product's instrumental value, i.e. she took the product to lose weight and this is exactly what happened. We can also detect its hedonic value when the working mother found the product's website to be helpful and encouraging. This helped make product consumption an enjoyable and positive experience. Product satisfaction, on the other hand, is the result of the value she placed upon the consumed product. In this case, product satisfaction is high because of the positive value obtained by the product from the consumer.

In terms of the type of influence used, we argue that both internal and external techniques were employed. The advertisement appealed on consumer perception and better judgment…… [Read More]

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Creative Techniques Evaluative Entrepreneurship Evaluation

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On the other hand, a new business plan should not be so unrealistic as to fail to take note of existing market conditions and real economic pressures. The balance of personalities of team members, between the more practical and introverted, to the more feeling and extroverted individuals gave our team an excellent personality blend of boldness and caution. There was methodological weight behind the market research we conducted, yet there was also innovative thinking in terms of how the product was structured.

Another great strength of our team was the balance of people who enjoyed beginning new projects, and people who enjoyed bringing tasks to completion. One problem with creative idea-generating techniques such as laddering and SWOT is that so many ideas and potential innovations and obstacles can be generated that idea sessions spiral out of control and there is no grounding in reality and no sense of refining the…… [Read More]

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Self-Evaluation -- Teamwork Innovation and

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Ideally, we will collaborate to develop a long-term vision of what we want to accomplish in business. Thereafter, each of us will help one another become aware of possible business application of innovations in our respective fields of relative expertise and we will be able to rely on one another to identify potential opportunities in specific areas based on our shared long-term vision and our individual areas of greater understanding.

Teamwork and Individual Commitment

To make such an arrangement work, I realize that I will have to continue working on and developing my teamwork skills. By nature, I tend to be very independent and self-reliant. While I appreciate those traits and know that they are advantages in many respects, I have also learned that they can be counter-productive in an environment where there is too much information for any one person to be responsible for understanding, especially in terms of…… [Read More]

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Criminal Law Foundations Evaluation Criminal Law Foundations

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Criminal Law Foundations Evaluation

Criminal Law Foundations Paper

Constitution signifies different political contexts safeguarding the well-being of the citizens, as well as, the convicts in the state. The constitution gives an integrated model of a republic that dictates the roles, responsibilities of different arms of the legal and criminal justice system that ensure social equity and coercion. It is recognizable that each state has a unique political system characterized by "checks and balances" that separate power of authority, control, and legislation of the state. As such, scholars such as Thomas Aquinas of the medieval period considered the constitution as the divine power of the state that should be delivered in manners that ensure safety of the public and those in power. It is also recognizable that the constitutions of different states such as the U.S. have provision safeguards the interests of its citizens (Baron, 2003).


This research paper focuses…… [Read More]

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Search and Evaluation Task The Literature Exhibited

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search, and evaluation task.

The literature exhibited particular gaps with regard to the initial problem that I was considering. For example, I began thinking about the difficulties of emergency room nursing care and the jeopardy to morale and job satisfaction that was just part of on-the-job exposure to the emergency room setting. Patients were often very badly hurt, but they were just as often in need of routine medical care for common, albeit uncomfortable conditions. Treating patients in emergency room settings often meant dealing with people who were violent toward those who were trying to care for them. In addition, much of the literature -- for no apparent reason -- was based on data and studies from non-American hospitals and emergency rooms. Dwindling resources in some locations meant fewer staff members to do the same amount of work in general hospitals and in emergency rooms. Physicians were often the focus…… [Read More]

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EBD Reflective Evaluation Implementing Effective

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CBI is not a simple 'rewards-based' program, but encourages students to adopt more effective coping strategies. Negative self-esteem as well as 'acting out' can be addressed by CBI as the teacher helps the child work through negative self-talk and encourages rational and realistic positive self-talk. Rather than thinking 'I am a bad person,' children are encouraged to engage in effective problem-solving approaches. "A basic ingredient in CBT with children is problem-solving. Problem-solving skills training attempts to remedy the deficits in cognitive problem-solving processing abilities" which can lead to social difficulties (Joughin 2003:2).

However, while the student needs to be 'on board' in terms of the changes that are being fostered, is also important that the teacher does not 'set' the children up for failure and structures the day with an understanding of the children's capacities. "A lot of EBD kids lack the emotional balance and maturity needed to remain focused…… [Read More]

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Customer Service Evaluation How Do

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81 and .77, singif8icant at the .05 level, shows that the tests while valid, are not reliable in measuring ongoing performance gains. The r with complaints for Work Sample (T) of .37 and .35 also indicate that the test is highly valid yet lacks reliability in ensuring long-term customer service levels. Work Sample (T) shows that it is only sporadically valid as well with the very low r with speed and negative values for r with error rate. The Work Sample tests are ideal for capturing applicants' ability to manage complaints yet cannot be used with any validity over other areas of their responsibilities. In conclusion these tests also need modification before they can be used "for keeps" as part of the overall methodology for hiring at the company.

3. What limitations in the above study should be kept in mind when interpreting the results and deciding whether to use…… [Read More]

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Technology Evaluation of Social Networking Platforms in

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Technology Evaluation of Social Networking Platforms

In evaluating whether or not the online high school that has the advanced technologies for enabling greater student collaboration, support for student outcomes, and enabling greater levels of communication across our student and instructor populations, the following analysis has been completed. The need for social networking solution that can align thoroughly and quickly with the culture of a given organization is key to its adoption and ability to deliver value on a consistent basis (Bennett, 2008). While the high school has exceptional technology, it will be prudent to consider hwo effectively their technologies can be used to supplant and strengthen our learning objectives. This alignment of technology to our strategic plans needs to be the watermark by which it is judged.

Analysis of Factors For Implementing Social Networking

The most critical success factor in implementing an innovative technology internally is the ability to create…… [Read More]

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Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation Demonstrate Effective

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Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation

Demonstrate effective communication skills

• I have expanded my vocabulary to include standard practical and theoretical business concepts and I have increased my proficiency with digital technology communications media. I have learned how to coordinate my vocabulary, language, and persuasion efforts to specific audiences depending on whether they are laypeople, professionals, colleagues, or strangers. This skill is extremely important within the military, in particular, because communications that are standard among service members are often incomprehensible to civilians and because civilian communications may be too imprecise to convey the minimum necessary information and distinctions typically communicated best through highly specialized terminology.

• I have improved my ability to use email and other forms of technology to communicate in a professional manner. That also includes a greater understanding of the manner in which different communications media typically require the communicator to consider how various communications efforts might…… [Read More]

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Anthropology Letter Evaluation the First

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Although the writer explained his honest opinion, he still showed respect to the people concerned and his reasons sound fair enough for the Yanomami and other indigenous people.

The fourth letter indicated some direct criticisms to the AAA organization. The writer explained facts based from his study and in turn explained his comments and criticisms which are also based from factual information that he had researhed on. As compared to the first three letters where the writer showed deep concern for the Yanomami and other indigenous people, the writer in this letter showed concern on the credibility of the AAA organization. This is apparent in his suggestions that can prevent Yanomami from failures and from having criticisms from others.

The fifth letter sounds suggestive and yet reprimanding. In the first paragraph of the letter, the writer explained the purpose of the AAA. This is perhaps to generally indicate to the…… [Read More]

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Web Evaluation

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Web Evaluation www.whitehouse.gov is the official website of the executive branch of the United States government. The site includes links to biography pages for the President and Vice President, biographies of Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney, histories of the White House, official speech transcripts, current and recent event news articles, and official statements of policy on issues ranging from the environment to foreign affairs. The White House website also includes a special educational section for kids as well as Spanish-language support. An official Presidential seal flanks each page in a top frame, denoting site authority and authenticity. Unfortunately, however, there is no information about the site's authorship, its web designers, or its editors. Legitimacy is inferred via the White House name and its implied prestige only. Consequently, www.whitehouse.gov also does not include any references to outside sources or websites, as its material is considered to be used as a primary…… [Read More]