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Marathon Is Among the Most Fabled Athletic

Words: 1765 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50156413

marathon is among the most fabled athletic events of all times. The modern-day Olympic Games, arguable the largest athletic spectacle worldwide, are rooted in ancient rites more storied than the traditions of the major religions. While the modern-day games are rooted in the post-war spirit of pacific global competition under the guise of competition, the age-old tradition of the marathon is entrenched in the collective memory of ancient history. More than two thousand years later, the marathon has become the epitome of athletic competition, rivaling the Olympics for rigor, demand, and athleticism. Held in cities all over the globe, the marathon has witnessed a recent event-tide in flourishing popularity with more people taking part each year to be part not only of the history, but reap the incredible health, metaphysical, and interpersonal rewards the race offers.

"The ancient Greeks were no strangers to long-distance running," marathon scholar Charlie Lovett writes.…… [Read More]

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Well-Built Big Athletic Man Who

Words: 357 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66764476

The comparisons make me feel better about myself if I determine that I have better features such as bigger biceps. However, I will always feel worse if the person I am comparing myself to is better-looking in some department.

I would like to change some of my attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs about what I am supposed to look like, what other people want me to look like, and what society expects from me. The bottom line should always be health: exercise and eating right should be about how I feel more than about how I look.

3. Anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorders are all psychological problems that have physical manifestations. They are behavioral issues and while there is a strong physiological component, the root causes of these diseases is in the emotional or mental make up of the person. Still, an eating and exercise regime that promotes total health can…… [Read More]

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Flow States and Sport Performance

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Flow States and Sport Performance

The attention of an individual focus on the movements of the body, power of the muscles, force of the lungs, and the strength beneath the feet in the context of running a race,. This is an indication that an individual is living in the moment utterly absorbed in the present activity. It is essential to note that time seems to fall away. According to the description by the positive psychologists, the encounter or experience during the running process is known as the flow. It is vital to note that the flow refers to the state of complete immersion in an activity. The mental state of the flow relates to the ability of an individual to be involved in the activity for its own sake.

Understanding the Psychology of the Flow

It is ideal to note that people experience diverse or different flow states. Some might…… [Read More]

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COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD Year-Old

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

year-old male -- pt known to me -- recently admitted to the ward with Non-STEMI & LVF.

Discharged five days ago.

Was found collapsed in his house by his niece. Duration not known.

Could not get up from the floor, no chest pain/SOB. No dysuria/constipation -- ? Incontinence

Pt was discharged with a package of care last week.

Detailed history not available as the pt is confused and not answering any questions.

Rationale To Justify Choice Of The Aspect Of Care

Shortness of breath is an almost universal symptom in cor pulmonale. Incidents of leg edema, atypical chest pain, dyspnea on exertion, exercise-produced peripheral cyanosis, prior respiratory failure, and extreme daytime somnolence are all chronological clues suggestive of the presence of cor pulmonale. Chest pain could be connected to right ventricular ischemia. Cough and complaints of uncomplicated fatigability are common (Ghosh, et al. 1998).…… [Read More]

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Anabolic Steroids Ergogenic Aids Are

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Athletes should also be concerned about their lives after they retire from athletics; if they continue using anabolic steroid there are many harmful implications that comes as aftermaths of the practices that have been discussed in the essay. The athletic body on its part should strengthen its drug screening systems to ensure only right athletes are allowed to participate in tournaments.


Beckett a., Cowan D. (2003). Misuse of drugs in sport. Br J. Sports Med, 12, 185-194.

Collins, R. (2003). Performance-Enhancing Drugs. San Diego: Green haven Press.

Gladwell, M. (2003). Performance-Enhancing Drugs Should Be Regulated, Not Prohibited.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs. San Diego: Green haven Press.

Goldberg, L., Elliot, D., Clarke, G.N., MacKinnon, D.P., Moe, E., Zoref, L., Green, C., Wolf,

S.L., GreffrathE., Miller, D.J., and Lapin, a. (1996). Effects of a multidimensional anabolic steroid prevention intervention: The adolescents training and learning to avoid steroids (ATLAS) program. JAMA,276 (19):1555-1562.

Laura…… [Read More]

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Are East African Runners Unbeatable Due to Genetic Gifts

Words: 1177 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14643620

East African Athletes

East African Runners

The achievement of long distance runners from East Africa especially Kenya as well as Ethiopia promoted a tradition of East Africans as genetically talented, indomitable, overriding for the reason of their biology. Research has been undertaken to analyze this issue but nothing conclusive has been found as genes definite to East Africans that may perhaps justify their distance talent.

According to Scott RA, RH Wilson, W Goodwin, V Onywera, M Boit, YP Pitsiladis, (2006) a lot of Epstein's work surrounds the manner in which particular genes as well as some genetic markers profoundly control character that decide an individual's capability of becoming an athletics star. Among the instances that were looked into by the Epstein lies a Kenyan tribe known as the Kalenjin. Researchers have more than once pointed out that elongated as well as skinny legs are supplementary resourceful when it comes to…… [Read More]

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Obesity in Children Has Become a Common

Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 35646224

Obesity in children has become a common health problem. Obesity in children is a result of indulging in fast foods and spending time in front of the television or being stationary playing video

Supportive arguments

Food Factors

There is an over-abundance of food availability in America's supermarkets and restaurants, particularly fast-food restaurants (Hill and Peters, 1998). The portion-sizes of food in America's restaurants are unreasonable and uncontrolled (Hill and Peters, 1998). There is an increase in consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas and sweetend food (Bray, 2004). There is also an over-abundance of high-fat food choices paired with a lack of palpable low-fat choices. Most importantly, studies show that a diet of 35% fat or higher contributes to obesity in sedentary animals (Hill and Peters, 1998). It is no wonder that children having this unnutritious food become obese.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Another factor is the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that is due, in part,…… [Read More]

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Heart Disease

Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46213368

Atherosclerosis and the various complications associated with this disease, especially towards its final stages, may causes disability and death within Western societies. Although advancement of atherosclerosis is a slow process, beginning in childhood, remaining asymptomatic for several decades, complication like myocardial infarction, peripheral ischemia, or stroke happening later on in life. Some recognized risk factors towards the development of the illness include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidaemia, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and ageing. Several studies suggest heritability of coronary atherosclerosis, established through fatal cardiac episodes between 38 and 57%.

Furthermore, epidemiology studies also correlate a positive family history is independently related with the occurrence of cardiovascular events. Such occurrences derived from genetics include lipid profile as well as genes related to obesity. Development of these molecular biology methods promotes effective identification of these "candidate genes" through use of high-throughput technologies like genome-wide scans. An article explains the connection between the illness and…… [Read More]

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Addiction Relapse Prevention

Words: 1941 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97622947

Addictions come in various formats and types. Today, drug and substance abuse has been identified as some of the most prevalent forms of addiction – with most of those affected being the youth. In essence, the future of the world, and more specifically the future of our nation, is largely founded on the sobriety and ability of those in the youthful age bracket to effectively function (both mentally and physically) in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Drug and substance addiction could cause significant impairments at a personal level. The impact of drug and substance abuse on social systems is even greater – with drug abuse and addiction being linked to increased crime rates, child neglect, increased burden on the healthcare system, etc. My review of existing literature reveals that although various strategies have been adopted in an attempt to reign in the concern of drug and substance addiction,…… [Read More]

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Christopher Reeve Case Study Christopher

Words: 950 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66192310

What treatments did the individual seek? Were any available at the time?

Reeve had to have a major operation a few days after his accident to replace the shattered vertebrae through artificial means. After his operation, he was put through physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Eventually he was able to move his wrist, fingers, and feet (Hecht & Hecht 2004). He could also breathe without assistance for up to 90 minutes. Intense physical therapy continued throughout the remainder of his life. Other treatments he received included: weight-bearing exercises, calcium supplements, and medication to reverse osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones which happens frequently to paraplegics.

Reeve sought further means of overcoming his disability, particularly with stem cell research. In this therapy, embryonic stem cells or, less often, adult stem cells are introduced to the damaged body which and allows the body to regenerate damaged tissue. It has been shown to…… [Read More]

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Skin Blood Flow Thermoregulation Is

Words: 6746 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 92554129

The picture to the left depicts the various elements that are responsible for thermoregulation in human skin. The illustrations shows the various layers of skin along with the veins, arteries and capillaries of the circulatory system that assist in insuring that the thermoregulatory system works properly. The sweat glands are responsible for selectively removing materials from the blood the sweat glands then concentrates or alters these toxins, and secretes them for elimination from the body. The perspiration or sweat is then removed through the sweat pore. This has a twofold purpose: to remove toxins and thermoregulation (in this case cooling the body).

Thermoregulation involving perspiration is brought about by both internal and environmental heat and exercise. As it relates to the latter, there have been many studies related to exercise and thermoregulation. According to Marino (2004)

"thermoregulatory effector responses of humans and concluded that temperature regulation during exercise is dissimilar…… [Read More]

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Women in Management and the

Words: 3250 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72632726

On the other hand, women view danger associated wit achievement at the workplace, as being left alone or isolated by other employees (Wirth, 2001).

VI. Turning point in history

From my point-of-view, I see that much has happened on the changing role of men and women at home. Both women and men can be found doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning (these were regarded as female work by tradition), and it is their responsibility to maintain vehicles, the lawn and appliances (in the past this was man's work). Marriage has lost its original meaning and nowadays it is more to do with partnership. This is the case because women have made their way to the workforce, the great education and affluence of society, rate of divorce, and the movement by the feminist. Men still top the charts as they still have domination at their places of work in terms of higher…… [Read More]

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Lungs What Are the Lungs

Words: 3387 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31909477

However, it was 1953 that the formation of serotonin was from the lungs was substantiated. It is also observed that detoxification of the blood takes place in the lungs. Later, it was observed that one of the important activities of the lung is to provide chemical filtration by shielding the regular circulation of blood from the attack of vasoactive mixtures and other exogenous compounds present in the arteries. The physiology of the lungs and its location makes the lung exclusively suitable to perform these activities. (Wet; Moss, 1998)

The total output from the cardiac system is obtained by the lungs whereas other organs acquire only a very small quantity of output. The blood that circulates the lungs is subject to the vast capillary endothelial plane of the body which is of seventy square meters. This aspect of output and circulation enable the lung to perform the efficient function of biochemical…… [Read More]

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Modeling Mitosis Structured Investigation Inquiry Modeling Mitosis

Words: 956 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30607457

Modeling Mitosis

Structured Investigation Inquiry: Modeling Mitosis

Students will be required to understand the process of mitosis and demonstrate this by drawing pictures of the different mitotic stages in the correct temporal order. These drawings will be judged by how complete they are. For example, the subcellular organelles involved in each stage, including the nuclear membrane, chromosomes, spindle fibers, and centrioles, should be clearly labeled and depicted in a manner that reflects the correct structure for a given mitotic stage. The students will then provide a written, overall summary to demonstrate their grasp of the terminology used to describe mitosis.

Class Performance Ranking Results for Modeling Mitosis:

Exceeding expectations: 50%

Meeting expectations: 33%

Below expectations: 12%

Critique of Student A, an Example of Meeting Expectations:

The student's description of mitosis revealed minor discrepancies in her grasp of the knowledge that included the following:

Cytokinesis was defined as one cell splitting…… [Read More]

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Spina Bifida

Words: 2732 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62761041

Kyle Thornton

Spina Bifida

Statistics of Disease

Etiology of Spina Bifida

Pathology and Physiology of Spina Bifida

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic Tests

Medical Treatments

Physical Therapy of Spina Bifida


Neural tube defects are the second most common congenital defects in the United States. This occurs due to a defect during early fetal development. These defects are classically of two types, open and closed. Spinal NTDs (spina bifida), anencephaly, and encephalocele are examples of open defects. Common examples of closed NTDs are lipomyelomeningocele, lipomeningocele, and tethered cord. Occasionally more than one type of NTDs can occur simultaneously.


Statistics from March, 2011, estimates that averages of 1500 babies with spina bifida are born each year. The incidence is higher for Hispanic women, almost doubling that of non-Hispanics. The bright side of the situation is that the occurrence for spina bifida, in the United States, has been…… [Read More]

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Football Being Physiological and Physical Often the

Words: 950 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6324234

Football Being Physiological and Physical

Often the line between physicality and physiology is blurred, as both relate the function on the human body. In the arena of organized team sports, the physical and the physiological can be distinguished by breaking down specific bodily talents, such as flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, speed, agility, coordination, timing and reaction time, and accuracy. Each of these relates more to physiology than physicality. For example, in football, throws and passes significantly impact the outcome of the game. The actions involved in throwing, passing, and catching the football demand physiological acumen, especially timing, coordination, and good reaction time. Some receivers must also display a great deal of flexibility in trying to reach for a poorly thrown ball or one that arrives amid a slew of defensive forces. Football of course also relies greatly on strength and endurance, especially when it comes to staving off the defense…… [Read More]

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Asthma Pathology and Contemporary Treatment Alternatives According

Words: 2737 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89696904

Asthma: Pathology and Contemporary Treatment Alternatives

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma is a complex disease on the rise in the United States. Most at risk include poor or inner city minorities that present with inordinately high rates of mortality resulting from the condition (CDC, 2005). Asthma may also be on the rise due to environmental factors including increased pollution and exposure to environmental toxins that may affect lung capacity (CDC, 2005; Hwang et. al, 2005; Yang, et. al, 1997; Wickman, et. al, 2003). Asthma is a serious, potentially life threatening condition for the millions of sufferers worldwide. Doctors are still working to determine the cause of this disease and finding new ways to treat it. While there is no cure for asthma yet, researchers have uncovered multiple treatment alternatives that help patients with asthma effectively control their condition.

Education, public response and intervention are all…… [Read More]

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Gestational Diabetes in African-American Females

Words: 1873 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59613804

Gestational Diabetes and African-American Women

Comment by Sabina:

Gestational Diabetes is a diagnosis of diabetes during pregnancy. This diagnosis is usually obtained about the 24th week of pregnancy after taking a blood glucose test. A diagnosis of gestational diabetes does not mean the individual is going to become diabetic after pregnancy or was diabetic prior to pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is usually caused by the imbalance of hormones during pregnancy, along with other biological factors such as a decrease in pancreatic production of insulin. I will discuss how the diagnosis is obtained, how it is treated, medication that can be used, ethical and cultural affiliation with gestational diabetes. Finally I will also discuss some controversies surrounding this disease and how it impacts African-American females.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

According to American Diabetic Association (ADA, 2011) gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women in the United States, about 135,000 women…… [Read More]

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Diabetic Vascular Disease

Words: 1945 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3201728

Diabetic Vascular Disease state caused by the deficiency of a chemical in the body called insulin which is a hormone is called Diabetes. There are two forms of diabetes. In the type-one diabetes no insulin is formed and people require insulin injections for existence. This was once thought it would affect only children, but now it can occur at any age. The type2 diabetes is due to the resistance of the body towards the effects of insulin. This also includes insulin which is insufficient. But in this type there is some amount of insulin produced. In both the types the blood glucose levels is increased. When compared to people without diabetes, people with diabetes are prone to certain problems. These problems occur in the nerves (neuropathy), kidney (nephropathy) and eye (retinopathy). These people are prone to early heart attacks and stroked due to the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). With…… [Read More]

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Multiple Sclerosis Etiology Multiple Sclerosis

Words: 3721 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91893026

) between 20 and 50.

Studies have shown that people with multiple sclerosis who exercise:

c.) have less fatigue

How many people in the United States are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis every week?

A b.) about 200 ("Take the FDA Consumer")

Dealing with Depression

As depression is reportedly the most common psychiatric disorder in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, those caring for MS patients who express any sort of suicidal ideation should be closely monitored and referred for a psychological evaluation. Frequently, MS patients experiencing bouts with depression or suicidal thoughts are not assessed, under assessed, and/or consequently not diagnosed. Unlike some of the other aspects accounting MS, yet similar to some MS, depression can be effectively treated. Numerous reasons contribute to MS patients experiencing depression, according to Wallin. These may include:

The psychosocial effects of MS disability.

The direct effect of lesions on brain structures that are involved in regulating…… [Read More]

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PTSD and Abuse

Words: 4018 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 77446264

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Abuse

This paper will highlight post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its related causes such as abuse. The main idea here is to overview some of the causes of this disorder and to relate it with physiological and sociological aspects, some other important facts related to the topic will also be mentioned in order to give the reader a better idea about those individuals who are diagnosed with the post traumatic stress.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is commonly observed that there exists a strong relationship between abusive behavior, PTSD and any experience of traumatic incident. The fact is that intimate partner abuse occurs more than expected by any common individual. According to the national estimates in the United States, around the time frame of one year some eight to twenty percent of individuals who are in a serious relationship would go on to get involved…… [Read More]

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Released by the FBI and

Words: 17274 Length: 65 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 13580051


Human development- behavioral shifts in human being that tae place during the course of an entire lifespan ("Human Behavior").

Risk Analysis- the activity of determining and analyzing the dangerous natural and human caused negative events. This analysis takes into consideration the risks these event pose to businesses individuals and governments. Within the domain of information technology risk analysis reports are utilized to tailor technology-related objectives with a an organization's business objectives. Such reports are either quantitative or qualitative ("What is Risk analysis").

Risk management - includes policies, procedures, and practices needed to identify, analyze, assess, control, and avoid, minimize, or eliminate of intolerable risks. An organization may use risk retention, risk assumption, risk avoidance, risk transfer, or any other strategy to efficiently manage events that might occur in the future ("Risk Management").


The correlation between software development, risk analysis, risk management and human behavior is a complex association.…… [Read More]

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Interrelatedness of Diseases Grim Causes

Words: 4055 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32912616

The presence of cardiac enzymes in the blood often indicates myocardial necrosis. Medical experts generally view MI as one among acute coronary syndromes. Unstable angina and non-ST-elevation MI are among the syndromes. Statistics said that approximately 1.5 million cases come up each year. MI is a cardiovascular condition. About 12 million deaths worldwide each year are attributed to cardiovascular diseases as cause, according to the World Health Organization. These diseases are blamed for half of all deaths in many developed countries and one of the causes of death in many developing countries. On the whole, they are the major cause of adult deaths everywhere in the world (Garas and Zafari).

Mortality, Morbidity, Risk Factors

Cardiovascular disease is the number-one cause of death in the United States with approximately 500,000-700,000 of these relating to coronary artery every year (Garas & Zafari, 2009). More specifically, ischemic heart disease is the leading cause…… [Read More]

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Pathophysiology of Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Words: 1851 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90918330

Pathophysiology of Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease

The author provides a comprehensive overview of late-onset Alzheimer's disease, including discussions about what is generally known about the disease with regard to heritability, disease progression, and risk factors. Findings from relevant studies on the association of LOAD with genotypes, cellular processes, and patterns of brain deterioration are provided. Brief discussions of pharmacological treatments and future research are included.

Key words: Alzheimer's, late-onset

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and it is both progressive and incurable. Early-onset Alzheimer's disease is considered to be an onset of the symptoms before the age of 65 years of age (Canu, et al., 2010). Compared to late onset AD patients, early onset AD patients show a more rapid cognitive and clinical decline, along with earlier impairment of a multidomain nature that includes language, executive functions, and visuospatial abilities, although memory deficits may be less…… [Read More]

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Homeostasis An Analysis of Energy

Words: 1177 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82421057

The central nervous system is responsible for interpreting the signals sent by these organs, which are meant to reflect energy stores, the recent nutritional status of a person and other factors related to energy metabolism. Further the authors point out that parts of the central nervous system including sections of the hypothalamus then coordinate energy intake and expenditure. The authors suggest that manipulation of any of these components may be an avenue for obesity research. Like the previous researchers discussed, the authors suggest that the homeostasis of the body can be manipulated both intentionally and un-intentionally by individual's lifestyle and personal behaviors.

In fact all organs of the body work synergistically to promote homeostasis. As Westerterp, Plasqui & Goris (2005) note water is vital to energy homeostasis and is directly impacted by factors including physical activity and water loss due to temperature. The authors conducted a study of forty-two women…… [Read More]

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Wrestling and Football Women in

Words: 802 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31597052

Apart from physical aptitude, societal roles also play a large role. Says Susan Birrell in Women, Sport, and Culture, "it is also clear that sport is strongly associated with the male identity, with being popular and having friends. Rugby and football are archetypical here" (Birrell 35). The bonding stereotypes of the female gender are generally non-physical, and thus sports do not have as positive an association for women. As a result, of that percentage of women that are able to compete at the same level as men in contact sports never enter the arena in the first place.

Regardless of the reason, very few women get involved with contact sports, and practicality makes it difficult for those who are interested to be accommodated. Separate locker room facilities are necessary, and the team dynamics are altered fundamentally as the issue of sexual tension enters the scene. There are some who would…… [Read More]

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Alzheimer's Disease According to the

Words: 1127 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2571036

One of the most common mental disorders linked to Alzheimer's is depression which according to Elwood Cohen manifests itself in three important ways. First, "There are higher rates of depression among Alzheimer's patients than among non-demented adults;" second, "Having a depressive episode is associated with an increased risk for developing Alzheimer's," and third, Depressive symptoms can be confused with dementia in older adults" (1999, 214).

In a recent study conducted by the Cardiovascular Health Initiative, based in Washington, D.C., more than one-third of 400 dementia patients and more than one-fifth of 300 patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) had experienced symptoms of depression during a one-month period prior to the study. Similar results were reported by the Multi-Institutional Research in Alzheimer's Genetic Epidemiology (MIRAGE) which discovered that "In the year prior to a patient being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, the same patient was almost five times more likely than their…… [Read More]

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Literature Dry Needling

Words: 3480 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal Paper #: 52083263

Dry Needling

Cover letter

Department of Science


Over time, dry needling has turned out to be a well-liked therapy method in manual physical rehabilitation (Dommerholt et al., 2006). Physiotherapists as well as other healthcare service providers in numerous nations utilize dry needling within the clinical therapy of individuals with myofascial discomfort and trigger points. Within the U.S.A., roughly 20 states and also the District of Columbia have authorized dry needling by physiotherapists, that is an impressive improve ever since 2004, when only 4 states authorized dry needling (Dommerholt, 2004). During 2009, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapists implemented a position proclamation that dry needling is actually in the capacity of manual physical rehabilitation. The benefits of dry needling happen to be significantly reported (Dommerholt and Gerwin, 2010) and consist of an instant decrease in local, known, as well as prevalent discomfort (Hsieh et al., 2007), recovery of variety…… [Read More]

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Disorders of the Veins and

Words: 794 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35911285

Mostly proteins and platelets combine to form blood clotting in order to heal wounds inside the arteries. However, the accumulation of fatty protein and platelet deposits on the artery walls can sometimes cause the arteries to become narrow and hardened. This makes the artery more prone to damage and if it ruptures, the blood clotting occurs and thus, the artery becomes infected by arterial thrombosis.

Impact of patient age on the path physiology of CVI and DVT

The age factor is critical towards understanding how a disease might impact the sick person and how the person's body would respond to the various treatments applied on it. As mentioned earlier, these disorders are more common in the adult population. In the case of CVI, the vein walls weaken as the age of the person increases. This is due to the reason that the internal system of the person has become old,…… [Read More]

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Current

Words: 2575 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 16560600

...It can spot moderate to severe dysplasia (irregular tissue), "some of which may turn out to be malignant and you'll have a case of lung cancer," he explains. Patients with dysplasia can then be closely monitored, and if cancer appears, it can be treated in its earliest stages. The second diagnostic tool is an imaging agent called Nofetumomab (verluma). Approved by FDA in 1996, it can determine the extent of disease in patients already diagnosed with small cell lung cancer through a biopsy but who have not yet been treated. Nofetumomab is a fragment of a monoclonal (synthetic) antibody that, when tagged with a radioisotope, can detect a protein found on the surface of most small cell lung cancers. The antibody collects in tumor sites and other areas of the body where protein is detected and, using special cameras, doctors can see the areas as "hotspots." (Brown, 1999, p. 7)…… [Read More]

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Healthy Heart vs Coronary Disease

Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61031010

When an heart needs more oxygen, such in times of exercise, stress or pharmacological stimuli, blood flow is increased to fulfill this demand. However, the physiological narrowing of arteries due to plaque build up found in coronary disease restricts blood flow to the heart, especially in times of when an increase in myocardial oxygen is needed. These restrictions mean a lessened CFR for the individual, which can lead to coronary ischemia, cardiac infarction, and several other dangerous effects. This physiological change in the coronary system, through the build up of plaque, occurs for several reasons. Lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, with the consumption of certain fats and cholesterols, can facilitate plaque build up. High blood pressure, obesity, depression, and anxiety are also contributing factors (Pazoki, Nabiour, Seyednezami, and Imami).

There are different treatment options for coronary artery disease. Two treatment clinical options include lifestyle modification and revascularization. Lifestyle…… [Read More]

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Manipulative Thrust Techniques in Lower

Words: 3037 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 594913

The practice of manipulative thrust therapy can be dangerous and cases of injuries and tragic events have been recorded. Cases of vertebral artery dissection (VAD) have been recorded in people that had the cervical spine manipulation technique done and research on the cases from 1966 to 1993 concluded 30% could be attributed to the procedure (Cleland 2007). VADs are spontaneous and can be normally present at the initial onset of headaches or neck pain. This represents the conclusion that the VAD was present before the technique is performed on a patient complaining of neck pain. The debate over the truth is still being waged. Even authors have joined the debate but they are touted as biased and do not support the evidenced based in research (User's Guide 2008).

Other debates rage as well. The risks of the manipulative thrusts therapies are actually no worse the risks from NSAIDs and cervical…… [Read More]

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Motivation in Sport

Words: 19272 Length: 70 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 9769558

Motivation in Sport

Take a look at the animal world and you will find the proof that game is an inherent feature of the virtually evaluated species. This has an important part in literacy and evolution. We witness many a mock fights between kittens and pups so as to enhance their stamina, speed, tolerance and will. Through such hatred free games, they rub their hands for survival and satisfy their urge for challenge and ecstasy. The human species is not just a species of animals based on reason. There is an unquenchable thirst in the humans for wisdom, truth and joy. These spiritual features are the ones which differentiate human beings from animals. In the proceeding development of human civilization, sports and games have had a part in revealing the human ability.

At each and every phase of the evolutionary process, sport has had an important part in giving a…… [Read More]

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Quality of Life Among Tawau Hospital Sufering

Words: 8383 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85112392

Quality of Life Among Tawau Hospital Sufering From

Knee Osteoarthritis With Physiotherapy

Qualitative study of How Quality of Life of Tawau Hospital Staff

Suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis have been improved at Physiotherapy Unit.

To investigate how the Quality of Life among Tawau Hospital staff suffering from Osteoarthritis (knees) have been improved using Physiotherapy intervention.

The study employs qualitative techniques to collect data. The sample population is selected from people and Tawau Hospital staff visiting the physiotherapy unit. Approximately 100 sample valid questionnaires are collected and the data collected are used for the research findings. The study evaluates the extent the physiotherapy intervention has been able to improve the quality of life of participants. The physiotherapy intervention include physical exercise, and massage. The study measures the outcome of physiotherapy intervention using VAS (visual analogue scale). The reduction of pain has been used to measure the improvement of quality of life index…… [Read More]

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Diabetes Management Diabetes Mellitus Is One of

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Diabetes Management

Diabetes mellitus is one of the non-communicable diseases that have continued to be in the forefront of public health challenges. Diabetes occurs when the body system is unable to produce sufficient insulin. Typically, insulin is a hormone secreted from the beta cell within the pancreases that regulates the blood sugar as well as assisting in conversion of glucose into energy. Diabetes occurs when there is high level of glucose in the blood, and when the body pancreas in unable to produce enough insulin.

Type 2 diabetes known as non- insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) accounts for more than 90% of diabetes globally. The type 2 diabetes occurs when a body is unable to produce sufficient insulin to overcome abnormality. There are three types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes,

Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes is an autoimmune system where the diseases in…… [Read More]

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Osteoporosis and Resultant Factors Due

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Research has shown that resistive exercise in strength training increases strength in the extensor lumbar muscles and reduces the incidence of vertebral fractures (Lirani-Galvao & Lazaretti-Castro, 2010). This demonstrates that resistive strength training prevents the loss of bone mass, maintains bone mass, improves balance and reduces the likelihood of falls (Lirani-Galvao & Lazaretti-Castro, 2010). Strength training exercise that is high impact and intense can reduce back pain and improve bone mineral density in the hips and spine for women in their early post-menopausal years that are at high risk of developing osteoporosis (Lirani-Galvao & Lazaretti-Castro, 2010).

However, other types of exercise have been shown to potentially more effective than strength training for the maintenance of bone mineral density in post-menopausal women. Stengel et al. (2005) investigated the difference between strength training and power training in their effectiveness as interventions for the maintenance of bone mineral density in post-menopausal women. These…… [Read More]

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Health Blind Spot

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Health and Blind Spot Enlargement in Non-Athletes

Everyone has a blind spot in the visual field caused by an absence of nerves on the retinal wall where the nerve ganglia enter. Our brains "correct" for this blind spot and fill-in the missing information so that we do not notice the blind spot in normal daily activity. As the blind spot represents a physical structure, there has been little study concerning it. There have been a few studies conducted to determine how the brain compensates for the phenomenon.

Recently, there have been studies indicating that in certain people seeking chiropractic treatment that they have unequal blind spots as a result of muscoloskeletal misalignments. This research has been controversial, however, brings up several interesting questions. There are conditions that can damage the retina and this can cause blind spots in the visual field. It is generally assumed that athletes maintain a better…… [Read More]

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Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Practices Health Promotion to Prevent Cognitive and Visual Decline

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Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Practices

Seeking far better healthcare for psychological along with other medical problems, public has increasingly took on other styles of treatment-commonly known as complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. Within 2002, 36% adult Americans utilized some kind of CAM. In the event that prayer is incorporated, that amount swells to approximately 62%. By 2007 CAM usage enhanced to approximately 14% (Edwards, 2008).

In psychiatry, nearly 54% of females with depression looked for relief through CAM therapies. Factors given really are an inclination for any "natural strategy," seeking treatments which are congruent using their own beliefs as well as values, as well as experiencing unpleasant negative effects or poor outcomes from orthodox therapy. Amongst psychological patients generally, 63% utilized some form of CAM (Edwards, 2008).

In recent decades, one has also seen a stream of articles within the psychological literature around the utilization of CAM remedies such…… [Read More]

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Healthy Nutrition A Chemistry View Point Chemistry

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healthy Nutrition: A Chemistry View Point

Chemistry is a branch of sciences that deals with the compositions of matter and helps in identifying the substances that form matter. Living as well as non-living bodies are formed with substances. These substances differ in their composition, nature, properties, and reactions with other substances. There is a vital role of chemicals and chemistry in everyday life of human beings. The impacts of chemical substances on living beings can also be divided into direct and indirect categories. The impact of environmental substances is indirect in nature whereas direct impacts are chemical composition of food, nutrition, vitamins, and physical activity.

The following sections are focused on detailed review of relevance for chemistry and chemicals on healthy eating habits, nutrition, and vitamins. The significant role of physical activity and exercising is also elaborated in the sections below. There are significant benefits of healthy diet and exercise.…… [Read More]

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Obesity in America Many Think of Obesity

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Obesity in America

Many think of obesity as a disease that may need medication to retract, may be genetic in origin and, thus, not the fault of the individual, and, therefore, may be biologically rather than culturally deteremined. However, as this essay intends to show, people with genetic predisposition to obesity can still prevent their obesity from occuring, or can control it, by followign the guidelines of a healthy diet and regular physical activity. It is the American culture, far more than biology, that has created the prevelant tendency to obesity by presenting an environment that promotes obesity and discourages a healthy lifestyle. In essence, while obesity is a disease, it is one of the most easily preventable diseases for those who approach it proactively, though this may require certain departures from the American lifestyle.


Obesity increases the risk for many fatal diseases, including cardiovascular disease, and recorded in…… [Read More]

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Born to Be Big Childhood

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People can exercise their free choice at the grocery store by choosing organic foods, although because of generally higher costs of organic products, this will not be a solution for everyone. People in lower socioeconomic groups often get food at discount chains or even food pantries where organics are not even a choice at all.

There is no incentive for makers of agricultural chemicals to modify their products in response to charges about obesogens. As the documentary films the Future of Food and King Corn pointed out, the use of pesticides is very big business. Though detrimental effects of pesticides and genetically-modified seeds and food have been shown, further research is needed to prove the link between pesticides and genetic modifications that lead to obesity in infants and children. When and if that link is proven, the public will have to demand that the government take action. Consumer advocate organizations…… [Read More]

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Importance of Pilates

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Pilates: History, Uses and Benefits

Background on Pilates

While other ancient forms of exercise have a more dubious or nebulous history, the beginnings of pilates tend to actually be well-known and well-documented. Joseph Pilates created this form of exercise in the 1920s as a means of rehabilitating individuals, athletes and others who were under great physical strain (Weil, 2014). "Some of the first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war and dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine (to strengthen their bodies and heal their aches and pains)" (Weil, 2014). While pilates has been tweaked and adjusted throughout the years, it still remains a heavily used form of exercise, and stays true to its origins. One of the core tenets of pilates is that it is focused creating an intense amount of strength training, but without creating unnecessary bulk. The pilates method revolves around engaging in a…… [Read More]

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Role of Hormones in the Control of

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role of hormones in the control of body fuel/energy mechanism has been appreciated for close to a century (Dzamko & Steinberg,2009). This concept was identified by the groundbreaking findings by the scientists, Banting et al. (1922) that the hormone, insulin could effectively restore euglycaemia. This paper seeks to give an in depth understanding of metabolism by definition and gives the various component of metabolism and finally the hormonal influence of metabolism. This paper looks into the various substrates that are influence the hormonal actions in fuel metabolism, circumstances under which they occur and the various pathways followed during these metabolisms (Becker, 2001). The intermediary compounds are also considered to the effect. In conclusion, the paper discuses the medical conditions that would arise once these hormones fail to act.

Metabolism is a biological process that takes place in living organisms throughout their lives, once metabolism stops the individuals automatically dies. A…… [Read More]

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Stress Refers to a State

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A recent study by Duke University medical research center revealed that exercises not only relive depression and distress but also bring about positive changes in important physiological markers of cardiovascular disease. For this study 134 stable cardiac patients were recruited and assigned randomly into three different groups. The exercise group received 35 minutes of aerobic training 3 times a week for 16 weeks while the 'stress management group' received stress management therapy for 1.5 hours once a week for 16 weeks. The third group, which also served as the control group, received only regular pharmacological intervention. At the end of the study period, the researchers conducted ultrasound-imaging study of the brachial artery before and after the application of a tourniquet to record endothelial dialation. The results siuggested that the experimental subjects (both exercise group as well as behavioral therapy group) achieved a 25% improvement in 'flow mediated dialation' compared to…… [Read More]

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Laughter Is Laughter the Best

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Life can be very stressful. It would be helpful if there were actually "time outs" during the day for hearing a couple of jokes or watching a 15-minute humorous video. If it is true that it can be as healthy as aerobics, then we are getting double the advantage -- both a mental and physiological benefit.

Recently I have read a few articles about nursing homes hiring "comic coaches," to come in and cheer up the residents. Given the fact that many of these individuals have been alone for days except for staff, because they either do not have family or people live too far away to visit often, this added humor can surely be of great benefit. As noted by Berk, many of these elderly men and women are bedridden or in wheelchairs. What better way to have their body respond than through laughter?

Overall, it amazes me that…… [Read More]

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Short Distance Running Biomechanics

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Short Distance Running

Sports biomechanics is one of the most important components in the field of sports since it provides insights regarding human movement using an injury reduction and performance enhancement perspective. Consequently, coaches and physicians utilize information regarding sports biomechanics to understand the athletes’ correct and incorrect technique. Most of the existing research on sports biomechanics generate insights regarding the basic kinetic and kinematic attributes of specific athletic movement. Short distance running or sprinting is always associated with power and speed since it entails quick acceleration followed a maintenance of velocity. While existing biomechanics research provides insights regarding basic kinetic and kinematic attributes, the inter-individual differences across various levels of performance remains largely unknown. This study focuses on examining the biomechanics variations in the starting ability of short distance runners.
Importance of the Study
The evaluation of the biomechanics differences in the starting ability of short distance runners is…… [Read More]

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Endocrinology Amazing Hormones Counterbalance of Sugar and

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Counterbalance of Sugar and Fat Content between Insulin and Glucagon

Physical survival depends on the sustained availability and use of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate or ATP from sufficient levels of a substance, called glucose (Bowen, 2001). The use of energy depends on the varying levels of activity. Hence, the amount of glucose needed for activity likewise varies each day. Too much or too little glucose is damaging to the body, hence the need for some system to regulate the availability of glucose. It must be present at the precise time and amount that it is needed in order to maintain what is called glucose homeostasis. Homeostasis is the tendency of the body to maintain internal stability and balance through the coordinated responses of body parts to stimuli or conditions (Bowen).

Insulin and Glucagon

The regulation of glucose availability begins with the pancreas, primarily by…… [Read More]

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Thyroid Analogs and Obesity

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Thyroid Hormone and Obesity

Obesity Treatment: The Efficacy and Safety of Thyroid Hormone and Derivatives

Weight loss programs have traditionally focused on calorie intake reduction in combination with exercise, but new research suggests that it may be possible to simply accelerate metabolic rates using pharmaceutical interventions. The current drugs approved for treating obesity function by suppressing hunger or limiting nutritional absorption (reviewed by Tseng, Cypess, and Kahn, 2010). Unfortunately, the body is designed adapt to caloric availability by lowing metabolic rates during famine and to store calories as fat to guard against starvation. Drugs that suppress hunger or limit absorption activate these pathways, making long-term weight loss more difficult. The drugs that act on the satiety centers in the brain can also produce debilitating psychotropic side effects. The current state of effective pharmaceutical intervention on behalf of obese patients is therefore lacking approved drugs that increase calorie expenditure safely over…… [Read More]

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Disease of Arthritis Differences Between

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The text authors note it is an "autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body attacks its own tissues" (Tortora and Derrickson 285). In fact, the joint can even become misshapen. It can have longer-lasting affects than osteoarthritis, but it can also have flare-ups and remissions, which osteoarthritis does not have. Osteoarthritis is degenerative, while rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease. It affects two to three times more women than men. Symptoms are different from osteoarthritis, and include inflammation and swelling of the joints, pain, warmth, and pain or stiffness in the morning or after long periods of rest. In addition, rheumatoid arthritis is usually symmetrical, meaning it will affect both wrists, both knees, etc., although this is not always the case. The disease can also lead to a low-grade fever, a general feeling of tiredness, and affect other parts of the body, such as the heart lining.…… [Read More]

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Hypertension Is Basically High Blood

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Other factors include a history of alcohol and tobacco use, and dietary assessment including saturated fat and caffeine. Also certain prescribed and over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, and illicit drugs may be factors, as well as psychosocial and environmental factors such as family situation, employment status, working conditions, and educational levels (Guidelines).

Aside from routine physical examinations, laboratory tests, such as urinalysis, blood cell count and blood chemistry may be used in diagnostic procedure (Guidelines).

Hypertension may be treated with drugs including diuretics, such as thiazide derivatives; vasodilators, such as hydralazine and prazosin; sympathetic nervous system depressants, such as rauwolfia alkaloids; sympathetic nervous system inhibitors such as guanethidine and methyldopa and ganglionic blocking agents, such as clonidine and propranolol (Hypertension). Individuals with high blood pressure should exercise regularly, follow a low-sodium, low-saturated fat diet, avoid stress, get adequate rest, and lower calorie intake to control obesity (Hypertension).

Nutritional management of hypertension…… [Read More]

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Coronary Artery Disease CAD Is

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The most serious complication from coronary artery disease is the possibility of a heart attack, which can occur when blood flow to an area of the heart muscle is completely blocked, preventing oxygen-rich blood from reaching that area of heart muscle. However, the effects upon other organs of the body of coronary artery disease are still being studied by scientists. Because genetics and lifestyle are both contributing factors in heart disease, and other inflammatory conditions like lung disease and metabolic syndrome may either help cause heart disease or be linked to similar lifestyle practices, more research still needs to be conducted in these areas. The one thing that is known about coronary artery disease is that it is deadly, and people can take steps to at least reduce their risk.

Works Cited

Bals, Robert & Claus Volgelmeir. "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Premature Aging." American Journal of Respiratory and…… [Read More]

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Magnetic Resonance System on Patients Magnetic Resonance

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Magnetic Resonance System on patients

Magnetic resonance System (Imaging), here after referred to as (MRS), or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), is a medical imaging technique widely used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structure and limited function of the body. It provides great contrast between the different soft tissues of the body, making it particularly useful in neurological (brain), musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and ontological (cancer) imaging. MRS uses a powerful magnetic field to align the nuclear magnetization of (usually) hydrogen atoms in water in the body (Adams, 1989). To systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization, Radio frequency (RF) fields are used, enhancing the generation of a rotating magnetic field by the hydrogen nuclei that can be detected using a scanner.

MRS can detect the chemical composition of diseased tissue and produce color images of brain function. This signal can be controlled by more magnetic fields to build up adequate…… [Read More]

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Water and Human Body

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Water: The Only Liquid the Body Needs

To live a fully healthy and functional life, water is indispensible. From the point in history when primitive species moved from the oceans to land, a major factor of survival has continually been stopping dehydration. The important adaptations that enable this are present in almost all species of animals, including man. Water makes up varying percentages of the body weight of humans from 75% in infants, to about 55% in the elderly, and is crucial for maintenance of cellular homeostasis (Popkin, D'Anci and Rosenberg). Even though humans can survive a couple of weeks without eating, the human body cannot last even a few days devoid of water (Student Nutrition awareness campaign). Even slight dehydration can disturb physiological functions resulting in headaches, exhaustion, dryness of the mouth, and even muscle weaknesses and mental deterioration, according to Heller (Reinberg).

When talking about body fluids we…… [Read More]

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Conditioning Training and Participating in

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(MRN, 1) This is to indicate that brain cells
are more actively produced by physical activity, convincing neurological
theorists that regular athletic orientation will improve one's academic
capacity and intellectual clarity. Still, as with other beneficial aspects
of an athlete's physical and intellectual growth, sporting activity must be
pursued in at least some degree of moderation. For both the implications
of what Metzl refers to as overuse and the consequences of an overly
centralized focus on athletic activity, there may be real and long-term
repercussions to failing to balance this emphasis with other healthy or
meaningful activities. Especially concerning bone and joint injuries,
overuse of specific parts of the body in a continuous and monotonous manner
will result in chronic pains and ultimately, lifelong localized injuries.
Therefore, especially when training for an endurance event, where sustained
energy is crucial, in training moderation can be a key to the prevention of…… [Read More]

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Dehydration Water Is More Important

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" (Klotter, 2001) Additionally, salt functions as an extraction agent for excess acidity in the body which are in the form of "hydrogen ions, and oxidants from ATP production" from cells. (Klotter, 2001; paraphrased) Morris (2008) states that in order for the body to become adequately hydrated the individual should replace fluid lost by perspiration when exercising and should always drink water prior to consuming food. The ideal water intake for someone who exercises is stated to be as follows: "Drink 17 ounces of water 2 hours before the activity and weigh yourself right before you exercise. While you exercise, drink 6-10 oz. every 15-20 minutes." (Morris, 2008)


When the body is in a state of severe lack of water the body becomes dehydrated and this results in the "cell membranes become[ing] less permeable, hampering the flow of hormones and nutrients into the cell and preventing…… [Read More]

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Fitness Trends Dvds and Their Spinoffs --

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Fitness trends: DVDs and their spinoffs -- where is the fitness industry going

Recent trends in the fitness industry

Recently, the fitness industry has seen an explosion of interest in home workouts. People can get fit in the privacy of their own home, without judgment, on their own schedules. Convenience, it is hoped, will lead to greater fitness. "An estimated 311 million Americans have health club memberships -- bringing in about $2.6 billion annually. The only problem is, according to varying estimates, between 8 and 67% actually go to the gym. Many people feel they don't have the time or have the money to spend on gym memberships to get or stay in shape" (Massey). The concept of what it means to 'work out' has radically changed in recent years with the intensification of home workout programs and their diversification.

Traditionally, the format of delivery for most at-home fitness programs…… [Read More]

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Thermo Therapy

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Thermo Therapy

Application of healing thermal agents to certain body areas that feel wounded or dysfunction is heat treatment. The main use of a heat treatment is to help alleviate pain, support muscle repose, increase function of the tissue cells, improve blood flow, and remove poison from cells and to increase the extensibility of soft tissues. Superficial and deep are the two types of heat treatment. Superficial heat treatments apply heat to the exterior part of the body. Heat aimed at certain inner tissues through ultrasound or by electric current is deep heat treatment. Heat treatments are favorable before exercise, giving a limbering up result to the soft tissues involved. Heat treatment using conduction as a form of heat transfer in hot pacts is very common. Damp heat packs are easily available in most hospitals, physical treatment centers and sports teaching rooms.

For tissue heating many thermal agents are on…… [Read More]

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African-American Female Obesity

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Obesity is a serious social problem in America. The effects of obesity in childhood are well documented in both the social science literature and medical journals. During the last 30 years, the percentage of obese children between the ages of 6 and 11 has risen 200% while the percentage of obese children between 12 and 19 has tripled (CDC, Preventing Childhood Obesity, 2010). Obesity in the United States has increased among all cohorts and ethnicities, spans across generations, and is not limited to income or educational levels. However, the incidence of obesity among African-American women is of particular concern given the prevalence and severity of the issue in America.

Public health issue

More than two-thirds of Americans are now obese or overweight (Ogden et al., 2010).

Rates of adult obesity now exceed 20% in 49 states and D.C and 25% in 40 states. By way of comparison, in 1991, rates…… [Read More]

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Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs

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Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs

The management of patients with type I diabetes presents a number of challenges to health care professionals. Of all the various chronic conditions, complicated diabetes is particularly challenging. In order for diabetics to achieve the medical goals suggested by current guidelines diabetic patients are required to self-monitor their blood glucose, take frequent insulin injections, properly administer their various medications, attend to their diet, pay particular attention to their foot and dental care, maintain a proper diet, and make sure they get proper exercise. It is a daunting task and it is one that few diabetics are able to manage on their own. Most diabetic patients require frequent and consistent monitoring. The intent of this care plan is to provide an outline of what needs to be addressed in such monitoring.

The patient who is the focus of this treatment plan, Mrs. Lee, possesses a number…… [Read More]