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Tom Wolfe's Rigorous Journalistic Approach Combined With
Words: 1580 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11451298
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Tom Wolfe's rigorous journalistic approach, combined with his masterful exploration of a stream-of-consciousness narrative marks "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" as one of the most effective and compelling investigations into the psychedelic experience of the 1960s. Wolfe's uncompromising and relentless investigation provides a solid understanding and background for "The Electric Kool Aid Test." However, it is his effective use of imagery and description that brings the characters and events of the book to life. Wolfe's lush imagery and narrative have led critic Brian Abel Ragen to compare "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" to a picturesque novel. Certainly, Ragen's argument is valid, and it is this very picturesque quality, in combination with Wolfe's journalistic approach that makes "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" both an informative and compelling read.

The "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" is a non-fiction account of the life of novelist Ken Kesey and his…

Social Philosophy
Words: 2053 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19656090
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Social Philosophy

Concluding in Political moderation, in "A Theory of Justice," and in later works, John Rawls explains a comprehensive, as well as influential theory, which is on the subject of, presenting a theory of justice in concurrence with the liberal-democratic passion that relates to the rights and freedoms of individuals in society. It entails that the rights of the individuals ought to be moderated by various types of clauses, making certain that no social or natural eventualities are overlooked. The theory declares that no inborn benefits of political authority, substance riches or natural capability should irreversibly or overpoweringly establish life chances. Furthermore, more distinctively, these morally subjective issues should not establish the value of political liberties to moral persons (1).

In 1971, Rawls's explains his first articulation of his theory of justice which highlights on individual abilities that he entitles the "Original Position" and in addition, a model of…

Conflict Themes in Age of Innocence by
Words: 789 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3705053
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Conflict Themes in "Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton

This paper looks at the Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton and discuses certain aspects within the novel, such as the central conflict themes, and the development of certain characters, this paper also looks at in brief the irony and symbolic nature of the time. Bibliography cites one reference.

The Age of Innocence: The Conflict

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton was written at a time when women were seen as second class citizens, the late nineteenth century saw better roles for women than writers, further more with such ideals and notions such as the social realism as Wharton brings forth she was left open to much ridicule, especially as at that time there was many a romantic style still dominating the literary scene.

As the novel begins on the opening night of the operatic presentation of Faust, the respectable…

Aapt Level IV Cert Written Test
Words: 4244 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14350480
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AAPT Level IV Cert / Written Test


Anxiety is fear that interferes with normal, daily functioning (Akiskal & Benazzi, 2006). There are several different categories, including generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias. While these all present themselves in different ways, they are similar in the problems they can cause in daily life. Theories of anxiety and the psychopathology related to feeling anxious include issues with biological, cognitive, and learning perspectives. The biological perspective addresses the receptors in the brain and how the chemicals there work with one another. Cognitive theories deal more with the way people perceive issues, such as feeling as though they do not have control over something. The learning perspective focuses on how people actually learn to be anxious about something, and the changes they learn to make in their lives in order to lower the levels of anxiety they feel (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2004; Kato,…

Wal-Mart Porter's 5 Force Model in This
Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 62306838
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Porter's 5 Force Model

In this Porter's 5 Force Model analysis, specific focus is being paid to the competition of Wal-Mart that exists within the consumer retail industry rather than the industries in which Wal-Mart competes. We will be discussing the position of Wal-Mart in the industry with respect to various industry forces (St.Hilaire, 2012).

Threat of new entrants to a market: Medium pressure

Threats of new market entrants for Wal-Mart are relatively moderate for the reason that Wal-Mart has very strong marketing, distribution and purchasing along with the fact that it has sufficient capital to hire and train their employees and purchase merchandises (St.Hilaire, 2012).

Due to the fact that the Wal-Mart has built a brand name for itself and has excellent distribution systems as well as capital to keep the competitors at bay the barriers to entry are very high in this particular sector (Bryant, 2010).


Frustration and Dissonance Risk
Words: 883 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23626183
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Frustration and Dissonance/Risk

Frustration and Dissonance / Risk

Frustration and Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance has been extensively studied in social psychology as the effects of dissonance would cause dramatic changes in one's life. Cognitive dissonance is defined as an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. The result of dissonance may be anxiety, blaming, and denying. Although, the latter may also occur as the result of frustration, frustration is a conflict which occurs when something happens against one's will. The ways of reducing dissonance and frustration are justifying, blaming, and denying. People's experiences can contradict with expectations. For example, my old car was a manual transmission car, very reliable, fuel efficient; however, I wanted to buy an automatic transmission car with built in GPS and more room. However, my new car is not meeting my expectations. I have given three speed tickets because I was used to drive manual…

Lone Star
Words: 1117 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64937910
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Lone Star

A significant theme in Lone Star is history. Too often history can become a burden; it can mean to us what we narrowly allow it to mean. Humans have often felt compelled to act as if they are influenced only from the past rather than from the present. Express your thoughts and feelings, regarding this statement. Be sure to offer examples.

Lone Star (1996) is a film about a colonized region in the borderlands of the Southwest, which were annexed to the United States under the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. When Abraham Lincoln was in Congress, he described the Mexican War as an act of aggression and conquest against a sovereign nation, and many people at that time and later agreed with him. As a result of the war, the northern half of Mexico was incorporated into the United States, including Colorado, New…

Comparison Between Count Dracula and Hannibal Lector
Words: 12217 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 95426198
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Count Dracula and Hanibal Lector

Program Authorized

to Offer Degree

The Analysis of Count Dracula and Hanibal Lector

Identities of Count Dracula and Hannibal

Supernatural Powers

Gender and Sexuality


The relation between Dracula and his victims

Hannibal Lecter


Gender and Sexuality

Criminal Mind of Hannibal: Justification of Diagnosis

Hannibal's Relations with his Victims

The Power of Horror


Silence of the Lambs

Count Dracula

Van Helsing




Hannibal Lecter






Deployment- the arms and equipment with which a military unit or military apparatus is supplied.

Sentence: "I suggest that we add Winchesters to our deployment." (324).

Dexterously- dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever

Sentence: "He really continued then, quickly and dexterously, to carry out his intent." (128).

Disquietude - the state of uneasiness; discomfort.

Sentence: "…it was not right in my heart to believe that I was really hoping to keep anything from her…

Pope and Swift Satirists of Their Day
Words: 1452 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27113522
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Pope and Swift: Satirists of Their Day

In Swift's Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift and Pope's An Epistle to Arbuthnot, the authors seem to vindicate their use of satire, while satirizing others. Alexander Pope, in his preface to An Epistle to Arbuthnot, identifies the motivation of the poem as a response to attacks on his "Person, Morals, and Family" and to give "truer information" of himself (Pope 1733). Pope warns readers that many would recognize allusions to them in it, "but I have, for the most part spar'd their Names, and they may escape being laugh'd at" (Pope 1733). In 1731, shortly before Pope wrote his Epistle, Pope's friend Jonathan Swift completed Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift and published it almost a decade later in 1739. After his friend Esther Johnson died, the theme of death "became a frequent feature in Swift's life" (Wikipedia, 2012). Swift…

Biometric Controls Biometric Cost Analysis There Are
Words: 735 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70317116
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Biometric Controls

Biometric Cost Analysis

There are some questions that will help determine the cost benefit analysis of a new biometric system (Cooper). The level of security, the level of reliability, need of backup, the acceptable time for enrollment, level of privacy, and storage needed are things that need to be determined first. Will the system be attended or not? Does the system need to be resistant to spoofing? Will the system operate 24 hours a day? The system will need to be designed based on the individual organization's needs.

Fingerprint devices are low in cost, can be placed on a smartcard, have a low rate of fraudulent users, and are easy to integrate. They operate on the grooves and ridges naturally embedded in the skin to detect the uniqueness of the finger. They also have a higher risk of false rejection and degradation of the fingerprint due to occupation…

Memento as Film Noir Christopher Nolan's Memento
Words: 2559 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64284184
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Memento as Film Noir

Christopher Nolan's Memento as Film Noir

Film noir rose to prominence in the late 1940s and was at first described as being "murder with a psychological twist (Spicer 1). Since the 1940s, the film noir genre has undergone a few changes, yet the central concepts of the genre remain the same. Christopher Nolan's 2000 film Memento is a neo-noir film that integrates many of the concepts found in traditional film noir into its narrative and editing. Memento utilizes traditional film noir devices such as narrative structure, the opposition of good and evil, setting, lighting, and mise-en-scene to play upon the themes of memory and perception.

Memento follows Leonard Shelby, played by Guy Pierce, a former insurance investigator with anterograde amnesia who is on a quest to find the person that helped to rape and kill his wife. During the course of his investigation, Leonard meets Teddy,…

Casts Light Upon the Unethical Practices Carried
Words: 2420 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90232812
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casts light upon the unethical practices carried out in the domain of marketing strategy. The paper identifies basic ethical issues explaining how customers are trapped and they lose confidence in the organizations and their marketing campaigns.

Marketing is considered as the backbone of a business organization which enables it to communicate with the customers. It is an unquestioned fact that business is driven by the customers who are primary revenue generators and no business can survive without customers (Kotler). The core objective behind establishment of a business is to earn profit and the customer is the sole body driving the process of profit generation.

Profit generation is the function of increasing gap between cost and price of item sold or increasing the number of items sold. The former option is difficult to practice in every industry and it may be a temporary approach. Hence the business practitioners tend to focus…

Fashion When a Woman Walks Down the
Words: 1348 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24269027
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When a woman walks down the street carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag and strutting in her Jimmy Choos, what does she say about herself? Her lifestyle? Where she is from? When a man walks down the street carrying a fake Louis Vuitton handbag and strutting in her cheap plastic pumps, what is he saying about himself? When Trayvon Martin walked through his neighborhood wearing a hoodie, George Zimmerman instantly thought he was a thug. Why? Because dress is intimately tied up with the expression of personal and collective identity. Clothing does make the man, and the woman. Television shows like What Not to Wear are small windows into the reality that external appearances shape personal psychological factors such self-esteem; and clothing also impacts the way other people react. Research in psychology and sociology shows that in addition to the way clothing shapes personal identity, appearance is a marker of…

Marketing in Germany With Marketing in the
Words: 1435 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22146541
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marketing in Germany with marketing in the United States.

The United States Department of State provides cultural, political, economic and other information regarding the marketing opportunities in Germany. The site explains that Germany is currently the fourth largest economy in the world and it accounts for "…more than one-fifth of European Union GDP" ( Germany is in fact the largest trading partner in Europe for the U.S., and Germany is the sixth largest in the world for U.S. exports. With a population of more than 82 million people, an economy that grew 3% in 2011, and with "…few formal barriers to U.S. trade or investment," Germany is an ideal place for an American company to market its goods and services (

What products find most success in the German market? The most successful entrants into the German market are "…those that offer innovative products" that feature "modern styling" and…

Accounting Ethics the Harmless or Not-So-Harmless Lies
Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69639803
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Accounting Ethics

The harmless or not-so-harmless lies of Bobby Glick

From a strictly utilitarian perspective, it might be that the scenario outlined in the Glick case does not seem so morally questionable. Glick, as a new and untested employee right out of college, was naturally apprehensive about how his competency would be viewed. He studied, successfully passed his CPA exam, and acquitted himself admirably 'on the job.' No one was harmed by his concealment: indeed, his firm benefited from having a highly competent employee concerned about his reputation working for them.

However, viewing professional ethics from a purely utilitarian perspective is extremely problematic. Professional ethics by its nature assumes certain 'standards' which professionals must uphold, even if the consequences are not bad -- in fact, even if the consequences of the unethical action are 'good' (Driver 2009). For example, someone with no CPA license could lie, get employment with a…

Criminal Behavior Has Been Practiced
Words: 2923 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58292001
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On the other hand, his wife said that they dated for about nine months and then were engaged for about a year before they got married. There was some discrepancy in the Personal and Progress notes of Mr. W pertaining to the involvement of Mr. W in women during his time in high school, however, which does not have much role to play in this case. Mr. W claimed that the reason why he and his wife got divorced was because she was a very dominating woman and she had all the control in their relationship. He also said that she would spend luxuriously and would pressurize him to make more money. Later, he also made a claim that he thinks that he was under a lot of pressure to make a lot of money and that is one of the reasons why he had to indulge in criminal activities.…

Marketing Plan Sostac the Author of This
Words: 1222 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 36876327
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Marketing Plan


The author of this report is asked to focus on the SOSTAC model when analyzing a given website as it relates to the commercial opportunities that are available. The place and area to be analyzed is Sheringham and what commercial opportunities would be available there. The analysis, objective and strategy portions of the SOSTAC model are the only parts that will be covered in this report.

At first glance, there would seem to be a litany of commercial opportunities available at Sheringham. First, the area is already widely known given the numeral awards it has been given including Silver Gilt in Britain, Silver in Anglia in Bloom and Silver Gilt Anglia from 2008 to 2011 continuously. There is also mention of the fact that the area attracts all age groups and not just certain ones. A quick analysis shows that Sheringham is a coastal resort town that…

Good Country People Pride in
Words: 1714 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78875001
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She is helpless and now realizes that she is truly in need of saving. Now, O'Connor seems to be suggesting, she is actually in a position where the Word of God, which actually does promise salvation, may come to her. It speaks of the virtue of humility, which she is now in a position to develop -- not because she realizes it as of yet but because she is humiliated and may now move in that direction. This is her revelation: she is like Saul knocked off his high horse. Saul converts. But the conversion is another story -- not the one described here in Joy-Hulga's story. She may convert from her atheism. That is certainly one possibility.

For now the story ends. As it begins with Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Hopewell, so too does it end. They see the Bible-salesman departing from a distance and recount their favorite phrases.…

Cyber Crimes and the FBI the Investigative
Words: 1435 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30763639
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Cyber Crimes and the FBI

The investigative techniques used by the FBI in the case of Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov were completely legitimate and necessary; moreover, they demonstrated that law enforcement of the United States was prepared to use any means necessary to apprehend these flagrant security risks. "Court papers described the men as kingpins of Russian computer crime who hacked into the networks of at least 40 U.S. companies and then attempted to extort money" (Brunker, 2000). These men were formidable criminals who used the Internet and computers as their weapons of choice to destroy, manipulate and victimize American companies. There's a very strong and very legitimate argument which asserts that the only way to go after such elusive criminals is via the same type of trickery and subterfuge that they engage in themselves. It's very hard to fight fair with criminals who are engaging in the most…

Domestic and International Terrorism the Differences Between
Words: 1835 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70224299
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Domestic and International Terrorism

The differences between domestic and international terrorism

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in America states that terrorism has been classified into two categories as international terrorism and domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is defined as an act planned by a group of individuals of evil intentions against the government or against the citizens of the state without any foreign force. On the other hand, international terrorism is a plan plotted against the government or its citizens by a group of individuals and plans are on a foreign basis, and their motivators are from a foreign country outside the United States or the deeds exceed national boundaries. Examples of domestic terrorism include the Oklahoma city bombing and the Olympic city bombings (Burnett, 2007).

Cases of terrorism in the United States have characterized small rebel groups in its records. These rebel groups use terrorism as their tool to achieve…

Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence Cognitive Intelligence and
Words: 2482 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3170000
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Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence:

Cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence are concepts that have been widely used and examined in relation to their impact on the workplace performance of employees. Actually, these two concepts are largely considered to be significant individual differences in the organizational behavior field. Some theories have argued that cognitive intelligence is the most basic probable indicator for individual workplace performance since the recruitment of individuals based on intelligence is one of the major contributors to enhanced performance that lead to high economic value to the organization. On the other hand, other theorists claim that emotional intelligence is the foundation for various competencies that assist a person to become more effective in the organization's working environment. However, cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence are closely related and equally important in the field of organizational behavior. Since none of these concepts can stand alone in the workplace, they can be…

Pigs the Stories of the Three Little
Words: 1389 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21215318
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The stories of the Three Little Pigs have a single and commonly understood plot, with the moral of the fable being that hard work and persistence pay off in the end. The twist in these four stories is that each of the four versions have a new twist on the plot that radically changes one's own understanding of what the Three Little Pigs is all about.

The first story, by Gomez and written in 1999, is an exposition of what the story is in today's modern world. The pigs are always fat lazy and happy, and the wolves are always menacing, cunning, and even reckless. The story seems to portray the wolf as an imposing figure that is unconquerable by the pigs, however in the end the wit of the third pig does indeed conquer the wolf. The wolf, in a typical role of preying on the weak, is…

Film Comparison Almodovar's Prisons Can Be More
Words: 2288 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48827955
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Film Comparison

Almodovar's Prisons

Prisons can be more than a place where one is confined for what they have done. A prison can be a great number of things; a prison can be a psychological, social, emotional, or physical construct. Pedro Almodovar explores these four types of prisons in two of his films, Volver and Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother). In both of these films, the characters find themselves held prisoner by what they keep as secret; the ramifications of these secrets sometimes force characters into seclusion, whether it is self-imposed or a result of social/cultural fears. Volver and Todo Sobre Mi Madre's narratives demonstrate the effects that these four types of prisons -- psychological, social, emotional, and physical -- have on the people that are forced into confinement.

"Almodovar is most interested in melodrama, approached from a variety of angles, some of them skewed" (Mast &…

Counseling Professions Is One of the Most
Words: 1210 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5091353
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Counseling professions is one of the most storied and interesting professions in the world. This is due in part to the unique composition of those who inhabit the world. Everyone is unique in their values, heritage, desires, and interests. As such, there is no exact science in regards to counseling. The profession is ever changing with new discoveries or insights occurring every year. It is important therefore, to have counselors possess certain characteristics to better prepare for an erratic and ambiguous world. In it my aim through this document to compare and contrast distinct characteristics that set successful counselors apart from those that are unsuccessful.

Culture is very important in regards to counseling characteristics. Our nation is changing in ways previously thought unimaginable. Each year America becomes more global as an influx of immigrants and migrant workers venture to America with aspirations of a better life. What was once regarded…

Gilbert Law Summaries Constitutional Law
Words: 10293 Length: 32 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42385435
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This essay provides a brief overview of several of the key factors in conflict of laws, including the areas where choice of law is likely to be at issue.


Domicile is one of the key factors in choice of law. Domicile is not the same as location. Instead, domicile is a legal fiction connecting a person to a location for a specific purpose. Domicile impacts jurisdiction and choice of law. Domicile is more than residence, as it requires physical presence and the intent to remain in the state indefinitely. There are three types of domicile: domicile at origin, domicile of choice, and domicile by operation at law. The law of the forum determines domicile.

Jurisdiction of Courts

Jurisdiction is the court's ability to exercise authority over the parties. For a court to be able to exercise jurisdiction over a party: there must be sufficient contact between the state and…

Christina Garcia's Monkey Hunting
Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50353302
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Monkey Hunting

Mixed cultures and mixed ancestries are both a large part of the plot and the theme of Monkey Hunting. The characters of course bear the literary responsibility as to the impact of cross-cultural and mixed ancestries; but the setting, the ironies and the various narratives by various characters carry the messages that the author delivers with both eloquence and coarseness.

On many occasions in this book Cristina Garcia brings the reader into the cultural stew that has resulted from Chen Pan's arrival in Cuba and the offspring he is responsible for. Mixed cultures result in clashes in what to eat and how to love. On pages 203-204 for example, readers are treated to the fact that Vietnamese people love to use fish sauce. Anyone who has visited a Vietnamese restaurant knows that you won't find ketchup or mustard on the table, but there will be fish sauce. And…

History of Canadian Labor The
Words: 2077 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72777066
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" (Turkstra, 2008)


The alliance between labour and the church began to notably weaken and in 1921 the printers' strike in Toronto "was the final blow that ended the alliance between the churches and labour." (Turkstra, 2008) Turkstra states that this conflict centered around the Methodist Book Room and the refusal of the superintendent S.W. Fallis to agree to the demand of workers for a 44-hour workweek. This strike is stated to have caused "irreparable damage to the alliance between labour and the churches..." (Turkstra, 2008) the labour leaders had been willing to engage with the churches prior to the war because."..a complete rejection of the churches might have alienated potential supports. Also they would have recognized that church bodies and ministers were important models in the community and an alliance, therefore, would help put pressure on the government to pass legislation that was…

Punishing the Mentally Ill Criminal
Words: 2231 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12164478
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For example, they should be required to complete at least 20 hours of training on brain disorders. It is ideal if consumers and family members become part of the activity and process. It must also be emphasized that, in most cases, dangerous or violent acts committed by persons with these brain disorders are the consequence of neglect, inappropriate or inadequate treatment of their illness (NAMI).

The Alliance also contends that the unpopular insanity defense should be retained and should be tested according to both volitional and cognitive criteria or standards (National Alliance of Mental Illness 2006). At the same time, the Alliance opposes the adoption of laws or position on "guilty but mentally ill. Instead, it advocates systems, which will provide comprehensive, long-term care and supervision in hospitals and the community where such individuals are found who are "not guilty by reason of insanity," "guilty except for insanity," or similar…

Song of Roland or La
Words: 4736 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83109359
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These characters possess freewill, such as Ganelon and his plotting against the Franks. But the God in the epic does intervene to make sure that good really comes out victorious in the end, such as when he makes Thierry win over Pinable in a duel.

The unknown author of the epic presents the Muslims as unquestionably and inherently evil and base, the reverse of the Christians (Bouneuf 2005). Although the Muslims are more monotheistic than Christians and that Christians of the early Middle Ages took Islam merely as another form of paganism, they assumed that Muslims worshipped Apollo. In making this presentation, the poem employs a technique of opposite images, such as 12 Saracen peers matching 12 Frankish peers in battle, opposing armies organizing themselves in the same form, but with Christians outperforming the Muslims and fighting more nobly.

Awesome medieval Christian heroism centers on the idea of vassalage (Bouneuf…

Guantanamo Bay Detainee Human Rights Are Violated
Words: 1113 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37617459
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Human Rights Violations at Guantanamo Bay


of foreign nationals are being held in prison camps at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base since January 2002 without access to any court, legal counsel or family visits. Despite repeated appeals by international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as several governments around the world, the U.S. administration refuses to grant the detainees prisoners of war (POW) status or bring charges against them under the due process of law. In this essay, I shall explain why the continued detention of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners without trial is a violation of international and U.S. law and how their human rights are being violated.

Status of Prisoners Not Revealed

Most of the prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay were captured during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Other inmates of Guantanamo are those who were captured elsewhere by various governments…

Marketing XYZ Inc Brand Identity
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31216949
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Today's technology and the more intelligent and savvy consumers have made advertising and marketing techniques change with the times. Nonetheless, branding continues to be a sound and viable approach to marketing and that equates to a business constantly reevaluating and recreating itself through new tactics for selling and advertising. First, in regard to promotion, marketers have begun to use an underground approach called buzz marketing. Several things have made 'buzz' attractive for XYZ such as the fact that the technique is quite affordable.

However, the true reason is that the consumer today needs a different and more diverse style of communication. "In a period of budget chopping, cheap is good. Then there's the rise of the Internet, which means marketers can reach just about anyone in almost any guise they care to assume. Finally, buzz marketing attempts to make each encounter with a consumer look like a unique, serendipitous event.…

Winter Dreams of F Scott Fitzgerald and
Words: 1646 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94821520
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Winter Dreams" of F. Scott Fitzgerald and "Flowering Judas of Katherine Anne Porter"

Cool. Dispassionate. Masters of the art of literary artifice, lies, and characters who wear masks rather than their true selves. Although one author deploys an almost newspaper-like dispassionate style, and the other is more poetic in her use of the language, both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Katherine Anne Porter have been called by these appellations because of the ideological complexity of their characters, and the distanced literary ways in which the authors view these characters. Despite the fact that one might assume Dexter Green of "Winter Dreams" is autobiographical, Fitzgerald narrates his character's striving for social success in America with a tone of cool objectivity. Although she herself traveled to Mexico, Katherine Anne Porter views her protagonist Laura's attempt to embrace a new ideology in Mexico with an equally skeptical eye.

In W.J. Reeves essay, "Lies and…

Giovanni Boccaccio
Words: 3552 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37148147
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Giovanni Boccaccio: The Decameron

The Black Death of 1348 forms the background to Boccaccio's Decameron; a group of ten young high-born citizens of Florence -- seven women and three men -- flee the city to escape the disease and take refuge in the villas outside the city walls. The idea of refuge lies behind the form of the text, and the place of refuge is not only an escape but a viewpoint from which the real world can be analysed, criticized, and rendered harmless through mockery (Forni, 54). The refugees from the plague pass the time in their refuge by telling stories, with each person telling one story each day to make a total of one hundred tales. The Decameron thus arises from and reflects a society afflicted by the overwhelming catastrophe of the Black Death, a catastrophe which, in the 1340s, reduced the population of the city by up…

Team Diversity Discuss the Three
Words: 707 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96758643
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It might even simply threaten his ego and personal confidence in his past experience to see a younger person in a leadership role. Geographical differences can grate, as the Southern 'genteel manner' might seem 'fake' to an brusque urban dweller, and a self-identified 'city kid' might look down on a suburban dweller as 'out of the loop' of what is new and cutting edge.

Diversity is neither an organizational or team strength or a weakness, intrinsically -- it is how it is deployed in a workplace context that makes it either a positive or a negative force. The business case for diversity "is that in a global and diverse marketplace, a company whose makeup mirrors the makeup of the marketplace it serves is better equipped to thrive in that marketplace than a company whose makeup is homogenous." ("Diversity," 2005) However, long before diversity training in the workplace became an industry,…

Dead on Arrival by Linh
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More importantly, he clashes with his father, and has a rocky relationship with him. He writes, "I do not want to shoot my father" ("Dead" 118) at the end of the story, and the reader can feel his pain and his disassociation from the man. He is clearly proud of his father and his role in the government, but it is also clear that the two do not see eye-to-eye on matters. This is common the world over, and here, Dinh is like any other boy who clashes with his father. Ultimately, the emotions and the fears are the same. Dinh has great anger toward his father, and yet loves him at the same time. He could be any boy anywhere, and here, the differences between cultures disappear, and the oneness of the people of the world is clearly shown.

One major difference between the culture Dinh writes about and…

American Dream'so Many Things
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Fitzerald reveals to the reader that happiness is not a thing, which you can buy with money or handpick with power. His fulfillment of the requirements oh the "Dream" has come to such a point that between the lines the reader sees how desperate he is. So what is the American Dream that is criticized in the definition of Scott Fitzgerald? It is successful life and work through which people obtain the material acknowledgement of their success and become happy when they do. The problem is that having the person you "love" also start being a "material acknowledgement," too. The essence of the book is that when the moral principles are low, people choose any means for achieving success and people are interested only in the result. The real understanding of the "American dream" is lost by the characters in this book and by this Fitzerald shows that there is…

Insanity Within the Plays of William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare and Insanity

An Analysis of Insanity in Four Plays by Shakespeare

Shakespeare lived at a time when the old medieval Catholic world was splitting apart and giving rise to the new modern Protestant world. In the midst of this real conflict, Shakespeare depicts on stage several different characters that go mad. Some feign madness, some truly lose their minds, and some are bewitched by the maddening charms of love potions. This paper will analyze the degrees of madness in four of Shakespeare's plays and show why each case is unique and different from all the others and yet in a way related to the transforming world in which the playwright found himself.

Hamlet is by no means representative of the kind of insanity that Shakespeare depicts in all his dramas. But there is in a Hamlet, a young man who has just returned home from college, a prototype for…

Catch-22 in Joseph Heller's Book
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If Yossarian will agree to "like" them, they will ground him and send him home. This plan would include promotion to Major. The thought of going home is so powerful for Yossarian that at first he agrees to the plan. The system has finally corrupted Yossarian's morals. Later Minderbinder makes a passing attempt at doing the right thing, trying to find a young girl after Rome is bombed, but he is quickly distracted by business opportunities. By comparison, Yossarian persists in trying to find her even though he knows the girl's older sister is obsessed with trying to kill him. Once again, Yossarian puts someone else's welfare ahead of his own. However, in the hospital recovering in the hospital from stab wounds, he realizes he cannot take the deal. He finds out that another companion has managed to escape to Sweden, and Yossarian makes this his final plan. By comparison,…

Tolerance in the US
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Toleration is generally viewed as the ability to accept the beliefs and ideas of others. In American society toleration is generally seen as a positive characteristic. It incorporates both having empathy for others and for having the ability to accept the views of others without necessarily agreeing with them or understanding them. Inclusive of the idea of toleration, is the fact that the ideas are not agreed with. If a person is to tolerate an idea, they must first feel negatively about that idea. The idea of tolerance may be good, but its effect in modern society is a negative one. Bradford Smith describes tolerance as something that inhibits people, describing it as a form of self-righteousness where it should instead adopt the ideas of acceptance, concern and understanding. The struggle is in the very nature of tolerance itself. It requires people to accept things they do not understand or…

Texas Laws Regarding Illegal Drugs
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Texas Laws Regarding Illegal Drugs

Criminal Justice

Kimberley Burton

Vice, Drugs and the Law

Dr. Lance Hignite

Texas Laws Regarding Illegal Drugs

The history of the United States policy towards drugs in general is a two-dimensional frame, the first being supply reduction, the reduction and control of the supply of drugs through legislation, law enforcement, interdiction, sentencing, and incarceration, and the second being demand reduction, the reduction of the demand for drugs. Demand reduction is operationalized through education, prevention and treatment (Jensen & Gerber, 1996).

The war on drugs has largely been waged in the south-western border region of the United States. Five federal border districts including California South, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas West, and Texas South alone are responsible for roughly one quarter of federal narcotics prosecutions annually. Narcotics cases make up roughly 30% of the federal criminal caseload each year, and the number of Hispanic and noncitizen defendants…

Watches a Recording of an
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Whether it was images of a burning monk, a policeman shooting a person in the head, or a child running naked down a highway, (Loewen 246-48) controversial images seem to be left out of certain texts in the hope that the image of America will not be tarnished by its past actions.

In spite of these efforts, some textbooks have been published recently that take a more objective view at American history, one of which is Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. Instead of glossing over the conflict in Vietnam, Zinn presents his readers with a view of the war that is as complex as the war itself. He does not apologize for America's actions, nor does he attempt to omit embarrassing episodes, but successfully presents the reader with the objective facts; mainly that America was fighting a war it could not win. While many other textbooks…

Redemption Is a Theme That Is Prevalent
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Redemption is a theme that is prevalent in many works of literature. As it has its basis in religious belief, religion is often an accompanying theme to stories about redemption. Two stories that involve redemption are James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues and Flannery O'Connor's Good Country People, but both do so in very different ways. While Baldwin's Sonny's Blues portrays redemption in a more traditional way, O'Connor's Good Country People demonstrates redemption in a dark and somewhat tragic way. But in both stories the characters, after some pain and suffering, do gain redemption in their own ways.

Baldwin's story is a take-off of the "prodigal son" story from the Bible with two brothers, one good and one a troublemaker. The narrator in Sonny's Blues is asked by his dying mother to take care of his younger brother Sonny who is a drug abuser.(Baldwin, 1995, pp.118-119) After an initial attempt, he turns…

Bird in the House and The Catcher in the Rye
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Bird in the House and the Catcher in the Rye

Both J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye and Margaret Laurence's collection of interrelated stories A Bird in the House highlight the struggles of the main characters as they come of age in unforgiving times with largely unsympathetic families, but the ways in which either character deals with these issues differ greatly, and comparing the two will help to reveal the particular statements each narrative makes about growing up and coming of age.

Holden Caulfield, the central character of The Catcher in the Rye, does not deal with his journey into adulthood well, not least of all because more than anything he desires to keep others from having to leave their childhood behind, and wants to become the titular catcher in the rye, catching children before they fall off a cliff that is adulthood. Of course, even Holden's desire…

Criminal Insane Defense the Insanity Defense Has
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Criminal Insane Defense

The insanity defense has been a topic of much controversy because of its perceived means of excusing someone from a crime that has been committed. Although much is perceived of the insanity defense as a way to avoid accountability, it is actually the least used defense strategy because of its extreme difficulty is proving it (Knoll & Resnick, 2008). Every individual is different, but someone trying to plead criminally insane in current times would have to extreme case of insanity visibility and an immense amount of proof to demonstrate their case for not being guilty by reason of insanity. In actuality, of all the cases that enter the insanity plea, only 1% of those cases get the plea granted (PBS 2011). This puts into perspective not only the actual effectiveness of this plea, but also the hesitation that comes with actually granting this to any offender. In…

Iago as a Personification of
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He tricks him into believing his lies. Obviously, he hates Othello and wants to destroy him. This is one reason why critics suggest that he is the personification of evil. But just because a character wishes evil and does evil to other characters does not mean that he is any less of a human being. Human beings, Shakespeare shows, are capable of doing evil things. That is one lesson we can learn from Othello.

Another lesson we can learn from Othello is that, as Crouch states, it is impossible to label characters or persons. In other words, one should not try to dismiss Iago as pure Evil just to get around having to deal with him on a human level. By not labeling Iago as a personification of evil and instead looking at him like a human being, one is forced to face an unpleasant fact. That fact is that…

Exploitation of Native American Garbs in Fashion
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The misappropriation of Native American imagery, iconography, cultural ideology, and fashion is nothing new. After all, a slew of professional sports teams continue to run with Indian names and logos in spite of the controversy in doing so. A few sports teams, like the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball franchise, boast insidious "tomahawk" chants during their games.

The latest trend in Native misappropriation is not much more tasteful than a Cleveland Indians jersey in the fashion world. Several manifestations of the disturbing trend have emerged in consumer culture. One is that commercial manufacturers Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have been selling lines of clothing and jewelry that is culturally insensitive as well as illegal. A second trend, exposed by bloggers around the Internet, is the lewd use of Native-style feathered headdresses. These recent trends are highly disturbing in that consumers by now ought to know better. Especially hipsters, a…

Motherhood Lionel Shriver's We Need
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Her letters to Franklin belie a thoughtful introspection that Franklin seems incapable of entirely. It is Franklin who is oblivious to the role of father. Eva is expected to take control of all nurturing activities in the family, leaving daddy to be playtime manager. Kevin likely loses respect for his father, who becomes so completely distant emotionally as to never assume an ounce of responsibility for his son's behavior. Eva, on the other hand, is like Atlas bearing the weight of the world on her shoulder. Kevin is serving time, but so too is Eva.

We Need to Talk About Kevin therefore highlights key feminist theories of motherhood. Motherhood has become the province of patriarchy, as Adrienne Rich points out in Of Woman Born. Midwives, roles fulfilled my females, have been steadily replaced by physicians, a role unfortunately filled primarily by men. When men are in control of women's bodies,…

Guilty by Reason of Insanity
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This means that high-profile cases that successfully use the insanity defense will likely generate criticism of the plea, even in those instances where its application was justified. In this regard, Cromier reports that, "The details of the insanity defense is one area of the law that has been deeply impacted by specific cases (generally when the public backlashes against a defendant who has successfully used the defense)" (p. 130). In particular, the criticisms generated by the John Hinckley case catapulted the debate over the insanity defense to the national forefront (Cormier, 2010). In response to growing criticisms concerning the use of the insanity defense in the John Hinckley trial, in 1984, Congress passed the Insanity Defense Reform Act (hereinafter "the Act") that codified several changes to federal law as follows:

1. The Act provided a new standard for insanity, allowing defendants to offer, as an affirmative defense, evidence that at…

Girls by Author Erika Fricke
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Fricke also seems to consider Dolly's self-awareness and sense of humor about herself to be important elements of her persona that immunize her from criticism for being "superficial" or "fake" or for adhering to an image of femininity created by males. In that regard, the standard opening line she uses for her concerts to thank her fans for paying to see her is "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap."

If Dolly Parton maintained her career by emulating the "busty blond with a golden heart" Madonna achieved success through many "reinventions and possibilities" of her Madonna persona. In doing so, the one constant seems to have been that she always had a "desire to push the boundaries" during her career. The author recounts memories of her sister trying to dress in the "Material Girl 80's-era, can-can, dancer/street urchin togs" that Madonna popularized in her heyday. According to…

Technology and Relationships Technology Has
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Another problem with e-mail is it can actually impact how we feel about ourselves and our importance in the world. I'm truly disappointed on days when I connect to my e-mail and don't have any messages from friends. I may know that Eddie Bauer is having a sale, but that isn't meaningful communication. Psychologically, when friends don't communicate, we feel a little down (Leonard 242). I suppose this isn't any different than not receiving a letter from someone, but we like the instant gratification now of an e-mail or im.

I think one of the most fascinating ways that people are coming together today is through online gaming. These virtual worlds encourage people to create characters and act out a role doing all sorts of things. Many find it entertaining, but it really is detrimental to relationships because people create avatars (characters) nothing like themselves, sometimes not even the same…

Experimental Psychology Zimbardo Prison Study
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In fact, during the study, the guards became more sadistic when they thought no one was watching them. Zimbardo notes, "Their boredom had driven them to ever more pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners" (Zimbardo). This may be the same reason guards at Abu Ghraib tortured and humiliated their charges, and the study seems to indicate this could happen in just about any prison anywhere, if the guards have enough power. The world should pay more attention to this study and its implications. As another writer notes, "The young men who played prisoners and guards revealed how much circumstances can distort individual personalities -- and how anyone, when given complete control over others, can act like a monster" (Alexander). This is what happened at Abu Ghraib, and chances are it is happening all around the world as well. In an interview about Abu Ghraib, Zimbardo notes the prison environment…

Dwight D Eisenhower Military Historians
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For example, in another article entitled "Eisenhower or Dulles? Who Made the Decisions?" (1979) about Eisenhower's years as president with Dulles, Immerman states that the overwhelming consensus among analysts of United States foreign policy during the Eisenhower administration is that Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was the dominant force. Such writers agree "that Dulles' forceful personality, lengthy preparation, and keen intellect enabled him to control and even manipulate the congenial but bland and passive President Eisenhower." Yet Immerman revisited this argument by looking at public records from the time, journalism reports and appraisals of those who were in President Eisenhower's inner circle either in the White House or State Department. In addition, he reread the Whitman File in the Eisenhower Library that contains thousands of transcript pages of the president's daily phone conversations, formal and informal meeting minutes, memoranda and other written communications, as well as Eisenhower's private diary.…

Suicide Is a Form of
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The survivors might even be annoyed with a society which disgraces them. Anger is an important segment of the interrogation procedure, a procedure which is extremely important to the survivors. (Rubel, 1999)

The psychological effect of death by suicide might persist for years. Family members would also start the mutual blame game and be alienated due to persistent disagreement which appears to have no outcome. When a dear person is at the verge of death, it is vital that family and acquaintances make their peace. When in situations of deaths due to suicide, instead of having closure and a determination of peace, the survivors suffer with open abrasions which show no signs of curing. The acquaintances of the surviving family members are at a loss to understand regarding what needs to be done or speaking to the survivors. They are at a loss to find words. It is hard to…

Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder's Classic
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films, or of stories in magazines in different price ranges, depend not so much on subject matter as on classifying, organizing, and labeling consumers. Something is provided for all so that none may escape; the distinctions are emphasized and extended. The public is catered for with a hierarchical range of mass-produced products of varying quality, thus advancing the rule of complete quantification. Everybody must behave (as if spontaneously) in accordance with his previously determined and indexed level, and choose the category of mass product turned out for his type. Consumers appear as statistics on research organization charts, and are divided by income groups into red, green, and blue areas; the technique is that used for any type of propaganda (Adorno & Horkheimer).

The media is of course complacent in such a system, in that it plays a significant role in turning heroes of consumption - actors, singers, and models -…

Academic Dishonesty Can Formally Be
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White students will cheat as much as black students (McCabe). Overall, the pressure to perform in a rapid and stressful society is what prompts the majority of the students into academic dishonesty.

The Effects of Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty may seem innocent in the beginning, but in the long run could cause a lot of problems in one's career. For example, if a student cheats on a test or an assignment, receives a passing grade and is not caught by the teacher the student passes the class. However, the student has not really learned the materials and the materials may have been important building blocks for the next chapter or upcoming assignments. Above all, the information that the student cheated could be important skills that they will need to understand for their future career. If they cheated, then they did not learn the materials as they should have learned it.…

Shakespeare's Discourse on Law Mercy
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As things are in the play, the text proves to be much more complicated. Thus, one significant element is Prospero's magic art and his powers.

His great lore and his art give him an unusual power over the island and the people on it. Thus, after completing his act of justice, Prospero relinquishes his powers symbolically burying his 'staff' and drowning his book: "But this rough magic / I here abjure, and, when I have required / Some heavenly music, which even now I do, / to work mine end upon their senses that / This airy charm is for, I'll break my staff, / Bury it certain fathoms in the earth, / and deeper than did ever plummet sound / I'll drown my book."("The Tempest," V. i. 55-62) the act is symbolic as it shows Prospero ultimately drained of forces and spirit, and he himself a prisoner of his…

Allied Invasion of Normandy During
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" In England, hundreds of fake tank and truck-shaped balloons simulated non-existent tank battalions to Nazi recognizance flights.

As preparations neared combat readiness for Operation Overlord, Allied counterintelligence units even went so far as to float the corpse of a soldier outfitted in a high-ranking uniform and equipped with fabricated plans for an invasion of the Calais, in many way, the most logical invasion point because of its geographical proximity to the English coast (Penrose, 2004). Likewise, American aircraft steadily increased their bombardment of Calais to simulate pre-invasion operations in preparation for the actual landings planned for June 4, 1940. Severe weather required a postponement to June 6th, and even then, the operation was nearly cancelled out of concern for the unfavorable conditions at sea (Commager & Miller, 2002).

Luckily, by 1944, the once-mighty German war fleet had been decimated by the U.S. Navy and Hitler's remaining U-boats had gone…

Securing Commercial Air Travel Airline
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This process of prescreening travelers before they board the plane is one of the most important parts of the security system. Electronic Privacy Information Center, 2008); (United States Government Accountability Office, 2007) Another system which was in use since the late 1990s and discontinued after 9/11, was the Threat Image Protection -- TIP system. TSA has also implemented the PMIS or Performance Management Information System which helps to gather and retain information about screening operation of passengers and their luggage. (Electronic Privacy Information Center, 2003)

b) Role of various Federal Agencies in Airline Security: After the 9/11 attacks the federal government realized that if airline passengers were to be effectively prescreened, the vital requirements would be the availability of reliable, timely and accurate information about potential terrorists. The "no-fly list" which was used by the airlines to screen passengers prior to 9/11 was supplied by the FBI and as of…

Culture Literary Imagination and Cultural
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This earns him the grudging respect of his peers, who were unpleasantly impressed by what Mrs. Fretag, his teacher, referred to not as deceitful, but "very creative." The narrator discovers one of the novel's main truths: "So, that's what they wanted: lies. Beautiful lies. That's what they needed. People were fools. It was going to be easy for me." This conclusion is in reaction to the discovery of his deceit. Mrs. Fretag, the teacher, had indeed attended the event, and confronted Henry about his deceit. Upon telling the truth about his absence, the narrator is nonetheless praised as "remarkable." He is not punished, but rewarded for lies that sound beautiful, but are no less deceitful for that. In this, the author makes a comment about the society in which the narrator operates, and how to gain power in that society. His creative work earns him the respect of and power…

Business in an Ethical Way
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The sales representative reiterated what the signage stated, that the sale ended that coming Sunday. Deciding to wait on the purchase, I came back two weeks later to find the set no longer $400 off, but instead 15% off, which just happened to be about a $400 savings. A new salesperson pushed the fact that this sale was ending, again on Sunday. Once more I waited and came back a few weeks later. This time, the set included the two arm chairs for free, an approximately $400 savings. I finally asked a salesperson about these 'sales' and she admitted that their sales change, because people like to think they're getting a 'deal', but they always are about the same amount off, all of the time.

This unethical behavior hurts the company in a variety of ways. First, they lost my potential business, not only on the dining room set but…