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Fake News Essays (Examples)

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Identity Theft Raises Serious Concerns
Words: 1071 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55015473
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Once your personal or financial information has been compromised, it may take months and even years to secure them again. This may involve filing fraud case with your bank, information everyone about your stolen SSN and generally avoiding credit cards or debit card transactions. This is indeed a major problem getting one's identity and peace of mind back once it has been compromised. For this reason prevention is the best way of protecting identity online. There are several ways in which this can be done.

1. Anti-Virus software

Internet users must have a genuinely brilliant and secure anti-virus program installed. Instead of copying free versions online, it is better to purchase a copy of licensed software and use it on your computer. This will help protect against hacker attacks and also alert the user when a suspicious web site appears. Anti-virus software also check for security certificates and inform users…

Mobilisation Crisis and War the
Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 86649137
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One of the most famous crises that was based on misinterpretation and a zero-sum game was the 1960's Cuban Missile Crisis when misperceptions or fake induced information could have led from a crisis to a conflict and a war.

Conflict in the international arena is often lead by perceptions and power politics games that often are not based on realistic evidence. Conflict is nonetheless a measurable phenomena as many conflicts are also based on other issues than misperceptions, power needs or behavioral changes in a country's leadership. These are different economic interests over material goods, like oil or gas, positional goods like political influence or territorial.

More and more, international relations theorists and analyzers have looked within countries and systems to understand the international arena. The internal struggles for power, equilibrium and social welfare are as important in the development of world politics as the aforementioned types of causes. From…

Hemingway a Profound Sense of
Words: 1290 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63440890
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Moreover, the girl changes the subject quickly to having another beer.

While the man in the story remains utterly insensitive to his girlfriend, her state of mind is less clear. On the one hand, her self-esteem seems dreadfully low. She repeats, "I don't care about me," and she asks the man if getting the operation will make him happy. When she states, "I don't care about me," she could also mean "I care about you more," but she never says that." She utters the finishing lines of the story: "I feel fine...There's nothing wrong with me. I feel fine." Her words most likely indicate her further suppression of her anger and true feelings. However, the girl might also have come to a decision about ending their relationship. It is entirely possible that her hill-gazing has inspired her to make major changes in her life. After all, the open-ended story does…

Spy Kids 2001 A Radical
Words: 1715 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76191742
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The names of the characters in Spy Kids, such as Floop, give a Willy Wonka-espionage-in-fun verbal as well as visual tone to the film, and the thumb-shaped henchmen of Floop seem like a tribute to the Wonka oompah-loompas.

For students of Rodriquez, Spy Kids may not be the director's most significant film, but it is an argument that the director, even when making a mainstream Hollywood genre film, has a clear vision as a filmmaker. He is unapologetic in his call for the centrality of Hispanic life and ordinary Hispanic heroism in cinema. His heroes are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, yet capable of showing grit and wit and rising to the occasion when needed. His heroes take themselves as well as the audience by surprise.

Works Cited

Ebert, Roger. Spy Kids. The Chicago Sun Times. March 30, 2001. March 15, 2010.

El Mariachi. Directed by Roger Rodriquez. 1992.…

California Recently Voted Down a
Words: 1815 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59540476
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" This is money that should be spent on (a) preventing and healing drug addiction and related issues; (b) more effective, and smarter, law enforcement. Legalizing marijuana would also generate much-needed tax revenues that can be spent on precisely those two things. From an economic or financial perspective, the legalization of marijuana will also help grow small businesses and thus can alleviate the problems associated with the current economic crisis. Low start-up costs for a marijuana grow operation also mean that low-income families and entrepreneurs can earn extra income in a legitimate way. Marijuana should be made legal because Americans value personal freedoms, too. It makes no sense for alcohol and Xanax to be legal but not marijuana. Marijuana, when made legal, can be regulated in the same way that alcohol and prescription drugs are. Police will not be wasting their time busting people for possessing a plant. Instead, pharmacists…

Good County People by Flannery
Words: 1377 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3200523
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Feminist critics have taken a more positive view of Hulga and a more deflationary view of O'Connor's central meaning. "Nothing in O'Connor quite so flagrantly bears out the feminist theologian Mary Daly's assertion that '[t]he myths and symbols of Christianity are essentially sexist' - which is to say "rapist."(1)…it is the author's strategy in… 'Good Country People' to knock these proud female characters down a notch" (Havird 1). David Havird calls the loss of Hulga's leg and, symbolically her intellect, a kind of rape. Given the way that O'Connor frames the tale, O'Connor views it as a kind of deserved 'rape.' Manley Pointer's name supports this reading -- his manliness and taking away of Hulga's symbolic phallus or male 'member' (her leg) suggests that O'Connor views Hulga as insufficiently humble as a woman should be before God. Hulga's disdain of affection, her coldness to being kissed, and her disgust at…

Board Member Is Given the
Words: 9669 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 74937200
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PURE wants me to reach a successful agreement so that there are not any delays or stumbling blocks to the opening of the amusement park. However, while our interests are closely aligned, it would be erroneous to assume that our interests are identical. PURE is highly interested in receiving a tax rate below 1.5% and in minimizing the amounts of its voluntary payments to the towns. However, PURE has authorized me to enter into an agreement with a 1.5% tax rate and to make certain voluntary payments based upon the taxing amount. This means that I might be pressure to give the towns more than they are actually going to demand in order to reach an agreement for the company. I would still be seen as a successful negotiator, as long as I was able to help negotiate an agreement that might block development of the park, but PURE might…

Marxist Criticism Native Son a
Words: 2152 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66964599
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Max is one of the central characters of the novel when it comes to the issues of Marxism because he blames capitalism entirely for the inequality of blacks; he believes that it is capitalism that has kept the black people oppressed. Max tries to show the jury that the case is not just about one black man and one black woman, but rather, it is about millions of blacks that have been kept down, all the while desperately trying to rise to the class status that white people have.

Marx and Engels speculated that literature reflects and sustains the material life of a society. To look at this idea and apply it Wright's use of the novel, we can see that the material conditions of Bigger's life -- what he ate, how he made money, what he did for work, determined his ideas. Furthermore, Mr. Dalton's material conditions determined his…

Vision Explored in Othello and
Words: 927 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89013854
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By the end of the play, Othello does not even try to seek out the truth. When he finally talks to Desdemona, he is so outraged what she has to say does not matter. His mind is already made up and she does not stand a chance. Truth becomes apparent for him when it is too late. He tells Lodovico that he is Desdemona's murderer and that he "loved not wisely, but too well" (Shakespeare V.ii. 240). Oedipus, too, becomes aware of his own foolishness when it is too late for him to correct anything. Truth, they discover, can be quite far from what they once believed.

Oedipus does not suffer from jealousy but he does fall victim to arrogance. It can be just as damaging as jealousy when it comes to clouding judgment and limiting logic. With Oedipus, Sophocles allows the play to come full circle with the chorus…

Military Intervention Humanitarian Aid ICC
Words: 841 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59280865
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Hard evidence was hard to find, but in cases where corruption was proven, people were punished, often through loss of job or leadership position (Bailey 15-16). Both Harvey and Bailey recommend more transparency in the processes of registration for and distribution of aid and responsive mechanisms to receive, investigate, and address recipient complaints.

The International Criminal Court seems to be able to hold itself above the corrupting influences that can affect on-the-ground operations like peacekeeping and aid distribution. In the case of Uganda, in March 2005, a delegation of leaders from the north of the country visited the ICC headquarters to stop the court from issuing arrest warrants of top LRA leaders, including Joseph Kony (Rubongoya 220). They were worried that such action would threaten the peace process. Nonetheless, in October of that year, the court issued the warrants (Rubongoya 224). This example illustrates a strong commitment to the mission…

Software Defense Establishing Software Security
Words: 996 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: White Paper Paper #: 9511466
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Allowing for such access necessarily creates a point of weakness, and this must be carefully guarded against through many levels of protection (Stuttard & Pinto 2007). Many of the same steps that are employed in access differentiation as described above can also be employed here -- multiple levels of access that is password protected, strict compartmentalization of data and of processes, and other features such as the recognition and removal of malicious input can all protect the opening that is created by administrative access to application information and code (Stuttard & Pinto 2007). Password-protected access to a web application's source code is one common example of this type of core defense capability, which grows more complex as both the complexity of the system and needs for security increase.

Direct Attacks and Unauthorized Use: A More Detailed View

Direct attacks on applications, especially web-based applications, are becoming increasingly common as programming…

Adam Foulds Biography Adam Foulds
Words: 583 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 720320
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1. From the prologue of The Quickening Maze: "He started to think that the sun was shining in a new quarter of the sky. He felt no fear yet: the sun lit wonders in a new zone that held him in steady rapt amazement. He did wonder, though, why the old world had not come to an end, why the horizon was no closer." (The relevance of this quote to the 21st century is that we all stand mesmerized by what the future may bring, but the closer we get to realizing our dreams, the farther away they seem).

2. From The Broken Word: "He could see people posting themselves, third class, into the train windows or dropping carefully onto wide, unfeeling feet" (The relevance of this quote to the 21st century is that the daily grind has beaten many people down into feeling like third class objects).


The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle for College Students
Words: 1604 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70686927
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Review of Chapter One from Introduction to Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle Management
As the nation continues to struggle to recover from the ongoing Covid-19 virus pandemic, the concept of wellness has assumed new importance and relevance. Furthermore, until just a century or so ago, humans were far less concerned about the concept of wellness over the lifespan simply because they died much younger than most people do today. In sharp contrast, though, children born today have a reasonably good chance of living into their hundreds, assuming the current pandemic is resolved in the foreseeable future. Against this backdrop, it is important to develop a better understanding concerning the fundamental factors that contribute to human wellness. To this end, the purpose of this paper is to provide a systematic review of chapter one from Introduction to Wellness, Fitness and Lifestyle Management. Following the review, a summary of the research and key…

Coronavirus COVID 19
Words: 2907 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 604304
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Keywords:  corona virus, coronavirus, covid, covid-19


The novel coronavirus spreading the COVID 19 disease first appeared in Wuhan, China, in 2019 and quickly spread around the world.  The infectious disease is a new form of a previous severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS) and has led to nationwide lockdowns from the East to the West.  This paper will discuss the signs and symptoms of COVID 19, the cause of the virus, prevention and management strategies currently being employed to help contain and stop the spread of what is now a pandemic, the epidemiology of the disease, and how it has impacted society and culture.

Signs and Symptoms

One of the more mysterious characteristics of COVID 19 is that one can be a carrier of the coronavirus and yet be completely asymptomatic (Chen et al., 2020).  Those who do exhibit signs of infection tend to have flu-like symptoms, especially if…

Music and Culture Marvin Gaye
Words: 1072 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72294755
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Marvin Gaye was born in Washington, D.C. in 1939 to a philandering Pentecostal church minister, Marvin Gaye, Sr.—the same man who would ultimately take Marvin’s life at the age of 44. Marvin was beaten often all throughout his childhood by his strict father, and without the support of his mother Marvin asserted he likely would have killed himself to escape the cruelty (Ritz, 1991). Yet it was also from his father that he learned to sing and the two of them—father on piano and Marvin in the choir—would lead the church music sessions during Marvin’s youth (Turner, 1998). At 17, Marvin finally ran away from home and joined the Air Force. After a year of service, he faked a mental illness, received a general discharge, and lost his virginity to a prostitute—an episode that opened up a whole world of lust and sensual pleasure to him (Ritz, 1991).
Marvin returned…

Culture and Nursing
Words: 3252 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16877652
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Introduction: The Concept of Culture
Culture is the way of life for a person, society or group of people. It embodies the soul of the community and the heart of a team; it is seen in the way its members express themselves, communicate, think, feel, and believe. It determines what they value and how they honor the principles that guide them. It is different for every society, as Hofstede (1980) showed—and yet there are universal elements to every culture that allow people from different backgrounds to understand one another and rise above their differences to find common ground. Culture shapes the way people, families and communities communicate, perceive the self, think about sexuality, express spirituality, manage stress, cope with less, and deal with death and grief. Some cultures are open and indulgent about individuals’ choices, spirituality, sexuality and how they choose to communicate themselves. Others are more restrained and promote…

The Growing Divide between America
Words: 1301 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 919034
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The growing divide between America appears to have been exacerbated by the election of President Trump in 2016.  Disruptive organizations like Antifa are prowling the streets and assaulting people.  Politics appear to be in everything.  A subject cannot come up without it being politicized.  For instance, a team wins the World Series and the conversation cannot be about whether the team was the best all year long or how they pulled it off but rather about will the team go to the White House?  A big reason for this is that the media constantly plays upon the political divide.  Roughly half of voters voted for Trump and half did not.  This represents a substantial difference among voters.  Many of those opposed to Trump’s policies come from liberal strongholds like California and New York.  Many working class voters showed support for Trump’s policies—like building a border wall, ending the wars in…

Words: 1660 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 78649090
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An auction is defined as an economic means that involves allocation of goods and creation of prices for these goods through bidding. Through this process, bidders form the prices of goods based on their individual valuations. However, auctions are designed carefully to encourage bidders to express their valuations for the product while discouraging collusion or cheating in order to maximize revenues. According to McAfee (2017), an auction can be considered as a method of price discovery or determining what an individual will pay for a product and who will get it. Auctions have existed for a long period of time and in different kinds depending on the specific goals of this economic mechanism. This paper examines different kinds of auctions as price discovery mechanisms and their use in different situations.

English and Dutch Auctions vs. Sealed-bid First Price and the Vickery Auctions
There are various kinds of auctions that are…

Different Theories for Managing Employee Relations
Words: 1999 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39422632
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The Rise of Collective Bargaining

According to Brody (1993), the collective agreement signed between unions and employers meant that the unions were no longer pushing for activism, but rather they were running the unions as a business. The unions were mostly concerned with ensuring that employees had job security and they worked hard to quell any disturbances that might arise. With employees working as expected and employers willing to pay the employees as agreed, there was a need for the unions to honor their contractual agreements. The contracts removed the unions from management and offered the company managers leeway to run the business as deemed fit. Unions opted to have collective bargaining agreements that in the long run meant that the unions were powerless and the power of workers no longer rested with the unions (Aidt & Tzannatos, 2002). Adopting collective bargaining agreements meant that unions had to adhere to…

Sociology of Religion Resistant Towards Scientific Approaches to Studying Religion
Words: 2957 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88802416
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For grasping religion and science’s scope, besides the connection existing between them, it is imperative to acquire, at a minimum, a general idea of what entails religion and science. In any case, the two concepts aren’t invariably rigid terms having definite meanings. In fact, both words coinage dates back to the recent past and their meanings differ for different cultures and eras. Two centuries ago, the word “religion” was seldom utilized. Aquinas and other medieval era writers interpreted religion as prayer or piousness; besides orthodoxy, no other “religious” systems was ever conceived of (Harrison 2015). “Religion” as a term garnered its significantly more wide-ranging present meaning owing to initial anthropologists’ efforts.
Further, the word “science”, as employed presently, became widely known and utilized during the same century. Earlier, “science” as we know it was represented by a different name – experimental philosophy or natural philosophy. Only in the year…

the'similarities between'social media and real life
Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94338395
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Social media reflects reality. However, social media also allows for a manufactured and manipulated version of reality. In as You Like it, the character Jacques states, "All the world's a stage, / And all the men and women merely players," (II, vi). Years before the advent of social media, Shakespeare was writing about how people spend their whole lives performing. Their personalities are their egos: something that is personally and socially constructed. Social media is similar to real life because it enhances the ability to create personas, change those personas at will, and project those personas to a target audience.

Social media is similar to real life because it makes it more possible to create different personas. With social media, the number of different personas that can be created is even more than what is possible in real life. In real life, the number of personas a person has is…

Role of Movies in the Development of Children and Adolescents
Words: 2328 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15452477
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Movie: The Karate Kid (2010)

Targeted Age Group: PG rated, 10+ (The Karate Kid-Family Movie Review, 2015)

'The Karate Kid' is appropriately PG-rated; there is, however, some content that adults might wish to know of, especially because this drama has a few themes aimed at older viewers. The beginning of the movie shows a climbing scene of a child's height chart. Typical milestones, like beginning kindergarten and losing the first tooth are included; however, the last 2 entries are daddy's death and the child's 9th birthday. While at this juncture, the background music is jolly and light, the death of his dad when Dre was just 8 years of age has a mildly shocking impact, and may upset younger children (Andlor, 2013).

Analyze the chosen media content for its appropriateness for the cognitive development level of this target audience. In doing so, make sure to explain what characterizes the cognitive…

What Is the Day of the Dead
Words: 3003 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21314877
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Dead (Dia de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that is also celebrated around the world in other countries where Hispanics are located, such as North America, Brazil, Spain, etc. Its roots are located both in the Roman Catholic observance of All Saints and All Souls Days in November and in the pagan customs of the Aztecs who celebrated worship of the Mictecacihuatl, the Queen of the Underworld. In recent times the Day of the Dead has taken on a more nationalistic meaning than the traditional associations of spirituality (Masses and prayers offered for the dead) of Roman Catholicism. In fact, Day of the Dead celebrations were unheard of in Mexico before the 1900s. Prior to the Revolution of the early 20th century, much of Mexico celebrated only the Catholic All Saints and All Souls Days and resisted any celebration by nationalistic or pagan sects of the Day of the Dead,…

Lens of Feminism
Words: 2247 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20958597
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Angela Carter's The Blood Chamber and Other Stories is, what some interpret as a feminist text. It was written by a heterosexual woman and depicts a heterosexual female's sexuality along with things that otherwise would not be seen, especially at that time, in literature. Such stories like "Wolf-Alice" within the text show (in essence) how women are subdued by the constrains of society, but also (in a sense) benefit from the aid of men and their acceptance of women as they are in their true forms. Several critical texts from Showalter, Johnson, and Scott reveal the journey of feminist identity and construct into its modern interpretation of gender and gender theory as well as show how a story like "Wolf-Alice" can mimic this journey and therefore be seen as a feminist text, or in the very least, an exploration of gender and the roles of women.

Showalter in her book,…

Terrorist Groups
Words: 2750 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 71392632
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causes of terrorism have attracted huge concern among policymakers and the public given the increase in terror attacks across the globe in the recent past. The modern society has been characterized by the increased emergence of terrorist groups and organizations in various places in the world. These organizations have continued to use sophisticated methods to accomplish their goals due to rapid technological advancements. Some of the major examples of terrorist groups include Baader-Meinhof, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, and the alleged Iranian state-sponsored terrorism. Following my analysis of these groups, I have chosen as my theoretical framework, Margolin's argument that, 'much terrorist behavior is a response to the frustration of various political, economic, and personal needs or objectives' (Joseph Margolin, 1977, 273-4).

My discussion will involve analysis of three terrorist groups across three categories i.e. ideological, nationalist, and religious terrorism. I will use Baader-Meinhof gang, the Liberation Tigers of…

Getting the Most Out of Employees
Words: 1304 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4615043
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Leveraging Human Potential

Creating Organizational Initiatives to Appreciate Diversity and Leverage Human Potential

Diversity in the workplace is the reality not the exception in today's business world, so it is vitally important that organizations launch initiatives that relate to understanding diversity. Also, by relating realistically and fairly to diversity, organizations should to what they can to leverage the human potential available to them, including getting the most out of employees from every ethnicity, every culture, and every nationality. In this paper the references are used in order to address the initiatives that I feel are important.

True to Myself

In the Chapter 13 "True To Myself" feature the scenario follows the plight of a woman hired as the token female just to satisfy diversity requirements. Only because major shareholders were females -- the daughters of the deceased founder -- was there an apparent need to comply with diversity standards. Ethney,…

Best and Worst in Post-1877 US History
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55998003
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U.S. History 1877-Present

America has changed so vastly since the U.S. Civil War that it is hard to single out three events that have had the most beneficial impact from the later nineteenth century to the present day. However, in terms of selecting events that have had the greatest impact on the daily lives of Americans in this time period even to the present day it is possible to nominate some specific events. The ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, the introduction of the New Deal under President Franklin Roosevelt, the passage of the Civil Rights Act during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson are all events which continue to have a positive impact felt by all Americans.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is what permits women to vote. The fact that it was only passed in 1920 is something of a scandal --…

Homosexuality and Serial Murder
Words: 4296 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 50023226
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Gay Serial Killers

Serial killers continue to hold a fascination on the American public. The crimes of this subset of murderers are frequently sexualized in nature, which perhaps adds to the titillation in media coverage. It is worth observing that many of the most widely-publicized serial murder cases of the past fifty years or so have involved gay or lesbian serial killers: Jeffrey Dahmer remains a household name even in 2014, but other cases such as Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, Bob Berdella, Dean Corll, and (in the U.K.) Dennis Nilsen have received substantial publicity. (Wuornos and Gacy have each been the subject of Hollywood films.) It is worth investigating whether the issue of sexual orientation -- as a possible source of social stigma or generalized antisocial deviance -- has been linked to the pathology of serial murder. In an era of rapidly-changing social attitudes toward homosexuality, it is worth…

Online Security
Words: 565 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54303210
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Online Shopping Can Be Safe

There are definitely risks associated with online shopping. There have been many cases of hackers gaining access to shoppers' personal information. One case that just happened recently and has flooded the airwaves was Target who was hacked on December 18th, 2013. The company had over seventy million people with their names, home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers stolen and an additional forty million debit card credit card account information stolen as well (Malcolm, 2014).

Target, after acknowledging that as many as 110 million customers had personal information and card data stolen, said it would speed up its adoption of more secure payment technology. Suddenly, banks were being pressured to issue customers new cards with microchips, which have been used in Europe for more than 20 years. Congressional committees asked, with urgency, what more could be done (Malcolm, 2014).

Now many banks and retailers are…

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Words: 4950 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75884858
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Saint Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas lived and died between 1225-74. He was an Italian philosopher and theologian. He was the Doctor of the Church, also acknowledged as the Angelic Doctor. He is the supreme stature of scholasticism, one of the most important saints of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as, originator of the system acknowledged by Pope Leo XIII to be the legitimate Catholic philosophy (1).

This article argues that Thomas Aquinas's political philosophy is un-egalitarian. Not only does Aquinas disappoints to give his support to an egalitarian outlook of political impartiality, but so as to explain his political philosophy properly one has got to ascribe to him an idea intensely undemocratic in its repercussions. This paper proposes, consequently, that by means of Aquinas's thought, as a rational foundation for democracy would need a considerable reconsideration of his own point-of-view.

The purpose of this paper is neither to call…

Odyssey Throughout the Text of the Odyssey
Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76129212
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Throughout the text of the Odyssey, Odysseus finds recourse to rely on his inner resource to surmount incredible odds in order to finish his journey home. Indeed, often we think of epic heroes using their enormous physical strength to solve a problem, and certainly, Odysseus does have recourse to physical means on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, it is more often that he uses his cleverness and mental agility to defeat opponents who often have greater or strength or significant enough numbers to overcome whatever strength he has. Indeed, this makes sense in the case of Odysseus, because as we know from the Iliad, it was his suggestion to overcome the Trojans by the use of the Trojan Horse. Here, too, Odysseus proved that he was able to solve a difficult conflict that violence could not solve through the power of his cleverness and vision. Indeed, in The Odyssey,…

Death of a Salesman Tragedy in Prose
Words: 2182 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17682003
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Death of a Salesman: Tragedy in Prose

Tragedy, can easily lure us into talking nonsense."

Eric Bentley

In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, we are introduced to Willy Loman, who believes wholeheartedly in what he considers the promise of the American Dream -- that a "well liked" and "personally attractive" man in business will unquestionably acquire the material comforts offered by modern American life. Willy's obsession with the superficial qualities of attractiveness and likeability are at odds with a more granular and beneficial understanding of the American Dream that identifies hard work without complaint as the key to success. (Bloom) Willy's interpretation of likeability is perfunctory -- he childishly hates Bernard because he thinks Bernard does not embody the qualities that he admires. Willy's faith in his warped version of the American Dream leads to his psychological decline when he is unable to accept the incongruity between the Dream…

History Mexican Revolution
Words: 1171 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59647966
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Swept Mexico

About the Author

The author of the book, Anita Brenner, who is also the writer of Idols behind Altars along with many other books on children, was born in Mexico and lived there for quite a few years. It was during the Spanish Civil War that she wrote dispatches from Spain for the New York Times as well as the Nation. Furthermore, for many years she even edited the magazine Mexico This Month.

About The Book

The book The Wind That Swept Mexico by Anita Brenner published originally in the year 1943. This was the first book that gave a broad perspective of Mexican revolution in its numerous different phases.

The author in a brief and touching words along with many outstanding and unforgettable photographs, carry the reader with this classic book from the fake peace and loads of the D'az era through the fated administration of Madero,…

Christian Counseling
Words: 3428 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69669270
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Christian Counseling

There is an idea of longstanding that humor has power as a curative. The Reader's Digest has long had a section entitled "Laughter: The Best Medicine," reflecting an old saying about this issue. In his book Laugh Again, Charles R. Swindoll approaches this idea from a Christian perspective, recognizing the many ills and sadnesses to which life is subject and finding in humor and laughter the means to overcome these ills and banish these sadnesses.

The author makes his intention clear in the Introduction when he says, "This book is about joy" (11). He wants people to relax more, release tension, and refuse to let negative circumstances dominate their thinking. Swindoll says we can all remember when life was joyful if we think back to our childhood, as he recalls his: "I neither expected much nor needed much. Life was to be enjoyed, not endured, and therefore every…

Theoretical Foundations of Teaching and Learning
Words: 2539 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64313066
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Learning & Teaching

Identify a behavior in the healthcare setting that you would like to change that involves extinguishing an undesirable behavior and replacing it with a healthier behavior (e.g., getting cardiac patients to reduce their high-fat diet and eat healthier foods; getting patients with low back pain to minimize their pain and become more independent in their activities). Describe how the behavior could be changed using the principles of a particular learning theory. Then describe how the same behavior could be changed using a different theory. Depending on the behavior to be changed and replaced, you might also discuss why one plan might work better for men than women, or for younger people than older people.

To start with the last sentence first, it is clear that the younger a person is, they are generally more pliable and "changeable" than with older and/or more mature people that are more…

Yelp Collaboration in Social Media
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The bad reviews revolved around the difficulty of finding a table at the establishment, the difficulty of redeeming coupons, and the loudness and trendiness of the place. However, the positive reviews praised the food and the posters seemed to enjoy the 'scene' the restaurant offered. To gain a useful perception of an establishment via Yelp, in other words, requires a great deal of care in terms of how one reads the reviews.

There are other controversial aspects to the way Yelp manages its reviews as a business. "the company uses an undisclosed algorithm to filter out about 20% of the reviews -- with the goal, it says, of enforcing guidelines such as no hate speech, and eliminating fake reviews" (Somers 2012). When I decided to review a restaurant I had eaten at when I was visiting New York City and I noticed that my review was deleted, I did some…

Psychoanalysis Study Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of
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Psychoanalysis Study

Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Tennessee Williams' a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Words communicate ideas but beautiful words live forever and may keep telling a different story every time. The English literature has a rich heritage of dramas and plays that are often written in early or mid-20th century yet they are as applicable today as they were at the time these were written. The two texts are taken for psychoanalysis namely Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee and A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. The dramas are plotted against the American modern lifestyle where people have issues in their relationships as well as work life that affects the quality of life. The Lacanian psychoanalysis approach is used to comment on the two texts. This approach guides that the human conscious self is different from the…

Online Pediatric Pain Assessment Pain
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Combining these two methods is one effective strategy in mitigating pain in children (Cohen).

Additional strategies that involve both the patient and family are evident, particularly when dealing with chronic pain. Children sometimes internalize pain, believing that they must restrict their activity, particularly when parents worry and hesitate to allow them to be active. Parents see play as worsening of the situation or a relapse, contributing to an overprotectivness. This, in turn, reflects on the self-image of the child. In any case, experts recommend that parents not react in a negative way -- either by thinking the child is faking pain or becoming so overprotective that the child is a virtual prisoner. Instead, the psychological strategy should be to set realistic and evolving strategies so that there is not a continue pessimism regarding future health outcomes. This, for adolescents, is critical since there is also a self-esteem issue that goes…

Lincoln Park Zoo Grade Course Recreational Activities
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Lincoln Park Zoo

Grade Course

Recreational activities can be termed as a necessity for every individual despite his age, social status or society. A man with a 9 to 5 job would certainly prefer a vacation or a short weekend road trip. A housewife who is busy taking care of her children and dealing with the household chores all day long would long for a change. Similarly, children attending schools, tuitions and taking exam would prefer an entertainment to get a break from their routine life. This is because of the fact that humans often want change from their daily routine which builds up stress, work load, tensions and burden them up with worries. Consequently, it is not only their work or the responsibilities which are adversely affected, but their health and well being is also compromised. Therefore, although every man would want shelter, food and clothes for their living,…

Microsoft Monopoly Microsoft Was Investigated for an
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Microsoft Monopoly

Microsoft was investigated for an antitrust behavior because it was engaged in an activity that was believed to be unlawful according to the U.S. Laws. The U.S. market does not allow monopoly and it is unlawful to engage in monopolistic activities that tend to harm the competitors in the same market. The market is guided on the principles of free and open market for all where there is fair competition in the market place which is aimed to be in favor of the consumers in terms of commodity pricing, quality and more innovations.

Competition is healthy for any economy and it is through competition that the economy thrives and the consumer is the beneficiary in getting better quality products and at a lower price. An economy that is dominated by a single supplier lacks what a competitive market can offer whereby consumers are at the mercy of a…

Sound in a Scene From
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Henry Hill may be one of them -- but at the same time, he is not: their dialogue is fatuous, unreflective, and insipid. Their voices bounce against the voice of the narrator and shatter into pieces. The contrapuntal use of sound as the scene continues reveals a gangster world that is as fragile as it is glamorous -- the slightest glitch could bring the whole thing to a crash. Indeed, this entire world is fake -- from the "glitz" to the laughter -- everything is forced: nothing is real. In fact, the most "genuine" thing seems to be the Billy Ward tune, a non-diagetic score that infuses Hill's memories with life.

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Personality and Transformational Leadership Most
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Therefore they have more kind of skills that will be able to get better results with the same individuals than transactional leaders. Subordinates who will examine leaders as transformational are highly dedicated (Humpreys, Weyant & Sprague 2003) and they have high development need and high needs of independence (Deluga 2005)). Furthermore the dependents of transformational leaders have frequency that is higher of information pursuing (Charbonneau, D. 2004)).

Likewise subordinates' behavior is what had some kind of influences regarding the leadership process. Madzar's (2001) investigations showed that subordinates that have lower Organization -- Based Self -- Esteem (OBSE) will be the ones that will take advantage of the developing support they get from a transformational leader, whereas subordinates with advanced OBSE may not be as much inclined by the excellence of their association with the leader and would not seek to take the same type of advantage (Furnham 2009). It also…

Dementia There Are a Number
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Since individuals who are included in those demographics normally will have less in resources that can be used to seek out treatments, the burden will fall on society. If an efficient and cost-effective treatment can be found then society, as well as the individuals affected would benefit greatly.

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Ethical Problem Three Classical Behavior
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more tactically satisfactory mothers in the form of cloth giving no food. Other young monkeys were given a choice between wire mothers that did not provide food and cloth mothers who did give food. A second control group was given normal mothers. Unsurprisingly, the monkeys all preferred the cloth surrogates, whether they gave food or not, under most circumstances. They study concluded that if simulated adequately, surrogate motherhood was not harmful, provided it fulfilled the child's basic tactile and nutritional needs, and also that feeling and touching was crucial to early development in children.

Again, one wonders at the value of the study, given that institutionalized children could have been observed from the past, or case studies could be examined of abused children to prove this thesis. Also, given Harlow's generalizations about the value of nursery school and the ability of fathers to prove love from the experiment, one might…

Working Capital Management
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chief financial officer must pay close attention to receivables is no surprise to anyone. Receivables are an important potential source of money that can easily be converted into profit, just as easy as it can be lost forever. Management or recovery costs are also to be considered, since they can have a significant impact on the cash-flow creation process.

Beside well-known financial aspects, there are also other effects inefficient accounts payable/receivable management policies may produce on a company: Excessive receivables can both highlight and mask an insidious series of conditions that affect the health and growth of the business. (Sklar, 1998)

In every company there is some sort of conflict between the credit and the sales department. The credit department is responsible for collecting receivables in a swift manner and for not allowing sales that would later cause the company to have collection difficulties. On the other hand, the sales…

Ancient Earth Women's History
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Ancient Earth - Women's History



An Analysis of "Life" Magazine dated November 17, 1958

Lexicoczar (All Hail!)

As you know, the recent discovery of a cache of "magazines" has provided our department with an opportunity to better understand the colorful but largely heretofore-baffling mid-20th century. The graphics and pictures contained in one of the "magazines" entitled "Life" appear to be particularly illustrative of the customs and values that were predominant during this period in Western history. Some sample illustrations, together with this analyst's interpretation of the contents of an issue of a "Life" "magazine" dated November 17, 1958 and their likely functions and purposes as they apply to female gender issues, are provided below.

General Description and Contents of "Magazine."

This copy of "Life" "magazine" is comparable to the other specimens discovered in "gar-[b?]ages" in recent years; this copy, though, is especially well preserved, due in…

Fannie Mae Scandal
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Fannie Mae Scandal

Fannie Mae is the second largest government sponsored U.S. financial institution engaged in mortgage finance after Citigroup Inc. An investigation lasting for eight long months by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight or OFHEO revealed massive manipulation of earnings that have been engineered to fulfill Wall Street expectations and smooth volatility in earnings from one quarter to next quarter. The revelations deserve quick corrective action announced by the Director of the Agency in a letter to the Board members of Fannie Mae. The Securities and Exchange Commission is also inspecting the books of accounts of Fannie Mae. However, a statement issued by Fannie Mae states that the company has modified its employment contracts with the three top ranking executives i.e. The Chairman and Chief Executive, Franklin Raines, Chief Operating Officer Daniel Mudd and Chief Financial Officer, Timothy Howard to make sure that in the event their…

Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein Is the
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It is an unwanted pregnancy, a madness that he works hard for. And as soon as he is able to infuse artificial life into this inanimate assembly of various body parts from different corpses, his dream vanishes and his nightmare begins.

Unlike a legitimate and natural "pregnancy" and procreation, Victor hides his ambition to create life on his own. It is an illegitimate "pregnancy" with horrifying features of power of its own (Thompson 2004). He keeps his plans secret even to his favorite mentors Waldman and Krempe, family, friends and fellow students in Ingolstadt. He is unwilling to share his goal with them, knowing that they will mock him for his obsession to father and mother a creature by reanimating dead human tissues he sutures in the dark of his laboratory. He maintains egotistical and self-absorbed and lives in isolation in order to "become God, a creator of life" and…

Psychotherapy Is a Treatment in
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He prefers to assess in overall terms before analyzing mechanisms like defences and resistances. He held the view that it is not the parts that explain the meaning and importance of the whole, but the whole that explains the meaning and importance of the parts. This view is same as Jung's view on the totality of the psyche. Jung and Freud differ in the concept of reality. While Jung says that the reality of psyche is the only real; however, Freud says that there is a real external world called truth. Jung's method is to help the client to reach depths of his own psyche by means of his dreams, fantasies and imaginations. Once the depths are reached, the client will cure his problem by himself by the contact with the unconscious. Then, the role of a guide or psychotherapist is not at all required. (Kohut and Jung: A comparison…

Nonverbal Communication Skill Although There Is No
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Nonverbal Communication Skill

Although there is no consensus about the exact definition of "nonverbal communication" among experts, it is generally regarded as any communication conveyed through body movements (the "body language") and the intonations and emphasis that are given to words (also called the "paralinguistics"). The term

"nonverbal Communication" may itself be relatively new but its importance has long been realized. Martin Luther, the 16th century protestant reformer, often advised his followers, "not to watch a person's mouth but his fists." (Quoted by Bull, 2001) Charles Darwin discovered commonalities in facial expressions among humans and animals in his 1872 study, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, which is still read with interest among researchers. In the present day, nonverbal communication evokes the interest of a broad spectrum of academic disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology, communications, and linguistics, and has a similarly wide scope. Most research in the…

Pornographic Imagination Susan Sontag Attempts
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While neither text would likely be considered pornographic according to the aforementioned problematic definitions of the term, because they do not seem solely focused on eliciting sexual arousal or release, they nevertheless contain certain scenes that seem intent on forcing the audience to, if not become aroused themselves, at least consider the possibility of arousal. For example, while Bill is restlessly waiting for his son's friend to eat the sandwich he has drugged, the film lingers on the boy's posterior, forcing the viewer to adopt the agitated, and aroused, perspective of Bill himself. However, far from engaging in the horror film trope of the assailant's direct point-of-view, the shot is not positioned directly from Bill's position on the couch, but rather from an intermediate space such that the audience is forced to inhabit Bill's particular sexual desire while remaining physically apart from him. In this moment, the viewer participates in…

Business Leadership and Ethics Should
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Premeaux's investigation into ethics and business behavior resulted in four categories that can lead to ethical problems: a) coercion and control (the use of threats or extortion to force a manager to make a certain decision); b) conflict of interest (a manager has more than one interest and if he pursues both, harm may come to the company); c) physical environment (this relates to conflict of interest that can harm the environment); and d) personal integrity (making a decision based on one's own needs can raise a red flag in terms of right and wrong even if the law doesn't specifically spell out a guideline to follow) (16).

In a survey of managers, Premeaux received 413 questionnaires to test ethical responses. The results of those surveys (there is not enough room in this paper to report appropriate data) showed that managers have "…a heightened sense of ethical awareness with most…

Homeland Security the Impact of
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At the same time, officials report an uptick in corruption-related investigations. Since October 2004, 136 Customs and Border Protection employees have been indicted on or convicted of corruption-related charges." (Becker, p. 1)

And on a broader institutional level, there is significant evidence that DHS, constructed to respond to threats of terrorism, has been used to justify the use of military and federal resources for preventing immigration along our shared border with Mexico. According to Sols (2010), "Through Sept. 7 this fiscal year, 176,736 criminal immigrants have been removed from the U.S. By Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That surpasses the total for all of last year, when 136,343 were removed." (Sols, p. 1) These figures suggest that Homeland Security's focus is highly susceptible to the political pressures of the time as opposed to the prevention of potentially catastrophic terrorist attacks.

Beyond this, because DHS is so generally unaccountable, it possesses an…

Steve Jobs if I Were
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Steve Jobs made sure that his devices were simple and beautiful, and I would be interested in learning how to devote so much passion into the products I am going to be working with in the future.

The 'reality distortion field' is a catchphrase that was attached to Steve Jobs because of his willingness to do whatever it took to get his way in every situation. In his biography, Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson gives the subject of this phenomena a full chapter entitled "The Reality Distortion Field: Playing by His Own Set of Rules." (Isaacson, 117) He would lie to his coworkers, create fake deadlines, and refuse to yield to design choices of his, which caused a lot of friction in his workplace. This attitude got Jobs fired from Apple in 1986, and he did not return to Apple HQ again until 1997 after his successful stint with Pixar Studios…

Historians Are in the Business of Telling
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Historians are in the business of telling a storied past based on the collection of information revealed through the search for knowledge. Now knowledge is not truth, and the application of science is to search for the truth as can be best explained testing and understanding within bounded constraints. Therefore, the forms of evidence used by historians are not based on, or not always based on, scientific merit. One must remember the job of a historian is to recount a story and not scientific fact.

Historians engage explaining events by using primary and secondary evidence to describe the chronology of events. The primary historical sources include the word of mouth, either from the actual witness to the event, the active participant in the event, or as is passed on down via oral tradition to a chosen societal member whom then is responsible for the history. Should this individual then write…

Don't Ask Don't Tell Has Been Repealed
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

The Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

In 2011, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) policy regarding homosexuals in the military was repealed (Associated Press, 2011). Many gays (and those who supported gay friends and relatives) had been pushing for a repeal for years, but it was slow to happen. Finally, the change was made and gays were allowed to serve openly in the military, no matter what branch they were in or what their occupation was. Of course, that brought on many changes and a host of conflicting opinions about what was right and wrong. That was to be expected, and it happened every time that a DADT repeal was discussed. When the repeal actually took place, however, the response was even more vocal than expected (Gerstein, 2011). There were strong opinions on both sides of the issue, and both sides wanted to be…

Bye Lenin When One Views
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For example, Roger Ebert describes Christiane in this way, "A loyal communist named Christiane (Katrin Sass) sees her son, Alex (Daniel Bruhl), beaten by the police on television, suffers an attack of some sort and lapses into a coma" (Ebert).

Whereas Stephen Jolly of the Australian Socialist Party writes, "Christiane is a socialist, loyal to the Party, but not scared to oppose the Stalinist leadership via letter campaigns and lobbying bureaucrats on issues such as the shoddy goods produced by a bureaucratically mismanaged workers' state (Jolly).

The obvious difference between the two character descriptions is one sees her as a communist and one sees her as a socialist, which begs the question, is there a difference between a communist and a socialist? What are the implications of each label? Are there nuances? To briefly answer the question(s), yes, of course there are. And to unpack this point just a little…

Pain and Joy of Love
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Shakespeare is pointing out how normal these two are. They find love and they experience the good side of love. They bask in the passion and desire more.

The truly sad aspect of love is that it cannot be good all of the time. In fact, many would argue that love would not be as good as it is without pain. Love does not stay good all the time for everyone, especially Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare brings us to the pain of love rather quickly in the play as the couple begins to encounter trouble at almost every turn. They will do anything to be together and if this means faking death and running away, they have no problem doing it. The risks are strange and compelling and while Juliet is wise to stop and weight everything before she drinks the potion, she still puts all of her faith in…

Bait and Switch -- Barbara
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" As Ehrenreich found, in some case you are your resume, but in other cases the individual is clearly NOT their resume. Instead, looking at what the book calls white-collar life "at its most miserable and precarious" (p. 216), one can only glean that this is clearly not the place for everyone, nor is it the do all end-all of Protestant expectations of actualization. In fact, pining for that perfect corporate job will likely not fulfill many needs because it is a roller-coaster of Machiavellianism, game-playing, extreme selfishness from employers and a purposeful sense of never being good enough, never doing a good enough job, and indeed, keeping the individual feeling that they must continually do better just to maintain -- without consequence to health, family, or indeed, the very actualization that was the point of school and job in the first place. Instead, if there is any lesson in…

Ellen Degeneres When One Thinks
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She was willing to put her career on the line to become one of the few female celebrities to come out as being lesbian. This essentially inspired many within the LBGT community to embrace their own individualities and face the world as gay individuals, despite the misunderstandings from the external world that may try to bring them down. Ellen has helped put LBGT issues in the mainstream with her influence and popularity. In a country that has seen so much controversy about LBGT rights, especially regarding marriage in California, Ellen really inspires people and also exposes others who are not gay to a greater understanding of the gay community. Ellen even went as far as to marry Portia de Rossi and publish her wedding video on "Oprah" "as part of a major campaign for gay true love and happiness," (Pizello 2010). It is through her real portrayal of her own…