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Fake News Essays (Examples)

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political beliefs personal reflection
Words: 1076 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82239291
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Until recently, my political awareness was limited to what I read about or heard around me. Young people are impressionable, and I formed my opinions as amalgamations of what my parents believed, and what I overheard my friends parents say too. The news media, and celebrities I admire also had a strong influence on how I would frame my thinking. All these agents of socialization—my family, the media, my teachers, and my friends—shaped my identity and self-concept, and how I viewed the world. As a young adult, I have deconstructed much of what I learned and realized that I need to carve my own path by thinking critically about what I read, not just by avoiding the pitfalls of fake news, but also by avoiding a sheep-like mentality. Instead of regurgitating what other people say, now I feel more confident in my own ability to articulate my political philosophies as…

United Kingdom Freedom of Expression within the Social Media
Words: 2770 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22157867
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Freedom of Expression within the Social Media in the U.K.


In essence, social media in the UK provides an amazing platform for people to freely express their views, share information, and interact. Indeed, as McGoldrick (2013, p. 49) observes, “Facebook and other internet-based social networking sites (SNSs) have revolutionized modern communications.” Some of the most popular social media platforms in the country include, but that are not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It is important to note that unlike in the physical world where relations between people are governed by various social rules and etiquette standards, relations on social media tend to present a limitless and unrestricting facade. In recent times, some countries have attempted to limit the way people relate on social media – even closely monitoring content in an attempt to ensure that freedom of expression in social media is…

Metaphysical Law of Attraction
Words: 5207 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 71164258
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Law of Attraction

Metaphysical Law of Attraction

Need for consideration of Metaphysical Law of Attraction

Attitude and their Effects

Superordinate Identities

Positive Effect in everyday interactions

In conflict management

Negative Affect As an indicator of an unhappy relationship

Paving the road to D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Positive Affect Paves the Road to Respect and Admiration

Use of Law of Attraction and Intercultural Communication

Metaphysical Law of Attraction

"Thou, constrained by no limits, in accordance with thine own free will, in whose hand we have placed thee, shalt ordain for thyself the limits of thy nature"..Giovanni Pico della Mirranda, Oranto "De hominis dignitatis, " or "God's Address to Adam."

"If you're not an infinite being, what would be the purpose of your life?"..Wyne Dyer, The Power of Intention

What are your beliefs about the nature of the universe? Do you have believed in order, universal natural laws, cosmic intelligence, or chaos? Do you believe…

Colbert Report Has Been on
Words: 2863 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57346436
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Changes within a text are accounted for as transformations in the synchronic system, and this meant a tendency to fail to deal with time and social changes, which concerned many of the method's critics from the beginning.

Ferdinand de Saussure offers an explication of the linguistic approach and the meaning of language and contributed to the development of structuralism. He sees the nature of communication as deriving from ongoing processes and also considers the relationship between the human being and language as a social relationship. He offers an analysis of the different planes on which language operates and so points to areas for study and comprehension to be applied to literary criticism as to language studies in general. In emphasizing process, he also emphasizes structure, for he denies that we can begin with units -- with words, say, or phonemes -- and instead sees language as deriving meaning and value…

Potentialities and Limitations of Mockumentaries
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28456703
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Film Begets Film And Real Begets Fake: Woody Allen's Zelig

Woody Allen's Zelig represents many classic potentialities and limitations of the mockumentary. Predating the "mockumentary" designation by a full year, Zelig helped pioneer the mockumentary's use of clever parody to entertain, expose the fallibility of "historical" archival footage, prick the conscience and soothe. Simultaneously, Zelig suffered and suffers from the limitations of the mockumentary, as parasite and slave to the documentary, inherent filmed format and key components imitated to the point of triteness. Despite Zelig's relatively early techniques and presentation, it remains squarely within the mockumentary mode.

Body: Film Begets Film and Real Begets Fake: Woody Allen's Zelig

The term "mockumentary" is a synthetic word stemming from a comment in 1984's This is Spinal Tap. In that film, documentarian Marty DiBergi referred to his work as a "rockumentary, if you will" (Doherty 24). In a small leap from that term,…

Film Analysis Wag the Dog
Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19848044
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Perhaps the clearest violation of the principles of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in Wag the Dog is its essential premise: the PR firm is working to create the impression that the U.S. is at war to save the reputation of the current president, even though the country is still at peace. The PR firm deliberately deludes the American public into believing falsehoods based upon the needs of the client. As well as inhibiting the dissemination of truthful information, the PR firm actively stifles open communication by covering up the sex scandal of the president by creating false footage about the supposed war in Albania. The PR firm also collaborates with a movie producer to create fake film footage of the actual war specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings of Americans. What the public should actually be focused upon (the politician's credibility) is completely changed and…

Wag the Dog
Words: 2055 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6808025
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Wag the Dog

The Public Relations Society of America espouses a code of ethics that includes protecting and advancing the free flow of "accurate and truthful" information ("Ethics"). Likewise, the Public Relations Society of America advocates honesty and accuracy in its core practice guidelines for professionals. In Wage the Dog, Conrad Bream (Robert DeNiro) deliberately machinates a plan to divert the public's attention away from a presidential sex scandal by hiring movie producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) to manufacture multimedia images for the media. The fake war is an outright, deliberate, and overt affront to the first ethical tenet of the Public Relations Society of America, which would never admit Bream as one of its members. Interestingly, though, Bream does not try to lie about the sex scandal, but only wants to create a lie that will prove more sensational in the media.

Every other example of how Bream violates…

False Beliefs and Their Behavioral Consequences
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36754116
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False Beliefs new

False Beliefs and Their Behavioral Consequences

Human psychology is so amazing that it can control human behavior with and without his conscious will. People often develop habits, behaviors or routines that become a vital part of their lives and once they become used to these habits, there are often negative aspects associated to these routines and habits that develop false believe in them (False Memories Can Influence Behavior, 2008). When there are false believes in the minds of people, they observe the world with same negative believes and perceptions and respond accordingly. The paper investigates whether the childhood memories affect the behavior in later age or not and how long-term or short-term it can be that the believes affect behavior.


The false believes are such a disease that is often beyond a person's ability to control. These believe inculcate in the minds of people and…

Robins and Robins
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2042389
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Robins & Robins


Robbins & Robbins

Possible Defenses by Casings, Inc.

It was the primary responsibility of Robbins & Robbins to have foreknown the risk of explosives getting into its medication before it entered into any formal agreement with Casings, Inc. Although both companies share the ethical responsibility, Robbins & Robbins should have had the greater interest in avoiding the risk. Second, the accounting firm, which worded the clause, was selected by Robbins & Robbins and was necessarily partial towards the company. And the clause was written in small 9-point font and on page 285, signifying the minimal significance given by the framer of the contract and agreed to by Robbins & Robbins. And lastly, Robbins & Robbins had known about the contamination two months before making the recall.

Blanchard and Peale Analysis

Their first of three ethics checks to determine whether a decision is…

Sherlock Holmes While Any Character
Words: 4486 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67073939
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While all stories can be adapted and changed, with stories in the public domain being the most attractive choice, Holmes' death and resurrection make his character special because they serve to retcon (from retroactive continuity) his fictional narrative, a process that cannot be undone. Once Conan Doyle decided that earlier features of Holmes' story were open to interpretation and mutation, it meant that going forward, almost any feature of Holmes' story could be shifted and reinterpreted. The practice of retroactively altering fictional continuities is common to pulp and serialized stories, and Conan Doyle's detective stories were no different in this regard. This will help explain the natural synergy that arises between the character of Sherlock Holmes and comic books, because Holmes' own magical resurrection and mutable continuity is directly in line with the editorial and narrative practices that would arise within the American comic books of the 20th century.


Persona One of the Problems
Words: 1055 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8529008
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Think of it like the difference between two different malls. We all have our favorites, maybe because of the parking or the overall layout.

Another thing I like about is that it has no unnecessary clutter like menswear. If I wanted to shop for a man friend, I might visit Gilt or another website. I prefer using just for me. Besides women's clothes and accessories, there is not much else to distract me. If I want cosmetics, I'll most likely head to the Sephora website. However, I do appreciate that luxurioussimplicity shows me jewelry designs that pair well with the fashions I like.

Finally, the best thing about luxurioussimplicity is that it works a little like Pandora does for music. I can rate fashions on a star system, on a scale of 1-5. I can do this for individual items or whole "looks" that the models are wearing.…

Identifying Fallacies
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74639948
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Inductive Reasoning and Fallacies in Today's Popular Mass Media (Tabloid News Articles and Advertising Campaigns)

In popular mass media, information has become a valuable source of profit. Motivated by the lucrative media business, publishing companies and media agencies sought to provide people with sensational stories and numerous information in order to generate a following in the society. Through tabloid newspapers and advertising, the mass media are able to cater to the public's interest in sensationalism and curiosity. What happens is the prevalence of news that are neither valid nor reliable, as well as advertisements that provides information that can be categorized as "far from the truth." Sensationalism and false reporting of facts and information is prevalent among tabloid news and ads presented by the media today. Often, they resort to inductive reasoning (generalization) and other forms of fallacies that hamper the delivery of truthful and ethical information to the people.…

Social Promotion or School Retention
Words: 2204 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59981391
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This implies that through this study, the educators can get some assistance while they make the decision of retaining or promoting the failing students by considering the effects of both in detail. Since this is a qualitative study and not a quantitative one, from the data that is collected, it will be possible for us to build up a theory and then further studies can be conducted to confirm the theory about the effects of social promotion or retention and about the alternative ways that can be adopted to counter these effects. It should be made sure that information is given in a natural setting and the data is allowed to flow in any time. Once the information is collected it will be analyzed and compared with other studies of the same sort (Leedy and Ormod, 2010).

Expected Conclusion

As mentioned earlier in the paper, the main purpose of this…

Second Shift Arlie Hochschild and
Words: 1307 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 66509981
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For instance, in looking at the case of Frank and Carmen Delacorte, a couple that both works to make ends meet within the family, while both couples bring in significant paychecks, Carmen attempts to alter the view of her work within the home to meet the couple's traditional ideologies. While Carmen brings in a significant portion of the family's earnings, she feels the need to fake incompetence and act in a manner submissive to her husband in order to make him feel he has met his standards in enacting the role of the traditional male within the family. In her belief that her equal contribution to her family does not measure up to that of her husband's, Carmen aligns herself with the gender roles that have traditionally been placed upon her by society

A far more contemporary view of the second shift structure within the two-career home is seen in…

Law Enforcement and Cyberstalking
Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16556885
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Cyber-Crime in a New Age of Law Enforcement

With the new introduction of the online sphere, law enforcement today faces unique challenges those previous generations could never even imagined. The internet allows the ability to create an online presence that has virtually no relevance to the real world character of the user. People can now create an online presence with the ability to construct a range of pseudonymity that was never before possible (Gyorgy, 2002). Therefore the person that you think you are communicating with may be a different person altogether.

Furthermore, people can set up a range of different personalities and have multiple identities online that they can use for a range of malicious activities. For example, it is possible for an elderly man who has perverted tendencies to portray himself as a young school girl on online chat forums. In these arenas there is seldom any verification…

Jersey Shore Boardwalk E-Commerce Company Assessment for
Words: 1908 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 13762689
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Jersey Shore Boardwalk e-Commerce Company

Assessment for a New Jersey Shore Boardwalk Clothing Store Adopting e-Commerce

In assessing the potential of a Jersey Shore-based clothing store adopting e-commerce there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. First and most significant are the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of choosing to extend the business online. A SWOT analysis is provided as part of this analysis to help guide the business owners. Second, there is the issue of how the store will address the international commerce issues of trust, integrating and serving other cultures, language differences, government and infrastructure issues as well. Each of these factors are explored in this analysis. Addressing the challenges of how the Internet will automatically extend the company's operations well beyond its traditional boundaries is analyzed, in addition to how the company will manage the speed and efficiency differences across its many…

2011 Norway Attacks Effectiveness of
Words: 3954 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90875954
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Pineda (2012) noted that the tip was wasted entirely due to communication problems, the failure by the police to follow procedures as well as inadequate means-Factors that together bogged down the Norwegian Police's reaction as well as operation on the emergency following the incident.

The Gjorv Report also indicated that the nation's only helicopter in the city of Oslo was unusable since its crew was absent on vacation (Blair,2012). This is inefficiency by the Police since this is a clear sing of a lack of disaster/emergency preparedness. There was no emergency/replacement crew to fly the chopper. The availability of the chopper was also "limited." The understaffing of the police centers was also another problem.

Weaknesses in the police information sharing system

At the time of the Oslo and Utoya Island terrorist attacks, the Norwegian Police information-sharing infrastructure was subjected to a very formidable weakness. Further, the Police Security Services never…

Zinsser William Writing About Your
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25198622
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Source C

Roberts, Rev. Dr. Mark D. "Oprah, James Frey, and the Question of Truth"

30 January 2006.

Tone: Moralistic

Claim: James Frey's book is fraudulent and should never have been published.

Purpose: To explain his outrage at Frey's misrepresentation and the publisher's lack of fact-checking.

Important information in the title: Frey's supposedly inspirational and gut-wrenching story was prominently featured on Oprah's book club and became a best seller.

Important info in the background material: The author was published by the same publishing house as Frey, under a different imprint. He states that Frey was treated very differently than he was in terms of the scrutiny to which Frey's story was subject.

Sentence explaining author's claim and how he/she would respond to the prompt: Some things are factual and facts must be honored.

Important parts of the text that specifically show claim/purpose/tone: specifically show claim/purpose/tone: I'm tempted to say…

Artistic View Wave Hill and
Words: 2971 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98329417
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A sea of buildings would cover the Island of Manhattan, and the iron tentacles of urbanization would extend outward over hundreds of square miles, even into distant Riverdale in Westchester County - the once rural site of Wave Hill. The picturesque rail line that up the eastern shoreline of the Hudson had by now been joined by a maze of elevated railways, streetcar lines, and examples of a new form of transportation that would soon change the landscape even more - the automobile. The year after William Henry Appleton's death, New York's first subway line would go become operational. Skyscrapers, like the Flatiron Building (1902), would soon rival in height the mountains so beloved of the Hudson River School.

One response to the looming crisis of nature was to come in the form of city beautification, specifically in New York's case, in Central park - a new direction in American…

Embedded The Relationship Between Form
Words: 6480 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 601775
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), [he knows] that media companies are responsive to pressure when it is sustained, sophisticated and well executed," he fails to offer any concrete examples of this kind of pressure or how it might actually be applied (Schechter, 2003, p. 242). He does propose "a Media and Democracy Act, an omnibus bill that could be a way of showing how all of these issues are connected," but he does not provide any details of what might actually be included in this all-encompassing piece of hypothetical legislation (p. 242). Rather, he simply asserts that this potential legislation (that, if it actually included regulations to effectively combat the problems with American journalism would almost certainly never have passed at the time of his writing and would still be extremely unlikely now) could magically "create one easy to market and explain package of proposals that can forge a coalition with many stakeholders and…

Maybe Same-Sex Marriages Didn't Make
Words: 1811 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27552166
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Nationwide, those who attended graduate school were 11 percentage points more likely to vote for Kerry than those without a college education.

In other discoveries, Bush supporters believed overwhelmingly (72% to 26%) that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (still). This is despite the fact that it was categorically established that Iraq had no such weapons.

Bush supporters also believed, in comparison to Kerry supporters, overwhelmingly that Iraq was tied to Al Queda, when again it was categorically established there existed no such ties.

This article continues to establish that Bush supporters voted for an image and a set of factual inconsistencies that they either mistakenly believed or wanted to believe, whereas Kerry's supporters voted on facts.

Despite Rhetoric, Bush, Kerry Agree on Many Issues. Washington Post: May 9, 2004.

Although many people felt the 2004 election was an epic clash between two completely opposing camps, in reality, both sides…

Wells Fargo Fraudulent Accounts Scandal
Words: 1539 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52916910
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Wells Fargo Fake Account Crisis

A crisis is defined as the perception of an unprecedented event/incident that threatens shareholders’ valuable expectations in relation to economic, health, environmental, and safety issues (Coombs, 2014). Since organizations operate in a challenging and highly competitive environment, they are likely to undergo crises. An example of an organization that has experienced a crisis in the recent past is Wells Fargo. The company recently experienced a scandal relating to fake accounts, which has plagued its operations for approximately a year. Given that the crisis is still ongoing, Wells Fargo needs to develop a suitable crisis management plan that will help resolve the issue. This paper focuses on examining the crisis using the three-stage approach articulated by W. Timothy Coombs.
Factual Summary
Wells Fargo fake account crisis is an ongoing scandal regarding the creation of millions of fake savings and checking accounts on behalf of its clients,…

Emotional Labor Annotated Bibliography Alderman
Words: 3946 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14105475
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Emotional labor is an important aspect of what people do in their jobs, as Grandey rightly points out. Also considered, though, is the regulation of emotion within the workplace, because there have been workplace shootings, cases of rage, rapes, killings, and all kinds of problems. These are rare, but they do happen, and it is believed that they will become more common in the future because society is going more global and workers are under increasing pressures today.

Grandey, a., Fisk, G.M., & Steiner, D.D. (2005). Must "service with a smile" be stressful? The moderating role of personal control for American and French employees. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 90, 893-904.

Having control is an important concept in the business world. People must be able to maintain control over themselves when they deal with other employees and with customers that may or may not be happy. As Grandey, Fisk, and…

Complacency and the Fall of
Words: 3287 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64099382
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And many spiritual leaders would argue that a life without commitments is a life without meaning. So what do Americans do to fill that void? They take on another addiction -- which leaves them feeling even emptier -- and the vicious cycle begins. Some activists even claim the result of living in such a morally-vacuous, alienating, consumer-driven culture is an entire nation suffering from "a collective wounding" (Shaw, 2008). Author Chellis Glendinning wrote in 1994 that our primary needs are "those we were born to have satisfied: nourishment, love, meaning, purpose and spirit. When they are not met, we turn to the 'secondary' sources, which include 'drugs, violence, sex, material possessions and machines.' Eventually we become obsessed with the secondary sources 'as if our lives depended on them.'" (Shaw, 2008)

Behind the Mask

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social…

Pornification of Women in Mainstream Western Media
Words: 3434 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69173169
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Pornification of Women in Western Media

The Pornification of Women in Mainstream Western Media

Sexuality is a normal part of life for every male and female. Regardless of where he or she lives, or even what age a person is, sex will be a need. It is a known biological fact. However, the Western media has been blamed to play a large role in exacerbating the need. Back in 1811, a novel published by Jane Austin known as Sense and Sensibility mentioned the word chaperon. It was stated that back then a young woman and young man were never left alone. Even if they were left alone, they were left in the presence of a chaperone. (Poisoned by Porn; It's" 2010, 14) why was this the case? The answer to that lies in that sex is a need for every man or woman born into this world. It was back…

Simulacrum What Is Neither Real nor a
Words: 2141 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74657056
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Simulacrum: What is neither real nor a copy?

The simulacrum subverts the common notion of what constitutes a copy vs. An authentic artifact (Camille 31). In the common, classical ordering of priorities, the 'real' is what comes first, followed by the copy. The copy affirms the real, and the worth of the real, rather than negates it. A good example of this can be seen in art forgery. The worth of the real is affirmed by the fact that the copy (whether illegally or legally made) is considered inferior to that of the real, and the copy attempts to slavishly imitate the real. The greatest compliment that can be paid to a copy is that it can be mistaken for the real thing. A picture post card of the Mona Lisa is not synonymous with the famous painting itself.

The simulacrum, however, is a false idea, image, or rendition that…

Identity Theft in America and
Words: 2851 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97579054
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Pharmers now not only small local servers operated by Internet service providers (ISP) but they also target the 13 servers on which all other DNS servers depend.


Businesses & Large Organizations: Among large scale businesses that get affected includes the financial sector other than individuals. Electronic banking services have been greatly affected by these criminals who are euphemistically called hackers or crackers who conduct phishing or pharming. They not only steal the information and enter into the security system of banks but when they are caught they also retaliate. They retaliate using computer viruses, "worms" and "logic bombs" that can destroy hard drives. While robbers of banks using guns and other such weapons can also steal big amounts but they could end up in prison and the amount looted could be recovered. In case of these hackers, the sleuths have new technological tactics to deal with. These criminals use…

Computer Forensics for Preventing Email
Words: 4655 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56803454
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i.e. modifying the domain name system.

7. DNS-Based Phishing ("Pharming"): This offense is based on interference in the domain name searching process by modifying the domain name resolution sending the user to a different IP address.

8. Content-Injection Phishing: The phisher introduces fraudulent content into a legitimate website.

9. Data Theft: Malicious code that collects sensitive information stored within the machines in which it is installed.

10. Man-in-the-Middle Phishing: The phisher takes a position between user's PC and the server filtering, reading and modifying information.

11. Hosts File Poisoning: This is another option for pharming. In this case the attack is carried out by the host's card index hosted on DNS' servers.

12. Spear Phishing: One of the newest phishing strategies. It targets a specific company and uses e-mails to train individuals at various locations. (Frost and Sullivan, nd)

It is reported that the types of websites attacked by phishers…

Crime Workplace Is Not Safe From Numerous
Words: 3278 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2555299
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Workplace is not safe from numerous types of crimes. These crimes can range anywhere from burglary to homicides and from discrimination on the basis of sex to even rape for that matter. But these crimes are physical crimes and it is easy to avoid them or keep them at bay by making use of physical barriers, security cameras and a few sensible risk/security management tactics. For instance, if only 3 or 4 people work at night-time, it is easy to target anyone of them but if a considerable amount of people work together and have no hostility towards each other, these types of situations can be avoided. Use of security systems is a pre-requisite for the protection of material wealth and belongings. These types of systems can help avoid theft and burglary but if somehow these do occur, it will inform the managers of the incident at the earliest…

Spy in Hullabaloo in Guava Orchard by
Words: 871 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 35618923
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Spy in Hullabaloo in Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai

Kiran Desai's Hullabaloo in Guava Orchard is an interesting story that doesn't truly signify anything except presenting an entertaining tale of a man who seeks refuge from expectations of the society in a guava tree. The novel is an amalgamation of very interesting characters including the spy, who is a member of the Atheistic society and has come to the orchard to uncover the truth about Sampath Chawla, the protagonist of the novel. His purpose in the novel is to expose Sampath for what he is, or what spy believes him to be i.e. An idiot who is pretending to be a holy man.

Sampath Chalwa is a young man whose otherworldliness may appear fake to people like the spy but in fact he has a holy soul as he can actually look into people's problems and offer them advice. He…

Editing Work I Chose to Base My
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76757810
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Editing Work

I chose to base my studies on J. because we shared a lot in common; we are both Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country. He is eleven years old. His parents are Jordan nationals who have lived in Bahrain for at least two years. J goes to school at Naseem International School where I work. The school offers PYP programs. Lessons are conducted in English; however, Arabic lessons are also offered per week. Majority of kids in this school are Muslims most of whom are Bahrainis. Other nationalities making the student population are Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanians, few South Africans, and other Arabian Gulf countries. Teachers are a mixture of nationalities. Some of them are Arabs, others South Africans, while some are Europeans.

Different research methodologies were used to collect information on J's school progress and behavior. Some of the methodologies used were, to mention but a few,…

Challenges Facing American Higher Education
Words: 2801 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72529302
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American Higher Education

Higher Education is Wading in Deep Water in 2014

Is there anything to celebrate about higher education in the 21st century? What are the most troubling issues facing America's campuses that have emerged in particular over the past twenty years? These questions cry out for thoughtful, scholarly answers. On the one hand, there are crises related to university finances, student financial programs are bogged down by endless congressional haggling, federal financial backing for important research and development has withered away to a significant extent, and scholarships and grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have not been able to meet the demand of qualified scholars (Thelin, 2013). On the other hand, according to the Knight Foundation Commission, many university presidents (if not most) are admitting that they no longer have control of their NCAA-governed athletics programs, and moreover, deans in medical schools are being urged to…

Disneyland the Fading Premise of
Words: 4481 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12531605
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Gane 107) This potentially creates a stifling and an inability of women, the holders of virtue (especially given our imagery the virgin princess) to laugh at a torn dress and an exposed areola the way some European cultures do.

Fashion has become modern sexuality in the sense that it has the function of establishing these qualities or attributes. As everything gets drawn into this system gradually all culture is affected by this specific sexual character, not sex itself but sexualization; by an inverse movement sex itself is influenced by this new sexualization of all spheres, unique to our culture. As it is the feminine body which is the emblem of this process

The standards expressed by the Disneyland Princess are those that pervade the ideal, but do not represent the reality. In Bonbon land though the cow with its nipples frequently showing is not a "real" girl she is…

Apollo Moon Landing it Is Interesting That
Words: 1188 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8019179
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Apollo Moon Landing

It is interesting that when a researcher types in "Apollo Moon Landing" on Google, the second link that comes up is "Moon landing conspiracy theories"; and entering the site the shocking revelation is that up to 20% of Americans surveyed believed that the moon landings were faked. The Fox News TV network even ran a documentary with a conspiracy theory as its editorial backbone ("Did We Land on The Moon?"). Of course such a huge undertaking would be very difficult to fake, and in this case there was no fakery. Notwithstanding assertions to the contrary by Fox News and others, American astronauts did in fact land on the moon on six occasions; this paper delves into the first landing by Apollo 11.

John F. Kennedy's Vision for a Moon Landing -- How it got Started

Only a few months after entering the White House (on April 20,…

Media and Film
Words: 1948 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28918560
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Shattered Glass

Stephen Glass, the protagonist of the film, played by Hayden Christensen, works for The New Republic as a reporter. His use of colorful stories to draw attention from readers earns him a solid reputation amongst his peers and his employers. Michael Kelly, an editor that backs Glass' eventually discovered false stories, gets fired for standing up for himself. Glass then writes a hacker story that he himself did not check and is therefore caught in the first real instance of the movie of corruption. A reporter, wishing to earn or maintain a good reputation, fabricates a story.

How it was discovered, was when Charles Lane becomes weary of the so called, "credible sources," of Glass' piece. When he discovers that Glass never went to the restaurant he said he did and never went to a hacking convention, and only relied on online, false sources, Glass gets suspended. Many…

Organizational Culture and Sustained Competitive Advantage Organizational
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Organizational Culture and Sustained Competitive Advantage

Organizational culture is a defining feature of every organization. The unique culture that every organization displays has an affect on its ability to remain profitable. Culture can have either positive or negative affect on the ability of the organization to remain competitive. Much academic research up to this point has focused on theory and defining what is meant by culture and sustainable competitive advantage. This research expands theory by providing tools that can help companies manage organizational culture in such a way that it results in a greater competitive advantage. This research translates theory into practical applications that can be used by a number of organizations in various industries. The most important finding of this research is that companies can take measures to increase their competitive advantage by managing their organizational culture.

Organizational Culture and Sustained Competitive Advantage

Chapter 1: Introduction

Organizational culture is…

Nursing Management Relating to Communication
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Assists staff to effectively supervise and delegate to other team members;

Models coaching and mentoring;

Effectively builds an cohesive nursing team; and Assists staff in managing conflict. (2003)

In relation to 'Caring for Self, Staff and Patients' the Nursing Leadership Institute Competency Model states the following key competencies and behaviors as being necessary:

Recognizes the importance of building a sense of community in the work environment;

Demonstrates supportive behaviors in working with staff;

Rewards and celebrates staff successes in a way that is meaningful to the staff member;

Works to build a 1:1 relationship with each staff member;

Takes time to learn about the families of staff;

Remains flexible and sensitive to staff scheduling needs;

Supports staff during difficult interpersonal times;

Values the opinions and diversity of staff;

Shows appreciation when staff work overtime or change their schedules;

Recognizes and supports family responsibilities and needs;

Demonstrates a commitment to…

Designing Good Deceptions in Defense
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" This approach would also help protect computer systems from unauthorized access by insiders as well, he says (3).

In the spirit of "fight fire with fire," Rowe says that because computer hackers typically use deceptive practices (e.g., impersonation, viruses/worms, and denial of service attacks), it just makes good sense to turn the tables on the hackers by using honeypots and honeynets to collect the kinds of information required to do so. Citing examples from nature, Rowe points out that deception is a common defensive tactic, but it can also be used in a more offensive way by deceiving hackers into staying in the system as long as possible; in some cases, though, the author emphasizes that security considerations would require that the hacker simply be disconnected rather than tricked into staying in the system as long as possible. By keeping the system responses as realistic as possible during these…

Cyber Crime Malicious Activities Like Identity Theft
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Cyber Crime

Malicious activities like identity theft, harassment and phishing activities are conducted by the cyber criminals by making use of the anonymous context of the cyber world to their advantage. Phishing scams are conducted in such a manner by the scammers that websites are created by them and emails are sent out in order to trick the account holders into revealing sensitive information like passwords and account numbers. These crimes are usually solved by the investigators in such a manner that they back trap the IP addresses on the basis of the data which is present in the header of these anonymous emails. Although, at times the information which is gathered from the IP address isn't enough to identify the culprit in case that the information is sent from a proxy server or if the computer used to send the email has more than one user (Fouss et al.,…

Culture and Electronic Media
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American pop culture has been cultivated and molded by mass media. The recent iteration of mass media, electronic media, has a profound and significant influence on the daily lives, thoughts, perceptions and desires of every single person in the United States, whether people are aware of this influence, or not. The potential for media to influence people has been the subject of much debate since the earliest forms of mass media; newspaper, radio, and television have all contributed to our individual and collective psyche in America. This paper will discuss the roles that music, radio, television, and the motion pictures have played in the development of American popular culture as well as discuss some of the trends propagated by the electronic media and will provide a personal perspective on the relationship between media representations and consumerism, the human body and justice, law, and order.

Bagdikian (2000, pg. 185) notes that…

Survival of Zi Wei Do Shu or the Purple Star Astrology
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Survival of Zi Wei Do Shu or the Purple Star Astrology

The psychology and behavior of individuals has been studied using the astrological structured for years, however this aspect has not been evaluated and researched in detail especially in the context of the Purple Star Astrology from the Chinese Astrological Structures. This section reveals a concise, yet comprehensive review of preceding theories and researches of human behavior and psychology existent within the Chinese culture, particularly Hong Kong, based on the structures of the Purple Star phenomenon, which have had a significant influence on the study of consumer behavior and psychology within the specified region as well as the West. The aim and objective of this section is to draw a profound theoretical foundation to solve the current existence and relevance of the Purple Star Astrology (Bonaiuto et al., 2010).

Research pertaining to human behavior and psychology has primarily focused on…

Sociology -- How Social Norms
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Furthermore, there are genuine potential dangers and consequences from creating digital profiles and conducting personal business/interactions on the internet. The personal information can be misused and abused by others such as marketing companies, potential employers, current employers and cyber-bullies such as Lori Drew. Analyzing social media shows that it can and has been used to enhance, harm or even destroy people's lives.

Works Cited

Boyden, B.E. (2012, April 2). Can a prospective employer request Facebook login information? Retrieved on March 18, 2013 from Web site:

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Gummerus, J., Liljander, V., Weman, E., & Pihlstrom, M. (2012). Customer engagement in a Facebook brand community. Management Research Review, 35(9), 857-877.

Hamilton, J.R. (2012). The electronic lonely crowd - Patterns and effects of electronic media usage among…

Necklace by Guy De Maupassant
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Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant's short story, "The Necklace," deals with many different themes. This work of literature examines notions of beauty and youth, class and money, and a liveliness and zest for life that is contrasted with the conception of aging. Despite all of these thematic issues, it appears to the shrewd reader that the principle theme that this work of literature is based upon, and which all of the other themes hinge upon, is the relationship between beauty and money. Quite simply, the main character, Mademoiselle Mathilde Loisel, equates beauty and attractiveness to money and all of the material trappings it affords. Consequently, the poor woman forfeits what true beauty she possessed -- independent of money -- due to an unfortunate financial situation.

It is fairly apparent that Mrs. Loisel believes that physical attractiveness and beauty is largely based on the amount of money that…

Childhood Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned
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Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

Child Beauty Pageant Practices (Busting, 2011)

Overview of the Pageant

Beauty pageants started it the 1920s when the owner of an Atlantic City hotel came up with the idea as an attraction to boost tourism revenues. The idea caught on in a handful of cities that would hold versions of a "Most Beautiful Child" contests across the country. Over the years this industry expanded in 1964 to include children adn there were over 35,000 participants which prompted the need to begin to use different age divisions to separate the children. Today, the child pageant industry has boomed and the level of competition has reached unprecedented heights.

Now there are over 25,000 individual pageants held each year and the industry is estimated to generate over a billion dollars each year (Busting, 2011). However, the growth of this industry has prompted many researchers to consider the consequences…

Boccaccio's Decameron Day Four Story Two Begins
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Boccaccio's Decameron Day Four Story Two begins on an ironic note. Among the plague-shy aristocrats who are Boccaccio's assembled storytellers, the King has specifically requested a sentimental love tragedy to suit his mood, and requests it directly from Pampinea. But as Boccaccio tells us, Pampinea is in no mood to oblige the King straightforwardly here: "she decided, without straying from his theme, to tell a humorous story. She began in this way: The man who is wicked and thought to be good / Can do no wrong, for no one believes that he would." There are two things worth noting at the outset then: that to some extent the comedy in this tale may represent a sentimental and sad love-story misdirected into the low stuff of comedy (due to the King's request and Pampinea's refusal to grant it, which invites us to question whether in some way the story does…

E-Banking on the Banking Industry
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The growth of Internet has led to a desire to understand the characteristics of the users, their reasons for using the service and what the users do when connected. A huge and expanding 'Internet watching' industry has progressed to provide such data. Some statistics can be collected directly from the Internet about traffic volumes and the geographical segmentation of its users and these provide a reasonably accurate picture of what is happening. The number of host computers which are linked to the Internet continues to expand every year by over 60 per cent and their geographic distribution is concentrated within a very few countries. U.S. dominate the amount of computing power present on the Internet, and accounts for over 60 per cent of all of the host machines. There are some differences in the ways that different countries have responded to this technology. Japan and France have a relatively lower…

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory the
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S. especially against Soviet Union and demonstrating the strength of the presidency institution and the American people in general to succeed in everything they do.

B. Evidence of the Conspiracy

In order to demonstrate the conspiracy, its advocates must submit evidence in this sense. Photographs and videos, as well as sample related aspects seem to induce the idea of clear conspiracy performed for the above mentioned reason.

First of all, the photographs were taken with an enhanced frequency - more than 50 pictures a second, while in the actual condition the normal figure would have been around 2 pictures per second. Another issue that could invalidate the NASA theory on 1969 moon landing is that, like the human body, the film camera would have not survived to the existent radiations, and consequently would have melted. Additionally, the quality of the photographs is extremely high for the natural condition of the…

Nursing Curriculum
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Clinical performance can be graded in two different ways. Letter grades are the most common, but some places choose to use the pass/fail technique instead. In that option, there is no letter grade given. The person being graded is simply told whether they have passed or failed the clinical examination. As a member of the committee, I would favor using the letter grades for clinical experiences. This provides much more feedback for the person taking the clinical examination, and a person who would clearly receive an A grade is not in the same league with a person who would barely pass with a low C. Or even a D. grade. It is necessary to note this, because both of those people passed, but yet they are not at all equal to one another. With that in mind, it would be inappropriate to simply tell both people that they passed,…

Change We Parked in the Dolphin Lot
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We parked in the Dolphin lot. The memories started to flood back. It had been years since I visited Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Only this time, I was not with my family. I wasn't with my parents, or even my brother. I was with two of my friends. We thought it would be a fun thing to do, go to Disney, trip the day away, see what it would feel like going as adults on our own. Not that it was cheap: the price tag really stung -- something I never had to think about when I was a starry-eyed little kid. As a teenager we stopped going to Disney World as a family. Probably because of the divorce, there was never enough time to take the family together on a fun vacation. It seemed like all we did was argue and do homework. This felt liberating, driving…

Identity Management and Security Awareness
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However, the security awareness training plan highlights the prominence of auditing and security maintenance of the classified information, since data integrity is the key ingredient of existence for any organization.

The questions like who, what, when and where with respect to the changes made in the operating system is essential when auditing the operating system. These questions ensure that the employees are accountable to the changes they make, as a part of auditing so that data security can be maintained. Furthermore, the audits and security maintenance keeps a check and balance on the internal controls so that the risks of costly security breaches and data robbery can be curtailed.

Security maintenance and audit trail helps the organization in maintaining the record of system activity and application processes. In this manner, the audit trails and security maintenance can easily detect security violations, performance related issues, and bugs in applications by means…

Rock Decided to Meet Lucas
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Miami was where it all happened. I dated then. I guess you could say I had a life. Back then, if I were to be living under any rock, it had to be a very beautiful one, such as limestone, the kind of limestone that grew in small crevices on the road leading up to my grandfather's home on the island. I felt then that Prince Charming would come, eventually and when he did he wasn't going anywhere. After all, I am amazing; he must just not have received the memo quite yet. All of this was in the past and the time was now. I had been through enough doubt and feeling that I was some creature living under a rock. I was going to meet him and this situation would be resolved. Tonight was my coming out from under the rock.

Lucas. His name is Lucas Walker. We…

Scientific Inquiry Into Extraterrestrial Life
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Furthermore, he argues, a technological culture is not an inevitable feature of human evolution. If other cultures had achieved ascendancy, then science and technology would not have emerged as a reference point for measuring intelligence. SETI's requirement for an almost identical technology, although scientifically understandable, is based on an impoverished concept of intelligence.

According to Munevar, the development of a scientific culture, with access to radio communication, is highly contingent, requiring a number of lucky breaks from the environment and human natural and social history. In this context Munevar cites the development of mammalian intelligence. It is widely believed that the dinosaurs were wiped out by the immediate effects of an asteroid or cometary impact or possibly volcanic eruption. But mammals who survived the years of darkness caused by the dust of the impact or eruption then evolved to occupy the niche held by the dinosaurs. If the dinosaurs had…

Cross-Border Marriages Between Hong-Kong and
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(Cattelain, 1997; paraphrased) the work of Cattelain additionally states that as of the beginning of "...July, 1997, approximately 66,000 children born to couples of which one is a Hong Kong resident and one is a mainlanders were waiting to come to Hong Kong, and around 2,000-4,000 children who had entered the territory illegally or overstayed visit permits were estimated to be in Hong Kong." (Cattelain, 1997) Marriage between individuals and the resulting bearing of children has proved problematic to the mainland in terms of regulations and it is stated in Cattelain's work that "One of the first issues that the newly created Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has had to dealt with his pitted an individual right against a community's capacity to absorb large numbers of new immigrants at one time." (1997)

VII. Basic Law Regulating Children Born Outside of Hong Kong with Parent in Hong Kong

It is…

Financial Fraud Fannie Mae Review of Fraud
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Financial Fraud Fannie Mae

Review of Fraud Schemes within Fannie Mae 1998-2004


The agency found the fraud understatements of earnings and illegal gratuities that led to accounting violations and inability to meet Wall Street goals.

The investigation of Lee Frakas, executive of a major mortgage company which had dealings with Fannie Mae with hundreds of fake mortgages. The Securities Exchange Commission cited that Fannie Mae had to repay earnings and correct their books for the period 2001 through 2004. This major undertaking will cost the company over $11 billion by SEC estimates. In addition the Department of Justice has conducted a criminal investigation on the board members.


The top executive managing Fannie Mae were found guilty of illegally reporting accounting information that led to their receiving million dollar payments. Under Fraudulent Financial Statement Schemes this case is one of corruption and financial fraud. The specific areas include Illegal…

Knowledge as Money the Value
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The keystone species of this ecosystem is pricing and the systems to support their definition, management and exception management. Pricing as the keystone specifics of selling and service systems also acts as a catalyst of the quantity and profitability of transactions. Pricing also acts as the defining element of how elastic or inelastic demand for products will be as well. Pricing is so potent as a keystone species it can communicate in an instant what the value of an entire business is. Consider the pricing for a diamond ring that is real, over 4 karats large, versus a cubic zirconium imitation and the example becomes very clear. The price of a Yugo car vs. A new Mini also shows this point, and even in commoditized products pricing still sends a very clear message of implied value and market position.

The information ecology of a selling and service ecosystem also requires…

Speech -- My Introduction I'm
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Millions of acres totally submerged in muddy Mississippi River water. Crops ruined. People sent fleeing from their homes. Schools shut down, mom and pop corner stores wiped out.

Why do you think my fellow students and I want to become engineers? We think we can come up with better, safer and more reliable solutions to flooding. Why didn't the levees hold along the Mississippi River? Why didn't the levees around New Orleans hold during Hurricane Katrina? Why did so many people die in Katrina?

The plain and simple answer is shoddy engineering. The Army Corps of Engineers did an incomplete job and messed up in New Orleans. The engineers that built the levees along the Mississippi River did not protect the citizens. There will be more flooding in the future, and the time is now to train competent students to think up new and better ideas to protect people and…

Women's Role Edmund Spencer the
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She argues that the evasiveness and incongruites in the narrative exist since Spenser is facing issues that are not easily answered.

From the start, Britomart represents an authority figure, a power not found in any other knight in the Faerie Queene. Spenser says that Britomart literally cannot be beaten, since she carries a powerful magic spear, or phallic symbol (depending on the interpretation) that refers back to the theme of woman's chastity. Britomart easily knocks Sir Guyon off his horse at the beginning of Book 3. She then comes to a castle and once again pushes her authority, characterized as "masculine" with her armor and spear, and confronts six of Malecasta's knights at the Castle Joyous at the end of the first canto.

At last as nigh out of the wood she came,

A stately Castle farre away she spyde,

To which her steps directly she did frame.

That Castle…

Globalization of the Fashion Industry Not'so
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Globalization of the Fashion Industry

Not so long ago, globalization was an only theoretical term businesses used as a "what if" situation. Today, globalization is a reality. Through lowered trade restrictions and increased international cooperation, countries are increasingly affecting one another both culturally and economically. Fashion is one of the largest sectors that has both facilitated globalization and has benefited from this phenomenon. Increases in mass media communication, has meant fashion trends that once took months to move from the catwalks of Paris to the city streets of other countries now can happen almost instantaneously. Pop culture fashion can symbolize an entire culture, such as denim's association with the United States, freedom and democracy. However, with this increased dissemination of fashion, globalization has also resulted in benefits for the industry in general, as well as significant challenges.

This paper explores the concept of globalization in the fashion industry. It begins…

Webmd Web Portals Like Webmd
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Jurisdiction issues may also affect the insurance and the coverage provided by the agency as insurance coverage is also restricted to certain regions and not outside those jurisdictions.

Identity Theft: Another issue or the problem is that of identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest growing crime in America as millions of victims have been reported over a period of last couple of years. Giving out information on website whether it is email or other security or personal details requires care & caution on part of both consumers as well as WebMD management.

Jargons: The information available for the consumers at times can be in a technical language. Jargons may create confusion among the consumers and may misguide them. Most information is available in easy to understand language but the provision of glossary of terms may help the consumers in understanding the true meaning of the content available…

Dances With Wolves Directed by
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Often, these films portrayed the Indians as bloodthirsty villains who preyed on whites for no reason. They were often violent, and whites almost always died at their hands. In addition, most of the "Indian" actors were actually white actors in makeup. These stereotypical ideals where what most Americans thought of when they thought of the Old West, and as this film shows, they were often very far from the truth. In truth, all Native tribes were not (and are not) violent, and many were driven to violence only after they had been attacked or pushed off their lands by the white man. The two groups in this film, the Pawnee and the Sioux, indicate this difference. Initially, the Sioux were open to negotiation, while the Pawnee were not. Engaging in these stereotypes made Hollywood movies that were popular, but they were not real. Dances With Wolves may not be totally…