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Women and Cosmetic Surgery
Words: 3527 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20654356
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North American Women Continue to be the Primary Targets and Consumers of Cosmetic Surgery?

In a world in which we are judged by how we appear, the belief that we can change our appearance through cosmetic surgery is liberating to a lot of women. The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery is a testament to society's overrated fixation with appearance. For women living in North America, their appearance is in fact an obsession. For hundreds of years, cosmetic surgery has thrived on women's insecurities pertaining to their physical appearance, and today, million's continue placing themselves under the knives of unscrupulous businessmen while struggling to "improve" themselves. Women's fascination with beauty and their physical appeal to men has always been a famous trend. In the past the art of manipulating ones appearance was a practice celebrated by the wealthy and the famous, but is now so commonplace that it is feasible for…

Communication Theories
Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 6244813
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Communication Theories

The unique part of the human mind is that it requires two distinct yet complementary sides that work in concert to bring about reality. In most cases the right side of the mind or brain is the more abstract and artistic component. The left side would therefore be a modeling or constructionist component. Using this framework, it is necessary for both components to come together and bring that's side influence to the total picture.

Littlejohn and Foss use these two distinctions as a meta- model and bases the rest of their arguments and these two methods of deciphering communication. While this argument spans the area covered by many academic disciplines, this appears to be an ontological problem for these authors. Being, existence and becoming are too subtle and complicated to be addressed solely by words and models. The basic set up of the mind is what brings things…

Globalization and Intellectual Property Rights
Words: 2288 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2196833
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As we can see in the preliminary discussion above, in the face of the extension of copyright and patent-heavy cultures from western nations to global trade relationships, the very conflict between capitalism and social progressivism is implicated. Indeed, many socially conscious global economic groups are protesting international intellectual property laws that they say are burdensome to developing economies and which favor the sense of entitlement and ownership typically reserved for those individuals and entities with greater resources at their disposal. Critics cite the World Trade Organization (WTO) and global legislation which it has sponsored such as the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) as fundamentally flawed and unfairly biased to benefit the wealthy. This helps to characterize a major aspect of the philosophical debate which currently differentiates the relevant perspectives of nations such as China, on one hand, and Canada and the United States on the…

Woman Warrior Maxine Kingston's Woman Warrior Has
Words: 1405 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98383643
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Woman Warrior

Maxine Kingston's Woman warrior has been a controversial addition to the literature written by Chinese-American writers. The writer has tried to answer the critical question of Chinese-American identity and hence been criticized for adopting an orientalist framework to win approval of the west. The woman warrior speaks of a culture that neatly fits the description of the "Other" in the orientalist framework. It appears alien, remote and immensely degrading to women who were treated like non-human beings by Chinese chauvinistic society. However things changed for the generation of Chinese that grew up in the U.S. Or at least that is what Kingston wants us to believe.

Frank Chin has been the most vocal critic of Kingston's who accused her "of reinforcing white fantasies about Chinese-Americans" (Chin, 1991) and claimed that writers like Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan and David Henry Hwang who won approval of the American white…

Art Interpretation India & Letter India 2011
Words: 1226 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68115760
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Art Interpretation India & Letter


It's hard not to connect with the commonality of these two pieces: they are both comments and complaints. They each reflect what could be but what is not; perhaps what used to be but is no longer. It is difficult to tell if they reflect anger or disappointment or are just a call to make sure things get better. There is no doubt that each reflects some reach out for action.

INDIA 2011

The story of my experiment with truth. Erik Olsen tells me of his uncertainty of the results of this piece alongside the ways that he presents the perfect, the medicinal, the successful and the ideal. Yet the way he does it is with a presentation of opposites of a sort in a way that it cannot really be clear what he thinks. It is an…

Workplace Are Job Knowledge Tests Cognitive Ability
Words: 1575 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84569419
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workplace are job knowledge tests, cognitive ability tests, and personality tests.

Job Knowledge Tests

Achievement tests or job knowledge tests are composed of questions designed to measure technical or professional expertise in a specific area of knowledge. Therefore job knowledge tests assess the knowledge of the test taker at the point in time of the assessment. Job knowledge tests are most often utilized in conditions that require applicants to possess a specific set or type of information prior to being hired (Dye, Reck, & McDaniel, 1993). Job knowledge tests are useful for positions that require some type of specialized skill or technical knowledge. Typically this type of skill or knowledge has been acquired over a long period. Given this, job knowledge tests are not appropriate to use when the applicants will are going to be trained in the areas tested following their selection. The most common format of job knowledge…

Warning Signs Danger What Were
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86151613
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Additionally, Weston Smith's wife Susan Jones-Smith, was also a finance executive at the company, a further example of the incestuous relationships that characterized the financial leadership of HealthSouth. A failure of the company meant the failure in the financial future of the family of one's friends and spouses.

Another warning sign should have been the nature of the company's assets. The firm was able to conceal its financial shenanigans for so long from outside auditors because of its multiple and constant stream of acquisitions of a variety of inpatient and outpatient facilities. The nature of the acquisitions should have been a clear warning sign to be wary of HealthSouth's spiraling profits. The volume of transactions meant there was great difficulty in keeping track of the 'real' value of the different operations, despite the company's alleged revenues on paper.

Also, the existence of such superficial nods to ethical practices, such as…

Hamlet's Emotional State the Oxford
Words: 2374 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 43640164
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He questions whether he should try to clear the court of corruption or just give up and end his life now. It is this emotional doubt that drives Hamlet to act deranged at times, but he overcomes it, and almost manages to answer the difficult questions posed in his life. In Act V, when calm returns, Hamlet repents his behavior (V, ii, 75-78) (Lidz, 164).

In Lidz's book Freud is quoted as saying "that if anyone holds and expresses to others an opinion of himself such as this [Hamlet's "Use every man after his desert, and who shall escape whipping?"], he is ill, whether he is speaking the truth whether he is being more or less unfair to himself." Though Hamlet has proved his intellectual stability, he is quite obviously emotionally "ill."

This emotional illness and uncertainty is why Hamlet procrastinates in the killing of Claudius. On his way to…

EMV Standard Implementation in Iranian
Words: 2202 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 41434288
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The rates of reduction of these cases were noted to be about 20% per year as from 2004 when the standards were introduced (UK Payments Administration LTD 2009). The exact phenomenon observed is as indicated in Appendix A.


The mechanism involved in the protection of the card details by means of the EMV technology is discussed by various scholars and organizations. SPA (2010, 1) clearly explains that the need for authenticating data in the various EMV systems is to ensure that the cars being used is genuine. This is made possible via a system referred to as the Card Authentication Methods that is dependent on the capabilities of the chip itself.

How the EMV system protects payment cards

EMV Implementation Challenges

Extant literature has been dedicated towards the study of the various challenges that face the implementation of the EMV technology. Gareth Ellis Solution Consultants (2007,1) clearly point out…

Incomplete Projects
Words: 1880 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8175032
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Theory Z Management Style on IT Project Completion

Incomplete projects in the IT industry are responsible for significant losses in time, money and creative energy (Boehne, 2000; Mokhtari, et al., 2010). This is very often a result of inadequate project management (Glaser, 2005; Humphrey, 2005; Kimball, 2000). One well-accepted approach to project management that has received considerable attention in the scholarly literature is the contingency management concept known as "theory Z," devised by William Ouchi in 1981.

Theory Z is a management philosophy based on goal setting and achievement. It utilizes a structural motivational strategy based on employee participation combined with an authoritative process of motivation to achieve specific objectives. It was developed as a means of integrating Japanese management philosophies into Western managerial strategies (England, 1983). Essentially, theory Z posits that the structure of the decision making hierarchy must be in alignment with the level of employee participation. Thus…

Hermes Birkin Bags the Cost
Words: 1632 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89171260
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The Birkin may still have some durability if it changes and morphs -- if smaller sizes, new colors, new models, or new fabrics suddenly become trendy. However, it cannot remain as it is in the peripatetic world of fashion and still draw attention.

What are the implications of broad diffusion and adoption of this innovation?

Very broad diffusion would result in the 'death' of the bag, even the death of Hermes; given the lack of diffusion of the brand in society is the point of owning the bag. Knock-offs and fakes are extremely common, to the point that many fashion magazines run articles on how to spot a fake Birkin.

Because of its waiting list, from a typical expensive Hermes bag, "Birkin has become a cultural emblem of elitism, privilege and celebrity" (Givhan 2004). One store put up a sign: "The Wait Is Over. Get Yours Now" (The wait list…

Computer Security We Have Achieved
Words: 1915 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39340663
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This particular instance was significant as the attackers used a generic approach instead of a site specific or application specific exploitation by devising tools that used the web search engines to identify ASP applications that are vulnerable. SQL injection attack was used to propagate the malicious code that exploited zero day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet explorer last year. [Symantec, (2009 ) pg. (47)] the aim of the attackers employing this kind of a generic attack is to exploit the trust of visitors of a website that is usually known to be safe and secure. More recent attack involving a web application was the zero-day attack that exploited multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. [Kaspersky Lab, 2009]


There is a clear change in the computer security scenario. Cybercriminals do not just do it for fun or fame anymore but are getting more professional and monetizing their skills in the underground…

Altering Digital Photos Art or
Words: 1608 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87065385
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' Be critical in assessing the content of a photograph and the legitimacy of its sources. The Internet has become notorious for displaying fake and deceptive images. . .Fake photographs that get on the Internet spread like a virus and are difficult to stop (p. 469).

Peres is right. A good reader is a critical reader. Take note of your sources. If you seek to be an aware and informed citizen, it is important to take note that media we are exposed to daily may not be legitimate -- in this case, referring to digital photographs. I suppose one can keep up on reports of cases where once again a doctored photo has coause legal trouble or psychological problems for, say an impressionable young teenage girl, but not all cases are reported, I'm sure. Being aware of this issue is a first step in attempting to discern what you view…

Are Video Games Art
Words: 8319 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81588196
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Pervasive Video Games as Art

The form and function of art has evolved and changed quite a bit over the years, decades and millennia. Paintings and sculpture have been artistic mainstays for much to most of the world of the civilized human race. However, with the technological revolution that has roared up over the last fifty years or so, new forms of art have bubbled to the proverbial surface. Digital technology has enhanced prior forms of art e such as photography. Beyond that, completely brand new forms have art have been created and the latter is what this report is assessing in the form of pervasive video games. The depth and breadth of this art and the effects it has on its users and fans when done will are worthy of massive study and analysis both in this report and elsewhere.

Chapter I - Introduction

Video games, at this point…

Normal I Offer Why Because I Potential
Words: 2023 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69223221
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normal I offer. Why? Because I potential a false flag attack London Olympics worth researching. Okay,'s deal. You write a paper length normal extra credit assignment explained Extra Credit Unit.

Conspiracy theory or terrorism? -- The 2012 London Olympics

There has been a lot of controversy in the recent years regarding conspiracies and how some of the world's most influential individuals are actively engaged in a plot to exploit mankind. False flag attacks are believed to be attempts performed by these individuals with the purpose of justifying their intervention in particular areas that they are interested in. This year's London Olympics represents one of the most intriguing opportunities for certain actors to put their strategies into work, considering that the world's attention is focused on the event and that the number of people present there would surely draw significant responsiveness from an international public concerned in penalizing individuals and groups…

Adults on Secured Online Environments
Words: 12910 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48598250
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Next, the researcher will conduct a query of the computer awareness of education administrators, teachers, parents, and students in the New Orleans school district, then evaluation of documented data will provide a research base of the required elements needed to consider while developing a framework that can be used as a guide by educational leaders and parents for the protection of children at school and at home. Research areas will include law enforcement agencies, various information systems security sites that provide security solutions that can be implemented in schools and in the home, other avenues of research will include interviews with a multitude of technical personnel proficient in hardware, software and network technology utilized for computer security.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this dissertation is to provide recommendations from experienced practitioners of detailed, hands on instruction or guides that even the computer illiterate parent or senior caregiver can use to…

Help Desk Models Research Defining
Words: 4085 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79209404
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The Help Desk has grown from being a stand-alone service strategy to one that is leading many organizations to support a multi-channel and in some instances, multi-channel based approach to delivering service.

Examples of TBSS options across different service industries include on-demand service and support through guided solution applications on websites, guided help on telephone systems, (ATMs), electronic kiosks for baggage check in or a boarding pass at airports as well as for room check out at hotels, and service computers with internet connection at airports (Dabholkar 1994, 1996; Kotler 2000; Meuter, Ostrom, Roundtree, and Bitner 2000; Carlin 2002; Harler 2002; Wright 2002).

The transformation of service options from the Help Desk to multi-channel strategies that are technology-based service can be viewed in terms of the relationships between employee, customer and technology components (Figure 1). Note that a single strategy of just using a Help Desk fails to support the…

Mris Legal and Scientific Review
Words: 5397 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2692818
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There are three types of stimuli used, which are:

1) Targets;

2) Irrelevant; and 3) Probes.

These are used "in the form of words, pictures, or sounds..." which a computer presents for a second or even a partial second. Incoming stimulus, if it is worth noting, results in a P-300, which is an electrical brain response. The P-300 is part of a MERMER or a memory and encoding related multifaceted electroencephalographic response, which is a larger brain response.

Originally event related potentials (ERP) was the method used for studying brain activity information processing. The limitation of the ERP is that it causes elimination of all patterns that are complex and results in the meaningful signals also being lost. The multifaceted electroencephalographic response analysis or MERA was developed due to the limitation of the ERP. Farwell found that incorporation of this technique resulted in the elicitation of MERMER when the individual…

Flapper Movement the Effect of the Flappers
Words: 8916 Length: 28 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71316040
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Flapper Movement

The Effect of the Flappers on Today's Women

The 1920's in the U.S. And UK can be described as a period of great change, both socially and economically. During this period the image of the women completely changed and a "new women" emerged who appears to have impacted social changes occurring in future generations of both men and women. This new symbol of the women was the Flapper. The Flapper was a new type of young woman that was rebellious, fun, bold and outspoken (Zeitz, 2006). This research paper explains the rise and fall of the Flapper in the 1920's, explores its historical and current impact on women in terms of culture, work, gender and social behavior and reflects on its long-term impact of the position of today's women.

Evolution of the Flapper

Flappers, most often characterized as the "New Woman," originally emerged in the 1920s in the…

Al Qaeda's Next Major Domestic Attack on
Words: 2885 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84155814
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Al Qaeda's Next Major Domestic Attack On The United States

The fact that the United States has not experienced a major domestic attack since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is firm testament to the relentless work by the Western intelligence community in identifying potential threats and preventing them from reaching fruition. In fact, a number of such attempts have been detected and eliminated in recent years, some of which may not even be known by the general public. Moreover, several of Al Qaeda's top leaders have been killed (including Osama bin Laden), but new leaders have emerged to take their place and Al Qaeda continues to represent a major threat to American interests at home and abroad. Indeed, many authorities maintain that such a major domestic attack it is not a matter of "if" but "when," making the need for ongoing surveillance of domestic terrorist activities a national…

Greece and the Pending European
Words: 6839 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97944797
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Today, the European Union is an international organization comprised of 25 European countries that governs common economic, social, and security policies. While it was originally restricted solely to the nations of Western Europe, the EU has since expanded to include several central and eastern European countries (Gabel, 2006).

The countries of the EU today are, in alphabetical order, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Originally, the EU was created by the Maastricht Treaty, which entered into force on November 1, 1993; this treaty was intended to enhance European political and economic integration by creating a single currency (the euro), a unified foreign and security policy, common citizenship rights, and by advancing cooperation in the areas of immigration, asylum, and judicial affairs (Gabel, 2006).

In recent…

Spam Filtering Solution Available and
Words: 10063 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61359581
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However, cursory studies that have been conducted are either biased because they seem to present a biased review of certain products or are insufficient because of their limitations and shallowness. Those studies that have been considered to be useful are mentioned below.

Robert D. Boerner, Joanne Bourquard, Pam Greenberg (2000) comprehensively elaborates the legal aspect of spam. He provides an in-depth review of the present laws in actions and the future of legislation against spam. He concludes his study by revealing, "Most of the laws target spammers who misrepresent, falsify or forge the point of origin or the routing information of messages. Several states also prohibit the sale or distribution of software that is primarily designed for this type of falsification (Robert D. Boerner, Joanne Bourquard, Pam Greenberg, 2000)." Also, "Most states have specified that the laws apply only to spam that is sent to or generated from locations within…

Thokoza in I Sing for Freedom the
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21598355
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Thokoza in I Sing for Freedom

The off-Broadway play I Sing for Freedom is not a drama or musical exactly like people are used to seeing in a theater. Instead of fancy sets or special effects, the show is somewhat small and simple. It stars members of the acapella group Thokoza who all perform without any musical instruments along with them. The performance is really more of an involving experience, where the six women who star in the show sing, talk together, and then sing some more. It brings you in to the story. All of the women are around sixty or even older. Some of the women are from South Africa and the others are American, but they share a common understanding that the world around them has changed a lot. The women share their stories about their lives from the past and about their roles as mothers and…

Hope in the Unseen by Ron Suskind
Words: 1479 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81398281
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So much has been said and written about black community and the challenges it has to face due to dismal poverty that another book on the same topic doesn't always spark much interest. However Ron Sacking's A hope in the Unseen doest suffer the same fate since it is based on a true story of one black boy's rise from ghettos to the Ivy League. It is not everyday that we meet such courageous boys and for this reason, the public warmly welcomed both the book and the boy.

Cendric Jennings is not your typical protagonist because unlike other heroes, he actually exists and has actually been through all the rough and tough times mentioned in the book. This is what makes him a real hero and a real source of inspiration for millions of black young men out there who have passively resigned to fate believing they can…

Literature Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston
Words: 782 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87868388
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Zora Hurston


Zora Hurston's 'Their Eyes were watching God' occupies an important place in African-American literature on account of that fact that it is not part of the protest literature that emerged during Harlem Renaissance. The novel revolves around a powerful belief: a person's failure is caused more by his thinking than his sex or color. In other words, Hurston argues that when man refuses to strive for the satisfaction of his inner desires, he blames external forces for his failure. Such a person finds a convenient excuse in the shape of sex or color when he fails to live his life the way he wanted. Hurston firmly maintains that black race suffered immensely even after emancipation because it refused to let go of its past and the fact that they had been subjugated for a long time.

Throughout the novel, we find Hurston keenly…

Disorders and 2-3 Assessment Types
Words: 1496 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58959893
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Personality disorders are long-standing and pervasive patterns of behavior that impede the individual's functioning and lead to significant distress in performing everyday activities with others (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). As these are chronic conditions that are present from an early age the patient does not perceive that the problems in their lives are a result of their behavior. Often people with these disorders are referred for psychological assessment or treatment at the bequest of persons close to them such as family members or employers. Personality disorders are not easy to diagnose for several other reasons. First, the assessment process does not allow a clinician ample time to spend with a patient to get a sense of the chronic pathology related to characterological dysfunction and other diagnoses such as mood or anxiety disorders are made. Second, individuals with personality disorders are often very good at hiding their pathology in the short-term,…

Protection of Intellectual Property
Words: 1299 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78965027
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Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is any form of an idea that originates from a person or company and used to create innovative products, or services. Theft of these ideas by foreign entities to produce similar knock off goods has had a negative effect to both the owners of the idea and economy as a whole.

The United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have taken a number of steps to fight against intellectual property theft. According to their websites, they both run complex investigations on cases that arise from theft of intellectual property. Since intellectual property includes copyright, patents, proprietary products, trade secrets and internet protocols, the two offices have contingencies that are there to resolve unique legal and investigative issues being raised by telecommunication technology. They also, according to their websites have the mandate to pursue local and international cases that relate…

Score Stats a Statistical Analysis
Words: 840 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84794871
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Descriptive Statistics

Test subjects were 53.3% male and 46.7% female, as shown in the bar graph on the accompanying Excel spreadsheet. The test population has a mean age of 15.9 years (standard deviation=0.80). These descriptive statistics validate the randomized population of the research study, as the population is almost evenly split between males and females and the mean age is also very close to the median age (16) of the study's population (Healy, 2009). As ACT and SAT scores vary in their nominal values (a top score on the ACT test is 36, a top score on the SAT is 2400), scores were recorded as percentages of the total score to enable meaningful analysis of varying means (i.e. A score of 29 on the ACT and of 1920 on the SAT would both be recorded as 0.80) (Kaplan, 2004). Mean scores on the ACT were 0.47 (standard deviation=0.27), while mean…

Satire-Moliere-Voltaire -- Swift Satire in Tartuffe Candide
Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7649461
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Satire-moliere-Voltaire -- swift

Satire In Tartuffe, Candide And A Modest Proposal

Generally speaking, satire is a literary form or work which exploits human vices, such as greed, avarice and jealousy, in order to ridicule. Some of the literary devices used to accomplish satire include wit, irony and sarcasm which exposes or discredits human foibles. Satire is usually directed at individuals or institutions with political or social leanings and serves, at times, as pure entertainment for the reading public. It also is used to illuminate certain conditions or situations that exhibit unjust or discriminatory traits. Three writers stand out as exemplary proponents of satire-Francois de Voltaire (1694-1778), author of Candide, Jean Baptiste Moliere (1622-1673), author of Tartuffe, and Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of the satiric piece a Modest Proposal. Thus, the ideals expressed by these authors in the above works focus on the human condition as it relates to man and…

Locke or Berkeley
Words: 1213 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10194299
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Locke v. Berkeley

The philosophers John Locke and George Berkeley offer stark contrasts on the issue of various matters. Locke's whose viewpoint can best be classified as based in relativism. He believed that all knowledge come from the senses. As every man's senses are unique, no two individuals will sense the same experience the same and, therefore, all knowledge is different in each individual. By extension, there is no such thing as better beliefs or true beliefs. Everyone's beliefs are their own and based on their individual experience. George Berkeley's viewpoints offer a sharp contrast to those of Locke. In fact, their individual careers ran concurrently and they spent most of that time being contrasted and possessing viewpoints that were diametrically opposed. Berkeley's was an empiricist but one who also possessed a certain idealist twist. Berkeley viewed experience as the source of most knowledge. According to Berkeley's form of empiricism,…

Forensic Research The Psychology of
Words: 2415 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30870356
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Usually, it is more likely that the ruse is discovered by a forensic psychologist, and/or that there is simply too much evidence pointing to the fact that the criminal knew what he or she was doing when the crime was being committed (Adler, 2004).

The Likelihood of Reoffending

Whether a criminal is likely to reoffend is something else that has to be considered by forensic psychologists. They are often asked to give their opinion on this issue when inmates are coming up for early release or when they are eligible for parole. There are other factors and opinions that are taken into account, of course, but having a professional, psychological opinion about whether a criminal has been "cured" of his or her behavior or will be likely to repeat it is very significant (Adler, 2004; Dalby, 1997). It can be difficult to determine what goes on in the mind of…

Social Psychology Day of Compassion
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1672909
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In this instance, I realized that I was not acting sincerely, and I consider faking compassion far worse than acting without it in such a circumstance. While the fact that I already possessed empathy and responsibility aided in my acting compassionately, at certain times throughout the day, I didn't feel like my true self.

In my mind, there are no costs to behaving compassionately, as I saw nothing but benefits from my Day of Compassion. Some researchers have found that acting with compassion and altruism not only reduces stress, but can have positive health effects on an individual such as the suppression of disease activity and the activation of immune responses (Sternberg, 4). In understanding this, it's clear to see that we as human beings are wired to act compassionately, and can only benefit from doing so. Further, the individuals with whom I interacted seemed to notice my compassion in…

Vietnamese Women Case Study Vietnamese
Words: 1010 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 89355415
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The counselor will then need to help Judy understand the process of assimilation into American culture, so she can decide whether this is right for her or not. By visiting a counselor with her partner, she would demonstrate appropriate cultural loyalty by asking her husband to be the care seeker, or person who aligns with the psychotherapist to make decisions so her partner does not become violent or engage in overly masculine behaviors that may harm Judy's spirit (Nghe, Mahalik & Lowe, 2003). The counselor may be able to express the need for Judy to first attend to work to help support her partner before having her baby, in a manner that considers her partners potential insecurities at allowing Judy to take on a non-traditional role in the family. This change however is likely, especially as more and more Asian families adopt a more Western cultural belief system (Nghe, Mahalik…

Beowulf as Folk Epic the
Words: 1723 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 82102856
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It is his own acknowledgment of his glory and honor that allows him to stand as an example to future generations. Folk epics are not meant only to recall historical details, but also to inspire modern heroes; the world of Beowulf and the world for which it was written both required strong heroes who knew the honor and righteousness of their actions.

Beowulf is more than the story of a hero's life, journey and adventures, and death. It is the story of a type of person and a people that the author and original readers of Beowulf felt an intimate longing for. As a folk epic, the tale of Beowulf is meant to draw people together in a common history, and to inspire them to the same types of glory that the heroes of the past achieved. Its purpose is to achieve solidarity in the admiration of a common hero,…

Witchcraft in America Witchcraft in
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46514398
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This would also explain why the torment continued even after the supposed witch had been put to death. When the oldest girl was outside of the house, she stopped her act until she realized she would be found out, "But on the Twentieth of November in the Fore-noon, she cry'd out, "Ah, They have found me out! I thought it would be so!" And immediately she fell into her fits again," (Mathers 1689:8). Additionally, there are some elements that can actually be described as medical issues, or symptoms of a real physical ailment. The symptoms resembled medical conditions, "the poor child became variously indisposed in her health, an visited with strange Fits, beyond those that attend an Epilepsy or a Catalepsy," (Mathers 2). These symptoms can be associated with seizure disorders or other physical ailments. The immense physical pain seemed to be constant, which could be reminiscent of fibromyalgia. Moreover,…

Soul of a Citizen the
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One of the last major points that Loeb makes is that responsibility does not mean having all of the answers -- no one has them. Instead, it means becoming actively engaged in the debates and issues that are affecting and changing our world. They will continue to instigate changes no matter how becomes involved; it is only those who actively participate in their world that have an active hand in shaping it. Loeb quotes Rabbi Abraham Herschel as saying, "in regard to cruelties committed in the name of a free society, some are guilty, while all are responsible." Extrapolating this standpoint even further, beyond the realm of cruelties committed an to the realm of all social action, this means that though not everyone becomes an activist in the causes and issues that are shaping the world, everyone that has the potential for such activism is responsible for the ultimate outcome.…

Different types of'studies relating to drugs
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drugs of varying sorts, whether legal or illegal. The studies in question are either quantitative, qualitative, or a mixture of both. Of course, quantitative refers to the use of numbers and statistics to draw conclusions. Qualitative studies make use of feelings, thoughts and summaries. Indeed, this is less academic and objective in nature but it can explain the "why" of things rather than just the "what." Of course, many other studies are a mixture of the two. This annotated bibliography has two of each of the different types listed above and these were chosen to show that the types of studies relating to drugs come in all three of the major forms.

Chandler, R. K., Finger, M. S., Farabee, D., Schwartz, R. P., Condon, T., Dunlap, L. J. & Lee, J.

(2016). The SOMATICS collaborative: Introduction to a National Institute on Drug

Abuse cooperative study of pharmacotherapy for opioid treatment…

Entries in the Bible Dictionary Person Place and Book
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The central figure in the New Testament of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus in many ways has both historical and spiritual natures, due to his being born to a typical Jewish family (father Joseph and mother Mary) in Galilee but also being recognized by his disciples as the Son of God who was divinely conceived. Jesus was called Christ, a term derived from the Greek term for "anointed one," and his followers in his lifetime and thereafter believe Jesus Christ to be the Messiah prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament. As a religious figure in his lifetime and due largely to his radical religious and political beliefs, Jesus upset the social and political order in the Roman-controlled Levant. The teachings of Christ included a tremendous upheaval of traditional Jewish custom, laws, and ritual codes of conduct ranging from the abolition of circumcision to the doing away…

Public and Private Keys
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digital signatures that it ensures authentication. Explain how and why it does that.

A digital signature is a unique and verifiable "signature" that allows for the reliable and proper determination of whether a file or message is form the person that is otherwise displayed and represented in the message. It is done because it can prove in a definitive way that the sender is who they say they are.

What is the role of the Certificate Authority in a PKI? How are certificate authorities authenticated?

The role of the certificate authority in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is to digitally "sign" a submission using a publicly-accessible key. The recipient uses that same public key to verify the sender as authentic rather than faked.

Why is randomness so important to key generation? What does a truly random system ensure?

A truly random key means that a key cannot be predicted or…

Video Games a Problem
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Magic Circle: Good or Bad

The so-called "magic circle" is the phenomenon whereby the lines between the video game world and the "real world" are blurring or even disappearing in multiple ways. The question posed and to be answered in this report is whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing. As with most things, there is no single answer that is correct all of the time. While there is nothing wrong with a healthy escape at one point or another and while there are extremely healthy and fun outlets that can be realized and experienced in video games, too much of a good thing can always turn bad beyond a certain point.

As should already be clear from the thesis, there is nothing wrong with a life that involves video games, even if it is to a fairly heavy degree. However, there is a tipping…

Future Research Agenda That Judge Et Al
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future research agenda that Judge, et al. (2008) present addresses their critique of personality research in organizational behavior.

According to Judge, Klinger, Simon and Yang (2008), the various criticisms directed at early organizational behavioral theories have been countered by a growing body of evidence that supports these fundamental precepts. In this regard Judge et al. report that there have been three main pieces of evidence to date that have been particularly influential:

The growth of meta-analysis allowed for cumulation of results across studies. This development was particularly important in the area of personality, given the myriad traits that had been considered over decades of scientific research.

The widespread acceptance of the five-factor model (or the 'Big Five' -- Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience) of personality provided a framework to organize the diverse set of traits. While the gains from the five-factor model have been considerable, its acceptance…

Change Nursing and Health Care Discuss the
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Nursing and Health Care

Discuss the implications of Whren et al. v. United States (1996) and why many argue that this case has simply allowed for racial profiling to occur under the guise of pre-textual stops. Do you find any issues with pre-textual stops?

The pre-text stops are the stops from police officers in order to investigate the individuals that violated the traffic rules. These violations are minor and the police may stop in order to check the driver and passengers for any illegal possessions including drugs and weapons. These pre-text stops are often criticized because people feel that their freedom is attacked by stopping them without any 'reasonable' violations. Such a case occurred when two persons were stopped by police officers simply for stopping at road side for few seconds. The individuals also sped the vehicle that created suspicion in the minds of officers and led to the…

Pseudo Documentarism in Classical Literature
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Pseudo-Documentarism in Classical Lit


-oY tambien se salvaron los que le clavaron los clavos?

-Si -replico Espinosa, cuya teologia era incierta.

Jorge Luis Borges, "El Evangelio segun Marcos"

Housman, in preparing his critical edition of the text of Lucan in 1927, had memorably sharp words for his predecessor C.M. Francken: "The width and variety of his ignorance are wonderful; it embraces mythology, palaeography, prosody, and astronomy, and he cannot keep it to himself" (Housman xxxiv-v). Were Housman alive today, he might lacked such capacity for wonder -- these days, what is one German philologist compared to the Internet? On the Internet, the width and variety of human ignorance can seem all-embracing, and may push our wonder into stupefaction or exhaustion.

Even so, the methods of textual criticism retain an extraordinary utility in the era of the Internet. Textual criticism aims at discovering the phylogeny of error;…

Forensic Psychological Evaluation
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Forensic Psychological Evaluation

Confidential Psychological Evaluation


Gender: Male Date of Report: 05/07/2012

Date of Birth: 10/01/1981 Age

Marital Status: Single Occupation: Unemployed

Race: Caucasian Education: GED

Referred by: Dr., B. Wynter


A Psychiatric Evaluation on May 19, 2006 by Barbara Wynter, License psychologist who is

Clinical administrator of Central Treatment Facility ward 1, 2, 3, was requested to further assist in diagnosis.




DR, B. Wynters

MMPI (Spell out the name Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)

Is a depressive component of scale 6. The items connote extraordinary emotional sensitivity or vulnerability that is dysphonic in tone. These items have a "poor little me" flavor, portraying the self as meek and innocuous, emotionally fragile, incapable of being a threat to others, and perhaps as being entitle to special concern and consideration for one's tender sensibilities. There is an implicit theme of resentment…

Psychopathy Diagnosis and Implications for Treatment
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Psychopathy: diagnosis and implications for treatment

Medical research has advanced to such an extent as to allow diseases that would have in the past been considered without a medical cure to be nowadays a limited challenge in the face of new technologies, techniques, and methods of treatment. Unfortunately some of the most difficult to cure diseases are those related to the nervous system and of physiological nature. One such case is psychopathy, a complex of states of mind and attitudes that transform the individual in particular degrees of sanity or insanity.

There have been numerous articles and research project conducted on this subject both to try to determine the nature of psychopathy as well as to provide different types of solutions for curing its manifestations and finding out the root causes of psychopathy. One such study is the one concluded by Mairead Dolan and Michael Doyle from the University of…

Social Media Policies
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Social Media

Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made its first social media-related ruling. The board adjudicated a case against Costco, and in this case the NLRB struck down Costco's social media policy as standing in violation of the workers' right to free speech (Little, 2012). The Board found that Costco's policy on social media usage was overly broad. The policy held that employees were prohibited from posting statements that "damage" the company and the policy was incorporated into the Costco Employment Agreement. The NLRB held that this policy was too broad. Specifically, some forms of speech by workers are considered to be protected speech. Protected speech includes work-related complaints, which are given this protection so that they can communicate their grievances both to other employees and to the company. This protection is related to the workers' legal right to organize.

The NLRB applies the same standards to protected…

Odyssey Coman Writes in the July 2001
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Coman writes, in the July 2001 issue of Quadrant, that what gives Homer's "The Odyssey" such an eternal relevance is that it defies definitive analysis, thus it retains a sense of mystery that draws readers in by posing more questions that it give answers (Coman pp). This is what both moves and delights readers, for nothing so quickly creates boredom than the recapitulation of solved mysteries (Coman pp). For example, there was a time when the very sight of the moon moved humans in extraordinary ways because it was both totally familiar but totally alien and beyond knowledge (Coman pp). However, today, its sight brings visions of space junk strewn across the stony plain, and "one expects to see empty Coke bottles and McDonald's wrappers" (Coman pp). Coman notes that the transference of mystery to fact is a sort of solidification or petrification of the imagination, and is exactly…

Disneyland How Is ICT Applied
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It is hard to imagine (indeed, impossible to imagine) how a large company could not have a web presence as a central part of its marketing campaign. However, this does not that the company's website is as effective as it might be, or even very effective at all.

One of the consequences of the fact that websites have become both ubiquitous and necessary is that there is actually less pressure on companies to make their websites as elegant and effective as they used to be. In the early days of web marketing, websites were in large measure still peripheral. This meant that most consumers relied on older methods of advertising (such as newspaper ads) and were lured onto the web by websites that were especially clever or alluring.

Now the default method of marketing and advertising is web-based, which means that the web is likely to be the first place…

Media I Saw Two Ads
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The advertiser (Toyota) is reinforcing dominant ideology in one promotion and attempting to forge a new one in the other promotion.

There are no real stereotypes in these promotions, as there are no real characters, other than the fake bug. It is worth considering, however, that the audience in both cases is viewed as a stereotype. Those concerned about mileage are taken as very concerned, and enamored almost solely with this aspect of the car. The Internet community at large is taken as having little moral qualm with the co-opting of user-generated content to create an ad campaign -- the complicity of the audience is assumed and that may too be a stereotype of the typical Internet user.

e. What a Girl Wants illustrates the power of the media in terms of defining image for consumers. It reflects dominant ideology -- what those with the media power want is projected…

Gender and Sexuality What it
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A complete act of sexual intercourse cannot occur with an unaroused male, but can occur with an unaroused female. That is simply biology. Sex may be far superior when a woman is aroused, but even desperately unwilling and unaroused women can physically engage in sex. That scenario, at least for heterosexual situations, is not the same for men. A certain level of arousal is needed for men to be able to engage in a certain level of sexuality. Moreover, a reflection that this arousal is necessary, whether in an ad for Viagra or in an ad for a product like the KY Yours and Mine, does show at least a tacit acknowledgment that male arousal is important to male satisfaction. If most women require some type of digital or oral stimulation to climax, it is clear that male arousal is not a critical element for female satisfaction. However, it is…

Alzheimer's Disease Is the Seventh
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) Researcher believe that when Alzheimer's begins to attack, it hits the "factory" of cell groups that otherwise are functioning perfectly. There are breakdowns in the communications that the cell groups hitherto provided, and although scientists don't know precisely where the attack is first launched by Alzheimer's, but they do understand that "as the damage spreads, cells lose their ability to do their jobs and, eventually die, causing irreversible changes in the brain" (

Prime "suspects" in that attack on the cell groups are "plaques and tangles," AA explains. Plaques are deposits of a certain protein called "betaamyloid" (pronounced "BAY-tuh AM-uh-loyd"); the protein fragments build up in the spaces between the nerve cells. Tangles are "twisted fibers" from a different protein called "tau" (that rhymes with "wow") that build up inside the nerve cells. It is known that all humans develop tangles and plaques to some degree, but those who…

Human Resources Compensation Related Challenges
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DAV's Chief Executive Officer, Arthur Wilson, last year got $287,000 in compensation plus $72,994 in "other" pay from DAV or related organizations; General Counsel Christopher Clay $198,558, plus $144,331; and J. Marc Burgess, the executive director of the national headquarters, $163,483, plus another $122,532; Vice Chairman Larry Pozin seemed to get best deal, earning $107,240 for an average of just five hours of work a week in 2012 (Crudele, 2013).

There is some debate about whether the compensation is justified. Surely these individuals might earn a higher income in the private market. However, the compensation packages given to the executive staff have outraged some people to the extent that there is now an organized group with a website online that is called Veterans for DAV Reform. This group claims that "currently, the Disabled American Veterans is held captive by an opportunistic gang of charlatans only interested in their own gigantic…

Richard Estrada A Rhetorical Analysis of Sticks
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Richard Estrada: A rhetorical analysis of "Sticks and stones and sports teams"

Richard Estrada's article "Sticks and stones and sports teams" tackles the issue of professional sports teams with potentially inflammatory names like the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Braves. These teams have been called upon to change their names because their mascots are considered offensive to Native Americans. Estrada persuasively argues with forceful pathos, logos, and ethos that although the names may not have been originally intended to disparage Native American culture, using the culture of a native people as a 'mascot' is ultimately dehumanizing. A columnist and former associate editor of the Dallas Morning News, Estrada was also a researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies and brings his experience in diversity studies to bear upon his analysis.

Estrada notes with pathos that the emotional toll upon Native American children can be devastating when these names of popular…

Credible Sources Support Claims Identify Purpose Incorporate
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credible sources support claims. Identify purpose, incorporate audience, establish a desired tone, and organize information/claims effectively.

Automotive company: Causes and effects of importing most of its materials from foreign manufacturers

In the new global economy, nations have gained the potential to become increasingly specialized in terms of how and what they produce. For many companies outsourcing everything from the component parts of their products to helplines offers a way to cut costs, lower prices, and increase demand. However, these decisions have many hidden costs. "As stated by the new market research report on Automotive Component Outsourcing, Asia-Pacific remains the most prominent regional market for automotive component outsourcing, with revenues from the region waxing at a CAGR of about 12% over the analysis period" (Global automotive component outsourcing market to reach $1.09 trillion by 2017, 2012, PR Web). An overreliance upon overseas providers of materials can have the unintended long-term effect…

Major Strategic Issues of Facebook
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Identify the major strategic issues of Facebook

Facebook strategically aimed creating a platform for social interactivity in the internet. The team used the existing website technology to facilitate this interaction. In order to expand into new markets without losing what originally made it popular, Facebook must ensure that the new products are connected to its original idea in one way or the other. For instance, as an advertising tool, Facebook should make sure that corporate and businesspersons who need marketing own Facebook accounts where people connect with them.

Major Characteristics of Web 2.0

Allows web-based applications to be accessed from any place

Simple applications are used to solve specified problems

Its value is more anchored on the content rather than the software used to display the same content.

Sharing of data is straightforward.

Is uses a bottom-up distribution pattern rather than top-down.

User friendly…

Obituaries Current Obituary Tonia Moschella as a
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Current obituary


As a young girl, Tonia was living in a humble household in Texas. As an adult she moved to study at Achieve League Academy in Minnesota as she lived with the aunt Melanie Gibson (RIP) after which she joined International Academy in Miami for her high school education from 2002 to 2005 and later Albany Medical College in New York for her degree in dentistry and subsequent masters degree in the same in 2009.

Her hands-on career began at New York Presbyterian Hospital where she worked till her death. As a care giver, a comforter, an empathizer, a consoler, an adviser and a professional medic, she was held dear by the hospital staff and the patients she interacted with once, or several times on dental check ups.

She kept a rigorous work schedule that demanded her extra input due to care for human life. She…

Government Created a Committee an Electronic Health
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Government Created a Committee

An electronic health record is a digital record of a patient's health information generated from every medical visit a patient makes. This information includes the patient's medical history, demographics, known drug allergies, progress notes, follow up visits, medications, vital signs, immunizations, laboratory data and radiological reports. The EHR automates and streamlines a clinician's workflow. (Himss, 2009)

Due to the multiple advantages of an EHR, health care agencies have been aiming to push up this technology. In 2004, the FDA approved of an implantable EHR microchip into patients. Each microchip has a specific code which is identified through sensors. The device is implanted under the skin, in the back of the arm, requiring a twenty minute procedure, without needing the use of sutures. ("Fda approves computer," 2004)

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths due to preventable medical errors rank as the fifth most…

Discrimination With Regard to the Death Penalty
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adults have an episode or two from their youth of which they are not extremely proud. Perhaps it involved sneaking a beer (or several beers) at a social function, or lying about one's plans for the evening to get permission to attend a questionable event. Most kids have learned the hard way on at least a few experiences -- speeding, missing curfew, or cheating on a test. Younger children are taught that taking a pack of gum from the store without paying for it is wrong, and that there are certain words on television that they shouldn't repeat in school. We accept these facts of life fairly easily; minors aren't mentally or socially equipped to know how they should behave all of the time. Children have to be taught about social mores, and teenagers test authority without considering the consequences in a way that most adults would. Lawbreaking -- whether…

Stepford Wives as Ideology Horror
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Could this movie possibly fall into the category of a conspiracy; that any fictional parody of male behavior (which this surely is, at least in part) becomes in fact a parody of female behavior as well? Is that what irks feminists about the Stepford Wives?

And no matter what the answer to that question is, the "horror" aspects of this 1975 film were balanced, and even matched, by the ideological aspects. Whether one views the film as a statement on that cadre of men who are control freaks, or that element of the female gender hopelessly submissive to the whims and demands of men, the film has a strong ideological theme.

And moreover since ideology is part of the political world, and the political issues of the day seem to always creep into film, the Stepford Wives, as a feminist-themed film, is ideological. Feminists always have a fierce political agenda,…

Death of a Salesman Theme the American Dream Betrayal and Abandonment
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Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller

Themes of Disillusionment in the American Dream, Betrayal, and Abandonment in "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller

"Death of a Salesman," Arthur Miller's best play created in 20th century, is noted for its effective portrayal and illustration of the American life in the character of its tragic hero/protagonist, Willy Loman. Set at a time where the so-called "American dream" is fulfilled by every Americans during the 1940s, "Death of a Salesman" reflects the dreams of material progress that every American had dreamed of -- thus leading to the rise of the middle class, and eventual economic growth in the country.

Given this historical context, it is remarkable that "Death" offers a different facet or perspective in discussing how the concept of the "American dream" has become a reality or illusion for the society. As in the case of Willy, despite the progress…