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Communication Diversity This Is the

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17. Johann calls you and says that Billy smells and he needs a shower. If you don't move Billy to another ward, Johann will sign himself out. Explain in details what you would do to resolve this cross cultural situation.

I would tell Johann that we are doing all we can to ensure Billy's hygiene and that if his body odor continued to bother Johann that we can move him to another room or ward in the hospital.

18. There seems to be a language and cultural barrier that's blocking effective communication occurring between these two gentlemen. Considering they are both your clients, what strategies would you put in place to improve this situation?

The best way to remedy the situation would be to introduce the two patients to each other. A handshake, some eye contact, and small personal interactions can go a long way toward eliminating prejudices and stereotypes…… [Read More]

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Communication and Relationships

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Communication and Relationships

Initiation of a relationship is a behavior not unlike other human behaviors. If one takes the perspective of a behaviorist, then identifying the stimulus -- response chains is helpful in determining which variables appear to be most important to certain individuals. Several key variables have been found to play an important role in the initiation of human relationships, including proximity, non-verbal behavior, and physical appearance and attractiveness. The influence and the synergy between these variables in the staging of new relations are discussed further in the sections that follow.

On the street where you live. Assuming that attraction indicates an interest in getting to know a person better, one can assume that there has been some contact between the two people. This proximity is a generally regarded to be a precondition of attraction -- although variants do occur, such as adoration of a movie star from afar…… [Read More]

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Gender in the Collector and the Comfort of Strangers

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Gender in Fowles and McEwan

[Woman] is defined and differentiated with reference to man and not he with reference to her; she is the incidental, the inessential. He is the Subject, he is the Absolute -- she is the Other. -- Simone de Beauvoir.

Simone de Beauvoir's influential analysis of gender difference as somehow implying gender deference -- that the mere fact of defining male in opposition to female somehow implies placing one in an inferior or subaltern position -- becomes especially interesting when examining how fiction by male authors approaches questions of gender. I propose to examine in detail two British novels of the post-war period -- The Collector by John Fowles, published in 1963, and The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan, published in 1981 -- and hope to demonstrate that, in point of fact, the existence of the feminist movement has managed to shift the portrayal of…… [Read More]

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Communication Process

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Communication and Super-Saturation of the Modern Sense of Self

"How does the design of information structure the information process? And how, on the other side of the equation, does the nature of audience engagement structure its reception?"

Communication by its very nature is a dialogue. One person or medium speaks. Another individual or an audience of individuals receives the word or the message being conveyed. As with any performance, particularly a live performance, the method of transmission of the message conveyed invariably affects the message itself.

This is demonstrated in its most raw form during an improvised performance piece such as that of a stand-up comic. The comic realizes that he or she is not getting a favorable reception from the audience.

They are yawning, or signaling to the waiter that they would like some new drinks. The comic takes stock of this information, realizing that he or she is…… [Read More]

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Gender Roles TV Gender Roles

Words: 1912 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24509833

These roles however do not reflect women's status in society, nor do they reflect society's beliefs about equality and gender roles. Women who hold executive positions still earn less than men (Glascock, 2001) do. Women are also viewed unfavorably when they act aggressively or forcefully, whereas men are applauded for their efforts. On television, women are seen as actors, and actors alone.

Women who are empowered are often "dolled" up so that while they are powerful or empowered, they still are subject to the direction and fancies of their male counterparts. This trend is evident on television and in society. Feminist women would much prefer women be afforded equal opportunities and equal pay, as well as regard, on television and in real life. While television attempts to model these aspirations, it falls short of its primary objective.

Within society, women are still unequal to men, even though they are working…… [Read More]

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Gender the Role of Stereotypes in the

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The role of stereotypes in the selection and acceptance of female leaders.

As Carter & Silva (2010) point out, there are several stereotypes about women's behavior and goals that influences the selection and acceptance of female leaders. Some of the stereotypes about women include the myth that women will leave their positions to start families; the myth that women don't actually aspire to upper management; and the myth that there are regional differences that invalidate the gender bias argument altogether (Carter & Silva, 2010, p. 1). In fact, empirical research debunks each one of these myths and points to a deeper issue related to ongoing misogyny in the corporate world.

One of the prevailing stereotypes held by both men and women is that women are "better at stereotypically feminine 'caretaking skills' such as supporting and rewarding," and that men are better at the "taking charge" skills "such as influencing…… [Read More]

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Gender Norms in Films Male

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These images of women also tend to be more highly sexualized than male roles: a scant 28% of characters in G-rated films are female and women are more than five times more likely to remove their clothes than their male counterparts on-screen.

Thus, while some changes have occurred in terms of the ways that the genders comport themselves on film, much has remained the same in terms of how the media portrays women. Perhaps the most telling statistic in the Media Report article is the fact that women's roles in films directed by women dramatically increase: the number of female speaking characters jumps from 27% to 47% in female-directed films, indicating that so long as the film industry continues to remain dominated by males behind the camera, changes in screen images of women will be less flexible than one might expect, even given the changes in society. Until women begin…… [Read More]

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Communication Human Resource Management Human

Words: 1628 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61922444

Promotion of Diversity: Is it Really Effective?

The effectiveness of diversity in an organization can be seen in the ability of every employee to recognize the differences that others have from them, and the ability of each to consider such differences as a challenge that can build them with success. Many human resource managements promote diversity because they see the advantages that it can bring to their organization. That is, if they will be able to properly manage the uniqueness of every individual and give attention to their talents, skills, and needs. With the right promotion to diversity, an organization can have the potential of achieving success despite of diverse backgrounds of its employees.

In today's continuous advancements especially in the industry of technology, it can be deducted that diversity at workplace is effective. These days, it is very rare that we see a company composed of people that belong…… [Read More]

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Communications Workshop One Changing Jobs Following a

Words: 1638 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1071300

Communications Workshop One

Changing Jobs Following a Brief Period of Employment

Opting to take another job only a week after beginning a new job is not illegal, as people a free to come and go as they please. However, there are many consequences that must be considered before a conclusion is reached. Ethical implications, possible alternatives and other solutions should be identified and evaluated prior to taking action.

Professional Integrity

Company X would be extremely displeased of the actions of an employee who quit a job following an employment period of only 5 days. Firms make big investments in new employee's, not only is it costly to train new hires but searching and interviewing and selecting the best candidate takes time and money. Upon departure of the employee, Company X would have to begin the hiring process anew costing the firm additional money and using time that could have been…… [Read More]

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Gendered Managerial Styles the Role

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Gender and Organizational Social Change Models

The increasing number of women in managerial positions represents a social change. Women are in these positions, and must earn their way to be accepted by both males and females. There are other changes within organizational styles that may be impacted by the entrance of more female managers into the workplace. For instance, the older authoritarian styles of the early part of the century are slowly being replaced by a more "team" approach (McGuire and Hutchings, 2006). These cultural changes within organizations represent a switch to an organizational culture that is more oriented towards the female managerial style. Male managers may need to soften their approach in order to make the transition to a "team oriented" organization.

The differences in the way in which males and females approach problems is an accepted paradigm in psychology. Historically, women have had difficulty adjusting to the male…… [Read More]

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Gender Challenges the All American

Words: 3864 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 26224881

Jamieson explains that the phrase Catch-22, serves as another synonym for double bind. Paula Caplan, a psychologist, notes, "Mothers are caught in a perfect Catch-22. They are supposed to be concerned with emotions and closeness in relationships, but because autonomy has been designated by the white male middle class in North America as the pinnacle of emotional health,"

Mothers in the workplace, however, who do what comes natural to them are sometimes treated as they are immature or even sick.

The gender of the leader does matter to perceivers who filter judgments to the demands of cultural expectations. "Applause from the same sensitive and collaborative leadership is more likely to go to a man than a woman."

In addition, women, particularly leaders frequently experience greater scrutiny for errors, even small ones they make, and are more likely to be criticized than men in leadership positions.

Viewpoints Regarding Genders

Rather than…… [Read More]

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Gender and Language Men and

Words: 303 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 4312244

These and other linguistic phenomenon can be traced to social status issues, just as the class notes suggest. I would further hypothesize that uncertainty in women's speech is directly related to women's lower social status vs. men. Women are socialized to be less domineering than men are and their speech may reflect that. In the class notes, this phenomenon is referred to as cooperative speech vs. aggressive speech.

Likewise, women are socialized to be politer and more deferential than men are, and their communication styles reflect that as well. This line of thought coincides with the thesis offered Deuchar (1988) outlined in the class notes. Women may use standard forms instead of prestige forms "to maintain face in interactions that offer them little power." When women do use prestige forms, they may do so to assert their power…… [Read More]

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Communications Several Years Ago I

Words: 2689 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93982921

But to me, a young woman standing alone on a busy street in a still strange country, the word gaijin changed the tone of this encounter. For the group of teenagers waving and shouting at me, the word gaijin was merely a way of identifying their rare and exciting discovery. For me, a citizen of a country whose history has its share of prejudice and violence, the impersonal identification of me, based solely on my appearance, sounded like the racial and ethnic epithets hurled at Italian immigrants, African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Irish immigrants, Jews and millions of other people in the United States.

The word gaijin simply means "foreigner." It is not a derogatory term. But in Italy and the United States, two countries rich with immigrants from all over the world, the act of impersonally identifying a person's racial or ethnic background based solely on the person's appearance, is…… [Read More]

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Gender Neuropsychology Physical Cognitive and

Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78016167

19). The hippocampus is responsible "for memory storage and for spatial mapping of the physical environment" (Cahill, 2005, para. 18). Thus, women navigate using landmarks, whereas males use space and orientation to estimate distance.

Studying the physical aspects of the brain in males and females highlights emotional and cognitive differences between the two sexes. In the female brain, the two hemispheres appear to be more interconnected, suggesting a greater ability to multitask. The female brain has a more active frontal cortex than that of males and the female brain better copes with boredom. As for the cortex, males and females seem to use it for different means. In the male brain, a greater area is used for spatial-mechanic functions, whereas in females, a greater area is used for emotions and verbal responses (Williams, 2008, p. 20).

Even the physical development of the brain of each sex takes place at different…… [Read More]

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Gender and Society Marketing and

Words: 1385 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56842241

It is thought that the current culture takes power away from women by holding them hostage to an unachievable beauty epitome. The multi-billion dollar beauty business often relies on a strong importance on the worth of attractiveness and looks for women, because this supports a utilization centered culture in which the response for any trouble can be attained by buying goods for improving one's look (Spettigue and Henderson, 2004).

Recently that has been a movement to get away from this traditional line of thinking when it comes to beauty and ideal body image. Two examples of this can be seen in Special K. And Dove commercials. Special K. has in modern years directed at women with its Special K. Challenge. This campaign endorses substituting two daily meals with cereal and limiting snacking in order to shed up to six pounds in two weeks. The acceptance of the plan has led…… [Read More]

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Observing Communications and Interactions

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89905110

Communication and Interaction

Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Faulty communication causes the most problems. It leads to confusion and can cause a good plan to fail. (Clark, 2000)

In any kind of profession and industry, communication plays a vital role in the smooth operation and management of a work environment. In a hospital environment, it is a very important element to observe proper communication and interaction to allow an effective workflow and service that hospitals must render to its patient.

One example of communication technique is gender communication. This type of communication involves an interaction between males and females. Gender communication is usually demonstrated in work-related interactions of the hospital staffs such as the male doctors and the female nurses. This communication technique was effectively shown by the doctors and nurses during discussion of patient status. Through…… [Read More]

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Business Culture -- Gender Differences Identifying Gender

Words: 557 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40636304

Business Culture -- Gender Differences

Identifying Gender Communication Styles: Bridging the Gap between the Male-Female Diversity for Increasing Performance in the Workplace Setting

One of the best and most essential assets that a business organization has is its workforce, composed of members/employees that use their knowledge and skills about a specific task in order to perform well for the production of goods and services of the organization. Human resources are crucial elements in improving the efficiency of an organization because they are the first people to experience and determine the organization's strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, ascertaining the nature of each member's personality is vital to better communication and interaction within the organization, leading to higher productivity and efficiency in his or her work performance.

Because of the importance of human resources in organizational management, this paper discusses an issue that is of vital importance in the politics of workplace environment…… [Read More]

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Men-Women Interpersonal Communication Both Men and Women

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95941548

Men-Women Interpersonal Communication

Both men and women want happy relationship. It is one of the most wanted qualities of life that anyone in the world would like to achieve in their life. Expectations and achievements however do not always come in accordance as the cause-and-effect or results of long time efforts. Many men and women work hard to build their relationship and shape it up to meet their quality exactly like they dream of for a long time, just to find that some simple miscommunications would ruin it and end it up in disappointment to their partner. Or, in the not-so-extreme cases, some couples have found the person that they thought would be able to fulfill their dreams and become an ideal soul mate, but after a series of some hard works and nerve-racking conversations to understand what each other's wants.

Experts and psychologists continue to work out on finding…… [Read More]

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Communication and How it Is

Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27858262

He is concerned that as the social sciences increasingly becomes more quantified, they loffer less understanding into the concepts behind symbols. This is especially of concern, since symbols have played such an important role throughout history. Duncan gives examples of symbol misunderstandings such as: confusion of the symbolic and subjective, failure to study symbolic forms, and sociologists' inability to use non-mechanistic models. Even worse, there is no agreement between scholars on how to define the concept of symbol nor explain the ambiguity of symbols. Is this lack of definitive agreement the reason why people perceive reality differently? Does this lead to misunderstandings and a failure to communicate?

Berger and Luckmann. Social construction.

QUESTION: Berger and Luckman state that society is a human product. Can it also be the product of lower animals? Recently, it was shown that chimpanzees actually are capable of culture or the passing of knowledge from one…… [Read More]

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Gender Differences in Communication

Words: 1179 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26691347

Real and Perceived Gender Differences in Nonverbal Communication

The degree to which people communicate with nonverbal cues can have a great effect on the reception of their message. Such important factors as body language, gestures and facial expressions can have as big an impact on communication delivery as content does. Many researchers have found that, in fact, nonverbal communication carries with it more information to the audience than does strictly verbal communication. The extent to which nonverbal communication is affected by gender as well as the perceived effect that gender has is an important area of research in understanding communication.

The distinction between real and perceived communication differences is a significant component of this study. I will be examining the interpretation of nonverbal communication based upon surveys conducted with people who attend the same (verbal) lecture delivered by either a man, or a woman. As the verbal content will be…… [Read More]

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Communication Style and Gender

Words: 2438 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 74963573

Sociolinguistics - How gender influences the way people speak?

Definition of keywords

Sociolinguistics: This is a study of language in respect of social, class, regional, gender and occupational factors.

Gender: It is the condition of being a female or a male and is mostly used in relation to cultural and social differences.

Gender Equality: A condition in which the opportunities and rights are not affected by the change of gender.

Speak: To say in order to express or convey feelings or conversation (

Within the study of discourse, comparative analysis of the way women and men use language has been a topic of interest for quite some time. However, to date no coherent framework for gender differences in language and its use has been established empirically, despite relatively extensive theorizing. One reason for this lack of framework lies in the absence of a consensus in how language, whether written or…… [Read More]

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Gender and Perceived and Objective Measures of Success

Words: 809 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23991286

individual's gender is an important factor that influences their career, success, and even their subjective evaluation of their career (e.g., Orser & Leck, 2010; Schneidhofer, Schiffinger, & Mayrhofer, 2010). A number of different models have been proposed to explain how a person's gender influences one's vocational aspirations, career choice, and perceived success (see Schoon & Eccles, 2014). These influences affect both objective and subjective measures of career success/attainment.

For example, Orser and Leck (2010) examined how gender moderates objective career factors as well as subjective career factors. Data was collected from a large sample of male and female managers, executives, and CEOs (N = 521). Two objective dependent measures of success were collected: 1) total compensation (annual salary, bonuses, and other financial remuneration) and 2) ascendancy (defined by the number of reporting levels below the participant). One subjective dependent measure was also collected (personal opinion regarding how successful the participant…… [Read More]

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gender discrimination and wage differential

Words: 1952 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55749132 injustice and inequality. First, literature related to the fundamentals of discrimination and descriptions of gender discrimination are discussed in the literature. Following a detailed discussion of what the literature says about gender discrimination, the literature review shifts toward the quantifiable effects of gender discrimination in the workplace. Effects are examined both in terms of measurable effects on organizations and individuals.

Fundamentals of Discrimination

Discrimination is unfortunately pervasive in the workplace. Described as an "inaccurate perception of differences," discrimination can be based on independent variables like race, gender, language, and other demographics (Cleveland, Vescio & Barnes-Farrell, p. 149). The differences perceived are "inaccurate," and also have a direct impact on status, access to power, and access to avenues of promotion or pay increases. Most literature frames discrimination as being "subtle and covert," well concealed from the realms of legal scrutiny, and often difficult to define precisely (Marchiondo, Ran & Cortina,…… [Read More]

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Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20670804

What are the main communication channels you will apply in your business? Justify

Communication channels are the ways through which individuals within an organization communicate. The communication channel or medium employed to convey a message influences how correctly the message will be received. One of the key communication channels that will be used in the business will be face-to-face communication. This is one of the richest communication channels and will be employed within the organization as it has staff of less than 30 people (Williams, 2016). In addition, this communication channel will facilitate interaction between the speaker and recipients and in elucidating any vagueness. Moreover, as a verbal form of communication, face-to-face communication channel is fitting with respect to obtaining immediate feedback and when there is urgency to communicate (Bauer and Erdogan, 2016). A second communication channel that will be used in the organization is mobile communication. This communication channel…… [Read More]

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Gender Discrimination in Sports

Words: 3548 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10216331

This video released by IBN Live reveals the gender discrimination suffered by an Indian Athlete, named Santhi Soundarajan, who lost her silver medal in the female 800m race of Asian games in Doha because of her failure in a gender test. The host of the show very calmly ridiculed the athlete and bluntly joked about athlete's gender by laughing and saying that may be the management and staff members slipped out of her shorts. He also did candid questioning about Soundarajan's feminineness by making statements like "Does she have a uterus? I don't know." He also expressed his doubts about Soundarajan being a woman actually and he found it fascinating that she does not possess sexual attributes of a woman.

Lady reporter Jill Pike, questioned the fundamentals of the testing and also criticized news article for not revealing the full facts related to the test failure, disregarding the athlete's…… [Read More]

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Gender and Negotiation Takes Place

Words: 1546 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58141036

Meiners, E.B., & Miller, V.D. (2004). The Effect of Formality and Relational Tone on Supervisor/subordinate Negotiation Episodes. Western Journal of Communication, 68(3), 302+. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Questia database:

Ramundo, B.A. (1994). The Bargaining Manager: Enhancing Organizational Results through Effective Negotiation. Westport, CT: Quorum Books. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Questia database:

Remlinger, K. (1997). Keeping it Straight: The Negotiation of Meanings in the Constitution of Gender and Sexuality. Women and Language, 20(1), 47+. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Questia database:

Roughgarden, J. (2004). Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Questia database:

Solnick, S. (2004). Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide. Southern Economic Journal, 71(2), 462+. Retrieved December 17, 2007, from Questia database:


Babcock, L. And Laschever, S. (2003). Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the…… [Read More]

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gender neutrality in the military women combat

Words: 3211 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40810926


According to online polls, whether and how women should serve in combat is one of the top social issues of 2017 (“The Most Popular Social Issues of 2017”). One of the reasons why this social issue is currently trending is that as of January 1, 2016, the military began phasing in a new policy that opens ground combat positions for women. Over 200,000 new combat positions have been open since January 2016, but “relatively few women have been trained or deployed for these jobs yet,” revealing important structural, human resources, and leadership impediments to gender equality in the military (Patterson 1).

Historically, women have not served in the military other than in medical and support roles (Barry). Women have, however, served in combat roles globally within the past several generations. In fact, the list of countries in which women serve in official military combat roles now is astonishingly long…… [Read More]

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Gender Effect on Job Satisfaction and Leadership

Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59881950

Leaders have important roles at different ranks in organizations. A manager's leadership style has an effect on the work and attitudes of employees. Leaders ought to lead their subordinates in a manner that makes them happy to carry out their responsibilities. The thesis statement for the purpose is given as follows. "Any organization should aim to acquire and retain the best talent and effective leadership ensures that good employees are kept happy and satisfied at their positions." (Shagufta Parvenn & Adeel Tariq, 2012).

Gender Stereotyping

Gender and sex are often viewed as interchangeable terms. This is not correct as there are nuances to the meaning of each word. The World Health Organization's definition of gender encompasses the roles, activities, attributes and behaviors that the society appropriates to men and women. Sex, on the other hand, is physiological and biological characteristics defining men and women. Sex is denoted by 'Female or…… [Read More]

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Gender as Socially Constructed Categories

Words: 1103 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Other chapter (not listed above) Paper #: 22675050

Race/Ethnicity or Sex/Gender as Socially Constructed Categories

Sociological ethnicity and race theories have been dictated by the social construct metaphor, which indicates that these theories are ideological groups that serve to conceal the actual social structural principles. The above notion is a problematical one as it ignores the context wherein ethnicity and race function as bases of social significance as well as working material exclusion principles (Smaje, 1997). While gender and sex are words that are frequently employed interchangeably, their meanings are, in fact, different. Sex represents a categorization on the basis of biological dissimilarities -- for instance, dissimilarities between females and males grounded in their physiology or anatomy. On the other hand, gender represents a categorization on the basis of the societal creation and preservation of cultural differences between females and males. That is, gender denotes a social concept pertaining to culture-bound conduct, rules, and roles for, and relations…… [Read More]

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Gender Effect on Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction

Words: 998 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77522621

Employees' job satisfaction and success is tremendously influenced by managers. Studies show that men and women have varying preferences for the choice of the gender of their manager. Several studies have concentrated on this matter. Unfortunately, the outcomes of the studies are inconsistent. This paper, therefore, seeks to review past findings of research with the intention of exploring and casting light on the relationship between the variables in the modern workplace (Jackson, Alberti, & Snipes, 2014).

Effect of Gender on Leadership Style

Available research shows that men and women face different evaluation parameters in their leadership roles. Success in performance for a man is often attributed to the internal characteristics of the man and his skills and abilities. On the other hand, success for a woman is attributed to external factors that relate to a situation. These include the simplicity of the task or chance. There is a general perception…… [Read More]

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Communication Theory

Words: 2156 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8636037

media equation theory and its applications. The author of this paper uses the movie The Truman Show to develop an understanding for the reader of what the Media Equation Theory is and how it can be applied to media examples such as the movie. There were six sources used to complete this paper. The paper is in MLA format.


The technological explosion of the last three decades has taken us to places we never dreamed before were possible. With each passing year, the technology becomes more linked to human thought and emotions than ever before. Today, there are studies being conducted worldwide to understand the phenomena of people treating their media tools in the same manner that their human interactions are treated. For several years, the habits and protocol of people who work with these questions have been narrowly defined by the rigid demands of research…… [Read More]

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Communication Between Men in Women

Words: 2563 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37721922

Her physician husband, John, and those like him do "not believe" that she is "sick" or even, in her view, capable of understanding her sickness, so "what," she asks, "can one do?" (Hume).

How can one view this passage without seeing a total lack of communication in a marriage? The narrator even goes so far as to say, "It is so hard to talk to John about my case, because he is so wise, and because he loves me so" (Perkins Gilman). From a purely logical standpoint, John's wisdom and the fact that he loves her so would seem to naturally suggest that he would be the most receptive person to listen to the narrator's discussions, but other things that the narrator says reveal John's patronizing attitude towards her. Instead of caring for her, John absolutely ignores the narrator's suggestions about what she thinks may help heal her. Dismissing her…… [Read More]

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Gender Studies and Feminism

Words: 1771 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19057351


Abjection of the Body & Cyborg Jewelry Design

The examples of jewelry located and examined for the purposes of this paper align with the definitions and ideas of the authors that contextualize the conversation. (Refinery 29, 2012) Notice how both of the models are positioned side by side, which immediately prompts the audience, viewer, or consumer to compare and contrast. Though their precise background are unknown, it is presumed that both models are Caucasian. Both models have short brown hair. The models do not closely resemble each other, yet there are similarities in the thickness of their lips, the subtlety of their cheek bones, and the composition of the product photos. Viewers are meant to draw more similarities between the models than highlight the differences.

Though we presume that one model is male and one model is female, their similarity highlights their androgyny, their lack of gender or the…… [Read More]

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Gender Matter in Sports There

Words: 2514 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10104952

234). Culturally, trainers may simply be paying more attention to girls' injuries due to our culture's tendency to protect females more than males (Tierney, et al., 2005, p. 278) and/or boys may simply under-report concussions due to "macho" tendencies to play through pain in order to continue playing (Covassin, et al., 2012, p. 926). Hormones may contribute to the greater incidence of concussions among female high school athletes because researchers have found that estrogen protects male rats from brain trauma but actually makes female rats more vulnerable to brain trauma (Makdissi, et al., 2013, p. 319). Whether caused anatomically, culturally, hormonally or for some other reason, the fact remains that girls are reportedly highly more likely to sustain concussions in sports such as soccer and basketball. Consequently, gender matters in the sports injury of concussion.

3. Conclusion

Development of a masculine identity is psychologically fundamental for males and particularly for…… [Read More]

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Communication and the Differences That There Are

Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84403022

communication and the differences that there are in the communication trends between men and women. They both highlight the significance of understanding the point-of-view of the other person within the conversation and allowing the other person to speak as you listen. Both essays also highlight the possibility and cases of misinterpretation of communications and the cues therein. One outstanding one is the married couple who get into argument because the wife asked the husband if he wanted to stop for coffee and the husband turned the offer down, she misinterpreted this gesture for refusal by the husband to let her stop for coffee (Tannen D., nd).

The other aspect that is central to both the essays is that the writer fondly uses examples or anecdotes to drive home her points within the essay. She ensures the reader has a practical daily experience that she witnessed or was told in order…… [Read More]

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Gender Pronouns and Their Problems

Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33062802

Pronouns & Feminism

The structure and science behind the English language is enamoring and enthralling to some. However, others have both poignant yet valid concerns about how inherently biased the English language is constructed and used even in modern day parlance. To be sure, this perceived bias goes to the very root of the English language as there are no gender-neutral pronouns and there are ostensibly no grammatical or lingual ways around this. While not everyone's language cues and habits are intentional and malicious, the structure of English as being slanted towards males is obvious and undeniable.

As explained by McWhorter, making just about any statement that relates to a person usually has to have an identifier that is gender-specific. This presents a problem when the gender of the person being spoken of is not known. This is explained in the book when people are trying to explain without assumption…… [Read More]

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Gender Love Feminism and Bell Hooks

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Part One
A. Describe the gender-specific relationship between men, women and love. How is it different? Why? How does gender socialization contribute to these masculine and feminine roles in relationship to love and relationships in general?
Pre-eminent feminist bell hooks addresses two issues simultaneously with regard to gender specific relationships between men and women. The first issue is gender norms and socialization, which restrict roles for men and women in their love relationships. Women are socialized as caregivers who place the needs of others before themselves: “she was also responsible for everyone else’s happiness,” (Communion 19). On the contrary, men are socialized to receive care, and to suppress deep and meaningful emotional responses as part of their construct of masculine identity—something that hooks describes in The Will to Change. Given the different ways females and males are socialized, their relationships with one another is mediated by gender norms and performativity.…… [Read More]

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Gender Roles Norms and Sexuality in France

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France has dichotomous gender roles, norms, and values. Attitudes towards gender equality and feminism reveal an underlying misogynistic and patriarchal cognitive schema, and an overall resistance to change. The resistance to change is rooted in the belief that traditional patriarchal gender norms and roles are immutable and sacrosanct. Although not a true indicator of the French public’s beliefs about gender or human rights, the street interviews in one YouTube video show that many people in France do still hold startlingly misogynistic views that conflict with the overall goal of social justice.
1. Describe French-style feminism and the road to equality and parity for women in France.
French-style feminism is qualitatively different from American or British-style feminism; it is uniquely French in that it retains elements of French worldviews and social norms, and also progresses at a snail’s pace. In fact, the pace of change in France makes the pace of…… [Read More]

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Communication in the Media Specifically

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The "Halloween" films that continue to be so popular are prime examples, but just about any horror film made within the past three decades follows basically the same formula, they have just gotten increasingly sexual and violent, as society has continued to embrace the genre. There are literally hundreds of other graphic examples, such as "Saw," an extremely violent film that has spawned six other films, and the examples of so many films being released in 2009. These films do not celebrate the woman, they demean her, and the fact that they are celebrated by society is troubling and agonizing at the same time.

Some of the films that empower women into the hero roles include "Terminator 2," the "Alien" series, "Misery," and other films glorify or at least acknowledge the female predator or warrior, offering up a different view of women as successful anti-heroes. However, most of these films…… [Read More]

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Communication Plan for Wal-Mart Store

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Change model for Wal-Mart

HR professionals are agents who initiate change and will help define the change. As they define the importance of the change, HR professionals must build an emotional and compelling case for change. The case for change usually stems from evidence that successful change will lead to positive organizational and personal outcomes. In order to achieve this at Wal-Mart, HR professionals must embrace the continuous change model. This will help them gather support for the change by engaging key people to contribute to the change process. Studies indicate that if people participate in the change process, there will be less resistance to change. In the case of Wal-Mart, change leaders must be patient and allow much employee participation in the change process. At Wal-Mart, this continuous change is linked to the concept of organizational culture. Wal-Mart's culture will assume a critical part in continuous change as it…… [Read More]

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Communication Perception

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roles in achieving effective communication is through perception-checking. Perception-checking entails a lot of influential factors that enable an individual to perceive, through his/her own experiences and motivations, the environment and the people around him/her. One important influence is the physiological factor, wherein our senses, age, health and even biological cycles affect our perception of other. Another influence is culture and society which I live in, wherein gender and occupational roles and self-concept are important. My perception of the world is affected because of physiological factors. If I am a young American man, I might perceive old people as unapproachable, and the old people may view me as frivolous and playful, since the age gap between the two of us influences our perception of each other. Gender also is affective, wherein a man may view women as the weaker sex, or vice versa. Even our senses influence our perception; a cake…… [Read More]

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Communication Workers of America

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We tend to think of labor unions as a thing of the past. Not, of course, that workers no longer need protection. But since the beginning of the first Reagan administration, we have become used to workers' rights being chipped - and sometimes hacked - away by the powerful interests of capital. (The same powerful interests, of course, that unions were designed to fight against). The overall percentage of workers who belong to unions has been falling for generations, in part because of Reagan-era legal decisions that lessened the power of unions and in part because of globalization and a shift away (in the United States and in othe First World countries) from the heavy-industrial jobs that have tended to be the most heavily unionized, as Boeri (2001) notes.

But even as heavy industry is losing jobs and unions are losing those same workers, in other parts of the…… [Read More]

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Ci Humint on the War Against Terrorism Gender Integration

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Gender Integration in CI/HUMINT and the War against Terrorism

Gender Integration in CI/HUMINT on the War against Terrorism in the Middle East and Strategies for Effective Implementation

Shea Larson

Harry Nimon, Committee Chair

Dr. Troy Mitchell, Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Amanda Bowers, Committee Member

The success of counterinsurgency operations depends on the effectiveness and appropriateness of intelligence gathered. Human subjects are a crucial source of intelligence for counterinsurgency operations. Previously, the U.S. Armed Forces created opportunities for women to occupy specific positions in the counterintelligence/human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) discipline. However, women remain the minority, and researchers are largely divided on whether their participation ought to be increased. Researchers raised concerns that the decision to integrate women into HUMINT units could cost the country in the long-term as it is likely to ruin unit cohesion and impede overall effectiveness. Proponents of the idea of gender integration, however, argue that the inclusion of…… [Read More]

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link between Gender and Culture

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Gender and Culture
Gender is an important and essential construct in human beings. Throughout generations gender has remained central to the family unit. Normative conditions have always dictated perceptions and expectation with respect to the masculinity of men and femininity of women. Authors like Butler have argued that gender is not an automatic or mechanical construct and that gender authoring should be acceptable and normal. Factually speaking gender is a huge aspect of life that determines how people are recognized and accepted. In the film Zerophilia, Luke struggles with identity due to his condition that allows him to switch between genders after an orgasm. Borrowing from the Film, any unique gender construct will inevitably cause a lot of confusion and possibly affect the life of the victim negatively. This discourse analyzes the different perspectives concerning gender from Butler, Woolf and Horney. It will be deduced that gender fundamentally influences the…… [Read More]

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Textual Analysis of Gender and Communication

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Textual Analysis

a) of the eleven topics to select from, I have chosen the topic of gendered violence.

b) Within this topic, my specific interest is the connection between gender and violence. Across popular forms of media such as gaming, films, television, music and more, violence expresses gender. Gender traits are expressed in media via the gender of the person performing and/or receiving violence, as well as the aesthetics and contexts within which the violence in the media form appears. Meaning, there are differences in the aesthetics and contexts in violence between film and gaming, for example. Games have specific contexts in which they are experienced with finite variations in the forms of violence. This is a completely different experience from viewing film.

c) I am interested in this topic for a few reasons. Violence is prevalent in the media. It is now accepted that media affects viewers. Within…… [Read More]

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Internet and Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality and Internet

Gender Inequality concerns are also plaguing the world of new technologies the same way they have been haunting us in other areas. It is widely believed that women are less frequent users of the Internet and new related technologies as compared to men, which is creating a widening gender gap. The research in this area proves that this concern is not exactly baseless but a change has been noticed in this trend from mind 1990s to 2003.

During the time when Internet was still in its infancy, men were not only more frequent users, they would actually dominate the field with women still lurking in the dark since they knew little about the technology and even less about its potential impact. Women as active users of the Internet and email as found by Nielsen/NetRatings Study of 2001 but the frequency and intensity of their usage remains…… [Read More]

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Sociology and Communication

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Communication and Sociology

Sociology and Poverty

Poverty, in absolute terms, is defined as a lack of the things considered basic for human survival. There are many causes of poverty; sociologists, however, explain the existence of poverty using two major approaches -- the structural-functionalism approach and the conflict approach (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). The structural-functionalism theory postulates that poverty is inevitable and is in fact one of the human processes that are necessary for the stability and continuity of society (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). Just as is the case with inequality and stratification, poverty is beneficial to society because it creates a balance that ensures that the best people occupy the most important positions, and the less worthy remain at the bottom (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). The conflict approach agrees with the argument that poverty is inevitable, but disputes the idea that it is beneficial, arguing that poverty exists only because…… [Read More]

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Workplace Challenges

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Gender Communication

Throughout the last 100 years western society has experienced dramatic and profound changes relating to ideas and the way people interact and communicate with one another. Many of these social experiments are now coming into a clearer vision to those who created them many decades ago. The results of women entering the workplace and taking a stronger role in corporate America has demonstrated to us all that we have much to learn in terms of relating and communicating with one another.

The purpose of this essay is to explain some important lessons that can be inferred from the Getting Credit case study involving Claudia, Ken and Robert. This essay will discuss some key points about this case and compare the different styles of communication that were displayed in this hypothetical situation. This essay will attempt to explore the root causes of gender communication problems and offer solutions by…… [Read More]

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Non-Verbal Communication Since Time Immemorial

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This expose the fact that non-verbal communication is imperative and effective because the eye, voice, or even touch sense is being used in a general conversation that are a part of non-verbal communication (Calero 2005).

Sending and receiving silent gestures on a constant basis is the regular and unconscious practice during general interactions. This demonstrates that all the non-verbal behaviors of an individual during the general conversations such as the appearance, way of talking, sitting, eye contact, hand contact and various others prove to send powerful and effective messages. Besides, the non-verbal message communication still continues even if the group stops talking or is silent (Calero 2005).

Non-verbal communication has not only proved to be effective in general conversations but specific conversations also rely on Non-verbal communication most of the time. It has been analyzed that nonverbal communication acts as a primary and essential source in creating the first impression,…… [Read More]

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Interpersonal Communication Is a Form of Communication

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Interpersonal communication is a form of communication that takes place between two or more people who are close to one another unlike other forms of communication it does not involve a lot of people. There are various aspects of interpersonal communication that can be discussed but for purposes of this paper it has been narrowed to look at the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications, the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions, how perceptions, emotions, and nonverbal expression affect interpersonal relationships, the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communications and the strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts.

The first principle states that interpersonal communication is irreversible, it indicates that once a communication has occurred between two or more people, it can never be taken back, the effects are felt by the receiver based on the interpretation, it can either be verbal or non-verbal, whether intentional or unintentional provided there is…… [Read More]

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Interpersonal Communication Dear John and Marry I

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Interpersonal Communication

Dear John and Marry

I want to congratulate you on your wedding. I hope that both of you will have a happy life and you can understand each other well. In this letter, I want to give you some guidelines regarding the basic principles of interpersonal communication.

Some of the principles and misconceptions in interpersonal communication

The sharing of thoughts, feelings and ideas with the other person is referred as interpersonal communication. These skills of sharing our feelings are developed through learned behaviors and they can be further improved with practice, reflection, knowledge and feedback. People deal with interpersonal communication on routine basis and it is imperative to understand some of the basic principles of interpersonal communication. These basic principles are described below:

Interpersonal communication is not reversible:

This means that interpersonal communication cannot be reversed back. When a person says something, he cannot take his words back…… [Read More]

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Cross-Cultural Communication With Increased Competition Being Witnessed

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Cross-Cultural Communication

With increased competition being witnessed in many industries, Multinational companies are setting shop to new foreign markets as a way of increasing their profitability and remaining competitive. Many countries have liberalized their markets, and present advancement in technologies has made it easy for companies to open new branches in foreign markets. However, this also comes with it challenges, particularly relating to cross-cultural communication. Effective cross-cultural communication is very important to the organization that some scholars such as Levitt (1983) argue that it can determine the success or failure of a foreign business in the local market. It is against such statements that this paper examines the factors that impact cross-cultural communication at the workplace.

The paper will particularly aim at answering the following four questions; what is communication? What does it look like? What is the purpose of communication within organizations? And, what factors can negatively impact effective…… [Read More]

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Development Communication and Participatory Approaches

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Participatory Approaches to Development Communication

It was confirmed by Everett Rogers in 1976 that the dominating paradigm towards development of communication had passed. He negated all those theories, which have been prevalent in field of communication ever since the 10950s. These theories have been diffusion-ism, and it was replaced by the new participatory approach. It was a very important and significant declaration, especially when it came from Rogers, who was a seminal personality in the field of diffusion study. Not only did this new theory point out the shortcomings of the existing belief, it has highlighted and brought forth the advantages of theories related to participation of community, and that of socio-economic structures towards analysis of communication process.

It is very important to study and highlight the findings of Rogers almost thirty years after their being discovered, due to their validity till date and the substantial academic application. It is…… [Read More]

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Interpersonal Communications Communication Is Very

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As English is my second language, I tend to be more shy with those whom I am in charge of. and, at the same time, they may have low self-esteem too, which makes a hazard for ineffective communication (Lemay, E., & O'Leary, K 2012).

When this occurs, people only hear the negative, therefore the sender has take that into consideration when talking to someone who has low self-esteem (Bower,2010).

From research, it was discovered that human beings identify with the fact that the physical body is not the core or "eternal dimension" of human nature but rather the "vehicle" of the eternal spirit as it presents itself in the world. This eternal spirit lives in every body by spiritually connecting everyone through the ultimate source of life. In addition to this spiritual connection, there are important social and ecological connections between and among the living especially between nurse and patient.…… [Read More]

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Organizational Behavior Communication

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Organizational Behavior - Communication

How are new technologies affecting the way we manage & communicate?

Technology will continue to exist so long as people continue to exist. In fact, the methods of forming tools are taken as the principal confirmation of the commencement of human culture. In general, technology has been a dominant force in the growth of civilization, especially so as its connection with science has been forged. (Chapter 3: The Nature of Technology) Simon and Koppel termed the last decade as the age of globalization and believed that the uprising of communication technologies as one of the forces steering the globalization process. It is understandable that setting up overseas offices, international collaboration and joint ventures, growing global market and employing transnational labor force are highlighted as elements of globalization. In such state of affairs, business communication also becomes global and intercultural. (The influence of using electronic mail on…… [Read More]

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Interpersonal Communication Skills Are a Bulwark to

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Interpersonal Communication

Communication skills are a bulwark to effective relationships and successful living. Effective communications are not innate attributes; they are acquired skills that can be honed to achieve not only successful dialogues, but meaningful connections between people. For the purposes of this paper, I have chosen to focus on the topic of communication in interpersonal relationships. I will then explain the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications, discuss the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communications, and describe the process by which self-concept is developed and maintained.

"Communication" may be defined as "any process in which people share information, ideas, and feelings" that incorporates both the written and spoken word as well as "body language, personal mannerisms, and style" (Hybels & Weaver, 2007, pg. 8). While the communication process is made up of various elements (i.e. sender-receivers, messages, channels, noise, feedback, and setting) it is important to…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Describe the Communication

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The Japanese man may fail to make eye contact, mumble his responses, and stand far away from his negotiating opposite, while, in frustration with this apparent diffidence, the Lebanese man may raise his voice, lean across the table, nod vigorously, do anything to raise the energy level of the room, potentially intimidate his opponent, but simply look weak because of his force and high level of animation. The plethora of courses in cross cultural communications show there is a need for future original study and analysis in this area, but it is an area that has not been addressed, except in passing, or in brackets, as of yet.

Describe what you envision as your own contributions to knowledge in these areas.

The use of body language, I believe, must be studied more not only in terms of how it is deployed, but also the question of how mutable it is,…… [Read More]

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Cross Cultural Communication Interpretation Across

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Email was found to be a key culprit in the development of cultural misunderstandings among a diverse group of online users (Rainey, 2000). Stereotypes were found to interfere with online communication, and enhance the potential for cultural misunderstandings (Leidner, 1999). Navigation design, visual design, and information design had an effect on trust that varied among different cultures viewing a website (Cyr, 2008). This research suggests a need for culturally relevant web design, particularly in the area of retail sales. The buyer-seller network contains critical information that will help the consumer to establish trust with the retailer.

Hwa-Froelich & Vigil (2004) divide communication relationships into three basic types. Responsibility relationships are among those who are responsible for family members. This can be seen as a spectrum. On one end in the individual perspective and the other is the collective approach. In collective societies, directives are usually phrased as suggestions, rather than…… [Read More]

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Life in College Throws Communication

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At the same time, a series of interrelated events occur between the communication partners over time and space.

The active sender is comprised of encoder / interpretation / decoder. The passive-recipient, on the other hand, constitutes decoder / interpreter / encoder. Similar to the Shannon & Weaver theory, each encodes and decodes the message according to her own interpretation of content.

Ultimately, communication is made up of signs. It is we who invest it with meaning and who provide those signs (or symbols) with a referent. The person on the other end (the decoder) cannot always understand the referent, or, if of a different culture, may have no knowledge of that referent altogether. Language is also diachronic, meaning that is constantly in flux from situation to situation. Thinking of the gap in the middle as well as the attendant 'noise' and the fact that the recipient always changes helps us…… [Read More]

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Interpersonal Communication Here Culture in

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Although I have been through many of these encounters in my career, this one was going to be different because I knew that she was going to ask my opinion on how our hurricane evacuation and subsequent command relocation went. Although I prepared myself and practiced my answer, I let my nerves get the best of me and did not even come close to communicating the message that I intended. I think this happened because I was going to tell her that I didn't feel the command did enough in supporting their people during the recovery effort and that the people that were still in need are being ignored. Instead, I painted a rosy picture and basically told her that everything was moving along smoothly. By not communicating my message properly, I'm sure she now incorrectly perceives that everything is good and that her people are being taken care of…… [Read More]