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global warming
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Development in the World

Words: 1377 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 62820639

preferences by countries can led to different forms of the challenges that they face and the strategies they choose to address these challenges. However, in an increasingly globalized world, many modern challenges are increasingly affecting the world's population as a whole; like climate change for example. Thus the next generations of challenges will require solutions that involve an unprecedented level of global collaboration. Furthermore, these challenges can be thought of in terms of social, economic, and environmental challenges. This paper will briefly outline three development challenges that are facing development in the 21st century.

Climate Change

Climate change, also known as global warming, is an environmental phenomenon that has attracted significant global attention in recent decades. This is arguably an issue that can be thought of as an existential issue. Climate change stands the potential not only to threaten many animal species around the world in a new global masses…… [Read More]

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Pros and Cons of Subsidies Tarrifs and Trade Barriers in Holland S Wind Energy Sector

Words: 1088 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62158007

Subsidies in Wind Energy in Holland

As it appears, Holland is not the only nation to give an economic boost by supporting a promising new source of energy. In the Holland history, energy subsidies have been crucial for the overall economic development. This essay looks at the positive aspects of these intermittent subsidies. It also details how the same subsidies are weakening the renewable energy industry by focusing on how the Production Tax Credit (PTC) is affecting the industry. Nevertheless, the essay will establish that despite the precise information about the subsidies in wind energy, the provision of long-term and predictable subsidies is important in ensuring a sustainable shift to a renewable energy source.

Positive Aspects

Holland's subsidies in wind energy, in the form of PTC, are a government incentive that serves financial support for the development of renewable energy facilities. Firms that produce electricity from geothermal, wind and "closed-loop"…… [Read More]

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Quality Assurance at Acme

Words: 2871 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24574820

ACME QA Review

The author of this report has been asked to submit a nine-page report on the quality assurance situation at Acme Corporation. While the business is doing some things right, there are some obviously flaws that will be identified and brought out. Along with the identification of the issues, there will also be a pointing to scholarly literature that buttresses the points and assertions being made by the author of this report. While some people over-analyze and obsesses about quality assurance, it is something that matters a great deal and should be taken seriously.

The way in which the analysis will go below is that each point that Acme should pay attention to will be mentioned as its own bullet point. After the flaw or concern is mentioned, there will be a scholarly source that will be used to explain and justify why that particular item was brought…… [Read More]

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SME in Thailand and the Future of Family Businesses

Words: 3119 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 69857281

Strengthening traditional SMEs business in Thailand

On the family business trends in Thailand

The concept of family ownership of firms has raised a lot of focus of late since the common trend in the U.S. is the dispersed ownership which has a strong separation between the ownership and the control of the business. There is a growing trend of firms being part of the group of companies which are brought together by a common family bond or common ownership at some point hence having common control at the family level. Such family-controlled businesses largely employ the pyramid structures in ownership in order to exert the requisite control over the large networks of the business. It is apparent that the family ownership models are predominant in countries with low levels of protection of the minority shareholders. However, this trend is fast changing with the U.S. fast adopting such a model in…… [Read More]

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Common Property Rights

Words: 1191 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29923445

property resources, as aptly named, are resources that are shared by a group of people in order to receive benefits from the collecting of these resources. These resources are often in demand and require regulation and monitoring in order control the amount that is taken. Restricting who shares these resources and how much they share lead to preservation of resources. To impose limits, property rights must be implemented. These property rights are managed by members of a group and are labeled common property rights. Articles like those written by Cinder, explain common property rights, and more specifically, marine tenure to control who fishes in the areas navigated and used by locals. Articles by Seabright, Hardin, and Cinder establish what transpires within the setting of common property and how members of a group who share the rights and resources perceive the concept of common property in connection to needs and activities.…… [Read More]

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American Automotive Industry and Porter's

Words: 3581 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13403136


2.4 Effects of Environment:

Concerns related to carbon emission were heightened in mid-2000s and in 2007 Al-Gore in his book 'An inconvenient Truth' condemned the big three saying "They keep trying to sell large, inefficient gas-guzzlers even though fewer and fewer people are buying them." In comparison to other developed countries in Europe and Asia, American standard for distance covered in one U.S. gallon was only 25 mpg (miles per gallon). We see a sharp contrast here as Japan has a standard of 45 miles per U.S. gallon followed by 35 miles per U.S. gallon in China and 47 miles per U.S. gallon in European Union. Having least concerns for environment when the state of California raised its standards the big three went to courts. An amount of USD 25 billion was provided to the big three in October 2008 to upgrade themselves and produce vehicles with a standard…… [Read More]

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China-u S Bilateral Relationship the Past One Decade

Words: 2957 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3117965

China-U.S. bilateral relationship

The past one decade of the 20th century has witnessed dramatic fluctuations in the China-U.S. relations. For instance, the Taiwan Strait led to several summit meetings to take place in Washington and Beijing to decide the fate of the countries. Additionally, the decade ended with the relationship facing serious challenges including a U.S. congressional investigation on the contribution of the Chinese government to the U.S. campaigns (Huang 2000). An important note is that, their bilateral trade relations have become a challenge in recent years owing to several issues. The issues include the large and developing U.S. trade deficit with China, rebellion by China to appreciate its currency to market standards, China's inconsistency in executing WTO obligations, infringement of U.S. rational chattels, and many Chinese industrial policies that impose new restrictions on foreign companies (Khalizad 1999). Owing to the relationship the two countries have, I felt this was…… [Read More]

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Ben & Jerry's A Strategic Marketing Plan

Words: 3643 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92555240

Ben & Jerry's:

A Strategic marketing plan

Ben & Jerry's the international leader in handcrafted ice cream with a social conscious is analyzed in this strategic marketing report. Developed on an integrated public-private business prospectus, the Company set the tone for trailblazing product and brand identity configurations with an ethic of social responsibility and global sustainability long before it was customary. Although now subsidiary to the products and services giant, Unilever, Ltd. In the United Kingdom, Ben & Jerry's retains its Vermont beginnings both in grassroots image and Americana flavor in ice cream. Well-known for instigating social change through commercial planning, situation analysis of the Company's early and unique marketing platform prior to the sea of new market concepts is long overdue.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Objectives & Issues

Marketing Strategy



Bibliography 20

Situation Analysis

Bought by British conglomerate, Unilever, Ltd. In 2000,…… [Read More]

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Strategic Analysis Introduction to Company 'Bug Extinguishers'

Words: 2269 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31010820

Strategic Analysis

Introduction to Company ('Bug Extinguishers')


Guiding Principles, Values, and Ethics

Competitive Advantage





Individual Strategic Plan

Legal and Regulatory











Balanced scorecard

Shareholder value perspective

Customer value perspective

Learning and growth perspective

Communication Plan


Control Measures

Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory issues with reference to corporate leadership

Introduction to Company ('Bug Extinguishers')

'Bug Extinguishers' is an international extermination company that produces an array of products that cater to killing pests, bugs and all kinds of insects The company has its headquarters in USA and its multi-story stores cum service centers all over the country as well as in Eastern Europe and some parts of Asia. The company has a market share of about 9% in this category and its revenues have been continually rising since its launch in 2009. In only a period of less…… [Read More]

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Organic Farming in Saudi Arabia

Words: 3480 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77975193

Chapter 3 Literature Review/Justification

Organic farming as a practice was developed by both experienced farmers and private gardeners in the early 1970's. Through trial and error, these farmers, gardeners and later, newly interested scientists, worked individually and then later as research teams to develop the holistic methods that are being used around the globe today. Conventional farming has and still is the norm for the majority of agricultural production around the world; however, the organic approach continues to make headway. Obviously each of these farming approaches come with their own unique way of doing things, but as science continues to investigate the benefits of each approach, the organic option of doing things is gaining more and more valid support.

For example, Doctor Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute of Science in Society and scientists from the University of Michigan reported that organic agriculture has the capacity to provide enough food to…… [Read More]

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International Trade Ever Since Adam Smith Demonstrated

Words: 3419 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58679961

International Trade

Ever since Adam Smith demonstrated in The Wealth of Nations (1776) that individuals would be better off if they specialize, instead of trying to be economically self-sufficient, countries across the world have tried to apply the same principle to international trade. It is argued that all countries would be better off if they exchange the products and services that they are relatively good at producing for those things that other countries are relatively better at producing. David Ricardo (1772-1823), British economist and businessman, through his theory of Comparative Advantage went on to "prove" that it can be beneficial for two countries to trade, even if one of them is able to produce each item more cheaply than the other.

The colonialist powers, particularly Britain, had realized the benefits of international trade after its industrial revolution although it is highly debatable whether such trade was beneficial for the colonies…… [Read More]

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New World an Analytical Book

Words: 608 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17933192

Knoke is on slightly surer ground as he predicts the contraction and demise of influence of multinational central banks and other depository institutions, as the World Bank has retracted in its influence. However, when he predicts the end of gigantic corporations because of regionalization, he neglects to consider the formidable force and potential of the Internet. Of course, corporations may become smaller within the next ten years as the world grows more multipolar in its political structure. But multinational corporate entities today are actually easier to form through ecommerce, than they ever were before. The role of technology is given short shrift in the text as it relates to commerce, oddly enough, given the author's 'day job,' although he does curiously predict that the developing Global Village's children will become a database, thanks to the Internet, as more and more private information about the world's citizens becomes available online. Still,…… [Read More]

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Social and Environmental Justice it

Words: 2202 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15849528

In terms of Singer's work, although his solutions are not practical in the sense of Paehlke's work, his call for a change in the political system does make sense. Political leaders should be called away from their isolated mentality and use their power to effect the changes necessary for a better world.

Both authors recognize that globalization cannot be denied, and that some aspects related to the phenomenon are beneficial while others are not. Neither author uses either the benefits or costs as reasons to either diminish or elevate the status of globalization, and it appears that both have a realistic grasp of the concept. Both authors also call for equity and fairness, while they differ somewhat in how specifically to achieve this.

I agree with both authors that globalization is a force that cannot be wished away or denied. Furthermore it is undeniable that the phenomenon has some benefits,…… [Read More]

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Corporate Social Responsibility Sony Corporate Social Responsibility

Words: 2695 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58353909

Corporate Social Responsibility (Sony)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a tenable option to just be silent. Companies have to take responsibilities of their actions as a result of the impacts their businesses causes to the community and their stakeholders. For example during the recent oil spill of the British Petroleum Company (BP), at the coast of United States, the U.S. government did not remain silent on the issue but urged BP to take responsibility of the spill which endangered the health and safety of humans, plant and animal life.

In addition, businesses cannot exist without the community and in the same way, community cannot exist without business. This is in the view that, if there is no community, where would the business sell its products? And where would that business get labor from, to produce those goods and services consumed by that society or the community?

It's in…… [Read More]

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Prime Minister on Climate Change

Words: 1784 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 11242573

Briefing Note to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Global Climate Change

The climate of Planet Earth is heating up, as we know through the empirical research conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) over the past twenty or more years. The work of IPCC, a branch of the United Nations, involves competent scientists from more than 190 nations and has led to series of comprehensive reports that clearly indicate the atmosphere is heating up and the planet is being negatively affected.

To wit, the signs are very obvious, not just in scientific studies, but in some cases to the naked eye: the polar ice caps are shrinking; the sea levels are rising; air temperatures are rising; temperatures of sea water are rising (when water becomes warmer, water expands, which explains some of the rise of sea levels); permafrost is shrinking, including in the northern territories of Canada; because…… [Read More]

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Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Words: 6410 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41993424

Shell Oil in Nigeria

Discussions on economic hardship, environmental devastation, and political corruption in Nigeria always seem to come back to the Dutch Shell Oil Company. The company is charged by activists and Wiwa as influencing the Nigerian government to act illegally and, if we believe the allegations, monstrously in violation of human rights in order to exploit the oil resources in the Niger River Delta area (Livesey 58; Saro-Wiwa 7). In a final message to the public, just before his death by hanging at the hands of the Nigerian government, Saro-Wiwa blamed Shell for its influence leading to abuses in Nigeria (Saro-Wiwa 7). Saro-Wiwa wrote:

Shell Oil is here on trial, and it is as well that it is represented by counsel said to be holding a watching brief. The company has, indeed, ducked this particular trial, but its day will surely come and the lessons learnt here may…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategy Assessment of the

Words: 4165 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62473460

There is also the need to concentrate on the interaction of these personal demographic factors as the foundation for group factors analysis.

Group Factors Analysis

The accumulated effects of the personal factors defined in the first section of this paper are put into relevance when the social factors are quantified and measured specifically relating to the retail home furnishings industry. One of the most commonly used is the VALS2 methodology (Piirto, 1996) which has its basis in the following set of metrics as shown in Figure 2, Lifestyle Orientation Definitions.

Table 2: Lifestyle Orientation Definitions

Source: (Piirto, 1996)




I am successful and deeply committed to work, family, and community.

A like predictability and consistency over risk.

My work affords me material rewards and prestige that shows success to my friends.

Strivers like to be trendy want to be stylish and admire people who are well-known for their…… [Read More]

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Toyota Organizational Assessment Company Overview

Words: 4095 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 44124295

12. It has not been implemented in a wide enough spectrum to really gain the attention of parents on a national level.

13. Marketing towards one single brand image sometimes limits a company's capability to market its diversified product line.

14. Targeting previous customers through follow up ay waster valuable resources.


h r e a t s

1. Utilize the global Toyota presence to keep financial budgets and cash flows under control. 2. If one market collapses, it might threaten others, thus Toyota must balance all its market locations equally.

3. Upcoming competition with other major names threatens Toyota's dominance in sustainable technologies. The company needs to continue investing in new innovative technologies to maintain dominance.

4. Domestic brands smearing Toyota with the idea that buying foreign takes away from American jobs, the company should continue to open plants in different nations as to provide jobs in the countries…… [Read More]

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Social Psychological Principles to Create

Words: 1965 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91670573

Psychological studies have confirmed 'altruistic behavior' can be elicited in people. 'Peer Pressure' could also be utilized as an effective psychological tool in reducing resource consumption and in promoting other healthy environmental practices. [Center for Naturalism] A case in point is the Chinese governments 'Grain to Green' Program that offered cash incentives to farmers to convert marginal farmlands to forests. As Alan Tessier, program director in the National Science Foundation (NSF) says, "Much of the marginal cropland in rural communities has been converted from agriculture to forests through the Grain-to-Green Program, one of the largest 'payment for ecosystem services' programs in the world," "Results of this study show that a community's social norms have substantial impacts on the sustainability of these conservation investments." [ScienceDaily] Building this collective self-control at the community, national and international level holds the key to the success of an environmentally sustainable future. Motivated and environmentally conscious…… [Read More]

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Energy Sources of the Future

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32377303

It is clear that if we as a species are to survive the 21st century and beyond, we must concentrate on changing our approach to the environment by reducing our carbon "footprint" and exploring the idea of renewable energy sources that will be appropriate for a growing global population.

The Turning Point -- Transition to Renewable Energy -- the bleak reality is that the age of oil has dominated global energy needs for the past century. This has caused a number of social, cultural, and economic issues. While there may be enough oil to last fifty to one-hundred years, the ecological consequences of doing so would change the entire sphere of quality of life and health issues. It is thus necessary from an economic and ecological perspective to transition to renewable energy sources; after all, the same technological revolution and expertise that has so transformed the Internet and global communication…… [Read More]

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Human Rights Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Words: 995 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98618539

International Law and Organization


Understanding Civil, Political, Social, and Economic Rights

There is a professional and figurative difference, which in most cases is theoretical, between civil and political rights and the social and economic rights. The distinction is limited to the statements, the structures that underpin these rights, and the overall functionalism. Nonetheless, these types of rights are interdependent in the sense that they reinforce one another. The understanding of the term rights applies to all the types of the rights that are there. The definitions and the general objectives are related as they help in serving a common purpose. Nonetheless, this purpose has been diversified to cater for the differential human needs and specifications. In the modern day society, the classification of the human needs has led to the generation of different rights and practices, most of which have resulted to these…… [Read More]

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EU Energy Crisis the European Union Energy

Words: 2997 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44919530

EU Energy Crisis

The European Union Energy Policy

Energy dependence appears to be the looming concern for the European Union. Last year alone the import figures required to meet their energy needs were at 54% and this number is expected to rise marked to perhaps as much as70% by 2030. The unfortunate cause of this dilemma is that as a whole the EU possesses a minuscule amount of worldwide oil reserves - only 0.5%; while their natural gas reserves are equally inconsequential at a mere 2.4%

Limited access to natural energy resources automatically results in increased dependence on global markets. Various other data support this premise.

Research from the European Commission Energy

confirms that 42% of natural gas and 29.55% of oil hail from Russia; which means it is the lone largest supplier of energy resources to the European Union; which makes EU policy makers uneasy at the prospect of…… [Read More]

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Globalization and the Environment

Words: 1232 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10979251

Environment and Economic Globalization

It is certain that as people we appraise the value of certain concepts and ideas in various manners, our perception of these many times are dependent on our culture, class, and social upbringing. For some it is of great importance to step outside their home in the morning and enjoy a breath fresh air. When they pass by a factory emitting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere they are disgusted. However, the people working inside that same factory are probably more concerned with being able to provide the means necessary for their household and family, than enjoying fresh air. Both individuals probably have a valid point-of-view. The regulation of environmental standards is an issue that has been steadily growing and causing political turmoil for several decades. Despite these challenges and differences in viewpoints, we must as a global community come together order correct difficulties that affect us…… [Read More]

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Organizational Design Analysis There Are

Words: 2464 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37350384

It was not necessarily that Coca Cola wanted to invest in China, as it actually saw the opportunity to access a large consumer society and tried to get involved in exploiting this chance as fast as it possibly could. "The theme of the public's responses could be seen in many caricatures and cartoons on China's Internet. The Graphic from China's Economics Web and also spotted on Wall Street Journal blog shows Coca Cola trying to swallow Huiyan" (Scotton & Hachten, 156).

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce virtually recognized Coca Cola's hostile competition nature and concentrated on preventing the company from removing other products from the market. The recent years saw the company experience graduate success in China as a result of using strategies that it should have used from the beginning. It appears that the Chinese public appreciates the fact that Coca Cola is no longer aggressive and is unhesitant…… [Read More]

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Economic and Environmental Benefits of

Words: 7982 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 27333404

Cost and CO2 reduction analysis were performed using local data available from both commercial and professional bodies. A majority of current thermal rating programs require the equipment to be tested in accordance to a standard test under specified testing conditions. This approach provides reliable data because it is possible to replicate such tests within an accepted uncertainty band. There are, however, some rating programs which combine a standard test and a calculation procedure to produce a performance rating. Such is the case for the energy guide label for electric and gas hot water heaters. A similar method has been developed to provide a practical rating system with the goal of presenting an easily understood comparison between SDHW systems and conventional hot water systems. Note that the performance any individual commercial enterprise will experience may differ due to location and hot water usage.

The thermal performance rating is based on the…… [Read More]

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Corporate Social Responsibility the Good

Words: 3605 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24176728

But the shareholders themselves need to be more aware and more involved in their company's business in order for any meaningful change to sustain itself:

Shareholders, the intended beneficiaries of the corporate vehicle, are the ultimate capitalists: avaricious accumulators with little fiscal risk and no legal responsibility for the way in which they pursue their imperative to accumulate. Shareholders, not corporations, show indifference to the needs and values of society. It is their behaviour that is most appropriately characterized as amoral indifference to the plight of others and their environment. Shareholders, not corporations, behave in a pathological manner. And shareholders should be the targets for the cure that we need for our ills. (Glasbeek 2005: 24)

There is also the problem of victimisation of other cultures in a global market. As Strike, Gao and Bansal (2006) point out in their article, 'Being Good While Being Bad: Social Responsibility and the…… [Read More]

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High Gas Prices on the

Words: 12212 Length: 44 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48294539

The former might be, 'What specific...' [while] Less structure might be exemplified by: "Please respond to the following in your own words: I....'" (Dereshiwsky, 1999) in addition:

adding some open-ended items such as these to a more traditionally scaled quantifiable survey, such as one with Likert-scaled attitudinal items, and/or "check/off" questions on demographic background variables, is a good way to make the survey "multimethod" in nature. This is because you'd be using that "single" data collection vehicle (survey instrument) to collect your data (responses) in more than one form: quantitative and qualitative! You could ask the same general questions in both forms and then compare the two alternative forms of responses to see if they 'converged,' or agreed, regarding the phenomenon that you are trying to measure via the survey (e.g., attitudes towards school climate). If they do, you can have greater assurance that "there's something real being captured/measured" regarding…… [Read More]

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Message Board for Order Number

Words: 2505 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 11562331

The same argument could reasonably be made for the United States' even more egregious subsequent invasion of Iraq in 2003; the pubic, altruistic reason given was that weapons of mass destruction must be eradicated from this potentially dangerous rogue state. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 surely gave the U.S. more fodder for its defensive justification for invading. Iraq is, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, an oil-rich nation and curiously, to date, no weapons of mass destruction have ever been located within its borders.

One could argue that this unilateral action by the United States to protect its resource is no different that the colonial imperialistic power games of decades past. Kuniholm goes so far as to call this the "Great Game," and avers it is no different from that played by imperial powers in the past (546).

The preceding figure and facts make clear which states…… [Read More]

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Airline Industry Analysis the Past

Words: 3864 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63251273

S. are seeing modest improvements in economic indicators.

The social environment is favorable for air travel. The mode still holds tremendous cachet with consumers and is favored when consumers can afford it. There is some consideration that the airline business is a major contributor to greenhouse gases and therefore global warming, but as of yet the industry has not come under serious public pressure as it is generally viewed by the public as a necessity rather than a luxury in this regard.

The technological environment is favorable, and the airline industry has typically responded well to technological change. While some developments are in the form of new airplane technology, for airlines the more important developments are those that reduce back-end costs. For example, the use of online reservation and check-in has been a core strategy for discount airlines to reduce costs (Starmer-Smith & Alleyne, 2009). Information technology has also facilitated…… [Read More]

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The Phenomenon of Decreased Usage of Nuclear Energy

Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19255372

Decreased Usage of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy can be described as energy in the nucleus or core of an atom, which is basically a small unit that results in all matter in the universe (Josephson, 2000, p.2). Nuclear energy is an issue that has attracted considerable attention in the recent past given the increased environmental effects of the conventional sources of energy. This increased attention is largely attributable to evidence in existing literature that conventional energy sources contribute to global climate change through affecting the world's ecosystems (Remo, 2015). As this issue continues to attract attention among policymakers, governments, and environmentalists, nuclear energy has been regarded as a sustainable energy source with capability of addressing the problem of climate change. Research has demonstrated that nuclear energy has the capability of meeting current energy needs in an environmentally sustainable way. Actually, nuclear energy is considered as a clean, safe, and sustainable…… [Read More]

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Discussion Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity

Words: 3899 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45955437

Biodiversity: Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation: Biodiversity

The term 'biodiversity' refers to the various life forms that we experience around us. Biodiversity conservation has to do with the protection of biodiversity with the aim of ensuring that the environment remains capable of meeting the needs of current and future populations. This text provides answers to a series of discussion question touching on the concepts of biodiversity and biodiversity conservation in Canada.

Conservation of Biological Diversity

List at least three major threats to biological diversity in Canada. Which of these is the most significant and why?

The term 'biological diversity' basically refers to the various life forms that we experience around us. In Canada, it is threatened by a variety of factors that include human activities, pollution, and competing land uses. In my view, human activities is the most significant threat to biodiversity given that almost every single human activity causes some…… [Read More]

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Sustainable Way of Using Nuclear Power and Waste Disposal

Words: 11445 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57862521

Management Strategy to Utilize Meta-Analysis Technique for Nuclear Energy and Waste Disposal and Create Social Sustainability

A Dissertation Presented using the Meta-Analysis Technique

Komi E Fiagbe Comment by Owner: This is exactly what I wanted to see Komi. Your literature review should also identify the 20 studies that you want to analyze to give your readers an understanding of what you are doing. I want you to email me all three chapters as we move into the next course.Dr. A Christina Anastasia PH-D Chair

[Committee Name], [Degree], Committee Member

[Committee Name], [Degree], Committee Member

This research proposal explores the link between public perceptions of nuclear power, how those perceptions are formed, and what influence those opinions have on energy policy. These issues are important in light of two realities. First, nuclear energy is declining in its share of global energy. Second, nuclear energy offers what might well be the best…… [Read More]

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Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Words: 1557 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40461408

Electromagnetic Induction in Action: Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The interest in electric cars is certainly not new, but rather dates back to the early 19th century when inventors were actively searching for ways to build cars that would run on battery power only. Despite these early efforts, the internal combustion engine has predominated since that time and it has only been relatively recently that renewed interest in hybrid electric vehicles has emerged. These vehicles operate on battery power, but they can also use gasoline or diesel to augment the limited range provided by batteries only. This paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning recent trends in hybrid electric vehicles to identify the role of electromagnetic induction and to determine the probable future of these technologies. A summary of the research and important findings about hybrid electric vehicles are provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Today, there is a…… [Read More]

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Gallery Furniture

Words: 1712 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 97561663

Gallery Furniture

Founded in 1981, gallery Furniture has worked its way up the ladder in a systematic and well organized way to become one of the highest placed furniture houses in Houston. The founder of this firm is Jim Mclangvale and his name plus that of the organization has become more like an institution in Houston, well-known across the market and known for their ability to save the buyers money upon purchases. The enterprise has two locations in Houston, a fact that makes it one of the leading furniture retailers in Houston and takes up a whole 20% share of the furniture market in Houston. Apart from dominating the market, it also makes one of the highest sales per square foot in the entire nation. Gallery Furniture deals in mattresses of various brands, bedroom furniture, home office furniture, dinning room furniture as well as living room furniture. It is significant…… [Read More]

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What I Learned From This Class

Words: 2430 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43479036

Power Struggle, it would not be wrong to say, is one of the oldest struggles in the world. It has continued through centuries, however the tactics might have been changed. But the end result, the desire is always the same, and that is to be on the apex position.

This desire however has meant that the world has suffered immensely by wars, battles, diplomacy, politically motivated murders and killing. And things have yet to change for the better. WE still live in a world where the race to grab the top position continues and the lies and deceits that surround such a campaign are ever so strong.

The understanding of the Global Relations and World politics, therefore, can only be gained through the understanding of these relationships, termed as International Relations. It is this study that can yield as an understanding of how and why states do what they do…… [Read More]

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Ginger - Smart Basics the Country's Environmental

Words: 1878 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 18425543

Ginger - Smart Basics

The country's environmental factors

This study focuses on a PESTEL analysis touching on the tourism industry in India as encountered by Ginger - Smart Basics Company. PESTEL is a framework of employed in identifying key factors that drive organizational changes in the strategic environment. It entails environmental, legal, technological, social, economic and political factors.

Political factors

Political violence and the public have damaged the tourism industry significantly in the past few years. However, experts within the industry argue that the damage is not long-term. Industry leaders and the government say there is much to do in rebuilding the tattered reputation of tourism. In broad daylight, the world has witnessed scores of terrorist killing masses across the city of Mumbai. Although India has been notorious for orchestrating the political violence, this recent horrific attack was primarily targeting foreigners and travelers. This attack was televised across the globe…… [Read More]

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Youtube on Valentine's Day in the Year

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On Valentine's Day in the year 2005, a group of already wealthy young computer geniuses began their brainstorming and introductory work on a videography platform for the Internet . Similarly to the origination point of the massively successful firm Facebook, the ideation for Youtube began as a system for rating and classifying video material, as opposed to a forum for video sharing. Not long after's registration on February 15th, the group of young men began posting homemade videos of all sorts. The first video posted on the website depicted one of the founding members (Jawed Karim) at the San Diego Zoo with the elephants . Shortly after Youtube's official launch in December 2005, the company and its previously successful group of young leaders (the founders of Youtube were also responsible for the creation of PayPal, which was extraordinarily successful and subsequently sold to Ebay) began attracting some serious…… [Read More]

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Public Administration in Brazil Public Adminstration in

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Public Administration in Brazil


The grassroots and rural development happen to be the main concern and responsibility of any responsive government in a political system. This because the power of political participation is significant in any developmental process of a country which has persistently eluded many people at the grassroots level. Brazil as a developing country needs to take into consideration the significant of efficient administrative responsibilities in all aspects of development. The local governments act a vital tool in promoting development and bringing positive change to the people. Presently the local governments have been mirrored with challenges that have made the entity inefficient to the local people. Development process is insignificant in instances that it does not impact the lives of the people positively in relation to the decision making process.

Public administration in Brazil

The Brazilian government, therefore, main objective of creating the local…… [Read More]

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William Renwick The Content of

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The biosphere consists of all living organisms on the planet. The atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere function collectively to provide he environment which sustains the biosphere. These four spheres interact to create ecological systems. These ecosystems, as they are called, are groups of organisms and the nonliving environment which they exist in.

In the process of living and working in an area, people modify the landscape to suit their purposes or tastes. These are called cultural landscapes. Many geographers maintain that the entire surface of the earth constitutes a cultural landscape, as humans have changed the face of the planet to such a great degree. Some geographers also put forth environmentalist theories, which emphasize the role of the environment in human life. The interaction between humans and the environment is a circular effect- environment affects human life and culture, while humans alter and transform the environment. Geographers have studied the ways…… [Read More]

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2010 World Cup South Africa South African

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2010 world cup South Africa

South African Economy and the World cup

There is no doubt in the fact that the world has become a global village as technology has progressed and travelling has become easier. People now travel from country to country with an ease as if they used to visit a relative.

The globalization has gifted the people the ease to travel miles across to another country to attend and enjoy world events whether it be Cricket World Cup, FIFA, Formula One or the Wimbledon final. This means that whenever any such events are held there is an immigration or movement of a large amount of people to the point of attraction.

Countries have discovered these events as a new way to revive their economy as these events lead to a large amount of foreign spending in their country which in turn generate a lot of income for…… [Read More]

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Farmers Backbone Nation Supported Ensure a Constant

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Farmers backbone nation supported ensure a constant high-quality food supply citizens. Dairy farms, examples, assistance government form subsidies order remain competitive continue supply needed dairy products.

Farmers in today's context

Agriculture is the oldest occupation on Earth and the first and still most important means of supporting life. Agriculture was initially manifested through hunting and gathering of wild fruit and vegetable, to gradually evolve into an organized action of land cultivation with the use of developed tools and techniques.

Up until the Industrial Revolution, the cultivation of land was the most common human activity and the primary source of food sufficiency. Nevertheless, as machines and equipments were developed, as the steam engine was created and as more and more factories were opened, the people migrated from the rural sites to the urban locations, in search of better lives. Agriculture as such was seconded by work in factories, which came to…… [Read More]

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Corn Ethanol the Flawed Argument

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This helps to establish the case that a gap exists between that which science accepts about biofuels and that which politicians present on the subject.

This is complimented by Thornton's (2006) concise detraction of ethanol, this article serves as reinforcement for the recurring case that the process of yielding energy from ethanol is too consuming of time and energy, and thus, should be disregarded as a means to developing an alternative fuel source.


The certainty that the world community must attend with urgency to a transition to a clean-burning and effective alternative fuel source dominates discourse today on oil production and energy efficiency. And there is a dominance in this discussion, as well as in current implementation, of the endorsement of biofuels. A clear-burning energy source derived from the fermentation of sugars found in various plant-cellulous, for some time this has been sought as a possible alternative fuel to…… [Read More]

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Water Pollution in China Fresh

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In the year following that incident, China's State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) announced a five-year plan to address the widespread water pollution issues, committing a budget of 125 billion dollars to that national effort (Pacific Environment, 2006). In 2006 alone, the SEPA responded to 161 emergency environmental pollution incidents, almost two-thirds of which pertained to water pollution (China Daily, 2008).

Solving the Water Pollution Problem in China:

According to Ke Zhang (2006), a senior journalist with China Business Network Daily, Chinese environmental authorities report that "one water pollution incident takes place every two to three days, on average." Most experts agree that the key to addressing the water pollution problem in China lies in increasing law enforcement efforts and penalties for offending entities. Toward that end, the government has initiated a country- wide database designed to identify all pollution sources attributable to violations of environmental regulations (Pacific Environment, 2006).

In…… [Read More]

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Microecon Ethicality in a Globalizing

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For the Mexican people, this indicates a conflict in the claims and realities of globalization. The investment of greater capital and production into the Mexican labor market has promised to bring jobs, wealth and economic robustness to the developing economy. But the opportunity to cut production costs by entering this venue where environmental regulations are weak or in some areas non-existent has inclined the pollution of Mexican air, water and soil. This has not only had terrible effects on the population of Mexico, but it has created a self-perpetuating resistance to the adoption of environmental improvements. The prospects of a global standard in the area of environmental protection is obstructed by the will of those nations and companies which have so much to gain by exploiting contexts such as Mexico. The greatest victim of this behavior are the citizens of nations such as Mexico, which have little to no say…… [Read More]

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Development Theory Brought Forth by

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For me personally, however, the empathy that I develop is directed by my spirituality and inclination to see beyond what is obvious. This combination has been most beneficial for me as a social worker (Robbins, Chatterjee and Canda, 2006; Lesser and Pope, 2007).

Furthermore, the level of loyalty and dedication that I bring to my work is something I am very proud of. As I mentioned earlier, loyalty and dedication are some of the important traits that I look for in my friends and the main reason for this is the fact that these are the traits that I personally vibe-out as well. I feel that as a social worker, perhaps the most important aspect that an individual can bring to work is dedication; as part of this world, u have to truly have a passion for it to be able to withstand the constant setbacks, financial instability and lack…… [Read More]

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International Relations I Believe That

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It has had the most success in stabilizing regions and winning concessions through idealistic policies. The reason for this is simple: ideas and money travel faster than bullets.

Diplomacy may not always deliver the immediate results that the use of force and intimidation may have, but information, ideas and money have much stronger, lasting results. The Cold War ended and Eastern Europe was pacified not because Reagan built more bombs (he didn't), but because Eastern Europeans longed for the freedoms and wealth enjoyed by their counterparts in the west.

The United States cannot be an isolationist nation, and indeed the division of isolationist/internationalist barely holds relevance today. Few nations are truly isolationist. The nature of global trade and travel has allowed for economic and ideological spread to penetrate the borders of all but the most determined nations. A United States filled with new immigrants and trading with the world cannot…… [Read More]

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Remote Sensing Satellite Images and

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This study has also noted that remote sensing and GIS technology play critical roles in the assessment of environments that are not only very remote but that are complex environments to analyze and model however, there are still many issues related to accurate mapping and assessment of glacier via satellite imagery technology. It is reported that the optimal method of accurate mapping and assessment is the combination of remote sensing and GIS technology in combination with field study.


Alley, Richard B., Fahnestock, Mark, Joughin, Ian (2008) Understanding Glacier Flow in Changing Times. Climate Change Perspectives. Bishop, Michael P. et al. (2009) Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS): Remote Sensing and GIS Investigations of the Earth's Cryosphere. Taylor & Francis. Informa Ltd. England and Wales. 10 Dec 2009. Online available at:

Cook, A.J., Fox, A.J., Vaughan, D.G. And Ferrigno, J.G. (2005) Retreating glacier Fronts on the Antarctic Peninsular…… [Read More]

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Clean Development Mechanism Created Power

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Criteria of buyer/investor on project type and location

A huge variety of CDM project locations, types and sizes exists and these are open to potential CDM investors. The national investment climate plus factors at the national level influence decisions on where, what type of projects to undertake as well as whether they ought to be developed as CDM projects. The investor's role in CDM project influences the physical spread of the CDM market. For instance, a technology provider who is offered payment partly via CER revenues may have a broad list of options of potential areas where to locate the project but a smaller choice of project type to engage in. Some funds set aside and intended for CDM funding have been decided upon as intended for specific project types and specific geographical areas. For example, the Spanish Carbon Fund directs its energies towards establishment of CDM projects in North…… [Read More]

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The Man made Risk of Flooding

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Risk of on Floodplains

Flooding is a natural phenomenon, occurring when the build-up in a body of water leads to a discharge which is greater than containment capacity (Paul and Rashid 13). A floodplain is an area located next to the body of water which is usually dry but prone to flooding when the water levels rise beyond the capacity of the river, stream, or other body of water (OAS 1; National Geographic 1). While it is a natural phenomenon, governments and insurance companies view flooding and a risk, with the potential for communities to suffer when flooding occurs, with short-term impacts resulting in damage to property and forcing people out of affected homes, in the longer term there are the potential health impacts with flood water limiting access to essential resources and frequently holding contaminants (Burby 111).

The issue of flooding has become more pertinent with two main factors…… [Read More]

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Planning Strategic Foresight People and

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Communications of future development

Factors regarding future developments can be effectively structured with the creation of scenarios. Potential recipients of such information would be, government decision making organs including department of defense, department of commerce and even institutional managers of organizations (Hammond 1998).

Stimulation of strategic thinking

The process of creating scenarios would make strategic organs in the government to think objectively about the future. Scenario building would therefore act as a catalyst for future thinking (Hammond 1998)

Creation of orientation knowledge

Creation of future scenario blocks acts as a knowledge base for future governments. This usually does not always equate to instant decisions for successive governments regarding certain national issues, but the body of knowledge is always availed to decision making organs when the real need arises. Scenario forecast can there fore be termed as a way of piling stocks of knowledge for future considerations (Hammond 1998)

Disadvantages of…… [Read More]

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History of China's Importance to the U S

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history of China's importance to the U.S., from Nixon's visit to China in 1972 to the present, which contributed to the implementation of Obama's 'U.S. Pivot to Asia Strategy'?

The Cold War represented one of the most important periods in the history of the world. It did not only changed the way in which the political world was configured following the end of the Second World War, but, at the same time, it marked a change in the perspective of the way in which relations among states and international actors are perceived. From this point-of-view, the end of this period marked the beginning of an era in which the political coordinates for international relations were uncertain and lacked a particular direction. The demise of the Soviet Union left the United States as the overall winner in the bipolar struggle. However, the entire state system was thrown into a state of…… [Read More]

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Effective Utilization of Natural Resources for Food Depends on Sound Management Theories

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Food Crisis

Effective utilization of Natural Resources for food Depends on Sound Management Theories

Relationship between the world food crisis and the world financial crisis

According to Howard G. Buffett, an organizer of the philanthropic Buffet Foundation, the world food crisis and the world financial crisis coincided at a particularly unfortunate time. Despite the fact that the financial crisis temporarily caused fuel and thus commodity prices to decrease, the majority of the world's consumers were still "spending 70 to 100% of what you make on food, and the balance of what you don't spend on food you may easily spend on transportation or cooking or producing food in small agriculture, those two things are killers. You have an increase in the problem and a reduction of funds. It's the worst possible scenario" ('The worst possible scenario,' 2009, World Food Programme). The devastation of the global economy and reduced availability of…… [Read More]

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Sustainable Development Debate the State

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This is because resources available within the environment will provide all what is required for the state (Department of Environment, Food & Rural affairs, 2013).

Social sustainability

Many countries are same when it comes to the endowments of natural, human and physical capital. However, there is a difference when it comes to the economic development level that can be achieved in a particular country. There are three types of capital that can determine the economic growth process but in a partial manner however, there is a missing link between the three types of capital which is the social capital. Social capital is based on social norms and bonds which have an important role to play when it comes to sustainable development. Social capital emphasizes on the participation on a civic level as well as a horizontal association among people such as social networks. This is also through associated norms that…… [Read More]

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Strategic Management Jp Kenny London Jp Kenny

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Strategic Management: JP Kenny London

JP Kenny London was "established in 1978 as the original office of the now JP Kenny group, the London office has amassed over 30 years of experience in executing pipeline and subsea projects for clients around the world" (J P. Kenny Ltd. 2011). Its meager beginnings in 19th century roots in the fishing industry have spawned into a multi-billion dollar organization, providing major energy resources.

This report examines the current strategic position of JP Kenny and the strategic options for the future of JP Kenny. By using the (PESTLE) Political, Economic, Social, Technology, and Environmental factors affecting JP Kenny, an assessment of opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses may be ascertained. Hence, such findings demonstrate the direct influence on JP Kenney's sustainability.

JP Kenny experiences a shortage of qualified engineers within the United Kingdom. To overcome this JP Kenny source engineering staff from around the world.…… [Read More]

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Political Economy of Climate Change International Conflict

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Political Economy of Climate Change

International Conflict for Post-Kyoto: Which countries will benefit and lose national interests from the regulation of CO2?

Over the last several years, the issue of CO2 emissions has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because a number of studies are continuing to show how the release of these gases from cars, factories, refineries, power plants and homes are contributing to global warming. To prevent this different conventions and agreements have been signed (such as: the Kyoto Protocol). This was the first concentrated effort in directly controlling CO2 emissions through a cap and trade system. The way it worked is different nations could trade pollution credits with each other in order to remain in compliance with the treaty. The basic idea was to create a marketplace where these caps can be exchanged (in a transparent format). (United Nations Environmental Program, 2008) (Anzar, 2005)

This…… [Read More]

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Free Markets Perspective Examine the Ethics and

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free markets perspective, examine the ethics and morality of 'let capitalism rip' allegation made by British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Guide: 750 words)

The competence or incompetence of free markets and the implications of resource allotment to agents in an economy continues to be a passionately debated topic within economic and political circles. "In reality, markets are prone to inefficiencies when a number of factors arise" (Mendes, n.d.). A key principle of the free market philosophy is that businesses should focus exclusively on maximising shareholder value and not allow other considerations, apart from compliance with the law, to intrude on their business activities. This is what governments over the past 30 years have lived by. And that's what still protects big business from having to pay for its own excesses. The speculative banks, the oil companies, the private equity and hedge funds, all steal from the tax payer with total…… [Read More]

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Automobile Market Conversations and Trend Is Often

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automobile Market conversations and trend is often dominated by branding. Toyota as a brand, has redefined the automobile market. In the year 2010, Toyota's category has made it dominant of the world market commanding 11% of the market share (OICA, 2010). Toyota as a brand is well positioned in the market and perceived as the maker of fuel-efficient models, with Corolla becoming one of America's favorite compact cars. Toyota has continually built new product categories for newly discovered needs in the automobile market.

After World War II, Toyota was focused on making cars as opposed to war machinery and buses. It came up with model SA in 1947 (SoftNews NE, 2008). This model, referred to as "Toyopet" became popular and the name was later used to refer to all sedan models. This was one of the earliest communication strategies adopted by Toyota. Toyota built on this to launch a more…… [Read More]

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Economic Growth of Japan Cross

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This "crippled operations" not only in local businesses but in companies located in the most affected regions that supplied materials for manufacturing. In other words, Japan suffered from a shutdown of many companies that provided certain parts for cars and electronics. For example, the area that was slammed by the tsunami was a "supplier hub" where companies like Hitachi produced special parts -- including a "…$2 sensor that is part of a $90 airflow sensor used in engines for many vehicles" at the Hitachi plant (Rice, 2011, p. 29). But the shortages of certain parts also had an affect on companies in the United States; to wit, General Motors' engine plant in New York ran out of parts (that are normally manufactured in Japan) so it had to shut down its New York and European plants (Rice, 29).

Even the Apple iPad2, which was officially launched to the public on…… [Read More]

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Wind Turbines the Depleting Fossil

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The production of electricity from power plants relying on this varying resource changes considerably. On the other hand the electricity demand does not cope with such variations. (Komor, 2009)

• Other forms of barriers: There are some other obstacles like allowing challenges of renewable power plants and technical hazards with regard to transmission connecting to the plant, higher proportion of capital to operating costs and policy instability. (Komor, 2009)

The prime concern over using renewable energy sources like solar & wind energy relates to dependability, economic feasibility and sustainability, which must be considered thoroughly at the time of erecting as well as during the maintenance of electrical power plants. The Photo Voltaic is applied to enhance solar energy and transform it readily into electricity and the wind generators would convert the mechanical energy to electricity with the help of an electricity generator. Since the Photo Voltaic Cells depend mostly on…… [Read More]

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Poverty and Environmental Issue

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Poverty and Its Effect on Access to Clean Water

Although estimates vary, some authorities suggest that as many as 40% of the world's seven billion people lack ready access to clean water. About half of the world's consumers living in industrialized nations simply take such access for granted, of course, and free-flowing, inexpensive hot and cold potable water piped directly to the home has become a hallmark of modern civilized living. As the debate over how best to address the other fundamental environmental issues that are currently facing humankind such as global warming and peak oil continue, it would appear that insufficient attention is being dedicated to the plight of the remaining disadvantaged three billion people living in developing nations today who do not have access to clean water. Indeed, in what has been termed a "silent emergency,' hundreds of millions of women and children are especially vulnerable to the…… [Read More]