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global warming
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Warming Speech Preparation Outline the

Words: 1646 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45841580

Even [make personal] for those of us living in developed nations, the impacts of acting against global warming are very detrimental

i. [higher pitch, yet calm; almost condescending] small manufacturing firms that are just starting out will not be able to afford the technologies and processes that meet new emissions standards or purchase the credits for excess emissions that are popular parts of most global warming plans

1. This is unfair to small business, giving bigger players an advantage


2. This is unfair to consumers [gesture towards self and audience],

reducing competition and innovation

C. Global warming is just the latest specter created by certain officials to distract the citizenry from the real problems facing the country, like the growing wealth gap and rampant corruption -- it makes people get impassioned and feel like they are doing something without actually fixing the broken system

"Taking action against the misinformation…… [Read More]

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Global Climate Change Is One

Words: 1316 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79825805

Following the Bush Administration's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol in March, the United States declined to participate in these negotiations, which ended with agreement among the parties to proceed without the United States. The United States has indicated it would seek new approaches based on voluntary measures and market mechanisms, but has declined to proclaim a timeframe for a new proposal." (Justus, 3)

The policy approach has been intriguing. The fear of global warming from an increase in greenhouse gases has become a major science policy discussion during the past fifteen years. Seeking solutions to a number of questions -- How much warming is there?...How soon will it affect us?...Should we even worry? -- a growing number of lawmakers continue to argue about the advantages and disadvantages of an active government role in creating policies to address prospective climate change. How tangible is the human-created global warming threat? Another ten…… [Read More]

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Global Domestic Security Threat Impact

Words: 1400 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73547791

Global concerns: Russia, missile shields and cyberterrorism

Thus domestic concerns such as internal instability and even energy scarcity have global repercussions that affect NATO nations. That is why, despite the end of the Cold War, tensions between NATO member and non-member nations remain bubbling so close to the surface. It has not been forgotten by the Russian leadership that NATO was founded to address the security concerns raised by the now-defunct institutions of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Fears of 'Star Wars' shield defense systems were reignited in March when Secretary General Rasmussen, warning of the "looming threat of weapons of mass destruction," made a case for a missile shield system for all NATO alliance states against "unconventional weapons and the missiles that [they] could carry…Should Iran produce intermediate- and intercontinental-range missiles…the whole of the European continent, as well as all of Russia would be in range," he…… [Read More]

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Global Governance Global Civil Society

Words: 2415 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 6748816

In these constructs, the nation-state is seen as the outgrowth of global political arrangements, as global desires for money and power shape the globalizing world (Meyer et al., 1999). But the primary weakness in this paradigm is the fact that a globalized world constructed through political means would be just that, a globalized world, but not necessarily a global civil society. Indeed, such an organization would fail to meet the requirements of an idealized global civil society. In addition, models that stress politics as the driving force of the global civil society forget that the contemporary driving forces of the global civil society are issues that all the world has an interest in, such as global climate change and emissions, terrorism, and the development of nuclear weapons. Further, those models forget the importance of culture and shared cultural values in the world system. Evidence of this is the degree with…… [Read More]

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Global Climate Change the Increase

Words: 991 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85390087

The intentions of the signatories to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights were at least admirable. But such intentions mean very little when application is the issue. Justice and humanity are not always met with an even hand. Potentially, the most adversely affected nations or groups in despair from global warming will be the poorest, least developed and least involved in the causes of global warming. Is this justifiable? I think not.

To address the consequences of global warming one must examine the greatest causes and effects. Fossil fuels, increased transportation in developed nations, wealthy companies and less distribution of wealth creates greater emissions. These emissions, as already stated, create global harm and potential global harm but in particular, drought stricken nations will become dryer, flood areas will become uninhabitable and crops will lessen created a greater food shortage in already starving countries. How can humanity ignore these issues? Survival…… [Read More]

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Global Air Circulation Patterns We

Words: 1136 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 6023546

These jet streams, found over both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, redistribute and influence weather patterns. They have created currents and trade winds which people have used as oceanic trade routes for centuries.

At the other extreme of the spectrum is the Polar Cell, located in the much cooler areas of the Earth. It is located in the most remote regions of the Earth, starting at around the 60th parallel. The Polar Cells are dominated by cold air caused by "Strong radiational cooling near the poles causes polar air to become cold and dense, which in turn causes it to sink," (Washington & Parkinson 2005:17). Cold air becomes extremely heavy and falls back towards the Earth's surface. The cell itself is extremely weak "although it remains detectable in times of averages of the air circulation," (Washington & Parkinson 2005:17). Like the Hadley Cell, the Polar Cell is driven by heating…… [Read More]

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Global Environment Continue to Deteriorate Given the

Words: 2723 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11607557

Global Environment Continue to Deteriorate?

Given the planet's struggling economic and social conditions, the exploding population, the spreading plague of violence, the increasing depletion of natural resources (forests, etc.) and the urgent need for new energy resources, the ignorance towards conservation and sustainability, and the heating up of the planet, there is every reason to believe that the deterioration of the world's environment will indeed continue. That is not to say the planet is destined to be degraded to the point that it will be uninhabitable for human existence. The health of the environment certainly doesn't have to continue to spiral downward. But to the question posed for this paper, yes, the global environment is -- and will continue to be for the foreseeable future -- on a path of dramatic deterioration.

Why is the environment deteriorating? Description of historical / social background

There are many reasons why the environment…… [Read More]

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Global Economy and Political Spectrum

Words: 1489 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24346132

Since global warming is now a widely accepted scientific theory, many countries realize the need for a remedy to this problem. Global warming is unique, because it potentially affects all nations and all peoples, and in turn, all economies and political structures (Paterson, 1996). There exists an intense need to solve the problems associated with global warming, or, at least begin to mitigate the results of global warming in order for the global community to continue to function smoothly and relatively peacefully.

The problems associated with global warming were brought on by nearly every industrialized nation in the world. Therefore, every nation has a stake in the solution. Whether or not these solutions are mutually beneficial is of great concern, since they affect everyone. Therefore, countries have begun to develop policies regarding the way they intend to handle this problem, and the changes they will make accordingly. Some countries have…… [Read More]

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Global Climate Change

Words: 1255 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59732677


Evidence Supporting & Opposing Global Climate Change

Global climate change persists a hot point of contention on an international scale. This subject went from ridicule, mockery, and doubt to massive grassroots and nonprofit movements, heated debates, and media headlines. Though there exists scientific research that dates back into the mid 20th century regarding impending climate change, the subject was not take seriously by massive audiences until the 21st century. At first the debate over global warming was whether or not it existed. While the existence of global climate change continues to be debated, the debate has evolved and branched into a new direction -- whose fault is it and strategies for counteracting or reversing the damage.

When public figures such as former Vice President Al Gore began speaking publically regarding global climate change, average people as well as experts & professionals across fields, did not take these claims seriously.…… [Read More]

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Global Ecological Civilization Essay

Words: 1466 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array


The global ecological crisis is the largest challenge which humanity has ever had to face (Gare, 2017). Besides, abusing the natural resources, our present method of consumption and production of goods, all modeled on economic production and not based on bio-capability, is jeopardizing the living conditions of humans, yet simultaneously changing the social foundations of human beings. International threats and dangers evolved when the social fabric of the ecological and social system exceeds and supersedes its environmental counterpart. Global environmental or ecological threats and dangers are not just social-psycho constructs created for promoting a new method of social regulation on the people. They are the result of an economic development model wherein environmental deficiencies are being shared by everyone, while the financial benefits would be helpful to some and it shall change our planet for a considerable period. The most probable global cataclysmic threats and dangers seem to emerge from human actions,…… [Read More]

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Global Business Communication Global Communications

Words: 1787 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84014202

Furthermore it has become critically necessary to be equipped technologically in handling today's increased IT demands for business communication.


Video Conferencing (2006) GlobalMedia. Online available at:

Hart, Amy (2001) Global Communication Warming - The CEO Refresher. Online available at!warming.html.

Martin, Jeannet S. And Chaney, Lillian H. (2006) Global Business Etiquette: A Guide to International Communication and Customs. Online available at

Global Business Support: Creating the Infrastructure for International Business Communication (2006) Nova's Communication-Based Business Activities. Online available at

Jarvenpaa, Sirkka L. And Leidner, Dorothy E. (1998) Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams - JCMC 3 (4) June 1998. Online available at

Global Alliance Joins the Organization of the World Congress on Communication for Development (2006) Global Alliance 5 July 2006 Online available at

Business Communications Applications on Any Network (2005) Avaya White Paper May 2005.

Avaya White Paper, "New Era of Intelligent…… [Read More]

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Global Environmental Issues and challenges

Words: 1059 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96861088

Global Environmental Issues
Organisms have to deal with both abiotic and biotic factors to succeed living in a given environment. Such physical and chemical environmental conditions as salinity, light, wind, pressure and heat, constitute abiotic factors. Biotic factors include the whole set of biological conditions that a species faces including the abundance of both predator and prey, space available, food availability, inter and intra species competition (Sherbinin, Alex de et al. 1). The relationships of interdependent nature among and between the living organisms; also referred to as the biotic aspects of an ecosystem can be classed in terms of whether they are harmful or beneficial to a given species. They may also have no effect on a given organism in focus. Human-environment interaction leads to changes and shifts in the global environment via a series of associated causes. These causes change the environments in certain ways to the extent of…… [Read More]

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Politics of Science - Global

Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75864632

But global warming advocates and skeptics have both fallen afoul of scientific facts. The author of an Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore was forced to remove a slideshow from a presentation on global warming "after the Belgian research group that assembled the disaster data said he had misrepresented what was driving the upward trend. The group said a host of factors contributed to the trend with climate change possibly being one of them" (Revkin 2009). Conservative anti-global warming columnist George Will wrote a column that was attacked by the scientists whose research he used to prove the absence of climate change -- they said their data showed the area of the ice shrinking, not expanding, contrary to Will's statements in his column (Revkin 2009).

Reality tends to be more contradictory than slanted political platforms: "Some regions of Antarctica, particularly the peninsula that stretches toward South America, have warmed rapidly in recent…… [Read More]

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Rapid Growth of the Global

Words: 1457 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65023170

The term "hockey stick" was given to this controversy by Jerry Mahlman, a climatologist who described a patter that is relatively flat to 1900 (the shaft) and then a sharp increase after 1900 that corresponds to the blade (see above) (Climate Legacy, 2004). This graph has been the key piece of evidence in views supported by the United Nations and IPCC regarding greenhouse gas emissions and environmental change.

Arguments against using the Hockey Stick as the only answer to climate claim that it is taken out of context when it comes to global climatic time. In addition, graphing the last 150 years causes, what some scientists say, is noisy data in which relatively minor changes appear to be over exaggerated because of the template of the graph. This, called small-amplitude variations, may be true from an empirical sense, but have little meaning statistically when dealing with macro-science like climate (Von…… [Read More]

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Peak Oil the Global Oil Industry Covered

Words: 1019 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26946651

Peak Oil

The global oil industry covered all of Earth's continents in search of oil, and the limited results that they found prompted geologist M. King Hubbert to declare an impending peak oil situation; but the prospect of peak oil has not been reached more than 60 years later, and in fact, the rate of new oil prospectus has been growing in the past decade. The reason for this is sheer innovation; from the ground to the pump, in achieving further gains from existing oil fields, and opening up entirely new regions of untapped oil.

The first new technology since the 1950s is the least exciting, but cheapest option. It is the practice of using steam and gas in existing oil wells in order to loosen the hardened oil that is not easily pumped out in a liquid form. This technology has been used effectively in oil fields like the…… [Read More]

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Capitalism and the Global Environment

Words: 4224 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78844650

Capitalism and the Global Environment

A framework has been formed by capitalism according to which the world is not responding to the environmental changes. Capitalism produces (or is formed by) a number of environmental changes and lays down the foundation for the social relations and for all the political institutions. This thus demonstrates our potential to respond to the changing environment very efficiently. But still the learners of global environmental change do not frequently pass on to capitalism directly (Newell, 2011).

Capitalism, although unrevealed mostly, dominates in almost all academic discussions related to global environmental change. However, in spite of all this development of rhetoric and policy considerations concerning new green deal known as the 'greening' of capitalism, the need is of a variant capitalism which has the potential of handling the climate change specially (Porritt, 2007). At the same time, the one which is less susceptible to instability and…… [Read More]

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Climate Change Global Climate Change

Words: 1083 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70367310

2009). At the same time, a careful scientific study that attempted to account for the natural temperature cycle of the Earth, which is mainly driven by oceanic currents, found that even with natural variability accounted for the trend in the twentieth century has been an unrelenting warming trend (Swanson et al. 2009).


These results lead to varying conclusions regarding the causes of global warming and the effects it will have on both the environment and the global economy. The modeling studies seem to suggest that the economic impact of transitioning to lower carbon emission in developing countries, though still considerable, is definitely manageable and even advantageous in the long run from cost savings to rural and developing communities (Urban 2009). In addition, the economic ties between carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels and economic growth that are stressed by many political economists appear to be less direct…… [Read More]

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Carbonica Global Warning

Words: 583 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 62600603

Non-Profit Organization for Global Warming Cause: Carbonless

In this brief proposal, the aim of our non-profit organization, Carbonless, will be identified; the financial plan will be proposed. Carbonless would like to fight against global warming by planting trees and distributing the environmental awareness. Global warming is a bleeding wound of twenty-first century; therefore, there is an urging need for an organization bringing people together to plant trees and give workshop and lessons to inform people about the cause. Internet technologies, physical building, workshops and training would help us to reach people to stop, if not decrease, the global warming and increase the numbers of trees.

Nowadays, as a result of rapid growing online technologies, the internet is reachable to everyone. The reasonable price, bundled services with cable TV and telephone brought the internet to almost every house. Most people change their paper reading habits to internet news. This change in…… [Read More]

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Climate Change and Disease Global

Words: 1387 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60389332

As a result of the aforementioned factors, problems have developed that need to be overcome. The best way to describe this situation is by comparing the increase of the rate of infectious disease to the fluctuation in temperatures; a connection needs be established between the two. Being able to control the diseases once they have already infested areas that are not accustomed to dealing with them is the major problem that needs to be resolved. Climate change changes not only the temperatures, but the ecological state of the earth's natural resources (NRDC). A shift in this can cause for carriers of diseases to be able to sustain the life of the disease itself. Once these resources are established and the sustained growth of an infectious disease is established, it can become nearly impossible to get rid of. Once the disease has arrived, getting it under control and informing the public…… [Read More]

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Native American Solutions to Global

Words: 3989 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 88592524

Wile human beings have always exploited one another, and even looked down upon the so called "other," never before was it possible to claim as a matter of objective scientific fact, that other peoples were simply not "human" and thus could be treated as little more than farm animals. Of course looking back now, it is clear that these racialist theories were nothing more than pseudoscience, and justifications for exploitation, yet they illustrate how powerfully seductive the new science was to human beings. Further, it can be argued that the project of modern science as illustrated by Bacon, meant not only the harnessing of nature for human ends, but also seeing other peoples as mere fauna to be similarly harnessed. In essence, the whole world was to be turned into a "New Atlantis" where everything would come under a monolithic civilization of machine like efficiency and precision, all to the…… [Read More]

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Sustainability What Is Required to Stop Global

Words: 1711 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 60427710

Sustainability: What is required to stop global warming and other negative consequences of industrialization?

The need for businesses and governments to be sustainable enterprises is one of the most talked-about subjects in the media today. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): "Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations" ("What is sustainability," EPA, 2012). For most of us, we pat ourselves on the back for our sustainable efforts when we engage in relatively simple, low-stress actions such as recycling and buying green products. This demands little 'cost' of us, other than time. However, advocates of the Deep Ecology movement and other radical…… [Read More]

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Technology and Global Exosystem

Words: 2489 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32847362

Technology and Global Ecosystem

An Analysis of the Implications of Technology and the Global Ecosystem

The 21st century promises to usher in innovations in technology that cannot yet be imagined, and the advancements to date have provided many in the world with unprecedented standards of living. Improved methods of transportation and communication, combined with more leisure time than ever in which to spend it has resulted in many people developing a keen appreciation for technology and what it promises for mankind; an unfortunate concomitant of these innovations in many parts of the world, though, has been an intensive assault on the globe's ecosystem in an effort to bring emerging nations into line with the productivity being experienced in the developed nations of the world. As a result, a debate over whether or not technology threatens the integrity of the global ecosystem has emerged in recent years, and pundits warn that…… [Read More]

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English as the Global Language

Words: 2993 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81265468

Dovring makes a good point when she says that it is difficult for a person to free their self of their own communication realm (Dovring, 115). However, Dovring goes on to say that individuals who are required to learn a language other than their own for purposes of communicating with others, can cause them to become victims the language they acquire (Dovring, 115-116). It can, Dovring says, alter not just their language, but their personality too (Dovring, 116). Dovring equates forcing a second language upon another culture as cultural annihilation, and suggests that it is tantamount to suppression and oppression as was experienced under communism (Dovring, 115-120).

Again, when we consider the need to overcome the obstacles that are facing the world today - and they are very serious obstacles - Dovring's arguments are weak. Developing English as a universal language is possible, and it is possible to do this…… [Read More]

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Political Economy of Global Environmental Problems With

Words: 2477 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91597369

Political Economy of Global Environmental Problems:

With the increasing globalization measures, there are various environmental problems that have continued to affect the entire world. These global environmental problems have affected almost every society in the world because of their impact on the earth's natural processes. Some of these environmental problems include climate change, acid rain, water pollution, depletion of the Ozone layer, destruction of rain forest, overpopulation, and sustainable development. One of the most common features in all the global environmental problems is the fact that each has causes, various impacts, and a solution.

Climate Change:

This is one of the major and widely known environmental problems that are largely caused by human activities that emit greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere. Based on recent analysis by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it's estimated that the average surface temperature has increased by 0.6 degrees Celsius. The increase in the…… [Read More]

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global

Words: 2914 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 86916127

Some trades are much more environmentally difficult than others, and the WTO should consider upholding sanctions that are justified by the MEAs that have already been put into place (Singh, 2009).

If the WTO refuses to work with governments to ensure that MEAs are also taken seriously, it would be difficult to determine whether the MEAs have any place or any relevance at all. If there is no strength behind them and they are not taken seriously, what value do they have? What purpose do they serve? Originally, they were designed to protect the environment. However, if they are being overruled by the WTO at nearly every turn, they are no longer able to do what they were designed to do when it comes to making sure the environment is not sustaining lasting damage because of the way goods are being produced or the ways in which they are being…… [Read More]

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Geographies of Global Change 1

Words: 2794 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35757888

Loans needed to buy the equipment and seeds create indebtedness to Western banks. Western professionals are needed to intervene and to manage. The productivity of monocrops (e.g., rice or maize) undermines other native crops. Routledge writes, "The project destabilized traditional farming methods, which further rationalized the use of new technologies from the West, and the displacement of traditional foodstuffs by the HYVs" (316). The whole agro-food system has damaged the soil fertility and made dependent the poorer nations, who are compelled to use the seeds of the manufacturers and their means of industrial growth (fertilizer, experts, credit, etc.). People are viewed as irrational and a hindrance to progress. State control over natural and financial resources consolidates the power of the national ruling party who serves the interests of transnational corporations. Routledge writes, "In the process, traditional subsistence economies and their associated cultures are being destroyed; people face displacement from their…… [Read More]

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Human Activities on Global Climate

Words: 3322 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7492424

A closer look at a soap bubble basically reveals swirling colors that are usually in motion with the forces that keep these colors swirling being likened to those that create weather. The weather is moved around by very delicate forces which are the variations between cool and warm areas and their slight variations in constituents. Similar to the complexity of these processes, it's difficult to understand the nature of human influenced climate change.

Carbon dioxide and methane which are primarily greenhouse gases are the derivatives of industrial activities. These greenhouse gases basically gather in the atmosphere and bring changes in the way the earth absorbs and discharge heat. One of the major examples of the effect of these gases is Venus than is hotter than Mercury regardless of the fact that it is farther from the sun. While human beings didn't create the greenhouse gases on Venus, the effects of…… [Read More]

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Globe Is Warming Or Is It Policy

Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27586974

Globe is Warming. Or is it?

Policy makers and climate scientists have for the last couple of years maintained that based on available evidence, our planet is warming. The increase in global temperatures has been blamed on, amongst other things, the sustained release of green house gases into the atmosphere. Scientists warn that if nothing is done, average global temperatures will continue rising going forward -- with devastating consequences. However, as much as claims of global warming seem realistic, there is evidence to the effect that global warming could just be yet another scientific claim founded on scant and perhaps erroneous data.

Indeed, during the last one century, "the average global surface temperature has risen by about 0.74C" (BBC, n.d.). Experts attribute this trend to the rising levels of harmful gases in the atmosphere amongst other factors. Thanks to the increase in the said temperatures, there are claims that the…… [Read More]

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Risks of Global Transportation

Words: 2464 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84820115

Toxic Contaminations from Transportation

One of the most dangerous perils of global transportation that remain unknown to many is toxic contaminations from the various modes of transportation. Rail, sea, road, air and pipeline transportation are wellsprings that discharge toxic contaminations as gases and particulate issues producing harm to nature and human wellbeing. The modes of transportation discharge toxic contaminations through emissions of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the world’s ecosystem and the environment. According to Awadallah & Fini (2013), global transportation accounts for a significant portion of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions despite the steady decline of these emissions in the past two decades. Based on recent surveys, transportation is the fastest growing source of these gases in the United States.
Rail, sea, road, air and pipeline transportation emit greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels that in turn increase in the release of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s…… [Read More]

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Demands Being Placed on the Global Transportation

Words: 1391 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13716982

demands being placed on the global transportation industry are creating unprecedented requirements for international commerce during a period when peak oil is being approached and the need for more environmentally responsible alternatives has become especially pronounced. The responses to the varied needs of the global transportation industry have included research and development of alternative energy sources as well as innovative supply chain management approaches that make global transportation more efficient and reduce energy requirements in the process. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to develop a current overview of the global transportation industry and the challenges it faces in the future. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the paper's conclusion.

Global Transportation Challenges


Innovations in telecommunications have contributed to an increase in global transportation needs as international commerce and business-related travel have grown significantly in recent years. At…… [Read More]

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The Global Auto Parts Industry Outlook

Words: 1516 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82773265

auto parts industry on a global level and highlight potential opportunities as well as problems facing manufacturers. The industry has undergone a number of significant changes in recent years, including the globalization of automobile use in developing world nations such as China and India. Environmental concerns and regulations have also impacted the industry.

Global Industry Selection

As car use becomes more and more ubiquitous throughout the world, the significance of the global auto industry will increase exponentially. To better understand developments within automobile manufacturing, it is also essential to better understand how components of automobiles are sold and sourced internationally. Just as automobile companies are subject to radical shifts in consumer demand, so are the organizations which manufacture auto parts.

Industry Description and Competitive Environment

The auto parts industry is more competitive given the current downward pressure upon prices. American consumers are growing less enamored with high-cost luxury vehicles and…… [Read More]

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Terrestrial Resources at a Global

Words: 1567 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43090427

This would require the full support of government and state authorities to punish those who break the rules. For instance, officers should patrol the forests and severely fine the tourists who leave trash in the nature. Also, a radical change should come from the multinationals, which should respect stricter environment protection rules and should pay drastically when breaking these rules. The first point in this direction would be achieved once the population has an environment education and would then punish and ban the organizations which break these rules. With a damaged reputation and customers refusing to purchase their products, the corporations would have to reconsider their actions. Then, the second direction would appeal to the good will of the people and would state that the good deeds relative to the natural habitats are a social duty of each and every one of us. Therefore, if these two courses of action…… [Read More]

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Best Leadership Theory for the Rapidly Changing World and Diverse Global Culture

Words: 2448 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78175704

Leadership Theory for the Rapidly Changing World and Diverse Global Culture

With the increased competitiveness in the international business world it has become very important for the businesses to be accommodating enough so that they could operate in a successful manner in places with different norms, ethics, attitudes and culture. Today it is very important for the business managers to have an accommodating attitude towards the various local cultures and try to take part in the events of the local community that their business is working in, in order to increase the successfulness of the business (Gannon, 2004).

An important thing in running and managing business on an international level requires the management of multi-cultural workforce in a successful manner, along with this it also requires for the managers to bring variety to the services being provided by them according to the needs and wants of the people of that…… [Read More]

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Arctic Warming

Words: 654 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63308027

Siberian Peatlands

Roach, John. "Melting Arctic Bogs May Hasten Warming, Study Says." National Geographic News. Dec. 1, 2004

In this article, Roach interviews leading experts on global warming to look at new trends, focusing on an area in Siberia. He reports that although Earth as a whole is warming, the Arctic seems to be warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, which may have significant effects on the planet as w whole. Places where warming has accelerated are called "hot spots." An area in West Siberia holds the largest peatlands in the world. Peatlands have specific attributes that may affect global warming.

Well-functioning peatlands may act as "carbon sinks." A carbon sink is an area of land where the vegetation uses excess carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere (Ramanujan, 2002). When peatlands function well, they have abundant vegetation to use carbon dioxide in the process…… [Read More]

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Evolution of Global Governance

Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 437379

21st century experienced many changes. Some of which related to political and civil unrest and terrorist attacks. The issues surrounding global governance and the outcomes of such problems in the present day have sparked the interests of researchers and analysts. They have come to a better understanding. With closer integration of nations worldwide through globalization, greater need for collective action arises. Although globalization increased within the last decade, it is greater in terms of economic globalization vs. political globalization. Even in most recent years, development of an international rule of law has not truly formed. Instead, certain rules, like the WTO rules governing worldwide trade, are extremely unfair. "…they have been designed to benefit the developed countries, partly at the expense of the developing countries" (Stiglitz, 2004, p. 2).

In order to address specific issues when it comes to global governance, it is important to approach international problems in a…… [Read More]

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Gillis and Broder 2012 Outlines That Global

Words: 402 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99357525

Gillis and Broder (2012) outlines that global emissions of carbon dioxide were at a record high in 2011 and likely to achieve new highs again in 2012. The article is interesting because it points out how human societies have failed in their efforts to enforce the treaties that they put into place. While there have been negotiations to curtail the growth in global warming, there has been little appetite at the governmental level to implement the measure that would bring about any change in the level of emissions.

Human activity has been the cause of significant global warming, and there are serious side effects on the environment that are destructive to human activity. However, our societies and politicians have hesitated to take action. The use of coal, a major greenhouse gas contributor, is increasing. While human activity has caused significant damage to the environment, and this activity is mainly conducted…… [Read More]

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Glacial Melting Though Global Acclimate

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Island nations may be beautiful, but their isolation makes them vulnerable to outside forces that increasingly threaten their survival. Rising sea levels linked to global warming could submerge some altogether. Tuvalu, a West Pacific nation whose peak height rises just 5 meters over sea level, could be uninhabitable within 50 years, some experts say. A similar fate could also doom the Maldives, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, and Tokelau. Of all the threats facing island nations, the rise in sea level could be the most the early 1990s, satellites began generating more comprehensive profiles of global sea level. Thanks to these orbiting systems, scientists now know that the average global rate of sea level rise has increased 50% during the last 12 years -- up to 3 millimeters per year from a 50-year annual average of 2 millimeters,...NASA..

Schmidt 605)

When we discuss this issue we often slide back to…… [Read More]

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Is AAPL Doomed by Imploding Global Market

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Apple and a Working Capital Loan

Apple (AAPL) will seek a working capital loan in order to heighten its dividend payment to shareholders. Although Apple is cash rich, a large portion of its capital is held in offshore accounts and to repatriate those holdings in order to benefit shareholders would require Apple to pay a significant tax on those holdings, which can be avoided by taking on new debt to fund the new dividend payments (Ehrman, 2013). The economic context in which Apple is thus taking the loan is one in which wealthy corporations are taxed in the U.S. at a tax rate that is among the highest in the industrialized world, which prompts many companies to seek tax havens abroad (Ehrman, 2013). However, there is a still greater economic concern that should be considered at this time -- and that is related to the economic implosion of 2008, in…… [Read More]

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Exxon Mobil Global Business Environment

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Sociocultural Aspect of Exxon Mobil

The clustering of countries based on their cultural values has the ability to bring about an understanding of the differences and similarities across cultures. This would be beneficial to any company that is trading globally and would like to replicate the success of its domestic market globally. Exxon Mobil currently has six country clusters namely North America, South America, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia Pacific (Berger, 2013). The country clusters share factors like religion, language, political boundaries, and economic systems, which makes it easy for the company to leverage its marketing and sales across the clusters. The United States is the domestic market/environment for Exxon Mobil, and it is clustered together with Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean/Guatemala in the North American cluster.

The main sociocultural factor that would affect Exxon Mobil in their global environment is language barrier. The country clusters have a…… [Read More]

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Leadership Sustainability in Leadership Current Global Occurrences

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Sustainability in Leadership

Current global occurrences have posed a great challenge to the continued existence of living things on earth. At this stage in the history of man, humanity is struggling with a lot of challenges; and these challenges are not restricted to region or race. Problems associated with climate change, increased rate of poverty, inconsistent democracy, and lack of justice and fairness in society are common to all nations. At this critical moment, there becomes a vacuum to be filled with urgency by leaders whose sole desire and purpose is to salvage the earth from total destruction. The world needs leaders who possess strategies to effectively combat these challenges and lead their followers into lifestyles that are self-sustaining. Leaders who could bring about this much needed sustainability to our environments are regarded as Sustainability Leaders.

Purpose of Sustainable Development in Modern Leadership

Leadership in the traditional setting is,…… [Read More]

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Warming the Fatal Flower the Onset of

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The Fatal Flower

The onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 1750s in England radically and permanently altered the relationship between people and the climate

The steam engine was a key driver of the Industrial Revolution.

Interchangeable components and mass production allowed for a proliferation of technology.

This growing affluence resulted in population explosion. Railways were invented and lands around the world were colonized, bringing technology transfer and allowing for population explosions in those countries as well

In 1958 at Mauna Loa, HI, the first measurements of atmospheric CO2 were taken and since then CO2 has continuously increased.

By 1989 all models agreed that some level of action was required to avoid a global temperature rise of between 1.5C and 4.5C by 2050.

Part Two: Secret of the Deep

All over the world, people either live lifestyles that emphasize conspicuous consumption or aspire to living those lifestyles.

These consumption…… [Read More]

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

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Global warming is one of the most contentious political issues of our times. It was famously dramatized in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and remains a hot-button topic of debate. The majority of unbiased, legitimate scientific research supports the existence of human-generated global warming, although the question of what to do to slow the rate of escalating temperatures remains far from settled in the arena of politics. According to one recent review of major scientific publications, 97-98% of "the climate researchers most actively publishing in the field & #8230; supported the basic tenets of ACC (manmade global warming) established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" (Blakemore 2012).

The earth's climate and temperature has always been unstable, and there have been periods when overall temperatures have increased or decreased in the earth's history, before modern industrialization. But climate changes after the Industrial Revolution, particularly those since the 1980s, have been…… [Read More]

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Changing Weather Patterns

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Global Warming

Climate change has proved to be a controversial subject over the past decade. Every time you turn on your television or when you are reading the newspaper, you must always come across something new about climate change (Depledge, J. 2004). Climate change is basically based on science, the understanding of earth's climate system revolve around scientific knowledge that is obtain from the electromagnetic radiation, non- linear, fluid dynamics, physical chemistry, ecology among many other aspects.

In tackling this issue of global warming there are unique chances that arises in the minds of atmospheric scientist, our friends, neighbors and family members is ask, is our climate changing?. The records of temperature from the weather station all around the world are the most appropriate place to get the information on whether the climate is changing. Climate is the average weather condition over a period of 20-30 years or more (Oberthu-r,…… [Read More]

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Amazon Rain Forest

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Global warming, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and our quality of resources like air and water are all controversial topics today. Many people say that the benefits of industry and exploration outweigh the environmental costs, like fewer rain forests or the extinction of species. Others say that these environmental resources ought to be conserved, even if it means scaling back industrial operations like mining, logging, or production. And although the many individuals who illegally destroy parts of protected regions are fined or punished otherwise, there are hundreds, at least, who are never caught (Mirabella 1997).

The Amazon rain forest is one of these areas which is so debated; there are definite, tangible profits to be made through its deforestation and the cultivation of industrial pursuits; however, there are also marked costs in destroying or harming this natural resource. This paper will briefly examine a few of the harmful…… [Read More]

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Is Anthropomorphic Climate Change Real

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Global warming, or more accurately, climate change, is the phenomenon that has been scientifically observed over repeated studies that the planet is experiencing warming and changing climates at a pace much more rapid that has been observed in any prior era. The increase in the pace of the climate change has been correlated with the coming of the industrial age, and in particular with the mass adoption of fossil fuels. The burning of hydrocarbons to create energy unleashes a chemical reaction that ends with carbon entering the atmosphere, where it then traps solar radiation in the atmosphere, leading to the warming process. This paper will outline this process and the evidence supporting the fact of anthropogenic global warming.

Observations of Climate Change

The first step in understanding climate change is understanding how it is determined to be occurring. Weather is an observable phenomenon, and over a long period of time…… [Read More]

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Earth Passed Through Various Processes

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They eat on ice and they give birth on ice. So if ice will disappear for a significant part of the year, these animals will be lost. The number of polar bears has already started to decrease and that is due to global warming. Scientists believe that although polar bears are great swimmers and they can swim for long distances, they drown because the number of ice sheets is becoming lower and lower.

Another arctic animal that is affected by the global warming is the walrus. Scientists discovered in summer of 2004, in the Canada Basin, a number of lonely walrus caves. They were swimming alone, far away from shore. Until then, scientists did not see walrus calves swim so far away from the shore in the summer. But because of the ice melting and the warmer temperature they need to look for food far away and let their pups…… [Read More]

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Behavioral Changes Reducing the Effects

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Why the huge disparity in viewpoints when the science has been empirically established for twenty years or more? Journalist Bryan Walsh references sociologists from Michigan State and Oklahoma State Universities (Riley Dunlap and Aaron McCright, respectively), who say there has been a "well-financed effort on the part of conservative groups and corporations to distort global-warming science" (Walsh, 2011). In the book written by Dunlap and McCright (the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society) they assert that global climate change science has been "assaulted" by fossil-fuel corporations, conservative think tanks" for over twenty years.

Hence, in conclusion, one way to spread the word to consumers and citizens is to battle back against the propaganda that seeks to deny the truth about climate change. In addition, very simple changes in lifestyles (using CFLs, taking the bus, hanging clothes out to dry, keeping the car tuned up, and sealing up leaks and…… [Read More]

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Wrong With This Picture The Viewpoint Being

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wrong with this picture?

The viewpoint being espoused expresses some wonderful ideas but fails to take into consideration the basic selfishness of man. Expecting the kind of cooperation and dedication that would be necessary to accomplish what is being suggested in this scenario is highly idealistic. It would require the putting aside of both national interests and personal interests on a scale much larger than that necessary for the United Nations to operate. Suggesting that this might be possible is unrealistic. Rather, the more reasoned approach is to allow the natural markets to develop.

In the short-term, the world's energy supply system will remain essentially as it is for the next several decades except that the demand in growth will continue due to sustained modernization in China, India and elsewhere. This means that new sources of oil and other energy sources need to be developed alongside strides in energy efficiency.…… [Read More]

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Future Predictions for the Role of Our Technology

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global warming seems clear. Europe has been sizzling for the last few summers, in buildings and in an infrastructure ill-equipped for sustained 90F degree weather. The polar ice caps are melting. The maple syrup industry, dependant upon the cold has moved from increasingly sultry Vermont to Canada. Weather systems are growing more severe, and there are greater seasonal fluctuations in temperatures as the climate becomes less stable. Finally, average global temperatures are eking up, slowly, year after year.

Environmental Pollution

The difficulty of addressing the issue of global warming is that it requires a global effort. For one nation to have an environmentally friendly policy is ineffectual, as a single nation cannot clean the atmosphere of the entire globe, no matter how 'green' it becomes. This means that political enemies must compromise, even if they have other differences of policy. But the problem of the developing world remains. Nations like…… [Read More]

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Prisoner's Dilemma and the Fight

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Prisoner's Dilemma situations are more common than some might actually think they are, as most people often come across them in their daily lives. Given the fact that Axelrod has a background in political science, he observed that PD is frequently encountered in the U.S. Senate. Senators are accustomed to helping out their colleagues, as they are perfectly aware that their assistance will materialize in their colleagues repaying them. The help that U.S. senators provide to their colleagues ranges from trading votes to attracting voters for them. One can actually claim that reciprocity is one of the most important factors in the U.S. Senate (Axelrod, p. 5).

However, it appears that matters in the senate were not always like this, and, that just a few decades ago senators seemed more willing to support concepts like deceitfulness and falseness instead of assisting each-other. Surprisingly, people in the U.S. Senate have become…… [Read More]

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Political Issue and Tourism Over the Years

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Political Issue and Tourism

Over the years, there has been concern over the fats shifting weather pattern occasioned by the global warming. Extreme and erratic weather conditions have been experienced in almost every part of the world. This essay will review the literature that is available on the definition of Global warming, the causes of global warming, effects of global warming on the community and nations, what the government is doing to stop global warming, as well as what Non-Governmental Organizations or Non-State Organizations are doing to stop global warming and finally what should be done to stop global warming.

The essay will also review the impact of global warming and community of Nations on tourism and how the changing weather patterns have impacted on the tourism trends from the human perspective as well as from the flora and fauna perspective. This will show how global warming has affected the…… [Read More]

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Environmental Issues

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Environmental are vital to the survival of the human beings, animals, and plants in relation to the planet earth. One of the essential environmental issues across the globe drawing critical debate is the aspect of global warming. This relates to the rapid increase in the levels of temperatures thus realizations of the droughts and famine because of climate change. One of the major causes of global warming is human activity. The concept of industrialization is an essential part of the development in the context of the 21st century. It is essential to note that industrialization is one of the major contributors of the increase in the level of carbon or greenhouse gases. This contributes massive towards the essence of global warming or climate change thus the need for the adoption and implementation of accurate and extensive measures towards the limitation of the level of greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere.…… [Read More]

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Social Ecology of Health Promotion

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Social Ecology of Health Promotion

Module 05 Question 01: explain the rationale behind the federal government's approach to regulatory containments in food.

The federal government's approach in relation to the regulation of the containments in food, aims at protecting the consumers on food insecurity through elimination of food pathogens. It is the role of the government to enhance the health system and conditions of its citizens through adoption and implementation of various rules and regulations in relation to the containments in food. The food supply of the United States integrates multi-faceted production system and delivery components. Some of the critical or essential components of this system include production, processing, preparing, packaging, labelling, distribution, and consumption of the food components (Fortin, 2011).

There is a risk in relation to the concept of each stage of the food supply system in the context of the United States. This makes it ideal for…… [Read More]

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Risk Crisis Disaster Management

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Risk Crisis Disaster Management

Managing the problems related to global warming is quite different than responding to a damaging earthquake albeit both strategies require careful planning and coordination. This paper points to the contrasts between the two ways of management and response, and offers suggestions from the literature on pre-planning for both eventualities.

Managing Strategies for Serious Earthquakes

To say that a major earthquake that hits in an urban area is an acute crisis understates the problem, especially when an enormous amount of damage has been done. In Japan, one year after the calamity of a 9.0 earthquake and a devastating tsunami, some 300,000 people remain homeless and are living in temporary shelters. No amount of earthquake planning could have prepared Japanese officials for this kind of disaster. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reports that some 50,000 prefabricated homes have been built by the Japanese…… [Read More]

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Strategy and Policies of the

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This is important, because physics has allowed the combustible engine to provide the world with a cost effective solution for traveling long distance. Sadly, the electric car can only be used for short to medium distances. Then, there is another potential problem that could be developing with the lithium batteries that are used, where China control 95% to 100% the resources for these batteries (lithium). This is problematic because they could restrict how much they are exporting (which they already have) to ensure that there is enough supply for the country to meet its own internal demand. (Bryce 2010)

Despite this dire news, there are increased effort within the industry to support the use and development of such new technologies, to work in conjunction with the combustible engine. An example of this support for such technologies can be seen by the fact several oil companies hold the patents on several…… [Read More]

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Climate Change Media the Center

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Where the paper once debated policy options -- which reasonably could include doing nothing -- it now uses intellectually deficient arguments riddled with logical fallacies to debate the subject. The tone has gone from one of applying academically-accepted economics to undermine the policy prescriptions for dealing with climate change, an approach that is intellectually honest but hard to follow for those without an economics background, to simplistic arguments that are much easier to understand but are lacking in intellectual rigor.


There have been changes over the years with respect to how climate change arguments are framed. For much of the debate in the past fifteen years, the Wall Street Journal has staked out an editorial position as climate change skeptics, but its news coverage reflected balance. The tone of the writing was in general sober and professional. It is only in the past couple of years that a distinct…… [Read More]

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Human Activities Contribute to California's

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"One possible reason," he says, "for this is that most models don't include factors such as irrigation which can influence regional climates," meaning that the increase in large-scale irrigation during the 20th century has not been accounted for in current meteorological models. Bonfils adds that researchers have found "empirical evidence that irrigation has a large cooling effect on local summer daytime temperatures but minimal effect on nighttime temperatures."

David Lobell, one of the authors of the study issued by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, declares that "If this hypothesis is verified, the acceleration of CO2 emissions combined with a leveling of irrigation may result in a rapid summertime warming in the Central Valley in the near future." Exactly how this complex scenario will work itself out in the near future is not currently known, but as Bonfils sees it, "The 21st century may be less climatically complex than today" and that…… [Read More]

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Polar Bears Gone Climate Change

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Language Arts

Writing - Standard 4: Gathers and uses information for research purposes.

Reading, Standard 7: Uses reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of informational texts.

Listening and Speaking -Standard 8: Uses listening and speaking strategies for different purposes.

Standard - Uses viewing skills and strategies to understand and interpret visual media.

Standard 10 - Understands the characteristics and components of the media.

Thinking and Reasoning

Standard 1 -Understands and applies the basic principles of presenting an argument.

Standard 2 -Understands and applies the basic principles of logic and reasoning.

Standard 3 -Effectively uses mental processes that are based on identifying similarities and differences.

Standard 6 -Applies decision-making techniques.

Estimated Timeline -- Weeklong lesson integrating all aspects of classroom issues, including art, math, science, social studies, reading, spelling, etc.

Materials Needed

Internet access for research, viewing, and stories

The Heat Over Global Warming (

King of…… [Read More]

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Sea Level Impact on Venice

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Alaska is experiencing a tourist boom of those who want to see glaciers before they disappear. One Hostel in Switzerland is welcoming up to 800 people per day, twice their normal capacity. The guests hope to watch a rock the size of two Empire State Buildings collapse onto a canyon floor about 650 feet below when the glacier which is holding it up finally melts. Meanwhile, they watch boulders the size of buildings roll down the sides of the Eiger, a mountain which has been held together for eons by permafrost. This is just one example of stories of resorts either losing or gaining clients as a result of the glaciers losing up to a tenth of their volume in a year. Today the ice occupies a third to half the volume it did in 1850 (Reuters, p. 1).

Sea Level Rise (1 reference)

All over the world, coastal cities…… [Read More]

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Car Pollution and Environment

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Car Pollution and Environment

Global warming is a topic that has received a great deal of attention from around the world because this issue needs to be addressed before it is too late. The climatic changes that are taking place are an alarm for bigger disasters. Needless to say, the main cause for global warming is the accumulation of greenhouse gases that are being emitted in the environment. As there is an increased need to fix this situation, the environmentalists and some other groups of people are working together to work out the ways in which the emission of these gases could be decreased to a minimum so that the earth can be saved and ozone layer can be prevented from further destruction. However, this is not an easy task as there are hundreds and thousands of sources from where these gases are emitted, something of them have not even…… [Read More]