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Media Events and Political Actions Shaping The Government

Words: 1279 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71695409

Civil Rights
In the American government, several civil rights events have been discussed to show how they influence a sense of social responsibility. On July 2, 1964, are when the American civil rights legislation law was enacted, and this Act managed to outlaw discrimination issues based on issues like sex, race, national origin, and religion. From this Act, people were given the right to be politically and socially free thereby fostering equality. For example, the Montgomery Bus Boycott became the turning point for the African Americans because they would soon enjoy the freedom of movement and influence other civil rights groups globally. Parks saw an opportunity, and she was determined to stand against the unfair laws imposed on African Americans (Kenney, 2015). After Park's arrest, the yearlong boycott started and directed towards the racially segregated city buses. The protesters persevered through the unrelenting pressures from county courts, city hall, and…… [Read More]

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Power Leads to Corruption In

Words: 1864 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12004407

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Fraud and Corruption Threats to NGOs and Nonprofits

Words: 442 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 79770513

Combating fraud and corruption in nonprofit organizations (hereinafter alternatively “nonprofits”) and/or non-government organizations (NGOs) is an especially challenging enterprise because of the nefarious methods that are used and the corrupt practices that extent to the highest government levels that are endemic to many of the countries served by these organizations (Menzel, 2009).
Main Points to be Addressed
1. What types of fraudulent and corrupt practices are most common in nonprofit organizations? For example, although nonprofit organizations are vulnerable to many of the same types of fraudulent and corrupt practices experienced by other public and private sector organizations, asset misappropriations are by far the primary factor. In this regard, Zack (2009) emphasizes that in nonprofit organizations, “More than 80 percent of all reported frauds involve some form of asset misappropriation. And, to no great surprise, the asset most frequently misappropriated is cash” (p. 7). Despite cash being the most frequently…… [Read More]

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Cricket Fix Corruption Political Patronage and the

Words: 502 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36703522

Cricket Fix

Corruption, Political Patronage and the Need for Reform of the Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB)

Corruption in professional sports carries significant implications beyond the sport itself. Nations, regions and populations attach a great deal of importance to athletic competition and particularly to the notions of honor, integrity and sportsmanship. So recent revelations of match fixing in cricket have shaken the sport to its foundation.

Particularly, evidence of match fixing in Pakistan is forcing the sport to examine its conscience. According to the transcript emerging from an investigation into such events, gambling odds-makers are guilty of an historically persistent pattern of corruption. CEO of the International Cricket Council (ICC) between 2001-2008, Malcolm Speed indicates that "the same bookmakers who were there in the late 90s, who were corrupt then and were seeking corrupt players, they're still there."


Today, the game is troubled by mounting allegations that players have accepted…… [Read More]

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Participation in Government

Words: 1922 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47319475

Patriot Act

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States by violent fanatics, the federal government passed legislation which was designed to protect American citizens and to prevent further deaths. One piece of legislation, Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, more simplistically known as the Patriot Act, has been at the center of vehement debate on both sides, in support of and in opposition of the document. Among the many provisions of the act, some of the most contentious include: reduction of restrictions of law enforcement agencies, allows the Secretary of the Treasury to regulate financial transactions, and gave further powers to law enforcement and immigration officials in allowing them to detain, arrest, or deport immigrants who have been suspected of terrorist activities (Schulhofer 2005,-page vi). Following 9/11, there was a national grief over the tragic events and…… [Read More]

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EPA Corruption at the Top and Response From Below

Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57355073

Guerrilla Government and the EPA

Guerrilla government within the EPA grew out of a response to various failed administrations, which were led by men who did not approach their leadership position with the type of virtue and character that those passionate about the environment and the organization would have preferred to see. Thus, under Russell, for example, the EPA had become a shell of what it was supposed to be, with Russell using EPA funds for self-pleasure and even blocking clean-ups and environmental action for occurring as in the case of the smelter complex in Idaho (O'Leary, 2014, p. 61). The ethics issue that Russell violated was his lack of transparency, which resulted in dishonesty among the administration and a failure to live up to the expectations of the mission of the EPA by getting in bed with big business instead of holding business's toes to the fire and demanding…… [Read More]

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Medieval Corruption

Words: 2322 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67634629

Medieval Europe and the Evolution of the Church State

How Constantine's Deception lead to a Holy Roman Empire

And the virtual collapse of the Christian church

The Decline of the Roman empire and the rise of tribal powers

Constantine and his "conversion" o

The Edict of Milan grants legal rights to Christians


The Council of Nicea The first church council conducted under the governmental oversight of the Roman empire.

Diocletian reorganized the empire in attempts to rebuild a workable chain of command, and political structure which would defuse growing political power struggles. Persecuation of the Christians is reignited.

Thousands of Germans cross the Rhine into the Roman Empire

Romulus Augustus, the last Roman emperor in the West is deposed and the Roman empire is officially ended.

500-1000: Early Middle Ages [ or Dark Ages]

565-750: Christianization of Britain begins


565: Saint Columba begins his missionary work among the…… [Read More]

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Legalizing Drugs the Government Creates

Words: 1877 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37845826

It is because policemen may succumb to corruption; especially when their salaries are minimal and the money earned by drug dealers are immense. The legalization of drugs will eliminate such acts of illegality.

The government and elected officials have a significant amount of say and rule as to what passes as a law and what does not. Such representatives are to symbolize and stand for what the people want. However, with so many voices and opinions of how certain issues should be and what should be ruled as legal, conflicts arise. Controversy is heavily shrouded in the dilemma around the legalization of drugs, and whether the government should permit the legal selling, purchase of narcotics like alcohol and tobacco. If such law is passed, the government and its citizens are affected economically, judicially, medically, and socially. Economically, the government is able to receive billions of dollars in revenue and reduce…… [Read More]

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Bush Government Policy in Haiti

Words: 1716 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12067848

S. military to stabilize the violent uprising by the 'opposition' thugs, many of whom were former members of the Duvalier-era military or members of the death squad known as the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, who were responsible for a multitude of human rights violations during the three years following the coup d'etat in 1991 (Water pp). Moreover, Waters and others want to know why the Bush Administration refused to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the crisis, and forced Aristide, "who had agreed to a peace plan worked out by the international community, to resign and leave his country" (Waters pp). Prior to Aristide's departure, Bush's only concern was to make sure that all Haitian refugees were turned back at sea before they could reach the U.S. (Waters pp).

Works Cited

Hallinan, Conn M. "Haiti: dangerous muddle." Foreign Policy in Focus. March 08

2004. Retrieved October 29,…… [Read More]

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Corp Gov UAE Corporate Governance

Words: 2120 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79913915

Clearly, he companies engaged in this practice were operating with direct intention, and a roper governance system would have made this obvious and prevented it.

Software Spying

In another telecommunications case, a company was found to have included spyware in a company-sponsored "software upgrade" to users' cell phones, that enabled the company to collect confidential information from users' phones without their consent (Khaleej Times, 2009). Not only is this practice clearly unethical, but it is also illegal despite a lack of stringency in the detection of such crimes and the prosecution of large-scale corporate offenders such as telecommunications companies. Again, greater transparency and internal control would have allowed this practice to be discovered much sooner, and the risk of discovery almost certainly would have prevented this action from ever occurring. Corporate governance works best when it is so strong it is only rarely and usually accidentally tested; when purposeful actions…… [Read More]

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Era 1890S-1920s Coincided With the Republican Government

Words: 987 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29468160

Era (1890s-1920s) coincided with the Republican government that followed the defeat of William Jennings Bryan and the gold standard and culminated in the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the Great Depression. Like all progressive movements, any progress that was made was in a direction favorable to a small majority -- in this case Wall Street and the WASP elite, who during this era kicked off a eugenics campaign against "undesirables" such as foreign (Catholic) immigrants and African-Americans. Other causes of the Progressive Era were prohibition and women's suffrage. This paper will analyze the effect of the Progressive Era on society and government.

The Progressive Era essentially started with the watershed year in which the Democratic Party split and McKinley gained the White House. A new age of politicking was ushered in with McKinley's campaign fund raising tactics, led by Mark Hanna, who saw a flood of corporate dollars lift…… [Read More]

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Bre-X Corruption

Words: 1833 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 25528088

Busang River of Gold

Bre-X is a notorious case of fraud in the mining industry, which makes this case all the more interesting. Set in the mid-90s, years before the fraud was uncovered, the case (also written before the fraud was uncovered) focuses on the strategic options that the CEO of Bre-X, David Walsh, has in dealing with a crisis at the company. Bre-X claimed that they had a property in Borneo that contained the world's largest gold deposit. In 1995, the reserves were believed to be around 10 million ounces, and the amount only increased from there. The ability of the company to exploit this claim was constrained by two key factors. The first is that the company lacked the capital to exploit a deposit this big. According to Walsh, the principals at Bre-X were convinced that they would be taken over by a major producer in order to…… [Read More]

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Bangladesh A Country With Terrible Corruption

Words: 814 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55820948

Pakistan and Bangladesh

The theme of these articles is a lack of dependable democratic stewardship, and leadership, which includes failure to respond to citizens' needs due to social chaos and civil unrest. Bangladesh is mired in political corruption; Pakistan is engaged in jihadist-related civil strife and has struggled historically with floods, hostility and distrust vis-a-vis India and Afghanistan -- in part due to the use of "relentless propaganda" (Khan, 2010).

In the Khan article Pakistani relations with the U.S. have been strained due to the U.S. support of India, and yet the U.S. needs a strategic relationship with Pakistan. Pilling's article shows that Pakistan has attempted to help the U.S. By disrupting the Taliban and the Green / Bokhari piece reflects that six million people were impacted by floods. Jones points out that the enclaves between India and Bangladesh are "inherently misrepresented/underrepresented" (Jones, 2013). And Mahmud writes that there is…… [Read More]

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European Economic Crisis Greek Government

Words: 4697 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3149597

European Economic Crisis -- Greek Government

This paper provides a deep insight into the European economic crisis and the events which eventually lead up to Greece debt crisis. It explains the causes which were responsible for the chaotic and poor financial situation currently prevalent in Europe. It also analyses the current tools used for stabilizing the situation in Greece and the shortcomings in them. It also highlights certain steps and measures which can be taken in improving the current scenario.

Occurrence of Greek Debt Crisis

Core Causes of Financial Crisis in Greece

Extensive Money Borrowing at Low Interest Rates

Misrepresentation of Public Records

Inappropriate Business Environment

Inefficiencies in the Public Sector

Greek Domestic Policy Responses to Debt Crisis

Austerity Measures

Structural Reforms

Financial Assistance from Eurozone Member States

Financial Assistance from IMF

5. Pros and Cons of the Greek Debt Crisis Issue 12

Prospective Solutions for Dealing with the Debt…… [Read More]

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How Greek Philosophers Would View the Government of the Founding Fathers

Words: 1385 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15433364

Plato and Aristotle on Individual Liberty and the Declaration of Independence

Plato and Aristotle would respond to the statement of "rights" in the Declaration of the Independence with less enthusiasm or support for the notion than one might think considering they are the classical philosophers of the city known for its democratic politics. However, these philosophers looked at the role of citizens in government not so much as "rights" that were to be given as duties that were to be fulfilled. The notion of "rights," for example, puts the individual at the forefront of the question of the State, whereas what Plato and Aristotle understood is that when discussing the State, the heart of the matter is the common good -- not the individual -- and thus it is an issue of what each person owes to the State in order to effect the common good. This is evident in…… [Read More]

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Labor Standards for Government Contracts

Words: 532 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64493052

Labor Agreements (FAR Part 22.5): Applicable laws

There are three major labor laws which affect government construction projects. The Davis Bacon Act stipulates a specific wage floor for all workers, namely that "no laborer or mechanic employed directly upon the site of the work shall receive less than the prevailing wage rates as determined by the Secretary of Labor" for that particular area ("Subpart 22.4: Labor Standards for Contracts Involving Construction," 2). This ensures that a contractor will not profit off a government contract by paying an unfair, substandard wage to its employees. The Department of Labor is responsible for making general wage determinations based upon type of occupation and other aspects of the project. Wage determinations can be appealed if they are deemed to be in error. "If a contract is awarded without the required wage determination (i.e., incorporating no determination, containing a clearly inapplicable general wage determination, or…… [Read More]

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Urban Govt Over a Century

Words: 1488 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84839316

Patronage jobs allowed local and regional businesses to flourish, offered political viability for minority groups, and ensured welfare services that state or federal funding would not have provided.

However, urban machines also colluded with organized crime, created impenetrable legacies of city boss cabals, and fomented corruption. Voters cast ballots based on the spoils system, diminishing the relevance of democratic freedoms. The patronage system also boosted special interests and prevented businesses from thriving independently of the machine. Around the 1920s, muckrakers began exposing the inner workings of the urban machine. Progressive politicians championed legitimate social welfare reform at the local level, speaking out against government corruption and collusion with big business (Caswell 2001).

The Progressive movement helped to eliminate or at least to diminish the scope of urban machine governments, even though Chicago's would persist well into the 1970s. In other cities like New York and Boston, the strong mayor system…… [Read More]

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Salinas Pri Carlos Salinas De

Words: 6480 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47465403

This, of course, would represent one aspect of the resentment served to Salinas. The other aspect would be the significant impact of the economic crisis and the continued devaluation of the Peso. These things reflected on the ineptitude of a party seldom challenged as it should have been.

To most, the failures effecting the whole of the nation had marked the need for a hastening of democratic reform, which would in turn reflect quite negatively on the candidacy of the PRI candidate. In an article dated to 1988, it was characterized thusly, with report stating that "the Institutional Revolutionary Party on Sunday designated Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the budget and planning secretary in the present government, to be its presidential nominee. Getting the nomination is tantamount to being named president. The PRI, as the party is universally called here after its Spanish initials, has ruled Mexico for six decades. As…… [Read More]

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The 2007 Election in Kenya

Words: 737 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71446168

With the rise in popularity of Raila Odinga, who is a member of the Luo tribe, it was felt that a more populist government might be in Kenya's future. Thus, when Kibaki was declared the winner under what many considered suspicious circumstances the frustrations of many years percolated into mass violence.

The violence that erupted was the result of a lack of ethnical pluralism within Kenya. As pointed out earlier, Kenya has been ruled essentially by members of the Kikuyu tribe since Kenya's declaring of independence in 1963. The other tribes inside Kenya have been anxiously awaiting to take part in the Kenyan government and with the rise of Odinga it was felt that this would occur. Unfortunately when it did not years of frustration led to violence. In order for this to be avoided in the future efforts must be made to increase ethnic pluralism, that is, an increase…… [Read More]

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Wasta Spreading Qatar Community Wasta Means Connections

Words: 1536 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16294368

wasta spreading Qatar community

Wasta means, "connections, clout, influence or favoritism comes from an Arabic root (w-s-T) conveying the idea of 'middle', and a wasta is someone who acts as a go-between." Wasta is referred to 'vitamin w' enabling an Arabic citizen to obtain what he/she needs and helps them to resolve problems and conflict. It is evident that wasta has a long history of managing relations through mediation and interception. While acting as an intermediary, the wasta gains honor, but the person receiving the favor incurs a debt of gratitude that might have be repaid in the future.

Wasta is becoming one of the leading and killer social diseases in Qatar community. This has been attributed to the fact that wasta, just as any deadly virus, is attacking and feeding on the key structures that make Qatar community to function. Therefore, it has put the existence of Qatar community…… [Read More]

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Revolution Education and Modernization Revolution Education and

Words: 897 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12429769

Revolution, Education, And Modernization

Revolution, Education and Modernization

Is revolution an acceptable way to change government? Why or why not?

In 1776 the founding fathers of the United States faced a situation where this question was paramount among the interests of their fellow countrymen:

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation" ("The Declaration of Independence," 1776).

History shows that when the needs of a society are not being met revolution is generated from outside the existing system since it is that system that is perceived as…… [Read More]

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Contracting Officer Integrity in Business

Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58948729

The government official has a legal as well as an ethical responsibility to put the interests of the public first, as a public servant. To fail to do so will result in greater cost to the taxpayer, and perhaps even an inferior product. This type of waste takes money away from other, more worthy public projects as well, including aid to the poor.

Government contracting officers have unique responsibilities and special, additional privileges as a result of their duties: "Of all government personnel, only a Contracting Officer has the authority to enter the government into a binding contract. He or she will be the one to sign the final contract agreement, and only a Contracting Officer has the power to change the terms of the contract" (Government contracting personnel: Understanding roles played, 2011, ONVIA). The contracting officer is thus acting on behalf of the entire government, and has unique powers…… [Read More]

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Constitution Although the United States

Words: 541 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9221663

Government corruption is encouraged by unrestrained financial contributions by lobbying groups.

Members of Congress continue to force legislation that has proven to be fraudulent, such as the Cap and Trade legislation.

An inspector general was improperly fired, which violated a law he co-authored.

Members of Congress and other leaders show a tendency to ignore questions regarding these issues by the public.

Legislation such as the U.S. Patriot Act tends to ignore certain provisions by the Constitution. By signing it into law, the president and lawmakers are therefore in violation of the Constitution.

Amendment IV, for example, state the right of citizens to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Patriot Act, on the other hand, provides government with the power to search and seize without probable cause when any suspicion of terrorist occurs.

Amendment VI holds that the accused in all criminal cases have the right to a speedy…… [Read More]

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Brazil's Old or First Republic

Words: 835 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18733318

This "new" middle-class was frustrated with its lack of participation or even access to Brazil's politics. They began a movement and demanded a place in the nation's government. Organized unions and strikes by various groups and dissidents encountered intense repression from the government.

Propping up Brazil's Inequalities

There existed a "two-faced" political system in Brazil that took shape at the beginning of the twentieth century -- a "Jekyll and Hyde" government. First, there existed, supposedly, the official system of the constitutional United States of Brazil; then there was the actual system of unwritten agreements among local bosses, or, as they were referred to -- the colonels. Coronelismo it was called, and it stood up for autonomy of the individual states. By another name it was labeled the "politics of the governors." Under it, the local "patron-client networks" chose the state governors, who in turn selected the president.

The wealthier and…… [Read More]

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Bureaucratic System as it Is

Words: 1064 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22366580

" It is additionally stated that the results of corruption are that public resources are channeled to the rich while the poor suffer because "their access to public services, such as public health and education, is reduced while drugs and textbooks are stolen from public facilities and sold privately and while doctors and teachers have high rates of absenteeism from their public jobs and sell their services privately." (Bonn, 2005) Bonn reports that the faith of citizen's in the government is greatly lowered as the government corruption deters both foreign and domestic investments which are needed in Bangladesh and that the government further 'undermines the ability of Bangladesh's development partners to sustain their support for the country."


Mauro (1995) made an examination of the results of corruption through use of the Business International (1984) index and growth rates of per capital GDP spanning the years from 1960…… [Read More]

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International Criminal Organizations

Words: 2566 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57505316

International Criminal Organizations

Over time, Mexico has experienced significant growth in crime levels -- something that has led to an increase in criminal activity not only in Mexico but also across the entire region as well. In this text, I concern myself with the rise of international criminal organizations in Mexico. In so doing, I will amongst other things explain the role poverty and/or corruption has played in the creation of fertile ground for organized gangs and how the Mexican government has responded to the rise in criminal activity. Further, in addition to evaluating the effect of the said criminal organizations on the stability of the nation as a whole, I will also speculate over what the situation in Mexico means to the United States from a national security perspective. Recommendations with regard to how the government of Mexico should respond to the situation will be offered at the end…… [Read More]

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Defense Information Systems and Wikileaks

Words: 1553 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88384935

Information Technology in the Era of WikiLeaks
The protection of America’s secrets, military information, data obtained through surveillance, and so on has been a top priority since Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks came on the scene. Julian Assange, now under arrest in England, and wanted in connection with the Manning hacking of federal documents, is the emblem of the information wars being conducted in the Digital Age. For some, Assange is a hero; for others, particularly those with authority in the State, he is an enemy. On the one hand, Assange, Snowden and Manning represent the need and right of the public to know what its governments are doing in the face of so little transparency today. On the other hand, they represent the threat to the security of the State and its defense information systems. This paper will discuss the ethical issues related to the use of…… [Read More]

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Juan Peron

Words: 2288 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36575577

Juan Peron's Presidency

Juan Peron is one of the Argentine Presidents who had made a mark in the history of Argentina. A military who had never been in politics, Peron run for president in Argentina's 1946 election. With ideal political schemes in improving the living standards of the Argentines, which was specifically focused in uplifting the poor and working class's living conditions, Juan Peron won the 1946 election with 56% votes (Your Encyclopedia).

Peron's victory brought forth a new type of government known as the Peronism. Peronism was seen by many as a humanitarian form of government that looked into the needs of the poor. It appealed to the lower classes because it expected and promised to achieve national economic changes that will transform the Argentines into living better lives. The Peronism government had planned to industrialize Argentina. A great number of labor unions were formed while hoping that there…… [Read More]

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International Development Studies One of

Words: 1675 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36072663

The extent of historical American involvement will also be considered.

In term of qualitative data, surveys will be conducted of demographic groups in the United States and Iraq. These groups will be approached by mail, email, or telephone. Survey questions will revolve around each person's understanding of democracy, the democratic process, and whether the respondents believe that the American government is currently promoting either or both. Finally, respondents will be asked for any suggestions to improve the democratization process in Iraq and countries similar to it.

Ethics and Limitations

To ensure the reliability of qualitative data, respondents will be allowed to remain anonymous when submitting their completed survey. They will also be assured that no data will be published individually, or without their prior consent. Consent forms to used their data will also be made available for respondents to sign.

Limitations could involve the unwillingness of citizens to respond honestly…… [Read More]

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Fear by Andrew Graham-Yooll Who

Words: 1011 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56185108

79), probably as succinct an explanation for the fear, loathing, and bloodletting as there is in his book. Civil conflict also grew out of "personal emotions," the author explains. Nearly everyone it seems got into the act, including those who "set out to avenge a militant blasted to bits by a grenade" -- and the casualties grew as various groups "ordered an increase in terror" as a strategy to maintain power over those "of the wayward in their faction" (p. 79).

Though he was a newspaper reporter, and very interested in the guerrilla movement and the government corruption as a political dynamic, Graham-Yooll (p. 43) -- and a witness to the release of a kidnapped high-visibility individual (Jorge Born) -- Graham-Yooll remarked, "The frustrating thing about journalism is that often you know less about a story for being at the center of it."

One story Graham-Yooll did know about was…… [Read More]

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Mao Zedong - Hero or

Words: 2225 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24011013

This was mostly carried out as an attempt to further instill fear within the Party, and to remove anyone that Mao considered to be a potential rival. Mao used the Red Army as his tool for the 'Cultural Revolution' relying on the ideologies of the young members to drive them on (Rogaski, 2007).

Through 'The Cultural Revolution', members of the Red Army were given the permission to create chaos and lawlessness across the country. In effect this created a similar situation to that which had been the case with governments under the Qing Dynasty, which brought China around full-circle. In the end it can be seen, therefore that Mao did not succeed in removing the corruption which he had aimed to rid the country of, but in fact created huge losses of life in his attempts to do so.

During 'The Cultural Revolution' Mao elevated himself to the status of…… [Read More]

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Mass Communication Between the People and the Communities

Words: 1676 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93201511

public by the politician (negative or positive)?

An important part of getting the message across in political campaigns is an approach referred in as 'framing' (a psychology terminology). Individuals listen and hear the speech logic, but they do also respond, albeit subliminally, to the manner in which the issues are presented. The motif of one of America's top speechwriters, Frank Luntz's widely acclaimed book on public speaking, 'Words that Work', hits the nail on the head: it is not about what you say, it's about what the people hear. What are the key words that speaker wants the electorate to 'hear' from a speech and from his campaign in general? Saul Alinsky, a far left activist of United States, featured this idea in his infamous work: Rules for Radicals: in which he stated choose your target, freeze it, make it personal and then polarize it (Crawford).

A classic framing approach…… [Read More]

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Czech Guerilla Marketing in the

Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Introduction Paper #: 33497918

As disagreements in the party grew, the right-leaning members of the party split off to form the TOP '09 party, with a platform promoting fiscal restraint and regulatory loosening that would encourage free market growth and the prosperity of industry and private citizens (Gardner 2010). Next, the party had to make itself known to the public.

Marketing by the TOP '09 party has shown some significant differences from the strategies employed by other parties in the 2009 election and in previous elections in the Czech Republic. This has been a necessity for the party given its platform of change and difference from the other "standard" and larger traditional political parties in the country; especially given modern social and technological trends, a change in the methods of message delivery is at least as important as changes to the messages themselves (Gardner 2010; IRI 2010). It is for this reason that this…… [Read More]

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Perception and Actuality Are Many

Words: 2445 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55570506

The world's largest economy has seen much since the financial crisis of 2008 began the role toward the precipice in terms of the Wall Street corruption. Transparency president Nancy Boswell maintains that it is an "integrity gap "(Graham, 2010).

However, this author will identify a different issue. Indeed, this author's view is very long and will take a historical approach in order to prevent another Great Depression, the Congress under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt separated Wall Street investment banks and regular depository banks. This took away the potential to make incredible profits from trading mortgage-backed securities whose ratings were artificially high. These encouraged banks to take what otherwise would have been intolerable risks in the form of bad loans that were later termed "toxic debt." Under this regime, people were obtaining home loans too easily (known derisively as "liars loans") and that exacerbated the decline once it started (Krugman).

In…… [Read More]

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Russia and IKEA

Words: 10166 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 14209892

Corporate Diplomacy: IKEA and the Russian Market

A Communication Strategy of Multinationals in Relation to Host Governments

Corruption in the Russian Market

One of the main issues IKEA faced when it attempted to get into the Russian market was corruption (Heath, 2010). Because of the level at which that corruption took place, IKEA publicly rallied against it in an effort to change some of the problems that appeared to be so inherent in Russia's political system (Meyer, 2011). The corruption was something likely seen in other markets, as well, but not as blatantly as it was seen in Russia. IKEA's slogan in Russia was "Now Everything is Possible!" (Heath, 2010). That made sense in many ways. It sounded good in Russian, it spoke to the economic and political resurgence the country was experiencing, and it also related to the large number of items that can be found for sale in…… [Read More]

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Mexican Drug War Mexico Is

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Drug gangs also target priests across the country who preach against them. More than 1000 priests across the nation are threatened by the drug mafia. As Garcia, one of the priests in the village of Jacume Yards, which borders the U.S. says, "They don't like it that we preach and criticize them. They threatened to burn me and my family alive," [Lizbeth Diaz]

Mexico -- U.S. (a coordinated Approach)

The huge demand for drugs within the U.S. And the easy supply of Arms are two of the important factors that drive the drug cartels in Mexico. This implies that only a coordinated approach involving the active participation of both the governments would be effective in controlling the drug cartels and drug related crimes. President Calderon and former President George W. Bush worked out the 'Merida initiative' which was passed in the U.S. congress in 2008. As per the Merida initiative…… [Read More]

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Privatization Appropriateness of the Presentations in Evaluating

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Appropriateness of the Presentations

In evaluating the two research papers presented for this assignment, it will involve determining the appropriateness of the papers, the literature review presented in the papers, the methods employed, the quality of the data analysis, along with readability, relevance and the contribution each paper makes towards the question at hand: is privatization the best solution in Nigeria?

Owolabi Bakre from the Brunel Business School in the UK argues that in the process of rescheduling its debt (which was $30 billion owned to Western creditors as of 2002) with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Nigeria's problem was hijacked by the IFC in its contentious -- and much criticized -- "structural adjustment programs" (Bakre). Basically Bakre is attacking the Nigerian government and basing his arguments on scholarly points he makes throughout his 62-page paper.

To wit, Bakre is opposed to privatization of publicly owned enterprises. He uses…… [Read More]

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Wasta Has a Long History as a

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Wasta has a long history as a way to manage relations through mediation and interception, but has implications as being a measure of corruption for both citizens and government officials. Citizens use wasta to get what they want from politicians and to make their decisions for them instead of taking responsibility for making their own decisions. Government officials use wasta to gainfully employ family and tribal members as well as to gain Parliament votes from citizens.

An Arabian blog viewed wasta as, "Friend of the bright lawyers and enemy of the ordinary, and virus plagued the community (Ocha). Instead of wasta working to promote people to independence, it is promoting people to be lazy and dependent by solving their problems and meeting all their needs for them. Wasta takes responsibility and the right to live independently away from citizens by doing everything for them. If wasta would teach them how…… [Read More]

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Export Business Plan

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Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Phones

Purpose-Why has the plan been written?

The plan has been written in order to guide our mobile phone export business. Cell phones in Moldova are rapidly overtaking land phones as many cellular phones now provide Internet access and cell phone computers. SMS, MMS and broadband are becoming standard features on cell phones. Nonetheless, mobile phones are expensive in Moldova and not everyone can afford them. Furthermore, although Moldova has made great lines in improving their technology in the telecommunications area, there is still line for improvement. Cellphones need to be upgrade to a 4G level. At the moment they are ranked at 2G and 3G. Moldovan Cellular Phones can find their niche by exporting refurbished cheap mobile phones to Moldova, introducing cheap policies and incentives, and providing Moldavians with quality mobile phones at competitive prices. The potential for success is huge.

Table of contents-…… [Read More]

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Kava Can Mean a Multitude

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There is significant concern that the Kavan people will willingly sacrifice their environment for our money, but the impacts of such would be devastating. We must incorporate environmental training into all training and also into our relations with government. We will also need to listen to the concerns and expertise of the Kavan people with regards to their views on environmental stewardship.

A final recommendation is that we work with the Kavan government to institute best practices. We want the Kavan government to take advantage of the opportunity our presence affords them to learn and to help develop the rest of their economy. We do not, however, wish to be seen as a source of handouts. We need to work closely with the Kavan government to ensure that our development strategies are not undermined by corruption or by adoption of the worst of American business practices.

To implement these strategies,…… [Read More]

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Child Sex Tourism Consent in Human Trafficking

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Child Sex Tourism

Consent in human trafficking

Child prostitution

Bias in the application of police discretion

Failure to identify the victim in human trafficking

Push and Pull Factors

What theories explain trafficking in India

Measures to control

Prevention measures

Investigations / Prosecutions

India is regarded as the one of the source, transit, and a destination country for the bonded labor and child sex trafficking. The ranking of the country has been Tier 2 W. since 2005 and stayed constant until the 2010. In the year 2011 and 2012 the ranking is Tier 2. The ranking system reflects the compliance ranking of the Trafficking Victim Protection Act (TVPA) standards in the country. The tier one reflects complete compliance with the standards. However the tier two is regarding the countries that are not complying completely with the TVPA but making significant progress in terms of their implementation. The tier 2 W. denoted…… [Read More]

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Assessing Economic Performance

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Country Comparision

Assessing Economic Performance

The United States vs. China: An economic comparison

Increasingly, the threat of world dominance by China is used as a 'scare tactic' to raise alarm about the faltering place of the U.S. In the world economy. However, while the U.S. faces major challenges, China also faces considerable obstacles in its upward economic trajectory, particularly given its low levels of personal spending, dependence upon exports and with political concerns about its human rights record and government corruption.

The United States remains one of the most powerful nations in the developed world. Its per capita GDP is $49,800. However, this figure alone does not explain the entire 'picture' of the U.S. economy (USA, 2013, CIA Fact Book). There is a growing divide between the very poor and the very rich which could lead to problems such as political unrest, resentment, and insufficient demand for goods and services.…… [Read More]

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Philosophy - John Locke the

Words: 1269 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50257099 will find his portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, but demand is insufficient for a postcard to be on sale" (Goldie, 2004). But today Locke's writings are used by a diverse assortment of organizations to bolster or justify their positions. The National Rifle Association (NRA) ( uses the 137th paragraph of Locke's Second Treatise on Government as an authoritative source to bolster the NRA's position on the right to bear arms. "Whereas by supposing they have given up themselves to the absolute arbitrary power and will of a legislator, they have disarmed themselves, and armed him to make a prey of them when he pleases," Locke wrote.

The John Locke Foundation (,a think-tank in North Carolina, uses their perceptions of Locke's philosophy to promote a conservative agenda; for example, the group is opposed to the "costly, immoral, and destructive welfare state," and is against "government corruption and wasteful spending."…… [Read More]

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Economic Development

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Kenya: A Case Study in Reform

From its rough beginnings, Kenya has instituted a series of economic reforms in an attempt to raise the condition of the Kenyan people. They are an attempt to bring the Kenyan people out of a state of poverty and repression to one of stability and security about their ability to sustain themselves. Each reform has been better than the last, but they are still far from solving these issues in their country. This paper will cite the reasons for this as being a need for the people to regain the feeling of nationalism echoed in the early years of independence.

Kenya's History:

Prior to1800 Kenya consisted of groups of small tribal governments. Kenya is grouped into more than 70 ethnic groups, Some of the ethnic tribes are large e.g. The Agikuyu who form a majority of the population within their homeland in the central…… [Read More]

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Afghanistan and Rwanda Comparison of

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For example, in 2004, bad weather threatened the already strained economic conditions in the area (USAID). In describing Rwanda's current economic situation, Murenzi states that the country cannot "meet food and nutrition needs of the population at large," has "exploit[ed]" the land, does not produce a diverse enough amount of goods, cannot stimulate its own economy because of a lack of wealth, especially among subsistence farmers, and has too weak of an infrastructure to support "low value, bulk commodities." High population density, large amounts of debt, and a great deal of foreign aid complicate the current economic crisis in Rwanda (USAID). Thus, the current state of Rwanda's economy can be described as developing primarily because the economy as it is cannot provide for its people.

Though Rwanda currently suffers from many economic problems, its future prospects are aided by several key factors -- a general willingness and desire to be…… [Read More]

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Alternative Energy and Changes Alternative

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We want people to come into the Lagos economy. There is room to do this by: obtaining a resident registration card. The value of registration will benefit everyone in terms of: the provisions of amenities, security and the protection of businesses. This is an enormous step forward." (Fashola Signs Lagos Residents' Registration Bill into Law 2011)

The information from this source is useful because it is illustrating how the state government is taking a different approach when it comes to the development of Lagos. As, they want to help bring in residents and businesses to the area. Once this takes place, it will allow the community to prosper over the long-term and it will create jobs. This is the point that local governments can effectively deal with challenges that are affecting their areas. As a result, this is illustrating how the status quo is trying to focus on alternative programs…… [Read More]

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Global Business Culture Analysis of

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There are also some words that are used, which do not translate into English such as privacy. This is because the cultural traditions of Russia do not understand such concepts, which makes translating certain ideas more challenging. (Richmond, 2009, pp. 109 -- 117)

1.3.1: Russian

Russian is a Slavic language that has close ties to all of the different European languages including: English and German. This means that many of the root words are similar to what is used in the common languages spoken throughout the West. However, as far as the alphabet is concerned, the language will utilize what is known as the Cyrillic alphabet. This is different from Western languages, as each of 32 different symbols will represent particular roots of certain words. When reading the language and learning Russian, the basic alphabet will help foreign business executives to navigate their way around. With the alphabet is pronounced…… [Read More]

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Middle America

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Crime and Violence in Mexico

Introduction recent study by the World Bank reveals that Mexico has become one of the most violent and crime-ridden regions in the world (Hart). After a slight decrease in the 1960's, the report shows that the murder rate has increased again in the 1990's to more than 16,000 murders per year (p. 111-113). The country's homicide rate was double that of the United States, with 18 killings for every 100,000 people.

Over the past few decades, Mexico's population has increased and urban poverty levels have risen. As a result of these two factors, Mexico has seen a significant increase in crime and violence. Residents have resorted to illegal means of making money, including drug rings and street crime, as the country struggled to incorporate a capitalist system.

A recent study from the Citizen's Institute for the Study of Insecurity reveals that 4.2 million Mexicans were…… [Read More]

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Hugo Chavez Success and Failures

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International Politics

Political Leaders In Latin America: Hugo Chavez And Lula

Who is Hugo Chavez and Lula

Hugo Chavez was born on 28 July 1954 in Sabaneta, Venezuela. Chavez attended Venezuelan military academy and took up service as an army officer prior active participation in efforts of the overthrowing government in 1992. His actions led to a two-year sentence in prison after arrest. In 1999, Chavez was named president of Venezuela. Within the early days of his presidency, he developed new constitution in the nation that was inclusive of changes of the capital name to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Chavez engaged in a critical focus of efforts towards gaining ultimate control of state-run oil companies. However, this was stirred with controversy and translated into protests and strained relations between Venezuela and the U.S. As well as subsequent nations. Chavez has a brief comment on the removal from power (Clairmont,…… [Read More]

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Best Practices Investment Promotion

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Best Practices Investment Promotion

It's common knowledge in the business arena that eastern nations are developing at a rapid and wild pace. Countries like China and Japan have experience a tremendous amount of development in the past few decades and the growth has been steady, making them formidable opponent and allies on the world stage. But on closer examination one knows that growth is not the singular reason to invest in a given country. One needs to look at the entire climate of the country in order to assess if that's a viable option, examining each factor of the country's make up and dynamics. This paper will attempt to do exactly that, comparing the viability of China vs. Japan in terms of the factors which will directly influence the soundness of foreign investment.

China's Political and Economic Climate

"Thirty years ago, China was one of the world's poorest countries, with…… [Read More]

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Richard Nixons Presence and Presidency in the 1970s

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While Nixon may not represent or symbolize the height of the Cold War, he does represent an era in American history plagued by government corruption and large-scale public dissatisfaction with the government in general. Nixon came to power on the heels of four politically motivated assassinations: JFK in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965, and MLK, Jr., and RFK in 1968. Robert Kennedy had been running against Nixon in the 1968 election, and his brother had beaten Nixon in the 1960 election. The deaths of both Kennedys were a reminder that something was not right in the state of Washington, D.C.—and Nixon seemed to be right in the thick of it. His famous words, “I am not a crook,” became lampooned in pop culture, and his presidency came to an early end with his resignation in the wake of the Watergate scandal. Nixon has been the subject of several films,…… [Read More]

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Hong Kong S Umbrella Revolution and Its Art

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Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong is directed at the Hong Kong government and the police force dispensed on its behalf. It is a movement that was unofficially recognized in 2014 and started spontaneously and had a practical inspiration, as the umbrellas of protestors were used as protection against tear gas from police. The protestors were defending themselves from aggressive assault by Hong Kong police and were there to protest unfair elections. The protestors identified with earlier protestors of China, such as those at Tiananmen Square in 1989, where the Chinese government ruthlessly cracked down on protestors. In Hong Kong, which is independent in the sense that it has a special autonomy within China, the fear among the protestors was that corruption in government and politics was going to end in unfair elections, so thousands took to the streets to voice their opposition. As a result of the visual spectacle of…… [Read More]

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Globalization and Its Impacts in

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No efforts have been made to create a strong consumer base in the Philippines itself by improving the lot of the Filipino workers (Bello 3). Had a local market been created and some protections afforded to Filipino workers, development may well have proceeded in a more positive direction as the nation would have been better able to take advantage of those aspects of globalization that offered true benefits, rather than sinking all economic hopes into the long shot that the small nation could compete with nations like India and China as a source of cheap labor. Despite this reality, economic reform in the Philippines has consistently focused on re-creating the nation as an export economy, specifically in the it industry. It probably seemed like a natural extension of economic development in the 1980s and 1990s when the Philippines was attempting to embrace globalization. Globalization offered a way to integrate with…… [Read More]

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Criminal Justice Administration

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Criminal Justice: Challenges and Developments

The criminal justice system in the United States, and indeed anywhere in the world, is a governmental tool to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the country. Certain areas have however been considered in research to steer away from this goal. The public has for example lost a considerable amount of trust in the system as a result of apparent oppressive practices in the system. Furthermore alcohol has been proved to be a problem in many crimes; yet many of the prisoners with drinking problems remain untreated, and crimes are perpetuated as a result. There are also however significant developments within the system, including IT advances, which could help to create an increase in job opportunities in a variety of departments.

Perceived Oppression in the Criminal Justice System

The United States prison system appears to be the icon of years of accumulated…… [Read More]

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Russian Sri the Impact of

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The interviewee would go on to note that Gazprom experienced an inflection point in 2000 with its IPO, suggesting that the need for greater openness and accountability inherent to the courtship of public investment would stimulate fundamental change. The interviewee would indicate that Gazprom would be among the leaders in Russia in producing thorough environmental reporting on its own practices.

This corresponds with what our research finds to be one of F&C's core priorities. So reports REO Research (2009), which indicates that in the area of sustainability, "F&C's focus has been to press companies to build a stable long-term business model based on tackling workplace health, climate change and community relations." (p. 5) This is a primary imperative upon which it bases its interaction with a host of Russian firms, based on their expressed commitment to truly effect environmental policy and sustainability change. Litvack supports claims concerning this priority, indicating…… [Read More]

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Cross Culture Perspective

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Global Organization Researching Cultural Issues -- Amnesty International

Cultural relativism is the contention that "…human values, far from being universal, vary a great deal according to different cultural perspectives," and that human rights -- though they must be protected whenever that is possible -- are often difficult to secure in a culturally diverse world (Ayton-Shenker, 1995). Every human being has the right to his or her culture, including, according to Ayton-Shenker, the right to "…enjoy and develop cultural life and identity"; however the right to one's culture is "limited at the point at which it infringes on another human right."

This paper delves into how Amnesty International approaches cultural issues -- the internationally recognized moral right every culture has to practice its political, religious, and social traditions -- through its interactions with many governments and cultures outside the United States.

Amnesty International -- Cultural Issues it Inquires Into

Amnesty International…… [Read More]

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Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

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According to Cusmano, Mancusi and Morrison (2007, p. 5), outsourcing can occur on both the national and international level. Outsourcing, also known as offshoring, has been the target of increasing analytical and policymaking attention, as it is seen as a key driver of change in the competitive market. In technologically advanced regions, outsourcing has been present since the mid 1970s. This trend has grown towards the 1990s, with a general process of "deverticalization taking place (Cusmano, Mancusi and Morrison, 2007, p. 5). In addition, outsourcing tasks have also evolved over time in terms of functionality. Currently, outsourcing tasks might include anything from repetitive functions to more specialized work such as sensitive and knowledge-intensive work. This increasingly wide distribution of specialized tasks has resulted in a type of fragmentation across the globe in terms of international division of labor.

Outsourcing has also sparked a debate regarding its effectiveness in terms…… [Read More]

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Kenya the African Nation of

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The government has made moves to privatize its major electricity providers and other utilities. Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda have formed the East African Community (EAC), which, much like the European Union, promotes economic growth through the elimination of tariffs and customs, allows cross-pollination of workers and fosters regional cooperation in building national infrastructure. Growth has begun to increase, but 46% of Kenyans still live in poverty (Kenya, 2012, U.S. State Department). Kenya also cooperates with the U.S. government, as part of its stated commitment to fight terrorism (Kenya, 2012, U.S. State Department).

One problem in fostering national unity is the proliferation of divided loyalties amongst the Kenyan people. Due to the arbitrary borders drawn in the wake of decolonization, there are between 40 and 70 tribes in Kenya, and these often claim people's loyalty above their loyalty to the nation (Introduction to Kenyan culture, 2012, Kenyan trip advisor). Even during…… [Read More]

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Andrew Jackson the Humble and Modest Imagery

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Andrew Jackson

The humble and modest imagery which accompanies Andrew Jackson at his inauguration is an image consistent with his reputation as a defender of individual rights and as a man of the people- one no different from everyday lay persons. Many of Andrew Jackson's decisions in office, however, challenge this image and reputation. There is a degree of tension between his conduct and the ideals and values attributed to him-some of which he espoused. Brinkley suggests throughout that the symbolism was as important if not more important than the actual events. Andrew Jackson's professed beliefs about the need to limit the degree of government interference, preserve the rights of states, and limit terms in office need to be reconciled, if possible, with many of the decisions he made while in office. Events such as nullification, his use of the spoil system, his removal of the Indians, and his veto…… [Read More]

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Surveillance in the U S and 1984

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1984 to Now: Fiction Becoming Reality?

In the 2016 film Snowden by Oliver Stone, illegal governmental surveillance of the lives of private citizens via digital means (such as ordinary computer webcams) disturbs the film's hero, a dramatized representation of real-life whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden ultimately rebels against the government agency that employs him as he rejects the totalitarian principles that govern the agency. Indeed, the film touches upon a reality that has troubled not just Snowden but many people. The reality has been described by Paul Rae as the combination of "massive infrastructure, lightly regulated intelligence behemoths, and large corporations seeking to realize value by consolidating mind-boggling amounts of information to identify patterns of behavior" (335). Collecting "big data" is the goal of these entities -- and Orwell foresaw it all more than half a century ago when he wrote 1984: he even put a face and a name to…… [Read More]