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Passage to India Colonial India

Words: 1713 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91819377

What exactly did happen in the cave we are never told: a heavy veil of mystery hangs over all.

Gardner 220)

Adela's insanity is a clear description of the assumptions of colonial usurpers, with regard to native motives and realities. The sense of not knowing but assuming the worst is played out between the lives of these two people and by default at the racial strife is reflected throughout the culture, to every household and street corner, throughout the events that unfold. The subsequent result being that the reader, can assume that such a thing could happen to anyone, at any inopportune time and that the stress that was revealed during the events is a universal symbol of the constancy of fear in the colonial reality.

Works Cited

Dolin, Kieran. "Freedom, Uncertainty, and Diversity: A Passage to India as a Critique of Imperialist Law." Texas Studies in Literature and Language…… [Read More]

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Grew Up in India for the Most

Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 2722281

grew up in India, for the most part. I come from a home where my mother was my primary influence. For many years, she was divorced, and as a result, she mostly had to raise me by herself. I say that I grew up in India for the most part, because in the summers, I spent my time in New Jersey. New Jersey is where my grandparents live. By my spending summertime with my grandparents, they were able to share some of the burden of raising me. That isn't to say that I was a burden to my mother, but raising a child on one's own is a large responsibility!

My interest in education and business as a profession was highly influenced by my mother's family. Most of her family is made up of working professionals, so I have been exposed to many different professions; what the possibilities are for…… [Read More]

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Indira Gandhi India Empress Myeongseong Korea Queen

Words: 1374 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76359614

Indira Gandhi (India), Empress Myeongseong (Korea), Queen Hatshepsut (Africa).

Indira Gandhi, Empress Myeongseong, and Queen Hatshepsut

Indira Gandhi, Empress Myeongseong, and Queen Hatshepsut represent three female iconic figures in different societies at unique historical times. Indira Gandhi, as one of the most influential women, through the role she played in her attempts to transform the political and social situation in the Indian society. Queen Hatshepsut is one of the female pharaohs who managed to rule the country of Egypt at the expense of male counterparts in the society. In the Egyptian history, she is the most remembered female pharaoh following her qualities during her era. Empress Myeongseong is an iconic figure in the history of Japan. She is considered an iron woman in the ancient Japan based on her tough moves whenever her rule was threatened.

Differences in the way Indira, Myeongseong, and Hatshepsut ran their societies

The three iconic…… [Read More]

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Caste System in India Has

Words: 371 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65701452

I would also expect resistance from devout Hindus, since the caste system is ingrained in their religion. Their opposition would be to the perceived dismantling of one of their defining institutions. The higher castes in particular would oppose this move.

There are some similarities to the U.S. civil rights movement. The lower castes have at times worked to improve their conditions and to remove barriers to economic and political mobility. Moreover, the sources of resistance are much the same. Those in power view the removal of barriers to mobility for lower classes as a threat to their well-being. Lastly, this has affected the pace of change. In both the U.S. And in India, such social change requires generations of effort, including education and improved economic mobility, in order to bring about the needed changes to the broader society.

Works Cited:

No author. (2009). Country Profile: India. BBC. Retrieved September 14,…… [Read More]

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Passage to India and Globalization

Words: 1726 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13048914

Passage to India

The E.M. Forster book A Passage to India shows the value of human relationships across cultural and physical boundaries, but also addresses the significance of how the majority of individuals find that they do not really want to "befriend" those who are different from them, because globalization has not been enough to provide actual equality.

The book has key components that set the stage for analyzing it in the context of globalization. The main component that provides this is the way those who are different are viewed. While they are seen to be worthless by some, the main characters of the novel want to meet Indians. They are excited to do so, and do not hold strong value judgments against those who are different from them. Throughout the course of the novel this will change, even as they befriend and enjoy the company of Dr. Aziz. He…… [Read More]

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Post Colonial India and South Asian Identity

Words: 1737 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40885514

Post Colonial India and South Asian Identity

"Pakistan is often perceived as merely one of those far-away places that serve as breeding grounds for extremism and violence," yet this is not a clear image of the truth (Perner 23). Pakistan is in the midst of an internal conflict, with those who want to embrace globalism and those fighting to get rid of it for a misguided view of life before international influence. In many ways, Hamid's novel Moth Smoke is much different than other post-colonial literature in the idea that the west is not entirely responsible for the divides in cultural identity in regional politics. Rather, the west simply brought with it new tools to help distinguish those with access to the elite social circles and those without. Still, Hamid does show some positive benefits from a globalized identity in the image of a much stronger female role within an…… [Read More]

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Countries -- Brazil Russia India China South

Words: 3205 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16956128

countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria Turkey identify critically evaluate key economic, political technological factors conditions enabled a 'Rapidly Developing Economy' 'Emerging Economy'.

Mexico as a rapidly developing economy

The economic sector of the modern day society reveals increasing levels of interdependence between countries, especially as the phenomena of globalization and market liberalization intensify. This virtually means that the stability and role of one country within the global market place spreads consequences and impacts for the other states as well.

In this dynamic and intertwined global economic context, the emergent countries come to play an increasing role due to their increasing economic sector, developing labor force and strengthening competitive position. Mexico is one such emergent country and the current project sets out to assess the features which contribute to the rapid development of the country.

Mexico is an intriguing country from a social and economic standpoint,…… [Read More]

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Eastern Europe India and China on Trade

Words: 1031 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79725064

International Trade and Emerging Economies
The rise of globalization and international trade has enabled emerging economies to become more integrated into the global trade mechanism. Countries such as India, China, and nations in Eastern Europe have benefited from the expansion of trade, importing and exporting goods to other countries that were never before accessible to the extent that they are today. The result has been a boost to the economies of these emerging nations. Indeed, all eyes are on India, which is “among the largest of the emerging markets” (Trichet, 2007, para. 3), and China (which is seeking to become a more dominant player in international affairs through investment, construction, integration and partnership). This paper will discuss the impact on international trade of emerging economies like those in Eastern Europe, India and China.
Eastern Europe sits between Russia and the West: it has struggled for many years to define itself…… [Read More]

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The Antecedents of Anti Pentecostalism in North East India

Words: 3126 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 28206987

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Pentecostal Groups in North-East India
With an enormous population already exceeding 1.28 billion and growing every day, India is the second-most populous country in the world today, and may outpace China’s 1.38 billion people in the foreseeable future. Although nearly 80% of India’s population, or about 1.2 billion people, are practicing Hindus, there are several other major religions with significant representation in the country as well, including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.[footnoteRef:2] Although India has a long tradition of religious tolerance, longstanding hostilities between Hindus and Muslims continue to create tensions in the hotly contested Kashmir region in north-east India and the potential for war between these two nuclear powers is ever present.[footnoteRef:3] Taken together, it is clear that religion remains a powerful force in India today but many minority religious groups face some profound challenges in this country as well as significant opportunities for the…… [Read More]

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Internet Cafe in India

Words: 3349 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 47680690

Internet Cafe in India

To set up a new business or expand existing business operations into some international market, a comprehensive analysis of the business environment of that market is essential (Lambin). This analysis constitutes the issues and challenges which an organization may face in that new market. These issues and challenges may be described in terms of different forces; like political, legal, social, cultural, religious, financial, and technological aspects.

This paper presents a complete marketing plan for an American service organization that wishes to set up an internet cafe in the Indian market. It starts with a brief country profile and explains how it will prove to be a potential market for this specific business. This marketing plan also explains the competitive environment, economic and political climate, marketing and promotional strategies, managerial and labor climate, and other important factors that may affect this business one way or another.

The…… [Read More]

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China India Peace Threats Analysts

Words: 2430 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 878300

But India could catch up if it successfully encouraged private companies to compete and survive, put a check on poorly performing financial institutions and those yielding to political compromises. These measures could help boost India's savings and investment. On the other hand, China also needed to catch up with India's institutional strength (Prime).

But both continue to be plagued with respective problems. China continues to suffer from serious situations, such as an uneven competition in the private sector, a very sluggish financial sector, and trade patterns, which enhanced foreign but not domestic markets. It appears ahead of India because of the time element. It instituted reforms more than a decade before India's. Nothing could tell when and how India could catch up or match China's phasing. Some critics assumed that China's successes became the basis of its regional leadership in the 21st century. Understanding the underlying forces behind the development…… [Read More]

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Analyzing India's Business Potential

Words: 1823 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86165980

1. Part I:
Study objectives
Although the objective for this study is singular, it encompasses multiple dimensions. Comprehensively, it seeks to examine the role of business management within contemporary India. Therefore, the notion of management is couched within the modern business climate in India. India has always had a bevy of unique characteristics that substantially affect its workplace environment. This study seeks to stratify many of those characteristics and analyze them within the greater context of business management within this country.
More specifically, then, this study will identify the most salient factors of the business environment in India. These include factors such as those pertaining to politics, economics, ethics, legality, culture, and society. By assessing each of these factors as they relate to the country, the author of this study hopes to attain an overview of the various resources which business managers will have while engaged in this country. Simultaneously,…… [Read More]

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Digital Media in India

Words: 3270 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 67560811

Netflix in India


Product mix

Strengths and Weakness of Product

Product Life Cycle Management and New Product Development

Brand Name, Brand Image and Brand Equity

The Augmented Product


Pricing Objectives

Pricing Method

Pricing Strategy

Discounts and Allowances

Price Elasticity and Customer Sensitivity

Break Even Analysis at Various Prices

India is one of the emerging markets for digital business. It is also a lucrative market for companies dealing in digital content. It is crucial for many digital content companies to have a presence in India given the population of the country and the growing number of first time users of internet in India. This market holds great prospects for future growth.

One of the major companies to provide digital content is Netflix which has been announcing updates for its online platform and has shown that it intends to chalk out plans to be able to penetrate and approach consumers…… [Read More]

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Business Strategy India Is a

Words: 1383 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 80543440

India's cities, on the other hand, are often overcrowded, leading to separate issues within the city regarding high retail space and rent considerations.

Economic Factors

The economic outlook in India is extremely positive. The free market structure is gaining speed in India

Recent governmental changes in 1991 have helped capitalize on a freer economic structure in the region by lessoning high tariff barriers for foreign companies looking to enter into the Indian market.

Here, the research states that there was recently "A series of reforms aimed at further deregulating and stimulating foreign investment have moved India firmly into the front ranks of growing international economies."

This has helped lower entry barriers for foreign companies looking to set up shop in India. It has also helped facilitate the growing business start up environment. According to the research "India's known strength in software and Information Technology (IT) and tremendous e-commerce potential ensures…… [Read More]

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Relationship of Food and Ritual in India

Words: 3256 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51321965

Saving the Cows, Starving the Children" by Sonia Faleirojune and the article entitled "Food Price Inflation in India: Causes and Cures" by Pradeep Agrawal and Durairaj Kumaraswamy in the Indian Economic Review available from JSTOR both address food issues in India. These articles appealed to me because I find India to be a fascinating country where there is so much potential for greatness yet so much inherent contradictory actions and agendas that frustrate the country's advances. Faleirojune focuses on the contradiction at the heart of India's policy towards banning beef: cows are literally everywhere in India and could be used to help feed the nation's poor and malnourished, but the government won't allow the sale of beef in many states -- neither will it permit state schools to offer eggs to school children as part of a meal plan. Even though eggs would be a good solution to the problem…… [Read More]

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Conflict Resolution India Is a Diverse Country

Words: 2305 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 23604524

Conflict Resolution

India is a diverse country in terms of religion. The Hindu population constitutes 828 million people (80%), the Muslim population constitutes million (13.5%), the Christian population constitutes 24 million (2.5%), the Sikh population constitutes 19 million (2%), while other religious groupings including Jains and Buddhists constitute 19.5 million. Religion is an important aspect of Indian political scene. Although India maintains that it is a secular nation, Indian politics has had a deep religious flavor at all times. This has resulted in religion being an important component of the identity of many Indians. There are many cases of religious identity being elicited in response to the communalism politics. Communalism connotes the functioning of organizations or religious communities, or the bodies which state they represent them, in a manner which is prejudices to the nation as a whole or interests of other groups. Historical evidence shows that communalism in the…… [Read More]

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U S Tech Jobs Being Transferred to India

Words: 1891 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61447361

U.S. Tech Jobs Transferred in India

According to global research agency Gartner Inc., one out of every ten jobs in American software industry by the end of 2004 will completely move to low-cost emerging markets like India, China, Russia since United States companies have moved to cut costs. However, till now India has captured the major proportion of white-collar jobs exported from the U.S. And has proved to be the leading gainer amongst all other developing countries (Jeff).

A media report highlighted by the global research has estimated that approximately even 500,000 white-collar American jobs already have found their way offshore to the countries like China, Philippines and Malaysia; yet none has been able to capture more American jobs than India (Jeff).

However, one of the major disadvantage pointed out by the research agency was that these computer programmers who have been transferred to India are being employed comparatively at…… [Read More]

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Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa

Words: 2056 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1765168

Thus, these castes being born twice in Hinduism, the principles behind Karma and Reincarnation applies to them. Karma refers to the corresponding reaction to an action or deed that an individual had done to another living thing/s. This means that if the deed was bad or considered evil, the corresponding reaction or karma will also be bad or evil. A similar analogy is applied to goodness/good deeds. Reincarnation is the return of some metaphysical part of the self into a new body -- a process of rebirth for the individual, characteristic of the concept of two births exclusively only to members of the three higher castes.

Jainism is an old religion prevalent in India and other nations in the Asian region. Originally a part of the Buddhist religion, Jainism believes not in the concept of a God, but the authority of the saints or prophets. Its religious principles are simple…… [Read More]

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Analyzing What Were the Major Causes of the Decline of Buddhism in India

Words: 1605 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91940879

Bernadette Walsh

World History 111


Buddhism -- the religion founded by Gautama Buddha -- has witnessed a steady decline in India, despite the country being one of those in which Buddhism was earliest practiced. The accounts of some well-known scholars have proven that the waning of Buddhism in India dates back to the 7th century AD. While its decline commenced in the sixth century AD, Buddhism's internal degeneration became evident starting from the next century. Numerous factors were perceived to have had an impact on Buddhism's collapse in India, with all having contributed together to guarantee its decline. Buddhism declined in India because of these main causes: moral decline of leadership, royal persecution, Islamic persecution, and the rise of Buddhism.

Scholars argue that one significant reason for Buddhism's decline in India was the moral decline of the leadership and the leniency in monastic discipline. Buddhist monks' and nuns' moral…… [Read More]

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Foreign Banks India Foreign Banks in India

Words: 700 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31292855

Foreign Banks India

Foreign Banks in India

It was recently announced that foreign banks, for the first time in decades, will be allowed to enter into the Indian banking industry and "set up 'wholly owned subsidiaries' in India." ("India Eases Rules for Foreign Banks") Since the nation obtained independence in the late 1940's, the Indian banking system has undergone radical changes, none more so than in the late 1960's when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi began to nationalize the entire banking system. The effort was an attempt to change the focus of Indian banks from institutions of profit to ones that could aid in the economic transformation of the Indian economy, primarily the development of rural areas. This system of government direction for the banking system kept Indian banks somewhat isolated from the international banking industry. In 2008, when the collapse of the American banking giant Lehman Brothers precipitated a…… [Read More]

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Coca-Cola Company in India the

Words: 893 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51132023

New, cheaper 200 ml bottles for example are aimed at rural and low-income urban markets. In a country where poverty is the plight of the majority of the citizens, such a strategy shows particular awareness of the specific culture and market. Market and cultural awareness is therefore of utmost importance when entering a foreign market such as India.

Characteristics and Importance of the Indian Market

It has been mentioned above that the Indian market, in terms of consumption per capita, has proved to be the soft drink market with the greatest growth potential in the East. It is therefore a very important location for the globalization and expansion practices of soft drink companies. Coupled with expansion plans however should be sensitivity to the market's needs, requirements and characteristics, some of which have been mentioned above.

In addition to the reality of in some cases extreme poverty, the culture of India…… [Read More]

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Comperative Development India and

Words: 813 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 34379318

There is a vast literature on comparing Chinese power projections with those of India, as well as the more and more complicated scenarios of and realities on Asian politics, translated into global politics. Martin Jacques in " When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order" (Jacques, 2009) offers an analysis on Chinese influence in the region and the world in which its self-confidence, steaming from its economic power, allows it to project hegemony of political and cultural proportions over large regions of the world. In the same time, Raghav Bahl sees the two powers in a tighter competition (Bahl, 2010). India's competitive advantage and socio-political and cultural differentiate it from China in making it more prone for success. He argues that China experiences a strong deflation and a huge debt as a result of the crisis, while India has…… [Read More]

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Cultural Traits and Patriarchy in India

Words: 1426 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24256319

Cultural traits can refer to the familiar systems and institutions present throughout human societies including religion, family structures, gender roles and norms, methods and meanings of education, language, and politics or governmental systems. Anthropologists frequently engage in the act of comparing and contrasting cultural traits and practices to show how societies are either similar or different from one another. Although an objective analysis potentially provides an unbiased social scientific perspective, anthropologists also risk ethical relativism when drawing conclusions about the effectiveness or pervasiveness of various cultural traits and practices such as patriarchal institutions. Patriarchy is in fact one of the most pernicious and ubiquitous cultural traits. In fact, there are a host of sub-traits that are linked to patriarchal power and social norms including the division of labor and the social status stratification of labor in multiple societies. Differences between the gendered division of labor in traditional agrarian societies like…… [Read More]

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Costco Wholesale Corporation Costco in India Company

Words: 1704 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35810569

Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco) in India

Company overview

Costco Wholesale Corporation started operations in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. The company is essentially engaged with the operation of membership warehouses in Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and via majority owned subsidiaries in Korea and Taiwan. The company's normal stock is trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the image COST (Marchetti & Roy, 2009).

The company is the fifth biggest retailer globally known for its warehouse club model, which could overtake Wal-Mart in its pursuit to establish footsteps in the developing markets. The Washington-based Corporation owns a global chain of over 504 warehouses accessible as national and local brands offering prices lower than traditional retail or wholesale outlets. It competes with the wholesale entity, Sam's Club owned by Wal-Mart in the U.S. (Kim & Mauborgne, 2010).

This study examines the present retail situation…… [Read More]

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Strategic Management Lincoln Electric Expansion to India

Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37010767

Strategic Management

Lincoln Electric Expansion to India

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate whether Lincoln Electric should expand its operations to India or not. In this assignment, firstly the facts are presented. Secondly, an analysis is presented about the Lincoln Electric's business strategies and its suitability to operate in India. Lastly, some recommendations are given which can help Lincoln Electric to expand in India successfully.


Lincoln Electric (LE) is a U.S.-based company headquartered in Cleveland. LE is a manufacturing concern generally deals in consumables and equipment related to arc welding. Lincoln Electric is a large set-up having 39 plants world-wide.

Due to fast-paced growth of India, Lincoln Electric is considering to expand its operations to India. This is a proposal and LE has to evaluate it considering the business opportunities in India. It is a fact that India provides foreign businesses to reduce their costs by offering…… [Read More]

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Dongria Kondh Peoples of India

Words: 2696 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89410283

82). He introduced plantations that included potato, cabbage, tomato, chilli and brinjal, and helped the Dongria Kondh create irrigation channels from the streams flowing down the mountains (Sachchidananda, p. 83).

The anthropologist also succeeded in resolving feuds and negotiated trades with the Domb so they could enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and produce without exploiting the Dongria Kondh. According to Sachchidananda on pae 84, among the benefits of having a person who truly understood and cared about the Dongria Kondh and the Domb was that there was a more peaceful interaction between the two indigenous tribes. A "pragmatic rather than mere humanistic approach" certainly aided in solving development and socioeconomic issues as well (Sachchidananda, p. 84).

Vedanta Resources' mining proposal

Meantime, a proposed mining project that was conceived by the Vedanta Resources (of London, UK) -- owned by Indian tycoon Anil Agarwal -- created a major controversy over the…… [Read More]

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Automobile Industry in India

Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92173583

Market Segmentation Analysis

The automobile industry is the fastest growing sector in India. Growth in consumption patterns has encouraged tremendous improvement in manufacturing sector and the auto industry has been growing at a rapid pace recording "over 2.06 million four-wheelers (passenger cars, light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, multi-utility vehicles such as jeeps), and over 9 million two-and-three wheelers (scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, and three wheelers) - in 2006-07." (SBH India, 2008)

But since there is no special segmentation technique, we can only segment the market on the basis of size and price of automobiles. There are yet to emerge more sophisticated techniques involving psychographics and other behavioral parameters. Following are some of the available segments in the automobile sector:

Utility cars and other off-road vehicles: examples: Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Armada, Tata Sumo. Tata Nano

Economy segment is one where cars are priced at less than $13,000 and examples include Ambassador,…… [Read More]

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China & India Rapid Economic Growth --

Words: 1435 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14899824

China & India: Rapid Economic Growth -- Additional pages

Additional Introduction / Conclusion Copy

How did China and India emerge so rapidly as enormous economic powers? This paper reviews the circumstances of the economic advancement that both countries have made, and establishes that these nations became economic powerhouses due to the sheer size of their economies -- along with the strategies they employed.

The Indian economy has been among the "fastest growing economies" in the world since the late 1980s, according to Kunal Sen, writing in the peer-reviewed journal Contemporary South Asia. He insists that most experts (in "the international financial press") are incorrect when they assert that the Indian economy began to accelerate following the "radical economic reforms of 1991" (Sen, 2009, p. 364).

In fact, Sen writes, the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita began to rise "…in the late 1970s, and has kept on steadily increasing over…… [Read More]

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Kashmir War 1947-1948 India and

Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54671058

Both the Maharaja and the Prime Minister agreed to these terms and on October 26 the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession ( 2009)." Indeed, the First Kashmir War had three major personalities / entities vying for control or maintenance thereof of the disputed region; the Indian and Pakistani governments and the Maharaja of Kashmir. Despite wanting to remain independent, the Maharaja could not do so because of the power that could be yielded on him by either Pakistan or India. With Pakistan initiating the hostilities, the Maharaja had no recourse but to ask for India's help albeit the high price of accession required by India.

With the war seeing no end during 1948, "Indian leaders had to approach the United Nations who ultimately introduced Observers in June 1948. A UN brokered cease-fire went into effect on January 1, 1949 ( 2009)." In the same manner as how the Korean…… [Read More]

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Oreo's Entry into China and india

Words: 1788 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89398728

Smart Cookie: SWOT Analysis

Oreo's entry into China and India presented two different types of challenges to the successful American cookie company. Because these two cultures were different from the American culture that had made the cookie famous in the U.S. (and each different from one another), Oreo had to consider how best to approach these two markets in order to make its product a worldwide success. Both countries represented enormous market opportunities for the company -- and each posed their own unique obstacles. China, for instance, was not traditionally a cookie eating nation; India was the biggest cookie eating nation. The former demanded a longer term strategy than the latter simply because of the Chinese orientation to cookies in general (let alone to the Oreo brand itself). From a SWOT perspective, Oreo was in a position to build its brand in both markets if it adapted to the particular…… [Read More]

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Anti Christian Violence in India Pentecostal Victims

Words: 1538 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26361720

1) What are the main arguments of the author?
The main arguments of the author are that Pentecostal Christians are the victims of violent attacks in India at a rate that is inordinately high. Yet the subject receives little attention either in the mainstream press or in the Indian media. It appears that there is a cultural hostility directed towards Christians in general in India and towards Pentecostalism in particular. The book’s intention is to shed light on this phenomenon by highlighting the details of the Pentecostals in India, their relationship to anti-Christian violence and what can be learned from the examination.
The author seeks to apply an “everyday” lens to the work and show that the violence against this Christian group is “routinized” and “entrenched as one relatively regular form…of communication between Hindus and Christians.”[footnoteRef:1] He also seeks to show that the mainstream Catholic and Protestant churches are not…… [Read More]

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Indian Culture in India the

Words: 1145 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54020815

Some Ayurvedic herbs such as terminalia chebula or emblica officinalis, are indigenous only to India, and have no Western equivalent (Bushkin pp). Amlaki, Indian gooseberry, is the cornerstone of Chyavan-prash, the most famous Ayurvedic formulation, which is a potent anti-inflammatory, immune builder, and lower cholesterol (Bushkin pp). Ginger improves digestions and helps to ward of colds and coughs, while Gota kola improves cognitive function and increases collagen in veins and arteries (Bushkin pp). Shallaki, a sticky tree gum resin, is a "super strength anti-inflammatory that effectively treats both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis," and its pain relieving effects are considered comparable to morphine (Bushkin pp). Cloves is considered another pain reliever, while Shatavari, wild asparagus, is the female tonic used to treat symptoms of menopause and enhance the immune function, and garlic is used as an antibacterial and anti-parasitic (Bushkin pp).

Spices, used to enhance the flavor of a dish, are…… [Read More]

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Traditional & Non-Traditional Cultures -- India and

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11354691

Traditional & Non-Traditional Cultures -- India and U.S.

Traditional & Non-Traditional Culture in India

India has a number of religions within its culture -- including Buddhism, Christianity, and the Sikh faith -- but the main religion is Hinduism; over 80% of the population of India are practicing Hindus ( (SAC). Hindus believe that every human has an "immortal soul" which, after death, moves to another body, an animals or another human. So if a person has a bad back all his life, it must have been due to the soul that came before him of which he is a product; so goes the belief of the Hindus. The happiest festival in Hinduism is the Diwali, the festival of lights, which "…commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over demon King Ravana" (SAC). Religion is a very traditional part of the Indian cultural experience. A non-traditional cultural trend in India is dating,…… [Read More]

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Cultural Attitude Towards Animals in India

Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59314762

Cultural Attitudes Towards Animals in India

India has long held the cow to be a sacred animal (hence the famous phrase 'sacred cow'). But the attitude of Hindus towards cows has often been described as perplexing and irrational by Westerners, particularly given the high rates of poverty in the nation. It is not uncommon to see cows wandering through the streets while starving people beg, causing observers from other ethnicities and faiths to wonder why Indians do not slaughter the cows for food. Even an Indian anthropologist, M.N. Srinivas, an Indian stated: "Orthodox Hindu opinion regards the killing of cattle with abhorrence, even though the refusal to kill the vast number of useless cattle which exists in India today is detrimental to the nation...the large animal population is more a liability than an asset in view of our land resources" (Harris 1)

According to Orthodox Hindu doctrine: "the cow is…… [Read More]

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Germany Controlling South-West Africa Britain Controlling India

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Germany controlling South-West Africa, Britain controlling India, imperialistic attitudes 'ruling' countries differed / similar. The main differences similarities-based relationships European countries respective countries, actions militaries natives line, natives retaliated.

In spite of the fact that the Imperialist Era has had a severe effect on society as a whole, Imperialist nations have taken different attitudes in colonizing new territories. One of the primary purposes of actors like Britain and Germany was to exploit the territories that they conquered with little to no regard concerning the individuals who previously inhabited these areas. However, while the British accepted the idea of having colonists live alongside of indigenous populations, the Germans were less enthusiastic concerning the concept and focused on removing native populations from some of the territories that they conquered. While one might initially be inclined to consider that British control in India and German control in South-West Africa was relatively similar, the…… [Read More]

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Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar a Religious Reformer in India

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Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

As Minister of Law in India's first post-independence government, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar drafted the constitution of India that provided the legal framework for the abolition of many oppressive aspects in Indian society (Beshkin pp). Ambedkar is regarded as the father of the Indian Constitution and the country's leading champion of human rights.

The caste system in India is one of the world's longest surviving forms of social stratification (O'Neill pp). This fifteen hundred year old system follows the basic precept that "all men are created unequal" (O'Neill pp). The ranks in Hindu society come from a legend in which the main groupings, or varnas, emerge from a primordial being:

From the mouth come the Brahmans the priests and teachers.

From the arms come the Kshatriyas the rulers and soldiers.

From the thighs come the Vaisyas merchants and traders.

From the feet come the Sudras -- laborers

(O'Neill…… [Read More]

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Arranged Marriage in India vs Traditional American Marriage

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Arranged marriages are common in South Asian communities and India is thus no exception. People with traditional bend of mind hesitate to even mention any other form of marriage and for them, love-based marriages are a threat to family honor and values since it involves dating and pre-marital mingling. In India, youth whether educated or illiterate, modern or traditional, religious or not are fully aware of the possibility of an arranged marriage for them since they have grown up in this system, knowing that arranged marriages have as great a chance of success as love-based unions. Majority of marriages in India are arranged so this is not something new or strange for people in that country. (Kurian, 1991)

An arranged marriage is defined as a "contractual agreement, written or unwritten, between two families, rather than individuals" where " ... The principle of…… [Read More]

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Caste System in India India's History Is

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Caste System in India

India's history is remarkable. It boasts one of the oldest continuous civilizations on Earth, and its earliest religion, Hinduism, has its roots 2500 years before the birth of Christ, evolving gradually over time. For much of that time, one of the cornerstones of the Hindu religion was the concept of "caste," or the place an individual held in relation to others. Each person's place within the caste system was determined at birth, with no chance of moving out of it during one's lifetime. The word "caste" is Portuguese and means race or family.

The concept of caste, or Varna, permeated all aspects of Hindu life. Caste decided not only one's position in the larger culture, but what jobs the person could and could not do, who the person could and could not socialize with, and of course, who the individual could and could not marry. There…… [Read More]

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Ethnic Cleavages and Democracy India

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Yet its democracy has passed the test of time.

The main reason for this is the rise of a pluralist nationalism in the country. In reaction to the colonialism of the time, the anti-colonial Indian National Congress was founded as representative of all cultures in the country unified against colonialism. This paradigm remained as an essential cornerstone of the compromises that had to be made to legitimize the pluralist paradigm of democracy in India. This is a significant concept in both emerging and existing democracies. As the world is becoming more integrated, the ideal of pluralist nationalism is becoming increasingly viable.

Emerging democracies can then learn from India in terms of creating a pluralist democracy, where no single group takes precedent or power over any other. Instead, it is a collective national effort towards the success of the truly democratic principle.


Kesavan, Mukul. India's Model Democracy. BBC News, 15…… [Read More]

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Blair Water Purifiers India There

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However, the wisdom of that approach is predicated upon there being sufficient market, reachable at a price that allows large profits quickly, so that if the market is refined to one or two major players, Blair would already have realized all it wanted from the Indian market. His choice of the partnership arrangement does mesh well with a skimming market entry. Moreover, there are currently many companies in the market, although most are involved with the older candle technology. As India upgrades its electrical delivery, and as more and more good-paying jobs are lured to the nation driving up personal income and the desire -- not to mention need -- for personal convenience in accomplishing the tasks of life, then candle technology is likely to be as popular as the hand-cranked wringer washing machine. In short, setting Blair up to compete with the has-beens in the marketplace seems shortsighted and…… [Read More]

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Drafting I Chose Border Conflicts India China

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DRAFTING ?I chose border conflicts India China) The writing week focuses interests concerns side border conflict, attempts negotiation resolution. First complete attached prewriting template, submit Saturday, February 2nd.

The Sino-Indian border dispute is probably the oldest conflicts of this kind that has ever existed. The fact that both India and China have experience rapid progress in recent years makes it possible for many to perceive this dispute as being particularly problematic when considering matters from an international point-of-view. It is, however, intriguing to consider both the history and the present condition of this conflict and acknowledge the delicacy of its nature, taking into account that both countries have gotten actively involved in clarifying the matter throughout recent history.

One of the main reasons for the Sino-Indian border dispute goes back during the British colonial era as the English exercised their authority in the area and expressed little to no interest…… [Read More]

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Business Strategy L Oreal India

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L'Oreal India
Problem Statement and Analysis
The main problem facing L'Oreal in India is that it faces intense competition from both local and global brands. The market is rapidly growing, and demographic factors forecast strong future growth, and L'Oreal's recent performance has been strong. However, the intensity of competition is high, and L'Oreal needs to build market share, while fostering loyalty that will allow that market share to be sustainable.
L'Oreal has developed strengths in local production, understanding of the local markets, and ability to spot market opportunities. It still has some weaknesses, such as not having a well-established brand in the country, and still not knowing as much as local competitors about the needs of Indian consumers.
Strong opportunities still exist in the salon sector, but also in consumer products, and in the growing urban markets. Competition and evolving consumer tastes are the major threats that the company faces.…… [Read More]

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Google's India Strategy

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MNC in India

When most people hear the word Google, they will often associate it with the large search engine or cell phone maker / provider. While this is a part of the firm, one of the factors that are helping them to compete is the way they treat their employees. This enables them to tap into the needs of customers and dominate the marketplace. Their basic philosophy is, "Don't be evil." This encompasses every single aspect of the organization. As he firm is working to promote openness and transparency. During this process, they have fought to gain access to copyrighted materials. At the same time, they have left locations where freedom of speech is threatened. In the case of India, Google is seeking to take advantage of the growing population of consumers. However, during the process, they face a number of risks that could impact their operations. To fully…… [Read More]

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Tube in India SWOT of Youtube in

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Tube in India

SWOT of YouTube in India





Globalism drives culture, culture drives usage.

Copyright infringement.

Localized events, pages, languages.

Competition from another group -- too little, too late.

Able to use template for Global access with localized tweaks, add ons and language.

May be seen as an American product making advertisement money for Google.

Increase localized presence with localized advertising, education, and links.

Requires households have Internet access.

Well-funded, well-developed software platform with over

Uses "dark horse" business model; on paper losing millions per annum.

Peer to peer clicks and usage is up; almost 1/4 million more users per month since 2006.

Rival with Facebook for "hits" per day.

Extremely well-known logo and web presence.

Because peer user uploads, quality variable -- some incredibly bad.

Continue to increase technical standards and/or help desk schemata.

Cumbersome download and video quality without high-speed Internet.

Part 2- Assess…… [Read More]

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Christian-Hindu Clash in India Time

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I agree with the author's conclusion that the latest round of troubles is destined not to be the last, though I do not think it is because of anything inherently incompatible between the two religions or cultures, but rather because people tend to dislike outsiders, and territorialism on a societal scale tends to get worse when socio-economic situations worsen, too. This is the current case in India.

I do not think that Indians, Christian or Hindu, are any worse than anyone else in this regard. It is just one of the more depressing aspects of human nature, it seems. The article does not give much information about religion, but a lot…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Art From India

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Artistic Overview of the Taj Mahal

Though monumental tombs had a long history in the Islamic architecture in India, they were not a part of either the Buddhist or Hindu traditions. Numerous tombs were erected in India by the Delhi sultans but the Taj Mahal at Agra was incomparable in magnificence. Jahangir's son, Shah Jahan, as a memorial to Mumtaz Mahal, his beloved wife, constructed the huge tomb, though it ultimately ended up as the ruler's tomb too. The central block's dome-on-cube shape contains antecedents of earlier Islamic tombs and other Islamic structures like the Alai Darvaza located at Delhi, but the refinements and changes in Agra tomb's design have turned the earlier immense structures into a magnificent structure of sparkling white marble. The Taj Mahal appears to be magically floating above the tree-lined reflecting pools that punctuate the garden that leads to it (Art History 280 lecture notes).

Taj…… [Read More]

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Organizational Success at NIM India

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Performance Management at the National Institute of Management

The Central India Campus is a university established in the 1980 by the National Capital Region of India. The university is operated independently as a business school alongside the North India Campus. The campus started a top quality management institute with the core aim of upgrading the educational infrastructure of the Indian economy. The NIM (CI) campus's mission is to become the premier technology and management institution and focused student-learning community recognized globally for teaching and research. The mission of the Central India Campus is to enhance excellence in the management and technology fields of education alongside shaping the students to become better leaders to shape the future of the country.

Therefore, this essay will analyze some of the perspective of the NIM (CI Campus) including the advantages and disadvantages associated with the current system of management as compared to the intended…… [Read More]

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Cyrus the Great of Persia and Emperor Ashoka of India

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Cyrus the Great of Persia and Emperor Ashoka of India

The history of a nation is measured chronologically by its rulers. An era of history can be discussed while comparing the government and sociology of one nation to that of another existing in the same time period. How then, can we compare two nations that existed in two different portions of the world, nearly three centuries apart? Since one cannot do a direct comparison of the individuals, the only thing that can be measured is their historical impact. Which man, Cyrus the Great of Persia or Emperor Ashoka of India, was the better man? That is to say, when comparing their lives, their successes, and their failures, which man did a better job as a successful ruler of his nation?

Ashoka, also written as Asoka, ruled India during the Mauryan Dynasty from approximately 269 to 232 BCE. His reign is…… [Read More]

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China and India One of

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We also know that they engaged in robust trade, both domestic and foreign and even over the Hindu Kush and into the Persian Gulf areas. Between 1800-1700 BC, though, most of the cities were abandoned, perhaps from environmental reasons (deforestation, etc.) and perhaps from invasion from Central Asia (Bentley,, pp. 49-50).

By 3000 BCE, Ancient China had developed larger regional states and political/social units called dynasties. Each succeding dynasty took over more and more territory, which allowed for a similar development in Chinese culture. Chinese political orgaqnizations were complex, and based on both the family and socio-cultural unit. Because of the abundance of population working in agriculture, though, they also turned to technological innovations that increased their own power, but also tended to shield them from outside influences. Some of these inventions include: iron casting, the compass, gunpowder, geological mining techniques, mechanical clocks, row farming in agriculture, silk farming…… [Read More]

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Prophets and Gods the Roots of Christianity and Ancient India

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On the surface, Hinduism and Christianity could not be much more different. Ancient Hinduism offers a colorful pantheon of playful deities, some of which assume animal characteristics such as Hanuman and Ganesh. Stemming from its Jewish roots, Christianity presents a much different view of the origin and structure of the universe. Christian cosmology is more tightly ordered than that of Hinduism. Strictly monotheistic, Judaism imparted a mistrust of pagan polytheism to Christianity. Christian deity is unitary but also triune, in the worship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Herein lies the strongest connection between worship in ancient India and worship in early Christianity. Hinduism, like Christianity, has a triune God concept. The Hindu God Brahma is the Supreme God, but God has three manifestations as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Each of these gods has its own expression and role in the Hindu cosmology. Whereas Brahma is…… [Read More]

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Buddhism Emerged in India Around 2500 B C

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Buddhism emerged in India around 2500 B.C. At a time when conditions were critical in the area as a result of significant social and religious conflicts. Even with the fact that this culture contradicted a great deal of traditions in India during the period, it received wide-spread appreciation. The fact that it was initially not as well-organized as other religions that it interacted with did not stop it from pervading the Indian society.

The sense of self is a very important concept in Buddhism, as the religious ideology promotes it as being a constantly changing idea. Buddhist teachers emphasize the need to acknowledge that it would be wrong for someone to consider his identity as being equivalent to a particular value all the time. Identity changes over the years and ideas that seemed intriguing in the past might seem less impressive in the present.

Buddhism addresses life as a trial…… [Read More]

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Ancient India the Bhavagad-Gita in the Beginning

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Ancient India

The Bhavagad-Gita

In the beginning of "The Bhagavad-Gita," two groups of opponents prepare for battle. On one side, the one hundred sons of Dhritarashtra stand and on the other side, and the Pandava brothers stand. These soldiers are in the middle of a family feud over the right to govern the land of Kurukshetra.

A soldier named Arjuna, who is the leader of the Pandava armies, prepares to battle as Lord Krishna heads toward the opposition. Just before the battle, Arjuna asks Lord Krishna for advice.

Arjuna is ridden with hesitation and guilt as he faces his family and knows he will have to kill many loved ones to win the battle. Arjuna has set down his weapon and is ready to sacrifice his life. Arjuna approaches Krishna to tell him about his emotions regarding the battle. "Krishna, I seek no victory, or kingship or pleasures" (Miller, 25).…… [Read More]

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The Growth of India S Drug Sector

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Rise of India's Drug Industry

The strong growth of India's pharmaceutical or drug industry has been one of the greatest success stories in international trade in the recent past. India has traditionally been renowned as a country that produces cheap knockoffs of patented drugs invented or developed by pharmaceutical companies in Japan and in the West. As a result, India's drug industry was regarded as an international pariah and a hub for violation of intellectual property rights. Moreover, Indian pharmaceutical companies were prohibited from selling their products in developed markets. However, the recent strong growth of this industry is more likely to benefit pharmaceutical companies and consumers in the American drugs market as the company rises to be a major exporter of pharmaceuticals.

Background of the Issue

India's drug industry heavily relied on supplies by large international corporations until the 1970s since this sector only produced cheap bulk drugs (Perlitz,…… [Read More]

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General Electric S Success in India

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General Electric in India

Recent economic figures point to the tremendous growth of India as the world's popular investment hub. Foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the country have depicted a surge as investors seek opportunities in the second populous nation in the world (Mishra & Shaopeng, 2013). The country occurs as a close competitor to China, as the preferred investment hub globally. Since independence, India upholds democracy in rule and governance. In the 1970s, India occurred as a preferred hub for multinationals such as IBM. The nation is popular for providing a favorable environment for multinationals to thrive. In this paper, we analyze some macro and micro economic factors that affect the way of doing business for General Electric in India.

Legal/Political factors

Effect of Common law on GE

Historically, India has grown as one of the most preferred investment hubs for multinationals. The presence of General Electric (GE) in…… [Read More]

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Ready Meals in India and China

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Executive Summary This paper provides a proposal for the company on the most suitable country or emerging market for the company to expand its production of ready meals. Ready meals markets have been steadily growing in recent years across all geographical regions of the world. The proposal is based on the increased growth of ready meals markets and institutional analysis of India and China, which are two emerging markets that continue to experience high levels of growth. While India and China are some of the leading emerging markets worldwide, its important for the company to determine the most suitable market to enter. Therefore, this paper seeks to answer the question, “Which emerging market is suitable for expansion of ready meals production between India and China?” To answer this question, the researcher conducts an institutional analysis of each country and identifies opportunities and threats in the market. The analysis is based…… [Read More]

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Could Tesla Enter into India or South Africa

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The International/Global Operations and Their Key Markets and Potential Competitors
Part I: Key Market
Tesla (TSLA) is a leader in the electric vehicle and solar and powerwall services. However, because of the company’s broad entry into a number of different market segments (from cars to trucks to batteries to solar power), Tesla has a number of competitors around the world, including: Tata, GM, Honda Motor Company, Kandi Technologies, Navistar, Oshkosh, PACCAR, Toyota and many others. Tesla maintains a network of 80 stores across North America, Europe and Asia and has reported gross revenues of more than $2 billion in recent years. Its market cap is currently over $50 billion. In order to compete on the global scale, Tesla must continue to internationalize operations.
Potential regions and countries that Tesla should target include developed markets (DMs) and emerging markets (EMs): Europe and Asia are already targets of Tesla, but countries such…… [Read More]

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Major Historical Developments of Hospitals in the United States and India

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Evolution of Health Care Marketing

Understanding the historical development of the hospitals of different states provides opportunities for postulating the future and factors that might influence their performance. Historical analysis takes into consideration the significant milestones that shaped the current state of the hospitals of the state alongside the projected future of these health care organizations (Berkowitz, 2011). As such, this essay analyzes the historical development of the hospitals of the United and India. The historical analysis provides opportunities for the comparison of the countries that have experienced significant transformation to provide effective health care to patients.

Historical development of hospitals in the United States

The U.S. hospitals emerged from institutions such as nursing homes that gave health care services to the poor patients, retirees, and leprosy patients. Charities ran these institutions and provided them with the necessary resources required for ensuring the provision of the desired heath care. The…… [Read More]

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China and India Post-World War II

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non-Western cultures, China and India, which were transformed by globalization after World War II. A description concerning the circumstances within each of these cultures both prior to and after the influence of globalization is followed by an analysis of one of these examples including an assessment of what caused the influence and whether the influence was a direct or indirect process. Finally, an examination concerning whether the outcomes were intentional or unintentional in this example and a discussion concerning India's response to globalization is followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

Although the same processes that have been driving globalization since the end of World War II have been in place for thousands of years, globalization became especially pronounced during the second half of the 20th century due to innovations in technology and transportation that facilitated international trade and the dispersion of new ideas and concepts around…… [Read More]

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Comparing the State of Labor Relations in the US and India

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Union vs. Nonunion Environments Labor Relations

Although non-unionized employees work in organizations, they are not members of any labor unions. The notion means that they are not represented by any work union at their workplaces. Conversely, unionized workers are engaged in certain unions that represent them at their workplaces. Such labor unions are pertinent because they serve as bargaining liaison. U.S. is among nations where both unionized and non-unionized workers are present. It is important to affirm that there are varied labor relations in these different working environments. The purpose of this paper is to compare the labor relations system in the U.S. and another country regarding union and non-union working environments. In this case, labor relations in India are compared to that of the U.S.A.

Evidently, India is among countries where labor unions are limited. There exists a difference in labor relations in both countries. As seen from the…… [Read More]

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Child Dental Maladies in India

Words: 1277 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 67110862


Pedodontics & Epidemiology

There is not a ton of complexity as it relates to how this research was completed. Indeed, there was a blend of qualitative and quantitative research in a literature review, compare and contrast format. That being said, care was taken to only use scholarly resources and to generally complete the research in a way that was open, honest, genuine and easy to replicate. In the case of this brief treatise, there is a compare and contrast of two different documents on the same overall subject with an honest discussion about what is being said, how the two reports differ, how they are the same and so on. More detail of that will come in the discussion section. No special methodology beyond a compare and contrast of the relevant and available literature is employed. Note that any references or conclusions drawn are from the…… [Read More]