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Death Penalty One of Society's Significant Issues

Words: 2808 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 78791909

It would seem that many criminals would find this more amusing than frightening. They do not take their chances of being caught and subjected to capital punishment seriously enough to be frightened by the penalty like many assume they will be (van den Haag, 2001).

According to some who believe in God and feel that capital punishment is acceptable under the scriptures, there is one main point, which is that "This is not an issue that may be measured accurately in terms of statistics. No one can ever know how many potential murderers have refrained from taking human life due to their fear of prosecution, conviction, and ultimate execution" (Jackson, 2003). It is also questioned during this same argument, though, by those who conclude that capital punishment is not a deterrent to violent crime, whether they should also be able to conclude that prison is not a deterrent either, since…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty as Justified Murder

Words: 2596 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70372808

However, the reasons why people commit crime are as different as the individuals themselves. Intentional murder comes in two different flavors. The first is the carefully plotted, well thought out, planned act. In this scenario, motivational theory takes over. The person must feel that they will gain some type of value from the action. It may be that they gain something, such as money, or they may feel that eliminating a person will offer them some type of protection. In any case, the person justifies their actions through a perceived reward in the future (Horisch and Strassmair).

In the case of an intentional murder, the death penalty may deter the action. However, several conditions must be met for the fear of death to act as a deterrent. The person must feel that there is a significant possibility that they will be caught and punished for their crimes. In many cases,…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Pros and Cons

Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20451224

It violates the right to life...It is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. There can never be any justification for torture or for cruel treatment" (White, n.d., pg. 1).

In addition to the argument that it is a denial of human rights, abolitionists have an equally strong offender-centered argument of innocence (White, n.d. pg. 2). They argue that innocent people are often put to death, in what can only be termed a heinous denial of justice. Further arguments against the death penalty consist of its use against primarily poor offenders, its inconsistent use, and the fact that convicted criminals, even murderers, can reform in prison and be reproductive once again (White, n.d., pg. 2). White uses the example of Stanley "Tookie" Williams to show this is true. Williams, a former gang member and founder, was executed in 2005, but only after he had sincerely reformed of his ways during…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Ethics and Effectiveness

Words: 2641 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 13477407

However, sociologists argue that the retributive justice theory suffers due to the lack of appreciation of circumstantial causes involved in the commission of crime. By counting 'free will' as the only factor involved in a crime the deontological thinking lacks in the comprehensive analysis of criminal behavior. For instance the disproportionate number of crimes by the economically disadvantaged African-Americans when compared to Caucasians is a clear instance for external factors that could influence the behavior of a person. In the words of philosopher Thomas. a. Mappes, "Pure retributive thinking seems to presuppose a radical sense of human freedom and its correlate, a radical sense of personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions." [Laurence]

Moral Evaluation

A moral community is based on the principle where each and every member of the community has equal rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." [Kenneth Cauthen] Under these circumstances if one person…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment and Sexual Crimes

Words: 1690 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65461447

9). To help such victims, the Florida Department of Health had set up several billboards in Tampa and the billboards say, "Sex without consent is rape." Such billboards are hoped to helped the victims to come forward and identify the offender so that more women can be saved from similar abuse.

This increase in the number of crimes as well as the lasting effect it has on the victim qualifies it as a potential case for death penalty. This is not excessive when compared to the nature of the crime and the use of the eight amendment of the constitution to this crime should be removed. It was written in the constitution to protect people who are likely to be charged with death penalty for minor offenses and rape or sexual assault is by no means a minor offense. This is the reason it should be removed for this gruesome…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty or Often Known as Capital Punishment

Words: 1374 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78898467

Opponents also provide evidence that the death penalty is unjust. Data show that death row prisoners are disproportionately low income, minority, and under-represented by the legal system. Thus, we many wonder if those who can't afford the best lawyers are more likely to be sentenced to death, and if so, then we may have effectively put a price on the life of a criminal. Similarly, if the flawed legal system convicts an innocent person and sentences him to death, there is no opportunity for justice to prevail when the prisoner's innocence is ultimately proven. Two states, Maine and Rhode Island, discovered that they had likely executed innocent men and subsequently abolished the death penalty.

Many note that the time and expenses associated with the death penalty are reasons enough to disallow it. Extensive review and judicial process is guaranteed for death row cases, with the intent of ensuring that innocent…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Justified Justice the

Words: 1174 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5993565

Politically correct or not, criminals should pay for the crimes they commit. In no society do we see no punishment for crimes. Walter Berns notes that Aristotle taught anger is just and those who kill should be held responsible. We do not live in such a politically correct society that executing justice is perceived as wrong. Justice is never wrong and we as a society should never feel guilt or wrong when we feel angry because someone has been murdered. Anger is a "human passion" (Berns qtd. In White 147), states Berns and murderers are "properly the objects of anger," (148). In some cases, anger is healthy and no one can argue that anger over murder is not justified. Berns understands that angry men are also capable of respecting life. Supporting the death penalty does not make one less human it defends life. Defending life and the sanctity of life…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Society's Primary Responsibility Lies in

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71479618

Death Penalty

Society's primary responsibility lies in working towards assuring the physical and psychological well-being of its honest and upright citizens. Implicit in the preceding statement is that government and other social institutions must bring about a social environment that is safe and free of crime, especially serious offenses that can endanger lives. Viewed from this perspective, it appears that perhaps the death penalty is a necessary recourse for any society, which wishes to prevent the reoccurrence of severe crimes. Further, and more important, imposing the death penalty plays a pivotal role in society being able to uphold the values of justice, innocence, and social well being.

The ongoing debate on whether the death penalty should be retained or abolished concerns itself with the issue of justice from differing perspectives. The abolitionists, for instance, argue that the death sentence runs the risk of executing some convicted people, whose innocence is…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Tragedy in Prose

Words: 2182 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17682003

Death of a Salesman: Tragedy in Prose

Tragedy, can easily lure us into talking nonsense."

Eric Bentley

In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, we are introduced to Willy Loman, who believes wholeheartedly in what he considers the promise of the American Dream -- that a "well liked" and "personally attractive" man in business will unquestionably acquire the material comforts offered by modern American life. Willy's obsession with the superficial qualities of attractiveness and likeability are at odds with a more granular and beneficial understanding of the American Dream that identifies hard work without complaint as the key to success. (Bloom) Willy's interpretation of likeability is perfunctory -- he childishly hates Bernard because he thinks Bernard does not embody the qualities that he admires. Willy's faith in his warped version of the American Dream leads to his psychological decline when he is unable to accept the incongruity between the Dream…… [Read More]

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Death of King Arthur La Mort Le

Words: 1191 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97401740

Death of King Arthur (La Mort le ROI Artu) is not just one of many Medieval tales about the legendary King and his knights, some claim it is the best. It is actually the third part of a much larger work which also includes Lancelot, the Quest for the Holy Grail, and of course, The Death of King Arthur. The first two parts of the story deal with Arthur's establishment of his kingdom, the formation of the Round Table, and the quest for the Holy Grail. The final part of the story deals with the aftermath of the quest, the betrayal of the King by Lancelot and Guinevere, and the final battle on the plains of Salisbury; which results in the death of King Arthur. Throughout the tale the theme of religion plays an important part in the story, from Arthur's insistence that his knights swear to uphold the teachings…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Is the Use of Death

Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51579583

Death penalty is the use of death as a punishment for the crimes committed by an individual. In most cases, death penalty is administered by lethal drugs or by electrocution. There has been a lot of debate on the moral and ethical aspect of issuing death penalty to criminals and many human rights groups are advocating the use of long-term imprisonment without parole (LWOP) as an alternative to death penalty. But, are they really justified in opposing the death penalty? In many cases, this justification is not valid as it leads to more crime and higher taxes for the society.

Death penalty has been present in the United States from colonial times. The first ever recorded execution was in Jamestown in 1608 and since then, it has been used as an effective tool of punishment (Supreme Court Debates, Dec 2004). With such a long history, it is no surprise that…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Whether Capital Punishment

Words: 799 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42430655

If the court puts a man in prison and later discovers his innocence, he can easily be released. It is tragic, but he is able to get at least some of his life back, largely dependent on how long he was incarcerated. If a man has been executed, however, and then it is discovered that he was innocent, there is no compensation that can be given. His life is already over, and the people that he has left behind are involved in as much pain and grief as the family of the victim. Meanwhile, the real criminal is still out in the world, getting the chance to do harm to others as well. This is not something that happens often, but it has happened in the past. If the death penalty remains in effect, it will quite likely happen again.

Another issue to be considered is that many people who…… [Read More]

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Death of a Dream Arthur

Words: 1256 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28429052

Throughout the play, Willy longs for the wealth, privilege, and equality the America was alleged to have been built upon until he can no longer deny that the promises of the American dream are just an illusion. While this is without a doubt a scathing critique of capitalism, at the same time, the play seems to be trying to show that nothing is truly real and once you remove all of the 'bells and whistles.' In other words, 'real' people, just like the American dream, are a myth. No one is immune to putting on a 'front' for other people, but when the opinions of others dictate your life and your decisions, this is when the human soul begins to deteriorate. Willy Loman is the characterization of this corrosion.

The death of the American Dream portrayed in the play, as well as the constant comparisons between the rich and the…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman

Words: 1012 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46216951

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Willy Loman finally realized, to an extent, that he had been living a life of illusion and self-deception. Towards the end of the play he concludes that would be worth more to the family dead then alive, "After all the highways, and the trains, and the years, you end up worth more dead than alive." His son Biff has seen the truth about his father's self delusions much earlier then Willy. This causes clash between the two as Willy still believes that Biff will amount to something and Biff finally confronts his father about his low station in life and the fact that the two of them will always be nobodys.

Willy developed the theory that if a person is well liked and is very good looking then doors, i.e. opportunity, will automatically be opened for him. In essence Willy believes in style…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman the New Millennium

Words: 773 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55849743

Death of a Salesman

The new millennium has brought with it new and interesting challenges. Our values and ideals have evolved along with the changing times. This is also true of business and the things that constitute success. For these reasons, many have questioned the relevance of literature created during the previous century to the world as it appears today. Such questions have also been raised about Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, which appeared in the period after World War II, during which the United States as superpower attempted to sell the benefits of capitalism as such to its citizens (Siegel, 2012). In a New York Times review, Siegel makes the claim that the only meaning the play has for today's audiences is to give them a sense of superiority over rather than identification with Willy Loman. However, perhaps the play still has more depth to offer, even…… [Read More]

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Death Comes for the Archbishop

Words: 2128 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24139094

Latour takes several steps to repair the damage done to the church by the moral misdeeds of rogue priests and, to a certain extent, the American and Mexican governments. Latour dispatches Valliant to Albuquerque and, in Valliant's travels, he performs sacraments and admonishes a priest for gambling with parish funds. Latour, for his part, helps rescue Magdalena from the abusive Buck Scales and orders the founding of a girl's school - another important symbol of permanence and the church's commitment to the community. Latour also replaces Gallegos, a corrupt priest who drinks, gambles and left his parish in a "scandalous state," with Father Valliant (p.83).

Latour's house cleaning continues throughout the story, as he is determined to conquer the book's moral setting, as he conquered its natural setting. Perhaps Latour's greatest triumph is when he forces Father Martinez, who had become a "dictator to all parishes in Northern New Mexico"…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Fails

Words: 1564 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 24637560

In conclusion, Death of a Salesman tells the tragic tale of Willy Loman's life. We do feel pity for this man as we watch him fail and we do understand that he makes tragic mistakes throughout his life that have brought him to this point. Many critics want to make allowances for the play because it represents the world in which we live. In doing so, they seem to forget that we are surrounded by people of great stature every day. While we do not operate in a world of nobility, we still have persons of great respect that speak for our groups and cultures. The modern argument wants to redefine Aristotle's definition but by doing so, it assumes that we are all only capable of the common life that Willy experienced. While Willy is an excellent representation of the common man, he is not every man. His life was…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman by

Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62405386

Willy's "psychopathy," he explained, is a manifestation of his being "other-directed" -- or possessing a value system entirely determined by external norms…evidence that goes beyond normal human inconsistency into the realm of severe internal division" (3). The author's analysis illustrates that Willy's "psychopathy" is an inevitable and consistent result of his constant dreaming about success and wealth using the wrong approach. Knowing that he has failed himself and his family, Willy tried to compensate for this by holding strong to the belief that he will eventually prevail, that personality and charisma would save him and his family from poverty. As a result, Willy isolated himself from his family, simply by not sharing the realities that his wife and sons are experiencing, being poor and in constant conflict with Willy's ideals.

Indeed, the psychological trauma that plagued Willy upon realizing that he has grown old and did not succeed in the…… [Read More]

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Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by

Words: 1000 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88288409

Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell Without knowing that a ball turret is small place in a B-17, we would not understand the central metaphor analogizing the mother's womb to the ball turret, which is essential to understanding that the poem is about the contrast between the warmth of a mother's love and the cold dehumanizing treatment of the "State" where he is just another soldier.

Common Ground by Judith Cofer Before reading the poem, the title seemed quite self-explanatory, I figured the poem would be about finding common ground between people, and in a sense it is, but the message, after reading the poem, is much starker. It is more about the inescapability of aging, the common links that tie generations as the young get old and realize the commonalities they share with their parents.

Hazel Tells LaVerne by Katharyn Machan Knowing the fairy tale helps…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Questions

Words: 965 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72466894

Act 2. Discuss the scene between Willy and Ben, consider what advice Willy is asking of Ben, note Bens reply "let me think about it." What might miller be suggesting by it? What importance does this scene have in the play? What themes are evoked in it?

Ben's relationship with his brother Willy throughout the play exemplifies Willy's longing for the success that never comes. Ben profits from diamond mines, while Willy dies an unremarkable salesman, valuable, Willy thinks, only for his life insurance policy. Unlike Willy, Ben seemed to care less for the opinion of others. He struck out on his own in Alaska in search of riches, while Willy was more attracted to the idea of being a well-liked salesman.

In this final scene with Ben, however, the viewer becomes aware of how much Willy's mind is unhinged. "A man has got to add up to something" he…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Failure

Words: 807 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76397433

He cannot provide for his family financially, and emotionally he feels bankrupt. That is why the brief, transient sense that Biff likes him provides him with so much joy -- it is the proof, however small, that he has succeeded at something in life. However, even his language of 'liking' echoes the language he uses when speaking of being 'liked' at the office, and almost immediately after speaking to Biff, Willy is dreaming once again of diamond mines, and easy money. Willy is incapable, unlike his son, of truly deep self-awareness.

Willy, Biff, and Happy seem ignorant of the American dream's demand that people work hard to move ahead. Willy and Linda blame Biff's math teacher, not Biff, for their son's failure in school, while brainy, hard-working Bernard grows up to argue a case before the Supreme Court (Miller 111). Biff and Happy never concoct honest schemes to earn money,…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman

Words: 969 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11825408

Death of a Salesman

Linda: Are they any worse than his sons? When he brought them business, when he was young, they were glad to see him. But now his old friends, the old buyers that loved him so and always found some order to hand him in a pinch - they're all dead, retired. He used to be able to make six, seven calls a day in Boston. Now he takes his valises out of the car and puts them back and takes them out again and he's exhausted. Instead of walking he talks now. He drives seven hundred miles, and when he gets there no one knows him anymore, no one welcomes him. And what goes through a man's mind, driving seven hundred miles home without having earned a cent? Why shouldn't he talk to himself? Why? When he has to go to Charley and borrow fifty dollars…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Arthur

Words: 1424 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70515419

He can't let go of the idea that popularity and wealth are what are most important in a man.

In the second act, Willy receives a terrible blow. He explains to his boss, Howard, how he met a salesman when he was about 19, and admired the man's skills, and decided that sales was the very best job a man could have. But he tells Howard he's tired, and he wants to work in the store instead of on the road. Howard keeps telling him there's no opening for floor sales, and then finally tells him the truth: the company is going to let Willy go. Howard says:

HOWARD: I think you need a good long rest, Willy... And then when you feel better, come back, and we'll see if we can work something out.

He tells Willy that this is no time for false pride and that he should…… [Read More]

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Life of Bees Both the

Words: 790 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51746034

That day is always in your possession. That's the day you remember," (p. 97). Thus, both stories keep alive the romantic vision of love as a positive and enduring force.

The most extraordinary aspect of both of these stories is the way in which love is portrayed realistically. Love is never easy, whether between interracial couples, between parents and children, or between lovers. For example, "The worst mistakes I've made have been the ones directed by sweet-natured hopefulness," suggests that love is often over-idealized (Baxter, p. 80). In Feast of Love, marital infidelity is dealt with and so are other forms of betrayal including the perceived betrayal of death. Similarly, death is dealt with deftly in Secret Life of Bees. When May commits suicide, the grieving process is an extraordinary expression of love by her sisters and also by Lily and Rosaleen. As Lily states, "People who think dying is…… [Read More]

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Life of an Immigrant Explored

Words: 1126 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 15255440

Jurgis is filled with grief and despair when thinks of how "they had put their very souls into their payments on that house, they had paid for it with their sweat and tears -- yes, more, with their very lifeblood. " (Sinclair). Perhaps the most dreadful of all things is Ona's death. Her death marks a brand new low for Jurgis. Personal hardship is the backdrop for Jurgis' dream. He is learning that things do not always turn out the way we expect them to turn out. Jurgis is realizing that hard work and a good heart do not always lead toward wealth and a better life.

Jurgis also sees his American Dream die to the ways of socialism. As he begins to learn more about socialism, he gains a different sense of self. He is not shy about it and, in fact, he is very vocal about his beliefs.…… [Read More]

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Life of Buddha

Words: 1109 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77420443

Life of the Buddha:

What was the Buddha's name? How else do Buddhists refer to him?

His name is Siddhartha Gautama and he is often referred to as the 'awakened' or 'enlightened' one.

What are the circumstances in which the Buddha grew up?

Siddhartha was born in 563 B.C. He lived in a place called Lumbini and then was raised in Kapilavashtha, Sakya Kingdom's capital. During this time, Northern India was made up of various small and independent states. It is during this period, people came to challenge and question Vedic philosophy through a number of new religious and philosophical schools. There was a strong moral vacuum present.

What are the "four passing sights"?

The first is an old man that reminded Buddha of aging. The second was a sick person that reminded Buddha of pain and disease. The third was a corpse that reminded Buddha of…… [Read More]

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Life of Paul Daily Living

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95372667

Life of Paul

Paul the Apostle is one of the most significant figures in early Christian history. He was born soon after Christ was, and Paul's conversation to Christianity remains one of the central allegories in all of scripture. Therefore, Pauline texts are at the heart of the Christian canon. Paul was born in Tarsus, the "principle city of the lush plain of Cilicia in the southwest corner of Asia Minor," which is modern-day Turkey (Pollack, 2012, p. 16). Tarsus was a melting pot of the Middle East, putting Paul into contact with people as diverse as Hittites, Greeks, Assyrians, Persians, and Macedonians (Pollack, 2012). Paul's early daily life was formative for his later intellectual and spiritual development. Pollock (2012) describes Tarsus as a "city between the mountains and the sea," (p. 16). Born in "a city between the mountains and the sea" provides an apt symbol for the spiritual…… [Read More]

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Life Coaching Listening Is an

Words: 2176 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57032162

Preconceived notions or biases are signs of poor listening. The life coach cannot project personal values onto the client's words and expect to be listening well. A good listener also does not jump to conclusions or finish the client's sentences. Instead, the life coach erases all preconceived notions and listens with a fresh mind. The life coach also does not interject judgment or opinion, especially when none was solicited. Judgment is one of the greatest obstacles to good communication. As Carter-Scott & Stewart (2007) put it, "judgments are the cancer of interpersonal relationships," (p. 61). The life coach seeks to connect with the client while suspending all judgment. A life coach learns about the client in a state of attentiveness and presence of mind. By emptying the mind and releasing the need to be right or superior, the life coach listens with an open heart. Asking open-ended questions to establish…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty and Race Arguments

Words: 4823 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45563116

Statistics show that black murderers are far more likely than white murderers to get the death penalty, especially if the victim was white. Blacks make up 12% of the population but 40% of the population on death row, as noted. Georgia can serve as a case in point. Statistics show that a black man accused of killing a white person in Georgia is substantially more likely to receive the death penalty than a white person convicted of killing either a white or a black, and forty-six percent of the inmates on Georgia's death row are black, with most on death row for killing a white person. The situation is much the same in the 35 other states that have capital punishment. In Maryland, blacks make up nearly 90% of the prisoners on death row; in Illinois, 63%; and in Pennsylvania, 60%. The disparity nationwide is even greater when the race…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Also Called Death

Words: 1839 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91422394

The opponents of the death claim that death penalty is used disproportionately against minorities and the death row in the U.S. holds a disproportionately large population of blacks relative to their general population. This is disproved by the Bureau of Justice Statistics report, which states: "since the death penalty was reinstated by the Supreme Court in 1976, white inmates have made up the majority of those under sentence of death." This is despite the fact that blacks committed 51.5% of the murders in the U.S. between 1976 and 1999 vs. 46.5% by the whites (Quoted by Eddlem, 2002).


In conclusion, it would be fair to say that the arguments put forwarded by the opponents of death penalty are neither based on solid reasons nor on verifiable facts. On the other hand, as we saw in this essay, capital punishment is an effective deterrent against serious crime, is morally justified,…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Thirty-Eight States in

Words: 1680 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41962256

The victim is unable to make peace with himself, say goodbye to his family or have his constitutional rights seen too. When a murder is committed, I believe that the perpetrator does not forfeit his rights, but rather some of the respect and convention which is usually given to a dying person. After all, what respect and convention was awarded to his victim?

Many of the states which currently allow the death penalty have victim services via the department of Corrections. The services which they provide range all the way from family support and counseling to the provision for family members of the victim to watch the execution should they so desire. This ability is limited state to state, however. It should also be noted that several of the victims services programs have been severely curtailed due to budget cuts, while the needs of the prisoner in the time surrounding…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty as a Deterrent

Words: 1156 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60773956

In contrast, other data, compiled by state and federal agencies within the last twenty years, failed "to demonstrate any deterrent value to the death penalty" and according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, "when states with the death penalty (were) compared to those without the death penalty," it was shown that "a majority of death penalty states have homicide rates higher than non-death penalty states" (Espejo 58).

The death penalty has also come under other criticism, especially in relation to executing innocent persons on death row in America's prison system. Of course, with the advent of DNA testing, many death-row inmates have been exonerated after tests revealed that they could not have been involved in their alleged crimes. Yet some death penalty advocates still believe that the possibility of executing innocent people does not justify the abolition of the death penalty. As Stephen Markman puts it, "the death…… [Read More]

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Death and Dying the First

Words: 843 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1357005

My life has definitely changed since the accident. Besides not liking to drive, I am more protective of my friends and family. I never let them walk away without telling them that I care about them, because I have learned that you never know what the next second can bring. All it took was a second for my friend to be gone, so I know that is true. I want the people that I love to know it, and I am not afraid to tell them so. I did not tell her how much she meant to me before she died, and I still regret it.

Most of all, my life has gone in a different direction since my friend died. Before, I was drifting, and I was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was not even sure that I wanted to go to…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty for the Mentally Retarded

Words: 1976 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46964495

Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) and Mentally Retarded

In July 2002, the United States Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to execute mentally retarded prisoners. This ruling reflects a shift in the Court's previous position, when it ruled in 1989 that such executions did not entail "cruel or unusual punishment" nor did they violate the Constitution's Eighth Amendment.

Despite the ruling, however, the debate about the death penalty and mental retardation continues. Human rights activists have hailed the decision as a triumph for the rights of the disabled. Critics, however, contend that the task of assessing a retarded defendant's culpability belongs to a jury.

This paper examines both sides of the argument regarding the death penalty for mentally retarded prisoners, focusing particularly on death penalty cases in Texas. The first part of the paper looks at the legal standards for mental retardation. In the second part, the paper details the criticism against…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Viewpoint There Are Contradictory Viewpoints

Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57006695

Death Penalty Viewpoint

There are contradictory viewpoints concerning the death penalty with some viewing it as needed for family closure in capital cases and others viewing it as an excuse where closure is not clearly defined in the arguments. There are also questions of whether the death penalty actually restores communities and families, whether it really serves justice, or whether it is actually a revenge for families and society. The similarity and differences in the viewpoints bring out points of victim complexity, clarity in the word meanings, and how families can be tortured in the probation hearings when offenders request probation review.

(Bandes, Susan) argues that there is no clear definition of closure or the justice system rights to obtain closure in arguments. She claims that some families have found closure if an offender takes responsibility for the crimes committed, but feels the justice system uses closure as an excuse…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Viewpoint Summary Convicted Wrongfully for

Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72834499

Death Penalty

Viewpoint Summary

Convicted wrongfully for the murder of a man by the name Delbert Baker, Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon spent more than seventeen years on death row awaiting his execution. His eventual release came after Mr. Baker's real killer confessed to the said murder. Now a free man, Melendez-Colon adds his voice to the call for the abolition of the death penalty. In his opinion, wrongful conviction cases cannot be resolved using DNA testing. In response to proponents of the death penalty who are somehow convinced that DNA testing could easily resolve persistent cases of wrongful conviction, Melendez-Colon points out that DNA "is quite limited because it is not present in the great majority of murder cases." To back up his assertion, Melendez-Colon observes that since 1973, only 17 of the 139 death row exonerations involved DNA. In his opinion, there is a huge amount of money that the…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment the Issue of

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What happens at this point is the issues are then prioritized, and the death penalty can potentially be considered less important than personal taxes, abortion, or whatever other issue the voter deems as important. This results in an extremely clouded concept of what the majority of the population actually supports in this country -- not just on the death penalty, but any issue. Ultimately this point of this argument, though not invalid in a humanistic point-of-view, is invalid because of its lack of solid, empirical ground to stand on. In fact, it is in danger of being ignored all together if we are to take a macrocosmic view of the country in terms of the constitution and the freedoms from religious policy that we enjoy. Of course if we take this point-of-view then we have to ask how we come to any decisions about our laws at all if not…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty the Debate Surrounding Capital Punishment

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Death Penalty

The debate surrounding capital punishment is not as clear as one might think -- in fact, there is a great deal of gray within this debate. The actual definition is State controlled taking of a human life in response to some crime committed by a person who was legally convicted of that crime (Lacayo, 2009). Capital punishment has been part of human history, and currently 58 global nations actively practice it, 95 have abolished it, and the remained have not used it in over a decade (Amnesty International, 2010). Some scholars tout the view that capital punishment produces an extremely strong deterrent effect to crime that actually saves lives, is supported by the majority of Americans, and that each execution actually results in a statistically viable reduction in murders (Muhlhausen, 2007). As of 2010, however, Amnesty International categorizes most countries as abolitionist regarding the death penalty (Figures on…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment the Issue of Whether Capital

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Capital Punishment

The issue of whether capital punishment is justified in a civilized world that is progressively concerned with achieving human rights and dignity for all its citizens is a subject that challenges the very scales of justice. On the one hand, the imposition of the death penalty prematurely terminates a human life and precludes any chance of rehabilitating criminals as productive members of society. On the other hand, abolishing the death penalty implies endangering society with the presence of known, dangerous anti-social elements who may one day become eligible for parole or worse escape from prison. Thus, the scales need to be weighed taking into consideration that society's primary responsibility is to ensure that its honest and upright citizens are able to lead a secure and safe life. Indeed, it is the purpose of this paper to demonstrate that the scales of justice need to necessarily be tipped in…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman

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Death of a Salesman

In all of twentieth-century American drama, it is Arthur Miller's 1949 masterwork Death of a Salesman that has been lauded as the best American play. The play deals with important aspects of American life, discovering and exploring the idea of the American dream. Since its first appearance in New York in 1949 to its numerous worldwide performances since, Death of a Salesman has spoken to the apprehensions of middle-class workers internationally and their great effort for continuation in capitalist society. The play and its preliminary production set the tone for American drama for the rest of the century through its sociopolitical themes, its lyrical pragmatism, and its focus on the ordinary man.

In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman has to face the truth that he no longer has his sales employment and therefore no longer has his indispensable uniqueness. He can't grip it. Miller lets…… [Read More]

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Life in Prison Life in

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Williams...consistently denied killing Owens.

March 11, 1979 --...three of Williams' friends -- all with criminal histories and motivation to lie, Williams says -- testify that he confessed to the killings. A ballistics expert links a shotgun shell at the motel to Williams' gun. Williams has also steadfastly maintained his innocence in the Yang killings.

1981 -- Williams is tried and convicted in Los Angeles Superior Court of all four murders, plus...sentenced to death. He arrives at San Quentin's death row on April 20.

1987 -- Williams is placed in solitary confinement for 6 1/2 years after committing a string of violent incidents behind bars, including assaults on guards and other inmates.

1988 -- the California Supreme Court affirms Williams' death sentence, and he files his first federal appeal to the U.S. District Court.

1996 -- Williams, with co-author Barbara Cottman Becnel, publishes the first of a series of anti-gang books…… [Read More]

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Death of a Salesman Playwright

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The example of Willy coming home from a business trip bragging, "I'm tellin' you, I was sellin' thousands and thousands, but I had to come home" is classic living in a fake world behavior. And Jacobson goes on to explain, poignantly, that Willy's "fabrications create so extreme a polarization with his incapacities that an acceptance of failure - his own or Biff's - becomes impossible" (Jacobson 252).

Meanwhile, H.C. Phelps, writing in Explicator (Phelps, 1995), is quick in his essay to point out that both Happy and Linda are living in a fantasy world. They believe somehow, through years of foggy Willy-inspired interpretation probably, that Bill Oliver will not only give Biff a job, but also will "stake" biff to a business venture (Phelps 239).

He did like me," Biff says. "Always liked me." His mom chimes in, "He loved you...he thought highly of you Biff." That seems pretty unlikely…… [Read More]

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Life Lessons a Popular Piece

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Like before, we did everything together. We were inseparable.

One of the inevitable events in any young man's life is the development of an interest in young girls. For my best friend and me it happened at nearly the same time and, unfortunately, it manifested itself with the same girl. At the time we were both working for the same employer and the owner of the business had a daughter who was our age and was quite attractive. At first neither of us commented on our individual interest but, in time, it became obvious that we both were and, like we did everything, we began discussing the issue. We spent hours discussing our interests. It may seem odd to others but our friendship was intense and secure and I can honestly state that either of us would have been happy for the other if the young lady involved should choose…… [Read More]

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Life Lessons in Everyday Use and The

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Life Lessons in "Everyday Use" and "The Story of an Hour"

Man never seems to learn everything he wants because it seems with every generation, the same lessons need to be learned all over again. Experience is the best teacher, as we all know, but it is interesting to see how some things have changed over the years while others have not. Modernity allows people to have more freedom, as we see with Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use." Dee benefits from the advancement of society in that she can leave home and attend college. However, just as man seems to make forward strides, some things never change. One of those things is the fact that man has never harnessed the ability to see things as they really are. This inability causes many heartaches because many times, we see only what we want to see. Kate Chopin's story, "The Story…… [Read More]

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Life of Pi Religion and

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It is a mixture of the Hindu and Christian ideals as Pi sees them, and he incorporates both worldviews.

For Pi, one belief system is not enough. Everything that is kept separate or alone is necessarily incomplete. It is very important to him that one has beliefs and faith, both of which Pi understood to require imagination. He shows this in his disdain of agnostics, seeing their inability to imagine whether there is or isn't a God or gods as a failing, and a basic lack of identity. He makes this even more explicit when he recounts how his immersion in the Hindu religion began in his infancy, and states that "religion is more than rite and ritual. There is what the rite and ritual stand for" (Martel 48). For him, what they stand for is a way of thinking and viewing the world that does not exclude other viewpoints,…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Nowadays the Crimes

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Through which he concluded that each execution prevents around seven or eight people from committing murder (Worsnop 402). In 1985, an economist from the University of North Carolina by the name of Stephen K. Layson published a report that showed that every execution of a murderer deterred eighteen would be murderers (Guernsey 68). While the numbers from these studies seem quite low as compared to the large number of murders committed every day in the United States, the numbers become quite large when discussed in the terms of every year executions. (Guernsey 65)

The opponents of capital punishment here give different points which are also quite true. According to the critics of capital punishment many of the people who commit acts of murder are either retarded or are immature. Capital punishment doesn't have an effect on the youth and immature people. As Richard L. Worsnop writes in his article entitled…… [Read More]

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Death of Woman Wang Life

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Crude, twisted justifications were offered during this period of time that both upheld family values yet reflected the desperation of the era -- such as the defense that it was better to eat one's relatives, than to let the whole family starve, or the idea that if one consumed one's relations, then they lived on, at least a little longer.

Spence admits that he is operating with certain difficulties regarding the sources of his chronicles, given that few documents remain behind of the Chinese peasantry of this period. However, he says to give voice to the voiceless was one of his primary motivations in writing the text. The lack of documentary evidence, rather than being perceived as a hindrance, as might be the case with some historians, merely spurred him on to reveal what was left for posterity. He deploys a variety of sources including a Confucian civil servant and…… [Read More]

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Life of JFK the Life

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576). He proved to be an astute campaigner for the nomination in 1960, particularly in his use of television, most notably in a decisive debate against Republican challenger Richard M. Nixon. Kennedy selected Lyndon B. Johnson from Texas as his running mate, an old-style politician and majority leader of the senate. Despite the tremendous differences of personality between the two men, Kennedy knew he needed to win the South, and also wished to diffuse the influence the Texas politician had amongst his senate colleagues. Kennedy won by fewer than 120,000 votes out of nearly 70 million votes cast in the entire country. Some Protestant Democrats were still leery of the papal influence upon a Catholic president (Brauer 1984, p. 578). The 43-year-old president and his glamorous wife and young children quickly won over the American public, along with his skillful use of press conferences and his stirring inaugural address: "(Brauer…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Why Its Wrong

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Death Penalty Is Wrong

It is often suggested that morality comes from a venerated source - from reason, or from God (Wheatley & Haidt, 2005). Judgments on the basis of morals are important, complex, and intuitive. Moral judgments thus become particularly fertile foundations of motivated reasoning (Ditto, Pizarro, & Tannenbaum, 2009). In view of this respected observation, we chose to develop a broad-based questionnaire based on morality institutional regimens. This has been necessitated as Morality does not have the same rigors as that of logical and reasoning assiduity. The essence of Morality and post hoc deliberations are relative and affect combined societal percepts. There has always been a quandary about the rights of a person when posited in opposition to another. "The consensus view in moral psychology has been that morality is first and foremost about protecting individuals"-- (Graham, Haidt, & Nosek, 2009). Thus, quandaries arise out of morality being…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Supermax Prisons Supermax

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Costs associated with Supermax Prisons

Most of the Supermaxes in the United States are brand new or nearly so. Others are simply free-standing prisons that were retrofitted. "According to a study by the Urban Institute, the per-cell cost of a Supermax is about $75,000 annually, compared to $25,000 for each cell in an ordinary state prison" (Ross, 2006). The supermax models emerged out of the prison violence of the 1970's and the early 1980's, when dozens of guards around the country, were murdered by prisoners. First, prison authorities developed procedures to minimize inmate-staff contact. Then they took to locking down entire prisons for indefinite periods, keeping inmates in their cells all day and closing down communal dining rooms and exercise yards. Eventually, they began to explore the idea of making the general prison population safer by creating entirely separate high-tech, supermax prisons in which the worst of the worst would…… [Read More]

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Epicurus's View on Death Death

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It was argued by Epicurus that the souls and body could only interact if the souls are material.


Amicus, C. Ante Oculos - Epicurus and the Evidence-Based Life. Cassius Amicus, 2010.

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Hindson, E., and Caner, E. The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics: Surveying the Evidence for the…… [Read More]

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Ancient Greek Beliefs of Afterlife

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Life After Death: Afterlife Within the Realm of Ancient Greek Beliefs

The question as to what happens after death is not fathomable within human reason. As such, it remains one of the biggest mysteries of life. The belief in life after death is what keeps the hopes of the human race intact even in the face of the tragedy of death. The concept 'afterlife' appears absurd in light of rational thought yet strangely familiar. Since time immemorial, numerous theories and beliefs have emerged in bid to work out this disarray. As for Christians, there is a mainstream belief that revolves around Heaven and Hell for rewarding righteousness and punishing evil respectively. In Hinduism, the belief is that upon death, the human soul deserts the body and reincarnates in a different form based on 'actions and consequences.' In Ancient Greek religion, there was a wide range of beliefs. As it appertains…… [Read More]

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Plato's View of Death With Dignity vs Sherwin B Nuland's How We Die

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death by Sherwin Nuland and Socrates. It has 4 sources.

One of the most mystifying phenomenons that keep most of us wondering is death. For the ordinary individual death is not only a topic that they have no clue about but also that they will never be able to satisfy their curiosity unless they experience it themselves. For medical professionals like Sherwin B. Nuland death is something that they see day in day out but never actually could explain unless they get into the technicality of it. Thus, in essence no one from the time of ancient civilization to the modern technological age could really explain the exact nature of death. They can only in fact attempt to explain the nature, cause and effects of death. There are several factors attached to the reason why death cannot actually be explained but only experienced.

Purpose Statement

In the following sections, the…… [Read More]

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Book the Death of Ivan Ilyich

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Death of Ivan Ilych

Before we interpret some of the main religious ideas behind Tolstoy's story, we will first examine some of the main characters who surround Ivan Ilych, during his life and during his long tortuous death struggles.

The reader first meets Peter Ivanovich in the very opening of the story. We soon learn that he works with Ivan Ilych in the "Law Courts" and that as youths they had studied law together. Tolstoy immediately puts a dark cloud over this assumed intimacy and affection, by clearly stating that the death of Peter Ivanovich's close friend does not engender pity or sadness, but rather, speculation on the "changes and promotions it might occasion among themselves." It is at the side of the character Peter Ivanovich that we, the readers, first enter the death room of Ivan Ilych, and first see his home, his family, and his laid out body…… [Read More]

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Puritan Life Was Heavily Contaminated by Death

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puritan life was heavily contaminated by death. Half of the original 102 pilgrims that settled in America died during the first winter and it was not uncommon for children to perish before they reached adolescence. Funerals were a common occurrence in everyday life and the air of towns was often littered with the sounds of church bells. From the early stages of learning, children were educated on the grim reality that they faced and if they were fortunate enough to grow up, their demise still followed them wherever they ventured to. Puritan religion explains that a person is unable to control their destiny. Their ascendance to heaven or hell is pre-determined before the time of their birth and their actions in life have no influence on their final destination.

Although her lifetime took place more than two centuries after their arrival, Emily Dickinson presented poetry that offered views on death…… [Read More]

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Visions of Death as Part of the

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Visions of Death as Part of the Life Cycle

While the terms "life" and "death" are considered to be polar opposites by most standards, some authors view them as part of the same infinite cycle. For writers like Emily Dickinson and Jean Rhys, death is merely a transitional stage; it is not the end of existence any more than life is the beginning. Evidence of this view of death as a part of the ongoing cycle of life can be seen most prominently in Dickinson's "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" and in Rhys' "I Used to Live Here Once."

The most notable similarity between Dickinson's poem and Rhys' short story is that both of the narrators watch children play in the splendor of the natural world while they themselves are no longer a physical part of that world. The primary difference between these two works is that Dickinson…… [Read More]

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Adulthood Death Individual a Culmination Life Span

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adulthood death individual a culmination life span developmental process.


Death and dying is an intrinsic part of life, and the culmination of a life cycle that begins with conception. There are several various stages related to death and dying, such as preserving one's health and wellness, dealing with various facets of ageism, as well as examining cultural attitudes and varying viewpoints of the dying process from different points in history.

Health and Wellness

The primary way of mitigating the effects of aging on the body, mind and spirits of people is to actively promote an awareness of health and wellness. Quite simply, people must take care of their bodies. A key facet of doing so is to have a trusted physician and to go on regular checkups. In addition to keeping in contact with a doctor, individuals should make certain changes to their diet to reflect the varying needs…… [Read More]

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Hospice and Attitudes Toward Death

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Hospice and Attitudes Towards Death

Attitudes towards dying, death, and bereavement are very dependent upon culture. Some cultures embrace death as a natural part of the life cycle and do not attach fear to death. Other cultures are very fearful of the topic of death and treat it like a taboo. "In many preliterate societies, the dead are imbued with special powers and considered potentially harmful to the living. Many customs and funereal rituals surrounding death represent efforts to ensure the well-being of the community" (Quadagno, 2008). However, individual attitudes towards death and dying can vary within a community. Modern society certainly reflects a wide range of feelings towards death and dying. Some people still avoid the topic of death as a taboo, while others are much more comfortable with the idea.

One of the most interesting movements in modern medicine has been the hospice movement. After years of medicine…… [Read More]

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Representation of Death and the Impermanence in

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representation of Death and the impermanence in the short story "A Father's Story" by Andre Dubus, and the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson. These two works were chosen because both speak of Death and impermanence, yet these authors employ different literary forms, characters, settings and plots. "A Father's Story" follows the format of a short story, being prose written in concise paragraphs with a main point or moral and portraying its characters by the way they speak. "Because I could not stop for Death" follows the form of poetry, being structured in shifted lines and using language to evoke imagination or emotion in the reader. In addition, the two writers substantively approach Death very differently. Comparison of these distinct forms shows how writers can make very different styles and statements about Death and impermanence through different devices, including but not limited to the short…… [Read More]

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Costs of Denial in the Death and Dying Process

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Denial in the Death and Dying Process

Identification of the Problem: Denial and Subsequent Lack of Communication of the Impending Death

Death is a natural phenomenon and has been there since the existence of mankind. In the past, people used to accept the death or impending death of a loved one easily because they knew that there was little that they could do about it. However, with the advancement in health care, when more and more cures and treatments of diseases have been found out, people have started denying the fact of death, which is inevitable. Attitude of medical personnel towards a dying patient has also changed. Not dealing face-to-face with the terminal patient, incongruities and discord between verbal and non-verbal communication and loss of affective empathy with the risk of therapeutic negligence, worsening the conditions of death. There are many costs involved with the denial of impending death for…… [Read More]