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Management Accounting Provides Data That Can Help

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Management accounting provides data that can help a small business craft a strategy that can be used to meet their financial and organizational objectives by assisting in the decision making process. Examples of types of issues that a management accountant is equipped to analyze might include items such as product costing, relevant costing, capital budgeting, and operational or strategic planning. Furthermore, a management accounting can design, implement, and manage internal metrics that sustain timely decision making, planning, and control over the business's most critical operations. Being able to determine financially which business activities are profitable and which could be refined is a critical part of any small business strategy and often can represent the difference between success and failure.

The field of management accounting, or managerial accounting, is rapidly evolving with new technology and analytical tools. The modern business environment is becoming increasingly competitive and sophisticated their strategic positioning. For…… [Read More]

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Managing Organizational Culture Organizational Culture

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Taking the relationship of employee morale and its linkage with organizational culture to the most extreme case, Yaghi (2007) studied how decision-making processes are implemented in companies where there is a dominant organizational culture. Selecting a faith-based organization as one of the cases for the study, the author determined how decision-making is mainly influenced by the organizational culture, influenced by the values of solidarity, guardianship, and (belief in a) mission (361). While from an organizational effectiveness perspective, this kind of decision-making is not recommended, Yaghi ultimately pointed out that organizations with a highly-organized and dominant culture results to improved employee morale and commitment, mainly because subsistence to the values of solidarity, guardianship, and commitment to the mission "strengthen (the) relationship among organization's members" (357).

From this review of literature relevant to employee morale and its link with organizational culture, it was established how person-to-job fit or subjective fit in the…… [Read More]

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Management and Leadership There Is

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Another trait of leadership Zinni and Klotz (2009) explore is the ability of a leader to communicate clearly and articulately with the organization and the public. He can no longer afford to be the faceless top of a chain of command. It behooves the modern leader to develop a variety of decision making skills, such as honing his intuition, learning to quickly recognize developing patterns and trends, and quickly communicating his directions and intentions. This also means that today's leader must be able to show the way through times of crisis and change. A leader's ability to calmly steer a course in times of turmoil is crucial to the survival of any enterprise. Finally, a modern leader needs to think and act strategically. He must plan out the future course of action and guide the organization toward achieving the vision he has articulated. He must be able to hold fast…… [Read More]

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Management Structure Analyzing Mechanical and

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Benefits and Limitations of Mechanistic and Organic Mgmt. Structures the benefits of the mechanistic structure include clear lines of authority, a definite command-and-control structure for making decisions, and very clear role definitions. This organizational structure is excellent for business models where variability is costly and there needs to be a high degree of conformity of processes overall. The downside of this organizational structure is the lack of agility and flexibility, the tendency to limit employee's initiative and creativity, and lack of opportunity to rise on intelligence and creativity instead of seniority. Examples of companies with mechanistic organizational structures include process-goods manufacturing including steel, textile and chemical processing. In addition, armed forces are highly driven by mechanistic structures.

Organic organizational structures have the advantages being very flexible and agile in response to opportunities and threats an organization faces, in addition to support for multi-directional communication and flexibility in job and role…… [Read More]

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Management Theories Over the Last

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Since, this one lacks structure means that many employees can become confused about their responsibilities. Once this occurs, it can often lead to employee issues, where this confusion can become an issue of contention between the staff and management. As management is telling them to engage in particular activity, yet they don't understand why they are doing such tasks. Over time, this can cause moral to drop as those employees who do not thrive under such a system, begin to lower the overall positive attitude in the work environment. ("Contingency Theory," 2010)

Despite some of the obvious weaknesses, the contingency theory is effective for those organizations that are small. This is because the in formalized structure allows managers / owners the opportunity to adapt to changes that are occurring in real time. Where, they can use their experience and common sense to adjust to various business conditions. As a result,…… [Read More]

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Managing to Keep Apple Fresh

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Managing to Keep Apple Fresh: Organizational Culture

Issue Identification



Critical Discussion

Path-goal Model

Today, Apple can be regarded one of the most successful companies in the industry within which it operates. At some point, the company was headed for collapse. After Steve Jobs took control as CEO (from 1997), he instituted a drastic turnaround of the firm which has since then more or less dominated the industry. A number of factors have contributed to Apple's success; one of those being effective leadership skills. Steve Jobs knew how to set goals and get everyone to work towards achieving them by amongst other things aligning the organizational culture with the organizational goals. Apple's success story is proof that effective culture management is one of the ingredients of effective leadership. This text will explore the different culture-management practices that have been employed by Apple's leadership.

Issue Identification

Organizational culture refers to…… [Read More]

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Managing Diversity

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Managing Diversity

Diversity is a fact of American and International business and is a broader, more complex issue than one might initially believe. A universally vital element of global commerce, Diversity has spawned an abundance of theorists, journals and specialists, some of whom are encountered in this composition. Addressing the remarkable breadth and complexity of Diversity, this essay reviews: the nature of Diversity; legally protected classes within the United States; aspects of Diversity that fall outside the scope of U.S. legal protections; the benefits of Diversity for employers; the differences/challenges presented by Diversity for employers; general business adjustments/accommodations for Diversity; and suggested specific business adjustments/accommodations for Diversity. Though this work cannot exhaustively address all aspects of Diversity, it is meant to give a good overview of modern businesses' Diversity issues and possible solutions.


Nature of Diversity:

"Diversity" involves legally protected classes of people but also involves other classes of…… [Read More]

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Role of a Manager the Four Components

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Role of a Manager

The Four Components of Emotional Intelligence:

Implications for Managing in the 21st Century

The most effective leaders are able to transform their organizations by defining a compelling vision that is challenging yet attainable. Implicit in the skill sets of exceptional leaders is Emotional Intelligence (EI) including the ability to understand complex situations, emotions of subordinates and peers, and coordinate them to ensure successful outcomes and accomplishments. The four components of EI are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management (Chopra, Kanji, 2010). As more organizations face perennial time shortages, EI is a critical skill set for keeping groups, departments and divisions all working together towards a common goal. The intent of this analysis is to define each of these four components of EI and build a convincing argument as to which is the best one overall given the resource and time demands many organizations face in…… [Read More]

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Management External and Internal Influences

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Anything that appears challenging or threatening in the external environment needs to be taken seriously and this is where management plays a key role.

Internal factors or forces on the other hand are more concerned with organizational culture, mission and values and human resource. While all managers are required to remain true to organization's culture and uphold its values at all times, a real manager is the one who knows when to mould the culture in such a way that it would remain close to its original values while at the same time also become more accepting of external changes. A manager who is blinded by his organization's culture and beliefs is likely to miss signs of external change. Management needs to understand that internal forces are within its control and thus can be used constructively for the benefit of the entire organization instead of allowing it to control the…… [Read More]

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Management Theory Organizational Behavior Management

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Robertson & Tang (1998) demonstrate through systematic analysis how commitment in an organization can be empirically measured and how organizations can use that information to improve organizational structures, systems, behaviors and thought processes. This can only be achieved through consistent, objective and systematic processes that automatically work to support a more diverse and functioning work environment.

Q4. Explain what is meant by the term "workforce diversity?"

Workforce diversity means different things to different people, leaders, organizations and researchers. Cohen & Krause (2000) define diversity in terms of political diversity, suggesting organizational behavior can result in a decline of performance when a lack of diversity exists within an organizational setting (p. 421). Other define workforce diversity as the ability of an organization to "link individuals and groups to organizational contexts" rather than have individuals focus on the differences that exist between them; meaning the more an organization works to expand…… [Read More]

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Management Strategy Stephen M R Covey

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Let's say the original company will usually take a primarily leadership dominated approach to its business organization, allowing its employees to have many freedoms and responsibilities. The merging company, however, has a motivation approach that places more emphasis on management and incentives. In order to ensure that both performance and job satisfaction remain high for all employees in the newly merged corporation, steps will have to be taken to implement both styles of motivation.

Thus, according to the theory of Covey, a management approach will have to have a strategy that lays out goals and incentives for those employees who prefer this style of management. However, within this structure opportunities for leadership will be created. For example, one motivational incentive could be more independence for the employee. In other words, in order to get the newly merged company efficiently operating quickly, the business managers will best be served by trusting…… [Read More]

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Management Thomas Green Was an

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Inducements motivate employees and can also distribute power effectively. A third recommendation would be for Green to admit that he was wrong, take the consequences and work to improve.

The disproportionate use of power conflicted in a bad relationship between two colleagues. Each person sought advice from outside group members. Thomas Green and Frank Davis' issues developed into a great conflict. Power strategies are effectual when properly used, and people of lower status can hold a great amount of power upon higher status employees. Organizational issues influence a person's political performance as well as the amount of power that they hold. Power and political disparity should always be kept within the concerned group.

Secondary tension is the tension that occurs as group members struggle for influence, develop roles, and norms, and explore differences in approaching the group task (Jenkin, 2010). This concept is a summary of what was happening between…… [Read More]

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Role of Vision at Mentor

Words: 1405 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 31575025

N.D.). Vision for any organization is linked to change be it planned or unplanned; however, depending on the leadership of management, the vision and change can be either proactive or reactive. For Langeler the constant changes in vision statements represented the inability to act a director of change and instead focused on the caretaker image of change directives. The fundamental difference is the proactivity of the director vs. The reactivity of the caretaker model.

Question V

The vicissitude nature of Mentor's vision statements changes highlights the question of whether change can be managed via models such as the director or navigator or whether inexorable forces shape decisions and change. Clearly Langeler was not able to utilize the director image in which change is influenced by the management team, directive, initiatives, and outcomes are clearly spelled out, and a process of steps for change is laid out. There is a plethora…… [Read More]

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Management and Organizational Behavior Analysis

Words: 802 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88822974

For the military unit, the defining of specific rank, role and responsibility is the critical catalyst in the structure that makes integrative tasks accomplishable, leading to synergy across the organization. For the musician, their role, responsibility and status as defined by chair in the symphony is also the catalyst of how well synergy of effort can take place. The socio-economic value of each of these organizations is entirely dependent on how well, to the individual role, responsibility and mastery level, each contributor is prepared to deliver values and coordinate efforts. The ability of an organization to become a living system is dependent on how well the roles, responsibilities, expectations and position in the internal ecosystem are defined (Allee, 2009). The leaders of these comparable organizations have a responsibility to enable a consistently high level of autonomy, mastery and purpose for each member of these living organisms so they may continue…… [Read More]

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Management of Entrepreneurial the Specialized

Words: 866 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91772701

The importance of training is as such crucial for all professional individuals, but even more so for those who intend to launch a new venture on their own. At a generic level, the training programs would generate the same benefits for the entrepreneur as well as for the average organizational managers. As a parenthesis, the average organizational manager is understood as the individual occupying a managerial position within a company or even a corporation, and being paid by the respective entity to assume the role and responsibility of organizational manager.

Nevertheless, aside from the traditional aspect and importance of training the manager, the individual who launches a new venture is in a more imperative need of training. And this situation is the result of various particularities of the new entrepreneur, such as the following:

The new entrepreneur is often confronted with more severe resource limitations than the corporate manager.

The…… [Read More]

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Managing IT Professional in Virtual Environment

Words: 4984 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56770280

Managing Professionals in Virtual Environment

As technology has evolved, the reality of virtual organizations has begun to take hold in a variety of industries. It is now commonplace for employees to work, at least in part, from offsite. Telecommuting is a reality that has allowed companies to reduce costs, become more competitive, and facilitate happier more productive employees. Virtual employees, or "telework is one of the most radical departures from standard working conditions in the suite of flexible work practices now gaining widespread acceptance." (Daniels, Lamond, & Standen, 2001)

Managing Professionals in Virtual Environment

As technology has evolved, the reality of virtual organizations has begun to take hold in a variety of industries. It is now commonplace for employees to work, at least in part, from offsite. Telecommuting is a reality that has allowed companies to reduce costs, become more competitive, and facilitate happier more productive employees. Virtual employees, or…… [Read More]

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Management of Technology in Developing Countries Such as Iran

Words: 3432 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 23736333

Management of Technology in Developing Countries Such as Iran

Technology management arrangements of developing countries vary from those of first world ones. The requirement for skill in these states is not growing from within, but somewhat cropping up from new wares imported from first world countries. Technological growth in addition does not consequence from inner data and research, but resulting upon the technology transmission from abroad. In these environments, technology management by customary way is barely effective. These are troubles facing the Islamic Republic of Iran these days and as a consequence organizations controlling the technology management endure non-compliance, then technological development does not trail an accurate trend (Robertson, 2002).

Lack of distinctive management, vagueness of technological precedence's, misunderstanding of policy-making roles and inter-organization implementation and management, tremendous government involvement in all fields and lack of specialist manpower are amongst the vital troubles of the topic (Sveiby et. al 2001).…… [Read More]

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Managing International Conflict Diversity in

Words: 1757 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79564218

' The researchers did include one anecdote of a South African woman of Indian ancestry, and how she dealt with the unconscious racism of her colleagues, drawing upon a positive sense of community solidarity and avoiding some of the negative emotions such conflicts spawned in others. But other than her comment that professionalism and a strong sense of family identity was helpful in emotionally coping with racism, her remarks were not specifically insightful about working in a global, international organization in a formerly segregated area of the world.


The conclusions of the article regarding what organizational forces positively impact and do not impact identity seem fairly vague and generalized, despite the advantage that a case study format can have in terms of studying a highly specific context. Communication is suggested as the key to broaching identity conflicts, as well as having formal sensitivity training and grievance procedures. Although these…… [Read More]

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Managing Organizational Change Identify the

Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58173874

What needs to first be improved upon is the lack of ownership on the part of the unionized workers, yet even more systemic is the challenge that Perrier management has in how workers are accustomed to prosperity in an era of economic downturn. Gaining consensus with unions during a contraction of their business cycles is going to be difficult. What needs to first happen is that the Perrier and Nestle' management teams needs to first focus on being transparent and honest about the need to change, and taking pay cuts, reductions in bonuses and in generals being the champions of the needed change first (Brown, Cregan, 2008). This will help to increase their credibility with the union workers, and also show they are willing to make sacrifices they are calling on others to do as well. Second, Perrier and Nestle' management must focus on creating measures of progress that equally…… [Read More]

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Management Entrepreneurship in the Contemporaneous

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First of all, they are aimed to remove any barriers from the path to formation of an entrepreneur. This could easily refer to an increased and easier access to education or the removal of discriminatory practices. The second set of initiatives is oriented towards the specialization of the entrepreneurs and could refer to specialized courses, training or the sharpening of the senses and the skills it takes to become a good entrepreneur.

E: Example: the list of examples in the field of entrepreneurs' initiatives is rather broad, moreover since the contemporary business and scholarly communities are increasingly focused on the role and responsibilities of the entrepreneur. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has set the basis for numerous such initiatives, the most relevant examples in this sense being offered by the Advancing Innovation Initiative, the Initiative for Closing the Gap for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs or the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership Initiative.…… [Read More]

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Role Boundaries in Care Work Role Boundaries

Words: 1264 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 14684637

Role Boundaries in Care Work

Role boundaries are a critical component in a health care setting. Much of this is a response to how the system is organized. The health care industry is composed of many different roles that specialize in different areas and expertise. Therefore, the individuals in the system must honor their role boundaries to ensure that the collective efforts of the individuals in the system can work together to provide high levels of patient care. The care experienced by Anwar Malik in hospital was defined by the collective effort that each individual gave to Anwar. Each team member has a range of tasks that can be organized with various role boundaries. If any of the members violate their roles, then this can lead to the team's effort not being effective and could also compromise the level of care provided to the patient.

Diabetic Anwar Malik was admitted…… [Read More]

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Role and Application of Management Functions by

Words: 978 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22829139

Role and Application of Management Functions by Today's Health Care Managers:

One of the most exciting positions within the healthcare field is that of healthcare managers who are mainly responsible for the efficient and effective running of healthcare facilities. In order for an individual to become a healthcare manager, he/she must possess necessary skills to handle personnel, develop and implement policy, and carry out the long-term goals of the healthcare facility. In most cases, a healthcare manager is required to have leadership and organizational ability qualities. The need for a healthcare manager across health facilities emanates from the rapid growth of the health industry that has led to numerous job opportunities in this field. Since healthcare managers play a critical role in the effective running of a health facility, they have important management functions to implement.

Role of Healthcare Managers:

The role of healthcare managers usually varies depending on the…… [Read More]

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Management Theory According to Experience

Words: 3200 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88333504

Leadership is an
ability which, either inborn or developed through hard work and ingenuity,
presents the members of the organization with a paragon to forging action
toward rational goals. While it is the responsibility of managerial
personnel to issue directives, instructions and clarifications on goal-
orientation, it is only a leader who can find ways to motivate the members
of his organization. By finding ways to personally and professionally
invest these members into the shared goals of the organization, a manager
can evolve into a credible leader while positively impacting internal
Another quality which differentiates management from leadership is
that the former carries with it implications of top-down authority.
Leadership is instead a process of give-and-take, where one's effectiveness
may be inclined by his susceptibility to the counsel and talent of others
within the organization. Again, I have found that this has a variety of
effects on the dynamics…… [Read More]

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Role of Private Investment on

Words: 14411 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 672069

This also implies inadequacies in fiscal sustainability, which influences investments in private sectors.

The second channel happens through the level, composition and quality involved within the public investment, which shows the level at which the public investment replaces the private investments (Schmidt- Hebbel, Serven, & Solimano, 1996).

The final channel regards the level of taxation on the corporate earnings and the rules applicable in depreciations.

There have been arguments that fiscal policy and public expenditure reduces the private investments in two different manners. These include increasing the interest rates or lowering the private funds involved in financing the investments.

According to the neoclassical theory, the interest rate is also an imperative variable in finding the level of investment. Consequently, it results into a negative effect because it upsurges the interest payable in investments. Concurrently, McKinnon and Shaw, contends that this is likely to cause a positive relationship between the investment…… [Read More]

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Management and Leadership Impact of Management and

Words: 2348 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93055729

Management and Leadership

Impact of management and leadership

The aspect of management and leadership are very crucial in the success of any organization as long as they are practiced in the right manner and leadership as well as management tenets are put into proper use. These two principles cannot do without each other and they have a kind of symbiotic relationship where one cannot efficiently operate without the presence or influence of the other.

A leader is noted to be that person who has the ability to influence others in order to achieve a common goal that has been agreed upon. A true leader for that matter is one who does not have selfish interests but the interests of those whom he or she relates with and leads in the process of achieving a required goal (Woodroffe Noel, 2012).

The issue of leadership has for long been the subject of…… [Read More]

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Role of an Advanced Practice

Words: 3411 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42231364

In other words, physicians authorize the nurse practitioner to prescribe certain medications -- perhaps not all but those medications that are most often required by patients -- without getting approval from a physician. It saves time and is primarily designed to make the patient more comfortable, not just to hand additional authority to the nurse practitioner.

Is prescriptive authority appropriate? This question, according to Patricia Berry, a faculty member at the University of Utah, is raised often because there is in the healthcare industry a "…misapprehension about pain and addiction" (Lebo, p. 1). There are "myths about pain and pain management," Berry is quoted saying. Healthcare professionals get "…addiction, physical dependence and tolerance all mixed up," Berry continues. There are "erroneous beliefs about opioids and addiction, side effects, respiratory depression, those kinds of things," Berry explains (Lebo, p. 1).

In twenty-nine states physician collaboration is a "requirement," Lebo explains on…… [Read More]

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Role Development for Advanced Nursing

Words: 1620 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49204108

Role Development for Advanced Nursing


Researcher -- an ANA-Masters-prepared nurse or Advanced Practice Nurse continues to increase and expand knowledge for her own practice and to contribute to the body of knowledge of her field (CNHS, 2011; Cooke et al., 2008). She applies appropriate communication technologies in transferring her continuous learning to others in the field and related ones. She also initiates the exploration of new knowledge by creating researchable issues or problems. She likewise collaborates with other health professionals in the development and implementation of practice. She determines the rights of research participants. She evaluates the findings of her own research for use in practice. Then she transmits to, and shares these research findings with others (CNHS, Cooke et al.). The Advanced Practice Nurse is distinctively a researcher because she needs and uses research evidence in addressing specific patient conditions. The research-theory-practice link is precisely…… [Read More]

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Management History of Management of

Words: 2610 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 39689124

This differentiation refers to the management and administration of the agricultural resources of the kingdom. This in turn involved an organized network of royal foundations. (Wilkinson 116) the second area of administrative concern was the processing of government revenue and "…its redistribution to the various state operations…" (Wilkinson 116) Wilkinson in his book also deals extensively with managements issues in relation to the Egyptian treasury. (Wilkinson 125)

In understanding the background to management in ancient Egypt one has to continually take into account the wide range of concerns and activities that required ordered control and administration. As Erman states in his work Life in Ancient Egypt (1894), "The enormous properties belonging to the temples required of course complicated machinery for their administration & #8230;certain members of the priestly college were deputed to manage the affairs of the treasury, the commissariat and the correspondence…" (Erman 303)

Taking into account the above…… [Read More]

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Role of Culture in International Business

Words: 1249 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 62636826

Role of Culture in International Business

In an attempt to further enhance their bottom-line while at the same time taking advantage of the benefits and conveniences of globalization, businesses are increasingly extending their operations abroad. Although there are many benefits that such businesses stand to reap, the said global expansion presents its own unique challenges. Indeed, multinational companies operating in global markets face a raft of challenges. These challenges include but they are not limited to business structure adaptation, staffing issues, regulatory and legal hurdles, economic volatility, financial reporting, etc. Multinational companies also have to contend with cultural issues as they conduct their businesses internationally. This is more so the case in terms of the management of their human resources. This text concerns itself with the role of culture in international business. The company of choice for purposes of this discussion is a global electronics company with offices in four…… [Read More]

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Role of Business in the Economy Business

Words: 1084 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3309312

Role of Business in the Economy

Business and economic development go hand in hand. In fact, small and large businesses constitute a good part of the economic growth and development of any country. This importance is reflected in the numerous favorable laws and tax breaks that governments all over the world provide for businesses to ensure that they grow.

There are multiple advantages of having sound businesses for any economy. Firstly, it generates employment for the local people, which in turn, increases their spending power and overall quality of life. Secondly, consumers have a wider choice of products and services offered by these companies. The Government, in turn, gets more revenue by way of sales tax and employment tax and they are in a better position to increase the social security and healthcare of the people (Edmiston, 2007).

Another important aspect of businesses is the creativity and innovation that it…… [Read More]

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Management Information Systems How Social

Words: 1095 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66850393

This is also in the context of bringing more relevant information to customers across all of these social media channels, and always living by the axiom of getting what you give (Bernoff, Schadler, 2010).

Social media channels need to be orchestrated as any other multichannel strategy, with the leading companies globally today realizing that each of their customer bases relies on different social media channels for different needs (Bernoff, Schadler, 2010). Taking this approach to seeking out information and insight on customers will not only speed the sales and buying cycles, it will also set the foundation for strong trust to be created with prospects and customers both (Woodcock, Green, Starkey, 2011). Imagine in Untied Airlines had taken this enlighten view and gone into a full service recovery strategy with the CEO not only replacing the guitar but sponsoring the band's tour and giving each a lifetime pass on United…… [Read More]

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Role of Family Physician in Improving Healthcare Equality

Words: 3859 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 76577105

Role of Family Physician

It is important for us to understand the role of a family physician before we begin our discussion on the importance of family physicians in any health care system of the community. Many reforms have been made in the health care systems of various communities all over the world. Almost all of these reforms lay their focus on the prevention as well as the treatment of any disease along with the promotion of health and management of conditions that have become a chronic problem for the patients. All of these areas are the center of the family physicians and therefore family medicine has a huge role to play in here.

In this paper, we shall look at the current health care system in Libya and see how the government and other organizations like WHO are playing their role to improve the health care system in the…… [Read More]

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Management International Management When a

Words: 1395 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88362814

Global organizations occasionally put forth great labors to administer their expatriate workers while on an overseas job, but show modest concern for their repatriation, which should at all times be part of the entire course (Trudel, 2009).

Coping with matters that are not related to work is a characteristic of Human Resource Management (HRM) that is more pertinent to expatriate HR function rather than domestic HR functions. In a study done by Suutari and Burch (2001), in regards to on- location training and support for global workers, the authors found from their research that welcoming; lodging; shopping; transportation; public systems; local laws; medical care; schools; free time opportunities; spouse work provisions; and family social actions were all importation areas that should be addressed. Spouse adjustment and contentment was shown to influence expatriates contentment outside of work. In addition, spouse happiness and living circumstances had an effect on interface and cultural…… [Read More]

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Management - Conflict Resolution Business

Words: 1024 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22053106

Because unresolved conflict within teams can undermine the talents and efforts of even the most dedicated individuals, conflict resolution is an essential component of modern business management. Specific approaches to conflict resolution generally consist of strategies intended to prevent conflict preemptively and strategies intended to resolve conflicts after they arise. As a rule, eliminating conflict prospectively is more effective and more efficient than resolving conflict after it emerges. Generally, once conflicts erupt within a working group, more time must be dedicated to their resolution than would have been required to avoid the conflict prospectively. Likewise, conflicts that require resolution waste the time dedicated to the conflict, even before any efforts at resolution. However, the primary reason that conflict resolution strategy should emphasize prevention ahead of time is that the mechanisms for resolution are essentially the same, but preventing conflicts in advance spares the organization the lost productivity associated directly with…… [Read More]

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Management Theory Type the Document

Words: 1728 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22683175

(McNamara, 2010)

Clearly, the different management theories that are being used will determine how a company will operate in a particular country or region. This is important, because depending upon the type of management structure being utilized. The different theories mentioned above, can be used to adapt an organization to the culture and business environment of a country. Where, each theory can work in conjunction with the basic structure and strategy that the company has in place. At which point, the different tools and theories will allow managers to customize their message, to specific teams / departments. When you can reach these levels within a business, it is a sign that customizing the strategy to cultural traditions will improve productivity. This is because, managers can understand the environment that they are working in and employees can understand the overall big picture. Once this takes place, the amounts of risk that…… [Read More]

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Management Theory Value and Ethics

Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93021969

Ethics is also a big concern for many modern companies. Moral issues and choices that deal with right and wrong behavior can make or break a company in today's business world. There are many factors in the cultural, organizational and external environment that influence ethical behavior, but the major ethical issues that organizations have to address are sexual harassment, discrimination in pay and promotion, and the right to privacy (Introduction to Organizational Behavior, 2012).

In 2011 Kaiser Permanente and Sodexo were ranked at the top of the worlds most ethical companies. Sodexo has over a hundred thousand employees in North America, all focused on providing solutions to their clients' biggest challenges. "Anne Marie Brown, a general manager at a New Jersey senior living center, works with community organizations in order to provide job opportunities for persons with disabilities. Thanks to her efforts, Sodexo recently hired 10 new employees to work…… [Read More]

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Role of a Reading Specialist

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The curriculum should be research-based. They can collaborate and share viewpoints with stakeholders to diversify their knowledge. They should pose as leaders in designing, implementing and assessing professional advancement programs.

Reading specialists can uptake numerous responsibilities in schools, depending on the requirements of the student populace and instructors in any dispensation. The reading specialist's role is on a continuum, with various specialists operating in a teaching position with learners while others utilize the bulk of their working time in practicing expert development with classroom instructors in an official leadership position. Specialists despite their roles should involve themselves in boosting the work of the class instructor. Reading specialists ought to enhance the reading plan so that it is effectual for every student. The main responsibilities of reading specialists, each of which adds to the development of student reading, are instructive, evaluation, and leadership (Bean, 2009). They all add on to improved…… [Read More]

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Roles and Functions of CMHC

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All these dimensions conclude on one problem which a CMHC could interpret the best through his experience, intelligence and practice.


Mental Health parity is considered as an evolution in an American Politics. States took over federal policies and fought hard to implement mental health insurance along with general health insurance. (Harris, 2006) Parity Law says, "Compared with the general population, individuals with mental health problems experienced a deterioration in their health insurance status."

It does not implement any specific conditions about hospitalization, treatment duration but unlike before it allows to avail insurance on mental health treatment

(NAMI, 2007) Although self insured employers, small entrepreneurs and insurance companies are against this law but States Legislation have proved a little in achieving its goal of providing mental health insurances to every individual without discrimination. This…… [Read More]

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Role of a College Education Over the

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Role of a College Education

Over the last several years, the importance of a college education has been continually debated. This is because there are many examples of individuals who never went to or dropped out of college that are successful. For instance, Michael Dell (the founder and CEO of Dell Computer) quit the University of Texas in order to build low cost computers. At the time, many people laughed and though he was crazy. However, years later, the choices that he made have provided greater financial results than if he had stayed in college. (Baldwin, 2008)

Moreover, there are a number of university graduates who are not working and have trouble finding a job. According to study that was conducted by the job placement firm Adecco. They found that nearly 60% of graduates are underemployed in their field. This is because most candidates have focused on understanding concepts within…… [Read More]

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Management Concept Application Leadership Is

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Application to the Specified Measurable Learning Outcomes from Course Syllabus

The first topic applies to the course syllabus in that it distinguishes those aspects of professional leadership that are important to organizational success from those that may represent an excessively superficial focus on leadership over substantive issues in business management. The second topic applies to the course syllabus in that it outlines the definite correspondence of elements of organizational culture and of different approaches to organizational leadership to objective measures of employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance. Finally, the third topic applies to the course syllabus in that it outlines the manner and degree to which different types of industries, organizations, and strategic missions dictate the need for different types of leadership styles and different types of approaches to management within organizations.

Ultimately, the three concepts suggest that leadership does play an important role in organizations but that leadership cannot be…… [Read More]

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Management and Leadership Department of

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Most audit managers assign supervisory tasks to senior auditors and, in general, consistently encourage more senior auditors to fulfill a mentor role within the audit team.

The dual benefit of this practice is that it fosters greater team unity and a healthier organizational culture, in addition to enabling junior auditors to learn technical skills from their more senior associates. Very often, the types of relationships maintained by senior auditors within their audit teams is one of the most important criteria considered in conjunction with possible recommendations for future promotion of senior (GS-13) auditors to management at the GS-14 level. By the time auditors reach the GS-13 level, they are not readily distinguishable from one another in technical skill (or they would not have risen above the GS-12 level).

Therefore, it is precisely their performance in the unofficial role of "supervisory" auditor that is most often considered the difference between auditors…… [Read More]

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Managing Innovation in Its Simplest Form Can

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Managing Innovation

Innovation in its simplest form can be termed as something new or newly introduced into the market. Innovation in the business field is quite necessary since it forms the backbone of a company's growth and that of the economy as a whole. Innovation is the success of every business and must be managed effectively and efficiently (Limerick, 2002).

The ever changing technology and instant global communication have made it easier for companies to find answers to some problems they encounter and more so come up with innovations to improve on the current ones. Companies are also faced with pressures arising from global competition and by this; most of them are seeking the need to manage their innovations. Companies are nowadays attracting and managing innovations by having rewards or prizes for individuals within the company who manages to come up with brilliant and innovative concepts. This will give the…… [Read More]

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Managing Your Money Olly Lloyd

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Still, since it is looking to sell a property asset that is not their main residence, they will be required to pay a capital gains tax, in the amount of 18 per cent (Direct Gov). For an estimated retail price of £150,150, and a tax rate of 18 per cent, Olly Lloyd would have to pay £27,027 in taxes.

For the new employment contract, Lloyd would have to pay taxes in the amount of £5,281. The sum is decreased significantly by deductions adherent to contributions made by Olly to the pension funds (Listen to Taxman).

c) Suggestions for financial management

Leone Lloyd-Cardle is, without a doubt, facing severe problems. In order to restore the responsibility and stability of her financial decisions, the following financial management recommendations are made:

Discussing the problem with her husband. Having reached such a high level of debt indicates severe problems which cannot be overcome by…… [Read More]

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Role of Facebook in Today's

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Facebook supplies Internet users an easy way to do all of those things. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it is user-friendly. But Facebook is not all good news. There is a negative side to the Facebook phenomenon.

The Disadvantages of Facebook

One negative example of the social impact of computing comes from an article reported in the mainstream media entitled "Facebook 'friend'," in which we learn how the social networking site Facebook has become both a place for boasting and bullying: "For millions of people across the world it is a useful way of catching up with friends. But the social networking site Facebook can also be used for more sinister purposes. In 2009 Notts Police recorded 28 incidents of harassment involving the site -- a figure which shot up 50% to 42 last year" (Sherdley, 2011). Instances of harassment on Facebook are, according to the report, on…… [Read More]

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Management Awareness What Are the Benefits of

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Management Awareness

What are the benefits of a comprehensive control program? If you were advising this corporation, what would be the specific benefits for them?

The benefits of a comprehensive internal control program include: the ability to monitor for unusual activities and it will increase vigilance. This will help to prevent fraud by providing actuaries with an actual way of discovering when these events are occurring through early detection. It is at this point that the negative impact on the firm and various stakeholders can be minimized. (Silverstone, 2011, pp. 14 -- 16)

Once this has been consistently implemented, is when it will have an impact on the entire organization by creating an atmosphere that is looking for these issues. When different staff members are actively involved in the process, this will make it difficult to be able to conduct any kind of fraudulent activities. In the future, this will…… [Read More]

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Role of Correction Officers Corrections Officers Also

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Role of Correction Officers

Corrections officers, also known as detention officers have their work environment within the detention facilities as well as local, state or federal jails, penitentiaries and reformatories. Corrections officers have the duty of controlling individuals who are waiting to be tried or those who have already been convicted. The paper will look at the duties and responsibilities of corrections officers. Focus will be on the role of the correction officers within the social role of inmates and within the jail administration.


Security is one of the key responsibilities of correction officers and they have the duty of maintaining security within the institution and observe safety and health for both the staff and prisoners. They carry out physical patrols as well as visually inspect yards, units, buildings, prisoners, their property to ensure the safety, welfare and security of prisoners is maintained. They perform inspections of cells and…… [Read More]

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Role of Workplace Interpersonal Communication Management Communication

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Management Communication - the Role of Workplace Interpersonal Communication

Communication, in simple terms, refers to "the process of sending and receiving messages" (Bovee & Thill, 2008, p. 2). Baack (2012); Bovee and Thill (2008) agree that there are two major facets of organizational communication -- internal communication (exchange of ideas and information within the boundaries of an organization) and external communication (exchange of information beyond an organization's borders). Internal communication can further be divided into interpersonal communication (between individuals) and communication within the organization; whereas external organization can be subdivided into communication across domestic borders and communication across international borders (Baack, 2012). Researchers and scholars alike contend that achieving success in the marketplace today is dependent upon one's ability to communicate effectively with different audiences.

Effective Communication in Business Settings

Numerous views have been put forth to explain what exactly constitutes effective communication. A widely-accepted view is that communication is…… [Read More]

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Role of HR Human Resource Professionals Help

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Role of HR

Human resource professionals help to develop an organization by providing valuable insight as to what resources are available and necessary for an organization to continue to be successful. Additionally, human resource management helps to achieve success through recruitment, training, and the retention of valuable employees.

Human resource must perform a number of duties including strategic and operational roles. Strategically, human resource management helps to manage people within an organization. The aim of strategic planning is to identify and exploit opportunities and mitigate risks, align goals and initiatives, and allocate resources for desired organization results (The Role of HR in Strategic Planning, 2008). As such, human resource management is responsible for traditional human resource functions including staffing, personnel retention, payment and determination and distribution of benefits, performance management, change management, and exit interviews (Human Resource Management (HRM), 2011). Furthermore, human resources are charged with the management of people…… [Read More]

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Role of Regional Planning in

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However, the issue of informal settlement, which includes squatter areas, cannot be overlooked, as it is a common problem especially in developing countries. These forms of settlement are more prone to both the natural and human disasters, which deny the people living in those areas their rights as human beings. Poor regional planning is to blame for this, and it is for this reason that the study seeks to find out how regional planning can be used to curb these problems and why it has been difficult to do so.

Purpose Statement

The purpose for carrying out this study is to get an understanding of the role of regional planning in disaster management through re-planning of disaster prone squatter regions. The research paper will center on identifying the way in which modern technologies can be applied to come up with solutions that are lasting and helpful. The case study will…… [Read More]

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Role of Diet in Weight

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By educating patients on early warning signs of hepatotoxicity, this rare but potentially fatal consequence could be detected early to allow appropriate intervention." (Wright and Vandenberg, 2007) it is extremely critical to understand the nature of psychiatric nursing in today's clinical environment.


Specifically stated in the work of Kathryn R. Puskar entitled; "The Nurse Practitioner Role in Psychiatric Nursing" published in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is: "Commercialization of psychiatric care is underway. Psychiatric inpatient admissions have decreased, admissions to general hospitals have decreased, while outpatient admissions are increasing. Academic centers are purchasing smaller hospitals as affiliates; satellite clinics and networks of services are being established. Physicians in solo practice are merging into group practices. New health care professional roles must be restructured and "cross trained" to maintain competitiveness by offering flexible, cost-saving effective care. This is the background environment in…… [Read More]

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Management Theories as the Supervisor

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In fact I sincerely wanted to help them find positions where they could excel. The lack of trust on their part and the acute resistance to change was so strong that structuring for integration to the point of even defining what conditions needed to be changed to overcome shortcomings and design a new position for them was not possible. As trust was not present and despite my best attempts to earn it through being genuinely concerned about them, all attempts were seen more as patronizing and less about attempting to help them. On the occasion that they did ask for pay increases, I told them they would need to get their cumulative customer satisfaction scores up and also call volumes. Not interested in the position or excelling at it, these employees refused to improve and when let go, saw it as very personal given my continual efforts to help them…… [Read More]

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Management and Leadership in Nursing

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Second, there is a natural hierarchy and opportunity for promotion within the field that career advancement and qualification for advanced duties and roles provides a transactional incentive for high performance. Third, nursing is a field in which it is absolutely essential to address inadequate performance and management by exception is an efficient method of ensuring that poor performance is identified and addressed. Naturally, mediocrity is also undesirable in nursing, but far outweighed by the importance of redressing poor performance in particular (Taylor, Lillis, & LeMone, 2005).

Elements of transformational leadership provide a natural motivation that is appropriate within healthcare professions. Whereas in industrial or corporate environments, employee commitment to organizational values is the direct source of employee motivational orientation (Daft, 2005; Russell-Whalling, 2005), in nursing, the safety, health, and welfare of patients provides the predominant value in connection with motivation. However, unlike sales-oriented responsibilities, the technical aspects of proficiency in…… [Read More]

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Management Issues and Practices James Strong the

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Management Issues and Practices

James Strong, the former CEO and managing director of Qantas Airlines, twice sat on the panel convened at the Sydney office of CPA Australia to select those who would be recognized for the annual 40 Young Business Leaders list. Strong believed in the importance of nurturing young talent and threw himself wholeheartedly into leading much of the discussion among prominent leaders from all over the globe. Criteria for entrants included "the ability to land a top job, develop others and get the most from a team, and leading by example was also a must-have attribute" ("CPA Australia," 2014). To provide the scope and depth of the list-building endeavor, it is informative to explore the names of other participants on the panel, and to match them to the criteria they articulated for entrant evaluation. Here is a quick run down: James Strong looked for entrants who had…… [Read More]

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Managing the Effectiveness of the Audit Process

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Managing the Effectiveness of the Audit Process

Mission and Objectives of the International Audit Department


The IAD stakeholder power-interest grid

The Audit Process

Objectives, Scope and Approach of the Research

Purpose and Mandate


Competency Development

Sustaining People Excellence

Tools and Technology

Knowledge Management





Infrastructure and Operations

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is an international tobacco business that is operated by Japan Tobacco Inc. Japan Tobacco Inc. is the third largest player in the international tobacco industry with a market capitalization of 32 billion USD and a market share of 11%. JTI was established in the year 1999 when Japan Tobacco Inc. purchased the operations of United States multinational R.J. Reynolds, for 8 billion USD.

The Internal Audit Department (IAD) of the organization is accountable to the board of directors. The department is headed by the Global Internal Audit Vice President. He took his position in…… [Read More]

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Management v Auditors Responsibility Responsibilities of Management

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Management v. Auditors Responsibility

Responsibilities of Management and Auditors & the Public Perception series of high-profile business melt-downs in 2001, led by the Enron scandal have put the roles and responsibilities of the corporate management and the auditors in sharp focus. The public outcry against the necessity of preventing such crises in future has led to stricter regulation and extensive debate about the responsibilities of the management and the auditors. In this paper I shall explain the management's role and responsibilities verses the auditors' and also discuss how the public's perception of the auditor's duties have differed over time from that of the profession's.

The Management's Responsibilities

The management is responsible for formulating policies in an organization for efficient utilization of resources, setting goals, and providing the necessary resources, leadership and direction for achieving the goals. The ultimate objective of the management in a for-profit organization is to maximize the…… [Read More]

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Role of Leadership in Police Management Police

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Role of Leadership in Police Management

Police organizations have historically emphasized the use of authoritarian types of administration and Machiavellian leadership practices. Even today, many police organizations have behavioral orientations reflective of dominance, individual achievement and masculinity.

However, recent challenges such as developing community-oriented policing and transforming a traditional police culture that typically emphasized operational "efficiencies," to one that promotes team collaboration, innovation, and "effective" processes suggest the need for new leadership patterns within law enforcement agencies.

In all organizations, effective leadership is necessary, as a lack of it can be detrimental to an organization's success. In many cases, organizations faced with bankruptcy have turned their businesses around by replacing ineffective administrations with efficient, dynamic leadership. In addition, military leaders have used various leadership styles to turn ineffective military units into highly effective and motivated teams.

While the importance of good leadership is not a new one, it is one…… [Read More]

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Managing Workplace Stress Workplace Stress

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For instance, stress due to the change of working systems is a problem caused by the employer. Therefore, it is the employer's duty to ensure that employee learn and adapt to the new systems or machines and be able to work stress-free to meet the demands for production from the company management. The employer should ensure that an employee has just enough work for the day and not an overloaded of work. This will enable the employee to cope up with the work environment and love his work. The employer is also obliged to the provision of break periods between the work process, to provide the employee some time for relaxing and refreshing. Therefore, the employer should also ensure that appropriate rest rooms and sanitation facilities are available for employees to relax when tired and respond to the nature calls when necessary (Bedeian, 1997, p.51).

However, despite the employer's role…… [Read More]

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Role of an Information System

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In addition to this, the problem becomes bigger in accordance with technological advancements. There are companies that make great use of information systems in their human resources management, and companies that are not interested in addressing the benefits of technology.

There are several reasons for which this problem still exists. The most important reason in this case is represented by the high costs of addressing technological advancements. The benefits they provide increase the importance of information systems. This makes it difficult for certain organizations to purchase them and to ensure their maintenance. This is mostly the case of public administration and small companies that cannot invest large amounts of money in such systems. Large companies have the ability to invest in increasing the efficiency of their activity with the help of different information systems.

These systems can be used in human resources management, in financial management, in engineering activities, and…… [Read More]

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Management Solutions for Electronic Waste

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" (from World environmental news, Internet edition)

Besides developing flexible legislation that will distribute the functions of recycling between manufacturers and municipal services there has to be a definite and developed program that would specialize on the optimal and the most exhaust utilization of electronic waste, reduction of e-waste landfills and incineration. Recycling program should not be limited to the recycling of CRT monitors, as their owners are more likely to bring the whole obsolete computer system to the recycling, not just computer monitors.

The benefit of integral program of recycling is that it allows using a variety of materials used in the electronics manufacturing like precious metals, semi-precious metals, and some electronic items in the reuse.

The most important part of the e-waste management is search of the most appropriate and qualified partners in the technical or practical part of the problem solution. This problem is of the essential…… [Read More]

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Role of Communication in Cross-Cultural Management

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Role of Communication in Cross Cultural Management

We are engaged in interaction with others all the time in one way or the other at our homes, at our jobsites and in our associations within the community. Irrespective of the fact our understanding with each other the communication is considered difficult. 'Culture' becomes a crucial issue in respect of communicational problems. The methodology for confronting the communication problems and our involvement in the associations within the society are determined by our cultural aspects. Our involvement in groups often reveals astonishing facts about the approach of the people towards working collaboratively. Culture is a complicated concept with varied implications. However, simply the 'culture' can be expressed as a group or community with whom we ventilate our common experiences that design the way we appreciate the world. It incorporates the groups that we are succumbed to like gender, race, or national origin. (DuPraw;…… [Read More]