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Individual Rights in Criminal Justice

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77666320

criminal justice are that of public order and that of individual rights. While each side has its merits and in some sense complements the other, there are those who favor either perspective. Public order advocates argue that the safety of citizens and the cohesion of civil society is paramount. Individual rights advocates are more focused on the autonomy of each person, even where it threatens the cohesion of society. Without some degree of social cohesion, it would be impossible for the state or society to exist in any effective capacity. In this case, it is difficult to see who would ensure the protection of individual rights. Similarly, a society that fails completely to protect any individual rights is ultimately serving none of the people within it and will end up collapsing. Therefore, there is a balancing act between the two perspectives that is necessary.

In many cases, it is difficult…… [Read More]

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Assisted Suicide in the United States

Words: 2345 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58363907

Brittany Maynard Case

The case of Brittany Maynard is a fairly textbook one when it comes to the discussions that center on doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia in general. There are indeed cases where the death of a patient is a certainty. However, the devil is in the details as some people believe that they have to suffer out their final days while others, such as Brittany Maynard, feel that they should have at least some control over their own destiny. These people feel that they should be able to die "with dignity" and on their own terms rather than having to wait for death to come and for suffering to occur as that date approaches. However, there are some medical, legal and ethical considerations that have to be taken seriously when it comes to someone committing suicide and involving one or more other people in the same. While "death with…… [Read More]

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Google Business Case Study

Words: 2433 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83691420

International Management

Why was Orkut so successful in Brazil? What caused the problems later?

The path to the internet opened up in Brazil in 1988. Commercial internet operations in Brazil, however, began in 1995 after the department of communications and the department of science and technology helped create private access provider through a decree. The access to the internet for the private citizens opened up with the privatization of telecommunications. The trend of internet use spread rapidly across the country and within a few years, Brazil had the third largest internet users among the Americas after the U.S. and Canada. The social media application that was made possible by the internet gained tremendous popularity in Brazil as they became more passionate about the internet and the social media applications.

As Orkut was launched in Brazil, it became very popular. Already internet-based blogs and photographs were a hit with the Brazilians…… [Read More]

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Impact of Nursing Intervention on Decreasing Substances Among Homeless Youth

Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21618319

Health Risks Across the Life Span: Impact of Nursing Intervention on Decreasing Substances Among Homeless Youth

Statistical data shows that an estimated 1.2 million people from ages 11 to 19 live without any shelter. Usage of alcohol (mainly binge drinking and methamphetamine) is very common among these homeless adolescents, they are observed to consume these substances more frequently and in greater amounts as compared to the youth that is not homeless. The main reasons behind high consumption of addictive substances by homeless youth is social (peer)pressure that prevails in the lower strata of United States' population. In order to reduce the consumption of alcohol and other drugs among the poor population, Health Promotion Program was started by nurses and in the article to follow; we'll view the impacts of this campaign in detail.

The main outcomes of substance abuse among the homeless teenagers results in:

Lower rates of condom use…… [Read More]

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Why Stand Your Ground Laws Are Bad for States

Words: 3460 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26547647

Stand Your Ground Laws: A Cry for Repeal



Stand Your Ground Laws: A Cry for Repeal

Academic and Professional Writing for Graduate Students (LS526-01)

The "Stand Your Ground Law" is one of the most controversial laws in recent years and has gained notoriety due to its enactment in thirty-three states so far. Advocates of the law claim that it reduces the threat of violence in society, but the statistics prove otherwise as research shows that the law actually inflames race-based violence (Purdie-Vaughn, Williams, 2015). As such there are several states that have either taken a wary view of the law and have decided to steer clear of it, or have raised issue(s) with enactment of the law while considering it. It is because of this scrutiny the law has been misunderstood by some people, abused by others, and just…… [Read More]

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Total Quality Management and Bpr Models to Use

Words: 2655 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86914105

Quality: VIP -- E-Cigs and Vaporizers under the ECIG Umbrella

VIP is an electronic cigarette and vaporizer producer and whole seller that specializes in the new smoking trend commonly known as "vaping" in the UK. VIP operates over 100 kiosks throughout the UK with additional venues in Ireland, Europe and the United States. This is a company that is very dedicated to quality control because of the nature of the business, which is in delivering e-liquids. E-liquids are the different flavors of liquid (made of water, flavoring, nicotine and other additives) that are used in vaporizing devices. VIP sells both e-cigarettes and vaporizers both online and at the different kiosks. Buyers can purchase e-liquids and they can even mix and match flavors and liquids to make unique flavors that suit their own taste. This is what is occurs at the VIP Boutiques in areas like London.

How is VIP's quality…… [Read More]

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ECIG and Its Vaporizers Are They Good for People

Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65959201

ECIG and Healthy/Unhealthy Vaporizers

Electronic Cigarettes Internal Group (ECIG) is a business that manufactures and sells vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, which groups in the U.S. have labeled as harmful to health (even though the scientific board under the direction of the U.K. government has identified them as 95% healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes) (Public Health England, 2015). ECIG, nonetheless, markets its "unhealthy" products by actually promoting them as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes and cites the U.K. study as a reason to switch from tobacco to e-liquids. Essentially, ECIG markets itself as a way to help tobacco smokers quit their habit.

The ethical dilemma associated with the production and distribution of e-cigarettes and vaporizers is the question of whether they are as harmful for one as traditional tobacco cigarettes (or whether they are even harmful at all). Critics of the product argue that they are (Roloff, 2015), but there…… [Read More]

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ECIG and a Business Analysis How it Can Improve

Words: 5583 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67358499

Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG) is an international producer, distributer and retailer of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and vaporizers with outlets and kiosks in several countries around the world as well as online stores. The company has steadily been growing over the past two years with sales approaching $20 million per quarter in 2016 (SA Transcripts, 2015).

Dan O'Neill replaced Brent Willis as CEO and President of ECIG on January 9, 2015. Dan O'Neill's record of experience as CEO of Molson's and top leadership positions at Heinz and Star-Kist suggests that ECIG is positioned under uniquely qualified leadership for the first time since its creation (it was under Willis that company's share price plummeted to its current record lows). With the reduction of debt and the one-time write-off of losses taken by O'Neill in his first year as President, the company has pivoted for better years (Hoogervorst, 2012).

The electronic cigarette and…… [Read More]

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Short Answer Questions on Drugs

Words: 1208 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68309460

economic impact of drug use in the United States might initially seem easy to measure. A legal trial is an expensive proceeding: police officers, prosecutors or public defenders, judges, stenographers, and bailiffs are employees of the state, and even if jurors are barely remunerated, defense attorneys are lavishly remunerated. To prosecute someone for dealing marijuana is an expensive undertaking, and to do so under a "three strikes" law, where the crime is suddenly elevated to a horrific felony with extreme penalties, is even more expensive. The greater expense comes with convictions: America has the largest imprisoned population in the world, with more people behind bars in this country than comprise the entire populations of other sovereign nations. Imprisonment is not a cheap proposition. We can then consider the further economic impact, legally and morally speaking, of drug use in the current extensive misuse of civil forfeiture laws. Ostensibly designed to…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Prevalence Among Alcohol and or Drug Users for HIV AIDS Infection

Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98994622

Alcohol and/or Drug Users for HIV / AIDS Infection

People abuse/use a number of both legal and illegal substances, recreationally. Of these, the most commonly abused substance is alcohol. Drugs include cocaine (which includes crack), pot or marijuana, amphetamines (speed), ecstasy, and heroin. Drugs have the potential to intensify risks of an individual contracting HIV infection, and are capable of giving rise to special issues in already-infected individuals (University of California, 2011).

Substance abuse is associated with innumerable risk factors. One factor that serves to hamper efforts towards preventing HIV spread and proper treatment of those who are infected is alcohol use or misuse by infected or at-risk populations. Researchers are now gaining deeper insights into the multifaceted link between HIV infection and consumption of alcohol. Drug/alcohol abuse may impair an individual's judgment, causing him/her to participate in sexual activities that put him/her at risk (Bryant, Nelson, Braithwaite & Roach,…… [Read More]

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Auditory Hallucinations and Intervention Methods

Words: 2555 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81016044

Demographic Information

The immediate family of Eliza consists of her two middle-aged unwed sisters, Betty and Clara, and her niece, Marie, the only surviving offspring of her deceased sister and brother-in-law. Eliza's parents are both dead. Eliza is 45 and Marie is 15 and they live together in Eliza's home. Eliza assumed care of Marie after Marie's parents died in a car crash two years ago. The relationship started out satisfactorily but has gradually deteriorated over time. Marie is being impulsive and reckless, skipping school and drinking alcohol with boys and also smoking marijuana. Eliza is depressive and manic and paranoid and shows signs of auditory hallucinations. Her sisters are fighting with her over how to manage Marie and have recently taken Marie out of Eliza's home.

Eliza's husband is dead. They separated five years before he died of alcoholism. Eliza had five miscarriages with her husband. When her husband…… [Read More]

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Risk Factors for COPD

Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 14022692


The author of this report has been asked to do a brief report on the disease that has come to be known as COPD. COPD is short for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. As part of this report, there will be a brief description of the factors related to COPD and how they influence the development and progression of the disease as defined by the guidelines in the source used. That source is from the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. The publication being used is their latest version of their global strategy for the diagnosis, management and prevention of the disease. The edition in question was published in April 2015.

Within the GOLD guidelines, there is a specific section early in the document that specifically pertains to the development and progression of the disease and that section appears on the fourth and fifth page of the document. When…… [Read More]

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Causes and Treatment of COPD

Words: 1324 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67559897

COPD Case Study

The author of this report has been prepare a brief report about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD for short. There will be two main foci when it comes to the subject. The first part will speak to the facts and details that pertain to COPD and what is involved in living with and treating the disorder. Further, there will be an explanation of how to implement these facts and details in a clinical setting. There will also be a case study subject selected and scrutinized as part of this report. There will be an explanation of the diagnosis, a comparison between the prior-researched guidelines and the patient's condition and the treatment or management options that exist for the patient based on all of the above. While COPD is a grave diagnosis to run into, it can be managed and quality of life can be maximized post-diagnosis.…… [Read More]

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Good and Bad in Sports

Words: 3151 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 28455055

Personal Values in Sports

As with most dimensions of life, personal values and beliefs have a demonstrable effect on what is rendered in the form of behavior on the sports field of play and with the activities that surround the same. Beyond that, this paradigm is clear and visible irrespective of whether one is talking about the athletes, the coaches or even the parents of child (or sometimes college) athletes in some instances. This research report shall focus on the factors that most significantly engage and affect people when they are operating within the sports realm. The work of Donghun Lee (2011) will be a major focal point of this report but other sources will be looped in as well. While there are many factors and things that can influence somebody when it comes to sports, it is the free will and moral fortitude of an individual and the resolve…… [Read More]

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Southwestern Border Combating Drug Trade

Words: 4279 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37872183

Combating Drug Trade Along the Southwestern Border

Proposed Strategy for Combating the Drug Trade along the Southwestern Border

The issue of drug trafficking and smuggling has been a serious concern for both Mexico and the United States for decades. Mexico has been identified as the primary supplier of narcotics to the U.S., with the Southwestern border accounting for between 90 and 95% of all illicit drugs smuggled illegally into the U.S. market. In 2007, the presidents of the two countries held a summit, where they pledged to work together, collaboratively in the fight against drug trafficking. Today, substance use accounts for approximately 26% of crimes committed in the U.S. Both the U.S. and the Mexican governments recognize the security threat posed by illicit drug use, and have committed themselves to addressing the problem once and for all. The two countries have implemented numerous initiatives geared at curbing the growth of…… [Read More]

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Financial Impact of Medicaid

Words: 1886 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21349879

Medicaid Budget Analysis

The author of this report has been charged with doing a budgetary analysis of the federal program that is known is Medicaid. While its counterpart Medicare focuses on helping those that have reached retirement age, Medicaid is geared more towards those people of any age that are encountering poverty and/or that have encountered a recent disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake. This report will answer several questions about Medicaid including the general budgetary policies that Medicaid follows, the legislative committee(s) that are assigned to the task, how the budgetary changes affect the community, whether a deficit/cut situation is better or whether surplus/additional funding should be done instead, the political climate in the home state of the author of this report, how the people in that home state drive the agenda and how this all differs from developing legislation overall. At least five references will be cited…… [Read More]

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Moral Reasoning and Kohlbergs Moral Stages

Words: 1017 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94559443

Kohlberg's Moral Stages

What would you do if confronted with this same dilemma?

If I was confronted with this dilemma, I would tell the truth about my son and not let my wife take the blame. However, I would not do so out of higher moral principles but because I would tend to assume that law enforcement would likely figure out eventually what was the truth and then both my son and my wife might suffer severe consequences, instead of only my son, once the authorities were involved. It is also worthy of note that the son might not be willing to allow his mother to take the blame, further complicating the issue when arguing with authorities.

Although it may be difficult to gain legal assistance, the best that can be done is admit to nothing and to request legal aid from the U.S. embassy, although there may be some…… [Read More]

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A New Look at Implementation of the Brady Act

Words: 4939 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69641908

Corrections/Police -- Criminal Justice -- The Brady Act

Seven-Stage Checklist for Program/Policy Planning and Analysis

The Seven Stage Checklist for Program/Policy Planning and Analysis was employed to examine The Brady Act. In Stage 1, Analyzing the Problem: the problem was found to be at least four serious gaps in the existing Brady Act. Those gaps include: the lack of required background checks for all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows and online; the lack of strong federal law criminalizing gun trafficking; the ready availability of military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines with more than 10 rounds; and the Tiahrt Order passed by Congress and preventing the public from knowing the identities of gun traffickers and how they operate.

Though the Brady Act suffers from several gaps, the lack of required background checks for all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows and online was addressed. Stage 2: Setting…… [Read More]

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Evolution of the Criminal Justice System

Words: 1057 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16550969

American criminal justice system evolved, and will examine three cases, judged by the Supreme Court, which have impacted individual rights as opposed to public order.

Evolution of the Criminal Justice System

Early American colonizers brought with them the common law of the English, and established this as the crime justice system for America. This common law was influenced by the Catholic Church, and founded on the principle of guilty mind or Mens Reas. The practices were characterized by tremendous irony, as a number of English colonists had, in fact, fled their country for escaping religious persecution. These colonial laws were the status quo in America until a reform in the crime justice system was advocated by William Penn, before the start of the American Revolution. Penn -- a Quaker -- supported the need for implementation of more humane legal practices, including the institution of acceptable housing for prisoners. Following the…… [Read More]

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Dealing With Illegal Narcotics Activity

Words: 1072 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65705840

Criminal Narcotics Activity

Drug dealing has developed to become a major problem in the modern society because of increased retail drug dealing activities, which eventually create many problems in the community. The increased retail drug dealing activities in the community has in turn resulted in increased incidents of criminal narcotics activity. As a result of increased problems associated with retail drug dealing, developing and designing procedure for addressing criminal narcotics activity has become an important measure for enhancing the well-being of individuals and the society. The southern border has acted as the main source of criminal narcotics activity and generated significant concerns in today's law enforcement. In essence, law enforcement agencies and personnel are increasingly faced with the need to develop appropriate measures to deal with such activities in this area.

Narcotics Activity along the Southern Border

Illegal trafficking along the southern border continues to be a major recurring threat…… [Read More]

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Securing the Future for Washington DC Psd

Words: 4552 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84742850

DC PSD Analysis

The author of this report will be focusing on the strategic plan for a given organization. The organization in question here is the Washington DC Public School District and the strategy summary in question is the 2017 Strategic Plan as authored by that school district. The first third of this report shall focus on the plan itself within its environmental context. There will be a summary and analysis of the key strategic choices as discussed and summarized in the plan. The final two thirds of this report shall be a scholarly literature review of the implications and topics at hand. Specifically, there should be a focus on the fourth goal given in the report. That goal is the improving of satisfaction in a way that provides for the school district's future and sustainability. Indeed, the children of America are our future and their long-term successes or failures…… [Read More]

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Novel Review Character Development

Words: 1357 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13199089

Character Development: Novel Review

Novel Review: Character Development

The novels, The Red Badge of Courage' by Stephen Crane and 'The Things they Carried' by Tim Obrien, are among the best depictions of the role played by introspection in helping individuals better understand themselves. This text depicts the journey to maturity of the protagonists in both novels, and how their development contributed to the full meaning of the work.

Character Growth and Maturity during War

In the novels, The Red Badge of Courage' by Stephen Crane and 'The Things they Carried' by Tim Obrien, the authors effectively make use of introspection to depict their journey towards a greater understanding of themselves. This text demonstrates how they were able to achieve this. More specifically, it assesses how the concept of introspection has been used by both authors, and how it affected their later actions. It begins with a brief plot summary of…… [Read More]

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A Case Study on Rosa Lee

Words: 2833 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 68325344

Rosa Lee Cunningham. Elements such as the subject's health history, legal history, psychosocial history, and diagnostic impressions will be covered.

Rosa Lee Cunningham

DOB/Age: October 7, 1936

Date of Interview: October 7, 1994


Reason for Assessment: Rosa Lee Cunningham was discovered having a fit at Washington's Howard University Hospital, owing to over-consumption of heroin. In spite of being enrolled in an intervention for drug treatment, there did not appear to be any inclination in Rosa to quit drugs. In fact, she wished she could access methadone, a synthetic drug with heroin-like effects. Some days prior to being interviewed, Rosa awoke to find herself with fever; her condition had exacerbated. By noon, she was admitted to the emergency room (Dash, 1996 Prologue). Rosa states that her drug consumption levels hinge on the amount of money in her pocket and heroin accessibility. The subject also had Preludin-use history, a drug she…… [Read More]

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Examination of Social Science Data Research

Words: 805 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 33727660

Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession: Evidence from a Policing Experiment" -- published in the Journal of Political Economy, a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal issued by the University of Chicago -- is a fascinating quantitative analysis on the impact of a localized policing "experiment" conducted over the course of seven and a half years. Between April 1998 and January 2006, the south London borough of Lambeth instituted a policy of "depenalization" for cannabis possession and consumption, the LCWS or Lambeth Cannabis Warning Scheme (Adda McConnell Rasul 2014, 1133). Although marijuana still remained illegal, the police in Lambeth made it known that "(i) the possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal consumption was still a recordable offence, but would no longer lead to the individual being arrested; (ii) the primary motivation was to free up police time and other resources to focus on crimes related to other drugs or other…… [Read More]

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The Youth Mental Health and the Place of Psychosocial Interventions

Words: 2055 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47323471

social and psychological interventions are important in youth mental health

The most productive and creative generation of any nation are the youth, Australia included. Nations largely depend on the youth for almost everything hence the need to be in the best shape physically and more importantly psychologically. The mental health of the youth has been widely viewed as a subject of concern among the medical fraternity and one that needs constant and continuous intervention in order to have a sound mental health. This paper will delve into the prevalent mental disorder and the different ways in which they manifest themselves and the relevant social and psychological interventions that are appropriate in the intervention especially among the youth. Through understanding of these mental health conditions or disorders and the available interventions, one is able to evaluate whether the interventions have been sufficient and if not, interrogate the inefficiencies and the possible…… [Read More]

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Sociology Concepts and Definitions

Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33413723


Correlation is where there is a relationship between two variables. An example would be that there is a relationship between baseball season and an increase in beer consumption. This may be true, but baseball seasons is also summer, so it is unclear whether baseball is legitimately a causal factor in the increase in beer consumption. Causation is when there is a causal relationship between the two variables. Causation means that one variable is the cause of the change in the other. This is harder to demonstrate. But for example, high temperatures can be found to have a causal relationship with air conditioner use.

Critical sociology is a technique based on the idea that intellectual analysis or interpretation of works can be conducted, so in other words studying in a more structured way. It is basically bringing a more dogmatic approach to the study of certain sociological elements. Structural functionality…… [Read More]

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Application of Health Belief Model to Treatment of Hispanic Youth Patients

Words: 1495 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99575222

Nursing - Applying Health Belief Model to Alcoholism Treatment and Implication for Healthcare Delivery

Perceived susceptibility

"Perceived susceptibility" is the patient's subjective perception of his/her risk of contracting an illness or disease, which would be alcoholism in the instant case There is significant disparity individual perceptions of personal susceptibility an illness or disease (Glanz, Rimer, & Viswanath, 2008, p. 48). Application of this key concept to treatment of Hispanic youth patients using or addicted to alcohol may consist of: discerning the populations at risk of becoming alcoholic and their risk levels for alcoholism; personalizing the risk based on an individual patient's characteristics or behavior; and educating the patient in order to more properly align his/her perception with his/her actual risk of becoming alcoholic (Glanz, Rimer, & Viswanath, 2008, p. 48).

Perceived severity

"Perceived severity" refers to the patient's perception of the seriousness of either contracting or failing to treat an…… [Read More]

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Examples of Toulmin Model Argument

Words: 1686 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55193494

moral and other imperatives that Christians have when it comes to the environment. Indeed, Christians believe that God created all of the heavens and the earth. As such, what burdens this places on Christians when it comes to the same is a valid question. That question shall be answered using the Toulmin model argument and shall be inclusive of a number of references that support the differing viewpoints, angles and prisms through which this issue is looked at. While the general premise of Christians protecting the environment can be taken too far and/or to ridiculous lengths, it is clear that Christians have a moral imperative to be stewards of the environment.

As this report goes on, the Toulmin model will be detailed step-by-step along with an answer to each piece as the report goes along. In order, there are basically six facets, those being a claim, ground for the claim,…… [Read More]

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Psychological Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment

Words: 1417 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86020414

Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Has Been Increasingly Used In the Treatment of Psychosis over the Last 10 To 15 Years. Describe CBT for Psychosis and Evaluate the Evidence for the Effectiveness for This Intervention in Treating Psychosis

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy's (CBT's) application to psychosis has, of late, been intensely debated. A number of independent psychologists and health organizations are proposing diverse interpretations with regard to what CBT in psychosis treatment really refers to. For example, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence proposes CBT with a small amount of evidence, whereas Maddox (2014), a psychologist, maintains that psychosis denotes a broad or umbrella term applied to a group of symptoms, which are divided into negative or positive. This classification does not imply that some symptoms are bad while others are good; rather, the intention is expressing that some symptoms add a new element, while others…… [Read More]

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Business Plan for Tiny Home Community

Words: 1273 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Other (not listed above) Paper #: 55275893

Target market has been described as a combination of buyers looking to downsize, those who want to spend more time outdoors, those who want to belong to a community and those who want to be mortgage-free while living an urban community of like-minded individuals. This target market is almost entirely understood as psychographic. As with any complex of dwellings, there will be people of all shapes, sizes, stripes and colors living at Slice of Heaven. The key is to understand why they are living there, or why they would.

A specific challenge with determining this target market is that the concept is new, almost entirely without precedent. There are some relatively weak precedents with respect to "communities of like-minded individuals" but those are so entirely niche market as to be nearly meaningless in this discussion. The one trait that can be gleaned from such communities is that such individual genuinely…… [Read More]

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Crack Cocaine and Its Impact on Miami Gardens

Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32842444

Drug Related Issues in Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens is a location where there are large numbers of minorities and immigrants. This is the location just north of Miami and it composes of a number of different neighborhoods. The most notable include: Andover, Bunche Park, Carol City, Lake Lucerne, Norwood, Opa Locka North and Scott Lake. In general, the community is facing drug related challenges from its close proximity to Central and South America. At the same time, they are wrestling with lower economic social demographics in the community. (Hall, 2011) This means that drugs are prevalent inside numerous areas. To fully understand what is happening requires looking at the local drug problem and how it is impacting the area. Together, these elements will illustrate one of the biggest challenges impacting Miami Gardens.

In general, the biggest issue effecting the residents of Miami Gardens is the use of crack cocaine. This…… [Read More]

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Comparison of Four Crimes

Words: 922 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34339119

Crime is everywhere. People commit a variety of crimes for a variety of reasons. Four of some of the biggest and longstanding crimes people commit are human trafficking, drug trafficking, organized crime, and corruption. These crimes often go hand-in-hand; they do not exist without the other. Therefore, they will have various similarities. They will also have some differences.

One major difference is the scope and scale some crimes have like human trafficking. Drug trafficking although international, tends to have specific destinations and routes. Human trafficking however exists everywhere and the routes can span from three to four countries or more as a country may serve as a pick up point, a transfer point, a departure point, and an entry point. It is a huge way people fuel criminal organizations and is usually the least prosecuted compared to drug trafficking. Some countries like the Ukraine barely prosecute those who have been…… [Read More]

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Perceptions of Crime and Reality

Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35036969


There is a big difference between perception of crime and actual crime statistics, a gulf that has become quite clear in recent years. The statistics show that crime of all types is decreasing, but it is still widely reported that the public has a perception that crime is increasing. There are a number of factors for this, but the reality is that crime is decreasing in the United States.

Crime Statistics

The FBI tracks hard numbers with respect to crime in the U.S. Violent crime in the U.S. has been trending down for a long time, and the statistics bear this out:

FBI (2015)

The decrease in property crime has been even more dramatic:

FBI (2015)

Perceptions of crime, however, can be influenced by the type of crime, with more severe crimes standing out more in people's minds. That said, murder rates have been steadily decreasing for several years,…… [Read More]

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Case Study of a Schizophrenic Patient

Words: 2376 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58489141

Mental Health Case Study Connect

Key issues in this Case Study

A review of patient information reveals the following major issues;

Schizophrenia Disorder: This seems to be in relation to her daughter (aged one) being placed in a foster care facility by the Department of Family Services.

Substance/drug abuse: Patient overdosed on prescribed medicines -- Quetiapine and Sodium Valproate (nearly two weeks' dosage). She smoked an average of ten cigarettes a day, consumed marijuana, used intravenous (IV) amphetamine, and overindulged in drink for several years previously.

Suicidal tendency/attempts: Patient admits to consuming nearly two weeks' dosage of Quetiapine and Sodium Valproate (prescribed drugs) with suicidal intent; she also resorted to cutting her left wrist using a sharp knife. Old scars on her wrists are proof of earlier suicide attempts, as are overdosing on medicines, running at moving cars, and an attempt to swim at night in the sea.

Unipolar disorder…… [Read More]

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Drugs in the Workplace Case Study Analysis

Words: 1131 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58683103

David Gates' arrest as a consequence of him being in possession of a significant quantity of illegal substances is intriguing when considering the context of the plant that he was working for deciding to suspend him. The fact that Gates was charged with a serious felony makes it less likely to consider that his suspension was unfair. Gates was working under a contract at the time when the company's management became acquainted with his situation and this makes it difficult for the company to go through with simply firing him. This is why the management decided to suspend him as an alternative.

Even with the fact that Gates was found in possession of a quantity of drugs that made him very likely to be a drug dealer, his grievance was primarily owed to the fact that he had a written contract with the company. The overall issues associated with engaging…… [Read More]

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Culture Behind Americans at War

Words: 5158 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82646531

American Way of War

The history of the American Way of War is a transitional one, as Weigley shows in his landmark work of the same name. The strategy of war went from, under Washington, a small scale, elude and survive set of tactics practiced by what seem today to be relatively "quaint" militias, to -- in the 20th century -- a full-scale operation known as "total war." True, "total war" was not a concept invented by the Americans in the 20th century. The North eventually practiced "total war" against the Confederates when Sherman's campaign left utter destruction of civilian territory in its wake. The ancient Romans practiced it when, under the direction of Cato, they destroyed Carthage because its mere existence, they felt, posed a threat to their prosperity. In the 20th century, however, "total war" received an enormous boost of technical support when the inventors of the atom…… [Read More]

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Contrasting Racism With Homophobia

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Racism / Prejudice

Anyone that is not aware of the recent protest demonstrations in cities across the United States -- resulting from the killing of unarmed African-Americans by police in Ferguson Missouri and New York City -- are simply not paying attention to the contemporary events. These killings -- and the failure of grand juries in both cities to indict the blameworthy officers -- have stirred the conscious of millions of Americans. Some say these unfortunate actions by police against minorities have caused a groundswell for a new civil rights movement. These events, and the astonishingly high percentage of African-Americans in U.S. prisons, are not related to the Jim Crow policies of the past, but they represent a disturbing updated kind of institutional racism that Michelle Alexander writes about in her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. How far this society still has to…… [Read More]

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Institutional Review Board

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Institutional Review Board

The focus of my research is on the factors which can inhibit the development of at-risk youth in urban locations. Understandably, research performed upon children is always of particular concern for institutional review boards. The three generally-accepted levels for institutional review boards are exempt, expedited, and full review status ("IRB," 2014). For research conducted on children, however beneficial to the child's well-being, a full review is required given that the study is being performed on minors. Greater scrutiny is required, regardless of the type of research. "Ethical standards are critically important when conducting research with young children and other vulnerable populations. Some key points are: research procedures must never harm children, physically or psychologically" and "children and their families have the right to full information about the research in which they may participate, including possible risks and benefits" ("Ethical standards for research," 2014). Children must be informed…… [Read More]

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Psychology of Optimal Experience

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "From Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Reading 2: Robert M. Sapolsky, "From Why Zebras don't Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases and Coping"

In the opening of the chapter, Csikszentmihalyi discusses the concept of life and living life without enjoyment. Unlike Sapolsky who goes into a much more clear and direct explanation of the topic at hand, Csikszentmihalyi kind of builds off tangents to get to his point. He explains building enjoyment every day and having an individual take personal responsibility in how that enjoyment comes about. The introduction for Sapolsky, much like Csikszentmihalyi has a little bit of a story, discussing people prone to pursuit of biology and then discussing the mechanisms behind stress. But unlike Csikszentmihalyi, his transitions seem more cohesive. The introduction for Csikszentmihalyi has an almost mystical quality to it although a bit jagged in its interpretation of enjoyment and…… [Read More]

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Psychosocial Assessment

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Psychosocial Assessment

Describing Problem

Personal Status

Current Pattern of Use and Drug History

Substance Abuse and Treatment History

Medical History and Current Position

Family History and Present Relationships

Positive Support Structures

Crime and Law-breaking



Inclination for Treatment

Social History

Resources and Accountabilities

Mental Status Exam Narrative

Treatment Plan

Psychotic Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Drug Dependence, in sustained remission


Psychosocial Assessment


Describing Problem

William is a 35-year-old, black male. William Living in CUCS supportive housing, alcohol addiction/sober for 6 months and has PTSD. He also does not have rent money and needs employment to be able to pay the minimal rent required.

Personal Status

William is the middle of three brothers and sister. He has an older brother and a younger sister. William was born and raised in Kentucky. He moved to New York at the age of 21. He was thrown out of the…… [Read More]

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Howard Becker's Seminal Work in Sociology

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Life of Howard Becker and Key Concepts of the Labeling Theory of Deviance

Criminology theory has roots in sociology and psychology, so it is not surprising to learn that Howard Becker, a sociologist, developed social reaction theory or labeling theory. Becker observed that the language used to describe the attributes or groupings of individuals can influence their behavior and impact their self-identity (Miller, et al., 2009). Labeling theory addresses the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the strengthening of stereotypes as a result of the propensity of more privileged classes of people to use pejorative linguistic labels when referring to less privileged classes of people (Miller, et al., 2009).

Becker learned to play the piano at an early age, studying music and playing the piano throughout his life. He was exposed to the deviant cultures of musicians who often used drugs or smoked marijuana. During the years that Becker taught…… [Read More]

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Putting Yourself in the Shoes of an Officer

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police case wherein a man is robbed of his car, at gunpoint. The victim is unable to identify the crooks. Ultimately his car is successfully located. The paper will examine legal issues linked to the scenario.

'Carjacking' is what has happened in this case. This crime is one among the most dominant crimes occurring across the globe (Carjacking - Don't Be A Victim). A majority of carjacking crimes take place with the sole intent of obtaining the car; this crime is not associated with any political agenda, nor does it target Americans, in particular.

Technology to Use

No fewer than 70% of local police departments in the United States currently make use of systems for reading license plates, as per a recent report by the RAND Corporation. This technology was initiated during the 90s in the United Kingdom (UK) for the purpose of fighting terrorism by the Irish Republican Army.…… [Read More]

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Psychological Tests and Measurements

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Psychological Assessment

Confidentiality Disclaimer

Reason for Referral

Identifying information

Developmental History

Medical and Psychiatric History

Short Family and Social History

Short History of School Behavior

Tests Administered

Standardized Instruments

Information Assessment Techniques

Mental Status Examination and Behavioral Observations

Results Form Testing

The following results were obtained with respect to the different domain of functioning of Sebastian based on information from multiple sources.

Cognitive-Intellectual-Executive Functioning

Social-Emotional Functioning

Diagnostic Impression

Confidentiality Disclaimer:

There is a chance that the subject of the report or those who are closely associated with the subject of the report could get psychologically and/or emotionally hurt as the report contains sensitive information about the subject. This report is meant only for people trained enough to read such reports and should not be given to the subject named in the report. In order to ensure that the name of the person who is also the subject of the report…… [Read More]

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How Brave New World Resembles the 21st Century

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Today, the human genome has been successfully sequenced and researchers are continuing their efforts to reduce the incidence of birth defects through early in vitro detection. Moreover, prescription drug abuse in on the rise, and many observers caution against the emergence of a world government that controls all countries. In addition, the ready availability of birth control has created an environment in which promiscuous sex is not only tolerated, it is in essence being encouraged. Likewise, industry and consumer robots are increasingly automating formally manual tasks. In fact, in many ways, modern society is increasingly resembling that of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (1932). This paper reviews Huxley's book to elaborate on these five most important ideas, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

At first blush, the world of Bernard Marx, the story's protagonist,…… [Read More]

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Grimshaw v Ford Motor Company

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Product Liability Claims: Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company

What is the official citation?

Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company, 9th Circuit, 849.F.2d 460 (1968).


On August 10, 1978, three teenage girls driving a 1973 Ford Pinto sedan stopped to refuel the car they were driving. After they got done filling up, the driver then loosely put the gas cap back on the tank which then by accident fell off as they drove back down U.S. Highway 33. Looking to find the cap, the girls made a stop again directly in the right lane of the highway shoulder. They did this because there was not any kind of space on the highway for cars to be able to safely pull away from the roadway (Boyce, 2015). Not long after, a van that weighed over 400 pounds and improved with an unbending plank for a front bumper was moving at fifty five…… [Read More]

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Effective Impaired Driving Interventions

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Impaired Driving on American Society

Supporting Rationale: This topic was chosen because many impaired driving cases are reduced or dismissed because of the errors made by police officers as discussed further below.

Today, there is increasing concern over the potential traffic safety risks that are associated with impaired driving (Owusu-Bempah, 2014). A growing body of evidence confirms that there is an inextricable interrelationship between higher levels of blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents (Owusu-Bempah, 2014). While the number of alcohol impaired driving incidents decreased by a hefty 30% from its peak in 2006 of 161 million to 112 million in 2010, alcohol-impaired driving is still responsible for thousands of American deaths each year (McNamara, 2011).

Although there was an overall decline in the incidence rate for impaired driving since 2006, there are some geographic differences in the United States and some states continue to experience…… [Read More]

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Open & Unfair Hostility Towards Police

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Law Enforcement Opinion

This report will cover a topic that has always been controversial. However, there have been some events as of late, most of them racially and otherwise socially charged, that have forced the argument the subject firmly back into the forefront. Of course, that topic would be law enforcement. While gun violence, politics and so forth are all the rage in the modern blogosphere and social media realms, the topic of law enforcement is high on the minds of many regular people and activists due to, among other things, the events and details surrounding what happened to people like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and so forth. There are plenty of talking heads that would paint the police as abusive and authoritarians. However, that is far from being the true picture that should be painted and this report shall aim to fill in the rest of the…… [Read More]

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Storz & Bickel Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats and Trends

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Promoting Storz & Bickel's affordable vaporizer lines to take advantage of an emerging market explosion.

Storz & Bickel is a German-based electrical engineering firm founded by Markus Storz and Jurgen Bickel, who remain in charge of the firm; Storz is director of technology and design, and Bickel is the managing director. Storz & Bickel are basically known for four signature product lines -- the Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, and Volcano model vaporizers. Of these, the Volcano is perhaps the best known, and is Storz & Bickel's best-seller: technology review website Gizmodo refers to the Volcano Vaporizer as "king of all paraphernalia" and notes that "if spending $700 on something to smoke with seems a ludicrous and insane thing to do on your budget…not everyone can afford a Porsche, either" (Frucci 2009). Like Porsche, Storz & Bickel has established its core competency as precision mechanics coupled with attractive design, while both have…… [Read More]

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Drug Abuse Scenario Analysis

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drives under the influence of alcohol, it is a criminal offense abbreviated as driving under the influence (DUI). However alcohol is but one of the many substances that can interfere with one's driving capability. DUI charges can also be pressed against individuals who are driving under the influence of other kinds of drugs, including illegal drugs and even prescription medication. Taking drugs and driving at the same time, whether the drugs are just prescription muscle relaxers or medicinal marijuana is illegal and a DUI offense. The argument that one took drugs because of doctor's orders is not a defense to DUI charges. Various drugs have different effects on drivers. The drugs that impair concentration, judgment, alertness and/or motor skills are regarded as dangerous and in several cases even more dangerous than alcohol. Driving while having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.08% or higher is illegal in the…… [Read More]

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Prevention of Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse Prevention Programs in the United States

The menace of drug abuse among the most active population in the U.S. has been an issue that successive governments have struggled to contain, some to a significant success rate and yet there still remains to be substantial work to be done in the same line to ensure the dream of having a drugs free U.S. is achieved. This has made several organizations, agencies and institutions to focus more on the prevention programs as will be discussed in the section below.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program at University of Missouri- Rolla (SAPP at UMR) is one such program that has had a significant preventive effect on the population that has done through the university since 1988 when it was first initiated and even on the general public through the collaboration they have with other like minded programs like Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the…… [Read More]

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Use of Drugs for Recreational Purposes

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Drugs and Differences between Them

There are various types of drugs that have considerable effects on the brain and are used by individuals for various reasons. These types of drugs are classified into different categories i.e. stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens. As the name suggests, stimulants are drugs that speed up an individual and can be dangerous while depressants are drugs that slow down an individual and can be dangerous by causing vomiting, unconsciousness, and even death. On the contrary, hallucinogens are drugs that make a person see and hear strange things or things that are not actually in existence. Similar to stimulants and depressants, hallucinogens can be dangerous because of their effect on a person's brain. Some examples of depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens are oxycodone, nicotine, and mescaline. These drugs differ with regards to the composition, physical and psychological effects, manufacture or cultivation, how they are used, and individual's motivation…… [Read More]

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Is Drug Addiction a Disease

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drug abuse continues to be a major cause of concern in America. In fact, statistics from the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration show that by 2012, an estimated 20 million Americans above the age of 12 were using illicit drugs or abusing psychotherapeutic medication (National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, 2015). While this encompasses people of every ethnicity, geographic region, racial identity, education level, and socio economic background, many Americans view it as a major health problem particularly because it is directly linked to majority of the nation's health problems, such as cancer, HIV / AIDS and heart disease. Social problems such as child abuse, drunk driving, violence, and stress are also related to drug addiction and according to NIDA (2015), it takes a tremendous toll on the society at many levels and costs the nation…… [Read More]

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Life of Jared Loughner Criminology

Words: 1523 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61866163

remain ingrained in the hearts of the people of Arizona. On this day, Jared Lee Loughner, a 22-year-old, attempted to kill Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and he opened fire in a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, shooting and severely injuring 14 people, including Giffords, his target, and killing six people. While the incident sparked outrage and condemnation from different parts of the country, there have been numerous other cases where young American citizens carry out mass shootings. According to Siegel (2012), such incidences have prompted criminologists to devote their careers to understanding both the good and bad side of human nature in order to find out the motives that trigger people like Loughner to commit atrocities like the one in Tucson and why they behave the way they do. Where exactly should blame be apportioned -- societal or individual factors?

In the aftermath of mass murders, a look into the childhood,…… [Read More]

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Current Status of Homosexual Marriages in America

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Homosexual Parenting

Literature Review on homosexual parenting

For a period extending back to the last twenty years, the number of households headed by same-sex parents in the United States has subtly increased. According to a unanimous agreement in the U.S. In 2010, the number of same-sex couples who stay together was estimated to be 646,464, out of which 514,735 were unmarried couples of the same sex while 131,729 were married couples of similar sex. In another survey carried out in the U.S. In 2000, it was established that almost 163,879 households had children although they were headed by similar sex couples. With about 33% of households belonging to similar sex females, it was found out that bisexual or Lesbians had higher chances of being parents as compared to Bisexual or gays who accounted for just 22% although these male couples had at least a child below the age of 18…… [Read More]

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Movie Ray and Drug Addiction

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Client Map for Ray Charles Based on the Film Ray

In the movie Ray, Ray Charles is depicted as using multiple types of drugs, but only his use of heroin would meet the guidelines for a diagnosis under DSM-V. Furthermore, after recovers from his heroin addiction, the movie suggests that Ray became sober. In reality, Charles became a heavy drinker and used significant amounts of marijuana throughout his life. However, since that drug use is not portrayed in the film, those diagnoses are not included and will not be considered in this client map. Knowing that behavior would change the client map for him, but that knowledge and information comes from outside of the source material found in the movie.


304.00, Substance Use Disorder, Heroin, Severe.

Under DSM-V, a scale of 1 to 11 symptoms is used to determine whether a substance use disorder is mild (2-3 symptoms); moderate…… [Read More]

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Distinguishing ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

Words: 1029 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 37805212

Child & Adolescent Psychology

Assessment & Evaluation

Both ADHD and BMD display genetic relationships, although BMD does not seem to run in families to the degree seen in ADHD. With the ADHD established early in Clara's life, the focus of this assessment is on the possibility of co-morbid bi-polar mood disorder (BMD) and depression. While most individuals experience their first episode of BMD around the age of 18 or after -- the mean for diagnosis is 26 years of age -- children do rarely develop BMD. Clara would experience her ADHD as a chronic, consistent impairment, while the BMD is episodic, alternating with periods of normal levels of moods. That said, it is important to recognize that ADHD is typically associated with emotional reactions to certain trigger events, and that the people with ADHD are often quite passionate. The occasion of happy events bring ebullient reactions; unhappy experiences evoke intense…… [Read More]

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Treating Addiction

Words: 554 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34019169

Mental Health in America

Mental health: Population-based study

Given the intractability of treating drug addiction, it is troubling that the rates of addiction of young people to illegal drugs and alcohol continues to persist. Despite a decrease in cigarette smoking, "daily marijuana use among high school seniors has increased to its highest point in 30 years" and "nearly two thirds (65%) of high school seniors and nearly one third (29%) of eighth graders have used alcohol in the past month" (Winters, Botzet & Fahnhorst 2011). Treatment rates are not comparable with the demonstrated need for addressing addiction in young people: "about 1.5 million teenagers meet criteria for an SUD [substance abuse dependence]. Of those adolescents, only 111,000 (7%) receive treatment for the disorder" (Winters, Botzet & Fahnhorst 2011). The article "Advances in adolescent substance abuse treatment" offers a summary of the major therapeutic approaches to treating adolescent addicts vs. their…… [Read More]

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Disciplinary Action

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Disciplinary Action

During my freshman year of college, I underwent a fairly dramatic experience that I can actually say changed the course of my life. Early on in my academic career [YOU NEED TO STATE WHAT ACADEMIC ISNTITUTION THIS IS] there was a situation in which a negligible amount of alcohol and marijuana was found in my room. At the time I was young, recently removed from high school, and enthralled with the newfound freedom that comes with living on my own for the first time. My priorities were a little ambiguous; I wanted to succeed in college but I also had many life lessons to learn.

This would prove to be one of the harshest lessons I learned, and the one that would ultimately help me shift my focus to academics and to viewing every day as a way to get closer to pursuing a successful professional career. The…… [Read More]

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Ethics Standard

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Ethical Principles


Autonomy (which literally means self-rule) is the capacity to independently think, make decisions, and act on thoughts freely without being hindered or need for permission. As far as action is concerned, it is crucial that distinction be made between on one side, liberty, freedom, license or just doing what a person pleases and on the other side, acting in autonomy, that can be doing whatever one pleases but based on reasoning or thought. Animals, for instance, are not autonomous but can be considered free (or at liberty), what may be referred to as a thin sense of liberty or freedom, when not under constraints of drugs, cages or clipped wings. Autonomy is an aspect of liberty or freedom, but not all liberty or freedom can be considered as autonomy. Gillon1 states that this autonomy concept involves rationality, a particular attribute noted by Aristotle.

The Principle of Respect…… [Read More]

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Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15413332

Lying is, what some see, as a means to an end. It enables relationships and maintains bonds (at least that is how a lot of people act and behave every day). However, this may not be a good means of socializing when it comes to long-term relationships. People sometimes believe the saying: "You can't handle the truth" and treat those they fear cannot deal with honesty, by chronically lying to them. There are some who lie to themselves and prefer to live in denial of important things like looming health issues, infidelity, or an unsatisfied life to keep from going insane. Lies then become an avenue for expression of bad behavior and avenue for constant repression (a way to prolong or delay something) to survive. Why then is lying so harmful? Are there instances where lies are beneficial?

Little white lies are almost always seen as harmless. People see these…… [Read More]