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Marketing's Role in Profitability Role

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The focus specifically in the build-to-order strategy is in the quote-to-order workflow process that spans both direct and indirect channels of distribution as order capture points, followed by managing orders from a distributed standpoint, measuring the effectiveness of specific advertising and promotion programs on order rates and profits per order. The quote-to-order process also has significant implications for managing inventories and increasing inventory turns specifically. With an optimized inquiry-to-order process it is common to see a factor of 5 or more increase in inventory turns per year, a reduction of 30% or more in Days Sales Outstanding, and an increase in average order size by over 40-60% based on the use of more effective quoting and demand sensing and execution strategies throughout a company. The entire value chain for many companies is dependent on their ability to quickly sense and responds to customized product and service requests. At the intersection…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research & Strategy Analysis of Driving

Words: 540 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 30405421

Marketing Research & Strategy

Analysis of "Driving your market" by David Whitlark and Chad Allred

David Whitlark and Chad Allred's journal article in Marketing Research, entitled "Driving your market," looks into the benefits of research in creating marketing strategies for products or services that a company will introduce in the consumer market. Studying in particular the hierarchical values map (HVM) as the primary tool of measurement in research, Whitlark and Allred enumerates the functions of HVM in determining the consumer's propensity to patronize a product. Moreover, through HVM, the researchers discussed the extent in which market-driving strategy is generated, a new concept in marketing that reflects consumers' preferences and attitudes toward a product or service that they have yet to try or buy.

Centering the discussion on the functionality of HVM in determining market-driving strategies, the researchers identify the benefits of HVM in allowing companies and organizations to know the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategic Alliance Select Comfort Company and

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Marketing Strategic Alliance: Select Comfort Company and Costco

Select Comfort Company and Costco are both successful companies, so that a marketing strategic alliance between the two companies could provide significant benefits for both of them.

"Select Comfort Corporation is leading the industry in setting a new standard in sleep by offering consumers high-quality, innovative and individualized sleep solutions, which includes a complete line of SLEEP NUMBER® beds and bedding. The company is the exclusive manufacturer, seller and servicer of the revolutionary Sleep Number bed, which allows individuals to adjust the firmness and support of each side at the touch of a button. The company offers further personalization through its solutions-focused line of Sleep Number pillows, sheets and other bedding products" (Select Comfort, 2011). "Costco Wholesale is one of the largest retailer stores in the market" (Adam, 2010). It has differentiated itself from its other big-box competitors through its exemplary customer…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix for a Service Company Marketing

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Marketing Mix for a Service Company

Marketing Mix Analysis for a Service Company -- Gartner Inc.

Gartner Group (NYSE:IT) is a $1.3B provider of IT consulting and industry analysis services for the enterprise software, technology and outsourcing industries globally. The company operates in over 20 countries globally, with offices and teams of analysts and project management professionals available for implementing business process re-engineering, enterprise software and wide-scale IT deployments. The four most dominant countries include China, India, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Each of these countries is at varying levels of maturity in their IT requirements and needs, and as a result the marketing mix Gartner uses within each varies significantly. The intent of this paper is to analyze the marketing mix Gartner relies on across these four geographies.

Assessing Gartner's Product and Services Strategies

Gartner's expertise in the areas IT consulting, vendor evaluations of enterprise software vendors and…… [Read More]

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Marketing Branding Strategies Are Key to a

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Branding strategies are key to a company's success. Levi-Strauss must take care not to sully its reputation by jumping into a new line of business attire. The proposal to create a new line of Levi-Strauss office clothes is flawed. The following consulting report outlines the reasons why the company must change its approach towards developing a new line.

Branding strategies are key to a company's success and why the Levi-Strauss name is synonymous with jeans worldwide. Having expanded beyond dungarees and into men and women's casual apparel, the Levi-Strauss brand has remained consistent without being stagnant. Market research would be immanently helpful in making a final decision on whether or not to diversify the brand even further, but based on what we already know, Levi-Strauss cannot enter the business attire industry as a formidable competitor to Brooks Brothers without risking significant if not debilitating losses. It is therefore not…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategies and Decision Making

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"Serving small rather than large customers or densely rather than sparsely situated customers are other examples in which the best way to configure marketing, order processing, logistics, and after-sale service activities to meet the similar needs of distinct groups will often differ" (Porter, 1996, p.67).

But choosing a unique position, however, is not enough to guarantee a sustainable advantage. A competitor can reposition itself to match a superior performer by copycatting, like J.P. Penny did with Sears, or straddle customer segments in its marketing strategy" to match the benefits of a successful position while maintaining its existing position" like a luxury line offering a value line (such as Continental Airlines offering 'Continental Lite' (Porter, 1996, p.67). But there are always trade-offs, as straddling can create inconsistencies in image or reputation, dilute finite resources like labor and capital, and also from limits on internal coordination and control (Porter, 1996, p.67).

Porter's…… [Read More]

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Marketing Questions 1 Describe the

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Where Google relies on search terms to trigger the display of a given
AdWords advertisement, it can be seen how Facebook wanted to create the
equivalent advertising business model through the use of social networking
and interactions triggering which ad was shown. The ethics however of
tracking visits and activities on affiliate sites of current and previous
Facebook members, in addition to monitoring those visitors who have never
opted in to Facebook yet are being monitored based on affiliate site click-
through traffic, is troubling. The lack of transparency about the entire
programme and the use of Beacons to become the foundation of a social
networking equivalent of Google AdWords is also troubling. In short, all
these factors detract from trust that Facebook visitors and users have of
the site and their further lack of communication on the issue just adds to
the deteriorating trust visitors and participants on the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Benetton Is a

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Marketing strategy

Overall Marketing Strategy

The group's marketing strategy is focused on raising awareness on social issues concerning today's society and taking a stance of the real world, rather than encourage costumers to buy its products.


Considering the large product diversification characterizing Benetton's portfolio, it is very difficult to define the manufacturer's main competitors, as it's difficult to define it's industry. Thus, according to (Accessed January 2009), the company's top 3 competitors are: Inditex, GAP and H&M. Inditex is a Spanish based, clothing group, which is considered to be Benetton's main competitor as it designs and retails its own products. It is also a global company managing over 3,690 stores in 68 countries. GAP is an American-based company with 4,250 stores worldwide. Unlike the Italian company, GAP doesn't manufacture its products, being responsible only for the retailing part. H&M is a Swedish-based company with over 1,500 stores in…… [Read More]

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Marketing Communication for Subway Restaurant

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Marketing Communication for Subway Restaurant

Marketing for any product or any service depends on the inherent reasons for the demand of that product or service. Thus the relative importance of different aspects is not the same for the marketing of different products or services. A restaurant is a place all of us go for a meal, bit, in our own minds, the rationale for going to different types or classes of restaurants are different. This determines the people who will go to that particular restaurant and what is the level of prices that he expects to pay. Some high class restaurants may get a crowd who just want to be seen there to improve their social status. But, subway restaurants are for the hoi polloi.

A product for the general public is viewed in marketing terms more as a sales exercise than a publicity exercise. (Buttle, 1996) Marketing is generally…… [Read More]

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Marketing-- Specified Marketing Is the

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With this in mind, the marketing division would notify the R&D (research and advancement) division to produce a prototype of a service or product based upon the customers' brand-new needs.

The manufacturing division would then begin to produce the item, while the marketing division would concentrate on the advertising, circulation, rates, and so on of the item. Furthermore, a company's finance division would be gotten in touch with, with respect to securing ideal financing for the advancement, manufacturing and promo of the item. Inter-departmental disputes could happen, need to a company abide by the marketing alignment. Manufacturing might oppose the installment, support and maintenance of brand-new capital stock, which might be had to produce a brand-new item. Finance might oppose the necessary capital expense, because it could possibly weaken a healthy capital for the company.

A difference needs to be made in between marketing research and marketing research. Marketing research…… [Read More]

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Marketing Channels and Methods

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Marketing Channels and Methods -- the New Svelte Shape of McDonald's

Objectives & Mission Statement

Although McDonald's latest advertising slogan, as proclaimed on its 2005 website, is "I'm lovin' it," (McDonald's Official Website, 2005), shareholders in the fast food company have not be equally enamored of its current stock performance and plummeting sales. (The Rogue Investor, 2005) Thus, the objectives of the new McDonald's marketing campaign must be to undo some of the economic and public relations damage done to the company by the negative press generated by the success of Morgan Spurlock's film 'Supersize Me.' Over the course of the year, McDonald's wishes to gain a greater percentage of the revenue of the current fast food market than its most prominent burger-oriented competitors Wendy's and Burger King. McDonald's also wishes to gain some of the type of positive media as generated by the sandwich chain Subway. The Subway Diet…… [Read More]

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Marketing Has Grown to Be

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Constant reformation of the demand in the market leads to constant reformation of the marketing plans and design which in turn leads to constant revision of the organizational setup and structure.

As can be evidently seen from the definition of "Marketing" given above, the main aim of marketing is to bridge the customers and the producers so that the demands of the customers are met and the producers have the optimum opportunities to gain profits and thrive in competition. This is one of the main reasons why a very lucid trend of customer-focused organizational frameworks are coming more into view, the company owners have realized that the growing competition and choices available to the customers have made their demands more complex and strenuous and to keep up with the changing market demands, the market planning and the organizational structures need to be more and more flexible, efficient, observant and swift…… [Read More]

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Marketing Communications and Sports Increasingly

Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93016722

What advertisers do as an integral part of their marketing communications strategies is create small or what are sometimes called "micro sites" and heavily populate them with keywords that the advertiser pays for advertisements on Google with. This marketing technique is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the use of Google AdWords advertisements gives advertisers both organic and paid search advantages when a potential customer uses Google to find out what's new with their favorite driver or golfer. A prime example of an advertiser using this technique of creating a micro site, populating it with keywords and then relying both on Google AdWords in addition to organic search through Google itself is EA Sports. Using this marketing communications strategy on the Web, EA Sports' link comes up on Google before Nike, which is quite a feat given how much Nike invests in Tiger Woods' sponsorship. EA Sports also works with…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for Starlet Alarms

Words: 1972 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58095812

They will also be in charge with packaging the product.

4.2 Distribution Strategy

The distribution channel will be considerably simplified given that the PortAlarm is a DIY system. Therefore, company will no longer have to send their electrician to install the alarm system. His presence within the company is however compulsory for he will have to attend any complaints and additional services required by the buyers.

The distribution will be a direct one, no intermediaries interfering in the process. The client will be able to pick up the product form the company's location, reducing as such the company's logistic expenses.

4.3 Promotion Plan

The PortaAlarm will be promoted both directly and indirectly. The direct strategies imply that Starlet Alarms will present the new product to their customers with the aid of their sales representatives. The telesales staff will contact the past customers they have in the company's database and will…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for New Evian

Words: 2693 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71140256

The bottled water industry is an extremely dynamic one which has brought the players major revenues. Seeing the great potential for further profits, new companies have emerged and some of the already existent ones merged as to get better comparative advantages. Evian's main competitors are the Perrier Group, Aquafina and Dasani, and all these have engaged in marketing operations to differentiate themselves from the newly entered players and consolidate their position in the international market. The Perrier Group based their marketing campaigns onto radio announcements in order to reinforce their brand; Dasani has launched a new television advertisement featuring the Commodores and other funk stars; and Aquafina (from PepsiCo), has developed a televised campaign based on advertisements featuring celebrities (Hein, 2001).

3.4 Target Market

The target market is identified through the application of the segmentation criteria. The most commonly used such criteria include age, cultural background, economic and social status,…… [Read More]

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Marketing Concept According to Karl

Words: 1546 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8963310

Profits are optimized by increasing customer satisfaction and integrating the customer into the organizational goals.

If anything, the organizations need to be more creative than ever. Marketing needs to be a part of product development, and market research needs to continue to be a part of product innovation. The organizations need to take the input from their consumer community and implement it into their product line. A company's challenge is to collect information at the same time as not discouraging innovation. A way to further this concept is to have a team effort between the consumers and the companies where there is a continual interchange of ideas and critique and testing.

Moore's approach that wants to control consumers rather than understand them is almost in the caveman era. It is not that the marketing concept is erroneous. It is that the organizations using this concept are not farsighted enough to…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan- Julia Grant Marketing

Words: 1192 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 88816042

JG's fashion style is characterized as a mix of the following genres: commercial, trend-based, art focus / cultural / theme-based, couture high fashion and mid-market. In essence, JG's fashion style encompasses from low to high fashion markets, historical to contemporary arts and cultures.

IV. Target Market

JG's target markets for fashion advertising are Australian mid-range boutiques and high fashion brands. These boutiques and brands are known for having edgy and unique fashion images. Brands fitting this profile include the following, to name a few: Ellery, Lover, Romance was Born, Bec and Bridge, Sass & Bide, Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts, Camilla and Mac, Zimmerman.

Within the fashion editorial sector, JG targets magazines that offer exclusive international fashion and showcase the work of leading Australian photographers and up-and-coming fashion design talent. The demographic foci of these magazines are people who have a passion for fashion, art, graphics, photography, illustration and street culture.…… [Read More]

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Marketing Space and Place the

Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9826011

The greater the level of support and information a customer needs to make a decision on which product to buy, the more likely a retail channel will be the best approach. Conversely if a product is by nature highly commoditized or is so popular it has strong customer trust, digital channels are the best approach, as they will drop the cost per transaction (Edelman, 2010).

Companies who are excelling at bridging both strategies include Apple and BestBuy. Apple has both their walk-in stores for managing the demonstration of their latest products and also delivering excellent personalized service at their Genius Bars. They also have one of the best websites and digital channels for selling their products online as well. The balance of digital and retail or space and place, is excellent, and supports the Apple brand overall. BestBuy is another company who has successfully defined a strong mix of space…… [Read More]

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Marketing and E-Marketing Integrating Marketing

Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Professional Paper #: 86855059

Analysis of Performance

Another primary factor that is serving as a catalyst for companies integrating their marketing and e-marketing into a single, unified platform is the potential that exists for measuring performance of strategies at a much greater level of accuracy than has been possible in the past (Bernoff, Li, 2008). This is particularly useful from a global standpoint when companies must budget their advertising, promoting and marketing dollars across a wide variety of programs, each operating in a different geography (Sheth, Sharma, 2005). While much has been written about the world being flat, in fact marketing globally has never been more heterogeneous and diverse (Sheth, Sharma, 2005). For companies to attain a high level of trust in their chosen markets the focus needs to be on measuring strategies online to see what resonates and makes them relevant over not (Radin, Calkins, Predmore, 2007). Metrics captures from e-marketing can deliver…… [Read More]

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Marketing in the 21st Century There Are

Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13957203

Marketing in the 21st Century

There are several trends that have worked to create new dynamics for marketers in the 21st century. The advents of ecommerce and social media have definitely changed the ways that consumers buy and research products. There are multitudes of different ways that consumers can rate products and get professional and peer reviews for products online. There are also new ways of distribution and product placement. Consumer perceptions of traditional marketing messages have also grown to be cynical and effective marketing must now transcend the old paradigms and reach consumers in new ways. This analysis will provide a brief overview of the challenges that face marketers in this century.

Marketing and Promotions Process Model

Marketing products in the mature phase of their lifecycle can be a daunting task. Maturity is the third phase and represents a product that really isn't new anymore and it is difficult…… [Read More]

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Marketing Ethics in Marketing BP and Toyota

Words: 843 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94589172


Ethics in Marketing

BP and Toyota have been in the news due to serious failures, which created significant safety risk and ultimately resulted in deaths as well as significant environmental damage in the case of BP with the exposition on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. In both cases there were internal failures. In these two cases there were notable failures which received a high level philosophy and have damaged the reputations of the firms. The causes of the safety problems may be divergent, but the marketing problem of the two firms are similar'; to guide the firm though a recovery and restore faith in the brand; unless this is achieved the firms are likely to suffer financial with lower sales.

If working for the marketing the department's responsibility is to support the firm's recovery, but this does not mean it should be undertaken in an unethical manner. The marketing…… [Read More]

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Marketing & Sales for Tourism

Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 19578954

This analysis provides insights into how the researchers found these factors, and what their implications are form a hospitably and resort marketing standpoint.

Study Findings

The study found the SERVQUAL dimension of reliability to be the most significant in explaining the variance between hotel and resort guests' expectations vs. experiences. The series of reliability factors delivered an eigenvalue of 8.874 and explained 22.754% of the variance in expectations vs. experiences of hotel and resort guests (Thanika, 2004). Breaking the reliability factor down further, the six most important elements were the responsiveness of the hotel staff, the hotel staff keeps commitments quickly and thoroughly (this shows they respect the guests (Thanika, 2004)), and also make helped recommendations to guests. Assurance factors delivered an eigenvalue of 3.325 and explained 8.526% of the variance between expectations and experiences. Extra room amenities factors delivered an eigenvalue of 2.354 and explained 6.037% of the variance…… [Read More]

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Marketing in Order to Incorporate the Electronic

Words: 1297 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74994431


In order to incorporate the electronic education business into Med Ed, Learner is going to need to set out some performance benchmarks for the unit that reflect the bricks-and-mortar Med Ed educational leadership. There are a few different issues, therefore, that need to be covered. The first is the setting of performance benchmarks, which should reflect both the competencies of Cyber Health and the mission of Med Ed. The second issue that needs to be addressed is how these different performance benchmarks contribute to the organization's overall objectives.

Web Site Design

There are several different benchmarks for web site design. Kim, Shaw and Schneider (2003) have proposed six categories of benchmarks for e-commerce: business function, corporation credibility, contents reliability, website attractiveness, systematic structure and navigation. These cover most of the critical areas, but because with electronic education the students actively interface with the school over the web, there will…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategies the Use of Search Engine

Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27865556

Marketing Strategies

The use of Search Engine Marketing

Most business organizations are supposed to ensure the adoption of a suitable Marketing Strategy to ensure the attainment of their goals. The nature of business determines the strategy to be implemented, as different business transactions will suit different organizational needs. Business marketing in most cases has to integrate the use of e-commerce as an agenda or link to successful business strategies. Internet is just an instrument that is used to attain the set up goals of the organization. Despite all the tools used, the marketing strategy should be sound and efficient in assisting any business to grow and be productive. The e-commerce applications usually have different goals ranging from ensuring there is an understanding of communication between the supplier-buyer relations, enhance the most productive channels to be used in distribution, and ascertaining the most convenient ways of delivering quality services to the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan of Hairdressing Industry Marketing Plan

Words: 1177 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34104455

Marketing Plan of Hairdressing Industry

Marketing Plan in the Hair Dressing Industry

Hairdressing Industry Marketing Plan

Abstract (Paper Summary)

The following is a report resulting from a feasibility tour on the Stratford Shopping Complex. It offers a wide range of business, but the concept behind the study is to identify a gap and concretize it into a business idea. The idea, according to this context, has been identified as the lack of address to the African hairdressing market. This paper has detailed an explanation and justifiable aspect of developing the new business idea to be implemented. Also, a brief description on market segmentation and mix towards the targeted clientele has been given. It has been concluded by an overview of effectiveness of implementing the business idea as well as recommendations to be necessitated in ensuring the objectivity and success of the gap to a business plan.


In every business…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research of Gourmet Grocery Store

Words: 1894 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16246598

Marketing Research of Gourmet Grocery Store

The organization is not a chain of stores, but a group of three stores of medium size located at La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas in the San Diego area. The store is not trying to compete with the big marketing chains to achieve high volumes. At the same time, it has a very fine image, as it is located in high class shopping areas. The concentration of the store is on selling of food items consisting of "Fresh Bakery and Pastries, Fresh Produce, Fresh Meat & Seafood, Condiments and Packaged Foods and Cheese's and Specialty Dairy Products." Thus all marketing efforts have to be concentrated in these areas.

The objective of all marketing is to increase the level of profits that are being achieved through the business, and these are probably the objectives, which are the concern of all areas of business. Since…… [Read More]

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Marketing Is'so Ingrained in

Words: 507 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 3944736

In fact, the greatest marketing appeal that smaller, privately owned bookshops have, is just that; unique charm and a way to connect. Connections are missing from many aspects of modern urban society, and what a perfect way for marketers to take advantage of a rather captive psychographic audience than to utilize an idea paradigm in which people are wanting to come together to share their own thoughts (Webb, 2012). In one of the most successful enterprises of the late 20th century, Starbucks has proven this to be true. Culturally, this entrepreneurial spirit is accentuated by the Starbucks model believing that each of its shops (outlets) is the "Third Place," for people to spend time (first place being home, second being work)(Schultz, 1999, intro).

This is the marketing message for the bookstores -- be unique, find a niche, and become more than a bookstore, become part of the community. Offer classes,…… [Read More]

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Marketing- Mass vs Personal Mass vs Personal

Words: 554 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58119506

Marketing- Mass vs. Personal

Mass vs. Personal Marketing

In the articles, "Word of Mouth on the Web" by Cate Reigner (2007) and "The Continuing Power of Mass Advertising" by Paul Nunes and Jeffrey Merrihue (2007), a comparative analysis of mass and personal marketing via traditional and online channels was conducted. Although the authors' studies were independent of each other, their research focus provides a sufficient survey of current literature evaluating the effectiveness of new and traditional marketing strategies in today's rapidly evolving consumer market.

One of the popular questions posed in consumer environment that is now driven by Internet technologies is, "Is mass advertising dead in the era of personalized marketing?" Reigner and Nunes reports on personalized and mass marketing, respectively, showed the same line of thought when assessing the prevalence and effectiveness of personalized compared to mass marketing. Both their studies highlighted the fact that even though personalized marketing…… [Read More]

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Marketing Report Preliminary Overview on

Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48691395

Since people are less apt to be attracted by excess gadgetry in the market of clothes washers and dryer, and fewer people own more than one laundry machine than own a wide array of kitchen gadgets, remaining in the high-end market sphere for this product line, barring some substantial new R&D development may be questionable.

To find out what is the newest and best product lines, increasing the company's sales presence at trade shows might be a good idea. Improving its reputation at trade shows would increase retailer's interest in the product, and encourage major vendors to showcase the product more prominently in their store displays and promotions. Expanding the range of stores might be a good idea since the product line is so deep, but there is also the possibility of establishing a special relationship with a particular store whose brand seems uniquely suited to the image of the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Ectaco Is a

Words: 2092 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 79212180

e. English-Mandarin) or for multiple packs (i.e. 12 language packs). There is only one competing product on the iPhone App Store and it does not have these capabilities. The product is a complement to the existing line of iTravl translators and Lingvosoft applications for other high-end multi-function mobile devices.

Because the product has a high-end position, it should be priced accordingly. The current prices for Palm OS for example range anywhere between $79 for single language packs to $199 for multiple language packs. The iPhone applications should be priced within a similar range. The current competitor Mobile Glot has their basic dictionaries priced for free, which reflects the low quality of their product relative to Ectaco's products.

The placement for this product will be the iTunes App Store. This is the sole outlet for such applications specific to the iPhone. The target market searches the app store for these products…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management With the Increase

Words: 2198 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46117333

This is because under non-organic methods, artificial chemicals are used to increase the yield of the produced. As a result, producers of ordinary beauty products items can achieve economies of scale, which helps them increase their profit margins even if they sell their produce at lower prices. However, since beauty products items produced using organic methods of production give their natural yield their output is less and therefore they are slightly more costly then the ordinary beauty products items.

Considering the economic constraints it will be difficult for Natural Way Products to price its products lower than ordinary beauty products items. However, there is one plus point that the company enjoys. All other major brands that deal in herbal beauty products such as the Body Shop are very high priced not only because of being organic but also due to its high brand image (Kapferer, 2008). Natural Way can price…… [Read More]

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Marketing With Globalization and the Development of

Words: 504 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53568147


With globalization and the development of global processes, including in business, marketing management has become more and more used as a way to best combine the company's resources and its marketing techniques and outreach. For the consumer, there are several distinct benefits that can be drawn. First of all, marketing management implies scientific research, which means a wide array of techniques, assessments and analysis, ranging from quantitative to qualitative and from experimental to observational techniques.

This translates in the fact that the companies put out products and services that address specific niches in the market and that are precisely targeting the consumers. Due to the need to remain profitable, companies are not launching projects without a previous thorough research project by which they try to better understand the consumer, understand his needs and requirements and see which of the products match these best.

This feeds into a larger perspective…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix the Target Market Product Combinations That

Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5245835

Marketing Mix

The target market/product combinations that I have selected are selling non-lethal security to black women aged 18-30 and selling vacations to gun owners. Black women aged 18-30 will respond best to a viral strategy. It is important to realize that this market is highly sociable, and word of mouth for a product can spread very quickly. This target audience has specific tastes with respect to the media it consumes, and that should guide the promotions strategy. However, the message should not be overly focused on the product attributes. There should be a specific lifestyle component to the promotions, for example setting an ad in a hair salon, but focused on a conversation where a group of young black women discuss how safe they feel with the product in their purse. The product should fit in as part of the lifestyle for a young black woman. Additionally, there should…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix Pricing Strategies

Words: 1303 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41185908

Marketing Mix, Pricing Strategies

Segway Marketing Strategies

The Segway appeared as a response to the quickly changing environment and shifting features of consumer demands. Expected to revolutionize the traveling habits, the Segway failed to retrieve the desired outcomes however. The two-wheeled electric gadget is produced by Segway Inc. And it is based on the invention of Dean Kamen. The reasons for the failure are unclear, but one could point out a poor marketing campaign, high costs of developing, leading to high prices; the current price of a Segway within the United States ranges between $5,350 and $6,400 (Segway by the Bay, 2008). To ensure a future success for the traveling device, certain aspects of the marketing mix should be reconsidered. Some suggestions are presented below for the 4 Ps of marketing (product, place, price and promotion), with emphasis on pricing methods and strategies.


The product strategies must be focused…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research the Authors Looked at the

Words: 1336 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55008151

Marketing Research

The authors looked at the effects of scents on recall of brands. They noted that, in spite of a lack of research, ambient scents are already being used in a variety of retail settings including grocery stores and restaurants. They are used for other purposes in both offices and subways. In two different studies, participants looked at photographs of brands. Some brands were familiar to the participants and some were not. Images were delivered via computer for specific lengths of times. During these episodes, a diffuser distributed scent into the room. 24 after this activity, the subjects' recall, for both name brand and recognition, were tested. In both studies, the presence of an ambient scent improved both recognition and recall. The authors provided supporting evidence for their research, including research demonstrating a tie between scent and memory, a possible scientific explanation for that tie, and an example of…… [Read More]

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Marketing Product Placement Creating Brand Value and

Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 15637228

Marketing (Product Placement)

Creating Brand Value and Strength in the Consumer Market through Effective Product Placement

In a journal article written and researched by Peter Doyle (2001) entitled, "Building value-based branding strategies," the author elucidates on the importance of establishing brand value and strength and effective product placement as the foremost steps in implementing an effective marketing strategy. Analyzing through the previous experiences of large companies Xerox and Procter & Gamble, Doyle introduces the concept of "value-based strategy." Through the case studies of these two companies and integration of marketing theories and models, the author argues the point that indeed, brand value and strength and effective product placement are the most important strategies that must be adopted in marketing.

Prior to enumerating the benefits of adopting these marketing strategies to products and brands, Doyle analyzes initially the strengths of various players in marketing wherein brand value is determined to be…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research Case Study Case 2 2 Is

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Marketing Research Case Study

Case 2.2 is an examination of BAIGlobal, a marketing research firm that provides information on credit card and direct mail customer interactions. Recently BAIGlobal has expanded into the international marketplace, and their team of direct marketers is currently experiencing new challenges. Formerly working only within the United States, BAIGlobal faces many new challenges upon entering the international marketplace. Among the new products include Inside Track which provides information on credit card and direct mail customer retention and Mail Monitor which analyzes the performance of credit card and direct mail acquisition programs. Clients include large corporations such as AT& T, Chase and Pfizer Inc.


Does BAIGlobal seem to perform cross-sectional or longitudinal studies.

BAIGlobal performs cross-sectional studies, because their marketing research involves measuring the performance and retention of services provided by multiple companies over a period of time, to account for trends across all companies…… [Read More]

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Marketing Communications Mini-Case Study Marketing

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It is perfectly aligned with the message of the city and its reputation.

Marketing Communications Question

This approach to defining a price adjustment driven by the strength of the Canadian dollar is not as effective as concentrating on why Chrysler as a brand in general, and specific models in particular, are worth considering over competing brands and models. Only focusing on price tends to drive down the value of a brand and its vehicles over time and implies that cars are price-elastic. This is in fact certainly not the case, cars are definitely not elastic in their demand curves. They are much more price inelastic and therefore require more than just a focus on price to sell them. The advertisement needs to concentrate more on the value of the Chrysler car first, not pushing on price alone as demand will prove to be inelastic over time.

Rent/Own Advertising

The advertisement…… [Read More]

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Marketing Internet TV -- Present and Future

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Internet TV -- Present and Future

The future of how will people watch television is far from clear. The rapid advancements in technology have provided an increased number of options for different kinds of program viewing. Customers now have the ability to view only the programs they want without having commercial interruptions. Although this can be effectively accomplished now with devices such as the digital video recorders (DRV), when internet derived programing becomes more ubiquitous this will act to further accelerate the consumers control over their media. Advertisers will have to evolve to be able to deliver a marketing message through this medium. Although there will continue to be opportunities for traditional advertising, such as the thirty second ad, it is likely that marketers will begin to further integrate their messages into the content of the program even further through product placement.

Internet TV Overview

The combination of the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for Monster Based on the

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Marketing Plan for Monster based on the 4Ps

Marketing Plan for

Monster's business model and go-to-market strategies are continually striving to create disruptive innovation by redefining the economics of online recruitment and career advice. Of the many factors behind the sites' success, the orchestration of the four Ps of marketing including product (or in the case of Monster, a service), pricing, promotion and distribution or place have continually been fine-tuned to increase the advertising value of the site while ensuring employers find valuable candidates.

Evaluating Monster's Product and Services Strategy

Monster was the first recruitment website to provide a depth and breadth of personalization and customization that rivals Amazon in sophistication and ease of use (Burnsed, 2010). Like Amazon, Monster realized early in their history as a company that the continual development and launch of innovative services for both advertisers and job seekers would ensure continually increasing traffic rates…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Marketing Management Beautiful -- Scented

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Marketing Plan

Marketing management

"Beautiful!" -- Scented makeup by Estee Lauder

Scented makeup is not a new concept. Many little girls love wearing scented lipstick and gloss in the flavors of bubblegum and peanut butter and jelly. However, enjoying scented lipstick is often a delight female consumers forgo when they become adults, other than a guilty sniff of their daughter's Tinkerbell or Bonne Bell makeup drawer. This new product would enable adult consumers to have that same pleasure, only with high-quality Estee Lauder makeup. This product will also address an increased desire consumers have for 'customized' beauty products filled with a sense of youth and vigor (5 spring makeup color trends, 2011, Refinery 29). As well as makeup that suits the user's skin tone, the selected scent of the makeup will also speak volumes about the wearer.

Although the economy still remains on shaky ground, demand for luxury products like…… [Read More]

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Marketing Firm Should Enlist the

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Even though the firm has its own ideas about strategies, the agency should be able to demonstrate that they are able to contribute to these as well, thus showing they have sufficient expertise to make a genuinely valuable contribution to the program.

If the firm is entering a new overseas market, finding an advertising partner with local knowledge, and who can apply that local knowledge specifically to the firm's product or service is critical. No matter how much research is done prior to entering the foreign market, the firm may have made errors in their analysis due to certain biases that can only be corrected by someone with local marketing knowledge.

It is critical for the advertising agency to understand your company's market strategy because ultimately the job of the agency is to translate that strategy into results. No matter how wonderful the creative is, if it is not focused…… [Read More]

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Marketing Memo Briefing and Critique of Three

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Memo: Briefing and critique of three companies

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is a discount department store. Its market strategy is to target the bargain shopper, but a bargain shopper of the middle class and upper class who 'knows' the value of a designer label at a discount price. Thus, although the corporate strategy is far-reaching, the market targeted is relatively narrow and segmented and it sells many items, rather than focusing on one or two.

The Kellogg Corporation

TJ Max's relatively segmented marketing mix is thus in sharp contrast to Kellogg, which targets a wide array of consumers, with a wide array of cereal and breakfast products. Kellogg's specific marketing strategies are highly dependent upon the product it is selling, focusing on health with its oat and rice cereals, for instance (including Product 19 and Kellogg's Raisin Brand) as well as an emphasis on fun and humor, such as…… [Read More]

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Marketing Products the Kind of Product the

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Marketing Products

The kind of product the company will offer

Coffee Time Comprises of the following Sub-Brands

Coffee Time - Fresh & Ground

Coffee Time

Coffee Time-- Vending

Coffee Time - Xpress

Coffee Time-- Exports

Coffee Time - Perfect

Coffee Time presently has and runs 213 coffee shops in all significant cities in India. It belongs of India's biggest coffee corporation called Coffee Time, Rs. 200 crore ISO 9002 licensed business. Coffee Time's a lot of distinct facet is that it expands the coffee it serves.

Identification of its primary characteristics

Leaders of the Cafe Idea in India with the its first Cafe at Brigade Roadway, Bangalore in 1996. This Cafe was opened as a Cyber Cafe (initially of its kind) however later on, with the burst of cyber coffee shops it went back to its core proficiency ... Coffee.

Basically a young people oriented brand name with bulk of…… [Read More]

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Marketing Information Competitive Advantage Analysis How Well

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Marketing Information

Competitive Advantage Analysis: How well does the proposed service meet the demands of the market compared with the competition?

The proposed service meets the demands of customers by providing them with products that can be customized. This helps them to create procedures that are effectively monitoring their bottom line results and objectively analyzing the impact of various activities. The below product -- market matrix is illustrating how this can help to give the firm a competitive advantages over others inside the marketplace. ("Top 100 Accounting Firms," 2012) ("Home," 2012)

Product -- Market Matrix

Market Penetration: The market that will be penetrated is the various segments of individuals and businesses that need customizable solutions. The primary competitors in this segment include: Deloitte & Touche, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Cooper and Grant Thornton.

Market Development: Currently, competitors offer similar kinds of products and services to customers. This means that the firm…… [Read More]

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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling Sex With Soap

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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling sex with soap suds

Shampoo's main function as a product may be to clean hair, but when it comes to advertising, no form of marketing succeeds more potently to sell this cleansing product to women than the marketing of feminine sex appeal. 'Buy the product, and be a sexy woman/girl.' This may not always come across as good clean fun in the eyes of the consumer, but, even if us not strictly dirty advertising, the need to sell sex as part of the image to the typical female consumer of shampoo cannot be underestimated. What else will distinguish what is otherwise a fairly indistinguishable product, other than the promise of sensuality via the right kind of soaping and suds?

While much of Chapter 7 of Reading Culture by Diana George and John Trimbur makes much of how the female body has been used as an image…… [Read More]

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Marketing Market Sensitivity Attempts to Measure and

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Market sensitivity attempts to measure and understand the responsiveness of consumers to the "4 P's, product, price, promotion and place. When analyzing market sensitivity it's imperative to understand that the importance of each of the "4 P's" will be different for diverse market segments and that market responses are also variable for each attribute. Further, the "4 P's are highly interrelated with perceived tradeoffs that vary under varying circumstances.

Sensitivity to product involves how a consumer will respond to the product's ability to fulfill a need vs. The products of competitors. So, marketers need to make sure that they have a product that meets specific customer desires and that they provide more than the competition. Place analysis is essential for understanding the customer's sensitivity to availability. Certain products and market segments require different levels of when, how and where they can obtain a product and this may vary from…… [Read More]

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Marketing Distribution in Order for

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We would need to ensure that we have acquired this capability. Typically, personal care products are made in the country in which they are sold, though it is possible to utilize regional trading blocs such as NAFTA for continental-wide production. If we choose to develop our own manufacturing capabilities, we need to ensure that we have a program to ensure quality and to ensure cost control, and we must decide if we are to produce in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Several factors would be taken into consideration with that decision, including cost.

The other major option for manufacturing is to have the product produced by a third party. Under this option, we would contract out the production to a firm that is experienced in the production of personal care products, but has excess capacity. This option is utilized by many firms in the industry already and it is believed…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research Boston Fights Drugs

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2. What conclusions, if any, can we draw from the results?

There are numerous conclusions we can deduce from the campaign results. For one, teenagers are not influenced by celebrity endorsements as believed. This runs contrary to what the general public accepts as truth in regards to celebrity endorsement and its influence on teenage behavior. Both ads involving the celebrity did not fair as well as the ads with more real life implications. I believe an appropriate corollary then would be that teenagers are in fact immune to the ostentatious lifestyles of celebrities. Teenagers do not succumb to their banal attempts to impact their decisions in personal matters. In fact, it is this delusion of grandeur on the part of celebrities that causes the message to not seem genuine in the minds of teenagers. Equally as impressive, is the data concerning pragmatic and simple scenarios. Teenager resonate with adds the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation

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Pizza Hut, Domino's most dominant global competitor, was clearly way behind all three national pizza chains in 2005, with a very weak innovation story on new products to sell, and more re-shuffling of menu items with aggressive pricing and programs to bring in the lucrative in-store buyer. The net result from this lack of innovation was Pizza Hut losing significant market share. it's expected that Pizza Hut will be more competitive to be more promotional throughout 2006, and would expect aggressive advertising that accentuates a "value" message.

Given a high gas price environment which is already happening today (as of June 2006), many operators in the pizza category have discussed "value" as a key theme. The challenge will be increasing transactions through "value" offerings while maintaining or boosting average pizza orders. According to Pizza Hut, much of the growth in the category in 2005 has been achieved through higher average…… [Read More]

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Marketing Forces and Diversification

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Marketing Forces and Diversification

As American society becomes increasingly ethnically diverse through immigration, relocation, birth rates and other factors, our hospitals must hone their sensitivity to resulting changes in community health needs. In addition, rigorous competition among hospitals requires sensitive, targeted marketing strategies attractive to diverse populations. An excellent example of responsive marketing and health care is given in Noonan's and Savolaine's article. The intelligence and success of the subject community hospital's approach shows that at least a hybrid of its approach should be followed in marketing to and serving a hospital's community.

Analysis with Noonan and Savolaine Article as the Focus

Thoughts about the Market Orientation of the Community Hospital

Focusing on Noonan and Savolaine article's examination of marketing obstetrical services in a diverse Midwestern market, the community hospital showed considerable wisdom in closely examining its prospective patient population by reviewing discharge data for obstetrical patients and asking doctors…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management Marketing Plays an

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The economic theory of advertising as information emphasizes the role of advertising in reducing the time consumers expend on search and hence their total (purchase price plus search) acquisition cost." (Silk, Klein and Berndt, 2002)

Market forecasting is not an accurate science; and, the best models used are based on variables that the individual designing the model deems necessary. Marketing needs get more complicated as the number of markets and the variance within each market increase. The sensitivity to various factors can also help the marketing manager determine the soundness of the models proposed. Budget and finance cost can then be provided to department heads of various teams and groups in the organization at different locations to help them set a target for achieving the goals of the organization.

Larger amounts of R & D. spending, shorter product life cycles, the race to market of new products, differences in cultures…… [Read More]

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Marketing and Sales Strategies for

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What Salesforce does is create microsites, Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages and LinkedIn accounts for their events, so that potential attendees can learn about the events' details through the channels that best fit their needs (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Each of these online approaches Salesforce uses are also heavily supported by video and audio clips, and an entire range of digital content that can be downloaded and played anytime potential attendees choose to. All of these aspects of strategies are also measured using online analytics as well, which are critical for all event marketing and selling strategies (Schwartz, 2011).


Of the many marketing and selling strategies for events, three of the more effective ones based on research include promoting online events in real-time, marketing an event using the natural beauty or attractiveness of the venue, and marketing events with a celebrity or thought leader. All three have proven to be…… [Read More]

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Marketing Case Study Launch of a New Degree Program

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Marketing Plan for New DBA Program at South University

Situational Analysis

Target Market

Marking Strategy





South University is introducing a new course; a doctorate of business administration (DBA) with a focus on organizational behavior. The course is to be offered online, as well as locations near to the existing campuses throughout the south of the country. For the course to be successful, it is essential the University is able to market the course, to gain sufficient attendees. This document is a basic marketing plan to support this new course. Any effective marketing plan will start by specifying the goals and then conducting a situation analysis, before moving on to identification of the target market (Quick MBA, 2016). The development of the marketing strategy is then developed based on the needs and profile the target, and aligned with the existing situation (Quick MBA, 2016).

The Goal

The…… [Read More]

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Marketing Video Games Social Psychological

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e. those that are contrary to the intent of the marketing material) are taken (Wesley & Barczak 2010). Psychological knowledge has allowed this balancing act in video game marketing to be much more finely tuned than it would be otherwise.

Ethical Principles

The first three principles discussed herein relate to the efficacy of various marketing efforts, and the considerations that must be taken into account in order for marketing to reach the people intended and be responded to in the desired manner. When it comes to the ethical principles of marketing it is less about direct efficacy and more about the overall social benefit and cultural values being upheld in marketing materials and efforts. The ethics of marketing are essentially limiting factors on the types and precise design of marketing materials that can be utilized for a given product or industry, but viewing them only as limitation does not really…… [Read More]

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Marketing Nike Has Long Been

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Nike has a steady new product pipeline and any one product can fail miserably, but Blizzard has long lead times and needs every new product to be a hit, otherwise its subscriptions will dry up. Gamers will not have enough loyalty to wait another ten years for the next iteration to give the company another try.

As a result, Blizzard is forced to have a much stronger emphasis on managing products. The products need to be finely managed, and this is why the company gives more leeway to its developers. Nike can afford a miss, but Blizzard cannot. Thus, even though Nike employees are active people, the company relies more on its marketing department to drive product development, while Blizzard very specifically relies on its engineers.

The approach that each company has taken with respect to developing and managing products has worked well for each firm. It is hard to…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategy Plan Marriott Marketing

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Conceptually, Marriott believes that the same guest falls into a different customer profile depending on the nature of the trip taken. Marriott has a product for every price point chain-scale (as defined by Smith Travel Research) except for the lowest economy segment. The company's commitment to quality and steady brand building has resulted in a strong brand portfolio of hotels, vacation ownership and corporate housing brands that associate quality, dependability, integrity and trust with the company's services. In 2005, Fortune Magazine recognized Marriott as the most admired company in the lodging industry for the sixth consecutive year. The company's strong brand name and its unique brand strategy help the company to stay ahead of its peers.

Thought Leadership in Technology-Enabled Services

The company's increased focus on technology is also paying off, as Marriott bolsters its web-based services portfolio. The company's reservation and yield management systems have outperformed the industry for…… [Read More]

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Marketing Defining Marketing the Traditional

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In fulfilling these initiatives the delivering of exceptional value and knowledge to prospects and customers to attain the role of trusted advisor and earn lifetime customer loyalty is the ultimate measure of effective marketing." There is a strong emphasis on setting and exceeding the expectations of customers and also striving to deliver exceptional value both in terms of insights and intelligence as well. Above all this definition focuses on how to create trust and attain the role of trusted advisor with customers, regardless of the market orientation being B2B or B2C. The intent of this definition is to make sure all components or areas of a marketing strategy are working in conjunction with each other, synchronized to deliver exceptional results over time. In that way the focus of the marketing strategies is on internal process clarity and outward, to meeting and exceeding customers' expectations so trust can be created and…… [Read More]

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Marketing Comparing and Contrasting the

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HP is a very engineering-centric company and prides itself on its analytics expertise. This pervades how they use the 4 Ps to communicate product features and benefits. Rarely will HP break out of the 4Ps and show the customer experience above all, as the product mindset is so strong they concentrate on that.

Apple and HP both rely on the 4 Ps of marketing to get their message across and must rely on these components to successfully launch and sell products. The difference is that Apple has created a more effective value-based message based on a clearer view of what matters most to customers. Their focus is more on transcending the 4Ps to create a uniquely personal value of the customer experience. This approach to marketing shows that the 4Ps may not be enough to fully explain the dynamics of marketing where customer experience matters most (Goi, 2009). For Apple…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategies of the London 2012 Olympic Games

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Marketing Strategies London 2012 Olympic Games

Similar to the rest of the world, the United Kingdom has been faced with the devastating effects of the internationalized economic crisis. But as the crisis continues to unfold, the country moves on to address its other issues as well.

One of these issues is represented by the fact that the country's capital would represent the host of the 2012 Olympic Games. The preparations for organizing such an event are currently undergoing and they involve a series of efforts, resources and commitments.

The hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games is both an opportunity, as well as a challenge for the organizers. At this level, the process would be assessed from the marketing perspective and recommendations would be formulated based on the specifics of the problems identified.

Issues and problems

London would be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games and it is as such presented with…… [Read More]