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Marketing - Nike Company Analysis Nike A

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Marketing - Nike: Company Analysis


A Genius World of Advertising and Marketing

The media bombards society with commercial messages daily, both written and spoken. There are, for example, the easily forgettable newspaper ads, the brightly colored billboards on the highway that one can see while driving, or on the side of buildings, the man or woman sitting on the side of the road with a flyer, or the boring radio commercials. There are also, of course, the funny messages on the television, and those jingles and seem not to want to escape constant humming. In other words, American are simply surrounded by these various marketing tools that say "buy this" or "try this."

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, an average American is exposed to 247 such messages daily.[footnoteRef:1] Other sources, however, beg to differ with this estimate and offer much higher ones. For example, Alf Nucifora, who is…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management Customer Value Equation of the

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Marketing Management

Customer Value Equation of the Product

Product Marketing Mix

Product Promotion Process

Environmental Analysis

Target Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Global Ethical Marketing Considerations

The globe and its entire human race in the twenty first is witnessing revolution in many facets of life and technological boom in communication is one of the immense transformations that have changed the standard and ways of living. Quite a few of the technological brands and products are surging ahead even to the leading economies as well as underdeveloped and developing nations. Apple iPhone is one of those brands that have become widely accepted and well-known, and has captured numerous consumers ranging from U.S. To Europe to Asia (White, 2012).

Apple iPhone is one of the U.S. based brands that offers hi-tech communication product (mobile phone) to its customers with a wide variety of features such as games, music, videos, web connectivity and many…… [Read More]

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Marketing Effectiveness Memo

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Marketing Effectiveness Memo:

Marketing is an important aspect of every business, especially hospitality establishments because they operate in an increasingly competitive market. Every business should develop effective marketing strategies that are geared towards attracting customers. When developing marketing strategies, the focus of the initiatives should be ensuring that the product and/or service meets the demands of customers. These marketing initiatives should also act as the foundation for developing and sustaining long-term relationships with customers. One of the major establishments in the hospitality industry that has benefited from comprehensive marketing strategies and initiatives is McDonalds Corporation in fast food operation.

McDonalds Marketing Efforts and Target Audience:

As previously mentioned, McDonalds Corporation is one of the establishments in the hospitality industry that has profited significantly from comprehensive marketing strategies and initiatives. The essence of the firm's marketing efforts is emphasis on becoming the best fast-food restaurant rather than becoming the biggest fast-food…… [Read More]

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Communication Coordination Electronic Advertisement the World of

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Communication Coordination

Electronic advertisement

The world of advertisement has greatly revolved and there are several changes that each company must follow in order to have the market presence and be at par with the competition that are in the same market. This particular marketing and campaign strategy will be on electronics line that is yet to be produced.

The primary objective is to reach as many as possible people within the U.S.A. And across the world with the brand name hence sensitizing them of the entry of the brand name.

The new line will get involved in Sports sponsorship to give it a global platform to showcase some of its latest inventions and act as a brand ambassador for the company. Millions of dollars will be spent over years in aggressive advertisement at such sports events which will give the customers a chance to see the products hence creating more…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategy Sales and Marketing Strategy Barkwood

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Marketing Strategy

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Barkwood Pet Daycare: Sales and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Message

Marketing message refers to the component that plays a critical role in grabbing the prospective attention while offering information on how to solve the problems and the need to trust the organization in question. It is also critical in the decision-making process by the consumers to adopt and integrate valuable reasons to execute transactions with the organization above any and all choices they have within the context of the market or industry of operation. The main rationale for the success in the development of an effective marketing message is the generation of an efficient communication garget in relation to the needs and wants of the target audiences (Kolsarici & Vakratsas, 2010). Five steps are critical in the development of an effective marketing message. The first step is the identification of the target market of the…… [Read More]

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Marketing and the Competitive Environment Marketing Objectives

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Marketing and the Competitive Environment

Marketing objectives and approaches

Marketing focuses on the identification of the needs of the customers and working towards meeting these needs. Marketing activities involves primarily looking out for the customers needs and ensure that they convince the customers the business offers what will meet their particular needs and wants. The main objective of marketing is to ensure that the company promoters the idea that it offers the right product at an appropriate price, where they are needed and with the use of appropriate promotions. Marketing ensures that the benefits of the product are made known and not just the particular feature of what is being sold. For instance, a company can use an advertisement in the media to showcase the prices of the items they are offering. Another aim of marketing is to ensure that there is a barrier of entry by competitors.

Marketing objectives…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management This Report Will Be a

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Marketing Management

This report will be a thorough analysis of a chosen marketing management problems. In this report, the approach taken will include thorough analysis of a total of five recent studies. The thematic marketing management problem studied here will be the impact that the ethical standards can have on the entire marketing management structure. The studies chosen will be studies from five different perspectives i.e. The background of the studies will be provided followed by the research issues that the papers identified, the theories used in the papers, the primary findings of the papers and the implications that they for the current marketers. The report will end with a comprehensive and analytical conclusion.

Background of the Papers

There is a growing trend of hiring African-American graduates in the marketing sectors within the United States. In a recent study conducted by Malinowski and Berger (2010) we see that there is…… [Read More]

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Marketing Challenges of Going Green

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The products were soon withdrawn from the market as they were a complete failure as customers found it inconvenient to have to constantly recharge the electric vehicles given the existence of such a few recharging locations. Also, the consumers were not ready to change their driving habits so drastically and in such a short period of time.

Green marketing myopia can also appear when green products are not able to reflect credible environmental benefits. One such example is Mobil's Hefty photodegradable plastic trash bag. These products claimed to be degradable, however, not in every circumstance, but only when exposed to sun, wind and rain and because most of the times garbage bags are not exposed to such elements, the degradation was virtually impossible. Mobil was sued by seven state attorneys for deceptive advertising and consumer fraud and had to remove the photodegradable note from its products.

According to Ottman…… [Read More]

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Marketing Information System Is a Management Information

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Marketing Information system is a management information system that supports decision making processes in marketing (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Marketing data is gathered, stored, and analyzed within this system and distributed on timely basis to managers to enhance decision making processes (Kotler, 1988). It is a continuing and an interactive structure of people, equipment and procedures to gather information that is used in decision making processes in an organization. The major components of management information system are internal reporting systems, marketing research system, marketing intelligence system, and marketing models. Information touching on finances, production, manpower, marketing, stockholding, and logistical data are normally stored in marketing information system. Orders received, stockholdings and sales are also stored in the marketing information system. Other than the above named information, marketers can also get information related to product type, size, and pack by territory, type of account, industry, and customer; average value and volume…… [Read More]

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Marketing Analysis How Nikeid Strengthens and Accentuates

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Marketing Analysis

How NikeID Strengthens and Accentuates the Global Nike Brand

Nike is considered the leading provider of athletic wear, shoes and equipment globally, and is perennially also listed as one of the top fifty most valuable brands in the world. Its supply chain spans over 52 nations and over 80% of its products are produced in Asian nations where product uniformity and lack of variation is essential to achieve production efficiency (Nike Investor Relations, 2013). As of today Nike operates production centers in 42 nations, has 774 direct and contract factories in production, and over 1 million workers who are both direct employees and those of contractors (Nike Investor Relations, 2013). Nike has had to build a production network to this scale to support the many product liens they sell today. The company's marketing has concentrated on aligning their iconic brand with providing customers with the athletic apparel they…… [Read More]

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Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid

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Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid

Ethical issues: 7

Social Issues: 7

Market Opportunity: 8

Value for underprivileged: 8

The underdeveloped countries are becoming major emerging markets with a huge potential based on the large populations. The large corporations operating in developed markets also expand in international markets. The multinational companies operating in under developed and developing countries also look for opportunities in the market through a different approach. The key question that needs to be answered is that these markets have different dynamics in terms on consumer preferences, geographical locations, and income at the disposal of a large number of inhabitants. The businesses including major multinational corporations also look for opportunities in establishing their reach and appeal to the locals that are under privileged and in some cases the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) market segment. These underprovided populations not only live under the poverty line but they…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Name Location Nature the Business

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Marketing Plan

Name, Location, Nature

The business will be a food truck specializing in chicken and waffles. It will be called Big Mabel's Chicken & Waffles, the namesake being a fictional grandmother who, according to the marketing myth, developed the recipes. The food truck will have a number of different locations, which is normal in the business. The city will license out specific spaces and times for the truck, generally when those areas have high traffic. The business model is especially suited for areas where traffic is high only during a few hours of the day, so lunch time near construction sites, by the stadium on game night, or in a bar district on weekend evenings. The kitchen is tiny, so the choice of food will be limited to chicken and waffles, which is a classic American dish.

Customer Analysis

There are a number of potential customers. These will differ…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix Distribution Channels

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Comparison of Distribution Strategies for Automobiles and Soup

Distribution strategies are an essential part of the marketing mix; without a suitable strategy the process of effectively bringing together customers with the goods or services they wish to purchase maybe inefficient and a potential failure, potentially costing the firm both lost sales and incurring unnecessary expenses. To assess the way distribution strategies may be developed in an effective manner, two different products which would require different strategies, may be assessed; automobiles and soup.

The distribution strategy adopted by any firm will be the strategy of getting the goods from the firm or supplier to the customer. Whatever product is being sold, before developing a distribution strategy it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the product, the characteristics of the potential purchasers, the goals of the firm and the budget/cost of the item. The commonalities in terms of considerations, and…… [Read More]

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Communication Strategies Used in Crisis

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This second violent incident forced Stoops to take a harder stand against one of his most popular players and suspend him."

Sooners used a crisis management plan to deal with the university's decision, in an effort to prevent bad publicity for the school and the team (Forde, 2004). The following describes how the university handled the crisis the day before it hit the newsstands. In the early afternoon, OU issued a release saying that it had suspended Dvoracek indefinitely and replaced him as captain. The action had been implemented by coach Bob Stoops a few days earlier, but it wasn't made public until the day before the weekend Oregon game.

The school was prepared for the news to create a major rise across the state, starting with the evening newscasts (Forde, 2004). However, the situation did not end there, with the university's release and a canned statement from Stoops. In…… [Read More]

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Marketing Failures and Successes

Words: 1188 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98819044

Communication and Sales Effect

Coke wanted a campaign that would encourage consumers to connect with the brand on an online and offline platform. The soft drink market had also become so competitive hence there was need to establish a brand connection with customers. The Coca Cola company had a successful advertising campaign dabbed as share a coke. Promotion involves the communication of information between a seller and a potential buyer or other people in the channel in order to influence their attitudes and behavior. Promotion requires effective communication in order for it to be effective. There are instances where a promotion message can not be heard at all or even not understood. There are various promotion methods that can be used such as personal selling, mass selling with advertising as the main form of mass selling, sales promotion, publicity and so on. A marketing manager in any organization has to…… [Read More]

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Communication Modalities Communication Is a Fundamental Facet

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Communication Modalities

Communication is a fundamental facet in any production plant or organization. There are various communication channels and applications in the world of communication. Communication modalities are present in almost every organization. Different entities of growth and production require a diversity of communication channels. For instance, different communication channels can be involved like e-mails, web-based forums, and electronic medical records.

Communication modality used for marketing in health care

Web-based forums

Web-based forums are one of the trusted communication channels between consumers and health care providers in the world. The existence of technology has necessitated establishment of online channels where health care service providers are able to interact with consumers in remote senses. For instance, it has become easy for a client in any part of the world to access web-based forums that are provided through the internet. Through web-based forums, clients access a diversity of information and communication from…… [Read More]

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Communications Markets and Media Broadcasting

Words: 5070 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24616900


Younger people (18- to 34-year-olds) are much more likely to view television news as mainly interested in serving the public interest (57.5% vs. 46.7%). Creating a local brand and attracting the most viewers is the name of the game in the battle for ratings and revenues. The local newscast defines the image of the station, and now more than ever local stations need up-to-date newscasts to keep audiences tuned in. Local stations have problems that the bigger markets do not have, tapping into news and information-gathering networks for state, national, and international news, sports, business, entertainment, politics and weather. The newsgathering services they utilize truly define their on-air and online brand. They can even build audience share with videos, audios, graphics, photos, text, newsroom systems and online multimedia. It will take this kind of up-to-date technology and style of newscasts to attract the younger people in today's market.

Digital…… [Read More]

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Marketing Is About Service Encounter

Words: 1993 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83821609

Marketing Is About Service Encounter

Concept of Marketing

Marketing as an Organization-wide Philosophy

Role of Marketing in Business

Marketing Begins and Ends with the Customer

Concept of Marketing Mix

Impact of Globalization on Marketing

What are Services

Service Encounters: The Building Blocks for Customer Perceptions

Impact of Globalization on Service Encounter

The Importance of Encounters

Marketing is about Service Encounter

Concept of Marketing

Marketing is all about managing strong relationship with customers. It is a process through which companies create value for their customers with the intention to build strong customer relationships in order to gain value from customers in return.

In this era of advancement, no company across the globe can ignore the significance of marketing. A company's monetary achievement mainly depends upon careful marketing efforts. Now the question arises that why financial success is linked with marketing. The answer is quiet simple. An excellent product with best quality…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for Eleftria Tablet Latest Changes

Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 26661461

Marketing Plan for Eleftria Tablet

Latest Changes In Red Text

Marketing Plan for Eleftria Tablet PC

The Eleftria Tablet PC is a revolutionary product in that it combines the latest developments in networking technologies, open source operating systems to keep costs low, and the ability to act as a central scheduling device for busy households. As of September, 2011 there are no tablets or low-end smart phones that have the ability to synchronize to multiple schedules while also being able to communicate over Wi-Fi to all devices in a household. As this Tablet PC can also be used for managing a household's many tasks and drastically reducing trips and time spent coordinating with other household members around key tasks and activities. As this device will be able to interact and integrate with all other Wi-Fi networks in the home, enhancements could be built that would take inventory of commonly depleted…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan the Product That

Words: 1136 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 35803190

The strategy is not unlike that applied by Apple with the iPod, which brought millions of new customers to the company.

The organization's broader strategy is to utilize the MLX routers to bring in these new customers. When the customers are impressed with the superior performance of the MLX, they will look to Brocade for other solutions as well. In this manner, the company will leverage its new customers to build all of its lines of business, not just its router business. MLX will serve the gateway function, therefore. Margins on the other products will likely be higher than those taken on the MLX, especially after marketing costs are considered, so the primary role of the MLX line is to increase total customer volume.

The fact that the MLX is being marketed as a line supports this overall strategy. The broad range of target markets serves two essential functions. The…… [Read More]

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Marketing Myopia of the Many

Words: 1230 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69405473

The essence of any successful entrepreneurial strategy is in creating significant value for the customer (Drucker, 1985). Microsoft needs to shift towards a more open API-based product strategy that allows for more rapid innovation from hardware and services partners both. This direction alone will help Microsoft to compete more effectively over the long-term, by giving them the ability to compete for precious developer resources and times with partners and service providers.

Second, Microsoft needs to think more about their phone strategy from the standpoint of how they can create the smartphone of the future as a computing platform. One of the best strategies for accomplishing this is to concentrate on having their operating systems be more oriented towards creating a technology-agnostic platform for social media websites and applications. The advent of social media websites have given every customer a much greater level of communication and clarity, so much so that…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategies Adult Pleasure Toys and Lingerie

Words: 3249 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37228134

Marketing Strategies: Adult Pleasure Toys and Lingerie

This report discusses the presence of a company that produces adult toys and lingerie. There are several parts to this analysis. First, the report examines the market segment and defines the target customer according to several types of segmentation. For a complete understanding of the targeted market, the report chose psychographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, behavioral segmentation and benefits sought segmentation.

The choice for these methods was a result of the type of product. The conclusion is that the targeted consumer is likely 20 to 45 and is driven by different motivations. In young age, the idea of experimentation is the primary motive, in the upper part of the age segment (30s and 40s) it is likely the need to experiment in the couple.

In terms of differentiation strategies, the report concludes that it is more difficult to differentiate based on the nature of…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for a Home-Based Desktop Publishing Business

Words: 1574 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 17920196

Marketing Strategy for KitKat Desktop Publishing

Creating an independent desktop publishing business from one's home is indeed an exhilarating prospect. Entrepreneurship offers one a career of truly boundless possibilities and the intoxicating freedom of being one's own boss. However, such a path is not without challenges; there are the regulatory and compliance issues, financial issues, start-up capital needed to be gathered, evaluation of technology systems, and marketing (Schulaka, 2009). When it comes to the last challenge, marketing, this truly is an aspect which can make or break a business, particularly a nascent business and one which is small and developing. "Marketing and entrepreneurship are traditionally regarded as two separate academic disciplines" (Hills et al., 2008). However, such a perspective is inherently flawed. Strategic marketing in necessary for a small business to exist, survive and thrive, particularly for a small, home-based business. The best marketing strategy for such a specific type…… [Read More]

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Communication in the Case of

Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88394807

The one that was the most successful would receive more focus. This means that the strategy will concentrate on what area will most effectively increase sales. Therefore, it will involve the elements of: advertising and public relations activities.

When you step back and analyze this part of the strategy, it is clear that it will give the best results for ABC Online Books. The reason why is because, it is determining what approach will have the greatest impact on the company's bottom line. Once this takes place, it will allow the business, to most effectively target their media strategy.

Clearly, ABC Online Books has a unique approach that could allow them to revolutionize the sale of online literature (through their free shipping within 24 hours policy). However, to determine the best strategy for effectively promoting the site requires identify the target audience. In this case, this would involve: every age…… [Read More]

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Marketing Coined by Marketing Guru Jay Conrad

Words: 6446 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33058333


Coined by marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, guerrilla marketing is marketing that is unconventional, nontraditional, not by-the-book, and extremely flexible. The nine major differing factors from conventional marketing provided in "360 Degree Internet Marketing - Think Outside the Box for Minimum Cost, Maximum Results," (2001), are:

Instead of investing money, you invest time, energy and imagination.

Instead of guesswork, you utilize our expertise and experience.

Instead of measuring your success in terms of traffic, responses or sales, you do so in terms of profits - your bottom-line.

Instead of ignoring customers once they've purchased, you follow-up for cross-sales, up-sales, and referral sales with great persistence.

Instead of only concentrating on making sales, you are dedicated to making relationships, which result in many more sales over the long-term.

Instead of focusing on a single strategy, you utilize a combination of many.

Instead of growing large and diversifying, you grow profitably…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for Combined Home and Cell

Words: 1471 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39781757

Marketing Plan for Combined Home and Cell Phones:

Home and cellular phones have transformed the communications arena since they have revolutionized the perceptions of people regarding voice communications. Traditionally, home phones have been the most commonly used tools for voice communications while cellular phones remained inaccessible to many customers because of their high costs. However, in the past few years, both home and cell phones have been widely used as communication gadgets. The use of cell phones has been fueled by the investment of time and resources to develop the system's capacity and lessen their costs as well as the emergence of several cellular phone companies. While the traditional home phones are still in use across many residential places, cell phones have become increasingly common because they have been developed into large-scale consumer products. The focus on marketing both home and cell phones acts as a new positioning and beneficial…… [Read More]

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Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Image Competitor

Words: 1106 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 86185080

Marketing SLP

Target Market

Brand Image

Competitor Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Porters Five Force Model

Current Rivalry

Threat of New Entrants

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Threat of Substitute Products

Apple has had an exceptional growth streak over the last decade and represents a suitable target for a marketing analysis. Apple has seen sales and revenue peeks in the last few years which is at least due to the fact that sales in China have ballooned. China, which is the company's second-largest market, accounted for 16% of Apple's sales during the past quarter (Q4, 2011), with $4.5 billion in revenue, a year-over-year increase of 270% (Gannes, 2011). The new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was launched in September, 2013 and was highly anticipated by Apple for the response in China in the iPhone's global debut. This was the first time an iPhone version was marketed on a global…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for a Mass

Words: 2408 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50264649

Michael Porter (Porter, 2008)

b. The Offering

The Libertad will be designed as a communications and collaboration platform, making the process of customizing its many features seamless within the production process. From a software standpoint, the foundation of the Libertad will be the Google Android operating system, customized to allow for easy integration of components and functional add-ons. The Google Android operating system is chosen as the basis of the offering as it is open source and open license, two attributes that have contributed to its rapid ascent in popularity with handset and tablet PC manufacturers (Hardy, 2010). Apple has a very closed architecture and does not allow for this level of customization overall (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Apple also tracks the sales of devices and regularly publishes their analyses in their form 10Qs, 10Ks and reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). An analysis…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix for a Service Company Marketing

Words: 1169 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69689701

Marketing Mix for a Service Company

Marketing Mix Analysis for a Service Company -- Gartner Inc.

Gartner Group (NYSE:IT) is a $1.3B provider of IT consulting and industry analysis services for the enterprise software, technology and outsourcing industries globally. The company operates in over 20 countries globally, with offices and teams of analysts and project management professionals available for implementing business process re-engineering, enterprise software and wide-scale IT deployments. The four most dominant countries include China, India, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Each of these countries is at varying levels of maturity in their IT requirements and needs, and as a result the marketing mix Gartner uses within each varies significantly. The intent of this paper is to analyze the marketing mix Gartner relies on across these four geographies.

Assessing Gartner's Product and Services Strategies

Gartner's expertise in the areas IT consulting, vendor evaluations of enterprise software vendors and…… [Read More]

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Marketing Research How Can a

Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50130732

Marketing research results may either be confidential or may be posted publicly for any people to see. From the previous question, I was provided with the idea of considering whether I should make the marketing research results private or public. Communicating marketing research results may not be necessarily confidential or public. Instead, concerned individuals such as the customers and clients should be the major focus as to where marketing research results should be communicated. By allowing some confidentiality to the process of communicating marketing research results, the customers and clients can be similarly protected.

How this learning relates to the current business activities or issues?

Competition is always the name of the game in any industry. Especially in businesses, there are always competitors who would try to vie for an increase in number of customers and clients. The learning in this paper relates to the current business activities because it…… [Read More]

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Marketing Questions 1 Describe the

Words: 3435 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78216664

Where Google relies on search terms to trigger the display of a given
AdWords advertisement, it can be seen how Facebook wanted to create the
equivalent advertising business model through the use of social networking
and interactions triggering which ad was shown. The ethics however of
tracking visits and activities on affiliate sites of current and previous
Facebook members, in addition to monitoring those visitors who have never
opted in to Facebook yet are being monitored based on affiliate site click-
through traffic, is troubling. The lack of transparency about the entire
programme and the use of Beacons to become the foundation of a social
networking equivalent of Google AdWords is also troubling. In short, all
these factors detract from trust that Facebook visitors and users have of
the site and their further lack of communication on the issue just adds to
the deteriorating trust visitors and participants on the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management Marketing Is'so

Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 72315031

Typically, scholars see low context cultures as one in which things are explained in more detail, have less a tradition in history and the past, and are rooted in the present and the future. This is why, for instance, most view the United States as a low context culture in reference to a high context culture like the Native American or Maori (Samovar and Porter, 2004).

The challenge in contemporary culture is that there are so many different messages and ways of communicating those messages, along with such a vast number of products and services, that it is now hard, in the global economy, to completely differentiate contextual messages. Once can find examples of the entire range of the continuum within the U.S. based marketing field, depending on the product or service; certainly, the marketing of Coca-Cola is different than the marketing of a medical imaging system, and requires a…… [Read More]

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Communication Media Convergence Goes Beyond a Critique

Words: 480 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array


Media convergence goes beyond a critique of media conglomeration, to critique the media itself.

Convergence of media assumes that multiple media occupied separate domains in the past.

Convergence of media suggests that the distinct domains of media (books, websites, radio, film, and television) have melded and it is no longer possible to manage a single media.

Messages are conveyed simultaneously with multiple media formats, but each medium has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Books as a focus of media convergence.

Books still occupy their own media domain, as many books are unavailable in digital formats that can be read or accessed online.

However, it is possible to search for books online, and online cataloging and database management is normative.

When books do occupy an online or digital dimension, the reader interacts with the material in completely different ways.

D. Media convergence will not obliterate the book, which will continue to…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Benetton Is a

Words: 3062 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 94269488

Marketing strategy

Overall Marketing Strategy

The group's marketing strategy is focused on raising awareness on social issues concerning today's society and taking a stance of the real world, rather than encourage costumers to buy its products.


Considering the large product diversification characterizing Benetton's portfolio, it is very difficult to define the manufacturer's main competitors, as it's difficult to define it's industry. Thus, according to (Accessed January 2009), the company's top 3 competitors are: Inditex, GAP and H&M. Inditex is a Spanish based, clothing group, which is considered to be Benetton's main competitor as it designs and retails its own products. It is also a global company managing over 3,690 stores in 68 countries. GAP is an American-based company with 4,250 stores worldwide. Unlike the Italian company, GAP doesn't manufacture its products, being responsible only for the retailing part. H&M is a Swedish-based company with over 1,500 stores in…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategy Assess the Information Needs of

Words: 544 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 513625

Marketing Strategy

Assess the Information Needs of Target Market(s). What Information will Your Potential Customers need (e.g. address of premises)?

The information needs of the target market will provide them with enough facts to make an informed decision. This will be accomplished by giving customers with information about the physical location (i.e. address), telephone number, any kind of professional organizations and the web site. These factors will help them to learn about the firm and contact staff when they have questions. (Shimp, 2008) (Ward, 1998)

Indicate whether any Personal Selling will be involved and if so what forms this will take. If not explain why not.

Yes, personal selling will be involved. This will be accomplished using traditional and online sources. (Shimp, 2008) (Ward, 1998)

What Training should be received?

The training that should be received is focusing on improving communication, increasing professionalism / ethics and continuing education. These factors…… [Read More]

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Marketing Internal Influences on Gateway

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"Building a successful buzz campaign hinges on finding the right carriers for the message: influencers who are obsessed with staying one step ahead of their peers." (Khermouch & Green, 2001)


In conclusion, this phase of the marketing experience revolved around the perceived impact of various internal influences on consumers as they would be convinced to purchase Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions. The report looked at various aspects and marketing approaches such as demographic data gathering including age and income as well as psychographic data gathering which incorporates personality style or lifestyle data in the marketing of products. The world has become highly technologically advanced and has therefore introduced many new sources or opportunities such as direct database marketing, email contact points and internet shopping to marketing and consumerism management. Marketing and selling have therefore greatly changed. It is no longer a viable approach to just blanket advertise and other traditional…… [Read More]

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Marketing Relationship Marketing Entails Developing Long-Term Commitment

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Relationship marketing entails developing long-term commitment and brand loyalty. Customers who consistently receive communications and information from vendors will be more likely to continue doing business. If the customer is dissatisfied, these communications will allow all complaints to be voiced so that the vendor can effectively change the nature of the product or service. Fitting products and services to customer needs is an essential aspect of successful, profitable business operations. Through relationship marketing, businesses have the opportunity to keep abreast of customer opinions and discover ways in which they can change to meet the changing demands of the market. Relationship marketing also gives those companies that use it a competitive advantage over those that do not and therefore offers the opportunity to become an industry leader.

However, relationship marketing poses many challenges for companies. First, large corporations cannot afford to employ some of the techniques used in relationship marketing…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management the Following Are

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Primary data is often initially gathered to meet a specific research goal or objective as well. Secondary data is a term often used to define information, intelligence and research that has been completed and published. Like primary data, the original goals of the research are reflected in how the original methodology is constructed as are the presentation of the data itself and analysis. Secondary research often needs to be interpolated to a given situation as its goals are often not directly aligned to the needs of a given situation.

Question 4: Analysis of Chick-fil -- a Strategies


Campaign Name

Explain what the campaign is about?

What do you think the "Positioning Strategy" was/is about? Explain?


Nutritious Kids Program

Thought leadership of making fast food healthier and better-tasting for children

Very effective, shows significant potential to connect with the company's core customer base of families.


Cow Appreciation Days…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix Ideally for a Product or

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Marketing Mix

Ideally for a product or service to be marketable and saleable to consumers, it must have an effective marketing mix. Achieving an effective and ideal marketing mix means having a quality product, competent pricing, effective product placement, and strategic communication campaign/promotion. The absence or ineffectiveness of one element renders the marketing mix, and therefore, the product, not marketable for consumers.

From this insight, what differentiates or makes a product or service unique from the competition is the absence or presence of an element in the marketing mix. Take as an example the marketing mix utilized by major mobile phone manufacturers, Motorola and Nokia. Comparing both Motorola and Nokia products yield similarities in product quality, pricing, and even the channels of distribution, since they are both electronic products. However, what differentiates Nokia from Motorola is its effective series of marketing campaigns, geared to target the youth and employed sectors…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for a New

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The most relevant competitors at this stage are represented by the Microsoft Corporation, the SEGA Corporation and the Sony Corporation (Hoovers, 2010).

In terms of the second persona, the competition is less concentrated as the hi-tech consumers will often renounce brand loyalty and will look for products which serve their needs, even if these products are sold by small size companies. This status quo is due to two primary elements:

On the one hand, the technical consumers have higher expectations. They do not care for fashionability, but they expect high quality or even flexibility so that they can program over the initial application and personalize the game.

On the other hand, the status quo was propagated by the abundance of firms and even individuals who create applications and sell them within the virtual community. The advent of the internet then enhances competition within the industry by bringing games and gamers…… [Read More]

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Marketing With Globalization and the Development of

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With globalization and the development of global processes, including in business, marketing management has become more and more used as a way to best combine the company's resources and its marketing techniques and outreach. For the consumer, there are several distinct benefits that can be drawn. First of all, marketing management implies scientific research, which means a wide array of techniques, assessments and analysis, ranging from quantitative to qualitative and from experimental to observational techniques.

This translates in the fact that the companies put out products and services that address specific niches in the market and that are precisely targeting the consumers. Due to the need to remain profitable, companies are not launching projects without a previous thorough research project by which they try to better understand the consumer, understand his needs and requirements and see which of the products match these best.

This feeds into a larger perspective…… [Read More]

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Marketing Product Description There Are

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or, Mochalicious could simply take its formula and open up more stores. One of the good things about being in a place like Melbourne with its massive coffee culture is that there is always room for another good coffee shop. Once Mochalicious is established as successful, the company is in a position to grow, and that means taking the name to other parts of town, other suburbs or even to other states. Such is the brand extension that is possible by expanding out the Mochalicious concept to other stores.

The key to being able to launch different extensions or expansions is that the brand must be known and have value. If nobody knows what Mochalicious is, or if people do not like Mochalicious, then there will be no possibility for brand extensions or expansions. Therefore, it is crucial that the company makes every effort to build positive vibes about the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Strategies the Use of Search Engine

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Marketing Strategies

The use of Search Engine Marketing

Most business organizations are supposed to ensure the adoption of a suitable Marketing Strategy to ensure the attainment of their goals. The nature of business determines the strategy to be implemented, as different business transactions will suit different organizational needs. Business marketing in most cases has to integrate the use of e-commerce as an agenda or link to successful business strategies. Internet is just an instrument that is used to attain the set up goals of the organization. Despite all the tools used, the marketing strategy should be sound and efficient in assisting any business to grow and be productive. The e-commerce applications usually have different goals ranging from ensuring there is an understanding of communication between the supplier-buyer relations, enhance the most productive channels to be used in distribution, and ascertaining the most convenient ways of delivering quality services to the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix Target Corporation Was Founded in

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Marketing Mix

Target Corporation was founded in 1902 and is now the sixth-largest retailer in the United States founded in 1902 in Minnesota. Target Corporation currently operates over 1,450 stores in 47 states. The key to Target's success is how it uses the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a controllable variable that the company puts together to satisfy customer needs. The marketing mix is also referred to as the four P's or four elements product, place, price, and promotion. This paper will provide a brief description of these four elements and how each one of the elements affects the development of their organization. Additionally this paper will describe the implementation of each element.

All four P's of the marketing mix are necessary and final decisions about them should be made at the same time to ensure maximum congruence between the variables. Product for Target refers to the goods that…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management a Firm's Adeptness in Understanding

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Marketing Management

"A firm's adeptness in understanding markets and creating, capturing and sustaining unassailable customer value determines its growth and sustainability" (University of Virginia).

First Essay -- Character

In Proverbs 6:16-19, it is explained: "There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among others."

In the American Marketing Association (AMA) website there is a link to a "Statement of Ethics," and several of the components of that statement of ethics relate quite well to Proverbs 6:16-19. Among those ethical principles are several that apply to "haughty eyes."

First of all "haughty" means to be arrogant or think of one's self as superior to others. Hence haughty…… [Read More]

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Marketing if I Were Developing a Pioneering

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If I were developing a pioneering advertising campaign for a new product, I would definitely put the emphasis on the product benefits, and not just the product. I would do that because you can't sell someone on a product if people don't know they need it. As an example I would use air purifiers. Air purifiers are being advertised more and more on TV, but the advertisements start with explaining what the product does. The advertisements show such things as filter grids covered with black dirt or a glass of water containing the particles trapped by the purifier. The ads are detailed and extended and show why it is important for the consumer to use air purifiers in his or her home.

Another example of pioneer advertising might be high definition television. HDTV was particularly tricky to sell to consumers because the consumers could not really see the difference…… [Read More]

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Marketing Budget During Economic Crisis

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All these were achieved with immense marketing budgets.

In the current situation when the United States and the world are threatened by an economic crisis, the giant shoemaker continues to sustain an increased marketing budget. A specification that must be made however is that changes in the structure of the budget have occurred. In this order of ideas, the marketing specialists at Nike are more centred on interactive and innovative marketing, rather than traditional marketing operations. In a time of financial difficulties then, the number one shoemaker of the globe is trying to approach the audience using less conventional means. Nike officials argued that they were not in the business of keeping the media companies alive, but that their primary interest was that of best communicating with the audience. In this order of ideas then, the multinational organization drastically reduced marketing budgets for television advertisements and other traditional means and…… [Read More]

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Marketing Concept According to Karl

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Profits are optimized by increasing customer satisfaction and integrating the customer into the organizational goals.

If anything, the organizations need to be more creative than ever. Marketing needs to be a part of product development, and market research needs to continue to be a part of product innovation. The organizations need to take the input from their consumer community and implement it into their product line. A company's challenge is to collect information at the same time as not discouraging innovation. A way to further this concept is to have a team effort between the consumers and the companies where there is a continual interchange of ideas and critique and testing.

Moore's approach that wants to control consumers rather than understand them is almost in the caveman era. It is not that the marketing concept is erroneous. It is that the organizations using this concept are not farsighted enough to…… [Read More]

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Marketing Classic the Marketing Approach to Any

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Marketing Classic

The marketing approach to any organization is incredibly important and this is no different for the group at Classic Airlines. Like many within the airline industry, Classic is facing many challenges and problems that threaten their competitive advantage and the way that they conduct business. The purpose of this essay is to examine some of these marketing challenges and incorporate them into some of the broader marketing ideas and theories that are prevalent within our studies. These challenges will be viewed with both an external and external lens to fully grasp the totality of the problem and to better project more practical and holistic solutions to the objectives.


According to Kotler & Keller (2006) exchange is the core concept of marketing and five conditions must be met in order for exchange to be successful. These five conditions include; " There must be two parties, each party has…… [Read More]

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Marketing and Advertising Marketing & Advertising 01

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Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

(01) Super Bowl commercials cost millions of dollars (as an example, companies paid an average of $2.6 million for 30 seconds of airtime in Super Bowl XLIV for the chance to reach a projected audience of 90 million viewers worldwide). Go to this site to view the latest Super Bowl ads. Identify which ad you believe was the most effective for domestic and international markets and why.

The advertisement that I believe has the most appeal to domestic markets is the Chrysler Commercial titled "Its Halftime in America." If effectiveness is defined as the ability to cause the consumer to remember the commercial, to encourage the customer to be engaged with the brand, to bring about a positive customer attitude toward the brand, and to tip the consumer toward converting those feelings and perceptions about the brand into a purchase of the product, then…… [Read More]

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Marketing Value Marketing According to Robert A S

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Marketing, according to Robert A.S. (2005) is "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders." It gives a lot of emphasis on marketing as being part of the organization structure and inalienable pat. This means that it is the central focus for the customers as well as the stakeholders.

For the customer, marketing will help in identifying the product and the source of the particular item and differentiating it from the other various products in the market hence making it easier for the customer to make a choice and form brand loyalty, the creation of a buyer value is the ultimate goal of this marketing focus (John C. & Stanley F., 1989).

One aspect of marketing is branding, and in the long run, branding helps set…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix Is the Term Used for

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Marketing mix is the term used for the four marketing variables over which the company can exercise control. It can be defined as the combination of detailed strategies, tactics, operational policies, programs, techniques and activities to which resources may be allocated such that the company's marketing objectives are achieved. The role of the marketing mix is to move objectives and plans into the reality of implementation and achievement (Kotler & Fox, 1985).

Marketing mix consist of 4-Ps as described below from a company -- Barnes and Noble -- a bookseller: This company is a private company that specializes in selling the books of various categories to the readers.


Pricing a product or service is one of the most important business decisions. A company like Barnes and Noble, a book seller, must offer its books for a price that its target market is willing to pay -- and one that…… [Read More]

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Marketing Welcome to This Presentation About the

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Welcome to this presentation about the fundamentals of marketing. The presentation is going to cover a number of different subjects, including promotion, buyer behaviour, personal selling, the promotional mix and customer relationship marketing.

We'll start with promotion. Promotion is defined as "Communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them toward buying your product" (Ward, 2012). Promotion is a broad concept, encompassing advertising, public relations management and any events such as trade show appearances, demonstrations, contests or sponsorships, for example.

A promotional activity can have a number of different objectives. Some of the more common objectives of promotional activities are to establish the corporate image in the community, to build brand awareness, to build customer loyalty, to capitalize on new market opportunities, to dispel negative press and to announce changes (Moore, 2012). Basically, promotion is a way of getting a message across, whether that messages is "Hey, look…… [Read More]

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Marketing Mix the Target Market Product Combinations That

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Marketing Mix

The target market/product combinations that I have selected are selling non-lethal security to black women aged 18-30 and selling vacations to gun owners. Black women aged 18-30 will respond best to a viral strategy. It is important to realize that this market is highly sociable, and word of mouth for a product can spread very quickly. This target audience has specific tastes with respect to the media it consumes, and that should guide the promotions strategy. However, the message should not be overly focused on the product attributes. There should be a specific lifestyle component to the promotions, for example setting an ad in a hair salon, but focused on a conversation where a group of young black women discuss how safe they feel with the product in their purse. The product should fit in as part of the lifestyle for a young black woman. Additionally, there should…… [Read More]

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Marketing Boston Beer Is One

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These criteria refer to the technical capacities (of producing beer through traditional brewing methods) and to the "first rate quality control capabilities." Taking into account the fact that Boston Beer sells a variety of products and not just one type of beer, it is safe to state that the flexibility of production provided by the contracts signed with various breweries represents an efficacious marketing choice.


The competition in the industry is harsh. In order to keep its position on the market Boston Beer uses various techniques. One of them is represented by the aggressive promotion. Another one refers to the construction of the brand identity, with a strong focus on the top quality of the provided products as well as on the active involvement in the life of the communities. A third strategy which the company appeals to is represented by the choice to use independent distributors who distribute…… [Read More]

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Marketing Starbucks Is Well-Known Not

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This helps Starbucks to retain an image of the young, exciting company that attempts to break the convention with its strategy and its products. The company does this with a policy of continuous innovation and honesty.

Another policy is never to compromise the customer's experience for the sake of profit, as seen above. Not only employees, but also customers are seen as the primary stakeholders in the company and as such are treated well. In this, the company focuses on the little touches that make the customer experience something exceptional. The policy is that small things add up to connect the customer with the company, and this ensures returning customers.

Another insight that Starbucks profit from is the fact that they do not attempt to cultivate loyalty with lower prices, but rather a basis of fans with products that are excellent and meaningful to the particular customers it serves. Hence,…… [Read More]

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Marketing of the Apple iPad

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Apple has positioned the iPad Mini as a solid competitor to the Amazon Kindle HD, which is very comparable in form factor and weight, in addition to the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the over 50 different Google Android-powered devices now available as of late 2012 (O'Reilly, Apple has differentiated the iPad Mini with an enhanced screen, a faster processor than the majority of competitors, and the unique value proposition of being a device that can be just as easily used for creating digital and written content as consuming it. Apple has concentrated on positioning this as a low-end version of the highly successful Apple iPad2, which has sold several million units since its launch (Allsopp, 28). The iPad2's unique value proposition is deliberately designed to provide customers with the experience of having an iPad2 at a significantly lower price, with greater convenience. An informal poll of friends…… [Read More]

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Communications as Its Most Basic Function of

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As its most basic function of receiving coded messages, listening is a necessary component of communication in the workplace. Without listening, communication is a one-way street; a message is orphaned without an audience. Listening is a critical enough component of communications to warrant its own professional journal, the International Journal of Listening. To listen means much more than to hear, or even to take notes during a lecture, or even to respond. Listening entails a cluster of activities, attitudes, and cognitive states that create conduciveness to communications effectiveness. Listening is the cornerstone of effective communication in any workplace environment, and the most important skill of effective communicators.

There are many different types of listening behaviors, and some are more effective than others in certain situations. Effective communications depend on an understanding of what not to do, as well as what to do to foster listening behaviors. Rester (2012) identifies…… [Read More]

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Communication Technologies Rapid Advancements in

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News Reporting on Crimes, Corruption, and worsening Economic Conditions:

News channels also telecast detailed reports on crimes, corruption, political instability, and worsening conditions of economies. General public, which is already in a miserable condition due to a stressful life further gets into tensions and worries due to such type of information. These reports present a very weird picture of what is happening around the world. All this creates an atmosphere of restlessness, anxiety, and depression among the general public (Kraut & Attewell).

Impacts of Information overload on Investors:

Investing in a particular asset, organization, or industry is such a decision which requires a comprehensive and careful analysis of the relevant facts and figures. Generally, investors look at the industry trends over the last few years in a view to anticipate the attractiveness and potential of their investment. Now-a-days, there are various sources through which they can obtain this information. But…… [Read More]

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Communication Audience Marketing Manager Jjj Acquisition the

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Communication Audience

Marketing manager

JJJ Acquisition

The recently announced acquisition of JJJ Company has created tremendous amounts of excitement. This is because the purchase will allow Riordan Manufacturing to expand into other markets and increase sales by strategically utilizing JJJ's customer base. This will give the firm the ability to become more competitive and improve upon its bottom line numbers. For many inside the Marketing Department, this is creating tremendous amounts of excitement. This is based upon the possibilities to reach out to new cliental and rapidly expand. ("Accounting Scenario," 2012) ("Sample Memo," 2012)

However, there are concerns from Accounting about the financial stability of JJJ over the short to medium term. This is because the firm has tremendous amounts of debt and is facing the possibility of a liquidity crisis. For a number of personnel, this kind of acquisition should never take place. The reason why is it can…… [Read More]