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Basic Elements of a Contract

Words: 1701 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88544214

Contract Law

For most of us living in Western societies contracts pervade most of our waking hours, yet how often do we really think about the countless transactions that we engage in every day? Buying a cappuccino at the corner Starbucks, streaming a video on Netflix, or coming home to a mortgaged house can involve countless contracts, both unstated and written. In fact, our ability to stream videos over the internet in our own home probably involves layers upon layers of contracts. Given the importance of contracts in our everyday lives, it should come as no surprise that volumes of statutes have been crafted at both the state and federal levels which attempt to define the legal parameters of exchange relationships. Contrary to expectations, however, some controversy remains due to opaque or contradictory judicial rulings (Chirelstein, 2010, p. 1). This report will examine the basic elements of contracts, the laws…… [Read More]

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Wounded Knee Ll and Leonard Peltier Native American Religious Expression and Dawes Act

Words: 1664 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8242316

Wounded Knee II

Describe the conditions that led up to Wounded Knee II and the trial of Leonard Peltier.

Leonard Peltier has been in prison since 1979, after being convicted of the murder of two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation four years earlier. He was an activist with the American Indian Movement (AIM) and at least on the Left has been regarded as a political prisoner, convicted for a crime that he probably did not commit and for which two of his other alleged accomplices were acquitted at a federal trial in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This occurred before his conviction, but since he was not extradited from Canada in time for this trial the federal government tried him alone and obtained a sentence of life imprisonment. His next parole hearing will not be for thirteen years, and despite many years of protests and petitions on his behalf,…… [Read More]

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Correctional Institutions Have Enhanced in Quality and

Words: 1588 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45393477

Correctional institutions have enhanced in quality and condition over the years. What started out as dungeons and sewers in Rome, the conditions for correctional institutions have improved to quite an extent. In the 1980s, overcrowding became a renowned problem as it also went against the eighth amendment that forbids cruel and unusual punishment. (Carter & Glaser, 1977, p. 1) Increased crowdedness causes mental and physical damage to the inmates in the prison according to a research done by Paulus, Cox and McCain. The Iowa department of corrections takes control of the public, workers and the offenders by keeping them under punishment yet away from cruel behaviors as well. All the correctional measures taken under the criminals are done under proper supervision to ensure that their safety is not compromised.

Community-based correctional institutions.

Community-based corrections are a substitute measure to punish criminal without sending them to jail. The Iowa department of…… [Read More]

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Statutes of Fraud and Statute

Words: 2186 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39325214

Statute of Limitations for Fraud

This refers to the maximum time legal action may be brought against someone for the commission of a fraud.

This Statute depends on the jurisdiction. Most federal crimes in general have up to 5 years to prosecute. Capital offenses, however, have no Statutes of limitation. Federal frauds carry 10 years Statutes of limitation. These include frauds committed against banks and financial institutions and involving passports or citizenship. Major frauds in the U.S. carry a seven-year limit. Tax frauds have a 6-year limit.

Legal action is usually begun upon the commission or discovery of the fraud.

Alaska, Kentucky and Missouri observe a 10-year limit for fraud. Limit for Alabama is only 2 years and Louisiana, only 1 year after the commission of the fraud.

Like murder and other crimes, fraud can overwhelm a victim's whole life.

Fraud is thus governed by this Statute of Limitations.

The…… [Read More]

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Euthanasia Is Illegal Euthanasia Otherwise Known as

Words: 1997 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38325739

Euthanasia Is Illegal

Euthanasia otherwise known as assisted suicide refers to the painless extermination of a patient suffering from terminal illnesses or painful or incurable disease. According to Cavan & Dolan, euthanasia is the practice or act of permitting the death of hopelessly injured or sick individuals in a painless means for the purpose of mercy (Cavan & Dolan 12). The techniques used in euthanasia induce numerous artifacts such as shifts in regional brain chemistry, liver metabolism and epinephrine levels causing death. Advocates of euthanasia trust that sparing a patient needless suffering or pain is a good thing. If an individual is hopelessly hurt or ill with no hope of ever getting well, if such a person is in an unending and unbearable pain and cannot experience the things that make life meaningful, the best option for such patients is euthanasia. Euthanasia raises questions on morals, legal and essence of…… [Read More]

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Criminal Justice System Normally Refers to the

Words: 1488 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12388845

Criminal justice system normally refers to the compilation of the prevailing federal; state accompanied by the local public agencies those pacts with the crime problem. These corresponding agencies procedure suspects, defendants accompanied by the convicted offenders and are normally mutually dependent insofar as the prevailing decisions of the single agency influence other supplementary agencies (Cole & Smith, 2009). The fundamental framework of the underlying system is normally granted through the lawmaking, judicial and the executive twigs of the government. The major significant advancements within the criminal justice system within the past decade has been the widespread execution of the corresponding initiatives designed that pertain to the diverting of the populace with mental sickness accompanied by the addictions away from the prevailing imprisonment and their treatments (David, 2008). The development of the existing jail distraction programs, mental health courts and drug courts has been promoted through the belief that these prevailing…… [Read More]

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Future of Corrections According to

Words: 323 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5415202

According to the Correctional Programs Division for the state of Nevada, another program sponsored by the NDOC is Casa Grande, a re-entry transition center opening in December 2005 and "will house up to 400 non-violent offenders in a dorm-like setting, during their last four to six months of incarceration. This will enable them to live in the community, obtain employment and receive family counseling."

There are programs called "street readiness" which teaches life-skills such as time and money management, parole requirements and job seeking skills. For the inmates who are ordered to pay restitution, the inmates should have a program to help with the opportunity to work in the community during their last few months of incarceration and earn money to pay back their victims.

Works Cited

The Correctional Programs Division. (n.d.). Retrieved October 22, 2005, at

Wilkinson R.A., The future of adult corrections. Reducing Crime in America: The…… [Read More]

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Neural Network

Words: 3129 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7103440

Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

Future of AI

The Expert System

What is an Expert System?

Three Major Components of an Expert System

Structure of an Expert System

Neural network

Fuzzy Logic

Chaos Engineering

Field and Benefit

Debate on Comparison

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Expert System Defined

Consulting applies a knowledge-based system to commercial loan officers using multimedia (Hedburg 121). Their system requires a fast IBM desktop computer. Other systems may require even more horsepower by using exotic computers or workstations. The software used is even more exotic. Considering there are very few applications that are pre-written using AI, each company has to write it's own software to determine the solution to their specific problem.

An easier way around this obstacle is to design an add-on. The company FuziWare has developed several applications which act as additions to larger applications. FuziCalc, FuziQuote, FuziCell, FuziChoice, and FuziCost are all products…… [Read More]

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Philosophical and Empirical Foundations of

Words: 3427 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63746307


Behaviorism sought to understand observable behavior instead of the workings of the mind or even its functions. Some psychologists even insisted that psychology was the science of behavior. Watson denied the existence of a separate realm of conscious events. The purpose of Behaviorism, according to John Watson, was to predict and control behavior by understanding the effect of the environment on one's behavior. Watson was also influenced by Locke's blank slate theory, and believed that an individual's character and behavior was determined solely through experience.

Because Behaviorism was not concerned with what the mind and what went on inside it, they had no need for introspection and rejected it. Instead, they relied exclusively on the methodical, observable, and scientific observation of behavior. Their dominant method was the stimuli-response method, where the scientists presented the subject with a stimulus and observed its responses.

Behaviorism produced many findings, frameworks, and research…… [Read More]

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Human Behavior and Social Environment

Words: 860 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 50352127

eve of MLK Day, Michelle Alexander and Randall Robinson on the Mass Incarceration of Black Americans (13th January, 2012).

The show is a discussion between Tran Africa founder Randall Robinson and author Michelle Alexander about the disproportionate number of African-Americans that are represented in American correctional facilities that include prisons, jails, or that are on probation, or on parole. According to both founder and author, there are more African-Americans currently incarcerated in the American system than were enslaved in 1850 and more Americans disenfranchised now than they were with the Jim Crow laws in 1870. Both presenters call for a greater emphasis on providing African-Americans with dignity, education, and jobs rather than casting them into jail.


The topic, presented on Martin Luther King Day, is of concern to Americans interested in social justice, since the jail system does show disproportionate statistics of incarcerated minorities to White and most of…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment in Texas Look

Words: 1189 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86600087

2. Discuss and examine public education in Texas. What is the purpose and function of an I.S.D. What are the purposes of the SBOE and the TEA? In your opinion, is the TAKS

test good for educating students in Texas? If the Legislature eliminates the TAKS test, then what should it be replaced with?

Texas education, much like the education in the United States as a whole, faces a crisis in meeting the requirements of a global community. The United States is being far surpassed by competing international educational systems. A study was conduct by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) which looked at the educational systems in developed countries across the planet. The educational system in the U.S. ranked surprisingly low when compared against other countries.

The PISA studies fifteen-year-old students across the globe on three different subjects. The test given is similar to the Texas TAKS test…… [Read More]

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Offender Re-Entry Program Assessing Adequacy

Words: 2315 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 37454013

These strategies should focus on parolees' risks and need and conducted in a way that would motivate change. Aware of these realities, States continue to innovate and evolve reentry strategies towards this end (Yahner et al.).

The BRI was a particularly ambitious correctional program in that it targeted the most difficult offenders for rehabilitation and incorporation into the community. These are young offenders with violent criminal histories, who are likeliest to be excluded from reentry assistance. The BRI develops and implements individual plans to reintegrate chosen offenders back into society. This was the Controlling Violent Offenders Program.

Efforts begin during their incarceration and continue when they are released into the community through a focused approach by a mentor. Case workers and mentors conduct varied programs to support their transition. These include social services in substance abuse and mental health disorders and vocational services for training, education and resume development for…… [Read More]

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Managing Change in the Criminal Justice System

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39022642

Managing Change in the Criminal Justice System

One organization within the American criminal justice system that has undergone significant changes during the last few decades is the parole board, which is the institution responsible for determining when a prisoner is eligible for early release. Historically, parole has been used by the criminal justice system to regulate overcrowded prison inmate populations, while providing rehabilitated criminals with a second chance to assimilate into society. Since the beginning of the 21st century, however, a confluence of increased security during the War on Terror, rising crime rates across the nation, and widely publicized instances of recidivism has spurred politicians and the public alike to call for the abolishment of the parole system. According to the United States Senate Research Center's brief on the shifting landscape of parole boards in the American criminal justice system, "while some states have abolished parole, systems similar to parole…… [Read More]

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Prisoner Re-Entry Into Society

Words: 2466 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37544202

Prisoner Reentry

Recommendations to Hillary Clinton Regarding Prisoner Re-Entry into Society

Prisoner re-entry is a vitally important issue today which has yet to reach its full impact on the minds and lives of voters. However, with every passing year the importance of this topic becomes more evident. Since the eighties, every passing year has brought more pressure for harsher and longer imprisonment and more streamlined mandatory sentencing rules. This has not only resulted in an exploding prison population, but also in a drastic increase in the number of prisoners re-released into communities. Additionally, the push towards more punitive measures has decreased educational opportunities in prisons and the availability of rehabilitation programs. This means that released prisoners are increasingly unable to reintegrate into their communities, increasingly prone to recidivism, and increasingly violent in each release and re-capture cycle. Even the conservative Bush administration has recognized the threat posed by unprepared prisoner…… [Read More]

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United States v Leonard Peltier

Words: 2606 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1903859

Leonard Pielter

Global news provides Americans with a ringside seat to political prisoner issues across the world. Americans hear about people who are taken as prisoners, charged with a crime, but the general consensus remains that they are actually prisoners because they angered the government of either their homeland or the government of the nation they lived in. Americans sit tight and secure in the belief that those type of things could never happen in this country, until they hear about the case of Leonard Peltier. Leonard Pielter has languished in prison for three decades for murder. Anyone who hears about this case choose a camp. One side believes he belongs in prison and deserves the sentence he received. Others believe that he is being used as a pawn in a political show of defiance. This paper will provide a case study that will determine whether or not Peltier is…… [Read More]

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Prison Overcrowding and Its Relationship

Words: 3015 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22688353

The need for less restrictive parole policies could help relieve prison overcrowding (Kunselman & Johnson, 2004). According to Hughes (2007), "On any given day, a large number of the admissions to America's prisons come from individuals who have failed to comply with the conditions of their parole or probation supervision. For years, the revocation and incarceration rate of probationers and parolees has had a significant impact on the growth of the prison population" (p. 100). During the 15-year period 1990 to 2005, American prisons experienced the fastest growing correctional population, with an average annual increase of 4.5%; of these, the number of probationers and parolees under supervision grew from 3.76 million in 1995 to 4.95 million in 2005, adding more than a million potential individuals for revocation and incarceration (Hughes).

In many cases, tough, political stakeholders continue to demand mandatory minimum crime control legislation to develop political credibility or promote…… [Read More]

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Prison Reduction of Prison Population Current Impact

Words: 5174 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95678066


Reduction of Prison Population

Current impact

Population affected

Government Policies.

Effectiveness of Policies

Efficacy of the strategies

This paper highlights the prison system and relates multiple factors to it. It gives a brief background of the topic and then describes the U.S. crises of prison system. In addition to this, it highlights various factors related to the prison population of Indiana. After that, this paper focuses on the present situation of the prison system and then gives light to the affected population due to this reason. Beside this, it describes different types of policies and strategies of the government in this regard, reforms in these policies and suggests some useful strategies. In the end, conclusion is provided which tells the need of bringing positive change in the society.



United States prison crisis

a. U.S. being the largest jailer in the world

b. Indiana facing the challenge of…… [Read More]

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Graham vs Florida Focal Point Analysis There

Words: 3201 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93398211

Graham vs. Florida Focal Point Analysis

There are many issues involved in the Supreme Court decisions especially with regard to the Constitution. One important assumption is that the court is moving to create a situation where the rights of humans are being protected and arbitrariness being curbed. In the light of the fact that human rights are now a universal concept and is globally acknowledged, the fact that constitutions and laws that abridge the human rights have to go or be amended cannot be argued against. While the constitution may be supreme, the rights of humans take priority, especially in the global context. In such a case the case of Graham vs. Florida can be seen as a landmark judgement so far as the way prisoners have to be treated is concerned.

The problem is more of legal rationality because the laws are rules that a society creates for the…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Be Abolished Few

Words: 1848 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23171322

This creates a conflict that is not easily resolved.

In conclusion, it is unlikely that the capital punishment debate in the United States will resolve itself soon. Although the public tends towards opposing it, there is a significant proportion of citizens still supporting it. Furthermore, judicial processes are slow and difficult to change, further complicating the matter. Nonetheless, the best alternative so far suggested by researchers is life without parole. This is a very severe punishment, imposing lifelong suffering and deprivation for the convicted. This is a viable alternative for the death penalty, as it does in effect deprive the convicted of life. It also addresses the main concern of capital punishment -- the irreversible execution of the innocent.


"A Matter Of Life And Death: The Effect Of Life- Without-Parole Statutes On Capital Punishment." Harvard Law Review 119.6 (Apr. 2006): 1838-1854. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. EBSCO U. Of MD…… [Read More]

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Sentencing Determinate Sentencing Impacts and Recent Trends

Words: 985 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57816235


Determinate Sentencing, Impacts, and Recent Trends

Determinate Sentencing

Impact on Probationary Terms

Reasons for choosing mandatory minimum jail and prison sentences

Role of Mandatory Sentences in Reducing Recidivism

The legal system is reliant on two different approaches for sentencing the offenders. The determinate and indeterminate sentencing is discussed in detail. The recent trend towards determinate sentencing and their impacts are also elaborated. The reasons for choosing determinate sentencing and its role in reducing recidivism are also discussed in the following sections. The political influence on these changes has also brought it in public domain and several opinions in favor and against prevail in the ordinary public as well as the legal practitioners.

Determinate Sentencing:

The term of imprisonment is applicable for the convicted criminals in consideration with the legal requirements. The judges are entitled to impose a term for imprisonment applicable according to the legal findings and committed crime…… [Read More]

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Is it a Deterrent to Cop Killings

Words: 8212 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29946338

Capital punishment: Is it a deterrent to Cop Killings?

Capital punishment is the imposition of death penalty on persons condemned of a crime. (Americana, 596) Killing condemned criminals has been one of the most extensively practiced types of criminal punishment in the United States. Capital punishment has been enforced as a punishment for brutal offenses from the initial stages of documented history. The first evidence of death penalty in the United States dates back to the colonial period in 1608 in Jamestown. Possibly there do is no existence of any public policy matter connected to management of crime which has been explored and evaluated so long as the death penalty; in much diverse means than the death penalty; or in higher degree than the death penalty.

Expressed in an easy manner, the predicament is this: no crime control concern known by us more about than the death penalty and also…… [Read More]

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Diversionary Programs for Juvenile Offenders

Words: 1926 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55247692

Pros and Cons: Juvenile Justice
There are pros and cons to indeterminate sentencing. As Portman (2018) points out, prison officials like the idea of indeterminate sentencing because they feel it provides prisoners with an incentive to behave, show progress towards reform, and serve time quietly with the hope of getting an early release from the parole board. While this may be true, it also places a great deal of power into the hands of the parole board, the members of which essentially determine the fate of the incarcerated every time the individual is up for review. If the board holds any sort of prejudice or if the individual has few supporters on the outside to intervene on his behalf before the board, it could mean that there is less chance of early parole. For these reasons, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of indeterminate sentencing, especially…… [Read More]

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Corrections New Jersey Sentencing Laws

Words: 1901 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 94101534

The period of time that happens right after an offender is released is such a crucial time in the determination of whether a person is going to re offend or not.

If the New Jersey state sentencing laws continue to go down the path that they are on, there is never going to be any reductions seen in the recidivism rates and the goal of public safety is never going to be met. There are always going to be offenders, but it is how we handle these people within the system that matters. The laws not only have to include punishment, but they must also give direction for both rehabilitation and reintegration. Providing rehabilitation programs and making these mandatory, I feel will help to greatly reduce the number of offenders who're offend. There also needs to be a strong reintegration program set up in order to facilitate the re entry…… [Read More]

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Corrections Probation Is a Form

Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5595609

Immediately, the number of probation violations dropped. The Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska imposed a similar program in 2000 for misdemeanor cases and also saw immediate positive results in probation completion and reduced recidivism (Boyd, 2010).

When probation was first used the idea was to try and give certain criminals a second chance to redeem themselves and prove that they could be law abiding citizens without having to spend time in jail. Over time it has become more of a way to deal with those criminals who have not committed very serious crimes. Due to the overcrowding of the jails that society is facing now there is simply no room for those people who have not committed a serious crime.

Jails have to preserve a safe and secure environment in order to protect their inmates, staff, visitors, and the community as a whole. In the past, a lot of jails have…… [Read More]

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Probation Officer

Words: 2206 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29957421

Career as a Probation Officer Right for You?

One of the most challenging and potentially rewarding careers in criminal justice is that of a probation officer. Probation officers are on the front line in working with and monitoring released offenders in an effort to prevent them from committing new crimes and being reincarcerated. By helping to keep offenders out of prison, probation officers can improve the quality of the lives of their probationers while saving the government significant amounts of money in the process. Although significant growth is projected in the field for the future and the pay is generally good, working as a probation officer is not for everyone. This paper provides a review of the relevant literature to determine the responsibilities and typical job tasks of probation officers, the types of work environments they encounter, national salary levels and the outlook for this position in the future. A…… [Read More]

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Capital Murderer's Son Oppose the

Words: 1586 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8649184

J. Or Blake cases, is a good recent example of that: Peterson (whose defense was also not cheap) waits on Death Row in California while O.J. And Blake both walk free, enjoying life and having plenty of quality time with their children.

For children of a convicted capital killer like my father, though, life in prison without parole is like the Mark of Cain. Unfortunately, I have worn it all my life, wear it now, and have passed it on. One need not worry about lifers without parole somehow harming others, either. Even if my father would have wished to strike out violently at any of my or my mother's tormentors or their relatives (and he did not) he would not even have been allowed to write letters to them (that they would have ever received) or reach them by telephone.

I am about to be deployed, so I recently…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Costs

Words: 2265 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 6087793

Enforce the Death Penalty for Murders Over a Life Sentence

Cover Letter

This paper addresses the question: Is it more cost effective to enforce the death penalty for murders over a life sentence? Several topics will be covered such as why it could be cost effective and why it has not been cost effective. Several articles point to the need for prisons to carry out death penalties in order for death penalty sentencing to be cost effective. The introduction will highlight why the death penalty has been regulated more so than enforced.

Other articles will also show how death penalty sentencing can be used a means of creating persuasive plea bargains as criminals do not want to experience death row. Another article states how expensive maintenance of death row inmates are vs. inmates who received life sentences. It also shows how many inmates were killed on death row vs. The…… [Read More]

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Criminal Justice The Death Penalty Reasons for

Words: 6266 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 52381675

Criminal Justice: The Death Penalty

Reasons for topic selection

Causes of racial prejudice and discrimination

Juvenile in delinquent society theory

Culture and values

Official and unofficial values

The effectiveness of the death penalty

The death penalty is irreversible

The death penalty is barbaric

Changes to the death sentence

Implemented changes

Sentencing guidelines

Bifurcated trials

Automatic appellate conviction review

Proportionality review

The importance of proposed changes

Anticipated outcome

Life imprisonment; alternative to death sentences

The costs

Decency standards

Overall efficiency

Policies in support of incarceration




Despite the controversy over how effective it is as a deterrent to criminal acts regarded serious, capital punishment is still actively used in the United States (Amnesty USA, 2014). In fact, the United States is one of four countries that still execute people under the age of eighteen, despite the fact that international law prohibits this (the Legal Dictionary, 2014). It is important…… [Read More]

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Tanner Dowler Was Born to John Dowler

Words: 1158 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36155735

Tanner Dowler was born to John Dowler, age 39, and his wife Audra, age 19. Nine weeks later, on October 12, his grandparents reluctantly agreed with doctors that life support should be stopped because Tanner had no chance of surviving the beating his father had given him on October 3. Now the state of Colorado has charged John Dowler with first-degree murder, and must decide whether they should seek the death penalty. This paper argues that because of the severity of the crime, John Dowler should face the death penalty if convicted.

It seems unlikely that anyone likes the fact that many states have the death penalty as an option for convicted murderers. Everyone would prefer that people not go to the extreme of taking another person's life. However, some argue that some crimes are so heinous that justice demands that the perpetrator die.

Our country's criminal history is filled…… [Read More]

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Megan's Law 1996

Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45980695

Megan's Law

On July 29, 1994, paroled sex offender Jesse K. Timmendequas lured his seven-year-old neighbor, Megan Kanka, into his house with the promise of showing her a puppy; one inside, Timmendequas raped and murdered the little girl. One month after the murder, the New Jersey State Assembly passed a law requiring sex offenders to register with a new, statewide database and to inform their neighbors when moving into a neighborhood. This became the basis of the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act (the Wetterling Act) that was passed as part of the omnibus Federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. Despite some problems implementing this law, it is a sensible piece of legislation that would undoubtedly be passed today.

The bill that came to be known as Megan's Law was officially titled House Resolution 2137 and was sponsored by Republican representative…… [Read More]

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Bereford's Double Jeopardy Double Jeopardy an Analysis

Words: 2668 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67185573


Double Jeopardy

An Analysis of Bruce Bereford's Double Jeopardy

Introduction to Film

Professor Kim Elliott-White

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy (1999) is a thriller by Austrailian director Bruce Bereford, which stars Ashley Judd as Elizabeth "Libby" Parsons, a woman wrongly accused of murdering her husband, Bruce Greenwood as Nicholas "Nick" Parsons/Simon Ryder/Jonathan Devereaux, Libby's husband, and Tommy Lee Jones, as Travis Lehman, a former law professor who is Libby's parole officer and eventually helps her to reunite with her son, Matty, and clear her name. Bereford's previous directorial successes include Academy Award winning Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Black Robe (1991), and Tender Mercies (1984), his first U.S. feature, which earned him his first and only Academy Award Nomination for Best Director to date. Despite these early and criticial successes, Double Jeopardy (1999) was critically panned and was referred to as "not a successful thriller, but with some nice…… [Read More]

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Juvenile Corrections Juvenile Justice An

Words: 1308 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41066624

When an offender is paroled, special conditions may be placed by the parole board upon the individual, to ensure that the rehabilitative process began in prison continues. "In addition to establishing the standard rules which include paying restitution, maintaining contact with their parole agent, submitting to searches and not leaving the state without permission" ("Division of Juvenile Justice: FAQs, 2008, CDCR). These special stipulations may include counseling for substance abuse or anger management, substance abuse treatment in a residential facility, drug testing, not associating with certain individuals (like members of the offender's former gang) and even earning a high school diploma or equivalency degree. The system takes an 'interest' in the development of the young offender ("Division of Juvenile Justice: FAQs, 2008, CDCR).

The youthful offender "can earn an early discharge from parole supervision if they perform well on parole for a significant period of time," which the court system…… [Read More]

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The Affect Rehabilitation Programs to Help Inmates Upon Release

Words: 3558 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80786205

Gangs in Prisons in the United States and the Affect Rehabilitation Programs to Help Inmates Upon Release

Prison Gangs are one of the most challenging entities that have to be tackled by the authorities. Their growing influence in the prison setting concerns not just the inside of the prisons, but also the outside world, as when they are released, the members continue causing problems for the society. A lot of rehabilitation programs have been formed in order to provide guidance and a fresh start to the inmates who are released, which helps them overcome their criminal life and lead a normal one. This paper discusses the phenomenon and existence of criminal gangs and how the rehabilitation programs affect them after their release.


According to Lyman (1989), a prison gang is a criminal entity made up of special group of chosen prisoners that is governed with some sort of code…… [Read More]

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How People Influence Criminal Justice Policies

Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 34610976

Criminal Justice DQ

Criminal Justice Discussion Questions

The first change was the dramatic increment of offender populations that brought up variations in correctional and sentencing philosophies. The increase was unprecedented following a period loaded with relative stability. Such an increase with correctional populations was not entirely limited to prisons and jails. The second reason was that the scope number of people held in parole and probation grew substantially. The third change was limited expansion of prison capacity that affected all Federal and State prisons (Alarid, 2014). Besides, it formed a critical element in appreciating the individuals held in prison, community service, probation, or parole. The changes in these numbers over time differed based on jurisdiction and policy of the federal government. From the developments, technology has developed a great impact towards correctional activities in 21st century. The immediate effect of the concept is the application of computers aimed at collecting…… [Read More]

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Application of Ethical Theories in Ethical Reasoning

Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79057039

Forensic Mental Health

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the practicalities of capacity, confidentiality, and consent concerning the Family Responsibilities Commission and how these three compare to the forensic context that is probation and parole in Australia. The paper will seek to highlight the similarities and the differences that exist within these two contexts.

With regards to the Family Responsibilities Commission, the practicality of confidentiality is that everything is private. This is because the Family Responsibilities Commissions Act of 2008 states that a person is not allowed by the law to record, disclose or use any confidential information that is attained by such an individual by being involved in the administration of the Act. There is preservation of confidentiality such that an individual is not mandated in any way to disclose any information that is deemed confidential by a court or a tribunal. In addition, an individual is…… [Read More]

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Juvenile Delinquency Drug Crimes

Words: 9197 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69293543

Intervening With Juvenile Drug Crimes

Researchers are now focused on developing and evaluating programs designed to break the drug-crime cycle that is common in juvenile delinquents. This paper will summarize existing literature about programs designed to prevent the juvenile drug-crime cycle and, based on that literature, identify interventions that offer the best chances for success. This paper will also provide guidelines and recommendations for developing a comprehensive juvenile justice system that can best address the needs of juvenile offenders involved with drug crimes.

This thesis is expected to make a contribution to the selection of successful interventions and the development of collaborative partnerships in the juvenile justice system, drug treatment programs, and other agencies as they attempt to break the cycle of drugs and crime afflicting U.S. juveniles.


With the prevalence of drug crimes among juveniles and the complexity involved in their treatment, which must involve both the child…… [Read More]

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Juvenile Delinquency When a Juvenile

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For those adults and children that admit guilt both systems offer procedures that safeguard and protect their rights ( LaMance, 2011).

There are also differences between the two systems these include; the underlying rationales of the juvenile system are that the youth are different in terms of development from adults and hence their behavior is malleable hence rehabilitation, treatment in addition to community protection are considered the primary and viable goals but when it comes to adult systems rehabilitation is not considered as a primary goal. Their operation is under the assumption that criminal sanctions should be proportional to the offense. The successful outcome of the punishment is seen as deterrence.

Another difference is the access to records in juvenile systems there are limitations that are placed on the public access to juvenile records since there is belief that the juvenile offenders can be rehabilitated and hence avoid unnecessary stigmatization.…… [Read More]

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Prison System The Writer Explores the Prison

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prison system. The writer explores the prison system and presents good and bad points about it. The writer argues that the prison system is not an effective one, as is demonstrated by the rate of return by former inmates. There were five sources used to complete this paper.

America is well-known for having the largest prison system in the world. The criminal justice system continues to send convicted offenders to the big house, and those who have been released continue to return. Whether or not the prison system is effective has been a topic of hot debate for many years. As prisons are constructed and politicians use crime as a political platform, victims demand harsher sentences while advocates for change allege it won't change things. Prisons in America receive a lot of attention because there are so many inmates within the walls and wire, but the bottom line is the…… [Read More]

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New Technologies in Criminal Investigation

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New Technologies in Criminal Investigation: Using GPS to go where police officers cannot go

The computer age has brought on a whole new set of criminals: Hackers, virus perpetrators, business secret pilferers, identity thieves and more. The computer age has also changed the way in which traditional crimes are perpetrated too. As we saw in the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, the Al Queda henchmen stayed in contact with their shadowy bosses over email, and were well aware of planes' schedules and fuel capacities significantly ahead of time via usage of the wide variety of information sources on the Internet.

True, technology has changed the way we live our lives in many positive ways, but it has also enabled criminals to attack their work from entirely different and more potent angles. Fortunately, similar technological advances are also available to the criminal investigation elements of our society as well.

One…… [Read More]

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Three Strikes Law and Its Impact on the African-American Community

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Three Strikes Law on the African-American Community

Three Strikes legislation, which imposes sentencing enhancement on repeat offenders, often culminating with mandatory life sentences for third-time offenders, has gained popularity throughout the United States. The legislation began in California, where two highly publicized murders committed by convicted felons prompted an outcry against allowing recidivists to return to the community. California did see a decrease in crime rates following its institution of the Three Strikes policy, though there is considerable debate about whether the Three Strikes laws were responsible for that decline. Many other states adopted the legislation, so that about half of all states now have three strikes legislation. While these laws may not necessarily have the desired deterrence effect on crime, the general consensus appears to be that they are not harmful to society; therefore, even if they cannot be proven to be helpful, they should remain in place. However,…… [Read More]

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Adult Prisoner Reentry Is Not

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" (Ibid.)

Today, "Prisoner Reentry into Society" is considered to be a "key corrections issue." ("Prisoner Reentry'... ") Another key issue "Second Chances," was reinforced by President bush during 2004, when he noted: "America is the land of second chances, and when the gates of prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life. We must do right not only by the ex-offenders, but by their families, their victims, their victims' families, and their communities."("Offender Reentry...")


Allender, David M.. "Offender reentry: a returning or reformed criminal?," The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, December 1, 2004.

FEDERAL OFFENDER REENTRY: KATHERINE HARRIS," Congressional Testimony, October 7, 2004.

Fretz, Ralph. "Step down' programs: the missing link in successful inmate reentry.(CT FEATURE)," Corrections Today, April 1, 2005.

Harris, Kevin. "Increase in reentry stabilizes prison population. (National News Briefs)," Corrections Today, April 1, 2006.

OFFENDER RE-ENTRY: REGINA B. SCHOFIELD," Congressional Testimony, November 3,…… [Read More]

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Discrimination Against High Risk Sex

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If police, along with others in society, perceive high risk sex offenders as humans who possess the potential to be rehabilitated, then incidences of possible discrimination against these individuals might decrease. This in turn, the researcher contends, could contribute to incidences of sexual offences being prevented and/or reduced. Even though the researcher never generally cared about how high risk sex offenders felt, the conviction that discrimination is wrong over-rode the researcher's non-committal, and in turn, spurred the determination to expose the problem of discrimination in this area. Not only does the researcher hope to expose the problem of discrimination shrouding a population the majority in society would prefer not to deal with, the researcher also hopes to perhaps offer a possible solution; a tinge of hope for a brighter future of fewer incidents of sexual offences against young ones in society.

Research Design and Methodology

The following five chapters constitute…… [Read More]

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Trait Social and Classical Theories on the Occurrence of Crimes

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Criminological Perspectives: Sentencing and Criminology
The justice system in the United States has always incorporated the study of criminals in an attempt to reduce offenses in the country. Many theories are used in fostering our understanding as to why crimes occur in the society. However, the theories can be grouped into three main perspectives as a trait, the social, and the classical theories. The following study expounds the nature and occurrence of crimes in society by considering the three aspects.
Trait theories incorporate psychological and biological theories and are based on the argument that criminality is a product of abnormal physiological and psychological traits. The argument is that genetic and biological factors are to blame for criminal behavior and a person having the trait is more likely to commit a crime (Taylor, Walton, & Young, 2013). However, it is believed that people with such traits can be trained not to…… [Read More]

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Criminal Justce System and Social Order

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Crime and Justice DQ

Comparison and Contrast

Governments around the globe have adopted different approaches to combating crime and delivery of justice to their citizens. The issue of liberal and conservative approaches to crime and justice are more vivid in Canada. The Canadian government had earlier favored liberal approach before 2006 when the approach changed back to conservative due to the Conservative government taking over (Phillips 2012).

The two approaches differ due to their contrasting views of human nature, moral values nature and the cause of criminal activity. They also contrast on the treatment of the criminals due to their differences. Liberals are based on the belief that man is naturally good. Evidently, there is no absolute standard of morality to be taught or adhered to by the citizens. They claim that crime is a product of deprivation due to poverty, and the society is responsible for criminal behavior as…… [Read More]

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Fiscal Impact of the Maryland Budgetary Crisis

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Maryland Prison System

Crime is expensive. But so too is punishment. The state of Maryland, like the majority of states across the nation at the moment, is facing a period of slow economic growth and shrinking economic resources even as it continues to have to meet the needs of its citizens. This paper examines the effect on the state's overall budget of the cost of incarcerating prisoners.

The treatment of prisoners causes few legal problems for the government of a dictatorship. A government that refuses to acknowledge the human rights of even its law-abiding citizens is not likely to show too many qualms about shoving its criminals into overcrowded and unsafe prisons - or even to worry about whether the niceties of due process were considered in getting the person to prison to begin with. But the rule of constitutional law changes all that. Because we live in a country…… [Read More]

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Governor of Illinois Not Long Ago Declared

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Governor of Illinois, not long ago, declared a temporary moratorium on death penalty cases. He then commuted the sentences of all death row inmates in Illinois prisons. This was due to reports of egregious miscarriage of justice. Innocent people were unfairly sentenced. (Davey & Mills, 2003) While this was welcome news to some, it also provoked outrage among those who felt that the "blanket moratorium" was an injustice to the families of victims, especially since the perpetrators were sentenced because they were found guilty without a shadow of a doubt. Capital punishment is a difficult subject to discuss. Groups that support the death penalty and those that oppose it put forth arguments that are then refuted by those on the other side of the divide. Statistics, data and personal testimonies and eyewitness reports are used to support their respective causes. In the U.S., Crimes such as murder, treason and other…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty There Are Many Situations and

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Death Penalty

There are many situations and concerns in the world that require using ethical thought. There are many issues we read about an learn about when we have to ask ourselves what we believe in. Which side do we take on euthanasia or abortion or sexual morays? It is the responsibility of all people to explore these issues so that their opinions are education and well-informed. It is the lazy individual who formulates their opinions on innuendo and rumor. What is ethical? What is moral? What is right? What is good? It is everyone's responsibility to ask themselves these questions and formulate their own answers to these extremely important issues. Perhaps one of the most controversial topics for debate is over the ethical right of the death penalty. Some feel the penalty to too severe and inhumane. Others feel the penalty is just and not used often enough. How…… [Read More]

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Sexual Predators Prosecution Too Harsh and Disadvantageous

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Sexual Predators Prosecution


Sexual Predators' Prosecution

Sexual predators are persons who sexually victimize other persons (ILGA, 2009). They may be rapists, molesters, peeping toms or sexual deviants. A sexual deviant is convicted for rape, attempted rape, child molestation or abuse, incest, sodomy or indecent sexual assault or exposure. A judge may, however, convict a sexual predator for a crime unrelated to the sexual act. If the offender takes a child from home without parental consent, he may be convicted for kidnapping. As of 2009, 17 States have laws that penalize sexual predators, specifically a sub-class of sexually violent predators or SVP. Of these 17, Illinois adopted and enforces the broadest definition of SVP as sex offenders who victimize persons below 18 years old, regardless of past convictions. The other 16 define SVPs as those who victimize others below 12 years old and who have prior sex…… [Read More]

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Future Trends in Community Corrections

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Future community corrections should also address economic, social, and cultural development of the society. This involves executing correction programs such as work releases. Work release programs would enable inmates to focus on transition and healthy interaction within the community. The inmates participating in this program have the opportunity to find and retain employment chance. They also have the chance to connect with their families thus development of the functional unit of society. Participation in the work release program would enable criminals to contribute to the community effectively and productively. The inmates grow and develop by learning and refining social and economical skills such as attending to stores, driving buses, and offering managing skills to financial resources (Corbett p. 306).

Community correction agencies should also consider developments of community-based jails to deliver towards safety of the society. This would help reduce the number of criminals among the other members of the…… [Read More]

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College Prepares for a Career

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Through internships, students get an insider's view of the many facets of the criminal justice field, which is under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. The major in this particular field also offers a summer study abroad program that offers credit for the opportunity to study other countries' criminal justice systems.

In addition, most of the colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in criminal justice. While, many colleges also offer graduate degree programs. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice is received generally in four years. While, two-year programs in criminal justice is offered by majority community colleges, which can be transferred to a four-year college or university. Furthermore, graduate programs take from two to five years after bachelor's degree (Hobsons College View). Most people with graduate degrees become high-level administrators or professors.

Also, criminal justice programs provide extra training for students who are already occupied in correctional administration, security…… [Read More]

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Argument for Abolishing Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is defined as the legal infliction of death as a punishment, or the death penalty. The United States is one of a decreasing number of countries who still practice capital punishment, using methods such as lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, and firing squad. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, the first known execution in the United States was carried out in 1608. During the Revolutionary War, capital punishment was widely accepted. After war 11 colonies wrote new constitutions which all authorized capital punishment. In 1790, the First Congress enacted legislation that implemented capital punishment for the crimes of robbery, rape, murder, and forgery of public securities. During the nineteenth century there were 1,391 documented executions. The death penalty continued as an acceptable practice in the United States until 1967 when a national moratorium was enacted while the Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of the death penalty.…… [Read More]

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Forensic Research The Psychology of

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Usually, it is more likely that the ruse is discovered by a forensic psychologist, and/or that there is simply too much evidence pointing to the fact that the criminal knew what he or she was doing when the crime was being committed (Adler, 2004).

The Likelihood of Reoffending

Whether a criminal is likely to reoffend is something else that has to be considered by forensic psychologists. They are often asked to give their opinion on this issue when inmates are coming up for early release or when they are eligible for parole. There are other factors and opinions that are taken into account, of course, but having a professional, psychological opinion about whether a criminal has been "cured" of his or her behavior or will be likely to repeat it is very significant (Adler, 2004; Dalby, 1997). It can be difficult to determine what goes on in the mind of…… [Read More]

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Recidivism for DUI Offenders Who

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Since GPS tracking costs around $300 plus a monthly service fee that is similar in price to a pager or cellular phone, it would be very expensive to outfit everyone requiring electronic monitoring with a tracking device (Under, 2001).

As has been mentioned, the main problem with electronic monitoring is the fact that it can only do so much. it's really very limited in what it can tell the police. Either the offender is home, or they are not. Beyond that, the monitoring device is not of much help to law enforcement. This causes a major impact on society. it's good to know that a criminal is safely behind bars where they cannot leave, even if they wanted to. It brings security and peace of mind to the community, and especially to people that may have been past victims of crime.

With electronic monitoring, there is nothing stopping the criminal…… [Read More]

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Electronic Monitoring Devices in Corrections

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("Home Confinement / Electronic Monitoring," n. d.)

House arrest or home confinement started as a program to handle particularly as a sentencing substitute meant for drunk drivers, but rapidly spread over to a number of other offender populations in a lot of jurisdictions. Depending on the nature of crime committed by the offenders, home confinement has been designed with various degrees of stages of restrictions. These can vary from ordinary curfews to complete confinement. For instance, the home confinement program of the Federal courts extends three separate levels of restrictions under the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services, 2000. Under the first level ie., curfew, it requires the program participants to stay at home daily during certain time periods. Under the second level house arrest it requires on the part of the participants to stay at home round the clock save for attending to work, school, treatment etc. which must be…… [Read More]

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Analyzing the Probation Methodology

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We take a look at improving the construct and thereby the impact of probation in our criminal justice system in this paper.


The inmate population in the U.S.A. rose by 50% between 1990 and1999. The increase also accounts for recidivated parolees. Critics raised Issues about the allegedly ineffective parole system. The U.S.A. is known to have sent a huge number of people to its prisons in the past 40 years. A large chunk of those imprisoned are expected to return to their respective communities. Some of these inmates will return via accumulation of earned time credits or presidential clemency. However, it is observed that the luckier lot of the convicts is the group on parole. Probation has been around for many years in the criminal justice system. It is available in every state across the nation (Larkin). Although the architects of the probation program hoped to achieve a…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment the Issue of Whether Capital

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Capital Punishment

The issue of whether capital punishment is justified in a civilized world that is progressively concerned with achieving human rights and dignity for all its citizens is a subject that challenges the very scales of justice. On the one hand, the imposition of the death penalty prematurely terminates a human life and precludes any chance of rehabilitating criminals as productive members of society. On the other hand, abolishing the death penalty implies endangering society with the presence of known, dangerous anti-social elements who may one day become eligible for parole or worse escape from prison. Thus, the scales need to be weighed taking into consideration that society's primary responsibility is to ensure that its honest and upright citizens are able to lead a secure and safe life. Indeed, it is the purpose of this paper to demonstrate that the scales of justice need to necessarily be tipped in…… [Read More]

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Prison System Ineffectiveness

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Overhaul of Our Prison System Needed

Most people credit increased incarceration with reduced crime (5).

Prison growth has skyrocketed (5).

Prison costs have skyrocketed (1)

Large numbers of mentally ill in U.S. prisons (3).

overcrowding, failure to protect both adults and juveniles, has not reduced crime rate, increased recidivism.


statistics on problem

Three strikes and you're out rule

Drug laws have caused increase in inmates increased sentence length

Unrealistic expectations

Political consequences if this pattern is challenged

Affect areas of society unevenly.

No benefit: drugs are cheaper than they have ever been before.

states have eliminated parole boards.

New home for the mentally ill

High rate of mentally ill and the addicted in prsons.

B. Cause: Changes in mental health care

Prisons are Expensive

A. Costs

B. Privatization hasn't worked

Prisoners can't be protected from other prisoners (8) (9)

A. Adults

B. Juveniles

VI. Ineffective in reducing crime (2)…… [Read More]

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Theory and Methods in Clinical Psychology

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Psychological test or assessment method. "The Substance Abuse Questionnaire -- Adult Probation III

Brief Description of the Test

The recent release of one of the youngest convicted child murders in our nation's history, Lionel Tate, now an adult, into the general population, has highlighted the difficulty of determining if a former prisoner should be eligible for parole. Psychologists have attempted to answer this difficult and subjective question by designing the objectively-assessed test known as "The Substance Abuse Questionnaire -- Adult Probation III" exam. (Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc., 1997) This test was originally designed in 1987 exclusively for adult prisoners eligible for probation to determine the risk of paroling them and assessing their risk to society and has since been updated, in 1997, to include inventories for truthfulness. (Spies, 2003)

The SAQ is 165-item questionnaire. It can be administered either in a paper and pencil format or on a computer.…… [Read More]

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Ex-Offenders and the Re-Entry to the Society

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Ex Offenders

The United States is regarded as having the world's highest incarceration rate. It has been estimated that the prisons are holding more than 2.3 million people as of now. Due to this reason, overcrowding is a significant issue in the prison system of the country. It is seen that for every hundred thousand population, there are seven hundred and forty eight inmates and this number is expected to increase. Due to the increased incarceration, the state and the federal prisons are made to release a decent number of ex-offenders every year. The trend of releasing has only been a result of the mass incarceration that the country has experienced. It was seen that during the 1972 till the 1997 period, the number of state and federal prisoners increased from 196,000 to a record of 1,159,000 (Mauer, 1999) In 2000, a total of 600,000 ex-offenders were released to the…… [Read More]

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Mandatory Sentencing Public Policy Crime and Criminal

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Mandatory Sentencing

Public policy, crime, and criminal justice

Mandatory Sentencing: Case Study Critique

The prime grounds of mandatory sentencing laws are utilitarian. The laws come with long prison sentences for recidivists, drug dealers and isolation of violent criminals from the community aiming at preventing them from committing additional crimes outside the prison walls. In addition, the design of mandatory sentencing aim at deterring and portraying a harsh reflection to potential offenders of the harsh consequences that awaits them in case they commit a crime. The lawmakers have made imprisonment both surer and more severe in order to respond to constituent issues concerning crime and safety, and to achieve the wide intention of general criminal deterrence.

The forbidding of courts from suspending trials or placing offenders on probation makes imprisonment more probable. Into the bargain, the increase in statutory devices raises the severity of sentences. Some statutes, for instance, require the…… [Read More]