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Personal Consulting My Role as

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, 2007). The more I understand about the strategic objectives that senior management has for the project, the more I will be able to tailor that project to meet their objectives. This in turn leads to a high degree of support at the highest levels of the organization for my work. I feel that this is critical, and emphasize this in my consulting.

There are, however, some areas where I can improve my consulting skills as well. For example, I do not always make the best use of ongoing consulting arrangements. This is a valuable source of income for a consultant, but I often either fail to pursue it or when I do I am unable to set out terms that are beneficial to me. For example, I should make use of formal contracts and service level agreements (Goo, et al., 2009), but I think the ones that I have…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Plan Over the Course of

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Personal Development Plan

Over the course of this semester I have spent a great deal of time assessing my own personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to my future career choices and my ability to work with others, both personally and professionally. I have considered the competencies we have reviewed, and I chose a combination of aspects that relate to my own personal development and my way of relating to others in my work and personal life.

The first competency I selected is self-awareness. For the past several years I've been aware that I've been growing and changing as a person and I've wanted to understand those changes. I interpret my own emotions better and I want to extend that growth to develop a deeper knowledge of how I can organize and drive these changes to enhance my career and personal relationships. I aim to be more aware of…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Portfolio PDP Is

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It enables me to achieve my goals. During my final year while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in Biology, I passionately taught the elementary students.

Being workaholic is also a value that I greatly cherish. I studied hard while pursuing my undergraduate degree course in Biology. After completing, my hard work enabled me to secure employment at the telecommunications company. I received several awards while working at the firm because of my hard work.

Given the fact that I am a devoted Muslim, I value all the Islamic principles. Similarly, I value family and education. That is what has prompted me to work hard in my studies.

Leadership styles and traits

It is often said that good leaders are born not made. If one has both the desire and the willpower, then they can become a good leader. Jago (1982) points out that a good leader does develop through…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Plan Cultural Differences and Travelling

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Personal Development Plan

Cultural Differences and Travelling

Learning from Travelling

Traveling, Cultural Difference and Personality Development

Taking Advantage of Cultural Difference in Travelling

Gaining of continuous knowledge is of critical importance for personal development. The creation of a self-awareness and increasing and enhancement of skills at regular intervals is critical in development of the personality and the way one would react and interact in various situations.

This learning and acquiring of new skills helps us in every step of life, be it in our personal lives or in our academic or professional lives. The implementation of the new skills, experience and knowledge acquired helps people to gain leverage and better utilize their skills.

This knowledge about new skills and new perspectives can come from various sources, the primary being the books while the other source for gaining of knowledge is from experiences. There is an every ongoing debate about from…… [Read More]

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Personal Finance the Issue of

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It may also include goals concerning the attainment of education for the individual or their children. During this time the individual should establish both short-term and long-term goals (personal finance).

The third step in the financial planning process concerns itself with detailing how the goals set forth in step two will be accomplished. For example, certain expenses may need to be reduced and certain investments may need to be made (personal finance). Additionally, there must be detailed calculations concerning the investments and expenses (personal finance). The fourth step in the financial planning process involves the implementation of a financial plan. This step involves making the specific changes or investments determined in the previous step (personal finance). This step could also involve help from financial planners and advisors (personal finance). In addition, there are also software tools and websites that can aid people in this process. According to the Journal of…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for Many People

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To contribute to this kind of objective requires: taking consistent actions through community service and a deep passion for helping people as much as possible. In this aspect, my goals and faith are intersecting, which is another reason why I believe I am good fit for the university. As Pepperdine's mission statement encourages everyone to engage in community service, to help address various social issues. This is important, because as a Christian, having a sense of duty and service to humankind are what the teachings of Christ are instilling upon us. Serving the community in a positive way; is helping to support my belief in Christ, by following the same selfless example that was set. In this aspect, I think that the mission of the university is aligned with my beliefs of self-service for humankind.

When you put the different elements together, they are highlighting how Pepperdine is an ideal…… [Read More]

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Personal Finance Define Which Stage

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16. Help Rebecca and Jay apply four steps of the smart buying process to decide whether to replace Vehicle #2. What sources of consumer information might be useful to them? According to Auto Channel the four steps are: Determine your practical needs for a new vehicle, determine your budget and stick to it, determine your emotional needs, which car or truck really makes you happy when you drive it, and test drive, test drive, test drive, test drive (Gordon, B.N.D.P.1.). Resources which may be useful include: Consumer Reports, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Kiplinger's

17. Calculate the Bennett's gross monthly income and monthly debt repayments. What is the maximum mortgage amount for which Rebecca and Jay could qualify? Gross monthly income is $107,000 / 12= $8,916.67

Monthly debt payments are $1,145. There are two ratios to be calculated here the front end ratio and back end ratio. The front end…… [Read More]

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Personal Reflection Program Dispositions My Experiences Over

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Personal Reflection: Program Dispositions

My experiences over this course forced me to fundamentally re-examine what is meant by student equity, the first, fundamental concept of all of the program dispositions. Before, I had a relatively narrow understanding of equity as being 'parity.' Now I understand that equity does not mean treating all students the same, but rather it means having the insight to perceive individual student's needs yet the ability to unite them in a common curriculum. Equity means tailoring student learning experiences while still keeping in mind the ideal of a high-quality education for all.

As well as having teachers who take the time to get to know their students, it is also essential to have regular screening mechanisms in place to assess students and ensure that every child's education is up to a certain standard. The concept of equity is thus critically linked to the course disposition concepts…… [Read More]

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Personal Teaching Philosophy When Most

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(Haugen, 1998)

The degree that these concepts are being applied is when you are focusing on reaching out to the student in a format that is entertaining. Yet, it is in line with the curriculum standards for the state and school. This will help everyone in the class to have a greater comprehension of the material. As, the teacher is embracing their roles as a collaborator and educator through: finding effective ways to instill a sense of excitement about learning the ideas that are being presented. (Haugen, 1998)

Understanding why the material is important is when the educator is reaching out to the student. In a way, that will help them to see how they can use these ideas in the real world. This is one of the biggest problems with most subjects that are being presented, as individuals will find the concepts boring. Because of the fact, that they…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement I Am Currently

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Understanding how to brand one's product or service, and knowing what makes a consumer buy a particular item or choose a particular service is essential for entering all types of commerce.

Another personal reason I seek to master in marketing is that I feel the current degree I am pursuing in economics is simply more of the same, in terms of my undergraduate concentration. While the work is interesting, it offers too much overlap with the financial perspective of accounting. In addition, it approaches the science of consumer demand from a very numbers-focused, data-driven perspective. I am often frustrated with the perspective taken of so-called Economic Man who always makes ideal decisions, based upon his knowledge of the market. Even in my real life as an accountant at a small tax firm I observe people's personal financial decisions and how they relate to budgeting and the tax code. Thus I…… [Read More]

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Personal Socialization Project the Objective

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Kozol states that these high school students: "...seem far less circumspect than their elders and far more open in their willingness to confront these issues." (2006) in fact, it is stated by a fifteen-year-old-girl named Isabel that Kozol reports having et in Harlem who attempted to give an explanation to the manner in which social segregation was understood by Isabel and her classmates: "It's as if you have been put in a garage where, if they don't have room for something but aren't sure if they should throw it out, they put it there where they don't need to think of it again." (2006) When Isabel was asked "if she thought America truly did not 'have room' for her or other children of her race..." (Kozol, 2006) Isabel's friend also being interviewed stated: "Think of it this way...If people in New York woke up one day and learned that we…… [Read More]

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Personal Theory of Psychological Development

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It may even be impossible to retroactively identify every influence on the development of personality. However, contemporary psychologists already understand the general patterns in which major areas of psychological influence exert themselves on the individual.

More often than not, more than one avenue of psychological inquiry is helpful. Personality development in the typical patient may have been primarily influenced by Freudian issues in infancy and subsequent specific experiences in middle childhood, and secondarily by a particular negative experience or period of conflict in the nuclear family. Therefore, in the practical sense, measuring personality development means retroactively identifying the conceptually recognized potential influences along the full spectrum of psychological approaches. By matching behavioral (and other outwardly observable) manifestations of personality formation to the identifiable potential influences, it is often possible to pinpoint the most likely route of origin for major observable elements of personality.

Toward a Cross-Culturally Appropriate Theory of Personality…… [Read More]

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Personal Nursing Philosophy Conceptual Background

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Likewise, Callista Roy's Adaptation Model of Nursing provides a contextual bridge between the internal physiological determinants of patient health and the crucial aspects of external environment that typically influence patient health and (especially) patient perceptions and attitudes about health and medical or nursing interventions. Together, application of the principles promoted by Watson's Caring Model and by Roy's Adaptation Model of nursing complement my clinical training in a manner that I believe enables me to contribute the most to my patients, to my profession, and to myself as a nurse.


Dobratz, M.C. "Moving nursing science forward within the framework of the Roy

Adaptation Model." Nursing Science Quarterly, Vol. 21; (2008): 255-259.

Fawcett, J. (2005). Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of Nursing, St. Louis,

MO: Mosby.

Pipe, T.B., Kelly, a., LeBrun, G.; Schmidt, D., Atherton, P., and Robinson, C. "A

prospective descriptive study exploring hope, spiritual well-being, and quality of…… [Read More]

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Personal Learning Styles Learning Style After Completing

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Personal Learning Styles

Learning Style

After completing the VARK questionnaire, I have learned that out of the four types of learners, I have strong tendencies for three out of the four types. I am mostly a visual and read/write learner with equal scores in both areas. Furthermore, with a score very close to the first two categories, I am also a kinesthetic learner. Lastly, with the lowest score, I am an aural learner. Compared to how I perceive my own learning styles outside of this questionnaire, I mostly agree. I think I am mostly a visual and kinesthetic learner.

I do learn by reading and writing, as well as aurally, but not as much. They are not so much my preference for learning, but I cannot deny that those aspects assist my understanding. Some people are not the best at public speaking or giving instructions, and that is why I…… [Read More]

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Personal Privilege Analysis Key Points

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We are dealing from a state of constant change and he writes like we're standing still. He's got us doing algebra when we should be doing calculus.

The second point I find interesting in this chapter is the advice he offers (from another writer). Some of that advice is good, but some is bizarre. For example we can take to heart "don't make assumptions" or "please don't ask me to speak for my people" -- that is sound advice. But "don't be scared of my anger" assumes that anger is positive and productive. That has never been the case -- anger is negative and sometimes it is necessary, but anger directed at an individual for a societal problem is exactly why people get defensive. Blaming an individual for society is just as stupid as asking somebody to speak for their society.

In my personal life, I can see each of…… [Read More]

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Personal Privilege Analysis the First

Words: 3245 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63077569

I guess at this point he is losing me a bit. The core concept is still that privilege is about controlling access to resources and using physical traits (the first rung of the diversity wheel) as the most powerful means of doing that. I just find that it is hard to see the point he is trying to make in this chapter because he is pretending that there is no world outside the U.S. Privilege has existed in every human society. If the arguments he is making here are difficult to understand, it is because they are tangential to a genuine understanding of what privilege is. He needs to stop pretending that the U.S. is the only country in the world if he wants to make sense of privilege. Privilege existed long before slavery.

This chapter probably has less personal relevance for me than some of the other chapters. It…… [Read More]

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Personal Health Action Plan the

Words: 1933 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 75819784

The six major concepts and definitions of HBM are as follows, with the corresponding self-assessment information following a (/).

Perceived Susceptibility: refers to a person's perception that a health problem is personally relevant or that a diagnosis of illness is accurate."/relevance of family history of disease

Perceived severity: even when one recognizes personal susceptibility, action will not occur unless the individual perceives the severity to be high enough to have serious organic or social complications."/all the diseases or illnesses associated with family history and listed above are potentially deadly or life altering

Perceived benefits: refers to the patient's belief that a given treatment will cure the illness or help to prevent it."/my personal belief in the fact that reduction of weight and BMI and the health related behaviors needed for these changes are preventative measures as well as beneficial to my life

Perceived Costs: refers to the complexity, duration, and…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Accountability

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Personal and Professional Accountability

Personal Growth and Development

The concept of professional nurse accountability has been defined by professional nursing bodies and nurse education credentialing bodies as an essential factor underpinning professional practice. As a nurse, I realize this fact and take accountability and responsibility for whatever behavior and actions exhibited, on my part, at the workplace. Moreover, I have understood the need to appraise myself, strive to improve my practice, and continuously fulfill learning outcomes I determine. Lastly, I attempt to sustain my physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing for being able to practice effectively (CRNBC, 2017).

Ethical Conduct and Practice

In this profession, I have acquired skills to operate within the boundaries of my personal competence levels, the legally accepted practice scope, and every applicable law. Acting to support safe, ethical and proper patient care comes under my personal and professional nursing accountability as well (CRNBC, 2017).

Involvement in…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement -- Sorority Application

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I am confident that my fellow sorority sisters will be able to depend on me fully in every level in both the realm of personal and organizational issues and concerns. I that regard, I have always been extremely loyal to my friends and I have previously demonstrated the willingness to make personal sacrifices for people in my life as well as with respect to doing what I know is right, even in challenging or difficult circumstances.

Therefore, I am extremely confident that as a member of the Chi Eta Phi Sorority, I will be able to enhance the reputation of the organization and do my share in the joint pursuit of organizational projects and long-term objectives. Ultimately, I believe that live has much greater value when one is part of a meaningful association and I look forward to dedicating myself fully to the Chi Eta Phi…… [Read More]

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Personal Social Status and Culture

Words: 1966 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37895307

Personal Social Status
Social status can be defined as the reference, prestige, or honor ascribed to an individual's personality or position in society. It could be attained by virtue of family or racial background; or through innate ability or life achievements. Some other factors that determine one's social status include gender, occupation, religion, lifestyle, and education.
While culture is usually defined as a way of life of a group of people within a geographical setting, however, there also exists an individual level of culture known as personal culture. Personal culture is usually an expression of one’s personal beliefs or philosophy and perspective on life issues generally. It is usually a reflection of an individual’s upbringing; which is made up of culture, lifestyle and belief system the person is exposed to. Others are gender, history, education, residency location, and disability (“Social Categories”).
It is common for one's culture to be predominantly…… [Read More]

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Personal Beliefs -- Philosophy of

Words: 1692 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 89135536

" In all likelihood, theistic religions will eventually be replaced with more inclusive and real world-oriented social and moral values and thereby eliminate the most pervasive source of international war and societal conflicts.

Nevertheless, especially in the short-term, it could be very difficult to overcome the degree to which religion has become entrenched within societies and the minds of individuals. By the time children are indoctrinated with religious beliefs and the psychological orientation involving a connection between human morality and "gods," it can be impossible to overcome that orientation later by introducing contradictory perspectives. Then again, that is largely true about other forms of intellectual prejudices, such as those that account for beliefs and attitudes about the respective races and others that have been successfully overcome over time.

Personal Values and Significant Influences

Given our understanding of the reality of the universe and human existence, it would seem that the…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for a Social Worker

Words: 1601 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13013003

Personal Statement

What are the reasons and experiences that led you to choose social work as a profession?

I have chosen social work as a profession because social work affords me the opportunity to help others in times of challenge. Social work is by no means easy -- by definition the job means that you are working with people in need -- but it is rewarding. My own personal circumstances have convinced me that this is something I want to do. When I was 11, my mother became disabled. I saw what professionals were able to do with respect to helping people, and the difference that it made in her life and in mine. This experience that I had growing up is something that has always stuck with me, and for me having the opportunity to help others is something that drives me. In my present role, I am a…… [Read More]

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Personal Financial Management During a

Words: 1712 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85727051

Finally, anybody hoping to conserve money in a recession must avoid spontaneous expenses, whether at the grocery store or the mall. Purchases should always reflect what one actually needs and never spontaneous impulses to buy anything for which the consumer did not already have a conscious need in advance. Purchasing milk at the grocery store after forgetting to list it is one thing; purchasing a new pair of shoes at the mall "because they were on sale" when one already has a closet full of shoes at home is quite another matter.

Sources Consulted

Clark, K., Gibbs, L., and Poppick, S. "Three reasons to LOVE the slowdown." (28 Sep

2011). Retrieved from CNN Money Magazine at: mag/index.htm

Kadlec, D. "Five Ways to Prepare for a Double Dip." (20 Sep 2011). Retrieved from Time Moneyland at:


Nance-Ash, S. "New Freshman 15: Financial Tips for College Students." (1 Aug 2011).…… [Read More]

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Personal Letter to Rival Dear

Words: 362 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30795793

Unfortunately, that might have also contributed to some of the difficulties we have experienced understanding one another and getting along as well as we might have otherwise.

On my end, I recognize that I might have been responsible for some of the friction we have experienced working together and that some of my actions and decisions could very well have been perceived as being motivated by egoism. That is unfortunate, because my primary concern has always been for the welfare and continued success and strength of ____. Finally, I would like you to know that I have used my more recent perspective of our relationship and the nature of our past difficulties working together as a learning experience that has helped me advise others how to avoid some of the problems we experienced. You should know that in that regard, I have always referred to you only in the most…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement -- Returning to

Words: 922 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78588607

That was one of the elements of my original education that I believe accounted for some of my relative non-interest in it at the time. In that respect, I expect to have less difficulty concentrating on my studies, precisely because most of the academic material that I will be studying this time around will relate directly (or at least indirectly) to my professional goals. In my traditional educational experiences, I remember that it was very frustrating to have to take courses that were of absolutely no interest to me and that I had to take only because they were required as a condition of graduation.

I am also looking forward to the opportunity to learn as an adult because I will be able to communicate with my instructors on an equal basis. That is something that will be a new experience because in my previous educational experience, there was a…… [Read More]

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Personal Reflection on Religious Perspective

Words: 1225 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9405683

In my opinion, the way we manifest our religious values is by expressing them in meaningful ways in the lives of others. Furthermore, the opportunity to do so comes in myriad forms. In a typical day of my life, I express my Christian worldview of loving my neighbor and dong unto others on a continual basis from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.

For example, when I get up in the morning, I am careful about how loudly I play my radio because I understand that my neighbors sleep later than I do. Likewise, I avoid doing certain things that I have every right (i.e. every secular legal right) to do, such as mowing my lawn early in the morning, purely out of consideration for my neighbors. Similarly, when I drive to school or to work, I am always mindful of the sensibilities and welfare of…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for Medical School

Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 35552077

Personal Statement

My dream of becoming a doctor started when I met a young man by the name of Jonier. This occurred when I volunteered with the Big Brothers and Sisters of America. I did not know it at the time, but I was being assigned a very special young man. Jonier came from a single parent home. His mother worked long hours and did not have a male role model in his life. This played an important part in shaping his personality and academic achievement. Along the way, he encountered many struggles and listened to my advice. This wisdom taught him about what was most important and who he could become. During this process, I felt for this young man and wanted to assist him as much as possible. He was struggling with a lack of social skills and the attention he so desperately needed. As we overcame various…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement the Art of

Words: 566 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42748782

A dentist must also understand the compositions of the products used to treat various oral issues. It is essential to understand the different types of fillings available, and know which is the best type to use in each case.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can present a number of problems to an uncaring dentist. Many have had bad experiences while visiting dentists in the past, and therefore have not had a proper checkup in years. The fears of these patients can ultimately result in poor oral hygiene, and problems which could have been averted had proper treatment had been received.

I will strive to put these patients at ease as I work to erase years of neglect.

Better Life understand many people have a fear of going to the dentist due to past experiences, and I want to change that. I know that there is no such thing as a small…… [Read More]

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Ethical Issues and Legal Issues

Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 57562239

However the only aspect that I disagree with is that in some parts of the writing it often feels as if diversity is seen like an overwhelming task to surmount. Diversity should not be viewed in this manner. We are all different and there should be a global respect for those differences. These differences should not be viewed as an obstacle yet just as a state of being.

The next cite discusses the responsibilities of the therapist. I actually agree completely with all the writings on this particular cite. I s is important that therapists be held to a higher level of responsibility than most other positions. The site states that the group psychotherapist must provide services with respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each patient/client as well as the rights and autonomy of the individual patient/client. The group psychotherapist safeguards the patient/client's right to privacy by judiciously protecting…… [Read More]

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Project Leader Personal Learning Contract Learning Within

Words: 4101 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68936965

Project Leader

Personal Learning Contract

Learning within organizations is vital to success. It is the lifeblood that grows and sustains human capital (Bassi & McMurrer, 2004; Noe, 2008; Senge, 1990) through human resource development (HRD) and the management of technology which, according to Thamhain (2001), is the key to competitiveness and wealth creation.

In this essay the researcher attempts to explore the challenges he will be facing as a leader and the competencies he will need to handle these challenges. The essay is divided into two parts. Part-I reflects the challenges, difficulties, scope and required competencies to be leader in the organization and how the writer will develop himself to fulfill the requirements of the role. While in Part-II the author has stated how to keep balance among personal and professional life.


Contract Title: What I want to work on. The leadership contribution and capability I want to build.…… [Read More]

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Health and Reproductive Rights the Issues at

Words: 1281 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87433122

health and reproductive rights, the issues at stake are women's physical health and their physical autonomy. One of the main arguments that the authors make is that women's health has been compromised because of their inability to exercise autonomy. For example, the debate over reproductive rights, whether access to safe and legal abortion or access to birth control, has endangered women's physical safety. However, the ability to exercise autonomy in health control decisions is not limited to reproductive decisions; approximately one in five women between the ages of 18 and 64 lack health insurance, which strips them of the financial ability to make important health decisions (Shaw & Lee, 2009). This leads to discussions of social factors surrounding health.

In chapter seven, which focuses on family systems and family lives, the issues at stake are how family is defined by society. There has been a significant change in society from…… [Read More]

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Ethical Issues Are Now Just as Much

Words: 4469 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94979976

Ethical issues are now just as much of a concern as they were thirty years or more ago. (Qian, Gao, Yao & Rodriguez) Ethics are a clear set of principles dealing with what is considered appropriate behavior in-group and individual counseling. These standards were created not only to protect clients, but also to protect counselors. As a counselor, a fine line can easily be crossed if the counselor and/or the client do not follow and understand basic rules that are in place regarding ethical interactions between clients and counselors. It is evident that no matter what area of counseling one chooses to go into, there are always concerns and issues with ethical boundaries, and what is and is not acceptable. (Justice & Garland) Every Human interaction involves the interpretation of roles and interpersonal boundaries. These roles dictate what behavior is appropriate and inappropriate professionally and personally. In the current essay,…… [Read More]

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Healthcare -- Legal Issues Medical

Words: 2029 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70244625

1993). Within medical settings in particular, physicians and supervisors are often too over-burdened with their myriad formal responsibilities to take note of minor irregularities in protocols and procedures. Because coworkers are often in the best possible situation to notice inadequacies, it is important for all levels of employees to be equally involved in the overall CQI process.

Optimal implementation of an effective CQI process also requires a culture of openness to suggestion and confidentiality with respect to reporting more serious issues such as those that result from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of co-workers.

11. The textbook states that "an organization's most vital component in costly resource is its staff." With this being the case, the human resource function plays a very important role. Should the human resource function be part of the senior management team?

In terms of policy implementation and organizational philosophy, the human resources function…… [Read More]

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Adult Development Issues -- We

Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81743213

Relevant lines of inquiry would include those necessary to provide an overview of the CFO's responsibilities and her impression of their operational importance to the company; those necessary to quantify the amount of external stress caused by the adoption and the substance abuse problems of her son; and those designed to identify the source of her egocentric sentiments (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2007) about how she regards his problems as something he is doing to her.

Suggestions to the CFO would include: (1) Maintaining an unrealistic perception about the specific role and operational importance of her responsibilities unnecessarily increases work-related stress above and beyond that which is unavoidably a function of her position and, therefore, accepting a more realistic view in that regard would eliminate work-related stress significantly; (2) Identifying the specific sources of non-work-related stresses often provides a means for addressing them individually to mitigate them as much as possible;…… [Read More]

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Funeral Service Issue and to Some Aspect Dealing With Legality

Words: 1224 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35132507

Funeral Services

Arranging a funeral is one of the most difficult things a human being will ever have to do. Aside from all the personal issues which are clearly at stake, there are also certain legal issues and state requirements that one also needs to be able to pay attention to. For instance, the Funeral Rule, which is administered by the FTC means that when arranging a funeral, one only needs to select goods and services that are specifically desired, and that one should only pay for the ones that are specifically selected. This is a type of rule which was selected which makes it possible for people to choose the specific funeral arrangements and the particular funeral home that one wants to use. Legal issues and rules like these are important as they represent a form of necessary regulation. When a person is planning a funeral, it's too easy…… [Read More]

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Relationship Issues Support Group

Words: 1817 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18945161

Relationship Problems Support Group

Support groups are usually created to bring together individuals facing similar problems or issues such as relationship problems. The concept behind the formulation of a support group is that members can get help for their issues through talking with others in a similar situation. In this case, relationship problems support group exist so that people facing relationship issues can share their experiences and advice each other on how to handle them. Support groups help individuals deal with their problems through providing better ways of coping and making members feel less isolated as they make important connections with others in the same situation. While relationship problems support groups are not group therapy sessions, they help members to deal with relational issues through providing emotional support and shared experiences.

Historical Context

A support group is basically defined as a gathering of individuals who share similar interests or concerns…… [Read More]

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Sociology -- Family Issues Group

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Specifically, even as adults, we tend to maintain more formal communications with my father and to disclose personal issues and concerns primarily with my mother, and not uncommonly, in confidence with respect to my father. In the long run, it seems that the natural evolution of communication patterns during our childhood have resulted in much closer relationships with our mother than with our father.


My family illustrates the manner in which individuals with groups fulfill fundamental roles in the realm of ensuring the cohesiveness of the group and long-term maintenance of established group goals. My father has always been the group's primary leader and determinant of essential group values and goals. My mother has always functioned in a dual role of co-leader and mediator of conflict resolution, especially between other group members and my father. In the long-term, those dynamics and the communication patterns that evolved to facilitate them…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Plan Which I Have Formulated

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personal development plan which I have formulated to identify my career objectives and improve my interpersonal and professional skills. Personal development planning includes a set of questions which try to identify career interests, potentials, and competencies, collect relevant information for future decision making, and personal development matrix to identify short- and long-term goals and their respective actions to be followed.

A personal development plan helps in identifying potentials and competencies in one's personality and finding a good match of these potentials and competencies with his long-term professional goals. This paper presents all the essential steps which must be included in personal development planning process; including identification of potentials and capabilities, testing the abilities and skills, answering all the potential questions which arise when someone tries to choose his professional career, selecting the future goals and defining the roadmap to achieve those goals, collecting and analyzing relevant information for an effective…… [Read More]

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Personal Analysis of the Professional

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Similarly, I have learned that counter-transference is also a risk within any relationship potentially prone to transference (Mitchell & Black, 2003). As a practical matter, I intend to maintain awareness of any tendencies on my part toward counter-transference by being aware of any tendency to think about clients in between sessions in any manner other than in direct connection to their clinical issues. At the first sign of any potential risk of counter-transference, I would consider discontinuing the relationship and referring the patient to a colleague.

What qualities do you have that will make you an effective psychologist?

I believe my most important personal quality that will make me an effective psychologist is empathy, because I genuinely care about other people. There is empirical evidence suggesting that this is, indeed, one of the most important qualities of good psychologists (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2009). I believe that I am conscientious and…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy Project

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.....graduate student at the prestigious Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Michigan. While there, I was tutored by several professors, all of whom had their distinct teaching styles and methods and this diversity actually helped me. The major feature I loved about them and that I have adopted as a personal teaching style is just how open they were to working with their proteges. I have decided to also create similar chances for my students working with me. I would analyze my work to see if there are certain research subjects I intend to write that my students could work on and benefit from. Apart from the professional interaction, these professors also interacted with me on a personal level. They took me in and introduced me to their families, building a strong rapport between us. Even though it remained a professor-student relationship, we were friends…… [Read More]

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Personal Ethics and Core Values

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ethics is and I will link this to my own belief system. According to Baird (2012), the study of ethics has the objective to make people reflect on two particular topics of interest: the individual and the community, namely what kind of people we want to be and what kind of community we want to live in. This is why, as Baird pointed out, the discussion about ethics, business ethics included, should start from a discussion about our core value.

I would like to briefly refer to these, in connection to the course and as these values apply to the course and to this discussion. My belief system is based on three main pillars and the first pillar is, I believe, the most important for the discussion at hand. It refers to not lying. I believe that lying is the worst thing that could happen for an individual, both in…… [Read More]

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Issues in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia and their effect on U.S. Interests


Cultures within Ethiopia

Ethiopia and their ability to influence a Local Issue 5

Ethiopia Influence on Regional Issues

Issues in Ethiopia and their effect on U.S. Interests

interests inside the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa Area of Operations

This essay explores Ethiopia and the elements of reasoning, assess the cultures within Ethiopia and their ability to influence an issue of local, regional, or global importance and its effect on U.S. interests inside the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa Area of Operations. It also involves Ethiopia's influence on local issues such as the food famine and not to mention the regional issues such as child soldiers and the conflicting battles going on in the surrounding regions.


Critical Reasoning Assessment of issues in Ethiopia and their effect on U.S. Interests…… [Read More]

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Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

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Pastoral Counseling

Issues in the helping profession

Pastoral counseling: An overview

Multicultural sensitivities

Pastoral counselors today will inevitably come into contact with persons of widely varying cultural traditions. For example, when counseling someone regarding how to care for an elderly parent with whom the family is now residing, the counselor must be aware that different cultures view the elderly in different ways. For some people, taking care of older parents is considered to be a necessary obligation -- the extended family rather than the nuclear family is prioritized. The counselor will not necessarily alter his advice, but it should be nuanced and informed with cultural awareness.

In other matters, such as dealing with diverse religious groups and matters of sexual orientation, personal desire may seem to come into conflict with scripture. The counselor may state the position of his faith, but still approaches the client with a loving and open…… [Read More]

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Personal Organizational and Cultural Values

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In instances such as this, an employee may make decisions that are totally foreign to their normal character.

It is these corporate ethical values that typically have the most impact on the decision-making process. Organizational ethical contexts are comprised of the moral ideologies adopted by the members of the organization, as well as the institutionalized philosophies regarding the principled conduct and the ethics codes that shape corporate strategy and action. When organizational ethical values are positively aligned with personal values, a more positive person-organization fit is acquired. Again, this fit is central in effective and efficient decision-making (Valentine, Godkin & Lucero, 2002).

The development of ethical codes, which are merely a formalized statement of the corporate ethical values, have a positive effect on reducing the number of unethical decisions that are made by employees. Employees that are members of an organization with an imposed code of ethics were found to…… [Read More]

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Personal Protection Plan Prior to

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If asked, most drivers could not identify the approximate mile mark of their whereabouts on a highway or roadway without spending a few minutes to locate landmarks and mile marker signs. This is an important advantage in most conceivable emergencies, especially those requiring immediate assistance from emergency service personnel (Holt, 2007).

Likewise, situational awareness also means maintaining escape routes and avoiding circumstances where one's vehicle could be trapped in position, whether inadvertently by other drivers or purposely by potential criminals or terrorists (Holt, 2007; Larsen, 2007). At stop lights and signs, drivers should never pull up so close to the vehicle in front of them that they have no room to work with if a sudden emergency occurs requiring them to escape quickly.

As a general principle, drivers should always preserve their options as much as possible, which includes selecting lanes that permit spontaneous choices to make unplanned exits, choosing…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Ethics a

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Hoffman and Moore (2004) recommend training and communication as part of the implementation plan to improve ethical behavior. As part of the resolution process when facing ethical dilemmas, retraining on ethical standards and practices, legal ramifications, regulatory compliance/guidelines and code of conduct are imperative. Therefore, even if other values are not considered, at least the most important ones will be considered during the problem-solving process.


I strongly believe in the ethical leadership skills of my immediate supervisor. As we all know, great leadership does not occur in a vacuum. Very often, it is by observing admirable leaders that people learn to become good leaders in their own right. Therefore I have a spent some observing the most inspirational leader in my selected organization: my boss. He knows when to delegate and when to take control; he knows how to motivate employees through a balance of reward and reprimand; and…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Development Plan

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My personal leadership development plan is based my intention to use transformational leadership theory to promote healthcare-eldercare advocacy in my organizational behavior. As Shanks and Buchbinder (2012) show, “leadership development includes both formal and informal efforts” (p. 279). Completing courses online or at a university are formal ways to develop one’s leadership skills, while informal efforts can include anything from mentoring others to coaching and guiding staff members in new tasks or cross-discipline work. No matter the method employed, a personal leadership development plan should utilize a strategy for maximizing leadership effectiveness by implementing an appropriate theoretical support for the plan, recognizing one’s leadership strengths, correcting one’s leadership weaknesses, and identifying action items that will help close gaps between being the leader one is now and being the leader one seeks to become.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a style of leadership that can be applied in virtually any…… [Read More]

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Personal Ethical Leadership Profile Describing Your Own

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personal ethical leadership profile describing your own MORAL COMPASS, which guides your behavior and actions and decision-making. Describe the fundamental ethical theories and concepts that inform your MORAL COMPASS. I am a manager in a United Health Care position. A manager in the public or not-for-profit sectors can be considered as a person with vision. A good manager is driven and is committed to achieving her goals and vision. Managers are the catalyst within the organization responsible for focusing their attention on problems that need to be fixed, and for tackling the situation at hand. This reminds me of Cooper's treatment of managerial responsibility where he writes that there are three levels of responsibility: objective responsibility -where clear expectations and accounts of accountability are existent at each level of the organization; subjective responsibility -- teammates in organization are involved in organizational decision and policy making; heightening the objective and subjective…… [Read More]

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Personal Challenges Early on in

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During my junior year, I decided to undergo a significant change in my educational career, which is to transfer from Los Angeles to San Francisco. My decision to transfer to another school was anchored on two objectives. My first objective was to transfer to a school where I will develop my knowledge and know my limits in studying, particularly in the field of natural science. My second objective, meanwhile, was to attend a school that has a curriculum structure and format that complements my needs -- that is, to attend classes centering on natural science and mathematics.

It was noticeable during my junior year that I experienced difficulty in excelling in my humanities class. This was due to the difference in the format of teaching humanities between my old and new school. In the new school I enrolled in, humanities class was handled differently, requiring greater classroom (teacher-student) interaction, which…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Nursing

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Nursing Personal Statement

It took me a while to understand what a seizure really was. To my five-year-old mind it just meant that Faye, my aunt, writhed and convulsed spastically for several minutes at a time. It also meant that she might die, my mom told me, and I had to look out for Faye and make sure she didn't fall. I believe that I became a nurse when I was five years old, caring for my aunt during her illness and helping her to life a fulfilling life in spite of it.

I, too, have lived a fulfilling life in spite of a potentially dangerous disease. When I was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine, scoliosis, at the age of fifteen I faced a surgical procedure that could have left me completely paralyzed. I had more than one nurse doting over me in the hospital: from the one…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Commitments

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Personal and Professional Commitments

Creating social change is not an easy thing to do. Those who devote their lives to leading social change must have certain qualities in order to successful elicit change. Dealing with societal problems can be a very burdensome load for someone to take on. I believe that in order for me to be successful at leading change I have to make sure that I focus on certain personal commitments. It will only be by focusing on these commitments that I feel I will be able to be successful in my future endeavors.

The first thing that I must commit to is that of adopting a spirit of compassion (Wronka, 2008). It is very important for anyone who wishes to lead change to completely understand the issues as hand (Toporek, Gerstein, Fouad, Roysircar-Sodowsky and Israel, 2005), so that they can have compassion for the issue and…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience With Animal Consciousness

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Scientifically, this might not really be 'thought' as it is likely that researchers would say it is simply rote memorization and a repeat behavior that has taught this animal what specific sounds coming from his owner require of him so that he can react a certain way. By so doing, he knows that there is an end result - a reward - that he will receive, and so he goes through the memorized process again. However, it can be argued that memorization is not the only thing that animals are capable of (Wynne, 2004). Another case of a dog 'thinking' about what he was doing came from a recent house fire that made the news. This particular dog was a service dog, and it rescued its owner from a burning house. After the person was rescued, the dog went back into the still-burning house in an attempt to rescue the…… [Read More]

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Personal Theory of Career and

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Gushue, Clarke, Pantzer, et al., (2006) examine the application of social cognitive theories to career counseling, reporting that self-efficacy is a pertinent issue in this process. In particular, these authors report that:

Career decision making self-efficacy refers to the degree to which individuals feel confident in their ability to successfully engage in tasks associated with making a career choice and with commitment to a career. It has also been observed that career-related self-efficacy in general may prove to be an important element in formulating a model of career development...(p. 308).

Gushue and coworkers go on to argue that when career self-efficacy is high, individuals are more assertive in the career counseling process. Thus, by developing career self-efficacy, career counselors can effectively improve interactions with clients and facilitate a greater understanding of client needs with respect to career decision making.

Applying this to the larger context of social learning theory, it…… [Read More]

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Personal Theory as a Therapist

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From the basis of psychoanalysis and existential therapy, I will then listen for any problems relating to attitudes that can be driven by repressed emotions. I will use dialogue in order to gain an understanding of how the clients see their problems, and what they think is needed to help.

In the dialogue session, I will provide the client with my own insight on how I believe the best progress will be made in future therapy, and also on how long I estimate such therapy to take. I will however emphasize that I will not terminate therapy if the clients feel in any way that they will not benefit from such termination. Dialogue and collaboration means that I should be able to modify my approach according to input from my clients. If a client for example disagrees with an approach I am using, we will discuss various options of changing…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

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These more problematic students should be watched closely and should receive extra attention to ensure no problems within class.

What measures should a teacher take when students begin misbehaving?

If a warning is appropriate in this case, the teacher should inform the student that their actions may have a negative consequence and may remind the student what that consequence will be.

If a warning has been given or the teacher feels a warning will not be beneficial to the student (or in times where safety is an issue), the teacher must enforce the appropriate punishment.

If a student continues to misbehave even after receiving warnings and punishment, the teacher may refer the student to higher school authorities for disciplinary action, such as the school principal.

If all else fails, the teacher may meet with the student or the student's parent(s) privately to discuss the student's behavior. Sometimes gaining an insight…… [Read More]

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Personal Experiences of Knowing That I Was

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personal experiences of knowing that I was suffering from depression. How I conveyed my situation to the others, and how I suffered from the situations as a result of my depression.

My name is Lyshill Revero**. I live in Alabama. I have been married since more than 7 years. Marriage is an institution that requires increased trust companionship, compromises, and mutual love. Honesty is the one factor that can strengthen the institution of marriage. The beginning of our marriage was happy and stable. After some years, I started to face many difficulties and issues in our marriage. I knew that life was made up of certain difficult scenarios and it is important that the individual remains strong even in the presence of such scenarios. I kept struggling with small and minor issues in the beginning. However, slowly, these issues were gaining more energy and it was becoming hard for me…… [Read More]

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Personal Awareness and Diversity

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Diversity Awareness

We all have biases and stereotypes, and becoming aware of them is a crucial step towards minimizing or eliminating those barriers to understanding. I was raised to believe that we were a tolerant family, but in retrospect I can see that my parents had inherited biases and beliefs about other ethnic groups. They in turn passed on those biases and beliefs to me, albeit in an unconscious way. In addition to parental influences, social and peer pressures also led me to internalize stereotypes and beliefs about various ethnic groups. Biases and stereotypes about gender have also influenced my ways of thinking about social norms. Honest self-inquiry related to diversity issues will help me navigate through an incredibly heterogeneous world.

I am an African-American woman, athletic in build but soft at heart. When I was twelve I realized that I was different from my friends. While all my girlfriends…… [Read More]

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values Between

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between for-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations

For-profit and not-for-profit companies often operate very differently from one another. Here this will be shown with a comparison between the American Red Cross (a not-for-profit company) and the Coca-Cola Company (a for-profit company). The background of each one of them will be addressed, and they proposed solutions and recommendations will be discussed. Each company has its problems, whether it is for-profit or not, but there are unique problems faced by each kind of company. The differences in whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit can have a significant effect on the companies themselves and whether they are able to continue being successful or whether they must make changes in order to see growth and development in the future.

Case Study Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations:

The Red Cross and Coca-Cola

Introduction…… [Read More]

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Personal Local or National Issue Climate Change

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Personal, Local, or National Issue;

Climate change has become one of the most debated subjects that mark the current political agendas throughout the world. The international community, the international and regional NGOs as well as the public opinion are constantly flagging more and more issues on the negative impact the lack of sustainable development has on the environment. Among other perspectives, one that has been rather often considered in relation to this subject is the role international organizations and in particular the ones at the level of the United Nations have mitigating the risks of climate change at the global level. This is in my opinion an important matter to discuss from several points-of-view; firstly, the issue of climate change affects the world at a global level and its perspectives are grim in comparison to the efforts made by every state individually in addressing the particularities of the situations; secondly,…… [Read More]

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Personal Computer Has Transformed the

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The WTO facilitates trade agreements between nations and provides the framework for negotiating trade agreements (, 2010). The WTO oversees negotiations on the various agreements. The organization also provides a dispute resolution mechanism for member countries engaged in trade with one another.

The World Trade Organization is primarily good for the United States. As the world's largest economy, the U.S. has a high degree of bargaining power during WTO negotiations. As a result of this, the United States is able to tailor the trade agreements made under the WTO to the needs of the country. This has allowed U.S. trade to continually expand. The United States worked to bring China into the WTO in order to build stronger trade links with that country and works with other nations to get them into the WTO as well. The WTO provides a dispute resolution mechanism, which is one of the major reasons…… [Read More]