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Personal Reflection Analysis of the

Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42263949

Some students drop out of JROTC after one year or change their schedules within the first few weeks of the school year when they realize that the curriculum is both physically and mentally demanding in many ways. They are often unprepared for that and instead labor under the misguided impression that high school will be very easy for them, and that it should be easy.

For the students that stay in the program, though, the response is usually very good and the performance is very high. This indicates that the program works well overall for the students that have an interest in this type of curriculum. However, there are improvements that could be made to the JROTC program that would be helpful to many students. One of these is that many students go into the program not really sure of what they are getting themselves into and when this takes…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Goals in 5 Yrs

Words: 2372 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 87666040

The goals related to the community materialize in that the children will have better access to the desired schools and after years of education they will return as lawyers, doctors or other desired specialists. Then, it can also be exemplified in that, however only few in the beginning, the day care center has the opportunity to create additional jobs within the community, hiring tutors and teachers, physical education instructors and maintenance personnel.

To achieve the above established desiderates, a wide set of skills and aptitudes are required from both myself and the staff members. Relative to the skills directly related to my role in the success of the day care center, it could be said that I need the following aptitudes:

the ability to be objective yet caring in dealing with people the ability to critically and objectively analyze the internal strengths and external opportunities, seize them and maximize their…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement as My Family

Words: 1295 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 77152506

My work as a research assistant in a cognitive psychology lab added to my theoretical knowledge by giving me practical experience in encoding and analyzing data. This experience provided me with the opportunity to use analytical tests and interpret statistical data. Bookkeeping of participants' demographic information also further developed my organizational skills. Having been a research assistant, I have gained a reasonable understanding of research design and the statistics needed to conduct research. For my senior major project, I wrote a research paper on an empirical study that investigated the role of change detection in studies of visual attention in the field of cognitive psychology. This paper was awarded the Sharon Borine award for the best major project in Psychology because of its successful presentation of research and adherence to American Psychology Association guidelines. I strongly believe my research experience will help me attain success in conducting graduate research as…… [Read More]

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Personal Theory of Therapy the

Words: 1766 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78835853

These three seminal perspectives may possess a lot of similarities, yet each of them has contributed novel ideas that are consistent with its theoretical underpinnings. In many of the substance abuse treatment arenas, the significant aspects of all these three approaches are blended to provide for a cognitive-behavioral model that gives the best result in terms of all the other therapies. (Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)

Three theorists who have influenced the behaviorist theories are:

1. Watson J.B. - One of the originators of behaviorism and a proponent of the reductionist approach to the study of human behavior.

2. Skinner B.F. - He was the one most responsible for the spread of the behaviorist philosophy.

3. Wolpe, Joseph. The method of systematic desensitization to deal with fear was created by him. (Theories and Theorists)


Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy." NIDA. Retrieved at Accessed on February 15, 2005

Bush, Winston John. (December 22,…… [Read More]

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Personal Portrait the Course of

Words: 2852 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14401293

According to the Kohlberg theory, the post-conventional level is when a person develops social contract orientation and becomes principled. I believe I felt that I owed society an obligation to work and try to make it better, so I sought public welfare work (Fowler, p. 56).

Eventually, a better job opportunity came to me in the form of a state job in the Department of Youth and Family Services, so I decided to leave the school system. I transferred from my city job and was able work in my chosen field. Between working there and at Families Matter, New Jersey, I learned quite a bit. I would spend hours with parents who did not have the skills to help themselves and children who were in crisis. This motivated me even more to finish my bachelor's degree. This experience made me realize how lucky I was to have supportive family and…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement I Am Writing

Words: 914 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 32255363

By understanding the political systems better, I can better understand the role of the policymakers. One day, I aspire to be a policymaker myself. It has been said that a good doctor can save 100 people but a bad policymaker can destroy the lives of thousands. Given that in my country, few study Political Science, I feel that my studies in the subject can help me to be the sort of good policymaker we need.

2. I feel that life is full of accomplishments which, when added up, can amount to a tremendous benefit to society. I am not able to work in the United States due to the terms of my student visa, but I am proud of my accomplishments in Hong Kong. I help my family business when I am at home. We are in the plastic recycling business and I have helped at all levels. Even based…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Development Plan as

Words: 1488 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72968213

My ISTJ nature shows that I am internally focused. In order to improve my interpersonal skills by developing the aforementioned traits, I will need to shift my focus to the external world. I will need to actively consider the view points of my co-workers rather than imposing my own ideas on them (Thompson, 2006).

There are a few different options to me for developing these skills in the next 180 days. I can focus on the functional aspects of these skills. This would be easy to learn because I could utilize my abilities in vision development and planning to keep these skills at the forefront of my mind. The skills could then be learned by treating them as any other technical skill. Another option would place the learning emphasis on the underlying attitude of selflessness and focus on others. As the attitude develops, the functional skills will naturally flow from…… [Read More]

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Personal Counseling Theory Traditional Counseling

Words: 5141 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42126625

Similar to Gestalt therapy, I also did not incorporate existentialist thinking into my theory.

However, similar to Jungian analytical psychology and Gestalt therapy, I view this type of therapy as very philosophical in its' nature and application. Therapy methods that are very philosophical in their application do not appeal to me because they do not seem to adequately address the "real-life" problems, and instead seek vague answers that can be subject to many different kinds of interpretation. Existential therapists seek to find whether the major questions of our existence can be answered. As a result of my disagreeance with this type of therapy, I have not modeled by theory after existential therapy.

Another reason why I have not modeled my theory on existentialism is because most often such theorists will claim a spiritual or religious basis for their optimism.

Hoffman (2004) states that the spiritual existential approach is not necessarily…… [Read More]

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Training Needs Analysis

Words: 3802 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78554620

Training Needs Analysis

Abstract/Introduction: This paper focuses on "Strategic Organizational Culture Management and Its Training Needs" as a tool to preserve a company's competitiveness in a given market. While there seems to be unanimity that "Strategic Organizational Culture" has become a necessary asset of the modern company, there is the question of whether such culture can be managed and whether such management can be trained. The purpose of the paper is to reflect the current state of art in the area by reviewing both academic and professional (practical) orientations. By discussing the implications of that research it aims to provide conclusion drawn from the available research by showing that "Strategic Organizational Culture Management" is an aspect of managerial leadership that is accessible to and in need of ongoing training.

Main Part: A strategic plan maps out the direction a company will follow to achieve an organizational vision or goal. Strategic…… [Read More]

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Personal Meditation

Words: 1639 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40535781

The other main reason for continuing with meditation in the future is that the practice has liberated me from the old consideration of myself as a failure and an individual who cannot deal with some major challenges in life. This practice has also enabled me to experience real happiness, become more loving, and demonstrate calm when facing a problem. It has become easier for me to face challenges and develop appropriate solutions that help in dealing with the problem effectively. I have also learnt how to accept delays or negative feedback with more ease while remaining positive. Through meditation, I will be able to experience increased happiness, calm, and have a positive mental attitude towards everything.

In conclusion, meditation is an important practice that helps people to experience calm and real happiness in the midst of complex situations and issues. From my personal experience, meditation has transformed my old view…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement the Future Presents

Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 8226257

The exploration of phenomena is a desire that has been stirred in my heart. There a so many different problems and challenges in the occupational therapy arena that research is obligatory. I believe that I have the right academic foundation to be successful at research projects. I am a member of the psy chi honor society starting from January 2010. I graduated with a GPA of 3.52 from the Miami Dade College, and in my present Bachelor of Psychology program, my GPA is 3.4. Consequently, I am of the view that my performance academically is meritorious and provides me with the adequate basis to engage in research work.

Giving back to society is a pillar upon which I have built my life and is a core value I espouse. When you are a beneficiary of the largess of others, it is an imperative that you allow other persons to profit…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Portfolio PDP Is

Words: 2364 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93834073

It enables me to achieve my goals. During my final year while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in Biology, I passionately taught the elementary students.

Being workaholic is also a value that I greatly cherish. I studied hard while pursuing my undergraduate degree course in Biology. After completing, my hard work enabled me to secure employment at the telecommunications company. I received several awards while working at the firm because of my hard work.

Given the fact that I am a devoted Muslim, I value all the Islamic principles. Similarly, I value family and education. That is what has prompted me to work hard in my studies.

Leadership styles and traits

It is often said that good leaders are born not made. If one has both the desire and the willpower, then they can become a good leader. Jago (1982) points out that a good leader does develop through…… [Read More]

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Personal Nursing Philosophy Conceptual Background

Words: 1524 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87424621

Likewise, Callista Roy's Adaptation Model of Nursing provides a contextual bridge between the internal physiological determinants of patient health and the crucial aspects of external environment that typically influence patient health and (especially) patient perceptions and attitudes about health and medical or nursing interventions. Together, application of the principles promoted by Watson's Caring Model and by Roy's Adaptation Model of nursing complement my clinical training in a manner that I believe enables me to contribute the most to my patients, to my profession, and to myself as a nurse.


Dobratz, M.C. "Moving nursing science forward within the framework of the Roy

Adaptation Model." Nursing Science Quarterly, Vol. 21; (2008): 255-259.

Fawcett, J. (2005). Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of Nursing, St. Louis,

MO: Mosby.

Pipe, T.B., Kelly, a., LeBrun, G.; Schmidt, D., Atherton, P., and Robinson, C. "A

prospective descriptive study exploring hope, spiritual well-being, and quality of…… [Read More]

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Training and Development Underwood Ryan

Words: 785 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50995794

The author states that, over the course of workshops designed to elicit preferences, tastes, and feelings, he "remained the odd man out. I'm pursuing my dream career already, while everyone else (aside perhaps from the publicist) had come searching for answers to a particular set of problems and concerns. Skepticism may be the proper mind-set with which to enter into a coaching relationship, but you have to want to be coached. I didn't. I was just some jerk trying to play along. The group felt it. I felt it. So after one lost weekend, I didn't need any coaching to decide not to return for a second one." (Underwood, 2005, 85)

This desire on the part of the participant to want coaching thus is vital -- individauls must be motivated to seek advice and to execute that advice, whether motivated by the prospect of a promotion or orgaizational loyalty. But…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement My Accomplishments My Accomplishments it

Words: 531 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 38997533

Personal Statement: My Accomplishments

My Accomplishments

It was Anatole France who once said, "to accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act" (Claybrook-Lucas, 2003, pp.118). It is through hard work, sacrifice, and sheer determination that I have managed to achieve some of the accomplishments I will detail in this text. As a firm believer on the need to put one's best foot forward, I have always ensured that even in seeking to accomplish a specific goal, I go beyond that which is expected of me.

My first major professional assignment was with the Zenith Bank Plc. Lagos, Nigeria, where I was the appointed the bank's Customer Service Unit Head. Being my very first professional assignment, I must say that at the end of it all, I managed to accomplish a number of feats. Firstly, through nurturing better business relations with clients, I was able to further enhance the…… [Read More]

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Training Job Aid Job Benefits Training Aid

Words: 417 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9003427

Training Job Aid

Job Benefits Training Aid

Pay Plans

Required Benefits

Optional Benefits

EX1 -- Base Salary $20,000 per year


An Additional $800 per year of service

FMLA -- Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. Not Required by companies with under 50 employees.


Advantages -- Provides coverage to excessive medical conditions and financial loss from them.

Disadvantages -- Reduces the amount of the employee's paycheck

Base Salary

$25,000 per year


Additional bonuses for meeting quarterly sales goals as determined by company

Social Security Taxes - Social Security Act of 1935 provides benefits to employees in the case of retirement, disability, death, and survivor's benefits. These benefits are all under different sections of the code.


Advantages -- Allows Employee the ability to take time off of work for personal reasons and to refresh themselves. Reduces work-related stress.

Disadvantages -- Employee not eligible until they have been with…… [Read More]

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Personal After Four Years of Living Here

Words: 514 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3142436


After four years of living here in the United States, and in Miami in particular, I feel that I am ready to contribute fully to the community. Research into the needs of the community leads me to nursing as a choice of a new career. There seems to be a shortage in the nursing field and I would like to be one of those to help fill that need. Changing from a career as a lawyer to a nurse may seem like a drastic change, but for me it is more natural than it appears. Both professions include helping people. I have no doubt that my caring nature and my love for helping people will be of asset to the nursing profession. Combining my legal training and expertise with the nursing practice will give me more of an advantage to help improve the health system.

My experiences over the…… [Read More]

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Personal Digital Assistant the Sonic

Words: 1866 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15264427

com and 50 U.S. top distributors) has been properly covered. If there is a discrepancy between expectancies and results, the organization will identify the causes and try to eliminate them.

Still, even if final control is compulsory, the marketing department should periodically check the accomplishment of tasks. Therefore, the plan should prescribe deadlines, budgets, and activities that must be closely obeyed in order to timely detect and remediate potential causes of failure.

A b) for an accurate evaluation of its marketing efforts, Sonic should assess the customers' attitude towards its products before, during and after implementing the plan. Thus, by using questionnaires, the company can find out what changes have occurred as a result of their communication initiatives. Secondly, the success of the marketing efforts could be inferred after calculating several indicators related to the objectives stated in the plan (market shares, sales volume, awareness etc.).

A c) the most…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement - Biology Program I First

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7149899

Personal Statement - Biology Program

I first experienced working in healthcare at the XYZ Home, a nursing community in my hometown of XYZ City, XYZ State.

From 19##-19##, while still in high school, I worked as a volunteer with elderly residents. During those two years, I helped organize social activities for the seniors. I assisted with feeding duties and helped the residents get involved in physical activities, such as stretching limbs or a simple walk around the garden.

The best part of the job, however, was being a valued part of lives. In addition to the official duties, I often read to some of the older. A tall, proud, World War II veteran regaled me with tales of fighting in Normandy. Elizabeth, a sweet, frail-looking grandmother even tried to teach me how to crochet.

I have always found great fulfillment in healthcare and in being part of people's recoveries. For…… [Read More]

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Personal Theory of Psychological Development

Words: 2119 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40027294

It may even be impossible to retroactively identify every influence on the development of personality. However, contemporary psychologists already understand the general patterns in which major areas of psychological influence exert themselves on the individual.

More often than not, more than one avenue of psychological inquiry is helpful. Personality development in the typical patient may have been primarily influenced by Freudian issues in infancy and subsequent specific experiences in middle childhood, and secondarily by a particular negative experience or period of conflict in the nuclear family. Therefore, in the practical sense, measuring personality development means retroactively identifying the conceptually recognized potential influences along the full spectrum of psychological approaches. By matching behavioral (and other outwardly observable) manifestations of personality formation to the identifiable potential influences, it is often possible to pinpoint the most likely route of origin for major observable elements of personality.

Toward a Cross-Culturally Appropriate Theory of Personality…… [Read More]

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Personal Issues Re Cloud Computing and Data

Words: 877 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 11850329

Personal issues re. Cloud computing and data security

This essay is an attempt on sorting out my conflictual feelings on cloud computing and data security. These include emotional investment on the subject, intellectual curiosity, advocacy, and bias. The following also explains my attraction towards the research.

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (both hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet. I certainly have a mix of feelings when it comes to the issue of cloud computing. At the top of the list is the realization of the possibility that the entire computer enterprise provides little privacy

Medical centers, for instance, are increasingly using electronic software systems as their way of storing patient files, but I think that this is less secure than traditional methods in the past where one physician simply faxed the file to another for consideration -- and only one other…… [Read More]

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Personal Learning Styles Learning Style After Completing

Words: 1116 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61468858

Personal Learning Styles

Learning Style

After completing the VARK questionnaire, I have learned that out of the four types of learners, I have strong tendencies for three out of the four types. I am mostly a visual and read/write learner with equal scores in both areas. Furthermore, with a score very close to the first two categories, I am also a kinesthetic learner. Lastly, with the lowest score, I am an aural learner. Compared to how I perceive my own learning styles outside of this questionnaire, I mostly agree. I think I am mostly a visual and kinesthetic learner.

I do learn by reading and writing, as well as aurally, but not as much. They are not so much my preference for learning, but I cannot deny that those aspects assist my understanding. Some people are not the best at public speaking or giving instructions, and that is why I…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education

Words: 1037 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1328650

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education


Malcolm Knowles' theory of adult education, termed Andragogy undergirds my personal philosophy of nursing education. The term Andragogy is used to highlight the unique needs of adult learning from traditional learning, which is usually aimed at children, as evidenced by the term pedagogy, the "leading of children." Knowles idea's recognizes that our fundamental ideas regarding education are influenced by its application to children. This situation makes many principles of education inapplicable or unsuited to the education of adults.

Knowles theory of adult education can be expressed in six principles. 1) Adults need to know why they are learning something; 2) Experience provides the basis for learning activities; 3) Adults should develop a sense of ownership over their education through involvement in the planning of their coursework and evaluation; 4) Adults seek knowledge which bears directly on their professional lives; 5) Adult learning is problem-centered…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Have Been Working

Words: 487 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79126237

Upon graduation from Florida State University, I began searching for a more advanced position in another company. In addition, I began to examine other avenues for continuing my education. I found both within a year of each other; I began studying in the Managerial Information Systems Master's program at Nova Southern University, and found a position as a Technical Support Analyst at Embarq, a Fortune 500 company. My accomplishments here were built directly on the knowledge and experience I had previously acquired; I analyzed the business systems, it operations, and user needs, and developed and implemented strategies to address inefficiencies I discovered. Over a two-year period, I led over 150 installation projects, maintaining a 125% efficiency rating. I was also specially selected by management to head a critical installation project for a key client. My performance led to this client's decision to integrate a new piece of equipment into their…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Accountability

Words: 1098 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61021249

Personal and Professional Accountability

Personal Growth and Development

The concept of professional nurse accountability has been defined by professional nursing bodies and nurse education credentialing bodies as an essential factor underpinning professional practice. As a nurse, I realize this fact and take accountability and responsibility for whatever behavior and actions exhibited, on my part, at the workplace. Moreover, I have understood the need to appraise myself, strive to improve my practice, and continuously fulfill learning outcomes I determine. Lastly, I attempt to sustain my physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing for being able to practice effectively (CRNBC, 2017).

Ethical Conduct and Practice

In this profession, I have acquired skills to operate within the boundaries of my personal competence levels, the legally accepted practice scope, and every applicable law. Acting to support safe, ethical and proper patient care comes under my personal and professional nursing accountability as well (CRNBC, 2017).

Involvement in…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Development Plan During

Words: 2000 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16710312

Particular institutions that I will target include: Peachford Hospital, the Atlanta Recovery Center, Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center, and St. Jude's Recovery Center. I expect to do at least three longer phone interviews and one face-to-face interview or shadowing day with a professional in my area. This process will unfold over the next three to six months. I have recently renewed my membership with the American College of Healthcare Executives in order to facilitate networking with other healthcare administrators who have followed a similar path.

The last and longest component of my leadership development plan is to pursue a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration. This process will take three years including the dissertation work.

Projected Outcomes

After completing all the steps listed above, I expect to be a consummate healthcare leader, and fully capable of developing a business plan that will launch my dream career. I will be prepared for the challenges…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for a Social Worker

Words: 1601 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13013003

Personal Statement

What are the reasons and experiences that led you to choose social work as a profession?

I have chosen social work as a profession because social work affords me the opportunity to help others in times of challenge. Social work is by no means easy -- by definition the job means that you are working with people in need -- but it is rewarding. My own personal circumstances have convinced me that this is something I want to do. When I was 11, my mother became disabled. I saw what professionals were able to do with respect to helping people, and the difference that it made in her life and in mine. This experience that I had growing up is something that has always stuck with me, and for me having the opportunity to help others is something that drives me. In my present role, I am a…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement The Clarkson College

Words: 966 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88224827

There, I visited a children's hospital where all of the AIDS patients were under eight years old. When I asked how it was possible that such a large population of the afflicted were children, I was informed that their mothers were largely drug users and prostitutes. After the dissolution of communism, and the breakup of the Soviet Union, many persons were driven to desperate means to survive. Society and the formerly state-controlled healthcare system that provided some minimal guarantees of protection care and counseled preventative strategies to prevent infection. All of these had all broken down simultaneously in the 1990s. As if the plight of these children were not a great enough tragedy, the gifts and medical supplies brought to these unfortunate children had to be torn and opened so that they would not be stolen and sold by the staff to enrich themselves. This is a further example of…… [Read More]

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Circuit Weight Training for Women

Words: 1473 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94403208

Circuit Weight Training for Women

In 1980, Rachael McLish won the first ever women's Ms. Olympia body building contest. Many women were inspired by her and decided to incorporate weight training into their fitness programs. Many fitness clubs worldwide opened up facilities to women. Women suddenly realized they were not going to get big muscles without the male hormones. Women have a higher percentage of body fat then men, and weight training increases ones metabolism, which burns body fat. One who has developed muscles, not to be confused with over sized muscles, will burn calories faster then the one who does not engage in weight bearing exercises. 1) As people started a new workout program then frequently dropped out, new ideas were created to prevent boredom and to maintain interest in fitness programs. Circuit weight training is a program that allows a cardio workout while simultaneously strength train, which is…… [Read More]

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How Personal Trainers Use Resistance Training

Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48968243

ISSA Personal Training

One of the biggest challenges with personal training is creating a customizable program to help everyone throughout the process. This is problematic, as each person has different requirements. As a result, it is imperative to consider a number of variables. In the case of Steve, he is in excellent condition from running. However, he is lacking any kind of serious muscle mass and definition. To help him bulk up, there will be a focus on: his BMR / DCR, target heart rate, professional responsibilities, fitness tests / methods of evaluation / data collection methods and why a specific strategy was recommended. Together, these different elements will offer a better understanding about how to customize a personal training program for him. (Beachle, 2012)

Calculate the Client's BMR and DCR

Steve's current BMR is 1,784 calories per day. This is the total amount his body is burning without do…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Ethics a

Words: 2505 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81456554

Hoffman and Moore (2004) recommend training and communication as part of the implementation plan to improve ethical behavior. As part of the resolution process when facing ethical dilemmas, retraining on ethical standards and practices, legal ramifications, regulatory compliance/guidelines and code of conduct are imperative. Therefore, even if other values are not considered, at least the most important ones will be considered during the problem-solving process.


I strongly believe in the ethical leadership skills of my immediate supervisor. As we all know, great leadership does not occur in a vacuum. Very often, it is by observing admirable leaders that people learn to become good leaders in their own right. Therefore I have a spent some observing the most inspirational leader in my selected organization: my boss. He knows when to delegate and when to take control; he knows how to motivate employees through a balance of reward and reprimand; and…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Development Plan

Words: 2272 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53245058


My personal leadership development plan is based my intention to use transformational leadership theory to promote healthcare-eldercare advocacy in my organizational behavior. As Shanks and Buchbinder (2012) show, “leadership development includes both formal and informal efforts” (p. 279). Completing courses online or at a university are formal ways to develop one’s leadership skills, while informal efforts can include anything from mentoring others to coaching and guiding staff members in new tasks or cross-discipline work. No matter the method employed, a personal leadership development plan should utilize a strategy for maximizing leadership effectiveness by implementing an appropriate theoretical support for the plan, recognizing one’s leadership strengths, correcting one’s leadership weaknesses, and identifying action items that will help close gaps between being the leader one is now and being the leader one seeks to become.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a style of leadership that can be applied in virtually any…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Style Depends on Experience and

Words: 1226 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9582818

personal leadership style depends on experience and self-awareness. "To thine own self be true" does not seem like a maxim relevant to leadership, but during our interview, Jane Carson described how personal integrity and honesty directly relates to leading a group. The informational interview conducted for this project focused on Ms. Carson's own leadership experiences and how they helped her develop a personal leadership philosophy. Echoing what the class textbooks outline about the various models of leadership, Ms. Carson described leadership as "an ability to organize and direct others to accomplish a specific goal." The marketing director of a local technology firm, Jane Carson needs to be goal-oriented in order to further her company's assets. But leadership is more than just delegating authority and keeping an eye on the bottom line: Ms. Carson clearly stated the need for personal integrity. Avoiding hypocrisy can be deceptively difficult when in positions of…… [Read More]

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Training Program for Eye Movement Desensitization and

Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 347218

training program for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) used by the Department of Veterans Affairs because it had been found that there were few personnel who could deal with the high number of cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One main point of the article is that PTSD is common among veterans who seek help with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Another main point is that Department of Veterans Affairs staff may not be equipped to deal with the high number of cases of PTSD, especially cases that are chronic and severe. A third point is that EMDR can be an effective intervention when treating PTSD. A fourth point of the article is that participants in the EMDR program reported good results, and the treatment impact was deemed statistically significant for the patient population in question. A fifth point is that the Department of Defense can and should use…… [Read More]

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Training and Supervision of Students and New

Words: 590 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65850364

training and supervision of students and new practitioners is a process that involves mental health counselors who play an integral role ranging from teaching clinical skills in educational settings to offering on-site supervision. Therefore, supervision is an important aspect of mental health practice that involves various techniques like psychotherapy-driven supervision. Psychotherapy-driven supervision is a process that is demonstrated in three theoretical approaches i.e. cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-relationship, and solution-focused models. This process promotes the combination of best-practices in psychotherapy-based approaches and social role-based techniques of supervision. Therefore, this approach integrates two components i.e. counseling theory and practice with role-oriented supervision models. According to Pearson (2006), the combination of these two elements enables supervisors to model and provide training on psychotherapeutic practices in a manner that meets the unique learning requirements of new counselors (p.250).

Reaction to the Article:

Generally, the use of clinical supervision in the mental health field is a concept…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Emba Additional Details Hesitate Mail Thx

Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99676982

personal statement emba additional details hesitate mail.thx SARFARAZ IQBAL PATEL Dubai, U.A.E Mob # 00971506505573 E-mail: -- KEY PROFICIENCIES INCLUDE: • • Business Development • Recruitment selection • Motivation Reward • Key networking skills • Strategic Accounts • Employee Development • Relationship Development • Market Identification ? PROFILE Highly qualified professional strong background Sales, Sales Management, Business Development Account Management collaborative environments.

Personal statement: MBA

I have over twelve years of experience in sales and marketing leadership positions with my current employer Orchid Gulf FZ, an independent trading company specializing in luxury paper. As part of my work for Orchid, I have cultivated relationships with a variety of international companies, spanning from Fedrigoni (Italian), Mohawk (U.S.A), Schefeulen (Germany), to Terraskin (U.S.A). My position has enabled me to become fluent in a variety of business customs, cultures, and attitudes. I seek to broaden and develop this fluency over the course of…… [Read More]

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Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, one of the 'hottest' or most desirable to enter of all professions today because of the increasing cost of health care, because of the managed health care system's extraction of doctor's time and personal resources, and the aging of the American population as a whole. More individuals will need personal care, advice on taking prescriptions and managing health and illness, and greater attention than physicians can provide. But despite this supposed national health care trend, the definition of nursing remains the same. It is not a definition that every personality can accommodate. To be a nurse, one must put an individual and human face upon medicine for the individual patient, tailoring the doctor's instructions and requests for the individual in a flexible fashion that is still perfectly consistent with an accurate and high standard of care. It…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Beliefs Overview Leadership

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Key ethical beliefs and values about one's self and others

I am known as a socially aware leader, one who believes that the needs of society transcend the needs of any one person -- including myself. My idealism is also manifest in my style as a socially aware leader in that I believe the welfare of others, even when that may conflict with my own personal and economic self-interest, is more important. Of course, the greatest test of an idealistic, socially aware leader is when the leader's business or organizational goal conflicts with that of society. How to cope, for example, with working for an organization that causes environmental harm when one is an environmentalist?

Fortunately, I have never had to work with a company that placed me in such an uncomfortable ethical bind. I have tried to select organizations with whom I agree with, in terms of their overall…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Nursing

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Nursing Personal Statement

It took me a while to understand what a seizure really was. To my five-year-old mind it just meant that Faye, my aunt, writhed and convulsed spastically for several minutes at a time. It also meant that she might die, my mom told me, and I had to look out for Faye and make sure she didn't fall. I believe that I became a nurse when I was five years old, caring for my aunt during her illness and helping her to life a fulfilling life in spite of it.

I, too, have lived a fulfilling life in spite of a potentially dangerous disease. When I was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine, scoliosis, at the age of fifteen I faced a surgical procedure that could have left me completely paralyzed. I had more than one nurse doting over me in the hospital: from the one…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience With Animal Consciousness

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Scientifically, this might not really be 'thought' as it is likely that researchers would say it is simply rote memorization and a repeat behavior that has taught this animal what specific sounds coming from his owner require of him so that he can react a certain way. By so doing, he knows that there is an end result - a reward - that he will receive, and so he goes through the memorized process again. However, it can be argued that memorization is not the only thing that animals are capable of (Wynne, 2004). Another case of a dog 'thinking' about what he was doing came from a recent house fire that made the news. This particular dog was a service dog, and it rescued its owner from a burning house. After the person was rescued, the dog went back into the still-burning house in an attempt to rescue the…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience That Changed My Life Years

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Personal Experience that Changed My Life

Years ago, when I first came to the United States, I knew instantly that this trip would change my life forever. I was visiting my father in Manhattan, and was introduced to my American family for the first time. The experience of seeing them in this wonderful city was magical. I had always wanted to visit the United States and finally, here I was in the business capital, not only of the United States, but of the western world. The impact would stay with me long after my visit was over, and would shape my thinking in the years to come.

Since that time, I have had one goal; that of someday having the privilege of being able to study and work in this amazing country. I have completed two years of work at the Universite Dauphine with the hope of being able to…… [Read More]

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Training and Development

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Training can play an important role in organizational development. Organizational development is understood to be a "planned, organization wide effort to increase organizational effectiveness" (ODN, 2014). Training naturally plays a critical role in this process. De Silva (1997) defines training as "transferring information and knowledge" and equipping employees to put this knowledge into practice. Training therefore is a means of increasing the organization's total knowledge in order to increase its capabilities.

For a training program to be effective in improving organizational development, it needs to be focused on specific objectives that pertain to the organization's overall mission. By creating an alignment between the needs of the organization, through a skills assessment for example, a training program can be developed to increase the organization's capabilities in areas that are the most important. Knowledge and capability are of course only part of the equation -- by increasing organizational knowledge the potential…… [Read More]

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Training and Development in Small Businesses

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Networks of Boston

Key elements of training and development geared toward improving the performance

The three important Elements in training and development include:

Strategic Analysis

This factor will help the employees understand the strategic position of Tech Networks. It is critical to diagnose environmental changes and establish their influence on the company and employees. In training, strategic analysis establishes a view of the key variables that could affect the future and present performance of the company (Armstrong, 2007). When strategic analysis is conducted perfectly, it helps the company choose the best strategy for growth in the market. It will be beneficial to understand some key elements under strategic analysis.

The environment: Tech Networks would not exist without the ability to interact with a complex commercial, economic, technological, political, social, and cultural environment. Tech Networks of Boston is faced with changing environments. A precise understanding of the impacts is important in…… [Read More]

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Training and Development

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Human Resources

Training & Development

Coaching is becoming a key tool in helping executives and managers to grow and succeed. With the cost of corporate coaching increasing, the investment stakes can be high and a return on investment is increasingly valued by organizations. And organizations are getting better at coaching and learning how to benefit. One of the most important factors to the success of a coaching program happens before coaching begins: formal assessments. These can uncover areas of strength and weakness, drive an employee's motivation to change, and provide a roadmap for individual development. Assessment is also extremely useful in the growing trend of using in-house coaching by the organization's own managers or HR staff. The trend is to upgrade the skill level of the managers themselves so they can do this for people (For success with corporate coaching, begin with assessment, 2006).

DISC Report

DISC is a quadrant…… [Read More]

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Personal Can Ethics Get Discuss

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Therein was her first ethical dilemma: should she remain quiet about this, or should she share this information with others and see what their response will be?

Her boyfriend gave her worthy advice: keep this to yourself because if your boss is found to be accepting kickbacks, and this revelation results in his removal from the company, her unit may well be disbanded, or otherwise affected in a way unfriendly to existing employees. The fact that Valerie's work visa situation -- she did not have a "green card" -- was largely dependent on the good will and fairness of those in supervisory positions in her company put her in a tight spot. Moreover her ethical decision-making was also stymied temporarily because she was enrolled in a master's program at the University of Chicago, and her continuing with her education was predicated on getting high grades. If she got good grades,…… [Read More]

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Training Manual

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Human Resources Training Manual

Human Resources Job Descriptions

Purpose of the document. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the human resources job descriptions for a business account executive position. This assessment found the job description to contain all the important components, except physical demands of the job. The job description is clearly and concisely written. It would be useful to job applicants, supervisors responsible for performance evaluation, and human resources as a basis for recruitment and hiring.

Basic job responsibilities. The following is a list of basic job responsibilities for a business account executive. A business account executive:

Seeks and follows leads to acquire new business for her firm.

Seeks out / develops working relationships with purchasing decision makers.

Designs and delivers presentations highlighting company products and services.

Negotiates contract terms with clients.

Successfully closes sales

Works toward exceeding predetermined quotas by her supervisor.

Maintains contact with existing…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Accomplishment Personal Quality

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SOP Personal

I was the tallest one there, with or without my skates, and I felt gangly and awkward next to my companions. My friend gave me a pat on the shoulder. "It's ok, you look great!" Another girl said, "I wish I had your height. All the Olympian skaters are tall like you." They were just saying that to make me feel better. A growth spurt made me feel awkward on the ice.

While all the other girls stood up gracefully from the bench, I held onto the wall for support. The instructor scowled at me a lot, or at least, much more often than at the other girls. I didn't blame him; our competition was in just two weeks.

"Can you come in tomorrow morning?" he said.

I looked at him with confusion. "Sure," I said. Was I in trouble?

The next morning at 7AM, I showed up,…… [Read More]

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Training Needs Analysis Practices for Managers A

Words: 17400 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 42802134

Training Needs Analysis Practices for Managers: A Study of Saudi Arabia Private Firms

Training needs analysis (TNA) is defined by Mabey and Salman (1995:158) as a "process of collecting data which allows an organization to identify and compare its actual level with its desired level of performance." The authors also indicate that this performance could be interpreted as meaning the competencies and attitude necessary for the staff to do the job effectively. Moreover, Armstrong (1996:536) states that "training needs assessment is partly concerned with finding the gap between what is happening and what should happen.. This is what has to be filled by training ." Figure (1.1) depicts this gap.


The training Gap











Source: Armstrong (1996)

Gibson…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience One of the Most Significant

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Personal Experience:

One of the most significant experiences that also presented an ethical dilemma in my life was during a time when I was in a leadership position and was required to make a decision regarding recruitment of volunteers for a particular program. This program was for training young people regarding life skills issues at no costs since the participants or volunteers were basically required to be available and committed to the training for the three months period. The organization had a target of approximately 15 individuals though the advertisement for the program was made to a youth group of approximately 200 people.

Initially, the organization did not anticipate a huge turnout of interested people since many young people were skeptical about attending training sessions. The organization's expectation was also based on the fact that many young people had preference for entertaining events rather than training. As a result of…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy Leadership and Innovation

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1. Description of your leadership philosophy

a. Fundamental leadership concept

The main emphasis emerging from the transformational leadership concept is for nursing leaders to produce not just constructive but also valuation challenges for their subordinates and followers for the realization of the established organizational objectives. Based on Damirch, Rahimi, and Seyyedi (2011), the famous James MacGregor Burns created this design when researching governmental leaders; nevertheless, its good effect traversed to other fields and areas. In my situation, the importance given to the transformational leadership idea is related to its development of a higher-performing, dedicated personnel when used in health-care institutions. In medical centers as well as other treatment institutions, transformational leadership could be carried out within any institutional system or department like worker groups, divisions, sectors, as well as at the top leadership (Choi, Goh, Adam, And Tan, 2016). Essentially, this idea improves not just the inspiration but the overall…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Intended Major

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SOP Major

Despite of a global economic recession, China surpassed Japan in GDP to become the second-largest economy. This is great news but it disguises the real impact of China's economic growth on social and political affairs in the country. Housing prices are so high that most young Chinese people cannot afford to buy even the smallest house. Income disparity has grown between the rural poor and the comparatively wealthy urbanites. Compounding the problem are quality of life factors, such as water and air pollution.

I have myriads of questions and concerns related to my country's role in the world, and how it is addressing its domestic problems too. My interest in economics as a field of study stems from a personal understanding of the links between issues like GDP and growth to the underlying social and political problems in a country like mine. My parents helped me to see…… [Read More]

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Personal Reflection on my Sporting Competition

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Sporting Competition

It was a beautiful summer, as I was thinking about the junior world championship in Bucharest, I was very nervous and my legs literally felt like they weighed a million pounds each. As I climbed up the stairs and stepped on the mat, I felt as if I stepped onto a giant Tempurpedic mattress.

My feet sank in, and my heart was beating a faster mile a minute. I knew that the next thing to do is to read my daily affirmation before each match and this would calm me down. However, this was the world championships, the biggest stage that a boy of between 17 and 20-year-old could wrestle at in the world. I knew that going into the match is going to be a big challenge because I was up against a two-time world champion who had accumulated a lot of experience in the field.

Compared…… [Read More]

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Personal Professional Development Plan in Nursing

Words: 1720 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62510028

Vision and Interests

Personal VALUES

Influencing FACTORS


• Providing holistic, safe, and patient-centered care.

• Providing individualized attention to patients when delivering care.


• Model positive healthy behaviors.

• Maintain current knowledge and skills while engaging in self-enhancement through continuous learning.

• Uphold personal and professional standards of practice at all times during nursing practice.

Personal Experience

• I have previously cared for a sick family member before joining the nursing career. This influenced my choice to pursue a career in nursing.

Family Member(s)

• The family member I cared for influenced my decision to pursue a career in the nursing field.

Friends and Peers

• Most of my friends and peers are in the nursing field and have encouraged me to pursue a career in this field.



OPTIONS to Consider

PLANNED Accomplishments


• I will engage in continuous education to enhance my competence and…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience Rural Poverty

Words: 3469 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90265603


From a very young age, I came to understand what it means to be poor and underprivileged. I recognize so much more regarding the manner in which paucity touches numerous Canadians as well as the tussles they endure. As I am from a tiny out port municipality that earns their livelihood from fishing, I have seen numerous people with tiniest pay occupations, getting communal help, or Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. It was clear to me that my blood relations are engaged within the Fishing industry as well as claiming EI benefits throughout the winter season, I was aware just how difficult it often was to not have sufficient money on hand. Although we have always remained above the scarcity line and me along with my brothers and sisters have got used to receiving all that we ever needed, to some degree, we are aware about what happens when a…… [Read More]

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Personal Beliefs About Teaching

Words: 3270 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79322911

While there is only so much a teacher and a school system can do for a student, the school systems and employees within the same should do all that they can to inform and prepare students for adult life, the workplace and their place in society. There is so much to see in the news and other media that is very discouraging and disheartening. While at least some of that is emblematic of the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality, there are some practices and ideologies that need to change and evolve. To at least help put education on a better path, the author of this philosophy and plan will focus on several important aspects and ideas. These would include that everyone is worthy of dignity and respect, that our differences are a source of strength and inspiration, that bullying behavior is never acceptable, that all of us need…… [Read More]

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Training of the Metropolitan Police

Words: 12930 Length: 47 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50785881

Based on the foregoing considerations, it is suggested that the DCMP restructure their existing training programs and administration so that a more unified and centralized plan is in place, as well as providing for better instructor qualifications, evaluation, learning retention and more efficient and effective use of resources which are by definition scarce.

These broad general issues were refined for the purposes of this study into the research questions stated below.

Research Questions

What is the background of the District of Columbia area policy and community relations since World War II?

What are some major problems preventing positive relations between communities and the District of Columbia Metropolitan area police?

Can training programs of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department enhance community relations?

What training modules can be used to enhance relations between surrounding communities in the District of Columbia Metropolitan area law enforcement?

Significance of the Study

Research Design…… [Read More]

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Training Adult Vocational Specifically as it Relates to the Pawnbroker Industry

Words: 1212 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52595168

improve or hinder the effectiveness of non-workplace-Based training programs for the American pawnbroker industry?

Overview of the Industry:

In the United States, there are two main functions of a pawnbroker. The first is making small loans, secured by personal property. The second function is the sale of merchandise.

According to the Florida Pawnbrokers Association, loans are the high profit center for pawnshops. "The retail side also generates an average of 27% of the shops revenue. The Association stated, "In 1996, the nation's 9,100 pawnshops generated $4 billion in revenue."

Pawnbrokers are regulated in the United States mostly at either the state or local area. While there is no uniformity among the regulations, laws, or ordinances, it seems most are issued licenses, required to make reports to law enforcement, and obviously prohibited from trafficking in stolen merchandise.

The amount the pawnbroker is permitted to charge as fees and interest vary, but…… [Read More]

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Training and Development Within an Organization

Words: 1527 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86471483

Learning and Development

Business Studies Business Functions Major Subject: Human Resources Requested Essay Subject: Learning Development Please write essay explaining importance aspects training development business. The essay introduction, body paragraphs a conclusion.

Training and development are a major concern for employees in any organization regardless of private or public sector. For a majority of the employees, undergoing training and development are deemed as a source of job security and motivation. The vast majority of organizations have realized the importance of human resource as a driver for the organization's success. Human resources is the largest asset that a company can have and they are the drivers for all organizational goals and objectives. For example, an organization could have the latest technology that would help it reduce its costs, but if does not have competent employees to operate and use the technology it would not be able to meet its goals. This…… [Read More]

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Training New Employees Writing Benefits

Words: 3860 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 32837702

Ethics training for employees programs have to be carefully planned taking into consideration and setting standards for ethical behavior in the company and what the training is supposed to accomplish. Companies have to make ethical training mandatory for all employees setting a good example that no one is above the law. The ethics training should help the employees become familiar with the company's code of ethics, know more about decision making using ethical models. "Good ethical training provides training covering five basic aspects of ethical training, responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty and compassion. Compliance laws and other topics such as using internet, computers only for company related work and not misusing these resources, about work place romance etc. are an integral part of the training program" (Gordon, 2012).

The training has to supply information regarding reporting ethics violation to specific personnel and assure them that offenders will be punished harshly. This…… [Read More]

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Training Program for Performance Management

Words: 1032 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 15729097

Performance Management Training Program
Having nonperforming employees can be frustrating for any organization. So as an employer, it is necessary to ensure that your employees receive training and development that they need to up the performance of the duties assigned to them. We shed some light on when you must train and develop your staff for effective management. Notice that effective human resource planning is important since it ensures that training needs are met individually or collectively. It also ensures that performance levels are well managed. Human resources is a critical aspect as far as the employment relationship is concerned. (Douglas, 2017).
• Guidelines to treat the staff with respect and ensure that they learn from each other
• Understand the organization's goals and come up with a plan that helps to achieve these goals.
• Provide a feedback on the employee’s performance and try to highlight their strength…… [Read More]