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Training Program for Performance Management

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Performance Management Training Program
Having nonperforming employees can be frustrating for any organization. So as an employer, it is necessary to ensure that your employees receive training and development that they need to up the performance of the duties assigned to them. We shed some light on when you must train and develop your staff for effective management. Notice that effective human resource planning is important since it ensures that training needs are met individually or collectively. It also ensures that performance levels are well managed. Human resources is a critical aspect as far as the employment relationship is concerned. (Douglas, 2017).
Guidelines to treat the staff with respect and ensure that they learn from each other
Understand the organization\\\'s goals and come up with a plan that helps to achieve these goals.
Provide a feedback on the employees performance and try to highlight their strength…… [Read More]

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Training Program for Performance Management

Words: 1032 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 15729097

Performance Management Training Program
Having nonperforming employees can be frustrating for any organization. So as an employer, it is necessary to ensure that your employees receive training and development that they need to up the performance of the duties assigned to them. We shed some light on when you must train and develop your staff for effective management. Notice that effective human resource planning is important since it ensures that training needs are met individually or collectively. It also ensures that performance levels are well managed. Human resources is a critical aspect as far as the employment relationship is concerned. (Douglas, 2017).
Guidelines to treat the staff with respect and ensure that they learn from each other
Understand the organization\\\'s goals and come up with a plan that helps to achieve these goals.
Provide a feedback on the employees performance and try to highlight their strength…… [Read More]

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Personal Schedule to Complete the

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The last step is to get the Associate Director's approval. If other obstacles arise, I will seek simple solutions such as I was able to do with this barrier

XI. To whom will your final project be submitted? Did he or she provide input or criticism along the way? If so, what was it, and how did you react?

This project will be submitted to the Associate Director, as she is more approachable and available to discuss problems.

The Associate Director had an "open" workshop that students both looked toward and dreaded the outcome, because of criticism toward them.

Identifying the right incentive that will support the large variety of employee incentive and award programs in use today, that will appeal to all levels within the organization and is easy and efficient to administer can seem virtually impossible," said Springbok Services (2007).

Annotated Outline Grading Checklist

Rubric Activity

Possible Points…… [Read More]

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Personal Skills Relating to Management Occupation

Words: 2833 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14026778

Business Management

Skill Pre-assessment and Analysis Report

The key to successful management is a combination of a variety of skills relating more than just to "how well a person may know his job" but also to how skilled that person may be as a leader, administrator and how well they might get on with people, both around them, and working for them.

While a manager obviously needs to be able to fulfill the supervisory role in a competent manner, motivating his employees is vital in increasing the 'bottom line,' which is deemed as an acceptable measure of success in any management position.

One of my lasting impressions of what it takes to be a good manager comes from reading years ago about various management theories. According to management theorists there are generally two types of leaders that emerge, those that are product orientated, and those that are relationship motivated.

It…… [Read More]

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Personal Growth Development and Multiple Intelligences

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Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has yielded an abundance of research. Prior research has focused on multiple intelligences in the educational setting and also in career planning and development. Pearson, O’Brien & Bulsara (2015) contribute to the growing body of literature on multiple intelligences by applying the theory to a counseling or therapeutic setting. The authors predicted that the multiple intelligences training, which takes into account client preferences and cognitive orientations, would improve therapeutic outcomes. Using semi-structured interviews and multiple intelligences training for counselors, the researchers found that applying multiple intelligences to the therapeutic relationship helped to strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and help clients improve confidence and self-efficacy. Also, the multiple intelligences approach led to more solution-focused or positive orientations in the clinical setting.
The Pearson, O’Brien & Bulsara (2015) research underscores the importance of understanding the theory of multiple intelligences, and applying the theory to the clinical setting…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Applying for Medical School

Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64030364

career in medicine, I almost feel compelled to state that for myself, it is past considering a career in medicine, rather, I already have had several 'lives' in the medical field, although not one coherent career. My preparation has not only been academic. It has also been personal and work-related as well. Most of my existence, in addition my schooling, has been wrapped up emotionally and practically in the pursuit and practice of the field of medicine. I have a passion not only for the more arcane aspects of organic chemistry and biology, but also for the daily interactions of a primary medical care that comes from working with actual patients.

In my experiences at the Atlantic Medical Center in Chicago, I worked in an administrative capacity as well as conducting blood tests, blood pressure exams, EKGs, and also measured the height, weight and temperature of patients. I did this…… [Read More]

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Personal Recovery Journey Recovery for

Words: 2346 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47875360

But getting back to my supporter, because there is no chance that we will ever become close friends (she lives quite a distance from me), I feel I can open up to her and never fear her being critical of me. She recommends that I read the first-person stories from others who are recovering from various emotional and mental health problems. So, I have followed her suggestion.

An article in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal tells the story of Yin Fan, who fell into a "deep depression" and "did not understand what was happening to me" (Fan, 2007). She eventually found out she had a bipolar condition, but meantime she gave thoughts to suicide. She thought about "…jumping of tall buildings or walking out into the ocean and letting the water carry me away" (Fan, 313). I have not had such thoughts but I do understand how a person suffering such…… [Read More]

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Personal Cultural Diversity the World

Words: 997 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61218229

Not celebrating Christmas, and not having time off from school for Persian religious holidays, has always made me take great notice of the fact that I am "different." As I have matured, however, I have come to appreciate this difference, and to realize that everyone truly is "different" in many ways. It took me quite awhile to come to this realization and to fully accept my culturally diverse identity as a Persian-American, but now that I have I realize that the diversity I struggled with in my youth has actually given me a great advantage in modern society. I am already prepared and well equipped not only to "deal with" cultural diversity, but to actively engage and navigate a world where it is commonplace.

Learning to not only tolerate but to utilize cultural diversity in the workplace can be very difficult. Even something considered as standard by many people such…… [Read More]

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Personal Awareness of Cultural Bias in Social and Cultural Diversity

Words: 2763 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49030133

Cultural bias implies an emphasized distinction or preferential status that indicates a predilection for one culture, over another. It is often discriminative, and is characterized by an absence of integration in a group, in terms of social principles, codes of conduct, and beliefs. Cultural partisanship introduces the accepted behaviors of one group as superior, and more valued, than those of another lesser-respected cultural group. In my surroundings, most of the residents, and hence, patients are white, making us (Afro-Americans and Asians) minorities, feel different if not isolated. Such deferential factors are responsible for establishing where specific individuals live, and what opportunities are available to them, in the healthcare and educational context (Sue et al., 2009)

Question 2

The presence of cultural bias within the context of healthcare-related recommendations and decision-making gives rise to significant challenges. Well-documented inequalities in health status of different racial and ethnic communities, in addition to nationally-publicized…… [Read More]

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Personal Vision of Leadership Could

Words: 867 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A-Level Outline Answer Paper #: 85559610

And finally, in the case of a general manager overseeing a team of technical workers or workers that have more knowledge of the project than him or herself, delegation might be best.

The different combinations of leadership strategies will depend on the type of the organization in question; the relationship of managers to employees; and the objectives of the leadership. In general, I would prefer to be part of a company that emphasized more participatory and delegative approaches. This no doubt comes from the values I was brought up with: I want to work hard and to do a good job, but I like to feel as if I have a hand in orchestrating the success of the enterprise of which I am a part. I believe I have something valuable to contribute to the organization and to me a job is never 'just a job.' Leadership is most effective…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement in Fashion Design Essay

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Hereis an example of a personal statement essay that a student provided to a University where they wereapplying to their fashion design school. This document shouldserve as atemplate or guideline in completing your own personal statement. A personal statement is usually a requirement when applying for college or a job.
Personal Statement
I am a passionate fashion designer and advocate of good grooming. I perfected this art from the vast knowledge gained in fashion design experiences from Parsons the New School for Design. I have previously interned for Anna Sui, but currently interning for the production department at Samuel Style Inc. From my internships experiences, I learned about the problems I would encounter on job sites and much hands-on knowledge of the industry. With my passion and desire to be one of the best designers in the world, I have made a decision to pursue a graduate schooling at Integrated…… [Read More]

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Training Employees for Improved Risks and Rewards

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Risk and Reward Assessment
Nobody intrinsically possesses requisite skills for the proper supervision of children playing in a play area. Playground supervisor coaching ought to cover generic details linked to supervision as well as business- specific information. Bounce House must educate its playground staff on relevant processes, policies, obligations and tasks.
A major duty for when children are playing in a play area is adequate monitoring. Bounce House’s chief aim in this respect is safeguarding children against injury or reducing injury risks. The following 4 key elements are included in adequate supervision:
1. Presence and alertness
Playground staff ought to be present prior to commencement of play. Remaining reasonably close to the activity zones. Every child must be kept in one’s field of vision. Distraction from one’s responsibility is a big no-no.
2. Child behavior supervision and intervention
The play climate ought to be controlled. Children should not be allowed…… [Read More]

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Training to Education Lifelong Learning

Words: 860 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 59349259

All in all, adult education is a good thing but it might take a while for the old ways to catch up with the new. One thing is certain - once the forward step is made, it is almost impossible to go back.

2. What views about the impact of capitalism on adult education activities are represented in the readings?

In "From Training to Education," Kai-Ming explains how adult education became an integral part of manpower planning. In a socialist world, adult education was "not meant to be a second route for individuals' upgrading and upward mobility" (Kai-Ming). An individual's interest did not extend beyond the state's interest and there was "no room for personal mobility beyond the state plans" (Kai-Ming). The influence of the market has caused changes in the system and the way it used to work. Around 1980, the state began to allow private enterprises to become…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement of Phd in Pharmacy

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student, I am considering a degree that would provide me with the foundational knowledge to further advance my professional career in the line of Pharmacy. Healthcare has always been an interest for me, and I have a very strong wish to be able to work in those surroundings where I can interact fully with the patients. I have very good communication skills which would help me to interact and deal with different people at all times. By further studying Pharmacy, I would be in a responsible position and involve myself by consulting with different patients as well as advising them to take appropriate medicines for their treatment (Personal Statement, n.d.).

I have previously participated in PharmD training from Princess Bint Abdulrehman University in clinical rotations as part of Preceptor Training. Furthermore I have also worked in the Drug and Poisoning Information Center at King Saud Medical City (KSMC) as a…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Plan in Healthcare

Words: 1039 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97034893

Health Management (Strategic Plan)

How I will market the medical business

The success of the medical business will depend on the marketing strategies adopted to create consumer awareness. Marketing, the business, provides it with the opportunity to place itself in a highly competitive market and attract the potential clients in need of its services. As such, adopting multiple marketing techniques will provide the business with the required abilities to acquire the desired market share. One of the marketing strategies that will prove beneficial to the business is using the social media to market the business to the potential clients. Using the social media will entail creating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages that will be used for marketing a business. Advertising using the social media will create awareness among the potential clients and provide opportunities for referral for the new clients, hence, the success of the business. Promotional services such as…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy of Life What

Words: 1497 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77190555

Otherwise, it would be completely impossible to hold anybody morally or criminally responsible for anything, even the most horrific crimes. The basis of all modern legal and ethical systems is precisely that we are all capable of making conscious choices and, therefore, we are all responsible for our choices and our behavior. I believe that since we are all capable of making conscious choices, we are, therefore, also completely responsible for our choices and our behavior.

What do you consider to be beautiful and why?

In my opinion, aesthetic beauty is very subjective and almost completely in the eye of the beholder. Personal perspective often suggests beauty where individuals with a different perspective see none at all and vice versa.

Philosophically, I believe that beauty is also capable of being found in other areas outside of the realm of aesthetics. For example, the commitment to the health, welfare, and happiness…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Approach

Words: 1518 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38965044

Leadership and You

Leaders play a crucial role in the society and organizations, especially with regards to helping the organization achieve its objectives and purposes. These individuals use varying approaches to leadership that inform their practices in motivating organizational members towards the accomplishment of common objectives. Through their practices, leaders not only influence the behaviors of their followers or subordinates but also help in shaping organizational culture. The use of different leadership styles and philosophies is also attributed to the difference in concept and practices of the leader. Moreover, leaders can improve their effectiveness through adopting strategies that address the weaknesses of their leadership approaches since every leadership style or approach has certain weaknesses.

Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a term or concept that means different things to different people depending on the context of where the leadership practice takes place. As a result, different people have different definitions of…… [Read More]

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Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Words: 1271 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35901904

Health Plan for Life

How to Utilize a Nutritional Program to Attain Personal Health Goals

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be stressed enough. One of the main problems that plague our society today is a high percentage of overweight people. Indeed, struggling with weight is a lifelong problem for many in today's society, and this stems from the fact that both our food and our lifestyle has a great impact on how many live and eat. The aforementioned two facts refer to the fact that first, our food is produced very poorly and many eat the cheap, mass produced food instead of organic, farm-based food, and second, our lifestyle is highly dependent on cars, and is quite sedentary both in our workplace and often times at home. It is also important to mention here that stress also has a great impact upon how our diet fluctuates.

Nonetheless, and…… [Read More]

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Training Actors Vocal Skills

Words: 922 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67555647

Freeing the Voice

Linklater's (2006) book 'Freeing the Natural Voice', and the introduction to the book, have the aim improving vocal communication. One thesis which may be extrapolated from in is that the natural voice may be seen as akin to a musical instrument capable of a wealth of expression, but the ability of individuals to fully express themselves with their natural voice has been constrained by blocks and inhibitions present in modern society. Understanding this potential constraint, and how it may limit the use of vocal expression, Linklater presents a work that aims to help the reader develop their vocal skills.

The introduction provides a basis for the thesis presented above. It provides information on the type of blocks are constraints which exist, and how they may be overcome. For example, Linklater (2006) argues that the first steps in overcoming limitations which lead speakers to stay with in speech…… [Read More]

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Personal Development Reaction

Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 39702464

workshop was fascinating in that it taught me that there are many different ways to salary negotiation.

For instance, the common thought has been to decline from naming a price and stating that you would first like to reflect and discuss it with others; then do online or offline research in your chosen field to see average salary in your field. However, recent research seems to indicate, interestingly enough, that settling on a certain price, even as a joke can raise your salary. The researchers, for instance gave the instance of an applicant who joked that she would like to earn a million dollars. The interviewer raised her salary to $300 as much. Interviewers like to see someone who esteems themselves and their capabilities. It makes them esteem that interviewee more.

As regards other principles of salary negotiations, the tips are generally the following:

Be patient -- wait until the…… [Read More]

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Improving Business Performance Through Training and Development

Words: 2542 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97016792

Training and Development in Small Businesses

Effective training and development strategy

Training and development in business are paramount and particularly very essential in small businesses. Employees who have experience and competence contribute to both productivity and profitability of the business. For a medium-sized business to remain competitive, it requires ensuring the workforces gets maximum training and updating on ever changing skills and knowledge in the current global economy. According to Atwood (2008), training and development may prove expensive, but still it is worthwhile in reference to the achievement of long-term benefits of the business.

Dynamic Printers is a printing business that deals with printing services and sale of printing papers. It has 15 employees many of whom have been working in the business for the last five years. Such a business requires its staff to undergo continuous training to update on technology that is advancing every day. Apart from technological…… [Read More]

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Staff Training

Words: 2673 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 30757529

Training Program

Bradley Stonefield Limo Service Training Plan

Employees are essential the success of any organization. They have to carry out different activities, which assist the company to attain its business objectives. Various activities can be performed at diverse levels. Every level of activity might require a different set of skills and experience. Despite the fact that employees can be hired on a daily basis in agreement with job requirements, it is significant for any firm to train as well as develop its employees. This is necessary in helping them meet the changes in the business sector. Bearing in mind that the Stonefield Limo Services is a new company that is yet to be set up in Austin Texas, there is absolute need to ensure the employees are well trained and have the necessary experience and skills that will enable them to establish the company properly, albeit at an affordable…… [Read More]

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Nursing School Personal Statement

Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 88017797

Personal Statement

I am applying to study anesthesia nursing. I feel that this speciality is in demand, that I have an interest in it and an aptitude for it, and that this education will help to complement the skills and experience that I have already built up.

I have amassed to this point several years as a critical care nurse. In this time, I have worked at different types of facilities, and has seen how important the anesthesia role is, and that there are opportunities available for someone who wishes to form a speciality in this area. For me, I feel that this move is a good step in my development, building on the experience that I have so far. With several years under my belt, I have a pretty good idea of who I am as a nurse, and what areas are best for me to be in. As…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Training for Better Performance

Words: 997 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34914452

Training for Better Performance

Company Executives

Training for enhanced Performance

Benefits and Costs for Implementing Training Programs: For the Employees

And the Company

Skilled employees are a treasure for an organization. Such an employee is efficient and independent. Trained employees require much less supervision compared to the ones that are untrained. Training boosts confidence among employees. Training programs are useful because they save on the costs that would be incurred by hiring new people. Training and development programs constitute some of the best investments that an organization can make. They provide an avenue for expanding the management teams (Siddiqui, 2014).

The computation for the total training cost for each employee for similar organizations it I important to consider the specific costs incurred by each. Here are the five most important factors of cost that need to be considered in the computation.

Development costs, i.e. equipment and salaries

ii. Participant compensation…… [Read More]

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Two-Day Training Program for a Group of Twenty

Words: 2149 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 12581259

Training Program for a Group of Twenty

A Two-Day Training Program for a Group of Twenty

Performance appraisal occurs collectively when employees feel they are part of the larger group. This is based on the knowledge that a working environment may be challenging to an employee. In most cases, confidence levels often dwindle during various stages of human resource development and may result in poor employee performance. As a result, it is necessary to train employees regularly because this will communicate the company agenda to the employees' comprehensively. This proposal suggests a two-day face-to-face training program of the company totality of twenty employees. The proposal will adopt a Staff Self-Evaluation Program as a satellite initiative themed 'it is for your own good.' For this to be achieved, the proposal commences with a description on ethics guiding this program proposal. This section will also appoint the training needs, guiding the program.…… [Read More]

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My Motivation Towards Becoming a PA Personal Statement

Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 42255672

Physician Assistant Program Narrative

Personal Statement: My Motivation towards Becoming a PA

We all have dreams and aspirations. As a young child, my dream was to become a chef. When asked why I wanted to become a chef, my answer was always consistent; "I wanted to delight people by preparing them delicious dishes." As I grew up, I became more informed and my view of the world became clearer -- and it was then that I realized that deep inside, I wanted to end up in a profession that impacted positively on the lives of others. A profession that brought delight to those I interacted with. Then, something happened that completely convinced me that I would most comfortably serve in any of the helping professions. A couple of months after my 10th birthday, my younger brother got bitten by a dog in his face -- right below his left eye.…… [Read More]

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Human Resources for a Personal Financial Advising Career

Words: 1709 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31165608

Business -- Human Resources

Personal Financial Advising

Personal financial advisors review the financial needs of people and help them with investments, tax laws, and insurance decisions. Advisors help their clients recognize and plan for both long-range and short-range objectives. Advisors help clients plan for retirement, education expenses, and general investment decisions. Many also supply tax advice or sell insurance. Even though most planners offer advice on a wide assortment of topics, some specialize in areas such as retirement and estate planning or risk management (Personal Financial Advisors, 2009).

Personal financial advisors regularly work with a lot of clients and frequently must identify their own customers. A lot of personal financial advisors spend a great deal of their time advertising their services. A lot of advisors meet probable clients by giving seminars or by way of business and social networking. Identify clients and building a customer base is one of the…… [Read More]

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Employee Training and Career Development the Role

Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86944267

Employee Training and Career Development

The role of training in an organization's development

For organizations to ensure their employees are equipped with the right knowledge, abilities and skills to perform their assigned tasks, training and development assumes a critical role towards the success and growth of the business. When providing appropriate training, organizations ensure that their employees own the right skills for the business and these skills must be continually updated based on the best and new HR practices. To meet future and current business demands, training and development plays a strategic role in organizations. Employees are valuable resources capable of development to achieve organizational goals. There is a compelling need to develop employees because it contributes towards quality work and increased productivity (Koerner, 2013).

Training approaches adopted by any organization enhances employee turnover, reduces absenteeism and improves motivation. For organizations to stay ahead of competition employee training and development…… [Read More]

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Effective Counselors Their Personal Characteristics Their Value Conflicts and Pertinent Literature

Words: 2279 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 67380250


Their Personal Characteristics, Their Value Conflicts, and Pertinent Literature

The objective of this research paper is to discuss the personal attributes that are required in a physically and emotionally healthy counselor. A healthy counselor has a positive effect on his or her client. The field of counseling is becoming a significant part of people's life. This paper establishes its basis on the conflict of values of counselor and its effects. Another important aspect of the paper is to research about consequence of counselors-in-training interacting with clients prior to their master's level training. It will highlight the consequences of engaging in practice prior to the training and its effect on capability of handling the client's issues and queries. This could also lead to issues with the credibility of the counselor. These aspects are studied through literature and case studies done by other writers. Different researches conducted in the past are…… [Read More]

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Designing a Training Program

Words: 1955 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8109027

Designing a Training Program

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Selection and justify approach

Training objective based on analysis of the business

Training cost

Training method (s) to deliver the program

Agenda of activities for the training program

The training needs of an organization are derived on the basis of the present state of expertise and skills of the employees and the desired level of performance. The trainings are aimed to increase employee capabilities to perform tasks that are designated and at the same time it is also helpful in personal and professional development of individuals. The training needs analysis is a part of the process to assess the requirements of trainings and planning for the recommended trainings. The training needs analysis is carried out through various techniques proposed in various researches. The following sections highlights techniques for training needs analysis and a training is also proposed in accordance with the selected…… [Read More]

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Ethical Training Success and Failures

Words: 3400 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79115192

Ethical Training -- Successes and Failures

Ethical Training: Successes and Failures

Ethics are often thought of as black and white, but that is really not the case. There are many shades of grey, and what is ethical in some instances may not be ethical in others. Additionally, there are concerns when it comes to what one person thinks is ethical vs. what another would find ethical. That is often why there are so many discrepancies and issues to consider when one talks about ethics. It is not just a simple issue where a person can say that something is always ethical or not ethical. Instead, the situation must be considered, as well as the people and the circumstances surrounding everything. In many cases, the issue comes down to ethical training, which does not always work out well. The plan is to train people to act ethically, but training someone to…… [Read More]

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Relfective Analysis Reflective Analysis Personal Reflective Analysis

Words: 2700 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83025911

Relfective Analysis

Reflective Analysis

Personal Reflective Analysis as an Employee

Finding employment is one of the benchmarks of any person's life, and a job or training experience can be very rewarding, or it can be one of the worst events in a young life. The power of a work experience should not be underestimated especially when it comes early in one's working life. Since, work is a seminal part of a person's life, and a stark dividing line between childhood and adulthood, an individual needs to examine every youthful experience so that they can have better ones in the future. The importance then in the issues that occur at work is that they can be stepping stones to real solutions later on in a working life, or they can become progenitors of bitter feelings about work in general.

The focus should be on learning from experiences, but sometimes this is…… [Read More]

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Apple Inc And Training and Development

Words: 1720 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81128090

Apple's Training And Development: An Assessment Case Study

Apple is one of the most well-known brands on the planet. It provides amazing technology with stellar service to countries all over the globe. Apple has a high consumer reputation for representing the highest quality products and the most innovative technologies. In many ways, Apple is well on its way to fulfilling its goals of being the best in the market. In order to continue getting closer to this goal, it is imperative for Apple to develop and maintain a training structure that will best provide efficient and innovative minds to help contribute to the overall success of the company as a whole.

Mission Statement and Goals

Apple's mission is ambitious. The company aims to make "the best personal computers in the world" (Apple, 2012). Apple wants to combine amazing and innovative technologies with quality hardware to best serve the numbers of…… [Read More]

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Employee Training and Career Development

Words: 1266 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55387778

It is an observational learning technique. It is used to diversify training and helps in change of attitude. It also helps in interpersonal skills.

Outdoor training involves challenges which teach employees to work together as a team. It usually involves some major physical and emotional challenge and employees are observed on how they react to these difficulties. This type of training is beneficial as it shows the importance of working together with one another and building relationships and teams.

Relationship between employee development and organizational development

Organizations are dynamic. This makes jobs in these companies complex. This calls for continuous employee education. Employee training is a learning experience. It assists an employee to develop in his field. This brings about organization development. Organizational development increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. Employee training can achieve this is as it increases knowledge, productivity, contribution as well as loyalty of the…… [Read More]

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Technology in Training of Employees in What

Words: 2516 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75393622

Technology in Training of Employees

In what ways has technology impacted the way(s) we train employees?

The changing nature of the workplace environment brings with it a vast field of challenges in the organization. The aspect of the change being rapid makes the situation require adverse and quick reaction from organizations to ensure they remain on course towards their objectives. Thus, rapid change in the workplace brings with it the necessity for skilled and knowledgeable workforce, encompassing employees who are adaptive, flexible and focused on the future of their careers and the organization (Wentland, 2007). Among the most, significant duties of the manager in the workplace are the development of the staff. The manager has the mandate to facilitate employee growth and development if the organization is to achieve maximum gains from its ventures and transactions.

The concept of learning management incorporates the management of employee training. Traditional approach to…… [Read More]

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Communications Plan Communications Training Program One of

Words: 1080 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15707911

Communications Plan

Communications Training Program

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is keeping employees engaged and experiencing ownership of their jobs. In defining a communications training program, the need for equipping managers with the skills necessary to excel as leaders who can keep motivation strong is addressed. The book Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us (Pink, 2011) is an excellent book to base a communications training program on. Presented in this analysis are several reasons why this book is an excellent choice to build a communications training program around.

Creating and Sustaining Motivation

What makes Drive so compelling as a book to base a communications training program on is its orientation towards motivation as an intrinsic factor that can be nurtured and grown over time. A common criticism of this type of book is that it relies on pop psychology alone, and that in reality the…… [Read More]

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Employee Training in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

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Employee Training in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

Workplace training is vitally important for any company -- whether the company has mostly native-born experienced workers or a culturally diverse workforce including recent immigrants. But when it comes to training needs for culturally diverse employees there are strategies that should be applied and fine-tuned, and this paper addresses those strategies and tactics. Thesis: Old training models -- used by HR departments and in business colleges -- that are linear and simplistic should be considered outdated and irrelevant. The up-to-date training strategies do not stereotype cultures based on national cultural generalizations, but rather they approach cultural training based on individuals and their values and their ability to adjust to values in the new work environment.

The Literature -- The Future of Training and Development

The workplace that features culturally diverse employees is in need not only of training those whose cultures are different…… [Read More]

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Theoretical Orientation My Personal Orientation Lies in

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Theoretical Orientation

My personal orientation lies in Gestalt (Fritz Perls), Person Centered (Carl Rogers) and Reality Therapy (William Glasser) psychotherapy.

What do you see as the time frame of counseling? Are you more oriented to the past, present, or future?

I am oriented to present; however, I believe that many problems can come from the past. Therefore, the past must be discussed at some point.

To take this a step further, do you believe counseling is intended to work on current issues and feelings or to help people with issues and feelings from the past? Or, do you believe that people need to focus on their future feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I believe people should focus on their current issues first. However, every individual are different. Therefore, therapy should be aim at individuals' need.


What is your view of people? Do you believe people are essentially good, bad, or…… [Read More]

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Career Research Personal Financial Advisor

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Challenging markets can also be a drive of growth, as fewer people will attempt to manage their own finances.

With this much growth in the industry, it can be relative easy to find a job, if one is qualified. The qualification process is challenging, and acts as a barrier to entry. This bodes well for anybody with the relevant formal education and industry qualifications. If you have access to money (rich family who will invest with you, for example), your career path will be smoother. Most major financial institutions will advertise for entry-level positions in the industry. It should not be hard to identify opportunities in such a growing industry. The OOH states that there is going to be competition for new job openings because of the desirability of the career -- only the formal barriers should limit this somewhat. The work is similar to financial analysis, financial managers, and…… [Read More]

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Physical Therapy - Personal Characteristics and Motivating

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Physical Therapy - Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors

Pursuing Physical Therapy as a Career: Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors

There are many reasons why people pursue specific career fields. Some individuals engage in a particular career for the money, and others do it because they are interested in helping people or they find some other value in what they are doing. If a career is not rewarding in some way, it can be difficult to continue that career. Instead, people in this situation will often move on to a career that they find much more valuable to them, personally, or to society as a whole. I chose to pursue physical therapy as a career for several reasons, some of which are directly related to my own, personal motivations and some of which are more closely related to the value that my work may bring to others. I do not feel…… [Read More]

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Life Experience of Personal Care Assistants in Anchorage Cross-Cultural Caring of Older Adults

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Life Experience of Personal Care Assistants in Anchorage: Cross-Cultural Caring of Older Adults: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study

The increase in racial and ethnic diversity in the United States and specifically in Anchorage Alaska and the compelling evidence of ethnic health disparities (Smedley, Stith and Nelson, 2002) makes the incorporation of ethnogeriatric perspective into the practice of geriatric health care of critical importance. Reported are the "federally designated racial and ethnic groups…[of]…"American Indian/Alaska Native, African-American/Black, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino-American, and white/Caucasian-American…" (McBride, 2012, p.1) Also reported are "vast differences or heterogeneity…found between and within these categories related to health beliefs and practices, access and utilization of health care, health risks, family dynamics and caregiving, decision making process and priorities, and response to interventions and changes in health care policies." (McBride & Lewis, 2004; McBride, Morioka-Douglas, & Yeo, 1996; McCabe & Cuellar, 1994; Richardson, 1996; Villa, Cuellar, & Yeo, 1993;…… [Read More]

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Effective Training

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Knowledge, Skill and attitude:

The objectives of training include enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitude. Knowledge is the body of facts and principles accumulated my mankind in course of time. It is a complex of several related ideas. According to a working definition, knowledge is the matrix of impressions within which the individual situates newly acquired information (Clarke, 2001). From a business perspective, knowledge supports people to analyze situations, make judgments and take decisions, in the process telling what is to done, why, how, where, when and who should perform the actions towards achieving organizational goals. Skill is the ability to transform knowledge into action; it refers to the ability of people to use knowledge effectively and readily to perform desired actions and specific tasks. Skill is also defined as the ability to do something well from talent, training or practice.

The essential difference is that knowledge is to…… [Read More]

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Technical Writing Training in the

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In the Automobile Industry the company's brand becomes its signature. If the brand is good then everyone knows that. If the brand is bad everyone knows that too. Producing a high quality product along with providing good customer service is the best way to gain and keep customers.

A company's employees can only perform these functions at a high quality level if they are trained to do so. They can only work with the tools that they are given. Training should be considered the most important tool that they can posses. In the Automobile Industry each part of the chain is linked to the next. The production workers must be trained in order to produce top quality products. The sales people must be trained in order to sell the product that has been produced. The service people must be trained to diagnose and fix any problems that might arise. And…… [Read More]

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Supervision Portfolio Personal Philosophy and Supervision Forms

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The experience I had accumulated in my secondary days as a supervisor in mathematics also assists me in my place of work.

I also had experience as a supervisor in my workplace, which enhanced my development level as a supervisor. My development level as a supervisor also continues in my workplace before getting admission into the university. Before I got admission in into the university, I had worked in series of companies notably manufacturing companies. For example, I worked with Toyota Company for 5 years as an assistant supervisor. My working experience in the company has assisted my development level as a supervisor. In my working experience, I understand that it is critical for a supervisor to build working relationships with supervisees. Typically, supervisory-supervisees relationships enhance mutual alliance between the two parties. The supervisor and supervisees share responsibility of developing empathy, genuineness, warmth, emotional and reliability engagement to develop key…… [Read More]

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Most Important Area of Training for Modern Military Leadership

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Most Important Area Of Training For Modern Military Leadershi

Resiliency: The single most important area of training for modern military leadership?

The military life is invariably a stressful one and service in the modern military brings unique psychological and physical stresses to troops. According to Bartone & Armstrong (2009), the most important character that must be fostered in contemporary training is that of resilience. "Research over the past 25 years has confirmed that psychological hardiness is a key stress-resilience factor. People who show high levels of psychological hardiness exhibit greater commitment (the abiding sense that life is meaningful and worth living), control (the belief that one chooses and influences his or her own future), and acceptance of challenge (a perspective on change in life as something that is interesting and valuable)."[footnoteRef:1] Of course, technical competency is required and soldiers must be physically fit to withstand the rigors of combat.…… [Read More]

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Weight Loss From a Personal Perspective

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Gastric Bypass

Weight Management 3 UD Physical/Biological

Physiological Consequences and Health Risks of Excess Body Weight

Description of Concrete Experience: I chose to have gastric bypass surgery because I was dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes due to my weight. Over time, my weight had just continued to creep up until it reached a point that made it really dangerous for me. Additionally, back pain, knee pain, and joint pain were always present, and it hurt to walk and move around, so daily life activities were difficult to handle. I got out of breath when walking even short distances, and with that and the joint pain, exercising to lose weight was really not possible for me anymore. Even though I used to exercise, it was not something I could go back to until some of the weight was gone and the stress on my joints was lessened.…… [Read More]

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Nursing and Personal Experience

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Family centered care is a noble belief deeming family members and health care staff as equal partners and working collectively to address the needs of the kid. Competency rises when a system synergizes as nurses and patient / family member's honors each other's commitment to heath care. Patient family centered care is a continuous process in order to address the needs and duties of families (St. Jude Children's Hospital, 2014).

Words and concepts that describe this phenomenon

Dignity, respect, information sharing, participation and teamwork

Identifying terms (concepts) that can summarize, label or name this phenomenon

Each family and child is different: Families have diverse backgrounds, life experiences, customs and traditions, education, cultural values and notions. Care should be facilitated equally to all patients whilst catering the choices and needs of each family (St. Jude Children's Hospital, 2014).

Open communication between family, patients and healthcare staff: It's productive to openly voice…… [Read More]

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

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Personal Philosophy of Education

Education is the process of establishing a solid, long-term foundation for the future of society through the development, training and teaching of the children by guiding them into professional young adults. Education is literally creating and forming this country. Many people look at the teaching profession as a low paying, non-thankful job.

The visibility of a teacher's success is not only watching the children cite the ABC's or seeing their faces light up when they discover that 2 + 2 = 4.

The success of a teacher is also obvious on graduation night, and those graduates entering into the work place, landing that first high paying job, and succeeding at it. The results of the teaching profession is also transparent when inventions are created, such as the Internet, computers, advanced communications etc... In this essay, I will discuss my philosophy on teaching and which teaching methods…… [Read More]

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Exploring the Hobby of Photography Personal Narrative

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Personal Narrative: Hobbies

Everyone has one or two favorite photos of themselves, family members, or special occasions that they like to treasure. But for me, photography is more than a way of preserving memories. It is an art form. I love to take photographs that do more than simply capture a moment in time. A good photograph can reveal something about the subject’s character that they may not even have known existed. Or it can show a different view of something very ordinary that changes the gazer’s perspective on life. Although I do not have any formal artistic training, I love how the simple technology of an iPhone camera can give me a different voice in the form of being able to create permanent visual images of the world I see.

A good example of the power of photography can be seen in a photograph I recently saw showcased on…… [Read More]

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Athletic Training Whether to Win Marathons or

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Athletic Training

Whether to win marathons or to make it to the state football championships, all athletes need some form of training. Lately, increased focus has been placed on the specific importance of weight, or strength, training for the overall conditioning of a casual or professional athlete. The terms "weight training" and "strength training" are technically different, but often the two terms are often used interchangeably. Typically, weight training implies the use of materials such as barbells, dumbbells, and specialized machines, whereas strength training also employs isometric or callisthenic exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. An athletic conditioning regime will generally incorporate aspects of both weight and strength training and therefore the terms can be easily used interchangeably. Much physiological research has focused on the efficacy of weight training on the performance and physical conditioning of athletes. Weight training programs can be tailor-made for an individual depending on his or her…… [Read More]

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Future Issues That Will Impact Employee Training

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Future Issues That Will Impact Employee Training

Applying knowledge gained in the course

The emerging trends in workforce demography of any organizations are fundamental to determining the future of employee training. Hiring and training of employees significantly determines the success and future progress of any organization (Bradley, 2011). There is a difference between hiring and training processes. While an employer may hire qualified workers, it is not what the curriculum vitae is written which makes them produce results, but rather the kind of training and skills they have. A person may be good in passing tests, but when it gets to actual work, they cannot produce results. Therefore, in this line of thinking, the human resource department of every organization should set its concentration on the trends of employee training if better results are expected.

Employee training is a significant factor in management of an organization. Newly hired employees need…… [Read More]

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Leadership Training the Leader Is Interested in

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Leadership Training

The Leader is interested in aligning the beliefs and values of people with the overall goals and vision of the organization. In the Leadership role one can bring about change by providing direction, by setting an example, by motivating through inspiration, and by building teams based on respect and trust. A leader is focused on results rather than methods, systems and procedures. Leaders ask themselves "For what purpose?" And "What are the consequences for the system as a whole?" (Chait, 1997)

Different organizations offer various training programs for developing leadership skills in relation to planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. The following paper analyzes the subject matter of these leadership trainings from various training writings and programs, in the light of the aforementioned human resource and management functions within an organization.


Planning is concerned with the future impact of today's decisions. It is the fundamental function of…… [Read More]

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Comprehensive Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center

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Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center

This paper will focus on a security plan designated for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center. Here emphasis will be given on many things including facility assets that require protection, various threats which are directed towards the assets and the probability of loss. It is important to note that there are many complexes and facilities associated with the main training center and any plan offered should be a standard blueprint that can be applied at any of the facilities and all of them should be able to get interconnected with each other. Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to focus on that blueprint.

Introduction with brief overview

The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center is situated in Sykesville, Maryland. The facility is generally divided in two main centers which totals to about seven hundred…… [Read More]

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Requiring Ethnics Training to Employees Is Simply a Dog and Pony Show Why or Why

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Ethics Training for Employees

"Recently we have become aware of massive fraud and abuses that are tolerated and even encouraged by executives in large and formerly reputable organizations" (Lee, 2004). The Enron scandal sent ricochets through corporate America, causing literally thousands of people to lose their jobs and sending a major city into a deeper recession than that experienced by the rest of the country. Even seemingly minor corporate scandals have had a tremendous impact on both corporate America and on consumer confidence in corporations. One need only look at the recent media fury surrounding Martha Stewart's recent release from prison to realize that corporate misbehavior is the hot-button issue of the day. As evidenced by the abundance of "Free Martha" t-shirts, the negative impacts of corporate ethical issues are not always apparent on the surface. However, the fact is that abusive and illegal practices that have been permitted, and…… [Read More]

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Strategic Planning for Training Companies

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" Of these respondents, over 50% of them stated that they lack a disaster recovery plan (Anthes, 1998). However, most of the problems stem from the lack of communication at the corporate level. (Hawkins, et al., 2000).

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and other forms of strategic planning are no longer a luxury, but a must-have factor and an important element of any organisation's risk management system. Organisations are increasingly dependent upon it systems and infrastructure and eventually subjected to many risks, so business is inherently risky. How long can your organisation afford system downtime? How long does it take to recover a disaster; and, what does it cost? These kinds of questions are the ones that have to be addressed for BCPs. Also important, however, is using strategic planning to look toward the future and determine where a business wants to be at a specific point, so that plans to…… [Read More]

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HR Training Class Imagine a Member HR

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HR Training Class Imagine a member HR department a small retail company upper management asked create an employee customer service training class employees. 1. Justify an assessment company's proposed employee customer service training, stressing (5) ways assessment expose existing performance deficiencies.

Customer service training class for employees

Need for customer service training class

Our company has thrived as a result of customer satisfaction. We have managed along the years to not only maintain our pool of clients but at the same time to ensure that our references have driven our business further and extend our range of clients, our market segment, and most importantly our brand in the region. However, we operate in a very volatile and changing environment. Competition is the soul of improvement and we must always rise above the challenges the market poses and our competitors.

In order to keep our place on the market and further…… [Read More]

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Computer Training Program to Enhance

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Similar to the suggestions offered by Gahala (2001), Brody (1995) identified several traits to be considered when developing a comprehensive professional development program. Among those traits include the reputation of the trainer, the rewards available to the participants, both tangible and intangible, and the support of the administration. Traditional staff development models have required everyone to participate at the same time and in the same location creating problems such as scheduling, travel, space, and funding. Bintrim (2002) notes that web-delivered staff development allows teachers to log on and participate at the time of day that is best for them and at the pace they are the most comfortable with.

Burke (1994) concluded that the use of effective distance education programs for K-12 staff development should be increased to supplement face-to-face in-services due to the positive evaluations of K-12 educators who participated in the electronic distance education in-service programs. However, other…… [Read More]

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Difficulties in Recruiting Training Motivating

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5. Recommendations and Rationale on Motivational and Reward Systems

Two features are observed relative to the motivation and reward system at Alliance and Leicester. First of all, the motivational strategies do not include training programs within the incentives offered to the employees, but treat it as a different category. This approach should be addressed in the meaning that training ought to be presented as an incentive, as an opportunity to gain professional knowledge and set the path for future professional formation. In contrast with being offered training as an exclusive means of promoting organizational goals, this new approach would offer the employee a sense of belonging to the organization, being cherished, while also increasing his sense of stability for his future.

The second recommendation refers to increasing the levels of transparency relative to the reward system. Premiums and bonuses are generally scarce at Alliance & Leicester and even when they…… [Read More]

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Long-Term Training Program Over the

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Once this occurs, it means that a company can: increase productivity and maintain the kind of talent necessary to remain competitive in the future. (Gitman 2009) (Rothwell 2004)

Occupational Training Needs

At the same time, any kind of training program must take into account the different occupational needs for each position. This will be different from one job to the next, as the more critical roles will require additional amounts of training and follow up. While other positions, will have less stringent training requirement. Once the different individual strengths have been assessed, is when you want to begin placing each person in the appropriate training program for a particular occupation. In general, you want to focus on ensuring that the immediate and future needs of the most critical positions are staffed first. Then, you would want to begin filling the support positions with various employees. This means that you must…… [Read More]

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Project Leader Personal Learning Contract Learning Within

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Project Leader

Personal Learning Contract

Learning within organizations is vital to success. It is the lifeblood that grows and sustains human capital (Bassi & McMurrer, 2004; Noe, 2008; Senge, 1990) through human resource development (HRD) and the management of technology which, according to Thamhain (2001), is the key to competitiveness and wealth creation.

In this essay the researcher attempts to explore the challenges he will be facing as a leader and the competencies he will need to handle these challenges. The essay is divided into two parts. Part-I reflects the challenges, difficulties, scope and required competencies to be leader in the organization and how the writer will develop himself to fulfill the requirements of the role. While in Part-II the author has stated how to keep balance among personal and professional life.


Contract Title: What I want to work on. The leadership contribution and capability I want to build.…… [Read More]