Persuasive Essays (Examples)

Persuasive Essays (Examples)
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Grown More Mindful of How

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However, if I was rewriting my letter to Melfi, I would have used more research and included some specific citations, to substantiate my analysis. Drawing upon personal reflection is useful in appealing to the reader's sense of ethos or pathos, but logos is also necessary to be persuasive. I would have used statistics regarding the alcoholism rate amongst young people in the United States, for example, versus other countries. Although I criticized Melfi for not using sufficient logos in her essay, I think this is also true of my response.

Fortunately, I believe I have drastically improved in my ability to find credible and substantive analysis to support my argumentation. In my first draft on drug and alcohol policy at Drexel, I once again relied primarily upon my own personal impressions and gut instincts, rather than drawing upon research on the issue. I believe that I made a good point…… [Read More]

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Admit That I Was Not Confident in

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admit that I was not confident in my written communication skills. I felt that written communication lacked some of the emotion of verbal communication, and that even the emoticons used in casual written communication could be misconstrued. Therefore, I feel like having the exposure to different types of business writing and the standards and norms associated with them has been helpful. For example, I had no idea how to write a negative letter without jeopardizing an existing business relationship. When I came to understand that my purpose, "when sending a negative message, [was] (ironically) not to give bad news but to create goodwill around the bad news," I realized that business communication was substantively different from personal communication (Stubbs, 2009).

I think that the work that I did in class shows improvement over the course, and that was my goal in the class. It is difficult for me to look…… [Read More]

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Public Grooming Case the Case Public Grooming

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Public Grooming Case

The Case: Public Grooming

Noise is not a persuasive sales pitch. The other day, a friend of mine mentioned how outrageous the noise levels have gotten in commercials; she stated that now, she immediately mutes her television before a commercial break starts because the noise level is so irritatingly loud, much louder than the program itself even. I had to agree with her, and why is it that we passively accept the noise of commercials, allowing for noise levels that are extreme to the point of being unhealthy. And notice that I use the term "noise" when referring to the sound from commercials: this isn't music or speech that I'm talking about -- it's so loud that I don't even notice what is being said but only how loud it's communicated.

I understand the method behind the loud commercials; people get attuned to the program they're watching,…… [Read More]

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Impressions of War the Most

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" There is a more calm feeling to his description. This is not to say that the author was portraying war as being a patriotic act, but the author was not as graphical in his describing what the soldiers were seeing and going through. The reader is more connected to the actions of the poem and not the fact that someone is dying. He ends his poem by referencing "hell" and the reader is left wondering whether the hell that he is referring to the war that is being left behind, or to dying itself.

3) Rites of Passage Activity

In speaking to my grandmother, I was able to find out what it was that she took when she first left her home. At the age of sixteen, she was married to my grandfather and was getting ready to start her knew life as a wife and very soon, as…… [Read More]

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World War I Journal Exercise

Words: 2142 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26854295

Lesson 6 Journal Entry # 9 of 13

Journal Exercise 6.4B: Responding to Literature

Modern British Poetry

Lesson 6 Journal Entry # 10 of 13

Journal Exercise 6.5A: Responding to Literature

The poem was written in 1919, which is immediately after the First World War. I think that Yeats is, on one hand, enthusiastic about the end of the world and the coming of a new era. On the other hand, I think he is also a bit circumspect about what this new era is likely to bring about: more anarchy? The fact that the world has escaped the tragedy does not mean that it is over the hurdle yet: it can still spiral out of control, just like the hawk in the poem.

The second poem refers to the death of one's father, while the first has an ever presence of nostalgia throughout the writing. In both cases, many…… [Read More]

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Marketing Development of Beverage Dear Marketing Team

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Marketing Development of Beverage

Dear Marketing Team

ABC Company

Marketing Development of Beverage

As our company is in the process of marketing development of a new beverage, I am determined to have the impressive launch of the product. In this regard, I am analyzing the advertisement strategies of various players in the same industry. This practice is carried out with the perspective of applying the plus points of the advertisement in our advertisement and avoiding the pitfalls. As we have ready samples collected from industry, we can evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement and manage to get the desired results out of it.

In my discussions with people, I got to know that they like advertisement of Coca-Cola. I also felt that Coca-Cola has monopoly in certain areas and people are loyal to it (Mennen, 2010) as their forefathers were also fond of this drink. I searched for the ads of…… [Read More]

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English Have Learned Valuable Communication

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A appreciate the fact that this English course also included sections on writing effective narrative papers. I found narrative papers to be fun to write because they involve storytelling and rich descriptive language. I feel more creative writing narrative papers, which is why I prefer writing them, as opposed to research papers. When we write narrative papers, I can draw from personal experience, which makes the writing process easier than it is during the process of writing a research paper. Also, the techniques of writing narrative papers differ from the techniques of writing research and persuasive papers. Organization and focus is important, but the paper can be less formal in a narrative essay.

A found literary analysis papers to be among the most difficult to write. I found it very helpful to encounter some of the common techniques for approaching literary criticism. Learning about the different formats such as MLA…… [Read More]

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Rhetorical Stance Doctor Martin Luther King Jr

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Rhetorical Stance

Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated four decades after his death because he was an effective and persuasive civil rights advocate. A holiday marks the birthday of Doctor King because of what he accomplished using nonviolent civil disobedience in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi. However, the holiday also reminds students of English, of History, of Speech, and of Law how to be a persuasive rhetorician. King was so effective and persuasive precisely because he was an enormously powerful wordsmith; King was uniquely able to translate overwhelming emotions and sensitive subject matter into logical, well-formed, and inarguable stances. As a result, his "I have a dream" speech has become a part of common vernacular, as have several original sayings derived from his speeches and writings. Statements such as "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" have become so famous that many people would actually be hard-pressed to…… [Read More]

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Persuading With Political Speeches Some

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In my opinion the emotive words and euphemisms have not distorted the events or issues in any of the speeches because they were meant to clearly and forcefully show their audiences that war was the only solution for the injustice they incurred at the hands of the enemy. To me the most persuasive speech was given by Roosevelt because it illustrated the gravity of the decision America faced after suddenly being attacked by an enemy state. The next most persuasive speech was given by Churchill because it showed the British that they needed to quickly respond to the oncoming onslaught by an enemy state. The third most persuasive speech was given by Bush because it clearly explained who attacked America on 9/11 and why, and it explained that this enemy's intentions involved global dominance therefore it had to be stopped. The fourth most persuasive speech was given by Bin Laden…… [Read More]

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Outsourcing and Labor Unions

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Outsourcing Jobs and Labor Laws

Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries Without Fair Labor Laws

government currently does not prohibit companies from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries that do not have unions and/or fair labor laws. Whether this practice is acceptable or should be stopped is worthy of consideration. There are two main reasons for researching this topic. First, the cost to outsource to foreign countries is often much less than the cost to pay employees in the United States to do the same work (Baldwin, 2006; Dine, 2007). That means that the profit for the company can be larger, and the amount customers have to pay for the products can be lower, which benefits both the customers and the company (Panitch & Swartz, 2003). Second, not all countries have the same types of labor laws, and some countries have no unions and few labor laws at all (Schifferes, 2004). This…… [Read More]

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Observing Communications and Interactions

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89905110

Communication and Interaction

Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Faulty communication causes the most problems. It leads to confusion and can cause a good plan to fail. (Clark, 2000)

In any kind of profession and industry, communication plays a vital role in the smooth operation and management of a work environment. In a hospital environment, it is a very important element to observe proper communication and interaction to allow an effective workflow and service that hospitals must render to its patient.

One example of communication technique is gender communication. This type of communication involves an interaction between males and females. Gender communication is usually demonstrated in work-related interactions of the hospital staffs such as the male doctors and the female nurses. This communication technique was effectively shown by the doctors and nurses during discussion of patient status. Through…… [Read More]

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Rhetoric and the Public Sphere

Words: 1381 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61514367

Rhetoric and the Public Sphere

As the iconic co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., and the innovator responsible for revolutionizing the way humanity communicates in the modern world, Steve Jobs was uniquely positioned to understand the immense persuasive power of rhetorical ability. Throughout his storied career Jobs' reputation for effectively communicating visionary ideas was exceeded only by his preternatural ability to persuade, shaping public perception and convincing consumers time and time again that the latest Apple product was an essential addition to their lifestyle. When Jobs took the stage to deliver his now legendary commencement address to the 2005 graduating class at Stanford University, the late multimedia mogul responsible for the Macintosh personal computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, along with a wide array of similarly groundbreaking advances in computing technology, was poised to present his own life as an allegory for the dogged pursuit of one's personal passion. In doing so,…… [Read More]

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Wild Oats Promotion of Wild

Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33026407

Finally, by offering purely informational material on its Internet site, it draws additional traffic from web-surfers who may be looking for information regarding the benefits of 'going organic,' and after becoming persuaded about the general superiority of such produce, decide to make their next grocery store trip at Wild Oats.

Types of sales promotions used

Like most grocery stores, Wild Oats pulls customers into the store through the weekly promotion of different, popular seasonal items. One blurb on the website reads: "What's on sale." Click onto the link, and the web-surfer can type the zip code of his or her local store, and find out what is on sale. Also, Wild Oats offers consumers weekly email notifications of popular sale items, usually on seasonal or locally grown produce -- but also on vitamins and natural body products. The fact that customers also can type in their store's location, as different…… [Read More]

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College Students Step-By-Step Through the Process of

Words: 2807 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27581665

college students step-by-step through the process of writing the many different forms of essay that will be required of them during their collegiate career. Though by no means all inclusive, this guide will take you through the process of writing the typical styles of essay that will be assigned in most college curriculums. The guide does not focus on one specific type of essay but rather discusses several different types of essay typically required of college level students.

Writing a college paper is challenging if you aren't armed with the tools necessary to achieve academic success. Each essay must be crafted and designed with certain content requirements in mind to ensure academic success.

There are many different types of essays you may be required to write while in college. This guide will help dissect each different type of paper or essay, and provide you with critical information regarding structuring the…… [Read More]

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Loss Read P 305 Leaving

Words: 7913 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75963209

" The differences in these two lines seem to be only a matter of syntax but in actuality, it also differs in the meaning. The King James Bible version makes it seem like the Lord is making the individual do something, as if by force or obligation, while the Puritan version states that the Lord causes the individual to do something, as if out of their own will. This alone relays the message that faith itself is driving the action, not a perceived obligation.

Another distinction between the two translations can be found with the lines "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: / and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" (King James Bible) and "Goodness and mercy surely shall / all my days follow me. / and in the Lord's house I shall / dwell so long as days…… [Read More]

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Correspondence Bias and Why Might it Occur

Words: 2232 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40719035

correspondence bias and why might it occur? Are there cultural variations in the correspondence bias?

In the practice of social psychology, correspondence bias or also known as the theory of fundamental attribution error will refer to the over-valuing of explanations that are based from personality perspective under circumstantial situations. This process can lead into misunderstanding between one or two parties that include communities, societies, and groups that are living within the same area or different area. This can be considered as a form of stereotyping incidents for the reason that there are false beliefs and perceptions regarding a particular individual or group with respect to their daily routines and practices. There are cultural variations in the correspondence bias for the reason that discrimination regardless of age, race, and gender can be a perfect example for this case according with their demographical orientation and capabilities as pointed out by Bundel (2011).…… [Read More]

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People Consider There to Be Two Kinds

Words: 1342 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25853669

people consider there to be two kinds of thinking. "Convergent" or analytic thought we normally relate to mathematics and science. In this method of thinking things already thought to be related are demonstrated as connected logically. The second kind, "divergent" or associative thought, is closer to Freud's notion of free association (Gabora, 2010). In the first kind of thinking, relationships are proven instead of sought and in the second kind, they are sought and experienced rather than proven. Sometimes we categorize the first as scientific thinking and the second as creative.

Convergent Thinking

Convergent thought is usually supposed to be linear. Two models can be used to describe it, the first being an equation based on logic and read left to right in a chronological sequence. First comes A, then B, then C, following one another in a sort of logical, step-by-step sentence form. The other model would be in…… [Read More]

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Turmoil in Pursuing a Higher Education

Words: 1862 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44471963


Considering your analysis of your audience, how do you plan on gaining their confidence and respect and touching their emotions, and what style choices will you make in order to do so?

My audience will consist of college students and professors. Therefore, the audience will be an academic one, concerned about issues related to academia and scholarship. I plan to gain the confidence and respect of the audience with the rhetorical foundations of pathos, ethos, and logos. First, I will offer background information about myself to establish personal credibility. I will relay anecdotal evidence from people that I know. This way, I will be creating ethos and bolstering my argument. Next, I will create an emotional connection with the audience by relating my topic to their personal lives. I will inspire and motivate my audience to make meaningful changes based on the information I will present. The information will…… [Read More]

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Positive Effect of Taking Vitamins

Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67952730

I noted also how hard work pays off: which is the central idea or thesis of the narrative essay. Because a narrative essay is by definition less formal than an expository one, the baseball scholarship piece is not as structured or divided into sub-sections. However, I do use transitions between paragraphs in the form of clauses like "Before I stepped up my training..." Those clauses helped enhance the flow of the narrative in the same way transitional words and phrases helped the flow of writing in the vitamin essay.

In the sports narrative, I also employed stylistic techniques that would have not worked in an academic essay like the one on vitamins and health. For example, in one paragraph I used a series of parallelisms that serve as a literary device such as those used by poets: "I started to lift weights and train rigorously. I watched what I ate.…… [Read More]

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Beowulf as a Hero Lesson

Words: 8817 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 81934961

Your answer should be at least five sentences long.

The Legend of Arthur

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 9 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7A: Honor and Loyalty

1. Consider how Arthur's actions and personality agree with or challenge your definition of honor. Write a few sentences comparing your definition (from Journal 1.6A) with Arthur's actions and personality.

2. Write a brief paragraph explaining the importance or unimportance of loyalty in being honorable.

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 10 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7B: Combining Sentences

Complete the Practice Activity on page 202 of your text. After completing this activity, read over your Essay Assessment or another journal activity you've completed.

* Identify three passages that could be improved by combining two or more sentences with coordinating or subordinating conjunctions. Below the practice activity in your journal, write the original passages and the revised sentences you've created.

* Be sure to…… [Read More]

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Audience of Ancient Writings Plato's

Words: 1571 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69399489

Still, the central message of the book was peace within the self and towards others, although it does also advocate self-defense. The Koran for example states "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors"

Human beings are to control their baser instincts, even when injustice has wounded them in some way. There is "great reward" for those who answer the call to become pure

3. Persuasion of Writing

When considering the Muslim audience today, one might say that the work is extremely persuasive. Muslims today still accept it as the ultimate spiritual guide directly from God by means of Muhammad. However, there are some unintended consequences for the modern audience. The term Jihad in the book for example, is meant to denote the spiritual quest for purity as required by Allah. Some extremists have however translated this to…… [Read More]

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Anthropology An Analysis of Two Articles the

Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48810862

Anthropology: An Analysis of Two Articles

The Gender and Labor Politics of Postmodernity" by Aihwa Ong and "Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Community" by Arjun Appadurai both offer perspectives on the impact of the changing global economy. These two articles will now be analysed in turn. This involves describing the main argument of each article, considering how each article is persuasive, considering how each article is confusing, and finally, considering how each author either agrees or disagrees with the ideas of other scholars.

In "The Gender and Labor Politics of Postmodernity" Aihwa Ong discusses the situation in the modern industrial work environment, also focusing on the role of women in this environment. Ong argues that there is a gap between what the literature says is happening and what the real experiences of workers are. In the essay, Ong attempts to show what the real situation is by looking…… [Read More]

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American Social Thought Literature

Words: 1126 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26490112

Memoirs are effective forms of writing to use for a number of reasons. As a 20th Century American, one can look upon memoirs as both a telling of a time past and a time present; memoirs show a piece of our history, and thus by extension a piece of one's own identity as an American.

A less effective form of writing is that of social science argumentation, which asks us to believe various results of tests, polls, and studies. While an effective means of persuasion, it is not quite as stirring as that of the 'simple' memoir, or story of our 'own' people.

This paper will examine two writings which have been studied this year- that of Margaret Meade's "Coming of Age in Samoa" as well as Whittaker Chambers's "Witness." These two memoirs show different sides of America, and Americans. Meade's "Coming of Age" speaks of a time when she…… [Read More]

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Winston Smith Is the Hero of the

Words: 1206 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83889590

Winston Smith is the hero of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell. Winston's ultimate failing is not the failing of a human being, instead it is a symbol of the ultimate power of the society.

Persuasive technique - definition, personal observation)

In literary terms a hero can be vaguely defined as the main character. However, further to this the character needs to be superior, of good character or extraordinary in some way (Baldick 98). Winston Smith is the main character in 1984 and he is extraordinary. What is most important in understanding this is realizing that we must not compare Winston with modern man in this society, but with modern man in the society of 1984. This is one of the key aspects to understanding, to first understand the society he is existing in. This society is one where the people are completely controlled, with the people having…… [Read More]

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Thoughts in the Presence of Fear

Words: 1097 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80384954

Presence of Fear" (2001) the author argues for the need to come to peace and terms with what we are as a society, wasteful, selfish, and entitled. He makes his argument convincing by stating something that can relate to everyone, and picks topics that covers almost every type of person that will end up reading this piece. He presents his argument relatively well by enforcing upon his readers examples of how as a society, we have become our worst nightmare, dependent on the suffering on the lack of well-being of others and our surroundings, and he does so in a way that makes his comments and opinions relatable to a large proportion of readers. It is this concept of making the reader feel comfortable and making them feel like the piece is written for them, that makes the author's argument persuasive.

The author's argument is very well-rounded in the sense…… [Read More]

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Sales and Marketing to the

Words: 700 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 42130562

Sales staff members, when they do look at quantitative data or consumer studies are more likely to be concerned about recent consumer's buying patterns -- the sales department focuses on what seasons were slow or strong, for example, rather than strive to predict evolving market trends, based upon long-term data about consumer psychology. Marketing is more future-focused, then focused on the present.

This difference of approach is likely rooted in the different cultures of the sales and marketing departments. The sales department tends to be more of a fast-based, cutthroat 'baseball team' culture, where every individual is for him or herself, and wants to distinguish his or her reputation at making the highest numbers of sales. Marketing tends to take a slower pace, to be more methodical, and, as it has more MBAs than former salespeople, is less individualized and more focused on improving the company, its brand, and its…… [Read More]

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Interview and Resume Preparation

Words: 2557 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 44066223

The person/message feedback reflects whether the focus is on the person who sent the feedback or the message. The immediate/delayed one is focused on the timeline of the feedback. The monitoring one has to do with the spontaneity and sincerity of the feedback. Finally, the supportive-critical one reflects the divergence or convergence of the feedback with the original message.

Self-centered feedback is a combination of the feedback types previously mentioned, being a person-focused one, most likely supportive, intentional and positive. This type of feedback can enhance the communication content if it reflects a sincere, unbiased opinion, but because it's likely to be subjective, it can distort the feedback message and implicitly become detrimental to the communication.

6. Interviewing

It is said that non-verbal communication accounts for more than 90% of the message sent out in an interview. In fact the verbal content weights only 7% of the message the interviewer…… [Read More]

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Letter From the Birmingham Jail by Martin

Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71230032

Letter from the Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King, Jr., and "A Letter from the Clergy" by some leading spiritual clergy in Birmingham, Alabama. Specifically, it will summarize the two letters. Both of these letters provide compelling reasons for what the authors believe in, and they are both very persuasive and convincing in their own way.

The clergymen believe that King's actions, in creating a march that led to many arrests (including King's own arrest), is the wrong way to attempt to gain civil right for black Americans. They believe that these measures are "extreme" and not necessary for the circumstances. They write, "We also point out that such actions to incite such hatred and violence, however technically peaceful these actions might be, have not contributed to the resolution of our local problems" (Miller 486). This is persuasive for a number of reasons. First, the clergy note that even peaceful…… [Read More]

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Advertising and Word of Mouth

Words: 9576 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 41357392

(Snyder & DeBono quoted in Kjeldal 2003, Introduction section, ¶ 6).

The results from the study Kjeldal (2003) conducted with 70 participants in two stages suggest that the word association responses high self-monitors (HSMs) produce reflect selective activation of a personally meaningful, experiential, system. The responses low self-monitors (LSMs) produce, on the other hand, indicate an intellective factual system.

2. Decision Making Process Theories

Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher (2009), an Associate Professor at theUniversity of California, San Francisco, identifies a number decision-making criteria in her report, "Adolescent decision making: an overview." According to Halpern-Felsher, determinations of definitions for a competent decision, the process of how the decision was made, differ dramatically. The actual behavior or outcome, albeit, does not determine competent decision making, however, during the normative model of decision-making process, one does consider the consequences to not choosing a particular behavior or a specific event.

Normative models of decision making,…… [Read More]

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Sales Persuading the Next Generation

Words: 1740 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 13580581

It is far more difficult to move into sales later in one's career, without sales experience on the resume. Regardless of what transpires in their sales career, resilience is a quality all salespeople will learn, and resilience is the bulwark of every career: "As meeting clients and encouraging them to purchase your products is the core of the profession, good interpersonal skills are a must, as well as a degree of resilience. 'No' is an answer you may hear often, particularly in the early days of your career" (How do I get a job in sales, 2009, Target jobs). The resilience learned in sales is the glue, the personal mettle that will keep every employee emotionally and professionally whole through trying times, regardless of the industry he or she ultimately chooses.

Works Cited

Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers. (2009). U.S.

Department of Labor and Statistics. Occupational Outlook…… [Read More]

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Organizations Over the Last Several

Words: 1954 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63488801

A good example of this can be seen with the organization's program for addressing various health issues affecting families to include: the nutritional needs of mothers / newborns, preventing childhood obesity and vaccinating children against a number of diseases. This is significant, because it shows how Save the Children is playing a vital role, in helping to promote nutrition. Where, children are learning to maintain a balance between malnourishment and obesity, with these two challenges continuing to affect large numbers of children around the globe. ("Success Stories," 2010)

Clearly, UNICEF and Save the Children play a vital role in helping to support and promote various issues affecting them. Where, they will engage in similar activities such: as advocacy, education, health and nutrition. Yet, when you look a little further, it is clear that the mission of these two organizations will begin to deviate. As UNICEF will provide greater control to…… [Read More]

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Edward Glaser 1941 Believed Critical

Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92478668

Scientific thinking is related to the scientific method, a four step process of observation, hypothesis formulation, experimentation, and verification. Observation is the process of examining the world, events, nature and other phenomenon which make individuals question and wonder about the many causes and effects of how things work. A hypothesis is commonly derived by formulating if-then statements. For a hypothesis to be proven experimentation must take place. Experimentation is the process of testing a hypothesis in a controlled environment and results are then documented. Verification is the analysis of data to see if the data supports or disputes the hypothesis (Schafersman,1997).

Critical thinking is an intellectual habit that can be developed through practice. Logical and scientific thinking are rooted in objectivity. These methods employee steps and techniques to arrive at conclusions through series of procedures designed to prove validity.

Critical thinking can also be used to advance selfish motives. It…… [Read More]

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Metaphysical Poetry Journal Exercise 3 1A

Words: 3452 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 67044569

The Lord will lead one to safety always. One can simply believe in something higher to get the meaning of this; it doesn't have to be Jesus. Psalm 127, contrarily is confusing because it states that unless the Lord builds the house, it is built in vain. This seems to be more literal, but I do get the idea. Unless the people building the house are doing it with the love of the Lord in their hearts, or building it for him, then what is the point?

Didactic poetry can be quite comforting as seen in Psalm 23 or it can be much too literal and seen as both confusing and condescending. Psalm 127 isn't very instructive spiritually speaking, unlike Psalm 23.

Updated Proverb: A broken toe can hurt, but a broken heart can kill.

Metaphors: Obscure or Illuminate? Didactic literature with its use of metaphors can sometimes obscure the…… [Read More]

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Aristotle and the Canadian Political System

Words: 991 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 71847294

Aristotle Politics

Justin Trudeau's election as Canadian Prime Minister represented a generational change in the country's politics. While there was a general belief that he was not ready to be Prime Minister, Trudeau used political skill and craftsmanship during the long election campaigns to defeat experience politicians. His election not only represents a generational change in Canadian politics but also has significant impacts on governance. In a recent phone call, he has indicated that he wants to re-establish the country with a new political system. This is influenced by the talks he has had regarding different kinds of political systems i.e. oligarchy, democracy, and the middle class. For Prime Minister Trudeau to choose the best system to rebuild the Canadian political system, an understanding of each of these systems is important.

One of the people who made significant contributions regarding oligarchy, democracy, and the middle constitution is Aristotle, a Greek…… [Read More]

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Communication Kelley Services Staffing Solutions

Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24789276

The author tries to take credit for making those two movies into hits.

2. Disinterested -- there is no compelling reason provided as to why the audience should care. The writer does not address the needs of the audience. Moreover, the writer has obviously not proofread the letter. The entire presentation is sloppy and unprofessional.


What is the main idea of your message in relation to audience need?

That I offer a service that is of value to the audience

What are the additional ideas of your message that respond to audience needs?

The author has a positive history with the audience

The author was a success when employed by the audience

The author has enhanced their skills

The author has built a track record of success

The author would like to renew the business relationship

It is to the benefit of the…… [Read More]

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Speech or Letter Currently There Is a

Words: 864 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33913860

Speech or Letter

Currently there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the issue of the reinstatement of the draft in the United States. There are rumors and whispers rampantly floating through the media that are frightening the general public, while the officials who are actually in the know about the subject are categorically denying such intentions. In an article written just a few days ago the Coastal Post (with no byline) contends that a military and civilian draft is inevitable by spring 2005. (Coastal Post Online (

The title of the article in and of itself is inflammatory "Military and Civilian Draft Expected in 2005 For 18- to 25-year-olds." The article goes on to state that there are two pending bills in the House and Senate (twin bills: S. 89 and HR 163) meaning Senate bill 89 and House of Representatives bill 163. The article states that those two…… [Read More]

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Local Newspaper This Past Winter 200 Students

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local newspaper: "This past winter, 200 students from California State College traveled to the state capitol building to protest cuts in funding for various state college programs. The other 12,000 California State College students evidently weren't so concerned about their education; they either stayed on campus or left for winter break. Since the group who did not protest is far more numerous, it is more representative of the state's college students than the protesters; therefore, the state legislature need not heed the appeals of the protesting students." Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. In your discussion be sure to the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. You can also discuss, what if anything would make the argument more sound and persuasive or would help to better evaluate its conclusion.

The argument 'the bigger the better' is specious when applied to car advertisements and…… [Read More]

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Critical Thinking Forces of Influence

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Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence

Any choice or decision that a manager makes influences the organization's performance. It is one of an employee's job responsibilities to make decisions that are in favor of the organization. If the decision taken serves any personal interest of one person or a few people then it is bound to prove harmful for the organization. Therefore such decisions can bring devastating results for the entire company. However it cannot be ignored that any decision made by an employee is influenced by a number of factors since decisions are not made in a vacuum. These factors include the different thinking patterns that are employed by a person in making a choice and the various forces of influences that act upon him and determine the choice he is going to make.

Critical Thinking Patterns

One of the most important factor that determines the choice or…… [Read More]

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Advertisements for Harley Davidson Both Have the

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advertisements for Harley Davidson both have the overall message that Harley Davidson's are for rebellious individuals and that societies rules do not apply to the Harley Davidson owner.

The text of the first ad, "in some circles, paisley and florals have yet to catch on" sets the tone for the ad and also conveys the meaning. Firstly, the text has an air of importance to it as well as an air of indifference. The "in some circles" is patronizing and suggests that these 'some' are not as good as the rest. The humor associated with 'paisley and florals' takes the edge of this patronizing feel, so that overall the text has a humor that means it is not to be taken too seriously. This creates a humorous and ironic tone to the ad. This text, without the picture, also captures the meaning of the ad. These 'circles' that haven't caught…… [Read More]

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Attitude Change and Persuasion

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Attitude Change and Persuasion

Persuasion is a process through which an individual or groups of individuals purposely changes in behavior or the way they act, way of thinking or any other aspect of another through the employing of intellect as well as feelings. This is a very important process because through persuasion people are affected and they also affect others. In most cases persuasion focuses mainly on attitude as the main target to be changed with the belief that if one can change a person's attitude then other changes such as how a person acts, feels or thinks will automatically change. The process of trying to change the attitudes of people can be a very challenging process that requires a lot of skill to achieve the desired results. This paper is an application of a person's knowledge and understanding of effortful persuasion process .it will further look at how factors…… [Read More]

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Growing Up One of My Favorite Daily

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growing up one of my favorite daily activities was the pleasure of reading the daily newspaper. The daily newspaper was my primary source of information regarding the local community, my favorite athletic teams, entertainment news, and, of course, the comics. At the time, in the days before the proliferation of the internet, I never envisioned that the daily newspaper that I had known since I was a small child would ever stop appearing at my front door. Yet, just a few years later, the reality that this might occur is not only possible it is highly probable.

The recent years have not been kind to the newspapers (Perez-Pena, 2008). Even the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are experiencing decreasing readership and lessening advertisement interest. Cities that had once eagerly supported three or four different daily newspapers are now struggling to support one. In many moderately sized communities…… [Read More]

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Walt Friedman and Nayan Stephen

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Friedman also added that most of the countries which are least globalized don't trade in goods and services, pluralism or tolerance and ideas with other countries since they have no chance to interact freely or move freely without restrictions nor move their goods and services freely without being charged.

Friedman also argues that globalization has its advantages and disadvantages but for a country to succeed, it should approach it with the right institutions and governance so that it can get the best out of it .He also adds that those countries which have succeeded have globalized sensibly but steadily and they have ended up to open politically .

Friedman also added that in those countries that have globalized, some people prefer to go faster while some prefer to phase out currency controls and subsidize gradually leaving behind the west countries where some college students and academicians are still debating whether…… [Read More]

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Omnivore's Dilemma Michael Pollan's Award-Winning

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Moreover, vegetarianism is theoretically possible at McDonalds by eating the token salads on the menu. The token salads might still be in keeping with the tenets of agro-business but they do not contain meat products. Still, Pollan hints at how those salads support the same industries that sustain large-scale animal slaughtering.

In Chapter Seven, Pollan focuses on the ethics and the feasibility of the fast food business model as well as its effects on dietary health and well being. Without droning didactically, Pollan points out the problems with fast food: such as high levels of fat and sodium. The nutritional content of fast food is directly and causally related to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Pollan needs not delve into great detail about that which most Americans should already be aware. What Pollan does point out are the hidden ingredients in McDonald's menu items, especially in the chicken McNuggets. By…… [Read More]

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Plessy v Ferguson Marxism Majority

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The Constitution does not specifically say either one, so the Court is interpreting the law, but not doing it in the same way each time.

The majority does not seem to understand the significance of its decision as far as other aspects of life. It dismisses the idea that this law would create additional discriminatory laws. The minority believes that "if a state can prescribe, as a rule of civil conduct, that whites and blacks shall not travel as passengers in the same railroad coach, why may it not so regulate the use of the streets of its cities and towns as to compel white citizens to keep on one side of a street and black citizens to keep on the other?"

Finally, the minority opinion also understands the relevance of the case more than the majority. As it points out, "In some of the states, a dominant race --…… [Read More]

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audience'style writing on websites Webmd and Drugs com

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Audience in Communication

Not all websites are written for a general audience. Some websites include technical information geared for professionals in their field. There are also a number of websites that aim to please both types of audiences: those who understand rich technical or scientific jargon and those who do not. This memorandum compares and contrasts two health information websites: WebMD and to illustrate the importance of audience when composing and presenting health-related information online.


The WebMD website is written for a general audience with limited understanding of science or low science literacy. To a degree, is also geared for a general audience, but the difference between these sites is that also has a section for professionals that can be used to make educated and evidence-based decisions about pharmacological treatments. There is, for example, a "Pro Edition" section of as well as detailed information about…… [Read More]

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Transference and Persuasion Leadership

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Leadership: Transference and Persuasion

Maccoby (2004) defines transference as "the often irrational tendency to relate to a leader as some important person from the past -- a parent, a sibling, a close friend, or even a nanny" (p. 119). Transference forms the basis of how employees perceive their leader, as well as what they expect from him/her. I totally agree with the author's position that transference, if not properly checked, can lead to over-expectations and, subsequently, to unnecessary misunderstandings at the workplace, especially if the leader fails to meet the expectations and perceptions imposed upon them as the transferred pattern. To this end, leaders can better understand their employees by first understanding the effect of transference at the workplace. In a competitive marketplace, employee retention is key; employee motivation is a crucial retention tool, and transference can either be a source of motivation or discouragement. Leaders can prevent employee walk-outs;…… [Read More]

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Education Good Not a Commodity

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Higher Education Should Be Free

Should higher education in the United States be free? An examination of available evidence suggests that it should be. I hope to go through a number of the most persuasive argumens as to why higher education in the United States should be regarded as a public good (like clean air or working highways) rather than as a market commodity (like iPhones or Furbies). The United States is definitely out of step with the rest of the world, which does not attempt to make higher education financially inaccessible to qualified applicants. The current situation with the cost of higher education in America is untenable, as students complete their studies with crippling amounts of debt. The level of student debt has additional unexpected effects on the economic and social life of the nation, as I hope to demonstrate. Moreover recent attempts to provide free higher education, done…… [Read More]

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Existence of God in the Descartes Meditations

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Existence of God in Descartes' Meditations

Descartes approached the question of whether God, in fact, exists in Meditation Three and Five, using two very different lines of argument. In Meditation Three, he approaches the question of God's existence through examining the nature of human consciousness, whereas in Meditation Five, he examines the nature of material things. Thus, by using two different approaches, Descartes succeeds in presenting a holistic argument that proves the existence of God, which is the reason why I find both equally persuasive. In fact, it can be said that the arguments used by Descartes in Meditation Three and Five are really two halves of one whole, and, to that extent, could easily have been combined as one Meditation.

In Meditation Three, Descartes attempts to prove the existence of God through effectively pointing out that the idea of an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent creator of all things is an…… [Read More]

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Forcefulness Clarity Originality Line of Reasoning Use

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forcefulness, clarity, originality, line of reasoning, use of evidence, way of presenting the conclusion and persuasiveness. This inquisitive essay does not make use of any external source and the analysis is based on original thought pattern, ability to reason and the general knowledge. Towards the end, the paper also provides a good few suggestions in order to help better evaluate the argument's conclusion and to improve upon its cardinal elements that determine the effectiveness of an argument.


The aforementioned argument appears quite well reasoned. From the beginning until the end, it seems to be complete, authentic, well researched and rational. The theme of the argument addressing a debatable issue related to the corporate world is also well established. It reveals one out of many alarming aspects of organizations, organizational culture, the attitude of the employees, the changing rules and regulations, the remedial measures adopted by some companies and the…… [Read More]

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Bank of New Salem How Can We

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Bank of New Salem

How can we maintain our Webster branch without a negative financial impact?

Persuasive Message: We can continue to maintain our Webster branch without incurring future losses. Upon review of the branch's financial reports and conversations with the branch's manager, I have discovered significant room to cut overhead costs that will return the branch to profitability within a three-month time frame. These cuts will have a minimal impact on the branch's operations and ability to generate revenue. Given New Salem's authorization to implement my plan for saving Webster branch, I will instruct Webster branch management to take immediate action to execute my strategy.

Big Deal Bakery

Will it be more effective to hire a laboratory or a consultant to advise us on how new FDA regulations impact our package labels?

Directive Message: I am writing to request that you evaluate either the use of a laboratory or…… [Read More]

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Relationship Among Self-Esteem Stress Coping Eating Behavior

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Relationship Among Self-Esteem, Stress, Coping, Eating Behavior, and Depressive Mood in Adolescents

What is the research problem? Is the problem statement easy to locate and is it clearly stated? Does the problem statement build a cogent and persuasive argument for the new study?

The research problem explores the relationship between coping strategies, emotional problems and the tendency to overeat in adolescence. The problem statement is easy to identify and is contained in a properly labeled separate section located at the beginning of the study. The problem statement uses statistical data about the need to control obesity and adolescents as the key persuasive argument for the study.

Does the problem have significance for nursing? How might the research contribute to nursing practice, administration, education, or policy?

The study has significance for the nursing profession due to the health related problems that are caused by obesity. The problems do not end with…… [Read More]

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Close Reading of Look at Your Fish

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Close Reading of "Look at Your Fish"

Samuel H. Scudder composed "Look at Your Fish" in 1874. The piece is a narrative and anecdote of Scudder's first encounter with Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz. Agassiz, at the time of their meeting, was an accomplished zoologist working at the Harvard University Lawrence Scientific School. Scudder was an entomologist who studied under and was mentored by Agassiz during his time at Harvard. "Look at Your Fish" is Scudder's recollection of his first day in Professor Agassiz's course and the first class exercise in which Professor Agassiz assigned to the class. "Look at Your Fish" is told in a chronological, linear fashion. There are a few groups for whom this piece is the intended audience. One audience could be college students; another group could be professors at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This piece would also be relevant to any teacher or anyone serving…… [Read More]

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Rhetoric in Great Speeches

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Rhetoric in Great Speeches

Cultural / Ideological Analysis

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) is credited by objective scholars and historians as having brought the United States out of the Great Depression, and as having guided the United States through the difficult and dangerous period during World War II. FDR was fiercely challenged by members of Congress when he was working to dig the country out of the Great Depression with his "New Deal." Members of Congress attacked FDR's programs as "socialism" -- these attacks -- using "socialism" as a hot-button word to stir up the population -- were quite similar to what the current U.S. president, Barack Obama was accused of as he battled to win legislative approval of his signature healthcare reforms, the Affordable Healthcare Act. Along the way to achieving his goals to get the country on a financially even keel and to defeat Hitler and the Japanese, FDR's…… [Read More]

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Anti-Intellectualism Why We Hate the Smart Kids

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Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids

While the title of the essay "Anti-Intellectualism: Why we hate the smart kids" may resonate emotionally with many self-identified nerds, its author Grant Penrod ultimately relies too much on arguments-by-anecdotes to be really persuasive. While there is certainly evidence from modern political life about a strong anti-intellectual current within the American culture, most of Penrod's is based in personal experiences or subjective emotions. The essay opens with a complaint about a football team at one high school that received more school praise than the equally successful science bowl team, the speech and debate team, and the academic decathlon team. Penrod seems to be trying to make a persuasive case to his peers about the persecution of nerds but the essay reads more like a self-serving complaint than a true argument in defense of a persecuted segment of high school or greater American society.…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Obama's Speech Through Aristotle

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Obama's speech is a good example of Aristotle's rhetoric in practice.

The object of Obama's speech is to win the presidential nomination. His speech is persuasive. He is appealing to the populace of South Carolina (and to that end, he praises them and calls them "the good people of South Carolina").

Analyzing Obama's speech is interesting not so much because of the beauty of the speech -- it is indeed a work of art, poetic -- but also because it teaches us much about rhetoric. We see Aristotle's lesson through the subject and form -- through the craft -- of the speech.

Look at the patterns, for instance, of his speech -- the point so f contrast: The people voting for him, for instance, span a diversity of differences: "They are young and old; rich and poor. They are black and white; Latino and Asian and Native American." Nonetheless, this…… [Read More]

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Speech Norman Podhoretz Attempts to Answer the

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Norman Podhoretz attempts to answer the controversial question, "Is America Exceptional?" In a persuasive speech delivered on October of 2012. The speech has some core strengths that make it generally effective. Podhoretz appeals to his audience's emotions, establishes his credibility as a speaker, uses some forms of logical reasoning, and also cites specific facts and data. However, there are clearly some problems with "Is America Exceptional?" In The Art of Public Speaking, Stephen Lucas outlines some of the parameters that characterize an effective persuasive speech. Among those parameters is the absence of logical fallacies. Unfortunately, Podhoretz's speech is filled with logical fallacies that make "Is America Exceptional?" A speech that only has emotional appeals without having a logical backbone.

Podhoretz relies heavily on emotional appeals in "Is America Exceptional?" The speech starts with the line, "Once upon a time," like a fairy tale. Fairy tales are emotionally charged stories…… [Read More]

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Story Telling

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A tale of fictitious or real events or narrative is defined as a story. For our hungry souls, the nourishment is stories. Palatable stories exist due to these elements of truth. There are many ways to tell a story to the latest Hollywood blockbuster from classic novels written by the greatest writers and to ghost tales around a campfire from prehistoric drawings on a cave. Creating an environment in which everything is possible, the story teller is the magician. The pictures seen in the mind of the storyteller are shown and passed and for interpretation are passed to the minds of the listeners. Storytelling is all the rage in business.The persuasive effects of a story are only been able to speculate until recently. But, a serious study related to the human mind and the influences of a story in it has been begun by psychology over the last several…… [Read More]

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Philosophy of Mind Emotions Philosophy

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Using the death of her mother on emotional response she argues that in case it had been discovered in the whole episode that her blood pressure seemed to be very low or her pulse rate did not go beyond 60, no any reason that can be used in concluding that she was not grieving. Contrary to claim of James that without existence of bodily feeling then emotion does not have value but only a sort of cold judgment. Nevertheless, as discussed before, to some extent Nussbaum agree that emotions are eudaimonistic due to the fact that it has a bearing on the well-being and flourishing of the subject.

Upon analyzing the criticisms that is directed to the William James' theory, a conclusion can be made that emotional accuracy is not enough to be used in defining perception of bodily change. Based on the criticisms we are able to reach the…… [Read More]

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Effecting Change the Use of

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According to a 2002 survey conducted under the auspices of NIH, ecstasy abuse among college and university students in general is a widespread trend that impedes academic performance (Bar-on, 2002). The NIH survey targeted 66 4-year American universities and colleges alike. The projected findings indicated a diminishing trend in undergraduate academic performance amongst students who indulge in binge drinking and abuse ecstasy in the process. Elsewhere, a Harvard College drug study indicated persistent drug users were more likely to miss lectures and delay in their coursework than the average student (Montgomery & Fisk, 2008).

A parallel IP Research dubbed "Predictors of academic achievement and retention among college freshmen" projected that while certain students manage to cope with the new life role upon entering college, a good number of students flunk out of college before completing their freshman year. According to this research, 75% of the freshman drop out is related…… [Read More]

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Visual Culture Is Different to

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In this way, symbols transform themselves into specific ideas or conventions from the world of ideas and language and these symbols can often change according to society and historical period.

Signs therefore signify through the use of code. Sometimes, the sign is obvious. Other times, it has to be decoded.

Icons and Symbols

Two primary codes are Iconic and Symbolic. Icons are a literal representation of the object (the referent) - e.g. A painting of a hamburger is meant to represent the original. Symbols, on the other hand, are meant to allude to something such as Turner's sunset, or a traffic sign, flag, or word that points to a meaning behind that. Some representations such as a Coke can be both -- it is both icon and representation of American consumption.

Words are a typical symbol. By itself they mean nothing. The word (or symbol) 'rat' can mean different things…… [Read More]