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Nora Pender Model of Health Promotion

Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21602156

Healthcare Access

Advanced Nursing Practice

Nora Pender Model of Health Promotion:

Improving healthcare access to underserved diabetes patients in rural areas

The health promotion theory used to justify this project will by that of the Nora Pender Model of Health Promotion. The focus of this study will be upon expanding access of rural communities to healthcare. Pender's model stresses the need to work with patients to empower them to make positive life choices. When healthcare access is limited, it is essential that patients are given the tools to make empowering choices regarding their healthcare on a day-to-day basis. Rural patients are often hampered by access to both information and regular quality care. The model suggests that with knowledge and support provided by more accessible care at local clinics this can change.

The philosophy of the model is that health is "a positive dynamic state not merely the absence of disease"…… [Read More]

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Shadowing for Many Healthcare Is

Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33030737

This is illustrating how the Director of Human Resources plays a dual role in dealing with critical issues and improving these guidelines among various stakeholders. (H. Johnson, personal communication, May 15, 2013)

Insights you gained into the leadership behaviors or style of the individual you accompanied as a result of your observations and interactions.

The basic insights that were gained into leadership behaviors are that this person must take a charismatic approach. This is when they will listen to the needs and challenges of various individuals carefully (through a non-confrontational philosophy). At which point, they will work with them to solve critical problems and address these issues from behind the scenes. This prevents them from spiraling out of control, which is leading to even greater challenges down the road. As a result, they must have tremendous amounts of flexibility and can troubleshoot critical problems early. (Cummings, 2010) (H. Johnson, personal…… [Read More]

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Medical Ethics Is a Topic That Is

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Medical Ethics

Ethics is a topic that is nearly as old as the human race. Ethics is sometimes referred to a branch of philosophy called moral philosophy. Ethics is often conceptualized as a code or a system meant to categorize or otherwise classify as well as recommend behavior that is right and behavior that is wrong. Ethical codes often describe what right and wrong is in general as well. The practice or application of ethical codes in medicine is additionally an old concept. Some of the oldest and greatest civilizations called for the practice of ethics in medicine. The paper will explore and demonstrate the necessity of ethics in medicine.

Upon completing the requirements for a medical degree, newly degreed physicians take the Hippocratic oath. The Hippocratic oath was originally composed in the 5th century BC. Hippocrates lived during the ancient Greek civilization and is considered in western cultures as…… [Read More]

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Spiritual Healing Hospital

Words: 1405 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77789461

Hospital Healing Component

"Description of the Healing Hospitals Components and Relationship to Spirituality"

Components of healing hospitals are the radical loving care, an effective healing physical environment as well as the integration of latest technology. A healing hospital must take these three important factors into consideration to be a successful healing hospital. Essentially, a healing physical environment must be quiet to assist patients to sleep so that their cells can regenerate to accelerate the healing process. A healing hospital must implement a policy to maintain a quiet environment at all time. An example of quiet environment policy implementation is by putting silencer in a cleaning machine.

Flanders, et al., (2009) point out that physical environment contribute immensely in disease healing process. For example, linen change and hand washing reduce the puerperal fever. More importantly, a quiet physical environment creates stress free environment for patients, employees and other healthcare personnel.

A…… [Read More]

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Religious Hospitals

Words: 1961 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57300250

JGH Profile


The author of this report is asked to profile and otherwise answer questions regarding Canadian company JGH. A description of the services and structure will be offered and then the author will speak of the management theories and practices that the company engages in. How obvious and transparent these practices are will be discussed and whether or not it would be prudent and wise of JGH to continue that strategy. The climate of the organization will be summarized and critiqued as well as the diversity orientation of the firm. While JGH certainly has room for improvement, they are indeed doing many things quite well and they are certainly moving in the right direction.

Questions Answered

JGH stands for Jewish General Hospital, a research hospital based on Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are a McGill University teaching hospital and their website is tailored to the mixed language disposition of…… [Read More]

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Kings Daughter the Culture and Environment of

Words: 1085 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47671742

Kings Daughter

The culture and environment of any workplace is extremely important. We are indeed products of our surroundings and we should expect to reflect this nature. The purpose of this essay is to explore the organizational structure and cultural of the King's Daughter Health System. The essay will examine how the organizational structure contributes to the quality of care within the system and also identify how culture, and specifically generational differences also impact the inner workings of this area.

Organizational Structure

There are essentially three types of general organizational structure that almost all work place systems are based upon. These include the functional structure, the divisional structure and the matrix structure. A functional structure is designed so that each are of the organization is organized according to its specific objectives and goals. A divisional structure is used in large companies that have their resources spread out over a large…… [Read More]

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Patient Centered Medical Homes

Words: 3042 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30529280

Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are often confused as being actual "homes" for patients to be admitted in and given medical treatment and care. PCMH is actually a health care model based on which health care is provided to patients, under the supervision of physicians. The PCMH model of health care provides patients with continuous, comprehensive medical care, in order to increase the chances of achieving the goal of benefitting the patient with as much attention and medical care in order to maximize his/her health outcomes.

Over the years the PCMH model of health care has become widely adopted and preferred. This is because of the philosophy and approach that the model adopts in organizing and delivering the health care initiatives. The PCMH model is based upon delivering medical care and attention to patients with team-based health and medical experts that are focused strongly on the quality and the safety…… [Read More]

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Ethics Case Study To Rescue Others What

Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 74350571

Ethics Case Study: To Rescue Others What Risk?()" answer questions: 1. What ethical dilemma? (1page, 1 reference) What ethical position related case? Include discussion theory principles position based.

The ethical dilemma in this situation involves choosing whether one is willing to risk his or her own life with the purpose of saving the lives of others. The fact that the person in charge of this decision is in a safe position while having to engage in saving others involves a significant amount of risk further contributes to making matters even more confusing.

Most people prefer to believe that the world is a fair place and that the current position of civilization means that individuals have a more complex understanding of their role in the world. Morality is, however, not as prized as some people are inclined to believe and while many are probable to claim that they would be unhesitant…… [Read More]

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Communication Skills Attendant Upon My Transition Into

Words: 1789 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75414369

Communication Skills

Attendant upon my transition into the role of Mental Health Staff Nurse, I have devised the following reflective model-to-action plan for the formulation of workable communication skills. Realizing that "…all healthcare professionals require a reasonable level of numeracy for the safe administration of medicines and fluids, budgeting, and the interpretation of statistics,"

( 2011), I determined to include practical strategems for assessing ratios and SI units. Realizing also that contemporary education in most disciplines is reorganizing approaches to learning in the light of learning styles and the new paradigm shift which focuses upon the teacher as facilitator and the students as self-directed learners, I began to review various modes of facilitation as well as ways to evaluate student involvement and leadership. The foregoing necessitated a revolutionary change in my personal understanding of communication skills and my selection of the best rudimentary skills to which I might lay claim…… [Read More]

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Vietnamese Women Case Study Vietnamese

Words: 1010 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 89355415

The counselor will then need to help Judy understand the process of assimilation into American culture, so she can decide whether this is right for her or not. By visiting a counselor with her partner, she would demonstrate appropriate cultural loyalty by asking her husband to be the care seeker, or person who aligns with the psychotherapist to make decisions so her partner does not become violent or engage in overly masculine behaviors that may harm Judy's spirit (Nghe, Mahalik & Lowe, 2003). The counselor may be able to express the need for Judy to first attend to work to help support her partner before having her baby, in a manner that considers her partners potential insecurities at allowing Judy to take on a non-traditional role in the family. This change however is likely, especially as more and more Asian families adopt a more Western cultural belief system (Nghe, Mahalik…… [Read More]

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Paternal Abandonment and Female Adult

Words: 7963 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38071318

e. fat storage. These physiological concerns are significant in that programming that was designed to maintain a nurturing position for young children the physiological environment interprets crisis as anything that creates a stressful physical demeanor. The stress and psychology of abandonment is a constant, once the abandonment by the father has occurred. The body does not distinguish between a fasting period associated with unavailable food, or drought and psychological long-term emotional stress. The human body also does not distinguish between a self imposed diet and a period of famine. It reduces its basal metabolic rate, or the rate of metabolism needed to perform its base functions, and then the recovery period would seem to be longer than expected. This is the diet conundrum, though it has also been proven that prolonged periods of psychological stress and/or depression that could be associated with abandonment by the father will also cause a…… [Read More]

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Diabetes Mellitus in This Report

Words: 5199 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54423857

Some patients feel helpless, hopeless, depressed, isolated from others, belittled, and do not know how to seek appropriate help from others (Rutter 2004). Socially supportive arrangements were addressed as the attributes of socially legitimate roles which provide for the meeting dependency needs without loss of esteem. Socially supportive environments were presented as pattern interpersonal relationships mediated through shared values and sentiments as well as facilitate the performance of social roles through which needs are met. In summation, social support has been defined as an intervening factor tied directly to the coping process (Pearson, 1986).

Regardless of the differences in definition, social support has been the subject of medical and behavioral research for over two decades and the universal outcome has been that social support has therapeutic value in mental and physical health. The majority of studies have been correlational, and so statements about cause and effect remain tenuous. Nevertheless, it…… [Read More]

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Diabetes Type II in Adults

Words: 3731 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99689024

Yet they gained tremendous benefits from the diabetes prevention program. It reduced the risks at 71% by choosing a moderate lifestyle. Good health could allow 20 more years to those over 65. It showed that lifestyle intervention dramatically decreased the risks of diabetes. Regular exercise was an important component of the management of Type II diabetes. It kept the weight down. The lack of exercise brought the weight up. Overweight and de-conditioning, in turn, made it harder to exercise. The type of exercises depended on the health condition or issues of the patient. Those who are somehow healthy could start walking but not too fast to talk with someone walking with them. The walk could be five to 10 minutes on flat ground increasing to 45 minutes on hilly ground at a faster pace. Those who found it hard to walk, such as those with arthritis in the hips or…… [Read More]

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India Healthcare a Change Toward

Words: 2503 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 63840157

A lack of any national system subjects individual citizens to the costs of the healthcare system on the whole. As Rao (2006) reports, "public expenditure on health care today is a dismal 0.9% of GDP; the overwhelming majority of health costs are paid by patients out of pocket. For many, even minor illnesses can cause big financial setbacks, and hospitalisation is out of the question." (Rao, 1) the poor indicators for health discussed here throughout are particularly implicated here, with the understanding that the Indian government has willfully failed to positively impact the healthcare system and its severe limitations as an agency for the delivery of public health.

That stated, there is today a most concerted effort at bringing India into line with the ambitions of the world community. Its policies see India moving toward the uptake of a universal healthcare system which seems to be emerging from the environment…… [Read More]

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Autobiography and Timeline

Words: 1274 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27894554

Auto Biography and Timeline

My family is of Irish descent. My great grandfather initially came to the United States during the potato famine that devastated so many Irish people during the middle of the 19th century. He was fortunate to escape in time before he was financially ruined, and was able to meet my great grandmother in New York where he attained a position in the financial industry. My family has largely remained in the U.S. ever since then.

As the oldest child in my family, I have been saddled with responsibility ever since I can remember. My parents had my sister a mere three years after they had me, and my little brother was born approximately two years later. My childhood was eventful to say the least. I have fond memories of playing with my siblings. However, whenever we got into mischief (which was inevitable for three children, especially…… [Read More]

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Sandra Day O'Conner

Words: 4373 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98937509

Sandra O'Connor

Sandra Day was born on March 26, 1930 in El Paso, Texas to Harry and Ada Mae, owners of the Lazy-B-Cattle ranch in Southeastern Arizona, where Sandra grew up (United States Supreme Court 2003) as an only child until she was eight. In those early years, her family lived in isolation and with strained resources. The ranch did not have electricity and running water until she was seven years old and their nearest neighbors lived 25 miles away. Her loneliness forced her to make friends with the ranch's cowboys and pets. She read vigorously, learned to drive at seven, could fire rifles and rode horses well. Because the hardiness of the ranch prevented her from attaining a formal education, her parents sent Sandra to her maternal grandmother in El Paso (U.S. Supreme Court). Her grandmother was Mamie Scott Wilkey.

She went to the Radford School for girls from…… [Read More]

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Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs Steve Jobs

Words: 1813 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51325763

Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a transformational leader, both from a technological and human leadership standpoint. Having not only launched Apple but also saved it from bankruptcy when he returned in 1997, Steve Jobs showed a unique set of transformational skills that would set both him and his company apart globally more than any other technology-related brand. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate Apple Computer from the standpoint of Steve Job's major impact and influence on it, including a discussion of the three major business challenges that needed to be overcome for the company to succeed. The leadership style Steve Jobs relied on is also discussed. His role as a transformational leader is clear by how effectively he could communicate a product vision and mobilize organizations in the tens of thousands of people to accomplish them (Cheung, Wong, 2011). Third, his effectiveness as a transformational…… [Read More]

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HIPAA Ethics

Words: 825 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89494341

Ethical Responsibilities: Avoid Putting Organization at Risk

The 1996 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) helps millions of U.S. employees and family members transfer and carry on with the same healthcare insurance coverage even if they jump jobs or get fired; decreases abuse and fraud in the health sector; mandates confidential use and protection of sensitive patient health details; and mandates sector-wide healthcare data standards when it comes to processes like electronic billing (California Department of Health Care Services, 2015). HIPAA's enactment made healthcare practitioners who can view and share patients' sensitive personal information legally liable (Medical Assistant Certification, n.d.). A few professional and ethical actions to be considered by new medical assistants include:

Contracts are voluntary arrangements between two entities wherein explicit promises are made. Contract elements are vital to physicians, nurses, etc. as healthcare services are delivered under different kinds of medical contracts (Chapter 3, n.d.).

1.…… [Read More]

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Twentieth Century Brought Psychology Along With the

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45693818

twentieth century brought psychology along with the psychology of learning on a new, scientific ground. Learning theories developed based on scientific observations, tests and studies. The western approach to learning theories has contributed to the development of systems of education that spread around the globe. The Anglo-Saxon education system, for example, is viewed today as one of the most effective systems in the world. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most expensive education systems. The globalization era brought peoples closer together than they ever were in the history of humankind, but it also made individuals more aware of cultural differences. Since learning theories are older than the twentieth century, the gathering and assessing of a body of work dedicated to this subject from all over the world became absolutely necessary for the researchers who were willing to integrate what others had already observed and studied into the modern science…… [Read More]

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Spirituality Prayer Positively Effects Those Will Terminal Illness

Words: 3548 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28420979

Spirituality Positively Affects Those With Terminal Illness

Medicine and the dimension of spirituality were before bounded apart from each other in terms of belief, specifically in the field of science. As a universal practice, the field of medicine functions as a single dimension, focusing on the medical model of seeking the causes and solutions from scientific perspectives. Until recently, however, many patients of terminal illnesses such as cancer and heart disease have claimed the correlation of their religion and faith in sustaining their hope to recover from illnesses. This assertion has caught the attention of diverse health professions and lead to conduction of research and studies in the analysis of religion or spirituality as element in medical process.

This paper aims to explore the assertions and idea of spirituality as being able to help in the healing process of terminally ill patients. The recognition of values of elements such as…… [Read More]

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Learning Styles and College Students

Words: 4864 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64521808

Community Colleges in America

In 1983 and 1984, a dozen major reports on the United States' schools were published. All stressed the need for "excellence" in education. These reports are the subject of: Excellence in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice. The reports pertaining to higher education were published by The BusinessHigher Education Forum, and saw higher education as "unable to train skilled managers and technicians that they believed industry needed." (Altbach 32) These reports essentially claim that student achievement has declined at technical schools because schools "do not demand enough of their students, do not apply stiff criteria for promotion, do not test students enough, and particularly in high school, provide students with too many choices about what subjects they study." (Altbach 32) These reports are somewhat dated in that they compare American students with Japanese students and focus on technical proficiency vs. The intuitive grasp of problems and…… [Read More]

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New Phase of My Life it Is

Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10321679

new phase of my life, it is helpful to examine the reasons why I am so strongly drawn to the field of criminal justice. I have always been concerned with the efficiency and implications of the American legal system. Nothing irks me more than injustice, whether that injustice is deliberate or unintentionally. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the entire process of criminal justice, from the initial stages of arraignment to the final stages of sentencing. Therefore, when it was time for me to choose a major during my undergraduate career, I immediately delved into Sociology and Political Science. The sociology of deviance as well as the public and judicial treatment of deviant individuals is a complex subject matter that cannot be adequately addressed by academia alone. After attaining my Bachelor's degree, I worked briefly with the State of New Jersey Division of Law and Public Safety.…… [Read More]

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Spiritual Needs Assessment of a Patient for

Words: 1193 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63363915

Spiritual Needs Assessment of a Patient

For the recovery of any patient, especially those with terminal illnesses, there is a need to have a wholesome recovery which does not only dwell on the medicinal administration but also of the soul through spiritual nourishment. This will ensure they get out of the hospital with renewed strength and faith and hope for a better life in the future. This can only be achieved through having a thorough spiritual assessment of the patient and knowing exactly what to prepare to touch on spiritually about the patient. The following questionnaire is instrumental in ensuring this.

Please answer the following questions with voluntary information, as comprehensively as possible.

What is the pillar of your faith that helps you have meaning in life?

How significant is your faith in the above to your life in general?

Do you belong to some religious or spiritual group? Which…… [Read More]

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Juliet as a Strong Character in Shakespeare's

Words: 1064 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70214856

Juliet as a Strong Character

In Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet emerges as a strong woman because he is willing to follow her heart to whatever end to get what she wants. She is not happy doing what her family thinks she should do and has enough strength to know what she wants and do what she must do to get it. We are told that we do not get what we want, we get what we focus on and Juliet is an example of just how focused an individual can be. She abandons conventional ideas regarding love and marriage when she realizes she is in love with Romeo and she becomes focused with a laser-like beam on getting what she wants with him. Romeo pales in comparison to Juliet when it comes to strength and assertiveness. Through Juliet, Shakespeare gives all women the freedom to be strong and…… [Read More]

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Adult Learner in a Diabetic

Words: 2097 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48504360

310). This seems entirely true, but I believe that it is seldom put into effect. The institution that was most relevant here was, of course, the hospital and the health system as a whole. Learning in a hospital is very different from learning in school. This is something that we failed to attend to with sufficient care as we worked with our adult learners.

One of the key differences between adult and young learners (as described above) is the distinction between problem finding and problem solving. We focused on problem solving without ever realizing how frustrating such a focus was to our patients. In the future I will present material in a way that encourages adult learners to begin to ask their own questions about (for example), what health means to them, how they personally deal with the issue of change, what they believe to be the ongoing goals that…… [Read More]

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Macro Social Work Interview With

Words: 446 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25108465

He also felt gratified that his work and philosophy had touched the lives of other LSWs and that his determination to uphold high professional standards had resulted in better service to all of the people in need in the counties served by the LSWs he monitored and instructed.

What do you like least?

Bureaucracy could often limit Ramos' creativity and flexibility in dealing with both the LSWs and clients.

The part that interested me most of the work roles the interviewee described.

It was interesting to hear Ramos' perspective, given that so much of his work was devoted to training other LSWs, and ensuring that they were upholding a high standard in their work. Ramos was very candid about the need for monitoring other LSWs, and showed a refreshing honesty about the profession -- it is a profession with many selfless individuals, but also with a high range of error,…… [Read More]

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Lifespan Development Issue Despite the

Words: 1061 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28879874

It would be expected that increased consumption of healthier foods would have a positive overall impact.

Anti-obesity drugs have been considered for some time, with some negative issues in the past. For example, the pill rimonabant introduced in 2006 increased already high levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts with the obese population. Recently, according to an article in Popular Science (Hagerman, 2009) the hormone option instead seems more "palatable and plausible." However, it is pointed out that no one bodily mechanism is responsible for obesity, and it is a very challenging problem. Healthcare professionals also do not have positive thoughts on such approaches. They report that treating obesity with drugs transforms it into a disease rather than something caused by lifestyle choices. Believing that being overweight is due to faulty genes or illness removes a person's responsibility for remaining healthy. People become obese for diverse and complex reasons, and…… [Read More]

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Efficacy of Problem-Based Learning PBL

Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: 'Literature Review' chapter Paper #: 94716087

As Epstein suggested earlier, there seems to be no downside to this process.

James Colliver (2000) would disagree. He dismisses the assertions that favor the efficacy of PBL; his misgivings parallel Hmelo-Smith's earlier remarks. For instance, Colliver contends that the popularity of PBL is predicated on a kind of mass enthusiasm rather than empirically

based scientific evidence (p.259). Colliver asserts that PBL has not proven valid and lacks confirmation as successful teaching model. His article is largely a condemnation of the assertions that proponents of PBL assert. (He also implicates the cognitive sciences that underscore PBL.)

Colliver believes medical educators must abandon their support of PBL until there is sufficient empirical proof that PBL is, in fact, an effective way to teach people.

After ten years of administering Problem-Based Learning at the University of Missouri's

School of Medicine, Hoffman and her research team sought to examine the overall efficacy of…… [Read More]

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Healthcare Rationing

Words: 1065 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35531353

Ethical Analysis of Healthcare Rationing

The topic of health care rationing has been the subject of debate in the U.S. The last few years as government expenditures on health care have far exceeded budgeted levels. Central to the concern is the ethical issue over whether it is better if fewer Americans profit with a greater amount of health resource allocation or if the majority benefit to a lesser degree for an equity in health care benefits. In the essay, "We've Got To Ration Health Care," (author unknown) the position is taken that America would fare better to follow the course of health care action seen in other western countries, where it is considered better to ration medical procedures to the extent that a system provides "the highest possible level of basic health care that can be delivered to all the people." With the growing concern over health care rationing, and…… [Read More]

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Marketing in Health Care

Words: 576 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98094109

Marketing in Healthcare

Catholic Healthcare West

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving parts of Arizona, Nevada and the majority of California. With 42 hospitals it is the largest Catholic hospital system in this part of the United States. The organization focuses its services upon the poor, who cannot afford private hospital services. Regardless, the aim is also to provide high-quality healthcare to those in need. The target market is thus the poor in the western areas of the United States.

Taking into account the size of Catholic Healthcare West, it should not be a problem to implement new services without a loss of either mission or customers. New services should however be implemented with the proper care to ensure that the focus remains as originally intended.

The service management strategy of CHW has always been collaborative. By collaborating with other groups who share the vision and…… [Read More]

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Ethical and Moral Considerations Related to in Vitro Fertilization

Words: 3271 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25450321

In Vitro Fertilization

This is a paper that outlines the morality issue behind in vitro fertilization. It has 12 sources.

As scientific progress advances more rapidly than the ability of mankind to assimilate and comprehend its influence on life concerns, fields such as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) are turning heretofore basic issues like procreation into complex ethical and moral dilemmas.

In 1978, with the birth of Louise Brown, the first child conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF), man finally realized his power to create, not passively through instinctual processes but consciously and actively. [Daar 1999] The desire to have children is strong in the human heart and infertility is a serious and painful issue. There are however more aspects to having a child than mere desire and the means by which the child is created is amongst the most important. Over the past few decades science has allowed individuals biologically…… [Read More]

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Quality Improvement in Healthcare Nearly All Healthcare

Words: 827 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69669064

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Nearly all healthcare organizations today are aware of the Quality Improvement (QI) movement and seek to actively instill their businesses with such elements. In fact, the past few decades have shown the QI movement to be the main approach for healthcare organizations to measure performance and engage in lasting changes (Colton, 2000). The foundations of QI reside with its origins which come from multiple arenas: "in systems engineering, as a way of defining production processes; in quantitative analysis, as a methodological approach for collecting and analyzing data; and in organizational behavior, as a way of understanding how QI fits with an organization's structure and management philosophy" (Colton, 2000). QI fundamentally stands as a mode for a healthcare organization to better itself through enhancing the way in which it delivers service and by improving patient outcomes (Colton, 2000). "The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines…… [Read More]

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Health Care & Faith Diversity it Is

Words: 1406 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31369841

Health Care & Faith Diversity

It is quite obvious how different religions hold different philosophical views on various aspects and even when it comes to healing. Each religion highly upholds their spiritual values hence the need for health practitioners to be cautious while handling varied clientele whether they hold the same religious sentiments or not. In this research we will major on the views held by the Sikh, Buddhist and Judaist religions in comparison to the Christian belief on healing.

Sikh religion

The Sikh hold the belief that when one is sick it is the will of God and that He is merciful to heal; however one has to consider medical treatment in order to get well. During illness: Sikh patients engage in prayers to seek God for help, seek to obtain peace by remembering Gods name, recite sacred hymns (Gurbani) which are words from the holy scriptures (Guru Granth…… [Read More]

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Identify a Potential Unintended Consequence of the Rapid Advances Made in Science and Technology

Words: 1704 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55872623

Consequence of Rapid Advances in Science and Technology

Identify A Potential Unintended Consequence Of The Rapid Advances Made In Science And Technology

Potential unintended consequences of rapid advances in science and technology

The purpose of this paper is to identify the unintended consequence of radiotherapy treatment on the cancer patient. Radiotherapy is the technology that is regularly used to directly kill the cancerous cells through the use of the short-wave rays. The process is intended to help the patient with a treatment option other than leaving the patient suffers from the impacts of cancer. Unintended consequences are those impacts that arise from a technology that was initially meant to have a solution to a specific problem. The unintended consequences may be positive or negative but mostly they are negative consequences that are observed. For example, the purpose of the Avandia or rosiglitazone that was intended to help the diabetes II…… [Read More]

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Newsletter Dear Parents Why Is

Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13906256

In terms of grading, students will not be evaluated on their ability to score goals, but how hard they try and their attendance. Student fitness levels will be assessed at the end of every semester. This assessment will involve a short run, sit-ups, push ups, a long jump, and chin ups. The results will not be to penalize the students, but to highlight what athletic skills the children need to work on in the future.

Some parents have expressed concern that children do not have enough time in the day to learn, let alone to run and play. It is our school's philosophy that a run or a rousing game of basketball helps children think better, once the children return to the classroom. Other parents have expressed concern about their children's weight, but it is not the school's place to specifically prescribe a weight-loss program for a young child, rather…… [Read More]

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Ethics of Care Serve as

Words: 1280 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23211701

So it has been suggested that social context of care must be examined and to establish limits to the ethics of care. In contrast, constructive evaluation of care ethic indicates that sensitivity as well as emotional response to particular state of affairs such as family discussions with doctor provide significant guides to morally satisfactory actions plus care ethic also seem to favor accepting procedures from Conflict Resolution as well as Dispute Mediation as optional way to approach evident ethical disagreement (Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy, 1996).

So on the whole, if we think regarding repair as something that should involve tools at least the type of tools found in hardware as well as plumbing supply stores and at construction sites, our cast of fixing characters is frequently going to involve men not for the reason that all men have them or apply them even if they have them…… [Read More]

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Vindication of the Rights of

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Ross (1988) notes the development of Romanticism in the late eighteenth century and indicates that it was essentially a masculine phenomenon:

Romantic poetizing is not just what women cannot do because they are not expected to; it is also what some men do in order to reconfirm their capacity to influence the world in ways socio-historically determined as masculine. The categories of gender, both in their lives and in their work, help the Romantics establish rites of passage toward poetic identity and toward masculine empowerment. Even when the women themselves are writers, they become anchors for the male poets' own pursuit for masculine self-possession. (Ross, 1988, 29)

Mary Wollstonecraft was as famous as a writer in her day as her daughter. Both mother and daughter were important proponents of the rights of women both in their writings and in the way they lived and served as role models for other…… [Read More]

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Complementary and Alternative Therapies the

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In addition to this situation, a variety of situations exist in which the spirit may influence illness. Asian philosophies often discuss the spirit's relation to the body and illness, suggesting that those who can maintain their spirits also do a service to their bodies. For example, the ancient art of Shiatsu teaches that the body, mind, and spirit are all connected by energy, and that the Hara, located in the abdomen, is the center of the body that connects it to the spiritual world. Thus, by "centering" oneself, illness, pain, and even mental anguish can be overcome. Asian medical and spiritual arts like Shiatsu have come to influence the modern movement based on what is termed the law of attraction. This theory suggests that all living things are made of energy, and so the creation of positive energy through positive thoughts and an open spirit leads to better health.

While…… [Read More]

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Leadership in Administration Case Study

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While the superintendent may feel or even firmly believe that they have covered all of the bases on expenditures and other relevant issues in school budgeting, the failure to connect to other stakeholders throughout the district, who may or may not add to the data that the superintendent has prepared for presentation, is likely to result in some among those stakeholders feeling slighted or ignored and often lead to complicated budgeting which could have been avoided through simply opening the communication channels during this critical process of school administration.


This work in writing has related the various aspects of the school budgeting process which are the responsibility of the school superintendent as well as relating the various concerns of school budgeting and the importance of staying connected to the stakeholders in the community of the school district throughout the entire process of school budgeting. This work has…… [Read More]

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Hospital Paradigm the Healing Hospital

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We believe that the best care is the delivery of care that exceeds all expectation and that is encircled by compassion." (Baptist Healing Trust, 1)

In terms of besting these challenges, the healing hospital must work to protect the morale of its personnel against the pressures that are inherent with the occupation. This means ensuring that personnel are giving the proper opportunities to rest, that facilities are adequately staffed and that the necessary resources are availed so that personnel can perform to the fullest of their abilities. This denotes that the healing hospital's capacity to meet its ambitions will be highly contingent upon its dexterity at managing the needs of healthcare workers just as it will be contingent upon its management of the patient needs.

Scriptural Support:

The Gospels of Mark and Luke are particularly rich in allusion to the power which Jesus possessed to heal the sick. Here, the…… [Read More]

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police culture

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Law enforcement has a distinct professional culture that is comprised of both formal and informal elements. Formal elements are ensconced in rules and regulations. For example, training, hours of work, how to fill out paperwork, and wearing a uniform according to an individual’s status in the organization are formal elements of the culture. Informal elements are unspoken, including norms of behavior and the jargon used between officers. For example, informal cultural norms are what have a direct bearing on “how to go about their tasks, how hard to work, what kinds of relationships to have with their fellow officers and other categories of people with whom they interact, and how they should feel about police administrators,” (“The Police Culture,” p. 98). Both formal and informal culture impacts productivity, identity, and performance.

Language and Behaviors

One of the defining features of a culture is language. In the professional sectors, jargon…… [Read More]

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Gender and Science

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gender have influenced the historic development of science in the west, as reason and science have long been seen as male traits. Similarly, gender ideals such as the characterization of females as maternal, associated with nature, irrational, and week have been reflected in scientific literature. Today, science continues to be influenced by ideas of gender, as literature reflects gender biases, and female scientists routinely must challenge gender biases.

Many of the ideals the influence the historic development science come from the Enlightenment, a time during the 17th and 18th centuries where reason was seen to be a driving force for progress. Enlightened men were rational, and sought happiness, knowledge, and freedom. Given this emphasis on rationality, and the association of women with the home and emotion, women were largely excluded from the ideals of the Enlightenment. The rational affairs of humankind were thought to be left to men, who acted…… [Read More]

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How Should One Live

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How should one live

The " good life " is referred to by the Buddhists as "right livelihood." It has been referred to by others as " life not in the sense of financial riches but in doing what you want to do and living where you want to live. It has been said that one knows when one is living the good life when one greets every new day with anticipation and appositive outlook. Quality of life is a tough concept to define, and to measure it means measuring how you're doing in all of your daily activities, and that's a pretty tall order. There are days when my life seems full of frustrations, thwarted hopes and anguish that I just cannot see the point. When I look around me and observe the sheer perfection of a tiny insect or the majesty of a moonlit landscape, I cannot…… [Read More]

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Management and Leadership

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Medical Management

The primary goal of both private- and public-sector medical organizations is, of course, to provide the highest standard of medical care to their patients. This requires, of course, professionals who are trained in the latest scientific and medical techniques and both private and public health-care institutions in Great Britain in general accomplish this element of their task. However, providing quality health care is not simply a medical issue: It is also a question of management principles and in this area it is all-too-often the case that health-care organisations fail. It is perhaps inevitable that publicly run health-care institutions are even farther a field in their management style from the best run corporations than are privately run health-care institutions (which are legally constituted along the lines of other for-profit firms) and this fact has a number of important drawbacks for institutions that are a part of the NHS. However,…… [Read More]

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Direct to Consumer Advertising History of Drug

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Direct to Consumer Advertising











In order to provide the most efficient method of evaluation, the study will utilize existing stores of qualitative and quantitative data from reliable sources, such as U.S. Government statistical references, University studies, and the studies and publications of non-profit and consumer oriented organizations. Every attempt will be made to avoid sources of information sponsored by or directly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Existing data regarding the history, levels, content and growth of direct-to-consumer advertising will be examined. In addition, the industry's composition prior to and after the proliferation of direct-to-consumer advertising will be examined, with regard to market share, type of substances sold, benefits of substances sold, and…… [Read More]

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EMR for Large Company

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There are several criteria by which the company can establish acceptability for the eCube system of EMR that is available from Fresenius. The first stakeholder group consists of the patients, who will benefit from the enhanced functionality that comes from the eCube system, in particular the superior health outcomes that come from having accurate medical histories available to physicians and other practitioners while they are working with the patient. Management must strike a balance between business objectives and patient outcomes, and therefore there are multiple different acceptability measures that are possible, both based on profit and patient outcomes. Management will also want to know that the system is relatively easy to install, that there is training available from the vendor for the staff, and that the vendor will deliver full support of the system if there are any problems.

Another stakeholder group consists of the owners/shareholders of the health…… [Read More]

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Perception or a Common Belief That Work

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perception or a common belief that work and fun should are impossible to blend together. Older generations have passed down attitudes regarding work, which imply that fun cannot be had at work. After all everyone has heard the saying "all work and no play." Past generations have described work as a simple virtue and a duty. These two descriptions of work leave no room for the concept of fun within their interpretation. It is important to recognize that the work place is so much more nowadays. Work encompasses so much more for individuals and if one analyses and takes into account the great multitude and variety of different fields in the workforce, one will definitely come away with the conclusion that indeed fun can be had at work. Old attitudes, saying and notions regarding the compatibility of fun and work are not necessarily true, they now appear to be outdated;…… [Read More]

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Miss Sunshine Analysis Even Though

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He has finally accepted himself and his family, and with this empowerment he needs to let go of those pipe dreams which only made the family so dysfunctional in the first place.


If they continue to accept and support each other, I see a bright future for the family. Throughout the movie, "the family pulls together in facing life's challenges head on and in the moment" (Rubin, 2009, p 131). The devotion to being authentic empowers the children, and the adults, allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin. In five to ten years, this family will only continue to grow stronger as they support each other and allow one another to be as weird as they want to be. In this model the children will have less to worry about as they grow up in a world that would otherwise ostracize them. Olive's future looks especially bright…… [Read More]

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Theatre Art

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Blood by Suzan-Lori Sparks expands on the main theme of society's unfair disregard for its people of low condition in general, for women, and for adulterers. Hester La Negrita, the protagonist, is an African-American woman who struggles to survive in poverty along with her five base-born children. The family's outcast status is portrayed as a direct inducer and accelerator of emotional suffering, poverty, lack of education, and sexual exploitation.

(A) From a structural perspective, In the Blood is constructed in two acts and nine scenes, employing a linear plotline (Rush, 2005). In this sense, the play debuts with the equilibrium of Hester striving to provide for her children in meager conditions, the inciting incident represented by the suggestion to seek help from the available former lovers and fathers of her children, the major dramatic question of whether or not she will attain it, the developing action as Hester approaches Reverend…… [Read More]

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Balanced Scorecards The Customer Service Perspective Balanced

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Balanced Scorecards: The Customer Service Perspective

Balanced Scorecards

The Customer Service Perspective

Hyde Park Electronics, Futura Industries and Southern Gardens Citrus (SGC) all were able to transform their businesses using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodologies that aligned each of their respective businesses to customers so that value was consistently created and delivered, growing each business in the process. Each was able to quickly progress beyond using BSC frameworks as a means to track financial performance to monitoring in real-time how effective their unique value propositions are (Niven, 2013). Moving beyond the financially metrics to customer-centered ones also provided insights into how each company needed to better manage its employees as well. As each of the company's business models are significantly different, each of their perspectives on how to align their business models to their specific customer's needs also varies significantly and their approaches to the BSC framework reflect this (Gumbus, Robert,…… [Read More]

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Oscar Wilde Rebellion of His

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" (Eksteins, 1994)

Eksteins writes that Britain had "in the last century...damned her great poets and writers, Byron had been chased out of the country, Shelley forbidden to raise his children, and Oscar Wilde sent to prison." (1994) Pearce (2003) states that Wilde "was a major symbol of the sexual anarchy that threatened the purposive and reproductive modes of the bourgeois family. Algy mocks the utilitarian nature of modern marriage thus: The amount of women in London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous. It looks so bad. It is simply washing one's clean linen in public." (Shoewalter, 1992; in Pearce, 2003)

The narratives of this period were realist in nature and such that centered around "marriage and inheritance were giving way to fantastic 'finde siecle' tales about split personalities. (Showalter, 1992: in Pearce, 2003) Many of Wilde's plays were a "critique of the naturalization of bourgeois relations"…… [Read More]

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Man Speech Well I Don't

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Oh well, them's the breaks! I wonder if maybe I should start stalking the rehab centers, maybe I can meet a cool chick there too!

As many of you know, Shawn and Chrissie have finally managed to develop a healthy addiction -- to each other. When I first met Chrissie I could see that she and Shawn were made for each other. They have a similar philosophy of life. I think they've both traveled down some of the same roads and have a lot that they can relate about throughout the rest of their lives. They're so nice to each other sometimes that it makes me want to puke. I don't know if all of you know how Shawn proposed, but I'm warning you, if you thought Shawn was macho, your image of him will be completely shattered. Shawn is a romantic sap at heart, and I know that Chrissie…… [Read More]

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Personal Values Development

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Integrity in Personal

and Professional Life

In the context of human psychological issues, integrity means congruence between one's expressed principles and internal values and one's external actions

(Branden, 1985). A person who professes to respect honesty, for example, must conduct himself honestly in his relationships and affairs to maintain his integrity. The challenge of living a life of integrity arises when circumstances and situations make it easier to violate one's own values for the sake of convenience or personal gain.

Therefore, a person who considers honesty a particularly important value may not choose to be dishonest where doing so might be advantageous without violating psychological integrity.

Similarly, psychological integrity requires situational objectivity, which simply means that one must uphold the exact same rules for one's self as one believes appropriate for others in similar circumstances. Therefore, a person who considers it inconsiderate for someone else to double-park next to his…… [Read More]

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Red Badge of Courage and Nabokov on

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Red Badge of Courage and Nabokov on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

One of the easiest ways to understand how literature can implicitly function as propaganda in the service of the powerful is to imagine Henry Fleming, the main character of Stephen Crane's novel The Red Badge of Courage, if he had chosen to return home following his desertion rather than stay with the military. Crane's novel is a shameless piece of propaganda glorifying war by actively maintaining the myth that refusing to engage in state-sanctioned murder is somehow ethically wrong. If Fleming had escaped battle and gone home to live in peace instead of buying into this myth, his story would have been progressive, disruptive, and would have ultimately served to elevate the American consciousness by celebrating a disavowal of war and violence. However, Crane chose to write a story that comfortably fit into the assumption that war is…… [Read More]

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Customer Perspective Balanced Scorecard on What Specific

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Customer Perspective Balanced Scorecard

On what specific customer perspectives did each company focus, and what measures did each company use to ascertain how well it was meeting the goals implied by those specific perspectives?

As far as Hyde Park Electronics is concerned, they were concentrating on the quality of the product that was delivered to determine customer perspectives. The measures that were used to achieve these objectives were: manufacturing / labor efficiency and new product sales. In the case of Futura, they were focusing on customer perceptions about the product and services they were receiving. To measure this, they focused on randomly calling the customers and determining how employee retention affected the underlying quality of the product. While SGC, was concerned about the quality of orange juice that they were selling to retail customers. The way they analyzed how effective they were at meeting this goal was to focus on…… [Read More]

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Ethnological Investigation and Analysis Is Centered on

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ethnological investigation and analysis, is centered on cultural and religious activity in a contemporary community situation. Essentially, the aim of this research was to observe various cultural and social behavior patterns as they pertain to religion and spirituality in society. Two faiths were observed over a period of time. A Western religious faith such as Catholicism was compared to an Eastern faith such as Buddhism.

This topic was chosen for a number of reasons. In the first instance religion is a central facet of all cultures and societies. The search for a larger and more existential meaning to life is a cultural trait that can be observed in every culture throughout human history. It is therefore a subject that is central to cultural life and which has enormous ramifications in terms of its influence on other dimensions of cultural activity.

However, religion per se is a very broad and somewhat…… [Read More]

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African-American Mothers and Poverty the

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Whereas in 1963, 70% of all African-American families were headed by married couples, that rate had dipped to 46.1% by 1996. In 2001, the rate had increased to 47.9%, the first uptrend in 40 years (Kinnon, 2003). The rate of African-American crime and incarceration, which is closely linked to males from single-parent households, has also dipped since 1996.

Concerns about TANF and current welfare programs

While the statistics are compelling, there are a series of questions which have not been addressed by these welfare reforms. There are still about 50% of the former welfare population which has not been able to graduate from the welfare-poverty cycle, nor have they been able to find work. In states where the TANF provisions were enacted, including the 5-year limitation on welfare benefits, there has been a back-sliding on the part of state legislatures to extend welfare assistance for the "hard core" unemployed.

The…… [Read More]

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Substance Problem Dash for Survival

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The Health Belief Model, the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Social Learning Theory attempt to explain behavior change during treatment (Neft and MacMasters 2005). The three models have been integrated to help explain how spiritual change can effect a change in the behavior of someone with substance problems. The integrated model lacks solid theoretical or empirical mechanisms in achieving its purpose. The three models share a common goal of creating a shift from negative and punishing to positive and forgiving views of spirituality and of God. It proposes a framework of changes at several levels (Neft and MacMasters).

At the individual attributes level, the person presents his or her spiritual background or history, current level of spirituality and overall readiness for treatment in this manner (Neft and MacMasters 2005). Many substance abusers are detached from key societal institutions, such as the church. Around 85% of them are not receiving…… [Read More]

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Alcoholics Anonymous Describes Itself as

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First, the person who attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings admits that their drinking has become out of hand. The admission of a problem is the first step toward recovery. Second, the person who joins Alcoholics Anonymous, however informally, finds solace that he or she is not alone. Suddenly the individual is surrounded by caring, compassionate, and supportive persons who share similar stories and who completely withhold judgment. In fact, one of the things I noticed most as an outsider attending the meeting was that no one commented on the stories being shared with the group. No one offered advice. The only advice members are willing to give is "Keep coming back." Other slogans like "It works if you work it" help solidify the core tenets of the group in a person's mind. Therefore, a third goal of attending Alcoholics Anonymous is that the group seems to encourage commitment and discipline. Even…… [Read More]

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Patch Adams in the 1998

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Also, Dr. Adams addresses each of his patients by name as a way of becoming their personal friend and confidant as opposed to most doctors simply noticing the room number and not caring about the name of the person he/she is treating. In addition, Dr. Adams is a very careful listener who pays very close attention to what his patients are saying about no only their illnesses but also their own personal lives.

Unfortunately, the chaos presented in Patch Adams does occur in reality, perhaps not as much as it did in the past but it is still present. One reason for the decrease in this chaos has much to do with on-going efforts in today's health care system to create better relationships between doctors, nurses and their patients, especially when health care professionals like Patch

Adams who incidentally is based upon a real-life physician, attempts to "buck the system"…… [Read More]