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American Government the Five Main

Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91599353

It separates the various forms of government and does not allow one to become more powerful than another, and it ensures that laws are created fairly, that justice is fair, and that the President does not gain too much power. Essentially, it is the backbone of our Democracy, and that assures our freedom and the public good.

Critics of the Constitution and its support of the public good believe that the laws can promote gridlock in legislation, and that it can make it easier for government leaders to not take responsibility for problems. However, the framers of the Constitution had the citizens in mind, and they formed it to create a Democratic country with the good of the public as a foremost concern.

The Virginia Plan was a plan favored by James Madison, and it had three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislature chose the executive and judicial branches,…… [Read More]

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Trial One of the Most

Words: 2171 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63620857

In 2005, a Federal Judge in Georgia ruled that any sticker or notice violated the separation of Church and state, "Due to the manner in which the sticker refers to evolution as a theory, the sticker also has the effect of undermining evolution eduction. . . The distinction of evolution as a theory rather than a fact is the distinction that religiously motivated individuals have specifically asked school boards to make…. And in doing so improperly entagles religion and education" (Larson, 318).

Creation science now had to change, and now became intelligent design. Numerous districts either required it to be taught, or required statements about it be read at the same time as the teaching of any Darwinian theory. The first case, however, to test an individual district's policy to teach intelligent design. The plaintiffs argued that intelligent design was, in fact, creationism as an alternative to evolution. This, they…… [Read More]

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Michael Kimmel's Transforming a Rape

Words: 2314 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16777762

Having grown up in an era where sex-based discrimination was legal, they understand how easy it would be to return to that era. This has led to a characterization of second-wave feminists as somehow militant, a label that even third-wave feminists might apply to them.

Looking at the 2008 Democrat presidential primaries, the conflict between second and third wave feminists became apparent. Many second-wave feminists felt that it was a woman's duty to vote for the female candidate because having a woman run as a serious contender in a presidential primary could be an isolated event. In contrast, many third-wave feminists, though thrilled that Clinton was taken seriously as a candidate, simply did not think that her candidacy would be an isolated event; instead, they believed that women would continue to make credible candidates in presidential elections. Moreover, many third-wave feminists, like the author, seemed to find racial barriers more…… [Read More]

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New Jersey Political Campaigns Politics

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Another point of interest for the Congressman is the issue of the environment. The district he is representing deals with a lot of environmental challenges related to the condition of the ports, of the waters and the living creatures present there. At the same time, there is also the matter of irresponsible drilling operations which tend to endanger the equilibrium of the area. In this sense, the Congressman promoted a legislative initiative that would ban "offshore drilling off the Jersey Shore and all North and Mid-Atlantic states from Maine to Virginia." (Frank Pallone, Jr., 2007) in this way, the negative effects of unsafe exploitations can be somewhat limited.

A point related to the issue of the environment is the Congressman's initiative to increase the strictness of the EPA regulations regarding the reports on toxic requirements. By extension, he also got involved in the campaign to increase the awareness of beach…… [Read More]

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Political Campaign and Democratic Society

Words: 1551 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22264938

nexus between campaign and election results especially in relation to the developing mass media.

Political Campaign and Democratic Society

To truly understand the role of election campaigns towards the final result it is essential to understand that two views exist. On one hand it is argued that the voters decide for their candidate before campaigning commences while the others argue that it through this activity that the voters reach their decision.

An electoral campaign involves legally permitted actions which candidates and their respective parties undertake to arouse support during the period following up to the elections. Generally speaking the legal code of the country will provide a time limit during which campaigning is permitted. Additionally a financial bar is also set. This means that an upper limit is placed on the amount of money which the candidates and political parties can spend for this purpose.

Political campaigns are mainly intended…… [Read More]

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Attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World

Words: 8509 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50813272

attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center had similar historical events surrounding each attack. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and George W. Bush used similar policies to combat further attacks and unite the nation

The paper highlights the entwined American reactions to the September 11 attacks and the Pearl Harbor attacks. The paper illustrates the similarities in which the over-prevailing backgrounds of each event created reactions to the devastating measures that promptly gave escalation to the Wars that have been fought. The paper also looks at the integration of the memory of Pearl Harbor in American reactions to September 11 attacks. Subsequently, the paper reflects on the similarities in repercussions of the attacks on the Pearl Harbor, as well as, the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11.

It is quite apparent that the global society in which we live has become so much inter-connected that almost all events…… [Read More]

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General Politics Presidency Election

Words: 1532 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56705020

role of government in the current debates surrounding the enactment of universal healthcare and the illicit drug war along the Mexican border, it is critical to look to the powers granted by the Constitution. Yet, the Constitution has always meant different things to different people throughout American history. As any law student will tell you, one of the major conflicts surrounding the Constitution is the concept of Originalism. This legal understanding holds that if the Constitution is to mean anything, the courts must interpret it through the lens of the men who put the ink to the paper and established the government (Scalia, 1998). Yet, significant flaws exist in this theory as the Founders themselves were not of one mind but were a diverse and politically combative group to the point of fighting duels with one another (e.g. Hamilton's murder at the hands of Burr). To return to these modern…… [Read More]

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Barack Obama in Political Time

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Unemployment stands at a respectable 4.6%. Well, fine. But the other side of the ledger groans with distress: a tax code that has become hideously biased in favor of the rich; a national debt that will probably have grown 70% by the time this president leaves Washington; a swelling cascade of mortgage defaults; a record near-$850 billion trade deficit; oil prices that are higher than they have ever been; and a dollar so weak that for an American to buy a cup of coffee in London or Paris -- or even the Yukon -- becomes a venture in high finance.

And it gets worse. After almost seven years of this president, the United States is less prepared than ever to face the future. We have not been educating enough engineers and scientists, people with the skills we will need to compete with China and India. We have not been investing…… [Read More]

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Democratic and Republican Parties Have Been Able

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Democratic and Republican parties have been able to maintain their strength and their membership numbers since the Civil War for both structural and ideological reasons. The ideological reasons are the most obvious to an observer and to many members of the parties; indeed it is because of the ideological positions of the two parties that people align themselves by party. The ideologies of each party are complex; a better way of describing them might be that they are intricate combinations of different ideas and ideologies. The Republican Party has consistently championed economic systems that do not favor efficient distributions of wealth and has tended toward a low degree of government intervention and regulation in economic issues and a high degree of intervention and regular in social affairs (such as abortion and civil rights). The parties endure because these ideologies (which are tied to ongoing concerns and beliefs) endure.

Single-member district…… [Read More]

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Lessons to Be Learned by the American Experience of the Vietnam War

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Vietnam War Lessons

Lessons to Be Learned from the Vietnam War

The United States officially ended the war in Vietnam four decades ago, but the shadow of Vietnam looms in American consciousness still today. The war and its legacy continue to affect American society and its engagement with the rest of the world. For a historian, the important question about the Vietnam War and its legacy is the following: what lessons can be learned from it? The Vietnam War can offer several lessons if we analyze it closely. One can learn lessons about America's diplomatic negotiations with other countries, Presidential leadership, and how understanding the culture of the foe can be crucial to the war effort.

Reading Moss (2010) clearly demonstrates that the United States lacked proper diplomatic strategies during the Vietnam War. Partly burdened by the mission of fighting Communism everywhere and partly because of arrogance that came with…… [Read More]

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Mexico Political Electoral System

Words: 2559 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99460900

Mexican Political System

Mexico has a unique and fascinating political life and a thriving democracy amid constant fears of powerful drug cartels and corrupt politics. It is a country with a rugged history, a rich culture, and an independent spirit separating it from other Central American and North American countries. Its relations with the United States, its biggest neighbor, have been difficult to say the least, ranging from war to friendship, depending on the time and the issue. The domestic political issues within Mexico have shaped the country more than any other aspect of Mexico's past since independence from Spain. Yet, the country has much to share with the world, and is still a productive trading partner around the world despite a struggling economy and a dangerous environment. Politically, Mexico has been in trouble for a century, but at least national politics has been cleaned up in the last twenty…… [Read More]

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Gender & Race in the

Words: 1126 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93815160

"The incompetence was color-blind," he said, adding, "the real stumbling block was indifference to the problems of the poor," Scott continues.

In his speech announcing his official candidacy, Obama stated, "...Beneath all the difference of race and region, faith and station, we are one people." The Rev. Al Sharpton has said that Obama "doesn't want to look like he's only a black candidate." The Scott article notes that Obama's advisors are saying he is "entirely comfortable with his identity...proud to be an African-American but not limited by that." And moreover, Obama carries a "peculiar burden as a presidential candidate," Scott asserts, and that burden relates to whether or not he calibrates his words, "blacks as well as whites are likely to parse them for anything they might signal about racial issues." That said, it is also true that Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, a long way from black…… [Read More]

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Public Policy Processes and Analytical

Words: 3340 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 39208234

This historical influence does have a positive influence on the argument due to the placement and context of the current state of political appointments. For example, discussion of the development of extensive political appointment structures during the New Deal, and the growth of the program through the intervening years, presents a historical context and background as well as a pattern of cause and effect that can be examined in detail. The discussion also focuses on recent events including the Clinton administration's use of political appointment and of course the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The use of copious examples does provide strong support for Lewis's argument, although given the empirical claim that he has laid, it is difficult to fully accept these examples as a consistent factor in the book's effectiveness. However, despite's Lewis substantive empirical analysis, and detailed statistical analysis of outcomes or model building, some of these strengths are not…… [Read More]

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Power and Weakness Robert Kagan's 2002 Article

Words: 1378 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44769777

Power and Weakness

Robert Kagan's 2002 article entitled "Power and Weakness" which appeared in the journal Policy Review is a fine example of an argument that takes advantage of its assumptions without discussing them. The purpose of this essay is to critically analyze this source which represents a sustained reflection on the detractions, merit and implications of the author. This essay will first summarize the article by discussing the explicit and implicit assumptions made by the author. The next section of this essay will state my personal views on the subject presented and discuss the implications that I believe the article to be putting forth.

The essential point of the article can be inferred by the subtitle of the article: Why the United States and Europe see the World Differently. This piece was written in the year 2002 which, in historical terms was a very delicate and trying time for…… [Read More]

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Egypt When Analyzing the Political

Words: 1523 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 365836

Egypt is one of the most powerful African nations and has proved to be a reliable partner of the West, which invested massively in the development of the country. The fact that Egypt is a democracy through its constitution has contributed greatly to gaining the support of the West. The path chosen by Egypt can be an example to other African nations and democracy can be spread with the support of Egypt. Democracy and free elections in Egypt can have a great impact on neighboring countries, as they might be persuaded by this example. Besides, a high level of democratization will increase the support offered to Egypt by more developed nations and it will grant even more power to the country in the international scene.


Consolatore, D., Living with democracy in Egypt, available at;

Ibrahim, a., 2006. "Universal Values and Muslim Democracy." Journal of Democracy Vol. 17, No.…… [Read More]

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Political Science Japanese Internment

Words: 5176 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76791469

internment camps for the Japanese that were set up and implemented by president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The writer explores the history leading up to the decision and the decision itself. There were six sources used to complete this paper.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the American public was outraged and stunned. American citizens had lived with a false sense of security for many years that the soil of the United States was off limits. The Civil War and the American Revolution were long in the past and residents believed that the world at large would be to afraid to attack a nation as strong and powerful as the United States. The attack came without warning, killing thousands who were within its grasp. When the smoke had cleared and the bombs had stopped, the nation turned a fearful eye to the white house for guidance. At the time the president was…… [Read More]

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Party Conventions Political Conventions History

Words: 1572 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42858350

Perhaps some of the drama that will play itself out inside of the convention hall, will be spotted by the watchful eye of the media transmitting the party's doings into American living rooms -- and raise ratings as a result.

Works Cited

Crawford, Darlisa. "Memorable Moments in Political Convention History: The Evolution of National Party Conventions." Election Focus 2004. U.S. Department of State. Jul 14, 2008. 1.14.

Cresswell, Stephen." The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party." Buttons and Ballots. Issue 26. 2001. May 12, 2008.

Johnson, Donald B. "Dixiecrats." The American Presidency. May 12, 2008.

Rowen, Beth. "History of Party Conventions." InfoPlease. May 12, 2008.

Wald, Jonathan. "264 arrested in NYC bicycle protest." Aug 28, 2004. May 12, 2008.

Darlisa, Crawford, "Memorable Moments in Political Convention History: The Evolution of National Party Conventions," Election Focus 2004, U.S. Department of State, Jul 14, 2008, 1.14, p.1. >…… [Read More]

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Lessons Learned by American Experience of the

Words: 1252 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68047348

Lessons Learned by American Experience of the Vietnam War: Diplomatic Negotiations, Presidential Leadership, and Cultural/Social Context

The objective of this study is to examine the lessons learned by the American Experience of the Vietnam War in terms of diplomatic negotiations, presidential leadership, and the cultural and social context of the war. The work of Mariney (1989) writes that the U.S. civilian and military leadership failed "to heed the lessons of the past during the Vietnam war." (p.1) Not only was the enemy underestimated but as well, America underestimated the war's nature. The historical context was not given due consideration according to Mariney (1989) and specifically in terms of how the Chinese, Japanese, and the French have "over the centuries, attempted to exert control over Indochina unsuccessfully." (p.1)

Vietnamese Strong National Identity

The result of this experience was the forging of a strong national identity in Vietnam, both North and South…… [Read More]

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Difference Between Executive Order and Law

Words: 796 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45604394

Executive Order and Law:

An executive order can be described as a presidential directive that consists of the force of law though it has a much more restricted jurisdiction than the statutes of the Congress. Generally, an executive order is a presidential order that usually applies to the way things are done in Federal Agencies. However, a presidential executive order cannot be contradictory with any law passed by the Congress since that would render it unconstitutional. Notably, executive orders can only govern the activities of the executive branch such as Federal Agencies, which implies that they cannot be directly used to govern the American public to the extent that the United States Congress can do. Therefore, an executive order can be regarded as what the president issues to enforce Congressional statutes and laws, which means that the president is basically ordering the executive branch officials to act.

Based on this…… [Read More]

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Media Literacy Thinking About Media

Words: 2186 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36843982

In fact, this is something that Obama discusses openly in his book, Dreams of My Father. In that book, Obama discusses the fact that his stepfather is Muslim and how he believes his stepfather's religion helped shape the man that he is. However, that book, written before Obama came into the national spotlight and certainly before his presidential bid, does not say anything about Obama being Muslim. It is not that the book ignores some of Obama's negative qualities. On the contrary, in the book, Obama details teenage and young adult drug use, anger about racial inequality in America, his own religious ambivalence in his young adult life, and a childhood that defies American stereotypes. (Obama, 2004). One who reads the book would find it difficult to imagine that the introspective author would omit a detail as salient as ever being a practicing Muslim, especially since one of the men…… [Read More]

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Political Appointees-Senate Confirmed for Inspector

Words: 2331 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 83880302

Filling these top positions are cumbersome and, occasionally, controversial. Appointment tenure takes time to decide and may often be short leading to confusion within the administration itself, to inaction in decision and work, rapid turn-around and modification in decision making, and confusion.

Using data from the Office of Personnel Management, O'Connell (2009) observed that senate apportioned positions were empty on a mean of one-quarter of the time over the five administrations (spanning from Carter to Bush). O'Connell (2009) recommends deliberate research on underlying problems and active work that is intended to ameliorate these problems. Better still, says O'Connell (2009), are policy reforms that would reduce the amount and duration of vacancies in these senate positions. These reforms would include better training for newer officials, and advance planning by the White House for filling positions, as well as winning commitments from appointees to serve a minimal of two to four years.…… [Read More]

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Health Care Reform For Quite

Words: 1922 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86626733

There are a number of issues involved in health care including taxation, the fear of socialized medicine and the budget. Many Americans are opposed to higher taxes for the wealthy due to the fact that they will be the ones paying for most government spending including the proposed heath care bill. These people also argue that it's the wealthy that create jobs through investing and if their taxes are raised, there will be less investing and job creation.

As stated earlier, though Republicans believe that the American health care system needs reform, they feel that the best solution is not to hand it over to the government. The handing over of the health care system to the government has led to the fear of socialized medicine. The Republicans also believe that the American government is nearly bankrupt although the president has stated the proposed health care bill will reduce government…… [Read More]

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Discrimination Racism in America Has

Words: 4121 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84992014

This type of zoning began to be enforced because of integration, which many Americans were opposed to. In recent years, the idea of exclusionary zoning still lingers as a topic of debate. This is not only an issue of race but also an issue of affordable housing for low income workers.

According to Sternlieb (1973)

Exclusionary zoning and subdivision control in the suburbs as a means of preserving the community status quo and of avoiding certain types of residential growth have been the focus of recent discussions and criticisms. Such land-use controls in conjunction with rising construction costs are seen as substantially reducing the availability of low and moderate income housing in the areas of suburban employment growth. A locality may effect prohibitive minimum price levels for new residential development by zoning its undeveloped lands for predominately single-family homes with requirements for large lots, large frontages, and large livable floor…… [Read More]

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Same-Sex Marriage An Idea Whose

Words: 2289 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 33477897

But those sections can no longer be used, as they were by the California Supreme Court, to provide gay couples with the liberty and privacy rights of equal access to civil marriage," as the Court did previously (Feldblum 2009).

Despite the presence of Bishop Robinson at the inaugural, President Obama himself has been admittedly less stalwart in his support of gay marriage: in response to a "1996 Outlines newspaper question on marriage" Obama said "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages…There was no use of the phrase civil unions" as he advocates today, as a replacement for gay marriage (Linkins 2009). Obama has had to tread a careful line, given that many Catholic, blue-collar workers and Latino voters are often social conservatives -- these voters are often 'swing' votes for Democrats. All were his most difficult constituencies to win during the election, and he…… [Read More]

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Film Analysis Wag the Dog

Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19848044


Perhaps the clearest violation of the principles of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in Wag the Dog is its essential premise: the PR firm is working to create the impression that the U.S. is at war to save the reputation of the current president, even though the country is still at peace. The PR firm deliberately deludes the American public into believing falsehoods based upon the needs of the client. As well as inhibiting the dissemination of truthful information, the PR firm actively stifles open communication by covering up the sex scandal of the president by creating false footage about the supposed war in Albania. The PR firm also collaborates with a movie producer to create fake film footage of the actual war specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings of Americans. What the public should actually be focused upon (the politician's credibility) is completely changed and…… [Read More]

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American Experience in Vietnam in Analyzing the

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70740288

American Experience in Vietnam

In analyzing the Vietnam War from a historian's perspective, it is necessary to consider the cultural and social contexts of the conflict, the role played by presidential leadership, and the role played by diplomatic negotiations. In all of these realms, though, the historian can reduce the most important lesson of the Vietnam War to a single word: truth. An examination of the Vietnam War from each of these angles will show that a crucial role was played in each arena -- social, presidential, and diplomatic -- by dishonesty.

The cultural and social context in America of the Vietnam War is a familiar story: we are accustomed to hearing that the war was unpopular and occasioned numerous protests. But it is crucial to note that the campaign to make the war more palatable to the public hinged crucially upon lying to the public. We do not need…… [Read More]

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Corporations Should Be Prohibited From Spending to Influence Political Campaigns

Words: 1612 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24727799

corporations' spending to influence political campaigns. Specifically, it will discuss why corporations should be prohibited from spending to influence political campaigns. It is well-known that those who have the most money to wield usually hold most of the power, and this is extremely true of most large corporations in America today. These corporations might pick and choose where they exert their power, but most all of them contribute the maximum amount allowable by law to political campaigns. With the Presidential election looming in November, these contributions have picked up at a breakneck pace. These contributions, known as "soft money" in the political world, should be prohibited, because they go against the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, and they influence the candidates in ways that often do not benefit their constituents. Political contributions from large corporations are not the American way, and they should be banned entirely, to add integrity back…… [Read More]

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Tonkin Gulf Crisis

Words: 4928 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5576711

Tonkin Gulf Crisis

The Debate over the Tonkin Gulf Crisis

The Tonkin Gulf Crisis 1964 ranks with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as events that David Kaiser of the U.S. Naval War College refers to as "controversies in American political history that dwarf all others (Ford, 1997)."

There is evidence that President Lyndon Johnson deliberately lied about the incidents leading to the Vietnam War to ensure that plans for war were supported. However, many opponents of this claim say that this is not so. According to Sedgwick Tourison in the book Secret Army, Secret War and Dr. Edwin Moise's Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the Vietnam War, evidence that Johnson's administration was deceitful is becoming clearer than it was (Ford, 1997).

Today, Tonkin Gulf researchers are still examining the evidence to determine whether or not Johnson's administration intentionally instigated the…… [Read More]

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Terrorist Attacks of 9 11 the Security of

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87662874

terrorist attacks of 9/11, the security of the United States of America has been transformed into the utmost priority of the presidential administration. Aside from the political rules however, more and more individuals place an increased emphasis on issues of security, especially the prevention of terrorist attacks.

And in this setting of increasing focus on terrorist attack prevention, the literature in the field has also expended. Numerous books have been written on the topic, such as Preventing surprise attacks: intelligence reform in the wake of 9/11by Richard Posner (2005), Human security, law and prevention of terrorism by Andrej Zwitter (2010) or Cybersecurity: preventing terrorist attacks and protecting privacy in cyberspace by the United States Congress, under the United States Government Printing Office (2010).

Alongside with the books, the number of articles on the topic of terrorist attack prevention has also increased. While the books require longer time periods to be…… [Read More]

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Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law a Good Idea

Words: 1873 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78140919

Arizona illegal immigrant law a good idea?

The Support Our Police force and Safe Neighbourhood Act (enacted as Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and therefore is associated basically as Arizona SB 1070) is really a legal Act within the U.S. Arizona State. This law is currently the widest and most stringent anti-illegal immigration in recent American history (CNN, 2010). This law has acquired considerable local and also global criticism and it has prompted extensive debate (Nowicki, 2010).

United States federal legislation requires all non-citizens older than 14 who reside in the country for more than thirty days to register with the Federal government. Furthermore, they are required to hold and possess registration papers all the time. The Arizona Act, furthermore, makes it an Arizona misdemeanour offence for a non-citizen to be residing in Arizona without possessing the necessary documents. The law articulates that state police force officers try to determine his/her…… [Read More]

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Civil Rights Movement Whole Books

Words: 3110 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76882291

These two laws constituted the real beginning of the end for Jim Crow laws and practices.


The civil rights movement may have gained impetus and cooperation among people with differing opinions and goals from what Canady (1998) called the "animating principle," or the principle that got people of differing views and backgrounds working effectively together: the idea that dignity was the right of all men, women and children in the country, and not just those born to relative power. This sense of personal dignity was reflected in the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln's speeches during the Civil War, by Justice Harlan in his dissenting opinion of 1896, the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling by the Supreme Court in 1954, and in the civil laws that followed. The Civil Rights movement embraced Harlan's view that our Constitution should be color-blind. People of all races and backgrounds…… [Read More]

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research the Use of

Words: 4073 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71743966

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The use of human embryonic stem cells in scientific research has held great promise for some but this research has also produced powerful objections from others. Indeed, there is a profound if sometimes vehemently expressed moral argument that emerges from embryonic stem cell research. The principal objections to the use of these stem cells has come from evangelicals, conservative Christians and others who equate using embryonic stem cells with killing a potential human. Those who acknowledge the potential benefits that may be derived from research using embryonic stem cells tend to people who are politically progressive, college educated individuals, and those in the field of science and those searching for treatments and/or cures for Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, among other serious health issues. This paper will examine both sides of the issue, all relevant arguments, and will attempt an unbiased review of what…… [Read More]

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U S Constitution the United States

Words: 1699 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 35686013

In cases of treason accusations, the testimony of two additional parties, or an open court testimony of the defendant is required: "No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court" (Section 3).


- No national or international party is exempt from following the legislations and all those who break the laws will as such be trailed in front of the Supreme Court or other inferior courts: "The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority; -- to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; -- to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; -- to controversies to which the United States shall be a party; -- to…… [Read More]

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Political Structure in Obamacare Obamacare Is a

Words: 2256 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71166469

Political Structure in Obamacare

ObamaCare is a law that the President Obama is extremely passionate about. He built a big part of his political career around healthcare reform. This law will allow millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance or cannot quality for health insurance to get affordable coverage. Millions of Americans live with treatable diseases, because they cannot afford health care cost associated with getting treatment. In 2009, 16.7% of the U.S. population was uninsured (50.7 million people). Of this population, there are 7.5 million children under the age of 18 that is uninsured and 676,000 senior citizens (Kondro, E756). ObamaCare is law that was passed in March 2010, allowing this uninsured population to get health care insurance at an affordable cost. In this paper I will discuss our political structure and some of the processes that ObamaCare passed through, going from a bill to a law, and…… [Read More]

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American Government How Does a Bill Become

Words: 1905 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48169227

American Government

How does a bill become a law? Please explain where bills originate and how they go through the process. Also include information about the role of interest groups and political parties in bill formation.

Before a piece of legislation can become a law, the initial proposal, called a bill, must go through a process of debate and approval by both houses of the United States Congress. The initial step is for the individual who comes up with the idea for a new law must present his or her suggestion to their colleagues (Egan 6). This person becomes the sponsor for that law as he or she was the initial supporter of that idea. More than one person can become the sponsor of a bill, showing their additional support of that bill. The proposed bill is then placed in the hopper. Once the bill is read and officially proposed…… [Read More]

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Intelligence Pathologies the Church Committee

Words: 3119 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24847335

The Church Committee concluded that these activities made the intelligence community a secret government that was illegal, unethical, and improper and did not reflect the people or the nation of America.

Secret intelligence actions were used to disrupt, harass, and destroy domestic law-abiding citizens and groups. At the time, people were spied on with excessive intrusion with the methods being illegal. In addition, the intelligence agencies carried out secret infiltration and surveillance activities of lawful groups, with mail being illegally opened (McCarthy, 2009). The recommendations to establish the FISA court and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 have failed following the aftermath of 9/11. Current intelligence agencies are once more intractable as they carry out the decisions of the executive branch of government and legislator (McCarthy, 2009). Like intelligence activities under the rule of President Nixon, intelligence agencies have searched, arrested, and detained many legal citizens and groups in the…… [Read More]

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Technological Effects on Journalism Through

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0 framework. This framework is particularly relevant to journalism where the need for greater levels of interaction and collaboration with the reader were badly needed. The rapid ascent of blogs and their use for journalistic purposes, in addition to the exponential growth of video sites including YouTube continue to underscore how accurate the Web 2.0 framework is.

The initial generation of technologies that disrupted traditional journalism included blogs, knowledge-based wikis, and the rapid growth of micro-blogging sites including Twitter. The growth of podcasts during the first generation of Internet-based technology adoption in journalism also served to accelerate much-needed change in terms of connecting with readers more effectively (Loop, 1999). This first generation of these technologies were very effective in creating an easily learned publishing platform, one that was able to reach millions of readers within seconds of a journalist posting a story online (Adee, 2008). They however did not have…… [Read More]

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Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency the Assassination

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Yet, Theodore Roosevelt also found within the American nationalism a powerful civic culture that made the United States of America as a country that welcomed all kinds of people irrespective of where they came from, their racial identity and religious leanings as long as they were prepared to devote themselves to the country and observe the laws of the land. Theodore Roosevelt also loved the idea that the United States of America was a melting pot in which a hybrid race of different strains could be created. Theodore Roosevelt believed that such a mixing had created and would sustain the racial superiority of the American race. This belief of his was demonstrated by his personal delight in moving across social boundaries and meeting people of diverse groups. (Theodore Roosevelt and the Divided Character of American Nationalism)

Thus we see that after President Lincoln for nearly thirty five years the leaders…… [Read More]

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Immigration Law AKA- H-1B Work Visas

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(Green, 14)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services -USCIS will not admit any new appeals this financial year for H-1B visas, which permit extremely expert foreign workers to work in the United States USCIS, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, said it had got sufficient H-1B appeals to meet up this year's congressionally permitted limit of 65,000 fresh visas.

USCIS gave back new appeals presented after the close of business on February. (Laurie, 14) Petitioner recorded their appeals for FY 2005 H-1B starting from April 1, for service of jobs with a start date of Oct.1, 2004 or subsequently. (Clark, 22) Hence fresh B-1B visas will not be offered until the next financial year starting on Oct.1. 1 it is plain indication that the method is to be set, as the 2004 visa limit is already reached when it is middle of the financial year. The followers of the…… [Read More]

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Boundaries of Blackness the Latest

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" It is thus unclear how Cohen exactly deems when these silences or transformations occur.

This ambiguous approach to identifying when transformation begins does not negate Cohen's argument regarding the fragmentation in the black community. After all, in her content analysis of media reports, Cohen has shown ample proof of the "silence" regarding the AIDS crisis. However, a discussion of when transformations in leaderships occur will be helpful if future scholars want to replicate Cohen's research in other minority groups.

Another issue that could be raised regarding Cohen's book concerns her argument regarding the transformation of the African-American political agenda in general. Cohen obviously takes a "trickle up" approach to political action. She argues that the political agenda of marginalized groups in general can be reshaped by pressure from below. Based on this framework, gay and lesbian African-Americans had power to shape the thinking of the black community regarding AIDS.…… [Read More]

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Independent Counsel the Controversy Involved

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The second proposal stated that the decision as to whether or when an independent counsel needed to be appointed would be at the absolute discretion of the President (Kavanaugh, 1998).

The third proposal suggested that Congress should ensure that the President and the Attorney General solely define and monitor the jurisdiction of the independent counsel, emphasizing the importance of how the responsibility for these jurisdictions should be on these officials that are publicly accountable, rather than on any court (Kavanaugh, 1998). The implementation of this proposal would greatly expedite investigations by special counsel (Kavanaugh, 1998). Fourth, the statutory reporting requirement should be eliminated by congress so that financial and time resources could be saved (Kavanaugh, 1998).

Kavanaugh's (1998) fifth proposal maintained that it should be established by Congress that the President can only be indicted after a voluntary leave of office or impeachment. Some may argue in favor of the…… [Read More]

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Truman in Hypothetical Crisis as

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Kennedy recognizes the need to establish a bond with all the South American leaders, thereby isolating Chavez-Chavez politically as ineffective leader in South America. Kennedy perceived the Third World in terms of the "national military establishment," and vulnerable to the manipulations of the Soviet Union (Schwab, Orrin, 1998, 1). Kennedy had already gone around with Cuba, and did not wish to repeat his mistakes in Venezuela, but he also had no intention of surrendering Venezuela to the Soviet Union in the way in which Cuba had been surrendered before him.

President Kennedy saw South American diplomacy as the route to turning Venezuela away from bonding with the Soviet Union. He recognized that he could not alienate the rest of South America from the United States, or that would drive them into the sphere of Venezuela's influence over them towards the Soviet Union.

Kennedy calls a meeting with Chavez-Chavez, in private,…… [Read More]

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Democratic Transitions

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Democratic Transitions

Dear Mr. President.

Your historic win to become the President of the United States is an event that has altered our view of national policy for each of us here within the borders of our nation and it immediately alters the course of our existing foreign policies which may directly or indirectly affect every man woman and child on the planet. We are here to suggest that your foreign policy analysis must be considered to be interdisciplinary because it will draw from a variety of theoretical approaches. Usually, public pundits have added emphasis on presidential leadership as key components of United States foreign policy so it is critical that you understand what else is needed to have, create and implement a successful foreign policy process.

The success of your policies, your cabinet and all associated policy makers will require an implementation of various underlying theories towards…… [Read More]

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Political Science

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There are several patterns and outcomes that are fairly common in the realm of political science. Similarly, there are some subjects and points of study that are more common than others. Just a few that come to mind include the ethics of congressional staff, whether third party candidates could or should be a viable option and the demarcation that could or should exist between federal and state authority. For each of these three major examples, there will be an example given of such a thing and an analysis of the overall paradigm and question. While there are some ideas and concepts that make a lot of sense to the common voter, the people in Washington seem to be less than inclined to listen.


One member of Congress that has been accused of ethics violations would be Charles Rangel, the former Democrat member of the House of Representatives. It…… [Read More]

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President Trump's First Day

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President Trump

Trump had a busy first day as President, with inaugural parties, oath of office and "big league" activities he planned under his first day's agenda, which would set his Presidency's tone. New presidents usually establish high goals for day 1, often with mixed outcomes ensuing (Shaw, 2017). Obama pledged, at his Presidency's commencement, to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility down. However, it still survives, although its internees have diminished greatly in number. Similarly, Trump's promises may differ from his end accomplishments.

Amy Walter believes there was a consistent element in Trump's first day; his inaugural address corresponded to his message conveyed throughout his presidential campaign and convention. In her opinion, this is the reason behind his nomination, which no soul believed he could possibly achieve, and his presidential victory. Thus, Trump is bringing this very message to the presidential table (How did President Trump fare in his…… [Read More]

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11th Grade Froggybottom Class the Questions You

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11th Grade Froggybottom Class

The questions you asked me about have no easy answers. Philosophers, economists, revolutionaries, and social leaders have all been debating the answers for centuries, and as usual many of our politicians don't even know the first thing about the issues involved! Though the questions seem simple, they are actually rooted in the most basic questions of human existence: what is the "good life" and how can we live it? All the world's religions have tried to answer that question, and still no one knows the real answer. I can tell you my opinion, and I can tell you what famous thinkers and politicians have said, but in the end these are questions you need to figure out on you own. Think about them carefully, because your own personal answers will help you define your political and economic position wisely.

Your first question asked, "What is in…… [Read More]

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Republicans Attack on National Labor Relations Board

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GOP Attacks on NLRB

Labor Movement & Structure of the NLRB

In this paper I explore the state of the current relationship between the Republican Party and the Labor movement in the United States. In part one I briefly trace the history of the labor movement in the United States and the passage of the National Labor Relations Act and the emergence of the National Labor Relations Board. . In the paper's second section, I discuss the GOP's strategy at the state level-with special attention paid to Wisconsin and Ohio. In part three, I discuss the GOP's strategy at the national level with respect to their attacks on the National Labor Relations Board, focusing specifically on the House's refusal to appoint and approve anymore Board Members and their recent passage of the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act. Finally, I explore both the future prospects of union busting strategies and…… [Read More]

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America's International Relations Americanization and Anti-Americanism

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Pictures on the news of American flags being burned seem to appear more often than they used to. Perhaps my generation just isn't used to having our nation criticized to the extent that it has been since our response to September 11; we all know there have been anti-American protests in the past, that flags have been burned and protests against certain American military endeavors waged. Anti-Americanism has many definitions and encompasses many things, but "new" is not an applicable descriptor. Sentiments deriding American values, attitudes, and actions have existed since the establishment of the colonies, expressed in a variety of formats and with various causes. What has changed is not the existence of anti-Americanism, but what it means for the nation in international relations today.

This essay will examine anti-Americanism: first, its history and various forms throughout the world; at the same time, the causes of anti-American sentiment will…… [Read More]

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France in the 20th Century

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France in the Twentieth Century

The Second World War that took place between the years 1939 to 1945 involved the so called Axis Powers on one side, which were, namely, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Japan, and Romania and Bulgaria, and the Allied Powers, which were France, U.S., Britain, the U.S.S.R., Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. (World War Two, 1939 to 1945) when the so-called 'phony war' of the year 1939 ended, and the German army started its sweep through Belgium, most of the French, as well as the British armies were at that time isolated at Dunkirk, from where they had to be rescued. This was the famous 'Dunkirk Evacuation', and soon after, millions and millions of refugees started to flee from the Nord/Pas-de-Calais towards the South, because they feared a repetition of the horrors that had been unleashed on…… [Read More]

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Weblogs and Their Influence Weblogs Have Developed

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Weblogs and Their Influence

Weblogs have developed from a personal hobby and an Internet specialist niche to an important contemporary mainstream communications phenomenon. Weblogs or blogs have entered into almost every sphere of communications and knowledge sourcing. While blogging is relatively easy to explain in terms of the mechanics of its functioning, it is much more difficult to understand in terms of the implications and potential for development; particularly with regard to the fields of politics, journalism, academic research and education.

One of the essential functions of Weblogs is to filter the masses of online information, which is growing at an exponential rate. This is a crucial aspect as, through technology such as RSS syndication, the user can selectively access and edit large amounts of information from thousands of formal and informal sources. RSS and news reading software is one of the latest developments in the Weblog field and are…… [Read More]

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African-American Loyalty to the Democratic Party Has

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African-American loyalty to the Democratic Party has rarely been called into question since the early 20th century. As of 2008, "voting demographics for African-Americans suggest an overwhelming propensity to cast ballots in favor of Democratic candidates in presidential elections," (Young 2008). It would be expected that the election of Barack Obama further solidifies the commitment of African-American voters to the Democratic Party. The reasons why African-Americans have consistently voted Democrat throughout much of the past half a century are clear. During President Roosevelt's New Deal legislation, the Democratic Party shifted from the party of the racist enemy to the party that championed the rights of the poor and disenfranchised. The re-alignment of the Democratic Party with the political ideals of most African-Americans fostered a renewed identification among Black Americans. During the 1960s, it was a Democratic President that ushered in a new era of Civil Rights, and since the passage…… [Read More]

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Social Movement the 2008 Upcoming

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The perspectives presented in the first instance by the two main candidates for the Democrat nomination is essential. Their presence of the ballots raises serious questions that in the end target defining issues for the American society. On the one hand, Hilary Clinton addresses the issue of women in the society and in the political and civil arena; on the other hand, Obama underlines the existence of the African-American community, the issue of discrimination, and the need for emancipation in this sense. Although these matters have been discussed along the decades, their importance is greater at this point because these problems and issues are raised at the highest level.

The other dimension of the idea that the current electoral campaign is labeled "a social movement" is the actual electoral platforms the two candidates have. Indeed, both Clinton and Obama are running for the same nomination and one of them will…… [Read More]

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American Politics Final Briefing He

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As the world economy grows increasingly interconnected, the president's role as Chief Diplomat and Chief Executive will grow further intertwined.

The President is also Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces. However, given that you are a former law professor, you know that Congress has the official power to declare war. Many Commanders-in-Chief have attempted to circumvent that power, of course, such as when Lyndon Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin resolution to vastly expand American involvement in Vietnam. But given your respect for the Constitution, you will surely honor Congress' Constitutional role, even while you also show respect for the U.S. military, and the valiant efforts of the men and women who serve in uniform.

Your role as Chief Crisis Manager will hopefully not be a presidential 'hat' you will have to wear very often, as was the case for George Bush during 9/11 and Franklin Delano Roosevelt…… [Read More]

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Human Progress Is the Ultimate

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On the other hand however, it gives rise to an exclusive attitude and a multiple layer style of development and economic evolution because there will always be countries that fail to keep up with innovative technology, high tech research and revolutionary concepts which stand at the basis of today's creative industries. This is why the population in least developed countries does not consider globalization as being benefic for the improvement in their standard of living.

All in all, it can be said that the success and nature of a process is totally dependent of the perspective which is under analysis. Concerning stem cell research, arguments coming from the medical point-of-view favor the continuing of the research while those embracing the religious and ethical perspective strongly disagree. Similarly, depending on the point-of-view, globalization can be seen as both an inclusive and an exclusive process.


Holland, Suzanne, Karen Lebacqz, and Laurie…… [Read More]

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Race and Cultural Minorities

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Race and Cultural Minorities

Two centuries ago, Washington and Dubois debated the concept of race, a social construct based on an imagined demarcation that separated one group of human beings from another. Even then, the nuanced paradox of falsehoods and importance were at play; what seemed like a clear difference between some skin colors and ethnic groups was muddied in others, and the socio-cultural ends met by nominal means were indisputable. As human beings trekked across the globe in developmental civilizations, biology created in them differences as intrinsic as those between the continents -- something entirely different, but inherently, exactly the same. Today, different schools of thought debate the "race problem," a matter still highly contentious in even the most academically urbane communities. Anthropologists shun the idea for its lack of concrete theoretical foundation; sociologists accept its recognized place as an ideological tool in society with unending repercussions. The centuries…… [Read More]

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Is the European Union a State or What Else Distinguishes it From Other International Organizations

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European Union a state, or what else distinguishes it from other International Organizations

The primary question concerning global organizations as a medium of global governance relates towards the quantity and excellence of this governance within an era where we now have an overdeveloped global economy as well as an under-developed global polity (Ougaard and Higgott, 2002). There's a powerful disconnect amid governance, being an efficient and effective collective solution-seeking process within a given problem-area, and governance being the democratic legitimacy of policy formation. It has made possible the debate regarding 'legitimacy shortfalls' in main global organizations. Furthermore, governance has turned into a hosting analogy determining non-traditional performers (non-condition performers for example NGOs and their local and international associations) that participate as portable agents extending and expanding policy understanding, which is far more advanced and sophisticated than the traditional, elitist, government activities. The interest in global (as well as the regional)…… [Read More]

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Arguments Between the Obama Administration and Congress on Immigration

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Immigration between the Obama Administration and Congress:

United States immigration policy has been an issue of major political debates and controversies for several decades. The controversy surrounding the nation's immigration policy is partly because policymakers are increasingly considering the need to maintain global competitiveness through attracting top overseas talent against the need to curtail illegal immigration and secure the country's borders (Lee par, 1). In the past few years, the debate on immigration has focused on how to restructure a more bureaucratic visa application process and deal with millions of undocumented immigrants that are already living in the country. These initiatives have focused specifically on addressing young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States by their parents. In addition, the current focus on U.S. immigration policy looks at implementing policy at local level without endangering public trust across immigrant communities.

Obama Administration v. Congress:

As the controversy continues,…… [Read More]

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Illegal Immigrants in the U S

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So who is an American and what an America can or cannot do are questions which are critical to the issue of legalizing immigrants. Does being an American mean you cannot show allegiance to any other country? The images of people raising and waving Mexican flag had enraged many but it need not have. It should be accepted that people who come from different countries would forever hold in their hearts a deep respect and love for their homeland. However to put the interests of home country ahead of your adopted country or to work in a way that benefits the home country but not the new country would definitely cause serious concern. It would be definitely foolish to direct or guide the behavior of illegal immigrants regarding countries and allegiance, but they should be expected to not work against the interests of their adopted land. That is fair and…… [Read More]

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Controversy Over Lincoln's First Emancipation

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" Without a fundamental leg of the Southern structure taken out from underneath the Confederacy, Lincoln gained a strategic advantage. He did so using complete military preconceptions in order to carefully avoid breaking the peacetime rules and regulations set forth by the American Constitution.

Thanks to the free labor of the slaves, the South had more than enough white men willing to fight. Tons of able-bodied young men enlisted and left home, but the economy was not drastically affected due to the fact that there were still laborers available to support the war effort. Therefore, freeing the slaves in the rebellious States, Lincoln was encouraging a mass escape which would strike a crucial blow in the infrastructure of the Confederacy. Unlike other wars both before and after the Civil War, America had rarely shown the man power of a nation in war such as the South had done. The economy…… [Read More]

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Macro Vision of Jefferson vs

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Hamilton's Arguments in Favor of the Debt and the Bank

Jefferson would have no position against witch to argue had not Hamilton made the argument for the national debt so eloquently and so forcefully. Essentially, Hamilton and Jefferson entirely disagreed on the proper course to put the nation on a prosperous track. The greatest issue was whether the multitudinous colonial debts piled up by the individual colonies during and since the war with England should, in the spirit of e pluribus unum, be taken on by the federal government.

Hamilton postulated that the assumption of these colonies' - now states' - debts was essential to make the nation a credible, operating reality, deserving of trust in seeking credit from other countries. Also, Hamilton felt that "monied men" - those wealthy Americans who had made the loans to the state governments and how had in many instances not been paid yet…… [Read More]