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Abstract Between TV Series and the Society

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TV Series and the Society

Ekin Ozan

Lanfranco Acetti

The social set up in most communities in the world is indeed eroded with lots of images and teachings especially from the media. Among the major influences the lives of individuals in the society are affected by television programs and series. Most of the TV series that are relied to the individuals of a family in a particular setting basically influence the decision and the activities of the many individuals in either a negative or a positive manner. Indeed the most affected are the minor in the society, which are the children1.

From the healthcare providers' point-of-view, the media especially the television play a very important role in the escalation of the chances of teenage pregnancies and adolescent malpractices among the youths in America. These youth frequently use the media like television series, music movies and magazines in their plight for…… [Read More]

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Young Children Impact of Television Watching

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The Effects of Watching Television in Young Children
The current technological era has ensnared the young generation into a web of virtual reliance, making them dependent on various types of media outlets. The user – friendly components of media outlets have equipped the youngsters with the ability to customize any content into their own individual preferences. Young people are not limited to feeding but also they are able to design media materials which suit them. This situation is a far cry from what the older generation was inclined to while growing up, hence in most cases, this creates a generational conflict (Radesky, 2015).
The prevalence of technological and digital devices has created exposure among youngsters, with some being as young as 4 months. This is in comparison to children in the 1970s who became exposed to media such as the television from the age of 4 years. Research has shown…… [Read More]

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Negative Effects of Television on

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For small amounts of viewing, achievement increased with viewing, but as viewing increased beyond a certain point, achievement decreased. That function was found for each of the 3 ages studied, but optimal viewing time -- the apex of the function - was different at each age and decreased with the age of the students. (Razel, 2001)

Research Showing Positive Effects on Children

On the other hand, there is some research that disagrees that television has a profound negative effect on a child's behavior, health and cognitive ability. This research does not support the hypothesis that television is bad for children. There is observation

Television and Children 7 research that shows that television can be a positive influence in a child's learning process. The television can inform, entertain, and educate children in many ways.

Even though there is an abundance of children's shows that promote violence and other generally un-educational topics,…… [Read More]

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Controlling TV Programmes The Debate on Whether

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Controlling TV Programmes:

The debate on whether or not to adopt stricter means of controlling television programmes arises from the impact of certain programmes on the viewers. This debate also emanates from the cultural and ethical concerns raised by various people regarding the suitability of certain television programmes. According to research on television, it has emerged that programme-makers and broadcasters sometime fail to draw the line when showing certain programmes. As a result, certain sections of the public has lost their degree of trust in television programming arguing that there should be stricter measures to control television programmes while others differ with them.

Arguments Supporting Stricter Control of TV Programmes:

The increased loss of trust and ethical concerns regarding television programming has resulted in various people supporting the adoption of stricter mechanisms of controlling TV programs. The proponents of such measures point at the following reasons & #8230;

Negative Impact…… [Read More]

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Women in Television in the Late 1960s

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Women in Television

In the late 1960s to early 1970s, as women burned their bras and took to the streets for equality, the female labor force grew three times more than that their male peers (Toossi), increasing numbers of educational opportunities made themselves available to the "fairer sex,"

and a cultural shift was taking place for women within the household and in society as a whole. As is frequently the case, television seized the moment and looked for ways to capitalize on this women's lib movement. As Fiske wrote, "Television often acts like a relay station: It rarely originates topics of public interest (though it may repress them); rather, what it does is give them high visibility, energize them, and direct or redirect their general orientation before relaying them out again into public circulation." Thus, Turner's MTM Enterprises introduced "That Girl" and followed it by the seven-year hit "Mary Tyler…… [Read More]

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Branding in TV Channels An

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Despite the criticisms, however, it remains a fact that CBS has been successful in putting the brand out in the market, making the audiences notice it through its programming, and managed to internationalize most of its programs and therefore crystallized its foothold as a global / international brand.


CBS Official Website. Available at:

CBS Corporation Official Website. Available at:

Chang, B. And S. Chan-Olmsted. (2010). "Success factors of cable network brand extension: Focusing on the parent network, composition, fit, consumer characteristics, and viewing habits." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Vol. 54, No. 4.

Hindman, D. And K. Wiegand. (2008). "The Big Three's Prime-Time Decline: A technological and social context." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Vol. 52, No. 1.

Hutchinson, K. (2007). "Internationalization motives and facilitating factors: Qualitative evidence from smaller specialist retailers." Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 15, No. 3.

"Ownership chart: the Big Six."…… [Read More]

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Distorted Crime Coverage on Television News

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Distorted Crime Coverage on Television News

Violent, exploitative and gruesome crimes are more often depicted within the news media than not, in a blatant attempt to raise fear and interest within the American viewing public. Media moguls typically present fantastical images of horror stories to engage viewers, while ignoring other equally important news stories, leading the American public with a sensationalist and skewed view of crime within the States. Crime as represented on television is often distorted by broadcast agents in an attempt to engage viewers. Unfortunately this distortion often permeates the homes of traditional Americans and raises fears that are invalid and harmful. These ideas are explored in greater detail below.

Benjamin Radford defines media moguls as "mythmakers" and claims that they present a "news bias" by playing on the fears and emotions of consumers and television viewers. Indeed, news bias is created in favor of distorted crime within…… [Read More]

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Watching Television Shapes Our Views

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Race was not an issue in the shows I watched and I cannot imagine how race would ever been an issue or portrayed in a show where decorators and families decorate homes.

In one of the shows the homeowner left instructions that they wanted an African theme and they were an African-American family, but that was not the show moving the minds of the viewers, rather it was the homeowner's having a preference.

The subtle stereotypes were confined to watching Amy Winn handle all of the sewing work while the male carpenter was given the wood work projects to handle.

The most interesting thing about this show was the lack of stereotypes. It shows men hanging curtains, women moving furniture with no concern toward gender or race. I have never chosen to watch the show because I am not yet a homeowner so there was no need for me to…… [Read More]

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Dexter the Television Series

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Dexter (The television series)

There is an increase of interest in Hollywood movies and television series set to expand on crime investigation. There are arguments as to how realistic these representations on the screen are in regards to real life experiences and this is what we aim to discuss in this paper with a focus on the television series, ?Dexter, ? which is still running almost eight years after its first appearance on screen. We will be focusing on what appears more realistic in regards to how forensic science is presented in the series while also directing the focus on Hollywood's distinct trademark. We will also look at how such TV series may influence real life and affect people's expectations.

When ?Dexter, ? The television series, started airing in 2006, there already were a few other serial television shows that embedded forensic investigation. But, this time, there was something new…… [Read More]

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M a's h the TV Series M a's h Holds a

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The TV series M*A*S*H holds a special place in the history of American popular culture. M*A*S*H ran for eleven seasons beginning in the autumn of 1972 with a total of two hundred and fifty-one episodes, and the series finale of M*A*S*H in 1981 remains the most watched series television episode of all time. Yet from the standpoint of critical analysis, there are a number of curious issues about the show and its popularity. For a start, what genre is it? The 1970 Robert Altman film upon which the series is based is usually described as a "black comedy," but the reality of the series is slightly stranger than that. Budd and Steinman, for example, define the genre as something they call "warmedy" -- "comedy overlaid with empathetic audience identification." This is an important concept as to how the show worked (and we will return to it later in discussion)…… [Read More]

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California Dreams and Realities California

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Hispanic parent work so hard at low paying job (maid; agricultural; day laborer, etc.) just to feed and shelter them, and parent don't have anymore time or energy for insisting about homeworks and graders. But this, I feel, will downfall California eventually if something to help their Hispanic education levels does not happen. Now Hispanic adults even are working in Disneyland and McDonald's but that person needed for doctor and engineer careers instead. Disneyland job will be fine for young kid, but after that, which Hispanic people will be able to work in computer jobs in Silicon Valley; maintain infrastructures; participate in state government, and in California industry and health, accounting, and legal professions? There are just too many Hispanics here for them not to enter these professions in much bigger groups! California must work hard with the children of all: rich poor and middle class people equally - now,…… [Read More]

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Roles That Black Women Played on TV in the Early Era of TV

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Black Women on Early Television

African-American portrayals on television have been based on negative stereotypes that do not objectively or accurately portray reality... These stereotypes include, but are not limited to, the portrayal of African-Americans as inferior, lazy, dumb, dishonest, comical, unethical, and crooked (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1977). Dates (1990) was able to add to this list: insolent, bestial, brutish, power-hungry, money hungry and ignorant." (Rada)

The image of Black people on television has changed somewhat since the early era of television. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the roles that black women played in the early era of Television. We will discuss how the roles of Black women were limited to playing the role of mammies during the early era of television. The paper will also discuss roles for Black women that were labeled as being too white. In addition, our research will examine the…… [Read More]

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Gender Roles TV Gender Roles

Words: 1912 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24509833

These roles however do not reflect women's status in society, nor do they reflect society's beliefs about equality and gender roles. Women who hold executive positions still earn less than men (Glascock, 2001) do. Women are also viewed unfavorably when they act aggressively or forcefully, whereas men are applauded for their efforts. On television, women are seen as actors, and actors alone.

Women who are empowered are often "dolled" up so that while they are powerful or empowered, they still are subject to the direction and fancies of their male counterparts. This trend is evident on television and in society. Feminist women would much prefer women be afforded equal opportunities and equal pay, as well as regard, on television and in real life. While television attempts to model these aspirations, it falls short of its primary objective.

Within society, women are still unequal to men, even though they are working…… [Read More]

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Violent TV Effect on Kids Effects of

Words: 1036 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83973028

Violent TV Effect on Kids

Effects of Violent TV Programming and How to Impose Limitations to Exposure

"Violence on Television -- What Do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?" By the American Psychological Association (APA) provides an introspective view into how violence on television affects children and presents an argument that exposure to violence should be monitored. Alternately, Tim Goodman provides an argument based upon personal opinions and observations in which he defends television programming and shifts the blame of exposure onto the individual. Both articles provide an insight into violence on television and what can be done to limit exposure to said violence.

In "Violence on Television -- What Do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?," the American Psychological Association provides evidence that supports their claim that exposure to violence on television has a negative impact on children, provided these children are exposed to violent television programming. According to…… [Read More]

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Movie Television Show Globalization Is One

Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85731866

movie television show .

Globalization is one of the most discussed topics in the contemporary society and it is very difficult and almost impossible for someone to claim that he or she has not been affected by the process. Even with this, most people have a limited understanding of this process and are unable to decide what would be the best attitude to employ with regard to it. The reality is that society in general is unable to devise perfect methods of dealing with this process. The saying "history repeats itself" might be true in some cases, but this is a whole different matter, taking into account that a series of cultures have come together in creating the present day social order.

Globalization has both positive and negative aspects, this is certainly incontestable. However, what is more difficult to determine is whether or not it is inevitable. Most individuals today…… [Read More]

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Women and Television What Roseanne

Words: 1520 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24215230

Even more interesting is how Roseanne was treated as if she were somehow an anti-feminist because she wished to push her own agenda on the show, creating conflict with one of the producers. Interestingly enough, Barr observed, "I made the mistake of thinking Marcy was a powerful woman in her own right. I've come to learn that there are none in TV. There aren't powerful men, for that matter, either- unless they work for an ad company or a market-study group. Those are the people who decide what gets on the air and what doesn't" (Barr, 2011). What her comment makes clear is that, even while perceived as social commentary by others, Roseanne perceives her show as commercial, leading one to wonder if it is possible to have a truly feminist television series in a society that struggles for post-feminism and worships capitalism.


Barr, R. (2011, May 15). "And…… [Read More]

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Feminist Criticism in Television Programming in Analyzing

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Feminist Criticism in Television Programming

In analyzing the impact of mass media to its audiences and cultures in today's societies, it is important to also consider the theoretical framework from which mass media analysis is based from and developed on. Television criticism is particularly a controversial field in which theories and methodologies for critical analysis are applied and contested. By itself, the idea of employing feminist criticism to analyze representation of women in television programming inevitably provides a critical view of TV programming itself in the context of gender representation and in most cases, gender equality.

As a theoretical perspective, feminist criticism cannot be specifically defined unlike other theoretical frameworks (e.g., structuralist and functionalist perspectives). Over the years, the feminist movement has evolved; thus, feminist criticism has evolved as well to recognize and consider these changes in schools of thought concerning the feminist movement and its theories. Because feminist theories…… [Read More]

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Oyez FCC v FOX Television Stations Case

Words: 1008 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48842342



Case Basics

Docket No.


Federal Communications Commission, et al.


Fox Television Stations, Inc., et al.


Monday, June 27, 2011 Term: 2010-20192011

Location: 40.714353, -74.005973

Facts of the Case

In 2004, the FCC said that TV stations were permitted to be fined for indecency violations in cases when a vulgarity was broadcast during a live program. That happened on Fox in 2002 and 2003 when Cher and Nicole Richie cursed during award shows and were not bleeped. The FCC never actually fined Fox, but the network took issue with the regulatory agency setting the stage for future fines and challenged the fleeting-expletive rules. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the FCC's rules were "unconstitutionally vague" and had a "chilling effect."

BlueBook Citation:

Chicago.FCC v. FOX TELEVISION STATIONS. The Oyez Project at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. 10…… [Read More]

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Philosophy Reality Philosophy and Technology

Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41542336

For example, before Newton, gravity was not considered a reality because the force of gravity itself cannot be perceived via the senses. The scientific method corrects for sensory shortcomings. However, philosophers must endeavor to think beyond that which the senses deliver.

Morality, Philosophy, and Technology

Discussion 1: Human/Robot Interface

Current robotics technologies depend on strong human controls; no android exists that can survive independently of a human being either for its creation or for its sustenance. No android can therefore be considered alive in any reasonable definition of the word. Therefore, robots are dependent on humans. Robots do not make decisions; humans make decisions and program robots to execute those decisions. In the same way that a human being operates an automatic weapon to kill another person, so too does a human being operate a robot to kill another person. Therefore, human beings are always responsible for the actions carried…… [Read More]

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Film Theory Film and Reality

Words: 3996 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81433729

The spectator is unwittingly sutured into a colonialist perspective. But such techniques are not inevitably colonialist in their operation. One of the innovations of Pontocorvo's Battle of Algiers is to invert the imagery of encirclement and exploit the identificatory mechanisms of cinema in behalf of the colonized rather than the colonizer (Noble, 1977).

It is from within the casbah that we see and hear the French troops and helicopters. This time it is the colonized who are encircled and menaced and with whom we identify. The sequence in which three Algerian women dress in European style in order to pass the French checkpoints is particularly effective in controverting traditional patterns through the mechanisms of cinematic identification: scale (close shots individualize the three women); off-screen sound (we hear the sexist comments as if from the women's aural perspective); and especially point-of-view editing. By the time the women plant the bombs; our…… [Read More]

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Representation and Reality Alexie on Film

Words: 1752 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30761945

Alexie, Victor, Thomas and Tonto

Alexie's experiences as a boy compare to those of Victor and Thomas each. It is as though Victor and Thomas are two alternate projections of Alexie's character: Victor represents the unhappy Indian, who is dissatisfied with the way his family and the people on the reservation conduct themselves (they drink too much); he wants to think of himself as a proud, warrior Indian. Thomas on the other hand is far more sympathetic to Victor's family and sees good points in Victor's dad. He also reminds Victor that their tribe was not a warrior tribe but rather a fishing people -- which is a humorous reminder because it completely takes the wind out of Victor's prideful sails and returns him for a moment back to earth. This is essentially the push and pull that Alexie identifies in his own self going to the movies to the…… [Read More]

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Effect of Television on Society

Words: 2135 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30940047

Television on Society

Television has helped to create and perpetuate perceptions of gender and race.

Television and Perceptions of Gender

How children form ideas about gender

Perpetuating gender myths through entertainment programming

Gender portrayals on prime time news

Racial Stereotypes on Television

Television in shaping the perception of black people

Television and stereotyping Asian-Americans as the model minority

Television played a great role in colonial domination of American Indians.

Conclusion and change - where to now?

In his famous dictum of the medium is the message, Marshall McLuhan illustrated how mass media, as an extension of human capabilities, has tremendous personal and social consequences (McLuhan: 23).

Television is in a particularly strong position to initiate such consequences. After all, the great majority of American homes have at least one television set, putting the medium in an unparalleled position to affect American society.

Television also has a power to shape an…… [Read More]

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Hispanic Presence on Prime Time Television

Words: 1738 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62887129

Hispanic characters and actors in prime time television. Specifically, it will address the absence of Hispanics on prime time television and their negative portrayals when they are included in prime time.


Traditionally, Hispanics have been one of the least represented minorities on prime time network television. When actors did represent them, it was as fools, buffoons, or questionable musicians such as Ricky Ricardo of the "I Love Lucy" show, or comedian Bill Dana on the "Ed Sullivan Show." Even cartoon characters could not escape the stereotypical portrayal of the Hispanic male, think of "Speedy Gonzales" with his wiry moustache and bandolier bullet holders crisscrossed over his chest. In a study done in 1992, the Center for Media and Public Affairs found:

Compared to both Anglos and African-Americans, television's Hispanics in 1992 were low in number, low in social status, and lowdown in personal character,…… [Read More]

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Young Minds and the Television

Words: 1935 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80962086

Television on Children and Youth

As one of the most easily accessible, affordable entertainment forms, television is one thing people everywhere in the world have in common. Regardless of the way television has been described over the decades since television has entered regular people's houses, anyone who has witnessed children watching TV knows that it captures children's and adolescents' attention with excessive force and it holds the power to keep them glued to the screen. Even today, in 2014, when the internet claims a good portion of the viewing time dedicated to television in the past, television is reported to have kept a good deal of its influence. Parental control is thus crucial to the way television influences children's minds and shapes their development.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children in the United States watch an average of three to four hours of television a…… [Read More]

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Behaviors From Television

Words: 1159 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20564895

Watch at least three different episodes of the same television program. Analyze what behaviors are repeatedly observed, what influence these behaviors may have on individuals who watch the program regularly, what stereotypes are reinforced by the program, and what long-term effects may result from the program. Also examine the advertising content with regard to the target market of the ads (gender, age, socioeconomic status (SES)). Be sure to include SCHOLARLY* research to help make sense of your results (with proper citations).

History of the Simpsons

The Simpsons is a TV sitcom that is full of stereotypes and that has been used for entertainment for years. In fact, it is the longest running sitcom in American history (Susman, 2003). The show is ranked 17th of today's most popular shows and is ranked 25th of all time. The program features the typical American dysfunctional family exaggerated to a comedic extent. There is…… [Read More]

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Sex and Violence on Television

Words: 2230 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52186195

Scaflik makes the claim that these types of tactics from networks mean that the network believe that violence is what attracts viewers the most.

Finally, shows such as Law and Order and Dark Shadows manage to show minimal amounts of violence and in inappropriate context, while they ultimately showcase the violence in a de-contextualized manner in the promos (Scaflik 2004). Scaflik points out that this is a serious problem for many different reasons, including the fact that viewers will get the wrong impression from the show and that viewers may also believe that there is a great deal of action and then will later be disappointed when only two or three minimally violent scenes are shown throughout the film or show.

The other problem is that violent promos are often times run during showtimes targeted towards children. Sometimes shows that have absolutely no violence in them at all will use…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Steve Harvey Impact on TV and Radio

Words: 2483 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92198981

Steve Harvey impact on TV and Radio

Steve Harvey has continued to attract attention in every major entertainment arena, the screen, stage, radio, and the television. The resume or the Cleveland native reads like some kind of mini novel: as anchor of the popular show, "It is Showtime at Apollo," for seven years, anchor for the WB sitcom, "The Steve Harvey Show," for six years, a tour with the famous 'Cedric the Entertainer', Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley in their hugely successful Kings of Comedy Tour. He featured in the movie, "Fighting Temptations" alongside Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding Jr. He was recently featured in a hit movie titled, "The Johnson Family Vacation" alongside Vanessa Williams and Cedric. The WB renewed his "Steve Harvey's Big Time" for one more season and continuously supplies the largest turnout of audiences the WB network has ever seen per week. He is also known…… [Read More]

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How Ebony Life TV Can Expand Its Base

Words: 3308 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Corporate Writing Paper #: 98232969

Strategy Document for TV Company


Digital terrestrial television (DTT), which utilizes the analog infrastructure of traditional broadcast television to provide viewers with digital programming, is a land-based open platform with a strong enough signal to reach hundreds of millions without the need for a satellite dish or cable lines.

We have just commenced operations with our new channel, ONYX TV, on the DTT platform with a national license from the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission. We are broadcasting first in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and will roll out services nationwide over the next 12 months.

While EbonyLife TV is a premium channel, Onyx TV will cater to the mass market and offer a unique proposition as 'the channel that gives you more for less'. With ONYX TV, viewers can enjoy an exciting new channel that brings them entertaining and exciting Nigerian programming, including Talk, Drama, Comedy, Fashion, Lifestyle, Reality and…… [Read More]

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Redneck Stereotypes Rednecks and Television

Words: 4773 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54935002

Goad (1997) notes the use of stereotypes helps reduce uncertainties one may have with their own status or relationships in society. He goes on to suggest people use the term "redneck" to reduce their anxiety and insecurities they may have about their own ability or socio-economic status, or their concerns about the welfare of their own ethnicity in an environment where they may feel outnumbered (Goad, 1997). To resolve stereotypes generated by groups as Goad suggests, education would help placate people by addressing their fears and providing them with tools to reduce anxiety and insecurities that arise when one encounters a member of a different ethnic or cultural background. (the uncertainty reduction theory suggests most people tend to amass feelings of insecurity and anxiety when approached by members of a group unknown to them Mullin & Hogg, 1999). Another theory commonly used to explain group behaviors is the social identity…… [Read More]

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Bandura TV Violence Today's Society

Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36575516

This behavior was observed in more than eighty eight percent of the children. In order to show that learned behavior is not necessarily short-term, when the children were reintroduced to Bobo a few months later, 40% showed the violent behavior.

In assessing whether watching excessive violence on television causes long terms aggressive behavior, research studies should be more comprehensive. They should take into account factors such as chemical or neurological imbalances, family history of violence, emotional and physical abuse or genetic factors. Whether it is indisputably proven that watching violence on television causes aggressive behavior or whether it isn't, one should realize that over indulgence is never a good thing. They can have physical, emotional and sociologically negative impacts.

Parents have an important role to play. Instead of relying on federal guidelines for television program ratings, parents should make up their own minds about whether a child should watch a…… [Read More]

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Las Vegas Illusion and Reality

Words: 1990 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97472054

From time to time, however, Las Vegas illusion and Las Vegas reality do intersect (uneasily). When ugly newsworthy incidents occur, e.g., when a dozen tourists are killed by a drugged-out schizophrenic speeding in his car toward them on a Strip sidewalk; when a twenty-something female out-of-towner is shot fatally inside Harrah's; or when an elderly, but obviously, somehow, non-compliant female tourist is dragged, handcuffed, a the marble-floored casino/hotel lobby by an overzealous Las Vegas cop; some of Las Vegas' magic vanishes for a short time. But the next day or at worst within the same week, the bad ugly thing (now referred to as "extremely unusual" or "a freak accident" is forgotten. Tourist injuries and deaths are never (one is led to believe) the fault of any casino. Further news of the unfortunate incident, whatever it was, is hard to come by, if the casino has anything to do with…… [Read More]

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British Television and Journalism War on Terrorism

Words: 3194 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66274085

The writer of this article, Victor David Hanson, states that since earlier times, this sort of disparity in power has been in evidence, and it is a fact that the others have been attempting to build up their innate strength and power by merely imitating the West. This is sometimes referred to as a type of 'military parasitism', wherein those who were weak would often try to steal or buy or clone those weapons of the West that they found to be powerful. One example of this phenomenon is that of Japan. This country had no munitions manufacturing unit, no organized naval fleet, yet she managed to defeat a Russian Armada during 1905. (Post-Modern War)

The main reason for this success was that Japan had been sending thousands of her students to foreign universities and to military academies to study, and this resulted in the gaining of certain knowledge in…… [Read More]

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Turned on the Television Any

Words: 3301 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18606096

Some governments are terrified of their people: The military government that is running Burma (the junta calls the country Myanmar: Many of those who oppose the brutality of the regime refer to the nation by its former name of Burma) murders Buddhist monks who protest its policies.

The longer one thinks about this fact, the more clearly one summons up the image of the slaughter of young holy men, the clearer it will be that this is a government that will do anything that will increase its power, its control over the population, and the longevity of their regime. When one reads Orwell and thinks about Burma, one thinks that Orwell was a jolly optimist about human nature and the role of government.

And Orwell's vision of government is indeed grim one, and it gets grimmer over the course of the novel as Winston -- the protagonist who is nothing…… [Read More]

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Women and Television

Words: 2703 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86856467

tales we know to be true. They begin with "once upon a time." They end with "happily ever after." And somewhere in between the prince rescues the damsel in distress.

Of course, this is not actually the case. Many fairytales omit these essential words. But few fairytales in the Western tradition indeed fail to have a beautiful, passive maiden rescued by a vibrant man, usually her superior in either social rank or in moral standing. Indeed, it is precisely the passivity of the women in fairy tales that has lead so many progressive parents to wonder whether their children should be exposed to them. Can any girl ever really believe that she can grow up to be president or CEO or an astronaut after five viewings of Disney's "Snow White"?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But certainly it is true that modern popular culture contains a number examples of characters and stories…… [Read More]

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Ideals of Fantasy and Reality According to

Words: 1849 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53249146

Ideals of Fantasy and Reality According to Descarte and Hume

This paper considers what is real and what is fantasy by understanding the ideals of philosophers such as Descarte and Hume. Bibliography cites seven sources.

The reality of croquet and the ever moving hoops

To become like Alice in wonderland, to seek that which only exists in the mind of our imagination is the dream of every person to bring forth what is not real and make it real. The mind is a complex place, by understanding the attitudes and aspects of individuals we are able to understand that the imagination is fuelled by the Will and that the will is fed by the imagination.

When looking at the world as if it was a croquet game in Alice and wonderland we can argue quite easily that life is a mutable role in the ideology of the philosophers, by looking…… [Read More]

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Glass Menagerie An Uncertain Reality This Essay

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Glass Menagerie: An Uncertain Reality

This essay will examine the ways in which the three main characters in "The Glass Menagerie" soften with harshness of day-to-day living with an insulating blanket of self-deception.

This play is one of Tennessee Williams's earliest and most biographical plays (Patterson, 27).

"The Glass Menagerie" was written by Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams (1911-1983) in 1944, incorporating his short story "Portrait of a Girl in Glass" with the unproduced screenplay "The Gentleman Caller" (Williamson, 184).

It was first presented on December 26, 1944 (Williamson, 141).

The initial ticket sales were so poor that a closing notice was prepared following the early performances.

Williams himself expected it to last for only a few presentations.

E. Influential theatrical critics were impressed by the play, however, and began to champion its virtues in their regular newspaper column.

F. The audiences quickly picked up, so that mid-January of 1945, it…… [Read More]

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Journalize Literature Thoreau Is Thinking That Reality

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Journalize Literature

Thoreau is thinking that reality as truly seen is forever new and more than words can say. So what do you think? Do we need contemplation or something like it in order to better understand who we are? Or should we be satisfied with Zweckrationalist (Weber) and go about setting and achieving measurable objectives in a calculable world?

Henry David Thoreau was many things, philosopher, existentialist, and pioneer of the environmental movement. A constant theme is his many writings is his belief that everyone was responsible for going out into the world, into the natural world, and finding their true identity through this interaction. He believed that no one could be an authentic version of their self until they made this external version of an internal struggle. In the piece "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For," Thoreau discusses his venture into the natural world to find…… [Read More]

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Death Is a Reality All Human Beings

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Death is a reality all human beings face. The industry of death care is therefore in the dubiously fortunate position of always being in business. This does not however mean that marketing and public relations are not important. Because of the rising demand for services, the funeral industry has become extremely competitive. This, along with the fact that death and grief should be handled with extreme sensitivity and care, makes public relations a very important part of the funeral home's business.

A further important point regarding the death industry is social, value- and economic change. A funeral home should remain aware of the latest changes in all social areas, and be willing to accommodate their customers with regard to their personal preferences. In society today for example many people prefer to be cremated for a variety of practical as well as spiritual reasons. Funeral businesses should therefore be aware of…… [Read More]

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Japanese Film Defining Reality in

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In addition, the puppet theatre serves to imply that the actors are not in full control, and possibly that the characters themselves are not even in control of circumstances or their actions. On the first level, this provides yet another level of the emphasis of artifice that exists in the film, as it demonstrates that the bodies actually being viewed are not meant to be bodies in control, but rather are very much like puppets in that they have been instructed to perform in a certain way, in order to convey other people. That is, the actors are substitutions for puppets in a very real sense -- they are the puppets of the cinematic storytelling mode, and represent the changes that have occurred in Japanese storytelling as traditions have grown old. On a deeper level, when the characters themselves are seen as puppets, this becomes a statement about the lack…… [Read More]

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The Reality of Westward Expansionism in 19th Century America

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Laura Ingalls Wilder gives some accurate depictions of women's lives when settling the West in the 19th Century but falls short of other key respects.

Brief description of essay: Laura Ingalls Wilder's work is popular at least in part due to its ability to portray a glimpse of women settling in the western United States during the 19th Century. However, she either ignores or merely glosses over other aspects of women's contributions and challenges in the western expansion during that century.

A&E Television Networks, LLC. (2016). Bleeding Kansas. Retrieved from

A&E Television Networks, LLC. (2016). The fight for women's suffrage. Retrieved from

Bailey, F. S. (1891). Twenty years of gleaning: A historical sketch of the Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society. Boston: Woma's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society. (2016). Women in the West. Retrieved from…… [Read More]

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Fear News and Crime Fear TV News

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Fear, News, And Crime

Fear, TV News, and the Reality of Crime

In 1998, the New York Times magazine ran a cover story entitled "Does Local TV Have To Be So Bad?," and asked the rhetorical question of whether local television coverage of crime influences the attitudes and beliefs of viewers. Ted Chiricos, and his research associates, undertook a scientific research project to investigate whether or not the coverage of crime broadcast by local news channels really influences people's attitudes and beliefs toward crime. Their data suggests that there are a number of influences involved in people's fear of crime, and that a variety social factors are directly involved.

Ted Chiricos, and his associates, investigated the affect of watching news coverage, both local and national, as well as the personal experiences of hundreds of viewers in order to determine if there was a relationship between peoples' fear of crime, the…… [Read More]

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Changes in Family Portrayals Over the Years in American Sitcoms

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Television's depiction of families is crucial, as it is a means to understanding family; it displays families' appearance, the ideal family, the way spouses must behave, the manner of resolution of problems within, and by, a family, and the manner in which parents must behave towards their children. A majority of studies on the matter have concentrated on depicting vivid family structure descriptions, the existence of diverse representations of family, and kinds of interpersonal interactions in television facilities. As global programs have been dominated and influenced by products in American media, a majority of family depiction studies have revolved around American televised soaps/dramas. Program type determines how family is depicted. Family dramas, soap operas and sitcoms usually deal with family as the central theme, and most assessments of family portrayals use these as their subject. Action, adventure and other such genres of programs do not usually employ family as their…… [Read More]

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Social Construction of Reality

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People are social beings: they seek out others for conversation, support, love, communication, and even for contention. They adapt, conform, criticize, change and reflect and project the values and norms that flow in between and around them, from person to person, society to society, culture to culture. As a result, people and their identities are constantly undergoing revision, which most call natural development or growth—but “we forget that these things that appear natural were actually socially constructed” as DeLamater, Myers and Collett (2015:6) put it. This paper will explain how people are socially constructed, both inside and out—i.e., in the way they construct their internal identities to the way they behave outwardly, dress, and either conform to societal expectations and norms or reject them by conforming to a subculture or “non-conformist” social group. It the end, the same phenomenon is occurring: the social construction of human identities and norms.…… [Read More]

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Gentrification in TV S South Park

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South Park's SodoSopa

The animated series South Park on Comedy Central often features controversial and taboo subject matter on its show in its attempt to satirize contemporary social trends. In episode three of season 19, the show satirized the class issue of gentrification, by depicting South Park's poor neighborhood undergoing a re-vitalization process in order to become "Sodosopa" -- a typical gentrified neighborhood like so many across the U.S. which were previously impoverished neighborhoods. The inequality that results in the show is illustrated by Kenny's family being priced out of the neighborhood where they live so that wealthier clientele can come in to enjoy the fine dining experiences offered by the Sodosopa project. The poor families are displaced from where they have lived and the rest of the community shows no real care or concern for the plight of the poor, as they are happy to embrace the new lifestyle…… [Read More]

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Contenders Challenges the Depth of the Line

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Contenders challenges the depth of the line between the so called reality-based survival shows and fictionalized genres. Series 7 to the greatest degree is a spoof on the idea that a game with real stakes, reputed to be stakes of life and death could truly exist within an entertainment venue. Series 7 proposes that the impact of such a situation upon the viewer can only be judged through the representative stakes of just that, life or death. The represented goal of the film is the actual violent death of opponent players in the game. The implications of such a production weigh heavily upon the viewing public and leave many questions to be answered by the phenomena of television ratings. Though the Series 7 movie is an attempt to challenge the lines between reality and fiction, in much the same way the sensational Blair Witch Project did a few years before…… [Read More]

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Pop Culture American Idol Reflection

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The American Idol is "an annual American televised singing competition which seeks to discover the best young singer in the country, through a series of nationwide auditions." The show is engaged with real people with real emotions. Contestants of the show may belong or may come from different age groups or different race, or either they came from different towns or cities, thus defining what culture or way of life they have.

In a specific episode of the show, a controversy arose during the semi-finals during the season three that involved the three highly praised African-American contestants, Jennifer Hudson, La Toya London and Fantasia Barrino. There had been an instance where everybody was been surprised because of the elimination of Jennifer Hudson. During the elimination, a guest judge for that season, Sir Elton John criticized the voting as "incredibly racist" (Yahoo, 2004). This statement that arose from such occurrence can…… [Read More]

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Amazing Race & Two and

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In the latest episode, they were required to wear a traditional Dutch costume. One type of challenge required contestants to swim across a cold body of water on a windy afternoon and play golf the way the locals do it. Most contestants endured this in their fight to stay in the game. Another challenge required the contestants to eat salted herring with onions after performing a Dutch folk dance. And even though the thought of eating the salted herring was revolting to one contestant, he still did so as he wanted to still be in the game. They have to overcome their fears and to ignore their discomforts in order to stay in the show.

I guess this is partly why people like watching this show; it shows people who are willing to do almost everything in order to stay in the game. The personalities of the contestants also contribute…… [Read More]

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American Popular Culture

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Watching TV Makes You Smarter.

(Chicago Citation)

On May 9th 1961, Newton N. Minow, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission blasted the television industry and called much of it's programming "a vast wasteland." (O'Connor 1986) Twenty-five years later, in 1986, a television writer for the New York Times mirrored this criticism when he said that it was still "surprisingly valid." (O'Connor 1986) This criticism of the television industry has, in the past, been a valid criticism as throughout most of television history, the programming has been a two dimensional representation of the realities of life. While many in the media still like to criticize television, there has been some major improvements in terms of complexity of plot as well as introducing the intricacies of real-life into the storylines of television programming. Today's television programming, while still containing a lot of "fluff," has, through the use of different techniques, increased the…… [Read More]

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Detournement Internet Media Site Situated

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Of course, they can use Microsoft and other search engines, but this will force them out of their 'comfort zones' and they will see the degree to which corporations have shaped their access to information and their social and work lives.

The final brands that will be featured will be the popular discount merchandizes Costco and Target. Because of their advertised cheapness, which is paradoxically fused with an aura of exclusivity due to Costco's membership fees and Target's attractive store designs, many consumers view shopping at these stores as 'experiences' rather than as chores. Consumers may buy all of their household's items in bulk from Costco; Target markets itself as offering beautiful items at bargain-basement prices to consumers. The close relationship of consumers to these brands will make it all the more difficult for frequent patrons to abandon their favorite shopping locations.

This reality show, rather than promoting brands, will…… [Read More]

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Gwaks Shows

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Television talk shows can be embarrassing, and it would be better if people turned them off and watched something else.


"Gawk Shows" talks about how Americans like to gawk at others that are different or odd, just like in a carnival side show. Television shows highlight people who have horrible or unusual diseases, and people cannot help but turn on the television and watch in fascination. As the author notes, "Gawk shows sell" (Fox 307), and this is one reason there are so many of them. People watch them, and many people, even the talk show hosts who have these people on their shows, believe that people watch them because our culture is decayed and not interested in serious topics (Fox 307). This is why people also enjoy baring their souls on talk shows like "Oprah." It does not matter than millions of strangers are watching the show,…… [Read More]

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Seated Fear of the Current State of

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seated fear of the current state of culture as witnessed in television programming. He argued that through the evolution of ideas beginning in literature with horror writers such as Stephen King, and seen in the present in reality TV programs, a sadistic mental illness has encapsulated the collective viewing audience. He used examples from current television reality programming to highlight his ideas and present a very dangerous environment for those who choose to engulf their minds in the programming produced by such sources. The author empathetically concludes his article with a plea with his audience to observe National Turn Off Your TV day and enjoy the freedom of a TV-free life.


I strongly resonate with many of the arguments presented in the writings of Goodspeed (2004) as they identify a disturbing trend within culture and media. The author's ability to summarize many of the problems that are noticeable within…… [Read More]

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Media Psychology the Topic of the Proposal

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Media Psychology


The topic of the proposal is related to media psychology and reality television. Media psychology is an interdisciplinary field that works in collaboration with fields such as neuroscience, computer science, international relations, and philosophy. Media psychology seeks to understand the perceptions, interpretations, uses, responses, and relationships among media and media consumers. Media psychology identifies both the benefits and the drawbacks of media consumption. Media psychology reads media as a text and as an entity with behaviors, relationships, and cultures. Media psychology receives increasing attention in the 21st century as the media landscape of the times is much more rich, diverse, and abundant than other periods in human history. Media is a much larger fixture in more people's lives around the world in the 21st century. The growing consensus among media critics, researchers, theorists, producers, consumers, and distributors is that media affects human behavior and attitudes. Therefore, the…… [Read More]

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Feminist Advocacy of a Social Issue in Contemporary Culture

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Post-Feminist Society

Contemporary Feminist Advocacy

Although there is not absolute consensus, popular writings about feminism suggest that there have been three waves of feminism: (1) The first wave of feminism is said to have occurred in the 18th through the 20th centuries and was characterized by a focus on suffrage; (2) The decades spanning 1960 to 1990 are said to encompass the second wave of feminism, to which a concern with cultural and legal gender inequality is attributed; and (3) The third wave of feminism began in the early 1990s partly in response to the conservative backlash the second wave engendered, and partly in recognition of the unrealized goals of the second wave of feminism up to that time ("NOW," 2009). This third wave of feminism made salient a more subjective voice that pointed at the intersection of race and gender with greater resolve than would have been possible when…… [Read More]

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Advertising and Consumer Behavior

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Advertising & Consumer Behavior

What are some of the principles of television advertising?

Some principles include knowing and studying audiences & demographics. Another principle is to build a brand and a lifestyle. Another is to create desire in the consumer.

What makes it unique from other mediums and its ability to influence customers' decisions?

It is a relatively old form of medium with respect to American culture. Meaning, people are used to commercials -- they are accustomed to seeing ads on television. They are very short and produced with a great deal of concentration and intent. They often incorporate cutting edge production techniques and equipment to catch people's attention, as well as often sampling famous songs or original jingles that remain in people's minds.

What are the pros and cons of advertising on television?

Cons are that ads on television can be skipped because of people who have Tivo and…… [Read More]

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Guild of America Wga Strike

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As USA Today's Bill Keveney recently noted, "The broadcast networks [are airing] fewer than 20 live-action, 30-minute sitcoms, about half as many as five seasons ago.... No sitcom has finished in the top 10 since 'Everybody Loves Raymond' in 2005." (Dumenco 2007, NP)

This may lead some to conclude that the writer's strike will actually have less of an effect on the industry than expected, because so much of their work has been replaced by primetime reality television offerings and therefore when they are not working there is always something else to watch. Again, this remains to be seen, as there are still many diehard fans who would rather continue to watch sitcoms and television news broadcasts, though trends show that even these venues are dying off as more and more people seek their news from the ala cart news offerings of the internet. In short it can be argued…… [Read More]

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Truman Show Cunningham Douglas A A Theme

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Truman Show

Cunningham, Douglas A. "A Theme Park Built for One: The New Urbanism vs. Disney Design in The Truman Show." Critical Survey, Volume 17, Number 1, Pages 109 -130, 2005.

The focus on this article are the real cities and towns that are the basis and/or inspiration for the fictional town of Seahaven, the hometown of the protagonist of The Truman Show, Truman Burbank, as played by actor James Carrey. The article spends several pages simply describing the history of towns such as Seahaven, particularly in the state of Florida, where a number of Disney related theme parks are located. Cunningham charts the history of the town Celebration, a complete Disney owned and Disney operated town. Cunningham calls Celebration an example of "New Urbanism" and "manufactured happiness." Seahaven, like Celebration, is an example of manufactured happiness via a physical space, but whereas Disney World is for anyone who has…… [Read More]

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Gay and Lesbians Are Represented

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But in instances where the TV does not provide good moral and role models for the teenagers then it is just to say that the TV programs are the major contributing factor towards homophobic tendencies among the society members. The lack of positive role modeling is also being viewed on the side of lesbians, gays and bisexual youth Kielwasser AP and Wolf MA ( 378)

. Most gays and lesbians in the society are brought up in a straight community with few gays and lesbians role models; thus they are specifically vulnerable to the portrayals of gay people in the mass media (Ryan & Futterman, 124).

The mainstream media has treated the sexual minorities as if they are not part of the human race, as if they do not exist. In addition, it was observed that the gay people of whichever age are rarely portrayed, and mostly the little portrayal…… [Read More]

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Visual Media Visual Entertainment Dominates Modern Cultures

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Visual Media

Visual entertainment dominates modern cultures. From hundreds of television channels to hundreds of thousands of video channels on the Internet, getting an in-depth look into the lives of others is a common occurrence, made possible because of the social influences of visual media. Reality television shows have shifted values from that of being conservative to being able to do just about anything on television. Value is no longer placed on privacy and decency, but on advertising everything that occurs in a person's life. Visual media entertainment has converted society from one full of morals and values, to one with limited respect. Although visual media has brought great advances to society as well, a limited number of individuals actually take advantage of this phenomenon.

When looking back to the 1950's it becomes impossible to imagine that in just 60 more years, life as it existed back then would no…… [Read More]

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Marketing Proposal - Philadelphia Cream

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Oreo has evidently already featured in the dessert segments of the show, but not as a primary product -- and an ingredient like cream cheese, Philadelphia brand cream cheese can play a more prominent featured role than a packaged cookie.

Also, as many viewers likely have strong preferences regarding cheesecake flavors and recipes, an interactive web component could be added to the challenge, as viewers could post their own recipes for cheesecake, using Philadelphia brand cream cheese, and the company could give a prize to the best recipe for 'amateur' cheesecake. The choice of Top Chef as a venue would be ideal because it would give Philadelphia a much needed image boost amongst the younger consumers who watch cable, and also raise its 'hipness' component as innovative young culinary minds infused the traditional cheesecake recipe with everything from cutting-edge liqueurs to flavors from the Near East and Latin America. However,…… [Read More]

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Truman Show The Failure of the American

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Truman Show: The failure of the American Dream

In the 1998 film The Truman Show, the protagonist Truman Burbank leads an ideal American life. He has a loving family, a perfect job, good friends and wholesome neighbors. There is only one problem with this sunny state of affairs: it is all a lie. Truman is really the star of an ongoing reality TV program known as The Truman Show. Truman has been deluded into thinking that his perfect life is reality. However, eventually he begins to tire of this image of perfection. Truman begins to resist the constraints that have been imposed upon him. The film supports the notion that truth is preferable to a happy lie, and is a call to all viewers to question the injustices that exist within their own societies. [THESIS].

Although the film may seem fantastic, advocates of social justice like Martin Luther King Jr.…… [Read More]