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Abstinence vs Birth Control

Words: 3098 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19074854

Birth Control and Abstinence

Birth Control vs. Abstinence

Although birth control methods and abstinence are widely acknowledged and practiced, it is necessary to consider their pros and cons.

Every female holds the right to decide if and at what time she wants to become pregnant. For couples who are planning for pregnancy, the use of birth control methods until they are prepared facilitates them in making sure that the mother and the newborn will be as healthy as possible. If an individual is sexually active, the single means to prevent pregnancy is to opt for a helpful birth control method and to make use of it in the correct and consistent fashion ("Birth Control: What's Right for You?").

According to Columbia Encyclopedia, birth control can be defined as the "practice of contraception for the purpose of limiting reproduction" ("Birth Control"). The research that has been conducted till date has not…… [Read More]

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Jane Austen 1811 Thomas Hardy

Words: 2315 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48946560

In each case, marriage for the woman has less freedom than for the man. After all, the woman cannot even properly (as Elinor evidences) express her deep-seated affection or attachment to a man, unless he has first approached her. A woman cannot initiate love, and this in itself debases her freedom of choice. This omnipresent element of Victorian culture is present in Wuthering Heights as well, when one sees that Cathy considers marrying Linton partly because "if Heathcliff and I married, we should be beggars...And he [Linton] will be rich, and I shall like to be the greatest woman of the neighbourhood, and I shall be proud of having such a husband." (Bronte) of course, she also expresses love for him, but the sort of love that is far inferior to her feelings for Heathcliffe.

This issue of inequality in marriage leads naturally to a very serious issue in all…… [Read More]

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Status of Women in Choson Dynasty

Words: 2480 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19669314

Choson Women

Status of Women in Choson Dynasty

The status of women in the Choson dynasty is not worthy of discussing but of pitying. Women used to have two ranking in this dynasty, one that of a sex slave, and the other one, if the woman has brains and is lucky, was that of a power manipulator (Park, 4). Either women were highly regarded due to their social status or the relationships with that of high ranking officials or the royals or they were taken up as things that need not be cared but used, as many sex scandals and coercive seductions in the history of the Choson dynasty represents.

To cite briefly, women were the most repressed in this dynasty, many restrictions, though still prevail today, they are the outgrowth of the older laws and rules that binds women to obey the laws that are today proclaimed as against…… [Read More]

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Who Is Nietzsche's Woman Philosophy

Words: 3379 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61861376

Nietzsche's Woman is by turns simply a reflection of common attitudes of the time, although he occasionally sees her in a more sympathetic view. In a modern light, the understanding of Nietzsche's philosophy has often been tainted by the view of his writings as racist and misogynist. Indeed, a cursory look shows that Nietzsche's perception of women is largely negative and unflattering. Nonetheless, the great philosopher is sometimes clearly sympathetic to women. The end result is that his work seems largely inconsistent and poorly thought out on the subject of women. Many philosophers, including Simone De Bauviour and Mill, have had a much different conception of woman than Nietzsche. Ultimately, Nietzsche has little important insight to offer on the subject of women, a disappointing oversight from a philosopher who repeatedly offered such perceptive and daring views on many important subjects.

Modern interpretation and analysis of Nietzsche's works is often tainted…… [Read More]

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Women at Work What Causes Lack of Respect in the Workplace

Words: 11362 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95015545

gender roles in the workplace pre-exist much of what we think defines what work really is; not only do they pre-exist the modern working world of offices and factories, but they also seems older than more basic things, like writing and currency. From the world of the Tasaday tribe in the Philippines to that of such fields as genetic engineering and astrophysics, men and women are compelled to function within the workforce in different ways. In the United States, women dominate fields such as nursing, teaching, and clerical positions, while fields like engineering, programming and accounting are thought to be the domain of men. Some positions, such as those of flight attendants and nurses, are considered so intrinsically "female" that many men refuse to enter these fields for fear that others will question their sexual preference. Other more coveted positions, such as that of the CEO of a large company,…… [Read More]

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Legalizing Prostitution in California This

Words: 8336 Length: 32 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 84477532

As far back as 1959, the United Nations recognized the logic and benefits of decriminalizing prostitution, and organizations supporting this decriminalization include the "American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization of Women, and various prostitute 'unions', the most famous of which is COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics)" (Rio, 1991, p. 206). And as far back as 1971, the San Francisco Committee on Crime considered the legalization of prostitution a "feasible" approach to the issues involved. In addition, in 1977, the California Senate Committee on the Judiciary gave their support for a legalized sex trade (Rio, 1991). So why, more than thirty years later, has no progress been made in this arena? Particularly from a criminal justice perspective, what is the current rationale for criminalizing this activity? If the point of criminal justice is to control and prevent crime and maintain justice (Gaines & Miller, 2008), how are attempts…… [Read More]

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Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Words: 2765 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51008739


Of Aristophanes' 11 plays that are still extant, Lysistrata is perhaps his most famous. Certainly the play's contemporary popularity stems not a little from the fact that it resonates sympathetically with many of the scholarly concerns that have increased in importance since the rise of the feminist and post-feminist critical movements. The basic dramatic action of the play is quite simple. In response to the ongoing Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta, Lysistrata organizes the women of Athens to protest against the war, which continues to kill their husbands and sons. The manner of the protest is interesting, indeed. It is a sort of boycott -- in this case, the women state that they will not engage in any sexual relations with their husbands until the war is brought to a close. The conceit that begins the play and moves its dramatic action forward seems at first absurd. Indeed,…… [Read More]

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Does Gender Difference Play a Role in Marital Conflict

Words: 1921 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38778306

relational research question; directional hypothesis) and why you are using that type.

This research study is an inquiry into the role of gender in marital conflict. The purpose of the study is not to assess the nature of the role of gender in marital conflict, for it is not presumed that such a role exists. Rather, the answer we seek is a Boolean one; we will accept the null hypothesis that gender does not play a role in marital conflict. In as much, this is a directional hypothesis; we question whether or not the independent variable, "gender," results in a change in the dependent variable, "marital conflict." We will assume all marital relationships to have two people.

It is important to be specific when we say gender. For instance, studies have been done to show how the acceptance of feminist values has influenced a couple; these are referred to as…… [Read More]

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Women Throughout Chinese History Have Experienced the

Words: 3685 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27859257

Women throughout Chinese history have experienced the oppression their tradition and culture exert as well as the power only members of their sex can attain in their chosen domains. Although readers have been exposed to historical anecdotes relating foot binding and Man's superiority to women, there are also many stories relating their freedom and tenacity, whether they are wives, concubines, courtesans or prostitutes. The history of Chinese women is not necessarily limited to persecution and being dominated, it is also peppered with inspirational stories of women who have been able to find happiness, success and fulfillment within the parameters Chinese tradition and culture dictate.

In Chinese society, the positions women maintained were very indistinct (,1)."In Chinese society, women as a category had a dependent status." (Watson, 1991, 232). Before a girl married, she was controlled completely by her father. After she married, this responsibility was transferred to her husband. If…… [Read More]

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Sexual Abuse Does it Exist in Every Culture

Words: 1552 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36995023

Sexual Abuse-Does it exist in every culture?

Sexual abuse along with violence is an issue of serious concern that go beyond factors such as social, economical, racial and regional lines. The common victims of sexual abuse are females and youth, and the reason behind them being victim is that they are either lacking social or economical status to defend against or steer clear of it (Adams, 1998).

Females and youths, particularly, undergo sexual abuses in various forms, such as, sexual assault or rape, domestic violence, exploited sexually, and genital mutilation of women. Due to the less amount of research carried out, finding out the exact amount of sexual abuse prevalence in third world countries is hard (Crowder, 1995). Moreover there is also difficulty in assessing the reporting of sexual abuse due the cultural background. Throughout many years, sexual abuse has turn out to be a social issue which is "mediatized."…… [Read More]

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Adultery the Subject of Adultery Is a

Words: 1571 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14142064


The subject of adultery is a fairly touchy subject in the United States and this has been true for the duration of the country's existence for one reason or another. More recently, the Christian positions on lifestyles and sex have come more and more under fire. While most of that ire is directed towards their common stance on gay relationships and gay marriage, even the subject of adultery has come into question from some circles. This report will cover the traditional Christian position on adultery as well as some opposing views and some other dimensions of the subject and the argument that centers on the same (Cherry).

Christian Position

Many feel that the Christian position is monolithic but that is simply not the case. After all, the Christian religion is fragmented in many ways based on denominations and other separating factors. Examples of different denominations include the Catholics, the…… [Read More]

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Status of Women in Islam

Words: 1695 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47657753

Actually, the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad was related with the message of knowledge (Adeel, 2010, 106). Therefore, the Qur'an does not limit knowledge to one sex since it's the responsibility of all Muslims to pursue knowledge in their entire life. The Qur'an specifies equal legal rights for every individual in the Islamic religion from cradle to grave. The book declares the right for men and women to enjoy full legal rights as an essential characteristic.

The status of women in Islam can also be understood from various aspects such as social, spiritual, political, and economic aspects. First, the Qur'an provides vivid evidence that women are completely equal with men in the sight of God based on their rights and responsibilities. Women have similar religious obligations with men such as daily prayers, pilgrimage, poor-due, and fasting (Badawi, n.d.). Secondly, the Qur'an prohibits the social acceptance and practice of female infanticide…… [Read More]

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Wife Bath Feminism Chaucer Appears to Create

Words: 4168 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 30110442

Wife Bath: Feminism Chaucer

Chaucer appears to create the Wife of Bath shine intentionally from the rest of the characters in the novel; she has been possibly one of his most controversial figures since her contradictions as to what she states and just what she does. The writer's formation of her character offers one significant objective which has been to surprise his readers. Chaucer chooses to consider each and every bad attribute that ladies were thought to have in those times and also the outcome has been Alisoun. This kind of vivacity and boldness had been seldom observed in female fictional figures of that era (Oberembt 287).

The Wife Bath: Feminism Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales had been written towards the end of the Fourteenth century, however it was left incomplete. It has been setup as numerous stories within one story. The primary frame has been a travelling crowd…… [Read More]

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Marlowe Chaucer Intertextuality Point-Of-View Metaphor

Words: 1898 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90697474

Thus, the notion of ruler ship in marriage is actually an orchestrated ideological shift in the hands of Chaucer the writer, as notions of marriage and change from the point-of-view of the miller, the Wife of Bath, to the Franklin.

Even in the more singular voice of Marlowe, the poet acts an intrusive rather an impartial narrator of the tale of "Hero and Leander," as he utilizes a number of narrative devices to achieve a distancing from his characters and their actions: "I could tell ye / How smooth his [Leander's] breast was, and how white his belly, / and whose immortal fingers did imprint/That heavenly path with many a curious dint, / That runs along his back, but my rude pen / Can hardly blazon forth the loves of men, / Much less of powerful gods: let it suffice / That my slack muse sings of Leander's eyes,/Those orient…… [Read More]

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Natural Law and the Magisterium

Words: 5386 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61520046

Yet official Catholic support for union organizing and for strikes, and for state planning to ensure a decent livelihood for all, has been augmented over the years by a heightened recognition of the need to combat underlying institutional imbalances of power. Though the overarching goal of a peaceful and harmoniously ordered community endures, Catholic sensitivity to the dynamics of power, the reality of sinful systems and structures, and the necessity of struggle for social justice has increased over the past century, becoming especially evident in the social encyclicals of the present pope and the later writings of his predecessor, Paul VI. Seen in light of these developing sensibilities, the living wage is a means of empowering the poor to fulfill their material needs, to cultivate their abilities and aspirations, and to participate in just, enlivening social relationships.

In developing his argument for a family living wage, John A. Ryan was…… [Read More]

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Absence of Paternal Involvement and

Words: 5319 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7397251

" (Bean, 2006) Bean notes that a "dramatic decline in the influence of father involvement has been shown to be correlated with fathers' maintaining a residence other than that of their children." (2006)

According to the work entitled: "Theoretical Models of Juvenile Delinquency" developmental pathways of adolescent delinquency has been examined by researcher "through both longitudinal research and meta-analyses." (Theoretical Models of Juvenile Delinquency, nd) Resulting from these empirical investigations are "numerous insights...key indicators and predictors of behavior of those youths who engage and those who persist in delinquent behavior." (Theoretical Models of Juvenile Delinquency, nd) According to this work there have been a number of studies which had made identification of characteristic patterns of parent-child relationships that are strongly associated with juvenile delinquency." (Theoretical Models of Juvenile Delinquency, nd) the work of Juby and Farrington (2001); Patterson and Stouthamer-Loeber (1984); and Steinberg (1987) state that "evidence clearly demonstrates the…… [Read More]

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Polygamy in Recent Months the

Words: 2596 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 35763580

12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel."

David then repented and ultimately he put away all of his wives and concubines. He took physical care of them but he no longer had sex with any of them. It is believed that his first wife had died and only Bathsheba was left and they bore another son named Solomon. It is obvious throughout the text that David understood that his various marriages and sexual relationships with women were detestable in the eyes of God.

The punishment for polygamy exacted by God can also be seen in the life of Solomon. Solomon's heart was led astray because not only did he have multiple wives, but he took wives who worshipped other gods after he and the Israelites in general had be warned against intermarriage.

They were from nations about which the…… [Read More]

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Augustine Is a Christian Father of the

Words: 3225 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53497886

Augustine is a Christian father of the late Roman Empire -- the traditional date of the "fall" of the Roman Empire is about a half-century after Augustine's death -- while Thomas Aquinas is a thinker of the medieval period. It is worth noting this substantially large time difference -- eight hundred years separates Augustine from Aquinas, just as another eight hundred years separate Aquinas from ourselves -- because we need to see Christian thought within its proper historical context. Augustine helped to consolidate early Christian doctrine, while almost a century later Aquinas served to make Christian doctrine congruent with classical (i.e., Aristotelian) science.

To understand Augustine's ethical thought within its proper context, we need to understand the centrality of the concept of original sin in Augustine's thinking. One of the clearest ways in which Augustine personally tried to clarify the doctrine of original sin was in his context with Pelagius…… [Read More]

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Interviewing a Woman

Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57699480

interview of a woman that is more than 40 years old and belongs to a generation different than mine. It analyzes and provides a reflection of the woman's life experiences and beliefs. The main focus of the interview is to evaluate the impact of belief systems and socio-economic structures in her life as well as any resistance to these factors. The reflection also examines the impact of ideologies, cultural factors, social structures, and economics on the interviewee as a female. In addition, the process of through which she negotiates these factors and opportunities and limitations in her life are also discussed.

Brief Summary of the Interviewee

I interviewed Rebecca Mintz who is a dynamic, highly accomplished, and renowned business woman in her community. Mintz is famous for her dedication to social work and community development through which she has made major contributions towards improving the livelihoods of young women in…… [Read More]

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Italian Feminism and Masculinity

Words: 8053 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81769165

Italy is a cultural hub of gender identity where issues of feminism and masculinism have been deeply entrenched for many years. For centuries Italy has been considered a more masculine country, though the majority of work documented related to masculinism actually is sparse. Issues of feminism and masculinity has surfaced in the workplace, where naturally access to issues such as equal employment and technology have surfaced. Gender inequality issues in Italy have in fact created a basis for the continuance of a feminism-masculinism dichotomy.

Masculinism has been defined as "the property by which humans of the male sex are defined as manly" (Noumenal, 2004). Alternatively, Simone de Beauvoir described femininity as "neither a natural nor an innate entity, but rather a condition brought about by society." This statement is more true than any other, as evidenced by gender inequality differences largely the result of the paternalistic nature of the culture…… [Read More]

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Effect of Forgiveness on Health

Words: 28998 Length: 105 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 36968622

forgiveness on human health. In its simplest form, the purpose of the study is to evaluate human psychological stress that might constitute a risk factor for heart disease. Further, the study will also evaluate the impact of forgiveness on heart disease. However, such a simple dissertation clearly demands further definition. What, exactly, do we signify when we speak of heart disease? What is properly considered as forgiveness? What impact does forgiveness has on human psychology? What is psychological and psychosocial aspects of the heart disease, as well as, is there a dependable relationship amid forgiveness and heart disease? Finally, a myriad of questions may be asked about the pathophysiological mechanisms that mediate the relationship between acts of forgiveness and its presumed endpoint, whether it slows down the progression of heart disease or recuperates from the heart attack.

The following thesis has taken assistance from leading scholarly sources in the field,…… [Read More]

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Gothic Feminism in Wollstoncraft and

Words: 5296 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87576013

The lack of rights within marriage that makes women basically "property" to the man is obviously central to this story, as indicated by the way in which Maria is imprisoned. There are a variety of ways in which this most disturbing of issues is addressed in the book. Women who are married loose control over their own bodies, and are required to submit to caresses to which their soul does not consent. One woman in the madhouse is, in fact, there specifically because she could not tolerate her husband's caresses. "she had been married, against her inclination, to a rich old man,... In consequence of his treatment... she had... lost her senses." (1.39) Not only is a woman prone to institutionalized rape, but she also has no right to require the man to remain as he was before they wed. Maria declaims bitterly of how her husband deteriorates into a…… [Read More]

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Gender Studies -- the World Split Open

Words: 2036 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43732110

Gender Studies -- the World Split Open

Why were American women unhappy? In building her case regarding the unhappiness that women in America experienced in the 1950s, the author of The World Split Open: How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America -- Ruth Rosen -- goes into great detail. On page 13 Rosen points out that after WWII in the American culture, women getting pregnant and having babies, was extremely common and normal. In fact, a woman who was not married was "an embarrassment," and the author quotes actress Debbie Reynolds (from the film The Tender Trap) as saying that marriage is "the most important thing in the world" and that a woman is not "really a woman" until she has a wedding and babies (Rosen, 13).

But after taking care of babies all day, doing housework, running errands and cooking dinner for the family -- all the while using…… [Read More]

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Affect in the Modern World

Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48441192

family, friendship and love are addressed by the collection of authors in the readings. Specifically, these include issues of sexuality, gender, homosexuality, and the relationship between parents and children. All these issues have changed as the world developed sociologically and technologically. Current technological and informational developments for example have a profound effect on the morals and norms relating to the above issues.

In terms of sexuality, Erich Fromm suggests that erotic love is frequently deceptive, as it is mistaken for the phenomenon of love itself, rather than an extension of the emotion. When the union is however achieved, no barriers are left to conquer and the tendency is to crave a new union with another stranger. This urge is however frequently curbed by the ethics of sexuality imposed by society as described by Bertrand Russell. Although the structure of society favors polygamy, monogamy is often imposed by the subconscious that…… [Read More]

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Child Abuse What Is Child Abuse Every

Words: 4644 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14949968

Child Abuse

What is child abuse

Every explanation of child abuse and abandonment takes for granted a description of the child. The Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that a child is "any human who has not attained the age of 18 years except if the law pertaining to child majority is reached at an earlier age." (Child abuse & neglect) Child abuse and abandonment, at times also ascribed to as child ill treatment has been explained in the World Report on Violence and Health as: Every type of bodily and/or psychological mistreatment, sexual mistreatment, abandonment or inattentive behavior or money-making or other nature of abuses that leads to absolute or likely impairment to the well-being of the child, existence, growth or self-esteem in the perspective of a relationship of dependability, confidence or authority. (Child abuse & neglect)

In the wide meaning of the child ill-treatment, five sub-categories…… [Read More]

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Object Relation Attachment Theories And

Words: 26278 Length: 90 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 34405449

S., experts estimate the genuine number of incidents of abuse and neglect ranges three times higher than reported. (National Child Abuse Statistics, 2006) in light of these critical contemporary concerns for youth, this researcher chose to document the application of Object Relation, Attachment Theories, and Self-Psychology to clinical practice, specifically focusing on a patient who experienced abuse when a child. Consequently, this researcher contends this clinical case study dissertation proves to be vital venture, which will contribute to enhancing research in the field of psychology.

For this clinical case study dissertation exploring Object Relation, Attachment Theories, and Self-Psychology, along with researching information for the application of these theories to clinical practice, this researcher answered the following research questions.

Research Questions

What is Winnicott's Relational Model Theory?

What is Bowlby's Attachment Theory?

What is Kohut's Self-Psychology?

How may components of these three theories be applied to the clinical case chosen for…… [Read More]

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Breast Ironing in Cameroon Sexual

Words: 4350 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 84670624

In most societies, FGM is considered a cultural tradition, which is often used as an argument for its continuation.

Though a tremendous range of practices fall under the title of female genital mutilation, understanding what is involved in the process really helps one understand why it is internationally condemned as a violation of human rights. The most drastic type of female genital mutilation is infibulation. A standard infibulation process is as follows:

The amount of tissue removed is extensive. The most extreme form involves the complete removal of the clitoris and labia minora, together with the inner surface of the labia majora. The raw edges of the labia majora are brought together to fuse, using thorns, poultices or stitching to hold them in place, and the legs are tied together for 2-6 weeks. The healed scar creates a hood of skin which covers the urethra and part or most of…… [Read More]

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Women in Iraq Brief History

Words: 2169 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35367982

Once the practice of Islamic worship the women of that region began to be subjected to stricter codes, from marriage to dress and the risk of honor becoming an even greater issue grew. The terrorization by the Mongols and Turks was quite different from the terror under Saddam. The Mongols and Turks utilized slavery, rape, beatings and murder. Saddam instead took on an entirely different approach. His first goal was fear coupled with violence to maintain the plans he made for the society and culture. He was less about Islam and more about self-promotion and the glorification of Iraq. This type of leader is most like Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union. One never knew when or why you might be targeted.

Following the fall of the Ba'th government, the population of women in Iraq was at approximately 60%. They are a definite majority and should be in a better…… [Read More]

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Effects of Early Childhood Sexual Abuse and Involvement in Prostitution

Words: 16088 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 72580097


Conceptual Paper

Millions of children around the globe are sexually abused or exploited. This paper includes several descriptions of studies that relate sexual abuse during childhood to delinquency later in life. There are several difficulties with methodology and definitions that are inherent in the mentioned studies. These challenges make it somewhat difficult to compare and interpret the findings of the study. A framework is however provided to help in the understanding of how child abuse is correlated to delinquency later in life. This framework can also help to guide future studies into the issue. Two research tools were utilized for this study. They are questionnaires and interviews. The interviewers selected to help with the research were members of the Delancey Street Foundation -- a self-help group that is widely known for its work with drug addicts, criminals and sex workers. All the…… [Read More]

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Feminism Pygmalion and the Stepford Wives

Words: 7377 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32226199

1960, the world of women (especially American women) was limited in very many aspects, from the workplace to family life. American women who were employed in 1960 were largely restricted to jobs such as being nurses, teachers or secretaries. Women were in general not welcome in professional fields. Friedan's work, The Feminine Mystique, captured and detailed the lives of quite a number of housewives from across the United States in the late 1950s to the early 1960s who felt trapped in their marriages (The Feminine Mystique, 1963: I).

Friedan's work had such a huge impact that it re-ignited the American feminist movement. Ira Levin's novella, The Stepford Wives, is basically a social satire which is a little bit horror, a little bit spooky, was written and published during the "second wave" of feminism in the United States (Wulandari). The Stepford Wives is a novel that takes the reader through the…… [Read More]

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Domestic Violence and the Victimization of Men

Words: 2259 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37880148

Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence, domestic abuse, dating abuse, intimate partner violence (IPV) or battering refers to a behavioral pattern in which one partner abuses another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, cohabitation or within a family setup. Domestic violence takes different forms, the most common being physical assault i.e. hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, slapping, shoving objects and general physical violence. It can also take the form of threats including sexual and emotional abuse, intimidation, controlling or domineering, stalking, covert abuses as well as economic deprivation (Siemineiuk et al. 2010). It can be inflicted on or by both men and women (Adebayo, 2014).

Male domestic violence targets men inflicted by their partners. Though rare and hardly vocalized like its counterpart, violence against women, domestic violence against men is real. It occurs in every society though at varied degrees. The challenges faced when trying to collect statistics is…… [Read More]

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Psycho Social Issues in Criminal Behavior

Words: 3786 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49826628

Psychosocial Aspects of Criminal Behavior

Criminality is a multifaceted issue that is influenced by the presence or absence of several factors. The nature of these factors varies from biological and psychological factors, to social and environmental factors. As a multidimensional construct, criminality cannot be fully understood through the use of one perspective exclusively. As a complex issue, criminality requires attention to various perspectives in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the causes and prevalence of criminal behavior. The factors that influence criminal behavior can loosely be grouped into three categories, including biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Thorough investigation of these three types of factors may yield insight into the causes and issues involved in criminal behavior.

Historically, possible biological factors involved in criminal behavior received much attention. Hereditarian claims in the United States between 1900 and 1940 argued that violent and criminal behavior had a strong genetic or neurogenetic…… [Read More]

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Role of Gentleman Ideal in Jane Austen's Emma

Words: 3559 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91066273

Jane Austen's Emma

Jane Austen's Gentleman Ideal in Emma

In her third novel, Jane Austen created a flawed but sympathetic heroine in the young Emma Woodhouse. Widely considered her finest work, Austen's Emma once again deals with social mores, particularly those dealing with ethical actions and social status.

This paper focuses on how Austen uses the figure of George Knightley to propose a new English Gentleman Ideal to criticize the strictures regarding the role of women and the skewed relationship between the sexes. In the first part, this paper looks at the social world of England in the early 19th century, in which Austen lived. It then compares the reality of these conditions with the seemingly idyllic settings Austen portrayed in novels like Emma.

The second part of the paper then examines Austen's redefinitions of the ideal English gentleman, as embodied by Mr. Knightley. Despite the expected happy ending, this…… [Read More]

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Two Views on Court's Ruling

Words: 1521 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69041141

court ruling 'Two Views on Court's Ruling" (2003) presents the differing opinions of legal analysts Douglas W. Kmiec and Alan Hirsh regarding the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision to extend the legal definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. In the section entitled "Judges overstepped role," Kmiec argues that the Massachusetts ruling "tears at the institution of family upon which all else depends." In spite of his being a constitutional law professor at Pepperdine, Kmiec's position is based on opinion and a spurious morality, not on legal fact and precedent. Kmiec also argues that the decision was wrong because it was made by "judges who assume they are wiser than their fellow citizens." Hirsh, however, finds that "legally speaking, the decision in this case is in fact conservative." In his piece "Ruling is conservative," Hirsh anticipates arguments like those of Kmiec, referring to Marbury vs. Madison to note that the Massachusetts…… [Read More]

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Gender Challenges the All American

Words: 3864 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 26224881

Jamieson explains that the phrase Catch-22, serves as another synonym for double bind. Paula Caplan, a psychologist, notes, "Mothers are caught in a perfect Catch-22. They are supposed to be concerned with emotions and closeness in relationships, but because autonomy has been designated by the white male middle class in North America as the pinnacle of emotional health,"

Mothers in the workplace, however, who do what comes natural to them are sometimes treated as they are immature or even sick.

The gender of the leader does matter to perceivers who filter judgments to the demands of cultural expectations. "Applause from the same sensitive and collaborative leadership is more likely to go to a man than a woman."

In addition, women, particularly leaders frequently experience greater scrutiny for errors, even small ones they make, and are more likely to be criticized than men in leadership positions.

Viewpoints Regarding Genders

Rather than…… [Read More]

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Teen Pregnancy and Parenting on

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Of these elements, they found anxiety sensitivity to be directly linked to lower levels of educational advancement. Anxiety sensitivity mainly comprises symptoms of anxiety leading to fear due to a certain belief that anxiety has dangerous somatic, psychological, or social penalties. In one study scholars found that the basic forms of fears were the playing field for a broad spectrum of fear-stimuli and they found that these basic forms of fear led to heightened levels of low educational advancement amongst teenage mothers (Singh and Darroch, 2000).

A group of researchers found facts that verified the philosophy that the dread of feeling anxious was more powerful then other fears. Nevertheless, they also stated that these basic fears were not the basis for all of the inconsistencies that were found in the ordinary fears and quality/character anxiety. This basically denoted that there were other unenthusiastic life incidents that could contribute to the…… [Read More]

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Africa and the Anthropologist Isaac Schapera Felix Bryk Meg Gehrts-Schomburgk

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As depicted here, the other female actresses in the film -- played by actual Africans -- are naked above the waist. The white actress is not. Indeed, the lower photograph depicts Gehrts-Schomburgk reclining on a leopard skin rug, while a topless native woman fans her with an elaborate fan made of feathers. The ludicrous excess of the colonialist fantasy could not be more evident here.

Yet this actress is the same woman whose "anthropological" photographs would be included in the English-langugage publication of Felix Bryk's Dark Rapture. As a result of the photographer's own strange backstory, Meg Gehrts-Schomburgk's photographs of Africa occupy a rather unique place: although some are included in her early memoir of the "ethnodramas" -- whose English-language version (published in 1915 in Philadelphia and London) was entitled A Camera Actress in the Wilds of Togoland -- they would be collected by themselves in 1930 under the title…… [Read More]

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Laws

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features of a major area of law. The second part of the scholarly paper presents a thorough review of an organizational problem based on the rules and regulations presented in the first part of the research paper.

The reference page appends twelve sources in APA format.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Laws

The academic world as well as the world of profession and occupation offers uncountable options in the form of innumerable areas of study, review and critique. The world where we live in thus needs to provide equal opportunity to all for this is the world where souls thrive and excel by being successful in different areas of study. Apart from various areas of study and scrutiny including psychology, physiology, chemistry, biology, botany, physics, general science, general knowledge, computer sciences, management, marketing, mathematics and several languages, law is one of the most thriving, ancient and popular as well as…… [Read More]

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Sexual Addiction

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human behavior has often been prone to different extremities and in time has been defined by lack of activities or, on the contrary, by an extreme interest for certain activities. While the former takes is not necessarily visible with the open eye, because it would assume the presence of something that is missing (for instance, social behavior), in the cases where extreme behavior is present, there are obvious signs and visible manifestations. One such case is sexual addiction. This is an important issue to take into account because it represents a manifestation of the brain that is similar to drug addiction without the actual presence of a palpable stimulus.

An analysis of this phenomenon is important because it represents a behavior that affects directly the life of an individual that has been identified with suffering from such behavior and at the same time, it is not an issue that can…… [Read More]

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William Blake Is Usually Classified With the

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William Blake is usually classified with the Romantic movement in English literature -- which coalesced in the revolutionary climate of the late eighteenth century, and roughly spanned the period from 1780 to 1830. The Romantic movement spanned a time of enormous social change in Britain. Not only was this a period of time that witnessed revolutions in America (1776) and France (1789), Britain itself would have to subdue a rebellion in Ireland (1798) quickly followed by the imperial annexation of its neighboring island by parliamentary Act of Union. In the meantime, the religious life of Britain was still in an uproar, due to the disenfranchisement of both Roman Catholics and "dissenters" like Blake himself, who were attracted to fringe Protestant sects or creeds (such as Quakerism or Unitarianism) which were not in full doctrinal accord with the established church. But the social condition of Great Britain in this period was…… [Read More]