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Gay Marriage in Society the

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As Sullivan explains, that suggestion is completely inconsistent with the fact that U.S. law allows marriages between elderly couples, infertile couples, and between individuals who choose to remain childless by choice.

Sullivan further explains that permitting same-sex marriage would benefit society by reducing homophobia and by providing a positive message to young people who happen to be homosexual. Currently, they suffer from shame and low self-esteem largely because of the way that they must hide their preference from their peers and because they suffer discrimination and persecution for revealing it. Finally, Sullivan suggests that the half-way approach of allowing domestic partnerships and civil unions allows for more legal complications in connection with defining eligibility and individual rights where such couples break up.

Argument Against Gay Marriage

Bill Bennett (1996) expresses the argument against legalizing same-sex marriage. He suggests that marriage is a universal institution that is consistently defined as a…… [Read More]

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Norms and Values Surrounding Marriage and Family

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norms and values surrounding marriage and family. In the fifties, life in the United States was good. Posterity was evident throughout most levels of society and there was little reason to question or even consider the importance of marriage and family. The dawning of the sixties, however, beginning with the Cuban missile crisis, the upheaval over Civil Rights, and the assassination of President Kennedy brought discontent and soul searching that resulted in an examination of society's institutions. Two of the institutions that came under fire and scrutiny were marriage and family. The change of the sixties and early seventies, produced situations that fall outside the parameters of established norms and individuals began to look outside these norms for support and meaning.

The sixties and seventies brought with them a changing scene within the confines of marriage and family. Women began working outside the home in increased numbers and, as a…… [Read More]

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Opponent to Gay Marriage Offer Illusory Arguments

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Opponent to Gay Marriage offer Illusory Arguments

The book The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us by Chabris and Simons truly makes a strong case for how six different types of illusions (or beliefs) truly disserve the human population. The six common illusions that the book discusses are the illusion of memory, the illusion of confidence, the illusion of knowledge, the illusion of cause and the illusion of potential. Chabris and Simon argue that one can see these illusions at work in a range of human interactions and current events. Sometimes these illusions demonstrate the fallibility of the human mind; sometimes they just demonstrate the need of human beings to impose meaning or order upon things or events which lack both.

A current issue that demonstrates several of the six illusions that Chabris and Simons discuss is the debate over gay marriage. Those who oppose gay marriage often demonstrate…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage the Overwhelming Passage

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Further, the American government and political system was built on multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-denominational principles (Marcel, 2004).

American is not a Christian nation, or at least it was not created on this ideology. Rather historically America has often been referred to as the 'melting pot' where people could seek refuge from persecution on the basis of religion or other practices or beliefs that might be considered personal and individual. Religious fundamentalism has not wrought success in other countries such as Saudi Arabia or for people living under the rule of the Taliban (Marcel, 2004), and thus is also likely to fail as the primary basis for government regulation in this country.

The role of government is to make decisions that support the good of the whole rather than the good of individuals; by nature the law should not determine whether or not something is morally correct or fair (Marcel, 2004).…… [Read More]

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Nature of the Japanese Marriage and Culture

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Japanese Family and Marriage Life

Understanding the family and marriage life of the Japanese people has been a challenge to most in the current global society. The constant changes of the Japanese family structure, roles, and marriage system as explained in the nuclearization theory attests to the challenges most face in understanding their family and marriage life. Demographic transitions witnessed over the last four decades also compound to the challenges people encounter in the quest of understanding the family and marriage structure of the Japanese people (Kumagai 87). As such, this research paper analyzes in detail the family structure and marriage life of the Japanese people. The analysis considers both the traditional and the modern family structure and marriage life of the Japanese people.

Japanese Family

Like many families of the Asian region, the Japanese family has extended family system that includes the distant relatives to the family as well…… [Read More]

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Cohabitation Living Together Before Marriage Has Become

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Living together before marriage has become so commonplace that many may think of it as a natural step in the evolution of a relationship. In fact, many people believe that it offers benefits because cohabitating couples can share expenses, test-drive marriage, and not be burdened with a divorce if the relationship fails. For many, it seems like cohabitation offers the benefits of marriage without the drawbacks. I disagree. I believe that cohabitating prior to marriage is harmful to a relationship, not only because it reduces the likelihood of an eventual marriage and increases the likelihood of divorce, but also because of attendant social dangers. My position on cohabitation is not a popular one among people in my age group, and, given that some people are unable to marry their romantic partners, is not universally applicable. However, I think that my position is supported by substantial evidence that cohabitation does…… [Read More]

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Solution to the Gay Marriage

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In fact, the language specifically includes all people in an effort to create a place where all people are free. A law that infringes upon the rights of a citizen to be free is a law that must be changed.

The second part of the 14th amendment upon which the ban on gay marriage infringes is the right to property. Married couples share a great number of benefits not available to persons without a certificate of marriage. One of these benefits falls under the heading of Estate Planning. A married person inherits a portion of the spouse's estate after the spouse dies. A married person also receives an exemption from estate and gift taxes if property is given or left to the spouse. Gay couples are not allowed to receive these benefits in most states, because they are not allowed to be married in most states (NOLO).

Another property benefit…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage Arguments for and

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Conclusion: Homosexual marriage is a controversial topic because it conflicts with our traditional cultural definition of the institution of marriage. It is easy to understand the reasons that many are opposed to legalizing gay marriage, but somewhat harder to understand the justification offered for imposing those reasons on other individuals who may not necessarily share their beliefs.

In many respects, once one examines the specific objections, it becomes hard to distinguish the current status of same sex marriage from the status of interracial marriage fifty years ago. One of the most fundamental features of American life in general, and of American jurisprudence in particular, is that laws must apply equally to all of us.

Certainly, there are valid justifications for limiting marriage to human beings, and for criminalizing marriage between siblings and between adults and children. The crucial difference is that the criteria for those prohibitions are objective. After comparing…… [Read More]

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Homosexual Marriage Does Not Pose a Threat

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Homosexual marriage does not pose a threat to me or my manhood therefore I am for it." Although I am heterosexual, I know what it means to long for union with another human being. I will choose a woman for my partner, but if another man desires to choose one of his own sex, there is no harm for me in his choice. In fact, since we are both part of humanity, his legal union, as does mine, brings positive reinforcement to the institution of marriage.

As early as 400 BC Plato in his Symposium discussed the mystery of sexual desire, concluding that humans are always searching for their other half, having been cut in two as punishment by Zeus. The whole humans that existed before this action, according to Aristophanes, Plato's debating companion, all had two heads, four legs and four arms. They were of three types: some with…… [Read More]

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Prohomosexual Marriage From the Viewpoint

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The work of Snyder entitled: "Gay Marriage and Democracy: Equality for All" states that the understanding of what is viewed as discrimination has evolved over time." (2006) This may be true since the founding of the United States resulted in laws that treated men and women unequally and which denied women the right to vote and resulted in the identity of a woman legally to essentially become "invisible upon marriage" as well as "subjecting married women to the authority of their husbands in a variety of ways…" (Snyder, 2006) There are stated to have been few "visionaries" who saw the inequality as being inherently against democratic principles. However, visionaries in today's debate surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage are in reality those who see same-sex marriage as a hindrance and an affront to the principles of democracy and this is due to the principle of the separation of the…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriages Should Not Be

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Its historical design is founded in the marriage relationship and thus depends wholly thereupon" (85). Advocates of same-sex marriages maintain that gay and lesbian partners need the legal framework of marriage to provide them with the same protections that are enjoyed by their heterosexual counterparts; however, these individuals already enjoy the same constitutional protections afforded all American citizens. According to Coolidge, Duncan, Strasser and Wardle (2003), any laws that discriminate on the basis of sex are unconstitutional: "All laws that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation thereby discriminate on the basis of sex and thus are subject to heightened scrutiny under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Since these laws are not substantially related to any important state interest, they are unconstitutional" (209). It would therefore seem that advocates of same-sex marriages are seeking additional legal protections above and beyond those typically provided.

This warped view of…… [Read More]

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Against Government Sanctioned Gay Marriage

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However, how can one marry someone who they don't love? Isn't it wrong to keep two consenting adults from uniting under the act of marriage? It is almost as if the government obliges gay people to marry people that they are not attracted to in order to receive the legal marital benefits. This is, in fact, wrong, as it virtually means that the marriage institution would become perverted by people who would only marry because of interest.

According to Franke (2006), "the U.S. Supreme Court found laws that criminalized same-sex sex unconstitutional in Lawrence v. Texas." Gay people have found a precedent in the case, as they consider that the Supreme Court case Brown vs. The Board of Education is very similar to the one presently under discussion. The 1954 case involved the establishment of separate public schools for white and for black children, arguing that these institutions had been,…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage Being Homosexual and

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Instead, give gay and straight couples alike the same license, a certificate confirming them as a family, and call it a civil union -- anything, really, other than marriage. For people who feel the word marriage is important, the next stop after the courthouse could be the church, where they could bless their union with all the religious ceremony they wanted. Religions would lose nothing of their role in sanctioning the kinds of unions that they find in keeping with their tenets. And for nonbelievers and those who find the word marriage less important, the civil-union license issued by the state would be all they needed to unlock the benefits reserved in most states and in federal law for married couples (Lindeberger 2009).


In conclusion, having same sex marriage will only become more beneficial to this country because it will lead to peace of mind for gay couples, considering…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage Pro Gay Marriage

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Three other significant arguments are worth mentioning. First, that gay marriage undermines the sanctity of marriage in some way, and secondly that marriage is purely for the sake of procreation --which is impossible in a gay marriage, and that moreover children are likely to be disadvantaged by such unions. These last two arguments are rather contradictory, as the one argument generally suggests that gay marriages should not be allowed because they might result in children who had no opposite sex parents, and the other that gays cannot participate fully in marriage as it is a procreative union. Either gays will, or will not, have children! The truth is that: Children will be raised in these homes, so they will serve a procreative/nurturing role, and though one parent won't be biologically related, they will still be a parent. Marriage has never been defined purely by procreation because --with the exception of…… [Read More]

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Legalization of Gay Marriage and

Words: 1536 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71679532


5. Hladky, Gregory B. Proviso causes same-sex vote again. Bristol Press. April 2005. On the Internet at

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Wattles, Vicki. The Old Prejudice Against Same-Sex Couples Shows Clear Signs of Easing. 2001.

Hladky, Gregory B. Proviso causes same-sex vote again. Bristol Press. April 2005.…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage and Use Sociological

Words: 2489 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54431592

Thus, the stigma of homosexuality, even in committed same-sex marriages is still seen as a sin by many, and thus, the partners face prejudice, hatred, and injustice because of their sexual orientation. In a society that values freedom and free speech, this seems like an oxymoron at best. According to the Constitution, freedom should apply to all individuals. Interesting, this is one aspect of the five freedoms emulated by the Constitution that has not been tested or ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court. Most experts and lawmakers agree that the issue of gay marriage is an issue that should be handled by the states, rather than the Federal government.

Assimilation into society may be one of the most difficult aspects of the gay lifestyle. Some gays "cover" to fit in to society, and some openly flaunt their lifestyle. Throughout history, gays have had several options to assimilate into society.…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage During Recent Years

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However, society's consciousness matured and grew in understanding of what a loving community is, and came to realize that to exclude other human beings based on prejudice is not God's love, but rather fear and ignorance (Conan).

According to Kohut, 14% of the general population in American society believes that homosexuality is due to upbringing, 42% believe it is a matter of lifestyle, and 30% believe people are born homosexual (Conan). Among those people who believe that homosexuals are born, there is strong support for gay marriage, however among those who believe it is a matter of choice, there is heavy opposition (Conan). Interestingly, 80% believe that there should be no restrictions on sex between consenting adults (Conan).

Aside from the religious opposition, there is reason for concern among the legal community. Stanley Kurtz of the Hoover Institution explains that if marriage is redefined to include same-sex couples it could…… [Read More]

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Political Aspects of Gay Marriage

Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 48474001


The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life work entitled: "Same-Sex Marriage: Redefining Marriage Around the World" states that the 2006 European Commission study states findings that "a plurality of people in the European Union (49%) oppose gay marriage. Yet, as in the United States, the public remains divided on the issue, with 44% favoring same-sex marriage." (Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 2009)


The issue of whether marriage should be allowed between gay couples is the focus of debate not only the U.S. states but as well is at issue internationally in the countries of the European Union. Civil Unions afford gay couples the same rights are as vested in married heterosexual couples and is simply a legal form of binding two people together, though while not termed to be 'marriage' functions in precisely the same manner from a legal…… [Read More]

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Country in the Recognition of Same Gender

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country in the recognition of same gender marriages?

Not only will the legalization of gay marriage positively affect the institution of marriage, but it will show a strongly divided nation the way to find consensus in a very serious matter. Gay marriage has not always been on the agenda of those who advocated for the gay rights and therefore, when it finally came up, it was first dismissed as something beside the point.

Surprisingly for the twenty-first century, the American society today is still divided when it comes to the issue of legalizing gay marriage. Instead of looking at the benefits, many Americans would rather keep their negative view on the issue, hoping it will go away. This happens in an era when more and more people consider the issue as something that will be solved inevitably, sooner or later. What every American citizen should do is to ask him…… [Read More]

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Pro-Gay Marriage It Establish a Tone Specific

Words: 780 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 82170779

pro-gay marriage. It establish a tone specific audience. It convey logos, pathos, ethos, depending audience. The thesis statement sentence paragraph.

In favor of same-sex marriage

Marriage is an institution that is supposed to foster social stability as well as honor the respect and love the partners feel for one another. Gay marriage is increasingly supported by a majority of the American public. "One major reason is that the wish and push to be married cast gay men and lesbians in the most benign, conservative light imaginable, not as enemies of tradition but as aspirants to it. In the quest for integration and validation, saying 'I do' to 'I do' is much more effective -- not to mention more reflective of the way most gay people live" (Bruni 2012). The arguments against homosexuality -- that it is perverse and dangerous to the family -- are undercut by the very real impulse…… [Read More]

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Homosexual Marriage and the Effects of Parenting

Words: 1931 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10904344

Homosexual Marriage and the Impacts on Parenting

Homosexual marriage refers to legal matrimony between two individuals of the same gender and it is a phenomenon which has come under a great deal of scrutiny and debate during the last few years. As of the time of this writing nine states have legalized gay marriage, and 31 states have constitutional amendments which ban gay marriage to some extent -- a fact alone which showcases this nation's level of homophobia and a reluctance to deliver fundamental rights, like the right to pursue happiness. However, the topic of this paper is to examine the impacts of gay marriage on parenting and the kids that grow up having two moms or two dads. Even the most conservative, right-winged, and religiously literal people will admit, that if there's one thing that this nation needs; for example, the following conservative remarked: "Many studies show that single…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage There Are Many Arguments Both

Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26975864

Gay Marriage

There are many arguments both for and against gay marriage. It is a hotly debated topic in many countries around the world at present. It has become legal in certain countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Canada, have recently legalized it. Should same-sex couples, committed to a long-term monogamous relationship, be allowed to marry? This paper will outline the major arguments that have been put forward by both the advocates and opponents of gay marriage.

The main arguments that are put forth in favor of same-sex marriage are as follows: banning gay marriage would be a form of discrimination; legalizing it does not hurt anyone in any way; gay marriages would benefit society and individuals just as heterosexual ones do; and finally, banning gay marriage mixes church and state in a negative and perhaps dangerous way.

The most compelling of these points is the first one. Banning same-sex…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage Gaiety Is the Practice of

Words: 1634 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37480295

Gay Marriage

Gaiety is the practice of bossom love for similar sex and especially between two males or females, bisexual exclusive. "Continued engagement into such practices more often than not lead to desire to attain psychosocial satisfaction through intense urge to achieve a feeling of love and sense of belonging" (Abraham Maslow - Hierarchy of Needs). Hence eventually becoming life long partners as depicted in gay marriages, but marriage is defined as a union between man and woman. "However, gay marriage as a form of civil union is legal and therefore, recognized in some states or nations. It is worth noting that civil unions under a single name or any other have been proposed and established by law in many developed countries for the provision of same-sex relationships with rights, responsibilities and benefits the same as that of opposite-sex civil marriage" (Lawrence A. Kurdek, 1994).

Background information

As earlier mentioned,…… [Read More]

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Argumentative Response to Homosexuality and Marriage

Words: 1842 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73025724

Homosexuality and Marriage

Argumentative Response

Controversial debates have been on the rise on whether gay marriages should be allowed in the society. Marriage is a key institution in the society. There are many reasons for marriage that may not apply to homosexuals. Gay marriages should not be allowed because marriage is traditional and morally for heterosexuals. This will cause a lot of chaos in the society, which will destroy the institution of marriage. Homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle and against the societies morals and, therefore, should not be encouraged at all grounds.

Gay marriages should not be allowed majorly because it is not morally upright, and it is a not normal for the society. Marriages were traditionally formed for the man woman companionship. Since the introduction of heterosexual marriages, there have never been any problems associated with these marriages. Gay marriages will serve to erode the good things on heterosexual…… [Read More]

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Pro Gay Marriage Gay and

Words: 1543 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98736239

There are many reasons for accepting the rights and legitimacy of gay couples to marry. The most important of these is the right to personal freedom. The misunderstanding that homosexual stereotypes project are an element that prevents the understanding of gay marriage.




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Legalizing Gay Marriage -- Pro

Words: 923 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68867497

Even a Democrat, President Clinton signed the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage to be a "legal union between one man and one woman." (Nwazota, 2003)

Currently many conservative political leaders from the Republican Party have aligned themselves President Bush's position on a formal amendment defining marriage in solely heterosexual terms. Several religious institutions, most recently the Catholic Church, have formally renounced the idea of same-sex marriage, referring to religious texts that define marriage as solely the union of a man and woman. But advocates of gay marriage counter that religious doctrine should not influence the creation of law, pointing to the Constitution's ban on an established religion, often referred to as separation of church and state. (Nwazota, 2005) to many Americans, marriage remains a cultural and religious institution and not just a legal debate, but their moral centers affect the way they see the law and the…… [Read More]

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Mill Kant Religion and Gay Marriage in

Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61367621

Mill, Kant, Religion, And Gay Marriage

In theory, freedom and liberty for all appears to be an excellent concept, one which nearly everyone would embrace. However, the practice of this ideology is not always as halcyon as its theoretical mandate. Quite frequently, it is possible for there to be conflicts of interests presented due to the notion that everyone feels entitled to pursue that which he or she wishes. There are numerous examples of this intrinsic conflict of what essentially is a question of free will. One of the most salient of these examples can be illustrated in the issue of the rights of gays to pursue lawful marriage. On the one hand, various members of the gay and lesbian community believe that they should be legally permitted to engage in same sex marriages under their rights of freedom and the pursuance of their own respective happiness.

The conflict, of…… [Read More]

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Legalize Gay Marriage Legalizing Gay

Words: 1502 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55594874

They realize that people have different reason to get married. How can non-gays be allowed to get and stay married for those different reasons but gays and lesbians are condemned? This is not equality, this is not justice, and this is not recognition of humanity (David, 2003).


David Orgon Coolidge, William C. Duncan, Mark Strasser and Lynn D. Wardle. (2003). Marriage and Same-Sex Unions: A Debate. Praeger. Westport, CT.

Homer H. Clark, Jr. (1987). The Law of Domestic Relations in the United States. 2d. ed. vol. 1, p. 74.

Michael S. Wald. (1999). Same-Sex Couples: Marriage, Families, and Children. Stanford University

T.H. White, The Once and Future King (White recounts the precept of an ant society that subordinated individuals' lives, loves, and aspirations to the agenda of the state). Taken from: David Orgon Coolidge, William C. Duncan, Mark Strasser and Lynn D. Wardle. (2003). Marriage and Same-Sex Unions:…… [Read More]

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Should Gay Marriage Be Permitted in the United States

Words: 1363 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39815081

Gay Marriage be permitted in the United States

Over the last several years, the issue of gay marriage has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because there has been a shift in social attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality within society. As, more people are supporting the idea that these individuals are entitled to the same constitutional protections as the rest of the general public. At the heart of this debate, is the controversy surrounding gay marriage. Where, both sides have made compelling arguments that are in support and against making this practice legal. For many individuals, the issue has become clouded with heated emotions that are not based on logic. Instead, the two sides are busy saying how bad the situation will be if the opposition is to prevail. These kinds of scare tactics have caused many middle of the road Christians, to…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage IT'S Nothing Personal

Words: 1008 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 95177917

Therefore, the creation of a completely different category in the governmental database, or system, or computerized record-keeping method is easier than to attempt to somehow integrate the same-sex union which has historically and traditionally not been an issue in the contemporary society.


It is not so much that gay marriage in California has been banned as the citizens along with many government officials in the state understand that to make the changes to the systems and processes of government that would be required at the level of administrative and record-keeping that much time would be consumed thereby consuming resources and labor hours that could be more effectively used solving some of the larger problems that loom before the state of California and its government and citizens which need to be addressed.


The report entitled: "Final Statement from No on Prop 8 Campaign"…… [Read More]

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Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33183555

This is a highly successful use of logos because it directly appeals to the conservative viewpoints of marriage, but merely extends it use to the gay subculture.

Lastly, pathos persuades audiences by arousing the emotions. This is where Sullivan truly shines in meeting his goal of gaining the compassion of conservatives. In particular, Sullivan's reliance on personally experienced pain is very real and heart wrenching. On growing up gay and trying to envision his future, Sullivan states, "I could never have a marriage, never have a family, never be a full and equal part of the weddings and relationships and holidays that give families structure and meaning. When I looked forward, I saw nothing but emptiness and loneliness." He then goes on to argue that gay marriage will give adolescents and young adults the stability and social support they need in their relationships. Sullivan's subsequent comments are an emotional outcry…… [Read More]

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The Relationship Between Sex and Marriage

Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46922385

sex and marriage is a relatively clear one, even though marriages can exist without sex and sex can also exist without marriage. When examining the relationship between sex and marriage from a theological standpoint, it becomes important to draw from scripture as well as social tradition to show what the specific connection is between sex, on the one hand, and marriage on the other. Marriage is a political, social, and in many cases an economic institution. The relationship between spouses is one that involves an entire community. Sex is generally a private act, and yet it can have tremendous public consequences when sex leads to childbirth. Although not all marriages define themselves by the birth of children, the traditional patriarchal and especially Judeo-Christian model of marriage certainly does hinge on childbearing. Sex can be framed as a physical celebration of the love and commitment that exists between spouses and can…… [Read More]

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Chinese Traditional Marriage

Words: 3362 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80458087

Gay Adoption

One of the more high-profile contemporary civil rights issues is the controversy over gay marriage. Proponents of the rights of same-sex couples argue that there is absolutely no basis for discrimination against gay marriage and that it is the precise equivalent of laws prohibiting interracial marriage from the shameful history of racial segregation in the U.S. Opponents of same sex marriage consider it to be a fundamental violation of traditional moral principles that have governed the institution of marriage throughout human history. They have also suggested that one of the strongest reasons for opposing gay marriage is that it legitimizes those relationships in a way that would greatly increase the numbers of adopted children raised by gay parents.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely no empirical evidence that gay parents are any less qualified to provide good homes for children than parents within traditional heterosexual marriages. I fact, there may…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage Should Be Accepted

Words: 2390 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14274941

Are television networks giving fair representation to gay marriage and gay rights?

A scholarly, empirically researched article in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media points out that while network television stories do discuss the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage, gays and lesbians are "…rarely given the opportunity to offer their own perspectives" (Moscowitz, 2010, p. 36). The research in this article involved using 93 stories taped from network TV that represented the gay marriage issue. There were 38 stories gleaned from ABC; 29 from NBC, and 26 from CBS. The video was obtained from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive.

A total of 12,419 seconds (about 207 minutes) of total time was carefully reviewed in these 93 news stories on national television. The analysis was conducted based on three components: the news story; each source cited in the story; and "each gay or lesbian couple" (Moscowitz, p. 31). The…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage and Its Constitutionality

Words: 1383 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33595985

" (Quoted in Hillary Goodridge & others v. Department of Public Health...") Implementing the Court's decision, Massachusetts made same sex marriage legal in the state on May 17, 2004; it is thus far the only state to do so. Most other states have enacted constitutional provisions that define marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

Conservatives Propose Constitutional Amendment: The legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts and issuance of marriage licenses by some other states has created a backlash among the conservatives, and right wing religious groups. They have proposed an amendment in the U.S. constitution that would prohibit same-sex marriage at the federal level. On February 24, 2004, President George W. Bush proposed a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution called the "Federal Marriage Amendment" (FMA) by declaring: "our nation must enact a constitutional amendment to protect marriage in America." ("President Calls for...") the proposed FMA…… [Read More]

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Gay Marriage This Work Reports

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American marriage would reflect American principles of liberty and self-government. Unlike the hordes of serfs, servants, and subjects in other parts of the world, American citizens were going to shape their own lives and determine their country's destiny. Just as citizens would be self-governing in the political realm, they would also choose their spouses freely." (Hymowitz, 2004)

Hymowitz shares the fact that the development of the idea of romantic love in the U.S. came at the time of the American Revolution and the new Western seriousness about romantic love "which both sprang from a heightened valuation of the ideal of self-determination." (2004) in the attempt to understand the precise biological nature of gender this work has reviewed the work of Patricia Nell Warren entitled; 'Gender, Gay Marriage...and Galileo" who state the fact that science has discovered that not all women have DNA that is XX and in fact there is…… [Read More]

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Logic Gay Marriage Gay Marriage Has Become

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Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has become a prominent issue in American politics and society in recent years. DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell), states legalizing gay marriage (and those who did not) and legal challenges brought by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community have pushed this issue into the forefront. But as some would agree, the right of gays and lesbians to marry is an idea whose time has come. For years we've been sideling the issue of gay rights, with DADT, we told gays and lesbians in the military to hide who they are and not to openly discuss their relationships. Hundreds of men and women who have served our country well have been discharged from the military because the government doesn't approve of who they love. In churches across the country, it is preached that being gay is a sin, that homosexuality is something that people…… [Read More]

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The Role of Marriage and Family

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Interpretation of marriage

Marriage is defined in many ways depending place, culture, and religion. There have been transformations in the institution of marriage over time. The institution has reflected the moral perceptions among people in the world. Conservatively, marriage is defined as the union between two consenting adults of the opposite gender that is meant to last for their entire lives. This definition has key points worth noting. One such is the issue of age. In the definition, it is strictly stated that people entering into a marriage agreement must have attained the age of majority. In some countries, this age is fixed at eighteen years while in some others fixed at sixteen years. There is also the other provision of gender, stating that the adults must be of the opposite sex. Lastly, it is worth noting that this conservative definition has mentioned an issue of consent. Both parties…… [Read More]

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Constitution Marriage as an Institution Between Man and Woman

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Constitution, Marriage as an Institution Between Man and Woman

Marriage is defined as a social binding, under which a woman and man make a decision to live like a wife and husband through religious ceremonies and legal commitments. For along time this is the way marriage has been described, however in the present world man and man, as well as woman and woman unions are fighting for legal inclusion in the constitution, to as identified as legitimate marriages (Bhikkhu, (2005).

Supporting the Amendments

When dealing with woman to woman union or gay marriage we are discussion about a very minute fraction of this country's population. Very small fractions of individuals in this country practice these unfamiliar unions. The highest percentages of people in this country are straight. Individuals who are interested in gay relationships or 'marriage' they should do so without taking away the original, special, and initial meaning of…… [Read More]

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Intrpreting Existing State Law as Regards Same

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Intrpreting Existing State Law as Regards Same Sex Marriages

Iowa, a state that is quickly recognized by most people as one of the most conservative states in the union, but which surprised 2008 election pundits, and perhaps even the candidates themselves when Iowa's voters sealed Barak Obama's bid for the Democratic party nomination and then supported him in the subsequent presidential; has reminded us that their support of Obama might have been a young voter turnout, 60's nostalgia, or any other number of factors, but that the state remains a conservative stronghold. In last week's elections, Iowa, according to an article in USA Today (Friday, November 5, 8A), Iowa voters voted out three incumbent state Supreme Court justice for lending a liberal interpretation to Iowa's marriage law (8A). The justices, three of the state's seven; voted concurrence with their other four colleagues -- who were not up for re-election --…… [Read More]

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Civil Rights for LGBT Gay Marriage Stacy

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Civil Rights for LGBT

Gay Marriage

Stacy E. Kratz, LCSW, CAP

Issue, Policy, Problem

In socio-political countries such as the United States, the strategic and tactical choices existing to defend one's rights and advocate for social change are common. Activists can demonstrate on the streets, or publish and hand out their stories candidly to publicize and air their complaints. They can put together a legal case, and ask the court to order the state or another party to correct the wrong. They can lobby legislators to pass a bill, or alter an existing law, or, in some places, campaign voters directly to decide the issue at the polls. Such strategic and tactical options are accessible to activists, because they have access to, and are able to make use of formal democratic processes and formal guarantees of civil rights. These processes and guarantees allow them to elect politicians who stand for…… [Read More]

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Marriage Work According to Commonly

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On one hand, parenthood is tremendously rewarding for people who make the decision to become parents the right way. On the other hand, even in the best case scenario, child-rearing is also one of the most difficult and stressful of life's experiences that a couple can share.

In many cases, young couples assume they will necessarily become parents simply because that is what is expected of them and because they are socialized to believe that everyone should become a parent. Consider how infrequently anyone ever asks couples (or single individuals, for that matter) if they're planning on becoming parents. Usually, it is more or less assumed that parenthood less a specific decision and more just an inevitable stage of life that everyone goes through (Bradshaw, 2002).

In fact, not everyone is necessarily cut out for parenthood but that is comparatively less often presented as a realistic option for healthy married…… [Read More]

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Modern Marriage Preparation Program

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Over the past 50 -- 60 years, the divorce rate in the United States has risen dramatically. Marriage was viewed differently in previous generations, and was generally considered an institution between one man and one woman. In today's modern culture, the lines between what is acceptable in a union between two entities is much more blurred than it was in earlier years. There is a movement to accept marriage as it was previously defined as too old-fashioned. Accordingly, there is a larger percentage of individuals who divorce after marriage, or who oftentimes do not marry at all, preferring instead to cohabitate one with another. Such a scenario seems to be based on a lack of overall commitment to the relationship, and this same lack of commitment affects married couples as well.

One recent study determined that in the 1950's happy marriages were the result of marrying someone with similar…… [Read More]

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Marriage and Government in Today's World it

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Marriage and Government

In today's world, it is necessary to understand some of the complex and troubling aspects of the law, especially dealing with family and child development issues. Legal definitions are always changing to reflect the needs and desires of the populace that they are supposed to protect and serve. Marriage is one legal issue that has stirred controversy and presented many questions about the role of government and an individual's right to live and act as he deems necessary.

The purpose of this essay is to explain how the federal government has every legal right to determine who can get married and to whom. This essay will argue that governmental forces are like dogs and should serve humans to their ends. This essay will also present evidence suggesting that people get what they deserve when in comes to consenting with government interaction, and if any real freedom should…… [Read More]

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Marriage Law Society Marriage Law

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2. Should marriage be a path to citizenship for an American citizen's alien spouse, children, siblings, or parents? Discuss the pros and cons of prioritizing family reunification in our immigration policies.

Marriage should certainly be a path towards American citizenship. People should be free to determine their spouse and this choice should not be restricted to any geographic area. It is often the case that love knows no boundaries. Individuals should therefore not be limited by geographic restrictions when choosing a partner. Because of this it would be a crime to separate spouse based on immigration policies. Furthermore, children who certainly need their parents should also be included in similar categories in the eyes of immigration policy. However, the less immediate question is more difficult. There would have to be a line drawn somewhere and siblings might not be a close enough relationship to justify a path to citizenship and…… [Read More]

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Marriage Is a Social Institution With Strong

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Marriage is a social institution with strong political overtones. The institution has created and enforced gender norms throughout every human society in all historical eras. Therefore, one of the reasons marriage works is because it is often strictly enforced with social codes. Marriage is only now starting to fall out of favor, and is being viewed more and more as an option rather than as an expectation. Yet there are still societal and personal pressures placed on individuals, making marriage work on a collective level. Thus, marriages work well in societies with strict taboos against divorce and even in societies with arranged marriages. Even on a personal level, arranged marriages that are socially sanctioned are often more likely to develop into deep and lasting connections between the spouses. As Bentley (2011) points out, "arranged marriages are far more likely to lead to lasting affection than marriages of passion." The reason…… [Read More]

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Sex at Dawn

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Sex at Dawn

Ideas in Motion from Sex at Dawn

Sexuality is a critical aspect of the human condition. Topics related to sex and sexuality are often heavily contested and discussed with tension. In 2010, Christopher Ryan, PhD and Cacilda Jetha, MD published an intriguing book on the history and nature of sexuality called Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality -- How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships. The title is just as ambitious as the work that ensues. These are questions that all people ask at some point in their lives. Humans wish to understand the patterns of the species' mating habits so as to navigate through the process more smoothly and with more awareness. Infidelity is a very old human trait. The book title implies that it provides insight behind the behavior. Just from the title, the book promises…… [Read More]

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Marriage After the Ritual Is Over

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Marriage - After the Ritual is Over

Marriage: After the Ritual is Over

Marriage as a lifestyle is far different from the actual wedding. Unfortunately, many people are very focused on the ritual of getting married and not focused on what takes place after the ritual is over. Sometimes this is so pervasive that it can cloud a person's judgment as it relates to the person he or she is marrying - or whether he or she even wants to be married at all (Beck, 2011). Getting married (the wedding) and being married (spending a lifetime together through sickness and health, etc.) are two very separate things. While this is realized on a logical level, it is not always as deeply realized on an emotional level. Getting to that point of deep, emotional understanding of the commitment being made is a very important thing to do for any couple considering…… [Read More]

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Sex and Marriage When a Person Gets

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Sex and Marriage:

When a person gets married to another, one of the first rules is that there should be 'exogamy' in the selection of the partner, which also means that the partner has to belong to a well defined outside group, or there should be 'endogamy', which means that the partner must be within some large defined group of people, and both of these two rules work within any given society at any given time, so that there are limits maintained as to the preferability and the acceptability of the marriage partner. The number of spouses that an individual is allowed to marry, however, is generally dictated by the culture and the religion to which the individual belongs. In most of Europe as well as in America, the general rule followed by almost everyone is that of 'monogamy', and this means that one person is only allowed one spouse…… [Read More]

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Marriage Enrichment Program Is a

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The event topic for day three focuses on evaluating each other's willingness to accept help from his or her partner. This relates to how couples make decisions within their marriage and brings up topics such as -- how to spend the holidays, time with each other, time with friends, practicing faith, relationship with families, careers, financial concerns, children, hobbies, and household responsibilities.

Working as a team is an important aspect of marriage; developing what Gottman (1999) describes as a sense of "we-ness" as opposed to a "me-ness" is vital for marriage success and longevity. Creating a sense of we-ness can be achieved through cognitive behavioral couples therapy. When one part of the couples has needs that are not being met, it is important these needs are communicated to one's spouse so that they can work together to find ways -- as a team -- for the spouse to have his…… [Read More]

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Marriage Contract Division of Household

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In that regard, it is hereby acknowledged that the female partner will have that greater burden but that apart from issues of physical comfort and sacrifice, each partner's emotional priorities relating to the specific choice will enjoy equal priority.

Childcare Expectations

It is hereby stipulated that the breakdown of childcare responsibilities will be dictated by the provisions of this contract relating to the division of household labor and the respective obligations to contribute financially to the household. Specifically, childcare shall be considered one element of household responsibilities and those responsibilities shall be borne in proportion to the respective financial and work-related contributions of the partners. In the event the partners contribute equally with respect to finances, they will share childcare responsibilities equally. The same variables that dictate household responsibilities more generally shall also govern childcare responsibilities.

It is hereby stipulated that the children shall take the same surname as the…… [Read More]

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Marriage This I Call the Will That

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Marriage: this I call the will that moves two to create the one which is more than those who created it -- Friedrich Nietzsche.

Have you ever noticed that there are some phrases or expressions that their definition is not accurate enough for us? I think that "marriage" is one of them. Almost everyone has an idea of what marriage is to him or her. If you ask different people around the world what marriage means to them, they will tell you a slightly or maybe noticeably different definition than yours. The Concept of marriage is different between one culture and another. For example, even though one person may think of a marriage as a symbol of endless love brought together by a ceremony, another person may think of the marriage concept as a business exchange so one can be wealthier. Interestingly, different religions see marriage in various ways. According…… [Read More]

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Marriage and Courtship in Modern Asian Literature

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Marriage and Courtship in Modern Asian Literature

Modern Asian culture is very different from what it was in ancient times particularly in terms of love and marriage. In most Asian countries, as in other parts of the world, marriages were arranged by parents of the bride and groom. Very often a man in a position of wealth or power could offer himself as a suitor and the father would decide whether or not his daughter would marry that man. Whether or not she liked the man, let alone if she was in love or not, she would be forced to marry him. Women were subordinate to men, first to their fathers and then to their husbands, and then even to their sons. In the modern era, this is thankfully no longer the case, or at least far more seldom. Throughout the world archaic courtship practices have disappeared and the cultures…… [Read More]

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Marriage Contract Attitudes Toward Marriage

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The passion is certainly experienced on occasion but the emphasis is on security and partnership, not romance (Knox 1970).

Knox (1970) found that while this shift in perspective is mostly true, he also found that people shift once more at the end of life and swing back into the expectation and experience of romantic love. It is presumed that once all of the complications of establishing oneself in the adult world have been securely accomplished, attentions can then be moved to less practical matters like reviving, or seeking out new love.

All of these attitudes affect the day-to-day concerns of married couples. The most important issue that younger couples grapple is the financial aspects of the relationship. Living expenses as well as the expense of raising children has increased immensely over the last few generations and it is almost completely expected that the woman will work outside the home even…… [Read More]

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Marriage & Family Marriage and

Words: 1797 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85947328

In J. Smith (Ed.), Understanding families into the new millennium: A decade in review (p. 357-381). Minneapolis, MN: National Council on Family Relations.

Ferree, M. (1984). The view from below: Women's employment and gender equality in working-class families. In B.B. Hess, & M.B. Sussman (Eds), Women and the family: Two decades of change (p. 57-75). New York: Haworth Press.

Fung, J. (2010). Factors associated with parent-child (dis)agreement on child behavior and parenting problems in Chinese immigrant families. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 3993), 314-327.

Hewlett, S., & West, C. (1998). The war against parents: What we can do for America's beleaguered moms and dads. New York: Houghton Mifflin.

Hwang, K., Chang, S., Chen, S., Chen, C., & Yang, K. (2001). Chinese relationism and depression. Unpublished manuscript.

Lai, E., & Fang, S. (2001). Sex role attitude and housework participation among men and women in Taiwan. Paper presented at the…… [Read More]

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Sex Crimes

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Sex Crimes

Sexual crimes have certainly among those that cause the strongest reaction in the population. The feeling of revolt is also generally more intense when discussing issues related to sexual crimes against children. (Pithers and Gray 1998) Society is demanding and harsher penalties for those responsible for these crimes and their crimes are seen as particularly repulsive, even to other criminals. The severity assigned to these crimes can be illustrated by the often violent behavior of inmates against sexual offenders incarcerated as well as by the hostility expressed by the population.

It seems, moreover, that homosexual pedophiles are particularly reviled and punished more severely. Thus, Ryan (1997) observed that men who were convicted of sexual assaults against female children receive sentences less severe than those who committed the same offenses against male children, which could make these criminals the most "hated" all kinds of crimes combined. It was not…… [Read More]

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Sex Education in Addressing This

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Curriculum must provide principals special powers to organize the events overstepping conventions. (Burke, 1970)

There could be widespread programs that could be conducted by NGOs. The NGO or the Non-governmental organization is ideal and charitable enough for providing seminars group therapy counseling and sex education outside the school hours or in special meetings. One to one counseling for children is also possible. Such activity will also bring about not only education but facts of child abuse, wrong company and abuse by children of drugs and other evil practices.

Benefits of the Programs

The sex education program will in the light of what it has achieved in the western countries partly succeed in removing premarital unprotected sex and make the youth aware of the consequences of the actions. More importantly it could remove the spreading of AIDS and other diseases. (Burke, 1970) Since group activities tend to end in criminal actions,…… [Read More]

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Marriage Preparation From the Perspective

Words: 1473 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 58560674

SBFT focuses on the aim a couple wants to achieve. It centers on talking about the present and future conditions of both the partners. Some of the major contributions in the field were made by Milton Erickon, who provided the basics of hypnotic techniques. He asserted the use of hypnosis techniques to discuss with couples the existing and potential problems in their marital life. He focused on the effective and open two way communication regarding all issues of marital life including trust, expectations, sex, and excessive alcohol use (or abuse) by one of the partners and other similar issues (Erickson, 1976). Erickson made use of his proposed hypnosis techniques in counseling couples for solution of all the problems by letting them speak their heart. A

wide variety of hypnotic techniques is of great importance in marriage preparation for the couples who have some issues between them before marriage.

The basis…… [Read More]

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Sex in Advertising When You

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..although one of the more dangerous for the advertiser. Weighted down with taboos and volatile attitudes, sex is a Code Red advertising technique." For markets, sexuality can have biological, emotional, physical and spiritual effects on the consumers. The biological aspect represents the reproductive mechanism, including the basic, hormonally-controlled, biological drive that most species exhibit.

Other than the products, attitudes regarding sex are sold, such as when couples are used, and ideas about partnerships are implied -- dominance, roles, etc. The effect this has on a maturing adolescent is clear based on the amount of hours spent by this demographic watching television. Furthermore, new fields in science, such as neuromarketing, teach us that consumers, who respond positively to an advertisement, do so because they identify with the advertisement. Sexuality is particularly effective because it has a biological base in each individual, and speaks to human's innate need to reproduce.

1. O'Barr…… [Read More]

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Sex Education Gender Bias in

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Thus, the issue of gender bias in sex education has been implied and touched upon by scholars and the public alike. Some studies, theories, and popular viewpoints seem to suggest that comprehensive sex education is biased toward women because it portrays birth control as a woman's issue, placing the burden to practice safe sex on her alone. Others claim that this is not the case, and that men are concerned about birth control and are campaigning for more birth control options. Similarly, some suggest imply that the abstinence-only programs taught in schools portray men as aggressors who only want sex, while females are portrayed as innocents who need to learn to say no, putting the burden on men to be less aggressive and sexually engaged, while others argue that this portrayal of men is unfair.

Research Data

Although it is scant, research data collaborates the thesis that sex education is…… [Read More]