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Strategies of Helping Physically Challenged People Live Well in the Society

Words: 5015 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62084038

Person Centered Planning in People With Developmental Disabilities

Person centered planning has received much attention in the past as the effective method of meeting the diverse needs of people with disabilities. The person-centered planning takes into consideration the unique needs, choices, and preferences of individuals. The planning structure explores innovative ways applicable to improving the health and health outcomes of people living with disabilities. Features of the person centered approach like focusing on the partnership between society members; building shared commitment, developing learning activities, and providing support to facilitate the realization of the diverse needs of the disabled. The method uses flexible systems and approaches that accommodate the diverse priorities and interests of the disabled that are always under constant change (Holburn, 2002). The flexibility of the systems offers opportunities for partnership and support between the stakeholders involved in the provision of the person centered approach services. As such, person…… [Read More]

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Counselling Cases of Violent Children Have Become

Words: 1518 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 43232078


Cases of violent children have become rampant prompting a lot of research and studies directed towards unravelling the reason behind violence, some of which are extreme at such tender ages. The author gives an example of two children who launched a violent attack in their school killing a teacher and four little girls. The motive suggested for one of the child's behavior is that he was jilted by a girl. These two children were only thirteen and eleven years old. This is quite a young age for a child to exhibit such extreme violent behaviors, they were so young yet they killed with a finely honed sense of premeditation. If I was a child psychologist like the author I would definitely be inspired by this event trying to make sure I found out the exact cause of violent behaviors as such in children who are very young. The author…… [Read More]

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Relevance of Family Counseling in Multicultural Counseling

Words: 389 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 73117748

…… [Read More]

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Virginia Tech Massacre

Words: 1767 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85202235

Virginia Tech Killings

Crime and delinquency in the Virginia tech massacre

A shooting took place on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University which is located in Blacksburg Virginia, on the 6th of April in 2007. In this shooting 32 people got killed. Later on this incident was called the Virginia Tech massacre. Even today this incident is thought of as the deadliest incident that took place in U.S. There were a number of people who were wounded by the man responsible for all this; Seung-Hui Cho. Cho committed suicide at the end of this whole incident. There were two different locations that the incidents took place at in the school and the second shooting occurred two hours after the first one. West Ambler Johnston Hall, which is a co-ed dormitory, is the place where the first incident occurred and here two people were killed by Cho. One…… [Read More]

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Personality Theoretical Perspective of the Approach According

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42749887


Theoretical perspective of the approach

According to behavioral approach human behavior can be learned and unlearned. When a behavior is unlearned, new behaviors are learned in its place. This approach is primarily concerned with observable and measurable aspects of human behavior. Unacceptable behaviors are unlearned. This approach views development as a continuous process in which children play a positive role. This approach can be used in a clinical and educational set up. Behavioral theorists posit that real things are things that can be seen and observed (Bustamante, Howe-Tennant, & Ramo, 1996). The mind, the id, or the unconscious, cannot be seen, but people's actions, how they react, and behave can be seen. From ones behavior inferences can be made about the minds and the brain. However, the mind and the brain are not the primary focus of investigation. It is what people do that is subject of study and…… [Read More]

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Diversity in Psychological Testing

Words: 1346 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7716003

Psychological Testing: Establishing Diversity

Psychological testing is the backbone of how psychologists are able to gain a higher level of understanding regarding human beings and how/why they act as they do. Good psychological exams can help tremendously in the task of problem-solving and in getting a better snapshot of a person's psychological or mental health issues while identifying strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, a precise psychological exam helps to exam an individual's precise point in time in a mode which examines their present-functioning in terms of test data. There are a range of psychological tests which are available, many of which are the results of decades and decades of research and procedures. The four main types of psychological tests are as follows: clinical interviews, assessment of intellectual functioning, personality assessment, and then behavioral assessments.

However, since psychological tests emerged within the field, the issue of diversity in psychological testing was an…… [Read More]

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PTSD Effects in the Military

Words: 1704 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83299690

PTSD Effects in the Military

The military and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Iraq occupation cost the Americans as citizens and as a government more than was foreseen hence brought more harm than immediate good to the U.S.A. As a nation. This is in light of the collateral damage that the war has caused to the people of America physically and emotionally. Many arguments have been fronted that the benefits of the occupation in Iraq were mostly myopic and imaginary than factual hence they are hard to physically point out as the troops come back home.

There are disorders that came about as a result of exposure to life-threatening and stressful situations during the several wars which the military personnel had no control over. Affected people often have flashbacks of the situation where they had no control over and they may have night mares.

PTSD can be defined as…… [Read More]

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Teen Suicide Suicidal Behaviors Among Teenagers Remain

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42364161

Teen Suicide

Suicidal behaviors among teenagers remain a national menace. It has been found from large scale national survey data that about 20.5% teens harbored suicide thoughts within 12 months while about 7.7% attempted suicide at least once within this period (Centers for Disease Control, 1998a), suggesting that a large number of youths stand the risks of being prone to suicide. This is most applicable for young boys. A good example is the 1995 data which showed that the number of boys that committed suicide whose ages fell between 15 and 19 were about five times more the number of girls who committed suicide (Kramer Gould, 2001)

Researches carried out on American high school students showed that the total number of teens having suicide thoughts and considering suicide as a solution to their depressions reduced significantly between 1991 and 1997, but a notable increase was recorded on students who attempted…… [Read More]

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Housing and Homelessness in Canada in Canada

Words: 2852 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71742203

Housing and Homelessness in Canada

In Canada, there is a problem with homelessness. While that is certainly not unique to the country, it is a significant issue which has to be addressed in order to facilitate changes that can lower the number of homeless people in the country. The majority of these people live in the larger cities and do have some access to resources, but the problems with homelessness have still kept growing in complexity and size over recent years. The demographics of the people who are most often seen as homeless are changing, as well, putting younger and more vulnerable people on the streets. There are estimates that 0.5% of the population does not have a home at all, and some believe that those estimates only represent about 1/2 of the actual population of homeless people throughout Canada (Fortin, 2008). Part of the problem with not being certain…… [Read More]

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Affects of Marijuana to Ones Health

Words: 1022 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86954709

Marijuana to Ones Health:

Marijuana is a drug that comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa as a dry, shredded green and brown mixture of stems, seeds, and flowers. The drug is also known as hashish when it's in a more concentrated, resinous form as a sticky black liquid, hash oil. Marijuana is a mind-altering drug because its main psychoactive chemical is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. In the United States, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, which has significant health risks and effects on people. Since 2007, the use of marijuana in the United States has generally increased, particularly after a period of decline in the past decade. The increase in the use of this illicit drug is influenced by a diminishing perception of its health risks. According to recent annual survey data, many teenagers are currently smokers of marijuana than cigarettes. Despite of its increased use, there are…… [Read More]

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Sociology of Place the California Coast

Words: 1219 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58350141

Northern and Southern California -- Cultural and Geological Differences

Unintentionally, the recent death of President Reagan combined with the growing media fixation on the celebrity culture of the Hollywood entertainment industry creates a juxtaposition between the two cultures present in California -- that of the conservative and wealthy enclaves of Southern California's Seamy Valley and Orange County, and the liberal and open attitudes typified by the Northern Californian Los Angeles movie moguls that gave Reagan the Democratic Party leanings he ultimately reacted to as a politician. Thus California is a paradox -- a huge state that is extremely wealthy, a magnet for illegal immigration, a cite of cultural ferment for the entire nation and the home base of Proposition 13 and the Reagan conservative social and economic revolution that took control of the nation during the 1980's. "California, in fact," seems "to be evolving culturally into a federation of regional…… [Read More]

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Behavioral Biology

Words: 2124 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34673982

Behavioral Biology

Biopsychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes through a biological approach (Cooper 2000). Practitioners in this field believe that biological processes may explain certain psychological phenomena, such as learning, memory, perception, attention, motivation, emotion, and cognition, particularly problems and issues connected with these phenomena. Biopsychology is also called biological psychology, psychobiology, behavioral biology or behavioral neuroscience (Cooper).

Practitioners in this new field use varied and overlapping fields of study: cognitive neuroscience, which primarily examines the brain to understand the neural workings of mental processes; psychopharmacology, which deals with the effects of drugs on psychological functions; neuro-psychology, which is concerned with the psychological effects of brain damage in humans; behavioral genetics, which deals with behavior and psychological traits; evolutionary psychology, which is involved with how psychological processes have evolved; and comparative psychology, which compares findings among different species (Cooper). The last science centers on ethology, which…… [Read More]

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Application of Personality Theories to Counseling and Therapy

Words: 2507 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86383313

Personality Therapy

Personality is very complex. Individuals can differ considerably from one another, because of the wide variety of traits possible. In addition, a person can act a certain way in one situation and completely different in another, or have internal processes that manifest themselves through very different external actions and behaviors. Because of this diversity and complexity, psychologists have developed a number of theories to explain personality phenomena, as well as suggest yet unknown possibilities. This report, based on the book Perspectives on Personality by Charles Carver will discuss these theories and how they can be applied for behavioral change through therapy.

Two theories fall under the dispositional perspectives category, which emphasize that people display consistency or continuity in their actions, thoughts and feelings: The "trait and type" theory and the "needs and motives" theory. The first concludes that people can be divided into different types or categories. Nomothetic…… [Read More]

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ADHD Assessment of Children by School Nurse

Words: 4948 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28470605

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder presents itself in many different ways for many different people. It is further complicated by the fact that there are three types of ADHD recognized by the DSM-IV and even further evidence that females and males manifest the disorder in different ways. ADHD has been a challenge to school administrators for many years. The symptoms of the disorder not only interfere with the educational process of the affected child but they also can be disruptive and interfere with the education of students who learn with and interact with the affected child. ADHD impacts many aspects of the school day including the learning process, socialization and maturity. Its impact cannot be underscored enough as it has the potential to create self-esteem issues which can lead to inappropriate behavior, serving to further interfere with the learning process. Schools are often the first entities to notice the symptoms of…… [Read More]

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Capital Punishment Death Penalty

Words: 2713 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84188726

Capital Punishment

The issue of the death penalty and capital crime has become one of the dominant issues debated in contemporary culture. The reason for this is firstly a moral questioning of the right to take a life, even when it is in retribution for extreme crimes like murder. The foundation of this contemporary attitude lie in the view that modern culture and society should be able to deal with extreme crime in a more humane and therapeutic way than is at present the case.

The issue of capital punishment also leads to hosts of pertinent issues and questions that often extend further than confines of the topic and have a direct and indirect connection to social, cultural and sociological issues. One of the most relevant issues debated today is the fallibility of the legal system. Many critics refer to statistics that prove numerous people have been executed as a…… [Read More]

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M Butterfly

Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36810068


David Hwang the author of M. Butterfly has been able to through his writing viaduct the past and culture of two very different worlds. Being based on a true story adds further strength to the book. The inspiration behind the writing comes from a real espionage scandal that amazed the world when it happened In the process of writing David Hwang has reflected on the different human weakness, psychosis, and insecurities.

M. Butterfly also depicts the Western fantasies of Asian that led to the debacle of Vietnam. To women the stigma of being physically and mentally weaker has always been attached. They are considered only capable of caring for herself to a certain extent. Passivity is thought of as a female trait, and is admired when a woman displays it. Through the book David Hwang attacks these very traditional views Westerns have held for Asian women.

Mainly the book…… [Read More]

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Corrections Police - Juvenile Justice Crimes and Juvenile

Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53515387

Corrections/Police - Juvenile Justice

Crimes and Juvenile Delinquents

There are many reasons why juveniles commit delinquent acts. Some of them blame it on the unhappy childhood and home life that they have, while others have mental problems, do drugs, or are pushed into it by their peers. Because there are so many reasons, the purpose of this paper is to discuss these reasons and what causes juveniles to involve themselves in these types of criminal activities. Discussed during the paper will be reasons that deal with unhappy home lives, as well as reasons that deal with alcohol and drugs. Peer pressure and mental instability will also be mentioned as these are also reasons that juveniles might commit crimes or illegal acts.

It is no secret that there are many people in the United States that cannot afford the basic necessities that they really need to survive. They may not have…… [Read More]

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Helplessness Coping and Health

Words: 2116 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36002418

Perception of Helplessness

Helplessness is defined in the dictionary as a "powerlessness revealed by an inability to act." Alternative definitions are: "a feeling of being unable to manage" or "the state of needing help from something." Helplessness is part and parcel of human existence. Given the natural order of life's process, helplessness is a reaction to traumatic events in our own lives. These are mental, emotional and physical anguish. In addition, helplessness is also caused by sensitivity to the sufferings of others. After the events of September 11, 2001, most Americans felt helpless. This helplessness was from the recognition of the fragility of life. Helplessness was also the inability to seek immediate retribution to the grievous loss to those even far removed from most of us. In most cases however, helplessness comes from events that are associated with self and those very near. Illness is a prime example. This is…… [Read More]

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Depression in Adolescents

Words: 2145 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23764681

Depression in Adolescents

Roughly nine percent of the population - an estimated 18.8 million Americans -- suffers from depressive disorders, illnesses that affect the body as well as the mind.

The effects of depression are magnified in children, who are experiencing depression in greater numbers. An estimated 8.3% of teenagers in the United States are suffering from depression, a significant leap from two decades ago. To compound the problem, researchers like Farmer (2002) found that about 70% of adolescents suffering from depression are unfortunately not receiving adequate treatment.

This paper examines the growing problem of depression among adolescents. The first part of this paper is an overview of teen depression, looking at its causes and contrasting teen depression with depression in adults. The next part then looks at the depressive symptoms among teenagers, contrasting these with the symptoms of depression in adults. In the last part, the paper examines the…… [Read More]

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Yiddish as a First Language in Ultra-Orthodox

Words: 3999 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60238313

Yiddish as a first language in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, compared to the use of local vernacular (for example, Hebrew in Israeli-Based Jews, or English in London and New York-Based Jews): in Hasidic Jews, the use of Yiddish is widespread, whereas in other Jewish groups, the local vernacular is more common.

This paper discusses the reasons behind these differences, and looks at the functions that Yiddish serves in these Hasidic Jew communities. The paper also looks at the effects of outside pressures has on the use of Yiddish, and on issues of identity in general.

The paper also looks at the religious issues related to the use of Yiddish, and at heritage issues in general. The paper also looks in detail at the use of Yiddish as a cultural isolating mechanism, as a way to create barriers between Hasidic Jews and non-Hasidic Jews, and also Hasidic Jews and non-Jews (gentiles).

The…… [Read More]

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Punishment Over Treatment

Words: 643 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2098779

prisons have vacillated between taking a primarily punitive approach to prison inmates and in looking for ways to treat the problems that brought them to that state. These cycles occur because often neither therapy nor punishment prevents inmates from repeating their patterns of crime once they are released. This may be partly because our prisons have not always completely thought the therapeutic process through, but it is also partly because of the nature of the types of people who end up in prison.

One of the types crimes the general public is most concerned about involves sexual attacks. The public knows that both pedophiles and rapists tend to repeat their behavior once released from prison. As a result, many prisons have therapeutic groups for sex offenders. In many cases, the participants choose to attend these groups (Swift, 1998). Research in Canada on the efficacy of these interventions gave startling results:…… [Read More]

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Critique of the Wechsler Memory Scale Third Edition WMS III

Words: 3122 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13170519

Wechsler Memory Scale-Third Edition (WMS-III)

This is a paper that reports and critiques the Wechsler Memory Scale-Third Edition (WMS-III). It has sources in APA format.

Standardized testing has become a norm for structuring studies on human behaviors. Studies on cognitive abilities, performance, behavior pattern as well as memory testing all have a great deal of dependence on the choice of the kind of tests adopted and the validity of the test is also dependent on the instruments used by the researcher. In the traditional model of assessment, psychologists and other professionals of similar fields depend on surveys and long duration of studies to be able to come to certain objective conclusions.

However, in the modern scientific environment, such assessments can be done through the use and support of instruments that are easily available as "kits" in the market. The basic aim of these instruments is to enable professionals to assess…… [Read More]

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Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents Compared With Adult Children of Non-Alcoholic Parents

Words: 10855 Length: 39 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27647890

Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents Compared with Adult Children of Non-Alcoholic Parents

I Situations Faced by Children of Alcoholic Parent(s)

II Behavior of Children with Alcoholic Parent(s)

II Hypothesis #2

I The Possibility of Developing Alcoholism on ACOA's

II ACOA's have Lower Self-Esteem Compared to Non-ACOA's

Comparing the Differences Between ACOAs and Non-ACOAs in Terms of Social and Intimate Relationships

IV Protective Factors For Resiliency

I Participants

II Instruments

Annotated Bibliography

Children of Alcoholics Screening Test

Are You an Alcoholic?

Intimate Bond Measure

Emotional and Social Loneliness Scale

Self-Esteem Scale

The family is one of the most important institutions in our society today. It is from our family where we are able to develop ourselves and start the journeys we take in life. Usually, the upbringing of each family member depends on the psychological nature of the other members who are able to provide influence or may have cause effects…… [Read More]

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Cigarettes Why Do People Smoke All of

Words: 4077 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84887977


Why do people smoke? All of know that smoking is a dangerous, even potentially lethal habit - and one moreover that now carries an increasing weight of social stigma. And yet still people do it. There must therefore be compelling reasons why people should endanger their health to such a degree and the most obvious of these reasons is the one that smokers themselves offer up the most often: Smoking is simply pleasurable. This paper examines why people smoke cigarettes and especially how young people (who have been aware of the dangers of smoking their entire lives) begin their love affair with nicotine.

When it comes to the issue of smoking and young people, it seems that despite numerous advertising campaigns to quell the use of tobacco in those under the age of eighteen, the reality is that these tactics have been highly ineffective. While the use of tobacco…… [Read More]

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Trauma Is Considered as 'Mental Agony' Distress

Words: 5716 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83936950

Trauma is considered as 'Mental Agony', distress due to problems internal or personal to the patient's/victim's, undergone by a person during a given period. Even physical or mental distress undergone can also be considered as Trauma.. Trauma means 'injury' and derives from the Greek word meaning 'wound'. Trauma is any physical or mental shock or injury, specifically a serious wound or injury caused by some physical action, as an automobile accident, violent assault and so on. It is also psychological damage or an experience that inflicts such damage. Trauma is physical, or psychological or both. It may refer to the injury done, or to the condition which results. Profound emotional shock, Physical injury, Physical shock syndrome is also defined as Trauma.

Traumatic experiences shake the foundation of our beliefs about safety and shatter our assumptions of trust. These events and experiences provoke reactions that are strange and crazy. These reactions…… [Read More]

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Cocaine Botanical Origins Cocaine Is Synthesized From

Words: 1382 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81660725


Botanical Origins

Cocaine is synthesized from the leaves of the coca plant. These plants grow in Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Africa, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Formosa. The leaf contains between 0.5% and 1.5% cocaine and the processing methods extract pure cocaine from the leaves.

In the late 15th century, the Incan people thought coca leaves were direct gifts from the gods in order to help them through the brutal physical abuse of working long days and nights in the gold and silver mines at very high altitudes. These people used the leaves during their burial ceremonies and religious rituals; they were controlled as a very special blessing from supreme beings. By mixing the coca leaf with lime or ash, the chewers could "graze" for days - offsetting the effects of physical and mental exhaustion.

Invaders to the Incan and Andean cultures were divided over the "permitted" use of the coca leaves…… [Read More]

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History of Psychology There Has Been an

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 60491950

history of psychology there has been an attempt to categorize persons with mental illness and put a name to the symptoms that were presented. Whether it was Emil Kraepelin and Eugen Bleuler's systematized study of schizophrenia (dementia praecox) versus manic depressive illness or Freud's pointing to the internal conflicts of childhood as playing a causal role in psychoses, psychology has attempted to form categories of symptoms and name them (Holzman, 1996).

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has been the most recent tool used by mental health professionals to aid them in formulating a diagnosis based on symptoms presented by a patient. The process of diagnosing is an objective, essential first procedure in the formulation of a treatment plan. The diagnosis often dictates the course of treatment that will follow.

The DSM has undergone several revisions to the present day DSM IV. A revision relevant to this…… [Read More]

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Art in Film

Words: 1175 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16157818

Matrix, Blade Runner, And Metropolis

Science-Fiction films have evolved through the decades as technology as progressed, allowing for greater Special Effects and visual demonstrations of worlds overrun by machines.

Three such films - The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Metropolis have manifested their stories not only through their scenery and futuristic landscapes, but also through society and the forces governing them.

In their essays, Stan Brakhage and Giuliana Bruno examine these influences within film and how they demonstrate the relevance of history in a social context; postmodernist influences; and the perceptions of vision as they appear on film.

In Bruno's essay Ramble City: Postmodernism and Blade Runner, Bruno examines the film Blade Runner, as it relates to postmodernism and the ideals surrounding the architecture, and social infrastructure of the world where people lack a 'real' history, and therefore, philosophically, a 'real' existence.

The city of Blade Runner is not the ultramodern,…… [Read More]

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Human Behavior Physiology and Freedom What Determines

Words: 2063 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50037066

Human Behavior, Physiology and Freedom

What determines exactly where human behavior comes from? Who is the ultimate authority that in effect, evaluates the appropriateness of such behavior? What is freedom and to what extent does behavior influence freedom? What physiological and environmental factors contribute to the assessment of such factors? Is cultural design and the control of freedom and behavior the answer to solving behavioral issues?

The answers to these questions are complicated and involved. Human behavior is the result of many complex biological and physiological processes, including cell growth, adequate nutrition and hormone presence in the body. Does it seem interesting that males and females often are cited as communicating differently? This is in part the result of the prevalence of different hormones in the genetic make up of males and females. Scientifically, it has been proven that a deficiency of nutrients and/or certain proteins in the body can…… [Read More]

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Clinical Psychology

Words: 60005 Length: 200 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12402637

Dream Content as a Therapeutic Approach: Ego Gratification vs. Repressed Feelings

An Abstract of a Dissertation

This study sets out to determine how dreams can be used in a therapeutic environment to discuss feelings from a dream, and how the therapist should engage the patient to discuss them to reveal the relevance of those feelings, in their present, waking life. It also discusses the meaning of repetitious dreams, how medication affects the content of a dreamer's dreams, and if therapists actually "guide" their clients in what to say. This "guidance" might be the therapist "suggesting" to their clients that they had suffered some type of early childhood trauma, when in fact, there were no traumas in their early childhoods. The origin of psychiatry is not, as it would have people believe, medicine, therapy or any other even faintly scientific endeavor. Its original purpose was not even to cure mental affliction.…… [Read More]

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Effects and Challenges Facing Children and Adolescents With Depression

Words: 1686 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83676654

Children and Adolescents with Depression

Statistics show that up to 2.5% of children and 8.3% of adolescents suffer from depression in the United States. Depression is thought to affect school performance, social interactions and family relationships. However, diagnosis and treatment of depression in children and adolescents have been hampered by the confusion of the symptoms of depression with normal adolescent behaviors. In order to reduce the incidence of depression and its effects on young people, the researcher aims to provide information that will help to clear up some of the controversy. Most of the research on depression has been done with adults but depressed children and adolescents show some different symptoms. There is not enough research on the topic of depression in children and adolescents in general, and on how depression affects their lives.

The study will address the following research questions:

How does depression affect the academic performance, social…… [Read More]

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Zero Tolerance Policies in Public Schools

Words: 5978 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28363637


The Intolerance of Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Policies in Public Schools

One has only to turn on the television, log onto the Internet, or glance at a newspaper to see that violence is everywhere in our society. The nightly news is dominated by one act of depravity after another: murders, rapes, and violent assaults, among others. Hate crimes send shockwaves through seemingly peaceful communities. A cross is burned in a field, a Jewish cemetery is ransacked, the tombstones broken and covered with swastikas, a gay college student is crucified on a fence, left to die by his homophobic classmates, and a Black man is dragged behind a speeding car. Such horrific incidents seem almost commonplace. Mutual intolerance of one group for another breeds hatred and cruelty. People today appear quick to anger and even quicker to react...violently. Stabbings and shootings and bloody assaults are as frequent as fights on…… [Read More]

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Son of Sam David Berkowitz

Words: 3527 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74275578

summer of 1976 to the end of summer 1977, a reign of murderous terror gripped New York City - it was the year of the Son of Sam. David Berkowitz would eventually be arrested, tried, and convicted for the series of gun-attacks that left six people dead, seven wounded, and an entire city in fear. When caught, while there existed a potential for his being determined to be insane, Berkowitz pled guilty to the six murders and, under the sentencing rules of the time, was given twenty-five years to life. David Berkowitz comes up for parole next year.

The Son of Sam, while in jail, turned his crimes into profit by writing and authorizing books to be written about him.

Outrage against this led to the "Son of Sam Law" which now disallows criminals in jail from profiting from their crimes while behind bars.

Berkowitz has become an icon in…… [Read More]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Words: 13171 Length: 48 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78079403

dysfunctional behavior that strikes 1 out of 40 or 50 adults and 1 out of 100 children or 2-3% of any population. It can begin at any age, although most commonly in adolescence or early adulthood - from ages 6 to 15 in boys and between 20 and 30 in women -- according to the National Institute for Mental Health. This behavioral affliction is, therefore, more common than schizophrenia or panic disorder and affects people of all ages, gender, race, occupations, religions and socio-economic ranks. Its impact on the mental and emotional states of such numbers in the United States alone has been so strong that it accounts for more than $8 billion worth of social and economic losses - which is 6% of the country's total mental health bill, according to authoritative sources.

As if not depressing enough, these millions afflicted know that something is wrong with how they…… [Read More]

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Personal Autobiography

Words: 1572 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12078100

Personal Autobiography

If you have any questions about this paper, please contact our customer service department at series of painful incidents moulded me into the person I am now. It has taken years to alter my psychological responses, to mature, and to appreciate the value of hardship. Each of my personal obstacles has ultimately transformed my character.

I have only vague memories of my childhood. The time I spent with my mother, father, and brother remained cloudy until only recently. I recall doing everything with my family as a young child: our time was divided between our home in Florida, a boat on the river, and our home located in Lake of the Ozarks. I had little interaction with other children other than in school, and I had no involvement in activities that would have fostered social and educational development. Sitting on my father's lap while he sipped martinis was…… [Read More]

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Personal Experience

Words: 1532 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90306543

Education: Is there additional information you would like us to know in order for us to evaluate your undergraduate record?

My family never gave me advice, discussion, or thought about college. They felt that it was not their role to decide what I was to become; without their input I was left to decipher the world with my own eyes and to decide myself what I was to become.

A never realized in the earlier grades how important high school success, measured by GPA, would be in my future life. As a result of this oversight, I was unable to attend a university immediately. My undergraduate career began at a community college and was completed at Arizona State University. These years were a time of great personal growth, but I was unprepared for the pressures of college life. I did not excel as a student during the first few years…… [Read More]

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Tennessee Williams Reflect His Personal Struggles and

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Tennessee Williams reflect his personal struggles and serve as vehicles for poignant social commentary. From "Glass Menagerie" to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" to "A Streetcar Named Desire," Williams served up a set of masterpieces that delighted critics and audiences alike. His screenplays are among some of the most famous in American history, as big name film stars like Elisabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Kirk Douglas, and Paul Newman filled his leading roles. Plays like "A Streetcar Named Desire," for which Williams earned the Pulitzer Prize in 1948, unearthed unpleasant realities in American family and social life. Filled with irony, dark humor, and symbolism, "A Streetcar Named Desire" remains one of the most significant screenplays in American literary history.

Williams was born Thomas Lanier Williams in 1911, in Columbus Missouri. In 1939 began using the name Tennessee. His childhood was filled with turmoil and struggle, which prompted Williams to weave…… [Read More]

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How Divorce Affect Young Children and Teenagers for a Sociology Class

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Divorce Affects Children and Teenagers

This paper presents a discussion about how divorce affects children and teenagers. The writer takes a sociological path in exploring the long-term affects on the individuals and then how that related to society. There were five sources used to complete this paper.

During the last four decades the divorce rate began to climb not only in America but also across the globe. As families began to live in separate houses researchers took on the task of studying the affects of the divorce on children and teenagers (Dunn, 1999). Now, four decades later the results are in and the experts agree divorce has an undeniable negative impact on children and teenagers. This is not to say the negative impact cannot be counterbalanced but it must be recognized as a given for groups of people affected by divorce if the world wants to correct the affects from…… [Read More]

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Huntington's Disease Huntington's Chorea

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Huntington's disease, also known as HD, is an uncommon degenerative disorder that greatly impacts the central nervous system of the individual. It is often characterized by surplus and unneeded choreatic movements, unusual behavioral patterns, disturbances in the mental level and dementia. (Sheth 2013) As far as the Caucasian population is concerned, the Huntington's disease is prevalent in one out of ten thousand persons. The symptoms start to appear when the individual is thirty to fifty years of age. In a few cases, adolescents start to show symptoms of HD (known as JHD or Juvenile Huntington's disease) before the age of twenty by demonstrating behavioral disorders and learning difficulties at school. However, chorea is the major sign of the onset of HD that spreads to all muscles with the passage of time. The affected individual becomes severely retarded as the psychomotor processes are affected gradually. he/she also suffers decline of cognitive…… [Read More]

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Death Penalty Has Been a Long-Contested Issue

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Death penalty has been a long-contested issue among States, legislators, policy makers, and individuals alike. So complicated is the issue that no two opinions appear to be the same. Indeed, the divergence of the various opinions extend to a variety of concerns within the death penalty and the Constitution themselves, including the fairness of capital punishment and decisions relating to it in terms of gender, class, race, and so on. One of the most prominent issues within the death penalty is probably mental illness and retardation. As pointed out by one of the authors to be examined below, the law prohibits imposing the death penalty for persons who are mentally incompetent. The question is, however, how many mentally incompetent persons in fact declare their incompetence?

The case Atkins v. Virginia involves Daryl Renard Atkins, who was accused of abduction, armed robbery, and capital murder. After it was revealed that he…… [Read More]

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Prescribing Psychotropic Medications to Minors it Is

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Prescribing Psychotropic Medications to Minors

It is every parent's worst nightmare: the drugs intended to cure a child kill him or her instead. Since the development of drugs like Prozac and Paxil, drugs classified as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) have been increasingly used to address depression in patients that otherwise would have been treated with talk therapy alone. This is true of adolescents as well as adults, given that SSRIs were once thought to have fewer side effects when compared with older types of antidepressants (Antidepressant medications for children and adolescents: Information for parents and caregivers, 2013, NIMH). Since the development of SSRIs, the increase in psychotropic drug prescriptions has increased so rapidly that it is estimated that 1 in 5 of all Americans are on some form of psychotropic medication at any one time (Smith 2012:36). However, SSRI use in adolescents and young adults has become specifically linked…… [Read More]

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Intellectual Functioning Your IQ Wechsler Adult Intelligence

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Intellectual Functioning

Your IQ

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

Stanford -- Binet Intelligence Scales

Analysis of Wechsler Adult Intelligence and Stanford -- Binet Intelligence

Present use of Stanford -- Binet Intelligence and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale


Results from Studies

The performance IQ

Assessment of Intellectual Functioning

Psychological testing -- also known as the psychological assessment -- is basically the foundation of how psychologists are able to get a better understanding a person and their behavior. It is a process of problem solving for many professionals -- to try and regulate the core components of a person's psychological or mental health difficulties, personality, IQ, or some other element. It is likewise some kind of process that aids and identifies not just flaws of a person, but also all of their strengths. Psychological testing are done to measure a person's performance at a particular point in time. Psychologists discuss about an individual's…… [Read More]

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Emerging Standards of Care Mental Health Cultural Competence

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Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence


Sometime in 1999, the Surgeon General released Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General. Inside this report, it acknowledged that not every Americans, particularly minorities, are getting the equal mental health treatment, a discovery that provoked the Surgeon General to give out a supplemental report on differences in mental health care for individuals of color (Donini-Lenhoff, 2006). The addition, which was available in 2001, sends out one obvious message: culture does actually count. Cultural competency is considered to be one the vital ingredients in closing the differences hole in health care. It is looked as the way patients and doctors are able to come together and then talk about health issues without cultural differences stopping the conversation, nonetheless improving it. Fairly simply, health care services that are deferential of and receptive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and…… [Read More]

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Bowen Systems Theory

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Bowen Systems Theory

It is essential to understand the behavior of a person before engaging in assisting them to overcome their challenges in counseling. However, in the course of understanding this individual, there would be barriers, as the person may not have the free will to disclose their actions. Therefore, this necessitates the help of the family to the nurse conducting the assessments to gather useful information that on application will help the patient in need. Therefore, to establish such information, through the association of the patient to the family or close friends helps in understanding the person and factors that led to the situation they face. Thus, in this aspect, this constitutes the Bowen Systems Theory, which has the sole purpose of assisting the psychiatric examination and assessment of patients (Bowen, Rawlins, & Martin, 2010). To understand the theory, the discussion further leads to the diagnostics and treatments available…… [Read More]

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Taxi Driver A Case Study Travis Bickle

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Taxi Driver: A Case Study

Travis Bickle: An Introduction

The facts that are presented to the spectator about Travis Bickle in the most general sense do paint a portrait of a certain level of pathology. Travis Bickle is a decorated Vietnam veteran, and appears to suffer from PTSD. The spectator also quickly learns that Travis does not have many friends: he's socially very isolated and this appears in part to be connected to the fact that he has trouble starting and maintaining friendships.

The spectator learns very quickly that Travis Bickle is given to disturbances in his judgment and perception, as well as in his decision-making process. In fact, the very reason he takes a job driving a taxi, thus bestowing the film with its very title, is because he has trouble sleeping (suffering from insomnia, a common symptom of PTSD). Bickle claims that he got lonely just walking around…… [Read More]

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Special Needs Offenders However When Discussing Prisoners

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Special Needs Offenders

However, when discussing prisoners with mental health needs, it is important to point out that this population is so significant it is virtually synonymous with the larger population. "In the United States, 56 per cent of state prisoners, 64 per cent of jail inmates and 45 per cent of federal prisoners reported treatment for or symptoms of major depression, mania or psychotic disorders in 2006" (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2009, Handbook on Prisoners with Special Needs:10). Even when a prisoner is not legally classified as 'insane' he or she can still have severe mental disabilities which stretch the limits of his or her limited coping mechanisms. Prisoners often have poor access to mental health care to manage their conditions, given that the types of therapies and psychotropic medications that are effective for treating mental illnesses can be extremely difficult to balance without constant oversight.…… [Read More]

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Fluoxetine Prozac Since Its Approval for Use

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Fluoxetine (Prozac)

Since its approval for use in the United States by the FDA in 1987, fluoxetine (commonly known as Prozac) has been the subject of great debate. Fluoxetine, now available in generic form, has been proven useful in the treatment of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, some eating disorders, panic disorder, insomnia, migraines, schizophrenia, and more (Schmetzer, 2002). However, this drug does have a range of possible side effects including sexual dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, agitation, tremors, irritability, hypomania, impulsivity, and gastrointestinal distress (Kerr, 2008). In addition, it may be too early to tell what the consequences of long-term (more than 20 years) use of fluoxetine might be on the human brain (Murray, 2006).

As a psychoactive drug, fluoxetine works by affecting the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters in the brain are synthesized in neurons, stored in vesicles, and upon nerve impulse stimulation, are released into the synaptic cleft. Here they…… [Read More]

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Compare Mills to Wilson

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Mill and Wilson

Attempting to find any common ground between the moral and political philosophies of John Stuart Mill and Edward O. Wilson seems futile, given that their ideas are based on extremely different premises and assumptions. Wilson was a Darwinian evolutionist who argued that human culture, behavior and morality was mostly rooted in genetics -- in DNA that had evolved over millions of years -- while this idea would simply have been alien to Mill. Wilson was a determinist and reductionist who seemed to put a low premium on individualism, while for Mill the individual was absolutely free and sovereign, and could not be coerced of controlled unless he or she did harm to others. There simply is no room in such unlimited personal freedom in Wilson's philosophy which is more concerned with the survival and reproduction of the human species as a whole than with individuals. In any…… [Read More]

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Italian-Americans the Standard History of the Italian-American

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The standard history of the Italian-American experience, La Storia by Jerre Mangione and Ben Morreale, speaks of the "five hundred year" span of that experience.

This is a somewhat whimsical reference to the Italian (specifically Genoese) explorer Christopher Columbus: although Columbus' 1492 voyage of discovery did indeed bring an Italian into North American waters, one can hardly call Columbus an "Italian-American." However the annual federal holiday of Columbus Day was initially proposed by a first-generation Italian immigrant, Angelo Noce, and promoted by Italian-American fraternal groups (including the Roman Catholic fraternity, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, whose predominantly Italian-American members are called "Knights of Columbus"); the holiday stands as an annual reminder of the size and vitality of the community of Americans who claim descent from Italian immigrants (primarily during the great wave of Italian immigration in the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was recognized in the period…… [Read More]

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Management of Continuum of Care Services as

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Management of Continuum of Care Services

As the new director appointed for the Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), I realize the climbing costs of payments of these two programs and have met with the other members to come up with a plan of that will help enforce the strategies and guidelines in the state of North Carolina that can help us follow a budget that will assist the overall national requirements for persistent care. In doing so fellow board members have met with me to look at the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), Administration on Aging (AoA), and other parts of the medical services to help come up with an arrangement that will help us reduce costs in our particular area that will assist the national healthcare problems that we currently face.

After looking at the problems within our own area we have decided to enforce the guidelines of the current…… [Read More]

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Psychosocial Development

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Child Psychological Development

Child Developmental Observation, Interview & Report

Individual capacities are generalized abilities or skills necessary to achieve desired outcomes. According to Antonovsky (1996) what all capacities have in common, is that they foster repeated life experiences that help one to see the world as making sense, cognitively, instrumentally, and emotionally. These experiences motivate people to address challenges (meaningfulness), enhance their ability to understand current and future challenges and support the attitude that one can utilize available resources to meet challenges (Antonovsky, 1996). The importance of well developed and integrated capacities for enhancing or maintaining good health lead to the interesting issue of how these capacities develop.

This essay is aimed to examine broad issues of child development. For this purpose the author observed a child (a one-year-old infant from neighbors) and then had a brief interview with the parents as how they interaction with the baby and how…… [Read More]

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Veterans and Retirees Is the Government Keeping Its Promise

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Veterans & Retirees; Is Government Keeping its Promise

This study aimed at exploring the experiences and perceptions of Veterans belonging to Lousiana and Mississippi about three variables; the accessibility of organization; the accessibility of benefits and availability and adequacy of the facilities being provided by government through VA. The respondents were also asked to suggest whether there is a need for improvement and what should VA do to provide benefits and facilities to the Veterans in a better ways.

For this purpose the researcher conducted an online survey targeting 100 Veterans from Mississippi and another 100 from Louisiana. The researcher also conducted an extensive review of the literature focusing on the problems of Veterans as well Government policies and VA structure and healthcare facilities.

Although majority of the Veterans did not give negative response but a great number of responses show that there are problems to access benefits and organization…… [Read More]

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Main Character of Water for Elephants

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Sara Gruen is a Canadian citizen, moved to United States in 1999 for a technical writing job. After she got laid off she decided to be a writer. She is an animal lover and has written famous novels Riding Lessons, Flying Changes, Ape House and Water for Elephants.

Main characters of Water for Elephants

Jacob Jankowski -- The novel's protagonist. He is a ninety or ninety-three-year-old nursing home resident who spent his life as a veterinarian in a circus during the great depression.

Rosie -- An elephant that Uncle Al bought from another circus. She understands commands only in Polish. She is the target of August's rage.

Marlena -- Beautiful star performer of the circus, who fell in love with Jacob Jankowski.

August -- Head animal trainer and husband of Marlena. He is a charming and brutal both to the humans and animals.

Uncle Al -- The violent and abusive…… [Read More]

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Medication Compliance in Psychotic Disorders

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Medication Compliance in Psychotic Disorders

Janssen, Birgit., Gaebel, Wolfgang., Haerter, Martin, Komaharadi, F., Lindel, Birgit., & Weinmann, Stefan. (2006 April). "Evaluation of factors influencing medication compliance in inpatient treatment of psychotic disorders. Psychopharmacology 187:229-236.

The authors and researchers examine short- and long-term compliance to prescribed antipsychotic drugs. Their objective is to evaluate patient-related and treatment-related factors associated with medication compliance in inpatients with the following diagnoses: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and other psychotic disorders. The study is a "naturalistic study," based in seven hospitals with patients assessed weekly. The following characteristics were studied: social function, side-effects of medication, mental status, and compliance to medication requests. The researchers in this study attempted to determine whether medication is the basis for compliance or whether multiple factors including innate factors such as social influence and individual characteristics, environmental characteristics, genetic and personality characteristics were more likely to influence medication compliance in psychotic patients because…… [Read More]

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How Courts Deal With Tough Custody Cases

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Child Custody

Family Law, Divorce law

The Price of a Child's Future

In family law, there are a myriad of philosophical and ethical issues which society must confront. The very personal and intimate nature of family, as well as the permanent ties which bind members of a family together, contribute to the complex and delicate nature of the circumstances where the state gets involved in family litigation. The state has legitimate interest in outcomes of such cases, as it has both immediate and long-term effects for the state. These interests range from how the individuals are taxed to its obligation to the general welfare of its members. In this particular case child custody investigation is analyzed and evaluated to see if current trends are in the best interest of all members involved, particularly for the children, and what could change to give the best possible future for children involved. This…… [Read More]

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XYZ Mental Health Services Inc

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Bright Well Mental Health Service Inc.

(Establishing Fictitious Mental health care center)

Company Background

BrightWell mental health service Inc. is focused on providing health care facility to individuals of all ages. Their mental health service program is comprehensively designed to cater the needs of children, adolescent, adults and people of old age. The mental health services are not just limited to the psychological and emotional well-being of the individuals but BrightWell mental health service Inc. also provides substance abuse and chemical dependency (alcohol and drugs) services to adults.

The company has been in operation since January 1990, based its head quarters in New York, USA. It has aimed to provide mental health service throughout United States and also consultancy and medical care through its medical camps in developing countries of East Africa and Asian countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and Tajikistan.

Establishing BrightWell Mental Health Service Inc.…… [Read More]

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Aileen Wuornos and a General Theory of Crime

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Crime and Aileen Wuornos

Criminal theories based on biological, psychological, sociological, and socio-psychological factors have been constructed in an attempt to better identify the causes of crime and what drives an individual to behave in a deviant manner. While data on male serial killers is prevalent, the data and statistics available in regards to female serial killers are extremely limited. One of the most well-known female serial killers, in recent years, is Aileen Wuornos whose criminal career was thrown into the spotlight with the 2003 film Monster. Wuornos is the first convicted female serial killer in the United States; she was subsequently executed in 2002 for her crimes.

Aileen Wuornos is considered to be the first predatory female serial killer in the U.S. And there are many factors that may have led her to develop criminal behaviors. Wuornos was born on February 29, 1956 to Diane Wuornos and Leo Pittman…… [Read More]

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Compulsive Hoarding Famous Hoarders

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Compulsive Hoarding

(Hoarding as a Disorder, Famous Hoarders Case Studies, and Solutions)

Regrettably, for several years, hoarding has been an out-of-sight disorder. Very little research was conducted on hoarding in the 1980s. However, since earlier 1990s, research scientists, psychologists and clinicians have shown a dramatic interest in the subject. Awareness concerning hoarding has also increased due to up-to-date media exposure. Sufferers, family members, and human service workforce who frequently deal with the compulsive hoarding disorder have also become aware of the problem and its solutions (Steinfatt, 2010).

Compulsive Hoarding: What is it?

Compulsive hoarding can be described as the attainment of and failure to thrust away huge bulks of goods or belongings. This kind of obsessive hoarding is often linked with considerable physical condition peril, working mutilation, and financial impediments. No pragmatic investigation has been conducted to examine the mentioned destructive effects although there are crystal-clear suggestions that hoarding has…… [Read More]

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Interdisciplinary Methods

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Interdisciplinary Methods

One weakness of Robert G.L. Waite's classic work of psychobiography and psychohistory, The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler (1993) is that no written evidence exists today from any psychologist or psychiatrist who actually examined Hitler, although his political opponents in Germany allegedly had reports from military psychiatrists in the First World War that Hitler was no promoted above private first class because of mental and emotional instability. In spite of the lacunae of evidence, Waite offered a convincing medical and psychological portrait of Hitler, and he has gathered considerable evidence to demonstrate the irrationality of his subject, who he diagnosed as a borderline psychotic. George Victor asserted in Hitler: The Pathology of Evil (2007) claimed that he had a depressive nervous breakdown in 1909 and a schizophrenic breakdown in 1918, when he was in the Pasewalk military hospital in Berlin. In A First-Rate Madness, Nassir Ghaemi found that Hitler…… [Read More]

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Personality Disorder

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antisocial personality disorder (APD) as displayed by serial killer Belle Gunness. The essay discusses her behaviors with reference to the DSM IV criteria and reviews theoretical perspectives on APD.

Belle Gunness, who immigrated to the U.S. In 1881, was born Brynhild Paulsdatter Strseth in November 1859 in Selbu, Norway. Following her immigration, a series of suspicious fires and deaths resulting in insurance awards ensued. Shortly after marrying Mads Sorenson in 1884, the couple's store and home mysteriously burned down, with them claiming the insurance money for both. Sorenson died soon after of heart failure on the very day that his two life insurance policies overlapped, and Belle received about $8,000 from his life insurance. Even though his family demanded an inquiry, no charges were filed, nor were the couple's two children accounted for. They were believed to have been poisoned in infancy for the insurance money as well (A+E Networks,…… [Read More]