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Science Fiction Essays (Examples)

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Predicted About the Year 2012
Words: 2130 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58042578
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There is even conjecture that ancient civilizations may have, …spotted an orbit that will culminate in a collision with Earth in 2012. This is easily the most predictable disaster for 2012. With recent discussion of "dark comets," we have become aware of the possibility of our planet being struck with little or no warning." (2012 Possibilities)

Another possibility that has been mentioned by some scientists is the possibility of a Cronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun. A CME is an emanation of energy from the sun which can cause ferocious storms. A solar storm in 1959 has been linked to this form of energy burst. An unsettling fact is that, " In 2009 NASA told us to be wary of solar storms." (2012 Possibilities)

These speculative findings and many other have created an enormous amount of discussion and debate on the Internet. An expert in the field is the…

Basic Human Rights
Words: 2916 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55801194
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Human Rights, Beyond Intervention

The true civilization is where every man gives to every other every right he claims for himself.

The argument

There is a modern debate that is ongoing between different views of human rights and law in contemporary society. Essentially the debate has two fundamentally opposing points-of-view. On the one side are those who view certain human rights as intrinsic to the meaning of being human and inalienable for all humanity, regardless of any external social, political or legal influences. This is generally referred to as natural human rights. On the other hand there is a general and opposing viewpoint that human rights are not essential or intrinsic, but rather socially and legally created and determined. To complicate the debate there are various stances and points-of-view that include elements of both these arguments.

Central to this debate is another more subtle debate that underlies the different views…

Crime Scene Investigation CSI Meaning
Words: 1870 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39378363
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The may differ considerably. In fact smaller agencies may not require a degree, while a degree will usually be required with larger metropolitan agencies. (How to become a CSI)


In conclusion, a central aspect that research into this field reveals is that Crime Scene investigation differs considerably from the popular media presentations. CSI is a complex sector of criminal law enforcement and is characterized by the input form various specializations and disciplines. It is also usually a very time-consuming process. The CSI officer or team have to be extremely competent in terms of communication, liaison and organization in order to successfully coordinate these various specializations and provide insight and knowledge into the actual events surrounding the crime scene.


Forensic Odontologist. Retrieved September 3, 2008, at

Horswell, J. (2004). The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Retrieved September 3, 2008, from Questia database:…

Libguide Planets
Words: 1711 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 49769820
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Libguide to Planets: A Concise Look at the Solar System and Its Constituent Elements

This libguide provides a comprehensive listing of peer-reviewed, scholarly and non-reference material including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, folklore, audio, video, and other teacher resources.


The intended audience for this libguide is educators, but parents and older students will find the content useful as well.


The scope of this libguide is limited to the known solar system.


Peer-Reviewed and Scholarly References

Bennett, J. (2011). Beyond UFOs: The search for extraterrestrial life and its astonishing implications for our future. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

This book contains a useful description of the inner and outer planets and how they are believed to have been formed. An entertaining discussion concerning life on Earth and the potential for life elsewhere in the solar system is followed by a discussion of potential learning opportunities…

Exterminate All the Brutes the
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38117430
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European entry into Africa is associated with explorers and missionaries. These were people that aimed to improve Africa and the Native groups living in it. However, the reason that the missionaries and explorers set foot as the first group in Africa was to introduce the very deceitful idea that Europe was interested in making life better for these people who knew nothing of civilization. The politics that later set in from the late eighteenth century going forward, clearly expose the foundations of genocide in this continent that was before that full of culture and life. Of importance to note is that the extermination policy first affected the Africans and other Peoples inferior to Europe. However, this same ideology that made Europe bask in the pride of its superiority later culminated to their own Holocaust. Lindqvist powerfully reckons with the past and offers enormous contribution to colonial African Literature as well…

Jekyll and Hyde A Gothic
Words: 1256 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7262482
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evil" paradigm. However, unlike in earlier gothic works, there is no allusion to priests or monks as players on the side of "evil." In fact, the absence of religion and religious restraints appears to be an element of Stevenson's theme: Jekyll, acting on the doctrine of Rousseau, which is to follow one's "nature," unmoors himself from the restraints traditionally made available by religious conviction. Jekyll, being a man of science, rather than of theology, puts to test the doctrine that divorced the old world from the new, and what he finds is that the doctrine is not good. While the earlier works of gothic horror (like The Monk) pointed out corruption within the clergy, Stevenson's gothic work appears to do the opposite: it points out the corruption in Naturalism: "I not only recognised my natural body from the mere aura and effulgence of certain of the powers that made up…

Modernism in Fitzgerald's the Great
Words: 1826 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51040672
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"(Fitzgerald, 2) the image of personality, the "self as process" (Bloom, 189), parallels that of reality as process. Gatsby's own character is for its most part invented, dreamed up into reality, according to a plan he had made when he was nineteen. Fitzgerald's novel is thus an extremely subjective vision of the world, in which the author has a very important voice. As in all modernist novels, reality is obliterated by the artistic and scientific constructions. Fitzgerald tells the story of the American Dream, and the blind belief in idealism. As Breitwieser explains, Fitzgerald's intention is to define the modernist tendency of disconnecting from the real and dissolving into the artistic and the relativist view, just like in the jazz piece Nick listens to at Gatsby's party: "terminating expression, dissevering the conduit that makes things really real" (Breitwieser, 370)

Works Cited

Barrett, Laura. "Material without Being Real: Photography and the…

Robin Hood 2010 for Centuries
Words: 2497 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 189120
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In many ways, one could argue that this film is about self-determination and equality.

Would you recommend this film to someone attempting to understand the culture or event under consideration? Why or why not?

Yes and no. The reason why both answers were selected is because the film can provide an accurate historical backdrop of events and issues that England was wrestling with in the 1200's. Where, many kings and aristocrats would exercise tremendous amounts of influence over the average person. This is significant, because the overall brutality that was faced and the oppression that they would feel (from these regimes), would create a desire in people wanting to control their own destiny. In this aspect, this film would provide a good background of the emotions and violence that was faced by the average person (as they were forced conform to the system or face persecution). This would help an…

African-American Art
Words: 1610 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41298894
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African-American Art

Creative African-American Literature

Were one to pause to give this subject consideration, it would appear that the vast majority of African-American artwork within the 20th century was organized around and largely revolved about pressing social issues of the time period. Despite the fact that African-Americans had been legally emancipated from slavery in the middle of the 19th century, there were still a number of eminent social issues (most noticeably civil rights and the lack thereof for African-Americans) that were addressed in both a political as well as an artistic context. One of the leading purveyors of works of arts to challenge and elucidate the numerous social ills African-Americans chose to address during this time period include the creations of writers. The medium of writing, both in the form of traditional creative writing as well as in the form of creative nonfiction writing, lent itself as the perfect voice…

Business Using Gelso 2006 Harlow
Words: 16758 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35830950
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Researchers have an occasion to further organizational science and to make research practical by producing information that can impact changing organizational forms and circumstances. Pragmatically, academic researchers are not likely to get access to a company that is going through change unless the practitioners believe the research will be helpful (Gibson & Mohrman, 2001).

There have been a number of calls to augment the significance and effectiveness of organizational science to companies. The usefulness challenge cannot be defined merely as getting practitioners to value and include what academics learn. It is believed that the usefulness of research depends, somewhat, on the degree to which the perspectives of organization members are incorporated in research procedures and the results are included into those members' organization design activities that take place as their company adjusts to its changing environment. Research is more likely to be seen as useful if there are occasions for…

Importance of African-American Literature
Words: 7461 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52199591
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African-American Literature

The Implications of African-American Literature





How African-American Literature Has Changed -- Across the Genres

Slave Narratives and Biographies


African-American Literature and Its Impact on Society

Literature is very important. Many people love to read, and still others love to write. Together, they make a winning combination. Literature is often studied, but one aspect of it has been getting very little attention. African-American literature has often times been ignored, or been only selectively visible. Whether or not African-American literature is influential on society, and whether or not it can be considered important and viable are questions and concerns that need to be answered.

The intent and purpose of this paper is to answer those questions, and others. However, in order to do that, there are several issues that will have to be discussed. Naturally, the importance of African-American literature will be discussed, but one…

Humanities in Western Civilization the
Words: 3242 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56199803
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In some cultures, however, dance is also used for spiritual purposes. The art of creating dances is known as choreography.

Outside of the performing arts, one of the most important features of the humanities is philosophy. Philosophy is derived from an ancient Greek term that means "the love of wisdom." Philosophy studies life, the nature of existence, and what it means to use one's reason. Philosophy is one of the oldest subjects of study that our civilization knows. In the sixteenth century, philosophy led to the study of physics, while in the nineteenth century, philosophy would branch out into the newly emergent field of psychology. According to Immanuel Kant, "Ancient Greek philosophy was divided into three sciences: physics, ethics, and logic." Today, philosophy in inclusive of many more branches of thought, including cognitive science, wherein scholars attempt to determine the nature of systems of intelligent and understand modes of thought,…

ethics and morality of intellectual property rights
Words: 1678 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51019345
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Digital Rights

a) Sonderholm (2010) describes intellectual property rights as "a socio-economic tool that creates a temporary monopoly", specifically as a means to allow creators to earn profit, which in theory will incentivize more creation.
On the issue of digital rights management versus the public's right to fair use, there are several issues to unpack. First is that a person who creates intellectual property has no obligation to do anything with it. In fact, there are vast reservoirs of unpublished novels, unfilmed screenplays, photographs, drawings…a vast amount of the intellectual property that is created is never brought to the public at all, and still more would be if there were means to do so provided to the creator.

But should a creator decide to bring their work to the public sphere, they and only they should have the right to determine how that work is delivered to the public. It…

CSI Effect
Words: 2080 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42211540
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Television and film script writers have gained from crime and courtroom proceedings for many years. The use of the courtroom as a drama channel has significantly changed in the recent years among media options. The use of the courtroom as the basic source of drama action among these media houses has increased and changed focus from sheer creative imagination to real life cases. Indeed, many courtroom dramas today are based on real life cases. There is an increasing thin line between reality and drama. TV shows such as American Justice, 48 hours Mystery and Dateline NBC present dramas that are based on real life cases, with heavy editing and incorporating narration for the dramatic effect, of the original details but the storyline is retained. Irrespective of the nature; whether the courtroom dramas are pure fiction or edited versions of the real, most courtroom dramas today make use of new science…

Turning a Narrative Into a Film
Words: 3852 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52499850
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Man of the Crowd

By Edgar Allan Poe (1840)

The story significantly depicts not only the preoccupation of the 17th hundred London issues and a trend brought by the progressive industrialization of time, but speaks so much relevance in our modern time as well. The epigraph which sums up the very essence of the story explains the dynamic of a human being too busy to mingle with the crowd for fear of facing the haunting memory of a disturbed self, the lonely person, the conscience and the unsettling disturbances deep within. The epigraph "Such a great misfortune, not to be able to be alone" is rich in context within the story, but also a rich source of reflection of a human and societal struggle. I firmly believe in the relevance of the story not only in its significance to the theme and era when this story was written, but for…

Sufism Jung Kaballah Interfaith Dialogue
Words: 5989 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29851579
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For a Catholic salvation without God or Christ is unthinkable. Admittedly, this is a comparison of two outwardly very different religious structures and cultures but it serves to illustrate the fact that important differences do occur and this can also be applied to other more homogenous religious groupings.

While one may add dozens of similar examples of fundamental differences between religions, at the risk of over-simplification one could also assert that all regions and faiths have one central core and similarity. This can be very broadly and somewhat obliquely referred to as the search for reality and truth. This fundamental aspect can be described in many different ways; for example, as the search and encounter with the numinous, the transcendent and the mystical. On the other hand, religion as a threat to world peace can be ascribed as one or another religious grouping claiming sole right and knowledge of the…

Cautionary Tales Revealed in The
Words: 1301 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 73692756
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He does not care because he is greedy. Victor is the same way. He wants the knowledge of how nature works. He is curious and this eventually gets the best of him. He says, "I would sacrifice my fortune, my existence, my every hope, to the furtherance of my enterprise. One man's life or death was but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought" (Shelley 13). Victor realizes the folly of his ways but it is too late to salvage anything that he has lost. Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler agrees with this assumption, noting that the irony of the story is that, "at the culmination of his research, the moment of his triumph, all Victor's pleasure in life ends" (Hoobler 159). Both men are consumed and actually believe that they possess some of the characteristics of God.

Both men suffer from their selfish…

Proof to the Fact That
Words: 3292 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 48362439
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Previous to Darwin, it has been considered that animals had nothing in connection with humans, since their brutish behavior had been very different from the sociable and civilized one displayed by people. French philosopher Rene Descartes apparently thought of animals to be nothing but machines that acted in conformity to the same laws to which inanimate matter had functioned. Quite the reverse happened when concerning humans, as, in spite of the fact that their bodies reacted similar to those of animals, they possessed a soul given to them by a divine being.

Darwin believed that there had been several similarities between the thinking of an ape and that of man. However, even he accentuated the fact that there had been great differences in cerebral power between the most primitive man and the most intelligent ape. It seems that Bambification firstly appeared as a result of people being inclined to anthropomorphize,…

Improving Reading Skills Reading and
Words: 8772 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 33211921
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Students then move to advisory to discuss what they learned from the principal, then begins first period science class.

Science is tutorial based, but often broken up into groups of four for lab and experimentation work. Math lab includes a number of different activities that change out regularly.

Following math, the students meet for Art class, which varies daily in activities, social and spatial development.

Lunch and a brief recess follows.

First class after lunch focuses on learning tools combined with independent reading; teacher uses only worksheets as student activity after reading; question worksheet designed to uncover comprehension and vocabulary development

Next class is social studies, work in pairs, teacher uses a number of different strategies and course outlines for variety.

Final period of the day focuses on English, or ESL for international students.

Reviewing a typical day for Ahmad, however, shows some serious disconnects in terms of his continual…

Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1
Words: 2364 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: Array
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While the winner gets a huge amount of money for supposedly being the strongest human, in fact, the strongest human is merely the one that uses the greatest amount of self-centered cunning and brute strength. If one is going to define humanity, especially in the post-Darwinian age, then it would seem that humanity, to be set apart, would depend on altruistic feelings and use of intelligence rather than selfish feelings and use of brute force alone. In this respect, there is little to separate the producers of TV reality shows from Dr. Moreau, and, by extension, little to separate the participants from the man-beasts. While it is certainly a cynical viewpoint, it would seem that those who participate in the reality shows might be assumed to be as dimly aware of their condition as the man-beasts after their reversion to the more animal state.

Graff compares Dr. Moreau to Mary…

Comparison of the Theme of Granny and Shame Amah
Words: 2479 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66843742
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.....female agency in Wang Anyi's "Granny" and Eileen Chang's "Shame Amah"

The objective of this study is to compare and contrast the work of Eileen Chang's with reference to her theme "Shame Amah" and the work of Wang Anyi focusing on her theme "Granny". The study uses their works of the two writers to analyze their differences and similarities in the writing styles focusing on the themes Shame of Amah and Granny. Remarkably, Zhang was in her early twenties when she had been identified as a discriminating and precious writer. She benefited from both classical Western and Chinese literature making her being one of the most renown Chinese writers in the literary world.

Similarly, Eileen Chang is one of the most talented Chinese writers born in 1921 and has published several collections of English stories as well publishing two English novels. Eileen Chang was born in Shanghai and attended the…

different points of view
Words: 4801 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 57634272
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Eat, Pray, Love

Into the Wild

Motorcycle Diaries

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Theories/ Frameworks

Representation from Media Studies -- Culture and its Relevance

Post Modernism Literature

Thematic Analysis

Importance of Culture in Analysis

Theory and Methodology

Thematic Analysis -- Framework

Thematic analysis is appropriate for the following situations

Detective and inductive approaches

Analysis of two different phased of data

Thematic Process

Analysis and Process of Comparing Literary Works of Post-Modern Period

Post Modernism Writers

Post Modern Literary Theory

A person's personal, work, and family life and how they relate to nature all define how well the person knows himself. This article will explore how one comes of age and life stages by comparing three movies and three novels. The books are Motorcycle Diaries (Che Guevara), Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (Cheryl Strayed) and Into the Wild (John Krakauer). The…

Espionage Study Guide
Words: 9330 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94066389
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Burds, Chapter 19

Golden Age of Soviet "Illegals"

Cambridge Five: Burgess, Blunt, Maclean, Philby and Cairncross

These five were all discovered to be spying for the Soviets.

Cairncross was never caught. He supplied Stalin with secrets that helped the Soviets stay ahead of British Intelligence, especially at the Battle of Kursk

Cairncross also informed Stalin of ULTRA, when Churchill was hiding ULTRA from Stalin

Cairncross supplied a total of 5832 documents to the Soviets

Cairncros had been working with ciphers at Bleckley Park

Alexander Orlov wrote Handbook of Intellience and Guerilla Warfare in 1963, seminal treatise on the subject

Orlov was the architect of the Golden Age of Illegals of Soviet spy network in the 30s

Orlov was born in Belarussia in 1895, studied law, drafted into tsarist army, fought in October Revolution and Civil War.

Re-entered law school, joined Communist Party, entered intelligence in 1926 and rose quickly…

Contenders Challenges the Depth of the Line
Words: 1253 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22652814
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Contenders challenges the depth of the line between the so called reality-based survival shows and fictionalized genres. Series 7 to the greatest degree is a spoof on the idea that a game with real stakes, reputed to be stakes of life and death could truly exist within an entertainment venue. Series 7 proposes that the impact of such a situation upon the viewer can only be judged through the representative stakes of just that, life or death. The represented goal of the film is the actual violent death of opponent players in the game. The implications of such a production weigh heavily upon the viewing public and leave many questions to be answered by the phenomena of television ratings. Though the Series 7 movie is an attempt to challenge the lines between reality and fiction, in much the same way the sensational Blair Witch Project did a few years before…

Harriet Beecher Stowe When President
Words: 3311 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84736959
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Yet, as Hendrick writes, Harriet also transformed those feelings into an engine of social change; "pursuing the Calvinist injunction to 'improve the affliction' and reap 'the peaceable fruits of righteousness' in the wake of" her son Charley's death, and "stirred up the nation to an awareness of its sin." Harriet wrote to her brother Henry, "You this subject has laid hold of me...The poor slave on whom the burden of domestic bereavement falls heaviest is precisely the creature of all Gods creatures that feels it deepest." While there is no doubt that Harriet Beecher Stowe achieved political status by making a national audience see the subjectivity of African-Americans, however what she personally saw was filtered through a white woman's consciousness.

After the series ran in the abolitionist newspaper, the National Era, Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in book form in March 1852, and by mid-June 10,000 copies were being…

Leopold and Loeb the Murder
Words: 3456 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97468588
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The groundskeeper explained to the golfers, you are lucky to be alive, "You were sitting on a box of dynamite." The headline of small yet front page article LEOPOLD and LOEB OUGHT to READ THIS. A completely unrelated story of luck, becoms a very sobering reminder to the Sheboygan readers of the nationally infamous Chicago trial, still taking place and likely nearing the sentencing stage. On the same front page of the paper the details of the trail are played out in a larger article where the Sheboygan paper describes details of the trial findings, including the usage of phrases such as "death blow" submitting for public perusal the findings, as to who was the actual killer, (Loeb) and using descriptive testimony of witnesses with regard to Leopold and Loeb's varying psychosis. One passage describes a moment when Leopold began to show sympathy and then promptly apologized for doing so.…

Women Authors and the Harlem
Words: 4238 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 4923057
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Some artists, such as Aaron Douglas, captured the feeling of Africa in their work because they wanted to show their ancestry through art. Others, like Archibald J. Motley Jr., obtained their inspiration from the surroundings in which they lived in; where jazz was at the forefront and African-Americans were just trying to get by day-to-day like any other Anglo-American. Additionally, some Black American artists felt more comfortable in Europe than they did in America. These artists tended to paint landscapes of different European countries. Most of the latter, however, were ostracized for this because many black politicians felt they should represent more of their African culture in their work (Campbell 1994, Powell and Bailey).

Whatever the case, most African-American artists during this period of time had a similarity that tied them together. Black art was often very colorful and vivacious; having an almost rhythmic feel to it. This was appropriate…

Alzheimer's Disease Is the Seventh
Words: 4584 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13195230
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) Researcher believe that when Alzheimer's begins to attack, it hits the "factory" of cell groups that otherwise are functioning perfectly. There are breakdowns in the communications that the cell groups hitherto provided, and although scientists don't know precisely where the attack is first launched by Alzheimer's, but they do understand that "as the damage spreads, cells lose their ability to do their jobs and, eventually die, causing irreversible changes in the brain" (

Prime "suspects" in that attack on the cell groups are "plaques and tangles," AA explains. Plaques are deposits of a certain protein called "betaamyloid" (pronounced "BAY-tuh AM-uh-loyd"); the protein fragments build up in the spaces between the nerve cells. Tangles are "twisted fibers" from a different protein called "tau" (that rhymes with "wow") that build up inside the nerve cells. It is known that all humans develop tangles and plaques to some degree, but those who…

Literally Means Acquaintance With Letters
Words: 1198 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32836285
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Then I ferret for poetry on the specific subject that boosts me. Generally, I love Tennyson and Emily Dickinson; perhaps I go, as I do in literature, for the relevant and inspiring.

Poems that have had the greatest impact on me include Joaquin Miller's Columbus: particularly the stanza:

What shall I say, brave Admiral, say,

If we sight naught but seas at dawn?"

"Why, you shall say at break of day, 'Sail on! sail on! sail on! And on!'"(Derek, 2002, p.134)

Philosophers of literature argue regarding the impact literature may or may not have on the ethical psyche. Tolstoy's 'What is Art?" For instance, maintains that literature has a strong impact and, therefore, one should choose one's readings carefully. Plato asseverated, likewise, recommending literature as part of the diet of the Philosopher king. Ruskin, too, maintained that literature should be employed for the betterment of society, whilst in Confucian thought,…

University Issues 1970-2000
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74554596
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Faculty Fairness in Compensation, Gender, & Field of Study (1970-2000)

The American university has never been -- and will likely never be -- a perfect or perfectible society, according to Dr. Holborn Grey, an authority on the university and college communities (Holborn, 2010). But on the subject of evenhandedness vis-a-vis faculty resources, when the period in question (1970-2000) is carefully reviewed, there are instances of unfairness in compensation, in gender, and in salaries for faculty in varying fields of study.

While the media has focused on student issues -- a worthy field of study -- between 1970 and 2000, there has been a dearth of attention paid to the difficulties / challenges experienced by faculty on university campuses. These discrepancies need to be pointed out and rectified.

Unfairness in Compensation for Certain Faculty Members

In the book Faculty Productivity: Facts, Fictions and Issues, the author references a 1987 book by…

George Eliot's Novels and Feminism
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2942898
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George Eliot and Feminism

Given, a man with moderate intellect, a moral standard not higher than the average, some rhetorical affluence and a great glibness of speech, what is the career in which, without the aid of birth or money, he may most easily attain power and reputation in English society? Where is that Goshen of mediocrity in which a smattering of science and learning will pass for profound instruction, where platitudes will be accepted as wisdom, bigoted narrowness as holy zeal, unctuous egoism as God-given piety?"

George Eliot, "Evangelical Teaching: Dr. Cumming," an essay ridiculing the career of evangelism, printed in "Westminster Review," 1850s

In this day and age, books are being written with a motive to inculcate motives, teaching the readers a lesson every time they open the book.

Good books always serve as a constructive way to provoke idle thoughts. Women started writing as a profession back…

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Words: 3090 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64529160
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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To dream of freedom is a sensational idea but experiencing freedom is as rare as the New Year eve among common days. While freedom is a great aspiration, it is not a dream that belongs to physical slaves alone. Huck and Jim; the characters painted by Mark Twin in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn depict that a person can long for freedom whether he belongs to a civilized world or uncivilized world. Huck and Jim are representatives of two different backgrounds but their desire to be free and to enjoy every moment of life is same. Jim is the character whose adventure begins due to his flight while Huck is not 'behaving well' because behaving well is something that takes one to the heaven and Huck is attracted by the definition of hell that his teacher offers. The South of America is associated with freedom. It…

Noble Savage in Age of Atlantic Revolutions
Words: 4909 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93388118
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noble savage..." etc.

The Noble, Savage Age of Revolution

When Europeans first came to America, they discovered that their providentially discovered "New World" was already inhabited by millions of native peoples they casually labeled the "savages." In time, Europeans would decimate this population, killing between 95-99% of the 12 million plus inhabitants of the Northern Continent, and as many in the south. Before this genocide was complete, however, the culture of the natives would significantly influence the philosophy and politics of the nations that conquered them. The native societies, with their egalitarian social structures, natural absence of disease, communal sharing of resources, and their lifestyles in which work was easily balanced with art and play, seemed like something Europeans had lost when Adam and Eve left Eden. "Native societies, especially in America, reminded Europeans of imagined golden worlds known to them only in folk history. . . Created of European…

Gluten Affect Autism Fact or
Words: 7524 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 46952110
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When processed by a transglutaminase enzyme, it can interact with immunological cells and produce cytotoxic inflammation. In autism, it is believed that peptides from gluten and casein cross the intestinal microvillus barrier and enter the blood stream. They also cross the blood-brain barrier. In the brain, certain amino acid sequences of these peptides compete with natural peptides, which bind to opioid receptors. These receptors are G-protein receptors in cell membrane surfaces of neurons. Binding to these receptors disturbs the neuronal function and ultimately leads to or contributes to autism (Department of Pediatrics Staff).

Limited Reliable Scientific Evidence

UK researchers investigated more than 30 scientific articles on the effectiveness of the gluten-free, casein-free diet on autistic children (Bastian, 2004). They found one, which provided reliable scientific evidence that the diet works. The particular study, however, was conducted on only 20 children aged 5-10 who had high levels of protein in their…

Turned on the Television Any
Words: 3301 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18606096
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Some governments are terrified of their people: The military government that is running Burma (the junta calls the country Myanmar: Many of those who oppose the brutality of the regime refer to the nation by its former name of Burma) murders Buddhist monks who protest its policies.

The longer one thinks about this fact, the more clearly one summons up the image of the slaughter of young holy men, the clearer it will be that this is a government that will do anything that will increase its power, its control over the population, and the longevity of their regime. When one reads Orwell and thinks about Burma, one thinks that Orwell was a jolly optimist about human nature and the role of government.

And Orwell's vision of government is indeed grim one, and it gets grimmer over the course of the novel as Winston -- the protagonist who is nothing…

Counteracting Power Mechanisms at Work
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Power Resistance in Working Girl

Fleming and Spicer's 2007 work of non-fiction, Contesting the Corporation: Struggle, Power and Resistance in Organizations details the phenomena of power and resistance to power within organizations. There is a relatively modest amount of the book (approximately the final third) that consists of analyzing power and resistance from threats that are external to an organization. The authors largely deconstruct the relationships between power and resistance within a political context, in which it is difficult to state that they do not side with the individual, as opposed to the corporation and its various members (upper level management, etc.) that represent it. The authors encapsulate the political aspect of power and resistance within the even broader context of struggle. To that end they identify four variations of struggle: those over action which become manifest as refusal and coercion, those over activities which are manifested as voice and…

Based on Novel by Ralph Ellison Invisible Man
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Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison.

Dividing people by race. Five quoted passages. Five outside sources.

Annotated Bibliography

Invisible Man"

Invisibility. Who has not felt invisible at one time or another in their lives? However, for many groups within society, invisibility is not a phrase, it is a day-to-day reality. Its roots are planted deep in prejudices, stereotyping, and basic intolerance and ignorance of cultural diversity. That American society was and is founded on immigrant cultures may be common knowledge, however, it is not commonly accepted. Although, all are American, society has labeled certain groups according to their ethnic backgrounds. These labels are stigmas that are not easily shaken off or dispelled. Stigmas are like brands that signify differences placed on the group as a whole, not the individual. When an individual is seen only in the context of his or her ethnic group, only in terms of the stereotypical persona…

Elgin Seeking the Truth in
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The mathematician's goal might be to determine the angle of a triangle; the painter's goal might be to assault the viewer's eye with a distorted or 'wrong' proportion or using an impossible perspective. In other words, the criterion depends on the desired result of the project and the type of literal or figurative knowledge one wishes to convey. Neither system of knowledge is better, merely different, with different criteria or goals.

Elgin's statement of reflective equilibrium acknowledges human beings have many different goals in knowing something is true or right. Sometimes our goal is to make something practical, as when seeking knowledge in a scientific truth. Other times it is to reconcile two different moral ideas from two different systems. Other times it might be to create art. Elgin is not a relativist, a charge that might be leveled at her words by some foundationalists. She states that one needs…

Turgenev's Fathers and Sons
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Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev. Specifically it will discuss what the reader can learn about Russia's past by reading this novel. This novel has consistently divided critics, who cannot agree in their analysis of this epic Russian work by novelist Ivan Turgenev. Some find it in the ilk of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, while others found his novel fanciful -- not a decisive look into Russian history at all. However, as time passes, more critics agree, Fathers and Sons is a fascinating glimpse into an unsettling and cataclysmic time in Russia's past. It is an accurate look at families of the 1860s in Russia and the turmoil the country faced on the brink of social and radical change. While the novel may be fanciful at times, it is an excellent look into a country on the brink of revolution, and the people who agreed, disagreed, and so passionately believed in…

Hospital Where I Am Employed
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This included meeting the concerns of being able to properly care for patients while implementing the program.

In addition, I was able to finds creative ways to solve problems by having meetings and expressing concerns. I was able to show creativity through the development of workshops to aid the nurses. I was also able to encourage the development of the skills of the junior nurses through workshops and granting them hands-on experiences with nurses under the watchful eye of more experienced professionals. I was able to find ways of making people aware of the program.

Another important aspect of the role I played as responder involved participating in planned changes. I was involved at every facet of the plan to implement the campaign at our facility. Initially I was involved in the meetings and played an instrumental role in developing a plan that would provide a sound platform for the…

Prostitution Attitudes in the U S
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People in America seem to be on some kind of moral crusade when it comes to making sure that prostitution is not legalized, yet we will sit by while football coaches molest and rape young boys. Bringing the topic back to ideology is important when considering this. When did it become okay for clergy and societal leaders to molest people and not okay for people two people to consent to having sex with each other if there is money involved? One is an act of coercion and one is not. The only difference is the exchanging of money from hand to hand.

Our government has decided that it is its responsibility to decide what is moral and decent in our society and what is not. The government has come to the conclusion that prostitution is indecent and anyone who engages in it is indecent and immoral or even amoral. The…

Personality Strengths and Weaknesses Multiple
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I also plan to join a book club to be around people who have a passion for books and reading and see if I can identify with them and their passions for this area.

Long-term I plan to write more and focus on keeping a journal so I can see how my communications skills are improving. In addition, joining Toastmasters' and also taking public speaking courses will help me to better grasp verbal and linguistic connections to presenting in class. In short, I need to define a thorough self-improvement program in the area of verbal and linguistic skills. Most critically I need to figure out how to be passionate about getting stronger about verbal and linguistic communication skills so I can excel in serving and leading my students. There needs to be a long-term plan in place and I need to create it based on my unique needs, balanced with…

Deception Burden and All the
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If an individual is cognizant of their actions and demonstrate a level of regret directed toward their behavior or its implications, does this suggest the individual is truly aware of their behavior (i.e. The theoretical "information" defined earlier) and therefore incapable of engaging in "self-deception" at this point? This is a deeply philosophical question to answer, one that escapes the confines of what is analyzed here; however in addressing this question at the margins, will impact the level to which "self-deception" is prevalent and influential throughout the literary analysis involving Jack and Willie -- the professor and the dutiful student. The individual "plays a role"; engages in acting to create a false paradigm that lends itself to the further creation of a false consciousness. Does Jack do this? One could argue that he does, as will be demonstrated, by transforming himself into a political hatchet man after he is introduced…

Influential Fictional Character- Sherlock Holmes
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Holmes bridged the gap not only between the rich and the poor, but also between the haves and the have nots.

And what do the 'haves' have that the 'have nots' are trying to achieve? It is intellect, which is gradually taking the lead over technology as 19th century western society moved forward a new stage of technological and social development. As new technologies and social order dominated the western countries, it dawned on society that there is premium in intellectual development -- that charismatic individuals are being taken over by intellects, mainly because of the soundness of judgment of the latter. Holmes embodied every individual's aspiration to become an intellectual, to be recognized and respected because of what she or he is, and not because of his/her status in the society.

Holmes is the symbol of intellectual development, as he goes beyond the thrill of discovery and investigation, and…

Thomas Pynchon Annotated Bibliography 3 Items
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Pynchon Bibliography

Thomas Pynchon: Annotated Bibliography

Kolodny, Annette and David James Peters. "Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49: The Novel as Subversive Experience." Modern Fiction Studies 19.1 (Spring 1973): 79-87. Web.

The authors of this article suggest that the heroine of the novel is undergoing a learning experience, and that the novel's sudden ending without revealing whether the Trystero conspiracy is real or imaginary is actually a way of demonstrating the heroine's personal growth. Kolodny and Peters argue that the function of the conspiracy in the book is to help the heroine realize that she is alienated from American life in the 1960s, and as a result the sense of waiting for a religious experience at the end of the book is a positive thing: Oedipa has finally understood herself through this process. In other words, the novel's ambiguous ending is actually a "subversive experience" for the reader, and this…

Experiences in Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement

The use and control of one's own mental faculties is of the utmost importance when involved in the serious and important business of government work. The word "government" itself literally translates to "controlling the mind" in Latin. Mind control is thus the most important aspect any individual who wishes to earn success and garner respect within governmental agencies may attain. Personal experience is the one true measure of the capability of thought, where the endgame is understanding these experiences and incorporating them into a practical, effective and efficient lifestyle approach both personal and professional.

As a Department of Defense (DOD) Special Agent, the ability to suppress emotion and employ rational and reasonable thought patterns is a skill that must be fully developed and tempered to allow for a suitable outlet for such activities. The purpose of this essay is to explore some personal experiences within my own career…

Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Allegorical Dracula

It seems strange at first to consider one of the greatest of Victorian gothic novels, and the genesis of the entire modern vampire craze as a masterpiece of Christian fiction. However, it is precisely accurate to do so. If it were written today, it would most certainly be considered Christian niche fiction. The entirety of the novel is filled with appeals to the wisdom, justice, and aid of God, and the protagonists eventually consider themselves to be the righteous warriors of God fighting to save Christian England. There is throughout a very strong sense of evangelicalism in phrases such as "God is merciful and just, and knows your pain and your devotion."(Ch 22) What, one might ask though, is a Christian book doing introducing one of the most seductively evil of modern monster protagonists? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: the vampire Dracula is portrayed…

Blooding by Joseph Wambaugh
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Blooding by Joseph Wambaugh. Includes biographical information on the author, review of book, message in the story, proven point about the book, critique of authorship, overall impact of the book.

Five sources used. APA.

"The Blooding" by Joseph Wambaugh

One cannot talk about American crime writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, without discussing the contributions of Joseph Wambaugh. A Los Angeles police veteran, Wambaugh has 15 books to his credit, four works of nonfiction and 11 novels, eight being made into feature and television films. His gritty, hyper-realistic style has influenced numerous authors for decades (Dunn 2000). Wambaugh transformed the sub-genre of the police novel into serious literature of a hard boiled nature. His first four books and his work on the 1970's television series Policy Story set the standard of realism, dialogue, and character development for subsequent writers or turned them in new directions (Marling 2001).

Born in 1937 in…

Sketches of Jewish Social Life
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However, Edersheim also points out that Jews were more child-centered than their contemporary cultures. One example of the Jewish reverence for children is that only Jews and one other culture had prohibitions against infanticide, while other cultures openly permitted the practice.

In chapter seven, Edersheim goes on to discuss the raising of Jewish children. Different ages of children had different roles and expectations. Children learned early on the protection of the Mesusah. In addition to formal instruction, children learned by observing their parents engage in rituals. The book of Proverbs is helpful to an understanding of how Jews were to raise their children. The most important part of the education of a Jewish child was religious education. Much of this instruction came as the result of children watching their parents, because Jews lived their religion as part of their daily lives. In addition to informal instruction, some children received formal…

Women's and Gender Studies
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Women and Gender Studies

Of all the technologies and cultural phenomena human beings have created, language, and particularly writing, is arguably the most powerful, because it is the means by which all human experience is expressed and ordered. As such, controlling who is allowed to write, and in a modern context, be published, is one of the most effective means of controlling society. This fact was painfully clear to women writers throughout history because women were frequently prohibited from receiving the same education as men, and as the struggle for gender equality began to read a critical mass near the end of the nineteenth century, control over women's access to education and writing became a central theme in a number of authors' works, whether they considered themselves feminists or not. In particular, Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1892 story The Yellow Wallpaper features this theme prominently, and Virginia Woolf's extended essay A…

Media Critical Analysis Hamlet Hamlet
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Yes, the Oedipus complex aspect of Shakespeare it gives us and which in turn invites us to think about the issue of subjectivity, the myth and its relation to psychoanalytic theory. (Selfe, 1999, p292-322)

Hemlet and Postcolonial theory

Postcolonial theory was born as a result of the publication of the famous work of Edward Said, Orientalism (1978). This theory claim that some authors (Paul Gilroy, Achille Mbembe, Francoise Verges, etc.) and that seem so elegant in its formulation, in my opinion raises three fundamental problems: At a time when we are witnessing the emergence of new expressions of colonialism (colonialism, cultural, political and economic globalization, neo-colonialism nestled in the relationship between the hegemonic colonial past and their old colonies, colonialism in disguise that structure the relationship between international institutions and developing countries, institutions from the rest behest of the former colonial powers according to their interests), speak of post-colonial era…

Dutch Revolution Burkean Writings and
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When men, therefore, break up the original compact or agreement which gives its corporate form and capacity to a state, they are no longer a people; they have no longer a corporate existence; they have no longer a legal coactive force to bind within, nor a claim to be recognized abroad. They are a number of vague, loose, individuals, and nothing more. With them all is to begin again (Sallust, 1963).

Soon authors started to insist on the antiquity of Dutch liberty. In 1587, for example, Willem Verheyden urged the Dutch to uphold the 'exceptional freedom which we have inherited from our ancestors', as it had been retained 'since the time of Julius Caesar'. 5 The antiquity of Dutch liberty became one of the foundational ideas of the Dutch Republic. According to the Batavian myth, as it is called nowadays, (Brewer, 1975) the liberty of the United Provinces, and of…

Origins of Dracula and the
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As Frost emphasizes, "Although there is no reason to believe that Stoker regarded Dracula as anything other than a straightforward story of Good vs. Evil, most commentators today interpret it as a sexual rather than a theological allegory, even going so far as to call it one of the most erotic novels ever written" (55). The legends of vampires that prevailed well into the 19th century throughout Europe were enough to give anyone nightmares, and the author consistently maintained that this was in fact the source of his inspiration for Dracula. As Frost points out, "Stoker, himself, always maintained that the genesis of his novel was a vivid nightmare; but following recent disclosures about his private life the book has taken on a new significance, and is now generally regarded as an expression of the author's frustrated sensuality" (55).

Although the novel is slightly flawed in places from a purely…

Frankenstein -- a Critique of
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Links can be made to Shelley's own life - her mother died shortly after her birth. Both the lack of a mother and a fear of natural childbirth are attributes of Victor's character in Frankenstein and ideas close to the author's own life. Through her literature Shelley demonstrates the need for both men and women to be present and willing to carry out different tasks for the well being and perpetuation of the family unit itself (Fisch, 1993).

Shelley presents the relationship between Victor and the Monster in a variety of ways that periodically confuse the bond between the two characters There is a sense in which she alludes to Milton's Paradise Lost, a moralistic poem. Shelley transforms the initial relationship of father and son (implied from the infantile action of the Monster reaching out) to one of Creator and Creation, similar to the relationship of God and Adam. The…

Participatory Journalism -- The Act
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But, significantly, the category "politics and history" is the second most popular at 15 per cent" (Cohen, 2008).

Consensus vs. Credentials -- Scholarship implies a certain level of expertise on a given subject. The public must trust its sources, and those sources must be authoritative and peer reviewed. Most anyone can "read up" on a subject, but lack the rigorous academic analysis required in graduate school -- the pool that forms experts. Individuals may, or may not be, familiar with the latest in scholarship because they may or may not have access to the journals within a given field, or have the time to attend conferences to listen to the new directions and discoveries that academics are paid to pursue (Boyd, 2005).

Reliability and Accuracy -- Without any general editors, fact checkers, or other controls, Wikipedia encourages those without verifiable credentials to present material on which no one knows if…

Secular Humanism the Rise and
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This work provided an intensive discussion historical forces that were to lead to modern humanism but also succeeds in placing these aspects into the context of the larger social, historical and political milieu. .

Online sources and databases proved to be a valid and often insightful recourse area for this topic. Of particular note is a concise and well-written article by Stephen Weldon entitled Secular Humanism in the United States. This article provides a well-structured overview of the main issues in the development of secular humanism. It also provides insight into the influence of secular humanism in the United States.

An online article that is especially pertinent in terms of the consequences of the rise of secular rationality in an ideological sense is The Great Scandal (part 1) Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis by Gregory Paul. This article also adds to the complexity of the debate about…

Spanish Women and Values Within
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With the changes of gender relationships in the workplace, the problems of the patriarchal authority in the Spanish household become underlying themes in gothic literature. Questions of feminism and reconciliation within the Spanish household are brought forth and posed to the public.

Gothic theorist and English author Ann Radcliffe has pinpointed the metaphorical importance of gothic themes to the woman's home predicaments. Like the Western gothic literature, Spanish "[gothic] literature [portrays the] dark side of the domestic haven, showing that while man's home might be his castle, it could also be woman's prison." (Perez) During the Franco era, gothic literature showed a woman distressed, saved by the masculine hero of that castle or manor. The Spanish authors began their own gothic movement much later than their English counterparts (a slow start because of the nation's political problems). Early writers such as Ana Maria Matute and Concha Alos alighted the beginning…

Strategic Assessment the Purpose of
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If the question is left unaddressed, this would result in increasing dissatisfaction among customers and staff, and a possible loss of library patrons.

Another strategic issues is the shift to the central purchasing of books. This policy entailed the decision to move the book buying capability to the Service Center in order to implement the goal of a more in-depth and sophisticated level of collections. This was implemented without consulting with the branch managers, who were directly affected by the decision. From the viewpoint of patrons, this new policy would indeed create a better selection of materials to better serve their needs by means of greater diversity and avoiding duplication. However, this created a large amount of resentment among librarians, who regarded this duty as one of their favorite responsibilities that directly utilized their skills as librarians.

If left unaddressed, this issue could severely impact the job satisfaction of librarians,…

CSI and Its Offshoots CSI Miami and
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CSI, and its offshoots, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York are popular American television dramas. The premier of the show was in 2000, and since then, interest in forensics, forensic science, and criminal justice in general has increased noticeably. The effects are evident not only in the United States, but also in other countries. In one university in the United Kingdom, forensic science is now the number one major on campus with 400 students enrolled -- up from just four in 1999, which is the year prior to the airing of the first CSI episode. Clearly, the media is having a major impact on the ways the general public perceives crime, crime investigations, and the procedures of criminal justice.

In the television show, there are a lot of different characters who play different roles in the Las Vegas Police Department. None of the main characters are police officers or lawyers,…

Underground Dostoevsky Lived in a
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Maybe I'm joking through clenched teeth. Gentlemen, I'm tormented with questions; resolve them for me. For example, here are you, wanting to wean man from his old habits, and to correct his will in line with the demands of science and common sense. But how do you know that man not only could but ought to adapt himself in this way? What has led you to conclude that it is absolutely necessary for human desire to be altered? In a few words, how do you know that this reform will really be to man's advantage?

Dostoevsky 32)

Dostoevsky, also clearly believed some of what he was saying in his work of fiction, as in a letter to his niece in 1870 he writes, "For want of great conceptions, even science has sunk into arid materialism; what does a passing blow signify in face of that?"

Dostoevsky 207) Even science, can…