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Auriculotherapy Smoking Cessation

Words: 974 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3662229

Auriculotheraphy Smoking Cessation Pilot program is seeking a grant to develop a cessation program focused on helping low and middle income persons quit smoking by providing auriculotheraphy treatment at a low costs.

In 1964 the surgeon general determined that smoking is hazardous to a person's health. Studies show that tobacco is responsible for approximately six million deaths each year. Tobacco contains nicotine and toxics that produce cancer. Though warnings are in place to alert people of the dangers and risks associated with tobacco use, the number of deaths continue to increase each year. Reports claim that the poor and the poorest tend to smoke the most.

Auriculotheraphy is a form of acupuncture. The procedure involves stimulation of the outer ear to relieve health problems in parts of the body. The procedure reduces tension and allows the body to relax while increasing the circulation. Dr. Paul Nogier, a neurologist, developed the…… [Read More]

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Denver Smoking Ban

Words: 965 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2052766

policy proposal addressing the smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Denver. The arguments as well as suggestions will be presented in three main parts:

Smoking has been one of the most controversial topics in Denver because the authorities of the government are in the opinion of banning smoking in restaurants and bars but they also need opinions and advices from the people living in Denver. Based on their suggestions and advices the authorities would take any action related to their idea of banning smoking especially in restaurants and bars.

This decision of the government authorities has been generated from the facts that the smokers have polluted the environments of restaurants and bars and the people who are non-smokers, ultimately suffers because of those who smoke in the bars and restaurants. These people have made complaints against the action of smokers and therefore, they have requested the authorities and the…… [Read More]

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Quit Smoking Over the Next

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7080165

More important to creating that plan, is the eventual follow through.

The adverse health affects are a justifiable reason to quit smoking. An astounding 90% of lung cancer is directly associated with long-term smoking, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008). Other adverse health risks include cardiovascular disease, and other respiratory diseases. These haunting reminders of the adverse affects of smoking only increase as the user smokes for a longer period of time. Both lung and heart disease rates for smokers explode as smokers continue smoking throughout their lives. The risks just get higher as the years continue to pile up, "If you smoke for a lifetime, there is a 50% chance that your eventual death will be smoking-related - half of all these deaths will be in middle age," (BBC News 2003).

I am now almost thirty years of age, and have been smoking for at least ten years.…… [Read More]

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Advice - Smoking Cessation Advice

Words: 605 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71584562

Besides the most serious medical consequences, smoking causes bad breath, yellowing of teeth and is considered equally damaging to the skin in terms of premature aging and wrinkles as overexposure to the sun. Finally, the increased awareness of the dangers of second-hand smoke have already led to laws prohibiting smoking in the workplace, in restaurants and other public areas, and even in residential buildings. In general, smoking is becoming something that many people consider evidence of poor decision making or even low intelligence.

The decision to start smoking is just not consistent with good judgment and intelligent choices. The fact that so many people who already smoke wish they had never started and the difficulty they experience in trying to quit should be enough proof to anybody that starting is a very bad idea. Healthcare costs are one of the most expensive bills that Americans pay and a substantial amount…… [Read More]

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Social Ethics of Smoking Cigarette

Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41020197

Surely, if relatively harmless things like playing music and being naked can be prohibited in public, then anything actually capable of causing serious disease to non- participants should be, even more so.

In some respects, there are good reasons for outlawing cigarette smoking altogether, the exact same way smoking marijuana is already illegal. Like cigarettes, marijuana is only harmful to the smoker or to others who breath in second-hand smoke. Nevertheless, it is illegal to smoke marijuana, even in absolute private in one's own home. It is difficult to understand why smoking one type of vegetation should be perfectly legal, (even in public where others are exposed to its harms), while it is illegal to smoke another type of vegetation, even in private.

If anything, the manner in which typical cigarette smokers consume 10 or 20 or even 30 or 40 cigarettes every day is much more harmful to the…… [Read More]

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Movie Thank You for Smoking

Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 16622962

This also makes an additional and still very strong point about the values of the contemporary world, that is the material ones.

Another issue that can be discussed is that of personal freedom. Nick Naylor may be a very intelligent and skilled orator, but he is not forcing people to do something against their will. All people ought to be able to decide for themselves. We have absolute freedom and control over ourselves. Therefore should we decide to harm ourselves through various vices such as drinking or smoking, why should there be anyone to prevent us from doing it? Does the stare still have the role to protect its citizens? Are the anti-smoking campaigns really made for the benefit of the people or is it everything about financial interests? Are there such things as the devil's advocates or do we have to take care of ourselves on our own? Do…… [Read More]

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Why Smoking in Public Bars and Public Restaurants Should Not Be Allowed

Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98320221

smoking bans in public bars and restaurants. There are three references used for this paper.

Today many states have placed a ban on smoking in public bars and public restaurants. It is important to look at the health issues of smoking and determine why these bans should be enforced throughout the country.

Health Issues

Smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Many smokers argue they should be allowed to smoke as they please and the only one it is hurting is them. However, research has proven that secondhand smoke is just as deadly to the non-smokers who are exposed to it.

In April 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning to those "at risk of heart disease to avoid all buildings and gathering places that allow indoor smoking. The CDC disclosed the advisory, saying doctors need to warn people…… [Read More]

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Psychosocial Smoking Cessation Interventions for Coronary Heart

Words: 3420 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23044103

psychosocial smoking cessation interventions for coronary heart disease patients effective?

The association with smoking and coronary heart disease (CHD) has been well documented. To prevent further heart attacks, as well as to preserve their life, smokers have been consistently and strongly advised to quit smoking, and associations such as the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology Task Force have drafted recommendations and reams of advice to assist patients in doing so. Nevertheless, many patients diagnosed with CHD continue to smoke despite the possibility of interventions and programs (many of them free) helping them to stop. Mortality can be reduced by as much as 36% if smokers with CHD determine to stop smoking 3-5 years after diagnosed (Critchley, 2003) aside from which dramatic reductions in cardiac attacks have been discovered when smokers have stopped smoking for as short a time as a year (Quist-Paulsen, & Gallefoss, 2003). The Coronary…… [Read More]

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Teen Smoking Behaviors Current Consequences

Words: 3189 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 9699318

e. managerial, social, political, economic benefits are linked to the study's results) the proposed helpful outcomes are realistic (i.e. dealing with questions that can actually be answered through the type of data gathering and analysis you're proposing. The suggested helpful outcomes do not go beyond the data that's to be collected).

The increase in teen smoking may be abating, or may be taking a pause before it continues the climb seen in the past 10 years, from 1996 to 2005. In either case, reducing smoking at an early age has a lifelong effect on individuals' health, and can lead to better quality of life for millions of people who might otherwise take up smoking. A secondary benefit is that lessons learned may help to reduce the current 3.1 million teen smokers, many of whom try smoking and quit -- it would be useful to know why they started in the…… [Read More]

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Dangers of Teenage Smoking

Words: 1089 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87145689

dangers of teenage smoking. Specifically, it will look at how teenagers begin smoking, and what can be done to help them quit.


The health hazards of smoking are well-known and documented. In 1992, over 400,000 people died from complications from smoking each year, including lung and throat cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The number today is even higher. Additionally, some studies have also shown that starting to smoke as a teenager has the potential to permanently damage lung tissue.

A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has shown that smoking in the teenage years causes dramatic and lifelong DNA damage in the lungs. In fact, the young smokers could be at a permanently higher risk of developing lung cancer, even if they later quit (Editors).

Teenagers begin smoking for a variety of reasons, including peer pressure and a concerted effort by…… [Read More]

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Cigarette Smoking and Immunity

Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17912371

The 2016 article concerns cigarette smoking, its potential numerous connections with disease and its impact in the current international healthcare system. The researchers state smoking impacts adaptive and innate immunity, playing a dual role in regulation of immunity via attenuation of defensive immunity or pathogenic immune responses. The types of adaptive immune cells that feel the impact from cigarette smoking are "T helper cells (Th1/Th2/Th17), CD4+CD25+ regulatory T. cells, CD8+ T cells, B cells and memory T/B lymphocytes while innate immune cells impacted by smoking are mostly DCs, macrophages and NK cells" (Qiu et al., 2015, p. 1). The changes in these cells due to smoking can lead to numerous chronic or acute diseases like autoimmune diseases, cancers and transplant rejection, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and allergies.

The researchers note past studies connect smoking with specific diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema, however not enough updated reviews are performed…… [Read More]

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Nursing Counseling and Smoking Cessation Among Inpatients

Words: 738 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4314111

Nursing Counseling and Smoking Cessation Among Inpatients

The work of Li, et al. (2014) reports a study that examines the facilitators and barriers to effective smoking cessation as it relates to counseling services provided to inpatients by nurse counselors.

The study reports that the Taiwanese Health Promotion Administration reports that 4.8 million smokers exist in Taiwan and that nearly 50% of these smokers were interested in quitting smoking. Smoking cessation is beneficial to both smokers and those whom they love and are loved by in that smoking cessation not only saves lives of those who quit smoking but in addition results in reduction in the costs of personal and health care. According to the report, THPA's implementation of the "New Smoking Cessation Policy on the 1st of March 2012 to expand smoking cessation counseling services to both outpatient and inpatient settings." (Li et al., 2014, p. 5) Li et al.…… [Read More]

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Health Effects of Smoking it

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10149962

Cigarette smoking is the major cause of cancers of the lung, mouth, larynx, esophagus, and pharynx. In addition, cigarette smoking is a contributing cause of cancers of the stomach, colon, rectum, bladder, pancreas, uterine cervix, and kidney. Finally, cigarette smoking is a contributing factor in some leukemias. Currently, cigarette smoking is responsible for approximately 180,000 cancer deaths every year. However, quitting smoking immediately can reduce the risk of cancer. Ten years after quitting smoking, an ex-smoker's risk of lung cancer is about half that of a current smokers. Furthermore, quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing cancers of the mouth, esophagus, throat, bladder, cervix, and pancreas within a ten-year period.

Finally, cigarette smoking increases the risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, and smoking cigarettes is the number one risk factor for heart disease. Smoking is the main cause of sudden heart…… [Read More]

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Costa Rican Smoking Cessation

Words: 2663 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 45911379

Evaluation Plan:

Outcomes to be Assessed:

The primary objective is to see that subjects of the program cease smoking and remain abstinent from tobacco use. This will be the primary outcome to be assessed therefore. Individuals in both the experiment and control groups would be consulted at the six-month juncture and the one year point in order to determine how many among them have remained abstinent from tobacco use in that duration and up to that point.

Other outcomes to be assessed would be long-term health factors relating to the use of tobacco. According to statistics compiled and sponsored by the T.J. Samson Community Hospital in Glasgow, Kentucky and most recently updated in the spring of 2006, habitual smokers of cigarettes are "fourteen times as likely to die of lung cancer" and twice as susceptible to fatality by heart disease. (T.J.S.C.H, 1) This means, according to the Community Hospital, that…… [Read More]

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Smokers Should Pay for Their Own Health Care Costs Incurred From Smoking Related Diseases

Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73033549

Smokers should pay for their own health costs.

Health care costs of smoking are expensive and smoking is reduced more to motivational determinants than to biological factors; the essay, therefore, recommends that smokers pay for their own health costs.

Smokers can abstain from smoking if they wish to. Self-efficacy is essential

"Analysis shows that the intention to stop smoking was dependent not only on the perceived health benefits but also on the subject's confidence that hey would succeed if they tried to stop… When the follow-up data are considered, reported attempts to quitting were strongly related to previously declared intentions " (Eiser et al., 1984, 321)

In a broadly quoted study that was conducted by Eiser and colleagues in 1984, researchers discovered that out of 1848 smokers surveyed, 797 had tried to stop smoking, 709 had reduced their consumption, and 164 had become abstinent. Analysis showed that success in quitting…… [Read More]

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Working Conditions Smoking Bans in

Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79154680

Bar and restaurant owners also contend they have the right to set the terms of their employment, and to create a particular atmosphere in their restaurants -- including a sophisticated or seedy image that allows for smoking. However, foot traffic at restaurants and bars actually rose after the ban went into effect (Rutenberg & Koppel 2005, p.1). Even one smoker admitted he was converted to a non-smoking atmosphere, saying now: "I'm all for it. My dry-cleaning bill's gone way down…and I'm smoking less" (Rutenberg & Koppel 2005, p.2). Once upon a time, smoking was allowed in all workplaces. However, as the health consequences of smoking became know, more people adapted to the smoke-free environments, and Americans are less likely to smoke, because it is less socially acceptable. Just like 'sin taxes' and banning vending machines, prohibiting smoking in restaurants and bars makes the practice less socially acceptable, and less costly…… [Read More]

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Cigarette Smoking Is and Has

Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48124136

When in adulthood, people start smoking because of different reasons, mainly because they encounter various problems in their lives. Smoking is commonly identified as a solution to stress, and, people get a feeling of relaxation after smoking. People that smoke are normally thinner than those that don't, and, accordingly, some overweight persons might take up smoking in hope that it would make them slim. Tobacco smoking reduces appetite and people's capacities of tasting and smelling food.

All in all, after trying it for the first times, people become more attracted in smoking because of the effect that nicotine has on their bodies. It would seem that people that are restless are more receptive to smoking in comparison to their calmer counterparts. Also, smokers are inclined to smoke in larger quantities when going through a hectic period in their lives.

When hearing that smoking is bad for them people most often…… [Read More]

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How to Quit Smoking

Words: 1412 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33975880


My friend has been a smoker for five years. She is a pack-a-day smoker. Not only is this habit expensive (she may spend upwards of $50 a week on this habit), but it is also not very good for health, as numerous studies have shown (Agaku, King, Dube et al., 2014). I would like to help her quit smoking so that she can save her health, save money, and just be an altogether more enjoyable person to be around. (It is not that much fun being around a person who smokes all the time). To solve this problem, I have applied the six-step problem solving process. This paper will review the steps and explain what I did step-by-step to help my friend quit smoking.

Step One: Define the Problem

The problem my friend was having was that she was smoking a pack a day and did not know how…… [Read More]

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Smokers Should Pay for Their Own Health Care Costs Incurred From Smoking Related Diseases

Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62753694

healthcare costs for smokers are significantly higher than their non-smoking counterparts, and this paper reviews the relevant literature to measure the degree, if any, to which smokers are currently paying their own health care costs. An analysis of the costs that are associated with the second-hand smoke generated by smokers to identify additional costs is followed by a summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Smokers Should Pay for Their Own Health Care Costs Incurred from Smoking-Related Diseases

Despite a growing number of aggressive campaigns to completely eradicate the habit in recent years, many Americans continue to smoke tobacco and incur a number of smoking-related healthcare problems as a result. In fact, the costs that are associated with caring for smokers' healthcare needs far exceed those of their nonsmoking counterparts, but some analysts argue that smokers are already paying their own share of health care…… [Read More]

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Tobacco Smoking in United States of America

Words: 1072 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25887368

Tobacco Smoking in United State of America

Tobacco is a plant which belong to the nightshade family, which also include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and red pepper. Whoever the concentration of nicotine in these vegetables is lower compared to Tobacco.

Tobacco smoking has been shown to be unhealthy as it has proved to be the leading cause of preventable deaths in United States, killing more than four hundred thousand people and costing nearly $100 billion in health care bills every year, research shows that nearly all smokers start before the age of 18. Everyday 1000 become regular smokers while one-third of who die prematurely.

Research has also shown that it takes long time of constant smoking to actually become dependent to nicotine. People like the effects of nicotine and get used to them making them to desires it more, smokers think tobacco help them to reduce stress, anxiety and controlling their…… [Read More]

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Nurses Perspectives on Smoking According to Researchers

Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64382206

Nurses Perspectives on Smoking

According to researchers, about 18% of all registered nurses in America smoke. In order to help these people quit the habit, and thus improve their health and the health of those around them, the authors stated purpose is to "develop a national program to assist nurses in smoking cessation." (Bialous, 2004, p. 387) To accomplish this goal, the researchers conducted a total of eight focus groups, in four states, consisting of current and former smokers in order to determine attitudes toward smoking, quitting, and to examine preferences towards types of programs.

Eight focus groups were conducted in four states, California, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Ohio. These states were chosen because California and New Jersey had low smoking prevalences, while the prevalence of smoking in Kentucky and Ohio were high. By using both low and high prevalence of smoking, the researcher can obtain a national average for…… [Read More]

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Legal Age for Smoking Today

Words: 412 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68507499

In addition, smoking is addictive, and the earlier a person starts, the more likely they are to continue, making it more difficult to quit as one ages. Young people do not understand smoking, because they tend to have an "it will not happen to me" mentality, and it should not be available to teens, you should have to be an adult to make the choice to smoke, because it is a health choice, as well as a lifestyle choice.

In conclusion, smoking is hazardous to your health and well-being, and that has been proven. People start to smoke too early in life, and then they find it difficult to quit. The earlier you start smoking, the longer smoke can do damage to your lungs, making it more likely you will develop lung disease such as emphysema or lung cancer. Smoking is no less dangerous than drinking, it can harm others…… [Read More]

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Banning Smoking in Public Places the Debate

Words: 654 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75295284

Banning Smoking in Public Places

The debate on whether or not a nationwide federal smoking ban in all public places should be enacted has been going on for quite a while. In the U.S., most bans as well as restrictions in regard to cigarette smoking are a product of state laws. Although there are those who are convinced that public smoking should not be banned citing various reasons, numerous studies have in the past clearly demonstrated that secondhand smoke adversely affects the health and well-being of nonsmokers.

Recognizing the Need for a Nationwide Federal Smoking Ban in all Public Places

A recent Institute of Medicine report according to Belluck, found out that "smoking bans in places like restaurants, offices and public buildings reduce cases of heart attacks and heart disease…" In a majority of cases, those advocating for the banning of smoking in all public places base their arguments on…… [Read More]

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Study and Measures of Association Example Smoking and Alzheimer's Disease

Words: 1000 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30290332

Alzheimer's Disease: Summary of Results Q&A

The summary of results on the case study of AD provides that AD is still a disease of those primarily age 85 and older, and an expensive, time-consuming process. It is not a disease that is appropriate for "large, epidemiologic studies" thus screening strategies are most sell-suited so cohort studies are feasible. Diagnostic workups assist in making studies manageable and successful in diagnosing sources of AD and number of actual cases of AD in the public.

Diagnosis of AD brings with it many problems including fear and social stigma; thus it is beneficial to examine risk factors and distinguish between cognitive impairments that are minimal and evidenced in the public at large and actual early warning signs and preclinical AD. False positives are a common diagnostic problem as signs are common with advancing age and may include, "poor vision, hearing loss, arthritis" which all…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Observational Study Design Smoking and Lung Cancer

Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50585996

Smoking and Lung Cancer

Cohort, cross sectional, and case-control studies are together known as observational studies. These studies are frequently the only feasible manner of analyzing certain problems (Mann, 2003). In this particular case, the observational studies shall concentrate on smoking together with lung cancer.


This is the most appropriate manner of establishing the condition's prevalence and natural history.

Conducting Study

A group of individuals that do not have the desired outcome shall be selected. Several variables, which may be significant to the condition's development shall then be measured by the researcher. The individuals in the selected sample are monitored over a length of time to observe if they develop the desired outcome (lung cancer). For the two cohorts utilized, one group shall have actually been exposed to or been smoking while the other has not, thus serving as an external control (Mann, 2003; Chen et al., 2010).…… [Read More]

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Cigarette Smoking Leads to Increased Incidences of

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83284355

cigarette smoking leads to increased incidences of lung cancer. The reason(s) behind the study are twofold; one, to see if there is a decided difference in the number of people who smoke and do not smoke, and two, whether that noted difference in smoking vs. non-smoking leads to a higher or lower number of cancer incidences among the study participants. The study will be large-scale and will include a wide diversity of individuals in order to provide a relatively accurate picture of the overall, and categorized, number of individuals developing cancer when compared to whether they are smokers or not.

Since this will be a cross-sectional study it will completed with little expense to the researcher and may provide data that can be useful in determining future processes. The funding for this study is rather limited, and because of that (along with other reasons), the cross-sectional study is the most…… [Read More]

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Psychology Smoking Cessation Literature That

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28963196

I have also noticed I have a tendency to eat more, as I worried about. Part of that is the oral gratification missing when I do not smoke, but I have also found that food simply tastes better now that I am not smoking, and I find myself eating more, as a result. I am attempting to monitor this so I do not gain weight, as so many people do in the course of their intervention.

Another con is that I have been irritable, suffered from headaches, and have been short with some of the people trying to aid me in my intervention. I know this is common during smoking cessation, but it makes the process more difficult, and makes me feel dreadful as well.

However, the pros of my action stage are quite compelling. I do feel better about myself, and my psyche is improving each day I continue…… [Read More]

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Symptoms of Periodontitis Smoking and

Words: 3837 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64949452

According to the research conducted by Silverstein et al., (2000), the pressure used to place the probe tip at the base of the periodontal sulcus is approximately 50 N/cm2 and at the base of the junction epithelium is 200 N/cm2. A tip diameter of 0.6 mm is needed to reach the base of the sulcus. Clinical inflammation does not reflect the severity of histological inflammation, and the recordings may not illustrate probing depth. Therefore, probing depth does not identify anatomical locations at the base of the sulcus. Probe tips must have a diameter of 0.6 mm and a 0.20 gram force (50 N/cm2) to gain a pressure which demonstrates estimated probing depth. This pressure is useful for the measurement of the reduction of clinical probing depth, which includes the formation of a long junctional epithelium as a result of treatment. but, different forces or diameter tips are essential for the…… [Read More]

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Predictors of Daily Smoking in Adolescents

Words: 733 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 28946549

Predictors of the Transition From Experimental to Daily Smoking Among Adolescents in the United States" the authors sought to identify certain factors that influence the transition to daily smoking by American adolescents. They used Problem Behavior Theory (PBT), demographics, and non-theory-related factors as various characteristics that can predict an adolescent's transition from experimental smoking to daily. Problem Related Theory (PBT) is a theoretical framework that is used to identify certain problem behavior prevalent in adolescents which correlate to undesirable social behavior. (Jessor, 1991, p.52) The data came from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (ADD) collected by the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Quantitative Design

Because the authors were attempting to determine the different factors involved in the transition from experimental to daily smoking, the study can be considered to be a predictive correlational design. Experimental smoking after one year was the criterion…… [Read More]

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Persuasive Against Smoking

Words: 1123 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32760190

If a driver ignored a road sign that said "Danger: Bridge Out!" and proceeded along the street, he would be labeled as an idiot by his community. If a fence had a sign on it that read, "Warning: Vicious Dogs" and some adventure-seeking teens climbed that fence, no one would be surprised when they had their legs torn off by a pack of pit bulls. However, every single year 400,000 Americans die[1] from ignoring one of the most infamous warnings: The Surgeon General's warning on cigarette packages. Smoking cigarettes may seem to be a part of the definition of being an American-- everyone from the street punk rebels to the successful big business CEOs are automatically visualized with a cigarette or fat Cuban cigar hanging from their mouths. These smokers see themselves as a better person for the momentary pleasure they receive from these tobacco products, but fail to realize…… [Read More]

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Health Website Smoking Cessation Is

Words: 1414 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3735427

Phone numbers are displayed liberally. A stop-smoking hotline is listed with a toll-free telephone number. Links to sponsoring organizations like the Centers for Disease Control allow visitors to read more, and a "Get expert help" section invites viewers to use instant messaging to communicate with a "National Cancer Institute smoking cessation counselor."

Technical/Design Characteristics

Illustrations are used sparingly. No negative illustrations such as those depicting lungs decayed by cancer are included, keeping the imagery on the Web site positive and inoffensive. Most of the illustrations included on are photographs depicting men and women exercising and enjoying the great outdoors. The images refresh themselves often, like a slide show. The smiling faces on the models imply that quitting smoking will make anyone feel healthier and more alive. Inclusion of people from various ethnic groups in the photo database is helpful in reaching a broad audience. Background of the Web…… [Read More]

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Dealing With Health and Smoking

Words: 602 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58865447

CVS Renames Itself CVS Health as it Ends Sale of Tobacco Products

(1) Who are the major winners and losers in this story? Why do you think so?

The new CVS strategy definitely seems more consistent relative to health promotion. Promoting health and well-being includes smoking cessation and being smoke free. By selling tobacco products, many argued that CVS was sending mixed signals to their clients. However, the reorganization of the company, now referred to as CVS health, sends a clear message that they are in the health promotion business. Yet, by doing so, the company is also sacrificing a significant revenue stream in all their locations. It is too early to tell if the more consistent mission statement will overcome the loss in revenues that they will experience throughout the transition.

The general public should be a winner in this situation as well. Although some consumers might be inconvenienced…… [Read More]

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Smokers Should Not Pay for Their Own Health Care Costs Incurred From Related Diseases

Words: 1786 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66917073


Instead, much of the money is being spent on other pork-barrel projects. It is time that the government realize that prohibition did not work in the 1920s and 1930s and it will not work any better in the 21st century. Since the smokers pay taxes already, making them pay for other health care costs is simply adding insult to injury by the chief drug pusher of all -- the federal government. It is the contention of this author that smokers should not pay for their own health care costs incurred from related-diseases.

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em, bum 'em if you don't" used to be the saying in the military prior to every smoke break. However, today, even the United States military is down on smoking. In this short essay, the author will illustrate how criminalizing the behavior of smokers will not cure them of the habit. It…… [Read More]

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Change Theory Trans-Theoretical Model Trans-Theoretical

Words: 1211 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8681960

This is because of the constant information on the effects of smoking in relation to health conditions. This stage illustrates on the essence of quitting smoking without the crucial plan by smokers (Aveyard et al., 2008).


During this third stage, it is vital for the individual engaging in smoking behavior to adopt an effective plan towards transforming the behavior. The individual must prepare mental and psychologically for the adoption and implementation of change in order to obtain maximum utilization of the quitting technique. This also entails transformation of other aspects of lifestyles that might pile pressure on the individual in relation to the smoking behavior. In most cases, smokers decide on the quitting dates and mark it on the calendar to aid their quitting process. Other smokers also inform their friends or relatives on the quitting technique and dates to obtain some accountability in the process (Aveyard et al.,…… [Read More]

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Incontrovertible Evidence Surfaced in the

Words: 2955 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27024187

Smoking becomes a symbol of anti-cultural rebellion and even more so it takes on the symbol of something holy unrealistic and undesirable. The basic affect is to create a sense of empowerment as a result of smoking they feel that they are now better than they were before, in both a sense of adulthood as well as "counter-culture" mentality. Teenagers all desire to rebel against the normalcy of society, this is a natural response to the restrictions that society institutes upon teenagers. The decision to "go against the grain" is one that teenagers make in subtle and forthright ways, whether it takes the form of not doing homework or arguing with parents. Smoking has become such a controversial subject, through it's almost bombardment of health information and anti-smoking campaigns, that it epitomizes the one thing that youth can do to fight against the establishment. This becomes a crucial reason for…… [Read More]

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Deception of the Tobacco Industry

Words: 3795 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39404086

Deception of the Tobacco Industry

Smoking is a factor, and an important factor, in the production of carcinoma in the lung," wrote Richard Doll and Bradford Hill some fifty years ago. It was this first study which would initiate all others. It was this first study which would be expanded and eventually establish smoking as a major health risk linking it to problems including everything from heart disease to bronchitis, from indigestion to impotence. And it was this first study which would spark the controversies still surrounding smoking, smokers and the tobacco industry.

For over fifty years the tobacco industry has repeatedly demonstrated a callous and irresponsible demeanor. Throughout the years the industry has lied to the public about the harmful effects of cigarettes and they have consciously marketed their product toward youth, minorities, and the poor. The following pages will look closely at issues surrounding cigarettes, smoking, and the…… [Read More]

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Nursing it Is Generally Agreed

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, Binns, Colin W., and Alfonso Helman. (2006): "Which Women Stop Smoking During Pregnancy and the Effect on Breastfeeding Duration." Biomed Central.

Torfs, Claudine P. And Roberta E. Christianson. (2000): "Effect of Maternal Smoking and Coffee Consumption on the Risk of Having a Recognized Down Syndrome Pregnancy." American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 152, No. 12: 1185-1191.

Solomon, Laura J. And Virginia P. Quinn. (2003): "Spontaneous Quitting: Self Initiated Smoking Cessation in Early Pregnancy." Nicotine and Tobacco Research. Vol. 6, Sup. 2; S203-S216.

Kleinman, Michael. (2000): "The Health Effects of Air Pollution on Children." Irvine: University of California.

Eichhammer P, and Johann M. Kharraz. (2003): "High Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Decreases Cigarette Smoking." Journal of Clincial Psychiatry. 64:951-953.

In conclusion, the literature presented clearly shows that smoking during pregnancy does have an adverse affect on infants and fetuses and that through the proper treatment and counseling, these effects can…… [Read More]

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Second Hand Smoke Should There Be a

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Second Hand Smoke

Should there be a ban on smoking in public places? Many people say yes, because they do not want the negative effects of second hand smoke on their lungs and other organs. Innocent people can be harmed by this second hand smoke. Since not every person chooses to smoke cigarettes, pipes, or other tobacco products, people who do not smoke should be protected from those who do. As such, rules are needed (i.e. smoking bans) that stop people from smoking in public places where others could be harmed by the smoke coming from their tobacco products. Those who choose to smoke know that there are consequences, but it is unfair to extend those consequences to others just to ensure that the "rights" of the smokers are protected. When people walk down the street and have smoke blown in their faces, or when they go to restaurants and…… [Read More]

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Minmum 750 Words The Tobacco Industry Is

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Minmum 750 words.

The tobacco industry is one of the most successful businesses in the contemporary society. This happens in spite of the fact that individuals who smoke are very well-acquainted with the risks coming along with smoking the substance. What is even more concerning is that smoking is often adopted by certain individuals as a result of the fact that they believe that they are fashionable because they smoke. Surely, freedom is one of the most important values that the social order benefits from and it would be absurd to deny someone the right to smoke as long as the respective individuals understands the risks and still wants to do it. However, considering that most people who start to smoke do it because they are searching for social acceptance or simply want to feel what it is like to smoke, it seems that the system needs to install more…… [Read More]

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Local Community Local Regional Community Health

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Encouraging people to report violations for the sake of their health is a final service that nurses can perform to support the ban. People often do not like to report violations, because they feel like 'busybodies' but there is no way that state health inspectors alone can constantly police restaurant owners who illegally look the other way when customers light up. Nurses can remind the public that this legislation was the result of a voter-generated, rather than a politician-generated effort. It must be supported by the public to succeed.

One final criticism of the bill was that smokers will simply go across the border to smoke (Steinberg, 2007). However, proponents point out that, for smokers, there are other options, like patios, personal residences, and other places where they can smoke and not put hospitality workers' lives at risk. And once again, nurses can act as advocates, asking smokers to ask…… [Read More]

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Keeping Cigarettes Away From Young People Through Media Campaigns

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Public Health Achievements

What factors accounted for the control of tobacco in the U.S. Currently, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 42.1 million Americans smoke cigarettes, which is about 18.1% of all adults (18 or over). About 20.5% of men smoke cigarettes and 15.8% of women smoke cigarettes (Liss, 2013).

the information environment -- mass media and counter-advertising. There is no doubt that media campaigns have a positive impact when it comes to anti-smoking campaigns. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the first year of the federal government's national advertising campaign called "Tips from Former Smokers" "exceeded expectations; an estimated 1.6 million cigarette smokers attempted to stop smoking. Of those, about 100,000 actually succeeded in quitting, and that information came from a study published by the medical journal, The Lancet. Moreover, the campaign run by the CDC reportedly "inspired millions of nonsmokers to encourage…… [Read More]

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Health Educational Tool Health Education Tool Family

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Health Educational Tool

Health Education Tool

Family Background

Miss S. is an African-American who is 67 years old. She came to the United States at the age of 20 and currently performing the roles of housekeeping. Miss S. is married to Mr. S who is 69 years old, suffering from disability resulting from stroke. The two have five children: two girls and three boys. The older daughter is ailing thus the constant battles with colon cancer with metastasis. Members of the family are disturbed and require quality assistance and encouragement. According to the information from Miss S, the daughter is on acute rehab following the development of anaphylactic reaction resulting from the IV contrast dye during the CT scan of the abdomen. Miss S. is now extensive responsible for the two boys belong to her daughter. She is willing to corporate and offer valuable information in relation to her family.…… [Read More]

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Gender Religion and Social Relations in the Mediterranean

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Marc Baer. "Islamic Conversion Narratives of Women: Social Change and Gendered Religious Hierarchy in Early Modern Ottoman Istanbul." Gender & History 16, no. 2 (2004): 425-458

In "Islamic Conversion Narratives of Women: Social Change and Gendered Religious Hierarchy in Early Modern Ottoman Istanbul," Marc Baer presents a string of narratives illustrating the experiences of women in Early Modern Ottoman Istanbul, from around the 17th century. The narratives include strategic conversions to Islam that secured the woman some freedoms. For example, one Christian woman living in Galata near the famous tower converts to Islam. When her Christian husband refuses to convert, the woman realizes that she can be instantly divorced -- which she might not have been able to do had she not been subject to shari'ah law. Shari'ah law ironically afforded the woman, Safira (who became Saliha upon conversion) greater sexual freedom and independence.

Yet what was she sacrificing…… [Read More]

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Depression Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

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Depression, Diabetes and Obesity

This is a case study on a 58-year-old male, Mr. H.Y. who worked at a supermarket and is now retired. He has a supportive wife who works full time and children who are all independent .He has a history of smoking, but quit 10 years ago and drinks alcohol twice a week. He is obese and a known case of diabetes for one year. He has gained 8 kg over the past four months, his blood glucose levels are uncontrolled. He denies feeling sad but doesn't like to take part in activities he once enjoyed, he feels tired and lethargic after doing any work, his sleep pattern is also disturbed. His drug history reveals that he is taking glyburide and multi-vitamins. He has scored 14 on his PHQ-9 score which indicates moderate depression. The patient has been diagnosed with depressive disorder not otherwise specified (DSM IV…… [Read More]

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Environmental Tobacco and Asthma Does Environmental Tobacco

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Environmental Tobacco and Asthma

Does environmental tobacco smoke increase the risk of asthma in children?

Smoking is observed as a common habit among uncountable number of people belonging to various countries of the world. It is expected that the number of smokers will rise in the near future because of attractive marketing campaigns run by tobacco companies. There was a time when only men were habitual to smoking. In the modern 21st century, youngsters and girls are also exposed to the thrills of smoking. People love to smoke despite knowing about its detrimental effects.

It is interesting to mention that smoking kills not only the smokers but also the ones who hate it. It is an interesting study that non-smokers are subject to all harmful effects of smoking just because they are present in the environment where people smoke.

There is significant relationship between passive smoking and disease and mortality…… [Read More]

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Health Interventions

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Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, the Healthy People 2020 Initiative was launched in 2010 in order to address a comprehensive assortment of health related issues concerning the American people and society (CDC, 2011). The initiative has four primary goals and objectives which includes; 1) attaining higher-quality and longer lives that are free from preventable diseases, disabilities, injuries and even premature death, 2) achieving equity in health, eliminating disparities, and improving the health of all groups of Americans, 3) creating social and physical environments that promote healthiness for all people, and 4) promoting quality of life along with health development and healthy behaviors throughout the stages of life. In all aspects of life, and certainly geared towards healthier American citizens, the idea and concept of becoming healthy by the year 2020 is a laudable exercise.

Tracking certain behaviors is generally accepted as one methodology in determining how effective (or ineffective)…… [Read More]

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Tobacco Products Effects Law and Statistics

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Tobacco Products

Just put out the facts and let the public make their own decision on the use of Tobacco products. At times revealing information and statistics is all the public needs.

Tobacco smoking is one of the most common habits prevalent throughout the world. People continue to smoke tobacco and there is very little concern for the health consequences of tobacco use. Every year smoking takes a huge toll on peoples lives, greater than any other epidemic disease like AIDS. Cardiac arrest and lung cancer are two of the potentially fatal diseases, which are directly attributed to tobacco smoking. Apart from this tobacco is also the leading cause for respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, infertility, oral diseases and other complications. A discussion on the health effects of smoking, laws pertaining to tobacco trade and some statistical insight would certainly help us get a better picture of the problem.…… [Read More]

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Journal Articles Web Sites Schizophrenia and Bipolar

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journal articles web sites.

Schizophrenia and bipolar are common mental disorders that make the lifespan of persons with the disorders shorter than the general population. Substance use disorder is a common comorbidity in these individuals. Supporting data from several studies shows that the smoking rates among schizophrenics and bipolar are two to three times those of the general population. It is hypothesized that this is as a result of schizophrenics and individuals with bipolar having the perception that smoking reduces the severity of their symptoms and leads to a better quality of life. This has, however, not been proven through research. Findings from current literature also suggest that smoking among schizophrenics and individuals with bipolar may be related to the N43A gene which has several polymorphisms. By looking at the current research findings from peer reviewed journals, the gap in literature is identified which is then used to describe implications…… [Read More]

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How the Media Presents Images That Impact Society

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Mass Media Influences

Media Influences

It has long been known that the media has a strong influence on the public, and when television and other media presents strong messages on any particular topic, like smoking for example, society is impacted. This paper presents quality references in order to cover important aspects of the media, the issues it promotes, its history, it tactics, and its impacts.

Technological Transitions and Digital Technologies Influence Society

Author Paul Boyer explains that through "mediated communicative processes" individuals help to shape society. In those communicative processes there are to be found "complex interactions of human agency, social institutions," along with the various media-driven communicative processes that are the foundations of society (Boyer, 2012). The media that people use -- including today's Internet, television, print media, and radio -- shape both "national political conversations" and a number of aspects of social relationships (Boyer, 213).

And since the…… [Read More]

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Program Evaluation Integrate Data Collection Methods Into

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Program Evaluation

Integrate data collection methods into the program evaluation plan.

The data collection method is seeking to integrate qualitative and quantitative research together. It is developing a program that is effective in helping to support smoking cessation efforts. Qualitative research is used to provide background on the study and proven smoking cessation initiatives. For instance, this portion of the research revealed that any effective program will integrate therapy, support groups and medication with each other. The basic idea is to address the chemical and psychological states a person will feel when they are quitting. However, changes in technology are leading to more people using online support. This gives them the flexibility to attend meetings and discuss their problems with counselors 24 hours a day. These shifts are indicating how there are variety of options and tools for having a successful smoking cessation efforts. (Yin, 2009)

The quantitative approach is…… [Read More]

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Physiological and Societal Effects of

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Toward an Effective Solution

In principle, the most effective solution to the tremendous problem of cigarette smoking in the U.S. would simply be to impose legislation banning the manufacture, sale, or consumption of cigarettes altogether. In fact, it is impossible to justify any logical distinction between the current illegal status of marijuana (at the federal level and in almost all of the individual states) and the fact that a slightly different cultivated vegetation that is empirically linked to almost half a million preventable premature deaths annually is still perfectly legal to market at great financial profits. However, from a practical perspective, the U.S. already had experience during the Prohibition era of the 1920s with the difficulties of trying to ban alcohol. In addition to widespread violation by otherwise law-abiding citizens, that ban created such a tremendous opportunity for profit associated with the black market production and distribution of alcohol that…… [Read More]

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Ectopic Pregnancy Etiology Modern Diagnosis

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Initial tests may be culdocentesis, hematocrit, a pregnancy test, a qualitative HCG blood test, a transvaginal ultrasound or pregnancy ultrasound and a white blood count test. An ectopic pregnancy can be distinguished from a normal intrauterine pregnancy through a rise in quantitative HCG levels. Declining B-hCG levels is indicative of an ectopic pregnancy (Kulp & Barnhart 2008). AD & C, laparoscopy and laparotomy tests will confirm the diagnosis (Chen).

An early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy with transvaginal ultrasound scan or TVS provides the clinician with conservative options (Madani 2008). Methotrexate may be prescribed if the ectopic pregnancy is small. TVS also reduces chances of mortality. Laparoscopy can be reserved for use as treatment rather than for diagnosis (Madani).

Differential diagnosis includes appendicitis, salpingitis, ruptured corpus luteum cyst, or ovarian follicle, spontaneous or threatened abortion, ovarian torsion, and urinary tract disease (Sepilian & Wood 2009).


An ectopic pregnancy can neither…… [Read More]

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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

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Health Advocacy Campaign

The basic purpose of the consumer education programs is to promote awareness about the effects that tobacco has on our health. These programmes have basically been made in a way to induce fear in the people in order to emphasize the largest cause of preventable death all around the world and to make the young people stop smoking (Fletcher, 2007).

It has been noticed through the researches that were conducted in United States and Australia that smoking rates in case of the general public have decreased but when it comes to students the trend has increased (see for example, AIHW, 2002; Tevyaw 2006). It was noted by Tevyaw (2006) that the rate of smoking in the people of 18-24 of age especially in case of the student in the U.S. has not only remained stabled but even increased in the last decade.

Percentage of smokers

It was…… [Read More]

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Agree With New Yorks Ban

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"Perhaps less dramatic because of their ubiquitous presence and legal status, nicotine and alcohol are often consumed together for physiological and/or social reasons. Both drugs stimulate dopamine release, and work synergistically to increase dopamine levels" (Menke, 2009). Similarly, the concept of enjoying a drink and a cigarette makes some people think that they live in a permissive environment, this standing as proof that they live in a democrat society. Moreover, "the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA, 1 998) reports that between 80% and 95% of alcoholics smoke" (Menke, 2009). It is thus difficult to consider the outcome that the smoking ban has had on bars and restaurants without actually checking for convincing data. In spite of the fact that many bar and restaurant owners complained in regard to how their businesses were severely affected by the smoking ban, reality seems to be different. The smoking ban was…… [Read More]

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Law and Economics

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life we are always faced with situations where the rights on one individual overlap those of another, causing a legal conflict that is often decided upon in the court of law. In many cases, these are private rights, but we are sometimes in a situation when the rights delimitation is imposed by the government, as is the case with the tobacco industry and smoking regulations and delimitations.

The problem with smoking in public places bares much resemblance in Canada, Europe or the United States. The right of smoking individuals to smoke in public places was gradually and constantly diminished to the degree that nowadays smoking in restaurants, offices or any closed locations. The movement against smoking in public places seems to have started in Canada in the early 1990s, when the City of Toronto emitted a series of by-laws, referred to as The Workplace Smoking By-law. This law "requires all…… [Read More]

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Official Legal Definition of Contradiction

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This act enlarged the labels on the cigarettes, and required that the labels on cigarettes and cigarette ads say things like,."..Cause lung cancer...may complicate pregnancy...quitting smoking now greatly reduces hazards to your health... may result in low birth weight and fetal injury." Yet despite all these attempts to educate, all the package warnings and all the public service ads, we still see that despite the millions of dollars spent on smoking prevention each year, every year sees more and more people taking up the habit, until today death from cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in the United States, contributed in a great part by smoking. And yet we keep legislating, when then proof shows that what we are doing is not working.

Our discussion of vice-based legislation now brings us to the subject of fattening foods. In 2002, a lawyer in New York filed suit against the four…… [Read More]

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Surgeon General Warning on Tobacco

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Warning Labels

Not even 50 years ago, many people felt skeptical about the hazards of cigarette smoking. Although increasing numbers of studies showed that some connection existed between tobacco and lung and heart ailments, questions still remained about the true effects on health. In 1964, however, the United States Surgeon General Luther Terry confronted 200 media reporters in a State Department auditorium for two hours and completely changed the course of history. For the first time, the American government made it official: Smoking causes lung cancer. How much of an impact did this warning and other warnings to come by the Surgeon General and additional interested parties in the future alter the numbers of people smoking nationwide? The results are not too promising.

After the Surgeon General's first announcement, there was an immediate reaction. At this time, about 46% of people smoked in the U.S. When Americans heard the Surgeon…… [Read More]

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Old Smoke Case Study Darlene

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cannot control the urge, then the employee might consider seeking outside professional help with the addiction. Since a person's car is private property, however, it is unlikely that any non-smoking ban would extend to that area. However, the smoker would need to take steps to ensure that their clothing and work supplies did no retain the odor of smoke. In essence, other than in the privacy of one's own car and home, thus any place that one could potentially harm someone else with smoke, is legally favoring the non-smoker (Grensing-Pophal, 1999).


Co-Workers Can Sue Over Excessive Perfume in the Workplace. (28 August 2009). Godlike

Productions. Retrieved from:

Indoor Air Quality in Hospitality Venues Before and After Implementation of a Clean Indoor Air

Law. (12 November 2004). Center for Disease Control -- MMWR. Retrieved from:

Negative Ions: More Scientific Research. (2010). Comtech Research. Retrieved from:

Tobacco Facts,"…… [Read More]

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Health Behavior Currently at the

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I have, as the transtheoretical model suggests, gone through the decisional balance that encourages me to weigh pros and cons of quitting smoking. I noted that quitting might be time-consuming (con); might make me irritable and for a while, horrible to be around (con); and would most certainly be the most difficult thing I have ever done (con). The pros, however, seem so much more invigorating and include younger looking skin, better breath, better smelling clothes and home, and most importantly, improved health and well-being. Moreover, I included improved familial relationships as a significant pro-in my decision to quit. I anticipate my intervention will work because it is a well-thought out plan that involves systematic stages; assistance from qualified medical staff; and support from friends and family. Knowing that I can rely on myself as well as external supports will ensure that I reach the maintenance stage and remain smoke-free…… [Read More]

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Physical Cognitive and Socioeconomic Development

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For example, say: "Remember Great Aunt Martha? Today was her birthday. I can't help thinking that she would still be with us if it wasn't for the lung cancer. But back then, people didn't know that smoking was bad for you. Fortunately, we do now." Seeing someone smoking is another conversation opener: "I always feel so bad every time I see someone smoking. I know that they are shortening their life, and that attractive young girl will have yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, and bad breath, soon, all because of smoking." Smoking rates amongst teenage girls have increased, partially because of weight-related concerns, so it is not shallow to note the negative appearance-related aspects of smoking.

Translating the health risks of smoking into terms your teen can understand is important. For a teen, a statistically increased risk of death from lung cancer and heart disease may be abstract, but pointing out…… [Read More]