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High School Sports Recruitment the

Words: 1883 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93215293

Moreover, most psychologists agree that "sports provide many benefits such as teambuilding, cooperation, skill development and fitness," (Brochu). If a student shows promise, he or she might earn a scholarship or financial aid package. The opportunity to attend college is denied to many high school students from disadvantaged neighborhoods or who have a keener predilection for sports than for math. Therefore, high school recruiting can be an immensely positive force and even if the student does not become the next Lebron James, he or she stands a solid chance of enjoying the next four years at university, meeting new people, developing athletic as well as academic skills, and expanding horizons.

Therefore, the recruitment of high school athletes needs to be tempered with common sense rules and adequate access to physical, social, and psychological support systems. Drug testing is only one facet of the proper recruitment of high school students, albeit…… [Read More]

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Gymnastics Is a Sport That

Words: 2000 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5565061

Of course competition at the major university level, and in the Olympic Games, is also important in terms of national pride and individual achievements for elite athletes. But at the community level, gymnastics is also important because it provides a way for young people to learn about -- and pursue -- practices that promote healthy living.

The correlation between components of physical fitness and gymnastics: an article in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (Donham-Foutch, 2007) asserts that training in gymnastics is "an excellent means of teaching basic motor skills, as well as health-related fitness" (Donham-Foutch). The point of the article, in addition to making clear how components of gymnastics training relates to keeping fit, is that gymnastics programs for children are being developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP). In the first and ninth weeks of continuing-education…… [Read More]

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Snowboarding and Having Patience With the Sport

Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 91764625

Snowboarding and Having Patience to Succeed in the Sport

In basic terms, snowboarding is essentially a sport involving the use of specially designed equipment to descend a snow-covered slope. Considered a rapidly growing sport; snowboarding like any other sport undertaken during winter carries a significant level of risk with most injuries taking place amongst beginners. With that in mind, proper training is paramount. However, to master snowboarding and ultimately succeed in the same, the need for patience and an open mind cannot be overstated.

Even to a beginner, watching professional snowboarders going down snow-covered slopes makes snowboarding look relatively easy. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, it should be noted that for many beginners, the sport comes across as being rather frustrating to master. Further, to learn the relevant moves, maneuvers and safety precautions; beginners must attend demanding snowboarding lessons and allocate a significant amount of time…… [Read More]

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Ergonomics Repetitive Movement Ergonomics Injuries

Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80023776

Repetitive Motion Injuries can be prevented through a proper workplace setup. Once a worker makes these adjustments to the work area, it is possible to feel more natural about working and be more productive. In addition to exercise, a person should do the following:

• Take short, frequent breaks from computer work. Suggested 10-15 minutes break away from the computer for every hour on the computer.

• Get up and move around whenever feeling symptoms

• Give input when the department is purchasing furniture and computer equipment

Here are other suggestions for repetitive syndrome in a work setting:

If it is not possible for someone to get down to the work load, he/she should bring the work load up. Then, when standing, he/she should not over reach and maintain an upright posture. The longer the handle, the more force it takes to use and lift that tool. Position oneself so…… [Read More]

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Evolution of Sports Management International Management Group

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"International Management Group / Evolution of Sports"

International Management Group (IMG) is the diversified group which believes in enhancing the career and talent of others. It handles business in many diversified fields such as sports, fashion and media being the core fields of business. Other expertise of IMG includes event management, IMG College which is the leader in collegiate marketing, licensing and media rights. IMG are the pioneers in there business. They were the first ones to come up with the concept of sports management. IMG with its new concept of effectively managing sports and marketing brought a revolution into the sports world. Through the help of IMG sports event became more publicized globally while giving the sports man a wide range of opportunities. IMG handles business globally with its joint ventures with IMG reliance, IMX and IMG CCTV in the growing markets of India, Brazil and China, the…… [Read More]

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Utilitarianism as it Relates to Sports

Words: 1347 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94190726

Utilitarianism as it Relates to Sports

There are many philosophies that make up the social and political structures of nations around the world. Many of these philosophies can also be applied to sports and sports related activities. The purpose of this discussion is to explore the concept of Utilitarianism.

We will begin by defining the philosophy and addressing the beliefs of Utilitarians. We will then discuss how Utilitarian beliefs relate to sports.


Utilitarianism stems from the teachings of John Stuart Mills and Jeremy Bentham. The philosophy asserts, "that an action is right if it tends to promote happiness and wrong if it tends to produce the reverse of happiness -- not just the happiness of the performer of the action but also that of everyone affected by it."(West) Utilitarianism holds that even when the motivation behind an act is bad the consequences can be good. The founding fathers of…… [Read More]

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Drinking Related Injury Injuries Represent

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Similarly figures from the National Tax office also showed a 54% decrease in RTD sales while there was only a 7% increase in the sales of Spirits. These data clearly show that 'alcopops' Tax is the right way to control the growing underage alcohol consumption in Australia. [Tanya N. Chikritzhs, (2009)]


Australia suffers from one of the highest levels of underage alcohol consumption in the world and consequently there is high loss of life and rising health care costs. This could be attributed to aggressive marketing strategy employed by the beverage industry and the lack of financial funding for implementation of programs that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. A serious approach to the problem is of immediate concern. Creating more awareness and encouraging parental participation in healthy life style programs should be considered. From the government perspective, the excise tax regulations introduced in 2008 should certainly be welcomed as a…… [Read More]

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Workplace Injuries Has Been Increasingly

Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 73883850

The different types of harm that could happen are when the author is discussing specific effects that this will have on unborn baby. These include: unhealthy genetic material being passed to the embryo, this will have an impact on the development of the organs and it weakens the child's immune system.

Worker's Compensation is when there is a focus on having different provisions in place to ensure that women's health along with the fetus will not be impacted by the chemicals they are exposed to. As, this policy is designed to ensure that corporations are not in violation of the law.

While the various steps that can be taken under federal regulations is when someone who is exposed to these conditions is discussing what action women can take. This includes: damages, when to sue for causation and the standards of care. These different elements are important, because they are illustrating…… [Read More]

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Steroids and Sports

Words: 1413 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85528087

steroids are being used by many athletes, some of who will eventually admit that they used them, and more young boys (teenagers, primarily) are using steroids because there is pressure to be better, stronger, and faster even at a younger age. When the Mitchell Report came out, many big names in sports, such as Mark McGwire, were named as steroid users. McGwire was one of the athletes who came forward and admitted his mistake, in an effort to be honest with his fans and the people who had supported him as an athlete. He felt conflicted about what he had done, and wanted to come clean. This can happen with athletes, although many of them do not feel any remorse for the problems that they have caused through the use of steroids. They do not realize the ways that the steroids have affected them and those around them. The changes…… [Read More]

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Salary Cap Baseball Sports Is

Words: 1736 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99428437

Many top recruits did not flourish and become great players.

The player's union has opposed salary caps vigorously, but even players might benefit. Yes, they might not make A-Rod salaries. But there would be less pressure from fans and owners to perform at an unrealistic level. Baseball is attempting to transition into a kinder, gentler era, with less emphasis on using drugs to perform at a high level. Instating a salary cap would be excellent PR for the sport, and improving the image of baseball and its players would be good for the game and good for the teams. And ultimately, elevating the image and level of play of teams, rather than the fortunes of a few 'star' players, is the true spirit of the game.


deMause, Neil. (2006). Baseball between the numbers: Why everything you know about the game is wrong. Excerpt available at ESNP July 23, 2011…… [Read More]

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College Sports and the National

Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87092828

If a student athlete is seriously injured, it could mean the end of their playing career, and it could also mean the end of their professional sports dreams. However, the NCAA does not supply student athletes with insurance, they have to purchase it on their own, and this is wrong. The NCAA gets money from advertisers and it also gives a great deal of money to colleges for their athletic programs. Colleges get income from advertising, as well, and this money should be used to set up insurance funds for athletes. Many athletes cannot afford their own insurance, and if something happens to them, they are out of luck. The school is not, they have more team members. The NCAA is not, they have other athletes they can give scholarships to. The athlete is the one who suffers, and who may not get the best treatment because of income and…… [Read More]

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Medical Management of Adolescent Athletic Knee Fractures

Words: 2151 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 8141083

Medical Management of Adolescent Athletic Knee Fractures

is a 13-year-old middle school student who was admitted to Antelope Valley hospital complaining of severe pain in the right knee while playing football in his Physical Education class at school. As the patient turned to run for a pass, he twisted his right knee and fell to the ground. C.W. reports that he immediately felt a snapping and popping sensation at his right knee and experienced severe pain. The patient's knee began to swell and deform following his fall, and he was unable to bear weight. The coach for the Physical Education class called 911, and C.W. was transported by ambulance to Antelope Valley Hospital. X-rays taken in the Emergency Room revealed that the patient had sustained a right proximal tibia fracture. A basic metabolic panel, blood cell profile, PTINR, and PTT were all completed on the patient. C.W.'s labs were all…… [Read More]

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Mtbi and Depression Traumatic Brain Injury TBI

Words: 2092 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24986524

MTBI and Depression

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs as a result of force to the skull or brain. The probability of receiving a TBI is increased if one is participates in a number of sports such as professional football in the National Football League (NFL) and in a number of vocations such being in the military. The results of a TBI include a number of cognitive and emotional symptoms (McCrea, 2008). One of the most common emotional sequale of TBI is depression. This paper argues that depression associated with mild TBI (mTBI) is a public, not personal concern.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A TBI occurs when there is damage to the brain as a result of an application of an external mechanical force (Parikh, Koch, & Naraya, 2007). All TBI's fall under the label of head injury, whereas not all head injuries result in a TBI (McCrea, 2008). The most common…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan for a Sport

Words: 2230 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21871832

All legal stipulations in regard to the usage of licensed and branded merchandise would be respected.

8. Sales

It is initially expected that the aerobics class would sell subscriptions to 1,500 customers. This high volume of sales would be due to promotional offers which promote the aerobics class at lower retail prices. As the promotions expire however, a small decline in the number of sales is expected. The company is however confident that it will manage to sell an estimated 1,300 products following the expiry of the promotions and that it will be able to sustain this level. Additionally, organizational improvements in the product offer and new marketing campaigns would also be implemented and they would attract new customers and as such generate more sales.

9. Sponsorship

Three sponsorships contracts are to be signed -- they have already been negotiated and they would be completed as the project is launched.…… [Read More]

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Strategy in Reducing Patient Falls and Injuries in Hospitals

Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15542295

Bed Alarms and Chair Alarms to Reduce Patients' Falls in A Short-Term Care Facility

Importance of bed alarms and chair alarms

Bed alarms have been taunted as not useful in the modern day healthcare deliveries. Nonetheless, the significance of these facilities always strikes much admiration from different healthcare facilities. Alarms are important as warning gadgets that every section of an organization should consider in its ranks. Hazard preparedness requires that all possible strategies adopted to ensure that there is safety for all the people, and even the property being used within a healthcare facility (Vincent, 2010). Thus, the bed and chair alarms are just material things that have been used to provide avenues for the protection of human health, minimizing and eventually stopping the occurrences of cases like patient fall and strain at the health facilities. In the modern hospitals, communication within and without the healthcare facilities between the patients…… [Read More]

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How Is Financial Risk Management Applied Effectively by a Sports Business

Words: 1106 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54995465

Financial Risk Management: The Sports Industry

Financial risk management is the process of reducing a firm's exposure to various risks. According to Emery (2011), it is a process that enables organizations to reduce failures and increase their profitability by carefully evaluating the risks they are exposed to and developing strategies to manage them. The sports industry can learn a lot from the business industry in regard to risk management as it is often prone to issues such as corruption and drug abuse, which it is often insufficiently prepared/equipped to deal with. The office of Sport and Recreation Tasmania (as cited in Emery, 2011) claims that today, risk management is a central part of sports organizations' strategies because it enables management result to balanced and responsible decision making. This text examines risks sports businesses are exposed to, how financial risk management can be applied, and the strategies that should be applied…… [Read More]

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Proposal for a New Bowling Sports Team at My College

Words: 1328 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 67907101

proposition describes the description of the requested new sports team: The bowling team. The school lacks a proper bowling representation, and the following document will explain the estimated costs, staffing requirements, locations, timetable, security issues, equipment and amenities, hours of operation, and the consequences of this fine university hosting a bowling team for the following seasons to come.

The objective of this proposal is to provide the university with information in order to determine if or when the school will have the capacity and the desire to host its own bowling team. The existence of a bowling team will encourage school spirit and the growth of interpersonal, teamwork, and communication skills for the students. The bowling team will create better morale and a greater dedication to the school, which could potentially raise education, population, and grade levels. Creating a new type of sports team could attract students and potential students…… [Read More]

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Ethics on Sports It Is

Words: 5409 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 90192963

D., What is Altitude Training section). The Website promoting products that Hypoxico Altitude Training Systems offers, reports that when a person is exposed to hypoxia, oxygen reduced environments, his/her body "struggles to produce required amounts of energy with less available oxygen. This struggle triggers the onset of a range of physiological adaptations geared towards enhancing the efficiency of the body's respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilization systems" (Hypoxico Altitude Training, N.D., Why it Works section). In consideration of controversial perceptions regarding ethical conclusions relating to hypoxico, Lippi, Guides and Franchini stress that the "spirit of sport" needs to be developed to include the notion of ethics and authenticity. Lippi, Guides and Franchini, nevertheless, report that they do not entirely agree with the assumption that teleologically, no evidence suggests that more harm than good comes from these particular devices. They note that a universal ban on passive training regimens, such as hypoxic,…… [Read More]

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Good and Bad in Sports

Words: 3151 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 28455055

Personal Values in Sports

As with most dimensions of life, personal values and beliefs have a demonstrable effect on what is rendered in the form of behavior on the sports field of play and with the activities that surround the same. Beyond that, this paradigm is clear and visible irrespective of whether one is talking about the athletes, the coaches or even the parents of child (or sometimes college) athletes in some instances. This research report shall focus on the factors that most significantly engage and affect people when they are operating within the sports realm. The work of Donghun Lee (2011) will be a major focal point of this report but other sources will be looped in as well. While there are many factors and things that can influence somebody when it comes to sports, it is the free will and moral fortitude of an individual and the resolve…… [Read More]

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How a Major Sporting Goods Firm Can Maintain Its Competitiveness

Words: 1637 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67359846

Executive Summary
The vision, mission and value statements of the company. The vision statement of the Country Joe’s Sporting Goods and More, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively “the company”) is broadly “THE GREAT OUTDOORS … PASS IT ON!” (emphasis in the original) (Our mission, 2017, para. 2). The corresponding formal mission statement of the company is “to be the leading merchant of outdoor recreational products inspiring people to love, enjoy, and conserve the great outdoors” (Our mission, 2017, para. 2). Finally, although the company does not publish a formal value statement, some indication of the company’s values can be discerned from the CEO’s longstanding commitment to environment and wildlife conservation initiatives. For instance, the company’s Web site proudly boasts, “In conservation circles [the company’s founder and CEO] is often referred to as a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt for his leadership, personal commitment and dedication to conservation efforts” (para. 1).
In truth, the company…… [Read More]

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Structure Design Strategy Environment and Culture of a National Level Sporting Organization

Words: 2687 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8767669

Rugby -- a Lot More Complicated Than You Might Think

It would be the rare Australian who has not seen a rugby game. Indeed, it would be the rare Australian who has not seen dozens of rugby games. But most of the time when a person is watching a game, s/he is concerned with the score along with how well one's favorite player is doing. but, if one steps back a pace or two, rugby takes on a range of meanings: Rugby is an important part of the culture of Australian and therefore worthy of serious analysis as a way of understanding the national culture.

Culture does not refer simply to was gets put into a museum or acted out on the stage, although these are certainly examples of culture. Rugby is culture in the sense that those who study society define it: It is a complex set of behaviors…… [Read More]

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Citizens in the United States

Words: 2671 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64071472

This is achieved through the increase of metabolic rates and lean body mass while eliminating excess fat and burning calories. While the required amount of physical activity differs based on the caloric intake and body type, sports can assist an individual to maintain a healthy weight. For people who want to maintain a huge amount of weight loss, high-intensity sports can be the best option while reasonably-intensive physical activity helps in realizing weight stability.

Well-being of Muscles and Bones:

As previously mentioned, bone and muscle injuries are some of the most common health-related risks in sports participation. However, as an individual grows older, there is need for maintenance of the well-being of muscles and bones for proper body functioning. When an individual takes into consideration the necessary precaution measures, sports and physical activity becomes increasingly for muscles, bones, and joints health. Participation in sports provides people with the required elements…… [Read More]

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Conceptual Fit

Words: 883 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17583743

Conceptualization and operationalization of variables

Poor communication between young athletes and coaches leads to longer recovery times and increased levels of frustration amongst athletes regarding their prognosis.

Independent Variable: Effective and ineffective communication between coaches and young athletes.

Conceptualization: Sports injuries are a serious concern. There has been a rise in the rate of youth sports injuries in recent decades, an increase partially attributed to a corresponding rise in youth specialization at an early age and year 'round participation in the same type of competitive sports activity, versus varying sports (Merkel & Molony 2013). In some sports, there are also grave concerns about the risk of permanent injury on every level of competition, as manifested in concerns about head trauma amongst football players, making it all the more critical to reduce the likelihood of such injuries occurring when young (Lopate 2013). Overuse injuries are common many popular youth sports: "Preteens…… [Read More]

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Electronic Health Records EHR --

Words: 1892 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 48248480


To establish the Scranton Sports Medicine Clinic in the regional market, careful branding of the clinic will establish it as a high-quality provider of the best of modern sports medicine treatment in a comfortable, family-friendly environment, To drive market awareness, marketing activities will include the following:

Logo and visual brand, with a website design that supports a quality, state-of-the-art clinic, yet warm and family-oriented.

Series of advertisements in the event programs at local sporting events.

Sponsorship of local pee wee league/little league and youth sports teams

Informational hand out to local coaches detailing the clinic's facilities, capabilities, services, and the expertise of our staff

Appendix A -- Financial Projections

Start up costs

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

X-ray machine and software


Equipment and fixtures for vital signs, diagnostic procedures, assessment tests


Operating room equipment and fixtures


6 Computer workstations, server/router $6,000

Electronic medical records system…… [Read More]

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Youth's Decision to Withdraw From

Words: 6240 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81423393

The Fun Principle stated that as "we take the fun out of physical activities, we take the kids out of them" (Martens, 1996, p. 306). Martens said that learning should be enjoyable and that when winning is pursued in the extreme, it produces behaviors that destroy children's self-worth and rob them of fun. However, adults frequently violate this principle by over organizing, constantly instructing and evaluating, over drilling and routinizing the learning of skills, replacing unstructured play with calisthenics, and using physical activity as a form of punishment. Martens noted that the irony in youth sports is that "we turn young people off of the very thing we want to turn them on to" (p. 309). If lifelong participation in physical activity is the goal, then the emphasis should shift from the outcome to the quality of experiences, according to Martens. (Brady, 2004, p. 48)

Differences in Youth Who Withdraw…… [Read More]

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Violence in College and Professional

Words: 2533 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64834206


Professional sports operates at a higher level than college sports, but these athletes are more likely to face legal action. Dale Hackbart of the Denver Broncos attempted to block Charles Clark of the Cincinnati Bengals during an interception by throwing himself on the ground in front of Hackbart. Hackbart, out of frustration, hit Clark with his right forearm on the back of the neck. The force of the blow was so powerful both men fell to the ground. Three of Clark's vertebrae were broken in the assault.

The United States District Court for the District of Colorado interpreted the incident as an "involuntary reflex," stating,"The violence of professional football is carefully orchestrated. Both offensive and defensive players must be extremely aggressive in their actions, and they must play with reckless abandonment of self-protective instincts." They also pointed out that the only disciplinary actions available in the game were penalties…… [Read More]

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Instructional Liability Can Universities Require

Words: 354 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 19867932

One side argues that, "The specific harm that occurred must have been reasonably foreseeable to the institution in order for a duty to arise" (585). The institutions argue that the student athlete assumes the risk of injury because when playing sports the risk of injury is not unusual. The general feeling that the courts have handed down seems to be that if an athletic is playing an organized sport, that represents the university or school then there is a chance that the said school could be held liable for student injuries, but only if there is evidence of intentional or reckless wrongdoing. When looking at those athlete that have been injured while playing intramural sports the courts have leaned towards the idea that those athletes are aware that there is a risk of injury when they decide to play and that they are thus assuming the risk for such injuries…… [Read More]

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Loss and Non-Time-Loss Youth Football

Words: 841 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84255345

In that regard, the study reported that the majority of injuries sustained by youth football players are non-time-loss injuries that do not require removal from contests or suspension from subsequent competition.

That study reported that the overwhelming majority of injuries involving youth football players involve minor contusions that do not require medical intervention. The anatomical areas most likely to be affected by such injuries are the hands and lower arms, followed by the lower extremities including injuries of the ankle and knee joints in particular. The main conclusion of that article was that it is important for youth football coaches to have basic first-aid training and that it is advisable for youth football teams to have access to the services of certified athletic trainers to assess the severity of acute injuries and to provide appropriate treatment in timely fashion.

Findings of the Clinical Medicine and Research Article

The Clinical Medicine…… [Read More]

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Metatarsal Stress Fracture and Complications

Words: 2769 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 92504585


Partly because anatomical variation contributes to the development of metatarsal fractures, footwear is particularly important to mitigating any existing predisposing factors to the condition. While conflicting data as to the effect of hard surfaces call into question the assumption that surface density is directly related to metatarsal problems (Laker, Saint-Phard, Tyburski, et al., 2007), the insufficient cushioning properties of athletic footwear likely increases the overall risk nevertheless.

Proper fitting, particularly in the lateral dimension (i.e. width) is directly related to increased susceptibility to metatarsal problems because it further (artificially) contracts the overall surface areas available to dissipate and absorb dynamic forces by squeezing the metatarsals closer to each other as well (Cullen & Hadded, 2004). Finally, excessive roominess in athletic footwear can also contribute to stress fractures and other debilitating foot problems by allowing the foot to develop momentum within the shoe and resulting in momentarily high loads when…… [Read More]

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Fast Food Nation Chapter 3 Behind the

Words: 1036 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73910151

Fast Food Nation" Chapter 3 "Behind the Counter"

Process essay: The process of coaching children in youth sports

In his chapter, "Behind the Counter," of his expose Fast Food Nation, the author Eric Schlosser highlights the darker side of working at a fast food restaurant. The labor is frequently young, often exploited, and regarded as a disposable commodity by the managers. In fact, it works to the company's advantage if there is a quick turn-around of labor. This means that the company does not have to pay raises or benefits to cheap, teenage labor, and one worker is easily replaced by another. By keeping labor costs down, the price of fast food remains inexpensive. However, Schlosser believes the customer should know that the hamburger served at McDonalds was prepared by a teenager encouraged to work past the legally-mandated hours for someone his age. That teen might feel pressured to skip…… [Read More]

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Dangers of Aluminum Bats

Words: 2298 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59872985

Dangers of Aluminum Bats

When asked about the use of aluminum bats, high school baseball coach, Gene Schultz, said he knew that because of the durability of metal that they were going to last, but he did not think that they would take over the high school baseball scene as they have (High pp). Personally, Schultz said he would like to see high school ball do what the college have done and go back to "good 'ol wood ... cracked bats, broken bat singles and inside pitches are all part of true baseball" (High pp). According to Schultz, metal bats have certainly increased the offense in high school baseball, but if they were really good for the sport, then the Major Leagues would be using them (High pp). He adds that bunts have gone for doubles, inside pitches for home runs, and a 95-pound freshman can hit a baseball 350+…… [Read More]

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Manual Therapy Is Regarded as

Words: 1862 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21085628

It is evidenced that soon after lapse of two months of treatment about 67% of the patients administered with manual therapy and 27% of the patients administered with exercise therapy could return to work revealing substantial difference through the follow up period. The study concluded that improvements are noticed in both the groups. However, the improvements in respect the patients administered with manual therapy are more prominent than that with exercise therapy. (Aure; Hoel Nilsen; Vasseljen, 2003)

Thus even though manual therapies are beneficial, it has been debated upon. However irrespective of the fact that delaying methods taking into consideration the reality that it compels the athlete to a therapeutic machine, still then it is acknowledged to have the significant techniques in alleviating pain, rehabilitating the common range of motion, and treating specialized conditions like myofascial pain syndrome. (Holt, 2004) However, such advantages are to be exploited from the physical…… [Read More]

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Gaining Weight 25-35Lbs How to

Words: 1329 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86520088

5 gram per pound of bodyweight. Proteins give the muscle energy to grow but carbohydrates are just as important to promote the muscle to heal.

The following is a 3 day meal schedule recommended to the athlete:

Day 1:

Breakfast- High energy cereal with whole milk

Fruit of his choice

Apricot nectar juice


Baked tuna

Baked potato

Lima beans

Frozen Yogurt



Baked potato

Corn and peas

Frozen sherbet

Snack (3)- left up to the athlete

Day 2:

Breakfast- Eggs and whole wheat or grain toast

Fruit of his choice

Apple juice


Baked or roasted fish

Baked potato


Frozen Yogurt


Baked chicken

Baked potato

Corn and beans

Frozen sherbet

Snack (3)- left up to the athlete

Day 3:

Breakfast- Hot cereal with whole milk

Fruit of his choice

Pineapple juice


Steak or ground beef

Baked potato


Frozen Yogurt


Baked fish

Baked potato…… [Read More]

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Fundamentals of Social Sciences

Words: 5347 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 84621325

Safety Decisions in High School Football

This paper focuses on one aspect of high school football safety. The study explores the issue of higher levels of injury being associated with a particular brand or brands of football helmets worn by high school athletes who play football, and the institutional decisions and actions that follow disclosure of such information. A recent study by Virginia Tech rated helmets worn by professional football players -- helmets worn by high school students have not yet been rated by the university. The study compared helmets manufactured by three companies. High ratings were given to the Riddell Speed, the Riddell Revolution, the Riddell Revolution IA, the Schutt Ion 4D, the Schutt DNA, and the Xenith X1. Medium ratings were given to the Schutt Air XP and Schutt Air Advantage. Players were warned by Virginia Tech not to wear the Riddell VSR4 and the Adams A2000. No…… [Read More]

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Baseball Scholarship as Someone Who

Words: 2079 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88024825

As a young pitcher, I had pretty good mechanics thanks to my father's coaching. His influence on my style did not always please the high school coaches but it did not take them long to notice that whatever I was doing worked. Yet I also had to work hard at surrendering my pride. I needed to incorporate the coaches' wisdom with that of my father's and blend it all with my own knowledge of the game and my own body.

I've learned that even for athletes, hard work means more than just physical exertion. In fact, the physical work we do pales in comparison to the mental work we perform on and off the field. First with our parents and friends who vie for our attention, who worry about us, and wonder if our dreams are misguiding us and leading us into false hope. Then we contend with unsupportive coaches…… [Read More]

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Pilates Exercise Specialists Program Wellington

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Pilates Total Conditioning Program lays emphasis not only on proper exercises, but also on the proper breathing while in the process of performing any one typical body movement. In other words, the technique is very similar to the ancient Indian exercise, 'yogasana', and in the same way in which the practitioners of yoga concentrate not only on exercises and specific body movements, but also on specific deep breathing exercises while performing the exercises, the Pilates' methods attempt to control and regulate the breathing of the individual during the course of his exercise regimen. (Pilates, a Core Conditioning Program)

However, one significant difference between yoga and Pilates is the fact that while yoga concentrates more on breathing and its regulation, Pilates concentrates more on exercises. Another difference is that while yoga is practiced more for spiritual benefit hat comes as a result of physical welfare and well being, Pilates is practiced…… [Read More]

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Shin Splints From Ecs Conditions

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Practical Research Finding Implementation and Experimentation Stage -- Phase I

The experimenter did not set out to determine specifically which of the various contributing factors (or combinations of factors) identified by the empirical research of medial tibial stress syndrome was most responsible for the experimenter's symptoms. However, since the initial attempts to resolve the symptoms incorporated changes to all of the external variables except a change in running surface, the experimenter immediately sought a softer running surface and temporarily abandoned running on any hard surface that magnified instead of minimized the physiological trauma associated with running on harder surfaces.

Because the empirical research also implicated poor running stride mechanics and excessive vertical elevation, the experimenter devoted considerable attention to making the following specific changes to the running stride: (1) shorter strides to minimize travel of the body while neither foot is in contact with the running surface; (2) conscious attempts…… [Read More]

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Psychology & Nbsp general Taumatic Brain

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The accident occurred while the actress was taking a skiing lesson. She initial experienced no symptoms from her fall, but later complained of a headache and was taken to a local hospital. Reports indicate that her fall was not very spectacular and occurred at a low speed on a beginner run. She was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. (Quinn, 2009)

However, while it is true that sometimes there are no immediately obvious signs of a severe brain injury, at other times there are.

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

The symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury (which can result in permanent neurological damage) include a number of cognitive problems including inability to concentrate, problems with memory, problems in focusing and paying attention, ability to process new information at a normal rate, a high level of confusion, and perseveration, which is the action of doing something over…… [Read More]

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Achilles Tendon Rupture Every Time

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To verify this diagnosis, a doctor may then order either an X-ray of the area, or more likely, an MRI, which is better at imaging tears in soft tissues. When surgery is required, these symptoms persist for several weeks after surgery.

Surgery is a common treatment for a rupture to the Achilles tendon; and most often consists of making an incision to the back of the lower leg and stitching together the torn section of the tendon. ("Surgery for an Achilles Tendon Rupture") if the rupture is complete, then the repair may be reinforced by connecting the torn tendon to other nearby muscles. While the surgery is often performed through an open surgery procedure, if a patient has heart, circulatory, or poor healing risk factors, a percutaneous surgery will be performed. This surgical procedure differs in that it requires a number of small incisions instead of a single large one.…… [Read More]

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Overtraining The Risks 'More Is

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Then, light exercise, preferably cross-training if the athlete is dealing with overuse issues, may be undertaken. During the initial phase, aerobic exercise should be confined to "heart rates of 120-140 beats per minute ...this can be slowly built up over the period of 6-12 weeks. The emphasis is increasing volume rather than intensity, and volume should be increased gradually up to one hour per day. Once this is volume is reached, intensity can be gradually increased above the lactate threshold" (Peterson 2011).

Preventing overtraining requires moderating the intensity and the duration of work days, and building in one 'cross-training' or rest day into the training schedule. The mental component of overtraining should not be ignored. Not all athletes who train hard experience the syndrome and one reason some athletes are thought to be more vulnerable to overtraining than others is because of personal stresses that can enact an additional toll…… [Read More]

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Motor Control and Motor Learning

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new branch of science called Sports Science that respectively makes use of motor learning and motor control in the sports industry.

Sports Science

Motor learning and motor control is a field of science that is being studied from a sports point-of-view. Motor learning is connected to all the processes and conditions that affect one's ability to acquire skills, while motor control ascertains neuromuscular performance of individuals. Many people are taking great interest in the learning of motor skills and expertise, and the development of coordination. This new field of sports is based on the use of the knowledge base in the movement and sport sciences, cognitive sciences, and also physical therapy.

Sports science is a new area of study that is forcing people to explore the scientific explanation for David Beckham's superb soccer skills, and even wondering what would Wimbledon be like if say Pete Sampras had to use an…… [Read More]

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Physical Therapy Measurement Evaluation Physical Education Exercise

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physical therapy: measurement evaluation physical education exercise science write a short essay question: (a)Provide examples situations an assessment professional area, (b) an assessment conducted.

Needs assessment: Physical therapy

Needs assessments in physical therapy are typically conducted during the first session a patient embarks upon with the therapist. Before meeting with the patient, the physical therapist will review the client's existing records to understand why he or she is in physical therapy, and what the client's goals are for the therapy. The physical therapist must have an idea of how long the course of therapy will be, to plan accordingly in terms of what types of exercises will be required. During the first session, the physical therapist will perform a series of diagnostic evaluations, to target areas of critical weakness and strength. The therapist will also interview the client. This will better clarify patient needs and goals for the therapy. "The…… [Read More]

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Fractures of Tibia and Fibula Fractures of

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Fractures of Tibia and Fibula

Fractures of the Tibia and Fibula

In the human body there are four specific "long bones:" the femur, humerus, tibia, and fibula. ("Tibia (Shinbone) Shaft Fractures") The tibia and fibula are located in the lower part of the leg, between the knee and the ankle. The tibia is the larger of the two, is the weight bearing bone, but also the most common long bone for a person to fracture. However, because serious complications can arise from a fractured tibia, or a fibula, it is vitally important to "be aware of the early warning signs." (Semer, 2001, p. 205) Failure to treat a fracture early can result in permanent damage including disability, paralysis, an even amputation. But with proper treatment, a fracture of the tibia or fibula, or both, can "heal without complications and a person is able to resume his or her normal activities."…… [Read More]

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL

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Researchers believe that incorporating evidence-based prevention methods can decrease the incidence of ACL ruptures, but an understanding of the etiology and mechanisms of sports injury are a necessary to do this (Posthumus, 2009).

The highest prevalence of extrinsic ACL injuries tends to occur in organized sports especially adolescents participating in pivoting type sports such as football, basketball, and team handball (Bahr & Krosshaug, 2005). In addition to any intrinsic factors and adolescent may have, or predisposing factors, environmental factors surrounding organized sports can also play a role in injury. For example, weather conditions (slippery surface), type of surface sport is played on (grass vs. pavement), proper footwear, and protective bracing (Posthumus, 2009).

A growing concern regarding these injuries and the populations that incur them is that these injuries increase the risk of osteoarthritis (Bahr & Krosshaug, 2005). In fact, after ten years, around half of all people that have suffered…… [Read More]

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Business Plan This Business Plan

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The office and administrative expenses would remain constant even to that point, as would the insurance expense.

Exhibit B: Cash Flow Statement, Year Two

At this point, the business is earning a healthy return and Mr. Ahn is receiving will be able to bring in a reasonable salary. The nature of the business may well change at this point. At the maximum revenue of $144,000 per year the pretax profit would be $63,600. As a result, it is likely that a clinic will be formed with other practitioners in order to minimize expenses and increase profitability.

We did not include taxes in our cash flow examples because the company is going to be set up as a sole proprietorship. This means that the income from the company will be rolled into the income for Mr. Ahn, as well as his liabilities. Mr. Ahn's personal expenses are therefore not included in…… [Read More]

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Vicodin and Its Addictive Nature

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Addictive Nature of Vicodin

According to statistics provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated one and one-half million people in the United States started taking prescription painkillers for "non-medical" purposes in 1998, three times as many as in 1990. One of the most heavily abused painkillers is Vicodin.

Properly used, Vicodin is one of the most commonly prescribed pain medications, especially for those suffering from lower back pain, arthritis, post-operative distress, malignant cancer or sports injuries. It is not time-released, and therefore provides almost instant relief. Vicodin is a compound of two drugs: acetaminophen (found in Tylenol) and hydrocodone bitartrate. Both are painkillers, but together they are far more effective than either one individually.

Twenty tons of Vicodin are produced annually, and it is marketed under a plethora of brand names including Anexsia, Bancap-HC, Ceta-Plus, Co-Gesic, Dolacet, Hydrocet, Hydrogesic, Hy-Phen, Lorcet, Lortab, Margesic-H, Maxidone, Norco and…… [Read More]

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Ritalin An Unacceptable Choice While

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Breggin, Peter, R. "Psychostimulants in the Treatment of Children Diagnosed with ADHD: Risks and Mechanism of Action. International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine 12.3 (1999): 3-35.

Hyman, Steven E. "Statement for the Record on Methylphenidate (Ritalin) for Children with ADHD." Meeting of the Committee before the House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth, and Families. Washington, DC: U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, 2000. 5 November 2005.

National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). "The Numbers Count: Mental Disorders in America." NIH Publication No. 01-4584. Fact Sheet. Washington, D.C.: NIMH, 2001. 5 November 2005.

National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." NIH Publication No. 3572. Washington, D.C.: NIMH, 2003. 5 November 2005.

O'Meara, Kelly Patricia. "New Research Indicts Ritalin." Insight on the News 1 Oct. 2001: 22. Questia. 5 Nov. 2005

White, Hazel L., and Baton Rouge.…… [Read More]

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Arthritic Conditions Found Within the Joints of

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Arthritic conditions found within the joints of the body: their causes, treatment, current research, and what effect they have on athletic participation.

Types of Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis

Treatments Available

Current Research

Arthritis and Athletic Activities

Learning Outcome

Arthritis is said to be the number one cause of disability in the United States, with more individuals disabled with arthritis than by both heart disease and strokes (Lewis 2000).

Arthritis is also a disease that is plagued with misunderstanding. The Center for Disease Control warns that it is these misunderstandings that result in the disease doing so much harm (Lewis 2000).

Some of the common misunderstandings involve recognizing that there are different types of arthritis and that arthritis is not only a disease of the aged. Arthritis is also often not taken seriously enough in its early stages, preventing individuals from seeking medical help that could…… [Read More]

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Aaker 1991 P13 it Is

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It is argued that teacher are exposed to role conflict, role ambiguity, lack of autonomy, social isolation and lack of self-fulfillment resulting from the special position in the schools bureaucratic system. Coupled with this is the general tendency for the teaching profession to be the least rewarded in the hierarchy of jobs.

The physical education teacher and burnout intersect at two different but related points. Firstly the notion that the teacher's reward is in heaven as some writers argue positions the teaching job as sacrificial for which adequate compensation is not given. The situation among physical education teacher has been exhausted in a lot of research because of specific peculiarities. Parsons (1968) has already discovered that the physical education teacher and the teaching profession's professionalism are highly questionable under the functional theory. Parsons who is the originator of this theory has been one of the forthright analysts of teachers and…… [Read More]

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Organization Assessment Good Shepherd Medical

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For example, because different etiologies require corresponding therapeutic designs and mechanisms (Spector, 2000; Steefel, 2002), specific support group makeup must consider the need to develop different strategies and methodologies for the following types of patients at a minimum if support groups are to provide equal benefit to all patients:

Elderly Patients and Lifelong Laborers - This group typically presents with psychological issues in the realm of a direct link between their sense of purpose and self-worth and their ability to continue to function productively in their community. Their need for acute medical and ancillary services, particularly in the Longview/East Texas community are often precipitated by chronic physical deterioration from a lifetime of relatively hard labor. Therefore, support group rehabilitation services must address the issues of self-esteem as a function of vocational productivity and lifestyle changes necessitated by medical conditions.

Prime-of-Life Victims of Traumatic Injury - This group typically presents with…… [Read More]

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Fibromyalgia One Might Consider Fibromyalgia to Be

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One might consider fibromyalgia to be one of the most confounding conditions around today. It is debilitating. It results in several quality of life issues. The confounding aspect of this condition is that it is difficult to diagnose. It is also difficult to treat. Most treatment modalities today recourse to treating one or more specific symptoms -- but there is no treatment that can comprehensively treat all the symptoms. (NIAMS, 2004) More holistic treatment modes however, are being researched, explored and considered. Fibromyalgia often presents symptoms of other diseases. Essentially therefore, fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain that cannot be localized to any part of the body. It is also associated with fatigue and other specific (though not necessarily widespread) symptoms that will be discussed later in this work.

Fibromyalgia syndrome is often referred to in its abbreviation FMS. Some of the symptoms (though not all) enjoy significant overlap…… [Read More]

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Physical Education and Computer Technology

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Computers Are an Underutilized Resource for High School Physical Education Teachers

Computers have become an integral part of the high school learning environment, beginning in the early 1990s. They provide a vast variety of resources to help enhance student education through presentation of material in a variety of media and act as an enhancement to teacher lessons. They can sometimes free teachers from routine tasks, allowing them to bring greater depth to the classroom environment.

The use of computers has revolutionized the learning experience for many students and has provided a valuable resource. Many of these resources have pointed this technology towards traditional subjects such as math and physics. The physical education classroom could enjoy just as many benefits from the use of a computer as the math of physics classroom. Yet most do not utilize this resource, either by choice, or administrative decision.

This research will focus on the…… [Read More]

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Social Media and Its Effects on the Developing Brain

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Social Network and Its Effects on the Developing Brain

The enhancing quantity of time kids are investing on computer systems in their home and institution has actually raised concerns about how using computer innovation might make a distinction in their lives-- from assisting with research to triggering depression to motivating terrible habits. This short article offers a review of the restricted study on the impacts of personal computer use on kids' physical development. Preliminary study recommends, for instance, that access to computer systems enhances the overall quantity of time kids invest in front of a TV or computer screen at the expenditure of other individual tasks, therefore putting them at danger for excessive weight. At the exact same time, intellectual study recommends that playing video game can be an essential foundation to computer proficiency due to the fact that it boosts kids' capability to check out and picture images in…… [Read More]

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Doctor's Clinic Description Doctor's Clinic

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This is a question of medical ethics and doctor's clinic cannot be held responsible for not taking the case.

Apart from the physicians and specialists working in the doctor's clinic, there is always a registered nurse present who supervises outpatient service. This registered nurse is usually one person who is granted numerous powers because of her ample experience in the field. It is desirable that such a person has had his/her training at various well-known hospitals and is capable of managing outpatient service smoothly. The doctor's clinic might also employ the services of a trained anesthetist. It is important to know that not all doctor's clinics have full-time anesthetists working for them. In most cases, they are called as and when their services are required.

While most people working at the doctor's clinic have had medical training, there are still some positions that do not require medical know-how. These include…… [Read More]

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Manipulative Thrust Techniques in Lower

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The practice of manipulative thrust therapy can be dangerous and cases of injuries and tragic events have been recorded. Cases of vertebral artery dissection (VAD) have been recorded in people that had the cervical spine manipulation technique done and research on the cases from 1966 to 1993 concluded 30% could be attributed to the procedure (Cleland 2007). VADs are spontaneous and can be normally present at the initial onset of headaches or neck pain. This represents the conclusion that the VAD was present before the technique is performed on a patient complaining of neck pain. The debate over the truth is still being waged. Even authors have joined the debate but they are touted as biased and do not support the evidenced based in research (User's Guide 2008).

Other debates rage as well. The risks of the manipulative thrusts therapies are actually no worse the risks from NSAIDs and cervical…… [Read More]

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Leisure UK Ergonomics the Ergonomic

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The relevant topics include communication, staff resource management, work design, design of working times, teamwork, participatory design, community ergonomics, co-operative work, new work paradigms, organisational culture, virtual organisations and quality management. (David, nd)

Businesses have responsibilities to those who work for them as well as to those who visit the organization. In the public sector ergonomics are "extremely important n defining standards and legislation and in ensuring compliance with the standards and legislation.

VI. Ten Top Tips for Ergonomics

Ten top tips provided by David (nd) are the tips as follows: "(1) Ergonomics should be an integral part of the design process, preferably involving qualified ergonomists within the design team. Most value is achieved through early involvement and close liaison throughout; (2) Ergonomics issues should be considered at the very beginning of a project - don't wait for problems to arise later on because their remedy will rarely be as…… [Read More]

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Aromatherapy Raindrop Technique Essential Oils

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The client should then be allowed to rest for a few minutes. This is followed by the application of Ortho Ease to the back of the legs. Hot compresses should be applied to the spine. Heat will begin to build up slowly.

The next step is to work on the legs. Apply 2-3 drops of wintergreen, cypress, basil, and peppermint to the inside of the lower legs along the shin. This application should occur from the bottom of the knee to the top of the big toes. Each oil application should be finished before the next is begun. This oil is worked in using the Vita Flex technique from the inside of the shinbone to the ankle and then along the top of the big toe.

The next step can be performed with two people. The first is to have the individual assisting stand at the feet of the person…… [Read More]

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Depressed Fracture Linear Fracture Skull Include Procedure Pathology

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Skull Fracture


The skull is hard, resilient and provides excellent protection to the brain (Heller, 2012; Khan, 2013). But a severe head injury caused by a blow or impact can fracture the skull and even injure the brain. Damage to the brain can be in the form of damage to the nervous system tissue and bleeding. It can also be in the form of blood clots under the skull that can press against brain tissue. A simple fracture breaks the bone without damaging the skin. A break on the cranial bone, which resembles a thin line, without splinters, depression or distortion is called a linear skull fracture. A break with a depression towards the brain is called a depressed skull fracture. And a break in the bone with splinters or loss of skin is called a compound fracture. Causes of all these fractures are head trauma, falls,…… [Read More]

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Children Learning in the Classroom

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Next, Westwood explains how educators must compartmentalize lesson plans as to minimize the amount of information the student must cognitively digest. The smaller the lesson plans, the greater chance that child has at retaining that information. It is large lesson plans filled with complex amounts of information which provides an environment which the memory challenged child will undoubtedly fail.

Another key method for improving learning abilities in children with memory issues is the use of visual material to help aid recall. Visual cues are one of the most efficient ways to improve recall in children with memory loss. By relating necessary information to a picture or object which is less likely to be forgotten, the child will be able to associate the two and therefore remember one with the other. Teachers must also encourage their students to associate information with visual cues which are most familiar with each individual student,…… [Read More]

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Market Segmentation How Does Your

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2. What is your organization's target market(s)?

The target markets are children up to 12 years of age, general practitioner or family practice, geriatrics and a specialty area of orthopedics given how many sports teams are in the area. Our clinic focuses on urgent care for orthopedic injuries as these are often time-sensitive in terms of the treatment needed. Our focus on measuring wait times and response times has aided our segmentation efforts as well and efforts to create a reputation for timely, excellent service. This is consistent with findings in the field of segmentation when studied from a customer experience and expectations standpoint (Ziv, Shanthikumar, George, Carmon, 1995).

3. How are your organization's services positioned to meet the demands of its target market (s)?

The infant children's services are positioned as being comprehensive enough to deal with prenatal through adolescent child heath, yet also in depth enough to deal…… [Read More]