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Creative Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Templates Outlines Target

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creative Chanel Coco mademoiselle perfume, templates/outlines; Target Audience; Brand Position; Brand Imperatives; Communication Objectives (FACETS model); Consumer Insight; Proposition Selling Idea; Support).

Coco Chanel: Mademoiselle perfume

Coco Chanel's Mademoiselle perfume is targeted at a youthful, fashion-conscious consumer whose style is still evolving. The first demographic of interest is that of 20-24-year-old women, who have just start working. Mademoiselle may be their first 'grown-up' perfume purchase. More mature women in the age 25-28-year-old group will also be targeted. These women have been living independently for longer but are also fashion and trend-conscious and strive to project a youthful appearance. Men who are dating women in this demographic and buy perfume for their girlfriend are also in the target category.

Brand position

Because it is marketed at a younger audience with shifting brand allegiances and relatively lower disposable levels of income (younger people were particularly hard-hit by the recent recession), the positioning…… [Read More]

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USA Today Summary of Marketing

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3. Democratization of the Internet and blogging is making the entire area of news capture and dissemination increasingly difficult to manage and deal with. For USA Today the challenging aspects of this will be recruiting enough bloggers of high enough quality to further differentiate their content delivery strategy.

4. Shrinking advertising revenues throughout the industry will force consolidation of national papers, and will also drive down overall market capitalization levels of all companies. USA Today is seeing this in their advertising revenues in the case study.


1. The potential exists to re-define the business model of USA Today and make it more focused on selective news consumption, further differentiating the company from competitors. USA Today needs to think about customized news to a level not done before, delivered in real time to subscribers.

2. Redefining the business model to place greater emphasis on advertising and selective market programs for…… [Read More]

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iPad Advertising and Marketing Apple's 'Next New

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iPad: Advertising and marketing Apple's 'next new thing' iPad: The advertising campaign strategy

What exactly is an iPad? One of the initial challenges of marketing this new device from Apple was explaining to consumers precisely what the iPad offered in terms of value and functionality. It was neither a laptop or a mobile phone, or strictly an e-reader. Apple called the device an iPod Touch on steroids: a touch-screen e-reader and Web tablet that was smaller than a laptop yet larger than a mobile phone. With a price tag of $499-$829, the product seemed clearly targeted at a high-end market, given that most of the features of the iPad were already offered by other, existing devices such as phones and computers. The uses for the product were not new and cutting edge, rather it was the integrated nature of the design that was unique, much like the iPhone. It was…… [Read More]

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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media

Many startup companies today feel that having a strong social media presence is essential to their business success. They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and probably more. They might integrate their social media in order to strengthen their reach to potential customers. The low cost and high visibility of social media makes it attractive to many small businesses, who can reach many more customers for very little money via social media than they could ever hope to using traditional media promotions. One industry in particular that has enjoyed success with social media is the food truck business. A hypothetical food truck might only employ social media as a means to reach customers. This paper will analyze a hypothetical Korean taco truck in order to illustrate how social media can be used to help small companies not only become established, but to grow as well.

Social Media…… [Read More]

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Services Marketing Industry Overview Mcdonalds

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S. recession -- the ability to make up for such downturns with growth elsewhere is highly valuable. The internal systems allow for two things critical to McDonalds -- efficiency and consistency. The McDonalds experience is the same in every restaurant in every country, something that is essential to brand development.

There are few weaknesses at McDonalds. The company does not have a good reputation among certain segments of the market because its food is perceived as being unhealthy. The company has had a few product missteps in trying to explore opportunities in other business -- pizza being one such failure. These weaknesses have not proven to harm the company in the long run but there are times when such instances will have an adverse effect on the company's revenue streams or cost structure.

There remain opportunities for McDonalds. The company sees coffee as an opportunity and is pursuing market share…… [Read More]

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Business Plan Marketing to Brazil

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Some Brazilian businesses might want to engage in joint arrangements to have workers going to do business or live abroad in English-speaking languages learn from these tapes, and there could be special discount agreements with such companies, to make use of these resources. Additionally, the national economy would greatly benefit from a more fluent population that was better able to engage in a variety of business endeavors in other nations. This would encourage the Brazilian government to not place any additional legal obstacles when engaging in negotiations regarding such an exporting arrangement.

There already a clear and strong desire to learn more about the United States, to do business with the United States, and to travel to the United States. Brazil was the ninth largest source of visitors to the United States in 2004 and has one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world. "With only 4…… [Read More]

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Iced Tea Marketing in the

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Traditional manufacturing industries are at a loss due to the trade deficit and many setbacks the whole nation has faced. Consumers are very dependent on debt due to re-mortgaging the properties to attain higher loans. Due to the sub-prime market fall, the services sector is likely to suffer a lot. A significant amount of people are without pensions or health insurance. The housing and mortgage markets are still in crisis. Consumers are paying more for the basic necessities such as food, fuel, medical care, college tuition etc. (Hunkar, D. 2009).

To recap, the number one market for Shin Shii tea outside Taiwan would be the United States. Certainly, it can be argued that possibility is there. This would be the best indication that the company should definitely choose a global approach to marketing, rather than localization. The U.S. is also the safest market to start. In addition, due to globalization,…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Organization Promotion and Marketing

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Organization Promotion: Marketing

Organization Promotion


From the action of creating a good or service to delivering it to the customer be it partner, client, another business and in short, the society is called Marketing. In other words, marketing refers to the accumulation of consumer demand, allocating resources, and generating the greatest possible benefit by effective communication with customers. And thus it can be said that it is a vital part of running an organization.

Role it plays in business strategy overall

Streamlines Product Development

Goods and services are produced with the help of a marketing strategy in such a way that generates the most profit.

Organizational impact

All departments can coordinate and work collectively since they are working towards the same objective.

Assists with Marketing Communications

With the help of market research, a distinguished brand or reputation of the business can be created.

Establishes Effective Distribution

Once the important…… [Read More]

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Internet Marketing

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BMW in South Africa

BMW seemed to benefit from tying in the print ads and the online ads. Both were part of the same campaign, something that allowed the company to create a common theme. When the target market was exposed to BMW ads, there would more likely be recall of the campaign. It takes a certain number of exposures for an advertisement to resonate with the audience, and so the use of online/offline for the same campaign increased the number of exposures to the brand, the campaign and the essential message of the campaign. The use of multichannel advertising is common for campaigns, and in this case was deemed essential for reaching the target market for a BMW in South Africa.

The target market for the campaign is young -- in their 20s and maybe 30s. The market is clearly white -- there are no black models in the…… [Read More]

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Bobbi Brown Marketing

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Bobbi Brown

Industry Environment

Bobbi Brown is the eponymous cosmetics company of a New Jersey-based make-up artist. The company has existed since 1990, and today is owned by Estee Lauder, and represents around 10% of that company's total revenues (Buck, 2012). Growth in the Bobbi Brown line has come with the launch of branded stores, and a series of brand extensions into fragrances and eyewear. The bread and butter of Bobbi Brown remains the make-up business, however, and that is where the next idea is going to be launched. Bobbi Brown is seeking to capture the anti-aging cream market. This paper will explain the strategy and how it fits within the prevailing industry conditions.

The macro trends in the industry are generally positive. The cosmetics industry worldwide is growing rapidly, at a rate of around 8.5% per year. This growth is fueled by rising per capita incomes, combined with greater…… [Read More]

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Social Marketing Dragonfly Effect Social Marketing and

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Social Marketing Dragonfly Effect

Social Marketing and the Dragonfly Effect: The Case of Barack Obama

"All of this happened because of you. Thanks, Barack," that was the message Barack Obama sent to all of his many online supporters on the night he won the historic presidential election (Chang & Aaker 2010 p 20). Part of Obama's success was his ability to capitalize on the emerging trends of social media. In his teams' efforts, the dragonfly model was implemented seamlessly, allowing him to gather a specific focus, grab attention, engage and finally empower his audience.

In his first run for president, Barak Obama implemented new and innovative strategies utilizing tenants of social media to help spread the message of his campaign. Not only did Obama utilize existing social networking platforms, but he also hired a team to create his own that was featured on his campaign website. Here, the research states…… [Read More]

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New Marketing Approaches

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Ford Motor Company Campaign for 2002

The challenge for any manufacturer during this volatile U.S. economy is finding new markets and new customers. Even a company like Ford Motor Company, which has had a long history of producing quality automobiles for over one hundred years, cannot rest on its laurels of past successes. If the Ford Motor Company closes its doors tomorrow, the consumer market would not miss them because of the vast number of alternatives to fulfill the needs of automobile drivers; however, since Ford has had a long history, it's past successes can be incorporated into any promotional avenues the company pursues. Fortunately, the Ford Motor Company has had a history of aggressively spending money in advertising dollars and initializing interest in their products and service. In the latest numbers available published in Advertising Worldwide, Ford ranked fifth of advertisers worldwide in 1998, seventh in Regional Ad Spenders…… [Read More]

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Universal Studios Internet Based Marketing

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Internet-Based Marketing Blog

Internet-based marketing is a concept that has generated considerable attention in the recent past because of the advent of the Internet, which has transformed the world through improving communications. The growth of internet-based marketing has also been influenced by the fact that advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to generate revenue through online platforms given the increase in the number of people who visit websites across the globe on a daily basis. In this quest to generate revenue by reaching more people through advertisements, companies have increasingly used the internet to market their products. Internet marketing is increasingly preferred by companies and entrepreneurs because it offers a cost-effective means for advertising products and generating more revenues as compared to traditional marketing.

An example of a company that has used internet marketing to advertise its products is Universal Studios. The use of the internet as a marketing tool…… [Read More]

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Primary vs Secondary Marketing Research Which to

Words: 327 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67874268

Primary vs. Secondary Marketing Research: Which to Use, and When

Within marketing, primary research instruments can be designed to meet a company's unique, specific, or time-sensitive needs. Examples of primary research include surveys; interviews; and focus groups. Using primary research allows a company to gather information on a target market, e.g., what a focus group of "target market" participants thinks about a product or service before its actual introduction. Through using a survey as a primary research tool, a company can elicit feedback on products, services, and/or ways of changing or improving products. Focus groups; surveys, and interviews also help companies gather information on public receptivity to a new item or service. Prices prospective consumers might pay for future goods or services may also be researched using any (or all) of these types of primary research.

Secondary research, on the other hand, consists of locating and analyzing, previous studies or…… [Read More]

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Using Design of Experiment Procedures for Direct Marketing

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Improving E-Mail Response Rate

Based on the GLM analysis, the company can conclude that emails sent with detailed headers and text bodies are opened with greater frequency than emails sent with generic headings and HTML bodies.

General Linear Model

Between-Subjects Factors






Tests of Between-Subjects Effects

Dependent Variable

Type III Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Partial ETA Squared

Corrected Model















































Corrected Total




a. R Squared = 1.000 (Adjusted R. Squared = .)

Estimated Marginal Means



Dependent Variable



Std. Error…… [Read More]

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XYZ Limited Specializes in Manufacturing and Marketing

Words: 1814 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42953466

XYZ Limited specializes in manufacturing and marketing of Computer Laser Accessories, and the management of the company has decided to increase the sales within the next five fiscal years using aggressive marketing campaign, and supplier acquisition. Using this strategy, the company will achieve its sales objectives. The first part of the paper discuses the company sales forecast for the next five years. The second part discuses the strategy that the company will employ to achieve its sales objectives. The last part discusses the pro-formal financial statements of the company showing the company profit and loss statements and balance sheet.

Market Analysis

XYZ Limited will use the first three months to implement the following to achieve the sales objective:

Recruiting marketing, operations and sales professionals,

Design the company website, and Design marketing and sales campaigns.

To enhance effective the company sales forecast, it is critical to provide the market analysis. As…… [Read More]

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Cultural Distance How Is it Measured and How Does it Impact on Global Marketing Operations

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Cultural Distance: How Is it Measured, And How it Impact on Global Marketing Operations

The persistence of cultural distances is relevant for the global multinational marketing operations exposed to multiple cultures in their everyday activities. This indicates that marketing across border introduces complexities because it forces global marketers to tailor their approaches and practices to each cultural context they carry out their business activities. As a result, this paper will discuss concepts applicable to different aspects of cross-border operations. The primary focus of the paper is on multinational business corporations (Baumann, 2007).

This study shows how Hofstede's model is still the most relevant piece of reference for a successive cross-cultural analysis despite it being a widely criticized. The paper compares and contrasts Hofstede's famous concepts with Turner and Schwartz, Trompenaars and Hampden's valued inventory. It will attempt to provide empirical evidence of how cultural diversity influences the global markets by…… [Read More]

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Ecommerce Marketing Any Type of Computer

Words: 2172 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70752495

(Marketing Pros: B2B vs. B2C Marketing) At present in excess of 700 B2B markets are either carrying their business or in the pipeline. Even though B2Bs are positively anticipated to clock sales of $5 trillion by 2004, the latest slowdown in the online business-to-consumer market has put some doubts into a sector which on other fronts is a promising sector. (Harbour, 2001)

In the thinking pattern of individuals performing the selling, a difference exists between selling Business-to-Business and Business-to-Business customers. However, it could be stated that no difference exists between selling to Business-to-Business and Business-to-Business customers as the rules for selling are identical for the two categories. Moreover, the reality that business-to-business customers purchase the identical products at reduced prices compared to business-to-consumer customers, there is truly a single point of difference. Business-to-Business buyers are on the hunt for a choice to fill a vacant space or their customer's requirement;…… [Read More]

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Credit Card Marketing on College Campus College

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Credit Card Marketing on College Campus

College students are the perfect target for credit card companies looking to hook people into the world of revolving credit. They are the perfect candidate for such an ordeal since college students are at an age where they are transitioning from being teenagers living and depending on their parents, to becoming young adults who are going to live on their own, and most likely on the same campus where they attend school. Marketing in this environment, especially when freebies and great superficial incentives are given to a population that is looking at getting an immediate purchase without any immediate money down, makes it easier on these companies to get the right type of person wrapped into their world pretty quickly (Chu, 2008). But is this always the best option? Should credit card companies be marketing at a population that does not necessarily have the…… [Read More]

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Anera Marketing in Evaluating Panera

Words: 1760 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63297576

. Panera Bread needs to move away from word-of-mouth advertising and
embrace more effective means of advertising and awareness building
strategies. Panera has relied largely on word-of-mouth communication
of positive customer experiences to build awareness of the concept.
Advertising spending (as a percent of bakery-caf? sales) has been
relatively modest, including 2.2% in 2003, 2.1% in 2004, and 2.1% in
2005. Marketing efforts have been mostly focused on the use of in-
store promotional signage (e.g., point-of-purchase materials, hanging
signs) and limited-time offers. A 2005 consumer survey conducted by
Panera Bread highlighted opportunity for Panera to use more
advertising to build awareness. Study results indicated Panera's brand
awareness is only moderately developed. Interestingly, findings
revealed that 85% of people made aware of the brand ultimately became
a customer, suggesting a strong link between awareness and trial.
Based on the study, management appears to have increased emphasis on
using marketing as…… [Read More]

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Marketplace the Hidden Persuaders Marketing

Words: 1546 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98383782

The Hidden Persuaders ends on a very negative note, stressing how the commercial media has even co-opted teenage rebellion. However, new uses social media do not have to be negative -- anti-smoking and AIDS awareness are examples of campaigns that have been conducted through Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues (Evans 2006). But the problem with social media and marketing remains that it is often hard to see who the metaphorical puppeteer is, orchestrating the enthusiasm or outrage of the latest cause, campaign, or advertisement.

Works Cited

Constantine, a. "A Celebrity Bank Card, if Not the Bankroll." The New York Times.

November 26, 2010. December 5, 2010.

"Children, adolescents, and advertising." Pediatrics. 18. 6 (December 2006). 2563-2569

Evans, W. Douglas. "Social Marketing Campaigns and Children's Media Use." The Future of Children. 18.1 (Spring 2008):81-203

Hemp, Peter. "Avatar-based marketing." The Harvard Business Review. 2006.

Joshi, P. "Approval by a blogger…… [Read More]

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Ethical Issues in Marketing Field

Words: 1907 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23635794

Ethical Issues in Marketing Field

Ethics can be defined as standards employed by people to choose the right course of action amongst diverse, often conflicting possibilities. Ethics are reliant on a logical and rational set of principles to arrive at a decision, which in essence, is a cognitive procedure or practice. Ethical standards are an imperative element for any company or organization, especially in contemporary times, where a progression of the internet and information is accessible to any individual and as such individuals are prone to being online for extended periods (Sandilands, 2016). Ethics impact a business in various ways. One of the ways is the manner in which organizations carry out their advertising. Majority of the businesses will need to advertise their products or services with the principal aim of increasing their customer base, and thereby, their revenues. Businesses are obligated to undertake such activities ethically. Ethical advertising is…… [Read More]

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Harley-Davidson Marketing

Words: 1563 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73580690

Harley-Davidson Marketing

Harley Davidson Marketing

Harley-Davidson has shown itself to be one of the best, if not the best, motorcycle makers on the planet. Indeed, even with stiff competition from faster and sleeker bikes like Honda, Yamaha and others as well as more rugged bikes that are more similar to Harley such as American Ironhorse and so forth, Harley is clearly in a league of its owns just looking at objective sales and other performance data over times. Whether it be recession or other challenges, Harley remains resilient and has an extremely loyal customer base that never betrays them. While Harley-Davidson should by no means be complacent or lackadaisical about their future, they are positioned quite well so long as they remain true to their fan base and their heritage.


The one thing that Harley-Davidson can claim that very few companies in existence, let alone motorcycle companies, is that…… [Read More]

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International Business Marketing Internship Report

Words: 1392 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2136512

International Business/Marketing Internship Report

In today's world, it is impossible to think of business on a local, or even national, scale. Today's business reality is a global economy, for businesses large and small. Thanks to globalization, national borders have been lowered. This means suppliers, customers, and competitors are not necessarily just down the street, but could be located anywhere in the world. As such, it is critical for organizational team members to have a firm understanding of the international dimensions of business. Without it, organizations cannot be truly competitive in today's global economy. I anticipate that my internship experience at Korona Tours and Travel in Cyprus will reiterate this fact to me.

Korona Travel is a young travel company that services the Cyprus Tourism Sector. They pride themselves on the high level of service they provide to their international customers. They operate tours out of eleven countries including: Russia, Belarus,…… [Read More]

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International Marketing

Words: 865 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28014344

Kotabe, of Kotabe and Helsen (2001), Global Marketing Management, John Wiley & Sons, New York, discusses timing of product entry decisions related to global rollout and simultaneous entry. He discusses two models of strategy related to entry timing. Discuss these strategies and identify a company, product, and situation for each strategy where it would be better to use one as opposed to the other.

Why might one strategy be better than the other?

Having a first mover or pioneer advantage when entering a market may seem to give a new product an automatic advantage when embarking upon a new enterprise. In other words, to be first in a new or developing market, when determining one's entry timing would seem to give one an advantage over later entrants. However, there is also an advantage to be had competitively in what is known as a 'later mover' advantage, where, as the old…… [Read More]

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Sportsline com Using Data Warehousing and Database Marketing

Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71046116

Sports, founded in 1994, is the Internet's leading website in Sports media and e-commerce related to sporting goods products. The content of the website includes one million pages of sports related news, information, merchandise, magazine subscriptions and other services. The site also produces the content for major league baseball, the European NFL league and the PGA tour. In addition it provides sports news for many of the major Internet Service Providers including Netzero, America Online, Excite and Netscape. (About

Much of the company's success is due to the integration of data warehousing and database marketing into its' e-business solution. The company uses this technology to achieve the following; manage enormous amounts of data, refine their systems to keep up with the rapidly emerging Internet, incorporate data from various sources and analyze incoming data in real time. (Matrix) This allows to store important data such as customer names,…… [Read More]

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Database Marketing Questions and Responses

Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 85952097

dropping" is actually occurring. This process will involve reviewing 24 months of historical data. A trend analysis will confirm if the downturn in profit is abnormal.

The second step is to break down the sources of profit in order to understand which subgroups are increasing and which are decreasing. When the subgroups that have shown decreasing profits have been identified, an examination will be done to determine the causal factors. Some possible causal factors that will be explored are overall quantity, margins, cycle time, total balance per account, and the acquisition cost. The most likely factor swill be explored first.

If the evidence is inconclusive with respect to the most likely factors, then other factors will be investigated. These secondary potential factors include delinquency rates, default rates, and finally penalties or other unusual expenses, such as those pertaining to regulatory issues.

Scenario #2. A reconciliation process between the two reports…… [Read More]

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Innovations in Marketing Services Innovation of Services

Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36117162

Innovations in Marketing Services Innovation

Innovation of services

According to Chang (2010), service-based concepts have traditionally lent themselves less easily to innovation than tangible products (Chang 2010:113). Service-based enterprises are said to suffer from the problem of immediate exposure or the fact, that unlike the launch of a new, technical device, there is no 'build-up' or secrecy regarding the released service. However, clearly innovative services have been generated. For example, the innovation of providing supermarket shoppers with home-based deliveries, ordered online, has recently begun to be a popular service. Service sectors have been identified as existing in the Wholesale and Retail, Business and Professional, Education, Government, and Finance sectors. The Goods Sector encompasses Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and Extraction services (Omachonu & Einspruch 2010: 110).

Services have been defined as deeds, processes, and performances after which no material object is generated (Omachonu & Einspruch 2010: 111). However, there is a clear…… [Read More]

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Alarm Force Alarmforce Must Make Marketing Decisions

Words: 1141 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79710207

Alarm Force

AlarmForce must make marketing decisions with respect to AlarmFog, a new high-end security product it has developed. AlarmForce has become a market leader in home security through a cost leadership strategy. AlarmFog adds an element of innovation to that strategy, but the manufacturing cost is high. However, there are some new markets that can be developed, in addition to offering AlarmFog as a complementary product to the company's installed base.

The AlarmFog should be priced at manufacturing cost. Matlin is proposing to price well below cost, but such pricing would erode the firm's profits entirely. The fog can be marketed both to new customers such as small businesses and cottage owners, in addition to being offered to current customers. The existing distribution channels and marketing media can be used, as the product is sold and serviced the same way and to much the same customer base as the…… [Read More]

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Business - Marketing the Use

Words: 538 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35443866

On both the conscious and the subconscious levels, marketing initiatives whose choice of color schemes is consistent with their products are more likely to be conducive to success than initiatives whose choice of color scheme is inconsistent with cultural associations with respect to colors (Howard 2005).

The Internet marketing environment requires greater attention to any factors that might undermine consumer receptivity or shorten their attention span, precisely because the consumer has the option of simply navigating away to a competitor's website as soon as attention wanes, regardless of the reason. Unlike the case with traditional advertising media, there is no second chance to recapture the consumer's attention with compelling copy or subsequent imagery after an initial lapse in interest.


Color has always been a significant component of visual advertising, ever since its inception in still photographs and sketches. Partly, this is attributable to the association between gender and color,…… [Read More]

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Ethics Computer Marketing Tobacco Dilemma After Returning

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97353531



Marketing Tobacco Dilemma

After returning from Ohio on a road trip, some friends informed us that on the way back home while gassing up, they were asked by kids on two different occasions to buy them some cigarettes. Our friends told the kids no on each occasion. What does this isolated observation have to do with the tobacco industry? The tobacco industry has continued to market their products to children throughout the nation, and they have even gone after kids in other nations. "Since the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) in 1998, tobacco advertising and promotion has significantly increased in the retail environment." (New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services) The description of the kids, obviously minors, asking an adult to buy them cigarettes is illegal. What the tobacco industry has continued to do in regard to marketing cigarettes to kids is immoral, unethical and illegal. This paper…… [Read More]

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Analyzing Organizational Promotion Marketing

Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73623257

Organizational Promotion: Marketing

Problem Recognition

Recognizing the main problem is the most important part of the decision making process that triggers a decision (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2014). The basic problem I recognized was my question of going back to school to pursue my degree or not. After I finished high school, I was torn between a lifestyle that was not easy but had helped me a great deal in earning money.

Along with my friends, I had started running a small street food business in a van lent to us by a friend's father. The business was running pretty smoothly and by the time high school finished, we had gained a lot of experience regarding running a business; however, it was on a small scale. We were unable to decide whether to expand the business, though it seemed imperative at times, Specifically, we could not decide on the finance…… [Read More]

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Direct Air Management and Marketing Mistakes

Words: 2797 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 14787673

Dierct Air - Management & Marketing Mistakes

The following case study employs the array of industry metrics discussed above to determine major factors that contributed to Direct Airways filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy during the time period from 2007-212. This time period was chosen because SEC filings at that time available, providing valuable insight into the stark differences between the two airlines. Direct Airways was a major U.S. carrier that was founded in 2001 and operated for 7 years until it fell into bankruptcy in 2001. This terminated an unrestrained years for Direct Airways, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year of 2012 (Jayanti).

I understood that already the subject of a federal investigation by transportation regulators, the outdated charter service Direct Air long ago would soon may be facing a far-reaching investigation of its finances by the bankruptcy trustee (Bomkamp). The lawyer governing Direct Air's bankruptcy went ahead…… [Read More]

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L'oreal Case Study L'oreal Marketing

Words: 1502 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 79655490

Furthermore this would introduce not only one but two brand names into the market simultaneously in France but since the L'Oreal brand was already present in the Dutch market concern was expressed that the Dutch market would be burdened by introduction of yet two more brands into the market. concern exists in the overburdening of the market with the introduction of these two brands because it was believed that the Netherlands market potential being much lower than that of France. Another factor that must be considered is that of 'retailer acceptance' of two products being introduced simultaneously.

X. Recommended Solution

The solution recommended is that the Netherlands market, having precisely the amount of shelf-space required for introduction of Belle Colour due to the recent reduction in hair color shelf-space requirements was to go ahead with the introduction of the Belle Colour in all market locations. It was believed that due…… [Read More]

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Business Ethics - Food Marketing

Words: 315 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96194629

Should Flavorful Health be allowed to have a "100% Vitamin RDA" package icon despite the fat content, which is listed on the back?

No. Doing so is deceptive and violates the fundamental principle of honesty, or truth in advertising. The phrase itself is true only in a literal sense, but deceptive in context, because it purposely implies that the product is one that is more healthful than it is unhealthful. By referring to one minor "recommendation" when the product completely violates a more significant "recommendation" (to limit saturated fat intake), the label is intentionally deceptive. The company should be allowed to sell the product but not to market it, either directly or indirectly, as a healthful dietary choice by purposely creating that inference in any respect. The ethical choice would be to avoid any reference to healthfulness on the wrapper or market it as a vitamin-rich alternative to other junk…… [Read More]

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Delta Airlines Marketing Assessment the

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Throughout the uses of their website by these three dominant segments, Delta is also capturing click stream data to see how they can anticipate and better improve the automated processes on their website as well. Using technologies developed by DoubleClick and Overture from Yahoo in addition to those from Google, Delta is learning how to better define the navigational points on their website to better serve the three dominant customer segments they target today. They are also learning more intensive information about each of these three segments through the analysis of click stream data as well. Delta has an ethical and legal responsibility to manage this data in a secure and private environment to ensure it is not sold by employees or worse, stolen and used by competitors or marketers in related companies. Delta has an intensive it security strategy that seeks to protect the confidentiality of its customers on…… [Read More]

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KFC Marketing Research the Following

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Petersburg, 20080. This is because drive-through restaurants must be located in highly circulated areas by vehicles. In addition to this, such restaurants require special spacing facilities. These restaurants must usually provide at least five stacking spaces at or behind the menu board.

These spaces must be clearly delineated from other vehicular use areas. In addition to this, drive-through restaurants must ensure pedestrian connections. The speaker boxes of drive-through restaurants must be carefully oriented towards areas where the noise level permitted is higher.

Marketing Strategy

The reasons for introducing the drive-through service in China rely on the significant expansion potential that the fast food industry in this market provides. KFC has identified certain characteristics of its customers that determined the company to sustain this idea. For example, the company's customers have revealed increasing mobility, which requires a drive-through service (QSR, 2002). In addition to this, customers on the Chinese market have…… [Read More]

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Strategic Marketing Perspective Evaluate the

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Further increases are planned in the UK, wherein a 50% of 17 to 30-year-olds would enter higher education by the year 2010, and the fact that the acceptance rates to universities has increased to more than 14% in recent years shows that it would be infinitely easier for the UK to achieve its target for increases in the number of students enrolling for higher education. (Search View, Education, Higher)

Furthermore, since it is a fact that dropout rates remain significantly lower in the UK than in any other European country, and four out of five students complete their graduation courses successfully, Britain produces the largest number of graduates in Europe. The number of universities in the UK has also increased after the binary division between traditional universities and higher education institutions was abandoned in the year 1992, and today, all British institutions come as a part of a single system,…… [Read More]

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Compass Group Marketing Strategy Case

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There is also the threat that given the significant inefficiencies in Compass Group that the risks of currency fluctuations could become very significant over time, especially as the dollar loses value and yet suppliers and logistics networks must be paid in this currency. Simply put, the price of food and the costs of running a global supply chain in perishable goods is exorbitant when currency fluctuations are also taken into account (Buzalka 2005, 46,48). To date there does not appear to be any benchmarking of sourcing, procurement, labor or inventory carrying and obsolescence costs, all factors that are major threat to Compass Group operating throughout North America and in the UK. All of these risks are in addition to the acute financial condition the company finds itself in during this period, with Net Current Assets as a Percentage of Total Assets (Table 1) negative throughout the five-year periods. This is…… [Read More]

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Toyota Marketing Toyota Improving Brand

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Such a program would not only boost consumer confidence: if drivers did not have any problems after the repairs, this would also repair the public's trust in the Toyota brand.

Concern 2: Mistrust of flagship electric car model the Prius

Perhaps even more damaging have been the problems with Toyota's flagship electric car model, the Prius. The Prius has also been accused of unstoppable, unintended acceleration. Toyota had become synonymous with eco-friendly cars. Damaging the reputation for the safety of electric cars not only hurts Toyota's short-term profits; it also impacts the likelihood of consumers to buy electric cars in general. This shift would be particularly damaging to Toyota, given it has invested so much of its brand image and research and development capital in the success of the Prius.

Resolution 2

As well as improving the safety features on new models and repairing old models, Toyota must undertake a…… [Read More]