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Teaching Historical Events with Students with Disabilities

Words: 2525 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21142833

Teaching Historical Events to Student With Disabilities

Our perspective of the concept of the passing of time and our place in the history of the world is important to us towards our growth and evolution. Lacking a sense of time and space, one is prone to be disconnected with the universe. While it can be frightening to be trapped in a moment in time and not be cognizant of the position in space you occupy, it is the experience people classified to have Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) go through (Tony Jones, 2013). Adolescents who have learning disabilities (LD) face a number of challenges with the strict application of Common Core State Standards for literacy when considering subjects such as social studies and history. Besides the challenges they have with reading, students with LD are required to take part in reasoning and thinking at a high level. For teachers…… [Read More]

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Teaching Roles of the Advanced

Words: 1015 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 25765468

The most practical nursing education facilities began in the 1800s, but minimal education standards were not put into place until 1923, when the Goldmark Report highlighted the need for certain educational certifications for nursing practice (Scheckel, 2011). An educational philosophy began to develop shortly after, with education becoming a primary role for many advanced nursing practitioners. By the late 1940s, education for nursing was pushed out of vocational training in the field and began to require nurses going to colleges and higher education facilities in order to receive a more appropriate and in-depth education (Scheckel, 2011). Since then, there have been more developments which have specialized the roles and practice of the advanced nursing practitioner as a primary educator for nursing students and new nurses in the field. Today, there are a decreasing number of advanced nursing practitioners working as educators to teach future nursing staff. Yet this is occurring…… [Read More]

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Teaching Foreign Language to Infants

Words: 2828 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58652257

Many studies show that one should start foreign language studies as soon as possible, and the peak age of learning the second language is said to be on or before the child reaches the age of 10. After the baby is born, and eventually learned his/her native language, it now gradually starts having its full capacity to learn another or new language just by imitating and hearing his/her environment. The earlier he/she hears the accents and sound of another language, there is much more possibility that he/she will develop it. Added to this, if he/she is also given chance to be exposed in the language, and the opportunity to speak it, chances are that he/she will be able to speak it fluently. This way, the child would treat both the mother tongue and the foreign language equally (http://www.snn-rdr.ca/snn/2003apr/bilingual.html,2003).

One high school principal was quoted saying "A child has only one…… [Read More]

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Teaching Tolerance According to Sara

Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 15249200

Therefore, Bullard links parenting and disciplinary styles to the cultivation of tolerance. The author points out that "children who are punished harshly or inconsistently, or who are frequently threatened with punishment, are prevented from developing the internal controls they need to discipline themselves," (156). Children who are raised in supportive environments will generally tend to support their peers and those who they meet through their entire lives.

Toward the end of Teaching Tolerance, the author includes a variety of exercises and activities parents can do with their children. For example, Bullard advises parents to cultivate self-awareness through drawings, collages, and dance. She offers other educational arts and crafts projects like designing a family tree. Educators can apply these lessons to their school curricula. Teachers don't need to be or act as psychologists to encourage self-awareness in their classrooms. Moreover, teachers can use Bullard's book as a guideline on how to…… [Read More]

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Teaching Gospel to a Muslim There Are

Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91117013

Teaching Gospel to a Muslim

There are a number of practical steps that are necessary to implement to build a relationship with a follower of Islam who might be a neighbor or a co-worker. One of the first steps that one should take to establish a relationship with such a person is to establish an air of affability and respect for that person. Virtually all things of merit in this world are better achieved if there is a benign sincerity that exists between people. Once this first rudimentary step of establishing respect and a degree of friendship with a follower of Islam has been achieved, it would be necessary to display some sort of curiosity regarding the professed faith of such a Muslim. Typically, this curiosity should be displayed from an innocent perspective, which may involve asking a person of Islamic faith about particular habits related to their religion, manners,…… [Read More]

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Teaching Theories and an Ethical

Words: 3329 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18369149

Unfortunately, most quantitative studies lack external validity in the research design to allow for general conclusions.

Teaching Theories and Nursing

It was Nightingale that recognized the potential of combining sound logical reflection and empirical research in the development of scientific knowledge that lead to evidence-based practices of today. She saw the need to only classify one's illness by the best possible available knowledge but to also collect patient information in the form of survey. Nightingale's work was also groundbreaking as it was the first to integrate such ideas into one method. She understood how factors such as housing and nutrition could have a direct influence on the patient's health and prognosis (McDonald, 2001, p. 68). Still many researchers to come would look at her work as primitive, inconclusive and one-sided. They would see how such details act as an extension of evidence and the attention paid to details as research…… [Read More]

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Teacher Observation Adolescence Is a Tumultuous Period

Words: 2081 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45396733

Teacher Observation

Adolescence is a tumultuous period characterized by significant physiological, social, psychological and cognitive changes that often cause considerable stress and anxiety, as the youth faces numerous demands from family, school and peers and fights negative ways to respond to these demands, such as truancy, drug abuse and isolation (Steinberg & Sheffield, 2001). Transitioning to high school requires the teens to communicate with a new and larger peer group and handle greater academic expectations. Counsellors clearly recognize that healthy relationships are the essence of mental, emotional, and psychological health. Many of the crises teens confront today are related to relationships -- with parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. Problems such as loneliness, low self-esteem, peer-pressure, rebellion, homosexuality, and underachievement have their foundation in unhealthy or broken relationships that can occur anytime during a youth's lifetime.

Increased stress occurs for adolescents across the board: Students who are in enrolled in rigorous…… [Read More]

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Teaching Plan for the Torack Family Framing

Words: 1123 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80606384

Teaching Plan for the Torack Family

Framing in the Media

Framing in the media is simply the relationship between the media journalists and their audiences by deciding what the media is going to say to the public where they use it as an "agenda setting" which is a conventional way to approach framing. It is deemed as obscure and an opinionated procedure that can be inconsistent and viable that is dependent on (a) participating accesses on strategic schemas, (b) the capacity to manipulate sets of exploitations, (c) arrangement and outlook of the solutions of lawmakers, (d) inclinations of inner factions and policy makers ("Policy analysis and," 2007). In addition, framing has its own specific preferences in the way the media develops news that the public can understand where the spectators detain the quintessence of a concern or problem. Furthermore, there is a thorough procedure by supplying how these issues the…… [Read More]

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Teaching Properties Re Borofsky Robert

Words: 487 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40814601

But the film crew had provided no medical assistance to the woman while the woman was dying. (Borofsky, 2005, p.32)

At present, the Yanomami have serious health problems that have nothing to do with their military ideology, mythological or real, and the AAA not followed through on its commitment to devise appropriate responses to the current and future conditions of the Yanomami. It has a responsibility to clear the tribe's reputation and to provide the tribe with appropriate health care and support. Despite the fact Neel has financially profited from his work, the tribe did not, and suffers from malaria, flu, and a higher rate of diabetes, like many indigenous peoples. (Borofsky, 2005, p.64)

Furthermore, the unfair portrayal this group has alienated public support. The AAA credo may be to do "no harm," to not intervene in native societies, but one of its members has already intervened and done harm.…… [Read More]

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Teaching Philosophy I'm Assuming That

Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23221594

I believe that students who are capable of 'learning to learn' are much more capable as professionals, in whatever field they aspire to, but especially nursing. It is important for these students to understand the importance of continuing to learn and applying the knowledge they gain through learning to other situations. As Gagne espoused a progression of intellectual knowledge in a step-by-step process, I too would require the same type of process from my students. Beginning with the most fundemental nursing requirements and standards and adding to that each day in my classroom would assist my students in gaining the necessary knowledge they will need to succeed in the nursing community. Progression allows for a simple method of adding incrementally to their knowledge.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, my teaching philosophy will likely be very different in the future; that is because I will be using the same…… [Read More]

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Teaching in Multi-Ethnic Classrooms Experts

Words: 1681 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13697967

This instructor has learned to proactively educate his Navajo students about the need to reveal certain information they normally keep among themselves, such as burial grounds, because federal law now protects them from violation -- but only if their location is known. What this suggests to me is that I may simply have to accept that some cultural distinctions may be important to my Native American students and that it may not be part of their culture to explain it to me. If an issue is important then it may be up to me to explain why something is important in the school's culture so the child can be more successful, but without suggesting that the school culture is better or superior.

Finally, I think it will be important to incorporate literature from the cultures of minority students, recognizing that it isn't enough that the story be "Hispanic." A story…… [Read More]

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Teacher Retirement Navigating the New

Words: 1713 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81931003

Hernando County, Florida, is the site of one such success story; though the union asked for a raise in recent contract negotiations, it did not insist on one, instead accepting an increase in healthcare benefit payments to offset Blue Cross/Blue Shield's premium hike of fourteen percent (Marrero 2009). Though no one emerged from the deal exactly ecstatic about the situation, there was a sense of realism and pragmatism that has been notably lacking in the loud and vociferous insistences of both teachers' unions and administrative offices in many other districts and at other institutions (Marrero 2009).


It is still abysmal and largely unacceptable that educational districts and institutions entered into contracts that they were unable to uphold. It is equally unacceptable that a growing number of educators facing retirement, or already retired, are unable to receive the pension payments and/or healthcare benefits upon which they depend. The situation is…… [Read More]

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Teaching Measures of Central Tendency

Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27359200


The third measure of central tendency is the mode. Despite it being the last option of consideration by many analysts, it is a mostly utilized measure. The mode represents the most frequent observation in a data set. For example, if total scores of a football tournament in every match were tabulated as 2, 4, 6, 5, 2, 4, and 2, then the mode of these observations is 2 scores because this observation occurs thrice in the distribution.

The median contributes to the fourth measure of central tendency and it represents the value in the distribution that lies in the middle of the observations of interest. To obtain the median, arranging the observations in ascending order establishes the observation that lies in the middle of the arranged data. For example, in the above given observations of football scores, they can arranged in ascending order as 2, 2, 2, 4, 4,…… [Read More]

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Teacher Intervention in School How

Words: 2517 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54896337

Now, teachers are complaining that they feel abused and harassed with the young students.

The students tend to become abusive. They do not respect the teachers. They swear and shout at the teachers. They throw things at the teachers and in some instances, the students physically assault the teachers.

This is the reason why most teachers feel threatened and would want to resign from their works.

Thus, without the corporal punishment, the students do not learn the real value of discipline and they do not maintain proper conduct. The students who did not receive any corporal punishment when they were still on their younger years tend to have deviant behaviors as they grow older.

Meanwhile, there are also studies which have proven that corporal punishment offers nothing but negative effects to both the psychological and emotional aspects of a child. Some of the proven negative impacts of corporal punishment are:…… [Read More]

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Teaching Weather to ESL Students

Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44795651

or, on a rainy day, students could demonstrate staying inside, doing chores or crafts, catching up on homework while talking to friends over the phone or the computer, and so on.

Every weather day must also contain a reference to a different verb or activity as well as noun. For instance, one can't just say, 'there will be sun,' one must also say, 'it is sunny, so it is a good day to take a walk outside.' These illustrations of activities should include short conversations to reinforce vocabulary like, 'it's so warm in here, but it is so cold outside!' With students with a higher level of English proficiency, they might include things like how to stay safe in very cold or icy weather, or how to stay cool in hot weather. Lastly, using the newspaper as a resource, at the end of the broadcast, students could bring up an…… [Read More]

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Teaching Aboriginal Art Canada Has

Words: 2442 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85205395

As already described, this lack of knowledge both grows out of and causes severe misconceptions about aboriginals, all of which can be traced to a belief in the general inferiority of aboriginal cultures. From the very beginnings of European intervention in the Americas, the aboriginal peoples of the continents have been increasingly marginalized. Threatened with the very possible extinction of their culture, many First Nations communities have begun to take control of their own education (Carr-Stewart, 2006). It is their hope that with their own schools, they will be able to preserve the elements of their culture that still persist with a strong tradition, while at the same time preparing their children to join Canadian society and the modern world so that they can have the full advantages to which they are due (Carr-Stewart, 2006).

The preservation of First Nations culture cannot take place only in First Nations schools, however.…… [Read More]

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Teaching Students About the Eucharist

Words: 1402 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75458368

" Communicants are also required to fast in preparation to receive Communion. Currently, this requirement is a fast of one hour prior to Communion of all food and drink other than water and medication. A longer fast of at least three hours, or from midnight, is preferred. Understanding the seriousness of these guidelines helps instill respect for taking Communion in students. This helps students understand that this isn't something that they just do at Mass without thought. Instead, they must prepare themselves physically and spiritually.

Lastly, students should be taught why Communion is taken so frequently. The Eucharist facilitates a union between Man and Christ. Through this lesson, students learn that Communion is a spiritually nourishing event, while also obeying the Lord's instructions to eat and drink His Body and Blood. Each time a communicant takes part in Holy Communion, this brings an increased level of sanctifying grace to their…… [Read More]

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Teaching Activity -- the U S

Words: 340 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57014971

The exercise illustrating the need for additional objective principals could be followed by a moderated group discussion designed to identify principles and values that are important enough to social justice that they must be exempt from being subjected to the classic application of a purely democratic process. For example, the exercise could illustrate how easily group consensus through a democratic vote could result in the deprivation of the rights of minorities while preventing any legal recourse (Edwards, Wallenberg, & Lineberry, 2008). The exercise would conclude with group consideration of specific objective principles and social values such as those protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Sources Cited

Edwards G.C., Wallenberg M.P., and Lineberry R.B. (2008). Government in America:

People, Politics, and Policy. New York: Longman.

Halbert, T., and Ingulli, E. (2008). Law & Ethics in the Business Environment.

Cincinnati, OH: West.

Santrock J (200 ). Educational Psychology 4th edition. McGraw Hill… [Read More]

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Teaching Leadership Frameworks in Action

Words: 1383 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31039988

One example of this flaw is found in the third force in Sergiovanni's model, the educational force, which is associated with gathering and analyzing specialized knowledge applicable to education (Victoria Department of Education 2007). At the private senior school where I am employed, certain school leaders have certainly mastered the educational force and have amassed a wide range of specialized educational knowledge, but their inability to interact effectively with their colleagues in the school has rendered this knowledge largely useless. In fact, the interpersonal difficulties that these leaders have in dealing with others have led to a certain level of resentment regarding such information as it has become attached to hostile personalities.

Yet despite this apparent flaw of Sergiovanni's hierarchy, the actual identification and separation of the forces in his Model of Transformational Leadership still holds up to examination. These first three forces taken separately paint a nearly complete picture…… [Read More]

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Teach to the Test as William Hatfield

Words: 1396 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 79674847

Teach to the Test

As William Hatfield presciently warned in 1916, when the ultra-efficiency of industrialization first begin threatening the independence of educators to craft curricula, "an education that focuses on memorising information to ensure reaching a single benchmark is an inadequate measure of success" because while "twelve years of school life has made [students] adept at memorizing & #8230; many of them are novices in thinking" (Mills, 2008). Since disastrous passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, which mandated standards-based educational practices and required states to devise testing devices to gauge student achievement, Hatfield's admonition has been proven to be disturbingly accurate. Since standardized testing became standard operating procedure for America's public school system, countless teachers have expressed their mounting dissatisfaction with the rigid and formulaic curriculum structures imposed on school districts by state legislatures. As an education major anxiously awaiting my opportunity to teach South…… [Read More]

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Teaching What Essential Characteristics Effective Teaching Your

Words: 1758 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92800656


What essential characteristics effective teaching. Your essay include: Introduction - establishes interpretation topic, covering aspects effective teaching addressed essay; I things lesson preparation, communication, knowledge student's level knowledge, & classroom management, & assessment

What are the essential characteristics of effective teaching?

Using scaffolding in a mixed-level 5th grade math classroom

One of the most critical aspects of effective teaching is having a clear understanding of student's different levels of ability. A teacher is a performer in many respects, and a good performer knows his or her audience well. Aspects the teacher must consider are the level of previous preparation of different students; levels of ability; the enthusiasm of the class for the subject, and the different learning styles present within the class. This will determine aspects of the presentation such as the assumptions the teacher brings to the lesson, the need for review, and the use of visual aids…… [Read More]

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Teaching That Play a Role

Words: 9261 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69308031

Multicultural education researchers and educators agree that preservice teachers' attitudes, beliefs, and understandings are important: foci in multicultural education coursework (Cochran-Smith, 1995; Grant & Secada, 1990; McDiarmid & Price, 1993; Pohan, 1996). Teacher attitudes and beliefs influence teaching behaviors, which affect student learning and behavior (Wiest, 1998)."

1996 study used 492 pre-service teachers to try and gauge the attitudes and beliefs among the group when it came to understanding diversity and cultural differences in students (Wiest, 1998).

A decade earlier leading education experts Hollingsworth was able to identify a method for helping students of teaching to challenge their convictions and apply them to their careers.

Many advocates of multicultural education suggest that field experiences be included in preparing teachers to work with diverse student populations (Pohan, 1996; Sleeter, 1995; Tellez, Hlebowitsh, Cohen, & Norwood, 1995). Sleeter (1995) describes some investigations, such as miniethnographies, that her students conduct: I regard extended…… [Read More]

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Teaching Comprehension

Words: 1283 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 1942717

Reading Comprehension

Effective Teaching of Reading Comprehension

Just like writing and speaking, reading comprehension is a language skill that needs to be developed in order to enhance understanding of various types of texts. For a long time, teachers have employed different strategies in an attempt to assist their students catch a glimpse of their focus. However, some of these strategies have been applied haphazardly, most often out of ignorance. As a result, most students ended up having trouble in comprehending even basic text. Nevertheless, recent years have seen language experts coming up with techniques that have proven to be effective in solving some of these reading comprehension challenges. The following presentation explores some techniques a teacher can employ to make a reading exercise a successful adventure.

Instructional Strategies

Duke and Pearson (2004) recommend a number of tested instructional strategies for assisting students acquire effective comprehension skills. Despite the existence of…… [Read More]

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Teaching of Statistics and Problems Encountered in

Words: 2926 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 88771276

teaching of statistics and problems encountered in such teaching.

Teaching Statistics: An Annotated Bibliography

Albert, Jim. Teaching Statistics Using Baseball. New York: The Mathematical Association of America. 2003.

Baseball is a very statistically oriented sport, more so than any other sport. This book applies statistical methods and techniques to the game of baseball. Since students often have difficulty learning statistics because they are presented with examples that they have no frame of reference for, this book is ideal in that it provides concrete examples that students can use in their real lives.

Anderson, C.W. And Loynes, R.M. The Teaching of Practical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics). New York: John Wiley and Sons. 1988.

This is once again a practical teaching guide to statistics and probability. It is not as clear as some books, and does not use real-world examples that are relatable to the average student. Rather,…… [Read More]

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Teaching Portfolio I Am a Percussion Teacher

Words: 1496 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89766330

Teaching Portfolio

I am a percussion teacher, and I instruct classes of various sizes in a range of drumming techniques. My students a very diverse in terms of ages and backgrounds, and my classes can include up to twelve students. Some classes focus on group forms of percussion, such as drumming circles, which require skills for both individual and group drumming.

My teaching gradually evolved from my own practice in percussion and music. While I was not formally trained in teaching, as I work with more students, I am quickly developing a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching theories, curriculum planning, and proper assessment.

In this teaching portfolio I aim to first, summarize the feedback I have regarding my lesson planning presentation of material. Over the course of preparing this portfolio I have researched additional teaching and assessment methods, and I will outlined my preferred approaches. Finally, I will…… [Read More]

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Teacher Teach Before Burning Out or Becoming

Words: 1563 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46329185

teacher teach before burning out or becoming stale?

This paper looks at the ideas of whether teachers should be made to go back into learning to gain a new license after a period of time, also looking at how their time can be best used with initiating new forms and methods into the classroom.

How long can a teacher teach before he becomes stale?

Every school system has a philosophy behind it, these are based on the views and values of those who are in position to educate, along with the society that is the main sponsor of the education. (Freire, 1998).

The philosophy begins with the view of reality and definitions of truth and goodness. There are five basic philosophies of education:

Perennialism is a very conservative and inflexible philosophy of education, based on the view that reality comes from fundamentally fixed truths-especially those relating to God. With a…… [Read More]

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Teaching Strengths for the Content Area Secondary

Words: 2132 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 92864566

teaching strengths for the content area (secondary school mathematics or science) you plan to teach.

I have decided that I will teach mathematics at the secondary school level which is a subject I performed well at when I was in high school myself. I was always at the top of my classes when it came to math and I enjoyed all of the classes that I took in the subject. So, I think it has to be the right area in which I should pursue a teaching degree.

I can think of two strengths that I have, with regard to this subject, apart from the facts that I enjoy the study and was able to perform well at the secondary level. First, on a personal level, I do not try to act like I know more than other people, even though I may have a more perfect knowledge of the…… [Read More]

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Teacher Has in Helping Students Develop Their

Words: 7276 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81986428

teacher has in helping students develop their writing. Traditional methods of grading and scoring children's writing are being replaced in the modern educational system with feedback and constructive criticism of the work, rather than a trophy grade or labeling score. This study reviews literature previously compiled on the subject of feedback in the development of children's writing, as well as conducting original research with a small group of students and teachers that helps evaluate the role of feedback in writing, as well as determining what types of feedback are the most effective.

Overview & Evaluation of the Project

According to a seasoned author of the British Educational Research Journal, "Education without educational research can be governed by dogma, superstition, tradition and other forms of prejudice about what will work well and be 'good for' those involved in the educational process." (Murphy 1996) Education is an ongoing process, and even the…… [Read More]

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Teaching Theories An Annotated Bibliography

Words: 2958 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 72379329

First, he states that teachers can learn, from their students, how to best affect their classes. Through talking with their students, teachers can learn in what those students are interested. Teachers can learn what teaching styles best affect them, what can engage them. This can help them better relate to their students as teachers, portraying their subjects in a way that students can understand. In addition, Corbett argues that teachers can learn from their students by re-learning what it is like to be a beginning learner. They can do this by taking a class themselves or by writing the papers that they assign to their students. Thus, they learn the pain and suffering that many students have to go through in order to learn. Thus, Corbett's major theory is that both students and teachers exist in a symbiotic relationship in which they learn from one another.

At first, many teachers…… [Read More]

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Teacher a Heart Reflections Lenard Covello Community

Words: 1598 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59242052

teacher a heart: Reflections Lenard Covello community. By Vito Perrone.

Teacher with a Heart: Reflections on Leonard Covello and Community is a highly important didactic work. It represents a unique structure and form of a manuscript, as it is authored both by Vito Perrone and Covello himself in a dialogue of sorts between the two men and their reflections upon the educational process in the United States. The first part of the book is authored by Perrone, who actively engages with the circumstances that contributed to Covello's seminal autobiographical work, The Heart is the Teacher. Covello's memoirs are out of print, so in approaching a book review of sorts in this particular fashion, Perrone is both restoring some of the more salient wisdom regarding pedagogy gathered in the middle of the 20th century, as well as providing it with crucial updates so that it continues to have educational and social…… [Read More]

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Teacher Tenure Should Be Abolished Making the

Words: 1706 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61608728

Teacher Tenure Should Be Abolished

Making the case against teacher tenure

Virtually all employees within the job market today are employed 'at will' -- in other words, they can be fired at any time. This principle of the capitalist economy is supposed to increase the pressure upon employees to perform to a high standard. However, one profession is exempt from such pressures -- public school teachers. "Teacher tenure, which is sometimes called career status, provides job security for teachers who have successfully completed a probationary period. The purpose is to protect good teachers from being fired for non-educational issues including personal beliefs, personality conflicts with administrators or school board members, etc." (Meador 2012). However, critics of tenure frame the issue differently, asking: "if you were the C.E.O. Of a company" and wanted it to perform to a high standard, "would you offer anybody a contract with these terms: lifetime employment,…… [Read More]

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Teaching Allows Learning and Assessment for Those

Words: 2519 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97759434

teaching allows learning and assessment for those that are my learners, as a painting and decorating tutor with the view to self-develop and progress. We will learn how to make the most of and inspire learning and how diversity and fairness play a significant part for both teachers and learners.

Most would probably know that assessment is getting the measurement of the learners' reaction to understanding and competence in teaching instruction (Curzon pg 383). In the job as a painter and decorating tutor, assessment are very important and foremost, as in the way learners are measured against usual standards prior to exams and attaining combined standing. My proficient and personal thoughts upon assessments are that as a teacher we need to be able to utilize various of methods and skills that will be employed to inspire and really keep learners motivated while giving feedback that is constructive in allowing them…… [Read More]

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Teaching Reflection on The First

Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90442938

This presents quite a challenge for a first-year (or any) teacher, of any background. Therefore, first-year teachers will often find themselves needing, and wanting, to know more about the multicultural backgrounds of their students, but not having much time to learn about them. In addition to multicultural diversity, students, even those of the same ethnic background, will have diverse learning levels and abilities, and attitudes about learning. First year teachers therefore must find ways to motivate both the highest and the lowest achievers within the same classroom.

Another big part of the job a first-year teacher must adjust to is dealing with parents. Like any other group of people, some parents are likeable; supportive; understanding; encouraging, etc., while others are less so. Teachers must learn to be diplomatic with parents, and simultaneously honest, tactful, and encouraging to them about their children, in ways unique to this particular job. New teachers…… [Read More]

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Teaching System in the United States and

Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50812650

teaching system in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Rigorous daily challenges face teachers who are striving to offer their students the best of their knowledge with regard to their subject matter. Scenarios in which more than one subject is incorporated help both teachers and students to derive greater enjoyment and learning from their education. A teaching scenario as the one described, therefore, could be of great benefit to students aiming at a career in teaching.

Such students may for example learn much regarding the subject matter to be incorporated in the lesson, as well as specific teaching methods to impart this knowledge to students. It is for example important to gather enough information regarding the specific issues and subjects involved in order to teach effectively. A variety of research methods can then be used in order to do this.

Teaching students can also learn how to make…… [Read More]

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Teacher Work Sample

Words: 3214 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89565389

Teaching Unit for an 8th-Grade Language Arts and Literature Class

Contextual Factors

Community, District, and School Factors

Classroom Factors

Student Characteristics

Learning Goals and Objectives

Pre-Assessments Aligned with Learning Goals and Objectives

Evaluation of Pre- and Post-Assessments

Criteria Used to Measure Student Performance for Learning Goals

Plan for Formative Assessment to Gauge Student Progress

Design for Instruction

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 1.

How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and b.

How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context

Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 2.


How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and Objective(s)


How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context


Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Instructional Decision-Making…… [Read More]

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Teach in a High-Need School

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The most important thing for me to do in a challenging situation such as this is to control the situation and calm everything down into a more comfortable environment. I have been trained in many different afflictions which may be present in a high-needs classroom, and I feel that I can adapt to every student no matter what their needs may be. As a teacher, I will be expected to overcome this challenge by accommodating individual student's needs, and trying my best to help any student that needs it. I am calm and collected when I need to be, and can reasonably handle any situation I am faced with. I have been around many high stress situations in my life, and have seen how professionals handle these situations in order to defuse any problems that may arise.

I have learned many excellent qualities found in teachers, such as how to…… [Read More]

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Teaching of Writing to Students

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I don't grade the final draft in class, as I need more time to carefully read it and give it a rubric score (TIMELINE (http://www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com/writing/writingprocess/timeline.)"

This is a valuable aspect of the writing timeline that the teacher has developed. It provides the student with the ability to earn points on having excellent ideas and content even if the grammar and spelling is not up to par.

For many students the fear of writing begins when they turn in something they worked hard to produce and thought they had a wonderful writing idea, only to have it returned with red marks all over it for grammar errors.

Grammar and punctuation are very important elements to the lesson of writing, however, one must also consider the ideas and content that were offered as well.

Dividing the grading system into two areas, one for ideas and content and the other for grammar, spelling…… [Read More]

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Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire The

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Teach like your hair's on fire: The methods and madness inside room 56 by Rafe Esquith. Specifically it will contain a book report on the book. This book, written by a teacher with nearly 25 years experience, talks about how to make a difference in the classroom, and make a difference in children's lives. He writes about his classroom, "It's a world where character matters, hard work is respected, humility is valued, and support for one another is unconditional" (Esquith x). That is the thesis of this book, that our culture is insane, and that the right things no longer matter to society, which he is attempting to change through his teaching. He believes if you teach as if your hair is on fire and you do not know it (which happened to him in the classroom), you are moving in the right direction as a teacher, and you will…… [Read More]

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Teaching Research Why Is it

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In the classroom, quizzes, homework, and tests can be designed to match previously learned material to the new information being tested. This can also be done with pre-tests, and by having students re-check the facts they verbalize or wrote in class (Kerns, et al., 2005).

Provide timely feedback

Students can presume they know how well they are doing in class, but they may not. In order to help them focus on what they need to know, the teacher should spend time going over quizzes, homework and tests to link incorrect information to what was actually studied.

Also, students should be given techniques and hints for self-assessment in order to provide their own feedback. They should be taught not to assume they know why they missed an answer and understand how to explore and research the correct one (Kerns, et al., 2005).

Constructive education-related interaction between students, and between students and…… [Read More]

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Teacher Profile Allison Parker Teaches

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" Ms. Parker invited those having trouble to return to the carpet area for additional instruction. She asked these students to get clipboards for their worksheets and to bring their manipulatives as well. There was some time wasted in this transition, but the students were generally eager to comply. Ms. Parker guided the students through each of the problems on the worksheet. She used her manipulatives on the board, either coins or cubes, and encouraged the students to do the same. One boy complained that Ms. Parker was "going too fast" but another student moved next to him and provided some assistance. By the time the math hour was over, most students had finished their worksheets. Ms. Parker did not require those that had not finished to stay in for recess. She collected the unfinished papers and promised the students that they would work on them together the next day…… [Read More]

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Teacher Centered Instruction

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Teacher-Centered Approach to Learning

The question of teacher-centered vs. student-centered learning is debated among educators and researchers alike. Brad Hayes has approached the question of which is more effective, in his article entitled, "An Experiment in Using Teacher-Centered Instruction vs. Student-Centered Instruction." Hayes engaged his senior students in an experiment wherein he used student-centered instruction in one group, and teacher-centered instruction in another. The results initially were that the teacher-centered group had higher test scores and appeared to be retaining more information. The student-centered group, however, after a short adjustment period, far exceeded the expectations of the curriculum and the instructor, showed far greater understanding and ultimately had a better learning experience, complete with higher final grades.

While it is true that most educators are far more comfortable with the teacher-centered, "chalk and talk" method of teaching, many are moving away from a teacher-centered approach. Hayes' article is quite…… [Read More]

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Teach Group of Students Who Have Never

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Teach Group of Students Who Have Never Learned

English before, what would you do during the first three weeks? What would be the characteristics of the things you intended to teach? If your students made mistakes, what would you do? If they refused to talk, what would you do?

First impressions are important in establishing a good relationship between teachers and students. Foreign students often come to the classroom with many fears. (Cary, 2000) Therefore, it is very important that the teacher establish a friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere free of any negative vibes. (Samway, 1999) Even though the students are afraid, this can be eased by a friendly smile and pleasant small talk. This is especially important before giving any sort of assessment test, which should be given during the first class of the term as part of class orientation.

During the first three weeks, I would make an effort to…… [Read More]

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Teacher Effective Teaching Instruction Discussion Forum the

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Effective teaching instruction discussion forum

The joy of every teacher is when they are part and parcel of each other that is teacher and the student; they get it easy and tend to move on so well. This comes out when almost 100% of the students are eagerly occupied in their tasks as well as raising profound and motivating questions. Such kind of in the flow moments is brought about properly set active learning environment packed with project-based sessions. This experience brings more joy to the teacher and is less tiring than the frustrations picked from student apathy. It is clear that the policies for building as well as running high-quality project-learning atmosphere are industrious in several classrooms regardless of the project learning.

According to Dennen, 2005; Gerbic, 2006; Helbers, Rossi, & Hinton, 2005; Mazzolini & Maddison, 2003; Thompson & Savenye,( 2007) http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/melbourne08/procs/watson.pdf, there has been a wide research…… [Read More]

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Teacher Expectations Influence Student Academic Performance Although

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Teacher Expectations Influence Student Academic Performance

Although every classroom setting is unique, young learners in particular share the need to "learn how to learn" in a group setting that can be overcrowded and disruptive. To help address these challenging needs, studies have shown that the expectations that teachers establish can help provide the framework needed to manage classrooms and provide students with an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. To gain some further insights into how these expectations influence student academic performance, this paper describes five such teacher expectations that can positively influence student academic achievement. These expectations include completing class and homework in a timely fashion in order to earn passing scores, developing positive communication skills, refraining from disruptive or violent behaviors, coming to class on time and developing the critical thinking and assertiveness skills they will need to compete in the future. Following this review, a…… [Read More]

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Teacher To Continuously Learn and

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One best example of this is when her parents taught her how to become productive and save money on her own. She has had various part time jobs since she was 15 years old. Her parents have taught her the real value of money and she had experienced herself how it is to work hard for money. Whenever she had free time, she would find ways to earn some amount and save it fir the future. This is the very reason why she is able to save good sum of money which she can use in her own schooling.

Jane Doe may have not excelled tremendously back in her secondary years. Her grades were just the average, but what is special about her is that she was able to balance her academic activities with her extra-curricular ones. She has maintained positive relationship with her friends and team mats in her…… [Read More]

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Teacher's Name John Dillon Grade 2nd Grade

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Teacher's Name: John Dillon


2nd Grade



Lesson content:


Skills (Focus Areas)




Not observed

Lesson Introduction

Uses engaging and motivating introduction

States learning objectives to the students

Reviews content presented in previous classes


Clearly explains all key concepts with simple examples

Models skills and strategies to be used by students

Uses various teaching strategies

Asks various questions that engage in critical thinking

Asks questions to check comprehension

Gives appropriate feedback on students answers and activities x

Responds to students' questions x

Explains instructions clearly and briefly x

Presents accurate and up-to-date content x

Relates lesson content to students' lives x

Relates content to other subjects

Uses recent technology and resources x

Varies activities to match different students' levels x

14. Demonstrates enthusiasm for the class and the subject x

15. Enriches class through variety in activity types x

Classroom management

1. Provides a…… [Read More]

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Teacher Would Teach Facilitate a Child

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..[and]strengthen and improve the coordination of the small muscles in their hands and fingers. They use these muscles to control writing tools such as crayons, markers, and brushes" (Koralek & Collins, 1997). Thus even simple crafts and fun art projects can expand literacy skills, as can games like playing a matching game such as concentration, which show children that

"some things are exactly the same" like letters, and this "leads children to the understanding that the letters in words must be written in the same order every time to carry meaning" (Koralek & Collins, 1997). Reciting rhyming poems or singing songs that contrast short and long letter sounds teach children phonics basics. "Research has shown that phonemic awareness is the best predictor of early reading skills. Phonemes, the smallest units of sounds, form syllables, and words are made up of syllables. Children who understand that spoken language is made up…… [Read More]

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Teacher Is an Honorable Profession

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Barnes' third method is to hand out punishment to the student as soon as the offense occurs in front of the classroom. He gives an example of a student answering a question without obeying the classroom rule of raising her hand first. He says that he states to the student what rule has been broken and the punishment the student is to receive. This is a good method because it lets the child know why she is being punished and at the same time it lets the classroom know that if they repeat this same offense, they will receive the same punishment. This method is a good one and appears as though it would be extremely effective.

The last strategy Barnes discusses is not blaming the parents for the child's negative behavior. The truth of the matter is that it is the parent's who are responsible for the upbringing of…… [Read More]

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Teacher Instructional Technology With New Literacy Instruction

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teacher instructional technology with new literacy instruction to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary?

The alternative hypothesis would be that new literacy instruction does have th potential to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary. In other words that significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The null hypothesis would be that no significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The study will choose 2 different schools in a certain district with classes k-5 where one school has introduced new literacy techniques (namely technological strategies), and the other school is still employing traditional instruction.

The schools would be as closely matched as possible with students coming from a similar socio-economic background and with their parents generally sharing a similar educational niche (i.e. either…… [Read More]

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Teaching Situation Presents Many Challenges One of

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teaching situation presents many challenges. One of these is the illusion that teaching a particular subject within a school occurs within a type of vacuum. In other words, the teacher's classroom is physically isolated from the rest of the school, creating a sense that there is little that connects the teaching of one particular subject with the others. In this way, finding solutions to problems could also prove challenging, since teachers may feel as if nobody outside of their classroom has similar experiences or challenges. Hence, the solutions to problems are also perceived to necessarily occur in isolation. However, the chapter offers some concepts that can help to mitigate these challenges. The first is to see the organization, in this case the school, as an integrated system, and the second is to use a specific method, the 7 Step Method, to analyze problems and find solutions in an organized and…… [Read More]

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Teaching a Group of Five-Year-Old

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Following the story and the demonstration, the use of a song to reinforce the steps to proper brushing would assure that the students learn and remember each step. If the music is set to a song they are already familiar with, the chance of learning and remember are increased as the student will make a positive connection.

Finally, a kinestic activity should take place. This could be by having the student draw a picture of him/her doing proper technique or by having the students role-play proper techniques with a partner.

When teaching a group of five-year-old students, it is important to have a wide variety of activities that reach all styles and types of learning. The activities should not be too long and should be taught using vocabulary and language that they identify with and clearly understand. Therefore, the Multiple Intelligence learning theory would be best in this…… [Read More]

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Teaching Methodologies Has Been Increasingly

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This is when learning comprehension will decrease. As a result, these concepts should be used to create a foundation for everyone. (McLoughlin, 2005, pp. 125 -- 129)

This means that the ideas presented in a traditional format should be augmented with the PBL method. This will build upon the foundation that was established and it will help students to use these concepts on their own. It is at this point that the total amounts of learning comprehension will increase dramatically. Once this happens, is when the student will be able to recall these ideas at different times throughout the course of their lives.

Evidence of this can be seen with research conducted by Dobbs (2008). She determined that effectively integrating different traditional and PBL methods will help to improve learning comprehension. This is because these approaches are presenting these ideas to students in a various formats. (Dobbs, 2008, pp. 9…… [Read More]

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Teacher of Early Childhood the

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It is necessary that the teacher of early childhood individuals understand that different individuals develop at different rates and that this is due to "differing physiological factors and differing experiences." (Growth Stages 1: Infancy and Early Childhood, nd) in a 2005 news report of the National Academies Education & Research entitled: "Timeout for Child Policy" relates that the United States "has not made the most of scientific knowledge about children's development between birth and age 5 - a period that sets the stage for their intellectual and emotional growth. By and large, what currently exists for America's children is a mixed bag of policies and practices...." (National Academies, 2005)


In the case where a teacher does not understand the stages of development of children and where the teacher fails to understand that children develop at different rates…… [Read More]

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Teaching ESL EFL Reading and Writing

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The chapter goes on to explicate each writing task by means of examples and further specific guidance for teachers. It is also suggested that the tasks do not need to be applied in isolation, but that they can also be used in combination for greater effectiveness. Examples are given of experience and guided tasks that can be done in groups. In this regard, the author points out that group work has advantages for both teachers, learners, and the learning process itself. Teachers' supervision and grading workloads are reduced, while learners view each other as a learning resource in addition to the teacher.

The chapter concludes by a short section that guides teachers' decision-making when implementing the four writing task types. It is suggested that teachers use a critical approach to determine which tasks would be most appropriate.

I found the chapter extremely interesting, as teaching writing to ESL/EFL students is…… [Read More]

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Teacher Leadership and School Change

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The study itself was based in a rural southern school of 720 students and 62 teachers...During professional development days, nine teachers were asked to present a program that focused on a particular effective teaching practice in which they excelled based upon the evaluations, both formal and informal, of the campus administration" (Hickey & Harris, 2005: 4).It was thus a school-specific professional leadership plan, not one connected to a lager leadership theory or methodology of teaching, hence, the article contends, its greater usefulness to practitioners. It also acted as a facilitator of greater collegiality amongst educators.

The sessions also had quantitatively and qualitatively-based feedback evaluation surveys. "In evaluating the experience, 63.4% of the teachers had positive feelings about professional development when teachers were used within the district to share expertise" and expressed positive feelings about being led by peers to improve school policy (Hickey & Harris, 2005: 4; 5). The district…… [Read More]

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Teaching ESL Students at Least 3 5 Million

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Teaching ESL Students

At least 3.5 million children every year are identified as possessing limited English proficiency and require additional support before they are mainstreamed into the regular classroom environment (Miller & Endo 2004: 786). Approaches to ESL instruction run the gamut from total immersion to fostering a largely bilingual approach to education for this group of students. The two typical program approaches are that of a transitional bilingual education (TBE) versus a structured (sheltered) English immersion (SEI) program. In TBE, students are instructed in their native language and slowly transitioned to English, and are mainstreamed within 2-3 years to an English-only environment. In the SEI model, all instruction is provided in English immediately, with no accommodations (Tong 2009). A "major challenge that schools face under the pressure of the landmark No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 is to prepare ELLs with native-like English proficiency through various instructional models…… [Read More]

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Teacher Instructional Technology Literacy Instruction Improve Elementary

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teacher instructional technology literacy instruction improve elementary (K-5) student achievement reading vocabulary? Create a qualitative research scenario phenomenology approach.

Using phenomenology

Does the use of instructional technology improve elementary (K-5) student reading vocabulary?

In the era of high-stakes testing, student performance on reading has become increasingly important in determining school evaluations. Reading is a fundamental skill necessary for future success in life. Students are reading in a paper-based format less frequently, at younger ages. This research study will attempt to asses the impact of using technology within the classroom to enhance vocabulary recognition. Previous research indicates that "teacher-made online learning resources provide course content anchored resources that focus on specific real world tasks in class, and a supportive authentic learning environment to learners" (Li 2011).

Using technology to teach reading has several apparent advantages. First of all, it can deploy a multimedia strategy to enhance student engagement. Students are often…… [Read More]

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Teaching I E Development Environmental and

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Unlike humans, these reflexes control the behavior throughout the lives of animals. While in humans' infant use these reflexes to adapt to the environment, and soon the reflexes are replaced by constructed schemes. Piaget described two processes adapted by individuals, namely assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation is a process of transforming or utilizing the environment so that it can be composed in coherence with already existing cognitive structures in the human brains, conversely, making a reference point with respect to the environment; while accommodation is a process of changing the cognitive structures with a motive of accepting something from the environment. Both these processes are used throughout life as person increasingly adapts to the environment in a complex meshwork of schematic development. When schemes take a more complex form they become structures. In turn when structures become complex they are organized in a hierarchical manner i.e. more specific and less vague…… [Read More]

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Teaching Mathematics at Secondary School Level

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achievement of a teaching task. Despite of the different approach that teachers and instructors used, there is a part in teaching that allows the learners to gain knowledge, or better, to gain skills.

The different methods of teaching, since the past years up to the present times, have shown and demonstrated their respective means of imparting knowledge. Each method provides ways of capturing the abilities of the learners, as well as communicating ideas and information. Wherever there is teaching, it is always essential that there must be learning since the essence of a teaching task is to be able to bestow knowledge.

One example where we can see the process of growth in a teaching task is in a mathematics class. Before, mathematics is taught in a more visual manner, "literally" speaking, where the process involves materials such as chalk and board, and paper and pencils. Now, in the days…… [Read More]

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Teaching Characteristics and Difficulties of

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Also, it is almost impossible to assess the classes' collective level of interest from email, papers, and responses, for a particular lesson. Interactive technology, even video conferencing, lacks the cohesive nature of one-on-one interaction in the real world as a class. Even though a video conference, a teacher cannot monitor students as closely, assign in-class team assignments, or have as much flexibility over tailoring his or her lesson plan to suit the immediate dynamics of the room.

Depending on the number of students in the class, the online format can also seem impersonal. Students may subconsciously hold this against the teacher and either feel excessively dependent on or resentful of the instructor, either bombarding the teacher with email on one hand, or turning in assignments late on the other. Peer interaction can provide some support, and ideally may even be more sustaining than in a real world, large lecture hall,…… [Read More]