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Productive Teaching

Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40920493

Productive Teaching

A Culturally-Based Cognitive Apprenticeship

The article puts forth the idea that those who teach literature in schools are giving students too much of their own interpretations and stating them to be correct, rather than allowing the students to think for themselves and find other ways to interpret the literature. Since this attitude toward telling the students what is right instead of letting them learn seems to be very prevalent in schools that have large minority populations, the author of the article chose to look at ways that this could be changed. Taking culture into account was very important, as was finding something that could stimulate the students intellectually. Otherwise, they would not learn. Theoretical arguments for using a cultural approach toward learning are also discussed by Lee as she works her way through the issues that surround and plague the teaching of minority cultures in many schools. The…… [Read More]

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How Teacher Gestures Affect Student Problem Solving

Words: 3166 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49810320

Teacher Gestures Affect Student Problem Solving

Learning is a process of brain development and change that is caused by diverse factors contributing to the learning experience of humans. Such includes mechanisms like speech and gestures.

This paper aims to study and provide information on the role of gesture mechanism in the learning process of students. From written articles and previous studies, this paper aims to gather and analyze data on how gestures affect change and development in the problem solving capabilities of children. It addresses issues on the fundamental role of using gestures in teaching: How are children's problem solving methods and approaches influenced by teachers' gestures?

Speech, naturally, is the very common approach of imparting thoughts and knowledge to anyone. It is the easiest way of expressing ideas, of presenting information, and of allowing the mind to picture what is being explained through verbalized characterization of the subject. Aside…… [Read More]

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Education -- Teaching Observations and

Words: 543 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17115085

The teacher explained that the use of a commercial science-teaching program that emphasized hands-on participation and active inquiry in its design had helped her achieve high levels of genuine interest among her students. The materials for this module consisted of individual sets for each group that were easily assembled into experimental designs utilizing different types of soil, inclined planes, and water dispensed through variable means to closely simulate natural erosion processes (Huber & Moore, 2001).

According to the teacher, the use of the materials dramatically increased student interest and also subject matter retention of the same Earth Science concepts that are typically the subject of passive learning via textbook reading assignments and lectures by teachers (Huber & Moore, 2001). The teacher credited the hands-on involvement as well as the design of the lessons to emphasize critical thinking and inquiry-based analyses with the ability to sustain the high level of student…… [Read More]

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Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Words: 60754 Length: 230 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60817292

Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of…… [Read More]

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ED Students and Teacher Behavior

Words: 6032 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57044186

This study used quantitative techniques to measure the dependent variables, but the answers obtained have a high level of subjectivity present in them.

Confounding Variables

Aside from the independent and dependent variables, almost every study has a number of factors present that affect the results obtained in the study and the ability to interpret them. In this study, there are a number of factors that must be addressed in regards to the teacher responses to the survey. Confounding variables can be internal or external factors over which the researcher has no control. It id difficult to find a study that has absolutely no confounding variables that could affect the results.

In this study, the first confounding variable is dependent on the interactions of other confounding variables. The student's type and severity of emotional disturbance are the first factors that affect the results obtained in this study. Neither the teachers, nor…… [Read More]

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Authoritarian Teaching Model for Supervision of Students

Words: 1674 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41104094

classroom environment, there are many teaching methods and supervision techniques in use. These methods range from the authoritarian approach to the passive approach, providing a wide array of results in academic performance, levels of unacceptable behaviors, and overall classroom environments. This paper will examine the authoritarian approach to teaching and supervision, and will examine the benefits of such a teaching method. Additionally, this paper will discuss why I believe the authoritarian method of supervision is ideal for use in grade school classrooms.

First, it is important to understand what is meant by the authoritarian approach. In a classroom setting, the authoritarian teacher is firm, placing strict limits and controls on the students. Emphasis is generally placed on organization and obedience. Often, assigned seats are given, and kept throughout the school term. Additionally, desks are often placed in rows, and seldom altered during regular classroom learning. Students are expected to remain…… [Read More]

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Pedagogy Methods

Words: 1585 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17260445

Adult Teaching Methods

Teaching people to learn and absorb topics of any size or scope may seem basic to many. However, the matter can be quite complex depending on what is being taught and who it is being taught to. The subject matters because some topics are easy and benign while others are complex and/or controversial. Who is being taught matters as well and there are a number of dimensions by which learning methods would matter and these include the generation in which the person is born, how old they are, where they live, how they were raised and even their cultural or ethnic background. Teaching of adults in particular is known as pedagogy and there is a whole school of thought and research that is dedicated to that subject along. This particular assignment asks the author to explain the methods and tactics that would or could be used to…… [Read More]

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My Teaching Experience in a Clinical Environment

Words: 2815 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29982159

Peer Observation of Teaching in Clinical Settings

In the teaching approach analysis, I captured the happenings of the teaching session by taking many notes relating to the teaching methods, learning environment, engagement, and management for the session. I brought in peer observations like the teaching set-up in class while seeking to address the difficulties of a clinical setting and a classroom simultaneously. I was keen on the formulating and guiding the observation without rating or assessing the teaching performance. I invited a colleague to conduct a peer observation of my teaching where he would later provide feedback on my practice as a clinical teacher. The best forms of review are based on the time scope while taking notes on the backside. Later, the faculty members look into the expected notes and paying attention towards areas that the peer evaluator asks to focus attention. In a note taking exercise, it is…… [Read More]

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Montessori Maria Montessori Theories Methods

Words: 1649 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83423637

Similarly, Maria Montessori's life provides key lessons for educators and for other individuals confronted with large systems that they can see to be clearly broken. Montessori managed to overcome the general gender discrimination typical of her time, and more than that she managed to challenge and the preconceived and largely entrenched patriarchal notions of education as an exercise in control, replacing them with her own theories based solely on the fact that they worked so indisputably well (a fact that has failed to bring many theories and projects to light). In this manner, she is a direct inspiration to educators and others working to fix a flawed system, or at least to mitigate its damage.

It is difficult to determine the extent of Montessori's impact on the overall practice of education, as she was not the only force working towards the liberalization of educational practices in the first half of…… [Read More]

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Distance Learning How Distance Teaching

Words: 1380 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 51516943

Attitudes: classroom vs. distance learning

The question of the differences between conventional teaching experience and distance education is also a factor that impinges on the issue of student attitude and involvement. This refers to the fact that many students have different and often opposing views about distance education and these attitudinal patterns affect the success or failure of a distance learning model. As Chapter seven of the readings state, "...a common question that is examined is how students feel about distance education relative to traditional classroom instruction." (Chapter seven, p.175)

The student responses to this aspect vary from satisfaction with the distance courses or education to views that distance education tends to detract from the overall learning experience. These can include aspects such as technological issues and problems and the experience of instructors or teachers. (Chapter seven, p.175)

One of the primary concerns that were found with regard to students…… [Read More]

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Writing Skills Teaching the Test

Words: 1186 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 48712048

Still, the significance of his work for the entire academic community can be gathered from Barlow's uncertainties. Barlow writes that he has searched the literature for an effective way of incorporating both the skills required for students to be good writers and teaching the test. Still he found that "they assume a greater control of the academic environment external to the particular classroom than I, as a part-time teacher, can possibly maintain" (para. 12). Thus, the question becomes, why are such outdated methods of testing still being used when they fly in the face of everything progressive writing teachers are arguing? Why do universities and colleges continue to force basic writing students to pass these tests when professors, like Barlow, continually stress that taking time to teach the test takes away from the teaching methods that they think will most benefit the students? Barlow does not have the answer to…… [Read More]

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Unnatural Acts Charting the Future of Teaching

Words: 1273 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56425412

Unnatural Acts:

Charting the Future of Teaching the Past

When someone mentions a historical fact, we more or less accept it as just that -- a fact, without ever questioning the authenticity of the source, analysis and interpretation process applied to it and the accuracy of the conclusion. We assume that since a historian wrote it down carefully after thorough research in a published book, it must be correct and should not be questioned. But do we have to blame ourselves of our uncurious minds. Sam Wineburg thinks not. He believes that it is not our minds that are just too uninterested in history, but actually the way historical facts are transferred to us that completely kill our desire to question them. In other words, he blamed the history teaching methods applied in schools and colleges for our absolute lack of interest in history and the fact that most Americans…… [Read More]

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Nursing Teaching Strategies Research

Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85144836

Nursing Distance Education Research

Distance education is continually growing and expanding, including in nursing education, but problems still exist. Many educators have limited background in high-end technologies and instructional design (Holly, 2009). There is concern on how the technological revolution is affecting nurse educators in times of educator shortages (Axley, 2008). There is also concerns in teaching methods where the majority of questions are lower level questions with limited high level questions, such as analysis, synthesis, or evaluation, as well as problem-based learning may not obtain all needed criteria (Russell, 2007).

Today's learners are active and self-directed with widely varied knowledge, background, interests, and educational gaps (Holly, 2009). The different healthcare settings require a nurse's literacy in information technology for evidence-based practice, such as with electronic medical records. Nurse educators need strong knowledge in information technologies and instructional design to include all needed curriculum as well as core competencies, informatics,…… [Read More]

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Alternative Teacher Certification

Words: 1186 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65574391

Alternative Teacher Certification Issues

Why are Schools Hiring Non-Credentialed Teachers?

Because many school districts across the United States have been experiencing severe teacher shortages [the U.S. Department of Education projects that up to 2.7 million new teachers will be needed by 2013 (Shepherd, et al., 2003)], many districts have turned to unqualified, non-certified college graduates, to fill in for the dearth of fully-credentialed teachers. This policy puts people with college degrees into jam-packed classrooms, but are they really teachers? Of course not. And, are they able to teach writing, reading, math, science - and give bona fide tests - with the same degree of competence as teachers who have gone through the entire training period and have received their credentials? Certainly not, in most cases, this paper shows.

Surely, it is safe to say that schools that hire non-credentialed individuals and call them "teachers" in order to put warm bodies…… [Read More]

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Learning Assessments the Various Methods

Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 50901998

e. In instances where the students have already demonstrated a diversity of learning styles (DeCastro-Ambrosetti & Cho, 2005). The use of authentic assessments includes greater student directive-ness and increased empowerment and self-guidance and -reliance in the learning process.

Self-assessment is seen by many to be the culmination of the individualization of learning assessment, but when this occurs solely for the purposes of accountability, learning is far from guaranteed (Gaytan & McEwen, 2007). This is partially due to the difference students and instructors, at least in the study conducted by Gaytan and McEwen (2007), perceive in the purpose of self-assessment tests; students viewed them primarily as a way to receive feedback as to their progress and achievement, while instructors saw them more as a way to make sure students understood the material (Gaytan and McEwen, 2007). Both views underline the usefulness of self-assessments, but perhaps they can be best applied by…… [Read More]

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Vision Statement Teaching Goals You

Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55734602

I would say that my greatest strengths as a teacher are my commitment to improving the lives, learning, and attitude of my students and my determination to engage in intense self-scrutiny about my teaching methods. I am determined to make school a dynamic and welcoming place. Balancing the individual needs of students with the need to create an integrated and fully-functioning classroom is my challenge and the challenge of so many educators today: we must meet pre-determined standards in terms of what students can learn, but are coping with a more diverse population than ever before.

I hope to use that diversity as a strength to make my classroom a better place. Using team assignments enable stronger and weaker students to work together and create a more cohesive sense of unity. I also intend, on the other hand, to encourage students to engage in independent activities, such as research projects,…… [Read More]

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Student Centered Teaching Progressivism Social

Words: 6624 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55418377

Now we have examined two extremes in educational thought that have developed over the past century. Teacher centered and student centered philosophies differ significantly in their approach to the student-teacher relationship. Teacher centered philosophy does not depend on the student's wants and needs at all. Teacher centered philosophy uses antiquated methods, such as rote learning. However, these methods are quickly being replaced by a more student-centered approach. Student centered approaches to learning are an important part of the new technologically advanced society. The following will explore the role of student-centered philosophies in the emerging technological tends

Teaching Philosophies and the Changing Society

The emphasis of essentialism and perennialism is on standardization and the learning of material. This style of learning is authoritarian and disciplinarian. The study is acted upon and has no choice or preference in the material or the method by which they choose to learn it. They are…… [Read More]

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GCSE Mathematics Teacher

Words: 1795 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38682236

Personal specification for GCSE Mathematics position

Appropriate knowledge and skills related to the area of teaching required and a willingness to keep up-to-date.

In order to be a successful GCSE mathematics teacher, it is important that I must know appropriate knowledge about the course that I am delivering to the students and have good skills of communication so that the students understand my way of teaching as well. I have taken different courses of calculus, statistics, geometry and algebra in college as well as during the graduation level. Taking the courses has strengthened my command in mathematics and I can easily and confidently transfer the processes and concepts over to the students. Answer key in mathematics is one of the short-cuts that should be avoided so I do not allow my students to have the key with them at all as this would lower their confidence as well as mine.…… [Read More]

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Technology Tools in Teaching

Words: 876 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26066890

Learning Games for the Future

The impact of technology on the education system has not been fully explored in many ways. Teachers and students alike are discovering new ways in which technology may be incorporated within the day and find approaches that utilize technology to its greatest advantage. Combining technology with the sense or need for play and games is at the heart of this problem. It is essential for researchers to have a strong grasp of the opportunities that exist. This research topic will specifically examine the role of games and technology as they relate to 2nd grade education modalities and approaches. This essay will review literature discussing this topic and provide some strengths and weaknesses of those arguments and how the research itself was conducted.

Summary of Findings

Shin et al. (2006) used their research efforts to investigate the effects of handheld gaming on student learning within the…… [Read More]

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Learning Techniques Teaching and Learning

Words: 1337 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98259550

They are somewhat vague about how the contrasting learning needs of younger and older groups can effectively be met in a single classroom setting, but nonetheless note that there is a great need for community research to clarify this issue. The conclusions and attitudes of these authors are also much more accommodating of the differences in learners than those of Caudron.

Having noted the above, the article could benefit from a clearer explication of different teaching methods that could work not only for the different groups, but for integrated groups as well. Another limitation is that the article differentiates between two age groups, without acknowledging that there could be learning style differences within a single age group. While therefore accepting that there could be different learning styles, the article still treats these somewhat simplistically.

By far the most complex in terms of learning style application is McCarthy's article, which focuses…… [Read More]

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Traditional Methods of Language Teaching

Words: 1884 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86392313

Traditional Methods of Language Teaching

The paper discuses the various traditional methods of language teaching, namely:

Grammar Translation Method

The Audio-lingual Method

The Direct Method

The Silent Way

The Communicative Approach

Cognitive code learning

The Natural Approach

Behaviorist approach

Functional-Notional Approach and The task-based approach

The paper discusses each approach in details and describes its various chief principles and how it helps both teachers and students to teach, understand, learn, and practice all the skills they learn through these approaches.

Grammar Translation Method

This method involves the learner to spend a lot of time in understanding the language structure. Though both listening as well as speaking suffer because of it. However, grammar and vocabulary are being stressed throughout the teaching method.

The grammar translation method has been derived from traditional approaches to the teaching of Latin and Greek in the nineteenth century (Selected Lesson Plans). It was originally used to…… [Read More]

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Republic Teaching Has Undergone Considerable

Words: 1362 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53855054

It is clear however that he has been affected by Thrasymachus' tone and style, as there still is a "hitch," but only a slight one, in his voice when he asks his opponent to forgive any shortcomings in himself and Polymarchus when conducting their debate. He argues that they have been arguing in a manner that would most likely bring them to the truth regarding the nature of justice. He strengthens his control over the argument by asserting that justice is more precious than gold and that the style of argumentation was aimed at finding this precious piece of truth. Furthermore, rather than directly saying that Thrasymachus was mistaken in his argumentation, he asks him the reasons for the specific manifestation of his outburst.

When proceeding to the following sections of the work, Thrasymachus continues the scathing nature of his side of the debate, yet it is clear that Socrates…… [Read More]

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Communicative Language Teaching Communicative Competence

Words: 3124 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8406239

wikipedia.org/wiki/Communicative_language_teaching#Overview_of_CLT,2005). This means that successfully learning a foreign language is assessed in terms of how well learners have developed their communicative competence, which can loosely be defined as their ability to apply knowledge of both formal and sociolinguistic aspects of a language with adequate proficiency to communicate. Communicative language teaching is usually characterized as a broad approach to teaching, rather than as a teaching method with a clearly defined set of classroom practices (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communicative_language_teaching#Overview_of_CLT,2005).

Communicative Activities

Communicative language teaching makes use of real-life situations that necessitate communication. The teacher sets up a situation that students are likely to encounter in real life. Unlike the audiolingual method of language teaching, which relies on repetition and drills, the communicative approach can leave students in suspense as to the outcome of a class exercise, which will vary according to their reactions and responses (Orellana, 1997). The real-life simulations change from day-to-day, and the…… [Read More]

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Vocabulary Learning Methods With Beginning

Words: 2662 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 49283405

231) Yet, research recently has stated findings that "non-mnemonic semantic elaboration methods" are more effective that the mnemonic keyword technique on lexical retention for L2.

VIII. Differentiation of Mnemonic and Non-mnemonic Elaboration Techniques

Mnemonic and non-mnemonic elaboration techniques are differentiated by the manner of association of new words with previous knowledge in that: "mnemonic elaboration techniques establish this connection through verbal and visual imagery" however, the elaboration of non-mnemonic techniques makes this connection through use of semantic characteristics and may be through the organization of a list of scrambled words known as the 'ordering method' or through generation of sentences with the target word in a manner that the inference of the word can be made by the sentence or the 'sentence writing method'. (Sagarra and Alba, 2006, p. 231)

Furthermore, the connection can be made through construction of a diagram displaying the target word's semantic association known as the…… [Read More]

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culturally responsive teaching in education

Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94442906

Culturally responsive teaching cannot be taught in a piecemeal fashion. Coffey & Farinde-Wu (2016) use a case study to show how the development of self-awareness through extensive personal exploration of biases is even more crucial to a teacher’s ability to creating a culturally responsive learning environment and pedagogy. Strong mentoring of student-teachers can help new educators to develop the self-awareness as well as specific skills needed to teach in a culturally responsive way. Coffey & Farinde-Wu (2016) also explore the relationship between teachers’ ethnic identity/group membership and that of their students. Being Black does not necessarily lead to a culturally responsive pedagogy when working with Black students, as Tracie’s case study shows (Coffey & Farinde-Wu, 2016). Classroom structure, the student-teacher relationship, the integration of cooperative learning strategies, and actively teaching about race, class, gender, and power are all critical components of culturally responsive teaching.

Like Coffey & Farinde-Wu (2016), Kea…… [Read More]

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Diabetes Patient Teaching Plan Patient

Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20349250

These drugs help to control blood glucose levels and have fewer side effects and are not likely to interact of be contraindicated with other medication Kasper & Giovannucci, 2006()

6. To be able monitor the disease on their own

It is crucial for the client to be able to track their condition. Therefore, they must be trained on how to monitor their blood glucose levels to be able to discover potential problems quite early Kasper & Giovannucci, 2006()

Teaching method

This teaching plan will be carried out through the issuance of brochures to the patient to teach them on the topic. They will also have scheduled visual aid lessons to help them to understand the various aspects of the disease. It will also be taught using demonstrations and role playing in order to lighten up the teaching session.

Criteria & Means for Evaluation

This teaching plan will be evaluated using…… [Read More]

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Managing Behaviors & Teaching Social Skills Antisocial

Words: 9724 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 69077262

Managing Behaviors & Teaching Social Skills

Antisocial behavior in schools in on the rise and has become a concern in school systems, from both a learning perspective and from a safety perspective, as well. Previously, schools have dealt with such behaviors using punitive measures such as expulsion, or even law enforcement measures to attempt to discourage youth from behaving in an undesirable manner. These programs have had little or no effect on curbing behavior problems in schools. Second Step and Boys Town are programs, which implement a positive approach to behavior management. These programs teach youth alternatives to violence and stress problem solving, coping, and conflict management. These programs have had considerably greater success than their predecessors. This research will qualitatively explore the theoretical issues behind the success of these two programs and take a critical look at them to explore ways in which they may be further improved for…… [Read More]

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Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking

Words: 1549 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66100480

Crimes in Prison

Summary of "A Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking"

"A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking" describes a novel method for teaching programmers to think about programs in terms of objects instead of procedures in an attempt so solve the problem of programmers not adapting well to object-oriented programming. Programmers are introduced to the concepts of object-oriented programming without involving the specifics of any given language so that they can be taught to think in objects before they actually write object-oriented programs. The method consists of having programmers write down the class name, responsibilities and collaborators of each object on a separate note card, called a CRC card. Use of physical cards allows the programmer to represent relationships between objects spatially. The use of CRC cards has a high success rate for teaching programmers to solve problems using objects, rather than trying to add procedural techniques to an object-oriented…… [Read More]

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Methodologies and Research Methods Used in School Advisory Systems

Words: 3490 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35729848

School Advisory Systems

Some studies describe the attributes of programs that are run after school and assist in boosting social and academic growth of the youth in high school. Since the number of afterschool programs is limited, the importance of adopting the practices discussed in this paper will be significant and consequential. Following these practices will also help boost investment in after-school programs for youths in high school (Holstead, Hightower King & Miller, 2015). The effectiveness of advisory programs have corresponded to scope and intensity in the past. The delivery of learning and the ensuing firm innovation differs from program to program. Various methods are used to examine the range of delivery of various advisory programs, which are both quantitative, and qualitative (Sawang, Parker and Hine, 2016). Irrespective of the chosen hypotheses, Research methods have to be effective. If they are not, there is a risk of failure to collect…… [Read More]

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English in Thailand Teaching English

Words: 4751 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54473182

2002, 108)." By 1996 the teaching of English in Thailand was compulsory for all primary children from the first grade.

Teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand

Although the teaching of English as a second language has been present in Thailand for quite some time, there are still many issues that arise as it pertains to teaching English in Thailand. In some ways it may appear that English language pedagogy is still in its infancy. For instance many people in Thailand have low degrees of proficiency in English (Laopongharn & Sercombe, 2009). This is particularly true as it pertains to the speaking and writing of English. The problems present in Thailand as it pertains to Teaching English as a foreign language has many different causes (Laopongharn & Sercombe (2009). For the purposes of this discussion, Thai culture will be explored as an impediment to the teaching of English as…… [Read More]

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Psychology Learning Outcome the Best Method for

Words: 5136 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 78750258


Learning Outcome

The best method for conducting the study would involve the use of a case study. Since this would be a group, setting, the case study method would allow the researcher to conduct in-depth investigations. Case studies offer the researcher an opportunity to use various data gathering sources like interviews, and observations (Halligan & Marshall, 2013). In order for the researcher to conduct an in-depth study of the subjects, the case study would offer an effective method for data gathering. The researcher would manage to immerse him/herself into the group or could make observations as the participants attend their quit smoking classes. Being a participant would allow the other participants to open up to the researcher more easily. Since the classes mostly consist of around 20 people, this makes it a small number and easy for the researcher to deal with. A case study method would ensure that…… [Read More]

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Teaching a Beginning Reader Especially

Words: 1591 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23516206

Flexibility is necessary because of the very basic fact that all children with autism seem to express different needs and learning styles. The teacher needs to be able to modify instruction to meet the diverse needs among the spectrum of students with autism. As far as a reading ideology is concerned, an eclectic approach is best, because an autistic student requires several methodologies to obtain the appropriate education.


Hall, M., Ribovich, J. & Ramig, C. (1979). Reading and the Elementary School Child. New York, NY: D. Van Norstrand Company.

Iovannone, R., Dunlap, G., Huber, H., & Kincaid, D. (2003) Effective educational practices for students with autism spectrum disorders.

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities 18(3): 150

Jennett, H.K., Harris, S.L., & Mesibov, G.B. (2003). Commitment to philosophy, teacher efficacy, and burnout among teachers of children with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 33: 583-593.

Katims, D. (2000).…… [Read More]

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Teacher Instructional Technology With New Literacy Instruction

Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4005931

teacher instructional technology with new literacy instruction to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary?

The alternative hypothesis would be that new literacy instruction does have th potential to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary. In other words that significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The null hypothesis would be that no significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The study will choose 2 different schools in a certain district with classes k-5 where one school has introduced new literacy techniques (namely technological strategies), and the other school is still employing traditional instruction.

The schools would be as closely matched as possible with students coming from a similar socio-economic background and with their parents generally sharing a similar educational niche (i.e. either…… [Read More]

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Teacher Is an Honorable Profession

Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46077261

Barnes' third method is to hand out punishment to the student as soon as the offense occurs in front of the classroom. He gives an example of a student answering a question without obeying the classroom rule of raising her hand first. He says that he states to the student what rule has been broken and the punishment the student is to receive. This is a good method because it lets the child know why she is being punished and at the same time it lets the classroom know that if they repeat this same offense, they will receive the same punishment. This method is a good one and appears as though it would be extremely effective.

The last strategy Barnes discusses is not blaming the parents for the child's negative behavior. The truth of the matter is that it is the parent's who are responsible for the upbringing of…… [Read More]

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Teacher Teach Before Burning Out or Becoming

Words: 1563 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46329185

teacher teach before burning out or becoming stale?

This paper looks at the ideas of whether teachers should be made to go back into learning to gain a new license after a period of time, also looking at how their time can be best used with initiating new forms and methods into the classroom.

How long can a teacher teach before he becomes stale?

Every school system has a philosophy behind it, these are based on the views and values of those who are in position to educate, along with the society that is the main sponsor of the education. (Freire, 1998).

The philosophy begins with the view of reality and definitions of truth and goodness. There are five basic philosophies of education:

Perennialism is a very conservative and inflexible philosophy of education, based on the view that reality comes from fundamentally fixed truths-especially those relating to God. With a…… [Read More]

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Teaching What Essential Characteristics Effective Teaching Your

Words: 1758 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92800656


What essential characteristics effective teaching. Your essay include: Introduction - establishes interpretation topic, covering aspects effective teaching addressed essay; I things lesson preparation, communication, knowledge student's level knowledge, & classroom management, & assessment

What are the essential characteristics of effective teaching?

Using scaffolding in a mixed-level 5th grade math classroom

One of the most critical aspects of effective teaching is having a clear understanding of student's different levels of ability. A teacher is a performer in many respects, and a good performer knows his or her audience well. Aspects the teacher must consider are the level of previous preparation of different students; levels of ability; the enthusiasm of the class for the subject, and the different learning styles present within the class. This will determine aspects of the presentation such as the assumptions the teacher brings to the lesson, the need for review, and the use of visual aids…… [Read More]

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Teaching a Group of Five-Year-Old

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Following the story and the demonstration, the use of a song to reinforce the steps to proper brushing would assure that the students learn and remember each step. If the music is set to a song they are already familiar with, the chance of learning and remember are increased as the student will make a positive connection.

Finally, a kinestic activity should take place. This could be by having the student draw a picture of him/her doing proper technique or by having the students role-play proper techniques with a partner.

When teaching a group of five-year-old students, it is important to have a wide variety of activities that reach all styles and types of learning. The activities should not be too long and should be taught using vocabulary and language that they identify with and clearly understand. Therefore, the Multiple Intelligence learning theory would be best in this…… [Read More]

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Teaching That Play a Role

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Multicultural education researchers and educators agree that preservice teachers' attitudes, beliefs, and understandings are important: foci in multicultural education coursework (Cochran-Smith, 1995; Grant & Secada, 1990; McDiarmid & Price, 1993; Pohan, 1996). Teacher attitudes and beliefs influence teaching behaviors, which affect student learning and behavior (Wiest, 1998)."

1996 study used 492 pre-service teachers to try and gauge the attitudes and beliefs among the group when it came to understanding diversity and cultural differences in students (Wiest, 1998).

A decade earlier leading education experts Hollingsworth was able to identify a method for helping students of teaching to challenge their convictions and apply them to their careers.

Many advocates of multicultural education suggest that field experiences be included in preparing teachers to work with diverse student populations (Pohan, 1996; Sleeter, 1995; Tellez, Hlebowitsh, Cohen, & Norwood, 1995). Sleeter (1995) describes some investigations, such as miniethnographies, that her students conduct: I regard extended…… [Read More]

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Teaching Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension

Effective Teaching of Reading Comprehension

Just like writing and speaking, reading comprehension is a language skill that needs to be developed in order to enhance understanding of various types of texts. For a long time, teachers have employed different strategies in an attempt to assist their students catch a glimpse of their focus. However, some of these strategies have been applied haphazardly, most often out of ignorance. As a result, most students ended up having trouble in comprehending even basic text. Nevertheless, recent years have seen language experts coming up with techniques that have proven to be effective in solving some of these reading comprehension challenges. The following presentation explores some techniques a teacher can employ to make a reading exercise a successful adventure.

Instructional Strategies

Duke and Pearson (2004) recommend a number of tested instructional strategies for assisting students acquire effective comprehension skills. Despite the existence of…… [Read More]

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Teacher Has in Helping Students Develop Their

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teacher has in helping students develop their writing. Traditional methods of grading and scoring children's writing are being replaced in the modern educational system with feedback and constructive criticism of the work, rather than a trophy grade or labeling score. This study reviews literature previously compiled on the subject of feedback in the development of children's writing, as well as conducting original research with a small group of students and teachers that helps evaluate the role of feedback in writing, as well as determining what types of feedback are the most effective.

Overview & Evaluation of the Project

According to a seasoned author of the British Educational Research Journal, "Education without educational research can be governed by dogma, superstition, tradition and other forms of prejudice about what will work well and be 'good for' those involved in the educational process." (Murphy 1996) Education is an ongoing process, and even the…… [Read More]

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Teaching of Statistics and Problems Encountered in

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teaching of statistics and problems encountered in such teaching.

Teaching Statistics: An Annotated Bibliography

Albert, Jim. Teaching Statistics Using Baseball. New York: The Mathematical Association of America. 2003.

Baseball is a very statistically oriented sport, more so than any other sport. This book applies statistical methods and techniques to the game of baseball. Since students often have difficulty learning statistics because they are presented with examples that they have no frame of reference for, this book is ideal in that it provides concrete examples that students can use in their real lives.

Anderson, C.W. And Loynes, R.M. The Teaching of Practical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics). New York: John Wiley and Sons. 1988.

This is once again a practical teaching guide to statistics and probability. It is not as clear as some books, and does not use real-world examples that are relatable to the average student. Rather,…… [Read More]

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Teaching Allows Learning and Assessment for Those

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teaching allows learning and assessment for those that are my learners, as a painting and decorating tutor with the view to self-develop and progress. We will learn how to make the most of and inspire learning and how diversity and fairness play a significant part for both teachers and learners.

Most would probably know that assessment is getting the measurement of the learners' reaction to understanding and competence in teaching instruction (Curzon pg 383). In the job as a painter and decorating tutor, assessment are very important and foremost, as in the way learners are measured against usual standards prior to exams and attaining combined standing. My proficient and personal thoughts upon assessments are that as a teacher we need to be able to utilize various of methods and skills that will be employed to inspire and really keep learners motivated while giving feedback that is constructive in allowing them…… [Read More]

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Teaching Situation Presents Many Challenges One of

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teaching situation presents many challenges. One of these is the illusion that teaching a particular subject within a school occurs within a type of vacuum. In other words, the teacher's classroom is physically isolated from the rest of the school, creating a sense that there is little that connects the teaching of one particular subject with the others. In this way, finding solutions to problems could also prove challenging, since teachers may feel as if nobody outside of their classroom has similar experiences or challenges. Hence, the solutions to problems are also perceived to necessarily occur in isolation. However, the chapter offers some concepts that can help to mitigate these challenges. The first is to see the organization, in this case the school, as an integrated system, and the second is to use a specific method, the 7 Step Method, to analyze problems and find solutions in an organized and…… [Read More]

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Teaching of Writing to Students

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I don't grade the final draft in class, as I need more time to carefully read it and give it a rubric score (TIMELINE (http://www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com/writing/writingprocess/timeline.)"

This is a valuable aspect of the writing timeline that the teacher has developed. It provides the student with the ability to earn points on having excellent ideas and content even if the grammar and spelling is not up to par.

For many students the fear of writing begins when they turn in something they worked hard to produce and thought they had a wonderful writing idea, only to have it returned with red marks all over it for grammar errors.

Grammar and punctuation are very important elements to the lesson of writing, however, one must also consider the ideas and content that were offered as well.

Dividing the grading system into two areas, one for ideas and content and the other for grammar, spelling…… [Read More]

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Teacher Would Teach Facilitate a Child

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..[and]strengthen and improve the coordination of the small muscles in their hands and fingers. They use these muscles to control writing tools such as crayons, markers, and brushes" (Koralek & Collins, 1997). Thus even simple crafts and fun art projects can expand literacy skills, as can games like playing a matching game such as concentration, which show children that

"some things are exactly the same" like letters, and this "leads children to the understanding that the letters in words must be written in the same order every time to carry meaning" (Koralek & Collins, 1997). Reciting rhyming poems or singing songs that contrast short and long letter sounds teach children phonics basics. "Research has shown that phonemic awareness is the best predictor of early reading skills. Phonemes, the smallest units of sounds, form syllables, and words are made up of syllables. Children who understand that spoken language is made up…… [Read More]

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Teaching Strengths for the Content Area Secondary

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teaching strengths for the content area (secondary school mathematics or science) you plan to teach.

I have decided that I will teach mathematics at the secondary school level which is a subject I performed well at when I was in high school myself. I was always at the top of my classes when it came to math and I enjoyed all of the classes that I took in the subject. So, I think it has to be the right area in which I should pursue a teaching degree.

I can think of two strengths that I have, with regard to this subject, apart from the facts that I enjoy the study and was able to perform well at the secondary level. First, on a personal level, I do not try to act like I know more than other people, even though I may have a more perfect knowledge of the…… [Read More]

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Teaching Theories An Annotated Bibliography

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First, he states that teachers can learn, from their students, how to best affect their classes. Through talking with their students, teachers can learn in what those students are interested. Teachers can learn what teaching styles best affect them, what can engage them. This can help them better relate to their students as teachers, portraying their subjects in a way that students can understand. In addition, Corbett argues that teachers can learn from their students by re-learning what it is like to be a beginning learner. They can do this by taking a class themselves or by writing the papers that they assign to their students. Thus, they learn the pain and suffering that many students have to go through in order to learn. Thus, Corbett's major theory is that both students and teachers exist in a symbiotic relationship in which they learn from one another.

At first, many teachers…… [Read More]

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Teacher Centered Instruction

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Teacher-Centered Approach to Learning

The question of teacher-centered vs. student-centered learning is debated among educators and researchers alike. Brad Hayes has approached the question of which is more effective, in his article entitled, "An Experiment in Using Teacher-Centered Instruction vs. Student-Centered Instruction." Hayes engaged his senior students in an experiment wherein he used student-centered instruction in one group, and teacher-centered instruction in another. The results initially were that the teacher-centered group had higher test scores and appeared to be retaining more information. The student-centered group, however, after a short adjustment period, far exceeded the expectations of the curriculum and the instructor, showed far greater understanding and ultimately had a better learning experience, complete with higher final grades.

While it is true that most educators are far more comfortable with the teacher-centered, "chalk and talk" method of teaching, many are moving away from a teacher-centered approach. Hayes' article is quite…… [Read More]

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Teacher Work Sample

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Teaching Unit for an 8th-Grade Language Arts and Literature Class

Contextual Factors

Community, District, and School Factors

Classroom Factors

Student Characteristics

Learning Goals and Objectives

Pre-Assessments Aligned with Learning Goals and Objectives

Evaluation of Pre- and Post-Assessments

Criteria Used to Measure Student Performance for Learning Goals

Plan for Formative Assessment to Gauge Student Progress

Design for Instruction

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 1.

How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and b.

How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context

Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 2.


How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and Objective(s)


How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context


Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Instructional Decision-Making…… [Read More]

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Teaching in Cyberspace Online vs

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Comparison of the effectiveness of the students' grades and evaluation ratings between the two groups -- traditional as the control group and online as the experimental group -- completed the experimental design of the study.

Internal Validity Threats.

History- Yes, because of the differences in the time period in which traditional and online classes are conducted. Can be remedied through determination of fixed time schedules for each day or class meeting.

Maturation- No, because both classes finished in the same time period, signified by the fact that both groups took their exams simultaneously and within one setting/location.

Testing- No, since utilization of the ANOVA within-subjects and between-subjects test was the most appropriate statistical test to be conducted for this type of study.

Instrumentation- Yes, because there are other more efficient ways from which effectiveness can be assessed. Instruments focusing on actual time spent for the course, especially for online students,…… [Read More]

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Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire The

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Teach like your hair's on fire: The methods and madness inside room 56 by Rafe Esquith. Specifically it will contain a book report on the book. This book, written by a teacher with nearly 25 years experience, talks about how to make a difference in the classroom, and make a difference in children's lives. He writes about his classroom, "It's a world where character matters, hard work is respected, humility is valued, and support for one another is unconditional" (Esquith x). That is the thesis of this book, that our culture is insane, and that the right things no longer matter to society, which he is attempting to change through his teaching. He believes if you teach as if your hair is on fire and you do not know it (which happened to him in the classroom), you are moving in the right direction as a teacher, and you will…… [Read More]

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Teacher Instructional Technology Literacy Instruction Improve Elementary

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teacher instructional technology literacy instruction improve elementary (K-5) student achievement reading vocabulary? Create a qualitative research scenario phenomenology approach.

Using phenomenology

Does the use of instructional technology improve elementary (K-5) student reading vocabulary?

In the era of high-stakes testing, student performance on reading has become increasingly important in determining school evaluations. Reading is a fundamental skill necessary for future success in life. Students are reading in a paper-based format less frequently, at younger ages. This research study will attempt to asses the impact of using technology within the classroom to enhance vocabulary recognition. Previous research indicates that "teacher-made online learning resources provide course content anchored resources that focus on specific real world tasks in class, and a supportive authentic learning environment to learners" (Li 2011).

Using technology to teach reading has several apparent advantages. First of all, it can deploy a multimedia strategy to enhance student engagement. Students are often…… [Read More]

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Teaching Research Why Is it

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In the classroom, quizzes, homework, and tests can be designed to match previously learned material to the new information being tested. This can also be done with pre-tests, and by having students re-check the facts they verbalize or wrote in class (Kerns, et al., 2005).

Provide timely feedback

Students can presume they know how well they are doing in class, but they may not. In order to help them focus on what they need to know, the teacher should spend time going over quizzes, homework and tests to link incorrect information to what was actually studied.

Also, students should be given techniques and hints for self-assessment in order to provide their own feedback. They should be taught not to assume they know why they missed an answer and understand how to explore and research the correct one (Kerns, et al., 2005).

Constructive education-related interaction between students, and between students and…… [Read More]

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Teaching Mathematics at Secondary School Level

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achievement of a teaching task. Despite of the different approach that teachers and instructors used, there is a part in teaching that allows the learners to gain knowledge, or better, to gain skills.

The different methods of teaching, since the past years up to the present times, have shown and demonstrated their respective means of imparting knowledge. Each method provides ways of capturing the abilities of the learners, as well as communicating ideas and information. Wherever there is teaching, it is always essential that there must be learning since the essence of a teaching task is to be able to bestow knowledge.

One example where we can see the process of growth in a teaching task is in a mathematics class. Before, mathematics is taught in a more visual manner, "literally" speaking, where the process involves materials such as chalk and board, and paper and pencils. Now, in the days…… [Read More]

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Teaching in the Diverse Classroom

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California teachers meet the challenges of a classroom that is becoming increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse. The research will be based upon several proven strategies, including reflective practice, and incorporating the knowledge gained into practice.

Action research is described as "as a tool of curriculum development consisting of continuous feedback that targets specific problems in a particular school setting" (Ferraro). Mettetal adds that action research is undertaken in order to answer a specific practical problem, resulting in action. It is relevant to the specific site where it occurs, and results are shared with individuals who are directly affected by the research.

The action research program proposed here will follow the model set forth by Ferraro. A senior teacher will take the role of the researcher and role model. As such, the senior teacher will hold monthly meetings with all student teachers. At these meetings the student teachers will report their…… [Read More]

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Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Education

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Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities

Working with students with disabilities (SWD) can be quite challenging, especially for teachers working on a full-time basis. Almost every classroom today has one or more students dealing with either an emotional, educational, or physical disability; and teachers are likely to find themselves looking for resources or information that would enable them teach all their students in the most effective way. There are numerous special-education websites from which teachers and instructors can obtain information or lessons on teaching their respective subjects. Five websites available to the math special education teacher have been discussed in the subsequent sections of this text.

Teacher Resources

Teachers Helping Teachers: http://www.pacificnet.net/~mandel/

This online resource provides teaching information for all teachers, with a 'Special Education' segment that provides a number of activities meant specifically for instilling basic conceptual skills in learners with special needs. The activities are submitted by…… [Read More]

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Teaching Characteristics and Difficulties of

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Also, it is almost impossible to assess the classes' collective level of interest from email, papers, and responses, for a particular lesson. Interactive technology, even video conferencing, lacks the cohesive nature of one-on-one interaction in the real world as a class. Even though a video conference, a teacher cannot monitor students as closely, assign in-class team assignments, or have as much flexibility over tailoring his or her lesson plan to suit the immediate dynamics of the room.

Depending on the number of students in the class, the online format can also seem impersonal. Students may subconsciously hold this against the teacher and either feel excessively dependent on or resentful of the instructor, either bombarding the teacher with email on one hand, or turning in assignments late on the other. Peer interaction can provide some support, and ideally may even be more sustaining than in a real world, large lecture hall,…… [Read More]

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Teaching the Skill of Listening to Children

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Teaching the Skill of Listening to Children

This short essay aims to discuss the process of teaching listening skills to children. The main focus is to describe problems that may arise and then to suggest some possible solutions for each in terms of the learning process in general. Listening as a skill set is one of the more critical skills needed by young learners. To show how difficult attaining listening is, consider this from a non-native speaker. "A common complaint from learners on first visiting an English-speaking country is that their listening skills cannot cope with fast spontaneous speech." (Cauldwell) It is believed that of the group of four skills humans use most often, listening should be considered to be by far one of the most frequently used. Consider how in the United States speaking and listening are usually taught in tandem, but from the teaching perspective, speaking…… [Read More]

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Teacher the Characteristics of a

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This teacher never had any of the assignments that were to be completed prepared ahead of time, and she often appeared to be second guessing the information that she was giving to the class.

Both of the teaching styles affected my learning experience. The positive, organized teacher had a good affect on me; however the teacher that was mentioned under negative impact did not have a good impact on my learning experience. There are times when you may have a class that is not your favorite subject, however when you have a teacher that is well organized, and they truly show that they love what they are teaching, it has sparked a curiosity for that subject even though I may not have previously cared for it. On the other hand with the negative teacher, I began to care for the subject matter even less. It was hard to stay focused…… [Read More]

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Teacher Reading Summary Effective Reading Teacher's Summary

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Teacher Reading Summary

Effective Reading Teacher's Summary

Literacy is described as the capacity to utilized reading and writing for varied types of tasks both inside and outside of the classroom. Reading is defined as a process that is complex in comprehending test that is written and it is reported that individuals interpret meaning according to the type of text that is being read and their reason for reading that text. Writing is described as a method of production of text that is complex in nature with writers creating meaning in a way that is relative to the type of the text and their purpose for writing the text. Dynamic is defined as an active involvement in reading and writing pursuits and strategic is defined as a conscious monitoring by reader and writers of their learning. Goal-oriented is described as reading and writing for a specific purpose or with a specific…… [Read More]