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Normal I Offer Why Because I Potential

Words: 2023 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69223221

normal I offer. Why? Because I potential a false flag attack London Olympics worth researching. Okay,'s deal. You write a paper length normal extra credit assignment explained Extra Credit Unit.

Conspiracy theory or terrorism? -- The 2012 London Olympics

There has been a lot of controversy in the recent years regarding conspiracies and how some of the world's most influential individuals are actively engaged in a plot to exploit mankind. False flag attacks are believed to be attempts performed by these individuals with the purpose of justifying their intervention in particular areas that they are interested in. This year's London Olympics represents one of the most intriguing opportunities for certain actors to put their strategies into work, considering that the world's attention is focused on the event and that the number of people present there would surely draw significant responsiveness from an international public concerned in penalizing individuals and groups…… [Read More]

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Implementation Plan

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 76615160

Business Implementation

The Ducks Poker Room

Company & Product Description

Management Team

Marketing Plan


Human Resources

Implementation Plan

Financial Plans

The Ducks Poker Room was founded in 2012 and is the finest poker room in the State of Oregon. The Ducks Poker Room offers any poker game in a relaxing comfortable atmosphere. Our mission is to provide the best place to play poker.

Business/Product or Service

The Ducks Poker Room makes it is easy to play a live poker game. We provide the space, tables, chairs, chips, and dealers to give you a comfortable poker experience. Our main product is that of service and we are in the introductory stage as we are just getting started. We compete primarily on our service and the promotions that we offer. Our future plans include developing our own line of poker accessories, which provide a different revenue stream as well as tap…… [Read More]

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Current Teaching Practices of High School History Classrooms

Words: 2748 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72564637

Technology in History Classes]

Since the beginning of education in the U.S., the classroom setting has remained the same: Students have sat quietly in their seats with just a pencil, textbook and lined paper to practice their "readin', riting and 'rithmetic." However, the advent of new technologies is heralding a change. In a growing number of schools, technological innovations are beginning to significantly change the way that information is conveyed and students learn. Depending on the creativity of the teacher, the advent of computers, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, multimedia, and cable networks is expanding the breadth of the curriculum -- from mathematics to the social sciences. For example, teachers have found multiple ways to restructure technology into high school history that have made an often very dry topic come to life.

In 1983 Howard Gardner, a Harvard University professor, introduced his theory of "multiple intelligences" (MI). His book Intelligence Reframed showed that…… [Read More]

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Miguel Nicolelis a Monkey That Controls a

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37122817

Miguel Nicolelis a Monkey that Controls a Robot With It's Thoughts. No, Really.

The video concerns brain wave technology, as narrated by Miguel Nicolelis. The video begins with a brief introduction to the nature of what Mr. Nicolelis refers to as "brainstorms." Interestingly, he offers an audio representation of these brainstorms, with the claim that brainstorms constitute all that human beings do and are in a lifetime. Towards the more specific part of the talk Mr. Nicolelis brings up the example of the monkey called Aurora, who has been used for brain experiments by a reward system. For the reward of juice, Aurora has been taught to play a computer game with a joystick. Later, the research extended to connecting Aurora's brain to a robotic arm, where she used only her thoughts to control the remote arm for successfully playing the game and receiving her reward. Later still, the research…… [Read More]

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Management of Technology for Microsoft's

Words: 2735 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92113641

. The mobile business market has seen significant of uptake of B2E (mobile sales-force and field service) solutions and Microsoft has the chance to develop its offerings around its acquisitions, adding mobile functionality. Microsoft partners with many application vendors across the board and moving too heavily into the application space would incense many. However, there is viability in developing a mid-market mobile application proposition, given the unconsolidated nature of offerings from operators, traditional ISVs, start-ups and mobile middleware players.


In the device OS market, as at desktop level and in the server-room, Linux clearly represents a threat to Microsoft, and one it expends much energy playing down. Although there has been little uptake of Linux to date specifically as an operating system for multimedia cell phones, there are many who are not keen to implement end-to-end Microsoft solutions. Linux will give these companies added freedom in choosing applications, middleware…… [Read More]

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Impact of Smartphones on People's Lives

Words: 1342 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71617527

Phone impact people's lives." The support ideas, waste money people smart phone;, people buy apps play games phones., people focus cell phone, communicate meet .

Phones will impact people's lives

The use of smart phones will result in the wastage of money because people will have to purchase some apps that they will need for their daily usage. Smart phones app developers have discovered that people have a desire to have apps that suit their lifestyles, and they will spend money to acquire the apps. The apps that are sold are normally essential ones like weather apps. There are new devices that are released into the market every year, and most people will prefer to purchase and use the newest gadget. For smart phones, this is a wastage of money since the old phone can still perform the necessary tasks (Miller, 2012), and one is getting a new phone because…… [Read More]

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Broadband Internet Service What it Is and

Words: 2921 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63292701

Broadband Internet Service: What it Is and Where It's Going

Explanation of Broadband

Current State of Broadband

The Future of Broadband

The current frontier of high speed internet technology and digital communications is broadband. Although it has been available for several years now to both homes and businesses, broadband has not spread as rapidly as some proponents of the technology had hoped or expected, leading to the failure of some companies involved in this business. What is broadband, and what is its future? These are questions that are taking on increasing importance as broadband usage is finally increasing around the world. Of equal importance is which broadband technology will survive and how telecommunications regulations in this country will impact the digital world.

Explanation of Broadband

Simply put, broadband is high-speed internet access. Broadband allows for the high-speed transmission of large amounts of data. It is expected to revolutionize communications, entertainment,…… [Read More]

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Social Organization of Work and

Words: 2266 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21718631

The realization that inequalities dig deeper into the psyche than egalitarianism indicates the form of society we should invest to create. We cannot jump from the video's empirical evidence to the hierarchical frameworks of moral judgments, as this would accumulate to a naturalistic fallacy. However, human beings face considerable obstacles in the path to achieving great socio-economic and work and equality. This remains to be a mere desire in today's economy (Rossides 99).

For instance, efforts that seek to foster equal working society must contend with the competitive instincts and inherent desire for status inhibited by human beings. These cannot be disputed and thrown away as mere cultural artifacts by economic reforms. This was the belief of the Soviet Union in the new Russian revolution. Contrary to this, these ideologies are deeply intertwined in our nature and they have developed ways of expressing themselves in the society. Indeed, this is…… [Read More]

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Harrod's Casino Harrod's Is One

Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17067050

In November 2000 Harrod's launched their online casino (London Times, 2000) and completed a major software project to fulfill the long-term objective of integrating retailing and gambling operations (Precision Marketing, 2003).

Gaming Offered

Harrods Online includes slot games, blackjack games, roulette, keno, and casino poker games. Slot games have increased in number and now include Luxuria Video Slots, King's Ransom Slots, London Video Slots, Passion Fruit Slots, Poker Slots, Pharaoh's 5-Coin Slots, Football 5-Coin Slots, Jungle King Slots, and Eastern Dragon Slots. There are nine forms of blackjack offered online including Spanish Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, and Asian Blackjack. Two forms of roulette and one game of baccarat is included, which is unusual for an online casino. There are six different forms of poker including Caribbean and Pai Gow poker, two forms of poker very popular through Asian countries. The selection of games is perfectly aligned with the key markets that…… [Read More]

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Strategic Use and Impact of Social Media in the 2012 Elections

Words: 3709 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39248298

Strategic Use and Impact of Social Media in the 2012 Elections

The goal of the research is to find evidence of the use and impact of social media in U.S.'s 2012 presidential elections. This is because it was reported that President Obama won the elections because of the ground operation presented by volunteers of his elections' campaigns (CNN Wire 1). I chose this topic since reports in state media indicated that the Republican Party was heading in the pre-election polls, but in the end, the Democratic Party won due to the use of technological innovation (Edsall 1). An in depth analysis of the research problem intends to reveal that the presidential contest favored President Obama, for using social media. Social media is increasingly an easy, fast, and effective way for people to have personal contact through technology. The intention is to prove the political premise that the most effective means…… [Read More]

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Challenges Facing American Higher Education

Words: 2801 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72529302

American Higher Education

Higher Education is Wading in Deep Water in 2014

Is there anything to celebrate about higher education in the 21st century? What are the most troubling issues facing America's campuses that have emerged in particular over the past twenty years? These questions cry out for thoughtful, scholarly answers. On the one hand, there are crises related to university finances, student financial programs are bogged down by endless congressional haggling, federal financial backing for important research and development has withered away to a significant extent, and scholarships and grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have not been able to meet the demand of qualified scholars (Thelin, 2013). On the other hand, according to the Knight Foundation Commission, many university presidents (if not most) are admitting that they no longer have control of their NCAA-governed athletics programs, and moreover, deans in medical schools are being urged to…… [Read More]

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Technology and the Effect on Dating in the U S

Words: 1803 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21067033

dating in the United States, and how technology has affected dating in the last 50 years. Specifically, it will express the impact of technology over the past 50 years on dating patterns of "young adults" (ages 13-30 depending on the social norm of the decade). Dating has always been a ritual for young adults to find themselves and discover their sexuality while trying out potential long-term mates. Today, dating, and how young people date, has changed considerably due to advances in technology. Technology has changed dating tremendously in the last 50 years, and yet, one thing remains the same. Dating is a young adult ritual that helps prepare them for the relationships of adulthood, and that, no matter what changes on the outside, will continue to be a constant in dating today, and in the future.

Technology and its Affect on Dating in the U.S.

It is not surprising that…… [Read More]

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Sport Psychology Most Forms of

Words: 4778 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62278239

The important point is to think about the comments and see if there is any substance in the comments. When there are some valid points, then action has to be taken. In such cases, negative thinking may provide useful leads. When rational thinking has been used to correct negative thinking, rational positive thoughts may also be prepared. Sometimes useful opportunities are provided through the entire process of thinking. (Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking and Positive Thinking)

What are the important thoughts of an athlete before an important race? This answer may provide the answer to the performance of the athlete. It seems that more scientific discoveries about the power of thought are resulting in more knowledge about performances. It is not known that thoughts of an athlete or his talk just before a race can affect his result. These often lead to knowledge about his negative attitudes which may arise from…… [Read More]

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Blockbuster Case Analysis Summary of

Words: 887 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2558025

The high level of debt capitalization inherent in how they have financed their stores, which is inferred from the case study, also could be applied to a more effective cloud-based delivery architecture. Netflix did this and was very profitable as a result. Third, Blockbuster has far to go in terms of creating a more effective customer experience. There is significant potential for great upsell and cross-sell as a result.

The threats include a highly commoditized and shrinking move rental market in the U.S. And globally, including the rapid commoditization of titles that are easily gained through other channels. In addition, the growing threat and costs of piracy is very significant for Blockbuster and every other retail chain as well. Third, the cost structure of the chain is slanted towards retail and represents a significant financial risk in terms of continually financing the debt.

Problem Statement

Blockbuster is continually on the…… [Read More]

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Media Consumption

Words: 1208 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32395727


In a one day diary of media consumption, it becomes evident that many of my interactions with the world are via media. I receive most of my information through media forms as well. Even when relaxing, media is something that drives the process. There is also a lot of passive consumption of media in my daily life. My media consumption will be analyzed through the lens of different media theories.


Turow argues that media and advertisers have become exceptionally adept since the 1970s at understanding audiences, their consumption patterns, and how to exploit these. For our part as audience, we have much less understanding of our own consumption patterns. This exercise was the first time that I had really given thought to my daily media exposure, only to realize that my use of media is constant, throughout the day, and sometimes very passive. I used media forms as…… [Read More]

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Speech of a Public Institution's Faculty Member

Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68813794

speech of a public institution's faculty member to be protected under the Pickering/Connickline of cases, what criteria must be satisfied? Do these criteria suitably balance the interests of faculty members and the institution in the higher education context?

There are really two key principles that must be satisfied. The first is that the court determines whether the speech in question hinges on a matter of public concern. If it does, the court takes further criteria into consideration such as:

Whether the statement impairs discipline in school or harmony amongst superiors or amongst cookers.

Whether the statement has a negative impact on close working relationships

Whether the speech interferes with the way the operator usually conducts his business,

Yes, these criteria take the interests of faculty members and school into consideration.

Specifically, what was the fatal flaw in the instructor's speech? Was it the profanity itself? Or was it the belittling…… [Read More]

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Air Jordans as a Popular

Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31622571

Membership in an exclusive, elite privileged club of those who own "the best" -- something that not just anyone can have. To wear Nike Air Jordans was to reify a sacred experience. It was a vehicle to feeling as if one were the hero figure, Michael Jordan" (Aaker & Biel, 1993, p.105). This excerpt demonstrates the extreme length of effectiveness of the complex and truly multi-faceted marketing campaign launched by Nike.

In conclusion, professional athletes have long exerted a strong influence over men's fashion and sports apparel. However, the case of Air Jordans represents a shoe where a celebrity endorsement truly revolutionized the product, the celebrity and the entire athletic shoe industry. Nike took a highly calculated and highly strategic risk when they started courting Michael Jordan and when they used such a tremendous bulk of their advertising budget on this particular campaign. However, their strategy paid off: they successfully…… [Read More]

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Online Casinos

Words: 476 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15777120

Online Casinos

Internet gambling is now the fastest-growing sector of the gaming industry, so much so that in the year 2000, it grew by 79%, compared to a 6.01% overall growth rate in the United States (Helping pp). Mark Waters of, says, "Internet gambling is now bigger than gambling on Indian reservation, charitable bingo, legal bookmaking, and gambling on cruise ships" (Helping pp). The main reason for online gambling popularity is that gamblers can play any time in any location (Helping pp). Moreover, online gaming is probably the most sound business model on the Internet today, there's no inventory, no shipping, just customer relationship management, say Waters (Helping pp).

Type in "online casinos" on Google, and 5,660,000 sights pop up. That's quite an array of opportunities for players, astounding actually, and players never have to leave their home or even change out of their pajamas! ( offers a…… [Read More]

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Business Scenanario on Parrent Company

Words: 1012 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 54081385

It is as such necessary to assess it in light of the negative consequences it might generate, the resources available to the company so that it reduces the threat of the problem and finally, the criteria which need to be satisfied in order to state that the problem has been resolved (Principia Cybernetica Web).

a) Problem components: different views manifested primarily in cultural barriers (such as language barriers); lack of experience in the field of delivery services; the role of women in the workplace is still decreased and it has only improved recently as a result of the epidemics and the necessity for more labor force; gender discrimination could raise problems and it must be limited, if not at all eliminated. Bribery is also a growing problem in the region and the efforts of the delivery subsidiary could be easily compromised -- these problem components also represent the reasons as…… [Read More]

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Race Gender and Class the

Words: 2170 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15664707

Specifically reported by Coy is that the "recent launch of a black Disney princess may be an indicator of greater cultural diversity, but in terms of the 'girl power' values it carries the view that it is 'a great step . . . [and] could help black children see themselves more positively' (Adesioye, 2009) fails to address how it will reinforce messages of sexualization for black girls." (2009) to excel in the music industry, it is expected and even required that women become sexualized because this is a primary point of the success realized in the music industry as the music industry is highly sexualized overall. A study reported in the work of Stankiewitz and Rosselli (2008) states that the study examined the way that women were depicted in 1,988 advertisements "from popular U.S. magazines." The advertisements were coded in relation to whether women were presented as sex objects of…… [Read More]

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Employee Privacy Torts

Words: 7119 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96826900

Employee Privacy Torts

Issues relating to employee privacy have been at the forefront of businesses for many years. This has been fuelled by the dynamic workplace which changes constantly and also by employees and employers being more litigation-conscious. Technology has also spurred on employee privacy issues with e-mail and the internet being related to heightened concerns about vulnerability of employers to litigation. Many employers have thus exacerbated their concerns relating to employee privacy and especially monitoring of employee behavior. Employee privacy is respected in many of the large corporations. However, there still exist some breaches in employee privacy. Small business owners are at most risk as a result of their increased monitoring practices and close employer-employee interaction.

Historical background

Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Company

One of the major cases that brought employee privacy to the limelight was Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Company

Franklin Mills Co. decided to appeal…… [Read More]

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IMC and Customer Satisfaction Zapper

Words: 1832 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 57576040

In addition, there will be a follow-up interview process to capture specific area of low customer satisfaction scores. These scores will be used for process improvement and business process reengineering within the company. One of the most critical aspects of these measures is the need to use them to fundamentally re-architect the company and make it more customer-centric. This is critical for the Zapper to reflect customers' needs and requirements and for the company to have a very solid fidelity and transparency to its customers.

Measuring and Acting on Gaps Between Customer Expectations and Experiences

One of the innate strengths of the SERVQUAL methodology is the ability to quickly assess the differences between expectations and experiences quickly, and in very quantitative terms. These differences across expectations and experiences are measured with a minimum of 32 different variables, which can be highly effective in pinpointing just what areas of public relations,…… [Read More]

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Missionaries in the Amazon Missionaries

Words: 3240 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61726611

Today there is more respect for the indigenous values of the natives and their languages. There were hard lessons learned in approach and strategy from the failures, such as in Canada, where native Aboriginal Indian children were torn, screaming from the arms of their parents to be placed in State-approved parochial schools, where they were forced to wear uniforms and stand in lines, forget their language and customs and conform to the strict behavioral guidelines of the nuns and priests, often being abused and starved in the process. The mental health issues and anger that were the result of this forced indoctrination, not to speak of the legal repercussions of that have ensued to this day (Miller 219).

Interviews with Biblical Scholars/Pastors/Reverends/Elders/Deacons / Church members as to why missionaries need to be sent?

Interviews with anthropologists regarding cultural imperialism.

Mission targets: the people who have been affected by missionaries might…… [Read More]

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Reducing or Reinforcing Media Impact

Words: 2374 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Grant Proposal Paper #: 87191608

Through a school-based project, students within the proposed COMA program would watch popular videos under supervision and then talk about the images afterwards, to assess different rapper's portraits of women, violence, crime, and sexuality. Students would also analyze rap lyrics in their English classes. This would encourage teens to not simply mindlessly listen to the music, without critically analyzing rappers' overt messages and rap lyrics' subtexts.

Bringing rap into the school would help to erase the 'us vs. them' divide that is part of much of rap's violent, negative, outsider appeal. It could also offer a springboard in which to discuss larger social issues about racism and sexism. Students would be asked to create their own rap music videos and rap songs to talk about issues that were important to them on a personal level. Incorporating rap as an expressive medium has been proven to be effective in many contexts.…… [Read More]

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Life Before Tylenol and Prozac

Words: 1710 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40145356

Choice # 2: I also made the decision to make critical thinking a part of this course, instead of merely focusing on the history or technical aspects. I want students to be able to form their own opinions about folk medicine based on what they have learned.

Name and describe one of your projects strengths.

One of the main strengths of this project is that it combines fun with fact. In other words, it is not just a dry look at the history of folk medicine, but it will include interesting anecdotes and some bizarre and funny rituals and practices as well. I went this direction because I want to keep things interesting and keep the students engaged.

Name and describe one of my projects weaknesses.

The main weakness of this project is that it may be difficult to include all of the many aspects of folk medicine in detail…… [Read More]

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CCTV the Incursion of Technology

Words: 4289 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 79735708

these little slivers of plastic provide commerce at the swipe of a wrist, but every time that card is swiped, the time, date, location, value, and often the items of a purchase are recorded several times over, by banks, credit card companies, superstores, fashion chains, transport industries, and many other points on the economic tree (Trango, n.d.). These details, over time, can and are used to create a 'picture' of you and your buying habits; Can you be trusted to pay back a loan? What times do you usually come into a store? Do you take public transport because you can or because its cheaper? What bra size are you? All of these details can be correlated over time, and can often then be sold onto third parties for marketing purposes, and, depending on where you are, that information can all be sold including your name and address. (The EU…… [Read More]

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Importance of Technology in Assessments

Words: 1119 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45522050

Leadership in 21st Century Support Systems

Conducting learning activities without assessing the success of those activities is like driving a vehicle without a clean windshield and a rear-view mirror. The instructor can still steer, put on the gas and brakes, but if the instructor cannot clearly see the road ahead and what is behind, this could be an exercise in futility, leaving learning by the roadside. Indeed, assessments have become a pivotal component to learning in the 21st century. Moreover, innovative technologies specifically designed to address student outcomes enhance the instructor's ability to present effective lessons. The following two units illustrate how technology can be integrated into the classroom to support 21st century learning and skills, and how innovative teaching strategies can stir interest in subjects for diverse student populations.

Redesigned Lesson -- Effective Assessment

The 11th grade lesson in Religion class was originally related to learning about Hinduism, how…… [Read More]

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Mia Hamm

Words: 1611 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64560298

fictionalized view of soccer great Mia Hamm that has been drawn from factual evidence. The writer uses first person narratives and creates a fictional setting from which to display the wonders of the soccer champion's abilities. The writer uses factual evidence to provide the fictional account. There were ten sources used to complete this paper.

Mia Hamm

I have never been a soccer fan. Well let me change that, I was never a soccer fan because I never knew anything about the game. When I was small I played for one season and I remember everybody running around in the sun chasing a ball until the whistle blew. It did not seem like something I could get into and I signed up for basketball the following year. Because I have never been a soccer fan I was quite surprised when a friend invited me to go to the world cup…… [Read More]

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Science and Fiction the Film Moon 2009

Words: 1773 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35745245

Science and Fiction

The film Moon (2009) depicts the story of a man who is on a three-year mission on the moon mining helium-3 for people back on Earth. He is residing by himself and accompanied by a robot named GERTY. A couple of weeks before he gets to return to his family back on Earth, he starts to see things that are not there, including a teenage girl that he does not recognize. These visions cause him to crash his rover where he then loses consciousness and wakes up without remembering anything. Sam manages to escape and then finds a clone of himself. It is after this incident that he realizes that he too is a clone that he has been implanted with the memories of the original Sam, who has been back on Earth for about fifteen years. In the end, the older clone decides to stay on…… [Read More]

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Art Exhibit in December 2004

Words: 931 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1967814

The "self-portraits" might perhaps be viewed in terms of the artist's own past illnesses: At 37, Taylor-Woods, having already survived both colon cancer and breast cancer, likely understands, on personal level, the state of "suspense" between sickness and health, life and death. She may, then, have been "bound" to breast cancer (the invisible ropes may symbolize the disease), cured of it, and her body "released to freedom." In my opinion, however, an artistic weakness of these pictures is that their esthetics and size make them look less like serious art than fashion advertisements for bras and panties! For me, "Self-Portrait Suspended" is the least effective of the three exhibition subjects. The tension in the subject's body also appears to be that of someone hanging from ropes (which she in fact was); the tautness of her body kept me from "suspending my disbelief" (so to speak) that she was hanging in…… [Read More]

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Violence in Hockey This Past

Words: 2244 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18565124

Violence in Hockey Today

There is no shortage of opinions regarding whether or not violence in hockey should be curbed. Certainly the NHL, the fans and the players would all like to see incidents such as the Bertuzzi-Moore fiasco eliminated from the game. Some fans would go further, but that approach may not be realistic. All physical, contact sports will be inherently aggressive. That aggression will naturally boil over from time to time. Players need to be able to vent their pent-up aggression in ways that are not detrimental to the well-being of other players, and for the most part fights and hits achieve that end.

The ultraviolent incidents, however, can be addressed by eliminating some of the most violent aspects of hockey. The Canadian cultural trait of disrespect towards referees was noted by Pascall (2000), and he also noted that minor league players take strong behavioural cues from professional…… [Read More]

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Global Media Impact of the

Words: 1134 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6559974

One hundred thousand people packed into the Museumplein near the city's famous museums in Amsterdam, according to Jolly, et al., writing in The New York Times. In China, fans who decided to become vendors were profiting by the sale of vuvuzelas (those annoying horns that are blown throughout all the World Cup games) for $3 U.S. money. "They're all made in Zhejiang," the vendor said, working the rainy streets at Sanlitun, "the rowdiest place in the city." In Bogota Columbia, vendors profited from the sale of "pink cotton candy" to the crowds watching the games at the Palace of Justice in Bolivar Square (Jolly, p. 3).

In Nigeria the results of the World Cup -- with the help of social media on the Internet -- helped change a politician's policy. In this African country, politicians are not known to be responsive to citizens. After the Nigerian soccer team's "dismal performance"…… [Read More]

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Canadian National Identity and Canadian Hockey the

Words: 2555 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 355959

Canadian National Identity and Canadian Hockey

The Canadian administrative system in place has endorsed the national identity of Canada with hockey. Back in 90s, when the then Prime Minister of Canada, Chretien, started trade diplomacy with other countries, he always declared every participant as part of the Canadian Team. In the tenure of the same Prime Minister, an ex-National Hockey League player and icon, Frank Mahovlich was chosen as a senator. Some years later, memorial postage stamp of the famous 1972 Canada/Russia hockey series was launched which has the winning goal by Paul Henderson in the depiction. Looking at more recent past (i.e. 2002), one finds "The Pond" at the backside of Canadian Five Dollar notes.

Though with the passage of time, these events seem to grow in number, they do have quite a few significant examples in history as well. Quite few decades ago, in the early 1940s and…… [Read More]

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Movie Proposals These Would Be the Mission

Words: 1812 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7679865

movie proposals. These would be the mission for the firm and its basic proposals, the company's "must" objectives, the company's "want" objectives and the estimated ROI for each of the for movies. This report will evaluate each of the movies as perceived by the four criteria previously mentioned and will subsequently make an overall evaluation and reason the best choice for the company.

The first movie, "My Life with Dalai Lama," perfectly complies with the main ideas of the company's mission. First of all, from a creative point-of-view, the idea to present the life of a personality through the eyes of a snake and through the eyes of other animals befriending him is new, interesting and creatively a positive aspect. Further more, to some degree it is also championing environmental concerns by presenting the role of animals in the life of a personality of 20th century history, bringing the animal…… [Read More]

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CEO Office Remodel Project Overview

Words: 773 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47241090

This is to be enabled through use of the Media Center PC Universal Remote Control and Compact Keyboard Suite and its integrated keyboard and remote control system. This system, while taking a 'little getting used to' (CNET, 2007) will allow for theater presentations from the laptop PC. The cost for this system is approximately $200.00. In order to enable video productions directly from the CEO's laptop proposed is the purchase of FlyImage5000. This purchase will enable wireless computer to TV connection for the purpose of displaying computer presentations, online video presentations, video conferencing, multimedia education, as well as, if needed in the future, multiple TV reception of any AV signal from a PC, DVD player, satellite receiver and set-top box.


1) Norcent LT-3751 37" LCD HDTV 1000:1 Contrast Ration LT3751BLK

Located online Available at

Cost: $873.39 (Free Shipping)

2) FlyImage5000

Located Online Available at…… [Read More]

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Gambling and Ethics A Contradiction

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What about the privacy and security of gambling patrons that organizations such as the Mirage Casino violate on a regular basis to gather information in data mining in an attempt to know the patterns of their patrons and to maximize profits from them?

Perhaps the questions are much like those for the cigarette industry. Here is an industry that governments have become heavily dependent upon for income but which has severe social consequences. Certainly, it is not enough to hang a disclaimer sign by the door warning the patron of the consequences. Society also has to deal with the consequences of human stupidity as well.

A main issue raised against gambling by antigambling activists is that gambling is inherently wrong. They argue that it is against human nature and nobility on a base level. The gambler violates their own conscience by yielding to greed. Gambling is in essence an irrational…… [Read More]

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Downloading Movies Challenges Facing the Movie Industry

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Movie Industry in Downloading Movies


The idea of providing movies for download over the Internet would be an extremely practical acquisition. In fact, Walt Disney Corporation and Sony Pictures have entertained the idea of allowing movies to be streamed and downloaded via the Internet. Both of these companies see a potential market with PC users. (Stump) Multichannel News reports,

Currently, Hollywood has put most of its streaming efforts into movie trailers. Any major motion picture now released by Hollywood carries with it its own trailer available for streaming. Most new movies sport their own promotional Web sites that include not only trailers, but cast and crew interviews, and other behind-the-scenes footage. Interactive games and promotional sweepstakes with audio and video elements also are common, as are links to music and soundtracks related to the movies." (Stump)

Though the movie industry believes that significant profits can be made from Internet…… [Read More]

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Popular Music the New Face Book of

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Popular Music

The New Face Book of Rock and Roll

An entirely new book (okay score) on the future of music and the place of rock and roll is being written, and yet we really can't even tell what the experience will be like, though it will most likely be a continued mix of country/folksy democracy. What we can tell is that it will come in the packaging of a self-published, self-directed, interactive collection (just like an ebook!), and that its messages of defiance will be such that the entire digital universe of followers will each think of themselves as their own Guitar Hero!

While many people believe that Guitar Hero brought rock and roll into the digital era, the case can be made that it did as much damage as good. It turned many people on to a sense of simulating the music of the leaders of rock and…… [Read More]

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Green Provides Some Clear Guidelines to Assist

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Green provides some clear guidelines to assist health education and promotion specialists in the identification and design of health promotion techniques for implementation in health promotion and disease prevention programs. Discuss how five of the guidelines presented by Dr. Green could assist you in the selection of an appropriate health promotion technique. Support your answer with appropriate examples.

The module gives really simple guidelines as to the how the process of health education promotion can work in today's world. Healthcare is a social industry and hence understanding the community structure and its needs is the primary concern. According to the directions given by Dr. Green, the following factors have to be considered before designing and implementing health promotion and disease prevention programs. Hence the process is structured by first identifying the needs of the community and then setting the goals (short-term and long-term) accordingly. Once this is done the following…… [Read More]

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Yes I Am a Student but I

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Yes, I am a student, but I am also a rarity in the academic genre: I am a working journalist, which means editors pay me to do things I absolutely love -- reporting on sporting events, sports teams, and individuals involved in sports. That includes coaches, managers, fans -- even peanut and soft drink vendors at baseball games.

Of course my repertoire also includes interviewing outstanding athletes as well as those who struggle mightily but on that one day when they do reach their nirvana, it becomes a priceless, magical moment in their lives.

Am I an expert? Technically, to answer that question you would have to ask those who read my stories or the editors I provide copy to. But actually I am very sure of myself and certain of my skills; to wit, I know the ethics and logistics of sports reporting, so I will claim expertise based…… [Read More]