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Bias Internal Validity External Validity and Reliability

Words: 558 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94148458

bias, internal validity, external validity, and reliability.

There are several important issues with the research conducted by this anonymous female student that impacts the reliability and validity of her findings. Firstly, it appears that the researcher formulated her hypothesis before she had gathered all the facts available regarding the topic which is a major issue. She has an opinion that lower income people vote less than those with higher incomes and seems to have looked for data to support the hypothesis rather than forming a hypothesis which accounts for the data. In addition, in the question regarding this hypothetical research it is stated that she searched the internet and library, but there is no information as to the quality or reliability of the sources that she used in her research which also calls her findings into question. I would also be concerned with the world almanac she is using as…… [Read More]

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Party Machines and Immigrants

Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50084758

Party Machines and Immigrants

The objective of this study is to discuss party machines and immigration from the 19th Century and the methods used to manipulate immigrant votes as reported in the work of Swanstrom (2012) entitled "City Politics" in Chapter 3. Swanstrom writes that the imagery in the "smoke-filled rooms in the back of taverns" as fat politicians who smoked the cigars and passed out "buckets of coal to poor widows" as they made deals has a "sacred place in the lore of American politics." (p.49) While the politician was very committed to those who were loyal to his party at the same time those politicians were self-centered and highly dishonest. The entire syst5em was very much corrupt. Swamstrom writes that the "urban machines were organizations held together by a combination of ethnic identity and partisan loyalty." (p.50) But there were also reported as "hierarchical and disciplined, often controlled…… [Read More]

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Supreme Court Cases Case Briefs

Words: 2082 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80197000

D. joined the Majority. Justices Blackmun, H.A. And Powell, L.F. wrote a special and regular concurrence respectively. In addition to voting with the majority, O'Connor S.D. joined Powel's concurrence.

Writing Dissenting Opinion(s): Stevens, J.P. filed a dissenting opinion in which Marshall, T. And Brennan, W.J joined. Brennan also filed a separate dissenting opinion in which Marshall T. joined.

Case 5

Citation: Santa Fe Independent School District v. Jane Doe (2000)

Argued: March 29, 2000

Date Decided: June 19, 2000

Vote: 6-3: The policy adopted by the Santa Fe Independent School District with regard to allowing prayers that were led and initiated by students during sporting events went against the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

Facts of Case: Students in Santa Fe Independent School District were allowed to offer prayers (mostly Christian) using PA systems before football games commenced. Two parents -- one a Catholic and the other a Mormon - filed…… [Read More]

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Jury System of the United

Words: 2710 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57184428

Another difference between the American juror system and the Venuzuela escabino system is the number of participants. In the American juror system there are 12 jurors seated with several alternatives on the ready. This means if one of the chosen jurors cannot serve completely through to the end then one of the alternatives will step in and take that jurors place. As an alternative the juror is expected to listen as attentively as if he or she were an actual juror and not an alternate. This way, if the alternate has to step in then he or she is already apprised of the same evidence and testimony that the regular jury has received thus far.

The escabino system and the jury system have a commonality when it comes to confidentiality. Both system instruct the participants to not discuss the cases that they are hearing outside of the courtroom or jury…… [Read More]

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Calculate a Mutiple Regression Problem

Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 68091107

What is the equation for a regression line? What does each term in the line refer to?


Y' = bX + a, x is the independent variable (that plotted on the horizontal line), b is the slope of the line and a is the y intercept (i.e. The point on the line where x intercepts with y (the variable graphed on the vertical line / the dependent variable). Y' consists of the predicted values of Y for the various values of x.

2. If a regression equation were: Y = 3X + 5, what would be the predicted score for a person scoring 8 on X?


Y = 3X * 8 + 5 =29

3. Generally speaking, during presidential election years, the winning candidate's party gain seats in the House of Representatives. However, during the off-year or midterm election, the president's party losses seats in the House. The…… [Read More]

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Examination of Presidential Advertisements

Words: 1095 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44055136

The selected candidate, Lyndon B. Johnson's ad can be found here: The ad chosen is the most famous of his ads, "Peace Little Girl (Daisy)."Although the ad is not informative in the traditional sense, the lack of explanatory words adds a powerful yet simple cinematic device that resonated with people making this ad value-laden. By using an innocent child juxtaposed with a bomb explosion, the fear generated by these images provided enough of a reaction that made the ad effective. It is because the overall message was fear, fear of what would happen should people not vote for Johnson. The male narrator at the end told the audience vote for Johnson and this direct action showed effectively that the audience really only has one choice in the campaign, to vote for Johnson.

There's no common link between this ad and the others below. However, the ad did influence me…… [Read More]

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Ads Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Words: 1843 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57664576

Campaign Advertisements

Ad Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Link to chosen campaign ad:

The main ad I viewed for LBJ was the one entitled "Our President." It was a black and white ad of still photographs. The pictures were of Johnson sitting with a look of concentration and his head resting on one hand. The message in the background talked about what the president is to be and what the presidents have been. It is basically saying that Johnson is the current president and he matches the preceding ones in his concern, prudence, etc. The language of the ad is formal and biographical. There are no harsh or negative words and the tone is measured and consistent. At the end of the ad, two things are noticeable. The narrator asks that you "Vote for President Johnson on November third" and secondly he adds the catch phrase which…… [Read More]

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Progressive Era Through the Great Depression

Words: 1340 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34999727

Era through the Great Depression

The goal of this essay is to discuss the Progressive Era through Great Depression and for this purpose; two major events that changed the face of American history during this period would be discussed extensively. Furthermore, detailed and comprehensive light would be shed on the historical events that had been successful in changing the face of United States and its society, politics, culture and economy.

The goal of this essay is to discuss the Progressive Era through Great Depression and for this purpose; two major events that changed the face of American history during this period would be discussed extensively. Furthermore, detailed and comprehensive light would be shed on the historical events that had been successful in changing the face of United States and its society, politics, culture and economy. Furthermore, this paper would concentrate on discussing the status of women in United States and…… [Read More]

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Future of Television I Hate

Words: 4811 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21513370

The governments of China clearly believe that if they do not ban shows where the premise is based on the voting then it could lead their citizens to want the right to vote in the government on their own opinions. The influence that television has, in this case by indirectly helping Chinese citizens move in the direction of being slightly more "democratic," is seen as a threat- it is hard to believe that television could threaten the national security of a world super power.

The current influence that television has on individual's lives is only growing stronger as technology continues to develop. Recent developments have shown that television will now be in "three-dimensions," so that individuals who view TV can be full immersed in the movie or show they are watching ("Who Needs It"). But is that even necessary when nine out of ten homes have televisions in their homes…… [Read More]

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Election the Word Election Is

Words: 1017 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93097697

The Prime Minister of the country was for example under extreme pressure to prove that the elections could be run in a perfectly democratic manner. However, when democracy was not in his favor, violent measures were taken and a reelection demanded to manipulate the results.

The reaction of all involved parties to all the actions taken by the Prime Minister and his ruling party were negative and heavily oppositional. This was not the case in the United States. While some campaign tactics may have resorted to extreme measures in terms of insult or discreditization, this did not result in murder or public violence. Indeed, when the results were made known, parties were able to communicate peacefully. The Republicans, who lost the campaign, accepted the results gracefully once it became clear that recounting the ballots would not change the results (BBC News). Indeed, according to BBC News, President Bush is perfectly…… [Read More]

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Lebanese Politics

Words: 1687 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82482530

Lebanon's politics today, and how Lebanese politics has evolved over time to become what it is today. Lebanese politics is extremely complicated, and revolves around several different political parties that essentially are formed around religious beliefs. One common element of Lebanese politics is violence, from civil war to Syrian occupation over Lebanon's history. Today, Lebanese politics is complex and volatile, a combination that is not healthy for the country or her people.

Modern Lebanon came to be in 1920, when the League of Nation mandated France to create Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon is made up of what used to be the province of Mount Lebanon, along with the provinces of north Lebanon, south Lebanon, and the Biqa, which was historically part of Syria. This set the stage for ongoing conflict between Lebanon and Syria. By 1926, the State of Lebanon had formed, and they had enacted a Constitution. In 1940,…… [Read More]

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Impression New Media in the

Words: 614 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 97115029

This correlates well with the authors' earlier indication from existing surveys, that a large amount of voters made decisions to vote for or against a candidate on the strength of information found online.

The authors also found that more informal means of information dissemination, such as blogs and YouTube, were very effective in terms of winning support for rallies. The main reason for this is the increasing access of the public to the new media. Ultimately, the authors found that politicians who used the new media in creative and effective ways were those who also won the most votes. Although the new media are certainly not the only influencing factor in determining the success or failure of a candidate, its prevalence in society today can hardly be overstated. Particularly, the political purposes of raising money, organizing volunteers and spreading information are areas in which the new media excel.

The research…… [Read More]

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Autocracy and Democracy There Are Different Forms

Words: 1257 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86849628

Autocracy and Democracy

There are different forms of government throughout the world. Each nation decides how it will govern its people and in whom the power will be vested. It is expected that when the nation is established, either the citizens or those who led the efforts to create the new nation will find a system of governance that works for all considered. There are many different forms of government, perhaps as many different forms as there are governments to adopt them. Some nations have kings and queen who rule their monarchy, others are theocracies where the rulers are the clergy, and still others are meritocracies where those who are put in positions of power have been granted the honor based on their value to the rest of the society. Two nearly diametrically opposed systems of government are democracies and autocracies. In the former government type, the people are the…… [Read More]

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Era Through the Great Depression_ the Economy

Words: 1257 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63188824

era through the great depression_

The economy of the United States was faced with fair share of challenges towards the close of the 19th century that had to be mitigated lets they got out of control. Other than the economic woes, there were also widespread social injustices. There was eminent war between capital and labor. Progressive era was realized in the very last years of the 19th century up to 1917 (Sage, 2010). The progressive era was a dawn of new ideas and progressive reforms. Some of its advantages are enjoyed to date. Some of the major events that characterized the progressive era were the birth of the American oil industry in 1901 and the initiation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1909.

The first American oil was prospected in Texas' Spindletop and this set precedent for evolution of the nation's oil sector. The Texan…… [Read More]

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Civic Values in the U S Restoring Democracy

Words: 2310 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74410659

Civic Values in the U.S.

Restoring democracy and civic virtue in the United States will require major reforms that reduce the power of corporations, elites and special interests in the whole political process. Right now, there is a radical disconnect between the political and economic elites and the needs and interests of the ordinary voters. Most people today realize that the country is in its worse crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, but government and the political system seem dysfunctional and incapable of dealing with it. Removing the power and control of big money from the political process forever would be the most important step in revitalizing American democracy and making the system more representative and accountable. So would eliminating the Electoral College and electing the president and vice president by a majority of the popular vote. Despite the protests of small states, only this type of reform…… [Read More]

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Stanton's Solitude of Self Elizabeth Cady Stanton's

Words: 1331 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 23298467

Stanton's Solitude Of Self

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's speech before the United States Senate in 1892 was the first major awakening of women receiving the right to vote, thus validating the equal rights for all people as written in the United States Constitution. The actual seed for the first Women's Rights Convention was actually planted when Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a well-known anti-slave and equal rights activist, met Lucretia Mott at the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London; the conference that refused to allow Mott and other women delegates from the United States because of their gender. This refusal only infuriated the cause, many finding extreme commonality in anti-slavery and Women's Suffrage Movement (DuBois). In 1851, Stanton met temperance advocate Susan B. Anthony around 1851, found that they had a great deal in common and joined together in a three pronged approach to repeal or limit the sale of alcohol, emancipate the slaves,…… [Read More]

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Constitution the Seemingly Foundational Aspects

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80166128


Cogan, 473)

Cogan's point is that the collective conscience of the nation changed from one that demanded credibility through propertied rights to one that assumed credibility based on inalienable rights, such as those discussed in much earlier constitutional points.

The most foundational and frequently ignored constitutional amendment that enfranchises people, who had previously been disenfranchised is the one that universalizes the voting age to 18, the 26th.

Historians afforded few pages to the sporadic youth suffrage struggle that prevailed in the United States for more than 100 years. Therefore, the granting of teenage suffrage by way of the Twenty-sixth Amendment, in 1971, aroused contemporary national interest in the "sudden" enfranchisement of 18- to 20-year-olds.

Cultice xi)

This amendment not only marks a change in the collective idea of what makes a person worthy of voice, but also demonstrates one of the first attempts to enforce the idea that an…… [Read More]

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National Bank v Bellotti Case

Words: 960 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69326547

" In short, when it comes to the First Amendment, greater issues are at stake beyond the immediate interests of the corporations in question. There must be a compelling state interest to limit freedom of expression.

Why doesn't it make a difference whether the corporate speech is about matters that materially affect its business interests?

It is not the state's place to regulate when and if First Amendment rights apply in certain areas. Rather: "Freedom of discussion, if it would fulfill its historic function in this nation, must embrace all issues about which information is needed or appropriate to enable the members of society to cope with the exigencies of their period.... The inherent worth of the speech in terms of its capacity for informing the public does not depend upon the identity of its source, whether corporation, association, union, or individual." The right to express one's political views was…… [Read More]

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Hugo Black When One Considers

Words: 3200 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 24189530

On July 3, 1969, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals entered an order requiring the submission of new plans to be put into effect this fall to accelerate desegregation in 33 Mississippi school districts. On August 28, upon the motion of the Department of Justice and the recommendation of the Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare, the Court of Appeals suspended the July 3 order and postponed the date for submission of the new plans until December 1, 1969. I have been asked by Negro plaintiffs in 14 of these school districts to vacate the suspension of the July 3 order. Largely for the reasons set forth below, I feel constrained to deny that relief. (396 U.S. 1218, 1218-1219).

Black pointed out that the Brown decision came 15 years before the Alexander case, but that Mississippi and other states had failed to desegregate. He blamed this on the fact that:…… [Read More]

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Writing Skills the Point of

Words: 610 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 69769910

Thus, the first choice can be eliminated. The conclusion for this choice involves a sweeping generalization regarding farmers and plant resistant crops. In addition, both of the similar arguments begin with a description of how two situations cannot occur simultaneously within the specific event. In each argument, one of the situations is dependant upon another situation. Carly Simon's stopping in Columbus is dependant on her stopping in River Glen, and Annabelle's vote for Anastasia is dependant on Alexis's not running. In both situations, the dependant situation does not occur, causing the non-dependant situation to occur.

3. The reasoning in the first statement is most closely associated with the following statement: "The Tax Code is unfair. It treats non-home owners as a special group when it denies them some rights other citizens have. This treatment is discriminatory, and we all know that discrimination is unfair." In both of these arguments, the…… [Read More]

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Corruption When We Think of

Words: 3140 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80273451

" It should be noted that Perriello supported a "Republican version" ( of PAYGO that supported stronger restrictions on spending. In defense of this vote, he says, "This was a great chance to really get our budget under control, and I was glad to stand up and vote for the kind of smart fiscal policy that folks in the Fifth District expect" (Perriello qtd. On Perriello even posted an update on Twitter, stating that he was "very pleased that PAYGO passed the House" ( Perriello believes that responsible spending is not an issue for Democrats or Republicans but rather an "American issue" (Perriello qtd. On Perriello states that while both of these bills contain good ideas, he wishes "we could have combined ideas from both sides of the aisle to produce a better, bi-partisan solution" (Perriello qtd. On While still a freshman in Washington, Perriello has demonstrated…… [Read More]

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Mervyn Leroy's the Bad Seed

Words: 1476 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 41118264

The theory involving Christine being determined to put an end to Rhoda's life can be related to her ration intervening, influencing her to take action before Rhoda continued her killings.

Rhoda pays special attention to the way that her mother sees her, and, even though she knows that her mother has the power to denounce her, she does not attempt to murder Christine. The next in Rhoda's list of killings would have been Monica Breedlove, taking into consideration the fact that the women had been closely connected to her, and that it had been possible for her to endanger Rhoda with the information that she knew.

The ending of the movie is most probably intended to present the audience with what it wants to see, someone finally punishing Rhoda, not through putting her into a mental asylum (as should have been the case), but by physically hurting her.

Sidney Lumet's…… [Read More]

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Changing the Senatorial Leadership of Georgia

Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78752963

Getting to Know Your Congressional Senators: Georgia

The state of Georgia is extremely diverse, encompassing highly rural areas as well as one of the region's major cities, that of Atlanta. The state, like many in the South, has historically leaned conservative in terms of its political affiliation. Its two senators are Republican, that of the senior senator John Isakson (who has served the state since 1996) and the junior senator David Perdue (who has served the state since 2014). Isakson has a strong conservative voting record on issues such as abortion, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage according to the nonpartisan website On the Issues. He also has a strong pro-business voting record. David Perdue has a similar voting record.

This homogeneity in and of its self is problematic for Georgia. This does not represent Georgia's full diversity as a state, particularly given its significant urban community (which draws both business…… [Read More]

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Florida's Significance to the 2012

Words: 2700 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77303990

"[footnoteRef:9] [9: (Hamby)]

Again, however, Perry's mission in Florida was multi-pronged. Aside from the debate and a chance to discuss the issues, Florida presented Perry with an opportunity to impress potential campaign donors. It was predicted, around that time, that Perry would overtake Romney as the leading beneficiary of extra disposable income in Florida.[footnoteRef:10] the data collected suggests that Perry's Florida events were composed of a majority of fundraising events which further supports this position. Most of Perry's fundraising events were conducted over meals in which donors purchased tickets to attend. [10: (Associated Press)]

Herman Cain surprised many with an upset victory in a straw poll in Florida following the debate of September 22. Cain won with 37% of the vote, more than double his nearest competitor Perry at 15.4%, and far ahead of the rest of the pack, which featured Romney third, at 14%, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum fourth,…… [Read More]

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Social Security Today

Words: 2395 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78436491

Social Security Today

The History of Social Security: What it is and How it Works

The Social Security system was established in 1935 by President Roosevelt in order to provide some form of economic security to the elderly. The first world war and the following world wide economic depression had left many elderly people without a support system. This insecurity, along with the general economic turmoil of the era, led to many radical movements calling for state-sponsored pensions and aid for the helpless. One of the most popular programs, which almost replaced the Social Security program, called for a national sales tax to provide pensions. (DeWitt) However, the program finally put in place functioned instead by creating a flat tax on worker income, which created "credits" that would later give that worker benefits comparable to his income. Social security did not actually address the needs of those who were already…… [Read More]

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Labor Relations What Do You Believe Are

Words: 4099 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64941467

Labor Relations

What do you believe are the benefits to being an employee of a company vs. A contractor? Which would you prefer to be? Why?

The benefits of being an employee include the right to self-organization, to bargain collectively, or form a labor organization (Carrell & Heavrin, 2007). Employees have pre-determined work days and duties under the leadership and direction of the employer and are not required to incur costs or make investments in the work they produce. Typically, only general education and experience is required, with some employers paying for additional training and specializations. All income, Social Security and Medicare taxes that fall under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) are handled by the employer (Strawson, 2003) For most employees, there are also employer contributions made to pensions and other retirement plans, health and disability insurance for self and family members, and unemployment compensation after a lay off…… [Read More]

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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

Words: 3105 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82669411

Health Advocacy Campaign

The basic purpose of the consumer education programs is to promote awareness about the effects that tobacco has on our health. These programmes have basically been made in a way to induce fear in the people in order to emphasize the largest cause of preventable death all around the world and to make the young people stop smoking (Fletcher, 2007).

It has been noticed through the researches that were conducted in United States and Australia that smoking rates in case of the general public have decreased but when it comes to students the trend has increased (see for example, AIHW, 2002; Tevyaw 2006). It was noted by Tevyaw (2006) that the rate of smoking in the people of 18-24 of age especially in case of the student in the U.S. has not only remained stabled but even increased in the last decade.

Percentage of smokers

It was…… [Read More]

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Affordable Care Act of 2010 Brief History

Words: 2080 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59295653

Affordable Care Act of 2010

Brief History of this Legislation -- How it Became Law

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March, 2010, the legislative process was saturated with tension and heated rhetoric. After a bitter, chaotic period in which legislators attempted to hold "town hall" meetings to explain the benefits of the play -- and organized disruptions at those meetings set a nasty tone -- it squeaked through the U.S. Congress with hardly a vote to spare. It received no votes from Republican members of the House of Representatives and barely made it through the House (219-212), with all 178 Republicans voting "no." Not one Republican in the U.S. Senate supported the ACA; the vote was 60 Democrats to 39 Republicans.

Why was this healthcare legislation so unpopular with conservatives? The answer to that question is many-faceted, and likely boils…… [Read More]

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Billy Bob Bought 100 Shares of Stock

Words: 1422 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19764825

Billy Bob bought 100 shares of Stock in Ben's Barbeque, Inc. For $37.50 per share. He sold them in January, 2004 for a total of $9,715.02. What is Billy Bob's annual rate of return?

Since Billy Bob held the investment for 54 years, the annual rate of return is best calculated using the compound rate of return formula:

(Future Value / Present Value) ^ (1 / n) -- 1, where n = number of years.

Filling the data into the above formula:

Billy Bob's return on his investment in Ben's Barbeque is 1.78% per year.

Yellow Fruit Company's bonds are currently selling for $1,157.75 per $1,000 par-value bond. The bonds have a 10% coupon rate and will mature in 10 years. What is the approximate yield to maturity of the bonds?


Using the following formula:

c (1 + r)-1 + c (1 + r)-2 + . . . +…… [Read More]

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Aboriginal People in Australia Aboriginal

Words: 3040 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 25737016

From around 1910 to 1971, members of the Stolen Generation became the casualties of one of the most egregious protection policies. After policies of segregation had failed to exterminate the Indigenous peoples in their manufactured ghettos, government officials attempted to assimilate Indigenous children into white society through instituting them in white facilities such as orphanages. Around 100,000, native Australians were taken from their families by government welfare officers in order to be "civiliz[ed] by assimilation into white society" (McCarthy 2000, n.p.). Time tells the story of one child whose captors attempted to straighten his hair in an attempt to make him look white, and Rudd speaks about Nanna Fejo, the 80-year-old Aboriginal woman whose cultural life of dancing and participating in Aboriginal ceremonies was taken from her when she was stolen from her parents in the 1920s (McCarthy 2000, n.p. Rudd 2008, n.p.).

In addition to taking them from their…… [Read More]

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Civil Rights in the Gilded

Words: 1590 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2768245

Only with the passage of the Civil Rights Act 1964 and Voting Rights Act 1965 did the legacy of 'Jim Crow' truly end, many years after Plessy v. Ferguson was declared legally invalid in Brown. These two acts gave legislative 'teeth' to the Brown decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. The 1965 Act, signed into law by the Southern President Lyndon B. Johnson, outlawed literacy tests and poll taxes and other means of keeping African-Americans disenfranchised. The 1964 Act outlawed all forms of racial discrimination in education, employment, and in social places. It would still be many years before the consequences of these acts would be manifest in the form of more blacks attending institutions of higher learning, penetrating the higher levels of the professional class in record numbers, and before blacks and whites would live King's vision of brotherhood. However, they remain important steps in the fight for legislative…… [Read More]

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Films Reflect American Culture in

Words: 1793 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12326198

These films. Swing Vote (2008), The Queen (2006) Rules of Engagement (2000) The Quiet American (2002) and Jarhead (2005) clearly support this hypothesis and build on the idea that art reflects life and life reflects art.


Boggs, C. & Pollard, T. (2006) The Hollywood War Machine: U.S. Militarism and Popular Culture Boulder CO: Paradigm Publishers

Bellah, R.N. Madsen, R. Sullivan, W.M. Swidler, A. Tipton, S.M. (1991) Good Society

New York: Random House.

Fishman, J.M. Marvin, C. (March 2003) Portrayals of Violence and Group Difference in Newspaper Photographs: Nationalism and Media Journal of Communications

Gianos, P.L. (1999) Politics and Politicians in American Film. New York: Preager Publishing

Giglio, E. (2005) Here's Looking at You: Hollywood, Film & Politics. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Klenotic, J. (2007) Chapter 5 "Staying in the Moment: Hollywood, History, and the Politics of 9/11 Cinema." In Constructing America's War Culture, Conroy T. & Hanson, J.…… [Read More]

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Democratic Deficit This Is a

Words: 325 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61381556

A new "treaty" to reform the EU government was put forth in 2007, ratified by most countries, but rejected by Ireland in 2008. Efforts continue.

Why Low Voter Turnout in European Parliamentary Elections?

The past two European Parliament elections, in 2004 and 2009, have produced increasingly lower voter turnouts -- 45.5% in 2004, and 43% in 2009 -- both record lows (Xuequan, 2009).

This occurs because most of the European voters are still "nationals" rather than "internationals." They are often unaware of policies and debates about issues that are occuring at the "European" level. Their own individual countries of residence and its issues are more important to them. Secondly, there is an enormously deep-seated feeling among most Europeans that their vote won't make a difference. They don't vote because they don't see direct results in regards to common citizen influence in the EU government institutions.

Reference List

Xuequan, M. (2009,…… [Read More]

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Political Psychology Has Always Been

Words: 1654 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 76136874

A change of leadership and divisive social forces might pressure such hatreds into re-erupting, but these hatreds are still historical 'products.'

A balance between history and psychology is needed to fully understand why mass political atrocities occur. A diffusion of responsibility during the action such as a war or a collective lynching can be a facilitating factor, but the social and historical context must be acknowledged. An authority that validates the atrocity, as in the case of Hitler or Milosevic can legitimize terror, but the people's responsiveness to that figure has its roots in culture and collective psychology. Furthermore, distance from authority can also create a sense of validation -- although lynching was never part of the official justice system of the South, it was obvious that the authorities were willing to ignore lynchings, provided they was done under the cover of night. The repercussions for protecting African-Americans and treating…… [Read More]

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Political Science Jesse Ventura's Election

Words: 824 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17393060

Third parties face a number of troubles which frequently make their candidates terms short lived. The most apparent reason that third parties have trouble surviving is that most voters are faithful to their traditional party. Voters typically identify with a certain political party, often inheriting their particular association from their parents. There are other great roadblocks third parties faces on the path to becoming a typical fixture in politics such as ballot access, campaign finance and the Electoral College system.

There are also many laws which hold back third parties from being triumphant (Tabor, n.d.).

Politics in this country have been for years based on popularity and not necessarily the issues at all. Jessie Ventura pulled off an upset in the 1998 gubernatorial race in Minnesota because he was popular. He had tremendous name recognition based on his past endeavors and the public was tired of the two major political…… [Read More]

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Mcveigh R & Diaz M D

Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 17961293

When analyzing why certain communities view same-sex marriage as a more of a threat to their own particular community than others, McVeigh and Diaz examined voting records from 2000 to 2008, at the county-level wherein same-sex initiatives were on the ballot. McVeigh and Diaz note that social disorganization theory proposes that where there is less residential stability, there will be a disruption in social organization and this has led to a loosening of social constraints on social behavior. However, McVeigh and Diaz' data analysis takes the theory a step further through demonstrating that in communities wherein traditionalism is highly prevalent, the lack of community cohesion (as exhibited by residential instability, low rates of home ownership and high crime rates) actually increases the chance that the residents will see same-sex marriage as a threat to their individual values as well as to their community interests.

McVeigh and Diaz also uncovered that…… [Read More]

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2016 Election

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The 2016 Election
The Research Question
My question regarding the 2016 election is this: why did Americans vote for Donald Trump? This is a decidedly open-ended question, which means it would involve exploratory research rather than the testing of a hypothesis. The research could consist of a mixed-methods design with both qualitative and quantitative research conducted. Individuals could be asked both open-ended questions and closed-questions (with Likert-scale measures in place).
How I Would Answer This Question
A good means of collecting data for exploratory research is the interview method or the survey method (Leonard, Noelle et al.). First, I would break up the voting sample into demographics: (a) gender, (b) age, (c) voting history (Party affiliation), (d) region of the country, (e) religion, (f) ethnicity/race, and (g) ideology (ex., conservative, liberal, libertarian, reform, etc.). Then I would seek to obtain a sample of participants that could provide me with a…… [Read More]

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Critical Thinking Notions

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saw two houses: one in the suburbs and one in the center of town. The suburban house was less expensive than the one in town so there must be something wrong with it.

The fallacy present in this remark revolves around the notion that when something costs less, it's as a result of some sort of flaw. While there is an expression "you get what you pay for" this expression is not always absolute. Many times there is a host of reasons why something might cost less than something else, and many of these reasons will have nothing to do with flaws or something being "wrong" with the house. For instance, the house might be priced less because it is further a way from the center of town, or might have an undesirable view or might be on a street where some tragic act of violence occurred. Regardless, none of…… [Read More]

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Democracy in China

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democratic system for governing a group of people, small or large, must maintain the best interests of all the individuals involved. This general criterion must be upheld regardless of whether specifically what these best interests are cannot be unanimously agreed upon. Ideally, a democracy allows everyone involved an equal voice and vote regarding every decision that concerns that organization. Robert Dahl identifies the five primary components of the ideal democracy: "1. Effective participation. 2. Equality in voting. 3. Gaining enlightened understanding. 4. Exercising final control over the agenda. 5. Inclusion of adults." (Dahl 38). Essentially, along every step of the decision-making process each member of this association must have an equal opportunity to voice their opinions, vote, learn about the issues, choose what matters are to be considered, and everyone of age must be involved.

These somewhat rigid requirements can be difficult for even small organizations to uphold, and nearly…… [Read More]

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CA Recall Election

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CA Recall

Analysis of the Results of the California Recall Election

Although the general issues pertaining to the current California crisis, such as the hated car tax and the fear of yet another electricity crisis, no doubt affected all voters across the state, in general, Caucasians were more apt to vote to recall Governor Davis than were Black and Latino voters. This may be attributed to the fact that these, and other hot-button issues of recent date, negatively impacted whites in such a fashion that they were likely to vote for the recall. This does not mean that all Californians were not affected, but that Whites and affluent individuals in general were more likely to experience these negative issues as recent events.

Because affluent suburban whites were more apt to see such events as negatively impacting their lifestyle quite recently, these Caucasians were more apt to blame Governor Davis as…… [Read More]

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What Led Me to Choose My College Major and Community Contributions

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college major was picked and what career that will lead to. In the second part of the essay describe your most significant contributions to your community.

Evaluating my career decision and how my current activities affect my community.

Selecting the right career will have an impact on your entire life. Sometimes, learning how to volunteer in your own community can provide you with the skills necessary to help you be successful in a future career.

Explain what led to your interest in your particular major and what career you ultimately wish to pursue think that it is important to chose a college major based on your own likes and dislikes and also to consider what industries are doing well in the economy. My college major is twofold: music production and business. I think it's important to have a background in business for any career that I may have chosen. My…… [Read More]

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American Politics for the Presidential Party to

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American politics, for the presidential party to lose congressional support in a midterm election. As any administration struggles in the early part of a term to define itself, it's likely to fall in and out of favor with a public still not inundated of the White House's identity and intentions. This is an opportunity rarely missed by the opposition, as sophomore year presidencies have commonly been forced to tolerate an exploitation of their greatest possible weakness. At the dual behest of the media and some genuine desire for social progress, the public has been prone to voicing protest in a midterm election. One prime example in recent history was Bill Clinton's first midterm election. He had taken a beating on the gays in the military issue in his first year. And as he grappled with a post-Reaganomics recession in those early years, people who were frustrated with unemployment and an…… [Read More]

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IRS Off Your Health Care Act of

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IRS Off your Health Care Act of 2013 - [H.R.2009]



It has been two months since they have introduced H.R. 2009, the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act. During this time, people have been watching seen a growing amount of support from people living all over the nation for this common proposal seen as just common sense by many. Thanks to that drive, it has been proclaimed that the House of Representatives will have a vote on the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act before deferring for the August Region Work Period. In this essay, it touches on how this simple, two-page bill barricades the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from imposing or applying President Obama's health care law. This essay makes the point of how in…… [Read More]

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Atonement vs Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet and Atonement

Romeo and Juliet has always been one of William Shakespeare's most popular and successful plays, even though critics have sometimes dismissed it as an immature or sentimental work. In that respect, Atonement is not sentimental at all but rather grimly realistic, although the love of Ronnie and Cecelia also ends tragically. Both the play and novel have a great deal of seemingly irrational and senseless violence that destroys the lives of the main characters. In Atonement, the violence takes the form of a system that convicts Robbie unjustly of a crime he did not commit, and then gives him a choice of either serving in a war as cannon fodder or staying in jail. Cecilia and Briony also experience the violence of wartime London with regular bombing and endless numbers of badly mangled bodies that flood into the hospitals where they work. In Romeo and…… [Read More]

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Supreme Court Case

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long-term impact of Florence v. The Board of Chosen Freeholders. This will be accomplished by: studying the parties involved, discussing the facts of the case, identifying the constitutional issues, examining the decision in terms of the vote, the opinion of the court, the dissenting views and the significance of the case. Once this takes place, is when we can provide specific insights that will illustrate how this will affect the way law enforcement is interacting with prisoners.

In criminal law, there are those decisions that will have a dramatic impact upon the way law enforcement is interacting with suspects. Sometimes, there are certain cases that will give the police the power to use greater amounts of authority. When this happens, there is a transformation in how different constitutional ideas are interpreted and utilized.

A recent example of this can be seen by looking no further than the Supreme Court case…… [Read More]

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Legislative Strategy Project

Words: 1882 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 83189632

Self-Executing Rules (Deem and Pass)

The self-executing rule, also known as 'deem and pass' has recently been criticized by Newt Gingrich and Joe Scarborough. The self-executing rule is a method of procedure that the U.S. House of Representatives use to approve legislation. This rule is in the form of a simple resolution and serves to specify which bills are under consideration by the House. When the House votes to approve a rule that in inclusive of a self-executing provision, the House at the same time agrees to dispose of a matter that is separate as the self-executing rule specifies. This allows modifications or amendments to bills to be passed simultaneously to the bill underlying the modification or amendment. While this procedure does serve to streamline the process of legislation, and is reported to have been used on 85 different occasions in the five years between 2005 and 2010 (Oleszek, 2005,…… [Read More]

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Women and Reform

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Spheres and Suffrage

During the period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were two spheres which separated men and women in society. This seems incongruous in our modern time where men and women interact freely and females have achieved positions of power in every branch of business, politics, and research. But, for women living in the 1800s and 1900s, they were limited in their potential by their gender. The men were allowed to reside in the external sphere, engaging with other men in business and going to the club in the evening. Only men were given the privilege of power in the outside world. Women were only allowed control in their homes, the domestic sphere. The woman's life was centered on her home and her family. It would be the charge of some very brave women who refused to live their lives separated from the outside and…… [Read More]

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Neo-Functionalism the European Model the Concept of

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Neo-Functionalism the European Model

The concept of neo-functionalism originated in the 1950s after the Second World War. During that time, the world was witnessing an emerging pattern of regional integration that saw countries especially in Europe and Latin America eliminate trade barriers in a bid to form regional economic blocks. Neo-functionalism, widely considered as a theory, is synonymous with western European integration. It is thought that the proponents of European integration adopted this theory as their main integration strategy. According to Rosamond (2000), neo-functionalism was triggered by the interactive activity among the original six member states (p. 10). On the other hand, Eilstrup-Sangiovanni (2006), asserts that neo-functionalism was as a result of the behaviorist turn in American social science that were centered on institutional forms, behavior and the integration process (p. 89). He however notes that neo-functionalism failed to describe the integration process during the 1965 empty chair crisis because…… [Read More]

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Internet and Politics Both Barack

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Although the issues addressed on Obama's website are indeed important and critical, their perspective is in my view too general. Romney on the other hand tries to narrow down to the specifics. It is therefore unlikely that any user would feel left out in having his or her issue addressed. Basically, both websites are easy to navigate with the link to the homepage being consistent. Further, in both cases, functionality is enhanced with the clear labeling of each item of functionality. This makes both websites rather user friendly. However, it is much easier in my opinion to contact Romney's campaign team than it is to contact Obama's campaign team. In Obama's website, the user has to scroll all the way to the bottom of the lengthy pages so as to access the contact details. The leaner pages in Romney's website allow the user to easily contact the campaign team with…… [Read More]

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U S Level of Democracy in

Words: 445 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3853193

Concerning civil rights and liberties, the U.S. can consider itself to be a free country indeed. According to a Freedom Hose Report which took into consideration the evolution of the countries of the world since 2001, the United States is considered to be a free country, with the ranking of one, as the highest in this report (Freedom House, 2006). However, an important element in this sense is the fact that throughout the period under analysis, the ranking remains the same, an element which suggests the fact that its positive evolution was constant.

Overall, it is important to say that the U.S. is one of the most democratic countries in the world, from a scale of one to ten; ten being the undemocratic limit, the U.S. is ranked one. It is not only the conclusion drawn from this basic analysis but rather a general belief on the situation in the…… [Read More]

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Countries That Hold Elections South Africa

Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59185242

South Africa: Electoral and Institutional Arrangements, Party Competition, and Checks and Balances in Government

South Africa's government is a constitutional democracy based upon a system of proportional representation. In other words, its national legislature is a parliament, with two houses, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The parliament called the National Assembly awards seats to each political party based upon that party's proportionate support in the national election. Elections for the National Assembly are held every five years. The second general democratic post-apartheid election in 1999 in yielded a majority for the African National Congress (ANC) Party, the party famously lead by the imprisoned Nelson Mandela during the years of apartheid that disenfranchised most of South Africa's majority black population ("Government in South Africa," SouthAfricainfo, 2008).

In addition to the ANC, South Africa has sixteen registered political parties under the Independent Electoral Commission, spanning a variety…… [Read More]

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Women's Rights in Her Personal

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Women winning the right to vote, far too long after the founding of America, was of course an important 'first step' in ensuring that women become full participants in the American experiment. But understanding the subtle cultural discrimination, as manifest in John Adams' treatment of his wife, and the subsidiary complaints of Stanton, Wollstonecraft, and Woolf also demonstrate that simply passing a law is not enough to change the rights of women. Women have been treated as children, and also viewed as incapable of truly realizing their dreams because of their capacity to be mothers. This has remained unchanged in the cultural discourse and memory in a way that affects all of our perceptions, male and female, and unless we remember this, we may be too easily seduced by the achievements, however remarkable, of a few talented women who have been able to chip away at the 'glass ceiling.'

Part…… [Read More]

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Third Parties Third Party Politics

Words: 1557 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 26896831

Conclusion: The Benefits of a Third-Party Friendly System

While both proponents and those in opposition to a two-party system have well-founded arguments, the third-party friendly system is the system that most makes sense in today's modern democracy. As presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have made clear, the American people are ready for change. They are tired of the same old formula Republicans and Democrats, and they want to be represented by candidates whom they can truly feel represented by. A coalition government consisting of third parties would accomplish that change. Although this government may take longer to arrive at decisions, it would ultimately come up with the decisions that the majority of the Americans want, while still including the opinions of the minority. These coalitions would pass laws that were more representative of what America wants. Instead of retreating into the old, tired formula of choice a or…… [Read More]

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Politics Social Inequality and Political

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Observers of discrimination may not always recognize what is going on either. If they are not directly affected by the discrimination they may not be in the best position to identify the discrimination and challenge it. It can also be difficult for observers to notice patterns of discrimination between groups. Studies have shown that only when these differences where pointed out did they observers notice what was going on and then attempt to make amends (Iyer, 2007).

In looking at the composite of voters for the state of Colorado, those most likely to vote for the End Affirmative Action measure would be: white women that are between the age 30-64, who hold post graduate degrees. Those that would be most likely to vote against it would be: white males who are between the ages of 45-64, who have college degrees. In looking at the composite of voters for the state…… [Read More]

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Changing Role of Women in

Words: 1907 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93191004

They were not content to merely 'talk the talk', but were bound and determined to 'walk the walk' as well. They ended their declaration of independence by stating they would "circulate tracts, petition the State and national legislatures, and endeavor to enlist the pulpit and press on our behalf. We hope this Convention will be followed by a series of Conventions embracing every part of the country" (Sochen, 1974, p. 127).

Not surprisingly, some people took these women seriously and others did not. Men were especially prone to making snide remarks about how only barren, lonely and 'misfit' women attended this convention. They essentially implied that if these women were able to land a husband and have some kids, they would stop this 'nonsense' (Sochen, 1974). But it was not nonsense. In fact, most of it made perfect sense. And as much as anti-feminists wanted the women's movement to just…… [Read More]

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Political Parties the Major Political

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The moderate wing of the Republican Party is rarely heard from in the national media, with the possible exception of U.S. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who tends to side with Democrats when healthcare issues are on the brink of defeat and need that one last vote to pass.

In the Republican National Committee ( Website under "Issues" the GOP does not state a policy or a goal, but rather: on "Economy" they attack Obama on the budget, on promoting renewable energy, among other attacks; on "Foreign Policy" the GOP attacks Obama's treaty with the Russians on reducing nuclear stockpiles.

Democratic Party -- Origins

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party originated under the national leadership of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, according to the "Citizen's Compendium"; the Jacksonians and the Jeffersonians at that time resembled each other especially in terms of being opposes to "aristocracy" and being distrustful of banks. The…… [Read More]

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Ability to Enjoy Medieval Interpretive

Words: 629 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 5660963

So, the experiential tool kit for medieval dance must include some knowledge of the development of polyphonic music.

The prime function of lyric was to accompany dance. Churchmen many times attacked the practice of dance songs in the worship service as heretical. For instance, Gnostic churches loved dance in the religious service as a way to self-discovery and self-wisdom. The widespread condemnation of the practice would indicate how unstoppable it was and how popular it was. For this reason, we can readily explain why it was tolerated (Patterson 96).


The argument in 2 is most like response D. To begin with, there is a statement in which one thing can not happen if another is true. In the statement, Columbus and Akron cannot both be in Carly Simon's tour route. In a similar line of logic, Annabelle will not vote for Anastasia if Alexis does not run. In the…… [Read More]

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American Government Course American Government

Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 6448180

It was during the same period that hostilities with the communist leadership culminated into the bombing of Libya, loggerheads with the Soviet Union and a stiff arms race with the U.S.S.R.

It is also significant to note that it was during the same time that he successfully engaged Mikhail Gorbachev who was then the Soviet General secretary and culminated into the signing of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty that signaled the end in arms race and both countries agreed to decrease in nuclear weapons in their custody.

Upon ascending to presidency, Reagan was bent on introducing new political as well as economic dispensations radically. He advocated more for supply-side economics which saw him push for reduction of tax rates to speed up economic growth, money supply control to check inflation, reduction of regulation on the economy particularly business to encourage competitive and free-market free for all which as a matter…… [Read More]

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California's Congressional Senators

Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87169105


California State (capital: Sacramento) is America’s third biggest state after Texas and Alaska, with a population of thirty-seven million according to 2010 statistics. The state boasts the nation’s largest economy, having made it first to the trillion-dollar gross state product milestone. By the year 2012, the state became the 9th largest global economy.

Its several million acres of agricultural land makes California a largely rural state. It ranks as national leader in crop production. Further, California houses several world-famous national parks and cultural institutions such as Disneyland, Hollywood, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite National Park. Its biggest cities include Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego. The state’s main industries are: agriculture, tourism, biotechnology, manufacturing, and aerospace-defense.
According to 2014 figures, 39 percent of California is populated by Latinos, making them the state’s largest single ethnic/racial population. The rest of the ethnic/racial composition of the state…… [Read More]

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Narcotics Lollipop A Should the FDA Ban

Words: 4240 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68834637

Narcotics Lollipop a. Should the FDA ban the narcotics lollipop? Go through the steps of the linear model to decide how this issue could be resolved.

Define Problem

The problem to be addressed is whether or not the narcotic lollipop should be barred. Answering this question requires consideration of various factors. Questions raised include:

Is the narcotic fentanyl too dangerous for children?

Is the narcotic fentanyl more dangerous than the tranquilizers used?

Is the lollipop as a means of distributing the drug also a problem?

Do doctors make up their own unregulated sedatives to calm children before surgery?

Is the lollipop preferable if the alternative is the unregulated sedatives doctors use?

Is there a problem with controlling the dosage of the drug?

Gather Evidence

Fentanyl is a drug used to treat chronic pain, pain associated with operative procedures and used to enhance general anaesthetics. It is commonly used as a…… [Read More]