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Integrating Heterogeneous Data Using Web Services

Words: 3194 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: 'Literature Review' chapter Paper #: 7017317

IEEE-Computer Science -- Literature Review

IEEE-Computer Science

Integration Approaches Practices

The work of Ziegler and Dittrich (nd) reports that integration is "becoming more and more indispensable in order not to drown in data while starving for information." The goal of data integration is "to combine data from different sources by applying global data model and by detecting and resolving schema and data conflicts so that a homogenous, unified view can be provided." (Ziegler and Dittrich, nd) There are two reasons for data integration:

(1) Given a set of existing data sources, an integrated view is created to facilitate data access and reuse through a single data access point;

(2) Given a certain information need, data from different complementing sources is to be combined to gain a more comprehensive basis to satisfy the information need. (Ziegler and Dittrich, nd)

Foundations of the SIRUP Approach

Foundations of the SIRUP approach are stated…… [Read More]

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E-Groceries Primary Data Collection Secondary Data Collection

Words: 12291 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 50065159


Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Collection

Performance evaluation of the optimized supply chains

McLane e-grocery

Carrefour Ooshop e-grocery

Logistics Optimization

Structural decisions items of operations strategy in logistics

Hardware of the firm

Operational Facilities

Operational Capacity

Process technology

Supply Network

Infrastructure decision areas

Software of the organization

Planning and control


Organizational Structure

Comparison of structural and infrastructural logistical operations management decisions


Capital Investment

Globalization and Logistics Optimization

Logistical optimization models

Challenges in e-grocery Logistics

E-grocery logistical solution

Store-based order picking model

Figure: Store-based order picking model

Store-based order picking for attended goods reception

Store-based order picking for unattended goods reception

Dedicated order picking model

Figure: Dedicated order picking model

Delivery from dedicated centers for attended goods reception

Delivery from dedicated centers for unattended goods reception


E-basic needs frameworks so that organizations can get beneficial

Execution methodology

Distinctive logistical results

Recognize e-basic framework

E-basic framework

E-basic model…… [Read More]

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Strategic Information Systems' A Strategic Information System

Words: 5960 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12835532

Strategic Information Systems'?

A strategic information system is a system that enables an organisation to alter the structure of its business strategy so that it can achieve a competitive advantage over others. This system also helps organisations in fastening the time it takes to react and adapt to several environmental changes that take place and makes the overall business structure more efficient. Within a strategic information system there exists a decision support system that helps align business goals and strategies with information systems and technologies.

Write down the various business models of internet.

The various business models of the internet include:

Advertising, Blogging, Affiliate, Community, Utility, Subscription, Brokerage, Merchant, Manufacturer.

Question 3: What is 'Network Bandwidth'?

The amount or volume of data which is being transmitted through a particular network at a given point in time is referred to as a network bandwidth. Network bandwidth's can be affected by software…… [Read More]

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Internationalization of Branding in the Retail Industry

Words: 16085 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83979895

The main focus of the 1980s regarding brands focused on a trend in takeovers, enabling successful brands to become extremely valuable on the open market. Even very early on, a value associated with a brand large was viewed in part as more important than the product itself. Early research indicates that many thought the only way to have a successful brand was to buy one. Many felt that the development of new megabrands would be impossible in the future and money would be better spent on acquisitions than on research and development. The fact that 90-95% of all new products failed strengthened the argument that takeovers made more sense than trying to develop new successful brands (The Economist, 1988).

As a result of the heightened number of acquisitions and takeovers, many brands suffered irreparable harm. With the changing management associated with takeovers and acquisitions, brands failed to maintain a clear…… [Read More]

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Business-To-Business Marketing Environment and Critically Analyse Them

Words: 2643 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89989947

business-to-Business marketing environment and critically analyse them, with special reference the UK market in Europe

Identify the major trends in the business-to-business marketing environment and critically analyse them,

With special reference the UK market in Europe

Of the many trends in Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing, the most significant are social media, the continual growth of globalization, supply chains, outsourcing, green marketing and data driven marketing. Taken together these trends are completely redefining the platforms, programs and strategies of B2B marketers throughout the UK and Europe. The intent of this analysis is to provide insights into each of these trends and illustrate how B2B marketers can make the most of the opportunities they provide.

Social Media's Rapid Ascension and Its Impact on B2B Marketing

Social networks are redefining B2B marketing strategies faster than any other trend included in this analysis, as the collection of these applications are defining customer relationships. Instead of…… [Read More]

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Systemic Challenges That Choicepoint Is

Words: 3320 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 52937670

As all these challenges pervaded not only ChoicePoint but all the companies comprising the industry, privacy advocates began to dissect the processes, systems and approaches that data providers were using to collect, analyze and sell information. What they found quickly became the foundation for congressional attention and focus on imposing heavy regulations on an industry that was suffering from a lack of process integration and no oversight or governance in place within any of the organizations. ChoicePoint had in effect become the poster child of the entire personal data industry due to their many lapses it has experienced in protecting consumers' data. The many scenarios mentioned in the case study of criminals posing as small businesses to gain access to their databases is a pervasive problem across the entire industry, and a further catalyst of legal and regulatory oversight of the industry.

Privacy Advocates

Dissecting the processes, systems and techniques…… [Read More]

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Health Care Decision Tree Analysis

Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: 'Discussion and Results' chapter Paper #: 41484494

The term "data mining" refers to the process of taking a large amount of data, sorting through it, and refining appropriate and relevant information. Typically, it is used with ERP systems to help make strategic decisions based on the patterns that come out of the data review. It is also that more formal and statistical analysis of large sets of data within complex ERP Systems. Data warehousing is a term meaning the storage of information for an organization. The data warehouse is the place that the data is stored and organized. Data warehousing, per se, is passive; while data mining is active. One needs to have the data in a depository of some kind before it can be mined for use. Both data mining and data warehousing are essential to the effective management of the strategic planning process. The amount and quality of the data warehoused is directly related to…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain and Logistics Service Providers

Words: 2496 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91062723

A highly efficient, cost effective and free flowing supply chain signifies the basis of every successful company. It permits every other operation of the company to get going and move forward devoid of any encumbrances or concern for a deficiency in materials, provisions or parts. There are various factors that have to be taken into consideration when selecting a logistics service provide and these comprise of cost, scalability, proven track record, innovativeness and financial stability and history of payment. Concerning the selection and use of logistics service providers, a key approach that is more often than not utilized by logistics managers is to give a big fraction of the business to one carrier, and the small fraction to a rival carrier. The advantages of this approach are twofold. One, in the event of existing problems with the primary carrier, then it is possible to change and shift traffic to…… [Read More]

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Loss Prevention and Security

Words: 3607 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16590573

1. Introduction
To prevent loss is one of the primary goals of the security system of a retail store. There are various tools, equipment, applications, and strategies that are used for retail security. However, this paper adopts a simple yet innovative approach towards preventing loss in the three identified auto stores – integration. Integration is an approach that seeks to improve the effectiveness of each specific loss prevention technology by thoughtfully assimilating all into a singular-working system. Integration allows all the security system to work as a unit thus enhancing their power and streamlining their security (Greggo & Kresevich, 2016). This paper is written from a perspective of a Security Director for the three auto spare parts stores and it will present a discussion on how the various security measures presented above will be put together with the primary objective of preventing vices that contribute to losses. The discussion will…… [Read More]

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Linear Programming and What It Is Used for

Words: 1479 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96994078

Maximizing profit, minimizing loss, optimizing resources: these are the buzzwords of business. Before the Second World War, though, businesses would use only basic mathematical equations, estimations, and even intuition to maximize profit, minimize loss, and optimize resources. The underlying principles of linear programming have been around a long time; these are not revolutionary algorithmic concepts. Yet the industrial age and its models and methods of mass production meant increasing demands for calculations that would help solve complex operational and financial challenges. Linear programming allows for the introduction of several decision variables into the equation, allowing specialists in a wide range of fields to help companies improve their overall operations, with the ultimate goal of making calculated decisions based on math instead of guesswork. In this paper, I will discuss multiple methods for applying linear equations to the real world. For example, I will show how linear equations are used…… [Read More]

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Assessment of Amazon Is it Ready for Change

Words: 1991 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27822469

Change at Amazon

Background to Amazon

Reason for Change

Diagnostic Models

Diagnosis of Amazon

Amazon are known for providing employees with a harsh workplace environment, with a high level of attrition (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). Changes in the HR policies and strategies to increase the employee centric practices, such as adopting a more flexible approach to employee personal issues, management by walking around, and increasing recognition for employee hard work and achievements may result in positive outcomes. Research has clearly indicated that were employees feel that their employer cares, they will display a higher level of commitment and productivity compared to employees who do not feel their employer cares (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2011). This can enhance productivity even in harsh working conditions (McGregor & Doshi, 2015). To consider if this is available strategy the firm and its current issues may be considered along with an assessment for readiness for change.…… [Read More]

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Operations Strategy Matrix Wal Mart Inc

Words: 2785 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13754510

Wal-Mart Inc.: Operations Strategy Matrix

Operations Strategy Matrix: Wal-Mart Inc.

Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer. It commits itself to providing everyday low prices to consumers to enable them live better. Its decisions center largely around the provision of commodities at low prices when customers need them. This text examines Wal-Mart's operational strategy and proposes a number of decisions that it could take to improve its standing in the retail market.

Wal-Mart Inc.: Operations Strategy Matrix

Wal-Mart is an American-based multinational corporation, operating a chain of retail stores in the UK and in 25 other countries. Founded in 1962, the company grew from a small general store into the world's largest retailer, with over 65 different banners. In the UK, the company operates under the name 'Asda', and runs over 70 stores dealing in general merchandise including clothing, apparel, foodstuffs, groceries and stationary. I had the opportunity to work as…… [Read More]

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Accounting and Intrusion Detection in a Report

Words: 6872 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17210308

Accounting and Intrusion Detection

In a report issued by Paladin Technologies, Inc., entitled: "Security Metrics: Providing Cost Justification for Security Projects," 273 organizations were surveyed on the topic of security. The report illustrates in quantifiable terms the depth and reach of intrusion detection on the financial viability of the organization. The combined reported losses from the firms surveyed totaled $265.6 million in 1999. The highest loss categories were reported as follows:

Type of Loss

Estimated Dollar Value

Number of Respondents

Theft of intellectual capital


Financial Fraud




The average annual financial loss of firms surveyed was estimated at $40 million. Forty three percent of respondents were able to quantify financial losses, and seventy four percent were able to acknowledge financial loss. Ninety percent detected cyber attacks within the most recent twelve-month period and seventy percent reported serious breaches other than viruses, laptop theft, and employee abuse of…… [Read More]

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Sunbeam Corporation and Chainsaw Al for Business

Words: 1657 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 36768909

Sunbeam Corporation and Chainsaw Al

For Business Ethics Class. Need a Case Study Ethics Case, "Sunbeam Corporation Chainsaw Al." The story Arthur Andersen failed stop "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap hoodwinked BOD intimidated accounting staff, turn manipulated financial reports.

Sunbeam Corporation and Chainsaw Al

Sunbeam Corporation while on the verge of bankruptcy, appointed Albert "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap to steer them to success. Chainsaw Al had been successful in turning around other financially troubled companies which was why he was given the job as the CEO and Chair of Sunbeam's board. However, Chainsaw Al engaged in illegal and unethical accounting practice which gave a false representation of the company's turnaround. Investors sued the company for this and when other board members discovered that Dunlap was actively involved in these unethical practices, he was let go. This paper looks at the problems that arose as a result of Dunlap's behavior and an evaluation of…… [Read More]

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E-Business Systems and Enterprise Systems

Words: 2521 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41564316

All of these systems are integrated with the company's Accounts Payable (a/P) and Accounts Receivable (a/R) and financial reporting systems so that a true measure of overall profitability can be attained. In conjunction with all of these systems the traffic and quotes on the e-commerce site also need to be fulfilled real-time from the supply chain, pricing and delivery location systems (Todd, 2007). This is a complex system design yet highly effective in telling customers interested in a specific tire when, where, and how much it will cost to purchase it. All of these systems need then to be focused on how to make the customers' experience as seamless and excellent as possible. To do that the many challenges of systems and process integration will need to be confronted head-on to make sure that customers' needs are addressed. The center of the systems must reside on the customer too; those…… [Read More]

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Rewired Supply Chain Synopsis of

Words: 898 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 11912708

purchasing may be done based on the needs of the firm, billing is automatic and generated from the purchasing process; inventories are keyed in so that out-of-stock or backordered items are known immediately, transfers to and from particular departments are automatic, and at all times there is a real-time picture of the situation for management. In the case of a networked-based supply chain vendors may be evaluated based on past data and models made to ensure efficacy; while the accounting (cash) cycle may be compressed because of monitoring and accuracy in paying and ordering exactly what is necessary. Warehousing activities are easier to predict, as are the human resources necessary to ensure proper supply.

5. Increase supplier efficiency with real time information on firm/planned orders and forecasts. Use a "sense and respond" supply chain paradigm offers much more than many traditional approaches to supply chain management in that it enable…… [Read More]

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Food and Beverage Industry Analyzing

Words: 1332 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99292830

Wal-Mart specifically is pioneering the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) projects with up to two thousand of its key suppliers today (Kumar, 2007). The goal of this pilot is to enable food and beverage suppliers to coordinate more effectively with Wal-Mart on mixed pallet mode shipping of products (Kumar, 2007). This is critical for Wal-Mart from the standpoint of supporting their expansion strategies into smaller, more diverse stores in terms of selection. The focus of Wal-Mart going forward will be on smaller stores in urban and suburban locations in the U.S., and smaller stores throughout their most successful global locations as well. The use of RFID as a technology to enable greater logistics and supply chain performance is already showing signs of supporting much greater levels of shipping accuracy and cost control. RFID tags can be read on pallets traveling at 40 miles per hour through warehouses and from…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain Integration at Albertson's

Words: 1281 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47054685

Recommendations at the Divisional Level

Divisional warehouses, or as they are sometimes called, Distribution Centers (DC) act as the fulfillment centers for stores in their region and also receive and inspect products from suppliers. DCs also manage the critical tasks of breaking down large shipments and allocating specific levels of inventory to each store. From a supply chain integration perspective, this is the most critical link in the entire chain between supplier and store. In the case of re-vamping Albertson's approach to DC supply chain integration the following tasks need to be completed.

First and foremost, there needs to be real-time item and lot coordination across all DCs so each can stock balance accordingly and also respond quickly to the needs of the specific stores they serve. Albertson's needs to consider a distributed order management application that provides for this level of real-time cross-DC visibility into their supply chain processes…… [Read More]

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Training of the Metropolitan Police

Words: 12930 Length: 47 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50785881

Based on the foregoing considerations, it is suggested that the DCMP restructure their existing training programs and administration so that a more unified and centralized plan is in place, as well as providing for better instructor qualifications, evaluation, learning retention and more efficient and effective use of resources which are by definition scarce.

These broad general issues were refined for the purposes of this study into the research questions stated below.

Research Questions

What is the background of the District of Columbia area policy and community relations since World War II?

What are some major problems preventing positive relations between communities and the District of Columbia Metropolitan area police?

Can training programs of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department enhance community relations?

What training modules can be used to enhance relations between surrounding communities in the District of Columbia Metropolitan area law enforcement?

Significance of the Study

Research Design…… [Read More]

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Business Information Systems Implementing a

Words: 2869 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89245599

Third, the information systems implications also need to concentrate on how to manage pricing and discounting across product groups and also across payment methods. This is an area where small businesses can gain significant competitive advantage and one that is consistently ignored or not undertaken at all. For the payment card strategies in small businesses to be profitable, information systems, specifically applications, need to be created and managed to ensure optimal pricing is defined for each product, and that gross margins are maximized regardless of the payment card used.

Fourth, information systems in small businesses need to take into account the synchronizing of all available distribution channels, creating a multi-channel management strategy that is integrated to the payment card processing system as well (Goldstucker, Moschis, Stanley, Thomas, 1986). Tracking transactions and margins by channel is one of the main metrics that small businesses use to evaluate their overall selling and…… [Read More]

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E-Groceries Feasibility Study of E-Groceries Recent Technological

Words: 6223 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33583415


Feasibility Study of E-Groceries

Recent technological developments have seen different plans of action being actualized as it relates to e-Groceries retailing. However, challenges have limited the full realization of this aspect with the greatest hindrance has been logistics; more wasteful operation has often prompted resources being utilized on working expenditures. In this case, enhancements geared towards logistical effectiveness are seen as standouts amongst the most essential steps towards the implementation of this project. This study focuses at the feasibility of a distinctive e-grocery logistics framework and usage plan. The primary target is to study how best to actualize an e-Grocery business from the logistical perspective in order to guarantee some business success. The second target is to recognize, model, and assess diverse logistical results that could be utilized as a part of e-basic need retailing. Results for realizing more remarkable delivery proficiency are displayed and modeled.

For the realization…… [Read More]

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Market Trends Show That Banner

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82219563

189). Even though Towing It is not in an emerging industry per se, it is a very young company and therefore has limited resources. As the Sander and Koomagi reports dictates "venture capital and private equity play a very important role in financing of these companies" (p. 189) and venture capital definitely plays a very important role for Towing It as well. Having evaluated the expenses of this venture it is safe to project that profits will be made within the first year and that an increasing rate of return will be provided for both the owners and the venture capitalists throughout the next five years.


Technically speaking, the main thrust of the company will be through the website and online media which will be marketing the company in a 24/7 methodology. The equipment needed is easily procured through rental of the airplane and purchasing of the banners. The…… [Read More]

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Dell Inc

Words: 6698 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41200013

Dell Inc.

The head office of Dell is at Austin, Texas at the same place where the company was based. Dell Americas is also located in Texas, which is the regional business unit for the United States, Canada and Latin America. The regional headquarters offices of the company are in England, for Europe Middle East and Africa; in Singapore catering to Asia-Pacific; and in Kawasaki, Japan, to serve the market for Japan. The production unit for the manufacture of computers is located in Texas, Tennessee, Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, and China. Dell Computer Corporation sells products and services meant for Information Technology and the Internet backbone. The proceeds of the company for the previous four quarters were $31.2 billion. (Stories of Entrepreneurs: Michael Dell)

Dell's product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies


The Dell product line-up of high performance computer systems comprises of PowerEdge servers, PowerApp server applications, PowerVault storage products,…… [Read More]

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Organizations Just Because Two Companies Are of

Words: 2327 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10974887


Just because two companies are of a comparable size, and are in like businesses, does not mean that they are going to be alike in other ways. A comparison of Berger Ingredients and Hansell is one done between two companies which are both involved in the food industry and have some commonalities because of that fact. However, the companies are very different in the way that they conduct business and in some of the products that they sell. This comparison will first look at each company separately, the will compare the products and practices of both, before a few concluding statements with regard to the comparison.

Berger Ingredients is a relatively new company, established in 2009, that supplies raw food materials to other manufacturers who use these ingredients to make packaged foods. The company is a small scale operation which has 20 employees and only 1000 square meters of…… [Read More]

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Jewelry Exhibition Plan Exhibition Plan Anderson &

Words: 1951 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89231981

Jewelry Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan

Anderson & Sons Co. is a forty years old company specializing in diamond and platinum jewelry. It is planning to conduct an exhibition for its elite clients on 25th November, 2012. The idea of this exhibition is to present the new collection of Anderson & Co. And its strategic alliances to the respected customers. The jewelry collection is based on the theme of Christmas and will be released a month before this festival.

Our jewelry is designed by country's top designers who have worked with reputed brands like Tiffany, Swarovski, Chanel and Renaissance. Along with our creations, we will be presenting selected and limited work of other apparel with the idea of presenting exclusivity and style under one roof.

Location of the Exhibition

We are planning to arrange this event in one of the most reputed art galleries of the New York City, Luhury Augustine…… [Read More]

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Global Fighter Jets Marketing Plan Marketing Vision

Words: 2490 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72487675

Global Fighter Jets Marketing Plan

Marketing Vision

Global Fighter Jets is poised to provide customers with high-edge military aircraft specifically to combat fighter jet. Our marketing efforts will be geared towards customer's reassurance that we are the first when searching for military fighter jet such as F-35 fighter in Israel. Our key to success will center on the marketing strategy that we will implement, and our marketing strategy is the marketing mix to expand the relationship with existing customers.

Marketing Mix

Global Fighter Jets will use 4Ps as marketing mix, which include Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. Several reasons make the paper to choose 4Ps as marketing strategy.

Product: A product relates to the specifications of goods as related to the satisfaction of customers. The company chooses product as marketing mix to provide combination of quality, brand name and features to launch the product into the market.

Price: The reason…… [Read More]

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Marketing Planning This Marketing Plan Details Itcorp's

Words: 8175 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9080087

Marketing Planning

This marketing plan details Itcorp's business model. It addresses the company's mission, policies, strategies and objectives to achieve profitability. Itcorp's integrated software and hardware solutions for healthcare providers are described at length, as well as objectives for the long-term.

Our company

Itcorp plans to begin operations starting in January 2006. One thing that is unique about Itcorp is how it got its start. In 1988, two partners, Max Renfield and C.L. Rotwang, decided to start Jetson's, a business offering IT solutions to companies in the small to medium size range; in those days, the market was segmented mainly according to size. In the early 1990s, many of the companies Jetson's had been serving had grown to the point that the company's IT solutions were no longer adequate and so the company had to expand its product line to continue to serve these customers (and prevent them from switching…… [Read More]

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Rent Versus Own

Words: 4260 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27597950

Rent vs. Own

Housing serves as a shelter for all the people and their family, satisfying their main physical need and holding the equipment people need for their daily routines. Although the necessity of having a housing unit is clear, owning a house has become fashionable and is looked upon nowadays as a long-run investment decision which provides stable and rather good return. In this scope, the tenure choice, or the decision whether to own a house or to rent, is a personal choice, which depends on personal financial situation as well as socio-cultural factors as the desire for independence and security connected with owning a house rather than renting.

This issue has raised many discussions among scholars on the factors that influence the tenure decision and whether the decision is rational. Especially such works have become important after several amazing rises in the house prices, which were then followed,…… [Read More]

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Avian Flu Avian Influenza If

Words: 8056 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63286298

In the event of such an epidemic, it is reasonable to assume that public health departments will be pressed to find ways to maintain their services even when employees are ill, normal supply chains are disrupted, and the nation's infrastructure is inoperative; furthermore, the traditional roles of environmental health professionals can also be expected to change in dramatic ways during a period of pandemic influenza (Fabian, 2006). As U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt has noted, states and local jurisdictions will be in the vanguard of the battle that has 5,000 fronts. According to the secretary, "A lot is going to be expected of us. Fortunately, a great deal of the preparation activities laid out below have already become part of our awareness and skill set as a result of some of the terrorism and emergency response planning that public health has recently experienced" (Fabian, 2006, p.…… [Read More]

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John D Rockefeller Sr John

Words: 3442 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74136803

B. Jennings - 10% (Poole 2000).

Rockefeller believed that because entry costs were so low in oil drilling and refining, the market was glutted with crude oil with high levels of waste. Accordingly, the theory of free competition did not work well when there was such a mix of large, medium and small firms, believing that the weak ones drove prices below production costs, thus hurting even large firms (Poole 2000). His solution was a market with a few vertically integrated firms, "in effect an oligopolistic market," which is what other industrial sectors eventually evolved into (Poole 2000).

Keith Poole, Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston, writes, "What makes oil stand out is that it happened by design - as the result of a plan formulated by a single person - John D. Rockefeller" (Poole 2000). It was during 1871, that Rockefeller devised his plan for consolidating…… [Read More]

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Vendor Managed Inventory Is Here

Words: 1169 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27210219

Inventory management through VMI leads to a much more cohesive, integrated and concerted response to customer demand in the companies who have turned this process area into a best practice.

Additional benefits of adopting an aggressive state-of-the-art VMI system include the following, which are defined by Askegar and Suleski (2) in table 1 of their landmark research study on the topic. The ability of manufacturers and distribution companies alike to increase their level of segmentation to customer needs and requirements is immediately evident in companies who achieve best-in-class performance on VMI. This higher level of performance translates into an above-average level of Return on Assets (ROA) and also a higher level of performance on Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) which is a critical measure of how well warehouse, shipping and fulfillment operations are being utilized in conjunction with VMI workflows.

Secondly, these best-in-class companies who are relying on VMI as…… [Read More]

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Electronic Medical Health Records Utilizing Electronic

Words: 5456 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 39373512

However, because they make billing more efficient, the majority of large urban practice groups and hospitals have already made the switch to electronic records, according to Michael R. Costa, attorney and associate at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, in Boston, Mass. However, he adds, most of these organizations maintain warehouses where they store paper records that have been transcribed to electronic form. "There is resistance from some about going to a completely electronic format because there are still some questions about privacy," Costa says. "There is definitely still a place for paper-based medical records, but the focus from now on will be on making sure that information can be adequately secured" (Fiske).

Frederick Geilfuss, partner in the health law department of Foley & Lardner, in Milwaukee, Wis. says that while many larger providers have already begun the shift, he has not encountered any institutions that have made a complete transition -- an…… [Read More]

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Distribution Planning Systems Based on

Words: 3243 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8835797

" (Rizzoli, Oliverio, Montemanni and Gambardella, 2004)

According to Rizzoli, Oliverio, Montemanni and Gambardella objectives are that which "measure the fitness of a solution. They can be multiple and often they are also conflicting. The most common objective is the minimization of transportation costs as a function of the traveled distance or of the travel time; fixed costs associated with vehicles and drivers can be considered, and therefore the number of vehicles can also be minimized." (Rizzoli, Oliverio, Montemanni and Gambardella, 2004) Vehicle efficiency is another objective to consider and this is stated to be expressed as "the percentage of load capacity" and it is held that the higher the load capacity the better. The objective function is also used in representation of 'soft' constraints described as constraints "...which can be violated paying a penalty." (Rizzoli, Oliverio, Montemanni and Gambardella, 2004) Both independent variables and dependent variables are contained within…… [Read More]

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Lowe's Companies Is a Major

Words: 2026 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86268888

Although the company gained significant market share, earnings were below previously anticipated numbers. It is anticipated that the economy will continue to negatively affect morale. Salaries for vice presidents and above have been frozen and planned annual salary increases have been reduced for the rest of the organization. The unpredictable economy in America was offset, however, by the company's employees who drove their Customer Focused scores to the highest levels ever ("Company view," 2010).

It's Lowe's entrepreneurial spirit that will be crucial in overcoming these economic challenges. The company continues to develop proprietary product lines to not only take advantage of the continued demand for private labels, such as the Kobalt brand ("Lowe's," 2008) but also to differentiate itself from its competitors. Market expansion also hasn't just been limited to the traditional building of new stores. In 1999, the company expanded in the western U.S. By purchasing 40 Eagle Hardware…… [Read More]

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Lessons Were Learned From the

Words: 1309 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93931597

d. The Tempe Police Department website aside from featuring maps, also provides a host of other valuable information particularly essential in terms of its objective of community policing. Aside from ongoing reports about crimes and other relevant community-police associated news, the unit also distributes its annual citizen survey findings over the Web, as well as custom reports that are shared by other community agencies and city government units.

e. Criminal and Non-criminal Justice Databases -- the Tempe Police Department has access to a variety of citywide criminal and non-criminal justice databases, the latter including census information, commercial permits and licenses, traffic engineering, and housing data.

How Information Technology Assists the Tempe PD in Community Policing

a. As regards the community itself

Attempting to maintain strong connections with the community, the Tempe PD finds the it network to be invaluable in fostering these connections. The Web site, for instance, is significant…… [Read More]

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A Case Study of Walmart Inc Social Networking and Social Media

Words: 2141 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45533238

Social Networking and Social Media: A Case Study of Walmart Inc.

A Case Study of Walmart Inc.: Social Networking and Social Media

Walmart is an American-based multinational discount retailer operating in over 27 countries. It is the world's largest company by revenues, and the largest private employer in the Fortune 500 list of companies. Walmart has shown steady growth and improvement since 1965, when it was founded as Sam Walton as a general store. This text explores Walmart's organizational culture, structure, and digital media strategy with the aim of determining their role in the company's continued success.

A Case Study of Walmart Inc.

Walmart is the world's largest discount retailer, operating over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, including the U.S. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart grew from a family-owned general store in 1965 into the world's largest company by revenues. In 2015, the company ranked 20th in the Forbes list…… [Read More]

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Target Canada Supply Chain Failure

Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 66508943

stock-outs, because the company realized prior to launch that it was at risk of stock-outs. There were issues in distribution, getting goods from its distribution centres to the stores, creating significant risk of stock-outs if they launched on schedule. There were other issues as well, such as stocking store shelves -- some merchandise did not fit onto the existing shelves. Items were not being processed quickly enough at the distribution centre, either. There were data entry problems as well that prevented goods from getting to the shelves, and stockouts became a running theme at the stores.

Another issue was ordering. The company had actually over-ordered on goods, which ended up sitting in distribution centres. They had used a system for forecasting that depended on historical data, and there was no such data for the launch. They should have used other methods of forecasting initially, and phased in the historical data…… [Read More]

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Pepsico's Strategies for Global Business

Words: 2185 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89804851

International Business Strategy and the Strategic Role of International Human Resource Management

Brief Overview of Pepsi Co. Middle East

Staffing Policies

Strategy for competing on the global market

Diversified Business Model

Three-channel distribution network

PepsiCo Leveraging its dominant position

How pressure for cost reduction and pressures for local responsiveness influence strategic choice

Brief Overview of Pepsi Co. Middle East

PepsiCo is one of the biggest and leading food and beverage corporations in the world. The company as of 2012 generated over 65 billion dollars in net revenues. PepsiCo has a diverse global portfolio of brands that consists of numerous flavorful brands of snacks. PepsiCo Middle East is one of the six segments from which the primary company generates its revenues. PepsiCo Middle East, which is included in PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA), encompasses all businesses that deal with beverage, food as well as snack in the Middle East.…… [Read More]

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Starbucks Current and Prospective Monitoring System

Words: 3278 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88131777

Monitoring System of Starbucks

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Monitoring consists of everyday assessment of activities and projects, while evaluation entails the routine assessment of attained undertakings. Monitoring oversees the amount of work done while evaluation oversees the impact of the work done yet. There are number of audiences to be tapped upon for information regarding monitoring and evaluating post disaster projects such as:





Afflicted community

In case of post disaster projects, monitoring and evaluation is twofold complicated due to occurrences like:

Project designs made in a hurry

Baselines are often overlooked

The relevant data is unavailable

Yet, competent monitoring and evaluation can enhance a project's viability and motivate the stakeholders; they can assist in understanding the international public about reconstruction, knowledge which is short in supply. For normal circumstances, many tools and resources are present for monitoring and evaluation (Safer Homes, Stronger Communities: A Handbook for…… [Read More]

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Weber and Marx on Labor in the

Words: 2981 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67220502

Weber and Marx on Labor

In the 19th century, leading social theorists such as Karl Marx and Max Weber believed that because its many inherent contradictions, the capitalist system would inevitably fall into a decline.

More than a century later, however, the capitalist system is far from dead. Rather, it appears to be further entrenched, encircling the world in the stranglehold of globalization.

Despite the continued growth of capitalism, however, this paper argues that both Marx and Weber's writings remain relevant to explaining many aspects of advanced industrial capitalism. In this paper, the Marx and Weber's writings on estranged labor are explored in detail, to examine if the labor theories both men used to analyze capitalism and the plight of workers in the 19th century can also be applied to 21st century capitalism.

The first part of this paper discusses Marx's theory of estranged labor, as written in The Economic…… [Read More]

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Sunbeam Corporation's Fraudulent Accounting for Its Financial

Words: 3583 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84529109

Sunbeam Corporation's fraudulent accounting for its financial years 1996, 1997 and early 1998. The essay also reviews the historic audit failure that occurred, and discusses factors that contributed to the scandal and ways in which it might have been prevented.

Sunbeam, the consumer brand name that was to become well-known among generations of Americans, had its beginnings in 1893 when founders John K. Stewart and Thomas J. Clark began manufacturing and selling a commercial horse clipping machine in Chicago. In 1897 the company was incorporated as the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. When the company began manufacturing an electric iron named "The Princess," its first electric appliance, the product's introduction marked the beginning of the Electrical Appliance Division of today's Jarden Corporation (Jarden, 2011).

In the early years, the company's products, ranging from toasters to irons to mixers, were so successful that the company changed its name to the Sunbeam Corporation…… [Read More]

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Zappo's Security Breach Zappos' Security

Words: 1563 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84245919

Today only a General Manager of a distribution center can gain access to the databases where customer records are kept and only by role access privileges can they even see them, which were a requirement of customers who were outraged by the breach (Shine, 2012).

Providing Greater Security for Customers: Two Alternatives

The most effective security strategy Amazon can take in light of the breach of their confidential data from internally is defining more rigorous role-based authentication to the data level. This would alleviate the threat of anyone in the warehouse hacking into the data sets, and would even require multiple access privileges to even see customer data (McDonald, 2011). The technologies behind these authentication techniques would also audit and report any and all potential hacking attempts including those that are unsuccessful. As second approach to minimizing threats is to completely redefine the underlying security architecture, forcing authentication through standardized…… [Read More]

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Wal-Mart Faces an Industry That Is Generally

Words: 1822 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 32750338

Wal-Mart faces an industry that is generally challenging, but its strength in the industry results in the industry being favorable. Wal-Mart's success is predicated on excellence execution of key components of the discount retail value chain -- procurement, logistics and merchandising. Wal-Mart has numerous strengths, but as befits the world's largest company it has relatively few weaknesses. In its intensely competitive businesses, Wal-Mart sees many threats, but there are still tremendous opportunities that Wal-Mart can take advantage of. In general, the external environment is favorable for Wal-Mart to continue to use its strengths to capitalize on its opportunities.

Porter's Five Forces. Wal-Mart's industry is intensely competitive, but the five forces work differently on Wal-Mart as an established, dominant player than they would on a new entrant. The five forces are power of suppliers, power of buyers, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants and intensity of rivalry (QuickMBA.com, 2010). Supplier…… [Read More]

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Apple Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

Words: 2244 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76681432

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies- Apple

One of the more popular marketing strategies today that is still relatively new is the enhancing of societal influence for good. Corporations essentially address societal and environmental challenges in order to increase their performance. This strategy has a lot of names but is more commonly known as Corporate Responsibility (CR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (David & Sanchez-Hernandez, 2010).

By taking responsibility for its actions, a company is showing their goodwill towards a community and the people that live in it. Hopefully CSR provides an inspirational effect and boosts a positive effect around them. It is also a type of check for a company, a sort of self-regulation by which corporations make sure that they are in fact in compliance with the law, both moral and actual law (Michael, 2013). Apple Corporation is one of the largest and fastest growing businesses that have come…… [Read More]

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Intermodal Transport

Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37301526

Intermodal transportation is a logistics term that refers to using multiple modes of transportation to deliver goods (ATD Lines, 2014). Typically, such goods are loaded into a shipping container, a corrugated metal box that is easy to move using different modes of transportation. The modes are usually boats, trucks and trains, but there may be times when air freight is used, or even unconventional transportation modes for certain goods and situations. A typical route might be to use a boat to move the good from one continent to another, then use a train to get the container closer to its destination, then a truck for final delivery. So for example, using a container ship to get a load of cowboy shirts from Dhaka to Singapore, then on to Los Angeles. At that point, the train takes it to Albuquerque, where it then takes a left via truck up the interstate…… [Read More]

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Economics Growth the Retailer Sector Was Lately

Words: 3394 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93111117


Growth The retailer sector was lately affected by the back-to-school shopping season, which did not start so well, as midprice department stores, discounters and specialty-apparel retailers announced disappointing sales results during August, which reinforced the already much debated concerns that consumers are not comfortable with the current state of the economy and are reluctant to consume, considering the shaky and uneven economic recovery.

However, luxury department-store chains managed to post significant earnings, as they benefited from the help of an important number of upscale shoppers. Still, the effects of higher gas prices and the rising value of grocery bills, combined with lackluster job growth were severely felt by moderate- and lower-income shoppers.

Michael Niemira, chief economist and director of research at the International Council of Shopping Centers feels that "There's weaker-than-expected performance," due to the fact that "there was a slowdown in spending, but some results are exaggerated by…… [Read More]

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Financial and Investment Analysis

Words: 4393 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66975489

Investment Analysis

Investing money for the future is one of the key components of creating a secure future, and retirement. While many Americans do not plan for future years, other then a company retirement plan and social security retirement benefits, research shows that when a person takes an active role in their retirement planning, they are more likely to create a future which will support their standard of living after they have stopped punching a clock, and commuting to the office.

Regarding the Social Security administration and the SSI benefit program, at its inception during the 1930's the system was based on one beneficiary receiving payments from over 20 contributors. As the population shifted toward longer lives, current estimates are that one beneficiary is receiving payments based on 8 workers paying into the system. In the near future, as the baby boom generation retires and Gen X and Gen Y…… [Read More]

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Quality Assessment Performance Improvement in Home Health Care Delivery

Words: 824 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72067958

business organization with a training need to improve the effectiveness and productivity of its employees. The paper has three references.

Training and Development in and for the Business & Enterprise development is an important area of the requirement of business enterprises and companies today as technology and work techniques change very rapidly.

In this paper we will firstly consider a real business which can benefit from training and development of the employees / staff and then look at how the requirements for training were identified, who in the organization needed the training and how the training was then imparted to increase the productivity of the workforce.

Case Study of an organization with a training need

GAP, Inc. is a global company operating in the area of garment manufacturing and owns three brands -Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy- with revenues topping $11.6billion.

The company has 140,000 employees performing sourcing, warehousing…… [Read More]

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Decision Analysis System Modeling Using Spreadsheets Data

Words: 1774 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45457473

Decision Analysis System Modeling

Using Spreadsheets"


"Data Decision Analysis System Modeling Using Spreadsheets."

Spreadsheet is one of the most popular software packages on the planet. Daily, million of business people, students and individuals use spreadsheet program to build models to assist in solving decision problems they face on their work activities. Thus, employers generally look for individuals having experience and skills with spreadsheets. Typically, spreadsheets assist in developing varieties of management techniques in modeling environment. More importantly, spreadsheets assist in developing models and make decision within a business environment.

Within the present contemporary business environment, many business managers face daunting tasks to make effective decisions. With the fast-paced and dynamic changes within a competitive business environment, business people are often faced with extremely complex business alternatives. Evaluation of the alternatives and choosing the best option from these alternatives has become a daunting task…… [Read More]

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Kmart The Learning Curve Over

Words: 2499 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31852325

Wal-Mart will also adjust itself to the economic environment in order to remain competitive. After 9/11 Wal-Mart recognized a change in consumer spending at their stores and adjusted prices to reflect this trend. Wal-mart understood "the consumer need of a breather at the start of s long-awaited consumer spending recession." What did his business philosophy, model for business success over the long-range and subsequent adjustments due to consumer trends amount to for Wal-Mart? This last Christmas seasonal shopping remained promising when compared to 2003 but still did not meet analysts' forecasts. When in this challenging economic state, Wal-Mart to be successful because of "a late surge in shopping and use of gift cards -- which estimated to make up 8% of holiday sales this year -- after Christmas resulted in solid, if unspectacular, sales." In comparison, Kmart "stores open at least a year fell 4.6% in the November-December period."v

Learning…… [Read More]

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Business Intelligence Review Lessons Learned Bi Creates

Words: 2091 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43173370

Business Intelligence Review

Lessons Learned:

BI Creates Less System Redundancy

Provides Increased Responsiveness

Improves Efficiency with More Accurate and Timely Access to records

Produces Timely Reporting

Affects Bottom Line with Reduced Human Resource Costs due to training or staffing IT professionals

Reviewing Marshfield Clinic

Lesson Learned for the Marshfield Clinic that has a staff of 6,500 and over 50 sites and 800+ medical professionals, it treats over a quarter of a million patients annually (Konitzer and Cummens,2011). With the first venture of BI related to automating patient records, this facilitates the move to a paperless or in this case chart free office.

Allows increased responsiveness, now with electronic tablets to capture and patient data, the Clinic was able to provide multiple services and automatically populate a central patient data storage warehouse.

More accurate and timely access to billing and patient care data for patients -- such as history, lab test…… [Read More]

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Logistics Make-To-Order Manufacturing for Time

Words: 829 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59021045

In fact it would have been better to have included convex transportation networks (473) and a corollary for just-in-time inventory management and constraints-based inventory optimization for make-to-order manufacturing (Hadas, Cyplik, Fertsch, 2009).

Product definition ambiguity, manufacturing scheduling variations, supply chain incremental costs due to lack of accuracy in the form of rush charges and inventory management costs and the latency of serial vs. network-based supply chains for make-to-order manufacturing define the models used for cost-based metrics according to benchmarking analysis by Guiffrida, Jaber and Rzepka (150). Make-to-order manufacturing's profitability needs to be defined more thoroughly as a metric, with Guiffrida, Jaber, and Rzepka having set the foundation for this analysis (149). Theories of constraint applied to the wide variation in product certainty vs. ambiguity, presence or absence of serially-based vs. convex network-based supply networks, stock upper bounds and the often-used assumption of unimodal production costs all need greater clarification in…… [Read More]

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Environmental Psychology

Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29994840

Environmental Psychology

This is an interdisciplinary field which focuses on the relationship between humans and their surroundings. It defines the term environment broadly, including natural environments, social settings, built environments, learning environments, and informational environments. When solving problems in pertaining human-environment interactions, which might be global or local, you must have a model of human nature that predicts the environmental conditions under which humans will behave in a decent and creative manner. Such a model enables one to design, manage, protect and/or restore environments that foster reasonable behavior, predict ion likely outcomes which comes about when these conditions are not met, and identifies problem situations. This field develops a model of human nature by retaining a wider and inherently multidisciplinary view. It explores two different issues such as common property resource management, view finding in complex settings, the effect of environmental stress on human performance, the characteristics of restorative environments,…… [Read More]

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Carbon Reduction Business Approach Statement

Words: 1546 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 16271642

Therefore, we have selected two individuals each from the accounts receivable, accounting, customer service, human resources and production departments and given them the duty of communicating the priorities regularly dictated by the Sustainability Team. Project Staffers would be selected for their inherent leadership skills and their relative social prowess within the context of the company. This returns us to the earlier-noted consideration that such changes will often come about culturally. This denotes that the influence of those with positive appeal to their coworkers may encourage others to effectively adopt sustainability initiatives.

Partners in this process will include the local community, the local government and local businesses. All of these will be viewed as sources for information, evaluation and paid assistance in adapting certain changes. Before jumping headlong into the process, we would find it appropriate to consult those external partners both in the form of public and private agencies which…… [Read More]

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Product Launch Plan for Two

Words: 3731 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75226315

As regards its advantages in the Italian market -- the Italian culture places a rich emphasis on food and wine, is interested in expanding its export business, and with a reputable wine export business flourishing in Italy, Kudler can gain a foothold with its own wine products.

Weaknesses: Possible discrepancies between American and Canadian definitions of 'organic' may cause concerns. Then too, there is the reluctance of Canadian winemakers to allow alien influences to penetrate their market. Their aptitude in aggressively marketing themselves against current imports may pose challenges to Kudler.

As regards Italy, current economic difficulties cause the Italian population to prefer discount stores and cheaper food. Similarly too, the Italian retail market and European Union competitors may be unwelcoming to an American competitor that is attempting to enter their field.

Opportunities: There is an explosion in the demand for organic food. The Canadian wine market is still experimenting…… [Read More]

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Costco Organizational Theory and Behavior

Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69033602

Research and Report for Costco
What is Costco’s Competitive Advantage?
Costco’s competitive advantage lies in the value attained from membership. The warehouse club's members pay for the desire of shopping there and that produces a difficult to disrupt circle that profits the company. In essence, paying for membership strengthens the customer’s associations to the brand while the fundamental value proposition either gives rise to an upsurge in usage levels or creates onus on leaving. Consequently, this results in a competitive advantage for Costco that only a small number of other retailers in the market can compete with (Kline, 2017). Executive Members account for just about 30 percent of the total membership of Costco but make up approximately 66 percent of the company’s sales. This is a major aspect that sustains Costco’s competitive advantage. Notably, Costco offers consumers low prices for different products, and joining, particularly making payment for the Executive…… [Read More]

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Costco Organizational Theory and Behavior

Words: 1042 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21811293

Costco Organizational Theory and Behavior
1. What is Costco’s competitive advantage?
Costco is incessantly outperforming corporations such as Target and Wal-Mart. The company has reported great and impressive financial results from one financial quarter to the next whereas Target and Wal-Mart are dealing with a lull in business. All of this comes down to Costco’s competitive advantages. One of these competitive advantages is the focus on driving sales (Lutz, 2014). Whereas its rivals spend significant amounts in marketing, Costco does not go to great extents in advertising but rather retails a limited number of items. In spite of the company’s massive store volume, it has been renowned for selling a fraction of the brands in rival companies. The key competitive advantage in this lies in the fact that retailing fewer items leads to an increase in sales volumes and aids in driving discounts. Furthermore, Costco’s concentration on driving sales aids…… [Read More]

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Words: 2317 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37795114

Marketing in the Age of Digital Media: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Digital media has revolutionized the way in which marketing is conducted. New media has transformed the landscape of advertising and displaced old media as the means of reaching an increasingly fragmented culture (Webster & Ksiazek, 2012) and targeting specific audiences and individuals. One aspect of digital media that has come under increasing focus in this new age of media is social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have allowed individuals and companies to brand themselves in new and unique ways, reach out to consumers with the click of a button, and spread messages further and faster than ever before (Kwok & Yu, 2013). Celebrities, hospitality companies, beverage businesses, and auto manufacturers have all turned to social media to enhance their image, build their brand, develop relationships with…… [Read More]

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Amex Return on Investment

Words: 1602 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44665114

American Express

Creating ROI in a New Environment

American Express (Amex) is one of the world's largest financial services company in the world, as well as the largest provider of many travel services. The company has a long history of building value for consumers by offering many services that are often free to them. Most credit card companies charge the consumer an interest rate for the use of their services, however Amex created an innovative strategy to differentiate that model. AMEX typically does not charge interest rates and the company generates its revenue through merchant processing activities, annual fees, and various fees. However, has struggled with many of its growth initiatives in recent years and faces and increasingly competitive environment in the financial services industry as there is a high level of innovation from within the industry. This analysis will consider the company's current operations in light of the evolving…… [Read More]

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Finance Real Options Pricing

Words: 1560 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Other chapter (not listed above) Paper #: 69066812

Financial Analysis

Introduction ( a )

A real option is just that -- the option to do something, if a particular situation arises. The principle is the same as for a financial option. The difference is that real options pertain to physical things -- usually pieces of equipment, real estate or other such assets (Investopedia, 2015). An example of a real option would be when you sign a lease on a piece of equipment, with an option to buy after a year. If the equipment is scarce, that option might have value. Licensing arrangements can also contain real options in them as well. The key to the concept of the real option is that there is a value to such options, and the company should be aware of how to value real options.

Analyzing Real Options (b)

There are only really two methods for analyzing real options -- financial and…… [Read More]