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characteristics LensCrafters 3 levesl ( a total 9). a. Customer Benefit Package (CBP), strategy competitive priorities. b. Service delivery system design c. Service encounter design Discuss lessons LensCrafters demonstrates organizations learn.


LensCrafters is one of the leading prescription grasses and sunglasses companies in the world. Headquartered in the United States, the company is part of the Italian conglomerate Luxottica, which is the largest eyewear company in the world (Barbaro, 2006). The organization was founded in 1983 in Mason, Ohio, and has since then, increased in size, importance and popularity. Today, LensCrafters is notable not only as a provider of eyewear products, but also as a reputable business organization, worthwhile analyzing. In order to conduct this analysis, the focus would fall on four specific issues, as revealed below:

Customer benefit package, strategy and competitive priorities

Service delivery system design

Service encounter design

Lessons from LensCrafters

1. Customer benefit package, strategy and competitive priorities

On a first note, the primary characteristic is represented by the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and value through the delivery of a superior customer benefit package. In this stance, LensCrafters places an increased emphasis on the provision of high quality products, coupled with convenient and high quality services. An example of the company's customer benefit package, revealed below, shows that the company is committed to ease of use, easy accesses, wide product range, quick delivery, availability of accessories, service and so on.

Source: Collier and Evans, 2011

At the level of strategy, the company has focused its attention of the development and implementation of a business model focused on an increased effectiveness of the leadership effort. The program to improve leadership effectiveness was implemented through a duration of two years and its targeted objectives were those of increasing the market share of the organization, as well as generating an increase in sales, and subsequently, profitability. In conducting the strategic intervention, the company paid special attention to directing, coaching, supporting, delegating, goal setting, observing performance and giving feedback. The results of the intervention were better than expected as the company registered increases in sales, and also a net improvement in the internal environment at the firm (Phillips, 1994).

Third, in terms of the competitive priorities, the characteristic pertaining to LensCrafters is represented by the company's desire to become differentiated from its competitors at the social level, rather than the business level. In other words, the company has focused on the satisfaction of the needs and wants of various stakeholders, and used this process as a means of reputation enhancement. LensCrafters for instance has created a campaign by which their customers were encouraged to donate their used glasses to others in need. Additionally, aside from this, the competitive priorities also fell of high quality services.

"LensCrafters has chosen to differentiate itself from optical competitors with similar products through superior service. While we created GOS [Give the Gift of Sight] for its social benefits, we maintain and grow it because it helps us build a service-minded culture" (Kotler and Lee, 2005).

2. Service delivery system design

The service delivery system at LensCrafters is characterized, at first, by the fact that the company's stores are located in easily accessible areas, meaning as such that it is easy for the customers to find the stores and seek them. Also, the stores are located in crowded and populated areas, such as malls for instance, which means that they have the potential to attract a wide crowd.

Then, a second characteristic is represented by the internal design of the store, which is spacious and reveals the organizational commitment to high quality products and services. The stores are as such filled with professional equipments, meant to serve the every need of customers.

"The servicescape is designed to convey an impression of quality and professionalism. The store is spacious, open, clean, carpeted, with professional merchandise display areas, modern furniture in the retail area, and modern equipment in the laboratory, technicians in white lab coats, shiny machines in the lab, and bright lights throughout" (Collier and Evans, 2011)

Last, the final characteristic at the level of the service delivery system design is represented by the fact that the company has designed its business model to also include the service delivery system. This commitment…

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