Student Honor Code

At, our goal is to help students achieve academic success. Academic success is not just about the grades you get, but also about the knowledge you learn and your ability to build your knowledge base. To help students gain mastery in different academic areas, we offer a huge inventory of over 125,000+ example essays, study guides, book reviews, class notes, research proposals, example admission essays, sample business plans, annotated bibliographies, and other academic materials. These materials are designed to help students understand assignments and provide templates for students own original material. They are not to be used as a student’s own work or turned in for credit under a student’s name.

By viewing our content and/or purchasing a membership from our site, users agree to the following:

  • 1.  You will only use our documents as a template/guideline/reference in completing your own academic assignments.
  • 2.  You will use our service as a research portal to assist you with your studying or writing tasks.
  • 3.  You will properly cite Electronic Inspiration LLC and as the reference for any material or information you use from any of our documents in any academic projects you turn in for credit.
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    1. If you are still confused about how to cite us, you can review our guide on “How to Cite Electronic Inspiration LLC. /” as a source in your academic document or use our citation generator.
  • 4.  You will not hand in any of our copyrighted material, in whole or in part, for academic credit.
  • 5.  You will not provide any of our materials to anybody else for them to use for academic credit. 6.  You will not use any of our resources to cheat in any way,shape, or form.

    What is cheating? Anytime you turn in someone else’s work as your own work, it is cheating. Whether this means copying a classmate’s answer on a test, plagiarizing writing material, or using someone else’s answer on your homework, it is all cheating. For more information on prohibited activities, you can check your school’s academic honor code.

    Why is cheating a bad idea? Cheating can result in getting a zero, failing a course, academic punishments like suspension or expulsion, and even criminal punishments in some states. It is just not worth it. Even if you think it is, we do not. We are not here to help you cheat, our terms specifically prohibit you from using our services to cheat, and we will take any and all appropriate legal action against you for violating those terms if you ignore them and try to use us to cheat.

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