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Toll-free support telephone during normal business hours at 1-800-797-9968.

International customers can call us at (U.S.) 1-786-923-8617.

You can also send us a text message anytime to 1-786-923-8617.

Electronic Inspiration LLC.

111 NE 1st Street
8th Floor #1010
Miami, FL 33132

Toll Free: 1-800-797-9968
Local Phone: 1-786-923-8617

Text Message: 1-786-923-8617

Email: [email protected]

No Hassle Refunds

If you are unhappy with a charge you received on your statement or the service provided, please contact us and we will resolve your issue immediately.

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About Your Charge

If you were charged for this service, it means you signed up for one of our monthly recurring memberships / plan packages at These membership package allow students full access to all of our study documents and writing / studying tools. The charge would appear on your credit card or bank card statement as "PAPERDUE" or "" If you still do not remember or recognize this charge, please contact us.

How to Cancel Your Account

  1. Go to our account cancellation page and submit your request.
  2. Send an email to our support department at [email protected]
  3. Contact us via our toll-free support telephone during normal business hours at 1-800-797-9968. Our local phone number for our International customers would be 1-786-923-8617. During non-office hours you can leave a message providing your customer # for cancelling your account. Your customer number can be found in your email receipt or in your customer control panel.
  4. Login to your account, click on "Account Settings" and cancel your account.
  5. Contact us via live chat and request your account be canceled.
  6. Send a text message requesting cancellation to 1-786-923-8617
  7. Send a fax to our office at 1-786-923-8617 requesting your account be canceled.
  8. Send a cancellation request via postal mail to: Electronic Inspiration LLC., 111 NE 1st Street, 8th Floor #1010, Miami, FL 33132, United States.