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Drake, R., et.al. (1998). Review of integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment for patients with dual disorders. Schizophrenia Bulletin. 24 (4): 589-608.

Many times, patients with severe mental health disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia also have substance abuse issues. When these patients present with co-occurring issues, there remains confusion as to parallel treatments, efficacy of therapy and medication, and a general dissatisfaction with the integrated model of care. More of a meta-analysis, this study reviewed 36 research studies on how effective integrated treatment could be for dually diagnosed patients, and found that only 10% of current research showed any degree of effective, individualized, and substantiated longitudinal treatment. Given the numbers and magnitude of the problem, more research and funding is necessary to flesh out these issues.

Garner, B., et.al., (2008). Exposure to adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach treatment procedures as a mediator of the relationship between adolescent substance abuse treatment retention and outcome. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 36 (3): 252-64.

Researchers studied almost 400 adolescents in four randomly controlled trials. The purpose of the research was to ascertain the extent to which exposure to A-CRA procedures allowed for better outcomes between treatment retention and outcomes. While further longitudinal studies need to be completed, the statistical data shows that using reinforcement approaches increases the efficacy of treatment between 29-43% depending on the length and severity of the abuse.

Hawkins, J., Catalano, R., Miller, J. (1992). Risk and protective factors for alcohol and other drug problems in adolescence and early adulthood: Implications for substance abuse prevention. Psychological Bulletin. 112 (1): 64-105.

Even though two decades old, this is a robust piece of research that suggests that the best route to effective strategies that prevent or mitigate adolescent alcohol and drug…

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