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Forensic Rehabilitation Counseling

Labor Market Surveys In Forensic Rehabilitation Counseling

The article elaborates the concept compensation system for workers in California. The author argues that the opinions of vocational experts should meet standards of motivational satisfaction. This principle operates on the view that operational decisions by the court should focus on upholding the ruling by administrative body in case evidence supports material concerns from the administrative body with a reasonable base of the decision. I agree with the clarification that labor markets exist for some jobs as recommended by the vocational experts although labor market surveys (LMS) must be undertaken to establish substantial evidence. The surveys avail the necessary details involved in the determination of whether employers can consider employees with medical limitations against their current abilities and skills vocational training. Further, the civil cases established through labor market surveys offers invaluable demonstration of the available employment opportunities in specific occupations in times that plaintiffs were able to work medically.

I agree with the author that the field of forensics enables labor market surveys to indicate whether appropriate wages and jobs are availed from previous periods and the present endeavors. Although this holds some truth, labor market surveys require research time, resources, and planning, for purposes of obtaining accurate, specific, and relevant data. All forms of labor market data can be underutilized because of insufficient time amounts required in obtaining the data.

The LMS purpose in civil cases includes determination of vocational issues of concern include issues to do with previous damages and variations of the plaintiff in making reasonable attempts towards mitigating damages or determining whether jobs are available in determining the medical ability of the plaintiff. Labor market surveys focus on previous job availability and assessments. Historical data is needed in determining the kinds of jobs that are suitable and available for different geographic areas and periods. This is done through library review of archived and classified job leads as well as the evaluation of archived job leads within newspapers in a geographic area of research.

Researchers often requests hardware or lumber stores including Home Depot to assess representative positions in customer service. In order to end this controversy, researchers consider psychiatric impairments and physical restrictions of an individual and others in planning the various forms of businesses under the call. If applicants need sedentary work, it could not facilitate calling grocery stores to acquire cashiering positions and customer service positions. This is because most employees remain standing while doing their work. However, the occupations are considered in case the LMS focus is established on the research of employer willingness to avail sit or stand working options.

Labor market surveys are based on the availability of a sampling population representing the targeted metrics. Ideally, the census approach was used in small communities where employers' pool fostered job classifications in large urban or metropolitan areas where jobs are based on few working individuals. If each employer is contacted on a global scale and population…

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